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Name: 수지 / Bae Suzy
Real name: 배수지 / Bae Soo Ji
Profession: Singer, actress
Birthdate: 1994-Oct-10
Height: 166cm
Weight: 47kg
Star sign: Libra
Talent agency: JYP Entertainment
KPOP group: Miss A

TV Shows

While You Were Sleeping (SBS, 2017)
Uncontrollably Fond (KBS2, 2016)
You Who Came From the Stars (SBS, 2013)
KangChi, The Beginning (MBC, 2013)
Big (KBS2, 2012)
I Need a Fairy (KBS2, 2012) cameo
Human Casino (KBS2, 2011)
Dream High Season 2 (KBS2, 2012) cameo
Dream High Season 1 (KBS2, 2011)


The Hymn (2015)
Architecture 101 (2012)
Hi, Bye (2011)


2017 SBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Awards – Lee Jong Suk and Bae Suzy (While You Were Sleeping)
2017 SBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actress (Wed-Thurs Drama) – Bae Suzy (While You Were Sleeping)
– 2016 52nd Paeksang Arts Awards : InStyle Award
2013 MBC Drama Awards: Best Couple Awards – Lee Seung Gi and Suzy (Gu Family Book)
2013 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actress (Mini Series) – Suzy (Gu Family Book)
2012 KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Actress Awards, Bae Suzy (Big)
– 2012 48th Baeksang Arts Awards:New Actress: Suzy (Introduction to Architecture)
2011 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Awards with Kim Soo Hyun (Dream High)
2011 KBS Drama Awards: Newcomer Awards (Dream High)

Related Photo

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226 Responses to “Bae Suzy”

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  1. 51
    dzuvia Says:

    ooh.. suzy.. I like you so much.. I hope you will act again in the other film :))

  2. 52
    ranjan Says:

    Very nice baby.i miss u

  3. 53
    dewinatalia95@yahoo.co.id Says:

    suzy i like you so much i miss you in drama…i hope you will act again in new drama…

  4. 54
    reza Says:

    i like you… you’re nice and beautifull
    in bahasa indonesia… you are sangat cantik…
    what next drama??? i’ll waiting…

  5. 55
    Liya Says:

    suzi..i like your drama,,,cayoooooo

  6. 56
    norma esquillo Says:

    Hi! Suzy you are great as a new actress. Hoping there is a sequel in your performance in DREAM HIGH with Kim Soo Hyun. We are waiting for it. Right now we are already excited. Keep up the good acting.

  7. 57
    nisa Says:

    suzy you’re so beautiful! aaa saranghae 🙂
    keep acted and singing! fighting ^^

  8. 58
    Dream High Season 2 : poster+drama info | Says:

    […] Bae Suzy Taecyeon Ham Eun Jung Wooyoung IU (Lee Ji Eun) Production Credits […]

  9. 59
    chelz Says:

    i love you suzy! you’re so gorgeous!!

  10. 60
    marikko Says:

    aja aja Suzy.. your cute and funny in invincible youth season 2.
    also you are great in dream high.

  11. 61
    roya Says:

    خيلي فيلم خوبي بود، با بازي خوب خانم سوزي. dream high

  12. 62
    nicole Says:

    Suzy!!!!!!!!! Your a great singer and dancer.. And improved in acting.. Hope you do another drama.. Your’e very funny in Invincible You Season 2.. Have a great comeback with your group miss A!! Fighting!!

  13. 63
    unice Says:

    Super like..
    Hope to See You again in a new drama.. Great voice..♥♥♥

  14. 64
    Elced Says:

    Oh…. Suzy your so Beautiful………….. i am waiting in your next drama… i hope i see you again acting…..

  15. 65
    mozhgan Says:

    ilike you suzy

  16. 66
    maryam m Says:

    I’m very love korea after drama boys over flower i love this country. dream high very was beautiful like f4 special with play dame suzy she is verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry beautiful i love you!

  17. 67
    ieyra malaysia Says:

    omo~your age same with me…
    but why you look so tall..
    im 157 only but you 166..
    wow….you’re so baeutiful girl..

  18. 68
    Jessy Says:

    I really like her acting with Kim so Hyun, i really wanted dream high 2 to e a continuation of the old characters but no it’s a new cast and diffrent storys about other people. They should’ve made a continuation,it’s got reall bad ratings.

  19. 69
    julive Says:

    i like the hairstyle of your hair

  20. 70
    Clarisse Says:

    Isn’t she in JYP Ent. ? Why do it says J.Tune ?
    Anyway , Suzy is really great

  21. 71
    GLEACY Says:

    haie suzy , im excited for ur next drama .. :]]

    good luckk , & GOD bless

  22. 72
    josh Says:

    Suzy ur my Music <3 iloveyou haha

    gudluck xD

  23. 73
    Subtitle Indonesia: Dream High (Korean Drama) « Korean Drama Subtitle Says:

    […] Bae Suzy as Go Hye Mi Kim Soo Hyun as Song Sam Dong Taecyeon as Jin Gook / Hyun Shi Hyuk Ham Eun Jung as Yoon Baek Hee Jang Woo Young as Jason IU as Kim Pil Sook […]

  24. 74
    *_* Says:

    Ahhh so prettyy!! She’s like my role model..I loved her acting on dream high! I really wish dream high 1 could continue because I don’t feel like watching dream high 2 since it doesn’t feel the same without the old actors :'( Oh and I loved Suzy’s cover of Only Hope..perfect skills in english!! Waaahhh D’: really wish there was another dream high like dream high 3 except with the same old actors..IU,Suzy and the others.. YOUR REALLY MY INSPIRATION SUZY!! <3 Keep on acting!

  25. 75
    Hye Yeon Says:

    I really love SUZY. She’s very pretty and talented. I love her baby face! So cuuutee! Hwaiting! 😉

  26. 76
    Carlo Says:

    Hi..Bae Suzy. Super I like you beacause you are so cute very very cute.

  27. 77
    Nelsa Says:

    annyeong soo ji!!

    sarangheyo soo ji, i really like you,
    you’re so cute!!!!

    keep a good work
    soo ji


  28. 78
    b-mindz Says:

    hai miss suzy super ganda mo naman !!!!parang love na ata kita!!!!!!i like u miss suzy

  29. 79
    neil Says:

    hi bae suzy iwant you to be my friend in facebook please give your email and ilove you so much good luck and more work will come 🙂

  30. 80
    jinky Says:

    suzy,,i love you so much!..your very beautiful..keep up the good work my idoooooL..:D

  31. 81
    victoria magdali Says:

    Just really like Dream High 1. I hope you can have a new drama in KBS world since there is an english subtitle so I could watch a very charming actress like you.

  32. 82
    victoria magdali Says:

    Dream High is now shown in ABS CBN that’s why I can recommend to my students, to my nephews, nieces, even to my colleagues to watch it. I just don’t know I just love this drama. To the scripwriter/s, congrats for giving us this kind of drama…to the actors and actresses, congrats, you did so well..

  33. 83
    Han Ah Hyo Says:

    Super like like like!
    I really admire you the most miss Suzy and you’re supposed to be with Taekyeon? why must it be Kim Soo Hyun?

  34. 84
    Han Hi jo Says:

    your face is not too bad

  35. 85
    ivy Says:

    an•nyong I am a fan of yours love every soup opera that you are on hope that one day I could be so talented like you.
    P.s. your my idol

  36. 86
    ivy Says:

    Annyong omoni and I are very huge fans!!! Love how you sing onni.
    Annyong 🙂

  37. 87
    Hsi Xiao Says:

    anyong,. i really lyk u,. in dream high 1,.cute:-*

  38. 88
    jovie tello daquipel Says:

    i love bae suzy she is so pretty. saranghae suzy..

  39. 89
    arezooOoo Says:

    i like u so much

  40. 90
    samrawit worku Says:

    i love u soooooooooooooooooooooo much. i really enjoy invincible youth when u start appearing in it keep up the good work.

  41. 91
    Fei Says:

    pretty ~

  42. 92
    charmaine Says:

    annyeong haseyeo…you’re so cute bae suzy…i like you’re acting skills so much…and you’re voice,,,so awesome..also you’re dancing skills……so great..^-^

  43. 93
    marienel Says:

    hello suzy……… i like you so much and am one of your biggest fan… love you…

  44. 94
    tristan Says:

    hi bae suzy i love your hair

  45. 95
    Annabel scott Says:

    As far as comments go here, these people must all be teeny hoppers since they are limited with their comments. How boring!!!!!

  46. 96
    tristan Says:

    hellow ^_-

  47. 97
    darren Says:

    hello, Bae Suzy, I like u so much because u are so cute,.

  48. 98
    kloshmaire fiedalan Says:

    i love Bae Soo Ji 🙂

  49. 99
    shaira :* Says:

    hai ur so great because ur just 17 but u do weLl , more
    project 2 come Lab yah 🙂

  50. 100
    cute saranghe Says:

    ……miss A your so cute…..
    …..good luck and god bless….
    …..fighting ok……..

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