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Kim Suk Hoon 01

Name: 김석훈 / Kim Suk Hoon
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1972-Apr-15
Height: 180cm
Weight: 70kg
Star sign: Aries
Blood type: A
Talent agency: Phantom Entertainment
Education: Chung Ang University

TV Series

Ruby’s Ring (KBS2, 2013)
Sparkling (MBC, 2011)
Empress Chun Chu (KBS2, 2009)
Blissful Woman (KBS2, 2007)
The Secret Lovers (MBC, 2005)
Han River Ballad (MBC, 2004)
Into the Storm (SBS, 2004)
Affection (SBS, 2002)
SWAT Police (SBS, 2000)
Tomato (SBS, 1999)
Trap of Youth (SBS, 1999)
Hong Gil Dong (SBS, 1998)


Circle of Crime (2012)
The Accidental Gangster and the Mistaken Courtesan (2008)
Magang Hotel (2007)
So Cute (2004)
Tube (2003)
Tomak: Save the Earth, a Love Story (2001) (voice)
Gingko Bed 2 (2000)
A Great Chinese Restaurant (1999)


2013 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actor (Daily Series) – Kim Suk Hoon (Ruby Ring)
2011 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Award (Serial Drama) – Best Actor (Sparkling)
2009 KBS Drama Awards: Serial Drama Excellence Award – Actor (Empress Chun Chu)

Related Photo

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42 Responses to “Kim Suk Hoon”

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  1. 26
    angie Says:

    May God Always Make Ur Life Sparkling 4ever..God Bless U and I hope I could to meet you. Good Care ^^

  2. 27
    Jasmine Says:

    Like you in Blissful and Sparkling. Good job!

  3. 28
    azjhoon Says:

    Hey there, Kim Suk Hoon!

    I became one of your big fans while watching your drama Twinkle Twinkle with Kim Hyun Joo. You both have a great chemistry. One of the best couples, pairings, castings in KDramaland. Hope you land another drama with her. Luv you so much! You deserve your acting award at Twinkle Twinkle. You made me cry so much in that drama. Good job and keep up the good work! I can’t wait to see your next project.

    BTW! I wanna wish you an Advance Happy Birthday! We’re both April celebrants, just like KHJ, kiddo! Luv you so much! My birthday wish is for you to find the woman of your dreams, who will stay with you forever with kids and will keep loving each other until your last breath! If I’m not married, I will be one of your stalkers….hahaha! I’m so crazy about you, kiddo! Can’t wait to see your next project. Hope to hear some good news from you.

    God bless and keep looking for the woman of your dreams!

  4. 29
    Ivy Says:

    I love yr manly character

  5. 30
    Jen Says:

    Happy birthday Kim Suk Hoon!
    You looked so cool, manly & matured in Twinkle. Im not a Korean drama fan but you got me in Twinkle!
    Your chemistry with the lead actress Kim Hyun Joo is awesome!
    Keep up the good work!

  6. 31
    Eva Says:

    l love this man..he’s really cool man..twinkle twinkle is the best Korean drama..

  7. 32
    azjhoon Says:

    You’re such an excellent actor. Saw you in Tomato, a very light-hearted but very endearing drama. Love u and Kim Hee Sun..wish there were some kissing scenes..You were so young there. Watched it for the 4th time already. Can’t get enough of you, though.Watched The Secret Lovers also, and still contemplating on The Iron Empress, but seems like a very long drama. But because , I luv to see you on the small screen, I will watch it in no time and also one of my fave guys is there too as a king but he only appears on the drama towards the last 10 or so episodes. Have been looking for some of your dramas but can’t find any of them. Blissful Women is in My Soju but it only shows up to 20 eps. Nevertheless, I will still keep on searching on most of your dramas and movies, and hoping to see you more in future projects. Miss you a lot. I’m watching Twinkle Twinkle as of this writing, and I think this is already my 10th time to watch it…I couldn”t care less how long it is, but I can’t get you out of my mind , so the best cure is to watch u in Twinkle.
    Miss u, please can’t wait to see you soon. Best regards and God bless!
    Hope to see u get married soon. KHJ is the best match for you both on screen and real life…hope you both can always get in touch. Good luck!

  8. 33
    azjhoon Says:

    Hey there, Suk Hoon ssi!

    Been missing you a lot. I heard about your radio show, unfortunately I don’t understnad Koren unless someone translates what you were saying. I heard you’ve been playing a lot of romatic songs…and one of the first songs you played as a DJ was “When I Fall in Love”. I hope that’s something that’s very memorable to you and to your fans who only wish or dream that you and KJH can be together forever.

    God bless and hope to see you soon in the small screen.

  9. 34
    linthirinwe Says:

    kim Suk Hoon ,you are so beautiful.I like you in Twinkle so much.Your acting is so good and you are handson man.Keep up the good work.:)

  10. 35
    azjhonn Says:

    Good morning, Suk Hoon ssi! Finally last night, I was able to download Rainbow software and was able to listen to your radio program @ CBS FM live. Though, I don’t understand the conversation, listening to your voice alone is just enough for me. Keep up the good work, hope your show remains to be a high rated show.
    Best wishes and more power!

  11. 36
    ThuTrang Says:

    You’re so manly, you make me cry so much in Twinkle Twinkle. I know that may be you don’t read this message, but I wish to meet you so much because it’s impossible. I’m not korean, how to meet you??????????!

  12. 37
    Dương Says:

    tôi cũng vậy!!
    tôi cũng giống như các fan hâm mộ anh
    anh thật là tuyệt trong phim Twinkle Twinkle…
    tôi chưa ngưỡng mộ ai cả,nhưng bây giờ tôi thấy mến và cảm phục anh rồi đấy…tôi chắc rằng anh không hề đọc được điều này….nhưng riêng tôi biết rằng tôi đã gởi cho anh…hahahahahaa…..
    chúc anh luôn thành công trong mọi lĩnh vực…

  13. 38
    nga Says:

    Tôi là người hâm mo anh trong vai chu biên tống. Anh đừng đánh mất hinh ảnh của mình đấy!

  14. 39
    zam Says:

    Dear Admin,

    Please add the 2013 KBS Acting Excellence Award for an Actor in a Daily Drama (Ruby Ring) to Mr. Kim Suk Hoon’s accomplishments. Thank you so much!
    Happy New Year to all the Admin staff of Thanks for everything you’ve done for all your site’s regulars. God bless you all!

  15. 40
    Shirley Leng Says:

    Hi Mr Kim Suk Hoon,
    First time watching your acting at Sparkling/Twinkle Twinkle, you are a good actor. Keep up with your good performance and wishing you the very best. Happy Lunar New Year :)

  16. 41
    Jyoti Says:

    Like you in twinkle. Your character showed me way to walk through my own marriage. Started caring for my hubby even more. Well I am head over heels over you as well. Your cheerful personality makes my day. Wish I had you as third kid in my family! God bless you. Pray a beautiful life partner for you who gives you adorable kids and keeps you happy forever.

  17. 42
    Michelle Says:

    Yeah, its the first time I fell in love with a Korean show, Twinkle Twinkle. Its my 4th time watching it again and never get tired. You and Kim Hyun Joo paired so well! I like your manly ways and you are the perfect man in every aspect. I really enjoyed the dialogues, they’re so witty and smooth and your expressions show it all. Hope to see you with Kim Hyun Joo together in another show. You both are such fine actor and actress.

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