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Han Chae Young

Name: 한채영 / Han Chae Young (Han Chae Yeong)
Real name: 김지영 / Kim Ji Young
English name: Rachel Han
Chinese name: 韩彩英 / Han Cai Ying
Profession: Actress and model
Birthdate: 1980-Sep-13
Birthplace: Daegu, South Korea
Height: 172cm
Weight: 47kg
Blood type: A
Family: Husband/former actor/businessman Choi Dong Jun
Education: Dongguk University (Theater and Film)
Talent agency: SM C&C & Creative Artists Agency

TV Series

Sponsor (MBN, 2022)
A Promise with the Gods (MBC, 2018)
Revive (QQ, 2016)
Pretty Man (KBS2, 2013)
Advertising Genius Lee Tae Baek (KBS2, 2013)
Lan Se Meng Xiang (Zhejiang TV, 2012)
Strangers 6 (WOWOW, 2012)
A Man Called God (MBC, 2010)
Boys Before Flowers (KBS2, 2009)
Exhibition of Fireworks (MBC, 2006)
My Girl (SBS, 2005) cameo
Only You (SBS, 2005)
Delightful Girl Choon Hyang (KBS2, 2005)
Beijing My Love (KBS2, 2004)
Affection (SBS, 2002)
Father and Sons (SBS, 2001)
Autumn Tale (KBS2, 2000)


The Guest (2015)
Big Deal (2011)
The Influence (2010)
Soul Mates (2009)
Good Morning, President (2009)
Do You Live with Your Lover Now? (2007)
Wild Card (2003)
Bet on My Disco (2002)
Rec (2000)


2007 Korea Best Dresser of the Year Awards: Awardee
2008 Asia Model Festival Awards: Model Star Award
2009 Andre Kim Best Star Awards: Female Star Award
2010 Asia Model Festival Awards: Model Star Award
2011 China Entertainment Television: Top 10 Asian Stars Award
2011 Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards: 2011’s Most Stylish Actress
2011 China Trend Awards: Shining Artist Award
2011 TV Drama Awards Made in China: Best Online Popularity Award
2005 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple with Jae Hee (Delightful Girl Choon Hyang)
2005 KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Award (Delightful Girl Choon Hyang)


Kim Ji Young was born on 13 September 1980 in South Korea but her family soon migrated to the United States and she spent her growing up years in a Chicago suburb and is aptly named the “Barbie Doll” of Korea.
During one of her visits to Korea, she was reportedly discovered by a famed Korean comedian who suggested that she put her college plans on hold and try acting. Taking on the stage name Han Chae-young, she made her acting debut in 2000 through horror film The Record.

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Han Chae Young 18


  1. 1 : Micoll Says:

    Dear Ms. Han Char Young,

    Juz go thru all the actress korean in this web n saw ur b’day date…
    is drop on 13 Sept. Since, i was dont know you very well, but is my sincerly heart to wish u ” Happy B’day To U ” N hope “All Ur Dream Will Come True“……. Cheer !! ^^

  2. 2 : karla Says:

    she is definitely lovely, awesome, beautiful, and sexy actress!! i also admired her very much!!!

  3. 3 : bebsy Says:

    i like her in sassy girl!!!!

  4. 4 : jams_24x Says:

    She is beautiful and good actress

  5. 5 : james_24x Says:

    May I ask If what is your Latest Project?

  6. 6 : secret Says:

    i like when u act at the sassy girl chun-Hyang

  7. 7 : musclediesel362 Says:

    she’s the most beautiful and cute actress, i don’t know what i’ve to say….i lost my words when i see her…hey i made a modification about her pictures…(it pretend that she beside me…he he he he….) would any body like see it…?

  8. 8 : mus Says:

    Han Chae-young…sassy girl belum tengok cerita pun kita dah tahu best b’coz the song…start…Na na na na ,siapa yang pernah tengok ceritanya mesti tahu lagunya…and ceritanya…memang best… lucu sesuai semua peringkat umur..tak di nafikan tanpa actor and actreess cerita mungkin kurang menarik tetapi pasangan hero and heroin ini telah membangkitkan lagi untuk para penonton tidak berganjak dr kaca tv…cute and hensem.

    from MALAYSIA,

  9. 9 : fifah Says:

    hi chun hyang…..:)…i love you so much in sassy girl story with lee mong ryong!!…hope i could be one of your friends n mail me at [email protected] k bye………………you are so cute!!.:)

  10. 10 : Alex Xiong Says:

    Never seen any of her movie but she pretty for sure

  11. 11 : code_blue Says:

    I saw a girl so delicate and pretty
    I have never seen such a beautiful lady
    She is fair-skinned and tall
    She would surely make every man fall

    I am quite dumb-founded
    For I have never seen such beauty
    Of which I have never thought existed
    Indeed, God has a sense of creativity

    This lady makes me see the brighter side of life
    I don’t know why, but this is how I feel
    I feel so momentumized everytime I see
    This very ravishing lady

    She has inspired me much
    But I have never even met her
    Though I always see her in television
    Unusual for there is no interaction

    Now that this poem is about to end
    I would like to know that the beautiful lady
    Is no other than Han Chae Youngy(Young actually…hehe)

    code_blue from Philippines

  12. 12 : aishza Says:

    S-E-X-Y! not a typical Korean body and beauty…

  13. 13 : theresa Says:

    Hello…oh so your name’s han chae young. Saw you in the movies, Chun-yang and Only You. Think you are very pretty and your acting’s good though it can be further improved.

    I’m beginning to be a fan of yours. Keep it up and let me know what your new shows will be in 2007 coz I’m gonna look out for it and buy them once it hits the stores.

    Pssst….i’m not your typical fan – I’m aged 42 going on to 43 in 4 days time. Just became a Korean movie fan about half a year ago.

    Cheers to a successful career in 2007.

  14. 14 : bless Says:

    i have just watched two of your drama series yet (Delightful Choon Hyang and Only You) and enjoyed both with few cries here and there :). you’re a good actress. i am still to watch “Exhibition of Fireworks”. so funny you’re cameo appearance with Jae Hee… so much liked your roles in DCH, i had to laugh. any future tv series with Jae Hee?

    bless (nt, australia)

  15. 15 : Chow Says:

    currently watching Delightfull Choon Hyang

    not sure her beauty is from her dad and mom…
    but she is cute no matter what

    and the drama is enjoyable

  16. 16 : dannycute Says:

    Hello…Miss Han Chae-Young….nice to see your cute face in Delightfull Choon Hyang…Only You….Exhibitions of Firework…what else?U’re so talented…I just wanna know you…bout’ ur family…is it true ur family was in America? =) GOOD LUCK IN UR FUTURE….n TAKE CARE…

    from MALAYSIA with love =)

  17. 17 : hanna Says:

    Ilike your acting in the sassy girl .you looks very cute with jae he.I will support in your movies

  18. 18 : Rekha Says:

    You’re so pretty!!

  19. 19 : Rekha Says:

    I love your acting!

  20. 20 : Rekha Says:

    you looked really good with the french braind hair style!

  21. 21 : Rekha Says:

    You have a really awsome smile it’s quite interesting!

  22. 22 : Rekha Says:

    Try more roles in the sad category.. your sad roles make great shows.

  23. 23 : Rekha Says:

    I first saw you in Autum Tale.. You look so different now in the recent dramas compared to Autum Tale

  24. 24 : Rekha Says:

    Keep up the good work!

  25. 25 : Renne Says:

    I wonder what made you want to be an actress… it takes you so far away from normal life style… but no matter what you’re the best actress I have seen

  26. 26 : Jin Says:

    You’re hot and sometimes you’re cute! I didn’t like the hair style when you were trying to act 30 yrs old in “Exhibition of Fireworks”.

  27. 27 : Vivya Says:

    You have the shape of a person who grew up in the States… why is that?

  28. 28 : Sneha Says:

    I really love your eyes they’re so pretty!

  29. 29 : ORCHID Says:


  30. 30 : cun_yang Says:

    Wow!!so beautiful……….mana guys like him……..i think arr…………he he……..So cute,so beautiful,so sassy n many about her……Chun Hyang is so sassy…………So,gud luck 4 u Han Chae Young//Sung Chun Hyang………..i will support u

  31. 31 : Soo-Eun Says:

    omg!! i love u Chae Young!!! you sooo pretty and very elegant!
    you also made me relly touchy in only you and delightful girl choon hyang!!! i love you!!

  32. 32 : lee mong-ryong Says:

    hi chun hyang…..:) I love you so much in sassy girl story with lee mong ryong!!…
    U are so cute n nice girl. I like u’r smile n i really love n admire u.
    hope.. I can meet u someday

    from MALAYSIA..

  33. 33 : rod manahan Says:

    hi miss han chae young
    you are so beautiful for me(a goddess!!!)
    may i ask??
    are married already????
    you’re so cute and talented!!!
    more power
    i love you!!!

  34. 34 : flor Says:

    i like her!! ur the one in the sassy girl. keep up the good work. =]

  35. 35 : hasnan Says:

    i,m very2 like han chea young in sassy girl…..his acting make me enjoy the whole siries….i hope she will successful in her career…..

  36. 36 : WhereMyRiceGo Says:

    Stupid people….this is for leaving comments, not leaving her messages….she didnt make this page and isnt gunna reply to you people……it is a biography…stupid people….

  37. 37 : WhereMyRiceGo Says:

    she is a good actor though, i cant imagine anyone else playing the character Sung Choon Hyang in Delightful Girl Choon Hyang…Great Drama

  38. 38 : etty89 Says:

    i luv chae young n jae hee too…

  39. 39 : etty89 Says:

    i am ur biggest fan since i watch sassy girl chun hyang….

  40. 40 : etty89 Says:

    why i like u??? bcoz im from malaysia…at my country there were 2 of ur drama played at the same time in 2 different channel…sassy girl n firework..last year i juz became n still being u n jae hee fanatic…

  41. 41 : etty89 Says:

    i knom diz is not chae young’s site…it juz her biography..she never read wat i have written here…but it’s ok…i juz cry when know she will be married in 3 june…if ur hubby to be is jae hee..i am the one who will be so glad…

  42. 42 : etty89 Says:

    okey dont laugh at me k… i really die hard fan of jae hee n chae young starting the drama sassy girl when it was played in malaysia december last year…i dont like u in only u…so when my friend asked me to see u in mygirl as the real grandaugther ..my friend sain..hey! diz is the female lead in only u! wakaka

  43. 43 : etty89 Says:

    okey dont laugh at me k… i really die hard fan of jae hee n chae young starting the drama sassy girl when it was played in malaysia december last year…i dont like u in only u…so when my friend asked me to see u in mygirl as the real grandaugther ..my friend said..hey! diz is the female lead in only u! wakaka

  44. 44 : deniee Says:

    Hi Chae Young~ i rely like u!! U so cute n beautiful!!! k.oL the best 2 u. (^_^)v

  45. 45 : nhur Says:

    han chae young im ur no. 1 fan in the Philippines.actually im a muslim.
    i like ur all shows.and of course ur face..ur so pretty and sexy..i love the way dress up..ur great model 4 me.
    keep it up…

  46. 46 : tippy Says:

    ur my fan in the philippines…your so beautiful..your like a barbie doll…really!!!! anyeong..!!! -stephanie”tippy”- fr: cebu city, philippines

  47. 47 : Kate Says:


  48. 48 : katherine Says:

    sassy girl!!!:) the best korean series ever!…

  49. 49 : Kyo Says:

    I just watch ur drama (Delightful Girl-Choon Hyang) so just to say that u good and I like the way u act….Have a nice day…

  50. 50 : Arya pars Says:

    Hello dear han chae young.
    thank you for your very good acting in the Sassy girl and Only you series.
    With best wishes for you from IRAN.

  51. 51 : Keith Says:

    Hi han cahe young !!!
    i from jakarta, indonesia.. your acting in sassy girl so good plus your cute face make the film more and more interesting…
    hope u can alwasys do the best for your act..


  52. 52 : jack Says:

    hi chun hyang…
    u’re so beautifull…
    i like your acting so much…
    would u like to come to indonesia???

  53. 53 : GorgeouS eLLe Says:

    you are so beautiful…
    keep up the good work!

  54. 54 : QQ Says:

    hai… chun hyang…
    kamu cantik banget…!! kapan bisa jumpa fans di Indonesia, aku fans berat kamu lho…!!!
    kalo boleh, aku minta foto kamu dong… kirim ke friendster ku ya …

  55. 55 : kirana Says:

    hAloo…chun hyang!!!!!!!!1

    you very beautiful….
    aku fans berat kamu !!!

    kapan kamu ke indonesia????
    i like your acting!!!!!
    aku minta fotomu!!!boleh khan?
    kirim ke friendsterku ya!!!!

  56. 56 : kirana Says:

    your beautiful….

    my like your acting!!!!!

    aku minta fotomu & kirim ke friendster ku!!!

    thankzzzz very much!!!!

  57. 57 : sandy Says:

    hmm..i like u in the sassy girl,chun hyang…gud luck always..(^_^)

  58. 58 : nizz Says:

    kya gwe!!!!


  59. 59 : jonathan Says:

    you are so pretty and also lovely….I like your character in your drama Delightful Girl Choon Hyang…. keep on going and smile always.

  60. 60 : [email protected] Says:

    u look so cute went u staring at sassy girl chun hyang..
    i like u and jae hee…
    u r sweet couple with hee..
    please com eto [email protected]
    i really want to meet u…

  61. 61 : mu Says:

    hi han cahe young,
    you are so sweet…….we all love you.
    from …..mu

  62. 62 : jacky Says:

    gAnda mOh tLaga eVer!!

  63. 63 : kate Says:

    Anyone who knows the name and address of Miss Han Chae Young’s “talent agency”, please leave a reply here in this site!!!

  64. 64 : snow rose Says:

    Hi! Ma Han Chae Young,I love you so much. You are so cute.Good Luck forever!

  65. 65 : sueanne Says:

    i love all your dramas..keep on your good work

  66. 66 : yoon soo-hye Says:

    u’r soo cute actress in this world!!!!!!!

  67. 67 : angela Says:

    i really like your acting in sassy girl chun hyang!!!!both of u are really like such a cute couple!!!

  68. 68 : sylvia Says:

    i really like you!!!can i be your best frenzzz????!!!

  69. 69 : fantasy love Says:

    when will u acting in your new drana?!?!?

  70. 70 : joanne Says:

    when will u come to malaysia???i really want to see u!!!plezz…i’m your 1st fans…

  71. 71 : syahirah Says:

    u’r soo great actress…i really like you since i watching your acting in sassy girl…i’m from malaysia…i hope that i can see u one day..now i’m 13 years old..i really love you soo much..mmwwwhhhh….

  72. 72 : annalella Says:

    hi!!!chun hyang…u’r soo cute & i really like you..

  73. 73 : alisha Says:

    chae-young..i love you so much…u r soo beautiful,cute & sweet..

  74. 74 : hye jin Says:

    i really like ur acting in fireworks…i hope that you can do better than that acting ya!!!good luck…

  75. 75 : anne Says:

    u’r so beautiful..i really like u & i wish that i can be like u when i grow up…

  76. 76 : yu ri Says:

    hi chun hyang!!!u’r so cute in sassy girl chun hyang drama…

  77. 77 : chun hyang Says:

    hi chae young..my sister & i really like u bcoz u’r soo sweet & cute..
    u’r the best actress forever..

  78. 78 : sassy girl Says:

    hye seong chun hyang!!!what’s up??i wish that u always happy ya!!
    bye bye!!!i love u soo much!!!muaaahhh…

  79. 79 : honey bee Says:

    hi chae young!!!u look soo gergous!!we love u ever…

  80. 80 : honey bee Says:

    hi chae young!!!can i be ur frenzz???plez……

  81. 81 : snow queen Says:

    i really love ur acting in sassy girl chun hyang..keep up ur works…

  82. 82 : chae young Says:

    hi chun hyang!!!ur acting in sassy girl make me cry & laugh…u’r so sweet..

  83. 83 : syerrina Says:

    hi chun hyang!!!i wish u can be the great actress in the world..

  84. 84 : fairy topia Says:

    i really like ur acting with jae hee..both of u r soo cute & sweet…
    but sometimes u makes me cry..anyway i really like you.. saranghaeyo!!!

  85. 85 : barbie Says:

    hi han chae young!!!you face is really like a barbie doll..i really like your smile..u’r so beautiful…

  86. 86 : syuhaidah Says:

    hi chun hyang!!when will u come to malaysia??i really want to see you bcoz u’r soo great actree…

  87. 87 : sweet gurl Says:

    i really love your acting in only you!!!soo cute..

  88. 88 : magic love Says:

    u’s soo sweet..i really like u…before u get married i really hope that u & jae hee be the couple..i really sorry to say that..but i love u soo much.. good luck..

  89. 89 : loveholic Says:

    u’r soo lucky bcoz has a cute face..
    i wish u all the best..
    aja aja fighting!!

  90. 90 : wonderful life Says:

    hi chun hyang!!
    i will always remember u..
    i hope that u can remember me too without seeing my face..
    i love you soo much..

  91. 91 : jingle bell Says:

    love u soo much..
    hope can see u in person..
    plezz come to malaysia..
    we really miss u!!
    we really wants to see u face to face..

  92. 92 : syerry Says:

    hi chae young..
    u’r my angel in my dreams!!
    hope can see u!!
    i really want to go to korea..
    hope i can continue my study there..
    i’m ur ist fans..
    i really love you..
    i’m 13 years osl next years..
    i miss u..

  93. 93 : han da ni Says:

    chae young take care ya!!
    smile always !!!

  94. 94 : shin nara Says:

    hi chun hyang!!
    u look soo good with jae hee..
    really like sassy girl chun hyang!!

  95. 95 : cha eun-jae Says:

    hi chae young!!
    u’r no. 1 fav. actress..
    love you soo much!!!
    hope can see u in malaysia!!

  96. 96 : cha eun-jae Says:

    hi chun hyang..
    u’r my no. 1 favourite actress!!
    love u soo much!!
    hopr cansee u in malaysia!!

  97. 97 : alicia Says:

    u’r so cute..
    can i be like you oneday??
    i really like u!!

  98. 98 : rainie Says:

    hi chae young..
    i really want to say that u’r soo good&cute actress..
    love u soo much!

  99. 99 : cindy Says:

    hi shin nara!!
    i really like your acting..
    soo natural!!
    love u forever!!

  100. 100 : jo anna Says:

    hi chun hyang..
    i wish u good luck..
    all the best ya!!

  101. 101 : shin bi Says:

    u’r soo sweet..
    really like all your acting!!
    i miss u..

  102. 102 : ayumi Says:

    hye chae young!!!
    can you come to malaysia??
    i really want to see u..
    like you so much!!

  103. 103 : mirae Says:

    i only want to say i miss chun hyang very much!!!

  104. 104 : wonderful life Says:

    ~han chae young~
    ~han chae young~
    ~han chae young~
    aja aja fighting!!!

  105. 105 : smile again Says:

    chun hyang!!!
    i really want u came to malaysia..
    i’m ur ist fans..
    u’r my no. 1 my favourite actress..

  106. 106 : hee sun Says:

    chun hyang..
    your smile is so cute!!

  107. 107 : sweet ice cream Says:

    i really love u..
    foreaver in my hearts..

  108. 108 : roiworld Says:

    your face really like my barbie doll..
    i will always love u..
    aja aja fighting..

  109. 109 : cardcaptor sakura Says:

    can u be my angel???
    only in my dreams..
    u’r soo cute!!

  110. 110 : little planet Says:

    hi chun hyang!!
    keep up your works..
    i know that u can do it..
    love u shoo much!!

  111. 111 : malaysia Says:

    i luv chae young soo muuuuuuuuch….
    u’r lovely couple with jae hee…

  112. 112 : maruko Says:

    soo sweet gurl..

  113. 113 : syahirah Says:

    hi chae young!!
    can u plezz send me a message with your hp..
    this is my number-017 9014067..
    i’m from malaysia..

  114. 114 : se jin Says:

    when will u acting in your new drama???

  115. 115 : luciana Says:

    u & jae hee r soo cute together..
    both of u r soo sweet..
    love u soo much..
    miss u..
    remember me always..

  116. 116 : annabella Says:

    she’s really cute…

  117. 117 : Noraima Bagundang Says:


  118. 118 : snow angel Says:

    !:::( -.- ):::!
    (. .x. .x. .x. x. .x)
    The nite will be cold so
    remember to cover yourself
    with blanket….GoOd NiTe!!

  119. 119 : snow angel Says:


  120. 120 : snow angel Says:


  121. 121 : snow queen Says:

    how r u???

  122. 122 : snow princess Says:

    u r soo nice person..

  123. 123 : rainie princess Says:

    I wish u all the best..
    great acting in sassy girl..

  124. 124 : sunny princess Says:

    ur face soo sweet..
    like a chocolate…

  125. 125 : syerrina Says:

    nice acting..
    i like!!!!

  126. 126 : shiori Says:

    soo sweet girl in the world!!

  127. 127 : sakura Says:

    Ur Face really like my guardian angel..
    soo sweet,cute & beautifull…..

  128. 128 : cutie bear Says:

    aja – aja fighting!!!

  129. 129 : little chick Says:

    ya seong chun hyang!!!

  130. 130 : cardcaptor sakura Says:

    really like your smile!!!

  131. 131 : little princess Says:

    u look so cute sassy girl chun hyang!!!

  132. 132 : princess fiona Says:

    u r the cutest actress i ever seen before..

  133. 133 : syiera syahirah Says:

    take good cara of yourself…
    i will always love u..

  134. 134 : syiera Says:


  135. 135 : hye won Says:


  136. 136 : jong won Says:

    nice person!!!

  137. 137 : seung han Says:

    ur smile like my wife smile…
    soo cute..
    but i really love my wife better than u…

  138. 138 : little planet Says:

    When will u acting
    in ur new serius???
    i can’t wait!!!

  139. 139 : honey stars Says:

    i will give u 5 stars…

  140. 140 : honey stars Says:

    u r soo sweett…
    when will u come to malaysia???

  141. 141 : honey stars Says:

    please come to malaysia….

  142. 142 : honey stars Says:

    i really want to meet u!!!

  143. 143 : honey stars Says:

    i really like your acting!!!

  144. 144 : butterfly Says:


  145. 145 : alyssa Says:

    chae young are really sweet.sweet smile,sweet face and sweet act.i hope you will visit malaysia.

  146. 146 : kris Says:

    your so cute and when will your next project?

  147. 147 : snow queen Says:

    chae young..
    i hope that u’ll add me as ur frenzz in yahoo!messengr lorh..

  148. 148 : jaymark ardales Says:

    i love you so much!
    although im from philippines,
    i love watching you on tv!
    i really like you so much!
    i really do!
    take care always!

  149. 149 : krissyang Says:

    This is the Audrey Hepburn of Korea!!! Beautiful & such a great actress. It’s a pity we haven’t seen any shows with her in it lately…

  150. 150 : princess lolipop Says:

    hye chae young unnie..

  151. 151 : princess lolipop Says:

    i’ll always saranghaeyo..

  152. 152 : princess lolipop Says:

    chae young unnie..
    please add me at ur yahoo!mesenger..
    here my email address ~ [email protected]

  153. 153 : princess lolipop Says:

    my id is snowqueen68..
    please..i’m ur 1st fans in da world..

  154. 154 : princess lolipop Says:

    i love u sho much..
    please..i hope u can be my sister..one day..
    hope so..hope u hope too..^______^

  155. 155 : princess lolipop Says:

    u look so great in only u..
    hahahhh..;p love u sho much..

  156. 156 : princess lolipop Says:

    only you..n_____n

  157. 157 : princess lolipop Says:

    why i can’t paste ur pics here??
    by the way..u’r my fav. star..
    foreaver in my heart lorh..

  158. 158 : princess lolipop Says:

    how r u 2day??

  159. 159 : princess lolipop Says:

    i’ll always pray of ur successfully..
    bcoz u’r so great actress..
    ur acting,face,character..
    i love all the things lorh..;p

  160. 160 : princess lolipop Says:

    i want u be the 1st list of the cutest actress..
    hope u’ll ya!!^______________________^
    aja – aja fighting!!

  161. 161 : princess lolipop Says:

    chae young unnie..
    hope u remember me always..
    my name is syahirah from malaysia..
    i’m 13 years old..
    i like u since watching ur acting in sassy girl chun hyang..

  162. 162 : princess lolipop Says:

    chun hyang ~ mong ryong..
    forever in my heart…

  163. 163 : princess lolipop Says:

    u face really like my guardian angel..
    she’s my sister..
    please reply all my msg..

  164. 164 : princess lolipop Says:

    u’r so sweet,cute & beautiful..
    that’s why i really love u..

  165. 165 : princess lolipop Says:

    chae young…

  166. 166 : princess lolipop Says:

    cha eun jae..~only u..

  167. 167 : princess lolipop Says:

    sung chun hyang ~ sassy girl chun hyang..

  168. 168 : princess lolipop Says:

    shin na ra ~ fireworks..

  169. 169 : princess lolipop Says:

    lee ha na ~ my girl..;p

  170. 170 : princess lolipop Says:

    please add me ya!!

  171. 171 : princess lolipop Says:


  172. 172 : princess lolipop Says:

    see u next time..

  173. 173 : princess lolipop Says:

    one more thing..
    don’t give up about ur life..
    aja – aja fighting..
    take care ya!!

  174. 174 : rizki Says:

    chae young,,,,,

    please…….come for me,i cant live!!
    i realy love you so much……
    because,,you my angel every my dream!

    i can wait you!

    i realy-realy love u!



    if i’m dead,i will have smile just for you…….

    why for my felt!
    i dont understand,,,maybe i just have nice dream,but my felt rely-realy hope you!


    i hope you reply.

  175. 175 : hanani Says:

    anyong haseyo,han chae young!!!can you add me??this is my email address([email protected])..i’m from malaysia,and i really like your acting with your partner in sassy girl,jae hee…hahahhaha..both of you are so cute..

  176. 176 : michelle Says:


  177. 177 : jibhie Says:


    i dont know……i want to talk with u……

    but it’s amazing…..if i can look at u that true………..


  178. 178 : michelle Says:

    Chae-Young!!! I really wan 2 talk 2 u!!! This is my h/p no: 016-2916928!!!

  179. 179 : nesta Says:

    her head is not proportion w/ her body..

  180. 180 : snow queen Says:

    chae young aaa…
    shin geup kuu shoo…

  181. 181 : snow queen Says:

    chae young unnie..
    annyong hasseyo..!!

  182. 182 : LoveHolic Says:

    chae young unnie..
    i really want to be like u when i grow up..

  183. 183 : LoveHolic Says:

    u know y..??!?
    bcoz u’r da cutest actress ever in da world..

  184. 184 : LoveHolic Says:

    i’ve cry when watched sassy girl chun hyang..
    very touching my heart..

  185. 185 : LoveHolic Says:

    chae young aa…
    i really2 love u..

  186. 186 : LoveHolic Says:

    i hope that can be like u one day..
    can u pray me..??

  187. 187 : LoveHolic Says:

    hope u can reply all my msg..
    i’ll wait it until u send me a msg..

  188. 188 : LoveHolic Says:

    chae young unnie..
    can u be my lucky star..??!
    u’r the cutest and sweet actress in da world..

  189. 189 : LoveHolic Says:

    chae young-chae young..
    aja-aja fighting…^_____^

  190. 190 : LoveHolic Says:

    THE best
    (Eugene kim)

    You are the best thing in my life
    Eon jeh na na eui kyot teh seo haeng bok han goom eul goo neun keu dae ga it seo
    Noon deu myon gae eo jin goom ee dwel ga doo ryo weo haet chyo
    Cheo eum eu roh neu gin sarang ee ni gga

    Eo ryo seo poo teo hon ja in
    Na reul yae cheo rop geh pa ra poh neun keu noon pit neo moo na shil reot seo
    Noon mool doh ma reun sang cheo reul neu gyot seul dae neun nan neo moo na doh keo peo ryot seot ji
    Oo yong hi seu chyo ji nan keu dael pon soon gan
    Cheo eum eu roh sarang ee nae ka seum sok eu roh deul eo wat seot chyo

    You are the best thing in my life
    Seh sang ah reum ta oon keon na man eul ji kyo joo neun keu dae ka it seo
    Yong weon hi ham keh hal soo goom ee dwel gil ki doh hal keh yo
    Neo moo ahr eum ta oon sarang ee ni gga

    Eon jeh gga ji na cham shi nal deo na kat seul dae
    Seul peum sok geh keu dael weon mang ha myo it cheu ryo noh ryok hae pwat ji man
    Eo cheo ta ma joo chil keo ran ki dael kan jik ha myo
    Oh raet dong ahn keu ri weo haet seot ji

    Da deut hank eu dae son eul cheo eum chap deon nal
    Dal kom haet teon ip mat choom ee nae yong hon gga ji kam sa ahn ah chweot chyo

    You are the best thing in my life
    Eon jeh na na eui kyot teh seo haeng bok han goom eul goo neun keu dae ga it seo
    Noon deu myon gae eo jin goom ee dwel ga doo ryo weo haet chyo
    Cheo eum eu roh neu gin sarang ee ni gga…

    Eon jeh gga ji na~

    Neo moo na ah peun sang cheo soom kyo wat ji man
    Ee jehn deo ee sang noon mool da win eop seo
    Keu dae yo na eui gil eul pak hyo chweo yo
    On seh sang geud gga ji ra doh eon jeh na keu dael sarang hae

    You are the best thing in my life

    Yong won hi ham keh hal goom ee dwel gil ki doh hal keh yo
    Neo moo ki da ri deon sarang ee ni gga eon jeh gga ji na

    (Girl you are the best thing in my life)

  191. 191 : LoveHolic Says:

    chae young unie
    is da best..

  192. 192 : LoveHolic Says:

    chae young unnie..
    very cute actress..
    my personal angel..
    really love u..
    ex-pexially in sassy girl chun hyang..

  193. 193 : LoveHolic Says:

    i wanna be like u..
    can i..??!!^___^

  194. 194 : LoveHolic Says:

    Title: To Be With You (Singer: Chae Won Park)
    Lyrics Translation by Sang / also credit: http://kreah-craze.com
    Could I love you? Come closer, slowly, and embrace me
    Shall I start? To be with you
    Don’t you understand me, or do you do it despite knowing
    You distance yourself with each step I approach
    Spiteful you are, daily tearing me up inside
    But somehow I can’t not like you
    I’m sometimes jealous of the girls that always surround you
    I’m not even sure of how to go about loving you
    I cannot trust you of the rumors that show up from time to time
    But you’re still my first love
    Shall I love you? Should I pretend I can’t fight it anymore?
    Breathe sweet whispers that you like me, you fool
    Could I love you? Come closer, slowly, and embrace me
    Shall I start? To be with you
    Shall I love you?

  195. 195 : LoveHolic Says:

    only u in my heart..
    cutie girl..^___^

  196. 196 : LoveHolic Says:

    when u’ll acting in ur new drama..??
    i’ve wait 4 a long time lorh..
    sooooo tired…

  197. 197 : LoveHolic Says:

    how r u..??

  198. 198 : LoveHolic Says:

    hope u’ll always fine & happy..

  199. 199 : LoveHolic Says:

    don’t 4get to smile always ya!!

  200. 200 : LoveHolic Says:

    if u fell very bad..
    hope u will smile again..

  201. 201 : LoveHolic Says:

    merry christmas to u..
    i know it was very late to wish u..
    but it’s ok ya..!!
    hope u not angry with me..

  202. 202 : LoveHolic Says:

    chae young..
    can u msg me in my yahoo..!
    i really love u..
    i think u know my id right..??

  203. 203 : LoveHolic Says:

    chae young..
    why u dind’t born same date with me..??

  204. 204 : LoveHolic Says:

    it’ll be so nice if we celebrate
    our birthday 2gether..

  205. 205 : LoveHolic Says:

    i really2 hope that u can be
    happy after read all my msg..

  206. 206 : LoveHolic Says:

    i’m 13 years old this year..
    i’m from malaysia but i really love everything
    about korean..

  207. 207 : LoveHolic Says:

    i’ve watched sassy girl chun hyang more than 3 times..
    it’s very3 nice & cute drama..
    u & jae hee r very cute 2gether..^___^

  208. 208 : LoveHolic Says:

    i love u shooooo much..
    dis is da lyrics song 4 u..!!

  209. 209 : LoveHolic Says:

    Saranghaeyo Lyrics (Sassy Girl Chun-hyang OST)
    Singer: Kim Hyung-sup / Romanization by Kreah
    ijuchumeso nol saranghae-do tweni
    aju chogumwe nipumeso
    nal namkyudo ttonakandamyon
    nae mamapun-go charal-janha
    saranghaeyo dashi shija-khaeyo
    himdul-geman-haet-don kudae-ji-man
    I love my friend no animyon an-dwae
    uri sarangun chong-hae-jyo-bori-nun-myo-ngin-gol
    nol him-dulke han nun-mul-kka-jido
    ijen nae-ga chonbu gapul-kkeyo
    nae-ga kippun gon naye gu usumi
    chigum nal dal-ma it-danun got
    saranghaeyo dashi shija-khaeyo
    himdul-geman-haet-don kudae-ji-man
    I love my friend no animyon an-dwae
    uri sarangun chong-hae-jyo-bori-nun-myo-ngin-gol
    chigum-chorom-man sarang-hae-yo dashi shija-khae-yo
    himdul-geman haet-don kudae-jiman
    I love my friend no-animyon an-dwae
    modun gol it-go haeng-bo-kha-geman hae-julkke
    saranghaeyo dashi shija-khaeyo
    himdul-geman-haet-don kudae-ji-man
    I love my friend no a-nimyon an-dwae
    uri sarangun chong-haejyo bori-nun-myo-ngiya

  210. 210 : LoveHolic Says:

    bye2 chae young unnie..
    i’ll write everything here just 4 u..
    see ya!!

  211. 211 : LoveHolic Says:

    can i write about my feeling here too..
    i’m very3 stress..
    i hope u’ll help me find my lucky star..

  212. 212 : LoveHolic Says:

    please chae young unnie..
    i really need ur help..

  213. 213 : LoveHolic Says:

    i know who am i..!!
    i’m only 1 of ur fans..
    but i really love u..

  214. 214 : LoveHolic Says:

    i don’t know y..!!
    when i look at ur pics..
    it make me feel good & happy..

  215. 215 : LoveHolic Says:

    i know u not my counselor too..
    but i wanna chat with u..

  216. 216 : LoveHolic Says:

    if u do not reply my msg it’s ok..
    but please read it..
    hope u’ll do that 4 ur fans ya..!!

  217. 217 : donna Says:

    i love her show, Delightful Girl Choon Hyang… she’s very delightful… 🙂

  218. 218 : sone Says:

    annyong haseyo! so preeeeeeettttttyyy! cant stop watching only you and sassy girl! those series, they’re both cute! only you gives me a happy cry and sassy girl makes me both laugh ‘n cry…you really are i good actress! goodluck! keep smiling!!!

  219. 219 : mira Says:

    hi love holic.i also 13 years old and we have the same favourite.i love u.chayok…..

  220. 220 : abby Says:

    it’s so nice when you act in Sassy Girl..
    so lovely

  221. 221 : lyne_bear Says:

    hai i am a girl from Malaysia…. i have watch your drama… you are really cute with Jae Hee… i hope i can be your friend always, can i? i hope you will be success in your life..!!! smile always…
    [email protected]

  222. 222 : apple_fatgarfield Says:

    oh….you such like a doll……i had watched sassy girl many times!!!!!!!!i hope you will keep on you acting in other drama…………………

  223. 223 : TRIXIE KIM Says:


  224. 224 : Lina Says:

    Hello Han Chae Young, where have you been? Still in your honey moon period?
    Hope to see your next drama & movie soon. You are alway our pretty barbie doll so please continue acting.

  225. 225 : lyn Says:

    hi han chae young im you one fans with jae hee your are soo cute couple in sassy girl choon hyang do u have another drama with jae hee and you you are the best actress and jae hee in best actor you are hae best couple forever end ever hehe saranghae

  226. 226 : Captain Azuar Says:

    Dear Chae Young,
    This is Azuar from Penang, Malaysia.
    Just want to share something with you – our birthdate is the same.
    Hoping to get in touch with you later

    Buzz me ya! 😉

  227. 227 : sheena Says:

    I enjoyed watching Sassy Girl…its really nice…

  228. 228 : atien azira Says:

    HAN CHAE YOUNG!!!!i like your eyes..it’s beautiful!!!!i enjoy watch sassy girl!!!it’s nice story!!!!

  229. 229 : atien azira Says:

    captain azuar right?????penang blah mana?????habaq mai….

  230. 230 : claudia Says:

    don’t stop act
    i will always wait for your next drama…
    n also i like very much your act in sassy girl chun hyang..

  231. 231 : cha Says:

    You are so beautiful in Only You!!!

  232. 232 : ahaha Says:

    yepuda!!… she is so pretty.. i like the way she act.. its so natural.. i love sassy girl chunhyang.. i hope that there would be a sequel for that drama!!.. ;D

  233. 233 : geneva Says:

    anyounghasaeyo! i love han chae young! my sassy girl chun yhang is so good! no. very good! its my most fave korean drama! han chae young with jae hee they look good! go for it!

  234. 234 : Hana Yoori Says:

    Loved her acting in Only You and Delightful Girl. I thought she was a very talented actress.

  235. 235 : Chinese Chang Kot Says:

    chae young is absolutely a hot girl

  236. 236 : claudia Says:

    very beautiful and pretty..
    and also good act especially in sassy girl chun hyang

  237. 237 : WAHAHAHA Says:

    HAE Chae-young!

  238. 238 : Kim_Ce_Hee Says:

    Hi,i’m from Viet Nam.In VN,there are many people who love you much like me.You’re so beautiful-personality beauty.I like your smile.I see it’s bright.As for me you’re always a good actress.I watched nearly all TV series you acted.I like them very much.You acted excellently.
    I know you got married.And i think your husband’s a lucky man.Wish you’re always happy and successful and don’t forget to come back to screen.We’ll wait.

  239. 239 : shi hye kyo Says:

    chae young..
    wy don’t you come to my school????

  240. 240 : shin yong byung Says:

    alloooo, m friend say peace no war, keep on acting…hehehe… u so cun rrrr

  241. 241 : che sofia shazila Says:

    hallu,i am your fan from malaysia..i like u from the first time i watch u in the drama sassy girl.i want to ask u some question,are u single or u have a boyfriend or fiancee????

  242. 242 : adrock858 Says:

    only you Han Chae Young,

  243. 243 : Imfi Says:

    Han chae young i really like u n’ luv. Will i meet u? Well i think it’s a dream. I absolutely like u when act a Sassy girl chun hyang. That was very best korean drama i ever watch. Luv.. U…

  244. 244 : albany Says:

    Haven’t seen Chae Young for a while. What’s happening in her life? When will we be able to see her in a drama again? Does any one know???

  245. 245 : amina Says:

    assalamo aalaikom (hi)chae young
    i’m from mauritania i was watching the show
    it is perfect
    goog job congratulations
    you wre very funy
    i like your acting
    wish you the best
    see you in other works bye

  246. 246 : danchelle Says:

    is it true that you are married already? You know whay i like the way you act….keep up the good work!

  247. 247 : kunzang Says:

    recently i have seen the drama on kbs, sassy girl. u r looking more n more gorgeous towards the end.

  248. 248 : nally_berg Says:

    hello chae young..!!
    happy birthday to you!!
    im so glad i can watch ur drama
    especially delightful sassy girl..
    so sweet!!
    basha chae young!!

  249. 249 : alonar Says:

    hello Han Chae Young
    Happy Birthday………

    im your Fan from Philippines
    …i really like watching your show
    like Delighful girl chun hyang, and Exhibition of fireworks
    ….and i can’t wait for your… new drama ” Fashion Kings ”

    …Take Care and
    Happy Birthday

  250. 250 : sassyboy Says:

    hi han chae young…i love u so much…i really admired your acting in sassy girl with jae hee…you really are the sweetest couples in korean drama…i can’t wait to see you on the screen again…PLEASE, BE HURRY!!!!

  251. 251 : dioze Says:

    Hello Ms. Han, I hope you can read this messages from your fans.

    I’m one of your avid fans here in the Philippines. I hope “Fashion King (2009)” will be a great hit for you. I love your Sassy Girl, Only You, and Fireworks… and your movies as well. I hope to see you more korean dramas.

    I wish to see you someday.

    Belated Happy Birthday Ms. Han! ^^

  252. 252 : sunny Says:

    ur so cute & beautiful

  253. 253 : sunny Says:

    im one of your fans from philippines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 ur a good actress keep up the good work.

  254. 254 : sassy boy Says:

    hah???? u will be on the screen again??? that’s very interesting!!!!
    i can’t wait to see u in “Fashion King”…. i hope it is great…..

  255. 255 : luvchunhyang Says:

    hi miss han!

    I’m one of your most avid fan here in the Philippines. we missed you seeing on television because you’re one of the greatest artist in Asia and i hope “Fashion King” will be a hit again in the Philippines just like “Delightful Choon Hyang”. many Filipinos here are waiting for your comeback ^^

    I personally idolize you, i have many pictures of yours..even your wedding pics ^^

    take care always and belated happy birthday! ^^

  256. 256 : miss sahila Says:

    hi mrs han
    i hope u are read my message…
    i hope u can come to malaysia with ur husband so i can see u with my eye…sarang hae-yo chae-young…

  257. 257 : Mae Cho Says:

    Hi Chae Young,

    My family in Singapore fell in love with korean drama after watching choon hyang.
    You remind me of Sandra Bullock who can act in romantic comedy!
    Hope to catch your next performance.

  258. 258 : NORAZIZAH SIDEK Says:

    hai HAN CHAE- YOUNG?

  259. 259 : Siti Says:

    Hi.. Just love to watch you pair up with my cute Jae Hee..in Sassy Girl Chun Hyang.. Both of you r simply adorable.. Hope you will be teaming up with him again.. Perhaps in 2 year’s time when he make a comeback after his military service.. Just keep on acting ok..

  260. 260 : arantxa Says:

    hi!..i’ve watched sassy girl chun-hyang n my girl..ur very pretty n agreat actor..plz keep on acting…sarang-hae n anyo!…..take care too….tell jae-hee hi..

  261. 261 : lynda Says:

    so pretty!!
    like ur drama..
    sassy girl & only u

  262. 262 : Assuary Says:

    u look Gorgeous…….so hot in CHANGING PARTNER!!!!!! keep it up.

  263. 263 : Amirah Says:

    i love u so much
    u’re so sweet person i’ve ever met
    i love your smile
    i like u acting at drama only you and sassy girl

  264. 264 : Mira Says:

    hi han chae young
    i live from malaysia n i’ve watch your drama
    i like u acting at sassy girl and only you
    i wish to see u acting more

    thank you..
    i hope u be my friend

  265. 265 : myra Says:

    hai chae young i really love you style and all bout u coz u look so cute when u give a smile….

  266. 266 : jojo babasa Says:

    han chae young you are so very beautiful or pretty and awesome actresses you like maja salvador the filipina teenage actress in philippines anyway ur birthday is also near to my birthday eventually my birthday is september 09 1987 i hpe u appreciate my deligthful message more power and blessing i like your image as actress

  267. 267 : pheonixgurl Says:

    hai Han Chae Young

    i like you in Only You……………You and Jae Hee Are AWesome specially in Sassy Girl………HMMMM is there something in the both of you??????????

  268. 268 : catherine Says:

    I’m Catherine from Indonesia.
    I’m your big fan and youre my first favourite K-actress.
    Becouse of your great and funny acting at Delightful Girl Choon Hyang , I’m crazy bout K-drama and looked from another K-drama.
    Hope the best for you and i’ll waiting for your next drama or film.


  269. 269 : Pie Says:

    I’m pie froM indoNesia.
    When wiLL yo do play the drama with jae hee?
    I realLy like u play witH him.coz you are the best!! I always wait you play 2gether with him.ok.bye.i wish,i cAn meEt u.hm i want to go to the korea..thanks

  270. 270 : Jimmy Says:

    I like you since watched drama ‘firework’ in hunan tv.
    Then watched again only you.
    Now playing firework again in hunan tv.
    I like, i love, you are sweet, beauty but you have married.
    Hehehe, my english isnt good, sory.

  271. 271 : grg Says:

    hi Han Chae-young

    hey i’m frm nepal, n i’m also ur greatest fan ever .i like u in sassy gurl .u look so beautiful when u smile .

  272. 272 : chambu asantust Says:

    hey choon hyang ,u look beautiful and u and myoungrung look gr8 together

  273. 273 : 143 Says:


  274. 274 : 143 Says:

    You’re really pretty and taleneted!
    I love the drama’s you’ve been in. Especially Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang. You and Jae Hee made a cute couple! I hope to see you soon in another drama! 🙂

  275. 275 : paco Says:

    helloooo.. wow!! chan hae young!! you are so great, fabulous and beautiful of all the beautiful… yet down to earth woman.. how i wish 2 meet u.. only in my dreams… ur my number 1!! 4ever!

  276. 276 : paco Says:

    hmmmm…. just a request if u could send me a piece of picture of you with your signature plz? im begging u.. im dying to have it.. u can send it to my email add [email protected]. i know its impossible but im hoping and i will wait for it.. tnxx…. i love ur hit series ONLY YOU!! its my all time favorate..

  277. 277 : JOANA Says:

    you are so sexy and pretty!

  278. 278 : ervi Says:

    i’m your big fans…
    i hope i can see u someday….hehehehhhe…
    did you got married????

  279. 279 : lovehyunjae&chaeyoung Says:

    Hello Ms. Han Chae Young!

    I am one of your fans from the Philippines. You`re such a pretty and talented person. I really do love “ONLY YOU” , I always get giddy every time I`ve watched it. And the smile on my face is permanently their. 🙂

    You and Jo Hyun Jae have a cute chemistry. I am hoping that both of you will have more drama/romantic-comedy together. I am looking forward for it. And I am sure it will be a big hit again.

    I am hoping to see you someday…

    I wish you will have a fabolous year 2009!
    And more blessings to come. Always take care!

  280. 280 : biyaz Says:

    i loveee youu han chae young

  281. 281 : Jennifer Says:



    You have one of the most beautiful faces that God created.

    Your are also a good actress, I hope to see you more on screen.

    I was able to watch your tele-drama in the Philippines, ONLY YOU

    And you know what, your story there as well as your character, captures my attention.

    KEEP IT UP. You drive people’s emotion. YOUR PERFECT.

  282. 282 : fajar Says:

    hello..my beloved sister han chae young
    i’m fajar from malaysia i like u so much u so beautiful and i fan u so much, i hope i can meet u one day.. i like your acting in sassy girl.. i think u are suitable with lee mong ryong in sassy girl, i hope can look u together.

  283. 283 : fajar Says:

    hello..han chae young i will happy if u can reply me through my e-mail please…… i really hope can reply, i want u know i fan with u so much……i;m from malaysia, i;m student u know i took korean as my third language because oneday i want go to korean and meet u and chat with u…. i love u so much, don;t worry i;m a girl i treat u as my sister

  284. 284 : J.hNY Says:

    just love to see u with j.hee. Best acting and both pf you really look cute together. More dramas in future, perhaps ..? With Jae Hee.

  285. 285 : raira Says:

    i’m really like her, i think she is a perfect women in the world n i wait for her new movie….love u han chae young

  286. 286 : ana jillian Says:

    woooow . . .
    han chae young was so gergeos girl iv’e ever known . . .
    she had a nys quality as a perfect girl. . .
    your so beautiful miz han chae young . . .
    from ur #.1 fanz frm philipphinnes . . .
    kep up d’ gud work !!!
    god will bless u always.\

  287. 287 : onie Says:

    Han Chae Young!!

    One of the most beautiful woman in Asia! Not just gorgeous and tall, but also a very good actress! She looks so young that she was so believable as a high school girl in Delightful girl! =D

  288. 288 : marissa Says:

    hi miss hanchae yang,,,im ur fan from malaysia…
    i’m really like all ur drama that had show in my country…i’m hoping to see ur latest drama….chaiyo!!chaiyo!!!

  289. 289 : J.heeFan Says:

    Chae Young… U and Jae Hee r really awesome.. Please…. more dramas with Jae Hee.. After watching u and Jae Hee in Sassy Girl, trust me….. Both of you are the best….. Can’t help falling in love with both of u…

  290. 290 : lovsha1994 Says:

    HI,Ms,han chae young,I’m one of your avid fans in manila philippines.we missed you,sooooooooooooooooooo mutch!!!!!we hoping this coming 2009 you will have more more project together with jo jhun jae, i,am excited looking forward for it. i,am sure it will be a hit again…you really really look great together and you have good chemistry…. GOD BLESS YOU…….

  291. 291 : Qystine Says:

    Hi. Han CY. I like you and Jae Hee. Just finished watching SSGCH dvd. Both of you are sweet and look like real couple.

  292. 292 : teng Says:

    hello,, i’m one of your fan here in the philippines,,, i’ve watched you in “ONLY YOU” and “SASSY GIRL” your such a good actress…..good luck!!!!!!

  293. 293 : grey Says:

    i very like and enjoy your acting because you are so cute……….i hope you will be success in the future

  294. 294 : meguii Says:

    hai……………..chae young……..im from indonesia u know i like ur acting at the sassy girl chunyang but i don’t like if u wearing sexy clothes i hope that u can change ur clothes once more i want to say BE YOUR SELF if u don’t like somenthing say idont like it… don’t forget ……………

  295. 295 : armond creg quiroga Says:

    hey jilian… yap thats your screen name in your korean novela here in philippines,, wow i am surprised to see you again here in abs-cbn with your new show entitled fireworks.. i’m so happy.. take care always…

  296. 296 : elisa Says:

    Elisa just wants to say that… You are a good actress no matter how you are rank and what rulours falls onto you. Bestrong and live happily.

  297. 297 : elisa Says:

    Elisa just wants to say that… You are a good actress no matter how you are rank and what rumours falls onto you. Bestrong and live happily. Thank you! Ms Han you`re great!

  298. 298 : elisa Says:

    I know many people say great things about you. I just want to hope to be a great actress…

  299. 299 : Bless Says:

    What a shame you only had a small role in Boys Before Flowers. Anyhow, it was good to see you once again on TV. Hope to see more of your new dramas in the future.


  300. 300 : kaye Says:

    you’re such a good actress for me…
    YOU and JAE HEE has a chemistry and I LOVE both of you..!
    i thought that YOU and JAE HEE will be in reality b’coz both of you are really great couple. you really match each other.
    take a lot of care “CHUN-HYANG”!

  301. 301 : Leovy Says:

    hi guys, can you recommend a good korean showbiz website in english? thank you. i’m not korean but i love han chae young. thanks a lot.

  302. 302 : kaye Says:

    Han Chae Young…
    I really love you! and your acting was great especially when u act with Jae Hee..
    I hope u 2 will act together in another k-drama and i’ll wait 4 that!
    take care CHUN-HYANG! 🙂

  303. 303 : HNIN OU WAI Says:


  304. 304 : Amera Says:


    I like you really,,

    Specially the way you act on only you..
    And You’re at Boys over flowers… You’re not yet appeared in the series here oin philippines but i know, coz i’m done watching it.. all episodes!

    I also have your movie.. cross scandal..
    You are really hot!

    I’m Amera!
    From: Philippines

  305. 305 : secretin04 Says:

    dear miss beutiful 한채영,

    where you in a car accident??

  306. 306 : secretin04 Says:

    dear miss beautiful 한채영,

    where you in a car accident?

  307. 307 : kal Says:

    love you !

  308. 308 : trixie Says:

    is han chae-young really dead????

  309. 309 : mina sison Says:

    hey trixie’s han chae is not dead. please have youself be updated to korean news entertainment. latest of her is she being the latest model of christian dior.

  310. 310 : danzen Says:

    i love this girl! she’s pretty. i love her role in Boys over flower.. i hope u’ll visit us here in the Philippines..

  311. 311 : iwan Han Says:


    I”M from indonesia

    I’M your fans

    when you go to indonesia Han……

    you aRe korean actri my favorite….


  312. 312 : audrey Says:

    so pretty!!!!!

  313. 313 : Faryz Says:

    You are so perfect

  314. 314 : Eugene Vu Says:

    I love to see her in Bejing my love.

  315. 315 : mayet Says:

    im a fan’ you’re beautifu;

  316. 316 : dharma Says:

    annyonghashimnikka? i love your acting was great.emh..take care Han Chae young.. ^^my fs n fb [email protected] i’ll wait 4 that thaks for all. bye.

  317. 317 : dharma Says:

    i’m from indonesian
    you are so beautiful
    tto poepkessumnida

  318. 318 : Giorgie Gabriella Says:

    hiii im Gabby and im ur biggest fann im wishing if u can visit us like lee dong woo does.. ^^

  319. 319 : Lumi Says:

    I am looking forward to your new drama with Jang Dong Gun.

  320. 320 : Roxzan Says:

    hi girl…I’m from Samoa…
    god u luk gud in Only you…gud drama…luv the endin…
    great smile…perfect figure…love the acting

  321. 321 : lol Says:

    your sex scene in changing partner was so hot and fascinating..i wonder how much you earned for that scene.

  322. 322 : police Says:

    ur my favorite actress..i wish u all d best in ur career

  323. 323 : Kaye Says:

    i hOpe han chae young and jae hee will do sOme anOther Kdrama.
    anyways, where is han hae young now?..what makes her busy?

  324. 324 : jam Says:

    i like you so much…
    i really watch your show here in the philippines..
    the fireworks, the only you and specially your participation in boys over flowers(boys before flowers).

  325. 325 : dark vader Says:

    love you so much..
    you’re so beautiful

  326. 326 : Anisha gurung Says:

    Hi,I m anisha gurung from nepal.U r m favourite actress.
    U r too cute and beautiful.I love ur drama sassy girl chun hyang

  327. 327 : Kaye Says:

    hi! i LOVE HAN CHAE YOUNG so much.
    uhmm..can anyOne tell me where is she nOw??..
    i need a respOnse.
    please..tnx in advance! Ü

  328. 328 : regina Says:

    of all the actresses in korean industry, you are the best for me..

    i found out that korean movies are really great, since i’ve watched “only you’…

    i hope that you’ll make another one together with jo hyun jae…

    thanks a lot ….we miss you very much

    congatulation for your wedding…best wishes!!

  329. 329 : Wweg Says:

    I attended PIFF last October and shot a video of Han Chae Young. You can watch it here:


    I don’t speak a word of korean so I don’t what they are talking avbout and laughing at.

  330. 330 : youhaohsu Says:

    I love you, because you are so sexy!!!!!

  331. 331 : gugoo01 Says:

    i missed you choon yang. glad you’re back. korea’s barbie doll…. i heart you!!!=)

  332. 332 : shara Says:

    @ gugoo01- hi. 🙂
    can i ask u where is han chae young came back? it is on acting (Kdrama or movie?)
    i really appreciate if you reply. thanks in advance! 😀

  333. 333 : minoo Says:

    i love han chae young with jo hyun jae and jae hee

  334. 334 : drama_girl Says:

    you are one of the most beautiful asian actresses!!!
    my favourite drama in which you act is still delightful girl chung-hyang!!!
    you have great chemistry with jae hee!!!!
    i hope some korean producer will get you two act in one drama again!!!

  335. 335 : drama_girl Says:

    dear admin
    would you please add this pics
    thank you

  336. 336 : drama_girl Says:

    dear admin
    these pics,too please






    thank you!

  337. 337 : drama_girl Says:

    dear admin
    would you please add this informations to her profile
    Model Star Award 2010

  338. 338 : Ra Says:

    u good well in aman called god!

  339. 339 : RIE Says:

    yes i agree you are one of the delightfull actress in Korea. I adore you in Chun HYang,
    for the man call god, i havent seen it yet, but i will. goodluck for you

  340. 340 : Ramesh Says:

    Hi I am Ramesh from Nepal. I have just watched sassy girl and that is fantastic serials I have ever watched and you are brilliant in that opera. You are very beautiful and you have acted brilliantly!!!!!

  341. 341 : Sinopsis Haru « Adi666 Says:

    […] Han Chae Young as sexy stylist […]

  342. 342 : vika Says:

    she advances her career into China market with upcoming movie ‘Big Deal’


  343. 343 : mugiwara Says:

    wish her all the best for her works!


  344. 344 : Jeena Says:

    Vote for our Best Korean Drama of 2010 – http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=5818

  345. 345 : Oppa Jeuui Says:

    Hello ,eonni (: you’re beautiful angel , more beauty that i thought before in Sassy Girl,lastest i see You on Boy Over Flower , i shocked ,i didn’t realize you are, too beauty .i like it – Me at Brunei Darussalam

  346. 346 : Jim Norman Says:

    Han Chae Young got married?! There is going to be big trouble soon. The son of God is here. He has been for awhile now. He is an American. It seems between all his other activities he has somehow fallen in love with Han Chae Young. He won’t take no for answer and more stuff will be destroyed. Which translates to hundreds of thousands of more people being sent to Heaven.
    She is to have his baby who will rule this planet someday and he will be leaving after his birth. Her and the baby will be protected by the U.S. Army, Air Force and Navy on an island of her choosing.
    The coming few months are going to be very interesting.

  347. 347 : Jim Norman Says:

    Actually he loves is Lee Min Jeong. I got the wrong woman from the show. He said, he wouldn’t want to fight with his father (like the last time he was here in September of 2007) about marriage vows being made to him and his son coming along thinking he can just break one that isn’t his to break whenever he feels like it.
    Sorry I misunderstood him, Overly trying to make sure he gets his way. He said, he will find and meet Lee Min Jeong on his own without telling her who he is
    Although I don’t see how that’s possible. Not, finding her… not having to tell her who he is.

  348. 348 : oneSIGfan Says:

    Han Chae Young,
    You’re lovely and seriously gorgeous! You’re my most fav. actress ever! You look good with SIG in A man called god.

  349. 349 : Fian HCYaddicts Says:

    You are the most Amazingly A Wonderfull Girl That I’ve Found!

    -ur fan from indonesia-

  350. 350 : (한국 드라마) My K0rEan DrAma Ser!es « mY naMe is "G i a N" Says:

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    […] Hoo who is unfortunately in love to his childhood friend/first love and F4 bestfriend Min Seo Hyun (Han Chae Young). But events leads their live out of their control. Jan Di started to fall in love with Jun Pyo […]

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    […] Il Gook as Michael King / Choi Kang Ta Han Chae Young as Jin Bo Bae Kim Min Jong as Hwang Woo Hyun Han Go Eun as Vivian Castle Chu Ja Hyun as Seo Mi […]

  353. 353 : sandra Says:

    iloovvvveeeeee yooouuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you are my dream star
    your body is very sexi !!!!!!

    good for your husband

  354. 354 : oneSIGfan Says:

    you’re too pretty. you make a good couple with Song Il Gook.

  355. 355 : A Man Called God » Episode, Jung, Yong, Jang, Hyung, Hyun » دانلود فیلم و سریال کره ای Says:

    […] Il Gook as Michael King / Choi Kang Ta Han Chae Young as Jin Bo Bae Kim Min Jong as Hwang Woo Hyun Han Go Eun as Vivian Castle Chu Ja Hyun as Seo Mi Soo […]

  356. 356 : Sasuke Uchiha Says:

    You are a very funny actress hahaha keep up the good work, lucky man who is married to you

  357. 357 : ojaswi Says:

    u were great in boys before flower…

  358. 358 : saphiyyah Says:

    I love u. you are too much

  359. 359 : Showbiz viet Says:

    ^^ thanks nha!

  360. 360 : Merenti eren Says:

    Hi! 😀 nuna. Mm… I like you, and i realy want to meet you but it is just a dream maybee.. But i try.. Im from nagaland and my name is merenti eren. And i love watching your movie. And delightful girl is my best one.. So wish we meet *hug¤ gomawo. 😀

  361. 361 : rogue Says:

    wow ur too pretty..i wish that u will make part 2 for the ONLY YOU..

  362. 362 : Kaye Says:

    How I wish there’s a PART 2 of Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang, because YOU and JAE HEE looks really good together. SWEAR! 🙂

  363. 363 : Kaye Says:

    I will never ever get tired of watching Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang. :”>


  364. 364 : ريم Says:

    هيه اخت لي من هو

  365. 365 : Kaye Says:


  366. 366 : KOVINS Says:


  367. 367 : steve Says:

    when tour indonesia ?????? i like youuuuuu

  368. 368 : kyungmin Says:

    youwere great in only you with hyun jae-jo

  369. 369 : kyungmin Says:

    awesome in sassy girl….so funny

  370. 370 : Sandy Says:

    Please do Sassy Girl Chun Hyang 2! I missyou Han Chae Young and Jae Hee.

  371. 371 : Fashion King (패션왕) « styrn Says:

    […] Han Chae Young was scheduled to cast in this series but dropped out due to her private […]

  372. 372 : beauty Says:

    you are a perfect woman and very lovely

  373. 373 : fey Says:

    i like you han chae young with jae hee in “sassy girl chun hyang”,,….han chae young you to match with jae hee,,i very very like,,,,

  374. 374 : bebe caibigann Says:

    How i wish i can watch han chae young in another tv drama. I’ve been missing her beautiful face and sexy body. She’s so lovable. Her acting is superb. I wish her happiness in her married life. I wish her all the best and good luck to her forthcoming movie/drama . Saranghae….

  375. 375 : fat Says:

    how i wish that han chae young will have another drama with jo hyeon jae..i love them both:)…

  376. 376 : [MBC 2010] A Man Called God | Says:

    […] Il Gook as Michael King / Choi Kang Ta – Nam Da Reum as young Kang Ta Han Chae Young as Jin Bo Bae Kim Min Jong as Hwang Woo Hyun Han Go Eun as Vivian Castle Chu Ja Hyun as Seo Mi […]

  377. 377 : bernadette Says:

    i was able to watch only you in 2005 thru abs cbn but haven’t watch it til end. i was delighted that i was able to get a DVD copy of it recently.
    i love the story, the acting, the lead roles..it was just awesome. i love the ending too, it was a happy one.
    and of course, i loved ms han chae young. she’s very good at drama with a touch of comedy. hats off girl..you’re best at what you do & indeed very sexy. congrats & keep up.. we love u here in the philippines..

  378. 378 : jibrin nasir Says:

    u re doing a gr8 job, keep it up, please make sure u reserve ur daughter 4 me…lol

  379. 379 : prince Says:


  380. 380 : Esther fosu (@FosuEsther) Says:

    Han Chae Young popularly name as JIN BO BEA in my country Ghana in Africa. Han you are good in acting especially in MAN CALL GOD and also you are a good Model. you are my role model. i love you Han Chea Young

  381. 381 : [KBS 2013] Advertising Genius Lee Tae Baek | Says:

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  382. 382 : @iloveKdramas Says:

    han chae young ssi is pregnant!!wishing u all ‘d best 4 u ‘n 4 ur family.CHUKAHAMNIDA!!!

  383. 383 : Clara Says:

    You are beautiful. Take charge

  384. 384 : Soetan funmi Says:

    JIN BO BAE i love d role u played in A Man Called God bt most especially Boys before flower. Keep it up we love u here in Lagos – Nigeria.

  385. 385 : Pink LuLuLu » Blog Archive » JKS Beautiful Man ile Geliyoooooor Says:

    […] Geun Suk – Dokgo Ma Te IU -Kim Bo Tong Lee Jang Woo – David Choi Han Chae Young -Hong Yoo Ra So Yoo Jin – Jaek Hee Kim Ye Won – Electricity […]

  386. 386 : Kooting Says:

    I swaer you are the prettyest korean actor i ever seen

    Love you gogeous

  387. 387 : tanya Says:

    Seriously, I have a crush on you. So beautiful and elegant. You’re also very fashionable, love you

  388. 388 : sexymercy60 Says:

    jin bobae you are fantastic Micheal so cute

  389. 389 : sexymercy60 Says:

    jin bo bae before i ngo i will like to come to korean pls had me to your friend son facebook. my name is mercyblue my picture is not there amerison is the logo i will like to talk to u

  390. 390 : hauwa md Says:

    wow am impress wit wht u did,keep it up.

  391. 391 : Advertising Genius Lee Tae Baek Subtitle Indonesia | Korean Drama Says:

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