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Bae Yong Jun @ Bae Yong Joon

Bae Yong Jun.jpg

Name: 배용준 / Bae Yong-jun
Also Known as : Bae Yong Joon
Japanese nickname: Yon-sama
Date of Birth: August 29, 1972
Birthplace: Mapo, Seoul, South Korea
Height: 181cm
Weight: 78kg
Blood type: RH+ O
Profession: Actor
Religion: Roman Catholic
Education: Il-mun preschool/ Myung-il elem./ Baejae mid./ Hanyoung high./ attending to FTM (Film, TV & Multimeadia) in school of art of Sungkyunkwan University
Company: http://www.bofkorea.com
Motto: Humane Life!
Hobbies: Fishing, Reading, Watching Movies
Specialty: Swimming, Water-skiing, Snow-board, Bowling and Kendo
Family: Wife (Park Soo Jin)

TV Series

Dream High Season 1 (KBS2, 2011)
The Story of the First King’s Four Gods (MBC, 2007)
Hotelier (TV Asahi, 2007) (Episode 1)
Winter Sonata (KBS, 2002)
Hotelier (MBC, 2001)
Did We Really Love? (MBC, 1999)
The Barefooted Youth (KBS, 1998)
First Love (KBS, 1997)
Papa (KBS, 1996)
A Sunny Place of the Young (KBS, 1995)
The Six Steps Toward a Separation (KBS, 1995)
Sea Breeze (PSB, 1995)
Salut D’Amour (Love Greeting) (KBS, 1994)


April Snow (2005)
Untold Scandal (2003)
Ppilku (1997)


2007 MBC Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Lee Ji Ah (The Legend)
2007 MBC Drama Awards: Daesang (Grand Prize) (The Legend)
2004 40th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best New Actor Award (“The Untold Scandal”)
2003 24th Blue Dragon Awards: Popularity Award (“The Untold Scandal”)
2003 24th Blue Dragon Awards: Best New Actor Award (“The Untold Scandal”)
2002 KBS Drama Awards: Best Actor Award (Winter Sonata)
2002 KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Award (Winter Sonata)
2002 38th Baeksang Arts Awards: Popularity Award (Winter Sonata)
1997 33rd Baeksang Arts Awards: Popularity Award
1996 KBS Drama Awards: Valuable Actor Award
1996 KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Award
1995 KBS Drama Awards: Photogenic Award
1995 KBS Drama Awards: Best New Actor Award

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  1. 1 : Mamita Says:

    Winter Sonata was a big hit in the Philippines. You & Choi Jin Woo were such a perfect pair in this Korean drama. Hope to see you together in more Korean movies/dramas. This Korean drama captured the hearts of so many filipinos.

    I wish you and Choi Jin Woo be together in real life.

  2. 2 : Bless Says:

    I enjoyed watching the Hotelier (the first K-drama I saw, you as the actor) and more the Winter Sonata. Hope you will have more dramas to come.

  3. 3 : alyisa grilli Says:

    Vivo en Venezuela,ayer fue el final de WINTER SONATA en mi pais,es el drama mas hermoso q he visto.Soy la admiradora numero uno de Venezuela.Te quiero mucho Bae Yong Joon.

  4. 4 : VikkiM Says:

    Hey, Bae, you do have a fair back side in Untold Scandal! Actually I still prefer you casted as a suave gentlemen or may be a Romeo.

  5. 5 : liz Says:

    Wish that you will be with Choi Ji Woo. Your such a perfecr pair.

  6. 6 : Rowena Says:

    The winter sonata series in the Philippines have been rewinded couple of times already, proof that you and Choi Ji Woo have left a mark in the Filipino audience. Hope to see you again soon in one of the coming k-series with romantic plot. You’re good at it.

  7. 7 : Winter admirer Says:

    Winter Sonata was one of the first Korean movies I ever saw. A lot of love series that I watched in the past had dragging love stories, but I’m actually love Winter Sonata which all actors and actresses are performing so great and the story touched my heart deeply.
    I’m like all the other fans wish to see the 2nd episode of Winter Sonata. I was a bit disappointed the story ended like that – what happen next to Joon Sang and Yu Jin now they found each other again? They suffered so much already and if the director does decide to film the 2nd episode, please please please, can we have a happy ending this time?
    Mr Director, please make it possible, I’m so sure that more people will be watching and buying the movie when the 2nd episode is out. I will be the first one to buy it!!!

  8. 8 : yi mon Says:

    hello! ar nyon har sal yo?

  9. 9 : yi mon Says:

    hello! ar nyon har sal yo?I like your’s winter sonata very much.I want to
    be your friend.I want your photos.If you are free,Please send your photo
    and please reply to me#

  10. 10 : Ballad Says:

    Hey Byj!

    I love the drama Winter Sonata very much. You’re a versatile actor. However, I don’t very much understand Hotelier :S though i know your acting skills are very good in that drama.
    I want to see more of your dramas. Do act!

  11. 11 : erina Says:


    you’re a good actor esp. in Hotelier…i watched that drama so many times…Winter Sonata your’re great…I love that….
    Hope there will be another new dramas that will capture my heat just like that…

    And hope you will visit to Malaysia..Malaysia is a great country…and friendly people…


  12. 12 : Winter.S Addict Says:

    Yo Bae!

    I watched winter sonata a couple of times. And now I’m so addicted to it that whenever i see anything associated with the drama, I smile =]
    You may not be that gorgeous but you sure know your acting well!
    Good job! Keep it up!

    Hope to see more of you 😀

  13. 13 : Maria Says:


    keep up with the great work, congradulation on your success.

    Have a great night.

  14. 14 : Byj!!! Says:

    My Favourite Drama: Winter Sonata!!!!

  15. 15 : bae fan Says:

    Happy New Year Yong Joon ssi!
    Wishing you all the very best for a wonderful 2007!
    Best wishes for a healthy, happy and prosperous new year!
    May you have continued success in all that you do!
    Find love and happiness!
    love always,
    bae fan #1

  16. 16 : zaki Says:


    I MISS YOU….and wishing you a warm and wonderful life and blessed with good health and fortune throughout…


  17. 17 : safinaz Says:

    Hi!!! BYJ I am one of your fans from Malaysia really really miss you so much i have been watching almost every movie that your are acting every time i see your face on the vcd cover for sure i will buy …….. please email me for your next movie or drama that i can get from Malaysia…. and when are you coming to Malaysia…..for this year VISIT MALAYSIA 2007

  18. 18 : safinaz Says:

    HI BYJ ……… really love you so much and I am one of your fans in Malaysia…….I have bought almost every of your vcd movie, drama and every time i see your face on the cover of vcds for sure i will buy …. and one thing about you that i likes so much you are so cool, handsome I have your photos collection too in my office and on my screen saver too… i will change almost every day your different characters picture , it depends on my mood if im happy i will change your pic your face in smiley face you have a wonderful smile and if I feel down i will change your face that sour face looking at me every day….. hey come to Malaysia we have VISIT MALAYSIA 2007 …..from Malaysia with a lot of LOVES

  19. 19 : imilla Says:

    Grande como los grandes!!! Exelente actor. Perfecto ¿que más se puede decir? Claro, esperemos saber más de el, de este lado del charco!!

  20. 20 : chelita Says:

    Hola desde Ecuador!!! América del Sur
    Aquí vimos ya sonata de invierno fue la mejor serie que he visto y la primera serie coreana, Bae es un gran actor, lo he visto en hotelier, untold scandal muy pero muy bueno, lo vo en april snow en coreano ( no entendí ni palabra) pero magnifico actor!!!
    Y la verdad es que ahora sólo me paso viendo series coreanas

  21. 21 : yusy Says:

    my favourite drama winter sonata ‘n first love…..omg

  22. 22 : nadia Says:

    bea yong joon……………
    i love you so much…………
    i’m a fan of your’s from Malaysia…………….
    i think you are a very good actor when i watch winter sonata lately……..
    n i’m looking forward to watch your other works………..

  23. 23 : Marites Says:

    ang galing mo! you are perfect actor! hands up!
    i love you, hope to see you again in the TV,
    i am one of your fan here in the Philippines!
    Winter Sonata’ is the best love story!

  24. 24 : chic Says:

    i just finished watching HOTELIER a minute ago and OMG!!!BYJ is just an amazing actor!!!what a hottie and those eyes!!!the last episode left me choking…love this drama a lot!!!!i absolutley recommend this drama to everybody out there!!!it’s a MUST!!!

  25. 25 : jadedblue Says:


    How do you do????

    Why not court Choi Ji Woo??? She seemed nice and beautiful, and you are handsome. You’re such a lovely pair..

    We’ll be glad to know… you two, become committed to each other and be very happy if by fate…. You ended like in Winter Sonata… but not to be blind huhh..

    May you and Choi Ji Woo visit Philippines so you’ll feel how Filipino love’s you two.

    God bless and more power.

  26. 26 : emy Says:

    Hi, hello from New York, USA. Immensely enjoyed Winter Sonata. The acting and the casting was truly great. Kudos to the director. One comment though… it had a sad ending. If one ahd to analyze the story, the one who loved greatly was your character: Kang Joon.

    Please come and visit New York.

  27. 27 : Grace Says:

    I was in Korean market and walked around the video area and asked a lady what is popular drama in Korea she said winter sonanta is still and actor BYJ as well as CJW. I watched with my husband 3 episodes each night we were so impressed their tears coming from their eyes so naturally I felt like I am seeing real life story of someone on TV.
    From the interview of his personal travel DVD BYJ said he has many dreams, and I also have many one of the dreams I have I want to be a language specialist and go back to my country and translate many good Korean dramas to introduce not only America but also to other countries to represent a wonderful culture of ours’.
    See you as an architect, a chef at your restaurant (oneday I will visit and taste), a teacher, a film director, an investor,
    a great acotr already, and many more…..

    Writing from Virginia in States

  28. 28 : nora Says:

    I’m hoping you & Choi Ji Woo ended up together in real life. The two of you are a perfect match. Saw “Winter Sonata” quite a few times & I saw two beautiful people who deserve each other. I also saw several modeling & photoshoots of you & Ji Woo, just so beautiful. I just hope you & Ji Woo have a new drama or movie together real soon. Perfect couple. God bless you both always.

  29. 29 : ESP Says:

    I get to know Jong Joon ssi when I watched First Love. Since then I have watched Did We really Love, Hotelier and Winter Sonata, as well as both Yong Joon’s movies. I am very impressed with his acting skill. Most of his fans, which he regarded as his family, will talk about Winter Sonata. But I think he is also very good in Did We Really love.
    I am looking forward to Yong Joon ssi new drama.
    All the best to Yong Joon and his fans.

  30. 30 : Ja Moon- Marip Says:

    hi bae!
    i like ya style so much!!! u r so handsome.

  31. 31 : Jenny Chee Says:

    Hi BYJ

    Iam an ardent fan of you from Malaysia. I love to watch winter sonata and hotelier cause your acting are so good, handsome and with a perfect partner in both the drama. Waiting to see your new drama “The Legend ” and hope you will come to our country for promotion. We were very happy to hear that you are coming to our country to promote your film “April Snow” but very disappointed to hear you have cancel your trip here. Eargly awaited your attendance to our beautiful country. Take care.

  32. 32 : sexy4yennie Says:

    i love u Bae Yong Jun
    u look very handsome

  33. 33 : noonie Says:

    I love it when your funny side comes thru–I would love to see more of that in your future work….I would also like to share alittle phrase I say every morning: HAPPINESS KEEPS YOU SWEET…..TRIALS KEEP YOU STRONG….SORROWS KEEP YOU HUMAN….FAILURES KEEP YOU HUMBLE….SUCCESS KEEPS YOU GLOWING…AND MOST IMPORTANT GOD KEEPS US GOING……. Your range in work I know is growing so keep up the structured discipline you demand of yourself, but don’t forget “We have met the enemy————-and he is us”. From someone who see’s you as having the gift of burden and who carries it well.

  34. 34 : hazeL Says:

    hello there!

    Ur such a good actor especially in winter sonata (and very goodlooking too1). Its really a fantastic k-series. It captured the heart of everyone who watched it.

    Hope to see you in other k-drama with Choi Ji Woon. You’re such a perfect pair!

    Goodluck and Godbless in all your endeavors in lyf!

    I reall admire you! Hope 2 c u in person! Why dont you try to visit Philippines…it such a beautiful country!;)

  35. 35 : theresia Says:

    Well.. everybody love you in winter sonata or hotelier. Am I the only one who fall in love with you in Did We Really Love? Its funny if I had to remember. When my causin gave me that dvd I just put aside for months. I did not even touch couse I doubt I would like it. Thanks God when I cleaned up my room I saw it. Due nothing to do that time I curious and watch it. And you know what?? Since that I am under your spell 🙂 I love you I love you I love you… You are so wonderful..

  36. 36 : ainy Says:

    charming in every film, or even drama, cool the way act and talk, sweet the way you smile, and feel deep in love when see you laugh… 😉

  37. 37 : koala_adie_soon ae Says:

    anyong haseyoo….jun sang shii….no lah just kidding..tidak sangka…you oredy…30++++…anywhere…i just want to say..you face r very look a like with my father…r you sibling…no..but dat we call pelanduk dua serupa…hehehe..plese come to malaysia…this year is malaysia years for visiting..come lah..and go to my place in muanad 3…ok yoo..kudeee..muahhh love you…

  38. 38 : Efie Says:

    You make me crazy about korean drama since I’ve seen your drama.Bravo, keep up the good work. But please don’t make another film or drama like “The untold scandal” because most of my friend didn’t like it, it’s to vulgar.

    Sarangheo ;p

  39. 39 : sriyanti Says:

    Hi..Anyong haseyo…!!!
    Oh..my God ,u really handsome u look a perfect man ^_^ ,u make me crazy. I am yr fan fr indonesia,i want to be yr friend too ^_^

    Jia you…!!

  40. 40 : gemini Says:

    … do you know that you are popular here in the Philippines? Your Winter Sonata was a hit here; in fact i was able to see it thrice and i still want to. Many raised their eyebrows with your Untold Scandal, but i liked it. You did well in it. Its story is good. Whether its Hotelier, or Did we Really Love, you performed great. I have yet to see your new one. Hope to see more of you and wish that you could visit the Philippines and spend some good time here. Would you?

  41. 41 : Etre Says:

    You are very handsome 🙂 especially i like in “winter sonata” drama. You are the best)))


  42. 42 : Beatriz Babaran Says:

    I went over your Untold Scandal 3times and I still am going crazy of your Winter Sonata.That’s where I started collecting your photos at Quilt! We are senior officers in the Company where we love to share whatever news that comes out from the QUILT. Your Japanese fans are really very committed to you and I too support their objectives!You’re such a professional and reserved person??!!I admire you as a God fearing person!!! I hope to visit Korea again and see the beautiful country sparkling!!

  43. 43 : nora Says:

    I love Winter Sonata. I wish you & Choi Ji Woo be in another drama very soon. You & Choi Ji Woo were the best pair ever in Korean drama. You look great together. I just hope you’ll be teamed with her again whether in a drama or real life. God bless.

  44. 44 : alyaa Says:

    I don’t know but you have a great smil .. I just can’t get enough from winter sonata .. I have the soundtrak of the songe in the drama .. and i keep listening to it and it’s really make me smil .. just a great and lovely drama .. I hope I will see what you have new for us .. because I will never have enough watching ..

    So thanks for all the hard work you do .. smil ..


  45. 45 : derxiong Says:


  46. 46 : evilrayne Says:

    I D O L ………!

  47. 47 : Mina Says:

    Dear Bae Yong Jun,

    The best Korean tv drama I have seen was Winter Sonata. Even the background music were very nice and I am very fond of listening to it when I am relaxing. Hope there will be Winter Sonata Part 2 and you and Chou Ji in real life!


  48. 48 : irms Says:

    hello BYJ!
    I would like to thank you the director Mr. Yun Seok for making WinTer SoNatA is a captivating story, remarkable, wonderful, fantastic and marvelous. The drama series successfully revealed the manifestations of Love in real life, to which everyone who watch could relate. Delivered a tearjerker with a moving tale and unforgettable characters specially my Fav actor Mr BYJ I was certainly impress your performance to love a woman with complete gentleness and understanding, even at the risk of his own and also with Ms Choi really awesone! the show goes on to tell of the enthralling love story and the soundtracks was uplifting everytime I listen to it. Winter Sonata is my first k-drama I watched since then I always watch everyday of my life and I collect them even my whole family watch it too..ha.ha.ha. so addicted! my fav actor mainly BYJ, KSW, Kimraewon, Eric moon that really captured my heart! I love them all!! Stay healthy and be safe!! I am looking forward to BYJ new drama. from California Oxnard B.B.

  49. 49 : eulee Says:

    Well, am one of your million fans…your performance in all your tv series were really great and lovely especially in winter sonata. keep the good work!!! wish you all the best!

  50. 50 : eulee Says:

    Well, am one of your million fans…your performance in all your tv series were really great and lovely especially in winter sonata. keep the good work!!! wish you all the best! It is your birthday, but don’t worry adding candle doesn’t make you older it makes your life brighter. Happy Birthday! from london ^_^

  51. 51 : Bless Says:

    Hello Yong-Joon,

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I was just checking a synopsis of the K-drama I was watching and happened to notice that today is your birthday. I wish you good health, more dramas/movies to make, and more blessings from the Almighty. Take care.

    Mabuhay ka,

  52. 52 : su wai hnin Says:

    hi i love you so much
    goodbye …………..

  53. 53 : rhomanze Says:

    you have displayed tenderness in winter sonata and in april snow.
    i like that and i hope you have tenderness in you in real life.
    am looking forward to seeing your latest project.

  54. 54 : haniBae Says:

    For me, Bae Yong Joon is the most handsome man in the universe. He’s also nice and outstanding actor. All of his series was excellent, especially Hotelier, Winter Sonata and TWSSG. His muvee, like April Snow and Scandal, has a interesting stories. Must watch!
    Wish U all the best, Yong Joon ssi, saranghanda!

  55. 55 : lovely Says:

    hi mr.yon-sama im your fan here in philippines…..it my pleasure to meet you sir in person….

  56. 56 : T A U R U S*** Says:

    Hi there!
    I pray that God will guide and protect you from all the pressures of the entertainment world! I am very happy for your new series The King and the four God/Legend. I hope you can make more drama and movies. I love to watched you in screen..Wish you best of everything and most of all good luck in all that you do! I’m just one of your fan..PEACE!! *bAbE*

  57. 57 : cecelia Says:

    Hi BYJ,

    it’s been 7 yrs & still watching the Hotelier (MBC 2001), recently bought the dvd,since cant get the time to watch on our local tv (u cant imagine how happy i am- alas my own dvd), anyway, you had bring out the best performance as “frank”, hope to see more of this charactor in future movies (gentleman who respect & appreciate love) .. i heard winter sonata is great….still looking for one..
    btw, congra on your new drama series TWSSG.

    may the best things & blessing be upon you!

  58. 58 : CJ Says:

    i liked your acting in Hotelier and Winter Sonata.

  59. 59 : Luna Says:

    I am so happy BYJ is back on a tv series. I can’t wait for it to be shown in the US. He’s such a talented actor and should have more exposure in the US. Unfortunately, many Americans don’t like to read subtitles or hear other languages than English. their loss.

  60. 60 : mystery Says:

    Hi i’m new here. Would like to share That Barefoot of Youth & Papa by BYG
    can be found at Ongpin Chinatown manila. Happy watching!

  61. 61 : roxanne Says:

    i love you….. takecare

  62. 62 : roxanne Says:

    i love you….. takecare marry me…

  63. 63 : cherry Says:

    I love Winter Sonata!!! i love you as well!!! you are a number one actor in South Korea!!!

  64. 64 : abel Says:

    he can melt every woman’s heart with his smile like that!!!
    he’s a very good lookign actor and a very good actor as well..he fits every role that he played on tv..
    im a big fan of bae yong jun..i love him more in winter sonata!!!

    wish you could come and visit the Philippines..Filipino loves Koreans/Taiwans actors..

    more power!!

  65. 65 : laline Says:

    hey! i’m so excited to see his latest drama……

  66. 66 : annalyn cagadas Says:

    Mr. Bae Yong Jun,

    Im one of your fan here in philippines you know i like to c you more on drama you are a very good actor hope theres a lot of drama’s u have..i like your personality i really really wish to see you in personal……wish to have a movie with you..wish to spend a time meeting you…i like you take care always i like you coz you’re a roman catholic..always take care and hope more blessings ….pls responce me: [email protected]

  67. 67 : fanie Says:

    bae yong jun sama…
    only one word…….
    noreul saranghe,,,,

    i luv u in all ur dorama
    especially Hotelier n Winter sonata…..
    no one can make it as real as u make,,,

    nee, don’t be very tired,,,
    i always know that u are work very hard,,,
    but don’t make it reason 2 forget ur health,,,
    if u sick,, i will sad n maybe sick too…

    i’m waiting u to come to indonesia[again],,,,,,
    but please,, come 2 other city… not just bali

    over all,,, saranghaeyo

  68. 68 : maiza Says:

    hi, how are u hope u were fine.

  69. 69 : mirei_sylphyl Says:

    Hello! My aunt and I watched some of the dramas you’ve starred in. “First Love” was aired in KBSWORLD as an encore drama twice a week 11:30pm though I ended up snoozing in some episodes but my roomate aka my aunt never missed a single one at all. She was also surprised that you’re a Roman Catholic like us.

    She REALLY,REALLY LIKES YOU A WHOLE LOT. I remember that we also watched “Did We Really Love?” that got her extremely engrossed in what will happen to your character together with actress Kim Hye Soo coz in the middle of the series, she mentioned to me that 1 time she ACTUALLY PRAYED FOR (Kang Jae-Ho & Lee Shin-Young) = THE CHARACTERS YOU WERE BOTH PORTRAYING in the drama LITERALLY that she included for the morning prayers. That was pretty shocking coz they were just characters for the script!!!!!

    We’ve both watched other series as well like Papa, Winter Sonata and Hotelier but haven’t seen movies you starred in yet. I noticed that the roles you’ve done so far is ussually either cold/indifferent but warms up in the later part of the show. We like Hotelier more comapred to Winter Sonata. The mere mention your name distracts my aunt’s concentration on whatever she’s doing. I bought her a cd case and photo frameof you. I guess you will always have fans who would be fond of you. ^_^

  70. 70 : sutida.po Says:

    Hi ! Young Jun

    I love you in drama Winter Sonata and First Love very much.
    I waiting more from you for the next drama You very cute .
    I hope have a nice time see you in Thailand


  71. 71 : nora Says:

    Hi there,

    Feel like really falling in love when c you in movie, you can melt every woman’s heart with your smile,
    you the most handsome man and a very good actor as well..especially in winter sonata!!!

    wish you could come and visit Malaysia one day!……

  72. 72 : Luna Says:

    Where can I watch or buy the drama First Love with Bae Yong Joon?

  73. 73 : piany Says:

    you’re AWESOME!!!!. . . . . great acting prowess. . .

  74. 74 : Max Says:

    Sutida Po.

    I miss you much please contact me on [email protected]

    if you went to Udub with me in 1990 summer of love?



  75. 75 : Bernadeth Says:

    Good morning Mr. Bae,

    Though i haven’t seen any of your acting skills in any of youre films, TV dramas, apperances but through the solid and honest comments in this site, i presupposed you must be a good actor, i just hope i can manage to source any one of your drama series…and in fairness, you’ve got the looks that can turn any women’s head!… 🙂

  76. 76 : babyb Says:

    Hello Yong Joon,

    I just want to say that you’re a very good actor. I just recently started to watch korean dramas with an english sub and I really enjoy it,worth watching. After I came from work I have to watch Kdramas even if its already late night.I dont have time to watch western movies now, Ienjoy watching Kdramas better. I’m a Filipina living here in Toronto,Canada and I like to spend my off-days watching Kdramas and I’m getting addicted to it. To you and all other Kactors and actresses, KEEP IT UP!!!

  77. 77 : Smilyface Says:

    Hi BYJ…

    Bcoz of you i got hooked w/ K-drama….i enjoyed watching hotelier & winter sonata…i look forward for another romantic series from you and choi…you guys are really good together..but then again anything with you in it i’m sure i’ll enjoy…your acting is very effective and awesome…

  78. 78 : hibiki Says:

    You have been my favorite Korean actor ever since I watched the drama Winter Sonata. No other Korean actors are up to your standards as a really charismatic, dynamic and fabulous actor. Your latest drama series The Legend is absolutely fantastic and is the best Korean ancient drama (other than Jewel in the Palace). Keep up with the good work. I also pray that you get well soon from the injuries sustained during the filming process. Hope to see you around in more dramas and movies in the future. Good luck. ^^

  79. 79 : tsiny Says:

    Im TSINY from Malaysia n im a chinese.im pleased to leave a mesage to u…^^tis is my very first time to leave a comment/message to u….juz wan to tell u tat I LOVE U….SARANGHEYO….WO AI NI…SAYA CINTA AWAK…!!!!^^HEHE….i know u were badly injured during ur filming process of THE LEGEND…I hope u will fully recover soon…i pray to God tat i hope God will love and always be by ur side every now and then…protect u against evil’s temptations and bad lucks and the most important is tat…i beg to GOD…i hope Yong-Joon will look upon my message..Yong-Joon a…i really hope u can read on my message n know tat im really concern about u..HOPE U CAN LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER…WITH ME N GOD BY UR SIDE…TATA~(means bye)

  80. 80 : tsiny Says:

    Ooh….Yong-Joon a,
    forgot to leave my e-mail address to u^^….its [email protected]….hope u can chat wif me someday….^^Ill wait for you…

  81. 81 : tsiny Says:

    Remember to contact me on [email protected]


  82. 82 : Louisse Says:

    Dear Bae Yong-jun:
    I loved the TV series “Winter Sonata” shown years ago here in our country. I just loved when you came back as a different person with a new look.. hairstyle, eyeglasses, the way you carry yourself, your clothes. Oh… cupid hit me!! Lovestruck!!! Wish I can see you in person, or can you send me an email? We can get to know each other better.. I’m a great fan of yours..Love that look in your eyes, your nose..!!!

  83. 83 : haniBae Says:

    Hi Yong Joon ssi darling. I heard that you had an accident during shooting 17’th episode and hurted so badly. Hope U can recover soon. I really worried since U only took a pain killer and continuing shooting. I know you did that in the name of professionalism. But please take care yourself.

    God Bless You and Saranghanda!

  84. 84 : pauk Says:

    you are so cute.you act so good in movies

  85. 85 : Joan Swindells-USA Says:

    Hello Mr. Bae Yong Joon, I am eagerly awaiting the postal carrier to deliver Four Gods this week. I am one of your elderly fans in Irving, Texas USA. I was sorry to hear of your accidents in the drama and hope you are now on the mend. My family and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year. May your success be forever and hopefully soon you will be married and have lots of kids. Joan

  86. 86 : Nordelm Says:

    Choi Ji Woo was your best partner & I hope you & her get together again in another drama or movie. Winter Sonata had been chosen #1 Korean drama over & over again inspite of the fact that it was done in 2002. It’s the most loved Korean drama.

  87. 87 : nanette Says:

    Eversince I saw your series winter sonata ,I ‘ve been hook.I really fell in love with you . and your partner Yujin.You are one of the most charming and handsome actor that i ever seen.You got that it factor that only special people have.You can melt anybody’s heart with just your smile.
    You made my heart sing,you are such a joy to watch.hope to see you in films and tv series and pls release them here in US as soon as possible.
    Wishing for your fast recovery,if I am free and near I’ll nurse you back to health as millions of all your fans around the world
    Merry Christmas and Happy and healthy New Year.


  88. 88 : sutida.po Says:

    Hi ! Young Jun

    I hope everytime you always be full of Love.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2008

    I’m one of your fan in THAILAND.
    With Love

  89. 89 : haniBae Says:

    Dear Yong joon ssi,

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2008
    I wish you always be healthy, happy and sucess!

  90. 90 : Rein-chan Says:

    Hello Mr. Bae, Rein-chan here.. I just wanna wish Happy New Year to you. I love you so much!!! I like when you act with Ms. Choi Ji Woo in drama Winter Sonata. Awesome! I admire it so much. I hope you can act with her again in other drama. Can u? please reply me.. K dada!!! Love u forever!!!!!!!

  91. 91 : meron Says:

    annyeong haseyo Mr. bae, I just really wanted to wish you a great and awesome new year. I’m a great fan of yours in US, and always Inspired by your astonishing work. “Cheot Sarang” is one of your very moving work I admire….well though I didn’t get to finish it ,which I stil lwant to. But I hope in the drama ,chan-woo will overcome his problems and work things out in life with a help provided by his brother, Sung Chan-hyuk

    well gamsa hamnida for your time and please keep your Well-liked and touching work !!!!
    Fighting!! ^ ^

  92. 92 : sharzoda Says:


  93. 93 : evan Says:

    i’m one of your fans in indonesia. i’m just wanna say that i’m very very love you. i love your smile, i love your eyes. i love…. everything about you.
    big huge for you from indonesia.

  94. 94 : faith Says:

    HeLLoo my loves….i mean.. Mr. Bae Yong Joon
    kNow What? thOugh You’re twiCe oLdEr of My age
    i stiLL lovE you!!! hahahahah…..
    aRe yoU aLready maRried???
    wiLL you MarrY mE mR. BaE???

    God bLesS you!!

  95. 95 : Baby Says:

    Helo…i love you so much…..!!!!!!you have are handsome,cute and sexy face…..!!!!!i like you acting with choi ji woo..in winter sonata i have watching this drama hundred times and each time i watch this drama i will cry….because its very sad…and you with choi ji woo is perfect match……!!!!!!!ok bye please email….

  96. 96 : Edith Says:

    BYJ, you are very cool, man……I love your smile!

  97. 97 : m.k. Says:

    Looked good in TWSSG and enjoyed that drama but I like to see you in short hair cut.
    Please don’t dress like femine looking.

  98. 98 : arlene Says:

    Good luck!!!
    More Power to you always.

  99. 99 : phil.gurl ambitious... Says:

    hello,i was always thinking to meet u in the other place,but i know its impossible.good luck to your career,and stay nice and patient,will i am ur fan here in the phil.i really hope that we meet in a right place….that is my ambition even i see u in far sight its ok for me….i like ur movies and tv series….good luck.,gOod bLess u always…

    ^_^dReam guRL,
    phil.gurl ambitious^_^

  100. 100 : phil.gurl ambitious... Says:

    hello,i was always thinking to meet u in the other place,but i know its impossible.good luck to your career,and stay nice and patient,will i am ur fan here in the phil.i really hope that we meet in a right place….that is my ambition even i see u in far sight its ok for me….i like ur movies and tv series….good luck.,gOod bLess u always…

    ^_^dReam guRL,
    phil.gurl ambitious^_^

  101. 101 : Mary Says:

    Annyeong -haseyo Yon-sama, I hope that your health is a lot better now.You still look good even after you had an accident filming the TWSSG for the sake of others,that is why i’m very proud of you.You always think of others before yourself. I LOVE WINTER SONATA with CHOI JI WOO.

    I’m one of your fan in THAILAND.I hope that someday you’ll come here again.

    God bless you always

  102. 102 : gumby Says:

    Good lUcK 2 ur cAREer!!!!! wat is your next movie/series

  103. 103 : mona Says:

    iiiiiii loveeee youuuu

  104. 104 : Teng Says:

    I’am a fan of Bae Yong Jun since Winter Sonata was shown here in the Philippines. I already watched some of his korean series and movies too. The tv station GMA channel 7 is now plugging another korean series of Bae Yong Jun, and i know it will be a big hit too. Hope you could visit our country soon. Mahal kita BAE YONG JUN.

  105. 105 : rhina advincula Says:

    helo…BAE YONG JUN…. Im rhina from the philippines…. im realy a big fan of yours…. my god!!! what can i say? i think your such a nice guy…. even my mother loves you so much…. im tring to collect all your korean series….ive seen your series “the four gods” oh my god!!!! what a handsome king!!!! i just love korean series… im a true blown filipina… but i love korean so much…..my ultimate dream is to visit your country and to finally meet you someday…..but i guess its just a dream…..if that finally happen? maybe i will face death peacefully…..i hope you could visit here in the philippines….i may not see you in personaly, but to think that you are here in our country makes me realy proud….more power to you and god bless you always….. stay handsome…. BAE YONG JUN FOREVER… im looking forward for your next project… you have lots,lots,lots of fans here in the philippines….i love your country, culture and im trying to learn your language…. to MBC…. please more project for BAE YONG JUN.. thank you much…

  106. 106 : dhee Says:

    im your fan from indonesia hope i can see u here in jakarta..
    just love to watch you on hotelier n winter sonata…
    god bless you..everyday in your life…

  107. 107 : Soe Soe Says:


    i am one of your audience. i really like your style and action. i am from Burma. i like this drama (Winter Sonata ). i wish you are healthy. if my sentence wrong, pls forgive me.

  108. 108 : alvin Says:

    to rhina advincula,

    Rhina, saan mo nabili yung copy mo ng four Gods? gusto ko rin kc mapanood eh…

  109. 109 : sutida.po Says:

    Hi ! Bae Young Jun

    I have no red rose and no delicious Chocolate for u.
    Just SMS for u to say I Love u . !

    Happy Valentine ” Day………..

  110. 110 : Myn Says:

    I’m a Filipina and I’m an avid fan of Bae Yong Joon , the screen saver on my computer and cellphone are all his pictures. I really like the guy, I don’t know why? I admire him so much, his moves, his smile, his ways, all of him. I have never love an actor as much as I love him. I hope he will have more drama/movie pictures. I LOVE YOU BYJ!

  111. 111 : hend Says:

    i love bae so much and his movi but iwant to know he bae know arab actors

  112. 112 : Kim San Says:

    Hi…….! Yong Jun! How have you been? I really felt relax after i saw one movie that is called WINTER LOVE SONG I really like you. I wish you would be my friend. I hope you are interested on me. Success in all your work and get married soon but please consider me as your friend, too. i’m from Cambodia.

  113. 113 : rhina Says:

    to alvin:
    hello alvin… pmunta ka ng meisic mall sa tutubam center… dun mayroong cd ng WANG,CREDITED BY FOUR GODS… gogogo!!!! super ganda talaga….

  114. 114 : rhina Says:


  115. 115 : beroze Says:

    what? are you all blind??? or you just playing dumb, he can’t marry that co-star of his, try to guess??? do you by chance ever wonder why till now he keep his life in private??? a will give you a clue, he’s just like michael scofeild. Do you get it now?

  116. 116 : alvin Says:

    To Rhina,

    Yun ba yung brown ang cover? ang labo ng subtitle e…kung sana ganun kalinaw kina Mrs. Korea…Thanks anyway…

  117. 117 : stacy Says:

    wo ai ni…God bless put your trust in God…

  118. 118 : Shan Says:

    용존씨, 건강하세요! 힘내라!

  119. 119 : elsie m. cabanlit Says:

    March 9, 2008

    Hello Bae,

    I would like to address you as “Jun” because that is how you inspired and entertained us here in the Philippines. I am sending the same message to Choi Ji-woo as “Janice” in the Winetr Sonata. When will be your “love duo” again in the movie or in the TV? Actually I am just your “elder sister” by age. I am a head teacher, had finished my academic requirements in PhD, but until now I have been so obsessed by your love duo with janice. I have many collections of your tv series, yet, it’s the Winter Sonata that i have been reviewing. Please before you retire from “cute romantic scenes” as I understood it, be sure and don’t fail us to have one more film with choi – janice. This time we all want it to be a happy ending.

    I think you are now going into action because of your latest film, “The legend”? I understood you are now 36 but please have i more film with janice. May be a continuation of that Winter Sonata. I just don’t know how versatile your director will be and your script writer to twist the story knowing that the story ended it by making you as “blind”. You are 36 and she is 33 – Janice. Could there be a possibility for you to be real partners? Well, just a clue. I am good in scrutinizing a good material as life partner. ha ha ha

    Elsie M. Cabanlit
    Master of Arts in Teaching English
    PhD completed academic requirements in Developmental Administration

  120. 120 : cristeendanielle Says:

    hi rhina,
    i’m also a filipina, and i think we share the same interest. collecting koreanovelas and loves byj. while reading your comment i can really relate since i also want to visit korea. actually, my cousin and i are planning to since we have a free airfare but getting the visa is not easy, so maybe next time na lang. i also agree that he’s so handsome in The Legend, i got a nice copy of it since my niece from London downloaded it from the internet and gave me a copy, very clear and nice subs. i now consider it as my priced possession, hehehe. can you give me your email ad? email me at [email protected]

  121. 121 : Ann Chee Says:

    Dear Mr. Bae,

    You were superb in your character role in “Winter Sonata”. The music and lyrics are so serene and memorable. The movie has depth and character.

    Well – I wish you much success in your personal and professional endeavours. Take Care and keep well!


    Stanford Dept of Neurosurgery

  122. 122 : diam Says:

    Hello Mr. Bae,

    You are such a star…. You gave inspiration to a lot of people… You let them dream for a true and pure love , a patience one .
    I watched your drama series ” Winter Sonata”…Its so nice
    I wish for your success and happiness in life….


  123. 123 : Ester Says:

    dear Mr Bae,…..

    this is my first comment to you,..i’m sorry to hear that u have a small injury that has forced you to go to the hospital after u finish making “the legend” movie,…how r u now ??
    i have watched “The Legend” movie already and u look great.
    just be careful next time ok ?!!!!

  124. 124 : kirnasari Says:

    hi Mr BYJ.. i.m from Malaysia and not your big fan but admirer u forever…..why so many comment here…
    btw….becoz of u in Winter Sonata and the latest drama The Legend part 1 and 2, u are so great……i’ll be Korea with my lovely hubby on 22 Mei till 28 Mei 2008..hopefully my vacation will be great too…

  125. 125 : kirnasari Says:

    and wish to meet u there (at nami island)…

    wish u all the best…and take care…

  126. 126 : marivic Says:

    hi im marivic from philippines..
    im your number 1 fans here.
    i really like you very much…especially your smile..

  127. 127 : neri Says:

    I am one of your avid fan in the Philippines…Your killer smile caught my attention when i am watching the legend….You have a nice role..Take care and may GOd will shower you more blessings……

  128. 128 : angelica cyril Says:


    Jeun achim imnida!

    I’m Angelica Cyril (AC), I’m one of your fans here in the Philippines as well as my Aunt. You’ve become a popular here in the Philippines since Endless love II Winter Sonata. You look good in the film The Legend. May I ask you a question, are you going to do an action film since The Legend is somewhat an action film?

    I love your smile very much, it’s the nicest smile I have ever seen.

    Always take good care of your health and God Bless you.

  129. 129 : Salwa Says:

    Dear sir,
    I’m an Egyptian girl. I have watched “Winter Sonata”, “April Snow”and “Untold Scandal” and u were amazing in the three. U act with such passion and involvement that u make the audience feel the scenes were parts of their real life. When “Winter Sonata” was first presented on Egyptian Tv, it was like a huge hit and we all liked ur character which was filled with contradections. I’d really love to c more of ur work in the future and good luck with ur next movie. Keep up the excellent work.

  130. 130 : Briz Says:

    Hi I’m Briz one of your loyal fans in the Philippines… Hope you can come visit us (fans) in our country. I just watched the whole legend (Tae Wang Sa shin gi) series and I just loved it. My sisters and I especially loved your smile. Even though we are very very very much younger than you, we still love you, Yon-sama!!!!! >blushes and smiles shyly

  131. 131 : Mulan Says:

    you’re really a versatile actor keep up the good work more blessing for you to come and more succeess for incoming projects.

  132. 132 : chie Says:

    anyong! bae yong jun, I’m one of your million fans here in the Philippines, I love watching “the legend” its a beautiful story, congratulation! the legend is the no.1 primetime tv drama here in manila, I hope you do another tv series the legend part 2. I love your smile and your long hair. I hope you’re ok now I learned about the accident while filming the legend. please send me pictures not downloaded in the computer I like it personal my email add. is [email protected] thank you! I will wait for your response…..

  133. 133 : alan Says:

    hindi sana kita panonoorin ehhh pero ikaw pala ay nagmula sa ankan ng aking kamahalan si haring jumong,,, kaya yun gusto na rin kita,

  134. 134 : julie Says:

    i love bae yong jun!

  135. 135 : christine Says:

    Hi!!!!!I am from Brunei darrusalam.But im actually from the phillipines.I saw all your movies since the of 2000.but of all the movies you act my favorite is the four gods.But its ending seems to be weird.If i am the director of that movie i will add somehing so that it be not weird.At the end of the story,King Dam-Deok and Sujini should be together.But by the way I hop

  136. 136 : christine Says:

    by the i didn’t finish yet my comment…I hope you better makes movies.The fou gods is aloso nice but has a wierd ending.if i can only go to korea i will bring the story that i made for its continuation.but i giess its just a dreamso good luck to your carrier and make some more good movies next time.

  137. 137 : christine Says:

    hello once again…. by the way if you want to read the continuationtion about the story send me a letter at this address:SIMPANG 160,JALAN SUNGAI PANDAN,KUALA BELAIT,BRUNEI DARUSSALAM,SOUTH EAST ASIA.

  138. 138 : christine Says:


  139. 139 : hazelnut Says:

    ur so cute!!! ur definitely a romantiko type of guy

  140. 140 : jen Says:

    i love you!!!

  141. 141 : kika Says:

    ur so handsome, ur role in legend matches your looks so much.

  142. 142 : * Dimples Maria * Says:

    *** Dear Mr. Bae Yong Jun …I really like you so much ‘…You’re one of the best Korean actors I have watched..you act so well you can easily touch your audience hearts …God bless you always … Please if u have time hope you can send me pictures .. my email address…[email protected]
    if not its ok ..take care always ..you are so popular here in Philippines..wish to hear from you soon ‘…Ciao ***

  143. 143 : Racquel P. Tamayo Says:

    Bae Yong Joon

    Your really a Remarkable Actor! Hope to see more of your Drama TV Series. Hoping and Praying that you can visit here in the Philippines. God Bless

  144. 144 : sacpoj Says:

    I’m a great fun of epic movies and stuff, and I had watched “THE STORY OF THE FIRST KING’S 4 GODS…I find it very astonishing!! Amazing movie just like Braveheart, Gladiator, Hero, The Lord of the Rings 1-3 and etc. I find your portrayal as the “KING” very awesome..Excellent job!! Regards from the Philippines and GOD BLESS!!

  145. 145 : anlie Says:

    you are really cute……

  146. 146 : Maryana Says:


    I like your acting in wang credited god 4. Amazing! I hope keep your good work. I also hope that you will come to malaysia one day.

  147. 147 : princess Says:

    super terrific series!!!! your a good actor… hope to see more of your works… hope to see you in person.. hahha

  148. 148 : sheena maeh Says:

    hi bae young joon,
    I’m sheena, from philippines. I don’t actually fun of soap operas, but i found out that the legend story has a different story and it is fascinating. Bae yong jun’s character in the legend fitted to become a king. well anyways, in the other hand, you really look good in your hair. hehehe many filipinos, liked you as you portray and handle your movies. some movies that i really appreciated well are, april snow, hotellier, endless love2 and recently the legend. hope you’ll have many project so that we can see you always.hehehe hope you can visit our place soon. thats all. more power to you.. regardz to lee ji ah. God bless you always…

  149. 149 : rose Says:

    i really love you bae yong-jun

  150. 150 : josie Says:

    hello, bai yong jun. u r in every inch an actor. u carried The Legend very well. i had watched it already on dvd and still watch it aired on our local tv here in the philippines on tagalized version. i love u, u’r so cute and great looking. hope that u can visit philippines, so i can see u personally. by the way, r u really still single? he he he just asking. keep up and good luck, i wish that there is the legend part II.

  151. 151 : JEAN PAULIN Says:

    Ive seem ur tv series” the 4 God” and its really amazing., I hope you find time to visit Phiippines and im sure you will not get hungry since we are proud to tell you we have a lots of Korean Resto her Phil. Goo luck, God bless and may you will be having a lot of tv series and movies too. Take always.

  152. 152 : Annalyn Sanchez Says:


    My kids Sean(4 years old) and charles (1 yr old) really love to watch The Legend here in Cebu, Philippines. They sleep late every weekdays because they wait for your tv series. We enjoyed a lot watching it everyday. Hope you can visit here in the Philippines and have my children meet you in personal. We are really fun of yours. We admire you a lot.
    More power and more movie and tv series to come.

    Anne Sanchez
    Cebu, Philippines

  153. 153 : jessica Says:

    hi, bae yong jun, for me you and lee ji-ah is a nice parter i hope that you will be a parter again,

  154. 154 : wilma Says:








  155. 155 : LIEN PHAM Says:

    I’m your fans for many years.In my dreams I always think of you.I like to watch your film”the 4 god” but I did not have chance to do that.I fell verry sorry about that.I find it is dificult to enjoy your films.could you give us more chances to do that?I hope that you can visit Vietnam and I can meet you in person.
    all my love for you!

  156. 156 : delia Says:

    i like bae partner with lee ji ah. the legend is the best tv series for me

  157. 157 : delia Says:

    i like bae partner with lee ji ah in the TV series the legend. i like them both.

  158. 158 : ayen Says:

    he acted to so well in his tv series ” The Legend”. Congrats!

  159. 159 : meldz Says:

    my officemate and i instantly became your fans. we kinda starstruck with your celebrity status. we’re wondering why you had asian tour before and yet you did not drop by our beautiful country, the PHILIPPINES. Right now, we have collected and watched most of your tv series and movies before. You’re truly amazing. What a transformation. From a boy next door image to a very mature and serious actor korea has ever had. Apart from that, a bankable image model and product endorser..We cannot help but sigh.. SANA LANG NAINTINDIHAN MO ANG MGA COMMENT SA IYO NG MGA FANS MO. THOSE WORDS ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. I may not know Korean word or sentence very well but i HOPE this is correct. SARANGHAMNIDA, Yong Joon. We hope to meet you soon. KINDLY UPDATE US WITH YOUR NEW TV AND MOVIE ASSIGNMENTS. LASTLY, please do UPDATE your WEBSITE too.

    Loves you,

    Meldz and Ory
    Adamson University

  160. 160 : Vanch Says:

    I really am a big fan of “The Legend”. Watching it relaxes me after office work. And your smile is like candy, always sweet…

  161. 161 : crisgabz Says:

    the legend!!!

  162. 162 : crisgabz Says:

    its better the legend but jumong is the best!!!

  163. 163 : Leilani Says:

    Hi BYJ! You’re my no. 1 favorite Korean actor. I’ve seen six of your TV series: The Legend, Papa, Winter Sonata, The Barefooted To Youth, Did We Really Love and my favorite Hotelier. Watching these TV series’ made me like you more and more and more. I hope that you’ll do another tv series. Don’t get tired of doing more tv series because you’re making a lot of people happy. Stay healthy! More power and God bless!

  164. 164 : Nhu Ngoc Says:

    The legend-No1

  165. 165 : Cikgu Hasmah Says:

    The 1st male Korean actor that I really like to watch. Most of the series I bought so that I can watch them again and again, and can share with my family and friends, also with my students. Good luck to you and hope to watch you always through this website.

  166. 166 : sunshine Says:

    i love your movies
    ahh they are so good!!!

  167. 167 : shirley Says:

    how old are yOu?you luk lyk 80 yrs old!ur show is corny!..da one dt u paires wd choi ji woo and the legend!eeww!

  168. 168 : laine Says:

    you are so cute and totally handsome.. i like you so much i am your 1 fan i hope i can see in person.. My god i think im falling for you..

  169. 169 : Brenda rosario Says:

    my officemate and i instantly became your fans. we kinda starstruck with your celebrity status. we’re wondering why you had asian tour before and yet you did not drop by our beautiful country, the PHILIPPINES. Right now, we have collected and watched most of your tv series and movies before. You’re truly amazing. What a transformation. From a boy next door image to a very mature and serious actor korea has ever had. Apart from that, a bankable image model and product endorser..We cannot help but sigh.. I really like the Legend.. Hope I can b one of your friends in friendster. I may not know Korean word or sentence very well but i HOPE this is correct. SARANGHAMNIDA, Yong Joon. We hope to meet you soon. KINDLY UPDATE US WITH YOUR NEW TV AND MOVIE ASSIGNMENTS. LASTLY, please do UPDATE your WEBSITE too.

  170. 170 : ory Says:

    Ms. Brenda — How could you borrowed Meldz’s words and comment which is almost exactly the same except for the “frienster” you injected. Be original there’s a lot of words which can describe best our bae yung joon. Example spell pogi – B A E Y U N G J O O N.

  171. 171 : meldz Says:

    my officemate and i instantly became your fans. we kinda starstruck with your celebrity status. we’re wondering why you had asian tour before and yet you did not drop by our beautiful country, the PHILIPPINES. Right now, we have collected and watched most of your tv series and movies before. You’re truly amazing. What a transformation. From a boy next door image to a very mature and serious actor korea has ever had. Apart from that, a bankable image model and product endorser..We cannot help but sigh.. SANA LANG NAINTINDIHAN MO ANG MGA COMMENT SA IYO NG MGA FANS MO. THOSE WORDS ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. I may not know Korean word or sentence very well but i HOPE this is correct. SARANGHAMNIDA, Yong Joon. We hope to meet you soon. KINDLY UPDATE US WITH YOUR NEW TV AND MOVIE ASSIGNMENTS. LASTLY, please do UPDATE your WEBSITE too.

  172. 172 : girlie cruz Says:

    hi!im your no. 1 fan here in the philippines!i always watch your tv series!THE LEGEND,I hope you can come back or go here in my country!!more blessings 2 come!!hope you can do another tv series and movies!!!thanks!please read my comment!

    hi!im your no.1 fan here in the philippines,i always watch your show in the tv!THE LEGEND i hope come back or go here in my country!!god bless and more blessings 2 come!!!

  173. 173 : ilovebyj Says:

    hi Byj,

    I think i have fallen for you….i can’t stop thinking about you and i know i’m just being foolish but then again they say that nothing is impossible. I just want to say that you’re a great actor and i hope that maybe someday…i might have a glimpse of you….in peson….hope you can visit the philippines also cause i know a lot of your fans here are waiting for you….take care always and god bless you!!!!

  174. 174 : Diana V. Says:

    Watching “The Legend” is so fascinating. . .

  175. 175 : rita cruz hilado Says:

    my officemate ms dolly de belen really love you so much and she have a clipping on all of your pictures

  176. 176 : Mint Says:

    I really like your role in “The Legend” or” The Story of the First King’s for gods”. It is really fun and interesting. You are very good in acting. You look cool in your long hairstyle in the legend. I really want to meet you. I am your no. 1 fan.

  177. 177 : alan Says:

    malapit n ba matapos ung the legend????? sana matagal pa!!! galing mo haring damdeok,.,.,

  178. 178 : nan Says:

    Sawandee Ka,(Hi)
    The Legend ‘s just on air in May in Thailand,I love this series and Bae Yong Jun and Lee Ji Ah so much. Welcome to Thailand……..Nan

  179. 179 : rhina Says:

    love you MR. BAE YONG JOON……KOREAN ROCK!!!!!!!!! RHINA.

  180. 180 : shylone Says:

    hello!!!!!!!!!will what can i say all of them are claiming that they’re your no. fan…hahahahaha but whatever we’re all very happy and me im so happy caouse everytime i watched your movies and series i learned a lot on how to be more humane…hahahah….im so inspired of your movies…your very good in acting in every roles…but will my husband say’s he likes your pants….hehehhe we noticed that you used to use the same style the one with six pocket but then i think i know the reason…i have a lot of collection of your movies…hehehe but im still looking the hotelier which is the japanese version….hope you can send the update of your movie trough my email [email protected] im loking forward to it…..youre good being partner with choi ji woo…i do have a collection of her movies tooo……please and hopefully you can send us trough our emails….i studied a lot about your language…im very curious really ….. i’ve known some hehehhe……hope you really gotta have your real friendster with english translation…hope you really can visit here in the philippines if you do..please inform us…okey!!!!!!!!!more movies and good luck… hope we could see in personal really……………

  181. 181 : rhina Says:

    to SHYLONE… hello… are you from the phil???? i hope u r…. it seems that ur also a big fan of mr BAE YONG JUN…. well.. pareho tayo…. i have plans pa nga na maghanap ng picture nya ang make it into a biiiig size portrait…. grabe… pati mother ko super naloloka sa handsome guy na ya…..HANGUK SARAM ANIMIDA… hajiman… hangugul maiel kungbu hamnida….chongmal hanguk chuahe…. heheheh…. pina practice ko lang ang natutunan kung korean language…. anyways… you can e-mail me at [email protected]… if you have time… lets exchange our same interest…. hehehe… ok until here… anyyong… kamsamhamneda!!!! mr MR BAE YONG JUN….. hope youcould visit here in the philippines…..SARANGHAMNEDA…. SARANGANDAGOYO!!!!!! SARANGHEYO!!!!!!! IF THERE’S ANY KOREANS OUT THERE… PLEASE LETS BE FRIENDS… JUST SEND ME AN E-MAIL GUYS!!!!! ANNYONG!!!!

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    your the best…..

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    Ive seen ur tv series” the Legend” and its really amazing,… I hope you have time to visit Philippines and I’m sure you will not get hungrysince we are proud to tell you, we have a lots of korean Resto her at the Philippines,,, Good luck, God Bless and may you will be having alot of tv series and movies too. Take care always….

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    hopin to see you so0n!!!!!!!!!

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    Keep up with the good work, Bae. You’ve acted well in “The Legend” and covered well for your new co-star. Keep well, healthy and happy.

  194. 194 : JAZ Says:

    great job with the legend. congratulations! and more power.

  195. 195 : Mayumi Queano Says:

    Good morning Mr. Bae yoon jun,

    Millions of female viewers loves you so much and I’m one of them. How come I seldom see you at KBS.cor.TV guesting or in drama. I’ve seen your shot a glimpse of your photo at entertainment section. I even see you in my dream I don’t know why but honestly I’m so happy. How I wish to see in person, only GOD knows when and if it will happen.

    My prayer always goes with you. Take care and please extend my warm regards to all your love ones.

    Respectfully yours,


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    btw.. i’m very satisfied with my vacation…hopefully i can go there in winter time someday…..

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    hi mr bae!
    congratulations to a very well-applauded performance in
    “The Legend”!
    it touched my heart and inspired me when you
    spoke of your last few words. sad to say the characters are really
    none-existing in a real society where there are struggles towards
    power. i wish that the leaders of your country and mine will learn something from
    Damdeok about humility and sincere leadership.
    God bless you more!!!
    and the writters of the Legend!
    it’s me myra joy lawi-an

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    u knw i olwez buy ur dvds coz i like u very much.

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  203. 203 : abdel Says:

    Bae Yung Joon your The best korean actor ive seen all your movie im watching i wish you have alot of Show good luck my name is Chun Sun Lee ^_^ im your number 1 fan

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    Two weeks ago, I visited your website. Well, i think your webmaster did a good job updating it … It took me a while to give my comment and make suggestion because i’m too busy also…. I saw your new pictures there, however, i felt like the first picture flashing should have been deleted. It doesn’t look like you, the feature seem likely feminine. I meant no offense but, i felt so uncomfortable viewing it. In fairness, everything seems alright. Thank you for listening to my previous request and hope that you continue to listen to people who cares for you including ME. I wish nothing but the BEST for you. If it is not too much, can i request you to send me copies of your previous drama series? The following are not available here in the PHILIPPINES – SEA BREEZE, A SUNNY PLACE FOR THE YOUNG, SIX STEPS TO SEPARATION & SALUT D’ AMOUR (LOVE GREETINGS). …. What is your next drama series? You did well in The Legend of Four Gods, i like your role in that period movie. I hope to see you soon in your future film. Why don’t you try Romantic comedy? I would love to watch you doing those stuff…Take time out on those tear jerking roles. Do you answer emails? ….. Do you find time reaching out to your fans by emailing? If so, we can be friends through my email address, – [email protected] / [email protected].

    Adamson university

  205. 205 : wan chee kin Says:

    You are great in the legend. Your smile, your moves, your appearance, very charming. Please continue to act in more ancient korean dramas as I think you really look good in those outfits and you have such a charisma fit for a noble king or prince. Oh I think you and Lee Ji Ah are such a good couple together in the legend. Hope to see both of you working together again soon….please very soon.

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    🙂 smile


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    i watch the legend here in GMA 7 and
    i love it very much…

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    Wishing you all the luck!!!!

    Sarang yi!!!!

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    i will go there on december to skiing….ihopefully….

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    to BYJ wish you all the best…GOD BLESS YOU AND HAVE GOOD HEALTH..

  217. 217 : LoveBYJ Says:

    Love you~~~~~~~~~ Your charming smile is killing me softly…. ….

  218. 218 : accelrose Says:

    hi BYJ….im ur number one fan here in phil…i wish you can visit here ..
    Godbless you and more power!!!!

  219. 219 : Maimap Says:

    Hi, I come from Vietnam. I’ve seen some films read many interviews of Bae Yong June. I think he’s a good actor. So talent and smart. I like his smiling. It express honest and reliable :). Love you and wish for your health, work and your sweetheart !

  220. 220 : Irene Utayde Says:

    Hi idol! i am 1 of your million fans all over the world, your such a good actor! I admired the way you act and the way you smile, WOW na WOW! Sarangheyo! You did well in THE LEGEND, the costumes it really suit you, you look more handsome and man enough!I wish you all the best and i hope more projects to come! God Bless and take care!

  221. 221 : Irene Utayde Says:

    Im one your million fans from the Philippines and I just want to be the 1st to greet you an advance Happy Birthday! Keep that very charming smile painted on your handsome face always! How i wish to see you on person and hope you can visit the Philippines, its a very nice place! Anyway, do you find time reaching out to your fans through email? if so, its a great honor to be your friend through email- heres my email address- http://[email protected]. Im looking forward for your very interesting response, hope you will grant my birthday wish this coming july 6. GAMSAHAMIDA in advance. SARANGHEYO! God Bless you always and your family, take care and more power!

  222. 222 : ashley Says:

    HI BYJ…..
    GREETINGS TO YOU….im the one of your million fans here in phillippenes…when i saw you in hotelier i start liking you….
    i read in blog that your going to marry..is that true?even is that true i wish the best to you and have succesful marraige life…..
    more power to you and you carrier!!!!GOD BLESS YOU AND TAKE CARE TO YOUR HEALTH….SARANGHEYO BYJ…..

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    I watched already some of your movies and it is so good and touching.

    Cute mo


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    Hi ! I want to say hello to BYJ. You are very nice in The Legent. BYJ. May I wlll be your new friend ? My e- mail address is [email protected]. I lived in Thailand.

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    hi,Yung Joon i’m the one of ur fan from Malaysia also.i very like ur movie all.i actually very like the korean language so that y i also wacthing korean movie to learn the language just few only that i can catch haha…anywhere i hope u always take care ur self n be health coz at ur place is cool place!beside that i hope u will come more movie in coming soon.Happy Enjoy In Ur Life!!!God Bless U

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  228. 228 : Khantey Says:

    Hi BYJ, I am one of your fan from Cambodia…I really like you from Winter Sonata and hope to see new drama from both of you together with Choi Ji Woo again… Take care

  229. 229 : deepadd Says:


    to BYJ..
    just to wish u God Bless U and have a good health…


    your silent admirerer…

  230. 230 : Baby Says:

    hope to see on your new project.. try a light drama. Your such good actor.

  231. 231 : legend Says:


    BYJ…keep up the amazing work…..

    and wish you have a good health….

    munji-munji sarangheyo…

    from your admirer forever…

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    BYJ…..u ‘re great actor in the legend…..

    but i dont like the ending….

    anyway…WELL DONE….

    wish u hv a good day…

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    sincerely to say from my conclusion……BYJ never stops, he always come in new ways, esp in The Legend….almost mesmerizing….

    always support u…..and hv a good day…

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    wow….that charming guy(BYJ)…..very mesmerize…..great acting…cannot stop watching…until the end….WELL DONE BYJ…

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    Anyway….BYJ….u are very great actor, i really love your smile..and make me going crazy….hehehehe..

    take care…

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    and….please come back soon with your new ways….

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    but….i like u….!!!

    U re such a great actor, different types of characters in every drama u acted….


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    I wish to see you in real life….
    Just to see you only for a moment.

  244. 244 : lilian Says:

    hola, te saludo desde quito ecuador, para decirte que aqui se vio sonata de invierno y nos robaste el corazon con tu actuación, eres un lindo actor, te admiro muchisimo, y ojala aca pasaran más de tu trabajo, y asi poder mirarte en Ecuador.

  245. 245 : mrs zarkash Says:

    i’ll be waiting u, for next project with different ways…….bcoz your’re great…

  246. 246 : nasim Says:

    hi bae young joon,i’m nasim from iran(tehran)…how can i contact u?i’m a fan of korean movies and korean actor and actress.try to come to iran…u will never forget this beautiful country.
    my mail address is [email protected]

  247. 247 : katie Says:

    may i ask Bae Yung Joon have plan new drama this year? because i like to watch new drama of you and you are my favorite smile

  248. 248 : christine m'sia Says:

    Anyeong haseyo, Yong Jun oppa, you are the living legend. You make me fall in love all over again every time I watch your shows. My son and myself have gone crazy over the First King’s Four Gods. SARANG HEYO!!!

  249. 249 : san Says:

    uhmm…… how am i address u le, ……. Hello Mr Bae Yong Jun
    I love ur drama “The Legend” its extremely good! i’ve been watching it over and over again. Its really touching into my heart. Looking for your new drama / movie soon.
    Your smile is extremely charming and hope your life will be as charming as your smile. and you know what, your smile is really friendly and can make ppl smile and happy.


  250. 250 : adam Says:

    to san… and every1 who support BYJ..

    i agreed with your good comment abt BYJ….same with me…..I love BYJ in drama “The Legend” its extremely good! i’ve been watching it over and over again. Its really touching into my heart and waiting for BYJ new drama.

    BYJ has sweet smile, extremely charming. I also hope BYJ life will be as as your smile. and you know what, your smile is really friendly and can make ppl smile and happy.

    Take care and have a good health..

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    goodluck your carrier and more power.wish you all the best you!!!!

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    TO BYJ


  254. 254 : corea Says:

    I am not your biggest fan but just admirer your acting in The Legend.
    Great job…

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    i m big fan of urs.keep it up.our best wishes r always with u.

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    to BYJ…

    your are one of the great actor among the actor….

    I wish you have a good luck….and good health…that is very important as a human….

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    @ Bae Yong Joon, you are my favourite actor…hope will see you in next great acting…

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  260. 260 : Remy Ellen Ballaho Says:

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  261. 261 : Remy Ellen Ballaho Says:

    Hi BYJ,Hope you’ll not do movies like that of “Untold Scandal”You’re good in drama series like that of Winter Sonata,Legend &Papa.But what I admired most was that of the “Legend”.You’re so cute with your long hair.Do you have any coming drama series or movies?You’re really a great actor.Keep up the good work……………………………

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    BYJ….great actor…

  263. 263 : bo-ra Says:

    ….saranghe, Mr Yong Joon…

  264. 264 : mama Says:

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    work smart and smile…

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    I’m Shasha,from Sunnyvale California.You’re such a good actor.keep it up…………………………………..

  266. 266 : zsazsa Says:

    Hi BYJ,
    See you in drama series like the LEGEND again………………

  267. 267 : Remy Ellen Says:

    Hello BYJ,
    Is there a plan for your new movies or tv series?……..Hope korean Producers can see your excellent talents…………..

  268. 268 : ahjuma Says:

    anyeonghaseyo….Yonsama….how are you….just say goodby to BYJ and just wish him luck in whatever u do..

  269. 269 : meany Says:

    BYJ is an excellent actor. I really recommend to watch The Legend….

  270. 270 : Sherina Says:

    Hi BJY. Your acting Super excellent in the legend.

  271. 271 : cory Says:

    Hi BYJ! I hope you will have more great tv series like The Legend and Winter Sonata sooner. You have a very exceptional handsome smile which made you stand tall among the male Korean actors and you really look great when you smile. You have a superb talent in acting also.

    Good luck!

  272. 272 : choppta Says:

    hi Mr Yong Jun,,,
    you look amazing. and great person.. don’t let other people think otherwise or don’t listen… your just perfect!

  273. 273 : meldz Says:

    Greetings from Manila, kumusta ka? (How are you?) How are u doing right now? Any update on your new tv/movie assignment. I’ve seen most of them, i am looking forward to some fresh news. Miss u…!

  274. 274 : He Says:

    I love Yong Jun acting….superb…..

    have a great day.

  275. 275 : cleo Says:

    wow..—-byj… you did well in The Legend….i still keep watching on dvd…….overall….congratulation…..

  276. 276 : lili-ann bathan Says:

    BYJ How I like all your dramas. Please make another love story like Winter Love Song. I don’t want you to die at the end of the story. Would you believe that I have watched Winter Love Story more than a dozen times already. Now it’s 2008 and I have been repeatedly watching it again and again. Keep your good and nice image. God Bless you in your career.

  277. 277 : jamy Says:

    wish u have a good life….

  278. 278 : Remy Ellen Ballaho Says:

    Hi BYJ,
    You know I’m so addicted to your drama series “The legend” and Winter Sonata.Even in the Lab.,where I worked,while performing blood analysis and waiting for the results to come out from the machine,I’m watching “The legend” with my laptop in front of me.And you know,I had my personal Internet connection,just for my desire to watch your drama series.
    You know,we have Korean American patients,and i asked them ,if they know you,well they told me they admire you too.And this morning ,during my day Off,we went to one of the Malls there in Milpitas.California,we’ve seen your posters in one of the Perfume shops.
    You’re so popular,even here in California.
    Keep it up BYJ……Hope to see you in more good movies and drama series as early as possible…..like “The Legend”…….BYE…….

  279. 279 : Remy Ellen Says:

    Hi BYJ,
    Hoping for your new Drama series……………………………Take care cause we care………………………………………………………………..

  280. 280 : Remy Ellen Says:

    Hello BYJ,
    Greetings from my family here in California.Wishing you the best …….in life…………………………………

  281. 281 : yizhon Says:

    BYJ…is a great guy….

  282. 282 : uthau Says:

    i can’t forget his warm smile….

  283. 283 : ahjumas Says:

    i just love everything on you…support everything your great drama esp the legend and hotelier…. as two different type you acted….very good…..

  284. 284 : hogea Says:

    hi…i just drop this page becoz now i’m watching Legend..good drama too…
    ….bae yong jun….take good care of your life…i still keep watching your act in the legend…so far so good…

  285. 285 : Remy Ellen Says:

    Hello BYJ,
    “GOOD MORNING ” to you,from us here in Sunnyvale,California.

  286. 286 : Remy Ellen Says:

    Hello BYJ,
    Since the time I’d watched “The Legend”,I became your number one fan………………………..

  287. 287 : yogie Says:

    he looks nice when his smile…..very warm smile…..

  288. 288 : kc Says:

    BYJ is soooooooo HOT. He played his role so well in Legend. Let’s hope he acts more in period drama. He looks so out-of-this-world with his long hair and wielding his sword, so powerful and graceful. Downright sexy when he closes his eyes and drops in a faint – don’t know of any other man who do that and yet not look wimpy but manly instead.

  289. 289 : khencana Says:

    ….love this drama forever….He looks weak, but ….. he’s very powerful, gentlemen and manly instead… BYJ always looks great….

  290. 290 : Ivy Says:

    Hi Yong Joon,

    I am so crazy for you after i watch the drama. I really like your acting. Hope to see your new drama soon…

  291. 291 : yuki Says:

    YOUR soo COOL~!!!!
    i really like your series & movies!!!!!!!
    YOUR the best actor in the world!!!!!! xD

  292. 292 : Iyel Says:

    im iyel from california~
    i just want you to know that you the best of all actors.
    the whole world loves you!

  293. 293 : Iyel Says:


  294. 294 : Iyel Says:

  295. 295 : byjdeepadmirer Says:

    Hello BYJ

    How about your next drama?
    I’m not your fans but…i’m really care and looking forward to hear good news from you.

    yours sincerely and sweet regards

  296. 296 : byjdeepadmirer Says:

    Hello BYJ

    just to know …..how about your next drama….
    i’m not your fans but i really care and looking forward to hear your good news….

    best regards..

  297. 297 : heongo Says:

    Mr BYJ….

    ….Don’t you know, You looks gentle and seldom raises with your voice, but you are’t an easy man….

  298. 298 : leel Says:

    How are you going, Mr Yong Jun? Wish you have a good day…you’re doing well…i still keep going watching the legend…and looking forward your good news…

  299. 299 : andrew Says:

    I like the main actor…Bae Yong Jun…you look great….

  300. 300 : marstian Says:

    gambate kudasai, Mr. Bae Yong Joon!!! =)

  301. 301 : ayam Says:

    OMG~!! Mr. BYJ, you’re a great actor!!^_^ and you’re so Handsome…=)

  302. 302 : mayam Says:

    i wanna know if there are more movies&dramas of Mr.BYJ, is coming out soon?=)

    yay~!!! i want to watch all of his movie&dramas..xD
    he’s so cool…

  303. 303 : shuzuki Says:

    you’re so hot!!


    i’m one of your fans..:D ehehehe…

  304. 304 : shuzuki Says:

    i love youuuu.!!!


  305. 305 : Edith Says:

    Dear byj,
    From Paranaque City,Phil.,You’re Great actor and Very good series………….

  306. 306 : Remy Ellen Says:

    Hello BYJ,
    Itried to find ways to know you more better,and I was able to open a site about you and I’ve learned that you came here in America,LA.Well,I really hope you can come also here in Bay Area,probably San Francisco.But,maybe it’s impossible…………?

  307. 307 : Remy Ellen Says:

    Hi BYJ,
    Goodnight and hope in the morning to come,you’ll become more popular and have more drama series…but…if possible like the “Legend”

  308. 308 : mardy Says:

    bae yong jon always excellent as usual….

    have a good day…


  309. 309 : tom Says:

    i enjoyed your act….

  310. 310 : gie Says:

    hi, i’m at a lost for words to discribed how good you really are, hope you can help me, i wish to acquire / buy dvd tapes of all the tv-drama and movies you have starred in. also if possible the theme songs used in your dramas especially those sung by ryu shi won. please send me the amount and how to make remettances. THANK YOU


  311. 311 : Remy Ellen Says:

    Hello BYJ,
    Can you share with us,if you have new movies or drama series?
    Please……Please ……..Please…………

  312. 312 : Remy Ellen Says:

    Hi Gie,
    If you want to buy dvd’s of BYJ,you can search some of his drama dvd’s in Mallkee and Ebay,thru online.I ordered from them,”The Legend.
    Barefooted Youth,Papa,Hoteliers and Did We Really Love.The prices varies,but around $20.00 up,here in California.I’m still searching for BYJ’s other drama series,even the old ones.That’s how I admired BYJ…

  313. 313 : Fatima Says:

    Hi! Bae Yong-Juon
    My name is Fatima. A warm hello from California…I would like to say how are you doing today, day after and tomorrow?… I may say that I am one of your instant fan here in California…Because you are a great actor, you always face the challenges whatever you’ve been into. Not only that you are also a good-looking guy with warmth, gentle smile especially your eyes were so deep(figuratively speaking)…Ahh..We hope you have more movies and series to come…..^5(high five)

  314. 314 : Fatima Says:

    “No matter where you are…
    Everyone is always connected.”

  315. 315 : boom Says:

    hi ……how are you going……

  316. 316 : angel Says:

    i’m very admired you bae yong jun……

  317. 317 : choppta Says:

    your are really good actor….i like your in the legend….

  318. 318 : vee Says:

    byj is the best actor….keep up the good work..

  319. 319 : wonder Says:

    you have a killer smile….

  320. 320 : Diyora Says:

    Hi BAE YONG JUN!!!I’m from Uzbekistan.You are best Korean actor.I want to be friendship with Fatima and Tom.Good luck!!!

  321. 321 : Remy Ellen Says:

    Hello BYJ,
    Though I’m so busy ,still I’ll not forget to greet you and give my comment.I had introduced you already to my friends and now they’re now joining in supporting you.I knew very well,that you’ve got many fans here in U.S.A.We just want to share you our greatest admiration on you,being a good actor.I’ll never forget your The Legend”.That’s the start,why I liked you.You’re a good match with Sujini in real life.
    I hope ‘you’ll be partnered to Lee Dae Hae of “My Girl” too.She’s also sweet looking actress.

  322. 322 : Remy Ellen Says:

    Hi BYJ,
    It’s a cold night and it’s 12:25 am,I’m at work ‘so on my vacant time ‘I’m sending you my warmest regards.Maybe,you’re sleeping soundly at this time.Goodnight and sweet dreams……………….

  323. 323 : Rona marie Says:

    Hi!! im so happy to know that there lots of people who admire bae yong jun. to all fans of bae yong jun!!!! Hi!! im rona!! I love bae yong jun so much!!! as an actor!!! and maybe, if i had a chance to meet him, ( I hope So) I want to meet all of you too, can all of you kindly leave a message to me in my account!! here is my email add [email protected].

    Bae yong jun!!!! wahaha!!!
    i hope you recieve my message!!!
    pls.. give me a message if you already read it!
    you know what i like you so much!!!
    i love watching you movies and films!!
    May I know some things about you, if you dont mind… hehehe!!! 🙂

    im from philippines, 18 yrs. old i want to be friends to all of you!!!

    just kindly give a message to my account!!

  324. 324 : Remy Ellen Says:

    Good morning BYJ,
    Morning Greetings from us here in Sunnyvale,California!!!!!!!
    May you have a Wonderful Day,today and to other days to come………….

  325. 325 : Ted Says:

    Hi Mr.Bae Yong Jun,
    My wife really admired you when she started to watch your drama series.Because she always watch the Legend,I became curious about it.So,on her Day off,we watched the legend together,that’s the time I realyzed,why she keep on watching,again and again.
    You really did well on that series.Keep it up.You’re such a good actor.
    Greetings from us here in California……………………….

  326. 326 : akram Says:

    hi everybody…

    I noticed that Bae Yong Jun has a killer smile…

  327. 327 : 1234 Says:

    I love his personality more than his looks.

  328. 328 : otttokearasso Says:

    hi everyone…

    bae Yong Joon have a warm smile…

    sincere wish God Bless him and all viewer this site…

  329. 329 : chua Says:

    hi. i hope Bae Yong Joon read this all comments…

    wish you more and more successfull in life….

    deep admirer…

  330. 330 : Remy Ellen Says:

    Hello BYJ,
    You know,almost everyday,I’m watching “the Legend ” and Winter Sonata.Well, I’m having double job,but I can still watch your drama series.I’m bringing my Laptop with me and have my own internet connection,just for the purpose of watching your series.Our Director of the Lab.,don’t mind me if I’m watching,cause I’m dealing with my work well………………………..

  331. 331 : sam Says:

    ur handsome

  332. 332 : sam Says:

    hope to see u in a light drama… god bless u!!

  333. 333 : Remy Ellen Says:

    Hi BYJ,
    Morning Greetings to you from us here in Sunnyvale, California.
    My……..It’s a cold morning.It’s my Day off,so I have more time to watch your drama series………….
    Hope,you can read our comments and at least you know also,many are supporting you.

  334. 334 : Fatima Says:

    Hi! Yon-sama

    How are you doing, today?

    Hope you’re having a great time of your life and

    Neverending ask for help to God for all the guidance, wisdom and serenity you would need ’til in the future, what might comes in…

    “The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart.”

    We are all here for you, Yon-sama…

  335. 335 : Fatima Says:

    “You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.”

  336. 336 : Fatima Says:

    Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.
    -Mark Twain

  337. 337 : Fatima Says:

    Make one person happy each day and in forty years you will have
    made 14,600 human beings happy for a little time at least.

  338. 338 : Fatima Says:

    Hi! diyora and everyone
    You are always welcome to be friends with and everyone also as one…Keep it up, guys… Peace out(v),

  339. 339 : ayam Says:

    saranghae , Mr. BYJ..

  340. 340 : gamsaheyo Says:

    ….i miss your act Mr Bae Yong Joon….that is why i still keep watching more and mor the legend right now…


  341. 341 : Remy Ellen Says:

    Hi BYJ,
    You’re still my no. idol………..hoping for more series and movies for you……….

  342. 342 : rona marie Says:

    just want to say hi!! to all people out there who also love bae yong jun!!!!!!!!1

  343. 343 : bulla Says:

    hi everybody…..to all viewer this site…..have a good day…

  344. 344 : Michelle Says:

    Dear Yong Joon

    Greetings here from Singapore!!

    I love all your dramas and movies and hope to find you in less dangerous drama/movie soon — the kind which won’t injure you physically!

    Take care & stay happy and healthy always!

  345. 345 : marielle haro Says:

    h! ur handsome!!!!
    i love you11111111

  346. 346 : jumuchi1 Says:

    …hi byj….how are you going…..sincere wish you have a good health..

  347. 347 : Remy Ellen Says:

    Hello BYJ,
    I was surprised,when I opened up my Friendster,just to communicate with my friends in King Abdelaziz Hospital,Saudi Arabia.Ifound out,they formed BYJ’s Fans Club.I really don’t know,that,they can also watch your series there.I had been working with them for such a long time,but I didn’t know about this site in “My Soju”,until we came here in California.
    You’re so popular,BYJ…….You deserved it,being a good actor…..

  348. 348 : Choen Ni Says:

    You are a good actor……(n.n)….
    Do your best !!!!!
    Waiting for your new drama…..

  349. 349 : Cherie Says:

    Bae Yong Jun!! Your acting in The Legend together with Lee Ji Ah was so touching! just your eyes alone can show the audience the deep feelings and, omg! that show was super touching, i almost cried!

    Jia You in your career and everything! ^^

  350. 350 : Remy Ellen Says:

    Hello BYJ,
    You’re really a good actor.You’re almost perfect,good looking,chrismatic eyes and deadly smile………………….
    You can portray your role well…….Keep it up……….

  351. 351 : jody Says:

    to all byj fans who haven’t seen his drama, did we really love aka true love. i suggest you watch it coz you’ll love him even more. its a heartwarming love story. but you have to have a towel with you coz you will cry with him in this drama. he is really really good here. i’m a busy working housewife but i still find time to watch his dramas before i go to sleep. my day wouldnt be complete without watching atleast 1 episode of his drama. and i’ve watched true to love over and over again. just like winter sonata, hotelier, april snow and the legend. the drama is kinda old, but its good. he’s so manly looking here. so different from his looks today. but he still looks handsome though. hope he finds time to visit the philippines. and hoping another drama from him soon. saranghae bae yong joon

  352. 352 : injungshi Says:

    To Bae Yong Joon….
    Always wish You..GOD bless You and have a good health…


  353. 353 : chareseyo Says:

    to bae yong joon…

    waiting your new series with new character….but sincerely to inform you, i like you in ‘light’ acting….

  354. 354 : ba son Says:

    hi mr bae yong joon…

    waiting you in new series….

    have a good life

  355. 355 : dalbi Says:

    anyeong haseyo….

    i’m byj admirer……

  356. 356 : ouri Says:

    BYJ…you are admirerable….

  357. 357 : hancock Says:

    we miss you all the time…BYJ….

  358. 358 : carolyn Says:


    you did great in the legend….

  359. 359 : jaeny Says:

    hi.. you are great among the great actors..


  360. 360 : rherman Says:

    .bravo…….he(BYJ) played great in The Legend…….

  361. 361 : sarrahs Says:


    i noticed that Bae Yong Joon is the coolest guy i’ve ever met in all the series he acted…

    I like his characters…

  362. 362 : Irene Says:

    Dearest BYJ.

    No sugar in the whole universe can compare to the sweetness of your smile and no word can describe the warmth of just watching you.

    May your life be filled with love and contentment.

    Love you.

  363. 363 : hyong Says:


    i’m very admired with Bae Yong Joon…

    take care

  364. 364 : Ren Xu Says:

    You(Bae Yong Joon) are awesome as usual…


  365. 365 : mei Says:

    I love to watch Bae Yong Joon. His eyes seem to draw audiences to the moments of the story. I hope to see him more in film/drama. I wish him the best of luck.

  366. 366 : Remy Ellen Says:

    Hello BYJ,
    Wow,your name here is now almost at the top.You really deserved to be love by your fans.Your such a good and respected actor,that’s why I can’t help myself,not to admire you…..Keep it up,

  367. 367 : cecil Says:

    …..amazing!! waiting for another drama series of byj

  368. 368 : iqbal Says:

    hi Bae Yong Joon…i like your acted in Legend …but i didn’t like the ending…

    Although many people talk ” bad ” about you, I don’t care…just appreciate your talents in Legend and others series…except Untold Scandal(yerk), as usual you did well …no worries..i keep support you…..don’t border what ‘crazy’ peoples said……try hard and see your new project with exciting actings…..


  369. 369 : chuaheyo Says:

    to all viewer…
    Bae Yong Joon , is not only handsome but also gentle & intelligent.
    He is wonderful man!!!

  370. 370 : meldz Says:


    jody, i agree with your statement. I’ve watch most of the tv/movie drama of BYJ except for untold scandal. He’s really an awesome guy. You can’t help but like him a lot especially when he gives you that mesmerizing smile. He’s full of charm. I also like his DID WE REALLY LOVE. I’ve been watching it over and over again. I also plain to watch UNTOLD SCANDAL as soon as i got the material and if my time permits. I hope you can always share something about him through this. God Bless!

  371. 371 : apprilla Says:

    …just droping by to say hello to Bae Yong Joon..

  372. 372 : Remy Ellen Says:

    Hello BYJ,
    Even there are negative reports against you,I don’t care,caused ,as for me you’re still my fav actor, and that will never change………..Waiting for your new series………………..

  373. 373 : Mariam Says:

    Hi Yong Joon,
    Our warm greetings,here in Sunnyvale, California.
    You’re so cute and you have a deadly smile…………..

  374. 374 : Aisha Says:

    Hi BYJ,
    I Love…………………….You…………………………..
    Take care….Hope to see you in new drama series.We all support you,here in Caliornia……………………………………………………………

  375. 375 : Aisha Says:

    Hi BYJ,
    Sorry,due to my excitement,I missed the f in California.All my friends, love you too………………………………………………..

  376. 376 : Fatima Says:

    Hi Yong J,
    Hope you’ll read all our comments about you.We are all your loving fans of California………………Have a nice Day……………..

  377. 377 : Fatima Says:

    Hi Yong J.,
    We’re really waiting for your new drama series,if possible like the story similar to “The Legend” or something like “Winter Sonata’.
    You’re such a good actor…………………………………………………..

  378. 378 : kojonup07 Says:

    hi BYJ….

    how are you going….

    i’m waiting your new actions….

  379. 379 : Remy Ellen Says:

    nHello BYJ,
    Cold morning Greetings here in Sunnyvale ,California!!!!!!
    Hope you have a new “Legend “to come……………
    Missed that kind of series…………..

  380. 380 : Mariam Says:

    Hi Yong J,
    Have a Nice Day…………………………..Missed you……….

  381. 381 : gemma viniegas Says:

    hi byj!

    just finish watching april snow,winter sonata and hotilier,and im trying still to look for your other drama series and movies,for me your soooooooo great,awesome,and your the best in korea,,,,,,,,,,,,,,your sooooooooooooooo handsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  382. 382 : hana Says:


    BYJ has chemistry with LJA…i like this couple together with next series…

    they did well in the Legend…but spoiled the ending….make me mad…

    word smart and smile byj…

  383. 383 : Mariam Says:

    Hi Yong J,
    Today,is our 1st day of school,here in Sunnyvale,Ca,but I can’t forget,your B-day is almost coming.”Advance Happy Birthday to you.”
    May you have more wonderful Birthdays to come…….

  384. 384 : Gem Says:

    Hi Jody. I agree with you. Yong Joon is a damn good actor. He is an actor’s actor. It is unfortunate that he does not make dramas/movies frequently. I have watched most of his works already except those which he started in. I loved him in April Snow, although I did not like the plot at first, you know, commtting the same “crime”. Yet because of his and Son Ye Jin’s performances, I never get tired of watching it. He looks so endearing in that scene when he was playing with the lamp contemplating on his feelings for Son Ye Jin, like you just want to touch him. Sometimes I don’t sleep until the wee hours of the morning because I am a working mom too. Among his leading ladies, it is only with Choi Ji Woo and Lee Ji Ah he had chemistry with. I really wish he’ll court Ji Woo again and this time, for good. He said there is a sequel to TWSSG but looks like we will wait a few years since he is still recuperating from a recent surgery and is under rehab. Sigh… a movie perhaps? Be well, Yong Joon.

  385. 385 : Gem Says:

    Yong Joon-ssi,

    A joyous birthday to you!!! I wish you good health, love and happiness.
    May you find true happiness in all your endeavors.

    Much love,


  386. 386 : meldz Says:

    For you BYJ, on this day, i wish you all the best! May you savor everything this wonderful world has to offer. Enjoy what you’re doing right now and do what will make you happy. Stay as what you are and be the best that you can be. Be always a BLESSING to other people. Keep your star shinning. Your warm heart reflects on your smile.

  387. 387 : ari Says:

    byj…..very good looking……

    work smart and smile…

  388. 388 : Joyce Choong Says:

    Hi Bae Yong Jun,

    Happy Birthday to you ! Wishing you good health, happiness and a fulfilling career. Enjoy your day. Take care and love you.

  389. 389 : may Says:

    Happy Birthday to my dear BYJ
    love you so much
    have great day with enjoy and happy
    god bless you always

  390. 390 : Mariam Says:

    HAPPY,HAPPY BAE YONG JUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  391. 391 : Remy Ellen Says:

    Hello BYJ,

    ,GOD grant you the blessings a happy life holds,
    FAITH that sustains you as each day unfolds,
    HOPE in your heart and feeling inside
    That you can face problems and take them in stride,
    WARM,lasting friendships with people you know,
    Who brighten your days with the love that they show……

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU BYJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  392. 392 : Remy Ellen Says:

    Hello BYJ,

  393. 393 : Remy Ellen Says:

    Hello BYJ,
    Wishing you a Happy, Happy Birthday.Hope you can find your happiness in life.
    I’m hoping too,that you’ll response on our comments about you.
    Ignore,those trying to destroy you,by saying bad comments.

  394. 394 : pitch_army Says:

    happy birthday Mr. Bae Yong Joon.
    you are very famous actor in thailand. wish u happy and healthy.
    waiting for u to visit thailand.

  395. 395 : mongga Says:






  396. 396 : KUDZAI MUSUNGO Says:

    Hi Bae yong joon u r my best keep up the emaculate work

  397. 397 : kojonup07 Says:

    hello Bae Yong JOOn

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY…..wish u have a great life…

    sincere… and regards

  398. 398 : hana Says:

    happy birthday BYJ…

    love your great vision…..very smart in business….how abt your kimchi…..

    that’s very good sound for your business future…


  399. 399 : ari Says:


    happy birthday byj…. waiting your great acting….


  400. 400 : aish Says:

    happy birthday…

  401. 401 : Joyce Choong Says:

    Hi Bae Yong Jun,

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday with good friends, good food and champagne! May all that you wished for on your Birthday come true for you.

  402. 402 : Mimi Says:

    Hi Bae Yong Jun,

    Wish you the best birthday ever…

  403. 403 : soko Says:

    hi Bae Yong Jun
    I’m mongolia
    Bae Yong Jun is cool
    happy birthday
    Good luck!

  404. 404 : hyong Says:

    Hello BYJ….

    Happy Birthday….

    Wish you have a good health….


  405. 405 : Quinn Says:

    hey guys! annyong hashimnikka!

    can you guys help me get over 4000 comments under Song Hye Gyo’s name? if you dont know her….or havent heard of her then thats fine
    just so long as you leave a msg…anything

    just look for her name on side list!….i would really appreciate it….and you will be blessed with goodluck!


  406. 406 : LHC Says:

    Hi Bae Yong Jun,
    Wish U had a wonderful life full with friends fill with happiness and warm.Wish u all the best.

  407. 407 : Remy Ellen Says:

    Hello BYJ,
    Have a nice Sunday morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  408. 408 : Remy Ellen Says:

    Hello BYJ,
    I’m hoping to see you in another “Legend” drama series.You’re so good in that series.

  409. 409 : Mariam Says:

    Hi Yong Joon,
    Belated “Happy Birthday to you”.Wishing you the best of everything………………………………………………………..

  410. 410 : Mariam Says:

    Hi Yong Joon,
    Young and old,admire you,cause of your smile.You’re really cute and handsome………………….

  411. 411 : Mariam Says:

    Hi BYJ,


  412. 412 : Mariam Says:

    Hi Yong Joon,
    May your Blessings come a thousand folds.
    May the joy in your heart never get old
    And may you find treasures worthier than gold.
    “Have A Nice Day”…

  413. 413 : Fatima Says:

    Hi Bae Yong J,
    Better late than never Belated “Happy Birthday”.
    “Birth “is the start of life,
    “Beauty is the art of life,
    “Mystery and Risks” are part of life,
    But an ideal “Actor”like you is the heart of life…..

  414. 414 : Fatima Says:

    Hi Bae Yong J,

    HAVE A NICE DAY…………….

  415. 415 : Nordelm Says:

    HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY BYJ. I’m very excited about your new project with Choi Ji Woo, the anime version of Winter Sonata. Winter Sonata is very dear to my heart. To me, it’s the best korean drama I ever watched because of you & Choi Ji Woo. You looked great together.
    You’re both excellent actor & actress. I’m hoping there’ll be more project for both of you together. The best Korean drama couple. God bless you both always.

  416. 416 : sa ryang Says:

    hi byj….how are you doing?….happy belated birthday….

    wish u all the best….


  417. 417 : kama Says:

    to byj fan…and all viewer….have a nice day,,,and good life…

  418. 418 : mis che Says:

    hi bae yong joon,

    ….. if you have time, pls visit to website of your fan…

    to me….. l miss you a lot after the Legend and very hope watching your new project with great acting…

    till then …..live with cheerful….

  419. 419 : rherman Says:

    hi byj…keep healthy always…

    i can’t forget byj warm smile….

  420. 420 : iela Says:

    Hi byj, How are you today?” HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY “. Good luck to your career. I want to congratulate you, to your dramas and your performance. keep it up. We will support you.
    Wish you all the best and please don’t to hard to yourself.

    HAVE A NICE DAY. see you then!!!!!!!!


  421. 421 : mrali Says:

    BYJ…i noticed that you are very “smart”….the more people gave ‘bad’ interpretation to you…the more you got earn….and the more popular among the popular….


  422. 422 : Fatima Says:

    Hi Bae Yong J,
    Hope you can open this site,so that you can read our comments about you.No matter what,your still my Favorite actor…………

  423. 423 : Remy Ellen Says:

    Hello BYJ,
    I’ve been quite busy for the past few days,but you know BYJ,I’m always checking this site,to see if your name goes up.
    Well, I hope your other fans can submit their comments,everyday.
    But actually,submitting the comments here is not the way to show your popularity,cause some of your fans are busy,and sometimes no time to open this site.Consider me as an example.

  424. 424 : Remy Ellen Says:

    Hello BYJ,
    Other people gave their bad comments on you,especially,when you appeared in such daring roles in “Untold Scandal”.I’ve rented that movies but I didn’t continue watching it,cause I’m still of conservative type.There were some people telling,it’s an art,but still ,your more better in drama,actions,and love stories.

  425. 425 : Wisdom28 Says:

    Hi to all fans of Bae Yong-jun

    I love this show and it drives me crazy chasing after the series! Btw I have bought an extra copy of “The Legend” poster. It features only Bae Yong-jun but without the 2 Ladies.

    If anyone would like to have a copy, please email me at [email protected]

    Shipping rates applies and the poster is chargeable at USD20.

    First come first serve only! 🙂

  426. 426 : mrali Says:

    hi byj….

    i like u very much….bcoz you’re great n acting….

  427. 427 : ajik Says:

    Hi BYJ…how are you doing? just drop forawhile to this site….bcoz i ‘miss’ you…hehehehehhee..

    …always be with you….

    wish u have a great day….

    sincere and sweet smile..

  428. 428 : nuldulset Says:

    BYJ…hope to see more of you….


  429. 429 : Blue2607 Says:

    Hi Yong Jun,
    It’s always fun watching your drama.Every drama you acted on really impress me,especially The Legend. You are really a talented person and you make me learn alot from you.I really want to know your next drama Anyways, i’m glad you are okay and may you have a nice day,God Bless!

  430. 430 : AG Says:

    I’ve been watching ‘Legend’ and really enjoying the drama. It’s different than other historical K-dramas. BYJ makes it worth watching, as well as,the other leads. If you haven’t viewed it, I highly recommend it!

  431. 431 : Remy Ellen Says:

    Hello BYJ,
    You really deserve on the top.Hope ,more fans will give their comments on you.You’re such a good actor……………….

  432. 432 : kihanem Says:

    byj..good actor…good businessman….hope good people……becoz so many people like you…that is miracle….

  433. 433 : judy ty Says:

    Hi Yong Joon ssi!

    You are the most gorgeous actor in the entire universe and we love you so very much! Wishing you life’s best coz you deserve ONLY THE BEST!

  434. 434 : judy ty Says:

    Hi yong Joon ssi!

    You are the MOST GORGEOUS and the BEST ACTOR in the entire universe. I wish you all of life’s best coz you DESERVE ONLY THE BESTEST!!!

  435. 435 : rose Says:

    dear Bae Yong Jun,
    happy belated birthday…
    wishing you health, wealth, luck and happiness…

  436. 436 : meldz Says:

    hi remy ellen,

    i’ve been reading your comments, and i definitely agree with you! every time i open this site, you have your message. how nice, you really find time to remember BYJ and tell him how you admire and feel about him. Same here. how i wish he could offer his fans another hit. this time something light like romantic comedy. what do you think? enjoy your time….

  437. 437 : Remy Ellen Says:

    Hi Meldz,
    I really admire BYJ,since I’d watched “The Legend”.I don’t know why?But there’s something in BYJ’s personality that can easily attract fans.From that time, if possible I wanted to find how to order his drama series,even those very old ones.Well,I think you’re right,romantic comedy,is also good for BYJ,especially if paired with Lee Da Hae of “My Girl’.Hope,Korean Producers,will think about this.
    Nice knowing you……………………………

  438. 438 : ema Says:

    sarangheyo bae yong joon shi…

  439. 439 : jehan Says:

    hi bae yong jun! i hope you have great day! you’re such a great actor and i really admire you alot!take care always!!!

  440. 440 : jehan Says:

    hi remy ellen!i’m jehan from the philippines.i’ve been reading most the comments here at byj’s fan site, and it seems to me that you really admire bae yong jun alot hahaha.i hope we can be friends here!take care too…

  441. 441 : drsiti Says:

    wow..he(BYJ) is such a amazing actor all the time…

  442. 442 : Aprilyn Says:

    Great day! Bae Yong Jun!

    I love you since i had watched you in Endlesslove Winter Sonata, you’re a great actor, so effective,. Does anyone watch April Snow, sadly i really want to watch it but i don’t have the chance to watch it, everytime its trailer sh0wed i need to stop to watch Bae Yong Jun, i really love you, especialy when i watched the Legend here in philippines, i really Su xini for you,on that series.. I wish you can visit PHILIPPINES! Keep smiling ‘coz you fascinate all of us because of that Smile. . .Your eyes and your lips,well c0ordinated when you smiled, . .I love you Bae Yong Jun.. God bless and more m0vies and series to come,. Take care. . .

  443. 443 : Remy Ellen Says:

    Hello Jehan from Philippines,
    I’ve seen your message here ,and you’re right, i really admire
    BYJ a lot.I hope you send more comments for BYJ’s ,if not………
    Ha!Ha! Ha!Ha!……….Tell your friends who admire BYJ too, to send more comments,OK……………….take care………………………..

  444. 444 : 124 Says:

    ….warm smile….

    and wish you all the best…

  445. 445 : helenfs Says:

    ANYOHASEYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wow i really love bae yong joon! he’s my first korean love hahaha the first time i saw him in winter sonnata it made me wonder if there really is such a guy whos sooooo super cute as he is yes for me he’s super dupper cute i love you oppa!!!

  446. 446 : helenfs Says:

    anyo jehan glad to see you here so now you see my first love hmmm………….isnt he so cute wow super luv this oppa . youll sure love him too goodluck madam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  447. 447 : jehan Says:

    good day byj! take care! you’re such a cool actor!

  448. 448 : jehan Says:

    hi byj! i hope you’ll have a great day! take care! mwah…

  449. 449 : Remy Ellen Says:

    Hello BYJ,
    Though it’s a very cold morning, A warm greetings from us in Sunnyvale , California………………………………………………….
    HAVE A NICE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  450. 450 : Remy Ellen Says:

    Hi Jehan,
    It seems you’re now a great fan of BYJ.Keep on sending comments.You’re doing a great job…….Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!……

  451. 451 : komathagu Says:

    just love his warm smile….

    not byj fans but deep admirer…hehehehehe

  452. 452 : jehan Says:

    i can’t sleep but much better now dropping by here to see him somehow…

  453. 453 : Remy Ellen Says:

    Hello BYJ,
    I hope you’ll find time to open this site,so that you can read our comments on you.No matter what ,you”re still my favorite.You can easily attract viewers 0n all your drama series.

  454. 454 : Yammy Says:

    Hi BYongJ,
    You’re so cool and cute……Taqke care….cause I care…

  455. 455 : Yammy Says:

    Hi BYongJ,
    Sorry,I accidentally press letter q,that made take to taqke.
    Anyway,i hope you’ll have more drama series to come…..
    I love you……………………………..

  456. 456 : Timmy Says:

    Hi bae Yong J,
    We’re your fans here in Sunnyvale,California.You’re so cute and handsome,especially with long hair…………………………….

  457. 457 : AG Says:

    Hi from So. California,
    BYJ is so handsome with a smile that can melt your heart!
    Keep up the good work. Looking forward to your projects!

  458. 458 : Timmy Says:

    Hi Bae Yong J,
    I admire you a lot.You’re such a good and talented actor.

  459. 459 : Timmy Says:

    Hi Bae yong J,
    We hope we’ll be given a chance to meet you in person,though ,I know it’s impossible…….

  460. 460 : Fatima Says:

    Hi BYj,
    Keep a green tree in you heart
    And perhaps the singing bird will come…….

  461. 461 : Fatima Says:

    Hi BYJ,

    Reflect upon your present blessings
    Of which every man has many;
    Not on your past misfortunes,
    Of which all men,must have some….

  462. 462 : Fatima Says:

    Hi BYJ,

    Think of all beauty around you,
    And be “Happy”……

    Have a Nice Day!! From us ,here in Sunnyvale,Ca…….

  463. 463 : Remy ellen Says:

    Hello BYJ,
    I hope you’ll have new drama series to come.

  464. 464 : Remy ellen Says:

    Hello BYJ,
    There are some bad comments about you,but,i don’t care,what I know you’re a good actor……….

  465. 465 : June Says:

    Hello BYJ,

    You look great in every one of your movies. My family and I just wanted to wish you the best of everything. BYJ take care of yourself.

    I hope that you have the time to come to this site and read everyones commets…..

  466. 466 : sujini Says:


    how are you going….

    wish byj all the best….

  467. 467 : gillian Says:

    Nice face……!!!
    your such a good actor!!
    ”keep it up”’

  468. 468 : nae yoeja Says:

    u hv a ‘great’ smile…

  469. 469 : Remy ellen Says:

    Hello BYJ,
    You really deserved the awards given to you as Best Actor,and Best drama for “The Legend”.Keep it up…………………..

  470. 470 : drsiti Says:

    hi …long time no see….i ‘m very busy coz to finish my thesis. just to say HELLO…to all viewers….

    to Bae Yong Jun..hope to see you in next great series….and wish you all the best….have a happy day….


  471. 471 : MUNISA Says:

    HI everybody!I know that there all people who loves B.Y.J!

    DEAR B.Y.J!
    Sir, I live in Uzbekistan in city Andizhan. I want to tell you how I love you,but it wiil be verry difficult for you to understand.

    Many girls in our country love you!

    You are besr actor in the world, for me.
    Please if you can sand me your photos to my e-mail:[email protected]


  472. 472 : Remy ellen Says:

    Hello BYJ,
    I really can’t stop admiring you…..

  473. 473 : MUNISA Says:

    How do you do Mr.B.Y.J!
    You are the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest actor in the world.

    For all fans B.Y.J!
    Do you know what other languges can speek B.Y.J?

    for ex:russian,turkish?

  474. 474 : Fely Says:

    good day byj! you are a great actor . i admire you being a korean actor
    who open and let southasia know what your country Korea has in the east side of asia.

    winter sonata is a korean drama that leads me to know you, choi ji woo and the country itself. inquisitive to know more and watch more korean dramas, movies, culture and everything about korea. it gives us the empression that korea is one of a very good place to visit and to see you in person with cjw.

    byj, please make another drama with cjw . having read in an entertainment news that wls gonna be produced as a movie. fans would be pleased and be very happy if we see you and cjw again in a movie.

  475. 475 : szasza Says:

    BYJ..wishing u the best of life…..i juz cant stop admiring you.

  476. 476 : tazza Says:

    hi….miss u all days..

    wish u hv happy day

  477. 477 : htwehtweaye Says:

    Hello! BYJ,

    It’s me Htwe Htwe Aye. I write a letter from Myanmar(Naypyitaw). How are you and your family? I like very much in Hotel series. I like very much your smile. I like your photo in BYJ.org…. I’d like to get this photo (this photo in your hair is long)

    I hope you will reply to me with photo if you received this comment.

    with love,

  478. 478 : eastofeden Says:

    hi…just to say….may you stay successfull and good health…

    my prayer sincere

  479. 479 : Timmy Says:

    Hi Bae Yong J,
    We ‘re your die hard fans here in Sunnyvale,Ca.We will support you no matter what………………………………………..

  480. 480 : Timmy Says:

    Hi Bae Yong J,

    True Happiness consists not in the multitude of Friends,
    But in the worth and choice……………….

  481. 481 : Timmy Says:

    Hi Bae Yong J,
    Happiness is like a jam,
    You can’t spread even a little
    Without getting some on yourself……..

  482. 482 : Timmy Says:

    Hi Bae Yong J,
    I can’t think of words to express,how we admire you.All of us in the family,loves you.Take care, cause we care………………….

  483. 483 : carmi Says:

    hi…its me again keep up the good work,but dont forget to pray before u go to work….

  484. 484 : carmi Says:

    hey,baeyongjun its me again do want me to send the story that i just wrote. or im just gonna wait for ur response before i send it. please response asap when u read this okey bye………

  485. 485 : eastofeden Says:

    bae yong jun always busy….dont aspect him to give all ‘this’ response…..

    i’m just curious…..

  486. 486 : dzal Says:

    hi. im very adore you very much

  487. 487 : lover Says:

    i love him much

  488. 488 : elma Says:

    Our family here in the Philippines and people everywhere in the world loves you. You’re such an excellent actor. You have attracted people on your smiles, your being handsome and talented, kind person, I don’t know what’s your magnet on people. More power to you, we pray you will have a good health always, a happy life, family and friends. God loves you so much. Take care.

  489. 489 : Dilfuza & Hulkar Says:

    Hi! we are from sunshine country – Uzbekistan. We love you so much and watch your films with excitement. Hello to Bae Young Jun from his fans from UZBEKISTAN!

  490. 490 : hibiscus Says:

    hi to all viewers…..

    just found this site….

    thank you to whom it may concern….

  491. 491 : Yujina Says:

    Dear BYJ:

    I really didn’t imagine that you may read my message someday, i’m agreet fan of you. you really awonderful actor
    you are the best one at all. so, please keep it up and enjoy
    us with your perfect works. I’m dreeming of meeting you in person. loving you soooooooooooooooooooooooo much.

  492. 492 : ajajaja Says:

    just to say….i like bae yong jun acting at the Legend….

  493. 493 : kikukiki Says:

    just i noticed that this ‘charming’ guy, bae yong is my favourite korean actors….


  494. 494 : muize Says:

    i’m looking forward Mr Bae Yong Jun new great series…hopefully….

  495. 495 : jongmal Says:

    i noticed that Bae Yong jun is a famous actor, best among the best….


  496. 496 : Ellen Says:

    Hello BYJ,

    I became so busy,cause here in America,time is very precious .
    having double jobs is a normal way of living here.But ,I still can’t forget you,of course.I still watch “The Legend”,the drama series which made me admire you a lot……Hope to see you with Lee Ji Ah in another series……

  497. 497 : Miss Thet Thet Nwe Says:

    Hi ‘
    my love, I live in Myanmar in city Yangon. I want to tell you how I love you,
    I love you always!
    I like your image with glasses
    BYJ is so handsome with a smile that can melt your heart!
    Keep up the good work. Looking forward to your projects!
    I still watch “hotelier”,the drama series which made me admire you a lot…
    The most I like movies are April snow.
    You are best actor in the world, for me.
    Please if you can send me your photos with your sign to my e-mail:[email protected]
    If you come to Myanmar, please you call to me 01-725488

  498. 498 : Miss Thet Thet Nwe Says:

    Hi ‘
    my love, I live in Myanmar in city Yangon. I want to tell you how I love you,
    I love you always!
    I like your image with glasses
    BYJ is so handsome with a smile that can melt your heart!
    Keep up the good work. Looking forward to your projects!
    I still watch “hotelier”,the drama series which made me admire you a lot…
    The most I like movies are April snow.
    You are best actor in the world, for me.
    Please if you can send me your photos with your sign to my e-mail:[email protected]
    If you come to Myanmar, please you call to me 01-725488
    Sa ya ngee BYG

  499. 499 : nurul adilah Says:

    hello ! i’m malaysian . i like to watch your actor in television . i never miss watch winter sonata . that story is glad .

  500. 500 : arina Says:

    hello,BYJ i like you so much ! you and choi ji woo is very good . 🙂 I LOVE YOU BAE YONG JUN 🙂

  501. 501 : saranghe michida Says:

    ….long time no see u in drama / movie….where are you at this moment….are you very busy….or have another ‘big money’ project….


  502. 502 : Daisy Says:

    Ever since I saw Winter Sonata, I became one of your numerous fans. WS was the third kdrama I ever saw. I have seen many k-series since then and many names have been added to my ever growing list of favorite actors, but you are still Number ONE.

    I can’t wait for the release of your new drama (I read it will be DROPS OF GOD).

    Best wishes and success.

  503. 503 : Madina Says:

    my name is madina I am uzbek. bae yoon jung is very good actor of karean actor’s. he is very handsome. I love his films and you.

  504. 504 : catherine Says:

    i’m catherine from Indonesia.
    I’m your big fan because I really like your acting especially at Winter Sonata.
    You’re my favourite actor.
    My friend, my family , and I hope that U’ll come to Indonesia.
    If you can, we won’t miss it.


  505. 505 : nehal (Egypt) Says:

    hi i’m nehal from Egypt, i’d love that BYJ visit Egypt, i realy want to see him in real, it would be like a dream comes true.

  506. 506 : peapea Says:

    ooppa saranghae

  507. 507 : dr.mahabad Says:

    i live in north iraqi like your film only(winter sonata) i like you

  508. 508 : gagaga Says:

    hi…orimareheyo……(long time no see byj…)

    still wacthing The Legend again, again, again, again+++++++++

    still top one in my favourite k actors….

  509. 509 : sonaira Says:

    hilo..im sonaira from phillipines..actualy im a muslim..i reli lyk ur movie d legends..i reli impress in dis movie coz u reli do it perfct..u inspired me more 2 watch ur ader movie..allah bless u olwes..keep up d good work..hope to see u in person..im waitng for dat even it tke too long for me to fulfill dat…

  510. 510 : snow Says:



    Nice to see you.

  511. 511 : snow Says:


    I like your all of film.

    Ok! I intro my self. I’m Myanmar. You know this country. It is beautiful country. I invited come our country.

  512. 512 : Irma Says:

    Greetings from Indonesia!..Having watched your last collossal film ‘The Legend’, super!..two thumbs up always (although the ending is a bit far from my prediction)…will there be any sequel of this film. Only watch korean films with you as the main actor….
    Cheers – Irma

  513. 513 : MELVIE Says:

    HI!! I REALLY LIKE the legend WC IS tae wang sa shin gi!!
    i love korean movies!! and dramas!!
    i like bae yong joon with lee ji ah!!

  514. 514 : beatriz jimenez Says:

    baeyong joon en este dia te deseo a ti y tu hermosa familia feliz navidad y un año lleno de salud y prosperidad, gracias por hacernos la vida mas facil te queremos tus fans de venezuela, Dios te guarde sigue adelante…….

  515. 515 : Seng Says:

    U r catching with ur beautiful Smile.
    Yes u have a sweet smile,
    Will u reply my mail? I’m always watch ur movies..
    I’m from Myanmar. I’m also the one that i want to contact to u.

  516. 516 : Nadia Says:

    hai Bae yong jun,…………….
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2009.
    hm, winter sonata is the best korean drama. ilove the soundtrack of Winter Sonata. i love it your korean TV series. i saw you in April Snow, Hotelier and i’m so happy with your character in the movie or TV series.
    When you will come to Indonesia???

  517. 517 : Joyce Choong Says:

    Greetings Bae Yong Jun,

    Wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Bountiful New Year ! May 2009 bring you great challenges and happenings. We love to see and hear more of you. Take care. Cheers

  518. 518 : irene Says:

    im a filipina,,bae you are my dream man,,i hope in my dream i can catch you….always take care yourself,,,,mabuhay ka

  519. 519 : shady Says:

    love me ..im from iran i love you verry much and films you
    i love you i love you i love you


  520. 520 : blackrose Says:

    i like your action. u are very smat and beautiful. i say in Myanmar. i will hope your letter. i invite u . are u visit in Myanmar. In Myanmar , many people like your action. your movie is very little. i want to friend u. are u ok?
    i hope your email

  521. 521 : Karren Says:

    My very first time of watching korean dramas….boy, you took my breath away. I love your 2 movies entitled, “Winter Sonata” and “Hotelier”, you were wonderful in them. I daresay, you did so well according to the roles you were given in each one of them. Wishing you all the very best, Mr. Bae Yong Jun and GOD bless! The next on my list will be “April Snow”.

  522. 522 : maricar Says:

    hello BJY im the one your avid fan i like your angle face and your smile. all your movie i watch already my life is not complete if i can’t see your face in my desktop LOL!! but that is true i love you BJY hope you have a good health and many more blessings to come in your life. and hope that you have movie this year 2009

    take always and God bless you!!!

  523. 523 : byjlhay Says:



  524. 524 : Lumi Says:

    Esta admiradora te desea bendiciones en este ano y los venideros. Ardo por ver tu nueva serie. Saludos a ti y a todos desde Mexico.

    Greetings and best wishes to all korean drama fans (especially BJY’s fans) from your friend from Mexico.

  525. 525 : meldz Says:

    Kumusta, greetings from the Philippines! Any new projects in store? After the much talked about tv series “The Legend of Four Gods”, i haven’t heard any film or tv series coming up next. I know you’re kinda busy with your other business or concerns, however, we would want to see you back on screen again. Try to consider romantic comedy… You haven’t done that before? It’s a lighter and funny. Your fans will truly love that downright sexy when you closes your eyes and drops in a faint – don’t know of any other man who do that and yet not look wimpy but manly instead. As the song goes “My Eyes Adore You”… though i never laid a hand on you my eyes adore you….

  526. 526 : Thyna Says:

    hello guy,
    I really love u! especially ur hot body and hot face make me feel, i’m fall in love with u! i don’t know how to contact with u! but i hope when u come to visit Cambodia, u will find me! my mail is [email protected]
    Love u!
    kisses and hugs

  527. 527 : hazel Says:

    hello,june khan (as called in philippines in winter sonata)

    your drama series is good and very simple but it touch the heart of those who watch it.I have to say your match with janice your true love interest in the series.thank god your not related in the series.happy because at the end you ended with each other just tosay your a good actor simple but with taste when acting.godluck

    from scotland UK


  528. 528 : Rachel Says:

    Ever since I saw Winter Sonata, I realized how handsome he is, he gives a very romantic almost sad looking guy, I loved other movies and TV dramas with him, he is great.

  529. 529 : dewi Says:

    halooooooooooooo….my name’s dewi. i am Indonesian. i really want to see him. it’s a dream come true. bae yoon jung. for my family….love u all

  530. 530 : chris Says:

    hi! bae yong jun your so awesome and with your killer smile i`ll keep watching winter sonata ite really wonderful drama.

  531. 531 : Tala Says:

    Hey, Hey, Hey…………

    Bae Yoon Jun, WOW, u have some beautiful lips, they look very kissable,
    anyways, U were adorable on Story of Four Gods, I really enjoyed
    that historical drama. U really look good in the historical customes, U
    should make more of those dramas. Later

  532. 532 : Cinnamon_pie Says:

    Hello! to the most gorgeous and ever talented Bae Yong Jun. Oh! my gosh! I have never seen a man with such an adoring face and a gorgeous SMILE ever. I mean I’ve seen Hollywood stars but for me you are the # 1 in my list. I’m a big fan of yours and to be quite honest it was the first Korean drama show that I’ve watched, the WS. And from then on I’ve watched most of your shows. You are by far the most talented Korean actors..not to mention that you are amazingly handsome..((^_^))

    God bless in everything you do and hope to see you again soon in your other shows.

  533. 533 : t-mee Says:

    hi mr bae yong jun…i’m your fans from indonesia…i always like your dramas…i wish you will comeback soon with your dramas…i hope someday you’ll visit indonesia…best regard from me…God bless u…

  534. 534 : mable ben Says:

    hi BYJ.. i really a big fans of yours but most of all you’re a kind of guy who gifted from GOD with a cute face, i wonder y GOD chosen you…. hee hee bye

  535. 535 : Dina Says:

    hi, bae yung jun
    happy new year 2009

    I really love winter sonata Drama and your character and in the legend.

    Can you visit Egypt , here in Egypt everyone love winter sonata . people here love WS very mush

    I love to see you in real in Egypt and welcom you

  536. 536 : mildred Says:

    hei BYJ….a pleasant day! since watching WINETR SONATA i became an instant fan of yours. i even brought with me my dvd’s of WS and some other films and series you’ve made. I love 4 Gods too! now i’m in canada hope i’ll still be able to get hold of your films and series!!! i’m from hpilippines by the way:oP

  537. 537 : jinky lopez Says:

    Please inform me where I can buy DVD’s of BYJ’s early projects :

    A Sunny Place of the Young (KBS, 1995)
    The Six Steps Toward a Separation (KBS, 1995)
    Sea Breeze (PSB, 1995)
    Salut D’Amour (Love Greeting) (KBS, 1994)

    Thank you

  538. 538 : vivi Says:

    hi at first i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooove u
    i am from iran u have sooooooo many fans here
    my sister and i love u(even my mom)

    i am sure one day we will see each other and then u can feel all the love i have 4 u

    this is my number i will give it to u and all handsome boys from korea china and japon please some one call me i want to mke frindship with u


    my mail:[email protected]

    be health be happy be lovely and merry me

    with all my love


  539. 539 : xand Says:

    The First time I saw Yong Joon on TV, got me interested in him. He captures my heart for having such adoring face. Seeing him even just in the pictures makes my day feels good. He’s a very good actor. I wish to see him personally. Hope you visit Philippines. God Bless you and more projects to come.

  540. 540 : marie france Says:

    Hi Bae young yoon
    I am from Mauritius a paradise island. I have watch a 1oo times winter sonata you are a very good actor and likes u so much.Hope one day u will visit my island the sea side is very beautiful. love u

  541. 541 : swe.jihun Says:

    u and me same life. so u always hard. i always clapping

    your friend
    [email protected]

  542. 542 : RU Says:


    as you a very good & talented actor, i just want to know if you planing to act in a new movie/drama soon ???

    will be nice to know…tnx

  543. 543 : potato Says:

    Hi! I’m from Myanmar.So understand me if I make any mistake in English,ok?As first,may I introduce myself?I’m 21 years old and chinese.I believe in Buddhist.I like you a lot since I saw” The Legent” movie.And starting to get heart-attack and depression.As you know,Myanmar is the developing country,so we haven’t got much choice.I can’t affort to come Korea and meet you.So everyday I see your movie and picture.If I get just one wish,I will wish to meet you in personally.
    Bye for now,have a nice world and wish you every success in your life.

  544. 544 : Rachel Says:

    Hi Bae Yong Jun
    I’m from Israel, you are not known so much here, but soon you will, not long ago TV started to show Korean dramas, but I know you through the internet by watching your dramas on line, you are great actor, you can make women cry with you in the sad moments and smile with you when you give us the most wonderful smile you have, you seem to be like a good person, you are very beautiful, usually we dont call men beautiful but you are, you have an impressive face and body, and the glasses suites you caracter a lot, you are wonderful, success for the future.

  545. 545 : cynthia of manila Says:

    you reminded me of my first love,same eyes in eyeglass n built as well
    he is a professional electrical engineer. i love your acting, wish all the best….

  546. 546 : cynthia of manila Says:

    you reminded me of my first love, same expressive eyes in sunglasses
    and built as well,he is an electrical engineer. i love your acting and i wish you the best in love and life…

  547. 547 : teng Says:

    hello,,, i’m one of your avid fan here in the Philippines.. i’ve been watching you in all of you movies and projects specially in “WINTER SONATA” and “THE LEGEND” you’re really a good actor and a handsome one,,,can i ask you something? how many girls cried for you? hahaha!!!! no need to answer that,, with your looks,, many girls fall for their knees just to give them your SMILE!!!! i’m one of them! hay!!!!!! how i wish i could see you.. You’re really my idol,,I think your one of those GOD’S in the legend hahaha!!!!!! just dreaming!!!! hope to see your more projects….good luck!!!!! i’m waiting here hahaha!!!!! i’m too ambitious right? don’t mind me…….just FIGHTING!!!!!!!!

  548. 548 : Rika-Jakarta Says:

    I LOVE U. I’ll always waiting for your new korean drama n movie

  549. 549 : [email protected]@THAILAND Says:


  550. 550 : [email protected]@THAILAND Says:

    I like your acting both ”Winter Love Song” and ”April Snow.”
    First Impression !!, I watch TV every Episode. Winter Love Song was so sad
    Romantic Korean Drama.
    I saw repeat April Snow Movie. (Double / three to four repeat )
    They made me cried so much. !!
    I feel to envy (so jealous) Choi Ji Woo and Son Ye Jin. (Your Co-Star Actress) !!

  551. 551 : ANVAR Says:

    hi how are you

  552. 552 : mylisa_2009 Says:

    in vietnam

  553. 553 : mylisa_2009 Says:

    hi how are you
    where do you now?

  554. 554 : Ida Jane Says:

    Hi Mr Bae,

    Hope things are going great for you. When you are going to settle down… such a handsome guy with a great smile and personality.. I might be visiting Seoul next April… Please recommend any good place to visit…

    Kamsah Hamida….

  555. 555 : ayeaung Says:

    hello! how are you?

  556. 556 : ayeaung Says:


  557. 557 : ayeaung Says:

    I hope you will find this letter and reply to me. I am Myanmar. Do you want to visit here? My Country is so beautiful and pleasant. Myanmar people like you so much. If you only come to our country, I hope they will be very glad.
    Every success to you all.

  558. 558 : william Says:

    Hi, when are you coming to Singapore ?
    We like your Hotelier drama series movie.

  559. 559 : Sendy Says:

    Hello handsome..
    Hello Bae..
    I’m the one your maniac fan from jakarta-indonesia..
    What’s your activity now?? When you come to Jakarta ??
    What your dream?
    Ok, every success to you all..

  560. 560 : MECEL SAYS Says:

    hi bae yong joon i wish some day u see in personal congratulation to you you look very handsome espicially your smile its very charm

  561. 561 : MECEL SAYS Says:

    hi bae yong joon or damdoek in the legend

  562. 562 : MECEL SAYS Says:

    hi bae yong joon

  563. 563 : MECEL SAYS Says:

    the best actor of korea in hottest .i always say bae yong joon is my future husband i don’t know my dream come reality or not but i wish someday come to reality in my room full of you picture or magazine b’coz im in love wiht you love and always take care mwuhhhhhhhhhhh.

  564. 564 : katie Says:

    Hello Bae Yong Jun, May I ask you? Do you have new drama 2009? Bec I miss you while i watch tv drama of you…

  565. 565 : latt wah wah Says:


    그년에나올새드라마가있어요? 건강하세요.
    큰오빠의 mail address 를주면돼?


  566. 566 : vonn-indonesia Says:

    I like your acting in all your film specially in winter sonata&the legend. See u again in the next movie film or television drama& I hope you will visit Jakarta. Love u n Jesus Christ bless u, Mr. Bae !:-)

  567. 567 : Anidam Says:

    Hi my nam,e ids madina and I ok fanat bae yong j7un. Hi is very good actor of the karea.

  568. 568 : chilli :) MYANMAR Says:

    hi u r my hero

    i like from i m 13yrs

    ur style is so smart for me.

    u r very popular in our country

    our country is MYANMAR.


  569. 569 : Didi Says:

    i’m 31 old woman from Bulgaria, Varna.
    You are my favorite asian actor, so beautiful and so good acting.
    Have you new projects? I waiting eagerly.

    I love fishing too 🙂 I relaxing with fishing.

  570. 570 : sherra mae Glemao Says:

    anyong haseyo…..Bae yong jun i like you tcre always……….

  571. 571 : pari Says:

    Mr. bae yong joon ,
    how are you?
    your move & series very beautiful . I hope you see in Iran(Tehran) at future . good luck .

  572. 572 : gemixs Says:

    i’m from indonesia.
    when u want come 2 my contry?
    u re very famous in my contry…
    i really want meet u and talk w/ u direcly.
    pliSe visit my country.

  573. 573 : KIm HAr joy Says:

    Mr BYJ I love you with all of my life.When I saw your face I miss all of my brother cause your smile make me feel.If you wanna give me a chance can you make me to be a friend.I am not very well in English but I really want to write a letter to you.I will hope your letter,Please reply my letter by yourself.Thank you BYJ.God and me will always with you.

  574. 574 : che Says:

    mabuhay!im cherry,im a filipina…and among the most-sought korean actors that became popular in the Philippines,you are my favorite one… i admire you…a lot.im wondering if you pay attention to all your fans…all over the world…i wish you would…it is my eanermost desire to meet you in person…maybe,someday….goodluck!

  575. 575 : nothing Says:

    oh,hi.Just passing by…and saw this…I wish you could come to Singapore and take a look…

  576. 576 : nothing Says:

    …hi again.I really like your TV series The Story of the First King’s Four Gods (MBC, 2007)
    It’s really nice…because I just love Korean shows even though I’m a Singaporean…

  577. 577 : nothing Says:

    I feel very shy when it comes to expressing my emotions…so I can’t really tell you how I think about you…

  578. 578 : linda Says:

    i just wanna say that you are a very handsome guy..my type absolutely..esp with glasses ..i like it so much..luv you…

  579. 579 : pari Says:


    how are you?

    mr. Bae Yond joon , please give me your address emial .

    good luck

  580. 580 : mia Says:

    mr. u”re very so sweet…………………….oh my god, please tell me your e_mail,.u know that,I’m from indonesia

  581. 581 : arezou Says:

    hi mr bae yong jun!
    u r very handsome & u r a good actor & u have so lovely smile!
    im an iranian girl.

  582. 582 : zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Says:

    ..You’re a very good actor, you portray your role very convincing..you’re just so great…i was never a fan of any korean actor before untill I’ve watched your TV series “The Legend” it is so very amazing…and you look terribly handsome…you also look great with Miss Lee Ji Ah…do you both go on a date?…I just love that TV series….a fan from the philippines

  583. 583 : piglet Says:

    hi,brother. I am mon mon from Myanmar. You are so smart and intellegent actor. You are the one i like best.The plan u do for business is so nice.You are right, the famous name for an actor is not so long.You did right to do business.I am always your audience.Be Happy.

  584. 584 : piglet Says:

    hello,brother. I forgot somthing to ask u. What is your gmail address? I will be so happy if you reply on me. Thanks a lots .

  585. 585 : piglet Says:

    hi,i forget one thing again. but i really want to know this,please answer me. I heard you will marry within a few months. Is it true? If it is true,i believe u can get a warmly family life.I wish for you,Good luck.

  586. 586 : piglet Says:

    please reply with english language for me because i can,t understand korean language.Thanks

  587. 587 : piglet Says:

    bro,what r u doing? i am drinking coffee,have some.

  588. 588 : piglet Says:

    why the other don,t write to u? why am i alone?

  589. 589 : piglet Says:

    brother are u really open this site?

  590. 590 : piglet Says:

    i forgot some advice to tell u. you look so nice with short hair. you don,t match with long hair and brother don’t you like choi ji woo? you and choi is so match. she is so cute.you too.

  591. 591 : piglet Says:

    broyher bay,is your sister look like you? what does she do?
    is she beautiful? how old is your dad and mom?
    what did they do?

  592. 592 : faye in american samoa Says:

    I just wanted to write about something and eventho’ this space is for Mr. Bae, so, I hope he does not mind. Well, I live in American Samoa and we get to watch Korean channels KBS on tv and I just love to watch all the Korean dramas and movies on other channels. The thing that really bothers me so much is that, it seems like all Korean women cover their mouth when they smile. It becomes irritated to watch becos some of them are so beautiful, they have nice teeth and smiles and yet, they all tend to cover their mouths when they smile. Why is that? I tell you, it is so obvious and I feel it’s such an annoying habit and down right stupid to watch. Can anyone in the business world in Korea advise all the actresses’ not to do that. The men don’t even do it just the women and it is such a bad thing to watch. I mean all the games show, the movies, the drams, most Korean women do that number, covering the mouth when they laugh or smile. WEll, Women actresses of Korea, do you see any American actresses cover their mouths when they laugh or smile in Hollywood?….Please stop doing that. You are professionals so, act professionals…okay…just an advise….love from the islands

  593. 593 : piglet Says:

    today i miss u so much

  594. 594 : piglet Says:

    Hi , nice weather today
    what r u doing?

  595. 595 : anggita Says:

    hi….i like u at hotelier

  596. 596 : piglet Says:

    Hello,bro. Do u have any plan to play in drama or series in 2009 and 2010?
    Because i am waiting to your series and movies

  597. 597 : piglet Says:

    hi,bro,how r u?

  598. 598 : Lumi Says:

    Hello Faye in American Samoa,

    Women in Korea cover their mouths when they laugh because it is a cultural thing. It is thought that a woman showing her teeth when they laugh is in poor taste or manners. Women also cover their mouth in other cultures. I am sure westerners and other cultures, do a lot of things that annoy or offend people of other cultures.

    As per BYJ, When will his new drama be filmed and broadcast. I hope it’s good.

  599. 599 : piglet Says:

    don,t keep your hair so long.

  600. 600 : Maya Says:

    Sory,I think if Korean acctress always covering their mouth in drama, etc,it’s ok because that’s their characteristic&had made we love korean drama,right?BYJ mm,I love your drama Hotelier.

  601. 601 : Maya Says:

    Sory,I think Korean Acctres are always covering the mouth in the drama or movie,is ok,because that’s their charactheristic&actually we still love them whatever they did,right?I love Ho telier.

  602. 602 : eugene Says:

    Kang Joon Sang! I like you since “Winter Sonata” and also “Hotelier” You and Choi Ji Woo are the best couple ever.

  603. 603 : piglet Says:

    Hi, how are u? Long time no see.Tomorrow is my birthday.If i can get the birthday wishes from you, i will be very happy. Can I?

  604. 604 : Secret Says:

    Hi Bae,
    u really read this webiste?

  605. 605 : Secret Says:

    Hi Bae,

    Your birthday will be coming soon. just to remind you that you were born in Tuesday.
    ‘May many happy returns you’ & ‘Wish you all the success in your career….
    I’ll support you even you switch your career from acting to business and believe that you’ll be sucessful business man…..

  606. 606 : Mei Rose Says:

    Hope you accept my early congratulations on your birthday.
    Wish you all the best. May your days ahead full of love and happiness.
    And may all your dreams come true….
    God and Mother Mary bless you….
    Please take care….

  607. 607 : colakim86 Says:

    how are you? hope all your work are always in good shape and hope your restaurant is always in good business. I’m a big fan of yours and hopefully I can taste the food that is served in your restaurant I love korean food. always keep your good work and always humble yourself and always pray so you can face the challenges that coming to your lives and always remember that heavenly father will answer your prayers and if you have trials in life especially problems you think you can’t faced it always pray. And thanks for making a good movies and tv series cause we enjoyed watching it hope you always keep it up and i hope and pray that you’ll always have more movies and tv series that we can look forward to. And I hope you are always in good health and you may not know me personally but you will always be in my heart and I’ll pray for you always. take care of yourself always………….. and we loved you…………

  608. 608 : Veronica Says:

    Hi BYJ,
    Happy Birthday BYJ…
    I wish that your birthday is better than ever.


  609. 609 : Lily Says:


    You are VERY sPECIAL

    and you deserve the best

    I wish you a wonderful life

    filled with love and happiness!!!

    I hope others bring you joy

    just as you’ve brought joy to us.

    Then you can weather any storm

    and be all you want to be….

  610. 610 : Joyce Choong Says:

    Dear Bae Yong Joon Sshi,

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! Saeng il Chukahamnida. May you be showered with blessings of good health and great wealth to help other less fortunate people. Please stay Happy and Healthy. Enjoy your day with laughter and warmth together with your family & friends. God bless you.

  611. 611 : titilay Says:

    u are my lovely actor.i watch only u movie . i love u like my brother.
    please u replay me . ok ! i wait u replay everytime.


  612. 612 : nancy Says:

    Dearest Bae,Happy Birthday and may you always be blessed and guided by our LORD GOD. I am sure you are now okay because of the recovery of stocks as I had told you last year.Now you can concentrate in finding the girl of your dreams. Pls.look now for your destiny for you are not getting any younger. I am sure you will be a great father and a husband. Take care always…Love and prayer.. Nancy

  613. 613 : titilay Says:

    happy birthday for u
    can i want receive u photo please ?
    i wait .

    u always pleasure with u birthday. ok!

  614. 614 : piglet Says:

    Happy Birthday! Do u finish to give your respect to your parents? I will pray for you good things to come to you.

  615. 615 : piglet Says:

    i am sorry, your country’s time is faster than mine.

  616. 616 : Nargiz Says:

    Dear Bae Yong Joon,
    Happy brithday to you!!! I wish you health, long and happy life, luck and wealth. ALL YOUR WISHES COME TRUE!!!

  617. 617 : fatin Says:

    hi…… happy birthday to u.. wish u all the best and good luck.. from kota kinabalu,malaysia

  618. 618 : deeana Says:

    happy belated birthday BYJ..
    May God always loves you…
    Good health and happiness
    I hope someday you will visit my country Indonesia(jakarta)

  619. 619 : Elizabeth W. Says:

    I love his magnificent cerebral acting, his inwardness. In a world where most actors required to play a ‘thinking man’ (at least in the West) look like they’re having a bout of migraine, BYJ shows how it should be done and it takes a lot of effort to do that effortlessly. I’m transfixed and mesmerised by his subtlety and accuracy as an actor. Nobody can do silence better than him (his face is the felt experience of silence).

  620. 620 : piglet Says:

    hi, miss u

  621. 621 : jiha_cute Says:

    Hallow Bae Yong Jun..why you look so handsome.?hehe.. I like your acting in winter sonata movie..hope you success in your life..(“,)

  622. 622 : sara Says:

    this actor is wonderful.i ve recently watched the legend.how can he be that much peaceful and relaxed.i love him too much.esp his smile.and did you notice kim hyun joong looks like him very much?BYJ best wishes.

  623. 623 : heni anggrayani Says:

    bae yong jun,,,luv u..

  624. 624 : Belen Says:

    Hello Bae Yong Joon Wish you a Belated Happy Birthday, better late than never! May Our Lord God bless you happiness and so with a healthy body and most specially in all of what you do, to your career,in your lovelife to your buseness and everything. Iam one of your loving fan here in Germany, I love to watch your movie and your TV series, and I hope that I can see you in person that is why Im trying to learn Korean Language. Hope one day you may be able to visit my country, Just keep in touch if you do so. I love you and do take care! By the way Im planning to visit Korea.

  625. 625 : Ann Says:

    I enjoy watching your drama show very much but there is nothing for the past two years since ‘The Story of the First King’s Four Gods (MBC, 2007)’. I had been watching the 3 latest drama so many times and I can’t stop myself from watching your drama show. I am not crazy but just love to see you in the show. I just love you a lot… I just can’t wait to see your next drama show.

  626. 626 : Cheryll Says:

    You are very very very handsome. None of the guys whom I ever saw in my life is more handsome than you. You slim down a lot. That make me heartache. Please try not to skip meals. Must eat no matter how busy you are. Ajar Ajar Fighting! Wish you have more good drama show to act. Hope to watch more of your drama show. Love you very much. Your diehard fan, Cheryll

  627. 627 : Michele Says:

    Heard from the news that you r not well. This has led to your weight lost. Hope you will recover soon. May God Bless you and heal you.
    Hope to watch more of your new dramas.

  628. 628 : naga terang amy Says:

    hi how are you?

  629. 629 : atchi marak Says:

    U’re handsome. Looks very kind. Hope you really are.

  630. 630 : Katherine Says:

    Dear Yong Jun,

    I’m a fan of you from Myanmar.
    I watched only six of your movies.
    But I love you since I first watched your most popular TV Series, Winter Sonata which made you more famous.
    I wish all the best for you.
    May your lovely smile will be always on your handsome face.

  631. 631 : piglet Says:

    hi,bro. How are you? Are you feeling well? Which kind of disease made you to admitted the hospital? Brother, GET WELL SOON! I am so worry about you.

  632. 632 : kimchilee Says:

    yikes!! just saw your interview over KBS (Ups and Downs) segment about your recent hospitalisation.. Glad to see you are better but yikes! your hairstyle.. its making you look very sissy .. can you have the same hairstyle always like when you were in Winter Sonata and April Snow.. you look really good in those hairstyle.

  633. 633 : arezou Says:

    salam kimchilee!
    i love BYJ as an actor,too. 🙂

  634. 634 : maryjoy Says:

    hi bAe yong jun ur so cute,the way u smile,i lyk the way u act….hope u always in good health,tarkecare,…

  635. 635 : sean Says:

    hi, how r u, pray that u wl get well soon. also, think you look very nice in the winter sonata hairstyle. your current one make u look rather girlish

  636. 636 : Elizabeth.W Says:

    It seems koreandrama.org is full of oooohhs and aaaahhs and inarticulate ‘text-talk’ about the latest matinee idol, hence BYJ’s low comment count. Those who lack merit, talent and charisma may see their popularity rocket sky high (for a while) but, equally, the likes of BYJ endure and are much appreciated by those who can tell the difference between good and bad acting. He is not, thankfully, without a massive and devoted fan base either. On another note, I hope he keeps his hair long for he looks marvellous and irresistible in that hairstyle.

  637. 637 : ninaz Says:

    hi . i’m one of u’r fans from iran . my family liked winter sonata so much but yyyyyyyyyyyyy all korean movies r so sad ? i love them and i think they’re senarios r realy good but they could end happier i think. i liked u in the story of four gods also and i wish u be allways helthy.

  638. 638 : leatis Says:

    slut je suis une nvelle admiratrice é c’est mon premier drama winter sonata qui m’as converti.é je trouve BYJ tro canon ainsi que CJW.
    je lui souhaite bon retour é bcp de courage.

  639. 639 : pat wade Says:

    Please update the photo. this is years old

  640. 640 : ninaz Says:

    i am really agree with pat wade what is this ugly picture?!!!!! youn jan is very beutifull plz put another one. tnx. i love u kang joon sang~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  641. 641 : vivi Says:

    i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove u oppa
    pleassssssssssssssssssssssssse dont mery now u should mary with my sister she llllllllllllllloves u soooooooooooo much

    wait 4 her she is fashion designer and she will make u happy the happiest man on the earth so wait 4 her i will match u together just wait few years by the way i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove song seung heon and i will mery him i promise but just should wait tell him wait 4 me by the way i am photographer
    i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooveu oppa
    but i
    song seung heon more
    by the way please tell him the girl he loves now is not suitable 4 him ok

  642. 642 : ruma mazumder Says:

    i am from india. well to begin with i do not like t.v. at all nor dramas. but when last year by chance i watched WINTER SONATA i am just speechless. no word no sentence can explain my feeling.amazing magical dream well that is what i felt deep inside my heart.each and every scene was like a dream and you and your co stars were dream merchants. you all left a mark in heart forever.love you and hope to see you soon again creating some more magic. may god bless you. take care. and upload some more photos of yours. bye.

  643. 643 : masoumeh Says:

    u plaied was beatiful so much
    my month of birth is agoust and i am very glad beacuse of that
    iam irani and live in teh
    be succes
    bye bye

  644. 644 : masoumeh Says:

    u plaie beatiful so much
    my birth day is yours and im am so glad
    i am irani and live in teh
    bye bye

  645. 645 : nanes Says:

    be young joonI saw your series (winter sonta) last month for the frist time on egpytain t.v , this is the frist time I saw you , it was wonderful work I hope you best of luck . good Buy

  646. 646 : Moe Thu Zar Says:

    Dear Yong Jun

    I love all drama series and movies. I want see another movies.
    I think you are the best actor in Korean.

    I am a Myanmar lady.

    I want be a friend of you.

    best wishes


  647. 647 : Moe Thu Zar Says:


    How are you?


  648. 648 : rini Says:

    i hope u’r health be okay don’t sick again ok!
    congratulations for u’r journey book, but where i can get u’r book coz i’m u’r
    fan from indonesia? come and visit my country u will see the beautiful country coz so different. bye take care okay saranghae.

  649. 649 : lin - mandalay - myanmar Says:

    bay yoyng joon

  650. 650 : lin - mandalay - myanmar Says:

    Hi . .
    I wish to you , you always sucess , healthy and happy for the hole life.
    I always miss you , I want to see but , I can’t . I wish the next my life i want to meet you.

  651. 651 : elnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz Says:

    Really good actor and has a nice face . Fighting !

  652. 652 : Armangul Says:

    hi.i am armangul. i am from mongolia. you are very good actor.i like your films very [email protected]. please contact me.take good care

  653. 653 : Evi Keumalawati Says:

    Hi…Yong Joon….J am from Indonesia….please,give me your letter and foto….thanks..

  654. 654 : kimchilee Says:

    I don’t like your hairstyle as spokesperson in The Face Shop. You look like a woman! You looked best with the hairstyle you had in Winter Sonata or April Snow.

  655. 655 : may Says:

    I’m dreeming of meeting you in person. loving you

  656. 656 : edz villanueva Says:

    hi im edz since the days i see one of your series winter sonata i become your avid fans i collect all your film and drama series, picture all always check whats is the latest news to latest movies,and drama series i hope to see u more and hope you find the rigth girl for you hope to see you in person coz i want to see the most hottest cutes handsome man in korea goodluck and take care always for your family and of course for us youd avid fans

  657. 657 : zahra Says:

    hi byj and family, since i know ur personality as i got a better sight of life .

    i previously imitated be fan of someone but i was moved and changed my

    mind coz of u, now im a member of ur family and i never thank about such

    happiness and beautiful time that u was caused , i follow every single tiny

    news about u , and u caused me to honor and respect be fan of someone,

    i admire not only for ur beautiful , nice face much for ur good concern and

    notice about humanity that behavior isnot easy espesially for famous

    people i do admire and i do honor be fan of u too.

  658. 658 : indri Says:

    hai bae…i’m so like you at “THE LEGEND”, hair long you and tidak pakai kaca mata…kerennn banget deh…! but kenapa sujini ditinggal? padahal tae wang rindu banget ma sujini khan! balik lagi dong..kasian sujini jaga putra raja sendirian..you know???? “THE LEGEND II” kapan mulai shoot?…..

  659. 659 : coralou Says:

    hello! i have seen the first kings four gods or legend and i like it. byj your so cute! hope to see you again on some future drama on tv.

    have a blessed christmas & a proserous new year!

  660. 660 : avelina....... Says:

    those fans of yours bae yong joon…….theyre gone crazy on you……….but did you pay any attention to any one of them………sooner or later youll gone and vanished just like MJ……and they will forget you……..then you will you what would be the life awaits you….there……………in nowhere.

  661. 661 : deera fs Says:

    i like u
    all movie i’m very like

  662. 662 : deera fs Says:

    in hotelier you very very very very very handsome

  663. 663 : Norme Says:


    Awesome performance in LEGEND…Two thumbs up.. Hope to see you more in upcoming dramas…

    Kamsamida for your efforts in making this world a better place..well at least your dramas make my day….Luv u more…keep fighting..

  664. 664 : ley Says:

    anyong haseyo Bae yong joon..All I can say is that you’re truely a good person in and out, you,re not just a good actor, you are a person having a good heart that’s why millions of people loves you ..no doubt that you’re being love not just of your physical appearance it’s truely because you’re such a loving person and despite of you’re succes and achievements you remain humbled and down to earth..stay for what you are and we assure you that we support you no matter what..may God showers you more blessings and grant all your prayers..stay sweet,humble and loving person..we’re looking forward to see you in more projects (movies, dramas, commercials..)please make another drama or movie with choi ji woo..we really like to see you together in a drama or movies..much better if you will choose choi ji woo as your wife in real life..please…thank you..sarangheyo…muaaaaaaaaaaaah…BYJ & CHOI JI WOO for life..

  665. 665 : nwayyuwai Says:

    hi Bae, I ‘m from Myanmar. I like you very much. I love you really in my heart. You are very handsome and smart. Your glasses are beautiful.Your action is good in film.

  666. 666 : swe.jihun Says:

    hello broi

    always remember you! do you knoew for that?

  667. 667 : coralou Says:

    hi! hope this message can reach you. just want to greet you for this holiday season… I wish you joy, love & peace this season. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  668. 668 : Joyce Choong Says:

    Bae Yong Jun Ssi,

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. May blessings of Peace, Joy and Happiness be with you. Take good care of yourself. Happy Holidays.

  669. 669 : Jeremiah Says:


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    yours faithfully

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  670. 670 : coralou Says:

    hello! just want to greet you a “happy new year”!

  671. 671 : jangoma Says:

    hello ! happy new year , i wish that we can see you soon in new movies or drama.

  672. 672 : Joyce Choong Says:

    배용준 씨,

    새해복 많이 받으세요!

  673. 673 : elahe Says:

    hi …….merry christmas bae yong jun ireally love your face and your smile, i hope to see you one day in my country (iran) . ilove you so much …… thanks for your beautiful play . your fan ( ELAHE)

  674. 674 : elisa Says:

    Dear BYJ,

    Love to see you again in Four Legends. You acted impresively in the drama and did leave an echo in my mind.

    From others response, I just knew that you have been sick for a while. Hoprfully you will fully recover and be able to see you again on screen.

    May God bless you and strengthen you to face any challenges ahead.

    Take care

  675. 675 : anjar Says:

    me and my friend are from indonesia, want 2 say :
    merry christmas…God bless u

  676. 676 : emi Says:

    BYJ…my best Korean actor…i am a collector of BYJ TV series and movies…haaaaayyyyyy….how i wish to have opportunity to shake hand with BYJ…

  677. 677 : mohsin Says:

    BYJ is the best korean actor..love his acting..very talented and natural.. no matter wat character and face expressions, he is and remains very good, natural, and most of all good looking.!!.. no other korean actor is as good as him.. wish I have the opportunity to meet him.. love him so much… wish him well..

  678. 678 : mary Says:

    BYJ oppa….you will always the best korean actor in my heart…i luv ur acting and the most memorable part is in Winter Sonata….luv ur part very much…and i luv ur smile so much…

  679. 679 : lie Says:

    Hi! Im Lie from philipines, I am an avid fan of yours, I have colection of all movie and tv series, I realy love your sweet smile and also tour acting. i wish could talk and see you even in site only thanks.

  680. 680 : celsa23 Says:

    Do you have any new project? Can’t wait to see you again in a new drama.

  681. 681 : sara kmal Says:

    i love u very much

  682. 682 : Norme Says:


    Just drop in to say kamsamida and can’t wait for your next project…
    Luv you Oppa!!! Thanks for keeping our life more interesting ……..

  683. 683 : Ada Says:

    Hi Bay! I apreciate your works. Theyare so admiring. You are the best actor and I like everything that you created. I saw two of your films and I liked them. thanks a lot

  684. 684 : Ada Says:

    I love you

  685. 685 : alex Says:

    BYJ i love the movies his in and tv shows a great actor i hope to see a lot more movie and show in the next coming years from him i am a big fan i have many friends in australia that feel the same way as i do that his great

  686. 686 : latifah999 Says:

    i love very much BYJ, I will waithinh U’r new series and movie

  687. 687 : fofooo67 Says:

    افضل ممثل على وجة الارض وكان سبب حبى لكل ماهو كورى i love you sooo much by j

  688. 688 : thiri htet Says:

    Hi Bay!
    You are the best Korean actor. I like you so much. Your face is charming,peaceful and attractive. You can attract every person.

  689. 689 : chiropody manchester Says:

    Excellent ideas here, have emailed my mum so expect a big reply!!

  690. 690 : melanie Says:

    cute smile….
    i already watch ur t.v [email protected] like it so much….
    i hope that one of this days u have new t.v series in philippines
    i hope ur goodhealth…good career…
    and i wish that i can see u in person.
    take care BJY..

  691. 691 : oyunbileg Says:

    wish you all the bset and success

  692. 692 : Negin Says:

    hi Yong Jun
    it is very very nice to meet you.i love you after Tv series winter sonata.I am from iran shiraz.

  693. 693 : Noe Says:

    God Bless you more!

  694. 694 : ugou Says:

    Hotelier-good job.u a really great hunter.
    Hope one day God will send the great woman for u.
    Keep humble & nice actor.
    You confession in Hotelier…OMG.
    The truth love…
    May u life full of happiness.I love u!BYG

  695. 695 : self storage Says:

    I really enjoyed this.. What a good Article!!

  696. 696 : MoMo Says:

    Dear Bae,
    I’m your secriouly audiance.I love ur smile and ur activity.I think u’re very kindly.I wanna invite u to my country.I envy ur activity which is caring the orphan.I encourage u forever.

  697. 697 : Crystal Says:

    How is life now? It was great sorrow for me to know you were not in good health. I hope everything is perfect now for you. For your charming smile and fabulous action deserve the best blessings……


  698. 698 : [email protected] Says:

    ello_0p yong jun…
    u my killer smiley…
    go_0g luck aeeee….
    n….keep u smiley alwayyys

  699. 699 : Shirley Says:

    I watched the first Korean drama that is Winter Sonata. So far 4 times. Because of you I am watching so many Korean drama have to say your Winter Sonata is the best. Sad that you are not making any drama. You are so cute. I love your smile. Keep on smiling. Take care.

  700. 700 : nadia Says:

    2day i want 2 say usomething………………..2 say u………kiss me and say Goodbye

  701. 701 : Mony and semo Says:

    My name is amany ;i come from egybt ; i really love u extremly;;because of u i watching many korean drama have to say your winter sonata is the best;;i wish you are in a good health ;; i want to see you in personaly ;; and invite you to visit egypt ;;really you have very beautiful smile ;;keep in smile

  702. 702 : faiza Says:

    hi..i’m ur fan from malaysia..i really2 like u..hehe..u r the best actor to me..hehe..

  703. 703 : listy Says:

    i love you very much BYJ

  704. 704 : Margaret Lun Says:

    Hello! Actor Bae Yong Jun,

    I like you too and your movies.
    Good luck!


  705. 705 : SirikanYA Says:

    In Thailand has hot issue about politics. I don’ want my country in civil war.
    So boring day, but like to watch series of Winter love song. I like orchestra music and vocalist sang in there. The movies, I and daughter enjoyed to use time together. Hope to see good movies play by you again in future.

    From Thailand, Chiang Mai

  706. 706 : julia Says:

    hello bae!!!! Iam from Brasil,Ilove your work very much,you are my inspirasion ,every day i watch videos about you in internet,i am very happy for you existence,sorry for the inglish but i am no spech very well,obrigada,eu amo você!!!!!!!

  707. 707 : Janet Says:

    just wishing & greeting, helo…friend Mr.Bae, in our Lord Christ name-God bless you. Happy Easter Season. From: North Borneo(Kota Kinabalu, Sabah) East Malaysia.

    (no comment)

  708. 708 : Cinthyangela Says:

    hello my appreciated Bae Young, a very fraternal greeting for you.
    I congratulate him their performances they are pretty and impeccable, I like them a lot.
    I hope to find out for the internet q it has no longer made sick again. Okey.
    I am Ecuadorian and I invite him to that comes to know The Islands Galapagos,no he/she will be sorry.
    He/she would also give me the conorcerle happiness, although it is for Ecuadorian television
    since I live in Guayaquil. My Country is small, but in the one there is somebody q he/she always requests to GOD for you. Me
    saran geyo young won hi

  709. 709 : ROSSI Says:


  710. 710 : mehdiye Says:

    I love ur smile. Mr Bae. smile forever

  711. 711 : maria luz Says:

    hi, i’ve seen your drama series winter sonata nd hotelier its a wonderful love story , i really love it , more power , regards and thanks a lot !!!!!

  712. 712 : nonsibi Says:

    BYJ, I’m still looking forward to your next project either on films or TV dramas. Any plans yet?

  713. 713 : elena Says:

    anio oppa na elena myda from iran
    oppa na potak trymyda oppa i so try found your email adress but i dont suxessful oppa chebar send me your email adress my email adress; [email protected]
    oppa saragamyda

  714. 714 : elena Says:

    anio oppa na elena myda from iran
    oppa na potak trymyda oppa i so try found you and na halmary soyo but i dont suxessful oppa chebar send me your email adress
    my email;[email protected]
    oppa saragamyda-na kidaryyeo

  715. 715 : emi Says:

    Yes, i agree, i am too waiting for your next project…i hope it will be beautiful and historical, i wish

  716. 716 : elena Says:

    yong joon oppa please lool at the your all massage one day
    i love you so much
    im elena from iran
    my email;[email protected]

  717. 717 : elena Says:

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    my email;elnaz13662ymail.com

  719. 719 : FARIDAH ABDUL RAHIM Says:

    Hello Bae Yong Jun
    Its amazing that I only saw Winter sonata which was shown in 2002 in 2007. I am 5 years late but not too late. This is was the start of my addiction to Korean Dramas and Film show. I do not understand a single word of the Korean Language but the story line, music score and the English subtitles made me fall in love with the Korean Dramas. I feel sad that so far there is none of your drama on at the moment.
    Meeting you would make my day but who knows que sera sera.
    All the best I hope to receive a reply from you at least.
    Thank you wishing you all the best.

  720. 720 : Alondra05 Says:


  721. 721 : Yalda Says:

    Hi there.Really interesting and fantastic with you the film you participated in,The Great King and the gods.In my opinion you make Sung Il Guk give ground.

  722. 722 : ninieksoegeng Says:

    hi byj,
    i,m niniek and an avid fan of yours. what made me to love your movies is that the expression of your acting makes me fond of you. anyway i’m waiting for your tying a knot with your sweetie and hope it will be soon. if ever please don’t hide it from your fans, ok. now please make more winter sonata type movies or maybe the sequel? ok bye now bae, have a great one.

  723. 723 : mel Says:

    i like your act…

  724. 724 : ade Says:

    your acting is good.. ^^e

  725. 725 : Vee Says:

    Hi!!! 🙂
    I’m wondering how can u still so handsome n cute even that u are much older than me.
    I like u.
    By the way,have u marry???

  726. 726 : Linda Says:

    …I love your smile…and you are so handsome!!

  727. 727 : amel Says:

    hello, i’m from indonesia,
    you’re so make me fall in love at first sight..
    perfect man…

  728. 728 : Cuterieant Says:

    I interesting in your performance. I love your smile…………….so much

  729. 729 : Cuterieant Says:

    I am from Cambodia ,and i like watching Korean movies especially the movies which you performance such as Winter. It makes me remember almost all activities in the story.

  730. 730 : loren_saranghae Says:

    Your always my best actor korea
    Oh ya I’m from indonesia

  731. 731 : elena Says:

    hi oppa
    na elena myda oppa na potakesmyda chebar send cme your email address i wait for you

  732. 732 : Gurlz Says:

    you are so ROMANTIC person……
    i really like your BEAUTIFUL smile…..you are so and very HANSOME GUY…….LOVE YOU……

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  734. 734 : erlz Says:

    i really2 like ur performence…..

    can we meet….

  735. 735 : erlz Says:

    i really like ur performence in hotelier.

    i wanna see u

  736. 736 : erlz Says:

    i like ur performence

  737. 737 : mabi Says:

    i love you so much …

  738. 738 : zohmingi Says:

    Hello!! i’m from mizoram,India. i luv all your performance. Your very handsome and i think that your so kind thatshows in your face. I am not good in english and i want to express my feeling for you in my language- I’m also fall in love at first sight.Be still single so that my heart can rest without envy. But be happy all the time. And your birthday is very near.Marry me Huh! Huh!

  739. 739 : Lindamajanti Says:

    Hi BYJ, i’m waiting for your next drama series or movies. Can’t wait to watch your acting & ur smile. Greetings from Indonesia.

  740. 740 : Rizza Lee S. Says:

    Annonghaseyo…. We really miss you Jhun khang…. looking forward of watching you again …. pootak hamneeda???

    Aug.29, Sengel Chukahe….. mwah :p

  741. 741 : elahe Says:

    hello.. my name is elahe. i am a girl from Iran.. i love ur playing. and i love u too. i hope one day i see you.. u r so handsome.

  742. 742 : Joyce Choong Says:

    배용준 씨,

    생일 축하합니다! 행복하게 진내세요. Happy Birthday, Yong Jun Ssi! May all your Birthday wishes come true. Enjoy your day with lots of 미역국. Have a good Birthday with family and friends. Thank you so much for welcoming Kim Hyun Joong Ssi into your company, Key East. He is in good hands and will develop into a better talent. Enjoy your Birthday!

  743. 743 : friendly_liz Says:

    i’ve seen most of your tv series hopefully you’ll do a new one im looking forward on it you really have the most beautiful smile in korea

  744. 744 : nastaran Says:

    happy birthday honey

  745. 745 : elena Says:

    hi oppa chalgayo my dear please send me your email address i wait for you i send you massage from one year ago
    [email protected]
    elena from iran

  746. 746 : elena Says:

    my dear yong joon how are you god blessing you and your heart my dear im elena from iran i send you massage from one year ago please please send me your email adess
    email;[email protected]

  747. 747 : katty Says:

    i think you are really lazy in your work why dont you become a little more active and please be more serious in your work and performance

  748. 748 : Nawar Says:

    Happy Birthday ByJ,you are avary good actor.youare the best one.

  749. 749 : Joyce Choong Says:

    Annyeong katty,

    Bae Yong Jun Ssi is not lazy. He has other priorities besides acting. He is currently active in writing books about the beauty of Korea with photographs all taken by him. Yong Jun Ssi will be coming up with a 16 episode drama called Dream High which will be aired on January 3, 2011. Please lend your support. Thank you.

  750. 750 : pearl Says:

    i first saw u in winter sonata & loved your acting, up until now am still rewatching this drama & never get tired of it! you’re a truly amazing actor & can’t wait to see your latest project nxt year! take care & glad you’re back in good health! annyeong & God bless! 🙂

  751. 751 : Joyce Choong Says:

    Dear Administrator,

    Please post the following pictures of Bae Yong Jun Ssi on this page 209. Thank you.





  752. 752 : Joyce Choong Says:


    추석 잘 보내세요.

  753. 753 : Joyce Choong Says:

    Dear Administrator,

    Please post the pictures of the links on comment #751. Thank you.

  754. 754 : admin Says:

    we didn’t see any pictures in the links on comment #751.

  755. 755 : Joyce Choong Says:

    Dear Admin,

    My apologies. The file was in a mess. New links attached. Thank you and Happy Chuseok.





  756. 756 : Joyce Choong Says:

    Dear Administrator,

    I think the second one is faulty. Below is the correct one. Sorry and thanks.


  757. 757 : Joyce Choong Says:

    Dear Administrator,

    Please, just two more pictures. The last two links of comment #755. Thanks.

  758. 758 : Joyce Choong Says:

    Dear Administrator.

    Please post the pictures of the links below:-



    Thank you.

  759. 759 : admin Says:

    sorry, the size of these pics are too small, we won;t post the small size pic.

  760. 760 : marrys26 Says:

    and ganda tlga pag ngumiti ka bae yong jun..

  761. 761 : Joyce Choong Says:

    Dear Administrator,

    Ok, thanks. Thank you for the extra “BONUS” ie more lovely pictures of Yong Jun Ssi. Have a great day.

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    wow nice look your so very handsome…

  764. 764 : airen Says:

    helo..im greatful to u cuz u are intellegent andgreat actor of korea,..

  765. 765 : Joyce Choong Says:

    Bae Yong Jun Nim,

    Annyeonghaseyo. Congratulations on the success of the Eco Calendar 2011! A Sold Out record! There is a saying, The more you give, the more you will receive – in terms of blessing, rewards etc. God bless you.

  766. 766 : hind Says:

    Hi YON SAMA,where are you? there is no new drama for you,Iam waiting for it

  767. 767 : Joyce Choong Says:

    Bae Yong Jun Nim’s new drama, Dream High coming in January, 2011

  768. 768 : ohj Says:

    bae yong joon the only korean actor who catches many ladies hearts. i cant forget him especially in winter sonata. hope to see / aired another bae yong joon kdrama here in the Philippines. miss you byj!

  769. 769 : hind Says:

    what make me abig fun of him his TVdrama FIRST LOVE

  770. 770 : hind Says:

    Icannot wait to see the new drama of yours ,Ihad seen you today on ArirangTV ,you make my daybright.BYJ

  771. 771 : mary joy Says:

    helo..your so handsome look bae yong joon and charming smile..

  772. 772 : aime Says:

    i really really…..like the way u act your the best actor 4 me…

  773. 773 : aime Says:

    hi!hope more drammas 4 u cuz u know i like the way u acting…

  774. 774 : marrys26 Says:

    helo bae yong joon,.we miss u…when the next dramma?

  775. 775 : marrys26 Says:

    hello…i miss u alot…the way u coming in korean drammas…

  776. 776 : marrys26 Says:

    hello….amazing smile on your pic…

  777. 777 : marrys26 Says:

    hey watz up..bae yoong jun.

  778. 778 : emi Says:

    waiting for another drama especially historical—BYJ—my best actor…

  779. 779 : hind Says:

    HiBYJ.How are you? are you in the new drama HIGH DREM?

  780. 780 : goia Says:

    Hi YJ! how are you? long time no see on screen.. . Do you a new show? 888

  781. 781 : goia Says:

    hi YJ! How are you? long time no see on screen. wheew! do you have a new show?

  782. 782 : marrys26 Says:

    heloo…the best in korea bae yong jun…

  783. 783 : marrys26 Says:

    hi..,,im looking your new dramma soon…

  784. 784 : Ningrum Says:

    Hi…waiting your new tv serial.

  785. 785 : CHARMAINE Says:


  786. 786 : maryam Says:

    hi handsameboy i write frome iran u have many fan in iran but i,m sorry we cant see u nearly or in fan meeting i have 1 wish it,s see u fac to face (i see u in my dearm) with te best wishes for u i want know aer u marrid? u are the best whey u dont have new film or drama oh what shall i do

  787. 787 : Lofi Says:

    Hi! Love you in Legend and Winter Sonata. Looking forward to seeing you soon in your next drama. You are definitely missed! Take care and best of luck. Fighting! Aja! Aja!

  788. 788 : hind Says:

    Hi bYJ,I missedU vary mach,what amazing smile.

  789. 789 : hind Says:

    HHiBYJ,Iam watching the animation of winter sonata on line,Iam happy to hear yours voise.take care.

  790. 790 : marrys26 Says:

    hello.im looking your new dramma…

  791. 791 : nyolay Says:

    Hi I like u so much since I am 14.Now I am 20 years old.U are my favourite actor.Good Luck!

  792. 792 : toh quan ming Says:

    u are very handsome and great actor

  793. 793 : hind Says:

    Imiss U so match,

  794. 794 : loren_saranghae Says:

    Bae yong jun….. U still my best actor korea..I hope someday I could to meet u…Good luck 4 u

  795. 795 : Anne Says:

    hi…….you are my best actor from korea…..miss you n your series….

  796. 796 : Fransin Lumondo Says:

    Hi….. bae young jun… I’m, your fans in Indonesia…. I’m waiting your new drama series ….. god luck

  797. 797 : hind Says:

    Hi,Iam waiting for the new drama of yours.BYJ .

  798. 798 : anthy Says:

    hi…BYJ love you in legent in hotelier

  799. 799 : ms5155y Says:

    i love you bae yong jun..still waiting for your new drama 🙂

  800. 800 : hind Says:

    Hi,where are you BYJ?

  801. 801 : OK OK OK Says:

    Winter Sonata – I manage to find English subtitles here (1st episode 10 minutes


    I love this drama very very much

  802. 802 : OK OK OK Says:

    NG NG — Winter Sonata NG – English subs (Part 1 & 2) – So Funny



    Bae Yong Jun & Choi Ji woo & Park Yong Ha are one of my favorite actors actress

  803. 803 : sitibudiastuti Says:

    I love You Bae Yong Jun…. You’re my best Actor. I love U in Winter Sonata, Hotelier. I wait to a new love drama…..see you

  804. 804 : sitibudiastuti Says:

    Love You Bae Yong Jun………..Love You Forever

  805. 805 : Lofi Says:

    you are a very talented actor. hope you have another drama coming soon.

  806. 806 : iin Says:

    For the first time in my life i feel something special for man. Bae Yong Joon in “Winter’s Sonata” makes me fall in love for the first time.
    I can feel GOD\’s love with his eyes, his smile and his loving care.
    Thank You very much Bae Yong Joon for this feeling. All the best for you. Always in my hope and pray, Lord Jesus Christ always bless you with all best blessing.

  807. 807 : RAIN Says:


  808. 808 : RAIN Says:

    there are more picture of bae young joon in:


  809. 809 : RAIN Says:


    please continue to page 24 . bae yong jun is so cute in there.

  810. 810 : RAIN Says:


    can you know a man from his picture?

  811. 811 : hind Says:

    what is that? Iwas waiting for the new drama of yours then ????only as acameo? WhY

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  813. 813 : wafa Says:

    Love You Bae Yong Jun

  814. 814 : Tiara Says:

    byj in dream high next month – awesome. i am definitely watching it next month, even if byj is cameo in it, as long as he is on screen.

  815. 815 : Tatiana Says:

    i miss and love you byj! looking forward in seeing you in dream high next month.

  816. 816 : moana Says:

    i love you in winter sonata – best drama – it is a great love story with awesome acting! looking forward to your future drama.

  817. 817 : Sandra Says:

    When is yur new drama, another RC

  818. 818 : Rose T Says:

    He started my “addiction” to korea novelas in ‘WINTER SONATA’. I’ve been a fan of him eversince. The last drama series in which he appeared was “THE LEGEND”. He’s still very handsome and captivating. He never seemed to age. It’s a pity that he so seldom appears in drama/movies nowadays. He’s a great, talented actor who never fails to entertain.

  819. 819 : W Says:

    Hi Yong Jun,
    Merry, Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year 2011

  820. 820 : hind Says:

    hi,mary christmas,and happy new year BYJ.

  821. 821 : marrys26 Says:

    merry christmass and happy new year bae yong jun..we love u..

  822. 822 : zohmingthang ralte Says:

    Wish you a very very happy new year and i luv u

  823. 823 : lofi Says:

    Happy New Year, BYJ! Hope the new year will bring you lots of success and all your dreams will come true. Fighting!

  824. 824 : shereen ali Says:

    you are a very talented actor. hope you have another drama coming soon.

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  826. 826 : lofi Says:

    it’s great that you are back in a drama, even if it is 4 episodes. dream high looks fantastic with a great casts.

  827. 827 : hind Says:

    Hi,BYJ Iwas so happy when Iwatchyou,it was vary good to see your smile and acting.you still the best ever.

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  831. 831 : Nodira Says:

    You are great actor I have never seen . I love you by your film in Winter sonata.I want you to make great progress.

  832. 832 : Joana Cherwaken Says:

    just wondering if you are brothers with KIM Hyun Joong???

  833. 833 : ces Says:

    Hi YJ! I hope you’re having lots of rest and that you’ll be out of the hospital soon. Get well, dear one.

    dear family, let’s always give our full support for YJ.

  834. 834 : hind Says:

    Hi,BYJ .are you better now ? Ihope you will recaver soon my dearist.

  835. 835 : jean Says:

    He must have been in so much pain and I really feel bad about that, like a guilty pleasure from watching story of the first king of the four gods where he got his most severe injuries from. All this time since 2007 he’s been dealing with it from one form or another is what I kinda wonder about and hope it hasn’t been too bad, but think it probably has been painful and hard on him. I hope he can find some really good hollistic medicine to augment what modern science hasn’t got a clue about.

  836. 836 : masio Says:

    Great job in Dream High drama

  837. 837 : fariba Says:

    I’m watching winter sonata these days.I like it very much.dream hight is also so great.great job.I’m a fan now and i hope to see much better work of him

  838. 838 : Nasha Says:

    I want to see you in new Drama lead character pleasssssssssseeeee! in dream high so quick only a couple ep. I beg please make drama my Jun. Stay healthy and safe; )

  839. 839 : fadila Says:

    i watch dream high because of BYJ and hope to see more of him in the coming episode probably by having him having secretly admiring the dance coach
    lee yoon ji….i love to see them as on screen couple….

  840. 840 : juwan Says:

    hello dear I hope you will read my comment. I love you so much and I hope the best for you.I wish I could be loved by someone just like you.I feel you have strong feelings.Will you be my friend ?I hope you will accept my friendship.Please reply my message even if you refused.

  841. 841 : Tess Says:

    Watched all your films – such charisma – you are the best. Not enough of you in Dream High. Hope you star in more dramas, please don’t stop. Hope your injuries are healing from “Legend” – you were absolutely breathtaking.

  842. 842 : julie Says:

    Hi BYJ, You are so so handsome! I just love all your movies and looking forward to buying your book “A Journey In Search of Korea’s Beauty”. You are so talented and also love your smile. Congratulations on achieving all the awards! Looking forward to your new movies! Take care of your recent injury and hope you get well soon! Keeping you in my prayers!

  843. 843 : homi Says:

    yong joon . you”r love is my drug. saranghae

  844. 844 : homi Says:

    i love you so much you made me infatuated.

  845. 845 : shebot Says:

    he was a good actor, but too bad, if im not mistaken thats why he only showed up in the 2 episodes of dream high because he comitted suicide, right?and wasnt able to finish the drama

  846. 846 : juwan Says:

    Hope you’re ok.You are the best actor I ‘ve ever seen.I wish you the best luck in your personal life. Have a good time dear and take care of yourself.God bless you.

  847. 847 : Mina Says:

    You are great and have the best performance.

  848. 848 : juwan Says:

    Keep smiling dear cause you have the nicest smile I have ever seen.

  849. 849 : hind Says:

    Hi,how are you dear ?is there any thing new in the way? drama,movie?

  850. 850 : juwan Says:

    hello dear how are you today?I forgot to tell you my name is Juwan and I am from Iraq.

  851. 851 : jonah Says:

    it’s nice to see you again in that Dream High……….looking forward for another series…thanks..

  852. 852 : juwan Says:

    hell dear.How are you?

  853. 853 : juwan Says:

    Sorry I wanted to say( hello)Sorry I wish you the best and forgive me,please.

  854. 854 : juwan Says:

    Hello dear.Wish you are very well.

  855. 855 : juwan Says:

    I will keep sending you messages maybe oneday you will reply.Best Wishes dear.

  856. 856 : Anna Says:

    – Radiant Bae Yong Joon / 배용준 !
    Happiness to you and good.

  857. 857 : juwan Says:

    Hellooooooooooooooooooo handsome and how are you?

  858. 858 : juwan Says:

    I wish I could speak Korean just for your sake to encourage you and telling you how great actor you are!!!!!

  859. 859 : juwan Says:

    Good evening dear and how are you dear? this is my last message to you so if you want to contact this is my email. Have a great time and bright future . [email protected]

  860. 860 : iluvblogging.com » Sinopsis Dream High Says:

    […] (?) Uhm Ki Joon Lee Yoon Ji Bae Yong Joon (cameo ep 1-4) Park Jin Young (???) Han Ji Hoo Yoon Young Ah Lee Byung Joon Jun Ah Min (???) Kim […]

  861. 861 : picthoria yohana Says:

    bae yong jun, i don’t know why i really like you. i want to ask you, maybe or not you come to indonesia, especially to west borneo or maybe to sarawak malaysia?

  862. 862 : picthoria yohana Says:

    bae yong jun, saranghe……..

  863. 863 : picthoria yohana Says:

    this is my email, [email protected]. maybe you want to say hello with me. see u again…… GBU always.

  864. 864 : Geralynn Says:

    Ppl like you get all the brains. I just get to say tanhks for he answer.

  865. 865 : hind Says:

    Hi,Imiss sosOSO mach darling. ^-^

  866. 866 : ForeverKimHyunJoong Says:

    Annyeong Bae Yong Jun Ssi,

    Thank you for being such a good boss and Hyung to Kim Hyun Joong Ssi! The album, BREAK DOWN is awesome and the production is worth the investment and I hope it will reap in the returns too. Thank you, Kamsahamnida. God bless you!

  867. 867 : Ruby Jane Tormon Says:

    I like your winter sonata TV drama .can i have a winter sonata tape
    I am your #1 fans of yours in the Philippines.

  868. 868 : Marie Says:

    Hi! You’re one of my favorite Korean actor though I’m not Korean and don’t know your language… I’m from the Philippines. I love your acting in Winter Sonata and The Story of the First King’s Four Gods. Take care always.

  869. 869 : hind Says:

    what to do if miss sosomuch

  870. 870 : Amene Says:

    Love Me Bae

  871. 871 : shiva Says:

    HI im from iran i dont know your language you are my favorite actor your acting is great and i love your serias and I ALLWAYS HOPE YOU THE BEASTS

  872. 872 : aiko Says:

    hi..oppa genki desuka….youre my favorite korean actor looking forward for another drama serries with choi ji woo i love both of you [good couple]…dont get married yet ok.im same age of ji woo and admire you a lot [teppa]

  873. 873 : hind Says:

    Hi,how are you BYJ.please get married soon and have happy life and make family ^_^

  874. 874 : Mary sabukina Says:

    I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  875. 875 : OK OK OK Says:

    Hi Bae Yong Jun ssi. how are you. Sarang hae.. he hehe 😉

    Hope you got another great hit drama like Winter Sonata & Hotelier.
    May God bless you always………. Loves from Singapore

  876. 876 : ghie Says:

    hello bae yong joon? hope to see you in another drama series!! we miss you hope your always in good health yon sama!! your a good actor!! and I’ve watched your winter sonata 10 times!! and the legend!! your great!! ” god bless you always!! i know your catholic!!

  877. 877 : Happy Says:

    Love ya Yong-Jun
    You’re the best ilove your handsome and I like your voice!!!
    I wish to see you in new drama because you deserve to be on the top

    happy from tunisia

  878. 878 : veelest Says:

    Like u a lot

  879. 879 : hind Says:

    Hi LOvE when I haer your voice Ifeel like Iam in love ^_ ^

  880. 880 : Amene Says:

    I Love You Oppa

  881. 881 : christal Says:

    dear oppa,

    i love the way you smile.. and i love the legend.. you are a great actor.. read your profile and its good t know your a christian..hope you get marry.. More blessings and Godbless..

  882. 882 : christal Says:


    i love the way you smile.. and i love the legend.. you are a great actor.. read your profile and its good t know your a christian..hope you get marry.. More blessings and Godbless..

  883. 883 : vanessa matunan Says:

    good day,my yon sama!! i really love the way you smile …i pray that you may read this comment of mine..and at least give me some messages..muah…thank you for acting great..hope im the phoenix you love…smile..

  884. 884 : hind Says:

    صباح الخير قريبا عيد ميلادك كل عام وانت الحب كل عام وانت بخير ^-^

  885. 885 : loura Says:

    love you love you love you love you love you love you love you………..yonsama

  886. 886 : dingskelter Says:

    my most fave korean actor!!!

  887. 887 : ForeverKimHyunJoong Says:

    Annyeonghaseyo Bae Yong Jun Nim,

    Happy Birthday! May all your Birthday wishes come true for you. May Hyun Joongie’s wish for you come true too. Thank you for taking good care of Hyun Joongie. Appreciate your kindness and generosity. Eat lots of Mi-Yeok-guk. Please stay Happy and Healthy. God bless you!

  888. 888 : hind Says:

    vary good morning BYJ .Happy birthday ,Ilove you Soooooooomatch.

  889. 889 : hind Says:

    Yonsama .Iwish the best and the good health.

  890. 890 : julia79 Says:

    Happy birthday from romanian fans BIJ!
    We meet again you in other roles. Good health and as many realizations.

  891. 891 : khin Says:

    Dear Bae Yung Joon

  892. 892 : Tahmineh Says:

    I like you and your pretty smile you are always great. i hope to see you in another drama series like as winter sonata and hotelier althoug i like lovely papa so much more than other your roles. god bless you dear BYJ

  893. 893 : Sara Says:

    hello dear and how are you? Happy birthday to you I wish you a very nice time.

  894. 894 : ForeverKimHyunJoong Says:

    배용준 님,

    추석 잘 보내세요. 행복하고 건강하게 지내세요.

  895. 895 : hind Says:

    Hello BYJ yon sama Iwish you the best. ^_^

  896. 896 : soran Says:

    hi bae yong jun iam kurdish i love you so so so so so so mach,i like winter sonata

  897. 897 : soran Says:

    bae yong jun please came in kurdistan

  898. 898 : juliet sta. ana Says:

    Hi Mr. Bae Yong Jun,

    Good to know that you’re a Roman Catholic. I watched “Winter Sonata”. You deserved the Best Actor Award on this because you portray your role excellent. God Bless you and your family. You’re in my prayer!


  899. 899 : maica Says:

    i don’t love u and like u ! i want to see your face, talk with u as a man, not as actor! i dont know how ‘s that ? i hope have a day i can talk with you Bae

  900. 900 : Ming Says:

    I am not a fan. Just happen to read about you and indeed you are different. Touch by your warmness and kindness. Hope that this will touch the world. Good health.

  901. 901 : ainin Says:

    how are you bae yong jun……
    ‘Winter Sonata’ is the best drama series i haven’t seen..You and Choi Ji Woo are the best couple..you a good actor ,i hope the best for you..SARANGHAE OPPA

  902. 902 : hind Says:

    Hi BYJ ,how RYyonsama.First Love is the best drama Ihave seen …your acting was Vgood. Thanks KBSworld

  903. 903 : hissa Says:

    hello bae shi,i like you.good luck.

  904. 904 : Sara Says:

    hello miss you very much.Have a nice time handsome.

  905. 905 : Sara Says:

    hello and good evening

  906. 906 : RANA Says:

    Hallo haw are you Bae yong jun , winter sonata is my favorite film and is the best drama series . why not make a film again . mis your film so much

  907. 907 : Skylav Says:

    You are such a handsome man…
    I like your long hair 🙂 ♥
    Movie with Choi Ji woo plsssssssssssssss…..

  908. 908 : Skylav Says:

    Winter SOnata is my favorite drama series tooooo…. ♥
    I love it much!
    Watta heart trenching drama…. with a good ending…

  909. 909 : Skylav Says:

    Winter Sonata is really the best!
    Drama series with Kim Tae Hee.
    She’s beautifully awesome and you are a hunk Gorgeous.
    I guess you look good together.
    I still love Choi Ji woo… hihihihihihi

  910. 910 : Skylav Says:

    Good evening Mr. Eyeglasses! 🙂

  911. 911 : Esther Says:

    Dude you have played a great role in winter sonata and i loved it,you are wonderful keep it up.May God continue to bless you as you succeed.

  912. 912 : Mimin Says:

    Hallo Bae yong jun…
    How are you…..?
    I like you, i wish you are all the best in your life.
    GBU…success for you

  913. 913 : CT Says:

    HI…you really so cute…hope u visit again here in our country….PHILIPPINES…

  914. 914 : paris Says:

    hi you really so good &fun my judi&man silm

  915. 915 : sama Says:

    hi BYJ .im from kurdistan …i like u .u r very nice and u r best korean acter


  916. 916 : hind Says:

    I am missing you so so so much

  917. 917 : Skylav Says:

    Am looking forward for your 2012 Dramas 🙂 ♥
    as well as movies…. hopefully wd Kim Tae Hee or Choi Ji Woo…

  918. 918 : snow Says:

    hello…….BYJ…..i like you.

  919. 919 : sama Says:

    Hi. How do you do? jodi

  920. 920 : JENNIFER Says:


  921. 921 : rogue Says:

    hi mr handsome…how are u?looking forward to your next movie or dramas..i love the hotelier and the winter sonata i hope have season 2..gudluck and godbles…..

  922. 922 : charina david Says:

    “i really love winter sonata …. iits a good story!!!! i love it!!!! your so very handsome… good luck…and have a good health ! god bless!! mwahhhhhhhh

  923. 923 : sama Says:

    I really love gob you …………………………………..

  924. 924 : May Myat Noe Says:

    I like Winter Sonata …………… i like u so much ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  925. 925 : sama Says:

    Hi. How do you do? I like meet your now you.how nice to speak you again.I’m delighted to make you acquaintance.It s good to see again you’re looking well yourself.ooo .sorry… (beiana).my name is Parisa(Jodi). thanks so long

  926. 926 : sama Says:

    plesae answer to my email.plaesa answer….

  927. 927 : carla Says:

    i love you oppa….
    u r a very good actor….
    ur so handsome….

  928. 928 : carla Says:


  929. 929 : sama Says:

    hi ….is my jody ….. plesae answer to my email .baeyong joon .I love you …very very very like you

  930. 930 : sama Says:

    hi…my jody. please answer…………………………………………………….jodi

  931. 931 : sama Says:

    hi………smiling man ……………………………………………..Jodi

  932. 932 : sama Says:

    just so I never take it without a smile .thanks.hope

  933. 933 : SAMA Says:

    저는 배용준을 사랑 …당신에게 행운을 빈다, 미소….난 당신이 항상 웃음 사랑………주디

  934. 934 : hind Says:

    Hi merry christmas Love and happy new year

  935. 935 : sama Says:

    저는 2012 년 당신을 위해 최선을 원한다. 메리 크리스마스…..주디….주디………….Merry Christmas … Best for you…..jodi

  936. 936 : sama Says:

    Hi. Well, the best for you….Jodi

  937. 937 : sama Says:

    안녕하세요. 당신을 위해 최상.Jodi

  938. 938 : shashah Says:

    you were one finest actor in S. Korea, I’ve always watch winter sonata in DVD…Hope u visit us here in PHL…i’m

  939. 939 : shashah Says:

    your on e of the finest actor in S. Korea. I’ve always watch winter sonata in DVD cause it is of my fave telenovela. hope u can visit PHL in the future. and also more project will you way.. more power and goodluck..

  940. 940 : Ruby Says:

    Hi, Happy New Year and happy live.

  941. 941 : Maria Corazon Borja Says:

    I am an avid fan and I wish that for this year you will have a new movie, we are waiting for your new projects on tv or on the big screen. And I hope you will have more tv appearances. We missed you on the big screen. More power to you and I wish all the best for this new year.
    Your loving fan, Maria Corazon

  942. 942 : ms.ethel gregory Says:

    dear mr.jun, i saw winter sonata and i have fell madly in love with you in this movie. i have never looked at a korean movie,but after looking at this movie,i’m hooked for life you and your co-stars are truly amazing,i’m sorry for the lost of parkyong ha, may he rest in peace. i’m a very romantic woman,love a good love story,just wish i knew where to buy these dvd’s.and i surly would like some pictures of you. don’t think i’m flirting with you,i’m not (you’re the same age of my daughter) just like you to know that an older woman like me,love to see a fine and handsome young man that can still make this older woman believe in love. thank you very much.(by the way i’m african american i love your movies.

  943. 943 : sonia Says:

    Give me your night & I will show u my passion,
    Give me your lust & I will drink u dry,
    Give me your dreams & I will show u a lover,
    Give me your heart & I will hold u close,
    And I will love u till the day I die…

  944. 944 : baran Says:

    hello.i glad to meet you mr Bae Yong Joon!you are a shiny star in your works!do you love iran or islam?have a good time!

  945. 945 : sama Says:


  946. 946 : Ruby Says:

    Hi. well, the best for you and your family & good health

  947. 947 : Patricia Says:

    Hmmmmm i……..I love u hyungim.
    Damn u are good in Acting….I like
    Your style……..I really like the Four gods movie…….mmmm

  948. 948 : Patricia Says:

    Funny story actually…..11yrs old kid…..told me sis u need to watch
    A movie call Four gods…..& I luv it.
    Yong jun you got a great Smile…
    And you are handsome…lol

  949. 949 : Patricia Says:

    hyungnim 안녕하세요 ….. 정말 당신의 작품을 사랑하는
    …… 방법 행동은 … & 망할 당신은 멋진 미소를
    가지고했는데 ….

  950. 950 : la chata Says:


  951. 951 : ayisha Says:

    Hi mr bea I watched the four gods and you act well I am from Ghana.

  952. 952 : princess veronica Says:

    glory to jesus honor to marry mother mary as finally bring us together for the past seven years i have been trying to get to you i have been living all these because of you alone not for any other man the flame of your love has been burning in me day and night and now iwant to feel the taste of your lips the warmth of your skin and finally carry your babby in this very womb of mine i want to be the woman you love and spend the rest of your life with i have not been able to sleep in peace let us be together every night and day my love we are created for each other hail mary mother of god will pray for us.lets contact each other as soon as possible no matter what call me on +2348166084618.

  953. 953 : Sara Says:


  954. 954 : chritine Says:

    hi… i like to your smile… cool…

  955. 955 : erni Says:

    i really like your smile……..

  956. 956 : sama Says:

    Hey. I’m in contact with you so that you’re okay. But I pray for your good. Last hope is to travel to Japan to America.I miss you, Barry. Take care of yourself. Judy

  957. 957 : sama Says:

    안녕하세요. 난 당신이 괜찮다고 있도록 당신 이랑 연락 해요.하지만 당신의 좋은을 기원합니다. 마지막 희망은 미국에 일본에 나. 배리 당신이 그리워요, 몸 조심해. 쥬디여행하는 것입니다

  958. 958 : sama Says:

    나. 배리 당신이 그리워요, 몸 조심해. 쥬디

  959. 959 : sama Says:

    Hey. Well I came. Again … I give you the phone.

  960. 960 : Yolanda Says:

    BYJ, after watching your work I commend you for choosing the ones that go straight to the heart. I hope to seeing more and would like more accion thriller, espionage or real history or like the LEGEND. Congrats to you as well as all the casts that have been with you loved their acting… If by chance you coe to my territory (PuertoRico) you will see many things that will remind you of your home and will not be so much home sick. Plus call me and I will give you the best tour and you will as I love this tiny island in the Caribbean. I will soon go to Seoul but will seek someone to show me the real Seoul one that is not just picture pretty.

  961. 961 : Yolanda Says:

    I learned to do kimchi when ittle since mom always loved it from a Korean friend we had. My father is a veteran from the Korean war when he was to come back home he visited a place called Itawon and learned some dishes. So I had this unknown Korean taste I never knew where it came from untill I saw Winter Sonata and my curiosity brought me here. So, I thank you on behave of those that were hospitable to my dad, and you are gorgeous.Bless you

  962. 962 : sama Says:

    Hi, I’m back Jodie smiling man. Please reply to my emails. Thanks Judy

  963. 963 : dyan lee Says:

    hi! this is dyan lee, one your avid fan in the philippines & 15 yrs. old.
    i like your smile. i like you most in winter sonata.
    even my grandma plays the winter sonata cd over and over.
    in fact my whole family likes you. thank you for sharing your talent and we do hope to see you playing piano. love you and take care.

  964. 964 : christana Says:

    hi xup.i realy enjoyed ur performance in the movie “four gods”.a big kudos to you well done bt do not relent on your talent.christty from Nigeria

  965. 965 : christana Says:

    pls i love acting can we be friend for you to encourage me

  966. 966 : gladys Says:

    youre so handsome and hot oppa bea yong jun saranghe:)

  967. 967 : amelia Says:

    i like your acting with choi ji woo, when are both of u duet again …i miss u..

  968. 968 : Hikmi's Says:

    Anyeong Haseyo??.. how are you? (hope you always happy, coz from your smile , i feel I think that you are really happy).
    I dont know what to say (blank) hheeee. I remember your drama Winter Sonata When I was in high school, n yesterday I just finished watching The Legend, I feel so sad by the end of story. I’d love see your drama Bae Yong Jun brothers with happy smile. (remember your drama so many tears).
    You are a good actor and I hope you always health and happy.
    (remember the weather now is unpredictable)….
    Keep SmiLe….

  969. 969 : lina Says:

    sarange yo

  970. 970 : jerwin Says:

    good day mr. bae ask what is the title of your drama series you play as jhun kang

  971. 971 : sama Says:

    I talked to your dad smiling so long I finally decided I want to be with you, forever.

  972. 972 : sama Says:

    나는 마침내 내가 영원히 당신과 함께 있고 싶어 결심 너무 오래 웃는 당신의 아빠와 이야기했다.

  973. 973 : Swiftcloud13 Says:

    Hello Yonsama,

    Seems like you’re getting lots of love from your fans…That’s not to be surprised at since you give a very good job in doing your tasks..Just keep up the good work and always keep your feet on the ground. I would love to have your books and will check it here in our bookstores ( hopefully it is available in my country,the Philippines ). Always KEEP THE SPIRIT PRIDE ALIVE! Magandang Araw…..^_^

  974. 974 : lulu Says:

    hai byj, i’m your fan’s from indonesia. I’m very like you. I hope you always happy.

  975. 975 : Ottoman Princess Says:

    If there will be no response to the messages of the fans, what is the use of leaving it ? However, I wonder if Mr. Bae will make any new movie or have a leading role in any drama series in the near future or what he does now. Lately I watched ‘Dream High’ hopping to watch Mr.Bae, but it was a big disappointment; not because the drama wasn’t a worth watching drama but it had nothing much to do with Mr. Bae. He only appeared on few scines. So I felt like I was fooled. If someone or assistants of Mr.Bae(assuming that they are checking this sight) can kindly spare few minutes to reply my questions; I would really appreciate it.
    Thank you in advance.

  976. 976 : shashah Says:

    whats the latest news about you? any telenobela or a movies? something that were gonna wacthed in the future?

  977. 977 : ha nguyen Says:

    don’t see u for a long time. How are u? i like ur smile, the way u smile and ur sad eyed sight. But i don’t like the way u use ur eyed sights in films. May be u abuse it so much. I wish we can be friends. But it’s a dream. Hehe.

  978. 978 : rena Says:

    i like u’r acting kang joon sang in winter sonata

  979. 979 : shashah Says:

    One of my fave actor in korean telenobela. Any movies or telenobela? we are looking forward for your next project.

  980. 980 : Sonja Says:

    I ll like yo know ….where are you been BYY??? About your next TV drama…..I hope to see you soon…when you visit my country Pto. Rico!

  981. 981 : luisa Says:


  982. 982 : luisa Says:

    hello amix del chat

  983. 983 : luisa Says:

    yo se que no me entendes

  984. 984 : Swiftcloud13 Says:

    Ohayo Yonsama! Been wondering when are you going to have a new drama. Hope it will be soon. I guess you’re too busy with your company,producing such talents you’re really awesome! Just be yourself and continue being humble despite your popularity.Cheers to your birthday month…..

  985. 985 : lorenz Says:

    i like bae yoong jun, because he is a good actor and top model. he also handsome……/

  986. 986 : hind Says:


  987. 987 : eulee Says:

    How are you???????

  988. 988 : kaye Says:

    i love your smile so handsome and cute….hope that you will have a drama series soon to watch….

  989. 989 : Lunajoon Says:

    How are you now? hope u still recognize me….

  990. 990 : wfci Says:

    Your acting in Winter Sonata is fabulous, very touching. U r born to be a gd actor. Keep it up and produce more films and awaiting for your involvement in TV drama too.

  991. 991 : Sara Says:

    hello and how are dear. You are a great actor. I hope you the best.Please take care.

  992. 992 : hind Says:

    i miss soso ^-^

  993. 993 : Maria Elisa Says:

    how are you? are you doing telenovela again? i like yuor smile and i miss your drama. i’m in the philippines, i hope that someday you will be visit us in the philippines.

  994. 994 : Maria Elisa Says:

    if you know sandara park in 2n1 singer. ask her how beuatiful our country. home that you will come and visit us. and try to do a drama series. or a movies. take care.

  995. 995 : annie g. Says:

    i really love bae yong jun.. i like his body, the way he stands, hes cute smile…all about him..
    anyways, i dont see him now.. oedi imnikka?
    i hope to see u here in philippines…
    God bless u Bae Yong Jun ssi.<3

  996. 996 : [KBS 2002] Winter Sonata E3 | Says:

    […] Bae Yong Jun as Kang Joon-sang/Lee Min-hyung Choi Ji Woo as Jung Yu-jin Park Yong Ha as Kim Sang-hyuk Park […]

  997. 997 : Rosemary Ong from Malaysia Says:

    How are you doing? I have a very special request. Will you act in a drama with Chae Rim soon? Wishing you all the very best in your career and life.

  998. 998 : Rachel from Kenya Says:

    Your acting in Winter Sonata was very good. I enjoyed watching it.
    Keep it up.

  999. 999 : angela Says:

    Pls I really luv ur movies,I luv u so much u re so cute I wish we could be friends,pls I need is contact any 1 is okay 4 me

  1000. 1000 : Rosemary Ong from Malaysia Says:

    Merry Christmas, Mr. Bae Yong-jun!!! My favorite actresses besides Choi Ji-woo are Park Chae-rim and Song Hye-kyo. Will I see you as the leading actor in a drama with one of them if not both, very soon? That’s my Christmas wish 🙂

  1001. 1001 : Lunajoon Says:

    How are you now?is your health fine? Does you feel strange,alone sad and felt like something is missing or someone you are looking/waiting for? Why dont you turn your head up at night and try to look for the moon, and maybe by looking through to it, you will find the empty space in your life. Nobody knows except the beholder of the past is the one who can found the spirit of the promise of love from a hundred years of age.
    I try to do my best to comfort you but you are a hundred miles away from me, so i used the moon and my words but i dont know if it is work, coz for a very long time has passed, maybe even your soul forget all about this but please discover this deep in your heart to know the answers that lingers on your thoughts.its up to you to believe it or not but all i can say its true and no fictions. Nobody lies if the moon is the only witness and you’re also the only one who can prove through yourself about the promise to someone that you made from a hundred years ago.

  1002. 1002 : Angie Says:

    I thinked I am late by 10 years of discovering Bae Yong Jun.
    But it’s better late than NEVER.
    I have seen catchup with his drama and video in the last two months
    in 2012.
    I will continue to discover more of him.
    I have just started on korea drama….crazily late comer.

  1003. 1003 : shin Says:

    wish you happy….healthier forever…
    take care more for your own self.. we all so worry about you….
    & rest more………..
    i love you…..

  1004. 1004 : shantal vibar Says:

    i miss you & i love you/…

  1005. 1005 : shantal vibar Says:

    bae yung jun ..i hope to see u in personal..
    i love your show like a ENDLESS LOVE,..

  1006. 1006 : emerald Says:

    ive been crazy about him 10 years ago… since the airing of drama Winter Sonata…

  1007. 1007 : Tin tin Says:

    I really love your dramas hope to see new korean dramas this 2013 . Hope to see you in the future

  1008. 1008 : sreyna Says:

    Wow, talk about crossing cultural boundaries. I loved you in Winter Sonata. YOU ROCKED IT!

  1009. 1009 : aMeL Says:

    hi….i really love ur dramas….first time i saw u in winter sonata…and i very like it…..
    and now i hope to see ur new drama again ….okay:)

  1010. 1010 : Jelly Ann Says:

    bae yong joon and lee ji ah upcoming new couple drama this year 2013!!! i hope for this upcoming drama for the two protagonist couple is unique and beautiful romance love. like in the 2007 hit drama “THE LEGEND” protagonist of the film…. i hope for that bae yong joon 🙂 God Bless u alwayz for ur career and for your Job also.. saranghaeyo!!

  1011. 1011 : ranti Says:

    Your body is perfec

    i wait your new drama..

  1012. 1012 : ritchie Says:

    Hoping Endless Love 11 Winter Sonata have part 3 or m0re,,,So gdluck for u bae yong joon,U look so nice,very simple man.even u got all the blessing in life u still very simple.stay sweet as u are and i wish wherever u are now,whatever u do u are d0ing fine happy as well.Take a bunch of care and Godbless u.Love u,,,

  1013. 1013 : Lia Widyastuti Says:

    Dearest Mr.Bae Yong Joon
    I love your smile..

  1014. 1014 : mona ezzat Says:

    i from EGYPT i think you deserve heaven ,but you must have the key, do you know what is the key of heaven?

  1015. 1015 : mona ezzat Says:

    MONA EZZAT /Email {[email protected]}

  1016. 1016 : mona ezzat Says:

    if you want to enter heaven search for heaven`s key!

  1017. 1017 : mona ezzat Says:

    MR BAE YONG JOON /search about heaven`s key ,if you want to enter heaven !think about that .

  1018. 1018 : mona ezzat Says:

    MR BAE YONG JOON/do you belief in heaven?who created heaven?what do you know about heaven?

  1019. 1019 : mona ezzat Says:

    MR/BAE YONG JOON-i guess you are an intelligent man so would you please answer my questions?sir why you are here in this world?who created you?what is the purpose of your life?what is the truthfulness?what do you know about the heaven’s key?

  1020. 1020 : izaly Says:

    Dear Bae Yong Joon, Ten years ago I watched you in Winter Sonata. And that drama become so popular in Malaysia and everybody was talking about your charisma and your aura. You’re so great in that drama and so handsome and i am sure all women who watched that drama fell in love with you. After winter sonata I don’t dare watching korean drama because i don’t want to addicted. But recently, my 23 years old daughter watched Dream High and there you’re one of the actor. Oh my god, after 10 years you’re still handsome and look very young. But you juast appeared in only 4 episode. Now I watched again winter sonata (with my daughter), to show her how great you’re…!

  1021. 1021 : panda Says:

    This is my 1st time to leave a message eventhough i have been his fan for many many years. How are you Mr Bae? Hope you are well n may god bless you always.

  1022. 1022 : Mila Says:

    Just to let u know that you are a good actor and handsome too. Don’t know if you will answer my email, just taking chances.

  1023. 1023 : Nudge Says:

    I just watched Bae Yong-jun’s 2003 movie set in 18th century Chuseon, the name I shan’t mention. In it a pick-up line he used goes:

    “…Are you not an enlightened person who is willing to do good, unfettered by customs and prejudices?”

    The story is based on the French novel Dangerous Liasons and those words in the French context is speaking of the pursuit of all the refinements that life has to offer. And “unfettered” simply means to throw away ones family, social and religious obligations in favour of ones sense gratification.

    It is disingenuous of the makers of Bae’s movie to overlay such hedonistic ideas on a culture whose very language and social structure could not support it by any stretch. And it is an insult to the South Korean people.

    I’m not Korean yet I am offended by blatant pandering to what amounts to nothing more than wanking. I am disappointed too that Bae Yong-jun agreed to do the movie at all.

  1024. 1024 : moon eye Says:

    TO-MR bae yong joon/the famous korean actor/I
    guess you are wise,decent,thoughtful man,actually
    you are a man with a special characteristic!sir,could
    you answer these fundamental questions?what is
    the purpose of this short life?why we here in this
    world?what is the wisdom behind the creation and
    this universe?what after death?is there second life
    after death?if so,what about that life?how’s it looks
    like?how can we prepare for that life?for the
    eternity?do you know what kind of people will enter
    paradise?definitely,not all people!what paradise
    looks like,what do you think sir?you are a good
    man,honestly,you deserve paradise!that what i
    believe! but you must have the key!no one enter
    paradise without it’s key!do you know how to find
    that key?i hope you could,MR bae joon,search for
    the truth behind this life,search for the purpose of
    life,search for your safety,your security,your
    success not just in this short life but in life after
    death too, because that life is the eternity!!

  1025. 1025 : moon eye Says:

    TO-MR bae yong joon/the famous korean actor/for
    people who are seeking the truth,first and
    foremost,they should know that it cannot be
    anyone or anything between the person and his
    creator-ALLAH- lord of the worlds.No one can be
    between the person and the worship of that one
    true GOD!they should have a living conscience!for
    sure,they can be those who show me the straight
    path-the right way to GOD-But i am not going to
    worship these people that showing me that path!
    I’m only going to take them as guides(as a role
    model to learn from).sir,ALLAH didn’t create human
    beings except for worship him(just him
    alone)without any partner.so we must follow the
    path of all prophets.sir,there is a person who got
    the favor but he disregard it!there is person who
    saw the truth but he put it aside!there is a person
    who asked for the favor and got that favor-receive
    that favor-but then mixed his own thoughts and
    desires into that favor!ALLAH gave him the truth,the
    guidance but he didn’t like everything that he got so
    he put something of his own in there!certainly he
    became lost!!!O’ ALLAH we worship only you and we
    seek your help, guide us to and a long the straight
    path,the path of those who you favored, not those
    who earned your wrath,not those who were
    strayed.Honor belongs to those who never forsake
    the truth even when things seem dark and grim.

  1026. 1026 : Raisa Says:

    I just discovered Bae Yong Joon in April Snow. What can one say about this beautiful movie. Has anyone out there enlighten me about a couple of scenes? 1. after the funeral, both of them go to the town where the hospital and motel are at, but, they don’t connect, why? Any ideas? 2. at the hospital when he tells his wife that he is no longer interested in knowing anything, at the end, when he leaves her room, she is crying, is she crying because he has told her he is though with her, or, is she crying because her lover is dead? 3. at the end, when it starts snowing, she appears at an apt w/ an iron railing, seems like the iron railing that was shown in one scene with just him along.

  1027. 1027 : moon eye Says:

    TO-MR bae yong joon/the famous korean
    actor/Travel the Earth and see the end of those
    people who rejected faith!see the end of people
    whose power and strength,they were more greater
    and powerful than yours,their buildings were more
    magnificent!you can travel the Earth and see the
    ruins of those civilizations and see what has become
    of them!the ruins themself are witness over the
    power and justice of ALLAH against the rebellion
    people!civilizations come and civilizations go but the
    truth still over there!the truth still in front of your
    eyes!!!sir,life is just a test!this is the reality!we are
    here in this life as visitors!we don’t belong to this
    life!we don’t belong to this world!we are in
    journey!sometimes the journey is very hard,
    NO!actually all times the journey is difficult!But the
    journey still beautiful!very beautiful!!!because you
    are marching towards your original home and you
    know that your original home is very beautiful so
    you can bear every difficulty and you are focusing
    on the end of the journey.sir, your original home is
    in Paradise!!!ALLAH has built homes-very beautiful
    homes-for all mankind in Paradise!for every single
    human being,from the beginning of the creation until
    the day of judgement!from our father Adam until the
    day of reckoning!do you know that?ALLAH created
    Adam(your father)in Paradise do you remember?can
    you imagine how beautiful your home there?are you
    ready for that home?do you have the key for that
    home?do you have the key for your original home?do
    you think that your home there is also beautiful like
    it here?sir can you fly with your heart to Heaven
    and look how it comes back!.

  1028. 1028 : Shallaw Says:

    I am really interested in Bae yong Joon.I have seen him in the drama Winter sonata,I thought he is really a successful actor because his feelings seemed to come out form the depth of his heart they were real not a dramatic lying.

  1029. 1029 : Chidimma.l Says:

    I like de photo nd de way u behave in de four gods.

  1030. 1030 : Maria Bernardo Says:

    I watch over and over the Winter Sonat and you are one of the BEST that I ever watch in Korean drama and I really admired you the way you are no wonder that Kim Hyun Joong really looked after your footstep coz you are the Best. I wish you make more drama and more power to your carrier, good health, happy life and may the GOD always take csre of you.

  1031. 1031 : Sana Farah Says:

    Salut, je veux savoir plus à cet acteur

  1032. 1032 : manna Says:

    My deep respect and appreciation, Sir, for how you acted in The Story of the First King’s Four Gods.

  1033. 1033 : Alicia Says:

    A luna Ojo, no se a que te refieres respecto a tu comentario en Sr. Bae Yong Joon es por lo que se ve una persona cálida y que ayuda a la personas no como el quisiera porque también tiene que vivir su vida personal olvídate
    de la religión cada ser humano escogemos la religión que creemos es la mejor y tratamos de vivir como se nos ordena . yo en lo particular no profeso ninguna religión pero sin embargo no le hago daño a nadie de mis semejantes así que por favor no des esa clase de consejos.
    Sr. Bae Yong , yo en lo particular lo admiro mucho sea usted feliz y que tenga una buena vida.

  1034. 1034 : asirla Says:

    since i watch you in the legend i admire you as actor. you are one of my favorite korean actor. I watch twice in the legend and now i starting watching of some of your films. Hope you are fine and May God continue bless you. 🙂

  1035. 1035 : Marianna Says:

    I have known Bae Yong Joon since 2004, when we arrived in Korea and stayed there for 1,5 year, but only lately got very interested in his work. I watched “Winter Sonata”, “April snow”, and almost all the series of “First love” (couldn’t see the last 7 as the account on Youtube was removed).
    Unfortunately, films where he participated cannot be found anywhere with English subtitles.
    Why on your site, here, can’t we watch his earlier works? At least those, produced by KBS! That’s not fair! His foreign fans are deprived from enjoying his great talent.

  1036. 1036 : Doina Florea Says:

    Happy Birthday! To be loved as you were loved in the roles they have achieved and made thousands of moviegoers admire you and cherish you. Be happy and healthy! With admiration and respect I

  1037. 1037 : lana khan Says:

    It’s an angel ..

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