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Go Soo

Name: 고수 / Go Soo (Go Su)
Also known as: Ko Soo
Profession: Actor and model
Birthdate: 1978-Oct-04
Birthplace: Choong Nam Non San, South Korea
Height: 183cm
Weight: 65kg
Star sign: Libra
Blood type: A
Education: Sangmyung University (Cinema Major)
Skill: Taekwondo
Religion: Christianity

TV Series

Missing: The Other Side (OCN, 2020)
Money Game (tvN, 2020)
Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency (jTBC, 2019)
Heart Surgeons (SBS, 2018)
The Flower in Prison (MBC, 2016)
Empire of Gold (SBS, 2013)
Will it Snow at Christmas? (SBS, 2009)
Marrying a Millionaire (SBS, 2005)
Green Rose (SBS, 2005)
When a Man is in Love (SBS, 2004)
My Fair Lady (SBS, 2003)
Age of Innocence (SBS, 2002)
Piano (SBS, 2001)
Mothers and Sisters (MBC, 2000)


The Fortress (2017)
The Tooth and the Nail (2017)
Lucid Dream (2017)
The Last Princess (2016)
The Royal Tailor (2014)
Myohyangsangwan (2014)
Beautiful 2014 (2014)
The Way Home (2013)
Love 911 (2012)
The Front Line (2011)
Psychic (2010)
Into the White Night (2009)
Some (2004)


BH Fashion
Popeye Chicken
Ziozia Fashion


2005 Grand Bell Awards: Best Actor for “Some”
2003 Model Line Awards: Most Popular Actor
2003 Model Line Awards: Best Dresser
2002 SBS Awards: Best New Actor for Age of Innocence
2002 SBS Awards: “10 Big Stars of the Year” Award for Age of Innocence
2001 SBS Awards: Best New Actor for Piano
2001 SBS Awards: Most Popular Actor for Piano
2000 MBC Awards: Best New Actor for Mothers and Sisters


Go Soo is going to marry Ms. Kim (born on 1989) on 17/Feb/2012.

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  1. 1 : norazira Says:

    hai go soo!i’m your fanatic fan.i like you act in green rose.

  2. 2 : ctz06 Says:

    and MISS you….

  3. 3 : theresa Says:

    Hi. Saw your acting in a couple of vcds like Marry a Millionaire. I won’t say it’s the best acting so far but I appreciate the effort. If you keep trying, you’ll perfect it soon.

    Just thought you should lighten up your facial expression, particularly the smile. A bit tense in your smile when you are acting. If you learn to relax in front of the camera and not think of it too much, you’ll do very well!

    cheers for a better 2007 and I’ll continue to support you in your new shows, if any.

  4. 4 : syasya Says:

    hello..Go Soo..i’m fan of you..i’m from Brunei..i like your act in green rose..bye..

  5. 5 : finalphalax Says:

    you’re a good actor go soo. really great in green rose. i wish you and that girl from full house (han ji-eun) would come up with a drama, coz you look good together. So keep it up.

  6. 6 : DeeDee Says:


    I’ve seen your acting in quite number of dramas. The most memorable dramas were Piano and Green Rose. … All the best … & & & Fighting!!!!

  7. 7 : Endken Says:

    Guess what, my sister is crary about you and so do I.
    Keep up the great acting, Gosoooooooooooo!
    BEst Luck!


  8. 8 : Bean Says:

    HEY GoSoo’s Fans,

    Don’t you all agreed he shoould has won more than just two awards? He deserved more! He is the best Koren man i’ve seen. I love his personity in Green Rose, he is so manly. Don’t you think, fans?

  9. 9 : somsom Says:

    i relly like u…go soo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u’re a gr8 actor n u’re really cute,handsome………………

  10. 10 : somsom Says:

    i really like u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u’re really cute,handsome…..manly!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really admired ur performance in green rose……… luv u lotzzzzzzz

  11. 11 : gretchel jane Says:

    i like ko soo or jerome rather in green rose..,hes very gud looking guy,
    very gentlemen and humble too…bagay na bagay sila ni lee da hae or
    angela pla…sana maging sila in reality…ganda talaga ng green rose
    sobra..yan ang pinaka fave korean drama ko ever…hindi ako nagsasawang
    panoorin yan kasi ang ganda ng story e..hopefully may bago na nman sila]
    ni lee da hae..wow wala ako masabi…

  12. 12 : cool gurl Says:

    I,m really loves your acting in the Green rose!!!You quite handsome too..

  13. 13 : tai_tu Says:

    Hi, Goo Soo. I’m waiting for your new dramas and movies. Hope it will be work soon, esp. in year 2007. —– Tai* ——

  14. 14 : nsw3og7 Says:

    hi go soooo…..i love you!! really in love with your acting especially in green rose and marrying a millionaire, i like your acting in green rose the way you portray your role very manly, hopefuly ill find someone like you, and if you’ve got the chance to visit philippines plssss!!!! because some korean actors made to visit to the philippines. I fell in love with you!!!

  15. 15 : Rachel Xiong Says:

    Ko Soo is such a good-looking actor!!
    He is my favorite guy-actor!!
    I love him best when he stars in Green Rose!!
    Ko Soo and Lee Da Hae are such a cute and lovely couple!!

  16. 16 : Bee Says:

    Hey, I really like your movies, especially To Marry a Millionaire. You are so HOT! Just to let you know, I’m crazy over you^_^ Hope to see you someday=D

  17. 17 : delilah Says:

    hi go soo, I love your drama, Green Rose so much. You’re hot…I hope to see more of you movies. Keep up the good work. I’m 100% you numter one fan…

  18. 18 : Rubie Says:

    I love you so much on the film ” Green Rose ” ….i’m big big fan of you…

  19. 19 : thanh Says:

    I really really like you in Green rose and Some. Hope to see more your film. I think you and lee dae hee is a good couple. keep on going.

  20. 20 : Hai Yen Says:

    Hi! Go Soo, My name is Yen, from Hanoi, Vietnam, I like your image in Green Rose, very very much. You are so handsome, lovely, and good-looking. Hope that we can make friends with each other.

    My nickname is haycuoi82 on Yahoo Messenger! Cya.

  21. 21 : Thuy Van Says:

    Dear Go Soo,

    I have watched TV series – Green Rose that you played as main character. I really love this character – he is manly, sweet, good-hearted and unusually magnanimous. I am also christian and I understand what you did (in Green Rose and/or in your real life (???)) is so excellent…
    I Wish that you will get more success in the future.


    Thuy Van (Mss) from Hanoi, Vietnam

  22. 22 : flirtangel Says:

    hi goo soo…i’m really dying to see you in person! your smile drives me really crazyyyy! please take care…i’ll see u soon..mwahhhh!

  23. 23 : TIn Says:

    will am your fan from philippines so far i have only watched to marry a millionaire and its great i managed to to watched it over my very hectic schedules. since then am a big fun of yours. looking forward to watched other great series of yours. Keep it up!

  24. 24 : TIn Says:

    if smiles could kill am probably dead now!!!! Mwahh… Stay in Shape

  25. 25 : nadyarini Says:

    hi,goo soo i,m your fans from indonesia ,i,m realy like your act in drama green rose n marry a millionaire u doing so well hope u have more more drama or movie on the next i”ll be waiting

  26. 26 : miles angeles Says:

    hello go soo,
    i watched you in green rose and to marry a millionaire you are so awesome and a very good actor indeed.i hope to watch more of you soon.
    i hope you could team up with song (fullhouse and autumn in my heart actress) you two will good together both in small and big screen.

  27. 27 : reza Says:

    ko soo and lee da hae
    all the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. 28 : reza Says:

    i love ko soo and lee da hae very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. 29 : kwaKwak Says:

    i liked you in Green Rose as well as in To Marry a Millionaire

  30. 30 : katie thao Says:

    hey there sweetie.. i love ur smile. i love ur acting in Green Rose.. i love it when u fake that look that u dont know any of the people that was ur enemy.. love u honey.. keep up the good work.

  31. 31 : patkyi Says:

    hey…go soo….i m ur fan.i like u so much…i like all ur movies….i wish u r always happy through out ur life being an attractive and good actor….

  32. 32 : nadia_san Says:

    aniyo hosayo Kosoo!

    Hai my name is nadia and i from MALAYSIA!.

    I’m your fanatic fan and not just that actually i already bought all your drama for my collection and in fact almost everyday i surf internet try looking anything news about you. i very admire and love your acting. it’s very natural and touching and for me you are the best hero among korean actor.

    you are not just have a good looking, good personality and good attitude but the most important you are very tallented in acting. i’ll will always support you and really want to know what is your official fan club website and hope you forward to my email address [email protected]. I hope you wil success with your career and your life. all the best!!


  33. 33 : rose raquin Says:

    hi Go Soo..im rose from phil….i really like ur act in green rose…..i wish you can make a nice movie again…..good luck in ur carrier and keep up a good work!!!!wish you all the best…i love you..mwaaahh…….take care.

    rose from phil.

  34. 34 : Samantha Says:

    hi go soo love ur movie u the most handsome korean actor out there
    can’t wait for u to make more movies
    your #1 FAN forever

  35. 35 : sandy Says:

    cute guy..

  36. 36 : icha Says:

    hai……………….go soo u are so inteligent and handsome…..

  37. 37 : nadyarini Says:

    hi Go soo ,happy birthday to you,hope all of your dream become true n u can everything what u want .take care n have a nice day

  38. 38 : winyee Says:

    hi i am from malaysia.You are so cute with your big and sparkling eyes.I like your perform in green rose and marrying a millionaire.Keep up with your good work and i will always out there to support you!

  39. 39 : ashley Says:

    Hi Go Soo! I’m ashley from M’sia… after watching your drama “To marry a millionaire” I fell in luv with you!! your acting skill is superb. You have the look, big beautiful eyes and the sweetest smile i’ve ever seen. You and Ms Kim made a superb couple. Hope to see both of you working together in your future drama/movie. Keep up the good work and last but not least, Happy Belated Birthday!!

  40. 40 : Julianne Says:

    Hi Go Soo! I didn’t realize how popular you are outside Korea!
    I was looking for the poem cd, and found this site.

    I have never loved a character like I love Young Hoon. I still love Young Hoon more than Go Soo. But, I begin to see you. Everytime I think of Young Hoon, I think of you, and say a prayer for you. You are not a hero, but want to be a hero? We need a hero..Be a hero! Make many more movies that touches people’s heart. I will be watching and cheering for you, with prayers.

    With love, ajumma from CA.

  41. 41 : shirley Says:

    hi go soo! your drama marrying a millionnaire is currently playing in one of our astro channels (malaysia) but after watching several episods, i got really fascinated with your character as Kim Young Hoon (the innocent, honest and handsome looking guy). I end up buying the drama collection becoz I can’t get enough of you. You are drop dead gorgeous!!You and Kim Hyun Joo acted very naturally and I got really crazy with both of you!! When is your next drama/movie? Can’t wait to watch you act again with her…such a lovely couple….hope to get in touch with you thru emails….love always….

  42. 42 : ian trinidad Says:

    you must be handsome,back here in the philippines. a loty of people keep calling me jun lee,the time green rose was still on air.when i saw green rose,we do look similar.hahaha,since then i became a fan.”to marry a millionaire” will be airing here soon.cant wait to watch it.more power idol.

  43. 43 : rahel Says:

    Go soo….i like to watch u act in movie “marrying a millionaire” coz u look so honesty n good young man….lesson from that movie i learn is need to be independent, try hard to success n be nice person….i hope u will more success in future….(“,)

  44. 44 : Burachat ritchaiyaphum Says:

    Hi Ko Soo
    I am your oversea fan from Thailand. I love your acting in green rose , marrying a millionaire, and age of innocent so much.You acted excellent in action scenes may be coz you are specialist in tekwondo. Wish you all the best and pls come back very soon from the military, I and your fannatic fans are looking forward to see your new dramas .

  45. 45 : lunivic villamin gaa Says:

    hi, Ko Soo,

    I really miss you a lot.. I hope i can see you in your next teledrama… When will you be back from your military training….

    I miss your cute smile…

  46. 46 : debbie Says:

    Ko Soo….please come back soon from your military training. I’m sure a lot of your fans out there miss you so much…. as for me i got really really crazy with you. Guess what, I hv just finished watching your teledrama, My Fair Lady. (Your 3rd Teledramas I bought) You looked younger and as always very cute in that drama. However, the most handsome character is as Kim Young Hoon in Marrying A Millionnaire. ……. Looking forward to collect another Teledrama of yours…Missed you like crazy!!!

  47. 47 : Socheata Says:

    His acting performance is superb in Green Rose.

  48. 48 : chabori Says:


  49. 49 : nadia Says:

    I write this comment because i hope may be ko soo will read these comments of his fans from over asia. And ko soo should realize that a lot of fans are waiting for him. please come back very soon.

  50. 50 : Janey - Thailand Says:

    I love Ko Soo in every roles. Waiting for the next dramas. U R so cute.

  51. 51 : Ingrid Hays Says:

    Love you Go soo with all of my heart . I feel hopefull that in year 2008 , we will have a chance to see new dramas of Go soo. So please .

  52. 52 : debbie Says:

    Hi Go Soo, agree with Ingrid. Hope to see u back in 2008! Your co-star in Marrying a Millionnaire, Kim Hyun Ju will be acting in her latest teledrama (can’t remember the title). Should be out real soon in Korea. I totally in luv with both of you. I know it’s kind of late but I just bought the song collections in MAM too……really really miss your handsome and cute smile….

  53. 53 : gookgoo Says:

    Hi Ko Soo, I ‘m so happy when reading all comments of your fans.Coz we ‘re missing you so much. LOVE you & always support you.

  54. 54 : ingrid Says:

    Hi Go Soo
    Miss you again, agree with Debbie, Go soo & Kim hyun ju ‘re so sweet. They acted as they really loved each other in the show. And I also hope they will be paired up again in the next movies. Love both of you.

  55. 55 : Janey - Thailand Says:

    Ko Soo,

    I love all of your dramas and I’m waiting to see new dramas soon.

  56. 56 : jovy Says:

    Ko Soo ; You are the most handsome guy among korean actors.Not only good looking , you are talented in acting.Wish you all success in your career and personal life. See you in 2008.

  57. 57 : elsie p Says:

    Hi Go Soo, miss your smile. Hope to have good news from you soon.

  58. 58 : gookgoo Says:

    I’ve just finish watching ‘green rose’ and love this movie so much. I ‘m also crazy for you at frist. I feel that you are so cute ,charming, polite, manly and good hearted. LOVE you Ko Soo.

  59. 59 : Janey - Thailand Says:

    Last night, I finished the 5th watching “Age of Innocence”. I love your role as Lee Tae Suk.

  60. 60 : gookgoo Says:

    Go soo , i really miss you.

  61. 61 : Janey - Thailand Says:

    Really miss U

  62. 62 : Emilie Says:

    Hi Go Soo
    You are my favorite korean actor. I love only you and will support you forever. Good Luck .

  63. 63 : p0a_l Says:

    i really love to watch green rose and your acting is fantastic!!!

  64. 64 : Bua_TH Says:

    I love ‘Green Rose’ and all ur dramas. U r so cool! Still waiting for your new drama, pls come back soon !

  65. 65 : Janey - TH Says:

    Ko Soo, I’m still waiting for you. Miss your smile.

  66. 66 : hariez Says:

    I LOVE GREEN ROSE….your acting is fantastic!!!!

  67. 67 : quen Says:

    you are a very good actor. especially in green rose..

  68. 68 : May Says:

    Go Soo you r talented & capable to bring your characters alive in your dramas.Keep up the good work, and i want to see your new dramas soon.

  69. 69 : Zuzanne Says:

    Go soo
    You are so cute with a manly personality Wish to meet you in person.

  70. 70 : Zuzanne Says:

    Miss your adorable smile

  71. 71 : :) Says:

    you are the best actor. you acted really well in green rose.

  72. 72 : pl Says:

    i also love your acting in my fair lady.

  73. 73 : burachat Says:

    I watched all of your dramas. love you in every charaters.Ko soo, please come back soon.I am your fan from Thailand.

  74. 74 : +) Says:

    i cant forget your acting in green rose. it is so marvelous.

  75. 75 : ny Says:

    Thanks debbie. I just wonder where Go Soo is. I love Green Rose, but Marry a Millionaire is so romantic which reminded me all pure love. Hope we can see him on screen soon.

  76. 76 : burachat Says:

    Hi Ko Soo, miss you , my handsome guy. hey hey hey

  77. 77 : miffy Says:

    i feel so miss u
    i am your fanclub!
    next year i will go to korean to see u
    i very want u to come to thailand to see me

  78. 78 : jennifer Says:

    Go Soo you are my fev star. u r very handsome, charming, manly and so cute. love you .

  79. 79 : nam Says:

    Ko Soo , love u forever ,see u next year. and take care

  80. 80 : hari Says:

    I love you so much.
    I like to watch your series such as green rose , marry to a millionaire and all of yours. I love your acting , your nice voice& your action with taewondo is so great . ok, you r so great. thank you .

  81. 81 : momoko Says:

    i love u
    u r my destiny

  82. 82 : pangjee Says:

    u r my miracle
    i want to be a film star like you
    u r so brilliant
    u r so sparking
    i like u

  83. 83 : pj2 Says:

    you are admirable
    you are very kindly&
    you so cool

    please come back soon

  84. 84 : batty Says:


  85. 85 : I aM 1 WhO GeT iN LoVe WiTh U Says:

    first i saw u in the series green rose i was fall in love with u so…..DEEP!

  86. 86 : NANCY Says:

    ko soo, you ‘re my inspiration. I want to be a showbizz celebrity whom every body love like you please come to bangkok & have a goodluck.

  87. 87 : karny Says:

    You ‘re my real lover but don’t make me love u more than this Go Soo

  88. 88 : sexy guy Says:

    HI KO Soo,
    I am your fanatic fan from oversea. I hope to get in touch with you in a near future when you’re out from the military. Waiting for your new drama.bye.

  89. 89 : sue Says:

    Hi Ko Soo Miss you a lot

  90. 90 : blue Says:

    u r my idol
    u r my real lover
    i hope u will get very famous

  91. 91 : kuk jung sue Says:

    i am a lazy girl who get in love with u

  92. 92 : mo Says:


  93. 93 : moVY Says:

    YOU ARE THE first people who make me getting in love with some1

  94. 94 : bamy Says:

    I give you all my heart &
    i will not give my heart to anybody else except YOU

  95. 95 : lolly Says:

    first i am a lonely girl but when i saw u in the movie
    that make me getting in love with somebody

  96. 96 : pop Says:

    LOVE U A LOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. 97 : popY Says:

    i never saw a actor who handsome
    like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!555+

  98. 98 : jaaaa Says:

    u r so smart , i havn’t getting in love with nobody
    but i get in love with u

  99. 99 : jaaaa Says:


  100. 100 : jaaaa Says:

    ไม่เคยเห็นใคร น่า

    ในทั้ง ชีวิต

  101. 101 : song Says:

    i love u
    i love u
    i love u
    i love u

  102. 102 : keroro Says:

    u r my faverite actors

    my best idol is you

  103. 103 : twinny Says:

    I LIKE U
    I LIKE U
    I LIKE U
    I LIKE U
    I LIKE U
    I LIKE U
    I LIKE U

  104. 104 : NANA Says:

    i am from bangkok
    i and everybody who like u wanted u to
    come and visit bangkok
    naaaaaa kaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  105. 105 : icy Says:


  106. 106 : icy Says:

    wishing u will be a good idol for me like
    this forever

  107. 107 : mandy Says:

    WHY u so smart

    WHY u so kind

    WHY u make me fall in love with u


  108. 108 : mandy Says:

    hi go soo
    i love u

  109. 109 : pji Says:

    if i want a boyfriend
    i want my boyfriend
    to be like you

  110. 110 : lin lin Says:

    u r my best
    lover but
    stop making my heart
    love u again

  111. 111 : book Says:

    i am a mean girl hu love u

  112. 112 : pandabear Says:

    wow we have the same birthday but i was born fifteen years later!!!!!! that’s cool…..>.

  113. 113 : monty Says:

    i love u so much
    i wanted u to come to thailand

  114. 114 : monty Says:

    i wish you will have a happiness all your life

  115. 115 : pangjee Says:

    รัก นะ แต่ ไม่ แสดง ออก


  116. 116 : pangjee Says:

    รัก โกซู ตลอด ไป และ
    รัก ทั้ง ชีวิต


  117. 117 : maity Says:

    hi !!!!!
    how are you doing ??????
    did u have fun in military camp ????
    i hope so……….. na?

  118. 118 : pangjee Says:

    i dream about you everynight

  119. 119 : min ji lee Says:

    hi go soo
    u r so great !!!!
    i love u in green rose very much

  120. 120 : erika Says:

    Hi ko soo , i wish you all the best on this coming x mas.see you soon.

  121. 121 : sue Says:

    I am your huge fan. love u go soo .

  122. 122 : jarmon Says:

    i love your story GREEN ROSE very much

  123. 123 : kathi Says:

    Hi Ko soo
    how can i tell u , how much i miss u ?

  124. 124 : 02 Says:

    you are a very talented actor.

  125. 125 : jerusalem_87 Says:

    I really, really miss you so much!!!!! I hope after you’ve done with your military services, you could get a lot of productions just for us, your fans, to enjoy your acting again on television and even in theaters. Please, please, please do some movies????? Thanks!!!!!

  126. 126 : vanila 31 Says:

    After watching your series ‘green rose ‘ & marry a millionaire’, im falling in love with you so so much. So i am searching more of your series.Ko soo, you are very talented in acting , charming ,attractive and manly.I read from the magazin that you ‘re very polite in person. i ‘m happy to be your fan and will support you . good luck.

  127. 127 : vanila 31 Says:

    Miss u a lot . Untill then ko soo

  128. 128 : Janey Says:

    Ko Soo,
    all fans in Thailand are still waiting for you.

    Luv U

  129. 129 : Jumon Says:

    I’ve watched all your series but I love your role as Lee Tae Sok very much and also When a man loves. So I watched this two series many many…….. times, every night……….

  130. 130 : alfredo paclar Says:

    How are you doing in the military camp

  131. 131 : show Says:

    Hello ko soo , hope u r doing well. we r waiting 4 u for almost 2 years. It ‘s long enough . we wish to see u in early 2008. hope god bless u. i love u .

  132. 132 : Sue Says:

    Hi ko soo
    I watched ‘green rose’ and love you so much .Even in Age of innocent, you were handsome & cool. I love you in all characters.

  133. 133 : Sue Says:

    HI go soo you r the best . luv u luv u . kiss kiss

  134. 134 : Bkkpsk Says:

    Hi Ko soo
    wishing you rainbows with colors so bright
    hoping this day for you, will be filled with delight.

  135. 135 : penny lee Says:

    i watch all your shows and love them very much. Hoping to see more of your dramas soon. Thanks in advance& love you .

  136. 136 : mahi Says:

    how r u ?
    do u having fun
    Merry christmas

  137. 137 : som Says:

    HAppy new year
    na ka

  138. 138 : varir Says:

    u r superhero
    i like u go soo

  139. 139 : gojo Says:

    hi my dear go soo
    have a nice holiday

  140. 140 : mudmee Says:

    i have finish
    watched ur serise green rose
    already 5 time
    i still want to watch it again again…555

  141. 141 : pj2 Says:

    hi ko soo
    nice 2 meet u 2

  142. 142 : chocola Says:

    helo go soo
    u r the most handsome guy in the world had i ever seen

  143. 143 : icy Says:


  144. 144 : icy Says:


  145. 145 : LILY Says:


  146. 146 : pat Says:

    hello go soo
    How’s your life? pls take care , i miss you so much.

  147. 147 : sue Says:

    love u so so so much. my dear KO SOO

  148. 148 : tukbkk Says:

    Ko soo ‘s my fev korean actor. his smile makes me crazy. i’m waiting for his comeback.please come back soon.

  149. 149 : snoopy21girl Says:

    Happy X-mas and new year!

  150. 150 : wen Says:

    you acted so well in green rose

  151. 151 : tukbkk Says:

    saranghae ko soo

  152. 152 : sue Says:

    ko soo
    Lve your series green rose& marry to a millionaire very much. you are hot hot hot….handsome…. cool….

  153. 153 : kosooidol Says:

    ko soo ur so nice, handsome, and super cute. my sister is very addicted to you, actually she kiss your pic everytime she sees it.

  154. 154 : mikansakura Says:

    ur soo handsome!!hey i like ur acting in green rose….even though i didin’t like sad stories…gud luck!!

  155. 155 : kitty Says:

    i ‘m your new fan who r crazy with u.i just know u from tv serie marrying a milliomaire . you r very nice & cute guy but my friend told me that y u r much much more handsome & cool in green rose. I ‘m going to watch it really. Love u .

  156. 156 : pat Says:

    Hi ko soo
    I am pat again .Merry christmas & Happy new year. See you in 2008

  157. 157 : show Says:

    merry x-mas and happy new year to my killersmile Ko soo..

  158. 158 : show Says:

    nice to know you & happy to be your big fan hey hey hey

  159. 159 : nb Says:

    Hi ko soo greeting form ur fan. merry Christmas & Happy new year. hooray hooray

  160. 160 : suzette Says:

    Hi Go-soo,

    You’re so cute and so handsome, I hope you can visit the Philippines so i could see you in person…I cn’t wait to see your next Tv series…. Good luck!!!!

  161. 161 : kate Says:

    Hello Go Soo ,you are adorable, please take care of yourself. we LOVE you & we ‘re still waiting for you whenever you ‘re out from the millitary .Good luck..

  162. 162 : Jumon Says:

    Always miss U Ko Soo

  163. 163 : tukbkk Says:

    Hi ko soo
    Happy new year 2008…Wishing you all the best & success in your career and personal life.

  164. 164 : sue Says:

    To my dear ko soo …wishing you a great happy year 2008 and hope you gonna have a lot of top-hit & touching dramas for your fans .thanks ko soo..

  165. 165 : hari Says:

    helo go soo
    how r u doing?
    did u have fun ?
    mizz u more than anything
    see u sometime

  166. 166 : bubie Says:

    oppa ko soo
    u so endearing

  167. 167 : bubie Says:

    u r so handsome
    i love u

  168. 168 : yyyyyt Says:

    since i met you on tv, i fall in love with you so so so much

  169. 169 : nb Says:

    hello ko soo
    you ‘re my hero. i’m still waiting for you until you come back .take care.

  170. 170 : elsie tan Says:

    my freinds & i are crazy for u very much. we r collecting all of your series and photos . you r very cute & handsome. we adore you .

  171. 171 : pj2 Says:

    hello ko soo miss u a lot , i want to see u in person, pls come to thailand oneday . o. k. thank you .

  172. 172 : palla Says:

    go soo
    fight fight

  173. 173 : coolgirl Says:

    i am a lazy girl who love you

  174. 174 : magazine girl Says:

    i am ur real lover but stop making me love u

  175. 175 : pangjeee Says:

    oh go soo u r my best
    wish u gonna be like this 4 me na ka

  176. 176 : 123456789 Says:

    happy new year !!!!

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    hope u gonna be a great ctor 4 every 1 na ja
    mizz u so much

  178. 178 : pj2 Says:

    dear go soo
    i ove your green rose ,
    u r the best

  179. 179 : sue Says:

    hi ko soo
    happy for the new year 2008 wishing u good luck. love u

  180. 180 : petra Says:

    I watched all ur films & love all .You ‘re very endearing .I love ur cute smile, ur polite&humble character and i really want to see you again and again on tv. please make us happy by making more movies. thank you ko soo & love you.

  181. 181 : jackylyn Says:

    hi fo soo… i just finished watching “to marry a millionaire” and i loved it dearly huhuhuh ur so cute when you smile…

  182. 182 : bkk prep Says:

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    how are you ?
    wishing u will have a goody day
    im your fanclub i alway waiting for you 2 come to thailand
    i hpoe so

    love from little girl who your fanclub () ()

  183. 183 : pangjee Says:

    mizz u so much
    i just thinking in my mind that how can i saw your real body
    u know what????
    many people in thailand are your fanclub

  184. 184 : Jumon Says:

    Happy New Year

    Hope to see your movie soon.

  185. 185 : Jumon Says:

    I hope to see U in Thailand.

  186. 186 : MJ Says:

    Hi Ko Soo,

    I miss you so much!!! When are you coming back?.. hope to see you this year.. I will wait for your comback. Keep on smilling…

  187. 187 : MJ Says:

    Hi, its me again… Just want to say…take care my dear Ko Soo

  188. 188 : MJ Says:

    I love you

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    I want you to be my caretaker>>>>>>>joke……………..

  190. 190 : pj2 Says:

    hello oppa ko soo
    How r u ?
    take care

  191. 191 : palla Says:

    hi ko soo . i heard that you are going to finish your 2 years military service in feb 2008 . i ‘m very happy . hoorey hoorey see you soon

  192. 192 : pskit Says:

    Missing you so much.

  193. 193 : nb Says:

    Hi Ko soo we are waiting for your big comeback…loveyou

  194. 194 : Rick Lorenzo Says:

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  195. 195 : cindy Says:

    i miss Go Soo. please come back soon!!!! please please!!

  196. 196 : pj2 Says:

    hi p’ go soo oh im mizz u so much
    now im at paris but i still miss u na ka

  197. 197 : pt Says:

    Hi go soo
    Thank you for your excellent movie green rose. you are the best actor i ‘ve ever seen. pls keep up making good performance for your fans.thank and love you .

  198. 198 : lovekosoo Says:

    KO soo you ‘re my destiny.

  199. 199 : gwen Says:

    i love your movies…

    see you soon on your upcoming shoots…


  200. 200 : Eva Stingl Says:

    Hi, greetings from Germany!!!
    My favorite movie is “Some”. I love this movie very much because of the story. A long time ago, I had also a dream and a few month later it became “DEJA VU”.
    This movie is stright from the heart and I have seen it 11 times. If I am sad, I look at the movie … so thank you Mr. Chang Yoon-Hyun for making the movie and all the brilliant actors and actress. Very very interesting is the Bonus DVD “Behind the scenes …” and the “Making of ..” ….. so have a good time, I’m looking forward to see more from Mr. Chang Yoon-Hyun and Go Soo.

    Greetings to the rest of the world ….. EVA

  201. 201 : zuzanee Says:

    You ‘re the most handsome guy among the korean male actors. I ‘m out there waiting for your back in may 2008. see you..

  202. 202 : kate Says:

    i started loving you since i watched “green rose” , i feel you ‘re very talented in acting . you portrayed excellent in every roles even in action scence. i want to see your action movie which you can show your ability of taewondo & fist method. so please. Go soo.

  203. 203 : angel Says:

    kosoo,miss you so much.support you for ever.waiting for you comeback.

  204. 204 : 1996 Says:

    hello my dear ko soo . i love you soooo much . please take care and come back to the showbiz world.

  205. 205 : Jumon Says:

    Dear Ko Soo, Miss U so much.

  206. 206 : 1996 Says:

    love u always

  207. 207 : wen Says:

    i luv 2watch his all drama. “Green Rose” is my best serie of Ko Soo.

    from Cambodia in State.

  208. 208 : sue Says:

    I love you go soo, see you in may 2008

  209. 209 : sammie Says:

    miss u can’t wait until may 2008 when u come back. you are my favorite korean actor

  210. 210 : wen Says:

    hi` all fans ~..` Pls. can any1 tell me know where will Actor Ko Soo go to on May 2008 ? Will he act another drama or movie or plan some where ?

    Thank You 4telling me Can’t wait yur reply.

  211. 211 : GOSOOers Says:

    GO SOO…
    is literally the MOST handsome actor.
    i mean NATURAL. compare his HS pics to his present ones.
    Same face, same passion!
    unlike others.

  212. 212 : sue Says:

    agree with GOSOOERS.. he has perfect face without surgery.
    i love him coz he ‘s nice guy& his talent in acting.also his manly
    looks can capture my heart. hu hu

  213. 213 : cloud_cloud Says:

    kosoo, I’m your fans from Beijing of china and very glad you will be back from army soon. I will support you forever!

  214. 214 : soo fans Says:


  215. 215 : soo fans Says:

    Go soo,hope that you can have met what you can have met director,good play and good modelling division.wish you good luck!fighting!!

  216. 216 : sue Says:

    hi soo fan
    plss tell me about ko soo’ s news. i heard that he will make
    a decision to be on stage not on tv , right? ohh how come?

  217. 217 : Cecil Says:

    I love this man very much ^^ but his to mysterious to me…. I can’t hardly heard his news… not like others actor…. can someone please let me know where is his english website? i want to join it *desperately*

  218. 218 : sue Says:

    hi CECIL
    pls join soompi.com for updating news of ko soo and join ko soo’s
    fanclub, which you can find the blinkie link on that thread.
    plss click on this link , you will reach to ko soo’s thread.,where you can
    share your love&comments on ko soo.

  219. 219 : 幸运GX Says:

    Go Soo,happy new year !!fighting !!!

  220. 220 : gookgoo Says:

    ko soo, just three months away you will be out from your
    military camp. ha ha ha ,cheer up.

  221. 221 : phyo wai lynn . Says:

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  222. 222 : phyo wai lynn . Says:

    Hi.I like your style.You are very smart and handsome.I like your dark eyebow.When you dresses simply,but you are good-looking.You are my favourite korean male actor.I pray you can get many awards.See you.Sweat dream.Bye Bye…….

  223. 223 : 1998 Says:

    sawadee ka

  224. 224 : Scarlet Says:

    a lots of positive comments send to you, u cant even finish read it all i believe, i would appreciate if you could glancely read my short massege to you, i cant help myself from thinking of you. before this im not interested in watching any korean drama until i met u in green rose. what a capturing smile. i wish i could have u even in 1 second. i know its sound crazy, so i just keep u in my mind & hoping u’ll come visit me in my dream…south korea is not far away from malaysia anyway..

  225. 225 : dasah Says:

    I am such a fan and very happy to welcome you for your back in
    late April 2008. looking forward to see your new project soon. I mean
    tv dramas not a theater that is coming up in May., Unfortunately your
    oversea fans have no chance to view.

  226. 226 : shaoran Says:

    i luv all his shows esp. green rose it’s very dramatic.I hope you can visit Philippines

  227. 227 : mirelle Says:

    i fell in love with his character in to marry a millionaire, and just wondering if that kind of man really exist. such a perfect prince charming.

  228. 228 : sue Says:

    Happy Valentine ‘s Day to my beloved KO SOO.

  229. 229 : mirelle Says:

    hello just wanna greet u a happy hearts.
    hope you’re always healthy
    and wish to see more of your tv series
    to be aired here in the Philippines

    God Bless You always

  230. 230 : petra Says:

    Hi ko soo’s fans
    If u love this guy & want to know him more ,please
    join his club which made by his fans and for ko soo’s fans.
    Please visit
    enjoy & see you , hey hey

  231. 231 : minthamilay Says:

    you are very handsome and very smart.i love you.your action is so good.i like a lot

  232. 232 : nb Says:

    I can’t find another guy like you , go soo. You are adorable & the most handsome among male korean actors. Good luck

  233. 233 : pj2 Says:

    u will going out of the camp เร็วๆแล้วอ่ะ ดีจัง

  234. 234 : joana Says:

    hi..i really adore this guy..he’s one of my favorite korean actor..love you go soo.good luck and God bless you..mwahhhhhh

  235. 235 : aribi Says:

    MISS you so much
    please remember your fans are waiting for you.
    Go soo , good luck.

  236. 236 : lysander lagansoa Says:

    wow your fantastic!!!!!!!!!1111111

  237. 237 : glenn Virtudazo Says:

    hi.. since the tv show “Marrying a Millionaire” was shown here in Philippines and then i saw you as the main character i love it very much.. i cant sleep without watching it everynight here. i hope you can e mail me some of your personal pic cause i love the way you are as an actor. hope you can visit our country. always take care. thanks and bye.

  238. 238 : angel Says:

    Go Soo miss you so much. love you for ever.

  239. 239 : christine Says:

    Go Soo you’re really handsome and charming, the first time I saw you in marrying a millionaire a became a fan, i hope you can visit the philippines! thanks love u! mhuahh…

  240. 240 : rose anne Says:

    hi Go soo!your so cool and handsome I hope you can have a tour here in the Philippines.I saw in your drama Green Rose. And that’s all started. take care always and more power!!!!!!!!

  241. 241 : ant Says:

    im a law student and normally nothing can make me not to do my readings especially now that it is already final exam week. only go soo can make me forget my work in school. i cannot go on with my studies because im eager to know the ending of “to marry i millionaire”. and so i did watch the series so that i can now attend to my responsibilities. go soo you are simply the best. i want you to marry me even im not a millionaire. i love you

  242. 242 : glenn virtudazo Says:

    hi Go Soo.. your name here in the Philippines is Anthony Kim. Im so happy everytime im watching you in the television. Everyday i see you as my idol. I hope i can make you smile even at this simple e-mail of mine. Always take care, and God Bless.

  243. 243 : mistrious Says:

    hi….i always watching marrying a millonnaire…..more blessing to come….sarangeyo……MWAHHHHH……….

  244. 244 : legin blue Says:

    …SO GOO is very handsome!!! I really love hes show “marrying a millionaire!!!”..it is very much popular in the philippines…i love so goo very much!!!..i hope he will visit the philippines…!!!

  245. 245 : joana Says:

    i love you go soo….simply the best..i hope you can visit here in philippines.we are always watching “marrying a millionaire” its great…good job..more projects to come..

  246. 246 : she2x Says:

    you are so good-looking..i like you so much..mwahhh

  247. 247 : glenn virtudazo Says:

    Good day.. You know im so lonely this day because last night i did not see you in television. Its because the movie marrying a milionaire is every monday till thursday so every friday i cant see. Im hoping you are in good condition now. Im so glad that you are becoming my idol. you change my beliefs now. Always take care. God Bless.

  248. 248 : lyzie gonzaga Says:

    hi there!

    I’m lyzie, a registered nurse. I wanna marry a millionaire too! hehehe..

    uh.. when i first heard the name “Go Soo”, i never imagined a gorgeous guy behind the name. I fancy a typical Korean actor. The typical Korean-look (lafs!). Shackzz you really got a pretty face! Its so sincere and honest. I really love how you portray your role in “To Marry a Millionaire”. I love watching the series every night dubbed into tagalog. Though i already watch it in dvd (korean version), its just that i can’t help watching it again and again. Infact, i’ve already memorize some lines in there hahahahha!

    Keep up the good work Young-hoon! *wink*
    Hope you’ll visit Philippines so i got the chance to see you in person..


  249. 249 : Lorraine Says:

    your so hot!!!

  250. 250 : petra Says:

    Hi ko soo
    congrauation you have captured filipinos ‘s fans hearts.

  251. 251 : petra Says:

    hi congratulation again to ko soo
    and welcome all ko soo ‘s fans to join the soompi ko soo fan club
    plss click on this link

    I am sure that u will love him more & more.

  252. 252 : glenn virtudazo Says:

    Good Day… Anthony Kim.. Hope your fine.. Last night another episode again.. Can i speak tagalog?.. Masaya ako kagabi kasi napanood na naman kita. Grabe 3 days kitang di napanood. Nanood na nga ako sa youtube eh. Grabee idol na po talaga kita. Nakakagaan ka ng loob. God Bless. Ingat lagi.

  253. 253 : Mulan Says:

    You’re so handsome in marrying a millionaire but I like your acting in Green Rose. To you more power.

  254. 254 : jf villero Says:

    hi,.,.,im your one avid fan here in the philippines,.,..,.,.,hope we could be friend,.,..,i”ll be expecting your reply my e-mail address [email protected],.,.,i’ve already watch your t.v. series that entitled GREEN ROSE,.,,.,,i liked your character there,.,.,.,now i’m watching your another t.v. series that is airied here in the philippines.,.,entitled .,.,..,your really the best actor i’ve ever seen..,.,right ANTHONY KIM.,,.,your character name in MARRYING A MILLIONAIRE.,.,.,.,hope we could be friend and i’m expecting your reply,..,.,stay as good as you are,.,.,.,.,

  255. 255 : Sara Marie Kris Says:

    hello mr.go soo.. i think i’m your no.1 fan.. well i think so.. honestly i don’t know why you got my attention.. come to think of it, there’s so many korean actor but you, only with you whom i got fascinated like this.. and i really don’t know why… always take care of yourself hmmn..? you’re a very great actor.. i hope to see you.. sarangheyo..

  256. 256 : kaye Says:

    hi! I’am your avid fan also, I keep watching your tv series here in the Phlippines which aired in ABS-CBN. .Keep up the Good work and more up coming movies and Tv series to come. Godbless kaye

  257. 257 : Mench Says:

    You are such a good looking man… and best of all, you just don’t have the looks but the talent as well..I both love green rose and marrying a millionaire.. I’m planning to grab a copy of your drama ” piano” as well.. You are incredibly gorgeous esp when you smile! Hope you can have a tour here in the Philippines so we can see you personally! and if ever that will happen, pls don’t forget to let me know.. email me at [email protected]. I just hope I can get a reply from you despite your hectic sched. More power! Stay handsome!

  258. 258 : odz Says:

    i’m a big fan from a town in the Philippines(Jolo)..i appreciate the way you act..marrying a millionaire is a good series…just keep up the good work..i’m looking forwaRD for more of your series to come out..

  259. 259 : odz Says:

    stay cool and cute… 😀

  260. 260 : vic Says:

    hi KO SOO,

    I miss you very much.. I haven’t heard any new from you… When are you going back on tv drama?

  261. 261 : Go Soo #1 Fan Says:

    Hi… I Will be waiting for your discharge in the military this April. Hope you will jump right back to movies or dramas not just theater.

  262. 262 : eliza Says:

    ur so talented and good looking ma.. i like you character in marrying a millionaire, your such a lover,and good provider.. i hope u wil come here in philippines, to see you million fans.. i want to marry you..i watch you show everyday.. hope you have more project to come.. i will watch for that

  263. 263 : eliza Says:

    ur so talented and good looking man.. i like you character in marrying a millionaire, your such a good lover,and good provider.. i hope u wil come here in philippines, to see your million fans.. i want to marry you..i watch you show everyday.. hope you have more project to come.. i will watch for that..i love you so much..take care olwiez.. GOD bless..

  264. 264 : Jehan Says:

    hello anthony of marrying a millionaire,., ang cute mo talaga super,., hmmmf crush na crush kita,., hehe miss yah so much,.,

  265. 265 : glenn virtudazo Says:

    oh my god!!!!!!.. this past few weeks im so busy… kaya i have no time to e mail you…..im so happy that i found an artist like you… hope to know you better so soon.. good luck.. im promise to visit your country.. good luck and God Bless.. Take Care.

  266. 266 : gengkainicco Says:

    I’m just a new member of this club.Honestly, I don’t really watch Korean novela but after this 3 series of Korean’s TV drama, namely: Green Rose, Marry a millionaire and My Fair Lady, everything has changed. What i really liked about these movie was the content of the story and the message that wants to show to the audience. Hope that Go Soo will read this simple message coz i learned a lot of his movie specially to become strong and not to give up in any problems as long as we tried to do our best to fulfill our goals. It does’nt matter whether you are rich or poor but make sure that we always focus on what we are doing and give all our strenght to make it colourful. Imagine! one of the movie is liked a young man who was trying to pay his father’s debt on his own way and sold his life just to make sure that he can pay back all the money. I know that this is just a movie but who knows it could happen to any one. I’m not saying that my life could be the same as the story but after i finished watching his 3 TV series, i feel that I will get something on it to persue my dreams, just like inspiration to make my dreams come true.He is a good actor so he will become one of the famous actor in Korea

    Hope Go Soo will reply or make some word on this simple message….More power and strenght to your life and career….Good Day and have fun…..

  267. 267 : marj Says:

    hi go soo…i just wanted to say take care and God Bless u always…..=)

  268. 268 : aribi Says:

    hello my love ko soo
    be healthy & good luck

  269. 269 : elevan Says:

    hi dear, just one of your million fans here in the philippines. well i kinda’ looking forward for you to make it in our country. it is for the reason that everybody just love you. think sbout it.

  270. 270 : RHOSECUTE Says:

    hi anthony kim! how r u! u know i’m really like u so much from green rose up to marrying a millionaire its very nice series (kahit mapuyat ako) i’ve really want to watch… hopefully you will come or visit in our country(phillipines) i want to see u in person u are my biggest love (actually soulmate yta kita) i’m always dreaming you(sana ako nalnag si joanna) but i wish u and joanna had a happy ending coz i wish ure happiness in d end of d story… i love you so much.. takecare always…

  271. 271 : princess Says:

    hi go soo i love u i will give u my body……………

  272. 272 : krizZia jOy Says:

    hi anthony kim!!!! i want to marry you!!! (in my dreams)hehe!!! im just kidding,,,i think im your no. 1 fan here in the philippines,,.i hope you will come here in the philippines,,,…see you soon!!!!!take care,,,.

  273. 273 : Lhiz Says:

    Hi Go Soo!!! I really love watching marrying millionaire especially because of you. Your character in this series makes me really smile. I hope you could make another series when you come back. Take care. Hope to see more of you soon.

  274. 274 : princess Says:

    hi goosoooooooooooooooooooo…………………
    iiiii loooooooooooovvveeeeeeeeee yoooooooooouuuuuuuuuu
    just add me [email protected]
    i like you so much
    u have an innocent face
    ur so cute
    how i wish i can hold your hand even for a while
    i cant sleep coz of thinking of you
    will u marry me???
    im only 18 thankssss

  275. 275 : princess Says:

    i hope youll reply and read my message i know your bz but i know ur a good person thanks
    i will be so happy if ull reply
    im one of youll number one fan…………..

  276. 276 : glenn virtudazo Says:

    good day…Sorry for this past few weeks i did not e mail you.. coz im too busy for the finals..but i never forget to watch your show.. im so happy to know you…take care.. and God bless.

  277. 277 : princess Says:

    you are the only person who make me inlove like this
    im so inlove with you
    and i want to marry you soon
    well imonly 18 but i know
    age doesnt matter……
    i love u forever and evvvveeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrr…………..

  278. 278 : no one fan of go sooo........... Says:

    hey i am one of ur no one fan
    i hope youll come here in the phillippines….
    i admire your acting ability and your looks
    always take care of yourself….

  279. 279 : number one fan of go sooo........... Says:

    sorry not no its number one fun…..

  280. 280 : ken Says:

    ei im one of your fans here in the philippines
    hope that i can see u personaly!!!!

  281. 281 : robert Says:

    go soo

    first of all ijust wanna ask you something how are you thatsall
    i never expect that you got that kind of an attitude and i saw the korean novela marrying a millionaire ilike it anthony kim im right iknowyou reply to me.
    go soo your good actor and everybody knows that go soo not all the time your right not of all the time people always understandyou think of it you also have to understand us your frnd your family
    by the way before i say goodbye to you you got highest iQ145 wow amazing your so smart me igot 98 ihope your visit her in philippines iknow me and youare difference your rich powerful and actor me im simple person but im happy cause iknow you reply to me my idol idol kita hehehe iwant to say thanks take care always god bless break aleg add me [email protected] im not bad boy inever hurt you o.k iwanna say to all korean actor hello trust me i repeat trust me. bye iwanna still frnds to you

  282. 282 : kim Says:

    i love u so much
    go soo your number one….

  283. 283 : Shery Says:

    Hi Go Soo (Anthony Kim)
    You rock!
    I really admire you alot. You’re such a good actor, so cute and seems to be a very nice person, too.

    I am just one of your million fans here in the Philippines. I really hope that you can drop by and visit our country.

    Take care alot and God bless 🙂

    **I’ll appreciate a reply, if you have spare time**

  284. 284 : -she- Says:

    I hope to see more of you in the the nearest time.
    God bless.

    **I’ll appreciate a reply, if you have spare time**

  285. 285 : tin Says:

    hi go soo
    i am one of ur number one fan
    well i dont forget to watch ur show marrying a millioner
    it is my honor if u reply in my simple message
    may god bless u always….
    thank u 4 making me happy in ur show
    i 4got my problem
    thanks and more power……………………..:)

  286. 286 : merwin Says:

    ANA SAYO….hi go soo…hope u read my message to u.well,korean novela is the best drama ive ever watched,especially the MARRYING A MILLIONAIRE,hope there’s a part two if it….hehehehe.walang makakatulad s drama nyo lahat from you’re best concept and originality.nakaka touch ang latest telenovela nyo…especially marrying a millionaire….GODSPEED go soo…and many more careers to come and also success..

  287. 287 : Jinky Bitara Says:

    Hi! Ko Soo I like your great performance as a best dramatic actor & lyk da way he portray your role as Anthony & the way you play your role as the love interest of Joanna.I lyk your loveteam ,because you both have a strong chemistry & a kilig factor together as loveteam.I’m praying that nobody will breakup your loveteam even if they will be paired to anyone else’s leading lady or leading man.Good luck & more power on your t.v. show “Marrying a Millionaire” & most especially on your upcoming t.v. shows.

  288. 288 : lyne_bear Says:

    hai how are you, Go Soo? i am 17 years old girl from Malaysia… i really love you drama… Green Rose… you are so cute and i love your smiling… i hope i can be your friend….hope ypu will be success in everything that you want to do…. SmIlE aLwAyS!!!
    [email protected]

  289. 289 : cherishtrillana Says:

    Go Soo,
    I really like your acting it touches my heart. Youre so cute and I do like your smile. I like you…


  290. 290 : dana of manila Says:

    hi i hope you will read this simple message from the philippines/
    when are you going to visit the Philippines you have so much fans here and Im not one of them because Im not…well I really admire you so much I like your killer smile as in…hope you can find a way to come here in the philippines waiting for it take care

  291. 291 : cyndy Says:

    go soo…i really like u especially in marrying a millionaire with kim hyun joo….i really like both of u as a couple …plz..can..u vizit here in the Philippines

  292. 292 : cyndy Says:


  293. 293 : christine Says:

    Where can i find a guy like Anthony?(his character’s name in the Philippines)

  294. 294 : glenn virtudazo Says:

    hi?…hope still your ok…sometimes we dont have enough time to greet someone special to you.but i hope you will not think that you are not special. Im so happy again to know you. take care and God Bless

  295. 295 : gracielle Says:

    go soo i like you so muck can u visit philippines at magkantutan tayo i really like u very much….

    love u so much papa

  296. 296 : ingrid Says:

    happy that you ‘ve got a lot of fans.
    be your fan forever.

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    haizzt ang pogi moh antony

  298. 298 : michelle Says:

    eow antony kim where johana han i like you to went in the phillipines;D

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    i want go soo to go here in the philipines,,esp. in lipa city..
    i will wait for you

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    hi,you are so good in acting..thats all.sarahamnida!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    mi kuye beng wo ma????
    joke only congratulatulation for youre show tittled marrying a millionaire i wish there would be a part 2 pls!!!!!

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    hello ko soo
    hope to see you on tv very soon

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  304. 304 : bryan Says:


  305. 305 : Len Says:

    Hi! i like the way you smile… your a good actor and handsome! i like your show tittled marrying a millionaire. Good team up with Kim Hyun-Joo. Hope to see you two having another show again….. im your fan from Philippines

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    hi.. im marivic from philippines
    please ad me in your friendster [email protected]
    god bless and take care and more power.
    i love your movie marrying a millionaire. i have a great fun and enjoy watching such movie very much. i wait for so long because it show late at night 10:00 OR 11:00 PM here in the philippines.

  307. 307 : jonna Says:

    hi! what a nice show!
    your such a good actor with looks…hahaha!!! anyway im from Philippines. a nd you know what? filipinos really loved the korean dramas.

    God bless you more!

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    Just one month away you will be out.
    I am so happy. Hey hey.
    see you soon Go soo !!!!

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    im very impressed!!!
    have more drama series!!!
    see yah!!!

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  311. 311 : glenn Says:

    Thank you
    so cool

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    Thank God ….
    you are going to be discharged from your millitary duty
    on April 25 , oohss i m really excited.
    See you !!! ko soo

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    hi?.. this past few days my life have been so wonderful because of those attitudes youve shown in the series m,arrying a millionaire. im so haapy again to tell you that my life change because of the principle that you act. thanks and take care always,/

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    Hi, Anthony, you’re so cute for me,,. love your marrying a millionaire soap..

  315. 315 : M1019AA Says:

    Ko Soo can act all kinds of roles. His appearance changes from times to times according to different stories, such as a common man in ‘Green Rose’, a simple man with brilliant eyes in ‘Marry a millionare’, smart and handsome in ‘When a man in love’…

    You are full of talent! Congratulation to you that you have got a lot of fans!

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    Welcoming Ko soo …

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  319. 319 : M1019AA Says:

    Hi, Ko Soo is back. Please go to http://www.soompi.com/fanclub/ko_soo to get the news.

  320. 320 : Milena Says:

    Hi! Go Soo. Welcome back. You are the best actor i like most. I enjoyed to watch all kind of movies you had made. Specially, GREEN ROSE. You look so cute and handsome. I hope to see you more and more… When can i see you in person? I’m from New York, USA. I’m your friend forever…”[email protected]”. Wishing you and your family the best of luck and healthy. God bless you. See you…

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    yur awesome!
    anymore dramas?

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    do you have msn?
    green rose was really good!
    have you been in australia yet?

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    Happy so much for ur back
    Hope to see you on TV very soon.
    Love you.

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  325. 325 : Glenn Says:

    i wish u will bring me in the korea ^_^ hoping that i can go there T_T

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    Sorry for what im saying!!

    My life change when i watch you in marrying a millonaire

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    You are gorgeous,
    Hoping to see your next project .
    Good Luck & love you

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    I’m glad to watch your series

    love you

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    Your good looking and your acting is sincere. I just wish your happy with your carrier and family.

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    i love u so much ..
    come and visit Myanmar ..
    love u ..

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    i love u!

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    ko soo
    I love you.

  333. 333 : kayegullon Says:

    I’ve watched the To Marry A Millionaire series that you did. I work in a production company that produces tv shows here in the Philippines. What can I say? It was really good. i cannot say anything bad about the show because its superb. The acting was good. the script is unpredictable. You will not hate the villain in the story because the writer made the characters in such a way that you’ll understand their actions and feelings. I love Go Soo’s acting. He gave justice to the role he played. Just look into his eyes, you’ll feel the emotions. He’s really a good actor. Hoping to see more of his series and hopefully, movies.

  334. 334 : accelrose Says:

    love to you koo soo…..so nice when i watch the green rose i was cry to death …very nice ……love you so much!!!!

  335. 335 : Haidy Says:

    Hello! Go Soo your a great actor we really love your k drama Green Rose w/ Lee Dae Hye hope you could make a love story drama with Lee Boo Young this 2008… stay healthy

  336. 336 : harvy Says:

    an-yong ha-seyo! hi go soo im your avid fan! please visit here in the philippines!

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    Hi ko soo
    Happy to have a chance watching your Play.
    Dreaming of giving you a big HUG on that day !!
    See you on 28 June.

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    hello aneonghasseo kusumnida

  341. 341 : mimie Says:

    Ko soo is the best! and forever will always be the best

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    Hi ko soo
    I watched your Play and have a special remembering of seeing you in person & shoke your hand, You are drop dead handsome , slim, tall with sexiest muscles, don’t know how to describe how handsome you are.
    You look very very young in person & very excellent in acting as usual .
    You are worth to drool over indeed. We love you KO SOO.

  343. 343 : Haidy Says:

    hello! Go Soo were are now,what are your latest k drama after marry a millioner. what are your latest project this 2008.hope you make more k drama and movies..come back to showbiz as soon as possible.goog luck

  344. 344 : Tukata Says:

    Welcome back ! It is really nice to see you back again.

    It is indeed a thrill to meet you in person in Seoul and see you act in a play. I hope you know that you are admired by many people from many Asian countries including Thailand.

    Hope to see more of you on TV screen and Movie screen, as well as on stage again and again. Most importantly, hope to see you here in Bangkok… some day… soon… 🙂

  345. 345 : Natalie Says:

    Your movie “some” is such a good show, really enjoyed it. hope to see you in some up and coming projects.

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    You are the only male Actor in my heart.
    Miss you & waiting for your new coming drama.

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    I really admire u . U are super gorgeous.
    I love u to death.

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    i love u so much.

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    your so cute when u smile^_^
    i really want to meet you in real life
    i love you to death and i live in canada

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    I also hope to see you in person.
    Go soo you are my Prince.

  351. 351 : petra Says:

    Hello ko soo.
    Your Play is supposed to be ended very soon.
    How about your next project ?
    We are your fans who really care and looking forward to hear good news from you.

  352. 352 : nbi Says:

    I miss you most of the time . When u gonna me happy with ur new drama ?

  353. 353 : M1019AA Says:

    Ko Soo, you are admirable.

  354. 354 : psk Says:

    Ko soo ……We love you.

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    You are my destiny.
    i wish to see you in my country.
    Take care & good luck.

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    I love you . KO SOO

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    Hello Go Soo
    I ‘ve known you since i watched Green Rose.
    I admire you very much.
    You are super handsome , cool, manly and talent.
    God bless you.

  359. 359 : rowie bondoc Says:

    hello i do like your acting in green rose and in marrying a millionaire… a gentleman character and a genious one you do give fine performance on both tv series… how i wish that i could watch all your movie and tv series…. as i heard you doing a play again how i wish i can watch it… i promis to myself someday i will go to korea to see the beauty of your country and culture i am really amaze in all the movie i watch i do admire korean gentlemaness i hope that is the real culture becoz some korean i know they had a badmouth really they always shouting and snobish… anyway i am rowie of philippines ….hope u will not get mad at me its my opinion and observation …. [email protected]….take care i

  360. 360 : zoe Says:

    i like u so much in green rose.u r really cool.

  361. 361 : aeisa Says:

    I love ko soo.

  362. 362 : nlek Says:

    GO SOO
    You are the BEST.
    LOVE U .

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    hi… u’re so h0t…. u’re my ideal man… luv ur tv series esp. green rose…u’re the best.. gudluck and god bless!

  364. 364 : Truegirl Says:

    I am your new fan from Bangkok. When are u goning to visit your Thai fans ?
    I need to see you in person not only in my dream.
    Go Soo , please consider my comment ..

  365. 365 : nlek Says:

    Go goo How are you doing ?
    Hope you are doing well.
    I love you.

  366. 366 : Petra Says:

    I admire your TALENT in acting.
    Now i am rewatching Green Rose.
    You are always the BEST.

  367. 367 : Sugari Pie Says:

    I wonder if there’s any guy in this world that don’t play computer game

    Good to see that u you are a Chrstian.

    Keep the faith mate!


  368. 368 : LEXII L Says:

    you’re soooooooooooo damn hot n handsome
    m so crazy in da movie dat u played “Age of innocent”
    nice job bro!

  369. 369 : charry Says:

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  370. 370 : myintmyatnoe20 Says:


    I love you

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    Handsome & manly … love you.

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    GO SOO is yummy…

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    Pease do drama soon.

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    Heavenly handsome and sexy …..Love ko soo..

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  382. 382 : Kim Eun ju Says:

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    I’m from Myanmar, and u know it?
    I love u so much.
    I think u r so handsome.
    I wann be ur friend.

  384. 384 : Sophia Says:

    I am waiting for your new movie/drama come out. ur my favorite actor, keep it up!

  385. 385 : lovekosoo Says:


  386. 386 : Chaimoon Says:

    Many of us from the Philippines are eagerly waiting for the next TV drama project of Ko Soo. When will it be? I hope we do not have to wait sooooo
    looooooong! What the latest about him?

  387. 387 : lil Says:

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  388. 388 : ira Says:

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    Hey Go Soo….. Miss you terribly.

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    Hello go soo, i love you since many years,
    wish you more power in career and do the best job.

  392. 392 : gook Says:

    I am ur fan from Thailand. please come to visit us one day.
    Love you and take care.

  393. 393 : nam Says:

    We are big fans from BKK, Thailand , waiting for ur next dramas ‘s projects .Because your lately drama was Marrying a Millionaire which was aired for longer than 2 years.

  394. 394 : Rodrigo P. de Vera jR. Says:

    I came to know the name Ko Soo when I watched Green Rose aired in ABS-CBN. Though I was not able to start from the beginning I found the story quite impressive and Ko Soo’s acting is superb. I really enjoyed the Koreanovela and even bought a DVD of it and watched it more than 5 times! That’s how I love the story. Despite of its language problem, I tried to read the English translation on the screen. Besides, I really love the melody of its theme songs. After Green Rose, I faithfully watched Ko Soo’s second Korea novela Marrying a Millionaire. Again, I love the story. Watching it every night was therapeutic on my part being a college instructor.

    Mr. Rodrigo P. de Vera Jr.
    Principal, LN-FTDCI
    Urdaneta City, Pangasinan, Philippines

  395. 395 : petra Says:

    Hello Rodrigo P. de Vera jR.
    I am Petra who is the Admin of Ko soo fan club soompi.com , very welcome you to jion us @ the site & thread where you and others KS”s fans can discuss , share ur love and upadte his news. Plss visit
    soompi forum, ko soo’s thread
    link here
    and Ko soo fan club
    link here
    All friends are welcome

  396. 396 : ice Says:

    i want nobody but you !!!

  397. 397 : mice Says:

    You leave me speechless
    When your hand’s embracing mine
    It feels like I could hold you
    Until the end of time

    luv u Go Soo ^^

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    You give me this feeling
    That no one can take away
    It’s the strangest feeling
    And it’s so hard to explain
    and it is the love feeling

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    love you ko soo 4ever


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    jub jub

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    juz wanna tell u something that i love u soooooooooooooooooooo much

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    i am a lazy gurl who love u more than anythings in this world
    i love u jus only you ko soo
    i love your acting skills

    kiss kiss hug hug xxx

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    Love you forever. Go Soo

  404. 404 : cadramine Says:

    luv you n terribly miz u…hug..kiss ..kiss

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    Hello Ko soo.
    Congratulation for ur success in ur 1st fan meeting in Tokyo.
    LOVE you..

  406. 406 : nb Says:

    Luv u KO SOO.

  407. 407 : Evelyn M.G. Says:

    Hi Ko Soo,

    Welcome back to the entertainment world!! And congratulations to your successful completion of your 2-year mandatory military service and recently completed “Return of Mr. Eum” theater play. Hopefully, we will see you soon doing tv drama series and movies which you do best. Keep up doing things you love the most and where you excel the best!!

    Good luck, be safe and GOD BLESS!!

  408. 408 : kaycEe Says:

    is go soo already married??????

  409. 409 : Som Says:

    Welcome back, I am very happy for this news, I hope to see you again in the movie. Saranghae Go Soo

  410. 410 : HILDA OR DANG of church of Christ Says:

    hi Mr. Go soo or Anthony, I’m one of your avid fans. It’s simply because your good korean actor, cute, shapo(handsome) and for sure you’re kind too. Secondly I liked you most coz you’re similar to my ever deamed guy (Von Erik Dalaygon)in physical and in traits. We have’nt meet or see each other since but I’m hoping we can be good frends sumday if not we’re really meant to be. But I’ll be happy so much if that is God’s decision.(he’s my ultimate crush since higschool) One thing similar 2 da movie marryin a millionaire is that I also wrote a letter to dis guy when I was in 4th yr high sch.last Feb. 14, 2005. And im hoping that the ending will be d same as mine or ours….Mr. Go Soo, I pray u a more fulfilling and successor in ur carreer, luv lyf, family and relationship w/ God. Any way Im a mem of CHURCH OF CHRIST OR IGLESIA NI CRISTO, hope ull hav tym to visit our church as visitor.Erik too is a member of it.Mr. I think that cud b d end. I’m watching ur drama ever since up2 now. aND i bought an original tape of ur marrying…….. God bless u & any1 hu cares for u…. pray 4 me sir(4 erik & me Be 2geder)

  411. 411 : petra Says:

    No Not yet married , KO SOO is still uncommitted.
    He is single . I don’t hear that he has a girl friend yet.
    Anyone who loves KO soo plss follow the link of soompi forum, ko soo fan club.which i have provided here.
    See you then.

  412. 412 : cadramine Says:

    Hope Go soo will be on screen soon.

  413. 413 : jasmine Says:

    just gorgeous!!

  414. 414 : Christy Says:

    Hello Goo Soo,
    It’s the time of year when everybody wants to make a wish. Therefore, I want to wish that you take a minute of you times to email me. It really would make me happy. If you can make my dream come true by emailing me, why not? You are everything in a person that everybody wants to be with. I watched all the movie you played and love it. You portrays a very attractive and likeable character. Please email me.

    At last,
    Merry Christmas to you and a happy new year.

  415. 415 : juliemae Says:

    hi goodmorning here in philippines….

    your so attractive….
    marry x mas………..

  416. 416 : peace Says:

    Merry Christmas To KO SOO

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    Dear Go soo
    My fans are you, i love you forever

  418. 418 : hoatieu03 Says:

    I am very fans you,
    I do not know much English

  419. 419 : hoatieu03 Says:

    Dear go soo

    How are you?
    I admired you since in Green Rose, my dream is to see you. I have seen you in my dream, if you can send mail to me, i will be very happy. Always wish you happiness and success.

  420. 420 : hoatieu03 Says:

    hello go soo
    happy new year,
    wish you a happy new year and success.

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    happy new year
    i love you, wish you happiness and joy

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    dear go soo
    happy new year
    I remember you more

  423. 423 : hoatieu03 Says:

    hi Go soo
    Today you how, wish you a good day.

  424. 424 : hoatieu03 Says:

    hi Go Soo
    wish you a happy day and good

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    hi Go Soo
    wish you a good day, love you forever

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    Dear Go Soo
    how are you? I love you from the movie green roses
    I am waiting for your new movie, love you forever, wish you a happy day

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    hi Go Soo
    I’m one of your avid fans, I always wait to welcome the new movie of your. wish you happiness and success in life, love you forever

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    hi Go Soo
    how are you?
    wish you happiness and success in life, love you forever

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    hi Go Soo
    wish you happiness and success in life, love you forever

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    Hi Go Soo
    I remember you very much, love you forever,
    wish you a happy day and successful

  431. 431 : hoatieu03 Says:

    Hi Go Soo
    how are you?
    I’m one of your avid fans, you are very great, I do not know much english but I will check the dictionary to write mail to you, I always hope you send mail to me. I do not know if you visit this site wed and read the mail does not? but I still always hope you send mail to me. my mail: [email protected]. wish you joy, happiness and success,
    I always wait to welcome the new movie of your. bb Go Soo.

  432. 432 : hoatieu03 Says:

    good evening, Go soo
    Evening wish you joy, happiness and delicious sleep.

  433. 433 : hoatieu03 Says:

    hi Go Soo
    wish you good day

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  435. 435 : han rae neul Says:

    Love is like a mustard seed;
    planted by God
    and watered by go soo

  436. 436 : renee Says:

    hello my lovely prince
    i love u so much want to take your heart foever

  437. 437 : renee Says:

    hello lovely my prince
    i love you so much i want to take your heart a keep it with me forever

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    wo ai ne

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    There is only one happiness in life,
    to love and be loved with you

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    i love you so much
    i want you to come to thailand

  441. 441 : mocha Says:

    love is the very big word for me to give you
    love u


  442. 442 : jane Says:

    i am from england and i saw your green rose it was awesome !!
    i love it and i love u 2 hehe 😛

  443. 443 : she bang Says:

    ko soo you are the best

  444. 444 : she bang Says:

    love you darling

  445. 445 : pj2 Says:

    I am watching Marrying A Millionaire. OMG U are sooooo Handsome.
    Soooo cute , sooooo awesome , i love YOU KO SOO

  446. 446 : ajumma Says:

    Hello KO SOO
    I am heavenly glad to be your fan club.
    hope to see you on screen 🙂 >w

  447. 447 : marisa Says:

    lol haha 🙁

  448. 448 : shoppingz Says:

    miz u hehe 🙁

  449. 449 : shoppingz Says:

    ko soo ที่ร้าก
    เมื่อไหร่จะได้เจอตัวจิงซ้ากที ฮือๆๆๆๆ คีดถึงอ่ะ

  450. 450 : nbt.net Says:

    love to deadth

  451. 451 : linnie Says:

    ~~~~~~~~~~~ love ko soo ^^

  452. 452 : linnie Says:

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ miss
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~miss you

  453. 453 : Soo-in-Love Says:

    I hope you will have more drama series to come…
    I miss watching you….
    I mostly love Marrying a Millionaire….

  454. 454 : peace Says:

    Hi Go Soo
    Wishing U Happiness for 2009

    Luv U

  455. 455 : nadia san Says:

    hai ko soo!! i’m from malaysia.

    i really love and admire with your acting especially in green rose drama is very natural and touching. for me nobody can compared with u. u have a package as a action hero. i hope i can see your new drama or movie in this year. i wish u happy new year 2009 and hope u success in ur career and life. love u ko soo!!!! ummmuahh…

  456. 456 : nbta Says:

    I get to know you since 2007 and still
    waiting for your new drama.
    I miss your acting sooo much.
    Go Soo . …

  457. 457 : natalie Says:

    I am your fan . love you to death.
    LOVE U KO SOO***^^^

  458. 458 : hoatieu03 Says:

    hi Go Soo
    how are you, was not long then write mail to you. I remember you more
    wish you a happy and successful. bi bi..

  459. 459 : hawani Says:

    MIZZZ You KO SOO ***^^^^

  460. 460 : kosoomylove Says:

    Good to see your new CF at youtube.
    You are soooo handsome .

  461. 461 : losy124 Says:

    Happy Chinese ( Lunar) New Year.
    Go Soo . wishing you GOOD LUCK.

  462. 462 : goking Says:

    i wish he would pair up Song Hye-Kyo (the leading actress from Full House) they would so good together.

  463. 463 : clausenspier Says:

    ur soooo cute and sexyyyyyyyy…….excellent actor..

  464. 464 : hoatieu03 Says:

    hi gosoo
    how are you?
    wish you happiness and success. I remember you more

  465. 465 : tanveer Says:

    heyy!!!!!!!!!!! Go-soo ,first tym saw ur movie-green rose…awsum yaar.u luked gr8…m ur big fan..neways keep up d gud wrk…stay happy..

  466. 466 : hoatieu03 Says:

    hi gosoo

  467. 467 : hoatieu03 Says:

    love you forever
    wish you happiness and success

  468. 468 : lulu Says:

    hi gosoo
    remember you very much

  469. 469 : hhxanh Says:

    i love you……………………………….
    ………………………………………………love you forever

  470. 470 : green rose Says:

    i love gosoo………………love you forever

  471. 471 : hitieu03 Says:

    hi go soo

  472. 472 : hitieu03 Says:

    how are you?

  473. 473 : hitieu03 Says:

    i miss you

  474. 474 : hitieu03 Says:

    hello gosoo
    how are you

  475. 475 : hhxanh Says:

    hello gosoo
    how are you
    i love you……forever

  476. 476 : tutu Says:

    hi gosoo
    how are you

  477. 477 : cadramine Says:

    MIss you ko soo . i am thrilled for this coming Valentine ‘s Day.
    Wondering with whom you ‘ll celebrate ???

  478. 478 : lovekosoo Says:

    i love your acting
    i love your handsome face.
    I love your nice vioce.
    i love your manly look.
    i love your kindness.
    i love your attitude.
    i love you because you are KO SOO.

  479. 479 : psk Says:

    Your acting in GREEN ROSE is awesome .
    Deeply touching viewers ‘ s hearts
    Thank you for making great performance .
    Hoping to see next project.

  480. 480 : binee Says:

    Happy Valentine ‘s Day to my Love KO SOO.

  481. 481 : clausenspier Says:

    just wanna say HAPPY LOVE DAY..

  482. 482 : hoatieu03 Says:

    Happy Valentine ’s Day
    i love you

  483. 483 : panjana Says:

    I am your oversea fan. I love you since u appeared in drama Piano.
    And i ‘ll love u forever. sweetheart KO Soo

  484. 484 : psk Says:

    Just to say I really love you GO SOO ^^^

  485. 485 : lillyflower Says:

    You are too adorable .Go Soo
    God bless you…

  486. 486 : Duesur Says:

    Hi KO SOO
    I just want to show my love and admiration…

  487. 487 : tutu Says:

    hi gosoo
    i love you forever

  488. 488 : hoatieu03 Says:

    hi gosoo
    i miss you…….

  489. 489 : moonloght Says:

    Hello Ko Soo . I miss you very much , when do you have new drama?
    I miss your cute smiles , your handsome face. miss you alot.

  490. 490 : nabille Says:



  491. 491 : panjana Says:

    LUV U soo much.
    I’m frm BKK.

  492. 492 : paul Says:

    mr go soo! yuo act great in green rose..you should be in hollywood by now..how close are you with miss sarrah oh in green rose..cos i admire her acting too..goog luck to your career and da-hae lee?

  493. 493 : nabille Says:


  494. 494 : petra Says:

    KO SOO
    Wishing you very successful for the upcoming movie ” Into The White Night” . We are fans who ‘ll extreamly support you forever.

  495. 495 : momo Says:

    I love Ko Soo since I have seen his drama Piano many years ago.
    I am still loving you till today. good luck my Ko Soo.

  496. 496 : hoatieu03 Says:

    hi gosoo
    how are you? i miss you
    wish you a happy and successful. bi bi..

  497. 497 : PeachSoju Says:

    Hi, is there any way your ancestor could be King Jumong, since he changed his surname to “Go” when he established Goguryeo?

  498. 498 : hoatieu03 Says:

    hi go soo
    how are you? i miss you
    wish you a happy and successful. bi bi..

  499. 499 : emuilyperth Says:

    I love Go Soo with all my heart and soul.
    May God bless you.

  500. 500 : dew Says:

    Hello Kosoo,

    I really want to tell you that I love you very much.
    You are the best actor for me and you will be forever.

    I will support you everything and everytime.
    please make sure that I and everyone still love and love a love you.

  501. 501 : madamesoo Says:

    Greeeez you are very cute.
    I want to see your new drama soon.

  502. 502 : chrys Says:

    well… i really love your drama(to marry a millionaire)… since from the beginning… it is really fantastic and every episodes are really exciting… and it is one of the best Korean episodes that I’ve watched.. from the casting to the story itself… you and kim hyun-joo were really good in acting… I don’t care what people say to this drama… I’m gonna watch it over again…Ü coz’ it’s really good… 😀 I’m just wondering if there’s part 2… 😀 I’m wishing… 😀 more power! Godspeed!

  503. 503 : madamesoo Says:

    Me again, Kosoo oppa I want to say love you everyday and everynight.
    You make me crazy in you and can’t do everything except missing you.

    Greezzzzzzz, I love you Kosoo oppa. I really want to show you how much I love you.

    Love you till you old. You can believe me that I will still love you.

  504. 504 : dewsoo Says:

    Hi Kosoo, Do you know you are my dearest actor in my mind.
    I will support you. I know you are the person that to try hard for your work. I believe that you will successful forever.

    Very missing you and want to stand beside you on oneday.
    Please take care of your health too.

    Love you so much.^^

  505. 505 : mamasung Says:

    I still waiting for your new project everyday.
    I’m sure when your new drama openning, you will see many fanclub to support you.

    Kosoo fighting!!!

  506. 506 : natalie Says:

    Good start for your new project . I really love your acting in Green Rose .
    Now you are filming the movie.I wish you very success with ” Into the White Night” I am looking forward to see it .Love you forever.
    ^^^ KO SOO^^^

  507. 507 : hoatieu03 Says:

    Hi Go Soo
    how are you?, i miss you……

  508. 508 : pretty lady Says:

    Kosoo I miss you.
    I’m fan from Thailand.
    I guess you never know that you have many fan in Thailand.
    I’m one of them and very crezy in you.

    Please come bact to Thailand.
    I really want to meet you.


  509. 509 : Glenn Says:

    Annyeoung Haseyo

    Im from Philippines i am one of your fan in here i just wanna meet you in person thats why i study hard for you and kim hyun joo thanks a lot..

    Annyeounghigyeseyo and gamsahabnida..

  510. 510 : lovekosooverymuch Says:

    Have a nice day Kosoo oppa.
    Always love you.

  511. 511 : emuilyperth Says:

    KOSOO my darling . MIZZZ you a lot.

  512. 512 : Indie Says:

    Annyonghaseyo, Go Soo Ssi.
    I never done this before..
    I guess, I just wanna say: I think I’m gonna be one of many fans of yours (perhaps, already one of it).
    I love Green Rose, the drama where I saw you for the first time.
    I love your acting in that drama and I guess I’ll find another drama of yours to watch.
    Hope you read my comment.
    Well, Keep up the good work!!
    Gud Luck for you..

  513. 513 : hoatieu03 Says:

    Hi Go Soo
    how are you?, i miss you……

  514. 514 : hhongxanh Says:

    hi go soo
    love you forever

  515. 515 : green rose Says:

    hi Go soo
    miss you, how are you?
    Wish you all good things

  516. 516 : lovelydecember Says:

    How you been Ko Soo?? just watched your series drama “Green Rose” from one week ago, was my first Korean drama. Loved it sooooooo much.
    What a great story and a wonderful ending. The character that you played was so cool.
    you have an attractive face
    can’t wait to see your new drama
    hope your heart as beautiful as your face
    wishing you all the best and always healthy
    well—— good night to you. see ya!!!! (:

  517. 517 : Evelyn M.G. Says:

    Hi Ko Soo! Is “Into the White Night” a TV Series or a movie? When will it be aired? I’m sure it will be as awesome as your previous movie and tv series that is why I’m looking forward to watching it. Good luck and remain as cool and humble as you were over the years. GOB BLESS!!

  518. 518 : madamsoo Says:

    Greezzzzzzzzzzz Kosoo oppa what are you doing today?
    You know, you make my day because I see your new pic.
    Why you are very hansome everyday?
    You make me crazy in you.

  519. 519 : Jumjum Says:

    Oppa I still waiting for your new program.

  520. 520 : Katak Says:

    Hi Kosoo, I love you very much.

  521. 521 : S&P Says:

    Hello kosoo ,

    I and my mom are crazy in you.
    Please take care of yourself.

  522. 522 : natalie Says:

    Hello Go Soo
    I wish you all the best ^^

  523. 523 : hoatieu03 Says:

    hi Go Soo
    how are you? i miss you
    Wish you all good things, love you forever.

  524. 524 : madamsoo Says:

    just drop by to say hi before I back to my house.^^
    Love you kosoo oppa.

  525. 525 : vivien Says:

    Good afternoon kosoo oppa.
    very love you and waiting for your new work everyday and everynight.

  526. 526 : vivien Says:

    Hi kosoo, very love you

  527. 527 : patoo Says:

    Greezzzzzzzzzz why you are very nice and cute.
    you make me fall in love.
    I can’t stop to interres in you.

  528. 528 : mimoo Says:

    Wowwwwwww oppa, I saw you recent pic. You are very hansome.

  529. 529 : kai Says:

    I’m fan from Thailand. I want to see you someday.
    I really love you and want to support you for everything.

  530. 530 : kaosan Says:

    good afternoon kosoo oppa.
    How are you today.
    really missing you.

  531. 531 : lovelydecember Says:

    Hi there! Go Soo, how are you doing today? how’s your life?? What about your health? always take care 🙂 okay??. umm,—ANY TV SERIES COMING SOON? I would love to see you and Lee Da Hae again.
    **KO SOO————–R O C K S!!!
    **KO SOO————–A W E S O M E!!!!!
    Anyway, it’s 11:20 P.M. in Orange County California, U.S., kinda late now! I’m going to see you next time.

    S M I L E!

  532. 532 : SNOW Says:


  533. 533 : hoatieu03 Says:

    hi Go Goo
    how are you? I love you, forever
    wish you success, happiness and everything good

  534. 534 : lovelydecember Says:

    Good evening, Ko Soo!

    This is your first time to performance at the Theater, so I wanted to wish you have a successful with your new career. Keep up your dream and whatever you were trying to pursued your goal, GOOD LUCK!. (:>)

    BE SAFE!

    BE SAFE!

    BE SAFE! hehehe

  535. 535 : hoatieu03 Says:

    hi Go Soo
    how are you? i miss you
    Wish you all good things, love you forever.

  536. 536 : natalie Says:

    I wonder when will your Movie ^^ Baek Ya Haeng ^^be released ??
    I can’t wait…

  537. 537 : lover Says:

    hi Go Soo….Love u s0 much..u r the best actor in the world..wish u luck in ur career..i will be ur fan forever and ever…

  538. 538 : JM Says:

    hello Go soo,
    I like your acting in “Green Rose drama”. Your acting is like very real.
    Hope to see your new drama soon!

  539. 539 : lovelydecember Says:

    Go Soo, hooooow arrrrrrrre yooooooou??? was how your day? did you take good care of yourself? yes??= yay!!!!. Well—-uh, just for you know, my co-worker was a big fan of yours since 2002. She loves every series drama of yours and yet your handsome face, too. I told her that I’ve only seen “GREEN ROSE AND MARRYING TO MILLIONAIRE” from last March and April of this year. She was laughing at me and said “you’re a way back, woman!!!!!”. 🙂 umm— I really wanted to kick her butt sooooooo bad, hahaha= just kidding. :). Right now, I’m watching “WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN” on episode # 10, did not finish it yet, total is 16 episodes. I loved them all but “Green Rose” was my first priority favorite and the hair, too.
    *****It’s almost weekends, i hope you have a good time and don’t work so hard. See you later in October!!! Good night to you KO SOO *******

  540. 540 : Nai Nai Says:

    Hi,Go Soo
    I’ve seen your movie Green Rose.In that movie, your acting is very nice.
    Take care of your health………………….Bye Bye!

  541. 541 : Petra Says:

    Just want to pen that we are looking forward to
    your new movie ..^^ See you soon.

  542. 542 : m1019aa Says:

    Hi Ko Soo,

    Looking forward to your movie – ‘Into the White Night’. I’m your fans in Hong Kong. I love your great performance especially in ‘Green Rose’. Besides, your acts in ‘When A Man Loves A Woman’, ‘The Piano’ and all the rest are so touching that I admire you so much.

    Take care and wishing your movie can be very successful in this October.

  543. 543 : sang hee Says:

    i loved your acting in Green Rose & followed your other projects since then! i hope to see your new drama if you have any! you deserved the SBS Best Actor award in GR! more power to you — you’re one of my fave Korean actors ever! aja aja

  544. 544 : madeliene Says:

    where have you been, oppa……? come back!!!!

  545. 545 : hellodear Says:

    I know you are going to be on screen soon. I am very happy
    and looking forward to your new movie . I love you Go Soo.

  546. 546 : hhxanh Says:

    i miss you ,…

  547. 547 : dizzy lizzy Says:

    every breath i missed you.
    love you never die

  548. 548 : Renee Cho Says:

    The best things in life
    can never be kept;
    They must be given away.
    A Smile, keep smiling me dear Go soo


  549. 549 : cheri Says:

    congratulation to Ko soo Oppa on your Master’s Degree graduation.


  550. 550 : Pla-tong Says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂 😛

    i LOve you

  551. 551 : apple Says:

    iam your fan from thailand.

    and i do love u so much

  552. 552 : hehe Says:

    1= I
    i+love+you =


  553. 553 : brady Says:

    love u

    rak go soo
    (love go soo)

  554. 554 : emuilyperth Says:

    Hi Go Soo
    I wish you many success for your new project.

  555. 555 : vina Says:

    musta, ang galing mong actor sa green rose, gusto kong gayahin ang uhali mo na mapaghintay.

  556. 556 : jing0124 Says:

    hi..go soo..ur so cute…for me ur the best!!!keep up the good work!!!..forever ur my idol!!

  557. 557 : FanfromBKK Says:

    Good Luck dear Ko Soo ..^^___^^

  558. 558 : jannah Says:

    hey……ur a very good actor….and i luv u…..

  559. 559 : emilythestrange Says:

    i’m your fan from kenya and i love u so much.

  560. 560 : kiri Says:

    i’m 9 years old and i love u never die. my mum love u so much so that’s why i know u .:)

  561. 561 : fah Says:

    love u

  562. 562 : pangjee Says:


  563. 563 : chaimoon Says:


  564. 564 : spidey Says:

    You’re a very talented actor !

    I’m looking forward for your next projects !

  565. 565 : nancy Says:

    Dear Go Soo, How are you? Are you already out from your military service? I wish you are making another series like Green Rose & Marrying a Millionaire. I miss your handsome and serious face. I like the way you smile. Always take care and I hope that you will always be successful in all your undertakings…. Sincerely , Nancy

  566. 566 : Aziza Says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever had the feeling of my heart melting like this before. I have just finished the drama, To Marry A Millionaire; I can now get some sleep:P I have to admit that it was infuriating/frustrating at times but amazing writng, acting, the whole lot!! I loved it! I have to say Go Soo, your acting is one of the most sincere, endearing, captivating, real, heart-melting that I have ever seen:D And for someone who is not korean and just newly discovered korean movies etc, i have watched a lot. If you’re just close to being as nice and as real as your character, someone will be very lucky to have you in their lives one day. I am thankful for your safe return from military service.
    I pray for your continued success, for you to stay grounded, to have a long prosperous life full of love, good health and wealth insha Allah (God willing)!

  567. 567 : imjum Says:

    MISS…………SSSSSSSS UUUUUUUUUuuuuuuuuuuu……

  568. 568 : Nongbkk Says:

    I think I love you till death. Miss Go Soo .

  569. 569 : sobi Says:

    Love you very much ..
    Rak thor kon deaw ka.Rak mag mag chak Green Rose lae Marry a Millionaire ..

  570. 570 : kaung myat thu Says:

    I like you so much .With best wishes.Please reply to me.

  571. 571 : jemi Says:

    You acted so well in Green Rose. You matched so well with Su Ah

  572. 572 : atchi marak Says:

    I like your acting in Green Rose. Keep it up.

  573. 573 : sky Says:

    Happy Birthday, Ko Soo!!
    May God bless you, be with you and lead you for everywhere and everytime. Everything, you must try your best.
    :} see ya!!!

  574. 574 : sobi Says:

    Ur movie ‘s teaser made me excited . Very handsome and convincing.
    Happy Birthday to u. Dear Ko Soo. Love you forever.

  575. 575 : lovegosoo Says:


  576. 576 : LOVELYDECEMBER Says:


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 1004 🙂 🙂









    1004 SMILE!

  577. 577 : Petra Says:

    Stay healthy and be happy with your works and personal life.
    We ‘ll love & support you forever,

  578. 578 : ynnah Says:

    hi!!! happy birthday!!more birthdays to come!!! thank you……

  579. 579 : hhxanh Says:

    nho ban rat nhieu

  580. 580 : SR Says:

    Hi GOSOO
    Remember you very much. I would love you to play with Son Ye Jin Intro The White Night, I expected a film that. Wish you success, love you forever

  581. 581 : hoatieu03 Says:

    Miss you….GOSOO
    I am very happy to hear that you played with Son Ye Jin in The White Night Intro.I expected a film that. Wish you success, love you forever

  582. 582 : lia Says:

    love you eye so much and your smile melt my heart awhey, i love you more than enything so i hope all you best for you life…… neoreul sarang handa ipgae maem dola……

  583. 583 : asghar Says:

    You are very handsome and sociable!!! dear goosoooooooo

  584. 584 : wow gold Says:

    A wonderful article…. In my life, I have never seen a man be so selfless in helping others around him to get along and get working. I feel good that there are people like you too. Thanks for this great weblog of yours. Its surely going to get me to go to higher places!

  585. 585 : parto Says:

    hello again dear goo soo… I was thinking about you all day…and I fall in love with you….:)) i just can’t throw Your Beautiful NAME out my mind ….. plz answer me…i’m w8ing forr your new Dramaaaaaaaaaa….

    _8 _88_
    __88 GOO SOOO __888
    ___8_ __888
    ____________ ____1___________________

  586. 586 : crazyforyou Says:


  587. 587 : Lyly Says:

    My God I loved your performance at Green Rose!!! Congratulations and please come to visit Brazil….

  588. 588 : rini Says:

    i’m u’r fan from indonesia come and visit my country saranghae!

  589. 589 : Petra Says:

    KOSoo is still available , not yet married, even has a GF yet. He said he hasn’t thought about marriage yet. Coz his want to achieve his goals first.
    Plss visit Thai FC to see his new pics and read his update. Everyone is welcomed. ^^_^^


  590. 590 : Petra Says:

    Sorry for misleading. I am saying that he does not have a GF yet.
    He is 100% single now.heehee

  591. 591 : :) Says:

    i wanna watch his new seriesssss

  592. 592 : :) Says:

    나는 그의 일련의 사랑에, 그는 한국에서 가장 아름다운 사람입니다

  593. 593 : eugene Says:

    I wanna watch your new drama “Will it snow for Christmas”

  594. 594 : Green rose Says:

    hi GoSoo
    I miss you so much, not only your fans, but I very love you, love your eye, your smile and all ca.nhung I know that sales is only a dream only. wish you happy

  595. 595 : Green rose Says:

    난 아주 많이 귀하의 팬들뿐만 아니라,하지만 난 정말 당신을 사랑해, 당신의 눈을 사랑하는 당신이 그리워요 당신의 미소, 모든. 하지만 난 그 소식을 단지 꿈에 불과합니다 알아요. 행복한 소원

  596. 596 : hoatieu Says:

    Hi Go Soo
    I am very happy when you have added two new films, I wait for a long time, I love you very much. wish you happiness and success.

  597. 597 : brady Says:

    hello darling,
    i watch your movie and i am very impressive with your acting in the movie as the role of yohan…..
    your are fab.
    i really love ……
    i wish i could be your GF <3

  598. 598 : gigi Says:

    WO AI NE

  599. 599 : pj2 Says:

    ni hao.
    ni hao ma???
    how are u ???

    i love u so much ^^

  600. 600 : pie Says:

    im loonkin for your drama…
    Will it snow for christmas?????????????????????????????//
    it seem to be a very good drama…

    welcome back dear Kosoo 🙂


  601. 601 : qiqi Says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  602. 602 : so ra ah Says:

    i am so happy that u’re already back to us
    i’ll definetely watch your movie into the white night and
    drama will it snow for christmas

    thank you gosoo
    i love u never die

  603. 603 : rak pee kosoo tee sudd Says:

    อันยอง คร้า
    ฮู้เร้ๆ พี่โกซู กลับมาแร้วว

    รักนะเด็กโง่ >3<

  604. 604 : helena Says:

    You are my world.
    You are my life.
    You are my everything.
    You are my wife.

    You are my best friend.
    You are my lover.
    You are my dreams come true.
    You are my shelter, my cover.

    You are my sun in the sky.
    You are my moonlight at night.
    You are all the good in the world.
    You are all that is right.

    You are all that I see.
    You are all that I feel.
    You are all that I need.
    You are all that is real.

  605. 605 : cream Says:

    i love you
    i love you

  606. 606 : cream Says:

    There is only one happiness in life,
    to love and be loved.

    when u gonna come to thailand???

  607. 607 : gosoo lover Says:

    have a nice day, kosoo

  608. 608 : gosoo lover Says:

    are u tired??? fliming tha drama??
    pls take care of your self
    we love u very much, Gosoo


  609. 609 : PAN Says:

    hehe… i love u is all i wanna do >///<

  610. 610 : PAN Says:

    saranhyeyo kosoo oppa

  611. 611 : ooodie Says:

    hahahahaha, nothin much just love yaa !~~~

    is it cold in korea????
    please be healthy
    and take care of your self

    i will waiting for your new drama to be shown

  612. 612 : sarah Says:


  613. 613 : Emma Says:

    Has anybody here seen Into the White Night? If yes, is it possible to provide us with a detailed synopsis and also some info on the critical reception of the film? I’d be so grateful. I’m eagerly awaiting the film’s availability on the web and its release on dvd (with English subs. please). I simply love this actor -his expressivity, his superbly weighed interiority, his eyes, his smile, the way he comports himself…everything really, and I expect him to go from strength to strength and make a tremendous mark on his country’s cinematography.

  614. 614 : hayaniadlina Says:

    oh go soo!!!!very handsome!!i very like your drama (green rose)…in this drama,you’re the best actor..i always support you behind

  615. 615 : amktsy Says:

    at first don’t understand why you are so popular.
    but after watching you in Will it snow for christmas.
    like how you stare etc…..
    your eyes is impresssive/powerful O.O

  616. 616 : papat Says:


  617. 617 : edanur Says:

    çok güzel bir oyuncu çok süper birisi

  618. 618 : rosegems Says:

    love him…!!!!

  619. 619 : Mzzach Says:

    cute, but most interesting is he has loveable body language

  620. 620 : Martha Says:

    Whoever has not seen any film or drama with God-Soo (see dramabeans.com for the provenance of the appellation) what are you waiting for? You shall have trouble finding so many qualities clustering about one person: great acting, well judged exploration of characters, emerging out of a most commanding, impressive and appealing presence that goes beyond attributes like ‘handsome’, ‘gorgeous’, and the like. I cannot think of any screen actor in the West with such subtle register of emotions and moods ,nor such clear and articulate character modulation (without either simplifying or flattening). I think I’ll experience withdrawal symptoms once Will It Snow For Christmas is over and Into the White Night not yet released on dvd (request: please spare some thought for GS’s fans across the seas in the UK/Europe and release the dvd on region 2 format with English subs.).

  621. 621 : particle Says:

    i really like your drama, your acting is so interesting and so entertainment
    i really be your favorite fun

  622. 622 : particle Says:

    i really like your acting and it is so interesting me
    i will be your favorite fun…..

  623. 623 : particle Says:

    i really like your acting and it is so interesting me
    i will be your favorite fun….

  624. 624 : chaimoon Says:


  625. 625 : Piaysobel Vergara Says:

    I have no words to say.. Just THUMBS UP for Go Soo….

  626. 626 : Piaysobel Vergara Says:

    Go Soo!…ur performance in WILL IT SNOW AT CHRISTMAS?…its a JOB WELL DONE…. more power to u. May God Bless u always…..

  627. 627 : nadiasan Says:

    hai go soo welcome back!!! i’m very admire with ur acting very natural and touching. i can’t wait to see u in ur new drama. hope u success in ur carreer and life too. luv u so much …ummuahh.

  628. 628 : Rina Says:

    helo GO SOO…i’m from Indonesia…I like ur new Drama “will it snow at Christmas”…. so tuchy n soooo Romantic….i love ur acting…ur body language…yeah..u sooo cute…Love uuu….

  629. 629 : mylene Says:

    Hi go so. i really like your drama ” will it show for christmas” it very romatic and touching. goodluck and godbless you.

  630. 630 : Num Says:

    I really love GoSoo.

  631. 631 : Marrylinse Says:

    Go SOO . You ‘r my destiny. LUV U to the core.

  632. 632 : Egi Agustin Says:

    Hello Go Soo, I’m from Indonesia. I’m your fan listing. I haven’t watch your last movie (Will it snow for Christmas), Coz I haven’t found the DVD yet. But I heard some songs (OST) and I’m so sure that it’s a fabulous movie. Go Soo, I love u…

  633. 633 : susan Says:

    wow u look mature n handsome! great acting…love u

  634. 634 : Molly Says:

    Hi, Dear 고수 高洙:More and more peoples know you and love you. Hope you have a good future. You are the best one!

  635. 635 : pandar baby Says:

    I want to see your photo gallery

  636. 636 : xhaxa Says:

    Oh dear Go Soo,

    I’m admiring you so much, moreover since watched your drama “will it snow for christmas”.
    You’re look so cool, smart and passionate in this drama.
    Good Job for you.

    Seems all woman will love man like Cha Kenjin character

    sarangheyo oppa! ^_^

  637. 637 : Dee Says:

    He’s so cool and charming, His acting is good in my opinion. Bravo! Cant wait your film again.

  638. 638 : oyunbileg Says:

    Wish u all the best and success

  639. 639 : carolina Says:

    “Will it snow for Christmas?”….. I watched it for thousands times…
    coz I really like Cha Kang Jin…… and I LOVE U Go Soo ……….

  640. 640 : Wendy Says:

    I love YOU GoSoo, You are the best korean actor of this era.

  641. 641 : mary Says:

    hi Go Soo,….wooooooooooowww you are my best actor not just for me but for thousands of girls in my country,…we all love you sooooo much,..just keep going we all with you, and we all waiting for all your works,…i really love your last drama will it snow for christmas,..wooow sooo beautiful,,be happy , we love you man ^ ^

  642. 642 : eva Says:

    Just watch your serial deama “will there be snow foe christmas?”. Oh ur so handsome and romantic. I watch everynite till down. Really hoping ur the same person in your daily life. Goodluck ko soo.

  643. 643 : stardust Says:

    You are really handsome and good actor . I love you GoSoo,
    I heard your next project is a movie . Looking forward to it.

  644. 644 : petra Says:

    To all KoSoo fans , just want to pen that if you love KoSoo you can enjoy his pictures and his updates by visiting many KOSOO fanclub sites ,and fans ‘ blogs .
    such as soompi .com ,KoSoo ‘s thread

    KS Thai FC http://forums2.popcornfor2.com/index.php?showtopic=55
    KS China FC http://kosoo.5d6d.com/bbs.php
    KS official JapanFC http://www.so-net.ne.jp/kosoo/
    Korean FC http://cafe.daum.net/kosu
    and many more , plss enjoy^^__^^

  645. 645 : Soto Says:

    I love you, GOO SOO. He is THE MOST MANLY ARTIST of all Korean actors. I will only love you til I die.

  646. 646 : Soto Says:

    Sorry, in my previous comment I meant to say actor, instead of artist. Love you, GOO SOO.

  647. 647 : kripa Says:

    HI, go soo, this is our first time to see you because we never watch korean movie and drama in our country by accident i watch your drama i like you so much and i wish you all the best for your future, from Bangladesh.

  648. 648 : Siri Says:

    Dear Go Soo,
    Hi there, i’m yr fan club from Thailand. i just want to say thank you for your superb performance. i’m now try to find your past performance and sure will enjoying it. Fighting GO SOO :>

  649. 649 : malaysia fan Says:

    waiting for your latest release.u r very handsome and kind hearted.hopefully u r the same on real world.i am a mother of two daughters but still ur number one fan.had u married?do u read your fan comment? i don’t think so.anyway pliz hurried to release new drama.waiting here at malaysia.

  650. 650 : DEVI Says:

    i love him in “will it snow for christmas?”,,,,cha gang jin,,,saranghaeyo

  651. 651 : shey Says:

    hi,go soo im one of ur avid fan here in phil. i really like ur drama espicially the green rose u look very handsome theire god bless and more blessings to come luv u.

  652. 652 : thee-un Says:

    Hi go soo,
    I like your drama” green rose”you so cool, and i waiting your next serial drama.

  653. 653 : su latt tun Says:


  654. 654 : vynnze Says:

    hello, goo soo! i’m sure you’re not going to read this but hoping your aide will and inform you. you’re awesome! acting out as a dumb but kindhearted man in the ” to marry a millionaire”! you’ve impressed me a lot and i’ll include you on my favorites…. keep it up! I hope i will be able to read, hear, see and watch about you in the future. I’m collecting your drama series and movies too! i’m from the philippines. It’s good to know you’re a christian!

  655. 655 : Nunu Says:

    Adore you in “Will It Snow For Christmas” (2009). I laughed and cried watching the movie. Keep up the good work 🙂

    Nunu (Canada)

  656. 656 : wid Says:

    Ko Soo! Sure I do love him. He’s talented and so good looking 🙂
    Keep up the good work, A’a Ko Soo!

  657. 657 : nana Says:


  658. 658 : mel Says:

    i like your smile…

  659. 659 : ade Says:

    your acting is good.. ^^

  660. 660 : elle Says:


  661. 661 : suzan Says:

    Hello GO SOO…….love the story but i dont liked the end of it….i wish that u could with her..but its just drama ……like to see u soon with other drama series….kept it up…..

  662. 662 : one Says:

    i love you in marrying a millionaire.. i hope can found a man like you in that story… very touching drama i ever watch…

  663. 663 : shekufe Says:

    Go Soo was relly great in the great “will it snow 4 christmas”

  664. 664 : shekufe Says:

    what’s his true height?here is 183cm,but in other websites is 176cm.
    what a funny problem it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  665. 665 : shekufe Says:

    how your looks is so pervasive ?

  666. 666 : shekufe Says:

    go soo is in 3 best actors and actresse.even number1!!

  667. 667 : shekufe Says:

    it seems that he lives with your role.

  668. 668 : shekufe Says:

    good luck my favorite actor!!!!!!

  669. 669 : sarah Says:

    i love you ko soo.yo are so cute

  670. 670 : sarah Says:

    i love you in wii it snow for christmas.i hope see you with han hyo joo in a drama.i loooooooooooooooooooooove u

  671. 671 : shekufe Says:

    i love him.he is not only cute,but also a good actor.
    his act is really charming.

  672. 672 : shekufe Says:

    what would happen if one day i can act against you?
    i hope!!!!!!!!!!!!
    he he he i am not crazy i am just idealist!

  673. 673 : Lazy_Cat Says:

    i like him but with me, he’s only man …………..

  674. 674 : carol Says:

    i fell in love with go soo after i see him in green rose.green rose is the best korean drama

  675. 675 : carol Says:

    go soo and lee da hae are my favorite korean actors.i hope i see them together again

  676. 676 : carol Says:

    my dear go soo i love you so much.

  677. 677 : shekufe Says:

    good luck

  678. 678 : shekufe Says:

    he is really the best

  679. 679 : suna Says:

    u are the best.i love u my dear

  680. 680 : suna Says:

    i fell in love with u after i saw green rose.i hope see you in new drama with lee da hae again

  681. 681 : super j Says:

    i love you in will it snow for christmas.you are very attractive in this drama

  682. 682 : super j Says:

    i love you ko soo oppa

  683. 683 : kimchilee Says:

    I love you in Green Rose and now in Will it Snow for Christmas.. your acting is superb in both series.. please act in more of such dramas.. i am surprise you acted so few series..please directors or writers.. choose more of Go Su.. he has the look a hero shld look..

    Good Luck Go Su!!

  684. 684 : deniz Says:

    dear go su i love you so much. specially i love you in will it snow for christmas.cha kang jin is so handsome

  685. 685 : 007zhel Says:

    you’re so handsome.. i love you go soo…

  686. 686 : shadi Says:

    go soo is my favorite actor.he is the best in world

  687. 687 : kimchilee Says:

    Go Su! can you post more of your other photos here..?? this one and only one of you dont really look like you.. not so good.. you are so much better looking than this.. anyone got better photos of him to paste here… ??
    After watching WISFC, I will now go watch Green Rose again after so many years.. did not realise how much I miss watching you.. too bad the Marry a Millionaire wasnt too nice.. the story did not suit you i guess..

  688. 688 : tina88 Says:

    go soo awesome.very love you

  689. 689 : tina88 Says:

    i hope to see you with lee da hae again

  690. 690 : Love Hyo Says:


    hello..please add those pic..thanks

  691. 691 : kimchilee Says:

    if only someone can download his picture given by Love Hyo here.. anybody? any more pictures of him? he looks too good to not have more photos.. Go Su.. do you ever visit your website?? please hear your fans calling you to put in more photos of you..

  692. 692 : kimchilee Says:

    Go Su..when will you ever star in another drama again? where can i get news of you or your current project?

  693. 693 : shynreighSOO Says:

    he will be in the movie ”PSYCHIC” .. together with Dong woon.. =) it will be released on Nov. 2010..


  694. 694 : kimchilee Says:

    @SOO.. thanks for the feedback! only a movie? not a drama series?? i must watch his drama cos can enjoy his many hours of acting.. in movie.. only 1 and half hour at most.. 🙁

  695. 695 : jesh Says:

    can’t wait watching ur new movie ‘Psychic’….

  696. 696 : manayekta Says:

    you are my favorite korean actor after jo hyun jae.i love so much

  697. 697 : manayekta Says:

    i fell in love with you after i saw you in will it snow for christmas and i saw green rose.so cute in green rose

  698. 698 : manayekta Says:

    i so happy you act in movie with kang dong won.i hope see you in a movie or drama with jo hyun jae and han ji won(my favorite actress)

  699. 699 : eun ha Says:

    sarangheyo ko soo

  700. 700 : eun ha Says:

    dear ko soo:you are the best.you are number 1

  701. 701 : eun ha Says:

    you are my ideal man in the world.u are so cooooooool!!

  702. 702 : kimchilee Says:

    where can i find his other movie or drama, white nights?? anybody know?

  703. 703 : koala cute Says:

    u can see the movie white night at http://www.mysoju.com..

  704. 704 : kimchilee Says:

    Koala Cute! thank Cute!! 🙂

  705. 705 : kimchilee Says:

    argh! just watched white night.. wow.. Go Su’s body is HOT!! but the episodes 7&8 were broken.. 🙁
    Koala cute, have you watched it? will Go Su die in the end or just captured.. i am so afraid to watch the ending.
    Go Su and Yeh Jin should act in another thriller romance drama story, they have very good chemistry together.

  706. 706 : kimchilee Says:

    finally i got to see the last 2 parts.. aarggh.. as i expected.. Go Su died in this series.. another lousy ending.. what a disappointment to an otherwise sad and interesting movie.
    but Go Soo looks hot! hot! hot! in this white night.. I love his hairstyle there.. which i can post the picture of that white night photo of him in this website..

  707. 707 : koala cute Says:

    u r welcome kimchilee..:) yeah,he died..why the girl just ignore him..i dun like it..but he is a good actor..

  708. 708 : kimchilee Says:

    koala cute, i agree, he is such a good actor.. his serious looks.. wow.. cool killer too.. ya.. the girl was bad to ignore him.. i dont understand the ending though. his new move, psychic.. hope he will be the good guy and not die this time.. sad if its that.

  709. 709 : kimchilee Says:

    can the administrator please put other photos of GO Su here..? this one of him dont look like him at all!

  710. 710 : eun ha Says:

    love u oppa!

  711. 711 : eun ha Says:

    u are my star in the world.very very love

  712. 712 : kimchilee Says:

    wow! thanks to the Administrator here.. more photos of GO SU is finally posted here..!! thanks!! Love them all!! 😀

  713. 713 : sima Says:

    i like your smile.very cute!

  714. 714 : kimchilee Says:

    hi Go Su, when will you be in a new drama? already missing you..

  715. 715 : kimchilee Says:

    Hi Go Soo, I promise to be on your website every now and then so your name can still be on one of the top commented actors.. take care and good luck to wherever and whatever you are doing now!

  716. 716 : kimchilee Says:

    My wish is for more people to visit your website and my wish for your coming birthday, more success in all your dramas and movies!!

  717. 717 : lili Says:

    hi im lili im from iran i love you korea

  718. 718 : lili Says:

    korea have actor and actressare very nice

  719. 719 : chichi Says:

    ko soo sshii looks so handsome.saranghyo oppa

  720. 720 : chichi Says:

    i wait for new movie phsychic.i love u with kang dong won

  721. 721 : kimchilee Says:

    wow.. my wish came true.. more fans are here now at this website.. thank you! I hope you will be the good guy in new drama, psychic.

  722. 722 : kimchilee Says:

    4 more days to your Birthday!! 🙂

  723. 723 : kimchilee Says:

    oops .. i mean 3 more days to your birthday!

  724. 724 : manayekta Says:

    happy birthday to you

  725. 725 : manayekta Says:

    my dear go soo happy birthday!

  726. 726 : chichi Says:

    happy birthday!happy birthday oppa!happy birthday my love!

  727. 727 : Gay Says:


  728. 728 : suna Says:

    happy birthday to u.wish u good health and success in your career.i like u so much.

  729. 729 : suna Says:

    u are the best

  730. 730 : kimchilee Says:


  731. 731 : kimchilee Says:

    when will Psychic be screened? anyone? any idea?

  732. 732 : farima Says:

    my dear go su,my love,you are the best.

  733. 733 : farima Says:

    i will see u on screen with psychic on nowember 11th.i am so excited.i like u so much

  734. 734 : kimchilee Says:

    Hi Farima

    Thanks for telling me when Psychic will be shown.. cant wait for it to be out! Miss Go Su a lot.. 🙂

  735. 735 : farima Says:

    you are welcome kimchilee.i cant wait for it too.i love my dear go soo

  736. 736 : spinas Says:

    hi ko soo.i love you with han ye seul in will it snow for christmas.u are cool

  737. 737 : ligen Says:

    belated hapi b-day soo go! more powers1 ang ganda tlaga ng green rose nakakaiyak..

  738. 738 : kimchilee Says:

    Hi Go Soo

    How are you doing? good luck and best wishes.. looking forward to your drama.

  739. 739 : kimchilee Says:

    Wishing you a pleasant day Go Soo..

  740. 740 : chichi Says:

    i have fallen in love with you since piano.i like this drama very much. u are so cute and lovely in piano

  741. 741 : chichi Says:

    love go soo….i miss you

  742. 742 : manayekta Says:

    hi go soo.how r u?

  743. 743 : manayekta Says:

    i like your smile.very attractive

  744. 744 : manayekta Says:

    i cannot wait to see your new film.i am very very very exicted

  745. 745 : manayekta Says:

    u r so great!saranghyo…

  746. 746 : farima Says:

    u r the most attractive actor

  747. 747 : farima Says:

    love u,love u my idol.

  748. 748 : kimchilee Says:

    Chichi.. where did you watch Go Soo’s Piano ? I cannot find it anywhere..

  749. 749 : chichi Says:

    kimchilee..u can watch it on youku or tudou site…or download with youku downloader v4.9

  750. 750 : manayekta Says:

    go soo new film with shin ha kyun and kim ok bin,go soo is a buzy man,psychic and now another movie,the title of the movie is gojijeon,i am so happy that i can see you more and more.

  751. 751 : manayekta Says:

    you are so busy..plz take care of your health

  752. 752 : manayekta Says:

    your acting is so great,love your acting and looks.

  753. 753 : manayekta Says:

    go soo ssi:love you very much

  754. 754 : manayekta Says:

    you are cute,handsome and pretty boy!

  755. 755 : samin Says:


  756. 756 : manayekta Says:

    hi everybody.do you understand?i just,i love you to different languages to go soo

  757. 757 : atefe Says:

    h ko soo.i love cha kang jin in wisfc.i love your personallity.

  758. 758 : atefe Says:

    i am a fan from iran.most popularity korean actor in iran is sung il gook but i just like you.

  759. 759 : atefe Says:

    i finish watching wisfc.i will watch green rose from tomorrow.

  760. 760 : atefe Says:

    i cannot speak english very well.پس به فارسی میگم دوست دارم

  761. 761 : suna Says:

    hi go soo.how are u today?miss yo so much

  762. 762 : suna Says:

    love,love,love.love,love,love,………….so much

  763. 763 : kimchilee Says:

    Green Rose is nice.. Go Soo looks so good there too.

  764. 764 : suna Says:

    anyangseyo..my hero …love you and waiting your new film

  765. 765 : manayekta Says:

    oh,yes.totally agree with u.go soo is awesome in GR

  766. 766 : manayekta Says:

    he is the most lovable

  767. 767 : manayekta Says:

    there are alot of korean actors that are extremely talented and popular but my opinion is:go soo is the best

  768. 768 : manayekta Says:

    go soo and jo hyun jae are hottest korean men

  769. 769 : manayekta Says:

    handsome and cute!

  770. 770 : chichi Says:

    i watch every drama of go soo several times.. i really enjoy that watch them

  771. 771 : chichi Says:

    specially piano and green rose.they are the best korean dramas

  772. 772 : yasamin 91 Says:

    hello,i love you oppa

  773. 773 : irma Says:

    The first name I known among korean actors was you, as I never bothered or interested to watch Korean drama before..until I watched Greenrose… since then..I’m becoming one of your fan as well as Korean drama’s fans….Thanks to you…..

  774. 774 : manayekta Says:

    hi honey.how are you today?hope you have a happy day.fighting….

  775. 775 : spring time Says:

    i love you go soo with kim hyun joo.i wish to see you with her again(perfect couple),you with lee da hae is very nice too.i hope u play more drams than movies

  776. 776 : kimchilee Says:

    chichi.. i cannot find piano.. can you give me the link..?

  777. 777 : atefe Says:

    i want to see piano too.plzzzzzzzz

  778. 778 : chichi Says:

    hi dear kimchilee and atefe…youku is block in my region recently,therefore i can’t give you direct link,but if you search this address in google you will find piano drama easily.. http://www.youku.com/show_page/id_zcbfc36d4962411de83b1.html

  779. 779 : chichi Says:

    direct link in todou: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/GySzMcVqaWA/ BE SUCCESSFUL.YOU CAN USE YOUKU OR TOUDOU

  780. 780 : manayekta Says:

    hello the best actor.your acting really good.love uuuuuuuuu

  781. 781 : manayekta Says:

    hi go soo.how r u doing?u r my dream,miss u so much my dear…hello kimchilee.did u watch piano’s go soo?

  782. 782 : manayekta Says:

    my opinion piano is not bad but green rose is the best drama of go soo.what’s your idea about that?….oh.i forgot..thanks chichi..but this drama hasnot eng sub..

  783. 783 : manayekta Says:

    i like u because you are smart and manly.

  784. 784 : kimchilee Says:

    oh Hi Chichi.. thanks again but tudou website unable to download.. so did not watch.. 🙁

    Hi manayekta.. what? no english subtitle? oh no…

  785. 785 : manayekta Says:

    dear go soo:your acting is perfect.in wisfc.when u cry i want to hug u..i wish you will do more tv dramas

  786. 786 : manayekta Says:

    recently i feel i addicted u so much since i watch wisfc and i have watched all your drama and movies of u again.i like you because of your eyes they are very kind..and your smile is so adorable!like angel..

  787. 787 : manayekta Says:

    saranghae oppa.i wanna visit u.

  788. 788 : manayekta Says:

    i am crazy of you.loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove

  789. 789 : chichi Says:

    Hi everybody…youku downloader v4.9 can download video from youku,todou,sohu,ku6,… 13 DAYS remaind untill PSYCHIC’S show.i cannot wait for go soo..
    go soo had a interview about psychic recently..this link; http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjE2NTU2NTA0.html

  790. 790 : chichi Says:

    if this clip has been blocked in your region u can watch go soo in this clips:
    http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjE1NzMwNzQ0.html http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjE2MzU1MTM2.html this clips are very exciting and go soo is attractive here

  791. 791 : aniya Says:

    hi,how are you?i am a nurse and i don’t have any time that i see drama and movie.but i saw green rose and i became your fan.you are lovable

  792. 792 : kimchilee Says:

    Chichi.. frustrating.. website blocked… nvm, i will go to watch him again in Green Rose.. has anyone watched him in Millionaire? heard not so nice story…

  793. 793 : chichi Says:

    http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjE1NzMwNzQ0.html this link is working correctly.i watched marrying a millionaire.yes.it isnot interesting and kim hyun joo isn’t match with go soo but go soo is cute in there however i like go soo diden’t play it.

  794. 794 : kimchilee Says:

    chichi.. thanks!! he looks good and his eyes still as big as ever.. his hairstyle looks good too..!! love IT!!! thank you for the update!!

  795. 795 : dee Says:

    can’t wait ko soo’s next drama ……

  796. 796 : manayekta Says:

    go soo is amazing!

  797. 797 : manayekta Says:

    hi my lovely go soo.u r amazing.super hot,super cool!

  798. 798 : manayekta Says:

    i love everything about u.you capture the hearts of everyone.hope i’ll be able to see u in person.hope your next project after gojijeon to be a drama.

  799. 799 : manayekta Says:

    you are number one..kiss u..

  800. 800 : caroo Says:

    hello.after i finished watching wisfc drama i understood why you are so popular,because your acting is great and natural.be successful in your job and real life.be happy always

  801. 801 : manayekta Says:

    hello dear administrator.i put link of new photo’s go soo.please upload this photo. http://subhatra.multiply.com/photos/album/56/KOSOO_New_hair_stlye_Oct_2010#photo=41 http://subhatra.multiply.com/photos/album/56/KOSOO_New_hair_stlye_Oct_2010#photo=44 http://picasaweb.google.com/lh photo/POORNpPJMSpFZVRt5teC8Q please accept of me.thank you so much

  802. 802 : chichi Says:

    i finished watching green rose again.i watched it several time and every time i enjoyed more. yo u are so charming there.you are really match with lee da hae.a lovable couple.i hope you reach to lee da hae in real life..wow..

  803. 803 : atefe Says:

    your acting is very natural.thank you very much

  804. 804 : Petra Says:

    This is great idea. Dear Administrator. Pls add more of KOSOO ‘s latest pictures.

    Thank you so much !!

  805. 805 : manayekta Says:

    he is cool,awesome and hot.i am in love with him. i cannot stop thinking about him.his baby face make me fall in love.his smile and his big eyes are something that cannot be found in another man.i wish that i see him happy always.

  806. 806 : manayekta Says:

    go soo seems to never age,he looks like he’s just getting younger.he is such an amazing actor.wish all the best for him.

  807. 807 : manayekta Says:

    hello dear admin..i am so happy that you upload these pics.i put links of several photos.pls add them .thank u very very much. http://subhatra.multiply.com/photos/album/8/ko_soo_s_photos#photo=50 http://subhatra.multiply.com/photos/album/28/KOSOO_new_look_Nov2009#photo=18 http://subhatra.multiply.com/photos/album/28/KOSOO_new_look_Nov2009#photo=46 http://subhatra.multiply.com/photos/album/28/KOSOO_new_look_Nov2009#photo=103 http://subhatra.multiply.com/photos/album/49/KOSOO_appearing_in_Magazines_2010#photo=8

  808. 808 : chichi Says:

    there are many good actors in korea but for me go soo is the best.saranghae go soo

  809. 809 : chichi Says:

    thank you so much for put the new pictures.

  810. 810 : sarah.s Says:

    hello.i am a fan of go soo.i fell in love with him after see will it snow for christmas recently.now i want to see another serial of him.he play very good and he is very attractive.he similar to lee wan.i love him too.

  811. 811 : manayekta Says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiii every body!dear admin…thank you so much for upload the pictures.really thank you,hi dear go soo.how are you today honey?hope to be ok.kiss u…

  812. 812 : caroo Says:

    hello my idol.i have no words to say what i fell about you..god bless your way to success!

  813. 813 : shohre Says:

    lOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOVE U OPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPa!you are the best looking among korean actors.

  814. 814 : katy Says:

    green rose is my favorite movie
    & i watched it with family & now my family are your fan we are waiting for your new movie bye

  815. 815 : jibununa Says:

    I fell in love with him since I watched “Age of Innocence” and still. In “Will it snow at Christmas”, he’s damn hot… I love him.

  816. 816 : manayekta Says:

    hiiiiii my prince!i love you always..be happy always till your fans became happy too..

  817. 817 : manayekta Says:

    wanna see you soon..miss you

  818. 818 : manayekta Says:

    go soo oppa ,your smile makes me crazy for you.my love i want to hug you………hiiiiiiii kimchilee,where do you now my dear?miss you

  819. 819 : minoo Says:

    i love you so much.you are beautiful.

  820. 820 : minoo Says:

    i like you with lee da hae.you are the best couple

  821. 821 : chichi Says:

    anyounghasehyo go soo ssi!how are you?have a good time Aja Aja……

  822. 822 : chichi Says:

    my lovely angel..i ‘ll love you till death..

  823. 823 : manayekta Says:

    hiiiiiiiii go soo.how are you today?hope to be oky.miss u………….new photos of go soo are very lovable.i like all of them.

  824. 824 : manayekta Says:

    10 asia’s interview with go soo.include 2 part.link of part 1: http://kosoo-kif.blogspot.com/2010/11/ko-soo-interview-with-10-asiae-part1

  825. 825 : manayekta Says:

    oh;excuse me.correct link is: http://kosoo-kif.blogspot.com/2010/11/ko-soo-interview-with-10-asiae-part-1

  826. 826 : caroo Says:

    the most beautiful thing about go soo is his eyes because they’re so big and shining.i like them more than everything about him and his smile is so cute too.his eyes and his smile make him different from another.he is so cool!

  827. 827 : caroo Says:

    new movie of go soo(psychic)will be shown on screen on nowember 10th.i am not korean therefore i cannot watch it.soooooo sad.hello manayekta these links arenot working!

  828. 828 : chichi Says:

    i admire your acting

  829. 829 : chichi Says:

    missing you..

  830. 830 : dee Says:

    I love everything about ko soo. missing your next drama.

  831. 831 : manayekta Says:

    hello oppa!how are you today?hope to be oky.i hope to see u soon with psychic on dvd or websites.can’t waite for it.miss u alot

  832. 832 : manayekta Says:

    you r my hero!

  833. 833 : salma Says:

    you play many characters in different dramas.but my favorite character is cha kang jin in wisfc.his personality is perfect.i love you since i saw him.you and he are super attractive.thank you for creating cha kang jin

  834. 834 : manayekta Says:

    hello dear admin..i put the links of several photos.pls add them.all of them arenot new,but i like them http://subhatra.multiply.com/photos/album/28/KOSOO_new_look_Nov2009#photo=57 http://subhatra.multiply.com/photos/album/54/Psychic_Press_Conference#photo=144 http://subhatra.multiply.com/photos/album/49/KOSOO_appearing_in_Magazines_2010#photo=44 http://subhatra.multiply.com/photos/album/46/KO_SOO_OFF-_SCREEN#photo=84 http://subhatra.multiply.com/photos/album/46/KO_SOO_OFF-_SCREEN#photo=143 thank you sooooo much!

  835. 835 : Petra Says:

    Thanks to all fans who really love KOSOO for all comments .If everybody want to read his updates and view new pictures. I am Petra who manage many fan ‘s sites for him and also an administrator of his FB creating by his fans.Pls spend your time joining us and enjoy his latest updates.
    This is the link http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=122266643338&ref=mf
    or my site http://subhatra.multiply.com/ for reading all articles
    Thank you so much to Admistrator of this site for giving us a chance .

  836. 836 : manayekta Says:

    hello everybody.hello dear go soo. are you oky?kiss you……..thank you dear admin..

  837. 837 : manayekta Says:

    love,love,love.love.all of loves on earth for you!….oh,i forget.thank u so much petra.i always read your article,so interesting!

  838. 838 : chichi Says:

    he looks great.

  839. 839 : chichi Says:

    can’t wait for him.i hope that his new film will be put on youku or youtube very soon

  840. 840 : kato Says:

    konnichiwa ko soo!ogenkidesuka?aishitero.

  841. 841 : kimchilee Says:

    omigosh!! i’ve been away for a while and suddenly.. so many comments and pictures of GO Su looking like what he shld be.. unlike in the beginning where there is only one photo of him that do not look like him!! woww!! amazing.. thank you to Petra for keeping us updated on Go Soo.. btw, how do you spell his name? Go Su or Go Soo.. ?

    Love all the pictures!!

  842. 842 : manayekta Says:

    i saw parts of psychic’s movie on youku.in my opinion go soo’s acting is amazing there and kang dong won too.however i just like go soo!……..hiiiii dearest kimchilee!i am so happy that you are here again..

  843. 843 : alee Says:

    Go Soo is the best looking Korean actor … what a smile he has. It amazes me that no video posted on Youtube ever mentions him.

  844. 844 : Petra Says:

    Really appreciate with Administrator of this site for kindly giving me and other KOSOO ‘s fans unfold our love on him. Thank you for allowing my post introducing his FCs where his fans could enjoy his updates.
    Hi Manayekta I am glad that KS is so lucky having you as one of his big fan. Thank you so much dear.
    Possibly Pls coming to chat with us at soompi.

  845. 845 : Petra Says:

    Oh I am so fun here and addicted here like a glue. Thanks again all dear friends .
    I am really enjoying reading all comments.
    @ Kimchilee : Normally his name can be spelled in english as Go Soo or Ko Soo.
    But apparently as his official FC it ‘s KO SOO.
    No matter what KOSOO or Go Soo we call him. He is still our darling , right??

  846. 846 : manayekta Says:

    saranghae go soo oppa!

  847. 847 : spring time Says:

    my favorite korean actors: 1)go soo 2)lee min ho 3)song il gook i like them very much.they are so hotttt,handsome and great.THE BEST KOREAN STARS FOR ME.

  848. 848 : spring time Says:


  849. 849 : kimchilee Says:

    Hi Petra.. yes.. no matter how his name is spelt.. Go Soo.. so gorgeous! Do you think you could replace that big picture of him on top of this page with any of those small ones below? the one above do not look like Go Soo at all! when i first got to know him.. i thought i was in the wrong website when i saw the picture above.. :p

  850. 850 : chichi Says:

    love you candy eyes!

  851. 851 : salma Says:

    go soo’s acting in wisfc was super excellent,because his character didn’t speak very much and he played with his eys.he has such an expressive eye.

  852. 852 : salma Says:

    go soo has lovely eyes,he is truly talented and cool!!

  853. 853 : chichi Says:

    i will support you always.i love you for ever.love you more than i can say.i wishing you happiness in your life.

  854. 854 : caroo Says:

    psychic will be shown on screen since tomorrow.i am sad that i cannot it on screen cinema..where can i watch it?

  855. 855 : caroo Says:

    psychic will be shown on screen since tomorrow.i am sad that i cannot watch it on screen cinema..where can i watch it?

  856. 856 : atefe Says:

    hello mr.go soo.

  857. 857 : atefe Says:

    i LOVE you

  858. 858 : atefe Says:

    i LOVE you.good morning.

  859. 859 : caroo Says:

    why aren’t there any news about psychic’s movie?who is watching it?please tell me about this movie and go soo’s acting .pls.i want to know about it…i am waiting for your reply my friends.

  860. 860 : chichi Says:

    hello caroo.i cannot watch it too because i don’t live in korea.it seems to be a good movie.i’m sure that we can watch it on internet very soon.don’t worry!!

  861. 861 : shaily Says:

    hello my dear go soo!you’re always in my dreams.i wish that dreams were real.i can’t stop thinking about you.hope to see you face to face one day.that day i’ll tell you that how much i love you.i hope that god give to you anything that you want.be kind and happy always my dear

  862. 862 : chichi Says:

    a talent actor

  863. 863 : chichi Says:

    i love you so much my idol

  864. 864 : salma Says:

    i never watched korean dramas before i see wisfc.after i saw it i’m interested in watching others drama.i watched it because of cha kang jin.his personality attracted me.he was a taciturn person but he had a kind heart and was very honest.i loved him.i want to marry with a good person like him.because of him i like to watch the korean movies and dramas.i hope that he plays a character similar to his again.thank you cha kang jin for everything.thank you go soo.

  865. 865 : petra Says:

    Hi Kimchilee. Oh yes I know what you feel but it ‘s depend on dear Administrator of this site.
    I think we have bother him/her a lots on serving many things to KS ‘ s ardent fans like we are.
    I cannt share here his updates & Psychic ‘s news which is now very hot screening in the theaters .Latest news on the Movie PSYCHIC was it ‘s recorded the best advance sales ratio this year.With more than 80%, a breakthrough following “Monster” four years ago.
    so pls visit his FB where you wont miss his latest update.

  866. 866 : caroo Says:

    hello petra.thank u.thank u.thank u..i’m so glad that i heard a good news about psychic’s movie…..very excited to see his new film..

  867. 867 : chichi Says:

    i am willing that i see this movie but i like go soo’s next project is a drama then i can see him several days.wow….

  868. 868 : petra Says:

    Hello all KS ‘s fans.
    Hi Caroo . Yes all fans are happy now and wish PSYCHIC to be a HUGE success!!
    There are tons of articles , interviews and news on him available in many blogs and news sites. such as some which are very interesting
    interview with KS by10asia http://10.asiae.co.kr/Articles/new_view.htm?sec=ent0&a_id=2010110416091911375
    Oh !!this is just part 1 there is one more final part but I cannt find the link now. hehe I am so blurry.
    However I am pleased to welcome all fans to join international KS ‘s thread of soompi.com .
    Will come back to you later.

  869. 869 : atefe Says:

    salam(hello)!doset daram (i love you). this is persian words

  870. 870 : atefe Says:

    love you so much

  871. 871 : kimchilee Says:

    wOW.. Petra! thank you for the updates and esp the trailer on Psychic.. cant wait for it to be screened in cinemas. I also loved all the pictures from the link… and wow.. Go Soo is already into another war movie, Before the hills? i wish that would be a love story but again.. its war movies which I dont really like.. it is just sad to see war movies. I hope he will act in another love drama soon. Btw, I hope he wont die in Psychic like he did in White Nights..? it is very tortuous to see him die again.. :p

  872. 872 : chichi Says:

    http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/b1NA7UaJd5k/ http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/XCK5u0VTsrg/ hello everyone..watch this clips..

  873. 873 : chichi Says:

    hello honorable administrator.is it possible for you that you replace the top big picture of go soo with one of the small photos? thank you because of good services.

  874. 874 : atefe Says:

    hello.good morning mr.go soo.

  875. 875 : chichi Says:

    hello everone.plz watch this clip.go soo is very shy there and very cute!! http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/5gYpXj_C8-A/

  876. 876 : caroo Says:

    hi dear go soo.you are my love.you are really admirable.chichi thank u for clips

  877. 877 : manayekta Says:

    hiiiiiiiii everybody.hi my dear go soo.i didnot come here for a while because i had a hard test and i studied.my dear go soo:missing you sooooooo much

  878. 878 : manayekta Says:

    dear admin…:i put link of several photos .pls add them. http://subhatra.multiply.com/photos/album/43/KO_SOO_in_Will_It_Snow_for_Christmas_#photo=1 http://subhatra.multiply.com/photos/album/43/KO_SOO_in_Will_It_Snow_for_Christmas_#photo=47 http://subhatra.multiply.com/photos/album/43/KO_SOO_in_Will_It_Snow_for_Christmas_#photo=81 http://subhatra.multiply.com/photos/album/43/KO_SOO_in_Will_It_Snow_for_Christmas_#photo=111 http://subhatra.multiply.com/photos/album/43/KO_SOO_in_Will_It_Snow_for_Christmas_#photo=125 http://subhatra.multiply.com/photos/album/43/KO_SOO_in_Will_It_Snow_for_Christmas_#photo=143 http://subhatra.multiply.com/photos/album/43/KO_SOO_in_Will_It_Snow_for_Christmas_#photo=157 thank u so much dear admin…in addition thank you dear petra

  879. 879 : manayekta Says:

    dear admin..i totally agree with others.top photo of go soo isnot beautiful.can you replace that top pictures of him with this picture?is that possible?http://subhatra.multiply.com/photos/album/28/KOSOO_new_look_Nov2009#photo=92 EXCUSE ME FOR HARASSMENT..

  880. 880 : manayekta Says:


  881. 881 : manayekta Says:

    hiiiiiiii!how r u dear go soo?i know that u are so busy so,take care of your health…thank you dear administrator for upload the pictures.go soo is so attractive in wisfc.but that big picture is same place yet!!

  882. 882 : salma Says:

    gratful for cha kang jin’s pictures.he is so charming.

  883. 883 : salma Says:

    kang jin oppa i willnot forget.you are in my mind every time.i love you more and more…go soo Ssssi…

  884. 884 : manayekta Says:

    hiiiiiiiiiii dear go soo,have a good time.kiss u…

  885. 885 : jollybee Says:

    a word of hello to the handsome and charming Go Soo…cant w8 to watch your nxt drama:-)

  886. 886 : atefe Says:

    hello mr.go soo.how are you?you are the best actor in korea.by by

  887. 887 : atefe Says:

    you are the best actor in the world

  888. 888 : chichi Says:

    i watched parts of piano right now.go soo was extremely attractive in that drama.it is true that he is older than before but he is still so cute,lovely and singular!

  889. 889 : sunny Says:

    i heard that most korean actors had a scandal and i heard go soo is a pure actor so i love him.i hope that i never hear bad tings about him..be a good person always

  890. 890 : manayekta Says:

    hiiiiiiii my dear go soo.loving u so much.kissssssssssss u..

  891. 891 : tina88 Says:

    hello oppa!hope to see u very soon in new drama stay healty! godbless u

  892. 892 : chichi Says:

    just one word , LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVE

  893. 893 : ANNA Says:


  894. 894 : manayekta Says:

    hello dear admin.pls add this pics..however they arenot new but are beauty. http://subhatra.multiply.com/photos/album/49/KOSOO_appearing_in_Magazines_2010#photo=31 http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3230/2859393925_24e42ef168.jpg?v=0 http://entertain.teenee.com/kpop/img3/m959137.jpg http://sp9.fotolog.com/photo/9/36/12/chicos_asia/1249242954719_f.jpg http://kpculture.files.wordpress.com/2009/08/gosoo2.jpg?w=400&h=524 thanx.

  895. 895 : manayekta Says:

    hiiiiiiii my love!how r u today?hope to be ok.have a good day

  896. 896 : chichi Says:


  897. 897 : jun Says:

    you are so charming *

  898. 898 : manayekta Says:

    hiiiiiiiiii my idol!how r u today?i love u for ever.missing u so much

  899. 899 : manayekta Says:

    i am crazzzzzzzy for u

  900. 900 : caroo Says:

    hello my friends.what is new news about go soo?i didn’t hear somthing about him and his movie recently.who knows?i miss him so much

  901. 901 : sarah.s Says:

    i just finished watching WHITE NIGHT and i cried alot.it was very sad and his acting was fantastic.he is the best actor i’ve ever seen.hooray for him!

  902. 902 : manayekta Says:

    hiiiiiiii my love!good evening .how r u today?hop u have a good day.loooooooooooove u.

  903. 903 : manayekta Says:

    u are a lovely boy!

  904. 904 : shaily Says:

    i want to hug you oppa

  905. 905 : chichi Says:

    hello dearest go soo.missing you so much.i want to see your movie(psychic)i cannot wait..

  906. 906 : manayekta Says:

    love everything about go soo.so.love so much

  907. 907 : love-soo Says:

    he is so handsome,smart and very fashionable.i like go su more and more

  908. 908 : love-soo Says:


  909. 909 : kimchilee Says:

    Hi Go Su.. missing you..

  910. 910 : Geby Says:

    hi…….we love you so much…….

  911. 911 : DANA Says:

    you are really good actor

  912. 912 : DANA Says:

    i like your eyes,your smile,your face,your act,…i like everything about you very much.

  913. 913 : manayekta Says:

    hiiiiiiii my dear go soo.how r u?have a good time.kiss,kiss,…

  914. 914 : manayekta Says:

    good night dear

  915. 915 : chichi Says:

    hello.loooooooooooooooooooooove u.take care of….

  916. 916 : eliyah Says:

    go soo oppa sarang hae.. oh jus maintain your body and your smile the way it is …. i shall fall for you forever and ever… pls come to singapore to meet your fans here. looking forward for you to reach me 🙂

  917. 917 : znsshi Says:

    chal chinessayo Go Soo Sshi?
    so i pray 4 u
    so i,so i promiss u

  918. 918 : anna Says:

    Dear Go Soo, I like your seemingly unhappy face since “Green Rose”. Isn’t it hard to put that kind of expression all the time? Anyway that makes you so special. You look so cool………..

  919. 919 : manayekta Says:

    hello everyone!hello dear admin..pls add these.thank you so much. http://tieba.baidu.com/f/tupian/pic/e68f85942da7632dd31b702c?kw=%B8%DF%D0%DE#id=74930bf7650d8611730eec27 http://tieba.baidu.com/f/tupian/pic/a65ef21fb381cec1e1fe0be9?kw=%B8%DF%D0%DE#id=a65ef21fb381cec1e1fe0be9 http://tieba.baidu.com/f/tupian/pic/f17ec1fd46307a77d7887d72?kw=%B8%DF%D0%DE#id=f17ec1fd46307a77d7887d72 http://tieba.baidu.com/f/tupian/pic/e0ab0cf48dc9b825dcc47473?kw=%B8%DF%D0%DE#id=e0ab0cf48dc9b825dcc47473 http://tieba.baidu.com/f/tupian/pic/b964b11c6f67a09086d6b656?kw=%B8%DF%D0%DE#id=b964b11c6f67a09086d6b656

  920. 920 : manayekta Says:

    and pls add these: http://tieba.baidu.com/f/tupian/pic/ca6cd3008a4aa723738b65a9?kw=%B8%DF%D0%DE#id=ca6cd3008a4aa723738b65a9 http://tieba.baidu.com/f/tupian/pic/6c6f8fb169709a1f0823023b?kw=%B8%DF%D0%DE#id=6c6f8fb169709a1f0823023b

  921. 921 : manayekta Says:

    my dear friends:pls watch this video,it is stage greeting of psychic movie. http://tieba.baidu.com/%B8%DF%D0%DE/shipin/play/cc6cb847e76515db6a349ccd

  922. 922 : jellyfish Says:

    hello oppa.i saw u in will it snow for christmas.i wish you and han ye sul will act together in a kdrama again.i love you so much because of your cute face and your shining eyes.be best in your career and your personal life.fighting

  923. 923 : jully Says:

    i watched many kdramas and movies and i liked all of them especially GREEN ROSE & SOME and my favorite korean stars are: 1.KO SOO 2.KO SOO 3.KO SOO

  924. 924 : mne Says:

    go su is wonderful actor. i saw a almost all his dramas and i enjoy them very much

  925. 925 : love-soo Says:

    i like your face because it is handsome.i like your smile because it is lovable.i like your teardrop because it is burning and pure.i like your name because soo is a chic name!i like your eyes because they are flugent.and i love you for all these things

  926. 926 : manayekta Says:

    love u oppa.love u so much

  927. 927 : manayekta Says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii my love.how r u?take care of..

  928. 928 : June Says:


    hope u doing well n best of luck to you.

  929. 929 : chichi Says:

    u are the best actor.good night

  930. 930 : suns Says:

    hello mr.go soo.miss you so much.i love u till death

  931. 931 : mne Says:

    i think that u r the best actor

  932. 932 : manayekta Says:

    hiiiiiiiii.my lovely go soo.how are u these days?i missssssssssss u soooooooo much.kisssssssssssssing u

  933. 933 : manayekta Says:

    the most beautiful korean actor

  934. 934 : salma Says:

    i watched wisfc five times and each time i liked it more.i like cha kang jin very very much

  935. 935 : chichi Says:


  936. 936 : manayekta Says:

    hiiiiiiiiii my love!u are really looooooooooooove

  937. 937 : paniy Says:

    i fell in love with you since i watched green rose.it was very interesting and you was so charming there.then i bought another dramas and movies of you and watched all of them.you are the most handsome person that ever seen.i like you

  938. 938 : karla Says:

    hello baby!u have a lot of acting skills that i praise u always.cry,laugh,speak,walk, express feelings and all and all are very natural.

  939. 939 : atefe Says:

    hello mr.go soo.good morning.i like you and i support you always

  940. 940 : atefe Says:

    you are the best in the world

  941. 941 : manayekta Says:

    hiiiiii everyone.hi dear admin.pls add these pics. http://tieba.baidu.com/f/tupian/pic/60d6d21650d4f05b962b4387?kw=%B8%DF%D0%DE#id=60d6d21650d4f05b962b4387 http://tieba.baidu.com/f/tupian/pic/15cf9c2fea3429751e30895e?kw=%B8%DF%D0%DE#id=15cf9c2fea3429751e30895e http://tieba.baidu.com/f/tupian/pic/d24e9b2592df1e5235a80fb4?kw=%B8%DF%D0%DE#id=38e5b119c3c31d7443a9ad8d http://tieba.baidu.com/f/tupian/pic/d24e9b2592df1e5235a80fb4?kw=%B8%DF%D0%DE#id=d24e9b2592df1e5235a80fb4

  942. 942 : manayekta Says:

    and add these.thanx so much. http://tieba.baidu.com/f/tupian/pic/d24e9b2592df1e5235a80fb4?kw-%B8%DF%D0%DE#id=863f8e54ccc4e22d3b293568 http://tieba.baidu.com/f/tupian/pic/d24e9b2592df1e5235a80fb4?kw=%B8%DF%D0%DE#id=afa6fffa6da857efb58f31bf http://tieba.baidu.com/f/tupian/pic/804b41169bb3570921a4e9e1?kw=%B8%DF%D0%DE#id=804b41169bb3570921a4e9e1

  943. 943 : manayekta Says:


  944. 944 : sol Says:

    an nyung ha syo!you are really gentle especially in wisfc.i think your true character in real life is similar.i like decisive personages.wisfc was really instructive drama and any time my tolerance be low in problems i will remember cha kan jin.he was so patient that i learned from him many tings.so thank you.saranghae

  945. 945 : sweet girl Says:

    i’m a canadian girl that interested in oriental drama series.i watched many of them.example perfect report,zettai reido,gyne,royal tramp,devil,dae jang geum,a love to kill,east of eden,dal ja’s spring,….i also watched GREEN ROSE OF GO SU and i really enjoy of it.his acting was so natural and fluent.this drama led that now i am a fanatic fan of him.

  946. 946 : sweet girl Says:

    go su is one of the best actor that i’ve ever seen

  947. 947 : manayekta Says:

    hi everyone.this is a video about our go soo.pls enjoy. http://tieba.baidu.com/%B8%DF%D0%DE/shipin/play/2fbf30d1b3a51d104870b254/

  948. 948 : chichi Says:

    hello.good evening my prince.i love u

  949. 949 : chichi Says:

    new pictures of go soo are so beautiful and dear go soo is so photogenic.i like all of his pics.thanks

  950. 950 : TAOTAO Says:

    Green rose is the best korean drama,Ko soo and lee da hae are the best couple and Ko soo is the best korean actor,he is really amazing.

  951. 951 : chichi Says:

    just go soo!

  952. 952 : chichi Says:

    sarang hae soo oppa!

  953. 953 : manayekta Says:

    hiiiiiiiiiii dear!how r u today?hope to be ok always.love u for ever

  954. 954 : mary Says:

    I like this korean actor,he’s hot and handsome we love his tv series especially green rose that series become hit here in our country b4..

  955. 955 : elli Says:

    u r number one.

  956. 956 : atefe Says:

    سلام.من دوستت دارم.hello i love you

  957. 957 : E.R.E.D Says:


  958. 958 : tina88 Says:

    oppa plz make more drama series.plz…

  959. 959 : tina88 Says:

    and take care of your self.god bless

  960. 960 : chichi Says:

    hello my prince!have a good sleep!good night

  961. 961 : roma Says:

    i watched into the white night recently.you was cruel but charming in it.although it is a good film but i hate the end of it.it is very somber

  962. 962 : suna Says:

    you are my ideal man.

  963. 963 : manayekta Says:

    hiiiiiii everyone.dear admin pls add this pics.thanx. http://tieba.baidu.com/f/tupian/pic/1a881d3034a5acd4a8018e1b?kw=%B8%DF%D0%DE#id=1a881d3034a5acd4a8018e1b http://tieba.baidu.com/f/tupian/pic/b785e7dd5e5836d477c63851?kw=%B8%DF%D0%DE#id=b785e7dd5e2536d477c63844

  964. 964 : manayekta Says:


  965. 965 : MAIKO Says:

    hello oppa.i miss u so much.i’ve hugeed u once previous years in fanmeeting in tokyo(2008).i want to hug u once again.i love u 4ever till death

  966. 966 : salma Says:

    i like your character in wisfc and green rose.i like see u in new drama no movie

  967. 967 : dora Says:

    annyeong….go su ssi sa rang ha ne .

  968. 968 : golden.g Says:

    i’ve never not watch korean drama because i believed korean drama are so nonsensical and korean actors are so stereotyped but when i watched dae jang geum,east of eden specially green rose ,my belief changed.now i believe that many korean actors are professional like song seong hoon,lee da hae,lee young ae,yeon jung hoon,lee jang hyuk and specially go soo.i dont watched another drama or film of him but his action in gr was nifty and professional..

  969. 969 : chichi Says:

    hello my prince!u are cutest

  970. 970 : chichi Says:

    have a good day

  971. 971 : uni Says:

    hello dear ko soo.i love you since i watched u in a music video with gong hyo jin(i don’t know its name).i saw many drama of you and like all of them except marriyng a milionaire.my favorite actress is eugene.i hope u and she would come up with a drama on 2011.you with she seem perfect together.

  972. 972 : uni Says:

    keep up the great acting!good luck

  973. 973 : manayekta Says:

    hiiiiiiii dearest!looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooveeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu soooooooooooooooooooo muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch

  974. 974 : chichi Says:

    hello pretty boy

  975. 975 : SG4 Says:


  976. 976 : manayekta Says:

    merry christmas…u should be the best in 2011..we support u always my oppa

  977. 977 : chichi Says:

    happy new year.

  978. 978 : SG4 Says:


  979. 979 : rosi Says:

    the first korean drama series i saw was ERA OF INNOCENCE and i liked it.go soo and that actress(idon’t know her name) were great in it.his good acting led that i like all of the kdrama.KOMABSEUBNIDA oppa!

  980. 980 : rosi Says:

    and i forgot!merry christmas to you!

  981. 981 : tina88 Says:

    merry christmas to all and to u dear go soo.

  982. 982 : chichi Says:

    hello dear go soo.i also like that you act more dramas than movie in 2011 because dramas will attract more people and i believe because of your success in 2010 was your great acting in will it snow for christmas.oppa,i want to see you more and more.please be on small screen more than before!

  983. 983 : caroo Says:

    happy christmas to you baby!

  984. 984 : caroo Says:

    i hope this year would be full of happiness,healt and awards!for you.take care of your health always

  985. 985 : manayekta Says:

    hiiiii dear.just one word:loooooooooooooooooooooove

  986. 986 : suna Says:

    happy new year to all of the go soo’s fans.i love you go soo.good luck in your career in this new year

  987. 987 : suna Says:


  988. 988 : chichi Says:

    hello my prince.i miss you very much.i cannot stop thinking about you because you are the best

  989. 989 : Mina Says:

    Your performance in “green rose” was great.

  990. 990 : salma Says:

    happy new year.i hope you are healthy & successful

  991. 991 : salma Says:

    please play more romantic roles like cha kang jin.he left in my mind for ever.

  992. 992 : chichi Says:

    i wish all the best for you dear!

  993. 993 : manayekta Says:

    awards ceremony of all channels held in recent days.our dear go soo didn’t have any drama thus he didn’t win a prize.but i wish he play in some dramas in new year and he wins great awards at the end of 2011 specially DAESANG award.i hope…

  994. 994 : manayekta Says:

    but my love:i also wish u r health and happy before anyting !and all of the go soo’s fan too..

  995. 995 : atefe Says:


  996. 996 : caroo Says:

    happy new year.i wish that i spend new year with u!!

  997. 997 : dell Says:

    i watched will itsnow for christmas.you are very excellent.such a talented actor

  998. 998 : chichi Says:

    i love you

  999. 999 : gloria Says:

    i really like go soo.he is sweet guy and great actor.i want to know whether he has a girlfriend?and is she actress?who knows?

  1000. 1000 : manayekta Says:

    hiiiii everyone!hi dear go soo!hi gloria..i heard that he has no gf.i think it is true

  1001. 1001 : manayekta Says:

    dearest admin happy new year and pls add these pics of go soo. thanx http://tieba.baidu.com/f/tupian/pic/71a66f225862d89a4723e873?kw=%B8%DF%D0%DE#id=9d737b31d2724b27eac4af73 http://tieba.baidu.com/f/tupian/pic/71a66f225862d89a4723e873?kw=%B8%DF%D0%DE#id=9a63ff1f96b42437314e150a http://tieba.baidu.com/f/tupian/pic/fe0f6e814e69aae3bd3e1e2b?kw=%B8%DF%D0%DE#id=fe0f6e814e69aae3bd3e1e2b

  1002. 1002 : dell Says:

    you are a very good actor and most handsome

  1003. 1003 : nuni santa ricka Says:


  1004. 1004 : ANNA Says:


  1005. 1005 : chichi Says:

    hello my prince.i miss u so much.i wish you have a tv drama in 2011 after gojigeon movie of course first make a good rest

  1006. 1006 : chichi Says:

    what is good that tv drama has a beutiful actress vs you.i really hope

  1007. 1007 : manayekta Says:

    hiiiiiiiiiii my dear oppa..

  1008. 1008 : Petra Says:

    Hello all dear KoSoo ‘s fans. Thanks a lots for giving your love and support to him. I am so happy to see more awesome pictures and lovely comments
    posting here. Appreciate !! Thanks to Administrator of this site as well for kindly upload latest pictures for enjoying.
    Pls kindly add more pictures as these follow links. Thank you so much.


  1009. 1009 : mana085 Says:

    hiiiiiiiii everyone.i’m manayekta!hiiiiiiiii petra!where r u my dear?miss u..thanx for the good site and these good pictures but i dont know why all of the photos were not uploaded…how bad!

  1010. 1010 : mana085 Says:

    i dont like see go soo in a movie.all movies will be finished soon but in dramas we can see him for weeks and months.i like to see him in a tv drama than movie.a romance tv drama with a beautiful and famous actress like song hye kyo,yoon eun hye,lee da hae..pls dear go soo ply in dramas more…

  1011. 1011 : kimchilee Says:

    Hi dear Go Soo

    I think with your hair a bit longer like in Christmas or Green Rose.. suits you better.. Happy New Year and looking forward to more dramas from you! I agree with Mana about movies.. too short to oggle at you.. btw, anyone has any idea whether the move he did on Psychic is out yet??

  1012. 1012 : wow Says:

    sweet actor , he is so wonderful

  1013. 1013 : mana085 Says:

    dear kimchilee, in my opinion he is most cute with green rose hairstyle but i think he cuts his hair because of a war movie(gojijeon)..and about psychic movie no,i don’t think..

  1014. 1014 : chichi Says:

    hey pretty boy!i love you

  1015. 1015 : gloria Says:

    his acting is amazing.i think he is one of the best among korean actors.

  1016. 1016 : mana085 Says:

    hiiiiiii..pls add these pics..thanx dear admin http://tieba.baidu.com/f/tupian/pic/816e9e82adc0ceef6d8119fc?kw=%B8%DF%D0%DE#id=816e9e82adc0ceef6d8119fc http://tieba.baidu.com/f/tupian/pic/816e9e82adc0ceef6d8119fc?kw=%B8%DF%D0%DE#id=57880ed7afb9958da044dffe http://tieba.baidu.com/f/tupian/pic/e7d2873543315f5f91ef398f?kw=%B8%DF%D0%DE#id=e7d2873543315f5f91ef398f

  1017. 1017 : ber Says:

    very nice new photos. i love ko soo

  1018. 1018 : kimchilee Says:

    Hi Mana

    yes.. i suppose his hair was that short due to the movie but oh.. where can i find the movie pyschic? Hi Chi chi.. you first introduced us to the movie white night.. any where to look for pyschic?

  1019. 1019 : mana085 Says:

    hiiiiiiiii my love!how are you today?good evening

  1020. 1020 : chichi Says:

    go soo oppa!can’t stop loving you.hello kimchilee.sorry,i cannot find this film anywhere.

  1021. 1021 : atefe Says:


  1022. 1022 : atefe Says:

    you are in my heart always.

  1023. 1023 : kimchilee Says:

    oh.. just found out that the name of Psychic is actually Haunted.. strange.. thought Psychic was first stated.. it is one of the top 10 movies of 2010!! now lets look for it!

  1024. 1024 : mana085 Says:

    hi dear go soo.hiiiiiiiiiiii everyone and my good friend kimchilee.i think that u can see psychic movie on tieba.baidu.com(a site about go soo).but this movie hasn’t english sub there…

  1025. 1025 : chichi Says:

    oh,i find this film on tudou site too but unfortunately it has no english subtitles here too! http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/cJn5UzZTUKs/

  1026. 1026 : zunic Says:

    happy new year and good luck.

  1027. 1027 : zunic Says:

    Chi chi ,thank u 4 introduce tudou site.i can see ko soo’s movie from it

  1028. 1028 : mana085 Says:

    hiiiiiiiiiii opppppa!how r u today?have a good day.kiss….

  1029. 1029 : DANA Says:


  1030. 1030 : mana085 Says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiii my darling!love u more and more

  1031. 1031 : Petra Says:

    Helloo dear KOSOO and KS ‘s fans. Hello Mana.
    Thanks for missing me and providing the link for viewing his movie.
    Now there are his movie Gojijeon ‘s pics & update available at my site and FB . pls find them and enjoy .

  1032. 1032 : sima Says:

    hi oppa i am from iran mani saranghaeyo

  1033. 1033 : mana085 Says:

    hiiiiiiiii dear go soo..looooooooooooooooooove u..dear petra thanx for pics of gojijeon movie.so interesting..

  1034. 1034 : h! Says:

    gush!!!..your so handsome..

  1035. 1035 : chichi Says:

    hello everybody and my prince go soo.good evening!petra,thanx for your good site

  1036. 1036 : chichi Says:

    my prince!where are you?i want to see you more.i miss you so much and every day!

  1037. 1037 : atefe Says:


  1038. 1038 : mana085 Says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii lovely go soo!kissssssssssssssssss …

  1039. 1039 : v Says:

    i just finish his movie hunter and what can i say, this movie was amazing and full of action. there isnt any boring part . i think ko so was great and very cute there

  1040. 1040 : mana085 Says:

    i totally agree with u V…our go soo was so cute there

  1041. 1041 : samar Says:

    you are so hot

  1042. 1042 : samar Says:

    i am from syria, i love your actting so muct

  1043. 1043 : wow Says:

    he so cute and i love the way he act.

  1044. 1044 : chichi Says:

    we love you go soo ssi and we miss you very much..

  1045. 1045 : mana085 Says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii great oppa!how r u??

  1046. 1046 : بنوته Says:

    wooow i love Go Soo
    فايتينق ^^

  1047. 1047 : love Go Soo Says:

    wooow i love Go Soo
    اوبا فايتينق == ^^

  1048. 1048 : love Go Soo Says:

    i love Go Soo^^

  1049. 1049 : chichi Says:

    oh my god!my prince!i forgot.HAPPY VALENTINE DAY!

  1050. 1050 : undari Says:

    hi opa? how are u to day? hope u will ok.what’s the next melodrama.
    i love u act.spesialy in “will it snow at chistmas.please come to indonesia.a lot of fans

  1051. 1051 : mae Says:

    i first saw u in ur tv series green rose and i was fall inlove in ur character. Since then im buying only all movies and tv series of urs. more shows to come. sarange soo go! 🙂

  1052. 1052 : kimchilee Says:

    when oh when will be your next love/action drama?

  1053. 1053 : fitry Says:

    i like Go_Soo
    i have drime want look you
    face to face!!!!!

  1054. 1054 : kimchilee Says:

    when will you be in new drama?

  1055. 1055 : kimchilee Says:

    where else can i get to watch SOME? I went to dramacrazy but nothing to watch..? anyone knows? thanks in advance.

  1056. 1056 : mana085 Says:

    WOW.i hear that our go soo is in love with a student of art college..wow……is it true?who knows?please tell me.please!

  1057. 1057 : mana085 Says:

    dear kimchilee.i can tell u a site for watching this movie but unfortunately it hasn’t eng sub.sorry…

  1058. 1058 : kimchilee Says:

    Mana085.. oh no.. so sad without english subtitles.. I hope to view it one day… thanks Mana!

    In love with art student!? that is nice.. I wish it’d be me though…hahaha.. just a dream..

  1059. 1059 : List of Korean Actor « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

    […] Myung D ★Daniel Henney ★Dennis Oh Do Han Do Ji Han E Eric G Go Joo Won Go Myung Hwan Go Se Won Go Soo Gong Hyeong Jin ★★Gong Yoo H Ha Jae Young Ha Jung Woo Ha Suk Jin HaHa Han In Soo Han Jae Suk […]

  1060. 1060 : mana085 Says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii my dear!how r u ?miss u sooooooooooooooooooooooo much honey.

  1061. 1061 : kimchilee Says:

    Watch Psychic.. what a weird story.. but GO Soo looks good as ever..

  1062. 1062 : mana085 Says:

    i watched psychic.it’s not bad but i dont like it very much.however i love go soo 4ever

  1063. 1063 : kaslina Says:

    i like green rose because go su and lee da hae ….when will you and lee da hae new drama….? when you and lee da hae want too come in malaysia,johor bahru…

  1064. 1064 : DANA Says:

    i like you baby!

  1065. 1065 : kimchilee Says:

    Go Su, any new drama coming our way?

  1066. 1066 : chichi Says:

    hi dear.

  1067. 1067 : chichi Says:

    oh!where are you honey??i really really miss you..

  1068. 1068 : I O U Says:


  1069. 1069 : mira kz Says:

    Ты самый лучший !!! Будь здоров и счастлив !Побольше тебе интересных фильмов и ждем тебя в Kazakhstan!!!

  1070. 1070 : mylovemylife Says:

    “GOD BLESS YOU Goo soo! please take care! amping nunay

  1071. 1071 : devi Says:

    I think you a little bit looks aaron kwok(hongkong actor) even your not so tall as another korean actor mostly but you still the best and I likes you so much

  1072. 1072 : mana085 Says:

    Oh god!!!!!!!my dear!i miss you soooooooooooo much! can’t waite for new movie ” gojijeon”…

  1073. 1073 : mana085 Says:

    Dear admin:
    please add these pics:


  1074. 1074 : mana085 Says:

    and these:
    thank you very much..

  1075. 1075 : Kayla Says:

    Wow!!go su is so so cute!

  1076. 1076 : Petra Says:

    Hellooo all dear KS ‘s fans. Petra is here again. Sorry for being away for ages.. ^^ Thanks to Mana for reposting links from my site. But I hope you all could join KOSOO FB Global for getting his latest updates.

    All dear fans are welcomed.
    Recently I have posted his latest pictures of GQ Korea where KS is really handsome and COOL!!

  1077. 1077 : gs fan Says:

    hi to everyone!hi to my angel go soo!! he’s the most cute and handsome among all of the korean actors!! i love him so much and wish see him face to face!!!

  1078. 1078 : me Says:

    I watched WISFC recently and i fell in love with go soo….he’s so manly,gentleman and so handsom…

  1079. 1079 : me Says:

    i want to see other his drama….love him more and more!!

  1080. 1080 : COWBOY Says:


  1081. 1081 : gs fan Says:

    Hello to everyone!
    I’m not korean and i could not watch gojijeon movie…where can i watch this movie??tell me pls!
    I miss so much for gs!

  1082. 1082 : gs fan Says:

    I do not know if is that correct?
    anyway i love him so much!

  1083. 1083 : gs fan Says:

    The best korean actor now and ever…just go soo!

  1084. 1084 : scproehoeman Says:

    Go Soo is definitely the most handsome, most intelligent and most charismatic of all the Korean actors! What a guy!

  1085. 1085 : scproehoeman Says:

    His acting skill is outstanding!

  1086. 1086 : Kayla Says:

    I love you go soo oppa!!
    hope to see you in a new drama with a beautiful actress!
    please oppa!

  1087. 1087 : Kayla Says:

    and i wish you win a great award in this year like blue dragon..
    good luck dearest!

  1088. 1088 : me Says:

    love go soo as cha kang jin!

  1089. 1089 : mana085 Says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii my dear…
    how are u?
    i miss u more than ever!!!!!!
    i want u in a new drama!!

  1090. 1090 : me Says:

    loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee u go soo ssi !!

  1091. 1091 : mana085 Says:

    i watched “when a man is in love” of go soo…but i don’t like it because it’s very sad!

  1092. 1092 : mana085 Says:

    HOWEVER i love go soo in it as always!

  1093. 1093 : Shan Says:

    I think you could have be the leading of Secret Garden!!! more suitable than Hyun Bin!!!

  1094. 1094 : mana085 Says:

    happy birthday go soo sshi!!!!

  1095. 1095 : chichi Says:

    congratulation my angel!
    for your birthday!
    i love you forever..

  1096. 1096 : Petra Says:

    Happy Birthday to my dearest KOSOO..Wishing you everything happy for your birthday.
    For fans who those love KOSOO , you may send him ur blessing messages directly
    through his page at BH Entertainment. I think KS will get to read.
    click on the mode of ” Fan Letter” .http://www.bhent.co.kr/kosoo/

  1097. 1097 : maryann abajian Says:


  1098. 1098 : Will it Snow for Christmas (크리스마스에 눈이 올까요) « styrn Says:

    […] Go Soo as Cha Kang Jin – Kim Soo Hyun as Kang Jin (teen) Han Ye Seul as Han Ji Wan – Nam Ji Hyun as Ji Wan (teen) Sun Woo Sun as Lee Woo Jung Song Jong Ho as Park Tae Joon […]

  1099. 1099 : Wendy Ko Says:

    hi all!

    Go Soo is coming to Singapore on 27 November 2011, and I am looking for his fans here in Singapore to arrange for them to meet. Please contact me at [email protected]! This is a once-in-a-lifetime genuine opportunity!


  1100. 1100 : mana085 Says:

    hello to everyone..i’m so happy because our dear go soo won a great award..yes!that’s Popularity Award in blue dragon 2011..
    congratulation !!hurray!!!!!!!!!!

  1101. 1101 : Kayla Says:

    congratulation to ko soo ssi…i love you so so much

  1102. 1102 : mylz Says:

    Attn: PROCUDERS …..Please do me a favor!…..Let GO SOO have a new kdrama this 2012….i miss his award winning acting so much…and i miss him too!!!!…..Put’ak hamnida !!
    Looking forward for it…..kamsa hamnida !

  1103. 1103 : LAYKHINE Says:


  1104. 1104 : Petra Says:

    Hello here is again Petra.
    I wish the web master could update KoSoo’s movies.
    I have updates of his movie Love 911 ( 2012), news and pictures.
    Could you all pls visit my site .
    here is my blog for reading his journals.
    Thank you so much to webmaster.^^

  1105. 1105 : february Says:

    i want to see ur wife.pretty!

  1106. 1106 : KARTINI Says:


  1107. 1107 : Petra Says:

    Helloo all KS ‘s fans.
    Long time no see. hehehe^^ I would like to invite you to join KS FB Global.


    And my Kosoopaew blog is about to be closed down due to the site ‘s policy. I have created a new blog where you all can follow his latest update as well as from Facebook.


    This blog is still under furnished but at least you can read his news and updtaes.

    Thank you so much for supporting KOSOO continuously.
    See you there.. Petra

  1108. 1108 : szt Says:

    As a fan, I missed your acting. Hope to see you on your new drama. At least you were in running man and hope for children in africa. It is very emotional to watch you and those children. Keep up the good work. Koo So for africa

  1109. 1109 : Charot Says:

    make more drama series! you were great in green rose. one of my fave dramas 🙂

  1110. 1110 : Charot Says:

    make more drama series! you were great in green rose. it is one of my fave list dramas 🙂

  1111. 1111 : roxy Says:

    oppa….. i miss you..hope to see you more in kdrama!….

  1112. 1112 : GRACE ANTONIO Says:

    Ohh. I love this guy.. I’ve watched all his drama and he’s a good actor and his acting ability is awesome.. thanks and I’ll watch this drama of yours and I like the casting I hope that this drama will satisfy me ’til the end of the drama.. to Go Soo continue your acting career to make all your fans happy, good luck and fighting!!.. 🙂

  1113. 1113 : winnie Says:

    Green Rose is your best drama for me. Please team up with Lee da hae again, you’re such a perfect couple. thanks for having that wonderful drama

  1114. 1114 : Empire of Gold / 황금의 제국 (2013) | My Little World Says:

    […] Tae Joo (Go Soo) is the man who will build up his so-called empire of gold from nothing and raises his little […]

  1115. 1115 : asd Says:

    sometimes, i think you look slike nichkun 2PM a litle bit. lol you both has the same smile.

  1116. 1116 : Lila Says:

    Congratulations for your brilliant performing as Tae Joo in Empire of gold drama. I give you The Oscar of my appreciation. Absolutely outstanding.
    Thank you Mr. Go Soo.

  1117. 1117 : jackie Says:

    i love go soo so much..he is the best korean actor for me…his acting is so natural

  1118. 1118 : Will It Snow For Christmas? - My Mp4 Soju | My Mp4 Soju Says:

    […] CastGo Soo as Cha Kang Jin– Kim Soo Hyun as Kang Jin (teen)Han Ye Seul as Han Ji Wan– Nam Ji Hyun as Ji Wan (teen)Sun Woo Sun as Lee Woo JungSong Jong Ho as Park Tae Joon […]

  1119. 1119 : samaila adamu Says:

    hello my dear go-soo i am adamu by name,from nigeria i love u and ur movies thanks.

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