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Dennis Oh

Dennis Oh.jpg

Name: 데니스 오 / Dennis Oh
Real name: Dennis Joseph O’Neil
Profession: Model and actor
Birthdate: 1981-Aug-29
Birthplace: United States of America
Height: 188cm
Weight: 83kg
Star sign: Virgo
Blood type: A
Family: Mother (Korean), father (American) and an older brother
Education: Savannah College of Art and Design
Hobbies: Drawing, traveling and photography

TV Series

Fall in Love (HunanTV, 2011)
East of Eden (MBC, 2008)
Witch Amusement (SBS, 2007)
Sweet Spy (MBC, 2005)


Hype Nation (2009)


Best Dress, 22nd Korean Model (2005)

Related Photo

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  1. 1 : VikkiM Says:

    Dennis, keep up the good work that you did in Sweet Spy. You’ve got good physique, a handsome face and a great body, so do some more acting. (By the way, I luv hearing you say “Koala” in Sweet Spy!)

  2. 2 : Gi Says:

    Dear Dennis,

    I like u @ Sweet Spy TV Series.


  3. 3 : HONG YEUN Says:

    Hi Dennis, my name Hong, and i come from Vietnamese. i want to ask u one question. What do u think about your job?, why do u study the natural languge?

  4. 4 : An Says:

    I first saw Dennis in “Sweet Spy” and he drove me nuts with his gorgeous smile and that sexy body. Does anyone know if he acted in anything else, cos I didn’t get enough of him in “Sweet Spy” and I wanna see ALL of his other movies. Please give me the titles of his other movies/series, thanks!

  5. 5 : An Says:

    Does anyone know if Dennis appeared in a “Head and Shoulders” dandruff shampoo commercial?

  6. 6 : Khine Hninn Aye Says:

    hi dannis,

    i wanna meet you for a long time.i wanna be friend with you,do you?

  7. 7 : Mariangi Says:

    i wanna be friend with you,do you?

  8. 8 : kero Says:

    I love U so much.

  9. 9 : su leimin Says:

    i love dennis so much

  10. 10 : Thamee May Says:


    i like ur acting at SWEET SPY
    u are very famous in my country
    I wanna want to be a good friend with u , do u?
    Thamee (is means that Daughter)

  11. 11 : butter_fly Says:

    i really got crush on you..!!!
    u’re really did a good effort in ur ‘sweet spy’ huh..
    keep up ur good work and u’re are totally handsome in that story..trust me!
    can i be friend with you?
    -malaysian girlzz really got crazy on u!!!

  12. 12 : kim hyo ri Says:

    dennis oh haha he is really a cute guy oh my gosh…
    is he can speak korean??i dun noe..
    by da way sarang ham ni da dennis..
    kept it up of ur good work aikss..

  13. 13 : anne Says:

    hallo dennis…

    i really like the effort that u put while doing sweet spy…eventhough u dun understand the dialogue in korean bt your face reaction was really good…it seems that u understand what they said..and your timing to speak the dialogue is right..keep a good work..u hve a good future in this acting industry…i’m looking forward to see ur next series or movie..hope u can do as good as daniel henney and then people will recognize u as urself n they will not compare u with daniel henney…keep up the good work…

  14. 14 : mila-adik Says:

    i like uuuuu veryyyy much. You are sooo good looking!!!!!! Why do u always smile in sweet spy’s drama? tapi x pe le… u look sweet la… Senyum senyum selalu

  15. 15 : Kam Says:

    hai Dennis…I enjoying c u in Sweet Spy..I think next James Bobd 007 r u….

  16. 16 : t_qah Says:

    i love you so much. your hensem and sweet. i loveeeeeee you somuch

  17. 17 : t_qah Says:

    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee u in sweet spy.

  18. 18 : [email protected] Says:

    hi, dennis!
    i’m your fanatic fan. I’m so reall…really…really in crazy to you. I’m come from Malaysia. The moonlight light us when us stay together and my heart always open for you…………………………………………………………………………..( . .)

    see you..!

  19. 19 : HotpePPer Says:

    i guess i’m not the only one who spotted Dennis in sweet spy.
    Yeah he has a very handsome face. In my opinion, he’s a lot better than Henny.
    I’m not really sure with the ending of the story-sweet spy.Is he really end up dead in that because Koala got call from him. So?..
    Yupe Malaysian girls are so crazy about this superb model-cum-actor. I wish he could visit Malaysia as he’s everyone’s heartthrob here.
    Honestly…He’s so damn goRgeous,honestly..Keep smiling Mr.goRgeous!you have a very seducing smile.. :*

  20. 20 : mrs han yoo il Says:

    heiya dennis,
    really like u in sweet spy.couldn’t get enough of it. u nail it (hey.. not bad 4 a model that can act!!) keep up the good work coz u got da looks, got da pretty body, so don waste it.. make the crowd go WOW with ur acting..maybe u would consider on a role of asian james bond one day?? coz u look hot in tux.. maybe hotter than pierce or even sean connery.. yum..yum.. :p

  21. 21 : NUR HAFIZAH Says:

    can i know are sang mi and dennis oh is couple…

    i want you to reply to me..
    [email protected]
    in my email..

  22. 22 : xuan Says:

    hi…just hope to be friend with you…dennis

  23. 23 : xuan Says:

    just hope to be friend with you…if you don’t mind…dennis

  24. 24 : topJ Says:

    hi, Dennis so enjoy see u at the “sweet spy’ movie. U did a good job man…I hope can see u at next movie.. Support u always… bye

  25. 25 : Syaorine Says:

    “Prince” Dennis..

    I like u very much… I like hearing u said “koala”.. And I’ve wonder is there part 2 for Sweet Spy??? Hope u will reply, “Prince”..
    e-mail: [email protected]

  26. 26 : Merlion Says:

    hi… dennis…

    You are charming… I like your spy ‘look’ and actions in Sweet Spy..Way to go in your acting.I simply adore and love your smile and your cool tattoo in the show…All the best in your future..hope to see more of your works…

  27. 27 : ladybird Says:

    aii sam shik !!

    luv ur acts in sweet spy..u n k0ala r a l0vely couple..hihi..
    all my family members enjoyed watching d drama so0o0o0o much..
    hope dat u’ll be d 1st asian james bond..
    keep up d good work! aza aza fighting !!
    looking forward for u n k0ala in sweet spy 2..gewd luck!
    cyg awk..rindu awk.. :->

  28. 28 : elizabeth lee from Sabah Says:

    Hi, this is my first time seeing you acting in “Sweet Spy” and I dont know much about you. You got a “sweet smile”. Anyway, I hope to see you in the next korean drama if any. All the best of luck in your future..Take care.

  29. 29 : monica Says:

    Hi, Dennis.

    I saw u on Korean ‘ my lovely sam soon…then u appeared in Sweet Spy. O my gosh… I feel your english is simply english and I love the way your eyes stared at Koala… so cute

  30. 30 : anyss Says:

    hi dennis,

    i luv ur smile………
    and ur eyes
    so cute

    i luv uuuuuuuuuuu………….

  31. 31 : atex Says:

    hai..like to see u Dennis in ‘sweet spy’
    will i see u in da next season or there’s no sequel of this drama??..
    really wanna know the exact ending..hopefully a good ending
    hope that han yoo ill n lee soon ae will be together if there’s the 2nd sweet spy..
    anybody who wants to share this topics with me can email me at…

    [email protected]

    do inform if there’s gonna be the sequel of “sweet spy”..tq~!!!!
    waiting 4 ur attention..guys~

  32. 32 : foliace Says:

    hello everyone… and expecially to DENNIS. i’m from M’sia. i know this drama from AEC(channel 19 – ASTRO). i love this drama, including the songs and the actor/actoress. Is there second season? will dennis be act again? b’coz i love watching dennis act in this drama, so cool…. and i love ur smile. heheheh 😉 Anyway, i hope there be a season 2 in this drama n sure han yu ii were alive ain’t…

  33. 33 : muah loveisah Says:

    dennis oh i really like you inthe sweet spy drama,you look very handsome.i watch your drama on astro AEC(ASTRO) me and my friends really like you.looks really cool inthat drama .what drama coming up next after this drama(sweet spy)ihope that drama will coming soon.
    muah bye!!!!!!! love you!!!!!!

  34. 34 : nana Says:

    hallo…..i’m nana from lovely country of malaysia.when i first saw this lovely dennis (sweet spy drama )…gosh..i was stuned.u drove me crazy bro….u’re so cool and awesome..just wanna ask,can u speak korea????i hope u can visit malaysia cause i know that u have a lot of fanatic fan here(including me of course)whatever it is,just keep on cool bro..hope to see u again in another drama….

  35. 35 : mimi Says:

    i love sweet spy too. and even i love most korean drama. Is in the real life of korean people like that? i’ve watch so many korean drama which most of the drama shown that the guys love just ordinary and simple girl but very kind of heart, oh that so sweet if it is real. that why i love so much korean drama..

    and dennis as the many people said u’are so handsome. and your partner in that drama so sweet and funny Malaysian word “alahai comelnya”. good luck for u

  36. 36 : linda Says:

    Hi, handsome! i’m linda..for the first thing is i hope u very well and enjoy your life with your family..if u wanna say i’m crazy is ok. i am sure that i’m crazy on you dennis..u have a good looking.talented and perhaps u can speak in korea language.but never mind..u’ve been such a wonderful man in the whole world..i admire on you..i hope i can see another or next drama or film from u next time..when u smile, i think that this world is my own..that’s all…good luck for everything u do..i’ll miss u and falling love with u……..

  37. 37 : linda Says:

    i wanna be friend with u, if u dont mind….i love u,dennis…

  38. 38 : sk Says:

    helo…good job 4 ur first project (sweet spy). hope your acting will get better in the future…aja aja hwaiting…anhyong…

  39. 39 : wai kuan Says:

    thinking about you who was so true in sweet spy. do you think the heroin beautiful ? do you wish to get a girl friend like her?

  40. 40 : wai kuan Says:

    hope that you will read all the reply and if can i wish to get your reply. i know you may tire of your job so be relax.

  41. 41 : Cath Says:

    Hey…cute guy!! Keep going. There’re lots of your audience, of course including me, waiting for your next series. Hey…I’ve found a man looks like you. Sounds crazy, uh?? Anyway, try your best in your next coming series. Wishing you all the best!!!

  42. 42 : adieqs5844 Says:

    hai Dannis,
    kEEP UP a good work during sweet spy. i really love to watch it. i already watching it more than 10 times, but i never feel satisfy..because i love to see your acting together with li shun ai…u are really sweet and handsome. u ot full package and makesure that u can proceed with sweet spy 2 okk.

  43. 43 : mia Says:

    hi dennis..!!!i’m one of ur big fan in malaysia..i love to see you in sweet spy drama..you’re so gentlemen in dat drama.oh.!u make me crazy la.. well,i hope u will come to malaysia.may i ask u something??do u really doesn’t know how 2 speak korean language??but i hope u do..n i like ur acting.han yoo-il character is very mysterious..n i like dat.. 🙂 so,good luck and all da best 4 u!bye..!

  44. 44 : takeshi Says:


  45. 45 : sweet apple Says:

    Hi brother,
    Nice to meet you!
    I mfrom Myanmar.
    I really like your movie.
    If you get free time , plz send me your new picture and just drop a word for me.
    Take a rest.
    Hope there’s nothing matter with you!
    zz(sweet apple )

  46. 46 : sweet apple Says:

    with lots of love!
    zz ( sweet apple )

  47. 47 : NayChi Says:

    Yo Dennis
    I like U vry much
    Except your hair

  48. 48 : Christy Says:

    Are you married?
    You are very good in acting. I like it the way you project your self. Keep up the good work

  49. 49 : sharmila Says:

    hai…….im ur biggest fan…i love ur look .i hope that u if there were sweet spy 2, you will still be han yoo ill…

  50. 50 : sharmila Says:

    i wish u had read this message…i always think what is the last episode for the sweet spy…but unfortunately,i didnt get what i want….and i didnt satisfied with ur perfomance….u look so numb in this sweet spy….and frankly,i hope u will enhance ur acting very well………and i hope also the sweet spy will continue …

  51. 51 : arwenn Says:

    hai dennis..i’m gona insane whn i c u acting in sweet spy…i love to c u smile ..ur glance…god!!! mke me crazy..i hpe to watch u in sweet spy 2..at least i know tht ur still alive.btw i’m looking for the soundtracks of this drama…can smebdy inform me plz!!!!!!!!!!
    hw can i get dennis email?????????????

  52. 52 : zureenah_rz Says:

    Hello..sweet spy..how are u? I hope always smile & happy…I like smile & personality…like it..dennis good luck for you…

    sweet smile..bye

    how cant i get dennis email…

  53. 53 : sammie lee Says:

    i love that spy movie. your so hot in it..

  54. 54 : niamiya Says:

    dearest my love actor..u r so cute..i want to meet you.dennis is so gentle

  55. 55 : minnieluvdennis Says:

    halo dennis,
    i hope u can read tis message n send me reply!!!u r so cool n handsome!!
    i love ur acting in sweet spy….hehe…anywayz..where can i find ur poster??
    haha….anybody can tell me?those hu wanna share tis topic wif me can email me at [email protected]

  56. 56 : d azn xtc Says:

    Honestly, I’ll do yah, but your acting and your Korean needs help!

  57. 57 : shasha sawamura Says:

    i fall in luv wif u

  58. 58 : uMmi Says:

    hi…. i’m from malaysia…. i’m your big fan… not only me, my mom my sister even my frendzz…. so, keeping a good job and i will be hear, in malaysia, just for you… hope you will coming hear soon. bye!

  59. 59 : Pookie Says:

    Hello, Dennis

    My name Pookie from Thailand, Land of smile. I have seen first you from
    email from my freind. And I have loaded the Sweet spy series from internet. I think you and everybody in Sweet spy is hard work and good.

    I will cheer up forever.

    Have a good health, good every thing you do!


  60. 60 : aina shuhada Says:


    Dennis i really like you when i watched sweet spy…
    i like when you says koala…so cute bro
    i hope i can be your friend…if you don’t mind…..luv u so much
    and i’ve wonder is there part 2 for sweet spy……

  61. 61 : sudtida Says:

    First time *** that i see u in the forward-mail that i received …
    Topic>>Top popular of Star Korea …. u are the first male of this email…
    and i don’t know who are u?

    and the next time , my friend tell me about u are the actor “Sweet Spy” and i see u later in drama. u can show natural acting and i like u so much.

    and now! , i am try to see your drama or film in the future.

    sudtida .j (tha…)

  62. 62 : RATIH Says:

    Hi Gorgeous,

    I’ve read so many comment either on your acting in yr first appearance (debut) in Korean tv-drama “SWEET SPY” or on yr physical attraction like yr cool n handsome face, yr smile, yr great body, etc…etc.. and it really really makes me curious to see you in that drama and I do hope it’s worth watching.
    So, dear Dennis, I’ll give you my comment as soon as I finished watching it.
    Anyway, no matter what it is, just keep up the good work in every field you’ve been dealing with! Not to forget that All Indonesian K-Drama Lovers will always behind and support you and all K-Actors and Actresses whom we have admired and loved very much!

    Love From Indonesia,
    One of K-Drama Mania,

  63. 63 : Danielians Piper Says:

    Hi Dennis!
    Thank God i saw you and i astonish and appreciate God,God’s creation is perfect~How come you are so goooooood looking!Dennis,you are damn Handsome!
    I love the role u played in Sweet spy~u played the role well~
    U are just a sweet spy!gosh!perfect smile,perfect body,perfect look and Han yoo il likes to flirt!haha!
    I am from Malaysia and i love your apperance in Sweet Spy!Jia you!!
    Take k,Dennis!

  64. 64 : Alisha Says:


    Na Nik-Koya!!..ah-ra-saw!! awwW!! nor chung-mal moshita!! na chincha chincha chuwa-yeyo!!… see 4u m willing to learn korean jaz for ya!! true fan indeed ain’it!! see de depth of ma luv for u!! LOL!!! u gotta com on down to UK to see ya fans here!! i wont mind getting wet in de rain..getting pinch by de cold..my bf dumping me..but i have to have to see ya at least once if not i have not lived!!… newei dreams r dream cant wait to watch ya next drama!! gosH!! ure a one HoTTie GuY!! luv ya smile!! n gosh de way ya express yaself wif dos eyes, it’s one to die for!!
    n of couse ya bod!! oOoHHh!! aite murcH LurVe!! *muackxX*

  65. 65 : Alisha Says:

    I LUV YOU!!! muahahahha!! u take ma breath awaY!!! sarang-hanmida!! *muackxX*

  66. 66 : jenie Says:


  67. 67 : jenie Says:


  68. 68 : jenie Says:


  69. 69 : lee za Says:

    anasoyo i’m your fans………… lizza medeska…….

  70. 70 : lee za Says:

    anasayo…….. i’m lee za your fans……… karamsamida…….

  71. 71 : Princess Lee Says:

    Dennis I finally saw your movie “Sweet Spy”. I loved it. Gosh, you look so fine. You done a great job but I think that the next movie you make you sure learn how to speak korean that makes it more interesting. I hope you’ll make more movies in the near future. Love your face….

  72. 72 : dennis oh Says:

    tq for all ur comments….just kiddin’ ….im not dennis.im fom m’sia…i dont know dat dennis have a lot a lot of fanatics fans….eventhought my korean fwens don know him….but wat iknow is that SARANGHAE DENNIS!!!!!can i know when is he coming to korea?

  73. 73 : ichiyunia Says:

    anayogasayo dennis, sarangeyo. i love ur acting in sweet spy. but i didn’t like the ending, are u dead?? such a handsome n nice guy like u dead in that story??wargh…so sad…huhuhu..
    emm..please reply my message k (“,)…arachi
    i’m crazy bout u!!hehe..dey basayo

  74. 74 : cathy Says:

    im cathyand i come from vienamese .when i think about u i want say so much but when i sit at computer i dont know say anything…i know have very much messages send for u around in the word and i dont know can u read my message but i hope that i will be friend with u… if u have free time,please reply me.my email : [email protected]
    hope u alwayhappy,take care

  75. 75 : cathy Says:

    im cathyand i come from vienamese .when i think about u i want say so much but when i sit at computer i dont know say anything…i know have very much messages send for u around in the word and i dont know can u read my message but i hope that i will be friend with u… if u have free time,please reply me.my email : [email protected]
    hope u alway happy,take care

  76. 76 : cathy Says:

    im cathyand i come from vienamese .when i think about u i want say so much but when i sit at computer i dont know say anything…i know have very much messages send for u around in the word and i dont know can u read my message but i hope that i will be friend with u… if u have free time,please reply me.my email : [email protected]
    hope u alwayhappy,take care

  77. 77 : SHWE THU Says:

    i wanted to see u one day since i met u on sweety spy, see how when can we meet

  78. 78 : exora Says:

    in short….want to meet u!

  79. 79 : exora Says:

    dennis….want to know about u more,,,im malaysian….u r so curious man….physically perfect……

  80. 80 : exora Says:

    my email [email protected]…..buzz me…

  81. 81 : monique Says:

    hi dennis!

    i just finished watching “sweet spy” dvd and i find your presence in the series mesmerizing, in fact, I could go on watching your scenes over and over again until i’m satisfied.

    & now i’m hooked and a big fan of yours…love your facial expressions and your accent…

    by the way, i’m a filipina although based in middle east, working in a hotel…hope you could read our messages here…

  82. 82 : polar bear Says:

    hai dennis…:0)
    im really like ur style coz look so smart,gosh!perfect smile,perfect body,perfect in every thing & i love ur acting in sweet spy..really!!
    im wanna know more bout u if i can…ok, keep up the good work & njoy your life..!!!caiyok..:b

  83. 83 : PhuongTran Says:

    I like to watch Dennis Oh when he’s smile because he so cute, I’ll miss His smile

  84. 84 : PhuongTran Says:

    I like Dennis Oh so much

  85. 85 : Princess Juquiana Says:

    Hi there guys! I just got hooked on “Sweety Spy”. Would you believe that I watched it for the second time because I got interested with the story. I have plans of watching it over and over again although in the end I would get shocked with our electric bill. I had watched a lot of Korean Dramas but this one is one-of-a kind. Am I correct with my conclusion on the story’s ending that Hanyouri is still live? He has already encountered a lot of troubles and was able to survive (remember the scene wherein he got a wound then LISHUNAI treated him?) Then there was this cellphone he bought then gave to LISHUNAI. He told her that no matter what happens, she should call him through that phone. I think the old man who serves as HANYOURI’s assistant will be responsible for his survival after he was shot.

    Can I request for the OST? Please….. I’d love to hear the songs.

    Just two minor comments. I don’t like the voice which was used to dub Daniel’s dialogues. He got a handsome face but the voice for the dubbing isn’t not suitable for him. Then, the DVD copy which I bought really had a bad subtitle. It would be easier to market such kind of series, well not only in KOREA and ASIA but in other parts of the world.

    Just me,

    Princess Juquiana
    Manila City, Philippines

  86. 86 : Jeneral_ Says:

    hai dannis,how are you?i miss your sweet spy drama.i hope i might meet you one day…

  87. 87 : Erina Says:

    dennis을 사랑해

  88. 88 : misz fadzidah honey Says:

    hai han yoo ill…i means dennis..i do fallin love with ur character in sweet spy..ur sweetiest smile can make me melt..anyway,can we meet?i’m from malaysia

  89. 89 : nam sang mi Says:

    ehmm…i dont know what to say because you have a lot of fanatic…person..when i saw you at the first moment i very like u…in the movie..but after that…it so kay..but i just want to say that good luck for u…

  90. 90 : nam sang mi Says:

    [email protected]………………u have a nice face..nice nose…nice eyes…nice ears…nice mouth..nice body..nice tatoo…nice walk…nice hairs…but……u dont have nice…….—–guest it…aneoseyo…..

  91. 91 : yuna~... Says:

    hellO deNniS!!!
    i’m yUna..juz waNna saY gUd luCk4 u’R neXt mOvieS or drAma…i hOpe u’ll alwitZ njOy U’r lifE..May gOd bleSs u!!
    i juZ lUv u’r styLe!!bYe..!!!~

  92. 92 : scrt_my92 Says:

    DENNIS I luv U^^……
    Hw r u…ur so handsome…..ur smile…is really…..gorgeous….
    even my friends ask me hus ya b/f i say HaN YoO IlL.Ahhhh…….
    ur so…..
    there’s no word to express hw i feel towards u…anyway..i really like ur
    SweEt sPy drama…..ur so cool….the first time i lay my izzzzzzz…..
    on it……i never miss it…..i really wish u’dd like to be mybro…
    yeah right…..as in u will……but never mind…i understand…..
    i hope i have a bro as coolz as u, as handsome as u…as ..
    EveRy ThINg lIkE U…………
    Luv u…
    oh… by d way…
    i think if u just stick…with english…its totally coolz…but mix it…dont leave it…
    ur english word is like a magnet..u kNoW….
    ok bye bro…
    hope u can reply by mailing me….ok…..
    [email protected]

  93. 93 : masslienna Says:

    hi denNnis!!!!!!!
    i like you veeeeryyyyyyyyyy much in sweeet spy drama
    i love your acting on that drama……..
    you r so sweet….
    if can i want your photos….
    and please give me ur website ok…….
    mailing me…..
    [email protected]

  94. 94 : Alice Says:

    Keep up T good work!!

  95. 95 : Victoria Says:

    Dennis oneil..
    im not interested in make friends or meet u as a person
    as i know.. the real person and character in movie are so much different
    sweety spy is the first korean movie series i ever watch haha..
    cos im so busy, but i like ur acting.. you’re match to act as a spy
    i would like to know your OTHER movie.. that’s all
    thanks for your kind attention i hope you reply me soon as possible

  96. 96 : phey_she Says:

    hi im from indonesia
    im not really know u but i think u r nice man^^&i hope have a brother like u^^
    i hope u have a good carrers&Success in every kind of JoB&HavE a NicE GirLfrIend too…
    JiA YoU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. 97 : phey_she Says:

    oh…im forget to say
    i want to know u more&ur biography, so please reply me completly
    Thank u.

  98. 98 : Diana Kurniawan Says:

    Hi Dennis,

    My friend just brought me your movie title ” Sweet Spy ” and I love your act in that movie. My name is Diana and I’m from Indonesia. When do you have any chance to visit your fans in Indonesia ? There’s a lot of your fans waiting to see you here.

    Keep up the good work and please inform me if you have any new movie.

    Thank you.

    Best Regrads,

    V. Diana Kurniawan

  99. 99 : fatalizee Says:

    hmm..wut the great series???!!u are nice and handsome but put some effort to improve your skills in acting..k..tata..

  100. 100 : nimina Says:

    its a successful story between you and namm sang mi…love to c both of you act in that drama ‘sweet spy’…

    i have a few request that you need to ask…
    are both of you couple?
    is there sweet spy 2?

    i really can wait if there are sweet spy 2….excited to watch it…
    Please reply me Dennis Oh using my email

    [email protected]


  101. 101 : PORCH_MJSC Says:

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, Dennissssssss!
    I really like ur acting in “sweet spy” and I’ve been your biggest fan here!!!! Why don’t u appear in another drama cuz u’ve been a successful actor in that movies..I like the way u see and called her koala… I like u da way u are but its really hard because we are not from the same religion.. U are a really sweet and a handsome man too.. I like u very muchhh… Hope you would come to malaysia!!!!!

  102. 102 : Khine Mie Mie Zaw Says:

    i wanna be friend with you,do you?

  103. 103 : pigu Says:

    ello!! dennis… nice acting… i luv u…

  104. 104 : Princess Juquiana Says:

    I posted a comment on February 12, 2007 regarding the voice which was used to dub Dennis’ dialogues. I stated there that he got a handsome face but the voice for the dubbing isn’t not suitable for him. I forgot to change the audio to Korean so the dubbing was the voice of a Chinese. But the time I discovered the right button to press, whew, it’s not only Dennis’ face that is admirable but his voice, too. His voice is manly. I’ve watched Sweet Spy DVD six times already. Just got addicted to it.

  105. 105 : Moe Says:

    Hi Dennis,

    I like you so much in Sweet Spy. I am waiting your next series.

    Please reply me Dennis ([email protected]).

    I love you.


  106. 106 : Princess Juquiana Says:

    Hope dennis would add all his fans in his MySpace and/or Friendster site/s.

  107. 107 : Moe Says:

    Hi Dennis,
    I like you in Sweet Spy.
    I am waiting your series and movies.

  108. 108 : FAIRUZ Says:

    hai…you’re really SWEET SPY….i like your sweet smile…your acting was so good in sweet spy…your “koala”are also sweet…love both of you!!!!

  109. 109 : ? Says:

    wat’s his hotmail?

  110. 110 : Sung Wook Il Says:

    dennis oh, how yah day?????
    good job 4 yah tv series bro.

  111. 111 : phuong thao Says:

    hello DENNIS. you are a boy in my dream .i don’t know to write what for you but i hope my letter are read by you.please
    i want to know your mail anh your nickname. can you give me?
    reply for me. i’m waiting for you
    bye see you again on your letter sent for me

  112. 112 : ? Says:

    why does the last episode sux? no ending? just a call from him dennis?

  113. 113 : SECRET ADMIRER Says:

    NOT BAD..

  114. 114 : chantra Says:

    first time I saw you in tv. you are very sweet smile……

  115. 115 : ct Hajar Says:

    is there ‘sweet spy 2’?

  116. 116 : donaldtong Says:

    Hey,your performents very will.i also mix,my mother come from Austrelia,my father come from malaysia.i have something to ask you,would have let somebody to ask you are not chinnese guy?but i have that eksperence,so sad?

  117. 117 : Shoon lett Win Says:

    I like u in Sweet Spy. U R very handsome.

  118. 118 : ani Says:

    hye dennis….
    i like very much. u got a handsom face, sweet smile n wonderful eyes…
    u r excelent actor…
    u hv nice body.. i think u hv a good future in acting industry..
    keep up yr work…
    mmm….. is there will hv sweet spy 2???

  119. 119 : ani Says:

    anyone out there…
    can tell me how to get the sweet spy soundtrack?
    anyone knows dennis emel?

  120. 120 : ani Says:

    hye dennis…..
    i wish that u could reply me in my emel…[email protected]..
    but, maybe..it just a dream waiting for yr reply, since u r very busy.
    but,,,,,, i stilk hoping that one day u will reply me..
    keep up your work…..
    sorry..coz im not very fluent in english….

  121. 121 : dalimie Says:

    dear dennis……

    u’r the best actor!!!!
    sweet smile……

  122. 122 : 8hundred Says:

    Nice look picture…….


  123. 123 : Toral Says:

    hi!!!! Dennis i m your biggest fan frm India…i reallly like yr cute smile……n i think u r really gud actor….u leave all the bollywood actors behind….wish you “BeSt Of LuCk” fr your bright coming future……

  124. 124 : block-buster Says:

    Why don’t u act in another new movies?

  125. 125 : sonata87 Says:

    My dear Dennis,

    You are well done in Sweet Spy.And your “koala” too.

    And I really love the songs in this movie and where can i get these songs?

    Is there “Sweet Spy 2”?I’m waiting for this.

    Aza Aza Fighting!

  126. 126 : dgjuquiana Says:

    In Appreciation of Dennis’ Amiable Gesture

    A Reachable Star

    Of the zillion stars glittering in the entertainment sky, only a handful is within the followers’ reach. Career expectancy is fickle and stardom is fleeting. The key to an enduring stardom is to become A REACHABLE STAR. Entertainment dome is loaded with actors and actresses – newbies and veterans alike, but it only offers an iota of STARS who are within reach.

    Mr. Dennis O’Neil could be fittingly described as A REACHABLE STAR. He knows how to bend from his towering prominence in order to reach out to his followers. Simple it may seem but the mere effort of sending even a short message to acknowledge his fans is exceptional. He will surely make it far – more than what he expected to happen in his career.

    Kudos Dennis! Mabuhay ka …

  127. 127 : anyss Says:

    hai dennis…………
    i heard about ur new drama
    witch yoo hee……

    i can wait to buy dvd coz i heard that ur dialog is in korean…
    is that true.

  128. 128 : senerity Says:

    can u be my friend i hope so i think u r not interestel all of the comments that u have read but i hope u can be my friend or a chatmate im 19 just send me a message at [email protected] if not that is okey

  129. 129 : kaori Says:

    I like him, really like him…. He’s so cute

  130. 130 : Julie Says:

    hi, Dennis!
    Iwonder that u have time to flash these msn or not?
    I hve just see u 1st in the film this morning. ah,soory that’s i can’t remmeber the film name.i didnot finish it coz of an electrical error-but i will. U who acted as a manager of a Korean baranch, in loved with June (a lovely Korean assitant). I found that the ur play is the man I need in real. Wht a pity that’s just ur performance. Try ur best at ur career and good luck. I just want to say thanks to u and the film that makes me understand st. I will wait for my true love-if i’m patient, a man like Robin Heiden comes. I love that type of man: intelligent,self discipline, calm but gentle, dramatical and honest with himeself. Thanks again!

  131. 131 : bao xiong Says:

    Ahhhh!!!I Just Love u dennis i
    wish i can see u in real life ur so hotTTT!!!!
    i went and rent some movie Secret Lover and sweety spy i watch secret lovers first after the first part of secret lover I Watch the movie ur in sweety spy and i just fell in love with the movie because i saw u in it and u look so hott!!!!!so i watch all the episode and skipped secret lovers hahahalol!! I wish for u to make more movie so i could see it also
    the acting skill is not really good because it’s ur first movie but i’ll knoe u will be better in acting soon hehe!!!!!
    I WiSh i can see u!!!!

  132. 132 : linda Says:

    hello Dennis,
    I’m so impressed when I saw you at the first time, it’s not because you’re gorgeous or something like that. it’s just because you are the image of a man I always want to seek. To be honest, I don’t know what I am thinking now but I know I like you so much.
    If you have free time, please send me via email [email protected]. Don’t misunderstand me, I only want to be a normal Vietnamese friend of yours.
    I hope I don’t bother you.
    Best wishes.

  133. 133 : SIPHAN Says:

    Hi Dennis ! I like you much DENNIS OH ! I know that you won’t reply me but I still want to write to you some sentences. At the first time i saw you on TV, I know that you will be a super star ! Many friends of mine also love you ! We hope you will be come to VN just once. We will always beside you and We want to be your normal Vietnamese friends of you !

  134. 134 : SIPHAN Says:

    Hi Dennis ! I like you much DENNIS OH ! I know that you won’t reply me but I still want to write to you some sentences. At the first time i saw you on TV, I know that you will be a super star ! Many friends of mine also love you ! We hope you will be come to VN just once. We will always beside you and We want to be your normal Vietnamese friends of you ! If you want, you can send me!

  135. 135 : Phyo Nyein Oo Says:


  136. 136 : Phyo Nyein Oo Says:

    hi hi, Dennis!At the first time i saw you on TV, I know that you will be a super star.I want to make friend with you. If you have free time, please send me [email protected] gmail.com.Be wishes PHYO ( myanmar)

  137. 137 : najwa_rain Says:

    my dennis…..
    i like ur acting in sweet spy!!!
    u look so hansome,smart and all the good thing!!!
    i’m waiting 2 see ur next drama…

  138. 138 : Diana Says:

    Hai… Dennis
    I’am your fans from Inodonesia
    I do like your acting in sweet spy…
    I am waiting ur next TV drama series
    less but not least May God bless you abudantly.
    cause from HIm, you can do such a good thing…is that correct ?

  139. 139 : rose Says:

    hey, dennis u are so cute…anyways I like u..I want to know how old are u. sweet spy is ur frist moive right.

  140. 140 : rose Says:

    I am ur big fans from Sacramento.

  141. 141 : jenny Says:

    my mother and me saw u in sweet spy and my mother loves u
    i’m french and vietnamese i live in new-caledonia

  142. 142 : snow Says:

    sarang he
    te amo
    i love you

  143. 143 : Selena Says:

    hi den,

    this is the 1st time saw u in “sweet spy”, ur acting was so ego, errogant and sexy …… if can we (ur fan) want to c more ur acting, pls don’t dissapointed us..please……., do u reply email to ur fan, if no please do so because we hoped so much….

  144. 144 : HeiZune Says:

    I really like Dennis. You are very good-looking and handsome. Your smile can die for me.I love you very much. You are my prince in my heart. In my room, I stick your photos. I have many photos in my room. I feel both sadness & happiness. Just because, of your girlfriend.Your girlfriend is very lucky in the world. Because,she got your true love. I love you very very very::::::;;;;;; much

  145. 145 : Marian Says:

    hello, I’m from the Philippines, i’ve seen your drama sweet spy and i like the story i hope it will have part 2 co’z it seeems that i am not satisfied with the ending of the story. i like you with nam-sang-mi, i think you too are good partner. i’am looking forward for the next episode of sweet spy. thanks a lot and always take care of your self

  146. 146 : Nhia Says:

    HI…I saw that you enjoy photography. I LOVE taking pictures, especially in black and white. What kind of pictures do you take?

  147. 147 : starz Says:

    love him in sweet spy!!! he is really a good looking guy with fab smile…sayang dennis!!!

  148. 148 : maejchi Says:

    is this really true?…that we can message to this dennis guy?…or juz another fan making a chat forum for this guy?….anyway, can anyone tell me where i can get more info bout nam sang mi a.k.a lee soon ae in sweet spy?…she’s kinda cute…if this dennis guy really got this message, read it, do reply 2 me…otherwise, i dun believe it…coz i wanna msg nam sang mi…..btw, why most of my girl friendz got a crush on u?… this is my email,

    [email protected]

    reply me if u r reall this dennis guy…k?
    say hi 2 ur gurlfren in florida…

  149. 149 : Mariessa- from Malaysia Says:

    dear dennis,

    i have watch your drama – sweet spy…..you look cool and nature.

    just wanna suggest, hope you can learn how to speak korean then you will be perfect idol for the universal.

    however, i love to see you in act again …. if posibble with Lee Don Hae(My Girl Drama)

  150. 150 : princessjuquiana Says:

    To all Dennis fans,

    I was surprised one day when I got a response to the email message I sent to Dennis thru his MySpace profile. He acknowledged what I just wrote to him that my daughter calls him “POGI” the Filipino term for “handsome”. He was even the one who requested to add him in his MySpace friends.

    He and Nam Sang-mi were together last March 2007 for the promotion of Cop Netan. They still look good together. Dennis obviously gained a few pounds while Nam Sang-mi look even prettier than the last time I saw her in Sweet Spy and Bad Family. She’ll be turning 23 this May. I hope she’d celebrate it and invite Dennis during her party.

    Let’s continue to support their tandem.

  151. 151 : Zin Says:


    You are so smart in Sweety Spy.

    I wish you success in your life.

  152. 152 : Tiffani Says:

    I’m your biggest fan here in SYdney! I’m currently searching for your other series and your personal informations..The moment I laid my eyes on you, I’ve been quite happy and I took lots of photos of you from SWEET SPY..hope you’ll have another series. Love the way you smile and that eyes of yours! Hope you’re going to have a tour in Sydney Australia, if so pleasssssseee let australians to know..u make my days wonderful since I’ve seen you!

  153. 153 : ann Says:

    hi dennis

    love watching you in Sweet Spy…..especially with soon ae…both of you is superb!!! hope to see you more in other movies…

  154. 154 : shenna Says:

    i m really like your drama “sweet spy”is there the only drama u play as leading actor.hope u will be on the top.

  155. 155 : shenna Says:

    haiiii!good.this is ur 1st drama i c and its really make me watch this drama over and over.hope u will act in more drama and be a good actor and model.

  156. 156 : thidaphyowai Says:

    May always happy and joy. I wish you have got Oscar award.

  157. 157 : zinmar Says:

    I like very much your acting in sweet spy. Do you have a girl friend? What show do you shoot? You have got success.

  158. 158 : arthika Says:

    Hai! Den… u done a good job in sweet spy. I like ur character. Hope u can continue ur journey in this field. Have a nice day and best of luck.

  159. 159 : annio Says:

    (cant believe i actually do this, whatever here goes):


    *heart heart*

  160. 160 : justine Says:

    your hot ! hope to meet you somehow =]

  161. 161 : justine Says:

    your hot ! hope to meet you somehow. =]

  162. 162 : safia Says:

    i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ddddddddddeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  163. 163 : safia Says:

    i hope you can came to malaysia someday…………………. cuz i have really big crush on u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! muahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  164. 164 : safia Says:

    i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ddddddddddeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i really have a big crush on uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can u come 2 malaysia someday!!!!!!!!!!!plez read thisss…………… muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  165. 165 : Sun Mi Says:

    Download ‘Witch Yoo Hee’ drama at D-Addicts and watch Dennis being a cool chef! On episode 12 now. 4 more to go!

  166. 166 : justine Says:

    i don’t like the ending for sweet spy. it suck ! not what i was expecting.

  167. 167 : nadh Says:

    hei dennis…you so cute…….all the best to youu!! good luck ok..

  168. 168 : safia Says:

    hi dennis..i’m your big fan..i hope you can come to malaysia..and i like your acting…muahhhhh

  169. 169 : maria Says:

    hi dennis.. i’m your big fan.. i like your acting so much.. and you’re handsome..good luck in your career…..muahhhhh

  170. 170 : maria Says:

    i hope you read my message..muahhhhh

  171. 171 : maria Says:

    i’m your big fan from malaysia…good luck to you..

  172. 172 : anorz Says:

    Hi Dennis!!

    I like the way you treat ‘koala’ in sweet spy. I wish you & nam sang mi will be together in real life coz you two are great couple! If I can nominate who are become the best couple in the world, I will choose you & nam sang mi. I’m sure all your fantastic fan will agree with me. But, I heard that you already have a girlfriend in Florida. We know it is imposible but if the thing happen I’m sure your fan will be very very very happy! Hopes the thing happen.

    Dennis & Nam Sang Mi!!! YES!!!

    with love from Malaysia

  173. 173 : ellysa Says:

    hi guyz…
    i’m from malaysia too…
    kalau u all ada latest news, info, opinion about dennis or koala
    plizzzz cantact me!!
    i got the ost (8 songs) really luv them!!

    [email protected]

  174. 174 : Toral Says:

    hey dennis…you r really good actor and model too…n i think you r perfect man i hv ever seen…n i like yr choclatie voice…it drives my mad when you say Koala in yr drama “sweet spy”…n yr smile….i just love it…wish you good luck fr your future…

    i m your biggest fan from India…

    Good Luck….:-)

  175. 175 : sexy4yennie Says:

    I love this guy too
    I watched him at
    Sweet Spy
    Witch Yoo Hee
    He is very good looking
    He is a cute guy
    When u visit ur fans in Indonesia?
    We will be waiting u in Indonesia

  176. 176 : Amy Says:

    Oh, I am just writing this to let you know that you are now my Mother’s newest Korean favorite star. You are her idol now, instead of Jang Dong Gung. She is almost 50. I joke with her all the time. “Too bad you are not in your 20’s anymore Mom!” Well, she has watched your show, I don’t know how many times. Maybe you can tell the director to make Sweet Spy 2 soon or dvd discs for #1 won’t last long.
    Good luck in your career.

  177. 177 : andrew Says:

    I’m Amy’s brother.Eveything my sister says is true.Guess what? My mom watches the movie as many times as I watch yugioh movies……..exept, she watches it a little more.

  178. 178 : kuning Says:

    i am watching my sweety spy right now and i can’t resist your charm…you’re so gorgeous and perfect!…for a new comer, you portrayed your role very well in that series! hope you do a lot more drama series so i can see more of you…goodluck in your acting career and more power! GOD bless you always!

  179. 179 : meatoy Says:

    (**,):peace…among all korean actors…Dennis was the Handsome and the cutest one….even my Boyfriend also loves to watch U acting in sweet spy.

    (“,): oh. gosh…u are stilll young….but ur matured looks make u look older than ur age.

    (**,):frankly saying…both my Boyfriend and i loves to befriend with u.

    P/S: please…reply my comment. we’re waiting…..we will be happy if u could spend ur time a while…reply this comment…have a nice day.

  180. 180 : myzah Says:

    I lyke your acting…!!

  181. 181 : ButtErFLy*806 (",) Says:

    Hello.hope u fine..
    i’m aisyah from brunei darussalam…d u kno the country??well it a very small country..

    hem.. i just finished watching sweet spy girl..but i’m pretty sad that you die at the end… sob sob…then what i don’t understand that the story ended by a call from sham-shik..who’s that??? can tell more detail please… i beg you..

    email me at: [email protected]..

  182. 182 : wo ai nie 1314 Says:

    i like and LOVE your smile..its very sweet..everytime i look at your picture,it made me smile too..lol..smile always cause you look exteremly cute when you smile…=)

  183. 183 : sexygirl10 Says:

    Hi sweety guy,

    I like your big big smile and love your EYES. it is very attractive.

  184. 184 : Da Says:

    Hello Everyone,

    Great to have a site that adores Dennis Oh as much as us…. we’re fans from Canada. Found out about Dennis by accident while web surfing couple months ago and have been waiting and waiting for Sweet Spy to come out which finally just received 2 weeks ago – English sub-titled. Very very sweet and Dennis didn’t disappoint…. gorgeous from beginning to end… what a man, the whole package including that sexy voice. A bit difficult watching it Eng-Sub, right now waiting for the thai version to come our way… should be her in June… can’t wait.

    Da 🙂

  185. 185 : Siah Siah Says:

    I like you and hope to see more of you in TV. I love your ‘Sweet Spy’ you have the “EMO”.Thank you.

  186. 186 : daldakhalida Says:

    I love your style!!!

  187. 187 : daldakhalida Says:

    i like u.. i hope u can mail me at [email protected]..c ya!! dun make me wait too long!!!

  188. 188 : SPY GIRL Says:

    hello my dear prince,now I’m watching sweet spy.I’m so glad becuz I’ve your details in Internet.I really hope that I’ll meet u becuz my ambition is to be like u………If u aren’t buzy or borring u can mail me at:-
    [email protected]…….bye…muahhhhhhhhhhh………………………………

  189. 189 : ViRa Says:

    Hi, Dennis
    The first time I saw u in sweety spy, u look so cool!!
    I like u so much!
    I just watched u in witch You Hee……..
    U still look so good,
    Can’t wait ur next film…
    Pls contact me : [email protected]

  190. 190 : Noula Says:

    Does anyone know if Dennis is doing another tv drama other than “Witch Yoo Hee”…. ?

  191. 191 : koala_adie... Says:

    oh dennis…i really love you…do you know..i love to hear you say “koala” in sweet spy….r u realy in love with nam sang ni…i hope so..you guys look very sweet together..but if i meet you some day..i want to kiss you…coz you r very hensem….hehe…..so hensem…do you know i watch ur movie “sweet spy” over n over again..i think i really falling in your love…oklah sarang ham ni da..han yoo il….muaaaaahhhhhh……

  192. 192 : koala_adie_soon ae Says:

    hi dennis im your great fans from malaysia..ever been here…i hope your next movie wil b shooting at here…i love you dennis..r u relly in love with nam sang mi..coz you guys look sweet together…i hope you guys will b man n wife someday…and for sure if ill meet u someday i want to kiss u n hug u…bolehkah….?and if you want to know i watch your sweet spy movie over n over again..ok lah if u r free dont forget to mail me…[email protected]…cant wait ur next film..muaaaaahhhhhhhhh…..love you han yoo il…

  193. 193 : aries22_ainz Says:

    hi dennis, i like u so much when i saw u in Sweet Spy. Do ur best as an actor and i hope 2 see u in MALAYSIA.

  194. 194 : Ann Says:

    Hi Dennis,

    Very impress to know that you have a lot of fans. I think because of you do the good job. Keep going!!

    I’m not Korean but I will try to see every series you do.

    I think your smile and your eyes very charming!

  195. 195 : Yu Yu Says:

    How are you Dennis?
    I am Myanmar Citizens. I wish you and me friendship. I wish you could really read this mail. You are so handsomes & very beautiful attractive boy.
    Welcome to Myanmar I hope you come later. I hope you sent me your beautiful & attractive photo in this mail you reply. I Looking forwards his mail.

  196. 196 : Baby Rabbit Says:

    Dear Dennis,

    Hi! I am very nice to you. I forget to pay my mail you . You are hansome and gentlement person. Welcome to come from Myanmar. I invited to you. You have free time or vacation come to Myanmar . Please reply me this mail you read as soon as. Please sent me your beautiful one photo. Looking forwards his sent mail. My mail address as follows…………[email protected] This mail you received as soon as possible reply me. Your photo to pay me, I thanks you.
    Ok see you later. Now I busy work. Let me stop my letter. Please reply me…………….

    for Dennis

  197. 197 : han thi Says:

    Hi.How r u?What r u doing now?u r very handsom.You looks very smart when u r smile.I love your smile.I am a Myanmar.But I stay in Singapore.I hope u visit to Singapore when u r free. I really want to see u outsides.Iam very happy hearing u say “koala.”Is there part 2 of Sweety Spy.I really wait to see it.Ok.Bye.I hope u will reply to me when u r free.

  198. 198 : love flower Says:

    Hi, Dennis

    How are you? I really love you…Do you know? I just watched you include action video . Namely Sweety Spy part 2 .I really wait for it. I see you face as soon as be on tenterhooks. I wait you sent photo for me.
    I really wait your photo…. Bye see you again. You sent my mail. Namely [email protected] & [email protected]

  199. 199 : Jennifer Says:


    You are HOT! I do love your work in “Sweet Spy”. I do look foward into, watching out for somemore of your work.

  200. 200 : thanngelay Says:

    I love your acting and style. I’m wating to watch your film other more.

  201. 201 : mack Says:

    hi dennis..how r u? i like ur smile. i’ve seen ur acting. ur good u know that dont u. so just wanna wish u goodluck and keep up the good work. i love u!

  202. 202 : nana Says:

    hello dennis. u know that u are so…handsome. i hope u’ll act any more becoz u are good in acting!

  203. 203 : natalia Says:


  204. 204 : xixi Says:

    hey dennis i like yur acting…its very good and u look hot….aniwase good luck with everything….love u

  205. 205 : -claira le Says:

    hey dennis,
    i so love your acting. one of my favorite movie that you act is sweet spy
    i so so love it.
    me and my friends think your so HOT!!!!
    well your my favorite….top one
    bye come back to dis later

  206. 206 : Rosa M Says:

    “Dennis, can you see this? By the time Dennis’s reading this, he’s either already back in Korea, or still in the States. We’re hoping Dennis would be reading this alone. But if you’re reading this alone, we want you to know, how much we love you, and how happy we are, because of you. Even after we’re dead we won’t forget you. Our love will live with you eternally, throughout time. We LOVE you…”

    Though I’ve borrowed (LOL) this few lines from your classiker, they truly and clearly meant what is inside our hearts. I miss you. Hope you’re well and having a great time with your family back home. Ah, and hope you’d received my mail as well.

    Are you celebrating your 26th birthday this year in Seoul again? If the answer is YES, wow, it can’t be more fantastic, can it?

    Sincerely hope to see you see you soon, both on TV and in Seoul,

    Rosa M from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

  207. 207 : Rosa M Says:

    “Dennis, can you see this? By the time Dennis’s reading this, he’s either already back in Korea, or still in the States. We’re hoping Dennis would be reading this alone. But if you’re reading this alone, we want you to know, how much we love you, and how happy we are, because of you. Even after we’re dead we won’t forget you. Our love will live with you eternally, throughout time. We LOVE you…”

    Though I’ve borrowed (LOL) this few lines from your classiker, they truly and clearly meant what is inside our hearts. I miss you. Hope you’re well and having a great time with your family back home. Ah, and hope you’d received my mail as well.

    Are you celebrating your 26th birthday this year in Seoul again? If the answer is YES, wow, it can’t be more fantastic, can it?

    Sincerely hope to see you again soon, both on TV and in Seoul,

    Rosa M from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

    PS – there’s a silly typo with my previous msg…hahaha, silly me 😉

  208. 208 : aci Says:

    Manehnya meuni kasep pisan……
    First now U from Drama Witch Yoo Hee, kamu T..O..P..B…G…T alias top abiezz!

  209. 209 : Noula Says:

    Another one of Dennis’ adoring fan. Just finished watching Sweet Spy…. Dennis is hot hot hot!

    I’ve been searching high and low for Dennis’ English web page… and have not found one. Am I not searching properly. Help please. Hopefully, I don’t have to resort to learning Chinese/Korean…. Thanks so very much. My email [email protected].

  210. 210 : Babezz (dats ma nick) Says:

    hi Dennis, i’ve watched Sweet Spy n really like u very2 much.i’ve watched dat serial soo many times don’t know how many times i’ve watched.I’ve been surfing round the net looking 4 ya pic’s and anything thats ur names on.Becoz of u i wanted to learn Korean language.
    Don’t know much to say.Hope there’s Sweet Spy 2.
    Hope & wish that someday you’ll meet me in your dreamz.
    I wanna wish u good luck in everything dat u do and always remember that i will alwayz Pray 4 u alwayz.


  211. 211 : moon Says:

    hey dennis… i m worry abt that i can’t 4get ur so sweet smile till the end of my moments.. how can i do this hopelss dream????? anyway.. u r the best actor i hav ever seen,,, how can i try to get ur smile once???

  212. 212 : Lily Says:

    Hi dennis,
    You’re so cute and great actor.

  213. 213 : esther Says:

    hi dennis i jus finished watchin the korean drama – sweet spy…and i jus had to say u looked sooooo HOT in the movie lol i loved it! but the ending was reallt crappy..i was wonderin if there is going to be a sweet spy 2?? if so i get to see ur sexy self again! lol …well i’ll be going now…bye bye have a nice day ^_^

  214. 214 : Natalia Says:

    U like very cute in “witch yoo hee”!
    n ur act is very2 well…’
    I like U!!

  215. 215 : Ann Says:

    Hi…Dennis, I’m Ann from Bangkok, Thailand. U know I’m just finisheds seeing your series (Sweet Spy)!!! It’s so great and fun and make me feel impress in both of u and Nam Sang mi’s acting…

    Han U Ill is so cute and ofcouse I wanna be Coala 5555!!! Can I?

    Don’t forget that you have one more fan and I’m looking forward to see your work…

    Take care

    P.S.You know you have a really wonderful smile…^o^

  216. 216 : Thu Says:

    Hello! Dear Dennis , How are you? I hope you’re in good health and happy. I like your styles and smiles. I like your voice “Koala” in the “Sweet Spy”. Keep going like this and one day, you will be at the top of the world stars. I’m still learning English. If you don’t mind, can I get your e-mail address,please? Thank you so much for your reading.
    Good luck!
    Koala Thu

  217. 217 : Jojo Says:

    Hi,every one
    I am a Chinese woman. I have watched Sweet Spy for many-times. I like it very much!
    Dennis and Nan sang mi,Good luck both two!

  218. 218 : sheila Says:

    well… i havent watch sweet spy..but i already watched WITCH…wow!
    Dennis is gorgeous

  219. 219 : Lily Says:

    Hi Dennis
    I just finished Sweet Spy,I love this series so much.
    Dennis & NSM look great together.Good luck both of you.

  220. 220 : me myself and i Says:

    u look normal normal.. angle ^^’

  221. 221 : snowflake Says:

    Hi Dennis,

    I just finished Sweet Spy,I love this series so much.
    I wanna to watch Sweet Spy II. I like you.
    Try the best…….

    Have a nice day!

  222. 222 : like woht? Says:

    well hey
    i just saw a quick commercial of you (dennis) and O M G. YOU ARE SO HOTTTT! like sssssss HOT! damn u got good looks dude! we should go out some time AHAHAHHA =D yeh like.. in ‘her’ dreams..! Anyway i look forward to watching your movies/series i bet you’re a great actor. If not, gimme a call and we’ll work through it.. LOLS!!
    ok all the best xox

    n4. from Melbourne. Australia

  223. 223 : Lily Says:

    Hi , Dennis
    U look very cute in “witch yoo hee”!
    I’m watching WYO right now,it’a great
    Good luck with everything

  224. 224 : Lily Says:

    U have any new series ?
    Where’re you now ,Seoul or USA?

  225. 225 : Cecille Says:

    Hi Dennis..You’re very handsome.I saw your first pic on the net and that is how I became one of you fan.I’ve watched your drama entitled “WITCH”.And I really loved it!!It’s a very cute story..I am looking forward to your upcoming movies!!saranghe……

  226. 226 : kimcing Says:

    ur so cool. i’m ur big fan in U.S. JJJJJJJJjang

  227. 227 : Palm Says:

    Hi, Dennis…
    I like series…SWEET SPY
    I like your smile


  228. 228 : Agella Says:

    Hi Im from wonderful country, Thailand. My home country is located on south of Thailand. I have seen your movie and i really like it. You have done very well, you know. Dennis, you have many fans in Thailand and we invite you to visit us sometimes. Thailand has many beautiful beaches, waterfalls, and temples. You’ll reall love it. Ok then, we are waiting to see you and next movie. with love

  229. 229 : Claudia Says:

    Now I had to check out what all the hype was about…

    Had to see what all the gushing and croaning were about and I have to say, I’m not impressed.

    Beyond the pretty boy looks, these “celebrities” are superficial and have no meaningful respect towards women.. which is fueled by the non-self respecting women themselves.. throwing themselves practically naked at their feet. Would you care to contest? Don’t think so..

  230. 230 : Anu Says:

    hi dennis!
    i am a huge fan and i really like your work in the series Witch Yoo Hee you are awasome……..good luck in the future and luv you

  231. 231 : Lily Says:

    hi Dennis,
    Hope you’re in America now.
    Wish you have a great July 4 with your family.
    Good luck.

  232. 232 : zsa Says:

    hi dennis!!!you,re sooooo handsome!!!!!!!!!!wooh!!

  233. 233 : zsa Says:

    dennis is sooo handsome!!yeah!woooh!!

  234. 234 : 진 사 민 Says:

    ur so hot…. omg, if only u could speak korean more fluently

  235. 235 : meh Says:

    you are really good……. i wish i cold meet you…

  236. 236 : PhiPhi Says:

    dear Claudia,

    Your words might be true, but you are not the one who is supposed to make the judgement.

    I wonder why you are posting these comments on Dennis site? There must be a better site for you to voice out your comments and have it heard too.

    What do you have to against Dennis?

  237. 237 : jihae Says:

    hi dennis!
    keep up the good work!
    i’m sure you already know this, but you are one HOT guy!!

  238. 238 : Moh Moh Says:

    hi Dennis,
    I am moh moh. I live in Myanmar. If You receive letter, You reply.

    Moh Moh

  239. 239 : lolar phan Says:

    hi ! dennis
    my name’s llar.i from in viet nam.how are you? i verry miss you. isee you at a televison. you verry han some.do you know?you don’t know me .see ypu a late.i speak english so bad

  240. 240 : lolar phan Says:

    hi ! dennis
    my name’s llar.i from in viet nam.how are you? i verry miss you. isee you at a televison. you verry han some.do you know?you don’t know me .see ypu a late.i speak english so bad.but smile of you beautiful.i just meet you early.i love you.i miss you.i need you

  241. 241 : rachel Says:

    damn dennis oh is hot
    i wanna rip off his clothes and bang him
    he just needs to stop dressing like a sissy and learn how to act..
    i want his babies!

  242. 242 : Empy Says:

    How ar u?i like ya handsome face and ya pretty smile.

  243. 243 : nurie thardine Says:

    hi dennis..wazzup man? dennis where are u now?
    i’m nurie from indonesia. i like ur smile, i like ur body too. mmh..also i like ur acting. good luck to you..bye..kamsahamida..oppa sarangeyo..

  244. 244 : nge Says:

    hihi denis,,
    how r u????u r so handsome…. .. i like ur body and smile. good luck for everything!!!

  245. 245 : qidah Says:

    dennis uso cute……when u smile you look very handsame…love u

  246. 246 : hidayah_ms Says:

    hye dennis…
    i’m daya from malaysia..KLCC remember?? =p
    about your hot,nice looking,bla…bla….look, i don’t think that i have to write it here…or else,i might be the 100K-th person to say that…’cuz i know,it’s a fact..(^_^)

    i just wanna comment bout your acting…
    maybe you should improve the skill..but u already did well in SWEET SPY..but not good enough..(*_^)just improve it ya?

    love you dennis…

  247. 247 : koolkittykat Says:

    i saw your sweet spy movie!!!! my mom likes you!!(actually all the girls in my family like you! lol!) your really tall!!!!!!!! i saw your sweet spy movie and it was really great!! 🙂 i’m half american too!!!!!

  248. 248 : Eve Says:

    i have nothing to say
    u have a great body and face
    u’re friendly too
    i knew it from my friends n he actually friends of yours
    but u still have to working hard at ur acting
    it wasn’t natural
    but i know that u can do it..
    Ur friend n I hoping so much to u

  249. 249 : Elisa Says:

    I deeply in love with you… also all my friends

  250. 250 : april Says:

    -ei dennis..>”,

  251. 251 : San Me Says:

    How are you? Your very good actor in “SWEETY SPY”.You are Lovely.
    I live in Myanmar.If you received my letter, please reply to me. I am waiting your letter.Bye Bye Baby!

    “San Me” in Myanmar…..

  252. 252 : Jamie Says:

    Hiiiiiii DJ O’Niel

    Here is sum1 who always dream abt u and hoping 2 meet ya 1day.

    Luv u so much,I like u very much.

    I like ya smile,ya way of talking and ya heart.

    Wiz i cud be apart of u,

    I like ya way of care in ‘SWEET SPY’.

    U r a gud person in heart dats wat i see in u .

    take care n wiz u all da luck in future.

    luv u .

  253. 253 : khineishwesin Says:

    I like very much your actor in ‘spy’ flim.
    I live in myanmar.
    I you received my mail , please send to your mail when you are free.
    I hope your mail.
    Please sent your photo. If you are free.
    My birthday is 1.11.1981.
    You and me, same to born year.
    Take care and have a nice day.
    Have a good time.
    I wish you good luck and happiness.

  254. 254 : khineishwesin Says:

    I like very much your actor in ‘spy’ flim.
    I live in myanmar.
    If you received my mail ,
    please send to your mail when you are free.
    I hope your mail.
    Please sent your photo. If you are free.
    My birthday is 1.11.1981.
    You and me, same to born year.
    Take care and have a nice day.
    Have a good time.
    I wish you good luck and happiness.
    Miss Ei

  255. 255 : jane tarzan Says:

    hi honey bunny…

    me like u so much… i think we are born to be together.
    So u better find me before i m taken by some else. U wont regret coz i m so so sexy n hot.. i m boiling now almost 100 degree..
    Please come and save me.. u r my hero the one and only…

  256. 256 : Marie Says:

    Hi Dennis,
    I come from France and i like you so much in spy series !! you are so hot !! I wish I can meet you some day. I wish you a very very happy birthday by advance.My birthday is 1st september 1981. If you come in france, let me know, maybe I will come to see you.
    i wish you a very long carrier because you are a very good actor

  257. 257 : hoang Says:

    Perhaps, this is the first time i have written to you, the person that i admire the most in my life .I was deeply impressed by you as from “Sweet Spy” film was performed in Vietnam. The image of lad ” Han Yoo-il” made me have good emotion also everyone who watched this film.People said that ” You’re not only a skilled actor but also very handsomes”. But with me, you are the best person because you’re at once kind, jovial and lovely.I’m sure that you are very surprised and wonder :”Why i didn’t see you but i had a thoughtful comment about you “. i’ll answer :”No problem, you’re like that”.Although i am a boy , i adore you so much.Because i wish i would have a glacial face but full of charming also a good appearance ( especially is 1.88 m tall ) like you.
    I will introduce myself. My full name is Le Minh Hoang . I am from vietnam. My hobby is watching film , football match reading story and singing.
    Now , i ask you some questions.”Have you ever been to Vietnam – my homeland?” My country is very beautiful , it is famous for historical , cultural relics and long dreamlike beaches where you can have unforget moment and enjoy delicious seafood. How is your work ? It’s still ok? Are you busy these day with photography for advertisements? Do you act any film? How about your family ? Please give my regards to everyone in your family.
    I don’t know whether you could receive this letter or not because you are always busy but writing to you is my best happiness and i beleive that my dream will come true soon . If you receive this letter , please reply me as soon as possible . Do you know this will make me glad and happy . My email address is ” [email protected]” or “[email protected]” and my ID yahoo is sad_love_story_vn2006.
    I am looking forward to receiving your letter . Can you let me know your nickname , mail address and home address so as to contcat with you easily .Because i spent one month to find it but i didn’t find anywhere. 29th August will be your birthday, i ‘ll send you a secret gift . If probable, can you come to visit Vietnam. I’ll take you some famous places. Thank you so much .Goodbye. Best wishes to you.
    Your vietnamese’ fan

  258. 258 : cold Says:

    i am Rain from myanmar,i am university student.
    i like u action.
    there is no word to show my love
    even i dead i am always be u great fan.
    good luck!

  259. 259 : zAiDAh Says:

    Hye bro dennis,,how are you?

  260. 260 : Ye Yint Khant wai Says:

    Dennis,I am myanmar girl.
    You are as beautiful as my lover and you face is as same as my lover.
    I love him very much,………………….
    He is…………………………………………………………

  261. 261 : mindi Says:

    hey! love ur acting skills n love u lots! all d best .may god bless ya! u looked really gorgeous in sweet spy, btw …seriously…if u dun mind, could u send me a hot pic of urself? haha..tt is if u hv d time…hope ur free 2 do so! bubye!

  262. 262 : haley Says:

    omg! its ur bday tdy, isn’t it? gosh! so, happy, happy bday! i wonder…how r u going 2 celebrate? wtvr it is..hv a great time…dun 4get 2 wish ur mum, 4 26 yrs ago, she went thru all d labour pain n she won d battle between d pain n giving birth 2 u… anyway, once again, happy bday! god bless ya!

  263. 263 : mint Says:

    Happy Birthday To you Dennis.Have a nice day.

  264. 264 : Lily Says:

    Happy Birthday to you Dennis.

  265. 265 : Liza Tamkin Says:

    Hi Dennis!

    Happy Bday! I’m from the Manila. Hope your ok and doing fine, Love ur series, Sweet Spy. Good acting, great accent and I love the way you carry yourself, very chic! is there any more series that u are starring in? Well, I do hope that they will come up with another one. Anyway, do you have the time to answer all these messages? Ciao!

  266. 266 : hate you dennis Says:

    hi dennis i like your style but your not really great actor
    but just keep trying ok
    your really handsome but your not that cute at all
    it just u dosen’t look like korean ok
    and i don’t know why those girl crazy about you
    you are not that awsome ha ha

  267. 267 : ct Says:

    happy birthday dennis

    love u

  268. 268 : May Thia Maung Says:

    Hello Spy,
    I will be very happy if you read my letter. I live in Myanmar.
    There are many fans in Myanmar since we watched Sweety Spy. I want to watch your movie more. I love you so much as my elder brother. I wish we will be brother and sister one day or one life.

  269. 269 : Shippo Says:


  270. 270 : Dawny-lee Says:

    Aloha Dennis,
    My name is Dawny-lee and I’m from Oahu, Hawaii. I’ve watched you on Korean Soap Opera “My Sweet Spy”. Since then I’ve been a real big fan. Your acting skills are awsome and that’s why I wanted to point out something. There’s been some huge chatting in the movie industry that they will be making a “Dragon Ball Z” movie. It is said to be taken by a huge director. After seeing you on “My Sweet Spy” I thought you’d be the perfect actor to play Goku, or any part would be great for you. So if you could just keep an open eye, cause I’ve read that they’re on the look for actors and actresses for this movie. This could be a huge boost in your acting career. Oh yeah! and I’ve already recommended you on several Web sites. Well, I really really hope you take this comment into consideration. Mahalo for your attention and Ahui Hou! (that means good-bye in hawaiian)

  271. 271 : Dawny-lee Says:

    Oh, I’m really sorry Dennis, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!”

  272. 272 : Zar Zar Says:

    Dennis , You are very Lovely.You know that?You talk English very
    well. Please you teach me English speaking?I live in Myanmar. I teach
    you Myanmar speaking OK.
    Reply letter to me

    Bye Bye honey……………

  273. 273 : May Thia Maung Says:

    Hi Spy,
    I don’t mind if you have not read the letter I sent on August 31st. But I wish you will read all my letter one day. If you read my letters, please give me the reply at least an article. You can think how I will happy. Make your sister happy is a good thing.In my family I call my elder brother “Ko Ko”. Also you are my brother.So I want to call you “Ko
    Ko Dennis “. Do you like it? If you don’t like, tell me. I will not call you that name. Try your best. I will be always with you if you are famous or not.Don’t mind upon the jealous people.
    Nyi Ma Lay (Little sister),
    May Thi

  274. 274 : May Thia Maung Says:

    Ko Ko Dennis,
    How are you today? If you sick, remember me. Because of you pure mind, you will be the best one day.
    I will always wish for you,
    Nyi Ma Lay

  275. 275 : May Thia Maung Says:

    Ko Ko Dennis,
    How are you today? If you sick, remember me. Because of you pure mind, you will be the best one day.
    I will always wish for you,

  276. 276 : Janey Says:


    There are a lot of obsessed people here… Chillax… do u really think this Denis guy actually replies to anyone??? Just a thought… Yeah, sure he’s good looking! but if he was actually reading all this, don’t u all think he would be a little freaked out??? I guess each to their own! Im just happy to check out a pic of a cute guy…

    Laters! =p

  277. 277 : Dennis's GirlFriend Says:

    Dennis Joseph O’Neil is MINE! MINE! MINE! Forever….
    Keep our hands off!!!!

  278. 278 : Saman Sun Says:

    Hello i am a chinese you are really a good spy heihei(smile)

  279. 279 : Saman Sun Says:

    Hello i am a chinese you are really a good spy heihei(smile)

  280. 280 : li Shani Says:

    hi! i’m li shunai, ur soulmate..

  281. 281 : Undermedvetet Says:

    Dennis Oh – I just have to write that I saw him for the first time in “Witch Amusement”. Great acting and a great character!
    I must say I was surprised how handsome he actually was! Since I don’t really think the pictures of him do him justice. Haha.

    Anyway, this was the first drama I was with him in it, and it will definitely not be the last one! Hope to see more of him in the future, Dennis Oh! : )

  282. 282 : Kochy Says:

    Hello ,

    It is first time for me to see the Sweet Spy. I just fall in love with Dennie right away, Don’t know why. He is really look great and good smileing face. I love him so much.

  283. 283 : anao Says:

    DO u r 2 hansom,

  284. 284 : anao Says:


  285. 285 : vivienne Says:

    ok…so when will sweet spy 2 come out? will it have part 2 or not?
    hehe..i just wanna know if they have part 2 or not…if not it ok ..i think..hehe

  286. 286 : tin nardar hlaing Says:

    How are you?I’m from myanmar but i’m liveing in Cario.I like to watch Korean love story but it is the first time for me to see the Sweet SPY.He is really look great and smileing face.I want to watch your movie more.Bye,see you in the movie.


  287. 287 : MISU Says:

    HI….Dennis How are you?You are very good actor in “SWEETY SPY” so when will sweety spy 2 come out?If you get it my letter reply me pls.i m from MYANMAR.

  288. 288 : eh wah Says:

    Hi ….Dennis,
    “`I’m just finished Sweety SPY movie,I love this series so much.Dennis and Nam Sang Mi look great together,good luck both of you.I’m just wanna to know did you have Sweety SPY part 2 or not?But I’m still waiting next part 2.I LOVE both of you.Bye see you from the movie.

    Eh Wah…….in MYANMAR

  289. 289 : sweety Says:

    You are the best actor;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
    you are great and sweet smile,,,,,,,,,,,
    Is there will have sweet spy 2??????????????????

  290. 290 : Jone Says:

    Dear Dennis Oh,
    how are you?I’m just finishe SWEETY SPY series.I love,I wanna to watch sweet spy No 2.I like you.Try to do the best.
    Bye ..see you next movie,

  291. 291 : san Says:

    Dear Dennis oh.

  292. 292 : san Says:

    Hi Dennis oh,
    I’m waiting from you next movie..when?2007 or 2008?

  293. 293 : SUWAY Says:

    Dear Dennis Oh.
    NEIL,,keep up the good work that you did in “SWEET SPY’.You look great, handsome face,so do some more acting….
    Bye >>see you next movie acting.

  294. 294 : JUNE Says:

    Dear Dennis Oh,

    You are a good actor.GOD BLESS YOU.

  295. 295 : san Says:

    Dear Dennis oh
    I wanna be friend with you,do you?

  296. 296 : izzy joshua Says:

    hi dennis, i watched your “sweet spy” and i love it. as well as my sister. and you know what? my mom love it too. well, she loves you. so we wish you all the best… your fan and friend…izzy

  297. 297 : Thida Says:

    I absolutely loved Sweet Spy and Witch Amusement. I’m really looking forward to a sequel to Sweet Spy if there is one. But just in general, I really hope to see more of Dennis. Being a great actor, not to mention model, it’d be unfair to the world if he did not share his talents with all of us. 🙂

    Best wishes,

  298. 298 : Thida Says:

    I think Dennis deserves to be the best. He’s the perfect candidate to expand the diversity of Hollywood. Compared to other ethinicities, there are significantly alot less Asians in the movie industry. Being, tall, Asian, and handsome, he could really start a new trend. Dennis is loved in the East, but if he can establish a base in the West, he’ll have a lot more opportunities and have the best of both worlds.

    Best of luck,

  299. 299 : Thida Says:

    Je ne sais pas pourqoui le gens comparent vous à Daniel H. Il n’est pas très beau, mais tu est. Et et vous êtes plus jeune. Il n’y a aucun comparism. Vous deux êtes très différent. Mais oui?

  300. 300 : Thida Says:

    Wow! 299, well, I guess now 300 comments! Yay! Ok, one more and Dennis will tie with Lee Da Hae. Would it be cheating if I kept tying endlessly?

  301. 301 : Thida Says:

    I wonder where Dennis is. Probably in Seoul, right? Gosh, I get excited just thinking about him! (Boy, do I feel childish…) Oooo! When’s the next apperance?

  302. 302 : Thida Says:

    Ok, I can’t help it. I have to post. Now, there’s 302. Man, I’m doing this despite the fact that I have like 2 or 3 papers due on Monday! Ahh, oh well… yay!!!!!! there’s 302 comments!!!! Dennis is now the 9th most Most Commented Actor/Actress! (Again, I feel very childish…) >.

  303. 303 : Thida Says:

    I wonder why everyone addresses their comment to the actor/actress. I mean, it’s no like the actor/actress is going to see these pages. Right? Or maybe they do…? Hmm… that’s a point to think about…. Oops, I’m babbling again…. My bad. Ur, ok. Go Dennis! yay! ok, bye.

  304. 304 : qq Says:

    ur so cute…..
    i want to meet u and take some conversation withmy favourite boy

  305. 305 : chedss Says:

    hello! I do want to meet you someday hehehe I can’t help it but watch your Kdramas and it was really good though when i watched Witch, i missed your english dialogues:) like in sweet spy…be hunk-looking as always!!!

  306. 306 : sya-hi-ra Says:

    first time tgk citer tu ingatkan x best tp once i tgk si dennis terus melekat dpn tv anyway HAN YOO IL x mati lagikan ???

  307. 307 : sya-hi-ra Says:

    lps tgk si dennis ni i teru melekat dpn tv

  308. 308 : Ms. Ennie Says:

    errrmmm… this drma “SUPERB”.. but a bit sad when the ending is not really “good” for ending. 99% of my friends who watched this drama said that the had the ending. it should show Han Yoo Il and Lee Sung Ae meeting each other at least not only the call… any idea of Sweet Spy 2…let us know… we fan of this drama…

  309. 309 : Tammy Says:

    Hi Dennis, I just have watched “Sweet Spy” and I have known that is your first movie, you played Han Yoo Il very well “Cold face but warm heart”.And the end of the movie it seems to be continuous. Could you please let all of your fans know if is there “Sweet Spy” PART TWO???????? I and my friends can’t wait to see IT!!!!!! Hopefully, our dream come true.
    We all love you Dennis!

  310. 310 : anne Says:

    ai..actually i just finished ur movie yesterday…u look so handsome and u acting really cool……good luck for ur future..

  311. 311 : lyrea Says:

    Looking forward to your next TV series or movie. Take care and GOD bless! 🙂

  312. 312 : assy Says:

    hai…dennis u are so sweet!!!! god bless u

  313. 313 : Sandhya Irene Says:

    Handsome….handsome and handsome……waiting for ur next movie.

  314. 314 : hahagigi_111 Says:

    even tough i don often see u on tv…or more accurately,i don…hehe…^^ but still i think its cool to have a great family,korea n america…wow…i think u must be very proud…n im proud of u too…hehe^^ and i think ure very hot n cute…be strong and never give up…hope you make great success in ur career,life,luv and marriage.. hope to see u on tv soon,and when that time comes,i’ll be cheering 4 u like mad…hehe^^ may the lord be with u n will always bless u…sarangheyo,i love ya!!! mwahh…

  315. 315 : Love Says:

    Hi Dennis oh,
    How are you?I Love you.God bless you.

  316. 316 : wah Says:

    hello Dennis,
    How are you?

  317. 317 : say Says:

    Hi Dennis,
    God bless you.

  318. 318 : suzanpaul Says:

    Hi hi hi ….
    how are you
    God bless you.

  319. 319 : machawsu Says:

    how are you?

  320. 320 : snow white Says:

    Hi Dennis,
    you are geantle man,bless you.

  321. 321 : nardar Says:

    How are you?God bless you.

  322. 322 : JONE Says:

    God bless you.

  323. 323 : kyaw Says:


  324. 324 : aries Says:

    hi guys, I do like your acting in sweet spy, you looked like a gentle people, but I’m disappointed with the bad ending of you, are you alive or die in that movie. I hope you will performe a new one in the next time, would you please present the second sweet spy???

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    i really likes dennis oh as a actor(.,)
    your eyes is beatiful..yap and yes+
    i hope you do the next apperance in drama

  326. 326 : rifqiamir Says:

    good luck dennis oh (”_)

  327. 327 : irayz Says:

    nothing to say but oh my gudness!!!!!!!!!!you’re really,really,really,really,really handsome guy.and i reallyyyyyyyy admire you….

  328. 328 : irayz Says:

    i see your movie disember last year.

  329. 329 : aeda Says:

    hey you mr dennis!wats happens to ur face!cuteeeeeeeeeeee n make me wanna kiss ur cheeks!juz kidding dude…

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    you are so sweet,,,,,,,,,,,Love you.

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    hello Dennis oh,
    I’m alrady to watch 2 movie,sweety spy and witch amusemet,but i like sweety spy action more,anyway i like you.I’m waiting for next movie,,,,,,,,,,,love you my brother.

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    hi hi hi……
    you have a good action.we wait next ..next .. movie

  335. 335 : rose Says:


    i like u so muchhhhhhhh

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    you are so sweet…i like you.i’m waiting for next series…..

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    Dennis Oh is “Oh so Fine!” I can’t believe this Korean-American slipped right through us Asian-Americans! LOL. We look forward to seeing so much more! Dennis Oh is the BEST EYE CANDY we’ve seen since “Kwon Sang Woo!” So YUMMY-LICIOUS!!! I LOVE YOU LONG TIME!

  339. 339 : kaye Says:

    hi DENNIS OH!

    I just finished watching y0u’re K0rean0vela “Sweet Spy”. I 0nly have this t0 say, y0u R0CK! I am h0ping that there w0uld be a part tw0. G0d bless with all y0ur endeav0rs in life.

    y0ur avid fan,
    Kaye =0)

  340. 340 : Mohe Says:

    Kamu harus selalu muncul di tv drama, biar kami para penggemar kamu bisa melepas rindu..kalo boleh, aku minta email kamu yah.. terima kasih GBU

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    Hi Dennis oh.
    we are already to watch 2 searies…you are a good action…we are waiting for next movie.good luck and we all love you.

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    anyway, i like to watch “sweet spy” so much!!! ;0)

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    heYA!!. how r U? hop Ur doin’ fYN, nwe i’m a big fan of ur…. chaR!!!
    hop U unDERstand What chuchubLABla i’m sayIng here!!.
    nwez again,… t’c..
    GTG.. bye!!
    hoP u’l have a gOOD movIE soon!!..

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    you were my everything,ok?.that’s enough.

  349. 349 : Belle Says:

    OMG!u can’t just make me cry like that and let the ending be just…just…just THAT! dennis,did Han Yoo Ill died? was it that porcupine guy who called or was it him? how about soon-ae? they can’t just leave her like that? most importantly u can’t leave me curious like this?!
    oh please tell me,there’s gonna be sweet spy 2 and that u and the others are still gonna play the same characters.pretty please:)

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    hi, dennis!
    i love u and Nam Sang Mi. You and Nam Sang Mi look great together,good luck both of you.I’m just wanna to know did you have Sweety SPY part 2 or not? So when will sweet spy 2 come out?But I’m still waiting next part 2.I LOVE both of you. You like a best couple in the world.

    Ok take care and good luck…..
    From, Azira ( Malaysia )

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  352. 352 : AMIRA Says:


    first time i saw u in sweet spy and i really like the drama. i think u and nam sang mi can be a best actor and actress.

    i like both of u. i still waiting another drama from you. but i prefer to sweet spy 2.

    okey, good luck to u.

    Amira (Masjid Tanah, Melaka, Malaysia)

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    i think im fall in love with you…. ooohhh dennis oh…. hehehe…. gud luck….;)

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    dennis oh is my sis ex-lover..hu8

    is this for real???

  357. 357 : suryani Says:

    (Iban) Aku sayau ke nuan.
    (Kenyah) Akik uva’ iku’
    (Kayan) Akui nyalam ika’
    (Bidayuh) Aku nyalau amu
    (Dusun) Muhang oku dia
    (Malay) Saya cinta kamu
    (CZECH) MiiLUJii TE
    (iiTALIAN) Tii AMO
    (GERMAN) iiSH LiiBE DiiSH
    (HAWAiiAN) ALOHA WAU iiA Oii
    (LiiTHUiiANiiAN) TAV MYLiiU
    (BOSNiiAN) VOLiiM TE
    (FiiLiiPiiNO) MAHAL KiiTA


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    You’re acting in witch amusement is really awesome but when i’ve watched the sweet spy you’re so amusing in this series. I love the way you act and you’re so cute and sexy.

    This (sweet spy) is one of a great job you made. Congratulations!!!

    I’ve just waited the next episode/continuation of this sweet spy 2. I really hope so…..

    Again, have nice and more series to come……….

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  362. 362 : blueberry Says:

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  363. 363 : Wanda Says:

    Hi Dennis,
    I am your fan in Jonesboro, Ga, USA
    You are so handsome and classy. You did excellent job in sweet spy.
    You and NSM are so cute. Be strong, wishing you always succesful.

  364. 364 : solongo Says:


  365. 365 : Louisse Says:

    Oh…you’re so handsome!!!! I wanna hug you..kiss you… mwah!!!

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    he sure is handsome! and has that “lady-killer plus breathtakingly” smile 😀 keep it up. HAHAHAH~ im waiting for ur new series :D~ be a lead one ok :D~

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    can say anything…are you 4 real?

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    hensome guys..sweet eyes contact

  369. 369 : prissy® Says:


    can’t say much…. but, P-E-R-F-E-C-T!!!

    looking forward to your next project.

    good luck

  370. 370 : honey Says:

    U really look gorgeous hope to see u on your other movies or films. Wishing u the best and success always.

    Brunei Darussalam.

  371. 371 : putera Says:

    hey dennis..

    hmm..do add me at msn [email protected] when free k..

    luv watchin ur acting in witch yoo hee..

    thx..”johnny” haha

  372. 372 : Haf Haf Says:

    Hi dennis. i had watch swett spy recently. i like so much when you call KUALA

  373. 373 : sweet smile Says:

    dear dennis

    i love you in sweet spy.i keep watching the drama everyday even still crying during last episode.really hope there will be sweet spy 2 and you will be in it.i reaaaaaally love the tango song and it become my ringtone.

    keep up your good work.i see your good performance in witch amusement.but i like sweet spy more.

    you have the complete package.i know you’ll be succeed.take care because i care

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    Dennis………..Where are you now?I very like “Sweetyt spy”series.i have not seen the boy who more handsome than you.You are most handsome boy in the world for me………
    I wish you are more happy in 2008 than 2007………
    BYE BYE ………………

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    hey, dennis, i really like “SWEETY SPY”. I think u r most handsome boy for me. i haven’t seen the boy who more handsome than you. i think u will be happly in 2008 than 2007, merry X’mas. i love u in the sweety spy.byebye!!!!!!!!!

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    He starred in Witch Yoo Hee as Johnny Kruger. can go check it out ^^

  377. 377 : sharzoda Says:


  378. 378 : flower Says:

    Hi,Happy new year.

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    Does anyone know when will there be Sweet Spy II ? It has been 2 years since sweet spy I released. Also does anyone know how to contact (email) Dennis Oneil? What is he up to now aday? I dont see him anywhere except sweet spy and witch yoo hee/ hmm…how sad.!

  380. 380 : hana_alish Says:

    convinient persson

  381. 381 : Baby Says:

    Hello…Dennis you are so handsome….!!!!!I LOVE YOU acting in sweet spy…..!!!!it so cool and nice to see you in this drama….i hope there will see you new drama or film….ok bye…sarangheyeo……!!!!!!!! from Baby..

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    anyone know what else is dennis’ other drama beside witch yoo hee and sweet spy?…anyhow, i just wish that nam sang mi could co-star again with him in another drama..they look sweet together..

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    i like you so

    bye bye….

  386. 386 : aynur Says:

    I didn’t know we were born the same day.Now I understand why I liked him.We must have very things in common.

  387. 387 : denise Says:

    Hi Dennis, hope to see you act again. You are great in sweet spy and witch yoo hee. I’ve just saw your interview and photo shoot for Class on youtube, you look so great like in sweet spy! Keep it up! Your Singapore fan 🙂

  388. 388 : denise Says:

    will love to see Dennis come to Singapore for photo shoot too! do you hv fan club in Singapore?

  389. 389 : sc961387 Says:

    wat u have a us citizen i thought u were born in korea tats y u speak korean rite then tat means who taught u how to speak it and how did u become a korean star maybe it was because u looked like Daniel Henny i bet

  390. 390 : Angie L Says:

    Dennis Oh-ohh…

    Very addictive face even just for a glance.. with sparkling eyes esp when you smile…

  391. 391 : aaron Says:

    u have great body structure.that will help attract to girls.

  392. 392 : auwel Says:


    my birthday is Aug 29,1982.
    i’m glad to see you.

  393. 393 : fairlady Says:

    not bad…
    good looking…
    nice body structure…

  394. 394 : tim_85 Says:


    Dennis is the handsome guy and i really like him in Sweet Spy. But i cannot see him anymore in this drama cause i have back to my u. hoppely he can appear in other drama. He have sweet smile and i wish him gud luck.

  395. 395 : NGE Says:

    U r so sweet..!
    I like u so muchhhhhhh……
    I’m hope ur next series…….!
    I like u in the serie of sweety spy.

  396. 396 : littlemouse92 Says:

    i hope one day iam become ur rivel
    we will meet at hollywood
    sure in that time u dont be go away
    see u again
    like ur adsent
    ur attractive but ur not good actor
    u cannot stay like harmony
    some rivel

  397. 397 : shwe htaik Says:

    try the best

  398. 398 : shwe htaik Says:

    ru afraid me
    arr harr

  399. 399 : shwe htaik Says:

    u can add to me [email protected]
    if u cannot afraid me
    har har har
    war war war

  400. 400 : Grace Says:

    Hey Den I don’t know what to say to you actually because you are not going to read these comments any way, but I would like to tell you that have a rest sometimes – money is not as important as your health okey love?!

    Take care my boo
    Mwah x x x

  401. 401 : Emelyi dianne Says:

    Dear Dennis,

    hi. i really love your character in the drama ~sweet spy~. i know you try your best to speak korean language. I`m also like this stories but the ending of this story are not good. i dont know what happened of the han yoo ill? is it he still live or what? i think the director should make the sweet spy 2. but i enjoy this stories…………..

    Thank u,

  402. 402 : ernie ngo Says:

    dear Dennis

    what happened to han yoo ill?he’s dead or still alive?who call the li shun ai??i think the director should make sweet spy 2.f he died how about the document,it still with li shun ai coz watch’s that micro chip of the pen.

    could you give msn address or add to me.so i could chat with directly.when is your next drama??your character in drama witch yoo hee was no attractive but in sweet spy make u popular.

    In brunei,the korean drama was lately introduce.eventhough sweet spy was release first then witch yoo hee.people like u becoz u character in sweet spy.

    i hope i will see you again in next drama.

  403. 403 : BaBy Says:

    hello dennis i like to watch u acting in witch yoo hee but why u hair was too long it’s not verry good but i still love u…….please reply my message………..bye…

  404. 404 : siti khairina Says:

    I Love Dennis Oh. he’s very handsome especially in the drama of sweet spy. I hope there will be sweet spy 2. You can speak english very fluently. is that your mother tongue? i hope you know that i like u so much.

  405. 405 : siti khairina Says:

    Oh, sorry…..I hope you reply my message. Please……….I beg you. I need to know who you are. Please……this is very important for me. i’m Malaysian.
    i hope you can go to Malaysia and meet me. I hope you really fall in love with Lee Soon Ae. I’m just kidding. Don’t take it seriously…i still remember your dialogue in sweet spy….”From now on, you ang i are lovers.” I really love that dialogue. Please reply my message…I beg you. thank u..

  406. 406 : selina Says:

    hello.. i very like your acting.. i hope we can meet if God let us to meet

  407. 407 : akisah Says:

    hi!! dennis!!
    i just want u 2 know how much
    I LUV YOU..
    ur so handsome..
    god bless and good luck to your career..

  408. 408 : syera Says:


  409. 409 : aifa syameer 92 Says:

    you are very handsome!!!!!!!i feell lucky coz know you!thankssss!

  410. 410 : selina Says:

    shallom.. hi dennis.. you dont look korean face.. hehe.. i like to share that my face same with yo hee, so do u like me? hehe. just kidding.. send my shallom to jae he, yo hee and won bin

  411. 411 : nandar Says:

    Are u single or married.
    Are u Korean citizen
    You are father is American citizen! Really
    Lucky day

  412. 412 : baby86 Says:

    wow….what a cool action…

  413. 413 : fira88 Says:

    hehheheee…like ypur face very much.,….will YOU be MINE?????? hehehehhe

  414. 414 : yayu O`neil spears Says:

    i think he look like Brandon Routh in SUPERMAN RETURN….
    but…he is my Superman from the deep of my heart.

  415. 415 : tk Says:

    you`re handsome..
    come to malaysia

  416. 416 : PORCH Says:

    I think u r a very bad person and a very arrrogant person.. I dont like you.. would you reply my message??? please, I really want to know more about you.. Never mind if you ignore me.. Would you be one of my friend.. -One of your fan in Malaysia-

  417. 417 : zm Says:


    ur always no.1

  418. 418 : zm Says:

    u are the most attractive i have ever met

  419. 419 : Lynn Says:

    You look so good in Sweet Spy, Dennis. Hope there will be Sweet Spy 2. I watched a video clip of you and Han Ga In in one movie. Please let me know what is the name of that movie. It seemed very emotional at the end. Is that your new drama? Thanks

  420. 420 : Lynn Says:

    I am still guessing about the end in Sweet Spy. I think the document from the micro chip of the pen is in Li Shun Ai’s watch right? Han Yoo Il did hide the chip in the watch b/c he told Li Shun Ai to wear it all the time and his heart was in there. Humm… I wish there will be Sweet Spy 2 in the near future. I really like your smile and your role in the movie, Dennis.

  421. 421 : azeema Says:


  422. 422 : rosalyn boss Says:

    I think people are nuts!! about Dennis Oh. He’s an actor people. Think about you, are you beautyful, actractive? and CHANCE. He doesn’t have time to read all these messages. I think He is a very very HOT! bond, He’s can’t be touchable. And I’m an asian US. citizen, beautyful, and actractive, business own, but still can’t have a chance to chat with him. Let keep him alive in your hearts forever, and support His movies in the future so we can see Him more. Thinking of you always!

  423. 423 : Htet Lin Soe Says:

    It is Htet Lin soe

  424. 424 : patmah Says:

    u are so handsome…Johnny Crooger aka Dennis Oh in Yu hee the witch korean drama…

  425. 425 : karen Says:

    ,wow… u are absolutely handsome!!! (NO DOUBT!) i want to see you in personal!

  426. 426 : karen Says:

    i love you!!!!! u are absolutely handsome!!!!

  427. 427 : ZIRA... Says:


  428. 428 : kookie Says:

    hi….how r u. i like u s u r. but y u look like a little fat in yoo hee the witch.

  429. 429 : kookie Says:

    hi….how r u. i like u s u r. but y u look like a little fat in yoo hee the witch. what ever i like u as u are. i never saw man is like u. u looked like doll. so henchem n smart.

  430. 430 : gem Says:

    hai……………………………..are u married?u are so handsome

  431. 431 : gem Says:

    hey.come to malaysia my spy

  432. 432 : annie moua Says:

    Oh SNAPS! i’d love to meet you one day. it would be like
    the best day ever! >.O
    i have never seen another person like you

  433. 433 : citi Says:

    Totally swoon-worthy!!! There should really be a Sweet Spy 2 with him & NSM in the lead roles again. Although his acting in Sweet Spy was terrible, he has since improved tremendously as seen in witch yoo hee. So hopefully there will be Sweet Spy 2…

  434. 434 : Lorine Says:

    Hope there will be a Sweet Spy II. You’re awesomely handsome.

  435. 435 : pinka Says:

    Hi ! Dennis

  436. 436 : zarah padua Says:

    im a filipino fan of dennis oh..though not any of his 2 drama are aired here in the philippines, my grandmother likes collecting korean drama so when i first watch witch i really fell in love with him then i started asking my grandma if dennis has other drama series then i borrowed the cute spy and thats the time i really wanting him and almost evertime i i go online, i always research infos bout him..i always dream that someday i can do modeling in korea so i can meet him because as of now im a current model here in the philippines..hope someday to see and meet him..haist!!!

  437. 437 : mwd Says:

    hi dennis- love ur acting in the “sweet spy”,it was fabs! -keep watching it over and over, well, most of the nights actually :p – dont know whether i’m addicted to it or not, but it become my stimulant to keep me awake during the late night to study.it’s far effective than the caffeine u know. u should have a try. ahahaha. okay, all the best to you, in your carrier. SAYA SUKA AWAK !

  438. 438 : tiramisu Says:

    Hi, Dennis! I just wanna say I love your character in Yu Hee the witch….All the soundtracks in that drama are so please….Can u really cook? Me too but only cook the rice la…….Anyway gud luck in everything u do…keh?I hope I can see u for someday..ciau

  439. 439 : Seng Says:

    Hi ! Dennis I’m the who watch your movie Sweet Spy. I can tell you that your great and I’m looking forward to see Sweet Spy 2 even though I’m in Laos

  440. 440 : ttttttttttt Says:


  441. 441 : miet Says:

    hii…mr.america! u a so handsome in yu hee da wizth..luz u.n i hope u can go malaysia..we luv yr drama..n dont forget cook 4 me.heheee.

  442. 442 : jasmin Says:

    Really you’re amazing. Kept watching yr drama till I feel you too much.. am I crazy? I think I am. Stay blessed

  443. 443 : paiaye Says:

    You’re very awesome.

  444. 444 : paiaye Says:

    U are very awesome.

  445. 445 : Jo Says:

    i know u’ll never read this Dennis, and u’ll never reply my mess but mayb thats d reason y i wrote dis . i’ve been study and working hard for d last 10years in australia to get where i am today, sucecessful n independent. i know n b friends wit lots of wealthy smart guys and have connection wits lots of asian viet singer coz i run a beauty business so..i’m not a day dream girl …normally. but i dun know why i really into u . i understand u jus play ur character ,..so u can b different in real life but i really hope i can b ur friend somehow….hihi u jus 2 years older than me so its best to b friend yeah!!!
    ur smile lighten up my stress work, making my day so much easier.
    i wish u all d best dennis. ^.^

  446. 446 : newbiefan Says:

    i wouldnt finished watching witch-yoo-hee if not for him…
    ur the reason why i stayed glued watching it…
    my next agenda is … Sweet Spy

  447. 447 : karen Says:

    i love your acting so much. i hope i will see you one day. i love you sweet spy movie. so i want to say keep trying on your way.
    i will see you movie. i though you good in english very well.

  448. 448 : not a fan o_0 Says:

    oh, dennis oh…
    hi..just stop by to say….your acting not really challenging for me to see it..just a pretty face..you quite more to show that you are a gentle..the character is soooo boring…the drama also boring….overall just boring me…hu3..no offense…there is nothing special…interesting..even humor about this drama…i think they love this drama just because of you…control macho…mostly the character that you act are consistent…you know always be a macho man…gentle…hey c’mon man…is that the best you can do..just a pretty face..i didnt enjoy the drama..dont like it as well…

  449. 449 : not a fan o_0 Says:

    everybody say you can speak english very well,handsome…no wonder you’re mix…so nothing to be thrill about it…

  450. 450 : Toral Says:

    ooh gosh!!! to say honestly i hv never seen such a beautiful and perfect man in the whole world till now!!!

    i can see only him in all my day n night dreams!!!

    i wanna wish him best luck for his future!!!

    go go go!!!

    we are always with you Dennis oppa!!!!

  451. 451 : NARYN..... Says:

    you are very handsome.i am stay in Malaysia .so sweet if i can know u.good luck …..hope will meet u in Korea……,

  452. 452 : stephanie yap Says:

    Hey Dennis,
    This is Stephanie. Wow I’m really intrigued by your hobby of photography cuz’ i do photography myself:) May i ask what kind of lenses do you normally shoot with? I’m into macro and wide-lensed shots:) I love fine arts very much and am a musician and a composer with a day-job that’s as different from my passion as night and day:) Love arts, love french, love you.

    Love, Me

  453. 453 : min khant Says:

    How do you do?

  454. 454 : min khant Says:

    how do you do

  455. 455 : min khant Says:

    i love you

  456. 456 : stella-berkeley Says:

    wake up, ladies! You guys should pursue someting reachable. he is too unobtainable.
    he is just a male human with a good face and body. good looking people are not always nice people. If you have a chance to know him well, you might be disappointed to discover his shortcomings. love based on appearance is superficial. Only a man with a heart of gold deserves my love.

  457. 457 : fionn Says:

    you are too hot to be mine…..hahahahhhah

  458. 458 : Ain Says:

    hope u success owez.

  459. 459 : Ain Says:

    hope u owez success n ur life

  460. 460 : belinda Says:

    hi!!!! Ur cuter than daniel henney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  461. 461 : belinda Says:

    but daniel’s got sexier appeal..weeeeeeeeeeeee

  462. 462 : EXA-2020 Says:

    your face is not like the other korean actor….
    i like watch u in the yuhee the witch. u just like the ‘macho’ man in that
    your height is very tall righ???? 183cm… OH MY GODNESS!!!
    by the way.. i wish u to do better in your carier….

  463. 463 : emma Says:

    hi there.. i luv de way u actin sweet spy…dennis oh.. sweet name… daa…

  464. 464 : emma Says:


    can u really speak japanese???

  465. 465 : wee Says:

    hei… dennis… ur the da best!

  466. 466 : fauzi Says:

    hello.sorry ………i’am late …i hope i can watch your drama(sweet spy)

  467. 467 : MARIANNE Says:


  468. 468 : MARIANNE Says:


  469. 469 : INGRID Says:

    Hi, Dennis Oh the handsome guy, always success for your carrier and Could you please show to me your drawing???

  470. 470 : INGRID Says:

    Hi, Dennis Oh the handsome guy, always success for your carrier and Could you please show to me your drawing??? God bless you.

  471. 471 : sarra Says:

    may god always bless u..good luck in everything that u do…

  472. 472 : lihongfang Says:

    hi! dennis oh
    “awesome” is the word i wanna say when watching your film.you acted very well in “sweet spy”.it’s cool,guys.i like to see your smile.hope u to be sucessful in everything u wanna do.love u! your fan from VIET NAM.

  473. 473 : dianne Says:

    i want you to be my chatmateand if you want also this is my e-mail address [email protected]

  474. 474 : zlek Says:

    The sweet spy 2 ?
    From Zlek Thailand

  475. 475 : lihongfang Says:

    i really wanna be your chatmate cos i want to improve my english.could you hep me??? if you have free time ,please send email to me.my email address : [email protected]
    i’m from VIET NAM.hoping someday u’ll visit my country.best wishes to u.>.

  476. 476 : Hee Ju Says:

    oo so hot ^^”

  477. 477 : sunshine Says:

    sooo….. cute

  478. 478 : Onuma.kumi Says:

    Sawasdeeka. (Hello in English)
    I’m one of your fan Club so I do happy if i can talk with you,right? I don’t know how can i explain to you. How much i really like your drama. Anyway hope to see your film or drama again. Do the best. I will always support you. Hope to see your wonderful smile. Take Care and have a good day.
    Good Bye.

  479. 479 : aidah Says:

    hi…how are u dennis….hope u happy with your career…i really like your smile,so sweet and cute…something myterious in your smile.i like your drama in sweet spy…hope to see u in another drama. wish u good luck and smile always.

  480. 480 : cutiebabe Says:

    hii, dennis

    u look cool and smart i like yr movie ie witch yoo hee.I You have always say thanks to God Because your handsome

  481. 481 : hoahoa Says:

    you are very handsome.i like.good luck to you and hope will meet you in vietnam.

  482. 482 : nisayana Says:

    hi dennis oh…oh….ohhh…
    u r sooooo handsome
    so sweet when u smile..
    so hot n charming…
    send me ur cutest picture..

  483. 483 : ZIRa & aDa MALAYSIA Says:

    i like to wtch you in the drama YUHEE THE WITCH.. JOHNY..
    don`t do mistake again!!

  484. 484 : Gwen Stefani Says:

    Hi Dennis,

    Hope u visit brunei darussalam.you so cute and handsome….see you…i like ur style….i want you to be my chatfriends…my email [email protected] or [email protected]

  485. 485 : Kumi Says:

    Dennis…. I miss you.

  486. 486 : kim Says:

    well,you are one of the that most handsome man i have ever seen.

  487. 487 : B i L s Says:

    Haha I guess I’m not the only one from Brunei that would love it for Dennis to visit 😛 But damn yes, I would make it first and last in line to see him 🙂

  488. 488 : Naomi Says:

    Dennnn……… I… shiver even wen looking at ur pictures… wen will u come and do ur bid as the Knight in the Shinning armour saving me,the Princess( i know u’re the Prince who will save me from the dangerous dragon)…

  489. 489 : esti.....indonesia Says:

    u r so cute n handsome guy…well, i’ve a dream to meet u sumtimes…aminn,,,,success for u…

  490. 490 : chee Says:

    OMG! your one of the hottest guys i’ve seen on TV hehe :]
    I hope you get more leading roles later on in the future.
    I also hope to see you cast in a drama with Lee Da Hae. i think you and LDH will make a cute tv couple.

  491. 491 : mee mee Says:

    i like spy

  492. 492 : marites gerona Says:

    dennis oh, oh my gosh u r so very very gorgeous…………whoever u end up with in the future is truly so lucky to have u! and me? in my dreams…love u in witch yo hee. i always dream of dating a cute chef since i luv to cook too. u just brought to life my dream chef! he he

  493. 493 : Katy Says:

    Hi !!! I will always support you.

  494. 494 : Kumi Says:

    Hi dennis…
    I miss u. Do the best… I will always support you…

  495. 495 : thinzar Says:

    I wanted to your friend

  496. 496 : nhix Says:

    ur very cute and i like ur style!!! i love it… hope to see yah in person… if its possible to happen.. hehehe…

  497. 497 : manda Says:

    hi Dennis, saw u acting in Sweet Spy.. How cool!! Good acting 😉 Good voice.. Good figure lol..

    Just wondering if Han Yoo- Il died at the end.. because it seems like he didnt!! hope so 🙂

    hope to see u in other drama series as leading role.. 🙂

    Best wishes!! ^ ^

    Manda 😉

  498. 498 : Miku Says:

    Could i see sweet spy 2???? Miss uuuu so muchhhh.

  499. 499 : Miku Says:

    Could i see sweet spy 2? Miss u so much.

  500. 500 : aida Says:

    hi, dennis!!

  501. 501 : d0t Says:

    yeah right..


  502. 502 : dovejewel101 Says:

    dennis oh is also on Witch Amusement or Witch Yoo Hee

  503. 503 : lee mi nam Says:


    is this dennis oh?!! f*ck! He’s damn cute!

  504. 504 : koala0123 Says:

    oh, anh Dennis đẹp trai quá, lại còn romantic nữa chứ

  505. 505 : Vikayuki Says:

    Helow Dennis Oh..

    Well,i don’t know what to comment even its not..I just wanna know that are you really knows about the pen??Cause now im doing my job in Brunei..I mean,im still a student who learn in ICDL test – Module 1 till Module 7..Actually the ‘pen’ that i saw in Sweety spy attracts me more..

    Ok thank you..

    Dont be hesitate to email me..

  506. 506 : layla Says:

    Hy Dennis, Sweet Spy was one hell of fantabulous story, poignant, it really touched d very core of my heart.I wish there will b a sequeal, erm very unlikely uh*sob*n yeah i should say..u re a heartthrob 2 hire, a man 2 die for*lolz*i would b on top of d world f i get 2 hear from u..too good 2b true huh*sob sob*all d best dennis*mwahhhs

  507. 507 : mj Says:

    fuckin’ shit he’s my husband who post this without my permission huh?haha

  508. 508 : AOI Says:


  509. 509 : Sui Awi Says:

    In Myanmar too, your photos and films are very much we want to see.



  510. 510 : jenny c.c. Mei Says:

    hai…dennis…long time didn’t watch your movie……….i like watch your drama “Sweet Spy”…in that movie you really get the stail……

  511. 511 : Mey Says:

    Heya Mr. Dennis Oh..

    I have never thought that it would have such a handsome guy like you on Korean film. I’m fallen in love with you at the sight since I saw your drama “Witch, Yoo Hee”.. I will be your fan and support for your performance.

    kiss kiss.. from Thailand (Land of Smile)

  512. 512 : Norike Says:

    Mr. Dennis…anyong ahsayo…Lets meet up in US… :D….I am so in love with you…because you are born in 1981…Be my boyfriend please…:P

  513. 513 : Norike Says:

    Name: Keke
    Full Name: Rike Suyoto Bong
    Date of birth: Dec 22, 1985
    Citizenship: Indonesia
    Height: 165
    Weight: 49kg
    Profession: full time student in Calstate Fullerton, CA
    Family: Chinese MOM, Indonesia Dad, Older Bro and Sis…
    Education: B.S of Child and adolescene development, RN
    Interest: drawing, travelling, relaxing, watching movies
    Awards: Runner up for running 3.8Km, Cheerleader Captain, Badminton winner, Second for Girl Basketball team and a lot more…I guess I am betta!!hohohohoho…
    PS: I am pretty too…LOL…Be my huney, Mr. Dennis!:P

  514. 514 : apple Says:

    you are very good.The character of spy is good looking with u

  515. 515 : love Says:


  516. 516 : syikin Says:

    I falling in love with u Dennis…..

  517. 517 : lek Says:

    i like you in sweet spy and you look like spy that i love you

  518. 518 : hnin Says:


  519. 519 : jangerr Says:

    Dennis rocks!!!

  520. 520 : unkown Says:

    koolo..hes hott!but yea…i dont lah him but i think hes a good guy!(i dont judge him by his look)..n hes great @ acting th….a fan of his but dont speak out so much….hope 2 learn mor bout him…so luckky hes hott!!hehe…rock on like always!dude!!!hehe!lol! (^w

  521. 521 : stellar Says:

    Dennis, oh, Dennis!

  522. 522 : Miku Says:

    Hi Dennis…
    I really miss you….
    Could you come in my place???
    Hope to see you soon…..

  523. 523 : nina Says:

    OMGSH i LOVE you!!!!!!!
    ESPECAILLY in Sweey Spy. [:
    keep intouch on myspace! [:

  524. 524 : debbie Says:

    ur my ideal man!!! [email protected]

  525. 525 : saung Says:

    I like sweet spy movie.your action was good in this movie.i like your style.

  526. 526 : shylone Says:

    hey denis when are you gonna make a new movie…ive seen most of your movies…and what can i say your good actor also…being a secret agent is a suitable character to you…..looking forward to your new coming movies of yours!!!!!!!!!



  527. 527 : anonymous Says:

    duude..ur acting sux to the max..no offense but other than ur good looks,ur practically worthless.u really cant act.i hope by now SOMEONE has mentioned that to u.stick 2 ur modelling N PLEASE STOP ACTING.give the part to someone who can ACT.

  528. 528 : ayelay Says:

    i’m in myanmar. i want to make your friend. u are so cute.

  529. 529 : honey Says:

    you are so cute……you are smile is very very pretty……
    Please always smile………..you are smile can stop the world…………is it right?
    please teach me english speaking………..ok.
    now can u speak korea speaking?

    ok ok i love you so much……………

  530. 530 : Weng Says:

    Hello Dennis,


    I really admire you. I just saw your movie the “Sweet Spy” and you are so gorgeous and that role really fits on you. You are so hot…but you also look that you are a kind man. I hope I’m not wrong. This is my first time sending a comment in a site like this.

    I like your smile…you are really sweet spy.

    Keep up the good work and God Bless!


  531. 531 : alia Says:

    i very love u dennis….i m so admire on u….u r so cute…however i always supporting u…i love ur dramas…

  532. 532 : Irene Utayde Says:

    Oh my God! You so handsome dear! Ive never imagined that there such a super handsome korean actors like you! Oh my, i really have a crush on you, your a man to die for! its my first time to watch your korean teledrama in Witch Yoo-hee and your really great, i was amazed on you. In real life, do you really love to cook?

  533. 533 : Irene Utayde Says:

    im looking forward to watch all your movies, and i hope you can make more great movies. your really handsome, Sarangheo dennis!

  534. 534 : sha na na Says:

    hai dennis!!! really love u

    u r so handsome and cute too!!!!!
    especially ur smile..
    it’s killing me!!!!
    really wanna see u

  535. 535 : sha na na Says:

    hai dennis!!!

    really like your acting!
    hope 2 see u!!

  536. 536 : vivi Says:

    i love him even i dont see any of his films just his photo session say to him that vivi love u and one day she will see you and u will love her

  537. 537 : vivi Says:

    i love u joseph(i like 2 call u joseph) andbelive me when i say that i will take u the best photo session by the way i am from iran and all my family and my country love u
    my kissses to you honey

  538. 538 : beauty spy Says:

    dennis, i love u at sweet spy…
    u have good act. when u must change express your face quickly, u look so natural. and i have been watch sweet spy 5 times!!

    call me to be yous assistan. hehehe

  539. 539 : roses Says:

    you have the lovely smile.smile always

  540. 540 : roses Says:

    i very admire you after i watching sweet spy.you very talented person.

  541. 541 : Mai lee Vue Says:

    hey therre wat r you doing at the moment
    well i
    recon that you are

  542. 542 : rochel Says:

    hello your so cute ilove u pls ad me at [email protected]

  543. 543 : karezdana Says:

    U can add him at friendster.. his new fan profile.. [email protected]

  544. 544 : johny Says:

    hi…………….ur so cute dennis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  545. 545 : aquamarine Says:

    GOD Bless U because I like u , hahaha….

  546. 546 : cherrie cueno Says:

    hello sweet spy..i think im fallen in love with you after i finished seeing your movie..i really love you the way you care and smile..i cant resist your charm..i love you

  547. 547 : cherrie cueno Says:

    hello sweet spy..i love yooooouuu…i can’t resist your charm espesially when you are smiling…

  548. 548 : alyka Says:

    Hello Mr. Dennis!your very very cute!when i see you smiling …my heart is like melting …I love you

  549. 549 : donna thea Says:

    hi dennis oh… i really really like you….i like your smile…

  550. 550 : rochel Says:

    hello my name is rochel from philippines chat with me at [email protected]. i wait for ur mail tnx alot i really admire u a lot pls. chat with me dennis oh i love u im ur no. 1 fan

  551. 551 : marie Says:


  552. 552 : mayra Says:

    happy birthday, Joyeux anniversaire ,كل عام و أنت بخير . mayra from Algeria.

  553. 553 : honey Says:


  554. 554 : Quinn Says:

    hey guys! annyong hashimnikka!

    can you guys help me get over 4000 comments under Song Hye Gyo’s name? if you dont know her….or havent heard of her then thats fine
    just so long as you leave a msg…anything

    just look for her name on side list!….i would really appreciate it….and you will be blessed with goodluck!


  555. 555 : mace Says:

    i’ve just watch your sweet spy ang witch amusement
    and your so cute OMG….
    hope you have more series in the future

  556. 556 : tanya Says:

    I’ve just finished watching sweet spy.OMG you’re so cute! I really hope that you can have many more projects to come!

    hope to see more of you!

  557. 557 : joanne Says:

    i love you dennis!!^^

  558. 558 : Uthe Says:

    Deniss when we meat again…….
    I hope you Always come in My Beutiful Dreaming….
    Loveee Youuu Much….
    I Always Love Korea Aktor…


  559. 559 : Blue2607 Says:

    Hi Dennis Oh,
    My auntie really like you and so do i. You really are handsome in Witch Amusement. I want to watch East of Eden and Sweet Spy. i wish you could acted in lots of drama.God Bless!

  560. 560 : shuichitsumabuki Says:

    dennis… how come you are… the handsome guys… seem like a prince in my heart… by the way, good luck for your career… i will pray for you… may god bless you….

  561. 561 : shiela Says:

    i am just wondering..if any of the stars here would actually take time to read this comments?…oh well! just watched sweet spy..DENNIS OH is soo…gorgeous in that drama….what i like about his profile is the fact that his mix breed…^_* the strong appeal of masculinity of a western guy and and the oh so soft gentleness from his asian feature…DAMN HIS ONE HELL OF A HUNK! well good luck in your carreer!!

  562. 562 : princez Says:

    how i wish, i really want to see you in person..^_^- haha..

    i’m really watching the sweet spy in GMA station here in Philippines!!
    well good luck to your career….^.^

  563. 563 : kyi Says:

    I love you.I like your TV series.

  564. 564 : karen Says:

    hi well i am doing it for first time but i really want to say at you that you are a very lovely person my best wishes for you fighting bye

  565. 565 : Laarni frofunga.. Says:

    ..^^hello dennis oh..
    You know i really really like your tv series ‘sw8 spy..
    you look so lovely and I wish to see you in person..
    more power and may God bless you!!

  566. 566 : ieda Says:

    there is sweet spy part 2 in future, it is true?
    i’ll aweyz waitting 4 that…zzzzzzzzzzz

  567. 567 : ieda Says:

    plz reply me…
    [email protected]

  568. 568 : laika Says:

    I Love you dennis! you are so handsome. If you are the spy I’m your assistant like this movie..
    God Bless..

  569. 569 : marjorie Says:

    hi there!!

    I just want to appear my comment to mr.dennis oh!

    dennis oh is very gorgeous and i think he is a man in a million right?!

    ur really blessed by god!!

    its impossible to see you and my dream will flow by the wind but i want you to know that whatever kind of life ur having right now…many people love you so much and pray for you! and i am one of them!!!

    love you so much!!!

  570. 570 : ninie Says:

    my name is ninie…
    i am your biggest fans in Malaysia…
    first time i meet you in tv drama series…you are acting in sweet spy drama…i really enjoy your acting..
    so i hope, next time i can see you more in drama series ok???

  571. 571 : caroline Says:

    hi guys! Im from Philippines I do agree with all of you that he is really a good looking guy. Actually I go home early from work just to watch his series here in our country. I dont want to miss a sigle episode of it. I also like his parter in sweet spy she has a simple beauty that you can’t turndown. My day is complete as long as I see them.
    I hope that you’ll have a succesful career dennis. Giood luck and God bless

  572. 572 : ratu Says:

    he is a single or married man??? i really want to know..

  573. 573 : ella,bennet,joy,crizel padua,dedith bellieaza cielo Says:

    hey there dennis your so handsome…we love you here at the philippines hope to see you in person…godbless you always take care alot….

  574. 574 : Mhr0zz Says:

    Hi dennis!! i love y0u..h0pe i can hav an oppurtunity 2 see u in pers0nal..my ph0ne has l0ts of ur pics..i really really luv u..

  575. 575 : Norike Says:

    Dennis, I am guessing you are a hard-headed person. When you think something is right, nobody can prove that thing is wrong. :P…oh, well you are just a typical boy with a lot of pride. 😀

  576. 576 : faye Says:

    do you like to make a sequel for sweet spy? because all your fans here in the philippines wants you and sang-mi together…pleaseeee…we want to know if yoo-il is alive…

  577. 577 : Lee Says:

    hey believe it or not I’ve been watched “Sweety Spy” about 5 times.Spy is dead or not IN THIS DRAMA.Is there “Sweety Spy 2” in future? Please…

  578. 578 : Mrs. Matsumoto Says:

    anyeong hashimnika!!!

    Kumusta? (that’s the Filipino word for ‘How are you?’)

    Oh, Dennis Oh…

    You make me smile so big everytime I watch an episode of Sweet Spy…
    I’ve been so glad that you were part of Witch Amusement…

    God.. you’re so great…

    Hope you can mail me some stuff..

    Thanks a lot!

    God bless and keep those acting stuff going!!

    Trust that I’ll be watching out for them… =)

  579. 579 : cate Says:

    dennih oh!!
    you are so hot!!!
    i loved you in witch yoo hee..
    and i loved you even more in Sweet Spy!!!
    I hope to see you in more dramas…
    or probably in person!!
    i hope ur single.. haha..

  580. 580 : owen Says:

    hi dennis..i wish i could see you in person..i’m from the philippines and i’m one of ur no. 1 fan… for me ur the best among korean actors…ur really good in acting and very handsome… i wish there is really a sweet spy 2 becoz u’r a great spy.. . you did it well..Good luck and more power…mwahhh…

  581. 581 : Alyka Says:

    Hello Mr. cute Dennis Oh!I’m Alyka from Philippines.I’m your number 1 fan!I love all your shows specially the sweet spy!your really really handsome,great actor and sexy!I hope I can see you in personal someday!I hope you can go here in Philippines.I love you!bye!mwahhhhh…

  582. 582 : Alyka Says:

    Please reply me:
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    Thank you!

  583. 583 : Laarni :-) Says:

    :-)hello Dennis!!
    I’m here again! Hows your life?
    ..You know I feel so sad when your tv series sweet spy
    has end..I eally mz you dennis..I love you..!!!

  584. 584 : kill a Says:

    hey dennis….i luv u so much..i’m collect your movie,your picture..you are awesome,tough,cute and veeeeerrryy handsome man….loveeeeeeeee uuuuu…ahhhh!!!miss you!!! please visit my website…
    (www.syaqhasim.blogspot.com) you must visit it..i’m also have email([email protected])owh..pleaseeee..(>.

  585. 585 : hazanaini Says:

    can be my friend?
    add me
    my friendster…[email protected]

  586. 586 : hnin nwe nwe soe Says:

    Are you happy

  587. 587 : hnin nwe nwe soe Says:

    Happy Birthday

  588. 588 : risa Says:

    hi dennis, how are you? i’m one of ur no. 1 fan here in the philippines..i wish i can meet u personally… i really enjoy watching sweet spy…ur good at it… ur really handsome..and a good actor… GOOD LUCK AND MORE POWER…

  589. 589 : BOO Says:


  590. 590 : June Says:

    your very very handsome in your own way love all your actings
    keep up whatever your doing and working on best of lucky and wishes for you…….

  591. 591 : cathyzik Says:

    R u dating with Maggie Q?? beurk!!! she’s not a good woman, only interested on herself!

  592. 592 : Violet Says:

    Hi, is it true what cathyzik said that Dennis is dating Maggie Q?
    Gosh! Hope it’s not true.. dennis is so hansome and maggie is totally not a perfect match for him..

  593. 593 : farzsss Says:

    u are my dream boy…u so smart…. love u very much…..

  594. 594 : jhoan Says:

    one of the hottest acotr in korea!

    your so cool

  595. 595 : christy Says:

    h r u?
    i really like ur movie that u act in sweet spy

    man i love it
    i hope i will see u by my own eyes
    can i see u?
    if u have time u ca mail me
    [email protected]
    i hope u will send me mail
    see u
    take care
    bye bye bye
    love u

  596. 596 : James Says:

    I like you and the spy movie.May god bless you!Good Luck…..

  597. 597 : emma Says:

    hanyouri is handsome n Smart …

  598. 598 : asque Says:

    hello dennis…juz finished watching witch amusement…ur sooo good looking…wish ya da besh for ur career…;P

  599. 599 : Hidayah Says:

    just want to say u r an attractive person..my friend can’t sleep at night bcoz of u..haha..
    i really don’t know what am i suppose to say becoz all of ur fans have wrote it before..my feeling are same like them but i know my dream won’t be come true..
    wish u all the best and always be the happiest person..

  600. 600 : Paula Says:

    Hi. After spend my whole sunday to watch the Witch Amusement, I notice that my bf looks like you. Thanks for bring us such wonderful image, teach me that I have found my life treasure already.

  601. 601 : ma Says:

    I’ve been crazy about u….

  602. 602 : pretty_jo Says:


  603. 603 : Anne Says:

    Hi Dennis! I am one of your fan. I think that yours acting is awsome.Hope this message get to you. Sincerely Anne

  604. 604 : apple_laddy Says:

    Hi..dennis…how are u?..i’m ur fan from malaysia…
    i like ur style but u must improve ur acting to be more perfect….
    but 4 the sametime i like ur character in sweet spy….bcoz it’s also happened to me…n now i feel so empty without his…

    sweet memories 4 u…….apple laddy

  605. 605 : thithikhaing Says:

    how r u?I like you very much.U r my crazy actor.I am Myanmar.I live in Pathein.If u will reach my country, come to my home.My address is No.48
    kalartan street Pathein,Myanmar.Can u give me your email.Pls reply me.

  606. 606 : cat Says:

    hey i really like all about u in sweet spy TV SERIES.i love u so much.i’m from myanmar.u know my country?have fun and great luck

  607. 607 : Hawa Says:

    heya dennis!!god ur so handsome lol love u in sweet spy :o) gudluck wv everytng n wud love c u more on next series o movies rely :o) im hawa frm brunei btw :o) love u dennis cya n hope u gt diz msg bye love ya!!!

  608. 608 : Liezl Says:

    OmGEEEEEEEEEEEE……Danis you are so HOT!!! I’m From HAwaii and we so Love you HERE!!!!_+_I’am such A big Fan!I know i Sound like a loser but ,i’m Sorry I just think your AWSOME!!!!!Please Write Back!!!!TANX!:)

  609. 609 : danna Says:

    hey…i happened to see a clip of your drama “sweet spy” a few days ago…i got interested ‘coz of the title and started watching the series at mysoju.com….i finished the whole series in five days..it was a good drama and i really liked your character…needless to say i’m a medical technology intern here in the philippines :o..my classmates think i’m a bit crazy…i’ve had a couple of sleepless nights just to watch it and always feel sleepy while having my duty at the hospital hehe…sounds funny…now i’m planning to watch “east of eden”…have a nice day and GOD SPEED… 🙂

  610. 610 : danna Says:

    i don’t think you’ll have the time read your fans’ messages but i just wanna let you know that i’ll be supporting you all the way… 🙂 i just hope you’ll get to read this someday…

  611. 611 : cherrylikethu Says:

    I’m a student of myanmar .I like the darama of sweetspy.I want to see with dennis so please your gmail or your email address give me.

  612. 612 : cherrylikethu Says:

    hi dennis!
    I’m your fan.I like you in the drama of sweetspy .I want to see you.So brother dennis do you add my email address .My email address is
    proudvenus .Please u add my email address. Please ……
    I hope u will add my email address .bye
    Your’s small friend

  613. 613 : leanne Says:

    hi Dennis, how are you? good luck for you carrier. May god bless you.

  614. 614 : Maria Utimawa Tominiko Says:

    Hi! from Kiribati.
    I’ve seen your movie sweety spy. You are courageous and genious in that movie. But one thing that I don’t like is the ending of the movie.You are dead and the story of the watch where you downloaded the information to is not known by the Mrs Li. I want and request if you could and your team continue the story of what is the importance of the pen. Besides Mrs Li (Nam Sang Mi) and the Poo (Yoo Sun) and Lee Ju Hyun (the director of Police) how would they found out the information of the pen that Mrs Li is having.
    Overall interesting with unsatisfactory ending, (Maria)

  615. 615 : linh1084 Says:

    Hi Dennis!!!!!!
    I don’t know if u’ll have time to read all these message…I’m from VietNam,living in Usa for 3 yrs,and i fell in love with you in Sweet spy….Although that was ur first series,but u did an awesome job….You and Nam Sang Mi look too cute together……I wish you guy could be able to make another drama again.That’ll be so Cool!!!And people will die to see u guy acting…..We,ur fan, always support u,and keep checking all drama that u play……….
    I love you so much…….

  616. 616 : angelkix Says:

    hi…i am you biggest fan here in the philippines…i hope your ongoing drma will watch here….i love u and i really like your tandem with nam sang mi…hope you will be together in the show or any project

  617. 617 : khinezarthinn Says:

    This is Khine Zar Thinn from Myanmar. I am a student. I love all your movies and your actions.You are the most popular among Myanmar students.If possible, I wish you to send me some of your photos to my gmail,[email protected] would be very pleased.Could you tell me what are your favorite colors?
    My best wishes to you.
    Your sincerely,Khine Zar Thinn

  618. 618 : Christy Says:

    Hello Handsome,

    I am college graduate and didn’t have time to be friend with anyone, therefore, I want to take this time of year to talk to someone and I found you.

    I have just finished watching “sweety spy”. It’s great. I love it.
    you are super handsome. Well, Christmas is coming and I would like to make a wish. My only wish is that you’ll email me. You don’t know how happy I would be. It really would make my year. Please, write to your greatest fan, Christy.

    Wish You a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

  619. 619 : fizah Says:


  620. 620 : serene Says:

    sweet spy is such a nice series, especially with you in it =D
    really love watching you in it, Dennis
    so keep on coming with your series
    & all the best for your career, i’m sure you’ll be a professional model someday too ^^

    season’s greetings ~

  621. 621 : ru. Says:

    i’ve never seen a actor who speaks english in a korean drama.So it was quite odd for me at first and still is at times,but i must agree with all the girls here(i presume they are girls that is)Dennis Oh is hot.

  622. 622 : CAKS Says:

    I just finish watching this Sweet Spy, it’s a very nice series but i wish they can continue the show we want Dennis Oh to be alive. It not him do all those crimes so he didnt deserve to die…


  623. 623 : Christy Says:

    Hello Dennis,
    I’m Christy. I enjoyed watching your movie, tho I didn’t like much of the movie, but to be honest I wouldn’t watch it if you weren’t in it. You should play more movie cuz I would buy it all.

  624. 624 : bhie bhie Says:

    hi to my one @ only idol, dennis Oh!

    its a great pleasure to write in here, i just want to congratulate you to all your succes. and i hope i’ll meet you in person, im really dying to see you but i know its impossible coz im here in philippines. but i hope you can emaill me at ([email protected]) that way, you can make me the very happiest creature! thanks and more power to your career! mahal kita., means ‘ I love you! take gud care!

  625. 625 : 16phoebe16 Says:

    since u guys are all sweet spy fanatics pls do response to nam sang mi too.
    let’s all be fair to her since she had a lot of contributions to the success of sweet spy too.let’s all hope for sweet spy 2.pls visit her page here,…and keep ur responses coming tnx,..

  626. 626 : mizzah Says:

    oh! your so handsome.,.,.,!!!! i like u.,.,.

  627. 627 : yuZu26 Says:

    hi dennis.. i wish u and nam sang mi be paired again,, pls pls pls
    ..i really2 love both of u in sweet spy coz u really2 look good together like real lovers… 🙂 so i hope that there will be sweet spy 2,,, coz many of us wishes for its sequel,,,, pls grant our request….

    tHanx… :>

  628. 628 : bb Says:

    I love this movie and I love Dennis oh so much ^^
    I want to have sweet spy2
    since I watch Sweet Spy , I love Dennis Oh ##^_^##

  629. 629 : bity Says:

    I like you so much Dennis…….^_^
    I’m Thai ,you know ? Thailand .
    I like sweet spy so much and like you too.
    I hope to have sweet spy2.

    # # #
    # # # #
    # # #
    # DENNIS #
    # #
    # #
    # #

  630. 630 : naomi Says:

    your acting in sweet spy is so great and hot.i think this is the best drama that you had acting.i had watch this drama twice and i would like to watch again.i hope this drama will be continue coz the ending not really suitable.i think lot of your fan think same like me right! 😛

  631. 631 : Joon Says:

    Hi+ ^^…I’m joon…I’m your fan club in Thailand…I watch Sweet spy series…It’s the best serie for me…and I hope sweet spy2….please…make sweet spy2 ..I will wait…you in here…you are the best actor…I can speak English a little…I hope you understand for my word……I will happy so much…and i hope you smile everyday…^^
    From fan club in Thailand…

  632. 632 : ninie Says:

    miz you so much!!!!!
    i am very sad when watch your film…but i forgot that title…
    the story is about you want to find your daddy in korea…
    i hope you know what story that i talk about…
    i like to say your face again….
    love you!!!!

  633. 633 : sara Says:

    how r u?
    i want to be freind with u

  634. 634 : sara Says:

    [email protected]

  635. 635 : maria Says:

    hello………dis is maria frm india i really luv u da way u smile da way u atc in sweety spy i watch da darma more den 20 tyms i cn watch belive me i am da biggist fan of urs u look so dashing wat 2 do…………………………….plz do rply me atleast a single word……………………………………..luv u luv u luv u luv u luv u luv u luv u luv u luv u luv u luv u luv u luv u luv u luv u luv u luv u luv u luv u luv u luv u luv u luv u luv u luv u luv u luv u luv u luv u luv u luv u luv u luv u luv u luv u luv u vry much……………………

  636. 636 : maria Says:

    gud evening dear missing u lyk hellllll.luv u so much………….

  637. 637 : thuzar Says:

    i want to be fri with you . l love u so much

  638. 638 : hi seoul Says:

    Hi my spy,
    I just finished The Sweet Spy. Surprised to hear English in the Drama. 2nd surprised to know only 1month acting class before the show. You did a great job, very nature both act and voice.
    You made me feel like you are spy and have fun the whole drama.
    Thank you//hope to see you in the new drama.
    Fan from Bangkok

  639. 639 : Bonsky Says:

    hello.. i’m a big fan of yours from the philippines. hope one day im going to meet you personally. ive been hearing good things bout u. stay cool!

  640. 640 : zarafi Says:

    hello dennis…..
    i love to see u in sweet spy girl.i’m really eager to watch sweet spy girl 2.u did well in this drama with ur partner, nam sang mee.keep on improving ur acting skills.may all the best thing in the world accompany u 4ever.
    au revoir n sarang ne o…….

  641. 641 : pink Says:

    hi dennis u know my friend is an avid fan of yoursss…and me too

  642. 642 : Imelda "Princess" Says:

    Hello Dennis Oh! I’m you number one fan here in Vallejo, CA… But actually I’m from Philippines… I so in-love with you because you are so good looking. I’m just upset about the ending of “Sweet Spy”… Hope too see the part two of it SOON!!! Love Princess:)

  643. 643 : loretta Says:

    where have you been now?

  644. 644 : Thyna Says:

    hello guy,
    I really love u! especially ur hot body and hot face make me feel, i’m fall in love with u! i don’t know how to contact with u! but i hope when u come to visit Cambodia, u will find me! my mail is [email protected]
    Love u!
    kisses and hugs

  645. 645 : Rozz Says:

    Hi dennis !
    i like your acting as hanyouri in sweet spy .
    formerly i didn’t know that was your 1st film n you just take a month to learn how to act b’coz your acting was good.
    I’ve had watched ‘witch amusement’ too ,you played great as a chef .
    Keep on improving your acting skill n i believe you’ll become more n more awesome in acting 😉 !
    keep the good work ,God bless you :-):-)!

  646. 646 : Imelda "Princess" Says:

    Hi!!! Dennis Oh!!!!:)
    You are so handsome and very cute when your smilling…;) Keep your body fit (its so freaking hot!!!)

  647. 647 : vinus Says:

    dinnis I always love you,I never hate you.I need you.

  648. 648 : namthip Says:

    Hi! I’m your thai fan club. I’d like your act too much, that’s look the natural manner, and I like your smile very much, it’s make me feel good every time that i saw. you have a look gentle. so, I saw the witch and sweet spy already, especially sweet spy, I feel doubtful. I which to have path 2 or the final really. I’ve like to see Soon Ae and Sam Sik Ee be happy, that’s completely. And how can I get tobe your fan club,give the advice to me please. So, I’d like you to know, I’m your one Thai fan club and I always have very much the mine gives to you. Wish you to have a lot of work. I’ll waiting to have a look. If you can pls send mail to me,I hope you will./ [email protected] /see you later, buy, sarangheyo.

  649. 649 : namthip Says:

    Hi! dennis. I’ve seen Sweet Spy and Witch Amusement already. I like very much,exspecially Sweet Spy I saw it more than 10 times. It’svery enjoy and I like to have path 2 the final. Could you tell them for make Sweet Spy again. Both of them I got buy already. So, I need to tell you “You have an excellent action for your first serie. I’ll be waiting for see East of Eden too and your every series or movies in the next. So, could I be your friend? I dont know you will have read my message or not, give me your signal please. I will very happy. Finally, I wish you have every good thing and have a lot of work. I’ll say hi with you every day. Buy see you lather. SARANGHEYO. / Namthip from Thailand.

  650. 650 : Connie Says:

    Dennis! Will you be my valentine?? haha

  651. 651 : jess Says:

    you drive me crazy!!!

  652. 652 : clanisse Says:

    Hello, my name is clanisse i am 9 years old… my mum and my sisters love you too , after watched the movie “Witch yoo hee . We will alway support YOU!!!! take care and bye bye !!

  653. 653 : muzfyrah Says:

    dennis ur so hot………………u looked so sweet in SWEET SPY…….. i luv u so much…..: )

  654. 654 : Erika Says:

    Hi My best star my Dennis Oh..

    my name is Erika 19 years old , I love so so so much..
    I’m from middle east , you are so famous all my family and friends knoe how much you are great and how much I love you..
    I really hope that you can read my words.. cus i don’t know how to express my deep feelings to you..I LOVE YOU TOO MUCH more than any one els ..
    please act again, I can’t stop seeing you..
    I wish you good life.. bye bye ..

  655. 655 : Erika Says:

    Hi my best star my Dennis Oh..

    my name is Erika..i’m 19 from middle east.
    You are very famous in my country and all the people here know how much I LOVE YOU .. I’ll support you forever..
    I hope u can read my message cus there is no other way i can contact you.. I wanted you to know that you are the best star ever and there is agirl LOVE YOU more than any one els ..
    plz act in more dramas cus i can’t stop seeing you..
    I hope you good life..bye bye ^_^”

  656. 656 : ran Says:

    love ya mr.perfect

  657. 657 : laila Says:

    hi… i’m laila from malaysia. i like you so much. i love u…….

  658. 658 : nancy Says:

    let’s practice!

  659. 659 : yumichan Says:

    i love korea drama…so nice n romantic
    but dennis very good actor n one i will see him
    just only to say i love her drama

  660. 660 : n0nie_88 Says:

    hi..you are really sweetspy!! i love that’s movie so muchhhh..chaiyokk..god bless u..

  661. 661 : karma dolma Says:

    i m a tibetan gal n recently i saw ur drama called “sweet spy” n u looking extremely hot and handsome n i like u so much… but i know i can’t reach at u coz u r a sky and i m a earth……. but little possibility is there coz my name is karma, it means star in tibetan so stars are on the sky….i know u don’t have a time to read our message but still some hope and believe is there…… till then work hard nhard… but take care of yourself..

  662. 662 : rainy heart evans Says:

    love u since i watch yoo hee the witch…im from malaysia..20 years old. girl..thank u for giving me a smile back….

  663. 663 : akala jamir Says:

    i luv………………..dennis ur so handsome u r ta only korean guy who is so manly n handsome n all ta other korean guys r so girly.I hate korean films n series but i luv sweet spy bcoz u r in it.korean people r so materialistic n so artificial nwys I LOVE DENNIS JOSEPH OH NEIL

  664. 664 : poison3v3 Says:

    oh my god…i can’t say anything…totally gorgeous, such a handsome guy, perfect looking… nice to know u hhohoo

  665. 665 : poison3v3 Says:

    when u will come to singapore, for probably for promotion hueheueh…it’s a “must” thing to come to see u hehehe

  666. 666 : poison3v3 Says:

    yes karma dolma, i agree with u.. he is in the sky,and we are the earth..just want dennis know, although u don’t know me,although u haven’t time to read my mesg, i always support u and will be your big fans hueheueh…

  667. 667 : Sweaty baby Says:

    hello….sorry 2 say…..u are so sweat….no matter what i luv u so much….muuuaaaahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! miz u……………

  668. 668 : arrisara Says:

    u are so handsome man that i ever seen in the world!! u also so cute…..i like see ur face………aaaa so handsome….luvvvv uu…

  669. 669 : Zash Baker Says:

    Hi Dennis.. M from Brunei (Asia).. Love you in Sweet Spy n Witch Amusement (Yu-Hee The Witch)… Hope there will be Sweet Spy 2…

    Won’t it be great if the producers & author/screenwriters can combine Sweet Spy & Time Between Dog and Wolf Together? And Nam Sang Mi can play both roles (as Lee Soon Ae & Soo Ji Woo) as girlfriend(s) to both Han Yoo-Il/Sam Shik (Dennis) and Lee Soo Hyun/Kay (Lee Joon Ki)… N bring in also the cast from both series esp Lee Joo Hyun (Kang Joon) and Jung Kyung Ho (Kang Min Ki) Won’t that be sweet? At least there will be sequels to both drama series.. and with the combined cast.. I bet it will be a power drama..

    So anybody who knows the producers (Choi Chang Wook – SS & Kim Min Jin – TBDW) or/and author/screenwriters (Kwon Mi Kyung, Kim Ki Ho, Lee Sun Mi – SS & Han Ji Hoon, Yoo Young Jae – TBDW) please foward this idea to them… Thank you… v ^_^ v Dated: 09/04/09

  670. 670 : ayeaung Says:

    hey! Dennis
    You are so handsome and our country people accept your acting.
    Every good luck to you. You may own every success. I wish you may be success and popular more than now.I like you and my friends too. Although it cann’t be possible, I hope your reply.
    Now! Bye Bye.
    Aye Aung.

  671. 671 : KOALA Says:

    Sweet Spy 2…Please “COMING SOON”.

  672. 672 : boy.saigon Says:

    You are really a sweet man
    I wish the best everything to yuor life
    I love you foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  673. 673 : Chrystal Says:

    I loved your acting in witch yoo hee and the story line of that movie was great! I’m a big fan of yours, though i haven’t seen sweet spy yet. Can you really cook, or was it just acting?
    any who’s…
    I’ve got loads more questions but i gtg to bed.
    It’s already 12:08

  674. 674 : [email protected] gurl Says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiii….dennis i really want to meet u….when can u visited ur fan at malaysia…city sabah…please dennis can u give me ur website…i really like u…..sarange…muuuuuuaaaaaaah……….nina

  675. 675 : Tweety Says:

    i’ve never done this before
    but i’m 15 and im about to say that this actor is my first crush
    never gonna meet hime and will be impossible
    he’ll never have time…
    more better people in the worl but yeah
    if you have the time to pop into Australia, NSW, Sydney
    the little suburb Glebe
    i would laugh

    my little confession is unreasonably stupid

    p.s. i love all ur films and keep on acting like the way you do

  676. 676 : minda yap Says:

    im still not contented with the ending of sweet spy..
    will there be a part two..
    im looking forward to it

  677. 677 : Essy Says:

    u know he makes a good couple w/ the girl from witch yoo hee (yoo hee)

  678. 678 : marie Says:

    hi dennis i hope u r fine!i watched u on the(witch in love) u r so cool on it.
    im from mauritius island i will support u always so keep it up god bless u all the time.i wait for ur reply.

  679. 679 : mad.z Says:

    hi!!!it’s me madz i watch youre movie and its so romantic’s dennis i love you very2x much….can u be my bf??jejeje

  680. 680 : Nai Nai Says:

    hi,Dennis Oh
    I have seen your movies. And I like your movies. I prefer Witch
    Amusement to East of Eden.I’m one of your fan from Myanmar(know as Burma).
    Take care of your health……………………………Bye Bye!

  681. 681 : les Says:

    hi Dennis! =) i have a big crush on you.. hope to see u on person but i know it will not happen.. =) godbless.. 😉

  682. 682 : aicon rachel Says:

    oh my oh! dennis oh! at first i wasn’t able to recognize
    ur looks at witch yoo hee.. ( i jsut saw little clips) but then
    after watching SWEET SPY. oh my! ur really cute! haha 😉
    anyway, i’d be glad if you’re reall couples with koala in
    real life.. i’m waiting for a part two… hope there is..
    [email protected] 😀

  683. 683 : rosemae Says:

    hi!!! mr.dennis… u luk gud,, and i like ur tattoo,, and i hope u really reading our messages,,, i watched ur youtubes, and i also saw ur website.. and oh!!! its so amazing,, sana makita kna namin in person!!!!!!!! keep it up!!!

  684. 684 : aicon rachel again. Says:

    hei dennis! i soooo love to watch sweet spy! 🙂
    hmm, and we’re waiting for the part two.
    i hope it’s comming soon.. we miss koala so
    much.. hahah ;)) and of course YOU!! 🙂
    we would also love to see you in personal.
    you’re free to come in our country.. philippines.
    and the good thing is, it’s safe from h1N1 virus
    or swine flu. hahaha ;))

  685. 685 : dina Says:

    hi! mr.dennis oh! the time l see you in the tv korean tv. but l want to see you in the personal am actualy l am your no.1 fan.l dont know why but l just like u couse l wacth your movie sweet spy mr.dennis han your name their l wish u can vissit hear at the phillipines l will always be your fan for me l will always your no.1 fan oh! no l forgot my name my name is dina 14 years old and live in the phillipines bye!bye!

  686. 686 : dina Says:

    hi! its me again! dina younow you can email me [email protected] l know it so embarassing butl like you so very much l wish l can play the roll as your girlfriend in the movie.
    l really wish l wish u really can vissit hear at the phillipines l will really promise l will go to the place where your going hear at the phillipines.
    you have so many fans hear not just ma l want to buy a poster of u but there is no korean poster hear at the phillipines so l just wacthing your movie l am not just your fan.
    actually u are my crash but we are not for each other.bye!bye!

  687. 687 : pipay Says:

    hi dennis,,

    actually im not really a fan of korean drama series but when i accidentally watch your movie sweet spy it change my view.
    ur so damn goodlooking and so good in acting. i like it when your playing that domineering attitude and so innocent looking. even when your angry its just your facial expression can make me feel weak..
    hope to see more of your project. coz i really like your style,

  688. 688 : diohanne Says:

    omg…by the way am diohanne fr philippines…oh can’t help it he’s so hot…HANDSOME,nice blend of a korean and an american…staycool…i’ve watch sweet spy,nice 4 u to be a part of it…i lov the chemistry between u and nam sang- mi…i like it…hoping 4 a part 2 of it…yeah…bye!lov yah……by the way,hi!!!!!!!!!!

  689. 689 : miss aqilah Says:

    nothings to say…………u always be my prince charming………Malaysians always suport u

  690. 690 : jAhnineeeeeeeeee Says:

    i love u so much dennis…..

  691. 691 : miyabhIe lUv hanyouri Says:

    oh gosh..
    i cant sleep at nYt.. becosz i always think about yoU
    u stole my heart
    even thOu i donT stole your heart..
    you are so hOt and cOol..
    love yoU..
    i really love you..
    i cry wen yOu die iN talcom supAi..
    i cry oUt loUd..

    your oNe of my oPpA..
    im going crazy thinking about yOu..
    i want to meet yOu..
    i faiNTs love yoU..
    after you been married are yoU planning to enter shOwbiz..
    my e mail
    [email protected]

  692. 692 : tenzin bhuti Says:



  693. 693 : strawberry_cashews16 Says:

    you r0ck!!!!
    keep it up!!!

  694. 694 : Umi Says:

    I love you so mucn …you are so sexii to meii , I cried when I saw you die in Sweet spy… love you so much ….. the most is your lips…. I dont know how to say ……. I love you so so so much Denis

  695. 695 : shangring Says:



  696. 696 : ENRI Says:

    OH JI HO

  697. 697 : Zel Says:

    Pleassssseeeeeeeeee make more DRAMA AND MOVIES! your SUPAH GERGOUS! muahhhhhhh..

  698. 698 : ynnah mhiecko Says:

    hi,,,dennis,,,im from phillipines…hope to see u soon,,,bfore i die,,,

  699. 699 : suzan Says:

    Hi Dennis!
    reading your messages here makes me really WOW!!! ur very well loved by your fans (including me!) but i wont be competing among those million woman who’s dying hard to see you in person. I’m just hoping for the part 2 of your “Sweet Spy” series. honestly, i felt so sad after watching the last episode of this series, as it ended up tragic and mysteriously,, atleast im expecting a happy ending for you and koala!and i hope it is comming soon on part 2…I am really looking forward to it. i know it is too much to ask of seeing u in person, so atlest i would like to see u again in part 2 of sweet spy…that would be more than enough for me! -cheers-!

  700. 700 : MeeDaa Says:

    Dear Dennis…….

    First time I saw you in Sweet Spy makes me hold on to your next drama. Maybe because of your appearance make me that way. Anyway i do more attract to your smile, your voice, ur eyes and love your attitude… Even my 9 years old daughter also love your movies… what a starz you have. Some how plz come forward to Malaysia coz here also have your own fan who really loves you and your act…

    Im still looking forward to see Sweet Spy 2, ……. Hope you and your family are in a good health!!!!!

    your malaysia fan From KOALLA Lumpur…..

  701. 701 : nafi and torry Says:

    hi dennis,
    a heart had once belong to me
    but now it seems no longer there
    as wings have grown from each side
    to make its flight to thee.

    and now u knw how crazy we both are for u.
    love u nafi and torry

  702. 702 : :D Says:

    otot mani ip! dat pic is as ugly as my Old Crocs…
    but then again: “UGLY IS THE NEW FAShION”…

  703. 703 : ems Says:

    Star light, star bright, first star I’ve seen tonight. Wish I may, wish I might… you’ll be a true good friend for the rest of my life, but, I just wonder is this really you at the other end of this site…or just one of your personal assistants who makes your job for the day light, but whatsoever, I’m here to give you some wishes and advice…with all the fame and glory to come on your way just remain down to earth, be yourseld and keep your feet on the ground for the way to success maybe rough and hilly and sometimes mountainous,but,once you reach there it would be breathtaking so never forget to whisper a little prayer and thank God for all the bountiful blessings. I wish one day when destiny permit,we’ll personally meet. May it be wine, coffee or tea it would be worth the treat? So, take care and hope you accept me as your friend and so our journey to true frindship will begin.

  704. 704 : Bella Says:

    good for you..haha

  705. 705 : queenie Says:

    i’m queenie ang
    from the philippines…
    I rellay love watching sweet spy…
    I always want to see you smile.
    so please always smile…

    I hope you can email me back!

  706. 706 : fazlina Says:

    hai den i how are there,i m from malaysia and admire u went u actor drama yuhee and wicth.happy nice day 2 u.

  707. 707 : kirsten Says:

    I wish i could see you in personal but i don’t think so were far from each other…/…hu!!!huhuhu!I really want to see you in personal. I admire you so much because of your killing beauty it really balance the asian face and western so much.I really admire also the way you acted in the sweet spy and wicth yoo hee it really suits to you.Most of all you are totally handsome esp. the way you handle yourself in pictorial and modelling….I hope we meet someday but if you wish to see me or just visit me in Davao City,Philippines..Co’z it takes for me a long years to travel in your place south korea or in america because of financial problems.jejeje.Iam proud to be your number one fans forever……

  708. 708 : amber Says:

    u r so cute and so handsome ^_^.

  709. 709 : Than Says:

    i hope you could spend more time making new drama/movies.
    anyways, am your big fans

  710. 710 : kahleen le Says:

    Hi,Dennis. I’m Kahleen from Vietnam. Thank U very much.I was a unselfconfident girl ’till I know U,Ur smile inspired me,so now I always be happy. U help me 2 realize about me-self, I have known I can do a lot of thing. Now,I’m a interior designer,so if U need a consultant,to contact me by me-email. Maybe U’ll not get this comment,but if there’s a chance I’ll pleased if U become me-friend.

  711. 711 : kahleen le Says:

    Hi Dennis,i’m Kahleen from Vietnam.Thx U very much. I was a unselfconfident girl ’till I know U. Ur smile inspired me. I have known me-ability ‘n I can feel reallife. Now,I’m a interior designer,so if U need a consultant,to contact me by me-email. I know maybe U’ll not get this comment,but if there is a chance,we’ll become friends!!!

  712. 712 : mhira13 Says:

    hi dennis,
    …your sooooo “HANDSOME”….I wanna die with you!!….

  713. 713 : mhira13 Says:

    Hi dennis
    i really hope that you do read those messages from your fans,
    were hoping that MBC channel would create the part 2 of sweet spy, and we promise that we all watch it, am i right GUYS? who also wrote to this web?….WE STILL SUPPORT “DENNIS JOSEPH O’NIEL,OK!…..

  714. 714 : amber Says:

    hi dennis
    u goo in acting.

  715. 715 : kahleen le Says:

    Oh well,if there is a chance…

  716. 716 : Evil Girl Says:

    I’m 4m middle east
    I just wanna say we love u here
    bye sweety(^__^)

  717. 717 : Fritzi Bui Says:

    Hello, Dennis

    Of course you know my name. I usually watch korean dramas with my mother and I really admire your acting.One thing cool is that my mother is also half white-asian also, I’m only part of course. I hope I get to see another movie of you. Do you live in Korea or here in the United States?

  718. 718 : mia Says:

    love you so much……………………………………………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!muach,.i’m from indonesia…………………bye my sweety

  719. 719 : Faye Panama Says:

    Mr. Dennis Oh……How I admire you as an actor and y our ability to speak Korean even though you were born and raised in ?America….I give credit to your mother for letting you speak Korean becos nowadays, it is so hard for kids who were raised in the United States to learn their nationality language. For instance, my children were all born in the US and they do not fluently speak my language I guess it’s really my fault and that is why I admire you so much. Not only that but you are so good looking just .like Daniel Henney..You guys are so handsome which is the reason why I’m glue to the tv when I watch Korean dramas you both are in. Very cute guys you are. So, I quit watching American shows becos they don’t leave much on the imagination especially on those love scenes. Also I do not care what anybody says but, I cry on those romantic dramas right along with the actors/actress…..it is such an amazing thing that is happening in my household becos it started when i watch Korean Channel, then my sisters got hooked and now my entire family. Just finished watching Slingshot I wish it was a long series and the ending was so lousy I was actually mad for days. Anyways, I enjoyed watching you on anything becos you are so watchable…..keep up the good work and hope you succeed in anything you set out to accomplish….hellos and love from the island…Faye in American Samoa

  720. 720 : adora Says:

    hi! dennis….. i knw u’ll b bored readn so much msgs n comments bt u shud b happy coz dey oll luvs u…….. neway!!!!!!!!!!! I JST wanna say uma big fan of yo’s n ope u do great in everithin u do. hey!!!!!!!! it wl b great if u reaply.

  721. 721 : nan ei khine {myanmar} Says:

    u r very handsome !

  722. 722 : cathy Says:

    hi dennis…..

    im cathy from the phillipines…

    just drop by to say hi…

    i just want to ask if you do have an account on friendster?

    would you mind if you’ll add me up?

    here’s my account…

    [email protected]




    i’ll be supporting you ….


  723. 723 : quynh Says:

    art and design…….

  724. 724 : eugene Says:

    Well! To me, You are quite handsome but not really handsome. That’s all.

  725. 725 : lordhavemercyonme_i Says:

    let’s follow the crowd shall we?

    “omg~! dennis~! *fangirl squeal* you’re so hot, i just love you in sweet spy! like seriously, you are so hot! keep up the wonderful work! i want to meet you so badly! love you so much! aahhhh~! here’s my email [email protected], email me ;D”

    -____________-” do you guys actually think he reads this? this is just a profile.

  726. 726 : ems Says:


    hi! happy ,happy, happy birthday to you!
    have fun and enjoy your day.
    take care. and i hope to hear from you soon.

    your ladybee,


  727. 727 : arezou Says:

    happy birthday Dennis!
    an iranian girl,Tehran,I.R.Iran.

  728. 728 : malaysian Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU..hope you happy always with your family and your friends..may GOD bless YOU..

  729. 729 : Yutek >_ Says:

    Saengil chukkae hamnida
    Saengil chukkae hamnida
    Saranghaeyo dennis oppa
    Saengil chukkae hamnida
    Happy brithday t0 oppa, I hope u alwasy sucsses, more handsome, and love u family, saranghae

  730. 730 : fatin Says:

    happy birthaday dennis, wish u have a nice day…. 🙂

  731. 731 : ara Says:

    piolo pascual love you dennis !

  732. 732 : klaire Says:

    Hi Dennis Joseph O’Neil..just want to greet belated happy birthday..though…its too late but Im happy that i greet you even here only..how i wish to see you personally..but it really funny to tell you this..well…i admire you because you are a good actor and model…keep in touch.. good luck to your career…i hope to see you in your future movies..etc… God bless… aja!!

  733. 733 : atchi marak Says:


    U’ve got a real killing figure. I like your acting in Sweety Spy

  734. 734 : jemi Says:

    you have a wonderful physique and to add more you dress so well.

  735. 735 : Nyeint Says:

    Dennis, i like u so much. God bless u. please always smile. I love ur smile. I hope so u will be the best of Actor. I’m waiting for ur new drama. Thanks

  736. 736 : Akm & Alo Says:

    Hi dear!
    A big hello to you.hope u r doing well.Akm & Alo from India.We’re a biggggg…………………… fan of ur’s.we liked ur work very much. Keep it up!!And hope to see more of ur work.We wish & pray to GOD tat may His BLESSINGS be wit u 4ever in everything & may GOD protect u from all the earthly evil things.Always believe in urself & have faith in GOD,Remember tat prayer is the strongest of all.We hope & believe tat u’ll read ths message.Lastly, “SARANG ARAY”.STAY COOL!!!……..

  737. 737 : kim man Says:

    Fuck you..

    Only 100% koreans allowed. Your mother was a cheap slut to bed with a non-korean

  738. 738 : kimchilee Says:

    Kim [email protected]#!!&##@!..you too! 100% koreans definitely have no manners ..

  739. 739 : dannica meryll Says:


  740. 740 : bona Says:

    wow…u r giving me sleepless nights….sexy fella

  741. 741 : awonshang Says:

    HI jhonney crooper….. wel u r so cute n best in “WIYCH U HEE”,,,, LOVE DA WAY U R IN EVERYTHN…………… U R SO CUTE N UR ENGLISH ROCKS … KIP IT UP

  742. 742 : debth Says:

    hye..dennis..how r u??im ur big fans.u r soooooooooo cute n handsome n cwit 2.love u so much…sarang heyo…..may God Bless U owest n 4ever….

  743. 743 : Tweety Says:

    Hi Dennis,

    You’re one guy that has caught my eye. I love your film sweet spy and witch yoo hee. You are really attractive and admire your good looks and love your smile, it melts my heart. When your upset or angry in the movies, you are very cute. Too bad you are many miles away but u will still be in my mind. Love to meet you one day and hope to see many more films 2 come.

  744. 744 : Leoniflor Says:

    Annyong haseyo oppa, ottoshimnika? Chonun le0niflor imnida, manaso bangaps0mnida. Ure so hands0me esp.In ur sweet spy r0le, dbest, daniel henney and u, lo0k so hands0me, a half k0rean half american, h0pe 2 c u b0th in oNe series with eun hye or hye kyo, jungmal joaheyo. Saranghamnida.

  745. 745 : anissa Says:

    Hi! I Love Nam sang mi and Dennis oh so much after i looked Sweet spy and i miss them too,please have a new movies together or Sweet spy 2.I’m waitting for both of u ,for me both of u are the best actor and actress and best couple for the real life too!!

  746. 746 : fifah Says:

    i love to see u in sweet spy..but the ending is not like i thinking.y not the ending u meets koala again?..plz i want sweet spy 3..please

  747. 747 : haymarmoe Says:

    hello ahpar

    i live in myanmar

    u very clever.

  748. 748 : fadzliyatun Says:

    hi……………..blh kt bknln??????sye suka tgk awk blakon sweet spy….
    kacak sangat..bila awak nak blakon lg ngan soon ae 2………umur awk bpe thn????awk slalu ke blk as…..bila nak datang maran pahang malaysia..hahahahahahahahah.semoga bjaya dlm bidang awk ceburi….

  749. 749 : sandi Says:

    i looking sweetspy series while i very like u. U are looking good .

  750. 750 : roychel Says:

    i won’t to be ur spy coz i known to how to dance specially the tango…..
    i love u,.mwuuaaah.

  751. 751 : neenor Says:

    Recently got hooked on Asian dramas that my sis in Hawaii recommended. Producers o/Sweet Spy should look into a sequel f/all o/us whose 1st language is English. Glad U spoke only English in the movie & hopefully U’ll continue your acting career. Wishing U the best & all the cast in Sweet Spy who were perfect f/their roles.

  752. 752 : Rainy Says:

    i love ur hair!!

  753. 753 : sufy Says:

    he’s so handsome man..:)

  754. 754 : awonshang Says:

    merry x-mas… n happy new year

  755. 755 : dannica meryll Says:

    hello to u sugar i just want to greet u a merry x-mas .remember me i’m meryll a filipina fun of you .hey what are u doing in this time are u busy sorry if i disturb u . i hope we meet someday i really wish that in fact i always look at ur picture wheh i have a problem although ur away with me. my father wanted me to have a boyfriend when im 24 years old but it’s alright because someday i will meet my true love.just read my message to u and i’m feel fine .i really wish u all the best .wait for my next message.thank u even though i know ur busy and lot of beautiful girls was just around u .i want to say i have a crush on u sorry hah?merry merry x mas …………………………….thank u……;) by: truly urs dannica meryll 09106426111 cell # of mine hope u………….,.,,,,,,,

  756. 756 : dannica meryll Says:

    hi i want to say happy new year ……..hmmm..,…i hope you have a great luck this comming new year i will always be your loyal fan but i know you have a lot of fans….i have a song for you…….here… i miss your love since you’ve been gone but i gotta feeling in side and its making my heart cry cause im missing you but what can i do a thousand miles away from you so what the meaning of this to be leaving like this isn’t fun at all i wonder where are you now……..i’ve been leaving with the shadow over head i’ve been sleeping with the clouds above my head i’ve been lonely for so long trap in the past i just can’t seem to move on………….late at when all the world is sleeping i stay up and think of you and i wish on the star that somewhere you are thinking of me too cause i’m dreaming of you tonight tell tomorrow i’ll, be holding you tight and there’s no where in the world i’d rather because here in my room dreaming about you and me…………….Happy new year…..mwaahhhhh………. love dannica meryll bye…………… someday i will meet you too in personal ……..wait for that day………..

  757. 757 : kira yamato Says:

    he is so fabulous and very2 handsome guy…

  758. 758 : diana Says:

    hi dear

  759. 759 : jessie Says:

    Dennis should do Superman eposole like the actor in USA ’cause his face looks like the new Superman now. Please don’t get jealous! but it’s true, all he has to do is just play Superman in Asia, he also needs to act a little mature on the face and more buff that will be a killer for all the women fans. I wish he will be the Superman in movie soon.

  760. 760 : reneey Says:

    so hndsome…ohh…nooo…i’m crazy right now

  761. 761 : amber Says:

    hi Dennis Oh u look so cute and handsome.i also watch your movie u look so handsome.

  762. 762 : napham Says:

    j Dennis Åh u ser så søde og handsome.i også se din film u ser så smuk.
    HAR du tænker om Nam sang mi ?

  763. 763 : napham Says:

    jeg kan godt lide at Dennis oh sammen med Nam sang mi spiller sammen film igen
    De er rigtig søde person og god spiller film , jeg håber at De lave nyt film. jeg venter jer og vil gerne se din sweety 2 igen
    Danmark den er 22- 2 -2010

  764. 764 : FreyrDevil Says:

    Hello Dennis! I’m such a huge fan of you here in the Philippines! I love the series Sweet Spy because of you and Nam Sang Mi, I wish you the best of luck and i hope you will be successful in everything that is you wanted to do! Most of all, I wish you are happy with your life right now! I hope you check out the song “A Very Special Love” by Sarah Geronimo in youtube that someone made for you, its really great! Good luck and God bless!

  765. 765 : hlaingthazinoe Says:

    Hello Dennis,
    How are you!I likes your performence in Sweet Spy.I wish your success in
    your life.Please,If you free time,you sent mail to me for our friendship.

    With best regards,


  766. 766 : hlaingthazinsoe Says:

    Hello Dennis,
    How are you!I likes your performence in Sweet Spy.I wish your
    success in your life.Please,If you free time,you sent mail to me
    for our friendship.

    With best regards,


  767. 767 : Jacquie Lafuente Says:

    Hi Dennis

    Sweet Spy is the first Korean drama I watch. I enjoyed it because is so different from the shows in USA. How is it for you to live and work there with language barriers? Could I contact you and ask questions? I live in Kansas and I have a son who is half Asian. I want to provide the best for him and sometimes I m not sure how to encourage and provide balance in his life with the culture mix. Could you share some of those experiences with me please.


  768. 768 : Tiffany Cheong Says:

    your show in sweet spyware indeed a good job!!!
    i watch korean drama frequently and i think this is the most interesting and unforgettable drama..

    i like it!!hehe….
    may all your dreams come true..and success in your career…..

  769. 769 : amber Says:

    hi Dennis oh.how r u?i’m fine at malacca.

  770. 770 : alice Says:

    hey love ur english better than mine ur soo cool in sweet spy

  771. 771 : Norah Says:

    Dennisssssssssssss Joseph O’Neil do you know that i’ve never seen anyone more handsome and beautiful than you ?
    and i really truely love you when you do that gorgeous wink :$
    i reeeeeeeeally hope u replyyyyyyyyyy it’ll mean so much to me

  772. 772 : kasone Says:

    i like u r body structure. i like u r acting in sweet spy.

  773. 773 : Andriana Says:

    Evening, I adore your role in the korean drama series witch yoo he. Sincerely hope to see more of you in the years to come. Wish you luck and success on your career. Would love to hear more about you.

  774. 774 : parmida Says:


  775. 775 : liz Says:


  776. 776 : mel Says:

    you’re so handsome…

  777. 777 : ade Says:

    your acting is good.. ^^

  778. 778 : lenz Says:

    Hi denise,
    Miss your handsome face on my tv,.

  779. 779 : elle Says:


  780. 780 : GOIA Says:


  781. 781 : one Says:

    he is the most handsome korean i ever met after kwon sang woo!!!!!!!!!

  782. 782 : mone Says:

    I love u Dennis !

  783. 783 : mone Says:

    I love u Dennis

  784. 784 : ernesta Says:

    I Love You.
    I Miss You Very Much.

  785. 785 : LuluAini Says:

    aloha…my name is nurul aini,dennis you look so cute….i can speek chinese….bye

  786. 786 : sayrie Says:

    i really like your smile.i will waiting your other movie and your coming to indonesia.you will like my country.fighting

  787. 787 : ratna Says:

    its august 27 in indonesia now.tomorrow is your birthday.i like your smile.u are prince of my dream.u like traveling?do u ever come to indonesia?we have some beautiful place.i hope one day i can introduce indonesia to you.i will wait.i luv u

  788. 788 : ratnasayrie Says:

    happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday my prince of my dream happy birthday our beloved actor
    i hope u will be the best and u can get the best in your life,i hope God give u the best and your life full with love.amin.i miss your movie my beloved prince 😉

  789. 789 : fayrida Says:

    happy birthday 29 dennis.i hope u will always happy and success,amin. i am in love with u dennis and wait your other movie.u are my favourite spy.i like u more than james bond…ehmmm u are the asian’s james bond :->

  790. 790 : nastaran Says:

    Happy Birthday Honey

  791. 791 : mai Says:

    Happy birthday to you i live u

  792. 792 : ann Says:

    belated happy birthday.. thanks for making me smile.. love your character in the sweet spy.. wish i also have a handsome spy like u 🙂

  793. 793 : bi'e Says:

    are you wanna be my boyfriend??
    iam from indonesia. and my religion is islam. the beautiful religion.
    if you interesting,you can call me in my handphone.
    im really really serious.

  794. 794 : FeLjhane Says:

    hey, u are awesome! ♡

    You rock! ツ

  795. 795 : peter Says:

    anyone hir… wanna to be my friend… im from manila philippines hir 20 male… here’s my facebook acc. [email protected] ok. ty

  796. 796 : lorelhee rose Says:

    hello han yull….is there any part 2 for sweet spy..my god i didnt even know that ….the saop sweet spy that you did with lee sun ae was on 2005 coz to tell u the truth,,,i just watched it this month…omg i love it but the ending was so fast ..i needed more action of u and lee sun ae..so what really happens to u…did u really die on that movie…what happen to lee sun ae,,did she marry kang jun …oh no..dats not good hehehhe.well i was hoping you guys would make a part two of sweet spy because the ending does not look like the ending …it seems like there is more to it…please make part two please..also u and lee sun ae or nang sang mi look good together…well hope ull do more movies…i dont really know much about u until i found you in one of the korean movies which is sweet spy…newys thank you for making us fall in love and making us smile 🙂
    god bless you and wish you all the best in your career

    this is lorelhee rose from vancouver canada

  797. 797 : chenie Says:

    i love sweet spy movie.. hmm.. i love you, you are so cute..

  798. 798 : chenie Says:

    i love you!

  799. 799 : hannah Says:

    Dennis O’Niel is so Cute .. I like the way you smile and the way you act .. You’re doing great !!! The First time I laid my eyes on you .. you Complete me … hahahah !!! Good Luck in ur Career .. n_n ..

  800. 800 : annalie Says:

    ang gwapo mu talaga kamukha ka ng husband ko…..lol…charing!!!

  801. 801 : toh quan ming Says:

    Hi denise,how are you?

  802. 802 : toh quan ming Says:

    i like your acting very much.

  803. 803 : felicia Says:

    hi !

  804. 804 : Sa Says:

    Do you like lee in the sweet spy ?

  805. 805 : lucy Says:

    Hi Dennis ! I am your fan.I like your action and style. I like you at Sweet Spy movie. I hope you may do more fine arts. God bless to you.

  806. 806 : ema Says:

    hai,dennis i really love your acting and your character in the sweetspy movies and i hope that movies will be continuous and i’ll wait 4 it…..i really like u forever….

  807. 807 : shiryl Says:

    hi dennis.. i first saw you in sweet spy.. and liked your role.. i hope and wish you will new projects.. more power…

  808. 808 : shiryl Says:

    … hope you will have new projects and more power.. merry xmas 😉

  809. 809 : Yvessaint Says:

    I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love yoI love you u

  810. 810 : farah Says:

    hi dennis..
    i love your role in sweet spy and yoo hee the witch..
    can’t wait to see your new movies and your artwork..
    wish you all the best and may God bless you..

  811. 811 : nav Says:

    Hi Dennis ! I am big fan your. i am indian but i luv to watch korean movies and dramas and specially your………..

  812. 812 : nav Says:

    Hi Dennis ! I am your fan from india ….i just luv ur movies and dramas…

  813. 813 : via Says:

    Dennis, I have heard the news that you had came back to USA and decided not to persuade your carrier as an actor anymore in Korea, why? what happen? at first I think the rumours isn’t true, but the fact you haven’t show up in any other kdramas makes me worried that the news might be true, can anyone tell me what’s going on with him? I am also one of his fans, i wish i can still see him act again in another kdrama. so sad if the rumours is turn out to be true..hiks hiks..

  814. 814 : Diana Says:

    hai ….. dennis….nice to meet you too……….i like you…manny your picture in facebook

  815. 815 : Diana Says:

    i like you dennis

  816. 816 : A3 Says:

    Hi:D! I like the way you acting…
    Hope will see you more in kdrama, i like Yu – Hee The Witch drama where you in it..nice ! Keep it up..

  817. 817 : Oh korea | ChallengedSingles Says:

    […] » Dennis Oh » Korean Actor & Actress» Dennis Oh » Profile, Biography, Awards, Picture and other info of All Korean Actors and Actresses … Family: Mother (Korean), father (American) and … This entry is filed under Uncategorized. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. […]

  818. 818 : shane12 Says:

    i like you dennis oh!!! hehe… i love your role in sweet spy… hoping to see here in the philippines!!!

  819. 819 : CLAIRE Says:

    hello dennis joseph o’niel : ) ur so HANDSOME!! i love the way you act in sweety spy .. and i love looking at your photos .. keep it up!!

  820. 820 : yamin Says:

    O Par Dennis Oh i like you very much.

  821. 821 : woo nie Says:

    like u action very much….

  822. 822 : poem Says:

    Hey guy i like y………ur action too
    take care

  823. 823 : avlish Says:

    hi Dennis^^ I liked you so much! I always wanna see your picture because I didn’t see you in any Korean dramas this fast few years. I hope I can see you again acting and doing Korean dramas with Nam Sang Mi.. I really like both of you, for me your the best partner& couple ever and Sweet Spy is the best Korean drama I’ve ever seen, &I hope there’s a Part 2.. I also hope that you are in a good condition.. I will always support you and Nam Sang Mi, more power to both of you..
    hope to see you in future, peace and God bless!
    fighting! Dennis^^

  824. 824 : Mirian Says:

    I loved Sweet Spy, he was charming, I ‘m waiting for number 2

  825. 825 : SirenaRamires Says:

    Hi Dennis !

  826. 826 : Palak Says:

    hey Dennis……..m from india…..first time i saw u in witch amusement n found u so handsome…….your pics are so eye catching……wanna see in some more korean daramas as a main actor….ur acting was very good n dressing style is awesome….plz do some more korean ost wanna se u…me n my sis like u very much..tcz 🙂 plz come back soon

  827. 827 : SirenaRamires Says:

    You are best!!!

  828. 828 : SirenaRamires Says:

    i like u very much. You are sooo good looking!

  829. 829 : SirenaRamires Says:

    I’m crazy for you in Sweet Spy

  830. 830 : Mardy Says:

    Do you have new drama? So handsome of you. Pls make more drama!

  831. 831 : parbati Says:

    hi,dennish i like your expresion .

  832. 832 : avlish Says:

    Hi Dennis Joseph O’Neil, you are my greatest crush & my fantasy coz I’ve never seen any man here on earth that so much handsome than you.. You’re the most handsome man I’ve ever seen today, tomorrow & even in my entire life^^
    I believe you could be a great actor if only you’ll be given more changes to acts in more dramas & movies.. missed you much so I hope to see more^^
    Keep safe^^

  833. 833 : parbati Says:

    hey dennish i m from london plz come too london once .you make me crazy i dont no why my day begins from your cute smile and picture and ends from also your cute smile .i dont know whats going on me ..plz god help me my first wish is to see my dennish ,,plz plz i dont wanna alive

  834. 834 : s Says:

    nice nice

  835. 835 : sweetdorothy Says:

    dennis…i’m in love with u…

  836. 836 : fiona Says:

    Let’s pray for Dennis, may he meet some good directors and make more wonderful and amazing movies, series, etc.!

    Here are few of his pics we took in this year! Enjoy them!

  837. 837 : tibhouse Says:

    I wonder if they will make another drama of sweet spy 2. The first part keeps you guessing. I still wonder what will happen next. You know.

  838. 838 : Magalena Says:

    For you: Joshua 1:7-8, Isaiah 41:9-10 New International Version (NIV)
    God will keep your hopes, desires, dreams and goals of your heart. The purpose for which comes born to perform in your life.

  839. 839 : Lily Says:

    Happy Birthday to u, wish u all the best and God bless u 🙂

  840. 840 : maily Says:

    Happy birthday darring and my sweet maily

  841. 841 : misz wong Says:

    u know somthing?? my boyfriend same face like u.. handsome, cute n carring.. he a chinese boy.. but he alrdy past away.. but i want to tell u smthing,, u r so handsome.. we like your movies sweet spy and east of eden..

  842. 842 : majan Says:

    زندگي يك گذر است مي گذرد.

  843. 843 : mn Says:

    u really read these?????????

  844. 844 : Angela Says:

    Dennis O’Neil, every girls want to be with him, every guys wannabe. 😀 I love his eyes, very captivating.

  845. 845 : Ctrose23 Says:

    Can’t describe with million of words..I dont wanna say anything here..Juz when i look at ur face n i can feel evrything there. Thats a lot of spirit..take care.

  846. 846 : oweizmeh ahlly Says:

    >waaahhh!!!!they already said everthing and left me with nothing,,,,hehehe…you’re so damn cute and tall…every womn would dream of you and men would probably envy you>>>>geezzz<<<

  847. 847 : norsila(malaysia) Says:

    i really love u dennis..since i saw u in sweet spy..love u sooooo mucchhhhh…cant wait to u in other drama…

  848. 848 : norsila(malaysia) Says:

    wrong typing… actually cant wait to see u in other drama…sooorrryyy

  849. 849 : MariaBell Says:

    You are so damn amazing…

  850. 850 : Evangelina Says:

    never like him at all

  851. 851 : fyda87 Says:

    I dont know who you are..But?Seriously..your face look like my office mate..

  852. 852 : bindiya Says:

    u look vry hot.. i like ur smile…….

  853. 853 : bindiya Says:

    can we b friends in facebook..???

  854. 854 : juniara Says:

    gantennggg banget,,,
    pengen ketemu

  855. 855 : leni junia Says:

    i like u smile…

  856. 856 : wi2n Says:

    wuzh……slepaot2 deh liat tampangnya, cool jadi inget ma masumu hayami komik topeng kaca.

  857. 857 : bidam 13 lila Says:

    i hope dennis will be partner with lee yoo won in next project drama or movie^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  858. 858 : bidam 13 lila Says:

    dennis oh* OH“““he is so cute>>>>>>>perfect

  859. 859 : lili Says:

    i wait the role of his in” Sweet Spy2 “

  860. 860 : ansbhaby Says:

    <3 your too much cute=)


  861. 861 : ansbhaby Says:

    <3 your too much cute=)


    .. take care..

  862. 862 : juniara Says:


  863. 863 : Eunike Says:

    Ohh he’s so damn cool!!! he’s one of the perfect man in this world,,,, gosh i wish im gunna meet you someday!!! <3

  864. 864 : dessy winslet Says:

    ganteng bgt eakk……….

    i love u so muchhhhhhhhhh…………………

  865. 865 : lei felisilda Says:

    gosh…i wish i gonna mit u someday…ur so handsome especially wen u smile….

  866. 866 : nanaz nashmen Says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,you so cool! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH :),and i love your face & your smile:))))))

  867. 867 : Seong Gong Says:

    Hope… he will acting an another drama soon, please give us a new news about him…thank you…

  868. 868 : fatma Says:

    I really like the acting denis, i’ fan from Indonesia.u r handsome actor

  869. 869 : ismi Says:

    dalam film sweety spy….aku suka karakter “dennis o”….

  870. 870 : nanthu Says:

    really i don’t like any actors before but when i see ur sweet spy movice i like very much ur so smart,i pray one day we can make friendship in facebook, dennis ,all good luck for u

  871. 871 : nanthu Says:

    acturally before i don’t like any actor but when u see ur sweet spy i like u very much ur so smart,i will pray for u

  872. 872 : aiza Says:

    ang cute no tlga grabe………..

  873. 873 : emilyrose Says:

    ohhh….he’s soo cute when he smiles and makes my heart drop

  874. 874 : avlish_koala Says:

    He’s the most handsome man I’d ever seen since birth! :))
    love love Dennis O’Neil so much!^^
    hope to see him more in the small/big screen…

  875. 875 : idawibowo Says:

    kereen abizzzz

  876. 876 : marlar thein tun Says:

    i love u so much opa
    u r so handsome
    u make me crazy
    so,u r responsible 4 that
    when will u visit to me?
    i m waiting 4 u 🙂

  877. 877 : ricka Says:

    Hello Mr. Dennis
    I’M rika from Indonesia, I’m the one of your fans n I really admires You, especially when I watch you in sweet spy drama.
    other than that I like your smile which I think is very sweet, I hope someday I can meet with you and ask for your signature directly. and hope you can come to Indonesia My lovely Country with A beautifull scenery.
    oh yes i really hope there is drama sweet spy season 2 with a happy ending….
    always waiting for You in Sweet Spy drama season 2…
    n always waiting to see your smile (^_^)

  878. 878 : sarah Says:

    Wait who said that he so hot and handsome
    he is not by the way
    he just showing nekid at the pic’z what the sex thing about it
    that my point and the end

  879. 879 : yay Says:

    you’re very handsome, cute, cool, and ideal man for every woman. i hope can find someone like you here.

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  881. 881 : ziana Says:

    part 2 sweet spy.

  882. 882 : ziana Says:


  883. 883 : Bao Ngoc Says:

    Uhm…I am wondering.,.What can I do to be worked with U? U are really great! Good luck .,.

  884. 884 : [MBC 2008] East Of Eden | Says:

    […] Hun Lee Da Hae as Min Hye Rin Lee Yeon Hee as Gook Young Ran / Grace Han Ji Hye as Kim Ji Hyun Dennis Oh as […]

  885. 885 : hazel oralde Says:

    hai.Im one of the addicted fan of denise he was so hot’ DAMN ;xD

  886. 886 : asha Says:

    your my idol you know:) i wish that i see u in real…hope so 🙂

  887. 887 : ammi Says:

    sweet spy 2 please…… but with happy ending,,,, I miss that drama…

  888. 888 : joane siska Says:

    Dennis, U look so cool……..
    I like it…..

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  890. 890 : ammi Says:

    sweet spy 2 pleaseeee,,,,, I miss you and lee soon ae,,

  891. 891 : jen savitri Says:

    I hope you come in indonesia. And i wait you in sweet spy session 2..

  892. 892 : Lifeizgreat Says:

    Apart from the God given looks, Dennis is highly talented and seems to be natural and true in his acts especially the love acts. His smiles comes natural.

  893. 893 : Lizzie Bettiee Says:

    Oppa is lukin charming, captivating and cute
    Also,ur beautiful smile always make going crazy:-* I luv u and kip up the good work:-O

  894. 894 : regielinelora Says:

    hello mr dennis oh i like yours smile and handsome your so cute

  895. 895 : nine Says:

    dindo mi bb me quiero casar con tigo

  896. 896 : adesola ayomide Says:

    Dennis Oh! You really worked hard, i’ll be leaving first.

  897. 897 : bulan Says:

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  898. 898 : elsa Says:

    aaaaaaaaaa…… i love you oppa……….. saranghae

  899. 899 : valencia Says:

    Dennis Oh..u very handsome..I Love uuuuuu so much.. I miss uuuu <3

  900. 900 : sahel Says:

    hi you were so good in sweet spy i hope to see you in new romance drama in 2013 pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase

  901. 901 : Jennifer Says:

    I cant so good eng. But i realy like u. U have so wonderful smil and i’m realy like it

  902. 902 : rosie Says:

    I watched witch Yoo Hee and can’t help but thinking u look quite similiar to Lee Min Hoo in Boys over Flower..lol..how these 2 person can look so much the same..so it means Lee Min Hoo is so handsome as much a Pan Asian actor..

    Hope to see u acting as his brother

  903. 903 : hma Says:

    I want to see u in new drama,pls take care of yrself!

  904. 904 : Babbage Says:

    oppa u re so handsome

  905. 905 : Hanan Says:

    I watchd witch yoo hee u r d 2nd best korean actor eva & u hv a lot of similarities wit lee min ho

  906. 906 : cherry in vietnames Says:

    hi dennis oh.i want to see you in sweet spy 2.i like you so.

  907. 907 : cherry in vietnames Says:

    hi dennis oh.i want to see you in sweet spy 2.i like you so.miss u so

  908. 908 : cherry in vietnames Says:

    plsssss facebook dennis oh?plssss tks all

  909. 909 : hnyOH Says:

    come to act soon plz….spy 2 will be good

  910. 910 : yess i love you Says:

    will you marry me…and spare all the time with me

  911. 911 : elena Says:

    U luk so handsome I loved to watch ur movie.

  912. 912 : Cecil lopez Says:

    your one of my idol..although i am a filipina,,i really like you..

  913. 913 : bigeye46 Says:

    you are nice smile..thumb up

  914. 914 : ko phyo Says:

    hi..i most prefer you than others..i wanna watch your new drama series..i want to get your reply.please..thanks you so much..

  915. 915 : sol Says:

    hello! hope to watch you in sweet spy 2 and hope that it will be coming soon……

  916. 916 : ungureanu cristina Says:

    Hello Dennis! I like your acting very much. GOOD LUCK!

  917. 917 : Caroline Says:

    Please,when is sweet spy season 2 coming out cos l really enjoyed watching that drama.lndeed u guys did a good job there.

  918. 918 : MissD Says:

    Dennis Oh V.S Daniel Haney
    GOD !!!!
    damn, , they are so perfect >,<"

  919. 919 : nary Says:

    dennis i’m egyptian and i love you so much <3 ..when is sweet spy sesaon 2 comming out ?! :/

  920. 920 : Somaiya Pathan Says:

    Hi Dennis

    I like u so much you are a handsome Asian Male Actor ever
    Your smile is so cute
    Nice looks and personality

    Best of luck dear

    Somaiya from India

  921. 921 : Charm Says:

    Hi Dennis Oh..how i wish i could see you personally soon..I’m your Filipina fan..your so adorable and yet so handsome.

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