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Choi Ja Hye

Choi Ja Hye.jpg

Name: 최자혜 / Choi Ja Hye
Profession: Actress
Date of birth: July 26, 1981
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Star sign: Leo
Education: Seoul Institute of Arts

TV Series

Birthcare Center (tvN, 2020)
Leverage (CSTV, 2019)
The Last Empress (SBS, 2018)
Sweet Enemy (SBS, 2017)
The Sound of My Wife Breathing (KBS2, 2011)
It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl (SBS, 2010)
King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo (KBS2, 2010)
Powerful Opponents (KBS2, 2008)
Lobbyist (SBS, 2007)
Sunok (KBS)
Fugitive Lee Doo Young (KBS2, 2006)
Spring Waltz (KBS, 2006)
Be Strong Geum Soon (MBC, 2005)
Dae Jang Geum (MBC, 2003)
The Woman Living Across the Street (MBC, 2003)


  1. 1 : ada Says:

    your so beautiful sunok

  2. 2 : ada Says:


  3. 3 : yusy Says:

    hai…sunok,when your tv series sunok in youtube….please

  4. 4 : Xiah Justice Says:

    Ang Ganda mo talaga I love you hehe

  5. 5 : Chong Mei Li Says:

    is there any other title and any other information on sunok? i try to look but no success.

  6. 6 : christine Says:

    choi ja hye its so very charming

  7. 7 : ruby ann batungbakal Says:


  8. 8 : Beret Says:

    I am miffed why Asian/Korean parents get involve in “PIMPING” off their children to unfaithful men, and other equally misinformed families. These chilldren are faaar more educated than their parents and yet they tolerate these disgusting men. Is it for money? Get a job.
    Sunok family PIMPED her, and her incompetent father LOL he need a good beating., andd why had the writer done something about that thief. The role of Sunok is very well acted by Ja Hye.

  9. 9 : Tasgeo Says:

    Of course this is a TV drama that obviously has to stretch some situations to become more intense and eventually attract more attention, however it definitely has to reflect some true situations in a very traditional society such as the one described here.
    One can experience traditional values where social hierarchy is very powerful, children obey their parents no matter what and other people’s opinion is one of the most important things defining the social status of a person. Unfortunately though, this tradition also hides some extremely unjust situations like for example the position of women in society.
    Women in this drama are clearly positioned lower in a society that expects from them to become the property of the family that they are “married to” with very little prospect of equal treatment. Again this extremely unfair treatment of Sunok by almost everybody probably serves the purpose of making her the un-doubtable hero of the series, likable and provoking our most compassionate feelings towards her, however her reactions ultimately make her a very questionable kind of hero. She never speaks up to all these people that treat her horribly but she finally does so in situations, which don’t justify a harsh reaction. For example she lets a man and his mother abuse her without reacting at all while on the other hand she stands tough against the only man that actually loves her. Pride is understandable here towards the man that she loves but letting everybody else crash her pride on a daily basis with not even an instinctive self defense reaction is quite puzzling. Does this reflect the expectations of a whole society towards the woman of the house or is it just a trick used by the writers to make us unconditionally empathize with her ?
    Her family – especially her father (step father) start as the only likable characters in the series who little by little become the most unattractive personalities due to their complete and nearly criminal incompetence to support Sunok or even themselves. I agree with the previous comment written above that her father really needs a good beating – it is amazing that I had the same exactly thought with the previous commentator – because I have never seen a more spineless personality that lets himself and his family be totally destroyed by the others and him observing all these in a totally stoic and seemingly apathetic way. This behavior could be interpreted as superiority of character making the audience sympathize with him but in the end it has the opposite effect alienating everybody and making him a rather unlikable character that may actually deserve his fate (!). In the beginning we absolutely empathize with Sunok and her father but towards the end one wonders whether the only normal characters with “spine” in this series are actually the bad characters who at least speak up for themselves.
    Sunok is horribly abused by her husband and the only thing she has to say to him is “I am sorry”!!. Now this probably does reflect the very old fashioned values of a traditional society – this becomes clear as nobody objects to it considering it natural – but it slowly grows in a disturbing way, episode after episode, making us wonder whether the good guys actually deserve redemption (!)
    The only people that seem to care and react normally to all these abuses are either women or her real brother who again is a rather weak personality (at least for the moment) and cannot do anything to help her. As for her she chooses to stay and fight for the very people that destroyed her life leaving us wondering whether her motivation is truly noble or it is just her upbringing that has made her completely uncapable of standing up against people that are wrong and fight them.
    In the end all the above may just be exaggerations and tricks used by the script writers to make the drama more intense, provoking passionate feelings in the audience and therefore making the series more popular. Some of the situations presented in this series may be a little over the top and not totally realistic. However, I think that they do reflect some realities of the traditional societies’ everyday life and this is why we somehow feel uneasy watching this show. Have these realities disappeared for good or maybe some of them still exist, even today, residues of a not so distant past that has left its mark much deeper than we think ?

  10. 10 : Tasgeo Says:

    On a lighter note: the actress that plays Sunok is indeed very good and everybody around her supports the series very well too. It is indeed very entertaining and Choi Ja Hye very beautiful. A redundant thing to say since Korean women are beautiful by definition.

  11. 11 : donna Says:

    Spring Waltz… very nice series…

  12. 12 : AYNUR KOÇER Says:

    çooook güzel bi kız ben çok sevdim

  13. 13 : fabian Says:

    choi ja hye is simply beautiful beyond words. =D. love her to bits xDD.

  14. 14 : arman Says:

    hi, you are djang geum best friend right? do you really like to eat a lot?? 🙂

  15. 15 : JOSH ANDRE SOLEDAD Says:


  16. 16 : toh quan ming Says:

    lobbyist…very nice series…

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  19. 19 : Stargazer Says:

    Love Choi Ja Hye in all her series. Especially, Sunok, can’t get enough of her in the serie. Been watching that serie over and over.

    She is so beautiful, charming, cute, and has excellent acting ability. Very multi-talented actress; an all around actress.

    One of my most favorite Korean actress. Wish to see more of her.

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  22. 22 : BU-YOUNG Says:


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