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Chae Rim

Name: 채림 / Chae Rim (Chae Lim)
Real name: 박채림 / Park Chae Rim
Chinese name: 蔡琳 / Cai Lin
Profession: Actress
Birthdate: 1979-Mar-28
Height: 168cm
Weight: 48kg
Blood type: A
Star sign: Aries
Family: Younger brother/actor Park Yoon Jae
Talent agency: Olive9 Entertaiment

TV Series

Oh! My Lady (SBS, 2010)
Good Job, Good Job (MBC, 2009)
Powerful Opponents (KBS2, 2008)
My Bratty Princess 2 (2008)
Dal Ja’s Spring (KBS2, 2007)
Kang Xi Mi Shi as He She Li (BTV, 2006)
Lost City in Snow Heaven (2006, cameo)
Princess Sheng Ping (2005)
Warriors of the Yang Clan (2004)
Oh! Pil Seung And Bong Soon Young (KBS2, 2004)
Love at the Aegean Sea (CTS, 2004)
On the Prairie (KBS2, 2003)
We Are Dating Now (SBS, 2002)
Four Sisters (MBC, 2001)
Cheers For The Women (SBS, 2000)
All About Eve (MBC, 2000)
Air Force (MBC, 2000)
Loving You (MBC, 1999)
Kaist (SBS, 1999)
Lost One’s Way / The Song of Hope (1999)
Shy Lover / 수줿쿀 연쿸 (MBC, 1998)
Jump / 젿프 (1998) sitcom
As We Live Our Lives / 살다보면 / sahl da bo myun (KBS, 1998)
My Mother’s Daughters / 엄마쿘 딸 / umma eul ddal (SBS, 1998)
Ban Buhl Ee / 방울쿴 (MBC, 1997)
A Daughter’s Choice / 딸쿘 선탿 / ddal eul sun taek (MBC, 1996)
Pair / 짿 / jjak (MBC, 1995)
Journey / 갈채 / gal chae (1994)
Warm River / 뜨거운 강 (1994)


2007 KBS Drama Awards: Female Top Excellence Award for Dal Ja’s Spring
2006 Annual Golden TVS Awards: Most Popular International Star
2000 SBS Drama Awards: Popular Actress Award
1999 MBC Drama Awards: Popular Actress Award
35th Baeksang Art Awards: New Actress Award (TV Section) (1999)
1998 MBC Drama Awards: New Actress Award

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  1. 1 : blumarijo Says:

    i like chae rim the best… she is the best actress for me because she acts so naturally… wish to see her more in k-drama series especially one which will reunite her with jang dong gun

  2. 2 : Ardhyana Rokhmah Says:

    how can this beautiful girl doesn’t even get the best actress award? I think chae rim needs to fix her acting and try to accept proposal of challenging character, more than she eve took before

  3. 3 : Reyes Says:

    i love you chae rim.

  4. 4 : siti munirah Says:

    hyee…i like you chae rim..you are so sweet

  5. 5 : ct smile Says:

    i like when you since acting tv series..you can make me cry and also happy..hopeyou always success

  6. 6 : Rechan Says:

    pokoknya Chae Rim cuanti…k banget.
    Do you understand? It’s Indonesian language.

  7. 7 : ANGELA Says:

    Chae Rim – she’s beautiful & sweet

  8. 8 : woo Dat Says:

    I love Chae Rim. She ‘s the best actress!

  9. 9 : Rowena Says:

    Her name suits her charming personality. She may not be an A-1 actress, but she’s one of the best. She has the face that refreshes. I hope to see her again in another series soon with some new lead actors, like Lee Dong Wook or Hyun Bin.

  10. 10 : Kim Jiung Chool Says:

    Chae me gustaria saber que tipo de musica te agrada a ti y tambien me gustaria saber si podrias mandarme una postal con tu firma, mucho agradezco tu atención al presente

  11. 11 : Lisooby Says:


  12. 12 : Pearl Says:

    I love her since I saw the first Korean drama “”All about Eve”, and then “Love at Aegean Sea” and “Yang Tiger Brothers.”
    She is really charming and adorable.

  13. 13 : wendy Says:

    hope to see u acting wif jang dong gun.

  14. 14 : Juan Says:

    Hello! Park Chae Lim, I am Mexican, I love you. Saludos desde México,
    me encanta tu sonrisa, pero sobre todo tu belleza koreana, simplemente diferente. Desde México se te conoce con la serie Todo sobre Eva, es una buena traducción al español y tienes muchos fans, yo me considero uno de ellos. Eres una exelente actriz ojala seas así en la vida real.

  15. 15 : zorro Says:

    All about Eva told a heart-shaken story, since having watching the movie.I has been greatly attracted by Chae Rim. Her sweet smile and heart honesty, her goodness to everything.
    I hope she will enjoy herself everyday with her sweet smile.& I will finally find the smiling girl of my life.
    God Bless both of us.

  16. 16 : ayen chin yen Says:

    I really like chae rim!She’s so modest and a very good actress.I hope I could see you in person………..

  17. 17 : TranTran Says:

    I`m vietnamese.I verry like chaerim , she is pretty and intelligent actress.I hope i could watch her flim earliest time.

  18. 18 : dayana Says:

    oh this is chae rim huh….ok i like a a bit and she’s adorable….but she is not good in acting

  19. 19 : sally Says:

    Chae Rim, very happy to hear that you are start acting in a new series again. I love you so much because of your smiles. I’ve seen many of your series and I love to see you acting with jang dong gun. Hope to see you and him on the screen again. I love you……..

  20. 20 : RATIH Says:

    Sweet and Cute! That’s how you look like. The first time I saw you in Drama Series “ALL ABOUT EVE”, you have impressed me so much. Your eyes and your smile are pretty. And what makes me wonder is why your eyes still look cheerful eventhough you are in cry. Very amazing! That’s what makes you unforgetable. You and Jang Dong Gun make this Drama alive. When will you play with him again? You two are perfect match. And for the writers, Please give her a good story and place her again in one scene with the handsome guy Mr. Jang dong Gun.

    So Chae Rim, Keep up the good work and God Bless You whereever and whenever you are!

    Love you so much,
    From Jakarta, Indonesia

  21. 21 : r.a. Says:

    stop counting how many time i watch her in “All about eve “. Really good impression. never forget her eyes in the crying act in bathroom. Maybe “Sun Mi” never being so real without her. To remember how to love somebody just watch the series.

  22. 22 : zaki Says:

    just to say i like you in ALL ABOUT EVE ..hope you will come to my dream…he…he…he..

  23. 23 : sann Says:

    Ma Ma sann Mee (or) Ma Chae Rim I Like very much.Ma Ma is the best actress or very beautiful.Thank, you.

    Ma Kai Sann….

  24. 24 : wunna oo Says:

    !! H appy New Year!!
    I like u Since I watched ur series.look..look..whenever i looks ur photos,i fresh at the time.so i say u r my goddness.I prays

  25. 25 : NAIMAH Says:

    luv u……gud luck

  26. 26 : rin Says:


  27. 27 : beah-ho0n Says:

    (@[email protected])sho0 preety…..

  28. 28 : dee Says:

    Chae rim, I hope to see you in the next movie with Jang Dong Gun,you really a good couple, I hope for real life too!! Good Job

  29. 29 : imilla Says:

    Queremos saber más de ti, aca en America Latina,

  30. 30 : natalia Says:

    Chae rim (lim), I collect all your TV series or Dramas cuz your acting is very natural too me. I love you and hope to see you in the next move, tv series or drama with Rain (Singer), I believe you and him really a good couple. Good Job

  31. 31 : Nick Says:


    You’re a definite asset to the K-Drama phenomenon! Being a VietNam veteran, I was hooked on ‘ALL ABOUT EVE’ from the 1st frame, due mainly to your 100% acting perfection, I even had a ‘tear’ in my eye… Your nemesis, Kim So Yeon, was the fuel you needed to overcome your truths & desires… I’ve since vowed to continue watching & getting ALL of your films… Being married to a Korean, only goes to prove the drive you have in achieving success & family values… May you have continued happiness & prosperity in your life… God Bless…

  32. 32 : carol Says:

    hola solo quiero decir que sta bien chido todo esto de corea

  33. 33 : reen Says:

    i’m malaysian….one of ur big fan.u r so cute and adorable.u look great with mr.JDG.i love both of u.hope 2 c u both again in future.all d best.

    ur fan,
    14th Mar 07.

  34. 34 : daisy Says:

    she is so beautifull, i like her because she act naturally and she is so cute..very very cute.
    can i ask you, you have a friendster?
    what is your email address?
    your so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  35. 35 : Ngoc Thanh Says:

    sa rang hae

  36. 36 : kimchi-san Says:

    Chae Rim is very professional! I recently saw her latest drama Oh Dalja Spring and I began to love her since then~ she’s very natural! More projects to come~ Fighting~

  37. 37 : Mards Says:

    Anyong Haseyo! Chae Rim, symbolizes a good image of a true korean ladies, I hope I may got a chance to know her, but I’m still hoping that I could meet her in the future. 🙂 I’m not just a fan, but a good friend as well…

  38. 38 : Happy King Says:

    Sour Sdey! Chae Rim, I hope I will meet you someday. You’re the only one actress that symbol in my mind.

  39. 39 : KRYSTEL e. Says:


  40. 40 : kabagis Says:

    luv yah, chae rim! like all the others, it started w/ all about eve. I started to watch korean dramas because of her. Wish that chae rim and JDG will collaborate once more in a drama or movie. I’d also love to see her paired with KSW and So Ji Sup too. Congratulations on the success of your comeback drama in Korea, “DAL JA’S SPRING”. Hope you’ll come back w/ another one again soon. Don’t keep us waiting….

  41. 41 : erica Says:

    anneong haseyo ^^ i hope Park Chae-Rim and Jang Dong Gun are couples in real life !! kamsamnida ^^

  42. 42 : erica Says:

    the best kdrama all about eve !! just like goong all about eve and goong(princess hours) are the best kdrama movie that they have!! kamsamnida

  43. 43 : IIIII Says:

    chearim,you very beautiful,i love you…..

  44. 44 : IIIII Says:

    sweet a cuteeeeeeeeee”””””””””””””””””””””””””””

  45. 45 : andrea Says:

    I really like Chae Rim she is so charming and sweet, I hope to see her in a drama with JANG DONG GUN again, they really look nice together……..ohhhh!!!……..(giggles!!!!)

  46. 46 : monika Says:

    hey, one of the most beautiful and professional actress of koren tv, i like you since the first time i saw you in all about eve…. you inspire me so much!!

  47. 47 : Happy King Says:

    Hi, Chae Rim. You are so beautiful in DAL JA’s Spring.

  48. 48 : susie wong Says:

    I wish you’ll have a new drama with JDG

  49. 49 : jole Says:

    i like u very much…..u’r so beautiful & also u’r a good actress……..i luv u……more powers!!!!!!!

  50. 50 : Happy King Says:

    Mon to Sun, From Jan To Dec, From birth till my death, my feelings 4 u have never changed. For me, you’ve always been in my heart…

  51. 51 : patricia acosta Says:

    congrats because your show ALL ABOUT EVE hit the tv screne. you’re so cute and lovely!

  52. 52 : nuna Says:

    Dear Chae Rim,

    i love your acting and the way you potray the character is so natural. love your cute face… hope that you will forever success in your career… i like you comeback in Dal Ja’s Spring.

  53. 53 : kimmy Says:


    i love your acting… you’re so sweet and cute. those chae rim fan… u must watch Dal Ja’s Spring, her acting is supern and the drama is so hillarious. this is MUST WATCH for chae ri fan… u’ll be surprise to see the chemistry between chae rim and lee min ki. they are so good as on screen couple

  54. 54 : acha Says:

    Dear Chae Rim,

    I am Thai. I like and love you very much. I known you from ALL ABOUT EVE movie. I like this movie very much because you and Jang dong gun acting are very good and very naturally. I like you and Jang dong gun very much. I will wait to see movie that you act with Jang dong gun.
    I hope to see you in the next movie with Jang dong gun again

    God bless you

  55. 55 : Kim ce hye Says:

    I love you so much.You are so beautiful like an angel

  56. 56 : Kim ce hye Says:

    I am Vietnamese.In Vietnam,i watched many films you acted.All are wonderful

  57. 57 : Happy King Says:

    .:You’re so so so beautiful like moon in the sky:.
    .:I DO LOVE YOU:.

  58. 58 : bongbay Says:

    I’ve watched 6 of Chaerim’s drama including All about Eve. All about Eve was my favorite but now it’s Dal Ja’s Spring. Those Chaerim’s fan should watch this new one. It’s supper.

  59. 59 : gemini Says:

    Chae is known here in the Philippines as NICOLE, her local name when the series ALL ABOUT EVE was shown in Philippine TV. It was her first series here and since then i have looked for her other series and i see to it that i buy copies of them and watched them. She is a good actress but it would be appreciated if she stars in series with good story plots. Her series “We are dating now” is not that good to watch; the story has no depth and substance.

  60. 60 : Happy King Says:

    Chae Rim’s Drama are best in my country. So I loved you acted as bong soon young….

  61. 61 : kimmy Says:


    i like you cute face… hope soon you’ll come out with another great series like in All about Eve and Dal Ja’s Spring… i still can’t get enough of it. love you… hope you will forever success in this arena.

  62. 62 : Nanda Says:

    You are the one of the best actress in the world that I’ve ever seen before. Keep it up. Chae Lim is my only one favorite actress. Hope to see ur nice drama and movies. Good luck and success forever. I dun noe wad is the meaning of this But “FIGHTING” LOLX.

  63. 63 : samantha Says:

    Chae rim Lim….you are the best karean actress that acting with alec su you peng in the movie called ” love agean sea”, at the ending was so saddly and he left you behind with no love…i realy enjoyed watching your movie no matter what if you acting in karean’s movie or chinese’s movie…you are always the best with the cutiest smile and look…plz keep up the good work and we will supporting you for the future….the most that intereting me is that you acting movie with alec su you peng…!!!!!!
    and you guys are cutie couple together when you guys acting together…

  64. 64 : gaby Says:

    bueno solo quiero decir que eres una verdedera persona llena de talento y que puedo admirar con respeto y ademas que me gustaria que reisieras tu via con el guapisisimo de Jang Dong que es el hombre perfecto para ti y que sigan enamorandome de hustedes dos con mas series endonde tu y el puedan protagonizar. en realidad arian una pareja perfecta; por favor dime que si hay alguna posivilidad de que JANG Y TU puedan seguir asiendo series y peliculas juntos porfavor. la verdad eres muy hermosa y pues el esta gupisimo te deseo mucho pero mucho exito.

  65. 65 : maris Says:

    hi chae rim…love yah so much…
    I first saw u in the tv series ALL ABOUT EVE aired here in the Phil. last 2005.I do love watching that series specially because you and your partner jang dong gun have a good chemistry…i really love watching you together…Hope u’ll hav another tv series together…

  66. 66 : M0v13 L0v3r Says:

    Big vote for you!! You’re my ever favourite Korean actress… even though I can’t speak nor understand Korean, I did see most of your dramas & movies =). It’s always great to see your performance.

  67. 67 : glenda tabinas Says:

    Hello, Chae Rim or i like to call u Mia Nicole, your such a nice person and I want to see u in person. Your movie can give other people an encouragement to look life to its real beauty, no matter how different we are. I also want to be your friend. I wish I can go to Korea someday.May God bless u.

  68. 68 : Trinh Viet Quang Says:

    Dear Chaerim,
    I love to see u and watch u act in every movie. U are the most beautiful and lovely that I’ve ever met. I think its difficult for u to express your anger in whatever movie, just because your face is so kind and pretty.

  69. 69 : Trinh Viet Quang Says:

    Dear Chaeim, I dont know if u will read this words or not, but I always want to say u are the most beautiful woman that I’ve ever met. Your face looks so cute and lovely, so I feel its difficult for u to express your anger. I especially love your smile! Love u, Chaerim!

  70. 70 : RAXMATILLA Says:


  71. 71 : joan Says:

    hi!! ms. nicole jin, in the phil, hope to see you in the tv series or even in the movie with Jang dong gun again.. so cute in all about eve, and dalja’s spring

    Good luck and more power

  72. 72 : jit Says:

    Dear Chae Rim,

    in Thailand I’ve watched 4 of Chaerim’s drama ,you so cute in all about eve, dateing now ,Oh! Pil Seung And Bong Soon Young and dalja’s spring,
    You’re my most favourite Korean actress.

  73. 73 : Mina Says:

    Dear Chae Rim, I think at first saw you in the tv drama All About Eve’s
    and you are very good there. Since then I always look for your tv drama which are in dvd rental shop. You are beautiful and very charming. So cute when you smile. I was really dissapointed today because somebody borrowed the number 3 dvd of Onna Banzai which I thought I can watch tonight. Hope you will have more tv drama but have time to relax. Take care!

    Mina in Japan

  74. 74 : darcey Says:

    hai chae rim..you know what,ahm..your so cute…i really love your acting..keep up the good work

  75. 75 : porn Says:

    hi, you are so cute and I love your acting .

  76. 76 : aewarut Says:


    Chae rim sister, i like you so much . I want to see you in korea so if i come to korea you will give me a time.I am myanmar people but i can speak korea language .

  77. 77 : aewarut Says:


    Chae rim sister i like you so much

  78. 78 : GorgeouS eLLe Says:

    hey girl! i love the way you smile…
    stay pretty as always…
    keep up the good work!

  79. 79 : Happy King Says:

    Dear Chae Rim,
    Bright Circle Moon.
    Your acting and your smile always stay in my soul forever.

  80. 80 : Snow White Says:

    How are you! I’m fine. And you. I.m very love you since “All about evening “. I’m waiting for your TV series.
    Please return me a letter!
    I’m waiting for your letter!!!

    I forever love you!
    Please reply me!
    Next time again soon you
    Bye Bye!

  81. 81 : aldrin Says:

    you rock……………..

  82. 82 : aldrin Says:

    you rock……………..pliz do reply bk oki…….and i know u can do it..^_^

  83. 83 : rhiza Says:

    i love chae rim…she’s a very good actress, very beautiful and very charming in tv…i hope to see you in person..

    your kdrama all about eve is very fascinating and has a very good story..

    i love you!!!!!!!!1

  84. 84 : Chris Hong Says:

    I love her movie.
    if you have time come & visit our country MYANMAR.
    In our country very famous buddha SHWE DA GONE Pagoda

    yours love

  85. 85 : tanit Says:

    I love chaerim, I wish she will visit thailand someday.

  86. 86 : rovilyn Says:

    hi im RoviLYn from tAGUig city im 20 yrs OLd ……….anG GAnda MO TLga KIM Chae RiM ANg ganDA TaLAga ng aLL AboUT Eve ng GmA 7…… D BESt tlaga ang GMA 7

  87. 87 : wana Says:

    Hello! My sister ,

    I like your movie.you’re so cute

  88. 88 : len Says:

    Hi Chae Rim,

    How I wish that you’ll get one of those excellent acting awards; it is long overdue. I am hoping that you’ll get an offer that will put you back on the top. I would also love to see you with Jang Don-gun because I saw the chemistry between you in All About Eve; it would be nice if it’s real. I love the way you smile and cry. I pray for your success and happiness in screen and personal life.

  89. 89 : ereza Says:

    hello dear chae rim…..
    im from malaysia…..i like u so much….i like u in serie drama korean….all about eve…..i hope u can acting with jang dong gun again…u and jang dong gun match acting together…..

  90. 90 : chuen Says:

    I hope to see you acting in new movie soon

  91. 91 : yuri Says:

    all about eve and four sisters u look great in them even in all of them but i’ve never seen some of ur dramas ur great

  92. 92 : ruby ann batungbakal Says:

    i idolize her,, he such a good actress,,,hope to see you soon,

  93. 93 : rejean Says:

    hi!!! this is rejean from philippines,,..i liked u so much,,.you’re not only beautiful but you’re also a profesional actress..,i saw you’re t.v drama the four sisters,all about eve,oh!philseung,and dal ja’s spring i liked 8 so much.,,..i know that it is imposible to meet you in person but im still hoping that we meet,,…wish u a succesful lovelife & career…

  94. 94 : abel Says:

    ..i only seen her on all about eve drama series..i like her there so much..
    and i love her cute baby face!!

    more power and good luck

  95. 95 : GB Says:

    Hi Chae Rim,

    I’m from Cambodian, one of the country in south east asia.

    Indeed, I really love your acting, I watch almost every plays you are in such Love at the Aegean Sea, Oh Phil Seung, All about Eve and Dalja’s Spring.

    My most favorite one is All About Eve, you and JDK are a real match in that movie… Hope you two can play together in the up coming movie.

    I can’t wait to see your next movie…

    Your are my Super Korean Star!!!

    Wish you all the best and success in life and career,


  96. 96 : Julie Says:

    Love your acting. You’re very talented. Just want to know whether u have any new movies out soon

  97. 97 : aby Says:

    hi chaerim ive watched ure drama series mbs were dating now. i love it!

  98. 98 : aby Says:

    hi chaerim, i love ure tv series w/ soji sup cute and nice story

  99. 99 : ei ei phyo Says:

    hi! how are you?Ma Che Rim,i like you so much.My birthday is same to you.But not year.Please return to me a letter!I wait for your letter.I love your acting.see you!

  100. 100 : snow rose Says:

    Hi!Ma Chae Rim I like you so much.

  101. 101 : mirei_sylphyl Says:

    Hi Chae Rim! I kove to see you acting very entertaining. I’ve seen some of the dramas you’ve starred in like Four Sisters, We Are Datingh Now, On The Praire, Oh Pil-seung & Bong Soon-young and Dalja’s Spring.

    I love the chemistry between you co stars in these series. I hope to see you more often maybe in a movie next time.?

    Life will go on despite the bad times you may encounter. Many fans would love to see you happy and content but life ain’t perfect as we like it to be. Keep on doing a good job!

  102. 102 : dorkey Says:

    hey… seen a few of your shows… stay beautiful!

  103. 103 : shadow Says:

    My Queen… she is one of the best actress I’ve ever seen, I love her. I liked her in all the series… she is great !

  104. 104 : elizabeth Says:

    hola soy de mexico amo todas tus novelas eres mi idolo eres lo mejor
    siempre estare contigo eres lindisima porfavor contestame en mi msn [email protected] gracias ¡¡¡

    eres lo maximo

  105. 105 : fecute Says:

    chae rim is so beautiful……
    she’s my favorite korean actress….
    i hope i will be able to see her!!…….

  106. 106 : bareth Says:

    hi, chae rim…your soo cute to be true…any good news about you. hope to see you in a new drama series and in a movie as well…any news about your love life…remember life has to go on…be strong…hope that you attend your happiness in life…like you very much…even though i dontknowyou personally but i like the way you act…your smile and your face…be happy always…love you…good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. 107 : misskorea Says:

    comeynyerrrrrrrrrrr…aok pakai jamu aper ekk?bley lar bagi skit resepi kt koi yek…jgn luper dtg umah koi…kt malaysia tau…best giler…hihi..:)ina,ain,zura

  108. 108 : Anthony C Says:

    Love all of your actings!
    Any more drama after Dalja’s Spring?

  109. 109 : nenggeulis Says:

    Dear Ms. Chae Rim,

    How are you… Love your acting and when will you and JDG will be together again…


  110. 110 : Regina Says:

    Love watching you in All about Eve, wish the ending with you and the handsome actor was a little longer. Both of you look so good together.

  111. 111 : ben Says:

    hi,Chae Rim
    I miss U,and wait for your new movies .

  112. 112 : Ella Says:

    When I saw Chae Rim’s picture, it brought back a lot of great memories from All About Eve (MBC, 2000). I wish I got to see her on either the TV or big screen more offen. When are you going to cast another masterpiece with Jang Dong-Gun? Chae Rim and Jang Dong-Gun is such a beautiful couples. Miss you both so much

  113. 113 : nikki Says:

    wat i lyk about ChaeRIM is wen she smile .she looks lyk an angel…so… sweet n i lyk her more in Dalja Spring with Lee Min Ki.I wish to see her more in k-pop series

  114. 114 : nilar Says:

    i love u chae rim

  115. 115 : Regent Says:

    Does anybody know if Chae Rim is casting any new drama or movie?

  116. 116 : tohir Says:

    She is very cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

  117. 117 : snoopy21girl Says:

    u are so lovely
    I wish u good luck!

  118. 118 : butterfly Says:


  119. 119 : nina Says:

    hi chae rim
    I like your smile ,and hope that 2008 will be a good year for you.
    God bless you

  120. 120 : Katherine Says:

    She`s the most beautiful Korean actress ever
    I love All about Eve
    She`s the best actress
    I admire her

  121. 121 : Mary Says:

    Hi Chae Rim! I just want to say that you are so beautiful and also
    when you act in drama series you’ve been so great and
    I see that you really love acting. I really like your acting in Love at the
    Aegean sea.good luck to your career!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. 122 : abc Says:

    Happy New Year Chae Rim! You are my favorite Korean actress.

  123. 123 : opol Says:

    I love your acting ,you are my fav actress. I love to watch all your dramas!

  124. 124 : kris Says:






  125. 125 : nid Says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Chae Rim ^_^

  126. 126 : tata Says:

    chae rim
    youre so cute
    take care……..love u……………..happy new yeras……..

  127. 127 : fanta Says:

    dear chearim,
    i am Thai,
    i like you so much,
    good luck in your life..!!!!

  128. 128 : nice Says:

    hi chae rim i love u so much i hope you have new series with alec su or jand dong gun.GOD BLESS!

  129. 129 : Abie Says:

    Hello Chae Rim, really reply? … Well I do not know … I want to tell you that you are a great actress,I am salvadorean and many times I did mourn in “All About Eve”… In my country people claim at that the channel pass the drama over and over again.
    [email protected] for maybe you reply…

  130. 130 : melanie Says:

    she wasn’t in loving you right??
    she’s pretty with short hair!

  131. 131 : mai Says:

    Congratulations to ChaeRim for the winners of KBS 2007 Performance Award,Keep it up! Cheers!!!

  132. 132 : mai Says:

    love u so muchhhhh

  133. 133 : mai Says:

    keep up the good work!!

  134. 134 : soroush Says:

    you are a interesting woman.madam please send your photos for me.

  135. 135 : len Says:

    Congratulations! I’m happy for you to win the Best Actress Award on Dalja Spring (KBS). Keep up the good work.

  136. 136 : wesa Says:

    Congratulation Chaerim.God Bless You. Hoping to see you soon on the big screen.

    Keep on smiling.

  137. 137 : opitimistic boy Says:

    Hi Chae Rim
    You are very beatiful!!!!!!!!!!!! like the angel came from the heaven…..

  138. 138 : shereen Says:

    Hi ms. beautiful! many of your dramas were shown here in the Philippines. I really adore you and Jang Donggun in All About Eve.you’re a perfect pair.i love you both.hope to see more of you on tv.

    Calling KBS and MBC! Please give more tv shows to Chae Rim and Jang Donggun! I love Korea!

  139. 139 : dang Says:

    love u love u

  140. 140 : dang Says:

    love u

  141. 141 : ST Says:

    Advanced Happy Birthday!
    Just in case I forget :0

  142. 142 : jhanz Says:

    hi i want to greet my one and only idol advance HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  143. 143 : jameson Says:

    hi ms. chae rim im jameson from the philippines. you are a great actress. hope you have more shows. More power on your show.hope you can visit our country. take care.

  144. 144 : jameson Says:

    dear ms. chae rim,

    ni hao ma? hope youre doing fine. Advance happy birthday to you. take care always. youre so cute and pretty.

  145. 145 : Len Says:

    Hi Chae Rim,

    Wishing you good health, good fortune, and lots of love on your birthday!

  146. 146 : ST Says:

    Happy Birthday !!!

  147. 147 : Elise Says:

    Happy B-Day!

  148. 148 : dang Says:

    Happy Birthday to dearest Chae Rim

  149. 149 : oliviabiak Says:

    Happy Birthday,Chae Rim!!!
    We you!!!

  150. 150 : skylark Says:

    Hi Chae Rim

    May i introduce myself. My name’s skylark. I live in Myanmar.

    you are very pretty sweety girl and i think. If you accept for my greeting, please write a letter for me.

    Takecare of yourself.

  151. 151 : Snow Says:

    Hi Chae Rim!

    I always like to watch your drama, the 1st K.drama I watched wasn’t act by you, but the 1st k.drama attract me which made me continue to watch was “All about Eve”.

    I love you and Jang Dong Gun so much….. although there are many korean actresses, but still like you the most…. especially your innocent smile, although you are 29 years old, but you still look charm and attractive, there is only one thing I don’t like… that is your hairstyle in “Dalji’s Spring” maybe this is the requirement cos’ you acted as a 33 years old woman, so no choice…..

    I am waiting for the VCD to be out for the new drama “Powerful Opponents”…. cheer! Chae Rim, jia you!!

  152. 152 : rachell Says:

    chae rim i love ur face ur so cute and very beautiful face!ang cute ng dating u ur beauty is real!love ko ang love team nyo ni kenneth at adrian!silang dalawa ang pinakagusto kung love team u!go chae rim park!belated happy birthday!wish u luck!takecare!godbless u!

  153. 153 : Moe Thu Zar Win Says:

    I like Chae Rim

  154. 154 : 4me2tell Says:

    i believ chae rim will win alot of awards
    for her well acting

  155. 155 : jenelyn Says:

    hi! chae rim!

    i always keep praying that you are in good health and i hope that you have a new movie or drama with jang dong gun….I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!

  156. 156 : hello77 Says:

    i love all her drama
    she is really cute and pretty

  157. 157 : Cristine Says:

    very cute and charming

  158. 158 : ainz Says:

    …hi ms.chae rim..im your avid fan…hope to see you in person!! i love your cute face…your my idol..please…tell us your new movie!!..i like you on “all about eve”…that’s really nice..mwahhh…Godbless!

  159. 159 : chye lin Says:

    You are beautiful and look young and fresh.

  160. 160 : Hee Ju Says:


  161. 161 : hani Says:

    i love ur character in Dalja’s Spring as a professional career woman, naive-33 yet youthful looking sweatheart – make this movie so refreshing till d end…and yep, ur sooo deserve the 2007 Female Top Excellence KBS Award for it. Keep it up!

  162. 162 : Leilani Says:

    Hi Chae Rim! I love your roles in All About Eve, Four Sisters, Dating Now and Daljas Spring.You’ve grown as an actress. I love watching you on screen so I hope and pray that you’ll never get tired of doing good korean drama series.

  163. 163 : jit Says:

    u are very cute,sexy and charming, so sweet in Powerful Opponents .

  164. 164 : Ei Mon Swe Says:

    Chae Rim, I am your big fan. My favorite movie is all about eve. That movie is really good movie I ever saw. I think you and Jaung Doung Gun look very good and a kind of romatic.Also I liked all of your movie. I watched all of your drama. I love you. I want to be beautiful and cute like you. And you smiling face is very attractive. You are the most beautiful girl I ever saw.

  165. 165 : jahonbek Says:

    Hi Chae Rim.My name is Jahonbek,I from Uzbekistan.Do you know about Uzbekistan.I like Soo Ae,Chae Rim,Song Il Gook.You the best actrices Korea.I like Korea

  166. 166 : Jahon Says:


  167. 167 : fazHOLIC Says:

    why she is so different from formidable rivals?!

  168. 168 : kazbek Says:

    Hi Chae Rim
    i love ur face ur so cute and very beautiful

  169. 169 : Jahonbek Says:

    Hi Cha Rim.I like All About Eve.You very beautiful girl korean.

  170. 170 : Lucia Says:

    Hi Chae Rim..my name is Lucia..i’m from Indonesia..i very like you, because you are very beautiful, has a good personality, and you have great acting ..i’m also like your acting in all about eve..this is great film..i love that film…i’ve been waching your film more than three times…i never bored watch your film..hmm someday i can go to korea b’cause i’m also like your country and maybe i can meet you too.. 🙂 😀

  171. 171 : nguyen duc tinh Says:

    ilove you

  172. 172 : Ye Myat Thu Says:

    hi, chae rim, i am from myanmar. i like your acting in Dalja Spring.Next,i like all about eve.thank you.

  173. 173 : chan chan Says:

    Dear Ms Jin Sun Me or Ms Chae Rim

    How are you ? i like your acting so much .you are so cute and innocent .
    i know you only as Jin Sun Me in “All About Eve “. I am from Myanmar .
    I will come and see you sometimes in the future. Kindly reply the letter to my mail . I am waiting for your mail .

    May God bless you whatever you do .

    Looking forwards to seeing you sometimes in the future .

    Bye Bye

  174. 174 : genesis Says:

    Hi Chae Rim!

    Just want to say, Look to the East, Look to the West, but Chae Rim is the best!. in “Dalji’s Spring”

    Love you

  175. 175 : Outsider Says:

    Hi, Dearest Chae Rim!!!!!

    I don’t know you might even take a look at my comment.
    Anyway, i’m really happy to write my opinions on you.

    I’m your biggest fan. It’s really, totally, utterly a pity that i haven’t seen your series since before 2008. The first series i’ve ever seen is “All about Eve”. Oh, you’re so cute & adorable. Ever since i’ve seen “All about Eve”, i’ve started to find all your series available in our country. So far, i could have collected only 5 series of yours(as it’s a long time ago). I feel really sorry that i got just 5.
    I want more. One day when i can go abroad, the first thing i’m gonna do is to buy your TV series.
    I hope we can meet someday!!!!!
    I love your cute face & your fantastic adorable acting!!!!!
    By the way, i’m from Myanmar.
    Praying that you’ll succeed more & more forever!!!!

    Love you so much!!!!!!!

  176. 176 : rhianne Says:

    Aneong Haseyo !!

    I loved your series DAl Ja’s Spring…

    You acted very nicely.

  177. 177 : nikki Says:

    hi MS. CHAE RIM!

    i LikE y0uR SMILE!

    aNd i LovE y0uR roLe in DALJA’s SPRING ..

    it wAs jUst stArtiNg t0 aiR hErE iN oUr c0uNtRy ..

    GMA7 g0t it ..

    i’M fr0m thE Philippines ..

    bUt i’M d0nE wAtchiNg iT ..

    i’M a LiL bit diSapp0iNtEd oN tHe eNdinG ..

    i wAs h0piNg tHat yUh,, aNd TAE BONG wiLL gEt mArRiEd ..

    hAha .. eNwEi,,

    y0uR s0 FUNNY aNd ADORABLE!

    i LovE tHe paRts wHen yUh pLay tHe PARODIES ..

    m0st eSpeciaLLy tHe ROMEO & JULIET ..

    aCtuaLLy yUh d0n’t L0ok 29 at y0uR aGe ..

    yUh jUst L0oks 25 ..

    wh0aw! .. SMILE!

    hAha ..

    m0rE p0weR!

    GOD bLeSs!

  178. 178 : maldhitah Says:

    Hi mZ cHae riM,

  179. 179 : maldhitah Says:

    Hi mZ cHae riM,

    GandaH u poH talGa! Sa “aLL aBouT eVe” plang gztong-gztoH koH na pOh kau…nGatZ poH lage!

    mWah, mWah, mwaH!!!

  180. 180 : fRiTz Says:

    hi ms chae rim,,,

    i like your smile, you are so cute….

    i really love the way you portray your role.

    you inspired me… lav u…

  181. 181 : chickengay Says:

    chae rim hope to see you in a period drama like jumong, you are cute like your smile and i hope to see u in more drama hope you will make a movie too more power and God bless

  182. 182 : jared val Says:

    hi chae,

    i love korean movies like yours that’s why im asking to send me any posters with signatures… thanx and God bless

  183. 183 : anusuya Says:

    i am your fan from India i recently watched your drama formidable rivals. i really enjoyed it. you are really looking good and you acted beautifully.i hope i see you more on these kinds of dramas.take care.

  184. 184 : elizabeth bongat Says:

    hi ms chae rim;
    how are you? im elizabeth from Philippines. Your doing very great here in Philippines.. u know what ur been just a great actress in telenovela evrynight we alwys catching u, we watch our favorite Dalja’s spring.. you are really cute and gorgeous .. my mother and i are a fan of you.. we like the story and we are amaze of your acting your so real very best actress very nice, just keep it up and we are alwys here for you .. there so many people here in Philippines who likes and loves you very much and we are all here to support your carier and your journey..
    again i like you and we love you , just take care of yourself and keep it more.. goodluck and godbless
    your fan at Philippines
    elizabeth 🙂

  185. 185 : kenny Says:

    Hi Chae Rim, I accidentally ‘meet’ you when I watch your show Formitable Rivals. And it is your charisma, beauty and attractiveness that kept me following the series. i truly enjoy your show. Love and all the best.

  186. 186 : fRiTz Says:


    i am one of your fan here in the Philippines…

    you are such a good actress…

    i salute you…

    i hope you can visit our country..

    take care… i support you all the way

  187. 187 : marian Says:

    dal ja’s spring., hehehehe.,

  188. 188 : Mirzobek Says:

    Chae Rim I love you

  189. 189 : caroline Says:

    aja aja CHAE RIM!!!!

  190. 190 : smileyac Says:

    Hi Chae Rim

    You are my most favorite Korean actress. I truly enjoy all your shows … especially All About Eve, Powerful Opponents and Dalja’s Spring. There are always memorable and magical moments from them. Hmm… how do you manage to create chemistry with all your leading men?? Maybe because you are so adorable … they can’t help but to show their attractions for you ?? You have the most beautiful smiles … 😉 Hope to see more of you!

    Your loyal fan forever!! 😉

  191. 191 : Thiha Says:

    Hi Chae Rim,
    I may the smallest your fan. coz I’m from myanmar(Barma)
    You are the one I like most actress in the world.
    I really enjoy when I see your lovely face.
    I love all of korean drama because of you.
    I really proud to see you. Thank you

  192. 192 : She Says:

    Hi Chae Rim.. Ive known you as Dalja.. You are such a great actress.. I watch also All About Eve.. You did great on both.. Take Care.. Hope you can visit Philippines..

  193. 193 : marie Says:

    chae rim was very funny as dalja, the way she delivers dalja’s line was so endearing…

    can anyone give me feedback on ‘powerful opponents’?…

  194. 194 : fRiTz Says:

    hi, i just finish watching powerful opponents…

    it’s awesome, love the characters, the storyline… everything

    so please, do watch powerful opponents

    i’m sure you’ll love it…

    go chae rim…

  195. 195 : rhanie Says:

    wow..its amazing..when i see u at powerfull opponents..i think ur acting is the best…

  196. 196 : smileyac Says:

    yeah .. i have seen Powerful Opponents three times and still love it … i’m hoping for the sequel .. 😉

  197. 197 : lou Says:

    hi, chae rim
    i just watch powerful opponents,, it is so nice
    i hope there will be a sequel in this drama…

  198. 198 : Fritzie Says:

    you are so beautiful and a good actress
    i hope you can visit here in the Philippines

  199. 199 : jit Says:

    hi…charim , I wait for your new movie

  200. 200 : jit Says:

    charim …..flighting

  201. 201 : christine Says:

    wow 2 new series and its only half of 2008! you are so busy right now but i hope you will find the time to visit the Philippines, you are one of the favorite korean actress, more power to you and keep up the good work!

  202. 202 : pab Says:

    Chae Rim, you know? you act very natural as per my wife comments and she likes you very much in Dalja’s Spring which is currently airing here in the Philippines. She never watch teleserye or any drama series because she’s so busy but with this one (Dalja’s..),she did! She is just accidentally watch one night 1 of the episodes and from since then she continued to watch every night in GMA7. I’ve seen her entertained while watching the series. I’ve tried also to watched one night and yes! My wife is correct its a beautiful one. Everybody in the cast are good!

  203. 203 : jess Says:

    hi Chae Rim,

    You are one of a kind..
    you are soooo adorable,,,
    i like your smile
    i hope you can visit here in the Philippines or perhaps make a movie together with our actors and actresses here…

  204. 204 : glena Says:

    it’s nice watching you in the drama powerful opponents…
    you act naturally,, it’s a wonderful story…
    i hope it can have a sequel….
    love you Chae Rim

  205. 205 : shanne Says:

    it’s amazing how you can change your looks…
    looking like you are in newbie 20s to a manager in 30s…
    i like your hairstyle in dalja’s spring…
    it rocksss…

  206. 206 : sam Says:

    i’m always be ur no. 1 fan
    i love all about eve, dalja’s spring and your latest powerful opponents..

    i hope you can have another drama together with Lee min ki..

  207. 207 : fRiTz Says:

    you are such a wonderful actress…
    i idolized so much…
    you are the best!!!
    i hope i can have a picture of you with a signature…
    i hope sooooooo….

  208. 208 : fatto Says:

    I like your act in powerful opponents

  209. 209 : jess Says:

    love your acting in powerful opponents!!!

  210. 210 : lou Says:

    you are one of the best!!!

    you are so cute!!!!

    take care!!!

  211. 211 : yong Says:

    i hope to seee you in a new drama soon.

  212. 212 : manilyn Says:

    hi chae rim im one of your fan into our country in phillipines!!
    you and lee min ki was erfect couple!!i hope to see you again in more drama or comedy or whatever i want to see you again in a sweet movie!!!i like you so much!!take care always more power DALJA!!

  213. 213 : jessica Says:

    wahhh…i like u in drama powerful opponents…u the best actress in korea….i hope chae rim and lee dong wook(my girl) acting together soon…i like them so much…im the fans u in malaysia….and i like un drama all about eve…alright….i hope u always fine….

  214. 214 : marie Says:

    without makeup and a change of hairstyle, CHAE RIM could actually look YOUNGER than LMK… she really looks young…

  215. 215 : Susana Says:

    hello chae rim, yes, like of others am not fun watching tv since i am also busy but when i saw your time slot accidentally in GMA7. it make’s me pause and watching what a beautiful like me(:)). you have a nice and great looks especially your eyes. you have always smile together with your eyes.keep up the good work.sis.

  216. 216 : jitt Says:

    dear chaerim

    I like you in the drama powerful opponents, and now ” Warriors Of the YANG clan ” just on air in Thailand .

  217. 217 : shereen Says:

    hello! After formidable rivals, what will be your next project? hope to see you do more drama series on KBS. I love you! Good luck and GOD bless you.

  218. 218 : erin Says:

    hi chae rim,
    hope that you do a movie or tv drama again w/ alec su and JDG.when can we see your MISCHEVOUS PRINCESS 2 in the internet?

  219. 219 : smileyac Says:

    dear Chae Rim

    You are a great actress. Hope to see more of you in the future. 😉

  220. 220 : marie Says:

    hi….chae rim…
    i like u….im ure fans in malysia….ure drama most popular in malaysia is all about eve….the drama was wonderful….

  221. 221 : ana Says:

    hi chae rim!

    when will you do another drama with Jang dong gun? For me, that drama put you and JDG on the map. Hope you’ll make another soon! I miss you both!

  222. 222 : Jennifer Sia Says:

    Dear Chae-Rim,

    Anyong-hasenyo, this is Jennifer Sia of Malaysia. Last week, I started to take out your VCD named “All About Eve” and watched it again. That kind of feeling is still as good as when I first watched it about 8 years ago. I love to watch “Sun-Mi” (starred by you, Chae-Rim). Hope to see your masterpiece again real soon.

    I have many Korean students in Malaysia. That is why I am picking up some Koreans. I hope that I will be able to speak Korean soon 😉

    Hope that you are able to read this message. Kamsa-mida!

    Wish you All the Best!

    With Love,
    Jennifer Sia
    3 October 2008

  223. 223 : smileyac Says:

    Dear Chae Rim

    I have watched all your series and I love your acting very much. Hope to see more of you soon! 😉

  224. 224 : fRiTz Says:

    hi ms chae rim..

    I really like you!!
    such a nice actress..

    keep it up!!!!

  225. 225 : Subin Says:

    chae rim i like ur acting , its cool. i am 1 of ur greatest fan over here and u look best 4 me in pilseoung and soo young. pliz contact me :[email protected] luv you!!

  226. 226 : Jennifer Sia Says:

    Dear Chae-Rim,

    Hi dear, this is Jennifer Sia of Malaysia once again!

    Would like to drop my email address for your reference … well, really hope to receive a line or two from you real soon at [email protected].

    With Love,
    Jennifer Sia
    10 of OCtober 2008

  227. 227 : Lumi Says:

    Beautiful and talented, I enjoy watching most of what she is in. Keep up with the good work. I am looking forward to your next project.

  228. 228 : Phyo Htet Arkar Says:

    hi Chae Rim!
    How are you?What are you doing now?I am your fan who loves you deeply.I want to tell you thousands of words but I don’t know how to start.In “All about eve”,you attract me with your lovely smiles.Would you mind regarding me as your friend.Hay Chae Rim,I invite you to visit our country,Myanmar.Chae Rim,always smile,your smile is so sweet and lovely.When you smile,you are the most pretty girl all over the world.Please email me to “[email protected]/ss.phyo @yahoo.co.uk.com.
    I wish you healthy,happy,lucky and more successful in your life.Your loving fan,Akar.

  229. 229 : ika Says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii chae rim
    i’m you’re big fans from indonesia,i like you’re smile,you’re smile is so sweet.You are one of the favorite korean actress.sory my english is not soo god,i’m very like you’re series ALL ABOUT EVE,i am watching that series over and over,i’ll never boring to wacth that series,you’re acting with JANG dONG GUN so adorable.

  230. 230 : Phyo Htet Arkar Says:

    Dear Chae Rim,
    Please contact me quickly.I’d like to hear from you.If you are not contact,my heart will broken.Email me at:[email protected]
    Please contact me.I want to chat with you.I do request.Be happy.
    A boy who loves you,

  231. 231 : Phyo Htet Arkar Says:

    Dear Chae Rim,
    Please contact me quickly.I’d like to hear from you.If you are not contact,my heart will broken.Email me at:[email protected]
    Please contact me.I want to chat with you.I do request.Be happy.
    A boy who loves you,

  232. 232 : Phyo Htet Arkar Says:

    I love you.

  233. 233 : jit Says:

    I love you ,and hope you always happiness

  234. 234 : tina Says:

    Hope You’re well… I realy like your acting prowess. You’re such a good actress… I’m a big fan of yours… Please take time to email me… thanks… More Blessings to come….

  235. 235 : Tamo Says:

    I m ur big fan from IMPHAL(India).I may b ur craziest fan in the world. Ur smily face makes my hrt pain away. Ur serial “ALL ABOUT EVE” makes an unforgetable image in my memory. If u get it pliz sent me a plesnt reply.

  236. 236 : ANAND KANGUJAM Says:

    HI !!
    Im from IMPHAL . Manipur(INDIA). Hope u r very well . U r my creziest girl n nectar of my love. i see u every day in my dream. pliz come in my heart. Lastly best of luck in ur future life ,ok bye

  237. 237 : ANAND KANGUJAM Says:

    HI .!!
    I am from IMPHAL,MANIPUR(INADIA).Love u,miss u so much.L always see u in dreams.U r nectar of my heart.Pliz come in my heart and pain away my worries.

  238. 238 : ECHAN Says:

    Anneyo seyo!!
    Dear omni, how r u?
    I love ur smile, simplicity, acting, n wateva u do. I love every serial of yours.
    I think u r an ANGEL from heaven.
    I love everything about you.
    I can’t express ur beauty.
    Wish u all the best.

  239. 239 : cat Says:

    i’m a audience of u.i really like all of ur TV series that i have been watched.as a student i cann’t watch for all series.sometime i have to miss it.actually i’m a really ugly girl.the most i like from ur series is that ALL ABOUT EVE,

  240. 240 : Tia Says:

    Wow do you guys think Park Chae Rim, actually gets around to reading this stuff? lol anyhow I’m your # 1 Fan hahha lol I hope that you will continue to inspire us in the future as well. Best of luck and warm wishes.

  241. 241 : blaze Says:

    How are you? I like your acting.I like your smile.I’m very happy when I saw your smile in the move.May you be happy and success in life.

  242. 242 : kzar Says:

    I like your smile.

  243. 243 : jobelle Says:

    im jobelle of phil. im avid fan of yours i like you since in koreanovela DALJAS SPRING ,all about eve,dating now,air force and four sisters nice love team with lee min ki
    ur so pretty,smart sexy great actress that i idolize
    always take care lab u both(lee min ki)

  244. 244 : smileyac Says:

    you are my most favorite Korean actress. Hope to see more of you soon…

  245. 245 : vicky webb Says:

    hi there……. i wonder if you’ll be able to read this?????
    anyway im one of your fans here in the Philippines, i really really like you coz you’re so cute……….i hope that you will be teamed up to our one of nicest actors here in phil just like what eugene will do this year…

  246. 246 : Lin Sandar Oo Says:

    Dear Sister,
    I love you so much. If I have a chance,I want to be your sister.You are so cute. The all members of my family like you so much.We are besides you forever.

    May you be always lucky in your life!
    BYE! Lin Lin

  247. 247 : thuzar Says:

    nice to meet you
    i love you so much
    i want to be sister with you
    [email protected]

  248. 248 : maria Says:

    I like your acting esp. with JDG very good lookign guy. I hope in real life you and him are boyfriend. he is very talented and your are beautiful and good actress and him.

  249. 249 : tanit Says:

    hi , I wait for your new TV series.

  250. 250 : angelique Says:

    dear chae rim,

    hi!.. im one of your big big fan here in the philippines…

    i hope someday we can keep in touch.. and i hope i can see u personally…
    i know im a little bit desperate in this but that is how your charm is..
    i really like the way you act, you are so lovely, charming, and attractive….
    i hope you can have a movie w/ kim ji ho that will be shown here in philippines… 🙂 can it be?hehe

    >i hope ms. chae rim will read this msg. of mine… how could i know?hehe…. 🙂

    take lots of care!….

    >angelique>philippies.. your fan…..

  251. 251 : K H Says:

    Chae Rim…….. U R very nice actress…… U R eye is very beautiful…….. I love u so much……. U R my sunshine ………. Have a good time Chae Rim.

  252. 252 : yen Says:

    Cahe Rim! im from Brunei…seen u on every in “The Remedal Rival” drama. Luvz seeing u in there…u’re really sweet when u smile but, so bad coz, u could only smile afew in that series…Luv u Chae Rim!

  253. 253 : porn Says:

    Happy Valentine to Chae Rim, I miss U.

  254. 254 : porn Says:

    I love to watch all the drama u act…
    I hope u will success in all thing and have a wonderfull life ok…

  255. 255 : angelique Says:

    hi chae rim….

    i like the way u act!….

    kip it up….

    tke care alweiz!….

  256. 256 : chickengay Says:

    hope you’re doing another drama coz im kinda miss your acting already more power

  257. 257 : Amanda Says:

    wish you were playing in bbf

  258. 258 : lian Says:

    one of my favorite korean actress

  259. 259 : smileyac Says:

    Hello Chae Rim

    Hope you are doing well ? I’m waiting to see more of your works … ;-))

  260. 260 : isti Says:

    Hi chae Rim, I’m isti from indonesia. I wish u have happy days. I miss u

  261. 261 : chickengay Says:

    wow i’m anticipating your new drama hope it will have a high rating more power, by the way i’m your fan from the Philippines

  262. 262 : shereen Says:

    Hello Chae Rim. I’m your fan from the Philippines.
    You have a new tv drama but it is on MBC. How about on KBS, when will you do another one?
    I hope our local channel (GMA7) here in the Philippines will buy your drama so I will not miss watching it.
    GOOD LUCK to you. I love you sweet Chae Rim!

  263. 263 : nay aung kyaw Says:

    hello,my elder sister jim sun me.i m u r fan from myanmar but now i movement malaysia.here ur movies a little only. therefor i did watch 4 movies only.

  264. 264 : NAY AUNG KYAW Says:


  265. 265 : nay aung kyaw Says:

    hello, my elder sister chae rim,what r u doing now? r u very busy? i want to see u but u and i very far.if i have one chance i want to see u only.please u give me your address or e-mail or phone no. .my e-mail[[email protected]].ok good in your life i wish ok bye .from your lovely fan nay aung kyaw ok bye…..

  266. 266 : nay aung kyaw Says:

    hello,dear,my elder sister park chae rim,how are you. i hope you are well.happy birthday incoming at 28-mar-2009 i wish for you.

  267. 267 : nay aung kyaw Says:

    hello, my elder sister chae rim, how are you?i want to see you anytime. i wish for you ,in your life, always good luck.ok.bye happy birthday

  268. 268 : jitt Says:

    Happy birthday to Chae Rim , have a nice year n be success in your career…

  269. 269 : nay aung kyaw Says:

    hello, my elder sister chae rim,how are you?happy birthday. are you busy?are you read this page? i want contact you. ok bye.

  270. 270 : teng Says:

    hello,,, i’m your one of your fan,,, your really a good actress,,, and advance happy b-day!!!!!

  271. 271 : Matthew Says:

    Hi: Chae Rim:

    I really impress your acting especially the series “All about Eves”. Remember that today is your birthday. I would like to send the best wishes on your birthday and would like Jesus Christ and Holy Mother
    to bless you. Happy Birthday.

    Matthew from Thailand

  272. 272 : nay aung kyaw Says:

    hello, happy birthday chae rim.how are you?i wish for you from this day on later 100 years you have good time.ok bye.

  273. 273 : shereen Says:

    Hi Chae Rim. Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    I wish you good health, long life and good luck on your career. Hope you will do many tv dramas together with Jang Donggun. I miss your love team. You’re a perfect pair. I love you both.

    Good luck and GOD bless you!

  274. 274 : Jessica Says:

    Chae Rim…I’m from myanmar…Belated Happy Birthday…I like to watch the drama ‘ Powerful Opponents ‘ that you acted…always take care!!!

  275. 275 : 장혁 Says:

    Chae-rim is one of the most beautiful and adorable women in this world….
    당신은 너무 예쁘다!!!

  276. 276 : nay aung kyaw Says:

    hi,chae rim,how are you?i remember you ever time.

  277. 277 : JM Says:

    yos Chae rim, i bought all your dramas! I seen it over& over again and i feel that you even look more prettier than before! I love you!

  278. 278 : chickengay Says:

    chae rim good acting in Job well done, you and the child actress look like real mother and daughter, she is so cute just like you more power chae rim and more projects to come. God bless you

  279. 279 : abby Says:

    hi, chae rim, im abby from philippines. im one of your fans. ur so great, i had watched ur movie here in the philippines and ur so great.. i hope u’ll do another movie so i can always see you again

  280. 280 : queenie Says:

    hi chae rim ! we do have the same last names 😀

  281. 281 : nenggeulis Says:

    love you always… !!!

    Chae Rim Fighting….!!!!

    Hope more good project will come!!!!


  282. 282 : mharjorielabzu Says:

    hi chae rim i miss you ! more projects to come i ur career we will always here baside u i love you !

  283. 283 : mharjorielabzu Says:

    hi i’m marjorie from phillipines i’m super addict to u chae rim gogogo !!! we love you the daljanatics !

  284. 284 : mharjorielabzu Says:

    hello chae rim u are so very great actress i like you the way u act in the screen more i more fans so addicted to u co’z ur so great !

    mharjorielabzu hir from philippines

    keep up the goodwork !

    we always here 4 u the daljanatics !

  285. 285 : mharjorielabzu Says:

    hi it’s me again i’m very impress ur tv series especially dalja’s spring that we shown in GMA7 wow it so vey romantic story i can’t move on waahhh !
    i’m so addicted to u chae rim (dalja)

    mharjorielabzu hir from philippines !

    hope u can visit our country !!!

    only hir at manila,philippines !

  286. 286 : mharjorielabzu Says:

    i’ve always watched in the youtube about ur videos !!! it so crazy ur so pretty and cute ! i hope i can see u in personal here in the philippines !
    try to visit our country there are a lot of ur fans waiting here !

    mharjorielabzu hir from philippines !

  287. 287 : mharjorielabzu Says:

    hi chae rim it’s me again and again for me u r the one that inspires me !!!
    u r the one of my idol and one of my favorite korean actresses !!!
    hope u can visit here in the philippines ! i’m one of ur fans here in manila,philippines so i hope u can visit here sometimes !!! love you park chae rim !!!

    mharjorielabzu here from the manila,philippines

  288. 288 : joracel_08 Says:


  289. 289 : joracel_08 Says:

    Hi! i’m from Valenzuela City here in PHILIPPINES I want u to know that all ur drama series shown here was a really great. hOPE that GMA 7 ALWAYS SUPPORT U.

  290. 290 : vikram bodh Says:

    hi! i have seen your tv drama and i like it very much.Good work….may you live long.

    himachal pradrsh

  291. 291 : hannah Says:

    Hi,chae rim how are you?my names hannah living here australia ,hope you always in good health enjoy your life you are my idol and you know your birth days same to me 28-march cool, take care of your self ,love you

  292. 292 : Lia Says:

    Although the inner characters of the roles she choose in dramas seemed to be basically not very far from her own optimistic, cheerful and kindhearted character, her natural acting and excellent understanding and portraying of those drama’s characters are remarkable. Not only the lines and the facial expressions, but also her whole body languages makes it looks like she really experiences all the things those drama characters undergo.

    I just hope to see her in the big screen soon.

  293. 293 : joracel Says:

    mis you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  294. 294 : joracel Says:

    hope ur next project is w/ alex su or jang dong gun, coz ur chemistry w/ dim is perfect.
    i love all ur series hope to watch u soon her in philippines.

    hope u can visit our country coz u have many fans here waiting to see you

  295. 295 : joracel Says:


  296. 296 : rwita Says:

    i like u in All about eve..hope there’re more your drama or movie with Jang dong gun…

  297. 297 : joracel Says:


  298. 298 : joracel Says:

    hi! HOPE TO HIR A LATEST UPDATE FROM U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  299. 299 : lala Says:

    Hi……your’s my fav korea actres,love your act en your smile. Honestly I don’t like your caracter in “Job well done” but you very pretty in there. I’ll wait your next project.I always suppose you

  300. 300 : joracel_08 Says:

    hi! how r u? hope ur doin fine. i’m still waiting here in PHILIPPINES for ur new show.
    ur so pretty in job well done but i don’t like ur partner dir.

  301. 301 : joracel Says:

    i’ll always check ur profile to know more about u, hoping to have a latest update. i hope u find d right man for u. a man who protect and love u from d rest of ur lives. luv yah ur my #1 korean actress.

  302. 302 : nenggeulis Says:

    always look for new anything about you…hope this time you will be paired with a drama/movie partner that could lift you up to the next level…Amiin

  303. 303 : joracel Says:

    hi! hope 2 c u soon in a new show w/ alec su & jang dong gun.
    i really love watching ur series.
    pls. update us.

  304. 304 : joracel Says:

    please giv some latest update of chae rim. i finished already good job, good jod she’s really amzing der. she looks pretty ang young in her new hair style. new show for her and alec su or jang dong gun.
    love you chae rim.

  305. 305 : Lydia Says:

    I really… really like u in powerful opponents, but i dont like when u were act as Dalja in Dalja’s spring, maybe becoz too girly?
    But u r my fav. Actres

  306. 306 : siti komariah Says:


  307. 307 : Yvonne Says:

    Love you in all the shows. 1st saw you in All about Eve and have watched all the dramas you are in. For your latest in Good Job, good job! you are so good in it. Watch part of it in mysoju and cannot wait till the DVD come out to get it and I can watch it again and again.

  308. 308 : Des Says:

    do you think you will pair up with Alex Su again, like the 2 of you together!

  309. 309 : YT Says:

    Any chance of a drama starring So Ji Sup and you? Love so guys so much in Cheers for the women and We are dating now.

  310. 310 : Reg Says:

    u’re my fav actess

  311. 311 : rt Says:

    sarang hae!!!

  312. 312 : joracel Says:

    i miss u! so far i watch ur old series like i’m still loving you. i love that series coz ur so cute there. now my next in line to watch is dating now.

  313. 313 : joracel Says:

    how i wish that you and jang dong gun or alec su to have a new series together again. i always watch at you tube ur “all about eve, love at the aegean sea and warriors of the yang clan”. i hope warriors of the yang clan have english subtitles. the said series is too hard to find. i want to have a copy of my own but i do know how.

  314. 314 : joracel Says:

    you’re my favorite korean actress.
    KAPUSO network here in Philippines always support u.

  315. 315 : YT Says:

    u’er the best

  316. 316 : pstan Says:

    still waiting for good job good job’s dvd to be out

  317. 317 : joracel Says:

    well i’m still waiting for ur new show, i hope b4 end of this year you have a new one.
    i watched again your series “FOUR SISTERS” and my god ur sooooooooooooo
    amazing there.

  318. 318 : des Says:

    any chance of you coming to singapore?

  319. 319 : joracel Says:

    hi chae rim,
    wer still waiting for ur new show w/ jang dong gun and alec su.
    please give us an update about ur career and lovelife please.

  320. 320 : yondy Says:

    i think she is more beautiful with short hair

  321. 321 : Yondy Tanius Says:

    i like her smile

  322. 322 : jitt Says:

    I miss U so much.

  323. 323 : Yondy Tanius Says:

    i love her film powerful opponents

  324. 324 : joracel Says:

    miss u chae rim!!!!!!!!
    hope u had a new show. please give us latest news about ur career and lovelife.

  325. 325 : eka karlina Says:

    huy..chaerim..i’m eka karlina from indonesian…. u know, i really like u with jang dong gun..uuuh very nice couple at all about eve series… when u coming to indonesian????? heheheh… love u full chaerim cute

  326. 326 : kat kat Says:

    Hi Chae Rim sis,
    I really love you and like to watch your movies.

  327. 327 : kat kat Says:

    I like your smile, and you are my HERO!

  328. 328 : joracel Says:

    hi chae rim, wer still waiting 4 ur new show w/ jang dong gun, alec su, so jin sup and lee min ki.

  329. 329 : zary Says:

    hi. i like chae rim and jun dong gun . in the specialy your play movie all about ave. i enthusiasm youyr film some of which is not in IRAN. i would be pleased if you can send me those.

  330. 330 : wee wee Says:

    I always check your update of ur new drama…
    Like your acting….
    Support you all the way…… all the best….

  331. 331 : joracel Says:

    any update for ur new show or lovelife please.
    we nid to know how’s ur life today,
    as one of ur avid fan here in philippines.
    please give us an update……………………..

  332. 332 : sandiswe Says:

    hi.chae rim,i am sandi.I want to your friend.I like your dreama and your photo.I very like your dream serieas are All About Eve.Your are very sweet.Your reply me mail.Please

  333. 333 : Poh Kuin Says:

    Hi! I’m from Malaysia. I really love you and JDG in all about eve. I watch this drama more than 10times .

    Hope you will reply me and let me know when you will act with JDG again. Take care

  334. 334 : tarzan1812nd Says:

    Hi ChaeRim.I wish this message will be readed by you.I miss you so much.Really that!I have one dream in my life to see you in the real worl and this dream will go with me for all my life.do you know?,every day I see many photos of you in my destop of the laptop and I listen over and over many music film,especcially in the”on the prairie”you acted and I impress your face and your smile in my heart and my soul.You are one person cannot missing in my life as a girl in this film cannot live without her husband.Yes I have only entreaty from you,I will be very happy if you can give me your email or anything I can contact with me,I know you are very busy but I only want sometimes so so sometimes to receive your reply,they are really means of my subsistence.I swear to security your infomation.I wish you give me a chance to contact with you,even via email.My email is [email protected].I miss you ChareRim…and I wish you bless for me

  335. 335 : Yondy Tanius Says:

    i want to be her friend too.
    but it’s impossible.
    she is a girl with a beautiful smile.

  336. 336 : Yondy Tanius Says:

    sorry if i said this.
    i am not her fans.

  337. 337 : John Says:

    Hi, Chae rim, I chhelo kan ti lutuk, All about eve ah khan i nalh thei kawp mai. Ka thin i ti rim miahlo a nia o…

  338. 338 : olive Says:

    hi chae rim

    you are good actress

    you have a pretty smile

    i like this

  339. 339 : lala Says:

    What’s your next project in 2010 ?? I hope you have soon coz I want to see you again n again….

  340. 340 : tarzan1812nd Says:

    Hi Chare Rim.I wish you success,lucky and many best wishes.merry chirsmast….hihi

  341. 341 : joracel Says:

    hi chae rim, i finish to watch again ur drama series “warriors of the yang clan”.
    i love dis drama. ur team-up w/ alec su is good like w/ jangdong gun.
    we’re still hoping that you do a new show together w/ them.
    pls. update us if u have a new show……….

  342. 342 : mehimaka Says:

    Anyone knows if it comming a new drama or movie from her. I now the last was “Job well done”, but after that????? I really would to see a drama with Ryu Jin as her couple. They worked before but never as the main couple. Would it be nice? Who’s wirh me?

  343. 343 : tarzan1812nd Says:

    Happy New Year ChaeRim.I wish you get many success,luky and many many things you want.I love you so much!!!!!!

  344. 344 : joracel Says:

    hi chae rim, we will still waiting for ur new show. i missed the way u act ur simplicity and ur smiles. i always search ur old series in youtube.
    please update us about ur career and hope this year you found the right man for you.
    wish you a good health, success and a happy life.
    her in philippines loves u so much.

  345. 345 : mary ann Says:

    Annnyeonghaseyo chae rim!!! i am your super fan in the phil….. I like you coz you are so amazing actress and very talented one especially in acting…….HOpe your carrer will be a succesful and pls pls….. UPDATE us TO your new show or new movie in 2010……pLS. VISIT IN PHILIPPINES!!


  346. 346 : des Says:

    It’s true that we don’t know
    what we’ve got until it’s gone
    but it’s also true that we don’t know
    What we’ve been missing until it arrives.

    Giving someone all your love is never an assurance that they’ll love you back!
    Don’t expect love in return;
    just wait for it to grow in their heart,
    but if it doesn’t, be content it grew in yours.

  347. 347 : des Says:

    It takes only a minute to develp a crush on someone,
    an hour to like someone,
    and a day to love someone,
    but it takes a lifetime to forget someone…

    Don’t go for looks; they can deceive.
    Don’t go for wealth; even that fades away.
    Go for someone who makes you smile.
    Because it takes only a smile to make a dark day seems bright.
    Find the one that makes your heart smile!

  348. 348 : des Says:

    May you have
    Enough happiness to make you sweet,
    enough trails to make you strong,
    enough sorrow to keep you human,
    and enough hope to make you happy.

    Always’s put yourself in others’ shoes.
    If you feel that it hurts you,
    It probably hurts the other person, too.

  349. 349 : des Says:

    The happiest of people
    don’tnecessarily have the best of everything;
    they just make the most of everything that comes along their way.

    Happiness lies for
    Those who cry,
    Those who hurt,
    Those who have searched,
    and those who have tried,
    For only they can appreciate the importance of people who have touched their lives.

  350. 350 : des Says:

    When you were born, you were crying
    and everone around you was smiling.
    Live your life so taht when you die,
    You’re the one who is smiling and
    everyone around you is crying.

    To those who have touched your life in one way or another
    To those who make you smile when you really need it
    to those that make you see the brighter side of things when you are really down
    To those who you want to know that you appreciate their friendship.

  351. 351 : des Says:

    May the New year bring you and yours an abundance of God’s blessing, good health and happiness.

  352. 352 : YT Says:

    For you, I would climb the highest mountain peak, swim the deepest ocean, Your love I do seek.
    Love you, CR

  353. 353 : joracel Says:

    hi chae rim,
    how r u? hope ur doin fine.
    we’re still waiting for ur new show.
    please update us.
    take care

  354. 354 : olive Says:

    you are pretty

  355. 355 : joracel Says:

    wow it’s nice to knew you have a new show and
    i’m really excited to watch it. your leading man is soooo handsome.
    Good luck CHAE RIM !!!!!

  356. 356 : joracel Says:

    Choi Siwon is the leading man of Chae Rim in her new show
    “OH MY LADY” will be aired by March.
    Let’s support our idol…

  357. 357 : John Says:

    Hi!! Dear Kris, i va awmherh ve a? He nuthlawi hi hmeltha i tive meuh na nge? Kei leh ka thiante chuan duatlai Chae rim kan ti….

  358. 358 : Paul Says:

    Lo hrethiam lawk’s MIZO ka ni a, ka tawng ka rawn hmang a ni e. Chae rim duh lutuk tu, Mizo tawng thiam in awm chuan min lo reply teh u khaiiii….

  359. 359 : joracel Says:

    hi Chae Rim, i’m very excited for ur new show. hope u visit the Philippines coz you have so many fans here.
    good luck !!!!!

  360. 360 : John Says:

    Dear Joracel, he comment huangah hian i hming ka hmu hnem tawh khawp mai. nang leh kei hian Chae rim hi kan duh hle a nih ka ring. Ni e, Chae rim bawihtei hi chu tawrh har kan ti tlang a nih hi mawleeee……

  361. 361 : joracel Says:

    John, sorry but i don’t understand what are u saying. can you please translate in english.

  362. 362 : chickengay Says:

    chae rim hope your new drama will have a good rating unlike good job job hope it will have a single digit rating God bless and more power – Philippines

  363. 363 : joracel Says:

    hi Chae Rim,
    i’m so excited for your new show w/ Choi Siwon. i hope this series will have a good rating. I finished to watched again Powerfull Opponents coz i can’t accept the feedback that the said series is flop. The said series is one of may favorites cos the story is good not boring. your tandem w/ Lee Jin Wook have a chemistry like jang dong gun, alec su and lee min ki.
    i hope someday you reunites w/ them.
    GOOD LUCK for your upcoming show.

  364. 364 : zary Says:

    Ms. Rim
    View all life in many films, especially a woman who enjoyed this film alongside Mr. Jang you were played because he is my favorite actor
    Cast Film with a very attractive and the story was too true and jealous of a woman brought to the scene in the game and you and Mr was very beautiful tone I really enjoyed seeing this film, but alas that is not of films I dubbed or are not the main language that is very hard, but the search in this film, I saw Persian.

  365. 365 : malaysian fan Says:

    u so cute & in Dalja’s spring … i love u, wish u more success in ur career. Good luck.

  366. 366 : malaysian fan Says:

    u so cute girl.

  367. 367 : joracel Says:

    chae rim is so adorable in her new series w/ choi siwon.

  368. 368 : Magic32Lak Says:

    SHE RULES !!!

  369. 369 : Magic32Lak Says:


  370. 370 : Magic32Lak Says:


  371. 371 : joracel Says:

    Hi Chae Rim, i’d like to greet you a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!
    Wish you more success on your career and hope to found the right man for you. congrats for your new show ” OH MY LADY”. ALWAYS TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOUR SELF…..

  372. 372 : June Says:

    Dear Char Rim,

    Happy Belated Birthday To U, Wish you All The Best On Your career..

  373. 373 : banna Says:

    Dear Char Rim
    Happy Belated Birthday ^_^

  374. 374 : Tony 24 Says:

    Happy B-day! You still look like in your 20’s.
    Cutiest girl ever.

  375. 375 : Yuna Kim Says:

    You are so great at “Oh My Lady”

  376. 376 : Maylasia Says:

    Maylasia your biggest fan here
    Happy 31st Birthday

  377. 377 : remedios Says:

    Belated Happy B-day to you..I’m one of your number one fan here in the Philippines..hope we get to know each other more..We all miss your shows here in the Philippines, and we want to know when can we see your other shows here because we miss you..Good Luck to your career and more shows to come…May God bless you always..

  378. 378 : Victor Says:

    Dear Chae rim, I like u like i like my God…. you are my all in all…. i can’t think anything while you are in my mine….

  379. 379 : John Says:

    Hi!! Dear Chae rim, I love you so much. Ka thiam tawh lo. He tawng hi hriatthiam lo tum hram teh. Plyzzzz………. Chuan ka thiam tawk in ka lehlin sak dawn che nia. Comment huang a mi zawng zawng te pawh tawng kan in zirtir ang chu… Ka ngaisang lutuk che. Hmeltha si, duhawm bawk si, mahse NUTHLAWI!!!!!!!!! Pawi ka ti lo.

  380. 380 : John Says:

    Mizoram (North East India) Is your biggest fan here. Happy 31st Birthday……..

  381. 381 : Ni Says:

    I wonder if you ever read these message. I really like your drama. They’re getting better every year. You only have one drama a year. That it not enough for your fan. I believe lots of fan would love to see more of your dramas or movies.

  382. 382 : joracel Says:

    so sad coz your series ” oh my lady” has end already. i hope you have another show soon.

  383. 383 : emmaabrantes Says:

    youre the best Korean actress Ive seen in the drama series hundres times watching your tv series
    all about eve even we move to Dubai and had chance watching you especially the Oh my lady. thanks hopefully more tv series looking forward to watch. thanks

  384. 384 : millethsalonga Says:

    perfect cast,amazing actors and actress,good job guys…..well done. i love this drama so much that i keep on watching it … chae rim and choi si won perfect couple….. sarang-hae to all of u… keep it up and more tv series to come .. GOD BLESS YOU ALl….:)

  385. 385 : jesh Says:

    Chae Rim Makes Cameo in Chinese Version of ‘All About Eve’


  386. 386 : yovita Says:

    I Like Chae Rim very much, Wish her all the best!! GBU

  387. 387 : air jordans shoes Says:

    May the New year bring you and yours an abundance of God’s blessing, good health and happiness.

  388. 388 : joracel Says:

    i miss watching her after “oh my lady”. is there any news about her please update us. i hope she do another series w/ alec su, lee min ki, jang dong gun and lee jin wook.

  389. 389 : joracel Says:

    i’m so excited for your next project in china. i know still negotiating up to now. i’m hoping you can have that project coz you deserved it.

  390. 390 : wilma Says:

    Guys look at her track records my gosh theres no way shes in vacant ….ive seen other records of actors and actresses and i think she has the most series ever hahahah…..
    yearly she has a series good job good job…..
    i really like her shes versatile she knows to act funny and all that drama…..love her one of my top 10 favorite actress ever…aja aja fighting c:

  391. 391 : wilma Says:

    i like her on oh my lady and good job good job….aja aja fighting c:

  392. 392 : Alabama weddings - Huntsville alabama - Wedding huntsville alabama Says:

    […] » Chae Rim » Korean Actor & Actress Air Force (MBC, 2000) Loving You (MBC, 1999) Kaist (SBS, 1999). 2007 KBS Drama Awards: Female Top Excellence Award for Dal Ja's Spring. I'm one of your number one fan here in the Philippines..hope we get to know each other more ..star.koreandrama.org/?p=447 – » Chae Rim » Korean Actor & Actress […]

  393. 393 : joracel Says:

    hope you had a new show. can you give us an update if you have a new project. your fans here in philippines are excited to know if you accept the series offered of china.

  394. 394 : Vajra Says:

    Hi Chae Rim ssi,

    I have watched oh! my lady. I am very like that Dorama.

    You are sweet couple with Si Won


  395. 395 : Vajra Says:

    Chae Rim ssi,

    When will you come to Indonesia? Here many people like your acting.


  396. 396 : joracel Says:

    hi chae rim, may we know the latest about your negotiation in china.

  397. 397 : joracel Says:

    i watched again your series ” oh my lady” and i;m still enjoying.
    i love your tandem w/ choi siwon. his so handsome and sexy.

  398. 398 : joracel Says:

    your still my no. 1 korean actress. i really like the way you act. you are amazing and still beautiful.

  399. 399 : Vajra Says:

    Chae Rim Ssi,

    When will make movie with Si Won again?

    Your sweet couple with him and perfect acting in OH ! MY LADY.

    Please acting together with in next Korean Dorama! I like so much oh my lady, goodluck!

  400. 400 : joracel Says:

    ok i finished to watch again ” oh my lady” today. and still hoping they do another series together. i like also jang dong gun, lee min ki, han jea suk, so ji sup and alec su. all of them are handsome and they have chemistry w/ chae rim.

  401. 401 : joracel Says:

    today i started to watch again your series ” powerful opponents/rival”. i like you w/ lee jin wook too, his cute especially when he smile at you.

  402. 402 : Antique lightning rod - History lightning - Lightning rod Says:

    […] » Chae Rim » Korean Actor & Actress Air Force (MBC, 2000) Loving You (MBC, 1999) Kaist (SBS, 1999). 2007 KBS Drama Awards: Female Top Excellence Award for Dal Ja's Spring. I'm one of your number one fan here in the Philippines..hope we get to know each other more ..star.koreandrama.org/?p=447 – » Chae Rim » Korean Actor & Actress […]

  403. 403 : joracel Says:

    please tell us what is the latest project of yours. we really miss seeing you in a new series,.

  404. 404 : joracel Says:

    hi chae rim, we still waiting for your new project.

  405. 405 : ba ji ngan Says:


  406. 406 : chaepenn Says:

    missing you so much!!!!! is there any news about your negotiation in China?

  407. 407 : chaepenn Says:


  408. 408 : *fati* Says:

    i realy like your acting in oh my lady drama.it was amazing.

  409. 409 : chaepenn Says:

    please………………………what is your next project?

  410. 410 : chaepenn Says:

    missing you so much!!!!

  411. 411 : chaepenn Says:

    please can someone update us about chae rim. i really miss watcching her in a new drama. how about her lovelife?

  412. 412 : chaepenn Says:

    please someone tell me what is the relationship of chae rim to the guy always beside her in all her picture at lovelychaerimboard?

  413. 413 : masi Says:

    dear one! you were perfect in oh my lady .As a mother which have hard time because of her children , I really enjoyed your play as a kind hearted mother. thanks to you. I hope you`ll be a very good mother one day.

  414. 414 : toh quan ming Says:

    hi chae rim! i like your korean drama call ” Oh My Lady ” very much because your acting is very good.

  415. 415 : chaepenn Says:

    i really miss watching you. hope you have a new projects.

  416. 416 : Jeena Says:

    Vote for our Best Korean Drama of 2010 – http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=5818

  417. 417 : chaepenn Says:

    merry christmas chae rim!!!

  418. 418 : ladsa Says:

    hai… I hope your new drama with lee min ki in 2011

  419. 419 : laucky_jan15 Says:

    u r so………cute and beautiful smile i miss u from pk

  420. 420 : chaepenn Says:

    happy new year chae rim!!!

  421. 421 : karn Says:

    Hi chae rim Happy New Year 2011, I like u very much & hope to see u and Jang Dong Gun in new Drama. I’m from Thailand.

  422. 422 : jay Says:

    i like you your so beautiful

  423. 423 : chaepenn Says:

    i hope you have a new project. i really like you coz you’re a great actress.
    you’re still pretty..

  424. 424 : charity Says:

    i really really like u from ur ALL ABOUT EVE up to OH MY LADY i have watched them more than 10x that is fr yr 2000 up 2 present am a fan of yours & am waiting 4 another project this 2011…keep up d good work…how’s ur lovelife hope u’ll find a man who will treasure u 4 d rest of ur life…GOOD LUCK…

  425. 425 : chaepenn Says:

    chae rim’s birthday is coming…..hope she had a new project. i really miss her. until now no news about her.

  426. 426 : Foo San Lin Says:

    Chae Rim is a good actor, particularly in the show All About Eve which I watched over and over again. I also watched all her other shows and fell in love with her. Just hope she has some new drama serials coming up soon. The DVD shops in Singapore do not have any more shows of hers that I had not watched.

  427. 427 : chaepenn Says:

    happy birthday chae rim. your still my favorite korean actress. wish you more project and a happy love life.

  428. 428 : vhelle Says:

    hi chae rim belated happy born day wish you all the best

  429. 429 : Chae Rim | All Wheels Blog Says:

    […] chae rim star.koreandrama.org […]

  430. 430 : Chea Rim | All Wheels Blog Says:

    […] chea rim star.koreandrama.org […]

  431. 431 : chaepenn Says:

    i hope she do a drama w/ song seung heon in the future. i really like them:).

  432. 432 : Korean Actress Chae Rim | All Wheels Blog Says:

    […] korean actress chae rim star.koreandrama.org […]

  433. 433 : chaepenn Says:


  434. 434 : chaepenn Says:

    wish u have new project:)

  435. 435 : edna mangaya Says:

    Chae rim is a good actress, love her most drama all about eve and oh my lady. she did a good job here.

    Hope she will have new idol drama this year.

  436. 436 : Eugene Says:

    I love Chae, it’s my best korean actres and i wait her new drama or movie
    i m french fan
    eugene it’s for man in france

  437. 437 : chaepenn Says:

    miss u chae rim !!!!

  438. 438 : chaepenn Says:

    she’ so lovely in her new commercial.

  439. 439 : laura Says:

    really good and the best …

  440. 440 : chaepenn Says:

    so sad coz this is the only year that she didn’t do a drama. i really miss her.

  441. 441 : Sinopsis Oh My Lady « loveufull Says:

    […] Chae Rim as Yoon Gae Hwa Choi Si Won as Sung Min Woo Lee Hyun Woo as Yoo Shi Joon Park Han Byul as Yoo Ra — Oh, ada Park Han Byul, ceweknya Se7eN Oppa… Wah, patut masuk daftar tonton nih… Yoo Tae Woong Moon Jung Hee Hong Jong Hyun […]

  442. 442 : thelma sia Says:

    ur my favorite korean actress.i have watched all of ur korean dramas from the beginning of ur career til now.how i really love ur acting that`s why ur my favorite.hoping to see more of u in the future.

  443. 443 : lorna lam Says:

    i liked u so much. your the best korean actress. i , my friends and my families watched your movie all about eve over and over again and again. i am collecting all yous movies and i found out that you are great actress, the best! although i am a filipina among all the actresses you are my one and only. my fiancee smiled at me when i said your the best and watch your movie again and again. he’s chinese but he likes your acting too as an actress. wish you luck! and i hope to watch your new movie!

  444. 444 : Mei Fang Says:

    I love u chae Rim…

  445. 445 : chaepenn Says:

    we really miss her….

  446. 446 : Lee_dya Poer Says:

    Annyeong Chae Rim ssi…I like your acting on oh my lady & I think is a blessed for you being the main role of this film with “the cute” Choi Si Won,aren’t you???good job for both of you…

  447. 447 : chaepenn Says:

    please come back chae rim. we really miss you.

  448. 448 : lei Says:

    miss her too…..hope to see her in another series…..

  449. 449 : OH! MY LADY | LoveDrama's Says:

    […] Chae Rim as Yoon Gae Hwa Choi Si Won as Sung Min Woo Lee Hyun Woo as Yoo Shi Joon Park Han Byul as Hong Yoo Ra Moon Jung Hee as Han Jung Ah Yoo Seo Jin as Lee Bok Nim Yoo Tae Woong as Kim Byung Hak Bang Joon Seo as Kim Min Ji Kim Yoo Bin as Ye Eun Heo Joon Suk as Choi Tae Goo Kim Kwang Gyu as Han Min Kwan Kim Hee Won as Jung Yoon Suk Hwang Hyo Eun as Oh Jae Hee Hong Jong Hyun as Kim Jin Ho Lee Dae Yeon as Eom Dae Yong Chu Hun Yub as Chae Ho Suk Lee Han Wie as director (cameo, ep1) Jun Hye Jin as actress (cameo, ep1) Na Young Hee as Gae Hwa’s former boss (cameo, ep1) […]

  450. 450 : butterscot Says:

    hope 2 see u in another dramas…fighting!!!!!

  451. 451 : chaepenn Says:

    happy holidays chae rim!!! hope to see u soon on a new drama.

  452. 452 : Esther Says:

    When can we watch your new drama?We miss you a lot.

  453. 453 : emma.abrantes Says:

    hello chae rim love your drama the last one Oh my lady love it and many times watch all about eve honest, hope you will have new drama your avid fan,,,,,,,God bless,,,,,

  454. 454 : OK OK OK Says:

    Chae Rim’s brother Park Yoon Jae (Screen Name) who acted in

    Indomitable Daughters-in-Law (MBC, 2011) 🙂
    New Tales of Gisaeng (SBS, 2011)
    Spotlight (MBC, 2008)
    The Glory Era of the Maeng’s (MBC 2002)

    I wonder when is Chae Rim next drama coming since 2010. Missing her so much. 🙁

  455. 455 : chaepenn Says:

    please come back on drama chae rim. we really miss you. i hope you didn’t retire in showbiz. your birthday is tomorrow wish you good health, happiness and more success.

  456. 456 : chaepenn Says:

    happy birthday chae rim 🙂

  457. 457 : chaera Says:

    happy birthday chae rim…^_^ saranghae^_^

  458. 458 : dongnghi Says:

    Charim i hope to see you in new movie in 2012 , i hope to see you with Jang Dong Gan in a new movie . With me you are very beatiful actress
    happy for your life

  459. 459 : chaepenn Says:

    i really really miss her 🙁

  460. 460 : Luong Bach Linh Says:

    Chaerim i miss you a lot i wait for to watch your new drama You always beautiful actress in my heart how long do you have a new drama? when can i watch it? please chaerim don’t quit your job.i hope i will watch your new drama in 2012

  461. 461 : salmayanti Says:

    Chae Rim i miss u so much, you are really beautiful show your talent on korea drama cause many fans wait you so long:)

  462. 462 : Lorem Says:

    Hiya! Why are we not seeing more of the gorgeous and effervescent Ms. Chae Rim?

    Chooonaaah.. I deserve to be killed for not posting this message sooner.

  463. 463 : ida Says:

    it’s been 2 years since i saw u at Oh My Lady…..can’t wait to see you in your new drama….i miss u… My Dal Ja….

  464. 464 : [SBS 2010] Oh My Lady | Says:

    […] Chae Rim as Yoon Gae Hwa Choi Si Won as Sung Min Woo Lee Hyun Woo as Yoo Shi Joon Park Han Byul as Hong Yoo Ra Moon Jung Hee as Han Jung Ah Yoo Seo Jin as Lee Bok Nim Yoo Tae Woong as Kim Byung Hak Bang Joon Seo as Kim Min Ji Kim Yoo Bin as Sung Ye Eun Heo Joon Suk as Choi Tae Goo Kim Kwang Gyu as Han Min Kwan Kim Hee Won as Jung Yoon Suk Hwang Hyo Eun as Oh Jae Hee Hong Jong Hyun as Kim Jin Ho Lee Dae Yeon as Eom Dae Yong Chu Hun Yub as Chae Ho Suk Seo Myung Kyu (서명규) as Min Woo’s friend Kim Hee Joon (김희준) as Min Woo’s security guard Yeo Ji Hyo as high school student Jessica Jung as herself (cameo, ep7) Kim Hyo Yeon as herself (cameo, ep7) Choi Soo Young as herself (cameo, ep7) Lee Han Wie as director (cameo, ep1) Jun Hye Jin as actress (cameo, ep1) Na Young Hee as Gae Hwa’s former boss (cameo, ep1) Sung Hyuk […]

  465. 465 : nenden Says:

    i like you when i watching drama all about eve and i hope you always succses in your carier and happiness in you life

  466. 466 : Rosemary Ong from Malaysia Says:

    I love all your dramas and I purchased almost all except for a few early ones that I was unable to find like KAIST, Lost One’s Way, Air Force and Shy Lover. I still hope to be able to purchase them if I can. I wish to see you in more Korean dramas although tt is also nice to see you act in Chinese dramas, too. I wish you a happy life and if you are still single currently, may you find your soulmate soon.

  467. 467 : Rosemary Ong from Malaysia Says:

    Merry Christmas, Ms Chae-rim! I just made a Christmas wish! To see you and Bae Yong-jun act in a romantic drama soon. Of course, I wished for love and world peace, too to prevent more natural disasters.

  468. 468 : Minh Ngoc Says:

    WHere r u now? long time no c u, i love u much among the Korean Actress, hope to c u soon with ur new film in 2013!!!!

  469. 469 : nenggeulis Says:

    hope Lee Ji A Courtyard will air soon….

    and become another CR’s classic

  470. 470 : French viewer Says:

    Hi from France !
    You’re very different from the others actresses, you have a really pretty face : you are very beautiful. I watched some of your dramas :
    Oh! My Lady (SBS, 2010)
    Powerful Opponents (KBS2, 2008)
    Dal Ja’s Spring (KBS2, 2007)
    We Are Dating Now (SBS, 2002)
    And I enjoyed a lot. Your actesses skills are great.
    I hope to see you this year in a new drama, with a good storyline and handsome partner (why not Hyun Bin ?).

  471. 471 : French viewer Says:

    oh sorry, I mean “actresses skills”.

  472. 472 : dee Says:

    Korean!!, Korean!!

    After the Chinese drama please do a Korean series? Please..please..

    Any leading man will do as long as your the leading lady I will surely watch it. And I know it’s not only me cause everyone is waiting for your next projects..

    Take care always..

    We love you Chae rim!!!

  473. 473 : Thi Says:

    Happy early birthday, Chae Rim. I love your movies and I hope you make many more, especially with Jang Dong Gun and To Hua Bang. I love movies with all of you guys together. I have seen all the movies featuring you three together. I’m a huge fan. I hope to see more. Happy Birthday. I LOVE YOU!!!


  474. 474 : Thi Says:

    By the way, this is Thi from Chicago, USA.

  475. 475 : Abiodun afusat Says:

    I luv u

  476. 476 : Rosemary Ong from Malaysia Says:

    I miss Chae Rim and her dramas. I hope she plans to do more Korean dramas. I wish CHAE RIM and SO JI SUB will do a drama together again, this time more romantic than We Are Dating Now. Chae Rim & So Ji Sub, will you do this for your fans please? Love you both.

  477. 477 : ai Says:

    i miss her a lot…hopefully she plans do a new drama , and I wish action with lee jun ki ,,, I love them both,,,thank you and God bless!!!

  478. 478 : ayeh Says:

    hope she makes another drama, i really miss her and lee min ki >.< i want them to make another drama huhu they are so good together. please

  479. 479 : OK OK OK Says:

    Oh Chae Rim

    Miss You So MUCH !!!! Onje Wasoyo !!! When is your next drama coming?
    I am a “giraffe” now. hee hee 🙂 🙂


    PA LEE PA LEE Wah So Yo 🙂

  480. 480 : OK OK OK Says:

    😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

  481. 481 : oyetunji funmilayo Says:

    i love ur way of acting

  482. 482 : OK OK OK Says:

    Chae Rim Agassi
    Can u act for us ASAP? Miss your drama very much. 🙂

  483. 483 : vampire a Says:

    Miss you so much..I hope she makes another drama with lee jun ki ilove you both…plsss…

  484. 484 : Crossing the Rubicon Says:

    Missing you.

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