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Ha Ji Won

Name: 하지원 / Ha Ji Won
Real name: 전해림 / Jeon Hae Rim
Profession: Actress and singer
Birthdate: 1979-Jun-28
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 168cm
Weight: 46kg
Star sign: Cancer
Blood type: A
Family: Younger brother/actor Jun Tae Soo
Talent agency: Wellmade STARM
Education: Dan Gook University

TV Shows

Hospital Ship (MBC, 2017)
The Time We Were Not In Love (SBS, 2015)
Empress Ki (MBC, 2013)
The King 2hearts (MBC, 2012)
Secret Garden (SBS, 2010)
Hwang Jin Yi (KBS2, 2006)
What Happened in Bali (SBS, 2004)
Damo (MBC, 2003)
Days in the Sun (KBS2, 2002)
Life is Beautiful (KBS2, 2001)
Secret (MBC, 2000)
School 2 (KBS1, 1999)
Tears of the Dragon (KBS1, 1996)


Life Risking Romance (2016)
Chronicle of a Blood Merchant (2015)
The Huntresses (2014)
Hi, Anna (2012)
As One (2012)
Sector 7 (2010)
My Love By My Side (2009)
Closer to Heaven (2009)
Haeundae (2009)
Seven Remedies (2008)
Fool/BA:BO (2008)
His Last Gift (2007, cameo)
Sex is Zero 2 (2007, cameo)
Miracle on 1st Street/1st Miracle (2007)
Duelist (2005)
Daddy Long Legs (2005)
All For Love (2005, cameo)
Love So Divine (2004)
Bunshinsaba/Ouija Board (2004)
100 Days with Mr. Arrogant (2004)
Reversal of Fortune (2003)
Sex is Zero (2002)
Phone (2002)
The Scissors (2000)
Ditto (2000)
Truth Game (2000)
Nightmare (2000)


2016 8th Style Icon Asia: Style Icon
2013 MBC Drama Awards: Popularity Actress Awards – Ha Ji Won (Empress Ki)
2013 MBC Drama Awards: Producers’ Choice Actor of the Year – Ha Ji Won (Empress Ki)
2013 MBC Drama Awards: Daesang – Ha Ji Won (Empress Ki)
2010: SBS Drama Awards – Top Excellence Award, Drama Special, Actress (Secret Garden)
2010: SBS Drama Awards – Top Ten Stars Award (Secret Garden)
2010: SBS Drama Awards – Netizen Popularity Award together with Hyun Bin (Secret Garden)
2010: SBS Drama Awards – Best Couple Award (Hyun Bin & Ha Ji-won) (Secret Garden)
2009: 46th Baeksang Arts Awards – Best Actress (My Love By My Side)
2009: 30th Blue Dragon Film Awards – Best Actress (My Love By My Side)
2009: 30th Blue Dragon Film Awards – Popularity Award (My Love By My Side)
2009: 5th Korean University Film Festival – Best Actress (My Love By My Side)
2007: 2007 Asia Model Festival Awards – Most Popular along with Jang Hyuk, Hyun Young
2007: 32nd Golden Chest International TV Festival – Best Actress (Hwang Jin Yi)
2007: 34th Korean Broadcasting Awards – Best Actress (Hwang Jin Yi)
2006: KBS Drama Awards – Daesang Award (Hwang Jin Yi)
2006: KBS Drama Awards – Best Couple Award (Jang Geun Suk & Ha Ji-won) (Hwang Jin Yi)
2006: KBS Drama Awards – Netizen Popularity Award (Hwang Jin Yi)
2005: 26th Blue Dragon Film Awards – Popularity Award (Duelist)
2004: SBS Drama Awards – Top Excellence Award, Actress (What Happened in Bali)
2004: SBS Drama Awards – Top Ten Stars Award (What Happened in Bali)
2004: 25th Blue Dragon Film Awards – Best New Actress
2004: 39th Baeksang Arts Awards – Best New Actress
2004: 39th Baeksang Arts Awards – Best Actress for TV Section (What Happened in Bali)
2003: MBC Drama Awards – Top Excellence Award, Actress (Damo)
2003: MBC Drama Awards – Best Couple Award (Lee Seo-jin & Ha Ji-won) (Damo)
2003: MBC Drama Awards – Netizen Popularity Award (Damo)
2001: Korean Society of Cinematographers – Most Popular Actress
2001: 36th Baeksang Arts Awards – Best New Actress for TV Section (Secret)
2000: MBC Drama Awards – Best New Actress (Secret)
2000: Blue Dragon Film Awards – Best Supporting Actress (Ditto)
2000: Grand Bell Film Awards (Daejong Film Festival) – Best New Actress (Truth Game)
2000: Pusan Film Critics Association Awards – Best New Actress (Truth Game)

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398 Responses to “Ha Ji Won”

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  1. 151
    Jhen Says:

    She is the most busy cf QUEEN now.. ICON for KOREA and most Loved actress!

  2. 152
    Roman Says:

    How can you’re not falling for this AMAZINGLY CHARMING WOMAN?? HOW?? HOW?? HOW??

  3. 153
    Jocelyn Says:

    This woman was really cool. She’s diverse, she didn’t stick to only one typical role. She doesn’t care if a role will require her to look unpretty. Her concern is to show to her fans and to all the viewers that she could be an All-around-actress. She wants viewers to see every different side of her as an artist. .

  4. 154
    Romina Says:

    I totally love her. . I think I grown a girl crush after seeing her in SeGa. Such a brilliant actress. I hope she’ll continue to give us happiness in the near future. I’m always ready to support her.

  5. 155
    Lheonorski Says:

    I believe this woman truly is one of the most PRECIOUS GEM in korean entertainment industry

  6. 156
    angaahai Says:

    truly number 1 k-actress

  7. 157
    des Says:

    can’t believe she’s really pretty. she’s very funny in “my name is kim sam sun” and lovable in secret garden.

  8. 158
    jewanie Says:

    you’re beautiful ion your hair cut on your series secret gardenand your team up with your love team is soooooooooooo awwweeeeeessssssssssoome…..hehehe

  9. 159
    Pinky Says:

    She is the most beautiful and talented actress in Korea…love her always

  10. 160
    darlyn Says:

    i really adore ha ji won for her beauty and hopin’ she’ll gonna visit Philippines !

  11. 161
    raissa Says:

    i really love HA JI WON…..she’s one of a kind…we hope she gonna visit us, here in the philippines……….

  12. 162
    Tom Says:

    Ha Ji Won is the icon for Korea, a brilliant actress with beauty and most beautiful lean body muscle mass for the character of Gil Ra Im the stuntwoman for Secret Garden…Wow!

  13. 163
    mae(^_^) Says:


  14. 164
    syrene Says:

    ha ji won ..
    ive been watch ure movie ( secret garden )
    and i am da one hu will supporting ure project at ure movie .. :))
    wish dat u are willing to come over here at philippines ..
    i am listed to a million of ure fans .. take care olweizzz .. Muah 😀

  15. 165
    Tia Says:

    I think i fall in love with her, now, im trying to collect all of her drma n movie

  16. 166
    ronalyn Says:

    ang cute talaga ng secret garden nkakaadick po lalo na c jaime sobrang nkaka kilig ng love story nya

  17. 167
    jessica bautista Says:

    the best story….

  18. 168
    jhessa Says:

    hi ms. ha ji won i love secret garden. because the story was so nice and the kilig factor sobra talaga. i hope you can do a lot of story or movies like secret garden ung nakakakilig talaga…because everything in this world could happen because of love…i wish you fine your one true love…take care always love you so much….

  19. 169
    xiadfreaky Says:

    I get to admire her more because of Secret Garden. She had shown how versatile and excellent she is as an actress. And the term “amazing woman” suited her really well. She’s truly amazing. Keep up the good work and looking forward to more of your films. fighting! ^_^

  20. 170
    princes 168 Says:

    She is awesome!!!!
    more powers to HA JI WON>>>>>

  21. 171
    princes 168 Says:

    This actress has touch many hearts. She is very charming!!!

  22. 172
    Akbar Ali Says:

    I totally love her. . I think I grown a girl crush after seeing her in “secret garden” Such a brilliant actress. I hope she’ll continue to give us happiness in the near future
    This show is a beautiful roller coaster. You can never be sure of the character you favor until almost the end… You have to have confidence in the character and their hearts because you will find that it’s very worth sticking with this drama. I’ve cried, gasped, cringed, and laughed watching this show. No spoiling intended but you will not be disappointed by the ending.

  23. 173
    Belayat Says:

    Lovely & Cool,,

  24. 174
    cathelyn Says:


    the secret garden phenomenon is not yet finish. The Philippine dubbed (GMA7) is also swesome..waaaaaaahhh!!!!

    Ang ganda talaga ng secret garden!!! addict na ako sa tagalog dubbed at english subbed.. 😀 hahahahahaha!!

  25. 175
    Kuya Says:

    Damn… I’ve been experiencing what Kim joo woon gone through at the Secret Garden. Ha Ji Won keep on appearing on my thoughts… the beautiful,sexy, charismatic Gil Ra Im. What have you done to me…?

  26. 176
    dezza calipay Says:


  27. 177
    rane Says:

    ha ji won do you have any verify account because i super like right now your show here in philippines so i would like to support you right now and watched until the end of the story thanks i wait for your response and by the way your show is the # 1 here so thanks i like you ha ji won super:)

  28. 178
    Apple Says:

    hi ms. Ha ji won. I’m apple. 18 yrs. old. your so pretty and i really love you watching in secret garden, you and Hyun bin. I hope you can visit in philippines. especially in Iloilo. Good luck in your career and God bless you always! 🙂

  29. 179
    marianne gadin Says:

    hello ha ji won, i really enjoy watching u with hyun bin in secret garden. (GMA7) here in the philippines the best romantic story.sah-rang-hey<3 Sinui eunchongi itgireul..:)

  30. 180
    cat Says:

    hello .. i must say.. i really admire you now after seeing you in secret garden.. you did so well in the said romantic/melodramatic series.. your team up with hyun bin is so perfect for me.. the only series that i really made an effort to search on line for the stars.. you two reealy impress me.. eye catching acting.. YOu deserve the awards that was given to you..

  31. 181
    solenn Says:

    You are great in Secret Garden. I am now your fan!

  32. 182
    fe Says:

    i love watching secret garden here in the philippines.i like the love team of hyun bin and ha hi won.i hope they make a drama again…

  33. 183
    Shulasmith Says:

    I super admire you in Secret Garden and now I’m a big fan. Looking forward to your next Kdrama project. I hope to see you and Oppa Hyun Bin together again. Hopefully, a Secret Garden part 2. Take care!!!

  34. 184
    keyt Says:

    really like you..and hyun bin..

  35. 185
    ramir Says:

    I Love Your Character in Secret Gaden…..

    plsss Have a Secret GArden 2

  36. 186
    lucille Says:


    You’ll be celebrating your bday with your 1023 fans this Saturday, hope we can celebrate too..
    Loving and supporting you always, hope you can read this (our) messages…
    Praying for your continued good health, great career, and an amazing NAMJA that will support you throughout because you are an amazing YEOJA…
    Hope for you to visit Philippines for Sector 7’s pilot here and for your mgt to create an INTERNATIONAL 1023…
    Be “just the way you are” 🙂

  37. 187
    dreamscape Says:

    Geez.. I thought she was great as a villain in Full House as Loraine.. but well I Really LOVE YOU HA JI WON while acting with my beloved Hyun Bin in SECRET GARDEN.. Good Job and MOre POWERS to your CAREER!♥

  38. 188
    cel Says:

    you are prettier in your short hair in Secret Garden and I will need to watch Full House again coz I only realized that you were there as Lorraine

  39. 189
    arashi Says:


    advance happy birthday to you!
    you’re really a great actress you portray your roles very well: it’s like for real!
    you look much prettier when you’ve got short hair!

    stay pretty!
    you look awesome!


  40. 190
    viannejms79 Says:

    Hello! Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin, I really really like you two. the best Secret Garden and the actors!!!!! I hope you will become a real couple…..

  41. 191
    eemia Says:

    ‘ really ?!? she’s lorraine in full house ?!? hahah .. i can’t believe it ! but you know , she’s more BEAUTIFUL with her short hair specially in secret garden 😀 ..

  42. 192
    eemia Says:

    ‘ hey ! lorraine in full house is not her that actress name was han eun jung search it if you don’t believe me ..

  43. 193
    Gil Ra Im Says:

    i luv u acting…SUPERB…n now im addicted on ur acting in secret garden…hehe~

  44. 194
    mel Says:

    so pretty !!

  45. 195
    armanbetty Says:

    Happy 33rd birthday to Ha ji won tomorrow, may you have more success in your career. Hope your long awaited DESTINY MAN will come into your life. Always be happy and be amazing woman as you are….

  46. 196
    mishy Says:

    Happy Birthday Ha Ji Won!! You’re so pretty…. stay pretty and sweet!!!:)

    Hope for more dramas to watch…:)

  47. 197
    macelshi Says:

    Saengil Chukha Hamnida Ha Ji Won! After seeing you in SECRET GARDEN I became a big fan. Now, I’m combing the dvd stores here and looking for your past kdramas. I now have Memories of Bali and Hwangjini and am looking forward to watching it.

    Do you have an international fans club where I can join? Or do you have a website where English is the language? I would love to be a member of your fans club but I don’t know how.

    Continue making good kdramas and stay as cool as you are. Chu Ka Hae…more power Gil Ra Im!

  48. 198
    princezs05 Says:

    annyeonhaseyo unnie ~ i really really love you <3 i want to see you . and for me your the BEST of the BEST of all the BEST actress in Korea . hope to see you in more drama , expect that i'll watch it .

    *there are so many fans here in the Philippines*

    deo manh-eun jeonlyeog . SARANGHAEYO unnie ~ ttaeneuj-eun saeng-il chugha haeyo
    <3 <3 <3

  49. 199
    guia ubaldo Says:

    hello!!!!!….i realy realy realy love u so much!!!!i always watch secret garden from the start and i will watch till the end!!!!!love u so much ha ji won!!!hope i see u in more movies and dramas w/ hyun bin!!!! wish na both of u are the soul mate in real life!!!!

  50. 200
    francheska lopez Says:

    hi im a big big fan of u, first tym i watch korean novela only the secret garden i really really like to watch. i hope u nd hyun bin make another movies or drama.. 2 of u r perfect combination.. gudluck.. always take care..

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