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Cha Jin Hyuk


Name: 차진혁 / Cha Jin Hyuk
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1980 Aug 29
Height: 180cm
Weight: 68kg
Blood type: B

TV Series

The Person I Love (SBS, 2007)

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  1. 1 : lara Says:

    Hi,im lara from the philippines…you’re so adsome

  2. 2 : joejoh Says:

    hi???ur so cute…hope we can meet someday

  3. 3 : gurung Says:

    o u r sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute.

  4. 4 : gurung Says:

    u r soooooooooo cute .hi i m gurung from uk but my hometwon is nepal

  5. 5 : kim hyu min Says:

    anneong haseyo!! jin hyuk…..why r u so cute? i wish i can meet u some day. perhaps…..

  6. 6 : ella mae Says:

    hai…how r u????by d way im ella mae from philippines…ur absolutely handsome guy….and ur also cute………..

  7. 7 : ella mae Says:

    hoping that someday u will b vsiting my coutry…the philippines

  8. 8 : ella mae Says:


  9. 9 : zin mar Says:

    i want to friend with you . we all are human

  10. 10 : hisfa_pink Says:

    hi… me too… i’m searching a friend hope we enjoy=)

  11. 11 : Babyna Says:

    ooh my gosh,
    u r so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    luv ya wen i first looked at u

  12. 12 : ruby lyn Says:

    ….hello!!!!!your so handsome….i like your post there…

  13. 13 : avril Says:

    MEn,ur so handsome cool!!!!!!!!!how i wish 2 see u n personal..jejejeje

  14. 14 : tenzin Says:

    u look exactly coool…………specialy i love all korean guy
    u r handsome toooooooooo]
    oh i am fron NEPAL &in pokhara
    i am tibetan

    with love……….see ya

  15. 15 : Sasy Says:

    hi… i love Korean guy, u know..so cute…

  16. 16 : Vaiv Says:

    what a cute guy…

  17. 17 : kasperjane Says:

    helloooooooooooo……like what others said,i agree with them.your so so cute………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. 18 : ladychel Says:

    you so cuteeeeeeeeeeeee

  19. 19 : ladychel Says:

    i like your face……………….

  20. 20 : DiNi Says:

    Hi…. I’m DiNi from Indonesia!! Well handsome it’s obvious, but there something about the eyes and your face is little goofy to me :D.

  21. 21 : wan sho lin Says:

    Hi,glad to meet u,I watched many movies in Korean.U are really awesome guy.I f I could have a wish ,I want to meet u .OPPA.

  22. 22 : wan sho lin Says:

    Hi nice to see u again.I want to say u about me,I am a chinese girl,but my hometown is myanmar,my town is yangon,

  23. 23 : clayith Says:

    ur zo cute kuya…. add me sa friendster @ [email protected]…tnx poh…

  24. 24 : lhejoy Says:

    .,OWSS!!! take gud care of ur self kuya…..im lhee from philippines…i know ur so kind…may Go b with you alwayzzzz=’) can you text me kuya?..ahehehe…pls, do me a favor..this my number 09109856202.. thank you…

  25. 25 : lhejoy Says:

    .,OWSS!!! take gud care of ur self kuya…..im lhee from philippines…i know ur so kind…may God b with you alwayzzzz=’) can you text me kuya?..ahehehe…pls, do me a favor..this my number 09109856202.. thank you…

  26. 26 : PAK Says:

    You are so nice. I love you na joob joob!

  27. 27 : eunice Says:

    uUuUuUuRrRrR SO Ucute…by the wway mmy name is euunice ffrooom philippppinnnnnne…loooovvvvvve uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…

  28. 28 : Jae-yoon Says:

    You guys know that he won’t read this, right? And he’s a superstar you’ll probably never meet?

  29. 29 : SshHiInN Says:

    hey,,can i get some picture of you,,,,,,,,

  30. 30 : auwel Says:


    my birth date is also Aug 29,1982.
    i’m please to see you.

  31. 31 : Pink Cherry Says:

    Hi Cha JIn Hyuk… U are a cute boy
    and handsome boy

  32. 32 : jame Says:

    hi!!handsome guy.your face was really same me.So now i interesting you.

  33. 33 : miu mi Says:


  34. 34 : rem Says:

    cool !!!

  35. 35 : jessel Says:

    oh my God you’re really cute..i think i’m fallen inlove with you.i wish i can meet you personally.jessel from philippines..hoping to kiss you in your lips..

  36. 36 : Yas Says:

    Hello! I agree with them. You look stunning. I just hope you can speak English and not dumb as well. Anyway, what’s the point of including your Blood Type in your profile?? Looking for a blood donors eh?

  37. 37 : carmie Says:

    im carmie…
    you know what your so cute…
    i like you….
    take care ok….
    can you add me in your friendster….

    [email protected]
    thanks a lot…

  38. 38 : marivic Says:

    hi.. im marivic from philippines..
    hi your so cute… i hope we can meet someday

  39. 39 : magon Says:

    well i like the shirt that u have on and the desing are so cool. well thats all. bye and if u ever read this, than well hope u response to all those fan of yours. well i was just crusing throw. bye now and hope u have a wonderful life.

  40. 40 : magon Says:


  41. 41 : aya sh Says:

    i love you
    i am aya from jordan
    your so so so cute , beatiful and nice

  42. 42 : ZIRa & aDa MALAYSIA Says:

    WE WANT TO SAID THAT U ARE SO CUTE BUT…. you may getting older!!!DON’T FORGET TO COME TO MALAYSIA coz whatever you are we love to wtch all the korean series in TV….

  43. 43 : chaw su nwe Says:

    Hi, I am chaw su from Myanmar. I hope you are a successful actor in the world.

  44. 44 : lwin Says:

    i want u to be my brother.
    I wish u to get a successful life.
    GOOD LUCK!!!

  45. 45 : sharon Says:

    i’m from Australia, luv ya, ur so cuteee n handsom
    gud luck for ya future lolzzzzzzzzzzzz……muah,,,,,,,muah

  46. 46 : sonam Says:

    i never watched your movie before and i need some name of your film so that i could watch as you are really charming,i live in kashmer located in India but i am Tibetan and don’t know how to greet in Korean language .best of luck for your up coming project

  47. 47 : chen Says:

    someday if you want to visit indonesia im want to become ur guide,
    there is so many beautifull places in indonesia. exm: bali island n bunaken.

  48. 48 : chen Says:

    085240407066 (my phone number)

  49. 49 : win kay khine Says:

    hello boy you are very beautiful boy

    i am your cusmeter

  50. 50 : endah puspitasari Says:

    wowwwwww……….you are the most cool guy that i have ever met.
    When will you go to my beautiful place in indonesia…… east java.
    it would be fantastic trip for you……… have a nice day.bye

  51. 51 : kzar Says:

    i’ am from Myanmar. i like your eye.i am your audience.
    i wish you to get successful life.have a nice day. God may bless you.
    bye bye .

  52. 52 : hasnor Says:

    hello? u know since i’ve been look ur picture. i really appreciated ur very handsome cutify face.. ur attractive? i hope we talk each other through my email soon…
    goodluck to your career and godbless. more power!!!!!!!!

  53. 53 : phyu Says:


    i’m from myanmar.. Your very handsome..I like very much..

  54. 54 : Thida Says:

    I’am vrey happy .

  55. 55 : Thyna Says:

    hello Cha Jin Hyuk,
    i’m from Cambodia, i really love you! You’re so cute and hot, especially, your baby face make me feel love you more than! i wish all the best to you and i hope oneday i can meet you in Cambodia and stay with you!

  56. 56 : Thyna Says:

    hello Cha Jin Hyuk,
    i’m from Cambodia, i really love you! You’re so cute and hot, especially, your baby face make me feel love you more than! i wish all the best to you and i hope oneday i can meet you in Cambodia and stay with you!
    Love U!
    Kisses and Hugs

  57. 57 : dg Says:

    hi your so handsome i wish i could see you in person.. i really like you so much.. take care always..=)

  58. 58 : gal Says:

    i luv u so much,the first time i saw you,you easily captured me…pls.send a reply to me,,any will do,,,

  59. 59 : gal Says:

    i wish u all the best in life and career…i luv you…pls. send me back a reply..i’m waiting

  60. 60 : miss stranger Says:

    what so good about you? i agree u r handsome but drooling over is this guy… bit weird though.. nevermind!! im not big fan of yours so i don care.. just thought to give a comment.. hmmm. feel much better.. alteast respond to those fans who are going crazy 4 u..

  61. 61 : Bathroom mirrorsc Says:

    The way you have described this is very thorough. I will link your blog page to mine.

  62. 62 : jezzel Says:

    hi…….hope that we will meet……….your so handsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  63. 63 : samjhana Says:

    anyoung hashimnika

    sanghkyak e namu chhosumnida chanun nepal a sa
    hembok haseyoooooooo sarang heyoooooo

  64. 64 : mel Says:

    you’re so cute..

  65. 65 : ade Says:

    so cute u are!!

  66. 66 : ICE Says:


  67. 67 : ghazal b Says:

    so cuteeeeeeeeeee :*

  68. 68 : grace Says:

    hi.. im from phillipines… i like korea movie and tv show….
    korea actor is very cute… i wish that u come here in phillipines…..
    u very cute and handsome.. that all…???


  69. 69 : grace Says:

    hi… im from phillipines…?? i like the korean movie and tv show..??
    korean actor.. is very cute..???… i wish that u come here in phillipines..??
    u are cute…. and handsome..???? thats all.??


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  72. 72 : emerald Says:


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