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Name: 앤디 / Andy
Real name: 이선호 / Lee Sun Ho
Profession: Singer and actor
Birthdate: 1981-Jan-21
Height: 176cm
Weight: 62kg
Star sign: Aquarius
Blood type: O
Talent agency: Good Entertainment
Education: Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
Kpop group: Rapper in Shinhwa
Religion: Christianity

TV Series

Two Wives (SBS, 2009)
Lovers in Prague (SBS, 2005)
Banjun Drama (SBS, 2005)
Nonstop 4 (MBC, 2003)


Emergency 19


Ivyclub Summer (2006)
Ivyclub Winter (2005)
Kyochon Chicken (2005)
Aloe Bar (2005)
Coca Cola (2005)
Ivyclub Summer (2004)
Oh! Gamja! (2004)
Intercrew (2003)
FRJ (2003)


  1. 1 : angel Says:

    wow!!! so handsome i like him appeal wow!!! so good guy,.,.,.
    go..gog.go lee sun ho

  2. 2 : Emine Says:

    Hey Andy :D.. I really like your Drama..
    I like those the movies that you actor so very much..
    He is very nice and super actor 🙂 😉

  3. 3 : cindy Says:

    u look so pretty, really pretty.most especially when u are with eric hahaha.u guys are so close, it makes me think u are inlove with each other.
    i can feel a spark between the two of u. wheeew what am i saying ?when i like u both for myself hahaha. but you seem to belong to each other’s arms

  4. 4 : apriL Says:

    cutest korean star! luv him dancin’, bullied, and do funny stuffs esp in xman.. (see all his dangyunhaji)
    haha watch him in youtube. soooo cute and funny!;)

  5. 5 : anqi Says:

    andy so so cool! i like jim very much! he is very funnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyy!&_~

  6. 6 : jessica Says:

    hey! shinhwa band is coming good huh… it’s nice to know… wel, hope you all stay close forever and yeah… dont’ ever seperate cause youguys are the best band ever in history!!!

  7. 7 : eunice Says:


  8. 8 : eunice Says:

    i love you naaAAAaAaH…UR SO CUuUuUteEee..

  9. 9 : pj2 Says:

    ohh andy i love u so

  10. 10 : pj2 Says:

    u made me fall in love with you
    what shall i do
    oh my god

  11. 11 : vee Says:

    is andy gay … ??? I have watched that his gf is eric also a member of shinwa? is that true ???

    I’ll be so sad if he is a gay …
    he is so cute and talented ….


  12. 12 : ct77 Says:

    Congrats on ur new album. Its hv so many great song. Hope u will be success always.. My pray will always be with u. Andy u will always be the best.

  13. 13 : ct77 Says:

    Congrats on ur new album. Its hv so many great song, really enjoy it. Hope u will be success always.. My pray will always be with u. Andy, u will always be the best.

  14. 14 : hazelnut Says:

    he’s not that cute!!

  15. 15 : ola Says:

    reply to vee
    hi vee , first i want to say that Andy is such a cute and talented sweet artist he’s so lovable too! and i love him and all of Shinhwa members (well except Min Woo!) wish him all the best !
    and second Vee as to your q noooooo! Noooooo! he’s most definitely Not Gay ! all of the members r close very close as u know most bands develop a strong bond ’cause they live together they have too almost all of the bands do that so they’re always away from family and friends they become more than brothers and especially Koreans r vey warm people and sometimes things like affectionate display between same gender is taken in the wrong way by people from other cultures while it’s 100% innocent in our culture i don’t know if u can grasp this anyway i try to explain to u. and i know for a fact he’s not gay!actually more than once u can notice how he looks at girls! not in vulgar obvious way but his reactions and way of looking is naturally spontaneously of a straight guy “did u see his performance of love song on music bank along with girl dancers? u know what i mean?all normal and even whe he dances and the girl in front of him who has her back to him bows as the dance dictates his look instantly is drawn and stays at her butt! lol sorry but wanted to prove my point!
    as for Eric in a recent show called “entertainment weekly” on KBS he stated that he plans to get married in his 30’s and hopes to get to find a nice lady in 3 years time that is after he finishes his military service.. so how about that!
    sorry i took too long but had to defend my beloved Andy and tell what i know to clear his name !
    thanx for bearing with me guys!
    Andy forever ,fighting!
    anyway keep on warming our hearts with your sweet voice Andy.. oppa .. way to go love ya

  16. 16 : Annasu Says:

    Oppa, you are so cute! I really love ur images and also your solo. Andy for ever, oppa, fighting! You are so cute and charming.

  17. 17 : anne Says:

    andy oppa! you’re the cutest korean actor i’ve ever seen! I so love your baby face. haha! more power to you oppa! good luck on your album! ahihi. Fighting!

  18. 18 : sam Says:

    you are so funny and cute!!!i saw some funny video of shishwa and you are the funniest of them all and you also sometimes act like a baby!!!oppa…saranghae!!!fighting

  19. 19 : aling Says:

    I like your acting in We got married with solbi…Your acting pure and funny.Your acting pure and funny..You have a good voice and you nature. cute….go a head and wish you have a good future in acting like eric. Keep smiling…

  20. 20 : Ammoula Says:

    i love u Andy sooooooo much!! you look so cute and elegant in that picture!!! love u!

  21. 21 : mel Says:

    your face is so cute..

  22. 22 : ade Says:

    your acting is good.. ^^

  23. 23 : lamo Says:

    ياملحه بس
    وووهـ بس ليتني اتزوجه هههههههه
    مالت عليكم يالسعوديين

  24. 24 : Yeshi Choezin Says:

    Hi, i luved ur style…. u r so cute.Hey add me to ur facebook if u r having ur fb id

  25. 25 : soran Says:

    hi iam kurdish andy i like you with long hair

  26. 26 : Mehrnaz Says:

    U didnt like solbi ? U was good couple i liked tht show when i saw in koreatv

  27. 27 : Cassy Says:

    Andy’s a sweet and thoughtful husband to be…lucky girl who’ll have him….

  28. 28 : Rosemary Ong Says:

    Where is Andy now? Plz come back to the small screen! Pleeeeeease….

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