Gong Hyo Jin 01

Name: 공효진 / Gong Hyo Jin (Kong Hyo Jin)
Nickname: Olive
Profession: Actress and model
Birthdate: 1980-Apr-04
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 172cm
Weight: 46kg
Star sign: Aries
Blood type: A
Family: Younger brother
Talent agency: SidusHQ
Education: John Paul College, Sejong University
Hobbies: Computers, swimming and tennis

TV Shows

Producer (KBS2, 2015)
It’s Okay, That’s Love (SBS, 2014)
The Master’s Sun (SBS, 2013)
Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (TvN, 2011) Cameo
The Greatest Love (MBC, 2011)
Pasta (MBC, 2010)
Thank You (MBC, 2007)
Hello My Teacher (SBS, 2005)
Sang Doo, Let’s Go To School (KBS, 2003)
Snowman (MBC, 2003)
Ruler of Your Own World (MBC, 2002)
Wonderful Days (SBS, 2002)
Drama City ‘Love Without Hope’ 사랑하라 희망없이 (KBS, 2001)
My Funky Family 가문의 영광 (MBC, 1999)


You Are More Than Beautiful (2013)
Boomerang Family (2013)
577 Project (2012)
Beautiful 2012 (2012)
Love Fiction (2011)
Rolling Home with a Bull (2010)
Sisters on the Road (2008)
Dajjimawa Lee (2008)
Crush & Blush (2008)
I Like It This Way (2008)
M (2007)
Happiness (2007, cameo)
A Day with My Son (2007, cameo)
The Birth of a Family (2006)
Heaven’s Soldiers (2005)
No Manners / Conduct Zero (2002)
Taekwon Girl / Bizarre Love Triangle (2002)
Emergency Act 19 (2002)
Surprise / Surprise Party (2002)
Volcano High (2001)
Guns & Talks (2001)
Last Present (2001, cameo)
Whispering Corridors 2: Memento Mori (1999)


2015 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Awards – Kim Soo Hyun & Gong Hyo Jin & Cha Tae Hyun (Producer)
2014 SBS Drama Awards – Best Couple Awards: Gong Hyo Jin & Jo In Sung (It’s Okay, That’s Love)
2014 SBS Drama Awards – Top Excellence Actress (Mini Series): Gong Hyo Jin (It’s Okay, That’s Love)
2012 48th Baeksang Arts Awards: Top Excellence Actress: Gong Hyo Jin (The Greatest Love)
2011 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Award (Mini Series), Best Actress (The Greatest Love)
2011 MBC Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Cha Seung Won (The Greatest Love)
2011 MBC Drama Awards: Popularity Award (The Greatest Love)
2010 MBC Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Lee Sun Gyun (Pasta)
2010 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Award, Actress (Pasta)
2008 Korea 7th Film Awards: Best Actress Award, Crush & Blush
2007 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Acting Award for Thank You
2006 Thessaloniki International Film Festival (Greece): Best Actress Award, Family Ties
2003 KBS Drama Awards: Netizen Award, Sang Doo, Let’s Go To School
2003 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award (with Bi), Sang Doo, Let’s Go To School
2002 Baeksang Art Awards: Best New Actress Award
2002 MBC Drama Awards: Most Popular Award
2001 SBS Drama Awards: New Star Award

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  1. 1 : uugie Says:

    i like u!

  2. 2 : deniee Says:

    Hi!! i like u.oL da best 2 u.k (^_^)v

  3. 3 : har Says:

    really love your new drama(Thank You)…congrats~~~ all da best

  4. 4 : meaw Says:

    you are one of my favourite korean actress….. aja! aja! fighting……

  5. 5 : HELL Says:


  6. 6 : lea Says:

    i like hello my teacher…keep it up!

  7. 7 : heffy Says:

    good actress and really good drama shows she is always in such as Thank You, Sang Doo, and Hello My Teacher. hope a new drama comes out with her in it

  8. 8 : Gelina Says:

    So y0u are Rain’s close friend!!!that’s g0od!!!

  9. 9 : TRIXIE KIM Says:


  10. 10 : aning Says:

    are you rain’s close friend ??? how close??? make me so jeoulese…. but i like your act at sang doo… forward my kiss for rain….

  11. 11 : ladyczhar Says:

    ur a good actress

  12. 12 : ladyczhar Says:

    ur a lucky girl coz u have someone close like rain and its nice that u two seem not just close but super close

  13. 13 : mimi Says:

    U are my favourite actress. Luv your new drama ‘Thank You’. Hope to see you in a new drama soon.

  14. 14 : serin Says:


  15. 15 : melai Says:

    ilove my beloved or lets go to school sang doo …theyre so cute together..and i like thier acting i hope they are together in real life because theyre so cute..love you both:)

  16. 16 : melai Says:

    ilove you both…

  17. 17 : melai Says:

    ilove you both…love lets go to school sang doo

  18. 18 : melai Says:

    shes so cute..and shes a good actress ilove her in lets go to school sang doo:)

  19. 19 : zhynee Says:

    hi hyojin, at first I when I saw you, you have this typical korean beauty but i admire u coz ur beauty is so natural unlike othe korean actressess who had their appearance altered..oh, by the way, you’re good in drama..lol, u and rain cried a lot and it made me cry too….you and rain have good chemistry. I wish you’ll do comedy together oneday…muahhh

  20. 20 : biyahengpinoy Says:

    gong hyo jin, thank you for sharing your talent. i will forever love you.

  21. 21 : nita dyah a k Says:

    i love you…………………….

  22. 22 : zizi Says:

    hi,,,a’m from iran,,, ur role in thank you is uniq,,,i love u :-*

  23. 23 : zizi Says:

    hi,,,i’m from iran,,, ur role in thank you is uniq,,,i love u :-*

  24. 24 : zizi Says:

    u and jang hyuk are the best :X

  25. 25 : zizi Says:

    plz answer my comment,,,pleaeaeaeaeas,,,:)

  26. 26 : Jim from Singapore Says:

    After Finishing Let Go Back To School I m very very disappionted

    How can the director let a beauty and talent die in such a tragic

    I wish to know if he will to die in such a tragic end how he feel


  27. 27 : Jim from Singapore Says:

    I mean he – the director

  28. 28 : hm5airy Says:


    i love you alot

    and i love your drama THANK YOU


  29. 29 : al Says:

    hi!!! you are one of the best korean actress that i knoW!!! more power!!! and gudluck in ur career!!!

  30. 30 : al Says:

    hi!!! ang cute mong umarte!!!! hehehe keep up the good work!!!!

  31. 31 : Die Hard Lover Says:

    Hey ! Gong Hyo Jin , U r my favourite actress. I hav become ur die hard fan after seeing ur drama “Sang Doo lets…..” I love u a lot

  32. 32 : mohcin Says:

    hello gong hyo jin i love you very much i’m from morocco in africa and you are the beautiful actress in the world 2 me and good luck for u

  33. 33 : annmasae Says:

    love your series Pasta!!! great acting and wonderful story!!!

  34. 34 : ven Says:

    You are an incredible actress. I’m watching Pasta and loving your character there. Hope to see more dramas/movies with you as lead actress.

  35. 35 : KDAddict Says:

    Gong Hyo Jin….my fav actress!
    Great acting in Pasta!!

  36. 36 : tety Says:

    Although I’m a girl, I fall in to Gong Hyo Jin after watching pasta, she is not, she is pretty, wonderful, and sooooo lovable…. can’t say much … but really fall in ……

  37. 37 : KDAddict Says:

    Happy Birthday Miss Gong Hyo Jin :)
    A big fan of yours !!

  38. 38 : kL Says:

    happy birthday miss Gong Hyo Jin!!! <3

    you're my fav actress! and you're so beautiful and lovable

    i love your acting, especially in pasta..so cute x] hope you continue to do well with success. looking forward to see you in more dramas hopefully!

    happy birthday and good luck!! i love youuu~~

  39. 39 : onnie Says:

    happy birthday…
    i’m ur big fan..
    and good luck in ur career……..
    sarang hae….<3

  40. 40 : Dvee Says:

    Just finish wathcing pasta.you are such a good actress.more success to you unni..

  41. 41 : quiceberrylady Says:

    I clearly remember her as the teacher falling in love with her student in Hello My Teacher and now wow, i was impressed with her natural acting in Pasta ! Like like like!!! :)

  42. 42 : Belov30Nikita Says:

    Качественные сантехнические работы только тут

  43. 43 : nanette Says:

    i love gong hyo jin…. like her on pasta…. youre such a good actress,, natural beauty …. youre may idol!!!!!take care!!!!

  44. 44 : diefan Says:


    I haven’t watch ‘Hello Teacher’ yet… I’m sure its another good one. Gong Hyo Jin was always been a great actress of this generation. I watched both ‘Thank You and ‘Pasta.’ `both Loved ’em. Loved her acting and the way her performances…very real.

    I wish you well Gon Hyo Jin. All The Best.

  45. 45 : Unni Trinh Says:

    i love pasta korean drama :)

  46. 46 : lalami Says:

    You are natural,pure and pretty. Love the way you act in every dramas. Wait for ur next drama. Love u a lot.

    Yeah Chef!!!

  47. 47 : rainshah Says:

    Hi, luv your acting.

    I have seen pasta, hello my teacher and sangdoo & lets go to school. You are a very good actress who left impact on the audience and compliments well with the actor. keep up the good work.

  48. 48 : golshan Says:

    hi honey oh ilove youre move pasta every night isee pasta that’s very good move you are soo good actress

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  50. 50 : SEPID Says:


  51. 51 : tanti Says:

    You are my favorite korean actress, I love all your performance, so natural especially in Thank You and Pasta. Thank You is the best Korean drama that I ever watched. Good Luck.

  52. 52 : toh quan ming Says:

    hi,gong hyo jin
    how are you?

  53. 53 : leyli Says:

    hello heyo jin ilove you ihave seen two of your dramas they are tanke you and pasta they were awsome good luck by

  54. 54 : mehrnaz Says:

    Hi,I love your character in pasta,you are nice and sweet.pasta is the best TV series I have ever seen,thanks for giving me such a beautiful feeling.As an Iranian, I really love to know more about your country and culture,because I enjoyed alot watching Pasta.

  55. 55 : Matthew Says:

    kong hyo-jin, sarang hayo!!! hehe.. your B-day is the exact same as mine. 04/04/80 on the dot. lmao kikiki

    she’s a great actress! I hope she continues to be fruitful in all her endevours. :)

    kamsahamnida you make korean movies and dramas worth every dollar or won. lol

  56. 56 : Meyno0sh Says:

    hi.sarang hayo:)
    i love your chr in korean drama. i hope you have best times in your life.
    when i whatched pasta i was so happy,tanQ.
    i love to know about country.i want to go in your country.gook;;)
    kiss.Be Happy onny.

  57. 57 : Isa Says:

    Helo hyo jin,u are so cutes……….n pretty 😉 In pasta movie,i hope one day i can met u at korean,sarang hayo 😀

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  62. 62 : fan Says:

    i really like her acting in the greatest love
    first time i saw her she seems to me not that beautiful, but after a while i find her really cute, she has a genuine beauty.

  63. 63 : adith Says:

    Suka banget yang namanya drama ini..
    sebuah pembuktian.. jika kita selalu berusaha maka hasil yang terbaik akan kita rasakan nantinya..
    Pemain dan karakter sangat bagus dan apik untuk dinikmati serialnya..

  64. 64 : fan Says:

    I don’t think that another actress will be better than her as Ae Jung, She’s adorable, just perfect.

  65. 65 : cheby Says:

    aq suka bgt ma qm…pkoe q ngfAnz bgt dEh mA qm…i love u full…hehehehe

  66. 66 : grimmjuen Says:

    I love Pasta,,…

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    […] Gong Hyo Jin as Seo Yoo Kyung Lee Sun Gyun as Choi Hyun Wook Lee Ha Nui as Oh Sae Young Alex as Kim San […]

  68. 68 : ennita Says:

    I love u alll………

  69. 69 : tasya Says:

    ya chef

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  71. 71 : meycecuits Says:

    ya chef……..

    Ur beautifull,, ku fans sama kamu, ur so cute.. Good luck eve

  72. 72 : nuz Says:

    ikan emas……(gold fish) nice acting,yes chef….
    hehehehe i love all you performance…

  73. 73 : The Hotest One “Pasta” « ftalcha Says:

    […] Gong Hyo Jin as Seo Yoo Kyung […]

  74. 74 : rika Says:

    tengku wisnu ma shireen sungkarnx korea tuh,,,berharap cinlok cos cucok bgt,,,

  75. 75 : rikaernika Says:

    ikan mas…yes cheffff..! walaupun kamu tidak cantik tapi acting kamu dalam drama sangat bagus dan natural..yes chefff!!!

  76. 76 : icha Says:

    LUCKY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Gong Hyo Jin , Saranghae!!!!!!!
    You Best Couple Award with Lee Sun Gyun !! Exactly! i see you in your Drama Pasta you very harmonious, I hope you play again in another drama with Lee Sun Gyun again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    FIGHTING!!!, Your my Fav Actress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. 77 : nova Says:

    you’re so nice and lovely in pasta. i love it!

  78. 78 : kdrama OST « Says:

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  80. 80 : Yuta Says:

    ikan emas….. :)

  81. 81 : fan Says:

    Congratulations !
    Mnet 20′s Choice Award 2011
    GHJ won “Hot Drama Actress” and “Hot Style Icon” awards
    Wish she get more awards she deservse it.

  82. 82 : K-Drama “Greatest Love” « Yun_OteBloG Says:

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  83. 83 : avi Says:

    eres de lo genia !!!!! :)

  84. 84 : viola Says:

    I’ve seen some of your drama series. you did very well esp. in “Thank You’. you’re very good also in your latest drama series together with your leading man. you two got a good chemistry.

  85. 85 : Octieu Says:

    I have become a big fan after watching “THE GREATEST LOVE” film. you have done a greate work and seriously. you so cute and profesional.i still can watch your film with sub title.
    Hope to see you in a new drama soon.
    why didn’t you update news on your wesite. if you busy, i can help you. i’m learn IT. hhihihi

  86. 86 : Eka Says:

    I like you…every act you had done was great… and I’ll be wait what next…!!

  87. 87 : buen Says:


  88. 88 : noona Says:

    i love gong hyo jin since sang doo lets go to school..ya..she not as pretty any korean girl ..but she had korean beauty that not all of star had..she talented…and naturall..she so profesionall..she so cool..she can be serious and she can be really funny and cute..love herrr

  89. 89 : Chris Says:

    Alakazaam-information found, problem sloevd, thanks!

  90. 90 : oliviakang Says:

    Gong Hyo Jin eonni^^
    you’re so romantic in Drama The Gteatest Love, love you so much !

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  92. 92 : junaisa Says:

    Gong hyo jin,,hi…..how are you?
    you really amazing actress because
    every rule that you act is really great.s

    More powers to you…:-)
    God bless you…

    Your my #1 idol in korean actress…

  93. 93 : Sadia Says:

    Hi.we love thank u series of this actress very much.we are frome iran..kermanshah.javanrud.we see thank u for 4time.and we say thank u too.

  94. 94 : koreanfanatic Says:

    Oh! my i watched your drama The Greatest Love and Pasta. I loved your acting skills.. heheheh

  95. 95 : Al Says:

    There is something about Ms. Gong Hyo Jin that leaves a lasting impression. She truly is a great actress. I hope to see her again.
    As an aside, she has such a great smile (a smile that would brighten anyone’s day).

  96. 96 : connie Says:

    good actors… love her so much.. i really hope to see her 1 day

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  101. 101 : preity Says:

    i like u in pasta drama…:)…

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  103. 103 : que Says:

    gong hyo jin is the best actress
    cute and professional..natural beauty…

  104. 104 : jane Says:

    hi hyo jin,

    :) i like your portrayal of ae jung in the greatest love. it’s so humourous and cute.

    see you in singapore soon…


  105. 105 : ina_Indonesia Says:

    Best acting, when I read the sypnopsis of u n Cha seung won drama, I feel this drama woll be a good drama, and I have watched 3 times . So love it sista

  106. 106 : alibrazil85@yahoo.com Says:

    i’m your fan from drama snowman.from then i watch all your film.I LOVE U KEEP ACTING THE BEST PROJECT I WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR U

  107. 107 : alibrazil85@yahoo.com Says:


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  109. 109 : Ray Says:

    She is very cute and the best!!!!!!

  110. 110 : chitraheni Says:

    never doubt,,,,u’re the best!!!

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  112. 112 : anjas Says:

    congratulations for my fave actress for your winning as Best Actress in 48th 2012 Baeksang Arts Awards


  113. 113 : lee yen Says:

    i very very like u at drama the greatest love…

  114. 114 : pian Says:

    You my favorite actress,so fighting make movie and drama.any body sell dvd for kong hyo jin or any fan site to change our colection about her movie or drama ?

  115. 115 : Irene Says:


  116. 116 : kirana Says:

    I very likes your acting,you match on all characters,and all any movie your played allways good,cute……..good job……

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  119. 119 : Susan ayers Says:

    This woman is a model? You’ve got to be kidding me!

  120. 120 : dreamer Says:

    ==JUST FINISH WATCHING “THANK YOU” ..i lurve ur acting. u really portrayed your character well.u are perfect matches for all actors..looking fwd 4 your new drama.fighting! ==

  121. 121 : rose Says:

    She is the best actress,very beautiful!!!

  122. 122 : ria Says:

    hy hyo

    in the drama I like to see you with Dokko Jin … so perfect … you are very cute and lovely …. hopefully work more smoothly … good work … I miss you ….

    (^ – ^)

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  124. 124 : Marie ♡♥♡ Says:

    I LIKE YOU! I’ve watched 2 of your drama, The Greatest Love and Pasta!!! You’re a great actress. I like the way you portray your role so well. I’ll be watching the rest of your drama. I hope to see you paired with Cha Seung Won and Lee Sun Gyun, great chemistry! Waiting for new drama of you! God bless

  125. 125 : @iloveKdramas Says:


  126. 126 : adam beachpacker Says:

    i luv ur role in best love,,my heart thump thump for u,,,haha…luv u olive..

  127. 127 : chelo Says:

    helo ms hyo jin im ur #1fan…:-)

  128. 128 : andrea Says:

    hi OLIVE :))) im your fans 😀 iwish i go to south korea so i will see you and i embrece you :))) like your song :)))

  129. 129 : andrea Says:


  130. 130 : jasmin macaraeg Says:

    i love Gu Ae Jung sO much..=)

  131. 131 : cyril lyn Says:

    happy birthday gong hyo jin ,,,… I am your number one fun,, from philippines… i wish you will visit our country soon,, saranghae <3..

  132. 132 : Mary Jainne Sotelo Says:

    Ms. Hyo Jin. Me and my sisters love you very much. Hoping see you in person. God bless :)

  133. 133 : Dhaynhielle Says:

    Ms. Hyo Jin, you’re charming.
    Wanna see ya. Hope to visit Korea.
    The Greatest Love, the best!
    I like your character.
    I really love the story!
    Wanna take pictures with you!
    Wanna make good memories with you,with Cha Seung Won, and with the cast of The Greatest Love.
    Hope you read this!

  134. 134 : agnes Says:

    ms. hyo jin, i love the way you dress in the greates love, wearing two pieces from prada spring/summer collection, i keep on watching again and again your drama, it is warm, light and very entertaining, hoping to be watching you again with dokko jin.

  135. 135 : agnes Says:

    ms hyo jin hope you will have a drama together again with cha seung won, i miss watching the two of you since the greatest love already ended airing in the philippines

  136. 136 : hannah dorothy dumon Says:

    hi!im hannah i’m ur no.1 idol. in thump thump ur kissing scene in cha seung won

  137. 137 : Tony Fung Says:

    I like the greatest love, I love the movie star, I like the story.

  138. 138 : JKT09 Says:

    She also plays ‘the boomerang family’, 2012 (movie)

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  140. 140 : lyieta Says:

    I wish you will come to our country “MALAYSIA”…..love you….

  141. 141 : anna Says:

    i like your act in every role you played…so natural…

  142. 142 : SabrinAliya Says:

    Lyieta, me too .. I wish she will come to our country.. Tae Gong Shil , You are the best !!! Master’s Sun hwaiting !! Saranghae ♥♥♥

  143. 143 : Pipor Says:

    You’re the best unnie~!!! love you so such and love all your show :-)

  144. 144 : Popydarkgirl Says:

    Gong hyo Jin , I love you, can’t wait to see your new drama. And new ep for the master sun. U are the best …. Really muahhhhh

  145. 145 : Popydarkgirl Says:

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  149. 149 : mona Says:

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    Great job unni! You definitely shine. I’ll be looking forward to your future projects unni!. Because I know you did your best with all your work, You deserve to shine brighter and brighter in the years to come. Fighting!!!:)

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    Love to see you in The Master’s Sun, The Greatest Love & Pasta. Looking forward to you new projects.
    Fighting !!!

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  158. 158 : zuoqiu Says:

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  159. 159 : zuoqiu Says:


  160. 160 : my Says:


  161. 161 : Gloria Says:


  162. 162 : Fatul Says:

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    I Love You. Can’t wait for your next drama/movies.

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    Keep it up!!

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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojg8TkcNv3o http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUQqC_bx5v8

    May your birthday be filled, with sunshine and smile, laughter, love and cheer. Sweet 34.. Saranghaeyo :)

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    I really love The Master’s Sun.
    So funny and i feel in love … :)
    everynight i don’t wanna miss any episode.

    We love you Gong and Seoul Korea.

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    But here in PHILIPPINES, not yet..
    This is new and fresh. We love you. :)

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  185. 185 : Korean Drama Review MS | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] Ji Sub as Joo Joong Won / Joo-goon, L @ Kim Myung Soo as Joong Won (young) and Gong Hyo Jin as Tae Gong Shil / Tae-yang. Other casts: Seo In Guk as Kang Woo and Kim Yoo Ri as Tae Yi Ryung. […]

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    But, i am even more impressed wiith your your acting in “The Master Sun”.

    Keep up the good work!

    Ganbatte :)

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    I love to watch “it’s ok,That’s love” .
    I love you,Gong Hyo Jin,saranghae unni.

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  189. 189 : wiwit Says:

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    Sarangheo Unni ..

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    […] Dong Seo Bum Suk a Coach Seo Song Jae Rim as Hee Gon Kim Hye Soo as fortuneteller (cameo, ep 1) Gong Hyo Jin as store owner (cameo, ep 9) Oh Hee Joon as Kim Sang Byung Do Sang […]

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    […] popular radio DJ who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). When he meets Ji Hae Soo (Gong Hyo Jin), a first-year psychiatry fellow at the hospital where he is being treated, they help each other […]

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    Gong Hyo Jin ssi
    I just started watching Its Okay, that’s love 2 days ago.

    I wanted to praise you. Your acting are very very professional and you portray your role so well, so natural.

    I enjoy the drama so much. Happy that you are dating Jo In Sung in real life. Is it true???

    Love you… :)

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    […] CastGong Hyo Jin as Na Bo RiGong Yoo as Park Tae InKim Da Hyun as Ji Hyun WooChoi Yeo Jin as Noh Jem Ma […]

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  199. 199 : mynch Says:

    after watching Master’s Sun, GongHyoJin become my idol. I’ve watched all your drama and my favorites were MS, Pasta, GL and It’s Okay Its Love.

    Now I’m currently watching one of your movie Love Fiction and the rest of your movies…while waiting for your new drama soon….

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