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Bae Yong Jun.jpg

Name: 배용준 / Bae Yong-jun
Also Known as : Bae Yong Joon
Japanese nickname: Yon-sama
Date of Birth: August 29, 1972
Birthplace: Mapo, Seoul, South Korea
Height: 181cm
Weight: 78kg
Blood type: RH+ O
Profession: Actor
Religion: Roman Catholic
Education: Il-mun preschool/ Myung-il elem./ Baejae mid./ Hanyoung high./ attending to FTM (Film, TV & Multimeadia) in school of art of Sungkyunkwan University
Company: http://www.bofkorea.com
Motto: Humane Life!
Hobbies: Fishing, Reading, Watching Movies
Specialty: Swimming, Water-skiing, Snow-board, Bowling and Kendo
Family: Wife (Park Soo Jin)

TV Series

Dream High Season 1 (KBS2, 2011)
The Story of the First King’s Four Gods (MBC, 2007)
Hotelier (TV Asahi, 2007) (Episode 1)
Winter Sonata (KBS, 2002)
Hotelier (MBC, 2001)
Did We Really Love? (MBC, 1999)
The Barefooted Youth (KBS, 1998)
First Love (KBS, 1997)
Papa (KBS, 1996)
A Sunny Place of the Young (KBS, 1995)
The Six Steps Toward a Separation (KBS, 1995)
Sea Breeze (PSB, 1995)
Salut D’Amour (Love Greeting) (KBS, 1994)


April Snow (2005)
Untold Scandal (2003)
Ppilku (1997)


2007 MBC Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Lee Ji Ah (The Legend)
2007 MBC Drama Awards: Daesang (Grand Prize) (The Legend)
2004 40th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best New Actor Award (“The Untold Scandal”)
2003 24th Blue Dragon Awards: Popularity Award (“The Untold Scandal”)
2003 24th Blue Dragon Awards: Best New Actor Award (“The Untold Scandal”)
2002 KBS Drama Awards: Best Actor Award (Winter Sonata)
2002 KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Award (Winter Sonata)
2002 38th Baeksang Arts Awards: Popularity Award (Winter Sonata)
1997 33rd Baeksang Arts Awards: Popularity Award
1996 KBS Drama Awards: Valuable Actor Award
1996 KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Award
1995 KBS Drama Awards: Photogenic Award
1995 KBS Drama Awards: Best New Actor Award

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1,037 Responses to “Bae Yong Jun @ Bae Yong Joon”

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  1. 501
    saranghe michida Says:

    ….long time no see u in drama / movie….where are you at this moment….are you very busy….or have another ‘big money’ project….


  2. 502
    Daisy Says:

    Ever since I saw Winter Sonata, I became one of your numerous fans. WS was the third kdrama I ever saw. I have seen many k-series since then and many names have been added to my ever growing list of favorite actors, but you are still Number ONE.

    I can’t wait for the release of your new drama (I read it will be DROPS OF GOD).

    Best wishes and success.

  3. 503
    Madina Says:

    my name is madina I am uzbek. bae yoon jung is very good actor of karean actor’s. he is very handsome. I love his films and you.

  4. 504
    catherine Says:

    i’m catherine from Indonesia.
    I’m your big fan because I really like your acting especially at Winter Sonata.
    You’re my favourite actor.
    My friend, my family , and I hope that U’ll come to Indonesia.
    If you can, we won’t miss it.


  5. 505
    nehal (Egypt) Says:

    hi i’m nehal from Egypt, i’d love that BYJ visit Egypt, i realy want to see him in real, it would be like a dream comes true.

  6. 506
    peapea Says:

    ooppa saranghae

  7. 507
    dr.mahabad Says:

    i live in north iraqi like your film only(winter sonata) i like you

  8. 508
    gagaga Says:

    hi…orimareheyo……(long time no see byj…)

    still wacthing The Legend again, again, again, again+++++++++

    still top one in my favourite k actors….

  9. 509
    sonaira Says:

    hilo..im sonaira from phillipines..actualy im a muslim..i reli lyk ur movie d legends..i reli impress in dis movie coz u reli do it perfct..u inspired me more 2 watch ur ader movie..allah bless u olwes..keep up d good work..hope to see u in person..im waitng for dat even it tke too long for me to fulfill dat…

  10. 510
    snow Says:



    Nice to see you.

  11. 511
    snow Says:


    I like your all of film.

    Ok! I intro my self. I’m Myanmar. You know this country. It is beautiful country. I invited come our country.

  12. 512
    Irma Says:

    Greetings from Indonesia!..Having watched your last collossal film ‘The Legend’, super!..two thumbs up always (although the ending is a bit far from my prediction)…will there be any sequel of this film. Only watch korean films with you as the main actor….
    Cheers – Irma

  13. 513
    MELVIE Says:

    HI!! I REALLY LIKE the legend WC IS tae wang sa shin gi!!
    i love korean movies!! and dramas!!
    i like bae yong joon with lee ji ah!!

  14. 514
    beatriz jimenez Says:

    baeyong joon en este dia te deseo a ti y tu hermosa familia feliz navidad y un año lleno de salud y prosperidad, gracias por hacernos la vida mas facil te queremos tus fans de venezuela, Dios te guarde sigue adelante…….

  15. 515
    Seng Says:

    U r catching with ur beautiful Smile.
    Yes u have a sweet smile,
    Will u reply my mail? I’m always watch ur movies..
    I’m from Myanmar. I’m also the one that i want to contact to u.

  16. 516
    Nadia Says:

    hai Bae yong jun,…………….
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2009.
    hm, winter sonata is the best korean drama. ilove the soundtrack of Winter Sonata. i love it your korean TV series. i saw you in April Snow, Hotelier and i’m so happy with your character in the movie or TV series.
    When you will come to Indonesia???

  17. 517
    Joyce Choong Says:

    Greetings Bae Yong Jun,

    Wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Bountiful New Year ! May 2009 bring you great challenges and happenings. We love to see and hear more of you. Take care. Cheers

  18. 518
    irene Says:

    im a filipina,,bae you are my dream man,,i hope in my dream i can catch you….always take care yourself,,,,mabuhay ka

  19. 519
    shady Says:

    love me ..im from iran i love you verry much and films you
    i love you i love you i love you


  20. 520
    blackrose Says:

    i like your action. u are very smat and beautiful. i say in Myanmar. i will hope your letter. i invite u . are u visit in Myanmar. In Myanmar , many people like your action. your movie is very little. i want to friend u. are u ok?
    i hope your email

  21. 521
    Karren Says:

    My very first time of watching korean dramas….boy, you took my breath away. I love your 2 movies entitled, “Winter Sonata” and “Hotelier”, you were wonderful in them. I daresay, you did so well according to the roles you were given in each one of them. Wishing you all the very best, Mr. Bae Yong Jun and GOD bless! The next on my list will be “April Snow”.

  22. 522
    maricar Says:

    hello BJY im the one your avid fan i like your angle face and your smile. all your movie i watch already my life is not complete if i can’t see your face in my desktop LOL!! but that is true i love you BJY hope you have a good health and many more blessings to come in your life. and hope that you have movie this year 2009

    take always and God bless you!!!

  23. 523
    byjlhay Says:



  24. 524
    Lumi Says:

    Esta admiradora te desea bendiciones en este ano y los venideros. Ardo por ver tu nueva serie. Saludos a ti y a todos desde Mexico.

    Greetings and best wishes to all korean drama fans (especially BJY’s fans) from your friend from Mexico.

  25. 525
    meldz Says:

    Kumusta, greetings from the Philippines! Any new projects in store? After the much talked about tv series “The Legend of Four Gods”, i haven’t heard any film or tv series coming up next. I know you’re kinda busy with your other business or concerns, however, we would want to see you back on screen again. Try to consider romantic comedy… You haven’t done that before? It’s a lighter and funny. Your fans will truly love that downright sexy when you closes your eyes and drops in a faint – don’t know of any other man who do that and yet not look wimpy but manly instead. As the song goes “My Eyes Adore You”… though i never laid a hand on you my eyes adore you….

  26. 526
    Thyna Says:

    hello guy,
    I really love u! especially ur hot body and hot face make me feel, i’m fall in love with u! i don’t know how to contact with u! but i hope when u come to visit Cambodia, u will find me! my mail is prachpagna@yahoo.com
    Love u!
    kisses and hugs

  27. 527
    hazel Says:

    hello,june khan (as called in philippines in winter sonata)

    your drama series is good and very simple but it touch the heart of those who watch it.I have to say your match with janice your true love interest in the series.thank god your not related in the series.happy because at the end you ended with each other just tosay your a good actor simple but with taste when acting.godluck

    from scotland UK


  28. 528
    Rachel Says:

    Ever since I saw Winter Sonata, I realized how handsome he is, he gives a very romantic almost sad looking guy, I loved other movies and TV dramas with him, he is great.

  29. 529
    dewi Says:

    halooooooooooooo….my name’s dewi. i am Indonesian. i really want to see him. it’s a dream come true. bae yoon jung. for my family….love u all

  30. 530
    chris Says:

    hi! bae yong jun your so awesome and with your killer smile i`ll keep watching winter sonata ite really wonderful drama.

  31. 531
    Tala Says:

    Hey, Hey, Hey…………

    Bae Yoon Jun, WOW, u have some beautiful lips, they look very kissable,
    anyways, U were adorable on Story of Four Gods, I really enjoyed
    that historical drama. U really look good in the historical customes, U
    should make more of those dramas. Later

  32. 532
    Cinnamon_pie Says:

    Hello! to the most gorgeous and ever talented Bae Yong Jun. Oh! my gosh! I have never seen a man with such an adoring face and a gorgeous SMILE ever. I mean I’ve seen Hollywood stars but for me you are the # 1 in my list. I’m a big fan of yours and to be quite honest it was the first Korean drama show that I’ve watched, the WS. And from then on I’ve watched most of your shows. You are by far the most talented Korean actors..not to mention that you are amazingly handsome..((^_^))

    God bless in everything you do and hope to see you again soon in your other shows.

  33. 533
    t-mee Says:

    hi mr bae yong jun…i’m your fans from indonesia…i always like your dramas…i wish you will comeback soon with your dramas…i hope someday you’ll visit indonesia…best regard from me…God bless u…

  34. 534
    mable ben Says:

    hi BYJ.. i really a big fans of yours but most of all you’re a kind of guy who gifted from GOD with a cute face, i wonder y GOD chosen you…. hee hee bye

  35. 535
    Dina Says:

    hi, bae yung jun
    happy new year 2009

    I really love winter sonata Drama and your character and in the legend.

    Can you visit Egypt , here in Egypt everyone love winter sonata . people here love WS very mush

    I love to see you in real in Egypt and welcom you

  36. 536
    mildred Says:

    hei BYJ….a pleasant day! since watching WINETR SONATA i became an instant fan of yours. i even brought with me my dvd’s of WS and some other films and series you’ve made. I love 4 Gods too! now i’m in canada hope i’ll still be able to get hold of your films and series!!! i’m from hpilippines by the way:oP

  37. 537
    jinky lopez Says:

    Please inform me where I can buy DVD’s of BYJ’s early projects :

    A Sunny Place of the Young (KBS, 1995)
    The Six Steps Toward a Separation (KBS, 1995)
    Sea Breeze (PSB, 1995)
    Salut D’Amour (Love Greeting) (KBS, 1994)

    Thank you

  38. 538
    vivi Says:

    hi at first i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooove u
    i am from iran u have sooooooo many fans here
    my sister and i love u(even my mom)

    i am sure one day we will see each other and then u can feel all the love i have 4 u

    this is my number i will give it to u and all handsome boys from korea china and japon please some one call me i want to mke frindship with u


    my mail:hisokalovei@yahoo.com

    be health be happy be lovely and merry me

    with all my love


  39. 539
    xand Says:

    The First time I saw Yong Joon on TV, got me interested in him. He captures my heart for having such adoring face. Seeing him even just in the pictures makes my day feels good. He’s a very good actor. I wish to see him personally. Hope you visit Philippines. God Bless you and more projects to come.

  40. 540
    marie france Says:

    Hi Bae young yoon
    I am from Mauritius a paradise island. I have watch a 1oo times winter sonata you are a very good actor and likes u so much.Hope one day u will visit my island the sea side is very beautiful. love u

  41. 541
    swe.jihun Says:

    u and me same life. so u always hard. i always clapping

    your friend

  42. 542
    RU Says:


    as you a very good & talented actor, i just want to know if you planing to act in a new movie/drama soon ???

    will be nice to know…tnx

  43. 543
    potato Says:

    Hi! I’m from Myanmar.So understand me if I make any mistake in English,ok?As first,may I introduce myself?I’m 21 years old and chinese.I believe in Buddhist.I like you a lot since I saw” The Legent” movie.And starting to get heart-attack and depression.As you know,Myanmar is the developing country,so we haven’t got much choice.I can’t affort to come Korea and meet you.So everyday I see your movie and picture.If I get just one wish,I will wish to meet you in personally.
    Bye for now,have a nice world and wish you every success in your life.

  44. 544
    Rachel Says:

    Hi Bae Yong Jun
    I’m from Israel, you are not known so much here, but soon you will, not long ago TV started to show Korean dramas, but I know you through the internet by watching your dramas on line, you are great actor, you can make women cry with you in the sad moments and smile with you when you give us the most wonderful smile you have, you seem to be like a good person, you are very beautiful, usually we dont call men beautiful but you are, you have an impressive face and body, and the glasses suites you caracter a lot, you are wonderful, success for the future.

  45. 545
    cynthia of manila Says:

    you reminded me of my first love,same eyes in eyeglass n built as well
    he is a professional electrical engineer. i love your acting, wish all the best….

  46. 546
    cynthia of manila Says:

    you reminded me of my first love, same expressive eyes in sunglasses
    and built as well,he is an electrical engineer. i love your acting and i wish you the best in love and life…

  47. 547
    teng Says:

    hello,,, i’m one of your avid fan here in the Philippines.. i’ve been watching you in all of you movies and projects specially in “WINTER SONATA” and “THE LEGEND” you’re really a good actor and a handsome one,,,can i ask you something? how many girls cried for you? hahaha!!!! no need to answer that,, with your looks,, many girls fall for their knees just to give them your SMILE!!!! i’m one of them! hay!!!!!! how i wish i could see you.. You’re really my idol,,I think your one of those GOD’S in the legend hahaha!!!!!! just dreaming!!!! hope to see your more projects….good luck!!!!! i’m waiting here hahaha!!!!! i’m too ambitious right? don’t mind me…….just FIGHTING!!!!!!!!

  48. 548
    Rika-Jakarta Says:

    I LOVE U. I’ll always waiting for your new korean drama n movie

  49. 549


  50. 550

    I like your acting both ”Winter Love Song” and ”April Snow.”
    First Impression !!, I watch TV every Episode. Winter Love Song was so sad
    Romantic Korean Drama.
    I saw repeat April Snow Movie. (Double / three to four repeat )
    They made me cried so much. !!
    I feel to envy (so jealous) Choi Ji Woo and Son Ye Jin. (Your Co-Star Actress) !!

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