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Cha Seung Won

Name: 차승원 / Cha Seung Won
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1970-Jun-07
Height: 188cm
Weight: 80kg
Star sign: Gemini

TV Shows

Our Blues (tvN, 2022)
A Korean Odyssey (tvN, 2017)
Hwajung (MBC, 2015)
You’re All Surrounded (SBS, 2014)
The Greatest Love (MBC, 2011)
Athena: Goddess of War (SBS, 2010)
City Hall (SBS, 2009)
Bodyguard (KBS2, 2003)
Love Story (SBS, 1999)
Woman on Top (SBS, 1999)
Roses and Bean Sprouts (MBC, 1999)
Angel’s Kiss (KBS2, 1999)
Blushing With Love (MBC, 1998)
Song of the Wind (SBS, 1998)
New York Story (뉴욕 스토리) (SBS, 1997)


Man On High Heels (2014)
Mr. Xxx-kisser (2012)
71: Into the Fire (2010)
Blades of Blood (2010)
Secret (2009)
Eye for an Eye (2008)
A Day With My Son (2007)
Somewhere Over the Border (2006)
Murder, Take One (2005)
Blood Rain (2005)
Ghost House (2004)
My Teacher, Mr. Kim (2003)
Project X (2003)
Jail Breakers (2002)
Break Out (2002)
Kick the Moon (2001)
Libera Me (2000)
Black Honeymoon (2000)
Attack the Gas Station (1999)
Fin De Siecle (1999)
Ghost In Love (1999)
If the Sun Rises in the West (1998)
Holiday in Seoul (1997)


2015 MBC Drama Awards: Top Ten Star Awards – Cha Seung Won (Hwajung)
2011 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Award (Mini Series), Best Actor (The Greatest Love)
2011 MBC Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Gong Hyo Jin (The Greatest Love)
2011 Style Icon Award : Style Icon of the Year
2009 SBS Drama Awards: Top Ten Star Award (City Hall)
2009 SBS Drama Awards: Best Actor – Special Drama (City Hall)

Related Photo

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Cha Seung Won 18 Cha Seung Won 20


  1. 1 : marissa Says:

    omg his really adorable his good!!

  2. 2 : flower Says:

    HI,cha seung won good luck in everything you do.I love you so much.Happy new year.

  3. 3 : momomiko10 Says:

    i started to like him since bodyguard..and know he was a main cast of city hall with kim sun ah my fav actress..best luck for him and suna^^

  4. 4 : alohagirl Says:

    Watching “City Hall” now. It was a nice surprise to find out Cha Seung Won is back! He is great in this drama and cute as ever! Really liked him in “Body Guard”.

  5. 5 : ying Says:

    He’s cool in City Hall! Love watching him in the drama! 🙂

  6. 6 : munichreynoso Says:

    You should watch him with Kim Sun Ah in their Drama CITY HALL. Really worth watching. Both Good Actor/Actress

  7. 7 : Pauline Says:

    I agree he and leading actress Kim Sun Ah ( one of my favorite actress) looks great together in the latest drama – City Hall. One of the best show for 2009. Great chemistry and they look so compatible. Too bad I read somewhere that he is married with a son ? I tried searching for his profile to find out if he was married but it didn’t say anything in his profile that he was married.
    Can someone tell me which website I should go to find out more about Korean Actors and Actresses profiles ? I am a big fan of Korean dramas and movies. Looking forward to more great shows with Cha Seung Won and Kim Sun Ah together.

  8. 8 : iwul Says:

    he..very-very handsome ..and cool ..great actor in City Hall Drama …

  9. 9 : wmc71 Says:

    I saw 10 of Cha’s movies and City Hall. Noticed how good looking he was in Eye for an Eye. My Son also a great movie.

  10. 10 : czai Says:

    i fell in love with cha seung won in city hall he did a very good job there with kim sun ah they blended well in that drama i dont get tired watching it over and over again it was so entertaining

  11. 11 : czai Says:

    hope to see more of cha seung won and kim sun ah

  12. 12 : che Says:

    cha seung won is so good looking and has a great sex appeal he does look so young and so tall he really the man more power to u cha seung won

  13. 13 : che Says:

    ur acting was so cool that so u deliverred so naturally

  14. 14 : che Says:

    a great actor

  15. 15 : subtitlelover Says:

    He is so great in City Hall. I fell in love with him and now researching to see what other drama he did so I can watch it. In City Hall, he and Kim Sun Ah had such good chemistry. They both did such a good job in that drama that you even believe there is something between. Their kissing seen is one of the best I have seen so far. I hope they do something else together.

  16. 16 : czar Says:

    cha seung won really has a great sex appeal that anyone would be hypnotyzed when you watch him so i cant wait for more of cha seung won in the future

  17. 17 : czar Says:

    ur so so handsome i wish i could find someone as tall as handsome as you plus a good personality i heard with ur a responsible family man wish u all the best in ur career as an actor and as the head of ur family

  18. 18 : Tety Says:

    Really impressed … watching you in City Hall.

  19. 19 : yoomi Says:


  20. 20 : tyrababy Says:

    Oppa… I love you so much.

  21. 21 : Miss White Says:

    Hello CSW,
    c.c. KSA

    Wanna let U know from country side to town and city here in Malaysia, we are your CityHall KDrama fans, well CSW we simply hail your immaculate, gentleman, romantic and fine actings with lovely, sophiscated, cute and charming KSA, both your tender loved clearly filled the air from start to finish and we as ardent fans have yet to get enough and even asking for more now that it has ended beautifully well.

    My wish for CityHall to be Top and Best KDrama 2009, others can never come close to CityHall standards both superb in casts and storylines beyond par and race to the Peak, a truly CityHall KDrama second to none I can attest it will remain the Best for many years to come.

    Nevertheless I must mention, fans keep your votes coming in for CityHall and my vote I must say proudly to CSW for the Best KActor 2009. Always there for KSA you are at a top spot for the Best KActress 2009 AND BOTH OF YOU CSW and KSA a truly heart-warming couple for the KDrama Best Couple of the Year 2009.

    Stay well now that the storm and typhoon are all over!!. Enjoy and cheers to you and all.

  22. 22 : vie Says:

    I like how you act in city hall, ehm.. very handsome n sexy, this is the first time I know you and makes me curious to watch your others drama. And I’m waiting for your new drama…good luck

  23. 23 : Elizabeth W. Says:

    Wonderful actor, with a great talent for handling the tricky passage from comic to dramatic and back, and genuinely attractive presence (without needing to try). His chemistry with the magnificent Kim Sun Ah was extraordinary . I’ve just finished watching City Hall which I enjoyed enormously and would gladly watch again. Really clever and sparkling dialogues, keeping the not so interesting formulaic parts to a minimum, with the script writers handling the dramatic twists with considerable skill, while delivering, within the framework of necessary, for a TV series, simplifications, a surprisingly non-naive plot about local and national Korean politics. Even though I have no knowledge of the country’s experience I found that particular strand of the story absolutely gripping. Cha Seun Won and Kim Sun Ah must surely be the couple of the year, I, for one, could not get enough of them and could go on watching them with pleasure for 30-40 episodes.

  24. 24 : marianneT Says:

    CSW is really charming and have a great sex appeal…make me fall in love with you
    In this picture….is he Cha Seung Won???? How come is it so different with in the City Hall?..I don’t recognize him in that picture

  25. 25 : Paulynn Says:

    Both CSW and KSA have the best chemistry amongst the korea drama of all time. Keep up the good work …… City Hall was the best drama ever …

  26. 26 : millethsalonga Says:

    omg hes so handsome first time to watch him in tv series,and make me curious ti find all ur tv series and movies as well.cha seung won ur one of the best korean actor ive ever watch,strong sex appeal that every ladies will fall in love with you.how can u afford us all.love u che seung won oppa.sarang-hae

  27. 27 : millethsalonga Says:

    kim sun ah your always the best ever from kim samsoon with hyun bin oppa,to when at night with lee dong gun oppa. you always make us laugh and cry . fighting and god bless.sarang-hae.

  28. 28 : sooeungrim Says:

    Hi guys.. Just wanna give you info about CSW , he is a married with 2 kids, son and doughter. And the eldest son is about aged more than 10 years old. And the youger doughter still a lil baby. Can u imagine that 39 years old man can performed as 30’s early man? Very sexy and young. Hehehe. In cityhall, he is the most gorgeous actor I’ve ever seen. How do u think?

  29. 29 : kay cook Says:

    What can say about CSW?…….very HOOOOOT,….Sexy…..in CityHall he is MOST gorgeous actor I’ve ever seen…….

  30. 30 : kay cook Says:

    LOVE….Him in CityHall……….

  31. 31 : rini Says:

    gorgeous actor ……………….so hot and u’r voice so sexy saranghae!

  32. 32 : kay cook Says:

    CSW is just Awesome,…..LOVE,LOVE,CityHall………

  33. 33 : Lan Says:

    He is one of the most versatile and talented actors in Korea.I have seen many Korean dramas and I find him the most appealing and charismatic actor. I hope he and Kim Sun Ah will be awarded the best tv drama couple this year. They have great chemistry and their actings are awesome in ‘City Hall’.

  34. 34 : kay cook Says:

    CSW..one of best talented actors I love him in drama Cityhall……

  35. 35 : Lan Says:

    I truly enjoyed your drama ‘City Hall’ and I think it is the best drama of the year. You and Kim Sun Ah are remarkable actors. I am looking forward to watching your new drama.

  36. 36 : Lan Says:

    Though you have very ordinary looks, not really good-looking, I like you best among the korean actors. Your smiles and various facial expressions make you endearing. You are a very comical and wonderful actor.

  37. 37 : rany cymot Says:

    CSW mantaaaaappppp tenan….

  38. 38 : Stephanie Says:

    Love both CSW n KSA in the drama City Hall very perfect couple handsome and pretty. Hope to see them again in other drama

  39. 39 : dee Says:

    Cha Seung Won, gorgeous, sexy, hot, handsome….and

    I must be in love with you,
    Because I can see only you
    And all day long you wander through my mind.

    I must be in love with you,
    But my heart is still not familiar with you.
    Wherever am I, whatever I do,
    Thoughts of you come to me
    I don’t know why, but this is love.

    (loving,loving u, by park sang woo)

  40. 40 : Lily Says:

    Happy New Year !!
    May CSW & KSA win the Best Actor/Actress/Couple award for their breath taking acting in drama City Hall.

  41. 41 : iya Says:

    Hello, I’m from indonesia,,,I had finished watch city hall on dvd, o gosh,,,, I love your act in city hall,,, make me cry, when u cry, make me laugh when u laugh, n sometime I hate u when u doing bad thing to ksa, well the point is…. *u give all the best in that drama, and I LOVE U*,,, really love u because of this drama,,,, I can’t wait for your next drama, u’re the best actor I ever see,,, aja aja figting,,,,*

  42. 42 : U.S.A. Says:


  43. 43 : Lily Says:

    Congratulations! on winning 2009 SBS Special Category Drama Best Actor Award.

    You are well deserved the crown.
    Hope to see you with KSA together again in any new project. You two are perfect couple.

  44. 44 : mikho Says:

    good couple, awesome storyline. Love it!!

  45. 45 : kay cook Says:

    CSW, one of the best acter I ever kown……I love him in CityHall…….

  46. 46 : Sarahning Says:

    know u from city hall, luv ur voice, so sexy, oppa sarahae…. 🙂

  47. 47 : nhietdoi Says:

    This is a first time, I watched your movie ”City Hall”, a very good movie. Cha Seung Won, you was really a absorbed to me from your outlook, glint of eyes, speech, and action… You was strong in work and so sweet in love. I very liked to look at you when you eat and cry, it looked so cute in centimet by centimet…Actual, I have learned many things from this movie, must try hard to make the dream come true, and don’t quit it easy beause there are still many people who love you and always aside to support you. Thanks for give me happy, more enery in life. If there is a model man like that in real life, so many woman would sleepless about that. I will wait to see more dramas of you in future. Love you, Cha Seung Won!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.

  48. 48 : hancock Says:

    he confirmed to be main cast in IRIS season 2


  49. 49 : mugiwara Says:

    his new movie releases on April 2010


  50. 50 : grace Says:

    ann-yeong- haseyo. you’re super handsome guy and love your sexy voice….important is you’re great actor…saranghe~-~

  51. 51 : KBC12 Says:

    Love you !

  52. 52 : maika Says:

    teaser of cha’s upcoming film with KSW and TOP


  53. 53 : cat 78 Says:

    This is just one for you !

  54. 54 : Vienna Says:

    Hi Seung Won Cha,

    I am very impressed with your acting skills, It’s funny that your movie “City Hall” supports my belief “never trust a politician and a lawyer”. I am very selective in what movie I want to watch and I like your character in the “City Hall”

  55. 55 : deena sn Says:

    makin tua makin ganteng..
    more old more handsome…like u very much

  56. 56 : cat 78 Says:

    Happy birthday to my belove,JG….

  57. 57 : kangxi Says:

    Like your acting in the drama “Cityhall”….

  58. 58 : mel Says:

    you’re so handsome..

  59. 59 : ade Says:

    your acting is good.. ^^

  60. 60 : City Hall « KOREAN WORLD Says:

    […] Cha Seung Won as Jo Gook Kim Sun Ah as Shin Mi Rae – Yoon Chae Rin as Mi Rae (child) Choo Sang Mi as Min Joo Hwa Lee Hyung Chul as Na Jung Do […]

  61. 61 : Maggie chong Says:

    Hi, Mr Cha,
    Congrats… even this was a bit late on your 2009 Best Actor! I would suggest you to change the above photo to your latest photo with moustache! that’s look so much macho and killingly handsome! Can act more in drama?? Hope to have a good one in this very near future!
    God blessed you and your family!

  62. 62 : riri Says:

    is this really the deputy mayor in city hall/ why he looks totally different?

  63. 63 : RIE Says:

    he looks like george clooney, the more older, the more handsome!!!

  64. 64 : wilma Says:

    His really a excellent actor in bodyguard where i first fell in love with him….
    Manly…good-looking and great actor…..i missed him and now im watching city hall…..hope to see him more….
    saranghee C:

  65. 65 : Ruth Says:

    Muchos exitos mas y felicidad en su vida, sus trabajos son muy buenos y es un actor muy versatil. Att. desde Ecuador

  66. 66 : Ketty Says:

    I guess you look more gorgeus in City Hall korean drama.
    I prefer your appearance in City Hall.


    -from Indonesia-

  67. 67 : Ketty Says:

    I guess you look more gorgeus in City Hall.
    I prefer your appearance in City Hall.


    -from Indonesia-

  68. 68 : warieh Says:

    Hi Seung Won Cha,

    I am very impressed with your acting skills. “City Hall” show us how good politician to be and our country need many people like that.


    from indonesia

  69. 69 : iya Says:

    i love your acting ^__^ and i hope see u more,,,,when u come to Indonesia…..^_^…


  70. 70 : boku ga iru Says:

    love your style!!!!!!!!!
    ohhh ahjussiiii….

    *searching your old movie*

  71. 71 : cubitusebby Says:

    love your role in the City Hall..!
    two thumbs up.. 😉

  72. 72 : susiari Says:

    he’s..very-very handsome , sexy, romantic..and cool ..great actor in City Hall Drama…Ilove his

  73. 73 : Athena: Goddess of War « rumahtami Says:

    […] Woo Sung as Lee Jung Woo Cha Seung Won as Son Hyuk Soo Ae as Yoon Hye In Lee Ji Ah as Han Jae Hee Kim Min Jong as Kim Ki Soo Choi Si Won […]

  74. 74 : santy Says:

    Dear Cha Seung Won,
    Love “everything” about u so much in citty hall drama
    I’ll be waiting for your next appearance…

  75. 75 : via Says:

    I love you in City hall.. so cute and smart at the same time..

  76. 76 : RINI Says:

    I LOVE U Cha Seung Won…..

  77. 77 : Athena: Jeonjaeng-ui Yeoshin / Athena: Goddess of War / 아테나: 전쟁의 여신 (2010) | Gurubootcamp: Korean Drama Says:

    […] Woo Sung as Lee Jung Woo Cha Seung Won as Son Hyuk Soo Ae as Yoon Hye In Lee Ji Ah as Han Jae Hee Kim Min Jong as Kim Ki Soo Choi Si Won […]

  78. 78 : Lovers Says:

    i love u in City Hall drama.
    u’re so cute and smart,
    good luck for u.! 😀

  79. 79 : intan Says:

    You are Cool, like you act in City Hall,
    1 comment in Indonesian speak, ” KEREEEN….. “

  80. 80 : via Says:

    I love you in city hall, you are very handsome, smart and naughty at the same time. love you so much..

  81. 81 : massy Says:

    for City Hall lovers in Indonesia, this drama will air again on O Channel. Don’t miss it if you are really an admirer, 7th Feb.
    Glad to watch handsome Jo Guk again.
    GBU, CSW.

  82. 82 : santi Says:

    Getting older you are become more handsome.sarange oppa

  83. 83 : Isti Harfiantha Says:

    City hall…
    i like u acting…sarange oppa…

  84. 84 : Linda Says:

    I Love you your Acting in City Hall. First time I saw you in it I fell in love with you….. like your voice is so sexy, your body is perfect and you are so cool. I cried so much and happy at the same time. I watch City hall over and over again and never get tired seeing you…. Keep it up Oppa…. Sarange… 🙂

  85. 85 : deepti Says:

    u r cool…must say…even @ thus age..u r too sexy!!

  86. 86 : liani Says:

    love u cha seung won,smart,hansome,naughty,cute..as jo geuk in citty hall so sexy…

  87. 87 : liani Says:

    love u cha seung won..u r handsome,cute,smart,very naughty..as jo geuk in citty hall so sexy…

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  89. 89 : cat 78 Says:


  90. 90 : Alexandra Says:

    Love this guy…
    Oppa, greetings from Poland!

  91. 91 : henny Says:

    I just watch in LBS channel…love this drama…so romantic n so touching…I hope can watch again in indosiar….love u cha seung won.

  92. 92 : josh77 Says:

    i first noticed you in Athenna,ur so cool.i like the way u dress very oozing with sex appeal..after watching athenna i look for another drama that u are in and then found the city hall…very funny and touching….and now im a great fan of yours…your so cool and handsome despite your age….saranghae

  93. 93 : yieyienx Says:

    Oppa Cha Seung Won… i really enjoy watch your act on City Hall even it’s repeated twice a day, i never miss it… i admire on you… how about your truly life?? is it closer with your act on City hall??? 😀

  94. 94 : viesa Says:

    Just finished watching Athena. My God! Cha Seung Won is so damn hot, even when he’s playing evil!! I watch this drama just because he was there, since the plot and the chemistry between the lead role aren’t that good (specially Jung Woo and Hye In). The best actor in this drama is Cha Seung Won, he played evil Son Hyuk perfectly. Does he have another drama after this? So want to see.

  95. 95 : telracs Says:

    cha seung won was so handsome

  96. 96 : The Greatest Love | Gurubootcamp: Korean Drama Says:

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  97. 97 : whisperedgirl Says:

    finally after the city hall i can’t see him >_<

  98. 98 : The Greatest Love | Kpop Entertainment Says:

    […] Hyo Jin as Goo Ae Jung Cha Seung Won Yoo In Na Yoon Kye Sang as Yoon Pil Joo Jung Joon Ha as (Ae Jung’s brother/manager) Ryu Hyo […]

  99. 99 : Korea Insipiring » Blog Archive » The Greatest Love Says:

    […] Hyo Jin as Goo Ae Jung Cha Seung Won as Dokko Jin Yoo In Na Yoon Kye Sang as Yoon Pil Joo Jung Joon Ha as (Ae Jung’s […]

  100. 100 : neda Says:

    hi i love cha seung won

  101. 101 : gesti Says:


  102. 102 : Lian Says:

    Great actor………

  103. 103 : bebo Says:

    he’s great in his new drama The Greatest love. it’s so fun.

  104. 104 : KDaddict Says:

    Cha Seung Won is a fantastic actor. He steals the show every time. He is the brightest spot in Athena. in Greatest Love, he transcends himself. He is cute beyond his class. He is as endearing as sb half his age; as sexy as the hottest sex symbol; as neurotic as Jack Nicholson’s various characters. This drama certainly makes a Cha SW fan out of me.
    I think Cha is macho with his mustache, and cute without it. Either way, he has plenty of charisma.

  105. 105 : fan Says:

    i agree, he’s really really really good ^_^

  106. 106 : cat 78 Says:

    Love him in CityHall….!!!!!

  107. 107 : Mel Says:

    He’s smoking hot! Drop dead gorgeous! Sexy!! Just one kiss from him and I’m ready to die with no regrets!! Call me insane because I am….it’s all because of Cha Seung Won!!! To his wife you’re one lucky LADY!!!

  108. 108 : fan Says:

    He is perfect as the wicked, great as a gentelman,, hilarious in comic roles.

    Will he be perfect in a complicated role as Hopkins in “The Silence of the Lambs” or as Hoffman in “Rain man” ???

  109. 109 : fan Says:

    I’ve just finished watching “Adeul”, very touching, I couldn’t not cry.

    What I liked most is to discover a different Cha Seung Won that I’ve never seen in dramas.

    All I can say “He’s really GOOD”

  110. 110 : herling Says:

    really really falling in to you because dok go jin…before i saw you in best love i’m not too interesting about you…but now?… miss you

  111. 111 : fan Says:


  112. 112 : azue13 Says:

    Happy birthday Dok Ko Jin..Have a nice life !

  113. 113 : Agnes Says:

    Cha Seung Won, will you visit Hong Kong? Hope to see you … You are are very good actor. Funny and attractive.

  114. 114 : princess Says:

    i love your acting in “the greatest love”
    you are so funny!!!!!!
    i hope you will win more and more fans!!!!

  115. 115 : Cutecat Says:

    is he really married? too bad. He”s funny in city hall.

  116. 116 : Gachan Says:

    Nice acting,.
    my first impression not too good about you,.(athena)
    but you move my heart become dugun dugun,..when I’m watch your acting in best love PERFECT!!!! I love it dokko,..
    Ding Dong,..you are iron man, so please don’t die,.. LOL

  117. 117 : KDaddict Says:

    Cha Seung Won nim,
    Thank you for your performance in Best Love. You’ve taken a regular romantic comedy with some clever lines and turn it into a cult classic. You’ve made it the most enjoyable show on TV for a long time. Though women like romantic comedies, they are to be honest, usually quite forgettable. You manage to make Dokko Jin a character that we love and won’t forget for a very long time. Please make more comedies.
    Not only are you the best looking 41 year old man out there, you look hotter than a lot of men half your age.
    Now I’ve to go back and re-watch City Hall; it has a very intelligent script, but would have been an even more successful show if it had some silliness in it; and Athena: the show itself was just OK, but now I need to re-watch those parts of it where you were looking menacing.
    May you reap many many many CFs on the success of Best Love. Please come back to us very soon in another drama! Thank you.

  118. 118 : KDaddict Says:

    What is Adeul? A movie? What is it about? I have difficulty finding it. Thank you.

  119. 119 : fan Says:

    Adeul is a movie released in May 2007 alias “A day with my son”
    you can watch it in this link


    I’m planning to watch “South of the border”, it seems a good movie.

  120. 120 : fan Says:

    KDaddict, you’re right in every word, hope his next works will be as outstanding as TGL.

  121. 121 : Miimii Says:

    I Love you So much in The Greatest Love!! <3 <3 Looking forward ur Romance Comedy Works ^^ and I'm very happy 4 u that TGL was a HUGE Success! =)) u totally deserve it! <3

  122. 122 : kdrama OST « Says:

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  124. 124 : sarangmim Says:


  125. 125 : sarangmim Says:


  126. 126 : vin Says:

    Great actor!!! Good looking!!
    Like Dokko Jin said “Perfect!!”

  127. 127 : vin Says:

    Great acting!! Gorgeous Actor!! Good looking!!
    Like Dokko Jin said “Perfect”!!

  128. 128 : fan Says:

    Mnet 20′s Choice Award 2011 – Hot Drama Actor

    Mnet 20′s Choice Award 2011 –Hot Body

    Congrats ! CSW is the best ! the hottest ! and he’s 41 !!!!
    AJA AJA !

  129. 129 : krazy for u Says:

    because Cha Seung Won is a great actor who is able to portray his role well, I am hereby declaring myself as a FAN :). Will watch all the projects that you will be doing and will patronize all the products you will endorse. xoxo from YVR!

  130. 130 : nurnadlat Says:

    really like him!!! hope CSW will get lots of the best drama in the future…

  131. 131 : K-Drama “Greatest Love” « Yun_OteBloG Says:

    […] Hyo Jin as Goo Ae Jung Cha Seung Won as Dokko Jin Yoo In Na as Kang Se Ri Yoon Kye Sang as Yoon Pil […]

  132. 132 : vin Says:

    How come he gets his 20’s body in 41 years old! Ckckck cool..

  133. 133 : viola Says:

    you’re such a great actor. you’re very good in your latest drama series.

  134. 134 : Ana Says:

    I hope to see him in more dramas in the future! Very natural acting in both dramatic and comedic scenes.

  135. 135 : bayliss Says:

    your acting is very brilliant in The Greatest Love, perfect and unforgettable!!

  136. 136 : audrey Says:

    i just watched ‘the greatest love’. Cha Seung Won, daebak!

  137. 137 : Teazze Says:

    Im so suprised when I know how old he really are..
    He much cooler than those late 20s actors with that body.. With a brilliant acting he’s the coolest then !!
    He must win many awards this year, or else im going soooooo mad !!!!

    Hwaiting oppa !!!

  138. 138 : chaicha Says:

    oppa saranghae..wow great actor and i love your acting..

  139. 139 : zha Says:

    CSW….your acting in The Greatest Love make me your new fans..really a great acting in TGL and hope to see in more romance comedy like this..

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    love ur act Opa

  141. 141 : Yosie Livards Sitanggang Says:

    love all ur acting opa

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  144. 144 : Ray Says:

    Soo handsame and awesome body

  145. 145 : nyte Says:

    ever since i watched City Hall, i like your acting, so masculine and sexy… now I’m watching your latest TV shows, Athena ang TGL.. different roles but captivating… love it! hope you will have more TV shows to come…

  146. 146 : sabrina Says:

    Love your acting, I LOVE YOU. : )
    I’m crazy in love with you Cha Seung Won….

  147. 147 : dinda monica Says:

    Saranghae CSW ! u make me crazy with ur drama TGL ‎​Ŏő‎​ººŎő‎​°º ọ̥ọ̥ọ̥н̲̣̣̣̥H̲̣̣̣̥ my god I’m not belived that u 41! ♥ u so damn CSW !

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    He is 41???!!! Wowwww… Oppa you still looks young and macho, your voice is special, your body was hot…. Ding dong, yes I love you

  149. 149 : JustQ Says:

    I love you.. i love you… i love you……
    i love Jo Gok
    i love Dok Ko Jin
    and the most of all.. I love Cha Seong Won, i havent seen you in Athena, and i will… you’re just a perfect actor. looking forward for your new drama

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    is that cha seung won (profile picture)?gosh u look so different! anyway,well done,keep it up! best of luck 🙂

  152. 152 : fazilah Says:


    Great perfomance in Greatest love, totally difference from ur previous work..

    DING DONG.. hahahhaha, love it!


  153. 153 : CC Says:

    You are very good! I love greatest love!

  154. 154 : Karen Says:

    Cha Seung Won…. I’m your new international fans. Love you in “The Greatest Love”. Knowing how much you love your wife (23 years of marriage so far ??? wow!!!! ) and children make me really adore a handsome hot sexy ahjussi like you. Speechless !!!!!

  155. 155 : oliviakang Says:

    Image Link

    cHA sEUNG wON!

  156. 156 : antonia Says:

    My fave actor… he’s so funny and good looking and an amazing actor. i watched all his dramas since bodyguard and all his movies since libera me. City Hall and Best Love are my favorites dramas ever, I just can’t decide wich one i like more. My Son, Secret, Blades of Blood and Jailbreakers are amazing movies among many more.
    what can i say about this man, he seems to be a loving father and husband he is so proffesional, and above all the real Cha Seung Won seems to be so sensible and funny and serious and is so charming <3
    CSW shi fighting!

  157. 157 : mommynajmi Says:

    CSW, is a heartstealer. Ajussi, norul joahae…

  158. 158 : mommynajmi Says:

    ajussi satu ini memang mengagumkan, ga kalah ama lee minho, atau choi siwon. tetep mempesona…. Ajussi… Aza…Fighting…

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    u best actor ,could. I see u,please .would me take a massage,please .

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    His voice n body is perfect..his acting in greatest love is great..

  163. 163 : dd Says:

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  164. 164 : dd Says:

    for those who like cha seung won, u may watch his interview and game show here..he is so funny and friendly..i love him!!


  165. 165 : Nad's Says:

    ya Cha Seung Won 아저씨! When will you play drama or movie again? Your daughter’s school festival had been finished, right? How was it? You both won it, right? Hehehe..

    I always wait for your new project, and I hope it will be a RomCom again, like City Hall or The Greatest Love, cause I love it!

    Keep fighting my hot and sexy 아저씨!! ^^

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    Admin, please change cha seung won picture.

    Cha Seung Won 15, great picture!!!

  167. 167 : diee Says:

    kapan main drama lg ajussi…. mis you….

    the greatest love.. love you dokko jin.. ding dong^^

  168. 168 : fannie Says:

    am really a fan now. such an awesome actor. he seems to have a distinctive style of acting that really becomes the character he is playing. so far i only watched two of his dramas, city hall and greatest love.really good. am looking forward of watching his future projects.

  169. 169 : Noura - K.S.A Says:

    Cha Seung Won

    I love u


  170. 170 : Mj-Kyuu Says:

    i’d rather say he’s the Johnny Depp version in korea. Not to campare, but Cha Seung Won also has the acting skill as Johnny. Amazing actor! and funny too!! <3 :DD

  171. 171 : dewi-ina Says:

    my favourite korean actor! luv u “ding dong!”

  172. 172 : Bwitherza Says:

    More drama from him please!!! The hottest ‘uncle’ ever! Wish to watch him and lee Ji ah in a drama!

  173. 173 : Tatiana Says:

    Cha Seung Wonssi, thank you a lot for the role in The Greatast Love. You gave me hours of laugh, tenderness and love. Now I am your fan))

  174. 174 : eva Says:

    I felt in Love with his amazing tv drama CITY HALL and cant wait to see his acting in other movies…Love U CSW…

  175. 175 : kathy Says:

    Asian movies tend to be a little lame in the kissing department but when Cha Seung Won kisses his leading ladies it makes my heart melt…..the facial hair is a plus.

  176. 176 : Aditha Says:

    Yup…I have fallen for you in “City Hall”. And more in “The Greatest Love”. I have to say that you’re not that kind of guy who has the handsome and cute face. BUT. You really have the “it” thing or should I say: sex appeal. And when I know that you’re married for such a long time, you just got more sexier. Agree with Kathy (175) said. When you do the kissing-scene, I also got the vibe. I adore you with the mustache. Looking forward to your next act. Cha Seung Won become one of my fave ‘bad’ actor. I love when he’s being bad.

  177. 177 : kimchi Says:

    eeee! oh what a man!!! soooo hot!!!!!!!!!!! just perfect! 😀

  178. 178 : kimchi Says:

    CSW you are a hunk!!!!!! so hot!!!

  179. 179 : Joan Says:

    He can keep singing that song;”SEXY IS WHAT THEY CALL ME!” i GUESS IT IS CALLED SWAG ALL DAY 24/7.Funny married,happy,and a father;now that is SEXY……….

  180. 180 : ms kim Says:

    ??????? i looked at his family pix… i wonder if he and his son get along. it looks like the son isnt happy in pictures. oh my i hope CSW is a good husband and a father. darn if he is not! whatever. he is still soooo sizzling hot either way 🙂

  181. 181 : amyamy Says:

    ohhhh my fav actor ever…41 years old bt makes my heart beats faster than if i see other young handsome guys 😉
    and u also a family man…..
    love youuu…

  182. 182 : jane Says:

    hi mr cha seung won, so coincidental that your birthday is on june 7 and mine is on june 8. hehehe.
    i think you look great with moustache and glasses. cheers! hope you will come to visit singapore to see your fans.


  183. 183 : hany Says:

    I fall in love with you Mr.Cha..since I watched City hall..your looks n style remains me to someone whose not belong to me…I also adore your act..espc at Athena..Hope wil see your next great drama next year.And Congratulation to be the best actor on GRIMAE AWARD 2011..so Ca Yo SEXYs bad guy..#^_^#

  184. 184 : Anay Chan Says:

    wowowo,so handsome man!!!My favourite star,hope you can make more and more classical shape O(∩_∩)O~

  185. 185 : doel rachmean Says:

    hemmm..q suka ma akting na yg kocak abiz..apalagi dicity hall..tu film na gw suuukkaaaa…bgt..

  186. 186 : devi Says:

    @176 : I’m totally agree 100% with you,

  187. 187 : jane Says:

    hi mr cha,

    i like your image as dokko jin in the greatest love. we are currently watching this show via cable in Singapore. I think you look great and ooze charisma in your appearance as dokko jin. there’s a photo of you wearing glasses in this website and that looks so cool.

    well, wishing you a happy 2012 and beyond. hope to see more of your shows in Singapore. cheers!

    i am your new fan, Jane, from singapore, after watching dokko jin.

    ding dong….hehehe

  188. 188 : janice Says:

    i am also your fan dokko jin!..i just love watching your movies….you are a good actor…

  189. 189 : 2011 MBC Drama Awards (Winners List) | diary zahidah wahid Says:

    […] Couple Award pun TGL jugak. Seriously, walaupun orang kata hero and heroin tua tapi sangat kelakar. Cha Seung Won yang biasa pegang watak ganas, berlakon aksi tiba-tiba pegang watak yang kelakar, seriously cute. […]

  190. 190 : erica puig Says:

    i watched you only once but im so amaze in your acting ability…Greatest LOve a story that quite impossible to happen but because of your good acting it looks like that i can happen in real life…i like the flow of he story,,i hope someday o will see you in kOREA,,,,

  191. 191 : singapore e-commerce Says:

    Wonderful website. A lot of helpful information here. I am sending it to a few buddies ans also sharing in delicious. And certainly, thanks to your sweat!

  192. 192 : maru Says:

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    He looks so nice and gentle with light coloured suits.

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  195. 195 : oksi Says:

    your so hot love you
    i’m your fan of mongolia
    goodluck cha sueng won oppaaaa
    you are greatest actor korean it’smy think goodluck wish you

  196. 196 : Moekneeka Says:

    That has got to be a p90X body!

  197. 197 : Cristina Says:

    Hi..You are the besttttttttt in The Greatest Love—> Ding Dong —> Why ?? Because you are Cha Seung Won 🙂
    I’m your fan from Iran…..Hwaiting

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    waAHHH!!!!! Cha SeuNg wOn .. I really…. really like you in The Greatest Love and deeply in love with you knowing that you’ve been married for more than 20 years ..though a little bit jealous :p .. i adore you so much !!!! I’m one of your fans here in the PhilippInes 🙂

  200. 200 : lea Cyril Tomas Says:

    waAHHH!!!!! Cha SeuNg wOn .. I really…. really like you in The Greatest Love and is deeply in love with you knowing that you’ve been married for more than 20 years ..though a little bit jealous :p .. i adore you so much !!!! I’m one of your fans here in the PhilippInes

  201. 201 : chitraheni Says:

    ding…dong…..i love it when you say that…..ding dong 4U CSW…..

  202. 202 : Zin mar Says:

    like a lot ..Ding dong!

  203. 203 : galine nova Says:

    mr.CSW ilove your style,tatapan matamu itu bwt aku ngga bisa tidur.

  204. 204 : alisa Says:

    your act, your voice, your style, and everything about you is adorable!!

  205. 205 : Shwe Lu Says:

    You style is totally different with others. Keep on it.

  206. 206 : puthree Says:

    Your eyes could make my heart beat until 120 Oppa Cha Seung Won 🙂

  207. 207 : syan_ti Says:

    CSW ding dong n perfect 4 u

  208. 208 : ikh_ignace Says:

    Oppa! U make me addict 😉

  209. 209 : passby Says:

    i dont really like his haircut in the Greatest love, the pics above – the 3rd, 4th and 5th rows above, i think he looks better with a short hair cut – in the first and second rows above. perhaps i am old fashion, old school type – too stylish male – bangs, curled and such- seem to be…well, too metrosexual with a tinge of gay-ness.. hehe…

  210. 210 : Qia Says:

    loveeeee u dok ko jinnnnnn :* ding..dong

  211. 211 : atti Says:

    یکی از تأثیرگذارترین انسانها در زندگیم. هر وقت فرصت کنم این سریال رو میبینم و لذت میبرم. حالا دیگه شدی جزو خانواده و زندگیم. دوستت دارم و برای خودت و خانواده ات آرزوی خوشبختی و موفقیت میکنم.

  212. 212 : Tara Says:

    Cha Seung Won, you rock!! ✌

  213. 213 : mellisa Says:

    the greatest drama best korea drama actor and actress are good acting i like cha seung won hair cut more show her face great try …………………

  214. 214 : Nisa Says:

    Dok go jin !
    I love when he plays with his face expressions .

  215. 215 : Elva Yong Says:

    I love your drama..
    Any style.. even bad attitude, tricky, cheecky, nauthy also “Great”..

  216. 216 : Mina (iran) Says:

    i love u oppa u r the best in the best love

  217. 217 : meryouma Says:

    ding dong……..hhhhhhhhhhhhh

  218. 218 : marynella Says:

    Ding … Dong….Me fascino el drama. Es un excelente actor. posee una voz muy varonil. Te desoe exitos, salud y brillo en tu camino…..ding ….dong..

  219. 219 : Naa'imah Says:

    ‘Yaa ding dong’ … love it when u say that…really addicted with your Greatest Love drama..I give u 5 star…hope soon you will act a lot of this type of drama.

  220. 220 : MARINA Says:

    to our dearest Mr.Cha seuns won:what have you done to my heart that my eyes never get tierd of looking at you?
    we are eager to watch another drama from you,plz…
    marina and somayeh from Iran
    happy birthday in advance

  221. 221 : MARINA and somayeh Says:

    I forgot to say:WE ARE CITY HALLER 4EVER.we do love amazing Sun Ah and precius Seung Won…

  222. 222 : Jhanysse Says:


  223. 223 : marina& somayeh & niloofar Says:

    its just another day but this one is the best of the year because its your birthday & your day…happy birthday sweetheart
    we are cha seung wonAHOLIC
    marina,somayeh.niloofar from Iran.Rasht
    we support U with our everlasting LOVE

  224. 224 : Niki Says:

    I love you CSW oppa!!!!!!!!!!Ding dong………

  225. 225 : mariel Says:

    I just became your fan after watching The Greatest Love and City Hall. Looking forward to more of your works in the future…You’re awesome! Fighting!

  226. 226 : hulya Says:

    i am writing from turkey we love Cha Seung Won and his dramas like city hall and the greatest love, we want to see another one , ASAP

  227. 227 : Gillian Says:

    It’s Gill from Singapore. Recently got into watching Korean drama. Cha Seung Won by far is one of the best actors I have seen! Great acting skill! Enjoyed watching him! Look forward to more this year! Fighting ^_^ fellow Gemini 🙂

  228. 228 : au Says:

    i love you

  229. 229 : sundari Says:

    I love u so much Cha Seung Won .. I’m sundari from indonesia,, you are the best actor,,, I love,,, love,,, love… you… miss your act again…
    you’re so funny and handsome on “greatest love”.

  230. 230 : nanunk Says:

    i will waiting to ur drama 🙂
    miss u so much oppa 🙂

  231. 231 : Jaimie Says:

    Can’t stand his voice. He sounds like an old me and to me 42 is not old. Koreans think thst 36 years old is old. They are so fixated on the 18-23 year olds maybe irbid because Koreans do not age well specially the men.

  232. 232 : Jaimie Says:

    I do like him in The Greatest LI’ve drama. He does a very good acting job.

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    It’s your very DNA to have a look of sexy and brilliant man! You are so entertaining yet inspiring in mini series of The Greatest Love and City Hall. You’ve succeeded in delivering your role in those films. I haven’t watched other films of yours… but your being in those dramas is so adorable *_^

  236. 236 : Liz Burr Says:

    Seung Wom, You are one gorgeous, sexy (hot) man. I would like to ask for a big, big favor. I have a very selfish wish, and that is to keep seeing you in the big and small screen for the next 100 years. So please grant me this wish, and that is for you to stop smoking, I know is asking a lot, and I want you to be healthy for a very long time. I know I am no one to ask for such favor, however I will continue to pray for your health and good fortune! Blessings to you and your family.

  237. 237 : mari na Says:

    he is my man;)even(i love you) cannot explain my feelings for him.u r mine,that’s all;);)

  238. 238 : katie Says:

    cha,i am praying for you that you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior! and i Hope that you are a good father in your Family.i really like you when you acting and you are hansome too.keep up and May god bless you.

  239. 239 : Ann J Says:

    What a taleneted actor you are. I own Greates Love and just purhased City Hall. You have such great chemistry with your co-stars. You are a joy to watch. You make me laugh and cry. I hope to see more dramas with you starring very soon. thanks for the great entertainment. You are a natuaral.

  240. 240 : rhea Says:

    hi cha seung won it was my first time to watch your movie..and it was really good.. i really admire you for being a good actor..i really like to watch korean movies but for me this is really the best movie i’v ever seen..please make more and more movies for us..thank you for making my heart thump thump thump..wishing you a good health and more blessings specially to your family..good luck..:)keep it up..your the best dok ko jin..

  241. 241 : rhea Says:

    hope to see you here in the philippines..

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  243. 243 : jx Says:

    hope we get a greatest love fever here in the philippines because of dokko jin, like boys over flowers thing.

  244. 244 : @iloveKdramas Says:

    saranghamnida cha seung won ssi

  245. 245 : Roma VI Says:

    Hello cha seung won…i really love your acting in greatest love.. hope to see you and your co stars here in the philippines for you to know how much we love you… hope to see you soon… pls visit us soon 😀
    keep up the good work and wishing you a good health 🙂
    i love you for making us happy <3 <3 <3

  246. 246 : Case Says:

    i love this actor.. SUPER!

  247. 247 : Anna Says:

    Hi… I really like your acting… thank you for making my heart thump thump…..more blessings specially to you and your family..good luck..:)
    keep it up…SUPER LIKE U in “the greatest love”…. your the MAN!!!

  248. 248 : Kawaii Maike Yu Says:

    I love you, Cha Seung Won! I really do :))

  249. 249 : irish Says:

    Hi cha seung won..really love watching greatest love…you made my heart pounding…hope you visit here in the philippines…goodluck and more power…mwuah”)

  250. 250 : andrea Says:

    annyeong-haseyo cha seung won 🙂 i really really love you 🙂 i wish i could see you 🙂 I LOVE YOU DOKKO GIN <3 i wish you read it . 🙂 GODBLESS 😀

  251. 251 : CATHY Says:

    Hi Cha Seung Wong….I really find you cute… you dressed well…. I really loved your character as Dokko Jin in Greatest Love…

    hope to see you in person…and receive a sincere message from you!!!

    Can’t wait to read it!!!

  252. 252 : cherry ann valenzuela Says:

    hi……. i really your character in greatest love…… goodluck and stay cool

  253. 253 : eli Says:

    u r HOT !

  254. 254 : jtan Says:

    Do you converse well in English? I am not that fond of drama etc. Novela so as this called really diversify with likes now. Good job!!
    Your a handsome looking man. Been there in your country. Greatly appreciate your culture.

  255. 255 : Dhaynhielle Says:

    Oppa! Wanna see ya. Hope to visit Korea.
    The Greatest Love, the best 🙂
    I really love the story!
    Saranghae oppa!
    Wanna take pictures with you!
    Wanna make good memories with you,with Gong Hyo Jin, and with the cast of The Greatest Love.
    Hope you read this! 🙂

  256. 256 : A True Fan Says:

    Yhu have been showing da great character in this series! Gosh yhu’re so fuckin Cool! Yes yhu’re da coolest, yhu’re juz so hypnotized me! it cant be helped anymore! Love it so damn much! And da Sexay man eva! Yhur character so strong in this series without yhu it’s not completely enough! and i even watched this series like thousands times! Love you so much! 🙂

  257. 257 : A True Fan Says:

    Hopefully there will another korean series dat will putting yhu and Gong Hyo Jin back again! um waitin for it cuz yhu both looked so nice togetha! n Ofc! waitin for anotha new series of yhu on dis year! Fighting Oppa! Love yhu so much! <3

  258. 258 : jessie han Says:

    i wanna see next year your drama with song hye kyo or kim tae hee partner with you?

  259. 259 : Maria Pereira Says:

    Cha Seung Won, I love so much your job, but Dokko Jin is the best.
    I’m from Brazil and I hope to see more movies from you.

  260. 260 : hossy Says:

    cha seung won, i like you. and i hope to see more movies from you,ok.

  261. 261 : DC74 Says:

    You are the best, Cha Seung Won Oppa.. I fell in love with you.. Your Sexy Voice, great body and great acting skill really amazed me.. I never been in love or fans with another actor, whether he is my own country actor or even hollywood actor but when first time I saw you in The Greatest Love, I suddenly fell in love with you and now I am big Fan of you.. since then I watched City Hall Drama and your movies.. Wow even in 43 years old you are still sexy and hot.. Even other Korean actors can not compete you..really..like Lee Min Ho, he is too skinny not like yours.. For me you are..Hot and Sexy Actor all the time and also The Best Kisser… wow I am melting when saw you kiss your partner as if you are kissing me..gosh.. Cha Seung Won Oppa..SARANGHAE…Nomu Nomu Saranghae…

  262. 262 : Marie Q Says:

    Cha Seung Won, one of the best looking actors of Korea. Best in height, size, looks, voice and good acting skills of course. Happy New Year 2014, looking forward to your new projects soon. Missing you since The Greatest Love.

  263. 263 : Vhelle Galosmo Says:


  264. 264 : flashprinz Says:

    am soo much in love with movies… hope to see more of them

  265. 265 : kathy Says:

    Hope to see you again. Miss your dramas ever since The Greatest Love.

  266. 266 : JConfidante Says:

    I love Cityhall and the Greatest love!

  267. 267 : Eva Says:

    I really like to watch cityhall, you and kim sun ah are the perfect couple, i never seen any korean drama like cityhall. Wish you and kim sun ah could act together again in romantic comedy drama….

  268. 268 : usa-mary Says:

    Mr. Cha, you probably won’t ever see this and that’s fine. Though I don’t usually view entertainment gossip generated by the those in the ‘tawdry’ news media who incessantly get paid to research, dig up, and create havoc in entertainers lives. I was perusing some websites for something else and came across the outcome of the most recent intrusion into your personal and family life. I just want to say that the way you handled the matter made you the most wonderful, cherished man, husband, and father on this planet earth (in my eyes). I applaud you.

  269. 269 : kikan Says:

    he is from YG entertaiment right? when I see YG website, I saw his profile. he is the great actor! daebak!

  270. 270 : bubbly Says:

    For admin please add his film on 2014 High Heels!!! thanks

  271. 271 : Susan Says:

    Since I subscribe to Hula I have the option of watching Korean shows. Even though I do not know Korean and have to turn on the old subtitle’s, I enjoy the shows. I came across The Greatest Love with you and Gong Hyo Jin in it and it made me cry and laugh. You both were great and had good chemistry on screen.

    Good acting 🙂

  272. 272 : Gha Says:

    I believe in horoscope when it says that you are the best character ever. So great in acting and i am sure in real life. What i love more is your manly character and voice, your strong personality, I feel safe just thinking of you.
    God Bless You and your lovely family…

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  274. 274 : Sete ahmad harahap Says:

    I love ur act , all ur movie n drama totally i was seen , very good , im biggest fans of you ajussi cha seung won , keep ur good behavior cuz i know
    ur charisma show that , good always guard ur lovely family with all kindness..honestly U no.1 Korean actor that I love😊

  275. 275 : Kitty Frisky Says:

    Because of the wisdom you wrote on your webpage, myself and all the entertainers I work with will be able to expand the entertainment we show when applying the knowledge gained from your insights. It appears like this might apply to all parties any of the strippers get booked on, certainly when interacting with the crowd 🙂 Thank You ~ From all the Breckenridge Strippers!

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    […] Lee Seung Ki as Son Oh Gong, Cha Seung Won as Ma Wang, Oh Yeon Seo as Jin Seon Mi, Kal So Won as Jin Seon Mi (young), Lee Hong Ki as Jeo Pal […]

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