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Bae Yong Jun.jpg

Name: 배용준 / Bae Yong-jun
Also Known as : Bae Yong Joon
Japanese nickname: Yon-sama
Date of Birth: August 29, 1972
Birthplace: Mapo, Seoul, South Korea
Height: 181cm
Weight: 78kg
Blood type: RH+ O
Profession: Actor
Religion: Roman Catholic
Education: Il-mun preschool/ Myung-il elem./ Baejae mid./ Hanyoung high./ attending to FTM (Film, TV & Multimeadia) in school of art of Sungkyunkwan University
Company: http://www.bofkorea.com
Motto: Humane Life!
Hobbies: Fishing, Reading, Watching Movies
Specialty: Swimming, Water-skiing, Snow-board, Bowling and Kendo
Family: Wife (Park Soo Jin)

TV Series

Dream High Season 1 (KBS2, 2011)
The Story of the First King’s Four Gods (MBC, 2007)
Hotelier (TV Asahi, 2007) (Episode 1)
Winter Sonata (KBS, 2002)
Hotelier (MBC, 2001)
Did We Really Love? (MBC, 1999)
The Barefooted Youth (KBS, 1998)
First Love (KBS, 1997)
Papa (KBS, 1996)
A Sunny Place of the Young (KBS, 1995)
The Six Steps Toward a Separation (KBS, 1995)
Sea Breeze (PSB, 1995)
Salut D’Amour (Love Greeting) (KBS, 1994)


April Snow (2005)
Untold Scandal (2003)
Ppilku (1997)


2007 MBC Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Lee Ji Ah (The Legend)
2007 MBC Drama Awards: Daesang (Grand Prize) (The Legend)
2004 40th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best New Actor Award (“The Untold Scandal”)
2003 24th Blue Dragon Awards: Popularity Award (“The Untold Scandal”)
2003 24th Blue Dragon Awards: Best New Actor Award (“The Untold Scandal”)
2002 KBS Drama Awards: Best Actor Award (Winter Sonata)
2002 KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Award (Winter Sonata)
2002 38th Baeksang Arts Awards: Popularity Award (Winter Sonata)
1997 33rd Baeksang Arts Awards: Popularity Award
1996 KBS Drama Awards: Valuable Actor Award
1996 KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Award
1995 KBS Drama Awards: Photogenic Award
1995 KBS Drama Awards: Best New Actor Award

Related Photo

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1,037 Responses to “Bae Yong Jun @ Bae Yong Joon”

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  1. 851
    jonah Says:

    it’s nice to see you again in that Dream High……….looking forward for another series…thanks..

  2. 852
    juwan Says:

    hell dear.How are you?

  3. 853
    juwan Says:

    Sorry I wanted to say( hello)Sorry I wish you the best and forgive me,please.

  4. 854
    juwan Says:

    Hello dear.Wish you are very well.

  5. 855
    juwan Says:

    I will keep sending you messages maybe oneday you will reply.Best Wishes dear.

  6. 856
    Anna Says:

    – Radiant Bae Yong Joon / 배용준 !
    Happiness to you and good.

  7. 857
    juwan Says:

    Hellooooooooooooooooooo handsome and how are you?

  8. 858
    juwan Says:

    I wish I could speak Korean just for your sake to encourage you and telling you how great actor you are!!!!!

  9. 859
    juwan Says:

    Good evening dear and how are you dear? this is my last message to you so if you want to contact this is my email. Have a great time and bright future . juwany07@yahoo.com

  10. 860
    iluvblogging.com » Sinopsis Dream High Says:

    […] (?) Uhm Ki Joon Lee Yoon Ji Bae Yong Joon (cameo ep 1-4) Park Jin Young (???) Han Ji Hoo Yoon Young Ah Lee Byung Joon Jun Ah Min (???) Kim […]

  11. 861
    picthoria yohana Says:

    bae yong jun, i don’t know why i really like you. i want to ask you, maybe or not you come to indonesia, especially to west borneo or maybe to sarawak malaysia?

  12. 862
    picthoria yohana Says:

    bae yong jun, saranghe……..

  13. 863
    picthoria yohana Says:

    this is my email, phictoria_yohana@yahoo.co.id. maybe you want to say hello with me. see u again…… GBU always.

  14. 864
    Geralynn Says:

    Ppl like you get all the brains. I just get to say tanhks for he answer.

  15. 865
    hind Says:

    Hi,Imiss sosOSO mach darling. ^-^

  16. 866
    ForeverKimHyunJoong Says:

    Annyeong Bae Yong Jun Ssi,

    Thank you for being such a good boss and Hyung to Kim Hyun Joong Ssi! The album, BREAK DOWN is awesome and the production is worth the investment and I hope it will reap in the returns too. Thank you, Kamsahamnida. God bless you!

  17. 867
    Ruby Jane Tormon Says:

    I like your winter sonata TV drama .can i have a winter sonata tape
    I am your #1 fans of yours in the Philippines.

  18. 868
    Marie Says:

    Hi! You’re one of my favorite Korean actor though I’m not Korean and don’t know your language… I’m from the Philippines. I love your acting in Winter Sonata and The Story of the First King’s Four Gods. Take care always.

  19. 869
    hind Says:

    what to do if miss sosomuch

  20. 870
    Amene Says:

    Love Me Bae

  21. 871
    shiva Says:

    HI im from iran i dont know your language you are my favorite actor your acting is great and i love your serias and I ALLWAYS HOPE YOU THE BEASTS

  22. 872
    aiko Says:

    hi..oppa genki desuka….youre my favorite korean actor looking forward for another drama serries with choi ji woo i love both of you [good couple]…dont get married yet ok.im same age of ji woo and admire you a lot [teppa]

  23. 873
    hind Says:

    Hi,how are you BYJ.please get married soon and have happy life and make family ^_^

  24. 874
    Mary sabukina Says:

    I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. 875
    OK OK OK Says:

    Hi Bae Yong Jun ssi. how are you. Sarang hae.. he hehe 😉

    Hope you got another great hit drama like Winter Sonata & Hotelier.
    May God bless you always………. Loves from Singapore

  26. 876
    ghie Says:

    hello bae yong joon? hope to see you in another drama series!! we miss you hope your always in good health yon sama!! your a good actor!! and I’ve watched your winter sonata 10 times!! and the legend!! your great!! ” god bless you always!! i know your catholic!!

  27. 877
    Happy Says:

    Love ya Yong-Jun
    You’re the best ilove your handsome and I like your voice!!!
    I wish to see you in new drama because you deserve to be on the top

    happy from tunisia

  28. 878
    veelest Says:

    Like u a lot

  29. 879
    hind Says:

    Hi LOvE when I haer your voice Ifeel like Iam in love ^_ ^

  30. 880
    Amene Says:

    I Love You Oppa

  31. 881
    christal Says:

    dear oppa,

    i love the way you smile.. and i love the legend.. you are a great actor.. read your profile and its good t know your a christian..hope you get marry.. More blessings and Godbless..

  32. 882
    christal Says:


    i love the way you smile.. and i love the legend.. you are a great actor.. read your profile and its good t know your a christian..hope you get marry.. More blessings and Godbless..

  33. 883
    vanessa matunan Says:

    good day,my yon sama!! i really love the way you smile …i pray that you may read this comment of mine..and at least give me some messages..muah…thank you for acting great..hope im the phoenix you love…smile..

  34. 884
    hind Says:

    صباح الخير قريبا عيد ميلادك كل عام وانت الحب كل عام وانت بخير ^-^

  35. 885
    loura Says:

    love you love you love you love you love you love you love you………..yonsama

  36. 886
    dingskelter Says:

    my most fave korean actor!!!

  37. 887
    ForeverKimHyunJoong Says:

    Annyeonghaseyo Bae Yong Jun Nim,

    Happy Birthday! May all your Birthday wishes come true for you. May Hyun Joongie’s wish for you come true too. Thank you for taking good care of Hyun Joongie. Appreciate your kindness and generosity. Eat lots of Mi-Yeok-guk. Please stay Happy and Healthy. God bless you!

  38. 888
    hind Says:

    vary good morning BYJ .Happy birthday ,Ilove you Soooooooomatch.

  39. 889
    hind Says:

    Yonsama .Iwish the best and the good health.

  40. 890
    julia79 Says:

    Happy birthday from romanian fans BIJ!
    We meet again you in other roles. Good health and as many realizations.

  41. 891
    khin Says:

    Dear Bae Yung Joon

  42. 892
    Tahmineh Says:

    I like you and your pretty smile you are always great. i hope to see you in another drama series like as winter sonata and hotelier althoug i like lovely papa so much more than other your roles. god bless you dear BYJ

  43. 893
    Sara Says:

    hello dear and how are you? Happy birthday to you I wish you a very nice time.

  44. 894
    ForeverKimHyunJoong Says:

    배용준 님,

    추석 잘 보내세요. 행복하고 건강하게 지내세요.

  45. 895
    hind Says:

    Hello BYJ yon sama Iwish you the best. ^_^

  46. 896
    soran Says:

    hi bae yong jun iam kurdish i love you so so so so so so mach,i like winter sonata

  47. 897
    soran Says:

    bae yong jun please came in kurdistan

  48. 898
    juliet sta. ana Says:

    Hi Mr. Bae Yong Jun,

    Good to know that you’re a Roman Catholic. I watched “Winter Sonata”. You deserved the Best Actor Award on this because you portray your role excellent. God Bless you and your family. You’re in my prayer!


  49. 899
    maica Says:

    i don’t love u and like u ! i want to see your face, talk with u as a man, not as actor! i dont know how ‘s that ? i hope have a day i can talk with you Bae

  50. 900
    Ming Says:

    I am not a fan. Just happen to read about you and indeed you are different. Touch by your warmness and kindness. Hope that this will touch the world. Good health.

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