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Byun Woo Min

Name: 변우민 / Byun Woo Min
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1965-Feb-01
Height: 177cm
Weight: 70kg
Blood type: B

TV Shows

It’s Beautiful Now (KBS2, 2022)
A Good Supper (MBC, 2021)
The Penthouse (SBS, 2020)
Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2 (SBS, 2020)
Nameless Woman (KBS2, 2017)
Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim (SBS, 2016)
Nailshop Paris (MBC Plus, 2013)
Suspicious Family (MBN, 2012)
Creating Destiny (MBC, 2009)
Tempted Again (MBC, 2009)
Temptation of Wife (SBS, 2008)
Love Me When You Can (MBC, 2006)
Can We Refill the Love? (KBS2, 2005)
Pearl Earring (SBS, 2005)
Escape From Unemployment (SBS, 2003)
Everyday With You (MBC, 2001)
Law Firm (SBS, 2001)
Cheers for the Women (SBS, 2000)
Panther of Kilimanjaro (KBS2, 1998)
Barefoot Days (KBS2, 1998)
Apartment (MBC, 1995)


First Kiss (1998)
California (1997)
Change (1997)
Marriage Story 2 (1994)
Absolute Love (1994)
A Pale Rainy Day (1991)
Well, Let’s Look at the Sky Sometimes (1990)
The Isle of Shiro (1988)
The Broken Hearts Club (1987)


2009 SBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Serial Drama – Actor (Temptation of Wife)

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  1. 1 : sam Says:

    you are very good acting in cruel temptation & attractive korean drama.

  2. 2 : ann Says:

    you are attractive

  3. 3 : jun Says:

    good acting as a ‘gyo bin’ !congrats u win a sbs award ! keep it up!

  4. 4 : mel Says:

    i never watch his act before..

  5. 5 : ade Says:

    your acting is good.. ^^

  6. 6 : vibram fivefingers Says:

    salam , mamnonam, az tarafe man ba RA salam beresonid, omidvaram harja ke hastid movafagh bashid , man taze ba en site ashna shodam va osolan adat be fozoli dar matn ha ro nadaram va ek rast soragh comment khodam miam , sharmandam , shab khosh

  7. 7 : Nuna Says:

    This character of Jung Gyo Bin as a weak and lousy man/husband is certainly not a favourable one to viewers but ultimately Byun Woo Min did play out his role perfectly well. Thumbs-up!

  8. 8 : jha Says:

    hi byun woo min, i really adored you and i love your acting your a good actor hope to see you someday i watch all of your movies..

    more powers and god bless

  9. 9 : gerlie Says:

    good actor!!!!

  10. 10 : Cám Dỗ Chết Người | TTXVA Says:

    […] Byun Woo Min as Jung Gyo Bin (35, Eun Jae’s husband) Kim Dong Hyun as Jung Ha Jo (63, Gyo Bin’s father) Geum Bo Ra as Baek Mi In (58, Gyo Bin’s mother) Oh Young Shil (오영실) as Jung Ha Neul (42, Gyo Bin’s aunt) Song Hee Ah as Jung Soo Bin (31, Gyo Bin’s younger sister) […]

  11. 11 : Creating Destiny (인연 만들기) « styrn Says:

    […] Byun Woo Min as Kang Hae Sung Ryu Sang Wook as Kang Se Won Baek Jong Min as Min Chul Ho Olivier (올리비에) as Alex Park Soon Chun as Soo Jung Yoon Joo Hee as Jung So Yeon […]

  12. 12 : Mehrdad Says:

    You are good looking and handsome I love you if you were like men

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