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Go Ah Ra

Go Ah Ra 01

Name: 고아라 / Go Ah Ra
Profession: Actress and model
Birthdate: 1990-Feb-11
Birthplace: Jinju, South Gyeongsang, South Korea
Height: 169cm
Weight: 45kg
Star sign: Aquarius
Blood type: A
Family: Younger brother
Talent agency: SM Entertainment
Education: Songjeong Junior High School, Chungshin Christian Girls’ Academy (Songpa, Seoul, South Korea), Central University (Theater degree)
Hobbies: Listening to music and playing the flute
Languages: Korean and Japanese
Religion: Christianity

TV Shows

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol (KBS2, 2020)
Haechi (SBS, 2019)
Miss Hammurabi (jTBC, 2018)
Black (OCN, 2017)
Hwarang: The Beginning (KBS2, 2016)
Reply 1988 (tvN, 2015)
Producer (KBS2, 2015)
You’re All Surrounded (SBS, 2014)
Answer Me 1994 (tvN, 2013)
Heading to the Ground (MBC, 2009)
Karei naru Spy (NTV, 2009) Cameo Ep3
Who Are You? (MBC, 2008)
Snow Flower (SBS, 2006)
Sharp 2 (KBS2, 2005)
Sharp 1 (KBS2, 2004)


Phantom Detective (2016)
The Magician (2015)
Papa (2012)
Pacemaker (2012)
Subaru (2009)
The Blue Wolf: To the Ends of the Earth and Sea (2007)


Etude Cosmetics
SK Ting (SK Telecom)
Ottogi Noodle (with Kim Ki Bum and Jung Hwa Young)
Doosan Biotech Cosmetics
Cocktail Bar (Binggrae Co., LTD)
Elite School Fashion
Miero Fiber Health Drink (Hyundai Pharm Co., LTD)


43rd Baeksang Art Awards: Best New Actress Award for Snow Flower (2007)
2006 SBS Acting Award: Newcomer Award for Snow Flower
KBS Television Academy Awards: Best Young Actress (Sharp 1, 2004)
SM Entertainment 5th Anniversary Teen Model Contest: Winner (2003)

Related Photo

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  1. 1 : yonex Says:

    Can I have a chance to make friend with you? If you don’t mind I wanted. And if you are feel free, please reply me as above my mail address. You know ! As soon as I saw you, my heart came to fallen in love.

    So, I’m waiting for your reply !!!

  2. 2 : halloall Says:

    is she a real korean?
    seh doesn’t has brown eyes thats strange

  3. 3 : JiEun123 Says:

    There are two noticeable errors in this. Her talent agency isn’t SMtown, it’s SMEntertainment. She also starred in another TV series Snow Flower (2007). Other than that, good job! You actually tried to research on Go Ah Ra.

  4. 4 : JiEun123 Says:

    She really is 100% Korean, I’m positive. She is from a certain area in Korea where that eye color is common, Really.

  5. 5 : mildred Says:

    i watched the drama snow flower and i like it very much im so touched by the story and i like the star go ah ra she so beautiful.

  6. 6 : mildred Says:

    i want to have some chatmate especially the one who like korean stars and drama just email me if there are interested

  7. 7 : Ganaa Says:

    I wanna fuck her and make love to her. Who wants a piece of korean bitch? Let me know dude

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    thank you very much

  9. 9 : patricia acosta Says:

    you’re so cute, lovely and pretty. take care!

  10. 10 : san Says:

    amazing actor 😛
    eventhough she just only an adolescent but she tremendously great
    im always admire her ^_^

  11. 11 : ch33se Says:

    sweet u must be a 10th gradersince u’re born late….

  12. 12 : Spiderman Says:

    hahaha she wont reply to u,ill reply to u, 🙁 must be dreaming u guys

  13. 13 : celine Says:


  14. 14 : nikku _shazuumie Says:

    this is my japanese name…I hope i can be friend with you coz it seems like you are too familiar to me…Juz send me an e-mail ok!!

  15. 15 : Widya Says:

    She’s very beautiful. She has very huge eyes. I’m her huge fans. I wish i can hug her. Don’t worry, i’m girl too

  16. 16 : TRIXIE KIM Says:


  17. 17 : SLAPBAMDAMN? Says:

    wth? perverts.

    she didn’t even make this profile, so she doesnt read all these cmts.

    dang, dumbfucks as ever trying to get a wishful fucking? i think the ppl she works with is way better than you desperate perverts.

  18. 18 : SLAPBAMDAMN? Says:

    TRIXIE KIM… o.o”

    She lives in San Francisco? What a liar. Your pants are so on fire! :O

  19. 19 : daniel Says:

    hi cani make friends with u? i …….like u! oh… dunn think wrong! well can u give me ur e-mail?

  20. 20 : daniel Says:

    u r sooooooo cute!

  21. 21 : ooika Says:

    hey guys!!let’s be nice to each other,will ya?
    ah go ah ra..i’m quite shock knowing that u’re this young..
    i mean,i’m 18 too but u already kiss yoon kye sang?
    but nway,congrats for who r u and hoping 2 see on tv screen again..
    i knw it’s almost impossible for hoping dat u’ll read this—

  22. 22 : oceanangel Says:

    for those of you wondering about her eyes, it’s just CONTACTS~ she’s only wearing green contact, that’s all. SHe’s 100% korean

  23. 23 : purple^^ Says:

    Wow..she’s just 18 years old and yet so talented in acting. I’d watched her new drama-Who are you? Its really nice drama and worth of watching.
    She is really pretty!!

  24. 24 : tina Says:

    hi !!! hope to b friends ……………i like ur tv series

  25. 25 : lulu Says:

    i admire go ah ra!
    ah ra and kibum forever!

  26. 26 : lulu Says:

    i like this thread! snow flower really rock! i love ah ra’s eyes really much! she and kibum made such a good couple! so cute together in snow flower! kibum oppa was also really hot!

  27. 27 : butterfly Says:

    cutie pie

  28. 28 : butterfly Says:

    i like ur eyes

  29. 29 : nympha Says:

    hi! i am very interested to learn korean language!i would be glad if you could be my chatmate. if you’re interested to learn english,i will be happy to teach you.thank you.

  30. 30 : _inji_joeane Says:

    When i hear korean teEns? Let me telL u this. They are s0o0o cuTe and pRetTy. They hav a beauTful c0mplexioN and eyes. They are vry g0od in aCting and easily t0uches ur heart when theyre oN SCREEN. Go teEns like me.haha. [email protected] adD ME haha.hey k0rean teEns aCT0R AND ACTREss send me msg too or lets maybe frends.haha.lavyah.

  31. 31 : kim mona Says:

    you havepreety eyes and she is beatiful im am irani I like you I AM CAN go china in futher

  32. 32 : pretty_jo Says:

    love her…she’s so cute.. wish i can be like her!!!aigoo!!!

  33. 33 : pretty_jo Says:

    aigoo!!!shes so cute!!i wish i can be like her!!!

  34. 34 : pretty_jo Says:

    aigoo!!!shes so cute,i wish i can be like her!!!i envy her:)

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  37. 37 : lloyd Says:

    i love ARA very much she is such a beauty of my life,give me some time to meet her. i love her innocent face,her brown eyes were the same as mine, i love it,guys let us cheer for lovely ARA, she made me smile took away all my worries, i thank her.


  38. 38 : ^_^vanjel Says:

    wheeEe! go ah ra is very pretty!
    simple..yet fabulous! hehe!!
    tho im a filipino yet im a big fan of her now… hehe!!!
    i want to go to korea and meet ol my idols.. hehe!!!
    hwaiting go ah ra!! hehe!!

  39. 39 : jiamin8896 Says:

    I luvvv her too! She is sooo cute!
    Did you see how she stuff her mouth with food in “Who Are You” until both her cheeks form two little bag!!! HAHA 🙂

  40. 40 : syaizhajime Says:

    finally i remember bout her..hihi…
    no wonder when i saw his picture..
    ok..ok…actually his eye..i think that i have seen her b4…
    after took sime time recalling my memory n serfing at the internet
    finally i remember…she was dancing n singin “Tell Me-wonder girls”
    u know what i mean(who ar u?)…hihi…
    she look extremly cute n a good actress…
    hope she will successz…

    sarange….AJA AJA FIGHTING: P

  41. 41 : amktsy Says:

    cool…she plays flute =D
    she is 2 days older than me on date of birth and month. 😀
    another aquarius……. 😀

    btw,hope you can do a good job in Heading to the ground. 😀
    Heading to the ground fighting. 😀
    Go Ah Ra fighting 😀

  42. 42 : afrooz Says:

    hi ara.im afrooz from iran.i love you so much.youre the best

  43. 43 : Julie Says:

    Is that her real eye colour? I really like that colour! I’ve been wondering ever since I saw her on Heading to the Ground.

    Please reply! I really wanna know whether their real or just contacts. If they’re contacts, what colour are they?

  44. 44 : Nan Susan Says:

    I would love to be friend with you. you are my favourait actress, I would love to know why you are so beautiful. You have everything, you’re so cute, so beautiful, so adorable. I would love to meet you. I want to HUG you, I want to make a friend with you. I’m a girl. Ireally like the Korean Series that you starred WHO ARE YOU. I’m really envious of you. you have really BEAUTIFUL FACE, CUTE EYES, ADORABLE NOSE, SEXY LIPS. I love you, PLEASE SEND ME AN ER.MAIL.

  45. 45 : Nan Susan Says:


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    your skin like snow so white….
    you’re so pretty………..

  48. 48 : jam Says:

    your so young and beautiful…

  49. 49 : cholate love Says:

    u r so pretty in who are you!

  50. 50 : Saman Says:

    Hi, You are very demur & beauty. I love you really …. You are my angel.
    Have a good life ….

  51. 51 : Saman Says:

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  53. 53 : ali Says:

    hi, you have a very beautiful face and ayes

  54. 54 : ali Says:

    i loveyou go ah ra

  55. 55 : rocheann Says:

    i love her eyes
    shes really gorgeus
    i love her!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. 56 : niloofar Says:

    Go ah ra——–> I LOVE YOU

  57. 57 : aria Says:

    you are great ! i love u

  58. 58 : RIE Says:

    she looks stylish, i love her style!

  59. 59 : rwkawa Says:

    you are so butiful lady in korea i love you so much…you and chasunk hiw good caple in drama…

  60. 60 : golshan Says:

    hi my new friend im a islamic girl ilove you you are soo cute and lovely ihope you are always happy and have good time fighting

  61. 61 : yasmin Says:

    i love your play ………………….

  62. 62 : faez Says:

    hello go ah ra,
    you are a really good actress,and also you are so pretty
    teke care of yourself
    with the best wishes for you.

  63. 63 : sara Says:

    hi Go Ah Ra
    im from Iran.i watched who are you drama.that was great.i love your play.you are very pretty.good luck.

  64. 64 : Saeid Says:


    I am Saeid from Iran, Miss Go Ah Ra I have a special question, are you single or married?
    It seems you are very kind, warm and you are really attractive and beautiful.
    Please reply to my personal mail.


  65. 65 : Aziz Says:

    Anyong, my dear Go Ah Ra!
    Chonin Aziz eyo.
    Chonin Tajikistan eso vassayo!
    Choe sarangeeyo!
    Good luck!

  66. 66 : Hae Jee Says:

    She has a cute face but shes too skinny.
    Her eye color is real. They say its hazel eyes, but I think its light brown.

  67. 67 : Maurie Says:

    Her eye color is actually Amber. It’s more common in humans in the regions of Brazil & Asia. ^^ If they were hazel they would have other colors & shift colors… but hers are a solid color that is light. = Amber (You can even search & amber is a color.. just not very common, but more common in Brazil or Asia regions..)

  68. 68 : one Says:

    saw you in Heading to the ground, you are very beautiful, delicate features, small bones, all in good proportion, honest smiles and kind expression plus nice hair … but i read here that you don’t have anymore project after that one in 2009? how so? well i hope you all the success in each and every endeavor ..

  69. 69 : fatima Says:

    ola……… sabes que sos bonita a mi encanta tu protagonismo en la novela aaa besaste a un chico lindisimo como u-know yunho a soy del otro lado del mundo osea bolivia………………….

  70. 70 : shohreh shi Says:

    i am shohreh from iran
    i really love all about korea and chiefly korean drama
    your eyes soooo beautiful
    nomo nomo choa

  71. 71 : sarina Says:

    Oh go ara has a really cute innocent face!!!!
    her eyes_her lips_her hair
    i love those things about her…………
    It just makes her a bit too cute
    she’s a beauty

  72. 72 : yasaman Says:

    u are so butifull and pretty.
    in (who are you) u are very pretty.

  73. 73 : anh thu Says:

    chi ah ra la so 1

  74. 74 : anh thu Says:

    em rat hanh dien va vui mung vi chi duoc lot vao top 100 nguoi dep nhat the gioi.em luon o ben ung ho chi het minh,hay co len chi nhe,tu khi koi phim sharp2 em da thich chi roi,em luon yeu chi,chi la so 1

  75. 75 : anh thu Says:

    em yeu chi,chi ah ra oi,iu chi nhat tren doi nay.chi mai mai la than tuong so 1 cua em

  76. 76 : anh thu Says:

    em rat mong chi doc duoc tin nhan cua em

  77. 77 : shohreh shi Says:

    you are very cute…

  78. 78 : thamichraibi Says:

    salut tres bel actresse vous ete vraiment la per choix pour le style aussi la premier au cinema amon avis tu est la maller bravo vou souhaite tres bonne contunuation vous avez de la chanse amoureuse de tou le monde

  79. 79 : kyawkyawhtet Says:

    I alway remember mama.but I miss you . Ma Ma beautiful girl .So I alway
    love mama.

  80. 80 : mimi Says:

    love your acting .. so beautiful ..

  81. 81 : sara Says:

    you are very cute … i love your acting

  82. 82 : tintin Says:

    One of Charlie’s (Ji Hyo’s) Angels in Running Man! You were so fierce in that episode.

  83. 83 : Rose Says:

    no coming up kdrama? please have one

  84. 84 : Who Are You (누구세요) « styrn Says:

    […] Kye Sang as Cha Seung Hyo Go Ah Ra as Son Young In Jin Yi Han as Shim Jae Ha Kang Nam Gil as Son Il Gun Kim Sung Eun as Yoo Ha […]

  85. 85 : Rosemary Ong from Malaysia Says:

    How come no more dramas from Go Ah Ra?

  86. 86 : thamichraibi Says:

    je sui toujoure dacoté pour encouragr et voté pour vou je toublie jamai tres bon courage et tres bonne chanse

  87. 87 : maryjoy Says:

    she’s the main fiction character in the story sadist lover .. lovely face 🙂

  88. 88 : Dave Says:

    Go Ara so cute and sexy.. like u acting in heading to the ground.. hope u will make more drama and movie at the future…

  89. 89 : winnie Says:

    You are so cute in your role in “you’re all surrounded.I never thought yo would look so good with Lee sung gi. Nice chemistry. hope to see you both in another drama.

  90. 90 : Salma Ikari Says:

    Je t’aime trop dans” You’re all surrouned”dailleur je me demande si il y aura une saison 2?

  91. 91 : Alwine Says:

    Cantiiiikkk….. 😉

  92. 92 : Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] Kye Sang as Cha Seung Hyo and Go Ah Ra as Son Young In, Kang Nam Gil as Son Il Gun. Plot: Cha Seung Hyo is an abandoned child who gets […]

  93. 93 : aman Says:

    i lov ur acting unni… 😀

  94. 94 : freedomdemon Says:

    exciting for the new episode release, of her newest act on drama [화랑 / The Beginning / 花郎]~!!!!! **Y

  95. 95 : HWARANG: The Beginning – Judul Situs Says:

    […] Seo Joon as Moo Myung Go Ah Ra as Ah Ro Park Hyung Shik as Sam Maek Jong (later King Jinheung of […]

  96. 96 : "Hwarang: The Beginning"-noua drama istorica de la KBS a inceput - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] guvernati de propriile principii solide. In rolurile principale ii vom regasi pe Park Seo Joon, Go Ah Ra si Park Hyung […]

  97. 97 : Arayo Says:

    She is indeed beautiful woman and physically perfect, but unfortunately her acting skill is terrible for someone who have been in acting for more than 10 years. I thought it was just the sessaeng opinion, but yes, I must agree with it.
    Hopefully she can improve her acting skill more and wish for more movies for her in the next years…fighting !!

  98. 98 : Korean Drama Review YAAS | Drama and Show Reviews & Recommendations Says:

    […] Seung Ki as Eun Dae Gu / Kim Ji Yong, Cha Seung Won as Seo Pan Suk and Go Ah Ra as Uh Soo […]

  99. 99 : GUS Says:

    I just finished watching Black, great korean Drama, the end a bit flaw. Ah Ra Go did a great job in her acting, Kudos to you.
    Regards from Texas, from a latino admirer.

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