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Choi Ji Woo

Choi Ji Woo 01

Name: 최지우 / Choi Ji Woo
Real name: 최미향 / Choi Mi Hyang
Chinese name: 崔智友 / Cui Zhi You
Profession: Actress
Birthdate: 1975-June-11
Birthplace: Paju, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea
Height: 175cm
Weight: 50kg
Blood type: A
Talent agency: YG Entertaiment

TV Series

Crash Landing on You (tvN, 2019)
The Most Beautiful Goodbye in the World (tvN, 2017)
Seven First Kisses (NAVER tvcast, 2016)
Woman with a Suitcase (MBC, 2016)
Second Time Twenty Years Old (tvN, 2015)
Temptation (SBS ,2014)
The Suspicious Housekeeper (SBS, 2013)
Can’t Live With Losing (MBC, 2011)
Star’s Lover (SBS, 2008)
Air City (MBC, 2007)
Rondo (TBS, 2006)
101st Proposal (BTV China, 2005)
Stairway to Heaven (SBS, 2003)
Winter Sonata (KBS, 2002)
Beautiful Days (SBS, 2001)
Honesty/Trust (MBC, 2000)
Mr. Duke (MBC, 2000)
Message (SBS, 1999)
Humaneness (KBS, 1999)
Love (MBC, 1998)
Happiness is in Our Heart (SBS, 1997)
First Love (KBS, 1996)
Only Love (MBC, 1996)
Happiness (MBC, 1995)
War and Love (MBC, 1995)


Like for Likes (2016)
The Actresses (2009)
Yeonliji / Now and Forever (2006)
Shadowless Sword (2005, cameo)
Everybody has Secrets (2004)
The Romantic President / President Who Play the Piano (2002)
Nowhere To Hide (1999)
First Kiss / Shall We Kiss (1998)
Hallelujah (1997, cameo)
The Hole / The Snare / Olgami (1997)
The Adventure of Mrs. Park (1996)


2006 Timeless Beauty Acting Award (Seoul)
2005 Korean Movie Association: Special Award
2005 41th BaekSang Award: Special Award (contribution to Hallyu Wave)
2004 40th BaekSang Awards: Popularity Award (TV Part)
2003 SBS Acting Award: Special Production Actress Award
2003 Golden Award – Popularity Award
2002 KBS Acting Awards: Popularity Award
2002 KBS Acting Awards: Best Actress Award for Winter Sonata
2002 Best Dresser Awards: TV Talent Category
2002 38th BaekSang Arts Awards: Popularity Award
2001 SBS Acting Awards: Special Production Actress Award
2001 SBS Acting Awards: Top 10 Popularity Award
2000 MBC Acting Awards: Great Female Performer Award
1999 Video Music Awards: Golden Video Actress Award
1998 34th BaekSang Arts Awards: Newcomer Actress Award
1998 21st Golden Film Awards: Newcomer Actress Award
1995 Korean Isabelle Adjani Award

Related Photo

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  1. 1 : Andrew EGOH Says:

    I regret I am not able to speak nor write Korean.

    You are bautiful in all four dimension.
    So far is the God Best Made Creature. Beyond word.
    If I am single and rich, you will be in trouble. I will go after you.

    Love your movies. But not so much on your character in the movie.
    Why the director always put yo in such a drama. Having need to cry your eyes out so much and live within deadly sickness.

    You really shine. You have the potential to be the “Flower of Asia”.

    Beauty with Brain, beauty with talent and beauty with character.

    You are unique.

    Best of LUCK and Keep up the good work. Hope you can be the best female role model in the acting industry

    Not a fan but a admirer.
    Andrew eGoh

  2. 2 : Gloria-Philippines Says:

    Loved all your movies / tv dramas. The only Korean artist with beauty and brain. You are only one with an angelic face in the Korean movie industry. All your movies/tv dramas suits your pleasing personality.

    Stairway to Heaven was a big hit in the Philippines 4 years ago. Filipinos were so impressed with you and Kwon Sang-Woo in that tv drama. You were such a lovely pair.

    Hope you win an award as the most beautiful face in Asia.

  3. 3 : Dianne Says:

    Such a lovely face in the Korean movie industry. Nobody in Korea can match your beautiful face.

    You should have more movies / tv dramas with your leading actor in Winter Sonata – Bae Yong Jun. This drama captured the hearts of so many Filipinos. You were such a perfect pair not only in the Korean drama but in real life. Hope to see you together in another drama.

  4. 4 : Icy Says:

    Very versatile actress. Make more movies & tv dramas that touches our hearts.

    Good luck & hope to see you & Bae Yong Jun together, I wish you’re really together in real life.

  5. 5 : yeelin Says:

    i love your shows………is beautiful days and winter sonata…. i like you have a long hair . u look more pretty…. and cool…. i wish you happy with your sweet smile…. i am fan of you……i support choi ji woo…… i can’t speak korean words that well…….anyway…. i hope you win the best show of korean series . you are look like a super model…. jal jinaeseyo Miss Choi ji Woo

  6. 6 : yeelin Says:

    i hope u come to malaysia….. malaysia…is very nice place……….

  7. 7 : elizabeth lee from Sabah Says:

    Hello! I love your shows especially winter sonata.. Great!! Wish you all the best of luck in your career and looking forward to watch your next shows with Bae Yong Jun in future.

    God Bless U!

  8. 8 : liz Says:

    Such an agelic face. Hope to see you in a movie with Bae Yong Jun of Winter Sonata. Your such a lovely couple.

  9. 9 : secret Says:

    congratulation 4 wining so much awards

  10. 10 : ixory Says:

    Thank for all of your beutiful drama.I’m glad i know you.For me there is no korean drama if no Princess jiwoo

  11. 11 : Rowena Says:

    My God, look at those list of awards. Proof that she has gone far as an actress. Her winter sonata series got me into watching k-series. I just love this girl. Hope to see her again soon. And I hope she’ll be paired with Jang Dong Gun. I think they make a nice pair on small screen.

  12. 12 : Oscar Says:

    You are as adorable as Mother Mary or even Kwan Yin

  13. 13 : yamunaah Says:

    hello..you are so pretty..i am frm malaysia..you can act very well…all ur dramas were very nice…especially winter sonata…i lik u so muc..i hope one day i can see you…i must wait until i grow big then only i can come and see you..ok..bye.take care..all da best in ur future movies…

  14. 14 : americo Says:

    hola soy un admirador de tu trabajo y tu belleza y me gutaria saber mas de ti en verdad te digo de todo corazon que en tu vida personal seas FELIZ bueno ya me despido y hasta otra oportunidad .

  15. 15 : Angel Says:

    Hi my namer is Angel from Leticia i used work with korean KBS.
    I would like to be intouch you my msn is [email protected]

    you are so pretty..

    i´ll be awaiting for your reply…


  16. 16 : dayana Says:

    i love ur dramas and ur self….u re very beautiful and fair as snow…..

  17. 17 : RATIH Says:

    Hello sweet lady,

    I am your big fan from Indonesia. I like your TV dramas so much. Especially WINTER SONATA and STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN. They really captured my heart. Why is your tears like a river that never stop flowing? You’re so easy to cry… not to mention that you’re also good in acting. That’s why I never miss your play either in TV dramas or movies ever since. Your acting is very impressive. You’ll be a great actress in the future. Hope I can always see you in every korean dramas and movies and I like it when you are being paired by Bae Yong Joon or Kwon Sang Woo. I really want to see you being pared by So Ji Sub or Song Seung Hun coz I also admire those two handsome guys and their wonderful acting. Supported by a good story, I’m sure it will be a masterpiece like the previous ones above “WS” and “STH”. I never stop praying to see other great Korean actors and actresses like you and them come up in the near future. WE LOVE YOU! GOD BLESS YOU! and VIVA KOREAN TV-DRAMAS!

    Love You,

  18. 18 : queen Says:

    Good luck for you!

  19. 19 : zura Says:

    hai ji woo….
    i’m your big fan from malaysia.
    i know u for the first time from the movie of beautiful day. you so beautiful in that movie. until now, i have all your movies and drama as my collection. i’m waiting for your next project.hopr to see u soon.
    take care……
    miss u so….

  20. 20 : imilla Says:

    Una mujer bella!! en todo el sentido de la palabra.
    Queremos saber más de ti, aqui, en America Latina.

  21. 21 : rhem Says:

    from the philippines, we truly admire your beauty and talent…….. we hope that this is not the end of your career but this is only the start of your famous career………

    >your pretty, and we know that you know that….. from the phil. language “ang kagandahan ay nasa puso at alam namin yang mga Pilipino at alam namin na nasa iyo ang katangiang yan……………”

    >okz sige.. GOD BLESS YUO AND YOUR COUNTRY………..

  22. 22 : nora Says:

    From California, USA
    I’m a very avid admirer of all your dramas & movies. You’re very beautiful, super talented, versatile & charitable. You have it all. Beautiful in & out. I’m looking forward in watch-
    ing your forthcoming drama “Air City”. I’ll be passing by Incheon International Airport in June from the Philippines, I
    hope I see a glance of you. I know you’re shooting Air City in Incheon International Airport. I hope they make another drama after “Air City” of you & possibly Kwon Sang Woo.
    You & Kwon Sang Woo are my favorite couple. You look so
    good together & both of you were very romantic in Stairway
    to Heaven (my favorite drama of all time). God bless you.

  23. 23 : lietan Says:

    Dear Ms. Choi Ji Woo,

    Wish u success in your life..


  24. 24 : jadedblue Says:

    Choi Ji Woo


    We love you and your Stairway to Heaven and of course the Winter Sonata…
    You’re really an actress, versatile & beautiful…..
    You look good with Bae Yong Joon or Kwon Sang Woo… We even wish that you can be their partner in real life, well, bad thing….
    I think you have to choose and be with the one you love.

    I really like you and i am happy to have this opportunity to give message to you.

    Keep on doing good job and I hope you are really beautiful in and out.

    I hope all the success will come to you.

    Please do more movies, I promise to buy them all.

    FYI, I bought DVD of Winter Sonata & Stairway to Heaven.

    Please do us a favor….. visit Philippines. So we can have the chance to see you.

    The Filipino loves you… I hope you love us too….

    God bless you and more power.

    [email protected]

    I really like you among other I watched Korean Actress…

  25. 25 : gary soto gutierrez Says:

    hola:CHOI JI WOO.
    para mi eres la mejor actriz de toda korea.
    me encanta como actua,si,eres la mejor.
    pero lo q mas me gusto fue el papel de escalera al cielo:han jung su.

    eres maravillosa.
    tu admiradoe de concepcion,chile:gary.

  26. 26 : love Says:

    The best of everything speaks all together.
    An excellent actress, beautiful, sweet and a wonderful person.

    I love you very much.

    Ah! I am charmed with me the paper(role) of they have jung his(her,your), and of fact it was the best novel that I have seen.

    Thank you for doing of the slightly grand cinema.

    You are the BEST.

    I love you very much.

  27. 27 : Nora Says:

    I saw your interview (Air City) & you stated that you’re ready to get married as soon as you meet your “Mr. Right”.
    I hope you meet him very soon. You had accomplished practically everything in your career. I wish you the best of luck & happiness. You’re a very good Christian & person, you deserve the best “Mr. Right.” God bless you always.

  28. 28 : Nora Says:

    P.S. My one wish to the Korean movie industry, can you once more make a drama or a movie starring Choi Ji Woo & Kwon Sang Woo? They have a superb chemistry in Stairway to Heaven. Thanks.

  29. 29 : pee jay dy Says:

    hello there

    would you mind sending me a picture of yours?if thank you very much

  30. 30 : Kimberly Says:

    Hey my mom loves you ! I really love your movies but my mom hardly sleeps because she watches your movies. Well I hope you have a great time and have plenty of more fans!!

  31. 31 : Kimberly Says:

    I LOVE YOU!!! you are the best actress i have ever seen. I am from america but I have the roots of a filipin. I can spear it very well. I wish to meet you but I know that will never happen I will mail you again

  32. 32 : Kimberly Says:

    I LOVE YOU!!!

  33. 33 : Kimberly Says:

    see you!!

  34. 34 : ALH Says:

    Yu-Jin… I am in love with you.

  35. 35 : Helen Says:

    Dearest Aunty Choi Ji woo,

    I’m helen, 15 years old. I love your acting very much , you are very beautiful….
    I live in Phnom Penh of Cambodia…..i’m not so rich and not so poor, i live in a meduim family…you know after we watch the movie that name The Stairway to Heaven, we were so proud of you. You look so sads and always cry… You knoe you make us cry……

  36. 36 : profseer Says:

    ty you are very buety women

  37. 37 : yovanna Says:


  38. 38 : Debra Says:

    I am such a big fan,from fresno,California I have been watching korean movies for a couple of years now and i am hooked.You are wonderful Actress,and i enjoy watching you very much.

    God Bless,Deb.

  39. 39 : nora Says:

    I watched “Air City” English episodes & I really love it. Good storyline, good acting & very educational. I love Choi Ji Woo, Lee Jin Wook & Lee Jung Jae, great actors. I said educational because I learned the hardships of the airiport staff & the government agents to keep the airport safe. I just came back from Korea (just a 10-hour stay) & I really admire the Incheon Airport. I went on a 5-hour tour. Korea is beautiful. I plan to come back in the future for a longer stay. I got interested in Korea since I watched Korean dramas & movies, particularly Choi Ji Woos. I admire her natural beauty & acting ability.

  40. 40 : Truc Says:

    i luv youu…i watched stairway to heaven…and it was a good movie..but i felt sorry that you die in that movie..you so beautiful..i luv youuuuuuu….im glad that you win that mcuh of awardss…

  41. 41 : andreas Says:

    i watch you drama it was great ,love to see you

  42. 42 : Nordelm Says:

    I love Air City most especially because Choi Ji Woo is on it, my most favorite Korean actress. She’s so beautiful & sophisticated in Air City & her acting was superb. Once again she showed her acting talent. I’m hoping she appears once more with Kwon Sang Woo. They look perfect together & had great chemistry in Stairway to Heaven. They were the most romantic couple in Korean drama. They are so great together. I do believe that if they put them back together in a drama or movie, it will be another hit like Stairway to Heaven, but please no sad ending. There’s a saying that if it’s good, do it again. They were both good, so why not put them together again.

  43. 43 : Mina Says:

    Dear Choi Ji Woo,
    Hi I first saw your Winter Sonata tv drama in the Philippines when I was in my hometown. However, I was not able to see it regularly because I have business to attend. When I returned to Japan I borrowed it in rental shop. I watched it with my husband every night. It’s the first korean tv drama we watched. You and Bae Yong Joon are very good partner there. Since then we always borrowed Korean tv drama in rental shop. We have seen many of your tv dramas and they are all good and interesting. We hope that you and Bae Yong Joon will have Winter Sonata Part 2 where he can see again. Is there any possibility that your relationship will develop into love? Many of your fans are really romantic at heart.


  44. 44 : shya Says:

    Hi Ji Woo,

    I’m big fan from Malaysia. I just love watching your drama with Kwon Sang Woo in Stairway To Heaven. You guys are such a great couple!! Both of your acting really make me part of the drama too. Please make another drama with Kwon Sang Woo. There’s no words to describe your and Kwon Sang Woo credibility in acting together. I just love it.

  45. 45 : GorgeouS eLLe Says:

    such a beautiful face…
    wish to see you in person…
    i love the way you act it seems real…

  46. 46 : amn Says:

    eres mi mjor actriz de asia para mi eres la jor de todas
    y quisiera q actuaras en mas novelas
    para q re viva mi emocion porfis te lo dice tu amiga amn..
    visita al peru ya..!!!!
    graxias x todo…

  47. 47 : ami Says:

    eres mi mejor actriz de toda esta categoria
    pro te pido como dice amn
    que estes dando mas novelas
    comerciales, peliculas
    yo soy tu fans 1º y soy del peru
    vista macchupicchu

    JEJEJEJE ——-=D

  48. 48 : Nora from CA, USA Says:

    I’m still heart sick (sad) that Air City ended too soon (only 16 episodes). I’m hoping there will be Air City #2. It’s such a good drama full of great actions, some comedy & some romance. Choi Ji Woo, Lee Jung Jae & Lee Jin Wook did great acting. Hope they will bring them back on Air City #2. My other wish is for Choi Ji woo & Kwon Sang Woo to be together in another drama or movie soon. They look great together.

  49. 49 : Nordelm Says:

    I recently saw MVs of Jang Dong Gun & Choi Ji Woo. I think the clips on these videos were from the drama “Love”. They look so good together. I never seen them together before & I’m very eager to see that drama “Love”, but I could not find any DVD or video on it. Does anybody knows where I can find it? Daejee (the person who upload these MVs), can you please have them with English subtitles. Can you please upload the entire drama “Love” also. Many thanks. I love Choi Ji Woo. She’s a great actress & a beautiful lady in & out. God bless you Ji woo always.

  50. 50 : nsar Says:

    hi iam kurdish ilove u and ur role inwinter sonata

  51. 51 : SAWTHANTZINLATT Says:

    hi choi ji woo,
    i am a fan from myanmar.’Stairways to heaven’ tv series influence on me.you look so cute and innocent.I wonder why the director force to cry while u are smiling.but your talent was excellent,marvellous and made me addict your acting.jun suh han was really a naive girl.This type of romance will actually exist in this real world.if u are a beliver,hope that we will meet each other in heaven!

  52. 52 : farshid karimi Says:

    Miss woo
    I am iranian. my name is farshid.

  53. 53 : nadine Says:

    im nadine ur the one fan here in philippines ur great actress i love ur series winter sonataand stairway to heaven gud luck to u

  54. 54 : ruby ann batungbakal Says:

    such a good actress

  55. 55 : lica Says:

    winter sonata is the best example of a classic drama

  56. 56 : Joshua Kengo Says:

    To: choi Ji Woo:
    Since you acted simply indepth and almost perfectly as the writer wish to express, you shall be the soul as well in your real life. Despite a human entertaiment form a nice work has been carried out in a superb coordination and helps of all of the casts worked together. As I’m a Japanese left Japan to live in Canada after a similar story line experience as you and your co-actor are selected to have played a roll for, especially thank you for your sincere dedications to deliver how the souls in human form shall live. Occidental mystics have finally gotten lightened up in many oriental hearts by your sophisted art of acts with your oriental soul and body in order to manifest the catholic of our human individuality. You and your co-star really have re-awakened today’s Japanese in general who have been desparately in need long for what you have acted to inspired, which we shall feel grateful of indeed also. The real life and world are obvious of being non-fictional different from any scenarios of human creations but any level of fictions you act to deliver shall cast certain pure shinning upon the pathway that each individual human have to live for their own daily lives along. As you acted, so you shall live. Nothing shall be detached or disconnected as we’re all human and undeniably involved in this cosmopolis planet earth.
    God bless you always!

  57. 57 : Rita Says:

    Miss Choi, I love your acting. You are so talented and beautiful indeed. I watched the DVD twice in Stairway To Heaven. Both you and Kwon Sang woo are two talented beautiful pair in the screen. You two match each other. That would be great and better still if in real life you two can make a pair should you two are still single. And both of you are from the same faith a Roman Catholice like me. You know my friend lent me the DVD Stairway To Heaven and I watched them twice cos I fell in love with you too. The story is so dramatic and exiciting indeed. I cried from begninning till the end. The most touching part was when you were purposely knocked down by your step sister Han Yuri. And also when you went blind. And Kwon Sang woo cried and cried. Also your step brother Han Tai Hwa Also there are laughter too. I gonna watch them again for the third time before I return the DVD back to my friend. I gonna buy one for my collection. I would love to see you and Kwon Sang woo act together more often in all future dramas. I gonna buy the DVD for my collectiona. I gonna watch any ohter drama/movie acted by you. And also that of Kwon Sang Woo. Because of you two that from now
    onwards I will watch Korean Drama/Movie. God bless and protect you always. Happy acting. Take great care. I LOVE YOU and Kwon Sang woo. Warm regards. Hope to see both you and Kwon Sang woo act more often together in future Dramas/Movies.

  58. 58 : eileen i. rosaroso Says:

    Hi miss choi, im eileen 29yrs old from philippines, you are my no. 1 favorite korean acctress since the first time ive watch about korean series and movies, next to you is eugene of “save the last dance for me” & kim tae-hee of “Lovestory in harvard”. I really really want to go to korea because of you, i want to buy original dvd’s of all your movies and drama series… i hope someday it will come true! up to now your still the most popular korean actress here in our country, i hope you will do more movies and drama series again, you’re still our timeless beauty!!! anyong!

  59. 59 : Nethy7 Says:

    I love your acting in winter sonata… ^_^

  60. 60 : tsiny Says:

    Im Tsiny from Malaysia n tis is my very first time to leave a message to you…Im your No.2 fans after Kwon Sang-Woo…Your TV series-Stairway To Heaven really impressed me a lot…I like the way you act…it seems real to me…i think the best movie can only exist if the actor himself can put himself into the character he is playing in the movie n mm….indeed i saw u really have made it.When i watched the drama-Stairway To Heaven, i really have put myself into the story.i was totally impressed and TOUCHED by your character(Hang Jun-Suh) and Kwan Sang-Woo’s character(Cha Song-Joo).Its really a sad story…i cried from the very beginning until the end of the story…its true…i can swear!!i have watched this drama up to 20 times but i never feel boring…why?haha….anyway..i am curious about your relationship with Kwon Sang-Woo…have u ever be with him?DO YOU LOVE HIM?iI CAN SEE THAT HE LOVES YOU…I REALLY HOPE TO SEE YOU AND KWON SANG-WOO CAN BE A COUPLE…GET MARRIED AND THEN BLA BLA BLA…CAN IT BE POSSIBLE?HAHA…ANYWAY..I MEAN IT!!!HOPE BOTH OF YOU CAN BE TOGETHER AND LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER…^^

  61. 61 : tsiny Says:

    Its me again,Tsiny….forgot to tell you my hotmail address…it is [email protected] please ‘pay me a visit’…is that ok?i hope u can produce more interesting and special tv series or movies for us….is that ok..?please make another drama with Kwon Sang-Woo….I love to see u act with him…both of u make undescribable match couple than anyone else….I MEAN IT!!!!Hope u can be with him in the real life…Both of you are too match!!!

  62. 62 : Regina Says:

    Ms. Choi,
    You are wonderful in Winter Sonata and now Air City, Both you and Lee
    Jung Jae are so good in this show. Such a cute couple. I like this show because it have different story lines and it is not sad.

  63. 63 : Ohnmar Says:

    Hi, Miss Cho JI Woo,

    I really like to you.I love you all of Korean stars.Your acting is very excellent.You have talent and charming. I am a lady of Myanmar.You are very popular in our country. I’ll always praise to you that successfully in your life.Good bye.

  64. 64 : tsiny Says:

    Dear Ji-Woo,
    Hi…its me Tsiny…hmm seems that you have not read my message…or else how come you have not reply my mail…haha..its ok…anyway…how are you?i hope you are always fine and happy..have you consider my suggestion?i mean work with sang-woo again in the future?i hope u do…haha….really expect to see both of you act together in the future…both of you make a great couple in the tv screen…haha…please consider it…i have told sang-woo ord…and ermm…still dont know his answer…haha…ok….got to go….bye…love you

  65. 65 : butterfly Says:


  66. 66 : mikansakura Says:

    i had watched many dramas ur acting.why don’t u try another character in dramas like more cheerful and adventurous than a sentimental character????please!!hope to see more of u…
    wait a sec….r u married?? to whom???
    could anyone please told me???

  67. 67 : Nordelm Says:

    Mikansakura, Choi Ji Woo is not married. You probably saw a clip of her & Lee Jin Wook (Air City co-star) in the Andre Kim’s Unicef Fashion Show held on 11/26/07 in Seoul, South Korea. I wish they did really get married because they looked great in that clip. She stated in one of her “Air City” interview that she’s ready to get married when she meet her Mr. Right. I guess she has not meet her Mr. Right. I’m very anxious who will be her Mr. Right. We just have to wait. I’m hoping she get partnered again with Kwon Sang Woo in another drama or movie soon before she gets married. They have great chemistry in Stairway to Heaven. I read that they are friends.

  68. 68 : Ibrahim salah Says:

    HI im a great fan of Choi Ji Woo i love her soo much and im from Egypt plz let me know abt her fansite n report me on this email
    [email protected]

  69. 69 : Ibrahim salah Says:

    Hi !!!
    i like u so much so plz dont ignore i wanna know ur website plz help me

  70. 70 : Podi_eka Sam Says:

    Hi Choi Ji Woo

    I and my family from Los Angeles we are Sri Lankan residing in USA, watch your dramas and specially ‘Stairways to Heaven’ its Excellent there is no word to say about your acting, you and your co-Star really matching couple, we hope you will meet again with Kwon sang-woo. Your are Crying Baby……

  71. 71 : tan Says:

    she is really gud in crying!! hehe..talented..! gud work.*winter sonata n starway 2 heaven* my fam said i do look a bit like her..hahaha..

  72. 72 : Nora from CA, USA Says:

    Choi Ji Woo is not a crybaby in real life. She’s a great actress because she could cry when the directors told her to cry. If she didn’t follow her directors or scripts, she could not have won all those best actress awards in Beautiful Days, Winter Sonata & Stairway to Heaven. You should watch her movie “Everybody Has a Secret” with Lee Byung Hun, she did not cry & she was very funny on this one. You should also watch “First Kiss, Mr. Duke, The Romantic President, First Love, not melodramatic, just great movies & dramas. She also won awards on Mr. Duke & The Romantic President. If you’re an actress, you will cry when you’re told to or you will get replaced or fired. She’s a very versatile actress. You should watch all her dramas & movies & you’ll know how great actress she is.

  73. 73 : jackie Says:

    hi miss. Choi ji woo i am a your fan from philippines i am so touch when i wacth your tv sereis whic is the stairyway to heaven. your a good actress i like you

  74. 74 : jackie Says:

    hi miss. Choi ji woo i am your fan from philippines i am so touch when i wacth your tv sereis whic is the stairyway to heaven. your a good actress i like you

  75. 75 : jansgongyoo Says:

    hi choi ji woo! you are so pretty, you are such a good actress! i love the way you act!

  76. 76 : donna Says:

    hi there…. i’m a big fan of this girl… i just love her shows.. stairway to heaven all the way to winter sonata… and many more!!! i just want to say that your a great actress… i looked up to you… so much…

  77. 77 : RALPH Says:


  78. 78 : Elsie M. cabanlit Says:

    March 12, 2008

    Hi Choi,

    May I address you as Janice. This is how I accept you in my heart. You have such a very strong and effective projection everytime I review the Winter Sonata.

    I am already 45 yrs old, a head teacher III in our school but I have been so amused of how you act especially your love duo with Jun. Please have 1 more love story with him before the two of you will retire from cute romantic role on screen. I understood Jun is now going into more mature role as an actor. How I wish your script writer, director and producer can come up with a continuation of that endless love, this time to focus on your family with Jun. There’s a need for this kind of story nowadays. I just do not know how learned people in the industry can make a twist from the Wsonata to having a family this time. But am sure this will work again. This is going to be a big hit here in the Phil..


  79. 79 : hyunnadia Says:

    I like you acting in STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN…you are so preety woman in the worlddddd.i love you CHOI JI WOO…..

  80. 80 : annika seven Says:

    u must be a good actress, u hav a lot of awards..
    nywei, ur acting in winter sonata and stairways to heaven really touched me, ur not as OA as other korean actresses do..keep it up!

  81. 81 : trix Says:

    hi ms choi ji woo!

    i like u as an actress. hope to see u soon back in the movies/ tv series.

  82. 82 : KM Says:

    Choi Ji Woo the greatest asian actress. Love all her dramas especially Stairway to Heaven, Winter Sonata, Beautiful Days, Air City, Now & Forever, Mr. Duke & First Kiss. She sure can act very well, all genres (comedy, romance, horror, some action & melodrama. I could not find some of her older dramas like Love/Sarang, Message, Truth, The Adventure of Ms. Park, The Romantic President & First Love. I got hooked on her dramas since I watched Winter Sonata. I was very impressed since & try to locate all her dramas & movies. I just hope she get partnered with Kwon Sang Woo & Jang Dong Gun again in another project very soon. She has an angelic face. The longer you look at her the more you fall in love with her beautiful face. I heard she’s a very kind-hearted person also. God bless you always, Ji Woo.

  83. 83 : marian Says:

    hello choijiwoo,

    my family really admire and love you. you are truly endeed a very fine good actress in Korea and a good person in real life. i have seen all your tv dramas and movies and all i can say is that Korea must be very proud to have you as one of KOREA’s best. please be with bae yong joon again in another drama or a continuation of WS. this drama should be continued because we wanted to see you live happily ever after with jun sang. cheers and GOD bless!

  84. 84 : Leilani Says:

    You’re a real actress! I’ve seen Stairway to Heaven, Beautiful Days, Mr. Duke, Winter Sonata, and I love all of them. More power and God bless!

  85. 85 : bethy Says:

    annyeong haseyo choi ji woo,

    i really like choi ji woo when you act in stairway to heaven so touching korean novela series in the phil. good luck to your career more power and have a great day always… god bless yur excelent career….=))

    bethy,22 from phil.

  86. 86 : gemma Says:


    miss choi ji woo,im one of your fans here in the philippines,im really,really
    impress with your acting ,im done watching stairway to heaven,rondo and winter sonata,i love it.hope you will have more drama series to come.

  87. 87 : fely Says:

    good day jiwoo! i’m so happy to know that you will participate in the animation of winter love song with your first love jun sang. looking forward of you and bae yong joon these coming days as you start working again in this wonderful love drama.

  88. 88 : nikki Says:

    heLLoe MS. WOO!

    jUst wAnt t0 sAy tHat i’M pRoUd

    t0 bE 1 oF y0ur AVID FAN!

    aLL y0ur sh0ws tHat aRe bEiNg aiRed

    hErE iN tHe Philippines,,

    n0 mAtTeR stAti0n it`LL bE ..

    i reALLy wAtChEd it!


    aRe my fAv0ritE sh0w oF y0uRs ..

    aNd i LovE y0uR sPeciaL aPpeArAncE oN

    thE sh0w oF FULL HOUSE ..

    whEn JESSIE aNd JUSTIN g0t maRriEd ..

    evEn iF uR aPpeaRance tHeRe wAs jUst a gLimpsE,,

    i’LL nEveR f0rgEt it! .. hAha,,

    kEep it Up!

    y0uR s0 CUTE aNd veRy LOVELY!

    LhUv yUh! ~.^

  89. 89 : nikki Says:

    oH by tHe wAy,,

    beLatEd HAPPY BIRTHDAY id0L!

    mUah! ~.^)

  90. 90 : Yetty Says:

    You are the best actress..i just finished watching Air Ciy drama series..you are great actress choi ji woo…i like you acting complex feeling..angry hate and feeling love, i love the way you are..i love watching you couple with Lee Jung Jae in Air city..have charisma..i hope i can see you again with him for next drama series or movie…plez…from Brunei

  91. 91 : Fernanda Says:

    Hola mi nombre es Fernanda y quiero decirte que te admiro muchísimo me encanta tu trabajo desería poder conseguir más películas y series coreanas ya que sólo he tenido el placer de ver escalera al cielo todo sobre Eva il mare y sonata de invierno lastimosamente no llegan mucho acá sus pelis y es una lástima xq son hermosas y me da una pena que Kwon Sang Woo pronto se case me hubiera emocionado muchísimo si el algún día se hubiese casado contigo y tenido muchos bebés hermosos xq se ven muy lindos juntos así que es una pena pero bueno te deseo lo mejor del mundo que Dios siempre te cuide y acompañe suerte en todo cuidat y gran saludo desde mi país ECUADOR.

  92. 92 : cecille austria Says:

    Hello! choi ji woo
    Im one of your million fans here in Philippines. I love your acting in Winter Sonata and Stairway to Heaven. Aside from being beautiful youre really a good actress.
    Take care and good luck to your career….
    God bless!

  93. 93 : thant zaw k Says:

    Hi Ji Wo,

    I’m miss your post and life style because can you change other fans.
    So I believe next time you’ll be successfully your field.

    I hope your family and you are very happy & fine.

    See You next time


  94. 94 : elma Says:

    From the philippines, we love you so much. You have done the best in “Winter Sonata”. You know, it was this ‘Winter Sonata” that made me addict to korean dramas. Aside from being a very good actress, you are also so pretty. Good luck to your career and have a happy life. God bless.

  95. 95 : cookie Says:

    you are a very good actress 😀 and very pretty 😀

  96. 96 : Anel Says:

    Hellow!!! How are you!? You so very beauty!!! I`m from in Kazahstan! And so i don`t now english lang. very good!!! you perfect actress!!!Good luck miss woo!!!!

  97. 97 : blaze Says:

    Hello Miss JI Woo,
    You are so smart in Air City.You are not very beautiful but you are so attractive.I like you can act every charactar.May god bless you and success in life.

  98. 98 : amad june Says:

    Hai Ji Woo or Mi Hyung or Bunny,are your character still the same when you’re not acting,the sadness,loneliness,really really need to know?

  99. 99 : SWAPAN SUNDARI Says:

    이 세상 에서 나에게 가장 소충한 사람


    B A 3rd year JNU INDIA

  100. 100 : marie Says:


  101. 101 : dams Says:

    hi miss choi jii woo,

    you are a talented actress and u cry so much in the film stairway to heaven, is it really happening in true life, u are so good in acting, and very pretty and charming.
    please mail to me in [email protected] and i am an indian female.

  102. 102 : Marides Says:

    hello miss choi ji woo im one of your avid fan and i want to tell you that your so good in acting especially in the drama series stairway to heaven… you had this such angelic face,you and che chengjun in the series were a perfect much together how i wish you too will be in the future,hehe!please email me your response in [email protected]

  103. 103 : veronicavip Says:

    hi.. lady cho ji woo oniong— hola

    i am a peruvian fan my name is veronica,,^^–>> i hope you can read this comment…¨¨
    well i have been watching korean series and movies since i saw “STAIR AWAY TO HEAVEN ” an your participation in this serie made me want to continue see more korean series ,you are the best actress ..is completely true–here in peru you have many fans..i hope you can come here ..now i have already finished a serie named AIR CITY,, i love it–I also want to tell you that you are a really beautiful girl with many talent to act and model ,i know you were in paris..that is amazing i went there in january and i like it .I hope that I can go to korea too.. i will travel there..^^
    well if you want to answer please here is my email :[email protected] I will be really happy if you response me.. bye bye princess cho ji woo..my best wishes for you..figthing!!1

  104. 104 : Luis Says:

    Hi Ji Woo, greetings from Peru, I like ur acting performance, I saw u in Winter Sonata n Stairsway to Heaven, I really like those dramas and of course u r so beautiful, I hope u come to Peru someday, otherwise, I’ll go to Korea, lol, my best wishes for u, bye princess Ji Woo.

  105. 105 : teng Says:

    hello!!!!!! i’m one of your fan here in the philippines…i’ve watched you in endless love “WINTER SONATA” and stairway to heaven, your such a very talented actress hope to see you soon, hahaha… how i wish….just keep on fighting!!!!

  106. 106 : Jae Says:

    Luv watching all your drama, movies etc….its soooo thumbs up 2 you for being the Queen of tears…Yup!… You Go Girl!!!….Rndure your Goals..

  107. 107 : Jae Says:

    Thumbs up 2 the Queen of tears…You Go Girl….!!! Endure…

  108. 108 : Ang tendi Sherpa Says:

    Hi iam sherpa bond from nepal. every body knows you are beautiful,but for me you are fantastic actress in Korea.i love all your Drama and move. I meet lots of korean singer and move star,Because iam a Korean guide in nepal, i speek Korean as well, i realy like to come you in our Nepal (EVEREST) Budha Birth Place.
    With lots of love.

  109. 109 : cheng Says:

    Hi choi jii woo,

    It’s first time I watched a korean movie “Stairway to Heaven”. I am a chinese man from Australia. I am touched by the movie. I know it’s a movie, still it teaches me the meaning of true love. I am searching to get your other movies. Respond to me.

  110. 110 : joross Says:

    i’m your no.1 fan here
    in the philippines
    hope you mail at me
    in [email protected]

  111. 111 : platiniumprince Says:

    i like when you are smiling and i feel sorry when you are crying in movies or in environment.
    plz mail to
    [email protected]

  112. 112 : Cathy Says:

    Hi Ms. Choi JW,

    Watched most of your drama and movies and unfortunately I can’t source others. Apart from saying how good you are in all the roles/characters played, another words that I could describe about you is EXECELLENT. Hope to watch more of your drama and movies in the near future. Maybe I could see/meet you someday in person instead of the screen. If you could spare some time, I hope to hear from you. My residing in Malaysia and my email address is [email protected]

  113. 113 : pocacjw Says:


    U are my idol….4 everrrhhhh.

  114. 114 : Lam Nguyen Says:

    I never watch any korean movies this is the first time i watch Star’s Lover really make me cry and remind me something in the past. hopefully once day we can be friend but that impossible. Anyway you the first person make me cry thanks

    Lam nguyen

  115. 115 : abbey Says:

    love u very much…especially in stairway heaven drama..gam_ba_teh.Iwill alw support u..may god bless u

  116. 116 : rhe Says:

    Hi Princess,

    Love you so much….you are very excellent actress

  117. 117 : ninaz Says:

    JUST WINTER SONATA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. 118 : sandra Says:

    Hi, I’m enjoyed watch Star’s Lover, and still you’re the best Korean actress and also the most beautiful and elegant also. Since Winter Sonata, I keep waiting four your new movie. Love U very much

  119. 119 : Armangul Says:

    hi you are very beautiful.i love you so mucha and also your [email protected] this is my ID plz contact me

  120. 120 : Armangul Says:

    [email protected].

  121. 121 : pocacjw Says:

    JI WOO SSI….. FIGHTING !!!!!



  122. 122 : hayan Says:

    stop crying…..make me happy..

  123. 123 : Patrick Says:

    Hi, the STAR
    just finished watching the drama, the Star’s Lover,(my first drama with you in casting). You are GREAT. You made my emotion feeling goes with your acting, which never happened before, with other show.
    Hope that your new drama n movie showing soon.

    From Singapore, with Love
    God Bless You Always

  124. 124 : Alexandra Says:

    hi princess,
    i want to become a friend with u.please invite my gmail account [email protected] okay!i am female from myanmar.

  125. 125 : Alexandra Says:

    princess, fighting

  126. 126 : marvi Says:

    you’re beatiful…luv yahhh

  127. 127 : yaongamphi vashum Says:

    Hi!!Choi Ji Woo
    i have watch a couple of your movies , i am a heart dying fan of yours from India. I really admire & love you.. i will be holding my breath to recieve a nessage from . please write me back. All the best and many more sucess in the future.God bless.
    Always Ayao vashum

  128. 128 : cute girl Says:

    …..sorry for her fas..i really really do not like her…because she is too ugly and old…nothing special with her eyes, lip and her smile…too ordinary…
    i prefer yoon eun hye and song hye kyo….they have a beatiful face n good personality..luv very much………

  129. 129 : nonsibi Says:

    CJW, I am looking forward to see your acting again in your next project, either on drama or movie. Keep up your good work girl.
    Greetings from Chicagoland…

  130. 130 : ligya Says:

    hello, darling I’m mother of three kid but they older already.But if watching you tv drama I fell you are my daugther and please don’t always me cry four time been watch the stirway to heaven but my heart stell suffering.

  131. 131 : YSH4ever Says:

    Hi cute girl,

    Very sorry to say you don’t live up to your name cute girl…..more like b.i.t.c.h girl !

    If you have nothing good to say about a person, then the most courteous thing is NOT to post/write anything.

    Btw, choi ji woo is beautiful in her own way and has personality……..I am not a fan of hers but comments that are unwarranted shd not be just overlooked. You got it, uncute girl ??

  132. 132 : Sweetbunny Says:

    I love Choi Ji woo since I watched her Drama Winter Sonata for the first time, and ever since I am a big fan of her and Korean Drama as well.. I think its her best performance in Korean Drama, even though I also a fan of other actress, but no one can replace you in my heart, So I wish all the Best in your life.. Love you my Idol..!!!

  133. 133 : full Says:

    smart woman … lov u

  134. 134 : Fantasy Says:

    Star Lover is the 1st korean drama show that I am addicted to… Choi Ji Woo is really an outstanding star. As a women myself, I am so drawn to her natural beauty. She is so beautiful in this show. Will be looking forward to more of her show.

  135. 135 : ariane Says:

    i reaaly like you……………. you are very beautiful……….

  136. 136 : ariane Says:

    hope to see you in person… im from Philippines….. you are really good in acting…

  137. 137 : ariane Says:

    hope we can be friends… ms. ji woo… [email protected]… i’ve seen winter sonata, stairway to heaven and rondo… keep on fighting whatever lifemay bring…. im so sad when i’ve heard the news about Mr. Park… you two both good in Winter Sonata…. All the best in life and may Our Creator give you a lot of blessings… love you…. mwah…

  138. 138 : melika Says:

    oh my god you are taller than another actresses!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    how are you Ji woo siii..? I really miss your performance in movies or drama, can you tell us your fans what will be your next project? are you going to be married with your BF Lee jin wook? you two look good together although he is 6 years younger than you, but I think that will be fine because you are looking younger every year.. 😉
    who ever will be your husband, I hope you can be together forever with him and live happily ever after.. FIGHTING!!!

  145. 145 : novie Says:

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    Hi, Miss Choi Ji Woo

    Im Erwin from Phillipines, right now your korean drama ‘Star’s Lover’ is ongoing air here in our country. Since I watched it I came addict fan of you because your so beatiful. Your like an angel for me. Hope you can visit here and I want to meet you. Take good care always.

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    I Love Choi Ji Woo …

  152. 152 : ohj Says:

    the only “choi ji woo”, i wont forget her remarkable character in winter sonata. i hope she will paired again with bae yong joon. these two great actors of korea have good chemistry in the big screen. i also watched star’s lover, she is good there too. miss yah cjw!

  153. 153 : ohj Says:

    the lovely and only choi ji woo. i wont forget her remarkable character in winter sonata paired with bae yong joon. i hope they will have another project to watched by many of their supporters. coz they catches many hearts during winter sonata time. i also watched star’s lover, she is good there too. miss yah cjw!

  154. 154 : Aung ko ko Says:

    안녕! 최지우
    늘 이번 네 movice 조심 해요.당신의 행동 것.

  155. 155 : Jiwoo Forever Says:

    I miss Choi ji woo … any news about her????

  156. 156 : sweetsmile Says:

    You’re great and very talented! Hope to see more TV Dramas soon!

  157. 157 : charisee Says:

    this actress, through the years, has never lost her beauty and knacks of acting. truly timeless. you watch her dramas, and you suddenly feel whatever the character in the drama is feeling. such a great role-player,effective and no-less than great.

  158. 158 : christel Says:

    Her beauty is timeless. Very beautiful, elegant, sophisticated & talented. A beautiful lady with a very kind heart. Wish Ji Woo continued success in her professional & personal life. God bless.

  159. 159 : randy Says:

    There are indeed very few actresses in this world who would take time and share their blessings – time, money, most especially their presence to the less fortunate.

  160. 160 : dpogi Says:

    Ji Woo sure is a very good person with a big heart for the less fortunate people. Her sincerity is very deep and honest.

  161. 161 : fherdz Says:

    She’s so beautiful, sophisticated, & talented.

  162. 162 : casanova Says:

    So pretty and super cute when smiling.

  163. 163 : ross Says:

    choi ji woo is gorgeous.

  164. 164 : yvailo Says:

    Choi Ji Woo is indeed gorgeous and elegant !! such a talented n great actress, love her shows

  165. 165 : francis Says:

    Yes! Choi Ji Woo is the BEST [Beautiful, Elegant Superb, Talented]Her brilliant role in Winter Sonata is so hard to forget…impactful and very touching indeed.
    CJWoo is Queen of Kdrama.
    Princess in Japan.
    Goddess of Asia.
    Timeless Beauty.
    Need we say more?

  166. 166 : cutie Says:

    i really like the way you act…
    you are one of a kind…
    you’re a great actress… God bless You always….

  167. 167 : cutie Says:

    I love this actress, she is cute and warm!!

  168. 168 : sweet Says:

    timeless beauty!

  169. 169 : via Says:

    i miss you so much ji woo shiii… hiks hiks… 🙁 where are you now?

  170. 170 : goia Says:

    Oh my g… i’m sorry to ask this but is it true that Choi Ji Woo passed away? It’s not true, right? tc

  171. 171 : carla jensenem Says:

    i am papuan.Indonesia..your acting with kwon sang woo its very amazing…perfect..but why the story ending with dying.. i miss you…

  172. 172 : liz Says:

    just want to know why ms. choi ji woo has stopped doing drama series. such a great actress and beauty to go to waste. wish to watch more tv dramas. when i watch her dramas, i get carried away with the story. so engrossing with the acting that you don’t want to push the pause button even for a sec.the camera loves her that it captures a timeless beauty and every expressions on her face as the role calls for it. please don’t stop doing movies or tv dramas coz you don’t know how much pleasure it gives us just watching you in the tube after a hard day in the office.

  173. 173 : ty Says:

    choi ji woo, she’s 35, most Korean actresses at that age sem too old, but not her. She’s unlike other actress. She has a powerful presence, she’s neither vain nor too raw. Whatever her role is, she draws you in and thus makes the movie/TV drama she’s in more interesting.

  174. 174 : via Says:

    She hasn’t passed away dear, don’t worry.. She just attending Andre Kim Funeral (the famous Korean Designer who just passed away recently) and also Park Yong Ha Funeral. I think she just looking for another perfect drama to play.. but beside acting she also a scriptwriter so I think she maybe having a different project now and waiting for the chance of getting a good role for her to play. I just watch Air City, I love her role there, she became tough woman in that drama, its different from other role she had played before.

  175. 175 : OK OK OK Says:

    Winter Sonata – I manage to find English subtitles here (1st episode 10 minutes


    I love this drama very very much

  176. 176 : OK OK OK Says:

    NG NG — Winter Sonata NG – English subs (Part 1 & 2) – So Funny



    Bae Yong Jun & Choi Ji woo are one of my favorite actor actress

  177. 177 : via Says:

    how to put another picture of choi ji woo here? there are so many cute picture of her, that I would like all her fans to see.. please if some of her fans have her other pictures please share it with us.. Gomawo..

  178. 178 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ via

    1 Whatever picture you see in internet, either you forward the link to Stepweb which you can get their email address from the “about us” found near the header of koreandrama page.

    2 you can pick and choose, save the photos you like in your computer and send to Stepweb and ask them to upload the pictures.

  179. 179 : wafa Says:

    Love You Choi Ji Woo

  180. 180 : via Says:

    @ok ok ok

    Thank you for the info and for the picture.. she is so awesome.. I love her pict so much..

  181. 181 : via Says:

    wow.. i guess the moderator wont put another of her pictures here.. ah so dissapointed…
    Maybe other fans of choi ji woo will put another picture of her here? pleasee.. @ok ok ok maybe..?!

  182. 182 : nurul Says:

    wow..she looks very sweet..i love her acting especially in stairway to heaven..even my mum also like her so much..

  183. 183 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ via

    After seeing your CJW photos links @ 181 – 25 Dec & yr comments @182 – 28 Dec 2010 (which the pictures did not display out)

    I think the best is you save the pictures you like in your document file 1st (save image as – not links) and then forward to Stepweb so they can upload the beautiful pictures of your stars.

    I have forward a few of CJW photos again to stepweb again now.
    Hope you like you too.

  184. 184 : VIA Says:

    Wow.. thank you ok ok for the pictures,she is so cute and beautifull. It was just because I don’t know how to put other picts in here. I love all of her pictures.. she is so sweet.. i hope she can be with lee jin wook, get married with him. But please get involve in another drama Ji woo siii… we are all miss your performance..

  185. 185 : via Says:

    wow.. more picture of hers.. she looks georgeous in all her pictures, so cute and beautiful as always..
    I want to know about a picture when Lee byung hun piggy back her, is the picture taken from a drama? if it is, what is the name of the drama? can anyone tell me pleaseee?

  186. 186 : OK OK OK Says:

    Lee Byung Hun & Choi Chi Woo both acted in BEAUTIFUL DAYS (SBS) with Ryu Shi Won. Very well known drama in 2001.

    I am happy that you like these photos. I sent in yesterday. Have a nice day.

  187. 187 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ Via
    I like Choi Ji Woo since she acted in Beautiful Days with Lee Byung Hun & Ryu Si won in 2001. A very well known like drama. A big hit.

    Thanks again for liking her photos. I will send in more of CJW photos if got time. ^.^

  188. 188 : OK OK OK Says:

    Choi Ji Woo is also very cute pretty in this drama – BEAUTIFUL DAYS with Lee Byung Hun. A hit drama in 2001

    Via, my previous 2 answers to u keep deleted. Don’t know why.

  189. 189 : OK OK OK Says:

    Piggy back pictures – Beautfiful days in 2001. A hit drama – talk of the town.

  190. 190 : via Says:

    @ok ok ok.. hallo .. thank you so much for the info, I have watched Beautifull Days actually, but I haven’t saw this one scene before. Choi Ji woo played very well here, I do love her so much here. She was loved by this two unrelated brother (brother but not by blood) Lee Byung Hun and Ryu Shi won, But she choice LBH over RSW mostly I think because of her sister from the orphan also love RYS, What do you think ok ok ok?

  191. 191 : via Says:

    I love Beautiful Days because the its a happy ending, CJW didn’t die because of the illness and they live happily ever after with LBH, RYS become a popular singer and composer, her orphan sister also become a singer and have a very tight schedule with the show and get CJW friends become her manager.

  192. 192 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ Via

    Actually i was quite sad at that time in Beautiful days when Ryu Shi Won loose out to LBH over Choi Ji Woo becoz at that time becoz I like RSW type of guy – gentle & caring (ha ha) Anyway, all the 3 stars I like. 🙂

    I like LBH in the drama All In. I like Ryu Si Won in the drama TRUTH acted with Choi Ji Woo & another drama Wedding acted with Jang Nara. 🙂

    RSW latest drama STYLE i didnt watch becoz I find the lead actress a little mature for him & also I don’t really like Lee Ji Ah until she acted in Athena (like her in this role) 🙂

  193. 193 : via Says:

    @ ok ok ok..

    Me too I was also feel that RSW is better with CJW because he such a gentle and caring man and always try to show his feeling for her, the different thing with LBH, he did it in a manly ways, hahahaha… LBH have to take care his immature little sister and live with his wound for the assumption that their mother died because of their dads fooling around with RSW mother. Both of them RSW and LBH hate each other, wow.. i miss this drama, I buy this DVD before but now it lost because of my friend, I was so sad I can not watch this drama anymore.. But I get to know LBH here, and I can say he is very sexy ini here and start to like him also. I don’t really like RSW, but I like most of her role in his drama, I have watched the wedding, he is very good in this drama with jang nara. I have watched Style but give up after episode 10 because I have finally found out that RSW will end up with the mean evil lady (Lee jia ah boss) I hate her so much.. I prefer he will end up with lee jia ah since she is very cute here, I like her in Style. I know LJA act in Athena, although I havent watch Athena online but I will buy the DVD as soon as it released.. Btw.. I am waiting for more picture of her.. thank you ok ok ok

  194. 194 : via Says:

    I heard news that choi ji woo will play another drama call Medical College, i wish she her new drama will be very good and have interesting story in it. wow.. can’t wait for her new drama..
    you can read the news from hancinema.webpagehttp://www.hancinema.net/choi-ji-woo-to-come-back-with-medical-college-27509.html

  195. 195 : OK OK OK Says:


    Really, CJW new drama coming. I hope she will match with a handsome man this time round. Her previous drama – Star Lover – I didn’t watch at all…..

  196. 196 : via Says:

    @ok ok ok
    Yes I hope so too.. I have watch most of her drama and movies: I have watched her drama with jang dong gun but i forget the tittle, Mr. Duke, Beautifull Days, Stairway to heaven ( I have watch it only half from our TV Station, but quit because i have found out that her character will end up dead) winter sonata, rondo, Air city, Star lovers. And for the movie: no where to hide,everybody has secret, first kiss, now and forever.
    I wish you watch her in Star lovers, she is bit different with her usual character, she is very open person she is not hesitate to express her feeling toward the man she loves, and she is very confident person and sometimes a bit naughty too ( but in a positive way), i think it is quite refreshing for her to get new character like this in this drama, ok ok ok, dont miss this one, you will enjoy this drama like me.. 🙂
    But I love her in Air City, she become tough woman in Air City, love to see her role there.

  197. 197 : ok ok ok Says:

    I hv watch all her dramas except Star Lover becoz of lead actor.
    I watched Air City 2X becoz i like her outlook there & also I like the lead actor Lee Jung Jae (one of my favourite actor) & Winter Sonata 3 to 4 times 🙂 🙂

  198. 198 : Elsie M. Cabanlit Says:

    Hi Ji-woo.

    Happy Valentine’s Day. I knew that your friend is in the Military service. Are you still communicating with him? I have seen in the DVDs almost all your films. I have been your avid fan. It all started when I saw you and Bae in Winter Sonata. From then on, I searched all your films in the internet. I am just your Elder sister by age. I am 48, but if given the chance to have my grand daughters, I want them to look and maybe behave like you. You seemed to be so calm and soft-spoken. Love you

    Elsie of General Santos City, Philippines

  199. 199 : via Says:

    You are right ok ok ok, i wish she can be pair with a handsome actor in her new drama. the reason i love her a lot maybe because we are born in the same year, bunny year, so i think she is resemble of me, love her a lot!

  200. 200 : via Says:

    I just saw her new pict in Japan when she was about to do the photo shoot, she look very beautifull with her new hair, love her a lot.. just look for her new pict in: http://www.hancinema.net
    Im sure you will love her new look in those pictures.. very georgeous n cute.. love you always Choi ji woo…

  201. 201 : via Says:

    Dear admin of koreandramaorg, please attach choi ji woo new picts here..


    thank you so much ..

  202. 202 : via Says:

    Hai.. Ji woo shiii… Your boyfriend Lee jin wook, just got back from military service today 07/03/2011, I am sure you must be very happy about it.. Hope both of you will get married soon.. love you both!!

  203. 203 : AM Says:

    Hai , very beautiful girl i have ever seen in my life
    i want to see romatic movy or sreal like winter sonata , and i want to meet you and act with you .

  204. 204 : haiam Says:

    i love yo so much espicialy in wenter sonata and in star to heaven i hope to make alot of series

  205. 205 : tita vergara Says:

    april 4, 2011

    i missed ms. choi ji woo, whats’ the latest news on her, is she now married??? to whom ??? please keep us posted, many thanks.

  206. 206 : via Says:

    For Choi Ji woo fans ( me also) : Her new news is now she just broke up with her bf Lee jin wook, after they together for 3 years.. she is very sad and very broken hearted, and to cheer herself up she take the reality show 1 day 2 nights with any other actor and actress where they have to spend the night together in a camp.
    I hope she will be allright.. Choi ji woo siiii .. FIGHTING!!!

  207. 207 : via Says:

    Here is news about the split of her and her bf, and about the reality show that she will be participate…




  208. 208 : jenny Says:

    wow i like seen her drama

  209. 209 : eerisyaj Says:

    i love choi ji woo so much especially in winter sonata when she paired with bae yong joon i love them both!!!

  210. 210 : charlotte Says:

    i like her a lot.

    she’s a classic beauty.

  211. 211 : via Says:

    Happy B’day Miss Choi Ji woo.. although is a little bit late.. but better late than never right?! 🙂
    I wish you all the happiness in the world, I wish all your dream will come true this year.. I hope you will find your soulmate and live happily ever after.. Please have another drama.. I miss you so much..

  212. 212 : aiko Says:

    hi miss beauty…im always watching you…so when are you going to get married……..i love you ji woo and i want you to be happy on life and carrer.god bless you and please take good care of yourself. gambate kudasai ne…

  213. 213 : gugue Says:

    so pretty ji woo
    be fun

  214. 214 : via Says:

    Horeeee… I finally be able to see her again in another drama called “Can’t lose”, too bad they haven’t told us who will be the leading man, can’t wait to see her again..


  215. 215 : KDaddict Says:

    Princess Choi! Goddess Choi! My favorite KD actress! The most beautiful woman in the land! An ageless beauty! Welcome back to the TV screen! She’ll be paired with a Hallyu Star! Yipee!

  216. 216 : KDaddict Says:

    Princess Ji Woo has been paired with Yoonie, Yoon Sang Hyun in Can’t Lose. Fantastic! I love CJW, and also really like Yoonie in Take Care of the Young Lady. The show itself has its shortcomings, but they had nothing to do with Yoonie’s performance. It should be wonderful to see the two of them act as bickering, divorcing, battling husband and wife lawyers. Looking forward to it! AJA!

  217. 217 : Choi ji woo pictures Says:

    […] Choi Ji Woo В» Korean Actor & Actress (if you have any Choi Ji Woo pics want to share with other fans, please write down the link of the photo inside your … […]

  218. 218 : Happy Says:

    Great actress

  219. 219 : Can’t Live With Losing | Kpop Entertainment Says:

    […] Choi Ji Woo as Eun-Jae Yoon Sang Hyun Park Won Sook Kim Ja Ok Kim Jung Tae Jo Mi Ryung […]

  220. 220 : Can’t Live With Losing | koreafever Says:

    […] Choi Ji Woo as Eun-Jae Yoon Sang Hyun Park Won Sook Kim Ja Ok Kim Jung Tae Jo Mi Ryung […]

  221. 221 : Korea Insipiring » Blog Archive » Can’t Live With Losing Says:

    […] Choi Ji Woo as Eun-Jae Yoon Sang Hyun Park Won Sook Kim Ja Ok Kim Jung Tae Jo Mi Ryung […]

  222. 222 : Can’t Live With Losing @ Can’t Lose « Gurubootcamp: Korean Drama Says:

    […] Choi Ji Woo as Eun-JaeYoon Sang HyunPark Won SookKim Ja OkKim Jung TaeJo Mi Ryung […]

  223. 223 : Can’t Live With Losing @ Can’t Lose | Kpop Entertainment Says:

    […] Choi Ji Woo as Eun-Jae Yoon Sang Hyun Park Won Sook Kim Ja Ok Kim Jung Tae Jo Mi Ryung […]

  224. 224 : Korea Insipiring » Blog Archive » Can’t Live With Losing @ Can’t Lose Says:

    […] Choi Ji Woo as Eun-Jae Yoon Sang Hyun Park Won Sook Kim Ja Ok Kim Jung Tae Jo Mi Ryung […]

  225. 225 : via Says:

    I finally be able to watch her drama again.. I think YSH will do great as her partner .. love them already… Can’t wait to watch pretty Ji Woo.. I am a big fan of her always and forever..

  226. 226 : Can’t Live With Losing @ Can’t Lose – Korean Drama Picture Blog Says:

    […] Choi Ji Woo as Eun Jae Yoon Sang Hyun as Hyung Woo Sung Dong Il Kim Jung Tae Lee Soo Kyung Park Won Sook Kim Ja Ok Jo Mi Ryung […]

  227. 227 : S-R Says:

    She is very nice Actress.She is Popular because she is beautiful.

    Good luck

  228. 228 : Can’t Live With Losing @ Can’t Lose | Daily K pop News Says:

    […] Choi Ji Woo as Lee Eun Jae Yoon Sang Hyun as Yun Hyung Woo Kim Jung Tae as Go Ki Chan Jo Mi Ryung as Kim Young Joo Sung Dong Il as Jo Jung Goo Park Won Sook as Yoo Jung Nan Kim Ja Ok as Hong Geum Ji Joo Jin Mo as Kang Woo Shik Ga Deuk Hee (가득희) as Ga Deuk Hee Ha Suk Jin Song Jae Ho (cameo) Lee Soo Kyung (cameo) […]

  229. 229 : My Drama « for share Says:

    […] Choi Ji Woo as Lee Eun Jae Yoon Sang Hyun as Yun Hyung Woo Kim Jung Tae as Go Ki Chan Jo Mi Ryung as Kim Young Joo Sung Dong Il as Jo Jung Goo Park Won Sook as Yoo Jung Nan Kim Ja Ok as Hong Geum Ji Joo Jin Mo as Kang Woo Shik Ga Deuk Hee (가득희) as Ga Deuk Hee Ha Suk Jin Song Jae Ho (cameo) Lee Soo Kyung (cameo) […]

  230. 230 : Indra Syaputra Says:

    I Love You Choi Ji Woo,,,
    I LOve You So Much,,,

    hmmm,, I Like You In Film STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN,,, Hang Jung Suh,,,
    I am Like Friend You,,, Call Me 085266532270.,.,.

  231. 231 : Can’t Lose Korean Drama (download link) | meeSegera Says:

    […] ni, Can’t Lose…mee da tengok skit2 movie ni, menarik…yang berlakon dalam cerita ni Choi Ji Woo as Lee Eun Jae dengan Yoon Sang Hyun as Yun Hyung […]

  232. 232 : Vincentius Kinardi Saputra Says:

    I love Choi Ji Woo very much she is Very Beautifull & Elegant,I like Girl like her.Choi ji Woo is My Idol i have ten times watch her film like Winter Sonata, Tears from heaven etc.Could i get her Address in Korea? i want send the Letter that i miss Choi Ji Woo very much.

    Best Regard from Vincentius Kinardi. Indonesia.my phone #. 0858. and 0852.1937.1779

  233. 233 : Junior Says:

    I seriously love you…Stairway to heaven is my all time favorite Korean Drama ever. Dont stop making films. your the best. Love you with all my heart Choi Ji Woo. Come to Samoa for holiday ok

  234. 234 : via Says:


    Choi Ji woo still number 1 in Japan.. wow… love her a lot! I will support your new drama Can’t Lose..

  235. 235 : Skylav Says:

    Love your Winter Sonata Drama series…
    Really The best…
    I wish you could have another drama series with Bae yong Joon.
    You look perfect together.. 🙂

  236. 236 : sama Says:

    hi how r u ,im from kurdistan …i like u …u r best korean acter & u r very beutiful girl

  237. 237 : via Says:

    I just finished watching your drama Can’t Lose, I can’t believe your can act in rom com, but you prove me wrong.. Your acting is excellent in your drama, I like your comedic as well as your sad acting. Love it so much… Thank you for taking this role Choi Ji woo siii…

  238. 238 : flor Says:

    even it didn’t air can’t lose here in the philippines,i know that it’s a wonderful drama.but i will try to look in store if they have a cd on that and i will not going to miss that one.

  239. 239 : pure pinay Says:

    Ms. choijiwoo pls. don’t stop making movies and dramas winter sonata is my all time favorite korean drama bae yongjoon and you have a very good chemistry together…

  240. 240 : Maria Elena Dongga-as Says:

    YOUR Avid supporter……

  241. 241 : Can’t Live With Losing (지고는 못살아) « styrn Says:

    […] Choi Ji Woo as Lee Eun Jae Yoon Sang Hyun as Yun Hyung Woo Kim Jung Tae as Go Ki Chan Jo Mi Ryung as Kim Young Joo Sung Dong Il as Jo Jung Goo Park Won Sook as Yoo Jung Nan Kim Ja Ok as Hong Geum Ji Joo Jin Mo as Kang Woo Shik Ga Deuk Hee (가득희) as Ga Deuk Hee Ha Suk Jin as Ha Suk Jin Kim Jin Woo as So Joo Hyun Song Jae Ho as grandfather (cameo) Lee Soo Kyung as Eun Hee Soo (cameo) Lee Sang Yeob as Hyung Woo’s dongsaeng (cameo) Ahn Yong Joon as Jung Ji Ho (cameo) Uhm Ki Joon as Cha Suk Hoon (cameo, eps 14-17) Kim Na Woon (cameo) Kang Boo Ja (cameo) […]

  242. 242 : victoria magdali Says:

    You are really a good actress. I’ve finished watching “Can’t Lose” and I really like it…it was my dream to become a lawyer but God made me as a teacher. I need to watch Stairway to Heaven and Winter Sonata and your other dramas. I don’t know how popular you are but it seems that you are popular with so many dramas and movies you have done. Looking forward for your new drama. I hope in KBS world so there is an English subtitle. How about a good one with your former husband? Just requesting…

  243. 243 : Jen SWC Says:

    I love to see Choi Ji Woo acting. She is so natural and beautiful in Can’t live with loosing.
    I like to see her acting again in coming years. Happy Birthday and be happy always.

  244. 244 : Irene Says:


  245. 245 : imee Says:

    “winter sonata is my favorite drama series ever. I really watch manytimes for me its a great lovestory.”

  246. 246 : Lu Gyi Says:

    Ji Woo, Fighting. I’m always yr.

  247. 247 : sangjhoon Says:

    To Admin: Greetings to you all, much to my surprise you don’t have the kdrama Truth as one of Choi ji woo’s tv projects here, I’m currently watching this drama & so i wanted to comment on the drama list but didn’t find it! I must say this Truth drama must be a few yrs old & just a 2 yrs older than her popular drama Winter Sonata but it’s a very good drama – the love story is wonderful and i’m hooked watching it! I luv the chemistry of Choi with Ryu shi won — I hope you add it to your list of kdramas & also as one of Choi’s filmography here when you get a chance! Many thanks!

    (@sangjhoon from admin, For your information, we only list all the drama showed from Year 2002 and ‘Trust’ aired in Year 2000.)

  248. 248 : sangjhoon Says:

    @ ADMIN thnx for your quick response, i u/stand now, however Choi’s filmography still doesn’t include this drama and i wondered why also….many thanks again! Love you guys!

    (@sangjhoon from admin, This drama also called ‘Honesty’. We already include it in her profile. To Avoid misunderstanding in the future, we just modify the title to ‘Honesty/Trust (MBC, 2000)’)

  249. 249 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Admin: Oh i didn’t know that, OK thank you kamsa habnida again, sorry to bother you! It’s a good drama & i was hoping to comment on it but you shed some light why it’s not in your drama list! Once again hambong man kamsa habnida! You are doing a great job & luv this site! :)))

  250. 250 : marj Says:

    Choi Ji Woo, when are you going to have a movie or a tv drama with Bae Yong Joon again, It is aready 10 years since you partnered with him and now is the right time for you to be with him again in a project. You are in your age anf BYJ to have a family drama where u have to be husband and wife with children around as a continuation of Winter Sonata. Wish to have a good news from both of you soon. So many fans will be delighted if you have a chance to be together again in a project.

  251. 251 : annie g. Says:

    like her much… especially when she starts crying…oh i really felt the emotion of hers….
    love winter sonata… they so cute with jun:)

  252. 252 : [KBS 2002] Winter Sonata E6 | Says:

    […] Bae Yong Jun as Kang Joon-sang/Lee Min-hyung Choi Ji Woo as Jung Yu-jin Park Yong Ha as Kim Sang-hyuk Park Sol Mi as Oh Che-lin Lee Hye Eun as Kong […]

  253. 253 : Suyis Says:

    Choi Ji Woo, So beautiful and unforgettable smile.
    Keep the good work,love.

  254. 254 : Can’t Live With Losing @ Can’t Lose | Novelas Coreanas - Todo Sobre los Doramas Coreanos en Español Says:

    […] Choi Ji Woo as Lee Eun Jae Yoon Sang Hyun as Yun Hyung Woo Kim Jung Tae as Go Ki Chan Jo Mi Ryung as Kim Young Joo Sung Dong Il as Jo Jung Goo Park Won Sook as Yoo Jung Nan Kim Ja Ok as Hong Geum Ji Joo Jin Mo as Kang Woo Shik Ga Deuk Hee (가득희) as Ga Deuk Hee Ha Suk Jin Song Jae Ho (cameo) Lee Soo Kyung (cameo) […]

  255. 255 : Link Says:

    I think this is among the most significant information for me.

    And i am glad reading your article. But wanna remark on few general things, The web site style is ideal, the
    articles is really nice : D. Good job, cheers

  256. 256 : 777Starlightsgazer Says:

    What an exquisitely beautiful elegance looking lady/actress you are! I love your works in “Winter Sonata” and “Now and Forever”, Miss Choi Ji Woo! And I really adores your humor playing a tough role in “N&F” film. You and Song Hye-Kyo are my top two favorite Korean Actresses! Keep up your wonderful works in tv, films, and your charity works! God Bless you!

  257. 257 : Dede Says:

    I guess maybe I sould watch Winter Sonata, but I hate sad dramas. But maybe it would help me to like this really unlikable actress. Watching her in Can t lose and finding it hard to not turn it off. She is so hard and not just the character she is playing. Since I am a fan of Yoon Sang Hyun, I am trying to stick with t.

  258. 258 : Auroradreams Says:

    She’s really funny in some of her other works ‘cuase she’s a truly a very beautiful lady inside and out. An actress with very endearing sense of humor if u’ve seen those type of comedy dramas. She’s also funny if u catch some of what ppl showed of her doing charity, and other stuffs on youtube. But yeah, she’s very popular and well known from ‘W/S’, eventhough the drama was what you’d need to excercise your tearducs with unlimited facial tissues. 🙂

  259. 259 : Fluer Says:

    Woooow, I will say this drama (Suspicious Housekeeper) is way from Choi character in Winter Sonata. I can’t believe that she (Bok Nyeo) is the same Yu Jin from Winter Sonata. Great Actress..

  260. 260 : aye mya phyu Says:

    I like you. I wish, may God bless you.

  261. 261 : thorn Says:

    Truly a national treasure.. also a world treasure… My most cherished actress i have ever watched In the greatest performances i have ever seen. What you have done for your country and the world itself is immeasurable.
    Thank you! Goddess: Choi Ji Woo!

  262. 262 : Superduper Says:

    I love the new drama, Temptation, Choi Ji Woo is in. She makes it worth watching. I recommend all to watch!

  263. 263 : Cherry Says:

    She’s one of my favorite actress .brilliant acting i really like her in temtation very sophisticated in it really suit to her bcoz shes so pretty

  264. 264 : sesaso5 Says:

    Realy you are the best woman in the world

  265. 265 : zoe Says:

    Choi Ji Woo, i like all your dramas. You are my favorite actress.
    Lately, i had watched your new drama temptation, you are so lovely.
    God blessed…

  266. 266 : Kimberly Says:

    I so agree with Zoe! CJW is my ultimate favorite korean actress. Not only she is gorgeous, she also performs any role perfectly. She is wonderful!

  267. 267 : Choi Ji Woo Fan Says:

    The Most beautiful, remarkable and talented actress of all time ms. Choi Ji Woo I always love you. You are the premiere notably portraying Classic drama Winter Sonata, Stairway to Heaven,.. You’re the best. I love all your dramas And films. You’re my idol. Saranghe.

  268. 268 : remy dadula Says:

    exquisite beauty .an actress that can really act.you are one of my favorite along with kim tae hee son ye jin song hye go and kim ha neul

  269. 269 : @mher17 Says:

    choi ji woo and kim ji-ho, they are my favorate actress in korean, both they are is beautiful and a good actress, hope to see them together in one drama please !!!!


  270. 270 : @mher17 Says:

    hello there,, i cant wait your new drama.

  271. 271 : @mher17 Says:

    excited much for the season 2 of winter sonata.. cant wait to watch.


  272. 272 : Kimberly Says:

    Totally love Choi Choi Ji Woo! Hope to see her in drama soon.
    Beautiful woman inside out!

  273. 273 : 두번째 스무살 / Twenty Again (2015): RAW 09, SUB 00 - Drama Source Says:

    […] story revolves around a 38 years old housewife, Ha No Ra (Choi Ji Woo), who decided to go back to school and experience the college life for the first time. She spent […]

  274. 274 : Ofeira Leota Says:

    Hi Ms. Choi words cannot express my sincerely thanks for the great drama, I love to watch Korean documentary , screening humanity I also watch other Korean drama but when I watch Stairway to Heaven my world turns, sad, laugh the drama really touches my being and I watch it almost everyday. I thank you to the producer of this drama and you and Kwon Sang Woo make this drama look profectionist and beautifully in the real world. We are all human being and we all have feelings You/Kwon S. Woo characteristics reveal the real life of human being today and now I watch Tempations drama you both act in it, very nice I really really like your movies. You and Kwon make good pairs on any drama, pls Ms. Joo have the producer know we like you and Kwon to act on all other drama. Hi G’ may I say Sala Ge in Korean.
    I’m from the tiny Island in the South Pacific Ocean call American Samoa and we watch Cable TV. God bless you MS. Choi Ji Woo You are a soft heart person I can imagine. I wish you the luck get all the awards. “HIGH G’ Ka Sei O” my email: [email protected]

  275. 275 : Ofeira Leota Says:

    Hi Ms. Choi hope to meet you in the near future I like visit your country some day. From my view watching life of people in your country, they are very respectful people in the world and hope to watch more drama of you and mr. Kwon Sangwoo in the near future. And I like to be friend with you, sorry I’m not a guy but I am a gal. ha,ha, take Choi.

  276. 276 : Xy Says:

    hi Unni choi ji woo.I am Xy
    I realy like your kdramas and melodramas . and movies i was 2cnd year high school when I firts watch ur k dramas title stairways to heaven and winter sonata. i realy Idolize you after watching. im starting searching you on net.but u dont have sns account 😃 realy like temptation and beautiful days and so on. . and I realy admire you after reading ur story.u are the Inperations of many people young and old people . for me too ur good did and compassion to the poor and children open my eyes that wherever we are we have many things to do to help even it simple the important is you know to look back. and always put ur feet in the ground. ur super down to earth person unni such a good, kind and beautiful women with a heart 💖 ur goddess🌠 i read many good things about you. thank u for making evryone happy ang enjoy watching ur movies and dramas yeah we cry and laugh that the prove that we feel ur acting hope more movies and always healthy unni jowoo. no matter what we were always support you unni jiwoo. I am from a group of jiwoonatics💖 . we create this group for our unni jiwoo❤ our Inspiration frm Philippines.


  277. 277 : Ofeira Leota Says:

    Hi Ms. Choi how r you? I admire you a lot. I just change my new e-mail address. Hope to hear from you soon.

  278. 278 : Bubbly Says:

    Dear admin,

    Please add YG Entertaiment as Ji Woo unni officially agency.
    Gomawooo. Thankyou 🙂😊💓

  279. 279 : Snow Says:

    I can honestly say, I’m not a fan. She’s the same character in every drama that I’ve seen her in—I wish she could change it up.

  280. 280 : neli petit Says:

    es mi opinion la mejor actriz coreana polifacetica y talentosa. ademas es muy bella. Espero verla pronto en otro drama

  281. 281 : Korean Drama Review SH – Drama and Show Reviews & Recommendations Says:

    […] starring Choi Ji Woo as Park Bok Nyeo, Lee Sung Jae as Eun Sang Chul and 4 children in Eun Sang Chul’s family. Kim So Hyun as Eun Han Kyul (1st Child) Chae Sang Woo as Eun Doo Kyul (2nd Child) Nam Da Reum as Eun Se Kyul (3rd Child) Kang Ji Woo  as Eun Hye Kyul (4th Child) Plot: After Sang Chul’s wife passed away, Sang Chul employed a housekeeper to take care of his children and make the house clean and tidy. As the rumour goes, the housekeeper can and will do anything the employer says, even murder. She can do anything such as magic tricks, juggling and even cooking food with the same taste as what their mother used to cook. Despite her cool demeanor, she helped the children and Sang Chul in many ways by giving valuable advice. […]

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