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Han Ga In

Name: 한가인 / Han Ga In (Han Ka In)
Real name: 김현주 / Kim Hyun Joo (Gim Hyeon Ju)
Profession: Actress and model
Birthdate: 1982-Feb-02
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 169cm
Weight: 46kg
Star sign: Aquarius
Blood type: AB
Family: Husband/actor Yun Jung Hoon and sister
Education: Kyunghee University (Hotel/Tourism major)
Hobbies: Listening to sad music

TV Shows

Mistress (OCN, 2018)
The Moon That Embraces the Sun (MBC, 2012)
Bad Guy (SBS, 2010)
Witch Amusement (SBS, 2007)
Dr. Kkang (MBC, 2006)
Super Rookie (MBC, 2005)
Terms of Endearment (KBS, 2004)
Yellow Handkerchief (KBS, 2003)
Sunshine Hunting (KBS, 2002)


Architecture 101 (2012)
Spirit of Jeet Kune Do / Once Upon a Time in High School (2004)


2012 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actress Awards (Mini Series): Han Ga In (The Moon That Embraces the Sun)
2005 MBC: Excellence Awards
2004 KBS: Excellence Awards
2004 KBS: Best Couple with SONG IL GOOK for Terms Of Endearment.
2003 KBS: Best New Actress

Related Photo

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  1. 1 : Rowena Says:

    Just finished watching Terms of Endearment. I just can’t help but be captivated by her beauty. She was very good in this series. She blends well with Song Il Gook. They look good together.

  2. 2 : emmy nazifa Says:

    i’m han ga in huge fan. i’m very very like her so much.
    she has good talent and pretty face.

  3. 3 : jewel Says:

    i saw han ga in for the first time in yellow handkerchief. she actually looked good with yun jung hoon (who played lee tae ran’s brother)…i was surprised to learn only recently when I saw pictures of their wedding. all the best to you and your husband, ga-in. hopefully you won’t end up divorcing like many other couples do. it’s a sad reality…i read somewhere that korea has one of the countries who have highest rate of divorce in the world. may you have a happy and fruitful marriage, as well as your own careers ^_^

  4. 4 : cori Says:

    i’ve already watch witch yoo-hee. and han ga in look so stunning..

  5. 5 : cris Says:

    ang ganda mo

  6. 6 : adhitya Says:

    i finished watch witch yoo-hee.she look pretty i’m very like them.
    she is very good play in witch yoo-hee.
    i hope god bless you and your husband…


  7. 7 : Kate Says:

    Ha Ga In rock!!

  8. 8 : dok Says:

    Han ga in is one of the most beautiful actress in the world bar none. Love you always!!!!!

  9. 9 : kimcing Says:

    hi i already watch ur drama witch yoo hee i love it. but i don’t understand at the end is moo ryong go to N Y i think i did’nt right. when u give a birth a baby for ur fan. ajaja sarang

  10. 10 : appelez moi iam Says:

    your drama i watched firstly was “witch yoo hee”…
    your acting was good, natural, and incredible…
    you are my favourite korean actress beside lee da hae…
    in acting you are #1…
    yet physically you are #2…

    you’ve made me down…
    after i had seen – married to actor “i don’t care”…
    how poor i am! you’ve married…
    my chance to marry you has been lost…

    but it’s okey…
    i’ll be supporting you…
    i’ll be your loyal fan…
    be a wise wife and a good mother…
    GOOD LUCK!!!

  11. 11 : 진 사 민 Says:

    so pretty and so talented ~~~~

  12. 12 : jicrush Says:

    ur so beatiful….

  13. 13 : haley Says:

    love u! ur pretty n ur talented in acting…i love d show super rookie! it was so funny…anyway, all d best in ur career…n 4 those of u out there hu hv not watched super rookie…u shud go 2 d nearest video shop n rent d series or download it from d net..its really worth watching..tk my word 4 it..hehe..

  14. 14 : siu ting Says:

    love her since i watched “yu hee,the witch”.
    she was great in that drama!!

  15. 15 : D_K_O Says:


  16. 16 : mirei_sylphyl Says:

    I like you being an actress coz you do justice to characters given to you. I love to see in person if that happens I’ll be really happy.

    I saw a different side of you in the tv drama Wtich Yoo Hee. I was sick and was recovering from a very bad cold/fever. I happen to browse some dvd lent by my sister’s friend and watched it. You know, despite the terrible English translation my aunt, brother and I kept on watching it marathon style. I just kept on asking for adobo sandwhiches to be brought in the room and ate on my bed. The same happened to my aunt we barely left the room but of course we had to make use of the washroom. Started at around 8:30 am fffinisfed the show around 2:30 am. My aunt was REALLY FURIOUS coz she forgot to say any of her morning / daily prayers that day!!!!!

    I hope to see more of your upcoming projects. Keep up the good work!! ^o^

  17. 17 : norai Says:

    Han Ga In…
    it’s the first time i saw Han Ga In in Witch Yoo-hee..she’s a good actress.. so cute and beautiful..i wonder why the korean actress are always cute with their fair skin?? emm hehe.. but anyway im a big fan in korean movies or dramas..love it!!!
    aza-aza fighting!! ^_^

  18. 18 : p0a_l Says:

    you are very pretty. i love your acting in witch yoo hee

  19. 19 : itachi Says:

    han-ga-in is the hottest korean actress i think..she looks really great on witch yoo hee too bad she is already married shes only 25

  20. 20 : [email protected] Says:

    hey…i like watching her new drama..witch yoo hee…it have a many feel..have a fun,sad and more..the drama also give advice to everyone who watch that drama…hope han ga in cam move better..aja-aja…

  21. 21 : Race Says:

    captivating… ^^ I love you

  22. 22 : pebiyananda Says:

    i can sit 240 hours watching her series. i look at her picture when i get upset.

  23. 23 : my_girl fan Says:

    u’re super in the drama witch amusement!! i like those outfit that was worn.. where did u get those? =)

  24. 24 : dg Says:

    shes good! i love her

  25. 25 : dg Says:

    she is hot and pretty
    i love her
    she acts well too in witch yoo hee

  26. 26 : dg Says:

    she is hot and pretty
    i love her
    she acts good in witch yoo hee

  27. 27 : kel Says:

    I watch witch yoo hee and started to like her.. a pity she marry but feel she had a lot of courage to marry as she is not affected by the declining of popularity she going to faced.. hope she be happy and act more nice drama.. she acted very well in this drama. hope to see more in more drama..

  28. 28 : Ken-shiro KK Says:

    First watched “Witch Yoo Hee” and am in love with Han Ga In. She’s simply beautiful. The mole on her nose make her unique. Love Her always!!!

  29. 29 : tony Says:

    luv her soo much!!!

    shes so beautiful n her acting is magnificent!!!

    long live witch yoo hee =D

  30. 30 : vafa Says:

    i love you so much.be happy

  31. 31 : L-Kira Says:

    Hey guys! wer can i download “Terms of Endearment”? ive been looking all over. i would really aprc8 the help

  32. 32 : L-Kira Says:

    W/ english subs pls…….

  33. 33 : Sirait Says:

    Witch Yoo Hee (?)
    Yea, this drama is the first korean drama i saw
    the first time i saw Han Ga In also
    Nice drama!

    Actually, i don’t pay much attention about the movie
    The only thing that i pay 100% attention is when Han Ga In appears at every scenes, hehehe..

    As soon as i know the actress that play as Yoo Hee is Han Ga In, i gather information about her as much as i can.
    She broke my heart when an article said she’s married already!
    Why can’t she wait for me to propose her ??

    Han Ga In is beautiful, i can’t lie about it!
    Her hair,eyes,nose,lip,skin and body ..gosh! sweeee..eet!

    (Is there any official site for han ga in’s fans club?)

  34. 34 : rafa05 Says:

    she is a sight to behold…

  35. 35 : rjenns Says:

    happy birth day

  36. 36 : hariezal Says:

    hanye haseyo!
    kwaecanayo,i like u your drama in yuhee the witch. im like u when u in long hair,u r so beautiful.it make me fall in love with u,and ilike your eyes when u angry.

  37. 37 : bee Says:

    love ur character in witch amusement.

  38. 38 : star Says:

    u’re so beautiful !
    get to know you in witch yoo hee
    didn know that u’re married..
    may you be happy 4ever ^^
    u’re the PRETTIEST and MOST wonderful korea girl in my heart
    i feel that ur eyes can talk..
    i wish to be as pretty as you are ^^
    u muz be an angel

  39. 39 : miet Says:

    hiiiiiiiiiii…yu heee..what i want 2 say.i ralix3..like u..n made u my idol.u a so.. so..beautiful.nice eyes..n i hope u hapi always wit yr husband.luv uu

  40. 40 : jajo Says:

    you act very kool in super rookie keep it up that way i like it very much.

  41. 41 : TRIXIE KIM Says:


  42. 42 : HanGaIn Lover Says:

    i fall in love with you..Ga-In

  43. 43 : HanGaIn Lover Says:

    you’re my destiny,nae gyote chum to kakka-yi wachwo,nowe do sonul chapgo hanchab-tongan ne gyote chami tul-kopa,You’re my everything,onjena nae ane isso my love,nae mamenojing no ppuniranun konman arajwo…..

  44. 44 : dirtycat Says:

    I love u very much ..I have been many many times watching Witch and Dr Kang …how come u so cute …so attractive ….I can’t stand …u r really really good and elegant …I love u …but so sorry that why don’t u r upcoming projects come up? I m waiting …
    Wow u r so talented I love u ….

  45. 45 : d_lah27 Says:

    i like witch yoo hee, and also like ma yoo hee…. you look so cute when your hair short……… very cute..

  46. 46 : Janice Says:

    oh you got married so young! You & YunJung Hoon Married! hahhaha now than i knew it.
    Hmmm, i think Yun Jung hoon shld very romance & gentle right……as in Sad Love story.

  47. 47 : Mulan Says:

    I like the way you act in yellow handkerchief, witch yoo hee and terms of endearment. You portrayed different kind of character you’re so adorable and amazing. I’m one of your fan, your husband is good in acting too. I saw him in sad love song w/ KSW. You had a perfect nose, now i’m beginning to watch the drama super rookie. After watching it i’ll make a comment about your acting in the said series. Keep up the good work.

  48. 48 : minako Says:

    wait for your next project! love u so much
    my angel ^^

  49. 49 : Hafizuddin Says:

    Hi!~ I’m from Malaysia. Lots of Korean drama in Malaysia nowadays. First time i saw Han Ga In in Super Rookie. At that series I haven’t notice Han Ga In’s superb talent yet. But when I watch Dr Kkang i really feel that Han Ga In have a lot of talent on her character acting. She can act any characteristic that is given to her. On Dr Kkang, Han Ga In’s character is my dreamgirl that i always dream of. So loyal and didn’t choose a person by his appearance. Anyway, Han Ga In’s face is same like my ex-girlfriend’s face. This really makes me feel want to watch her everyday. I fell in love with Han Ga In when i watch Dr Kkang. I always thinking of her no matter what i do. Even when i was busy on my work, Han Ga In always in my head ^-^ .

  50. 50 : Hafizuddin Says:

    Part on her face i like the most is her eye, and her lips. Awww, so gorgeous!!!

    What a perfect eye…..

  51. 51 : Shogoku_Kuei Says:

    hey there…..sarang he han ga in…..love u so much!!when u want to come to MALAYSIA???im waiting for you to came here…err…..i think whut we wrote or comment here,han ga in will not read it!!!damn!!!y???mayb she’s to bz wif her husband n acting….

  52. 52 : abulz Says:

    why she’s already married woman? huaa….it’s unfair

  53. 53 : neeca Says:

    ni haw ma…. wow!!nothing i can say. u are really good in acting. by the way i am neeca from philippine.take care always.god bless you

  54. 54 : neeca Says:

    hmmmmmmmmm. your husband he is the one actor from sad love story…biyani..im really sorry but i really love kwan song woo and goong yoo, song ill gok,phillip,dinnis oh. they are my favorate male korean actor,while korean actress,you, sung yuri,eugine,lee dae hee, sung hey kye.but i like the way act..sarang hi…take care always

  55. 55 : mon Says:

    your so beautiful……love you

  56. 56 : mon Says:

    awwww…you take my breathe away i wish i was you hubby mwah…..am your greatest fan if ever your here in the philippines come and visit me i’ll give you a tour mwah…tnx for giving me hope again

  57. 57 : Miles Says:

    You’re so simple and beautiful. I admire you’re beauty.. Hope you come to visit manila..

  58. 58 : sakuragi Says:

    i like her eyes

  59. 59 : R.A. Says:

    You’re so beautiful have a visit here in the Philippines

  60. 60 : nick Says:

    u so beautiful and we hope u can come to phils

  61. 61 : yEnyen Says:

    you’re so beautiful.,!!!i really like youre eyes.,!!!good j0b in witch yoo hee.,!!!!love you

  62. 62 : kevinz Says:

    Han Ga In..good job in witch yoo hee..too bad you’re already taken..haha., I hope your husband is taking care of you..If not, grrr give him a slap and go to moo ryong..haha..anywayz, take care of yourself alright? and i hope you can visit in philippines..we love you and we hope you can create a another film .. with jae hee and i hope sunbae is not there wahaha

  63. 63 : diana Says:

    Anneasayo…..hai,I hope u will be more success in your carrier…and happy with your family…and when you want to come to malaysia???i will wait…….lastly,you a very good in acting….

  64. 64 : rafael Says:

    hello! hmm… well i think i like you but your already married how sad.., thats life. just keep it up “my idol”!

  65. 65 : dranreb Says:

    my idol han ga in!!? how are u!!? im from the phil. im of those people really like u!!? i like ur movie titled witch yoo hee and i alway watching it!!? i hope u responds my message to u!!? goodluck to your career i love u!!!????

  66. 66 : dranreb Says:

    i love you!!!?

  67. 67 : aPriL Says:

    very beautiful actress… very convincing actress.. nothing much to say to describe her gorgeous face… hope you have many shows to come.. sarang ham ni da…

  68. 68 : rikou Says:


    i love your show….witch yoo hee…

  69. 69 : Ranier Says:

    kim hyun-joo.. please have a visit here in the philippines.. thanks..

  70. 70 : mylovelle Says:

    Annyong haseyo….Je irumum…imnida Mylovelle…Im one of the fans of … Miss Han Ga In…I hope soon she will be having movie or drama with
    Mr.Jae Hee (Lee Hyun Kyoon) again. Best on screen couple for me…Fan from the Philippines, Manila…..More power & Godbless… Kamsahamnida…

  71. 71 : aki of east Says:

    Hi!!! ^_^ Wsh you luck

  72. 72 : geles Says:

    han ga in sshi!

    I Like your witch yoo hee!

    Keep uP the good work!

    You’re always my fav korean actress!

  73. 73 : nHey Says:

    hello han ga In..
    im from phil
    i really luv u as in…
    ur so very beautiful..
    ur one of my fav korean actress
    I also like lee da hae,son yo jin,song hye gyo…
    for me your all the best…
    i hope u and jo hyun jae hav a drama series
    i think u hav chemistry
    hope my wish will granted

  74. 74 : trish!a Says:

    yong s! you…..
    hop u hav more drama series to come

  75. 75 : nel Says:

    i’m one of ur fanz here in phil…
    hope to see u more in drama series

  76. 76 : !zh!a Says:

    jst paZin by
    ……………………gO f!ght
    …….HAN GA IN

  77. 77 : iAnnE Says:

    Deareast H.G.I
    ….i lik ur eyes
    …i lik ur lips
    ..i lik ur nose
    .i lik ur smile


  78. 78 : caye Says:

    go go go
    i will alwayz support all your drama series and movies

  79. 79 : mAe Says:

    hope u hav a romant!c comedy w/ joo hyun jae
    just a request!!!

  80. 80 : rochel Says:

    luv all ur series
    keep up the good work
    we are all here to support you

  81. 81 : james Says:

    i really lik u…
    from the first time i saw u in yellow handkerchief
    ….i cnt help but to adore u
    but sad to say
    ..i’ve found out u hav already husband
    …do u have now siblings???
    i wnt to knw

  82. 82 : Goreshovel Says:

    Puking ina nyo mga Pilipino. Hindi naman kayo kakausapin nyan umaasa pa kayo? Mga ulol? Sige mangarap lang kayo. Puking ina nyo ang tatanga nyo. Hindi kayo maiintindihan nyan kahit mag english pa kayo. Bugok.

    Sa mga kalalakihan…
    Asa pa kayo mga ungas. Putang ina nyo ang lilibog nyo.

    Witch Yoo Hee…

    Pak u!

  83. 83 : lane Says:

    grave k nman mkpag salita…
    bka inggit klng
    nag aadmire lng nman cla
    mganda nman tlaga c han ga in
    khit n di x gaanong magaling umarte

  84. 84 : shane Says:

    gogo fight HGI
    khit n may isa jan na ngppasin
    akala mo kong sino makapagsalita

    bsta kmi mga fans mo
    nandirito plagi

    go go

  85. 85 : rodel Says:

    ur very beautiful

  86. 86 : jake Says:

    witch u hee

  87. 87 : alchemist Says:

    i just wud like to comment on the lucid terms made by a schizotypal brat… mag aral ka muna ng GMRC dude… Long live korean novelas… at least, hindi predictable and mga stories nila, and hindi violent, unlike wat we usually have here… parang ikaw (u know hu u r).

    luv u han ga in.. mabuhay ka… ironically, language barriers would not preclude u to understand wat i mean… it’s not always the language of the world that counts… sarang he yo… dai suki!

  88. 88 : chichiri Says:

    heyyyy… han ga in.. lam galing moh umarte sa witch yoo hee..
    grabeeee ganda ng kwento.. hope na maipalabas d2 sa phil ang iba moh pang pelikula….. a grabeeee ang ganda ganda moh… hope na magpunta ka d2 sa phil…. tc

  89. 89 : ken Says:

    ang ganda mo tlga….
    inde bgay syo ung buhok mo sa w/c u hee
    ask q lng..
    wig lng b un???
    para ksing endi gumagalaw…

  90. 90 : leah Says:

    i hope u do a romantic comedy drama w/ jo hyun jae

    i lik w/c u hee

    but i dont like ur hair in the drama

    u look too old for jae hee

    but ur still beautiful

  91. 91 : irmz Says:

    eloo guyz

    yah i agree
    han ga in is very pretty korean
    her face is too perfect

    i hope ur beautiful inside and out

  92. 92 : aldiza Says:

    to all HGI fanz

    do comment for han ga in

    so that she will be on the most commented actress and actresses

    i want to see her name in the list

    hope she will replace lee wan

    (sorry for the fanz of lee wan)

  93. 93 : hanG Says:

    we still support u han Ga in

    hope to see u more on tv

  94. 94 : hanG Says:

    if pupunta k dito s phil.

    aq ang unang babati sau ng “welcome to the pHillipPines”

  95. 95 : maureen Says:

    kahit ano pang sbihin nila sau han G

    isa p rin aq s mga tagahanga mo

    hindi mawawala ang pag hanga q sau as a fan

  96. 96 : aimee Says:

    hope to see u more!!!
    Han ga In

  97. 97 : dulia Says:

    ur one of my favorite

    korean actress

  98. 98 : zuzette Says:

    i like u and jae hee in witch u hee
    u two hav good performance in the said drama series
    hope to see both of u in a new drama

  99. 99 : emily Says:

    hello!!!im emily from manila
    i really admire u since i watch w/c u hee
    ur so pretty

  100. 100 : natalie Says:

    always remember
    we all love you
    (=’;’=) * * *SARANGHE!!!!
    ( c- )/

  101. 101 : enygma Says:

    i love to watch korean drama sometime..but not really into the actor or actress..but Han Ga In really make me fall in love with her with her beauty..haha ^^…

    she show her real beauty in witch yoo hee..cute with short hair..
    lucky for her husband ^^..looking forward when she can act in new drama..

    i know japanese but not korean..new word i learn..sarang he, Han Ga In..
    haha ^^

  102. 102 : blue Says:

    han ga in your the best 🙂

  103. 103 : n'lex Says:

    lovely ga in!!!!

  104. 104 : Aimee Says:

    you know what..
    ur so beautiful………
    and i think ur r a nice person too….
    i am from the philippines,,,,,,,,,
    I like your tv series “yoohee”……
    i dont know why, but i guess that’s one of my favorite korean tv series..

    i hope someday you can visit the philippines….more of ur fans will like it……

    more powers to you…………..

  105. 105 : camille Says:

    . , hi ! im camille from philippines . i loved your program witch yoo hee . i like the way you act , especially when you are dancing . . hahaha . . i really ador you alot . hope we can chat sometimes. . take care and Godbless

  106. 106 : JhErihcK Says:

    i reall love you han ga in.. .
    im from philippines.. .
    hmMm.. .so sad.. .your progam witch yoo hee here in phil.already ended.. .i watch it from 1st episode to last.. .
    i hope you will have a new show.. .i’ll wait it.. .

    take care always. .love you.. .=]

  107. 107 : reah Says:

    the preetiest korean actress i’ve seen so far…

  108. 108 : simon Says:

    For a more detailed profile, have a look at this international fanclub site.


  109. 109 : lamerasd Says:

    Han Ga In,I hope u r living very happily everday.

  110. 110 : Lorence Says:

    Hi miss Han Ga In i really like your hair in Witch Yo Hee
    Its so cool…. I hope to meet you in person
    Im a big fan of yours…

  111. 111 : jik2x Says:

    hello!!!!im so addicted by your movie witch yoo hee!!!

  112. 112 : jik2x Says:

    hello!!! in your fan from phiippine!! im so addict your movie witch yoo hee!!!

  113. 113 : shereen Says:

    i’m your fan from the Philippines. You are beautiful. I love your character in “Terms of Endearment”. Any new project? Hope to see you sooooooooon on TV dramas at KBS. Good luck and God bless you.

  114. 114 : Wunna aung Says:

    I’m from Myanmar. I like you very very much.you are too attractive.
    you are so beautiful in “super rookie” .
    hope you archive many success.
    can i get some photo.
    and what is your own website ? :p

  115. 115 : claire Says:

    hi, i’m from indonesia…
    I like to watch korean drama, and i like witch yoo hee veryy much…
    And, i ‘m looking for some korean friends…
    my email add : myclaire98[email protected]

  116. 116 : deasy Says:

    i really love han ga in..
    she’s soooooo beautiful…

  117. 117 : nighto Says:

    i’m your fan from the malaysian ,i loved your drama series ‘witch yoo hee’,
    love u n god blessing u.=)

  118. 118 : gober Says:

    ^^…hey2 heeey..han ga in play best drama in witch yoo hee, super rookie,dr gang, term of endearment and spirit of jeet kundo movies…

    who miss it ??

    i doubt you as mrs han fans !! (carzy fan ^^ that’s what i mean ^^)
    (even she’s already marriage, her beauty
    is equal to 10’000 tons carrots,,^^ it will keep your eyes health in 7 generation…maximum score guyss ^^ (if i were(or was???) his husband…oh my goood ^^ i feel like flying to seven heaven ^^

    i”m still looking for yellow handkierchief (the third) and sunshine hunting…
    any share…pLZ ^^ at [email protected]

    watch online??take very2 long time,,,the internet connection is dissapinted one (in my belove country watch online isn’t effective at all….Trust Me ^^)
    i prefer to download it so i can watch it without any @@@@ ^^

    share for life…life for share…^^

    [email protected] (wait fo yaaa ^^)

  119. 119 : Mya Thin Zar Says:

    I love you very much.
    I am encourging ever to you.
    If u free please reply me.
    when do u visit my country?
    my country name is Myanmar. Do you know?
    I love you very very much….

  120. 120 : JIL Says:

    Anemahaseyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like you in witch Yoo Hee with Jae Hee…..

  121. 121 : agneliz Says:

    I’m from the Philippines..
    I’m one of your fans here and I really love watching Yoo Hee in the internet.
    You are really beautiful..
    I wish you could visit the Philippines someday.
    just always take care and Godbless!!

  122. 122 : guoh Says:

    your husband is so ugly!!so pretty to him

  123. 123 : Han Ga In Big Fan Says:

    I am ur fans from Malaysia…i c the witch yoo hee for 2 times…ur sweet natural looks attracted me so much…made me fall in love wid u…if got chance to korea…i hope can c u in person and take a photo wid u…may God always bless you..Go for it…Han Ga in…i will always support u…

  124. 124 : Perfect HanGaIn Says:

    Han Ga In…its a pity u are already married when so young…this lifetime i wish u will happy forever…but next lifetime i wish i could be your husband and giv u happiness all the time till i die…can i???

  125. 125 : pmzin Says:

    she really cute .

    I mean she doesn’t pretend to be cute, naturally cute.
    That’s why i like her.

  126. 126 : rukawa Says:

    Han Ga In… so sad. Your married. I hope I can be your next husband in the future.. Still waiting for witch yoo hee II. wo zhen de Zhen de hen ai ni ma yoo hee. from the land of philippines

  127. 127 : WYH addicted Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Han Ga In!

    Now you’re 27, right? 🙂

    Hope you’ll successful in your life…

    SMILE…. 🙂

  128. 128 : Victor Says:

    Hi Han Ga,

    I am from Malaysia. After watch the korean Witch Yoo Hee drama, you really make me want to love & protect U. The story of the drama is very similar to my real life. It really hit my heart. Always remember whatever problem which you can’t solve, i will always right here waiting to help you BUT hope it will not happen to u. Wish u are every second is happy & healthy always.

  129. 129 : aungmawmin Says:

    hi hangain,
    I like u witch yoo hee.You are beatiful.I am your fan.I wish you and your husband to a happy life.My country name is myanmar.Do you know Myanmar.Please send me your photos.If you free,send me.Bye……..

  130. 130 : kim han jung Says:

    hi han ga in im han jung from philippines i am half korean and pilipino i want to say hi. You are so beautiful in witch you when you cut your hair and is your character to become a stronger and scarier woman?? you ga in you and jae hee are perfect for each other bye beautiful lady

  131. 131 : mohammad Says:

    hi. im from the iran. you very good. your the best

  132. 132 : OKE Says:

    May I ask?
    Are there any plan to remake or continue the drama (the story of witch yoo hee) ? Hehehe…
    I like most of the story. Since i watched the story, i want to watch the other korean drama or another!
    Wish to know your website then!

  133. 133 : mohammad Says:

    سلام. من واقعا از فیلم های شما خصوصا یو هی خیلی خوشم میاد اگه تونستی بخونی .دوست دارم واسم مسیج بفرستی. i like your movie.

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    hi.i am siros from iran
    i just want i like you.you are so beautiful& you’r eye like anjel eye’s
    i will support you for ever

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    Han Ga In!!! I hope i can see you in person. i also wish i could see yoo hee again in tv. Everyone is craving for a continuation. i can’t really forget it it’s the best Korean drama i’ve ever saw. i always think of it before i sleep. i’m really dying to see you. maybe i’m dreaming but here’s my email [email protected] i just want to know you

  136. 136 : Peggy Says:

    Recently watched a series of urs n i jst wanna say” U LOOK GREAT”

  137. 137 : chey Says:

    Of course, for me ur d most beautiful face i saw as a korean actress… U look so perfect and everything in u looks natural, u hv a great teeth…

  138. 138 : desi kurniawati Says:

    I’m from indonesia, i like your acting, so brilliant, and your partner in that serial like your lover. Why your housband ungood looking…please come to Indonesia

  139. 139 : Intan Says:

    Hi Han Ga In, i absoloutly love yr series..much lovely u in Yu Hee the Witch…Your acting & impression in drama’s very natural, when you sad hoho..very nice.. I hope can continous Yu Hee The Witch 2..I want to know how you married with Moo Ryong. the story is amazing. Your persona has kind of godness!

    Hope you cant acting more-more series drama’s or film next time and all the best!

  140. 140 : paul Says:

    So Cute he he

  141. 141 : DemonicJason Says:

    Hi all , annyowaseyo =)
    As far as most of us human being know, han ga in wont even read our message here
    For the knowledge of all people,Han ga in probably wont be showing up in dramas or movies in future
    Need more news? go popseoul there …..

    As for han ga in , she is just another human …. its no use to struggle in life
    life is for those people for are absorb in chasing monetary goods….
    Diversity of human shall end…

    By the way , im just a kid from msia =)
    have a nice day all

    wish u good luck in life han ga in , best of all …
    a flop doesnt mean everything will not success
    success doesnt indicates glory forever …
    let the darkness rules..

  142. 142 : Zayar Says:

    i like your movie. you are so beautiful & you’r eye like anjel eye’s

  143. 143 : Zayar Says:

    i like your movie. you are so beautiful & you’r eye like anjel eye’spls send me your photo.

  144. 144 : Loyal fan Says:

    Hi Han Ga-In.
    I hope everything is fine and well.
    When I started watching Witch Yoo-Hee last July, I have searched and downloaded Dr. Kkang, Super Rookie and currently watching Terms of Endearment.

    I was captivated by your beauty and smile, mesmerized by your eyes.

    Hope to see you in a movie or show soon.

    Your ever loyal friend,

    Keep smiling. 🙂

  145. 145 : Loyal fan Says:

    Hope to meet you in person some day.

  146. 146 : melanie Says:

    you and your husband is one of my favorite.esp. your husband. He is a very good in acting and He has a Charisma.Goodluck and wish you andyour husband will have more projects to come in showbusiness……Take Care….

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    hi. i can’t forgive u bcas of u’r treat with my love SIG in condition love movie u were really crule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  148. 148 : gober,crazy fans Says:

    one day ill meet her
    somewhr n somehow

  149. 149 : Arjun singh Says:

    Hi Han ga in Im Arjun from India(Manipur) I really luv ur acting and every thing you do in your movies seems natural. One more thing you took my heart away please return it to me.If you don’t like to just take it I really luv you that much.

  150. 150 : Arjun singh Says:

    Han ga in I miss you very much.

  151. 151 : hannah13 Says:

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    can anyone answer my question????
    is this true that han ga in had a twin kids???????????

    plsss.. i need you’re answer…just send a mesage to me..
    Thanks, by the way

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  153. 153 : elahe Says:

    you’re so cute :X

  154. 154 : gober,crazy fans Says:

    hot news to come ^^
    our beautiful queen will be back at 2010, there will be some potential project,stay alert.,han fever is comiiing ^^

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  156. 156 : wanna Says:

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  157. 157 : June Says:

    i love u act in the drama TEO….touching and heartbreaking drama, i wonder how u act so good as a wife in this drama eventough u not married during this drama…wishes u all the best in your career n happy ever after with you beloved husband kids..

  158. 158 : June Says:

    Song Seung Heun pick u as Ideal Type..OMG …lucky u already married..

  159. 159 : chelle Says:

    its so nice to hear that she will be back….

    hope its another beautiful drama…
    good luck miss han ga in….

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  161. 161 : June Says:

    Dear Ms Han Ga In,

    Happy Birthday and May God Bless U..
    can’t wait u new drama…

  162. 162 : saxons Says:

    cant wait for Ms Han Ga In to comeback in Drama . . I’m from in the Philippines and i am so addicted to your drama. . “witch yoo hee” . . i hope this will beautiful drama ^__^ GOD BLESS!

  163. 163 : kokyawkyaw.mm Says:

    how are you? you are very lovely face.

  164. 164 : han ga in's no.1 Says:

    Anyeong haseyo!HAN GA IN your really a natural beauty

    your so pretty

  165. 165 : suman Says:

    hi nuna,
    i was abit suprized to kno dat u r married but anways u really r a beauty. i like ur actin n u big black eyes.

  166. 166 : wan Says:

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  167. 167 : melanie Says:

    You are very pretty and i lkie your eyes,very beautiful….nice to know you are back in acting…..can’t wait….

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  170. 170 : ma yoo hee Says:

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  171. 171 : melodi Says:

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  172. 172 : melodi Says:

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    Hi dear…..your smile is so beautiful…..
    I watched your series and I love them….

  174. 174 : nasi Says:

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  175. 175 : sara Says:


  176. 176 : fred Says:

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    My Dear Please Play More Series Please!

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    love Bad Guy

  180. 180 : jinu Says:

    and I hope that you make a movie with Sung Il Gook

  181. 181 : melodi Says:


  182. 182 : melodi Says:


  183. 183 : melodi Says:


  184. 184 : melodi Says:


  185. 185 : melodi Says:


  186. 186 : melodi Says:


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    love han ga in

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    hi, I’m a big fan, I really love your character in Condition Of Love and Bad Guy, I hope you and Kim Nam Gil will have another series , keep up the good work and God Bless

  190. 190 : melodi Says:

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    I will share your photo today again…..love you….///

  191. 191 : melodi Says:


  192. 192 : melodi Says:


  193. 193 : melodi Says:


  194. 194 : melodi Says:


  195. 195 : melodi Says:


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    I love your acting

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    Dear Ga-in
    I saw almost all of you series and I just wanted to say that I love you. I think that you are a great actress I always admired you! Hope to see your next series very soon.

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    I like you … will support you forever…
    Faster accept new drama… we all waiting for your new drama soon

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    I will share her photo again…..for her fans….

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    My Dear Han Ga In ….love you

  212. 212 : MBT37 Says:


  213. 213 : e sonna Says:

    I like han ga in alot. she’s a good actress, but only when it comes to a suitable character (i can’t remember the drma’s name, its about the life of 3 sisters, and she’s the youngest. i cried like crazy)

  214. 214 : h_rang Says:

    I think you amazing actress and I love all the drama you in. And I hope you do more drama I always go in internet to check every month if you in any new drama I’m still waiting

  215. 215 : Minooo Says:

    Terms of Endearment the best drama that i have ever watched….i like it especially….. Yonpahhhh
    Han Ga In had g8 performance in it…..

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  218. 218 : melodia Says:


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    Hello! HAN GA IN
    you know? I love you very much…
    I like witch yoo hi film…It was very interesting.
    I want a fan of you!

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    hi.i am one of a million fans of Han Ga In.i wish she that i see her again in drama..like Bad Guy and Condition of Love.i keep looking forward to see her again nxt time..god bless u always and love u Han Ga In

  225. 225 : melodia Says:

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    my dear, GA IN how are you? hope to hear good news from you. im waiting for your new drama show. hope you play a another movie with KIM NAM GIL and a new movie with KIM HYUN JOONG. we love you and wish you good luck

  235. 235 : lali_la Says:

    bad guy is the best drama, i,ve ever seen… We are waiting for your next drama….of course with happy end!!!!

  236. 236 : melodia Says:

    Han G a In awards :

    2005 MBC: Excellence Awards
    2004 KBS: Excellence Awards
    2004 KBS: Best Couple
    2003 KBS: Best New Actress

  237. 237 : melodia Says:

    My dear han ga in….I love you

  238. 238 : melodia Says:


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    Have u ever watched Bad Guy?
    I love this drama…..it has sad ending but i love casting:HAN GA IN and KIM NAM GIL

  253. 253 : melodia Says:


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    thanks for photos.how many photos do you have ?! 😀

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  278. 278 : nani Says:

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    n i love u’r drama…it’s so romantic n sweet…. ^^

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    love u!!!
    what’s ur next korean drama??
    i’m so excited to know!!!
    of course i have not seen BAD GUY yet!!!!!

  280. 280 : nani Says:

    woooow…what beautiful photos.thankx MELODIA.
    I surprised.do have more photos?

  281. 281 : melodia Says:

    I am so happy that you all like these photos….I will share my all photos that i have in my pc…

  282. 282 : melodia Says:


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  287. 287 : hana Says:

    I really like your acting in condition of love. I hope you are as sweet in your charactor

    God bless u.


  288. 288 : fazzin Says:

    im fans of you….
    u so cute….. i hope i will become like u….
    what ur new story????
    i wish u luck…………

  289. 289 : melodia Says:


  290. 290 : melodia Says:


  291. 291 : melodia Says:


  292. 292 : melodia Says:


  293. 293 : melodia Says:


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    gud luck 4 your life, GA IN !!! i love u so much!!!!!

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    Ive seen ur series and love them all.
    When is ur next intent? Cant wait to see more.
    Ur cute and ur and ur acting and looks are natural.

  296. 296 : melodia Says:


  297. 297 : mangme Says:

    Hi HAN GA IN. ur my favorite actress in the whole world. I wish u to be happy and beautiful princess.I love Wicth Yoo Hi and Condition Of Love

  298. 298 : melodia Says:

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  299. 299 : melodia Says:

    han ga in

  300. 300 : GUZHNA Says:

    nice photo

  301. 301 : fan11 Says:


  302. 302 : melodia Says:

    my dear han ga in ….love you…

  303. 303 : melodia Says:

    Take Care and God Bless U.

  304. 304 : melodia Says:

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  305. 305 : chanli Says:

    I love you .

  306. 306 : SANI Says:

    hello!!! ^.^

    I love Han Ga In sooooooo much!!!!!!!! >.

  307. 307 : SANI Says:

    I watched WITCH YOO HE and SUPER ROOKIE and CONDITION OF LOVE …. I love all of them….I know she had knew series means BAD GUY but i have not watched it yet…..I eager for watching it…..

  308. 308 : SANI Says:

    I think HAN GA IN is the most beautiful actress in korea….I wish she plays new drama more than now….

  309. 309 : melodia Says:

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    Love you…..han ga in

  321. 321 : nikol Says:


  322. 322 : nikol Says:

    Our idol, day by day I am waiting for your new drama. You are the best Korean actress that I have ever seen before. you’re too intelligent in your play-acting. we hope you read this and present a new drama as soon as possible.
    Waiting for you. we miss you so much.

  323. 323 : chikkoo Says:

    CONDITION OF LOVE!!! my favorites drama

  324. 324 : fredo25 Says:

    i like your acting , also u r cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  325. 325 : fredo25 Says:

    in bad guy u was very cute and beautiful and sexy….love uuu

  326. 326 : melodia Says:

    I pray for you that you will achieve awards

  327. 327 : melodia Says:


  328. 328 : melodia Says:


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  330. 330 : melodia Says:


  331. 331 : melodia Says:


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    love you my dear han ga in….!!!

  333. 333 : einlame Says:

    han ga in , .Please come out with a new drama soon….

  334. 334 : einlame Says:

    you are so beautiful,,,even you don’t wear a make-up!!!

  335. 335 : einlame Says:

    ove you so much!!!!god bless!!!!!!! : )

  336. 336 : einlame Says:

    love you…..

  337. 337 : jeremy Says:

    i admired you so much youre so cute..heheh.

  338. 338 : jeremy Says:

    i love BAD GUY promise!

    super ever
    so romantic…i lobe kim nam gil and you
    i always watch the your drama

  339. 339 : jeremy Says:

    in witch yo hi u was so cute….i like your face with short hair…..

  340. 340 : jeremy Says:

    please please please play more drama…..please please….

  341. 341 : jeremy Says:

    Love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

  342. 342 : jeremy Says:

    han ga in is my favorite actress ever. She is great in everything she does, be it in acting, modelling . I really love her personality. She is a multi-talented person . I wish she achieves more awards……she is the best…. And
    God bless us you always.

  343. 343 : XXba Says:

    hi HAN GA IN… ^^
    how r u??
    I’m very addicted with ur acting…
    I cant stop watching ur drama series especially in WITCH YOO HEE and BAD GUY
    U r very cute in BAD GUY drama series especially when u act with KIM NAM GIL
    i hope someday i will have a chance to meet u & take a picture together… hehe.. 😛
    Wish u all da best..
    God bless U…

  344. 344 : re_ie Says:

    Hi,Ga In!! How are u today?I hope u allways happY in your career

  345. 345 : re_ie Says:

    I love u so much

  346. 346 : melodiab22 Says:

    my dear han ga in…..how r u? ……..love u

  347. 347 : key key Says:

    U have a cute face, your acting is really good to become han ga in

  348. 348 : key key Says:

    I love BAD GUY.U and KIM NAM GIL were great.BEST COUPLE

  349. 349 : melodia Says:

    i love u….my dear han ga in….i want to shere your photo

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  364. 364 : muu_ya Says:

    I’m you fan. han ga in i really like you. Do not give up in your work. I am waiting for you to acted in a new drama,with love.

  365. 365 : muu_ya Says:

    i crazy about u.especially in BAD GUY
    BAD GUY is a nice drama

  366. 366 : muu_ya Says:

    i’ve watched Terms of Endearment recently.u was very nice with SONG IL GUK in that.of course i like u and KIM NAM GIL too in BAD GUY. i wish u act with them again.

  367. 367 : muu_ya Says:

    take care and god bless u

  368. 368 : SHAINI Says:

    Hi han ga in

    I have just watched CONDITION OF LOVE 3 times and I really like your acting in it much better than SUPPER ROOKIE . Moreover the chemistry between you and SONG IL GUK is so good.I like WITCH YOO HEE too.

    I have not watched BAD GUY yet.

    I will continue to support you and wish you all the best.

  369. 369 : SHAINI Says:

    All the best HAN GA IN, support you always, take care.

  370. 370 : dani_min Says:

    u r so cute & charming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i wish u all the best 4 ur future……………………

  371. 371 : dani_min Says:

    love you

  372. 372 : dani_min Says:

    best dramas that I’ve ever watched:
    1- terms of endearment
    2-bad guy
    4-a man called God
    5-witch yoo hee

  373. 373 : dani_min Says:

    I wish see you.

  374. 374 : dani_min Says:

    I love u so much…
    so lovely girl…

  375. 375 : dani_min Says:

    plz take care.

  376. 376 : jenni Says:

    hi ga in
    u r a very talented girl and also very cute..
    the way u act made cry and laugh with their true feelings…
    hope u ll have more interesting drama in the coming time
    …love you…
    and also u look good with KIM NAM GIL in Bad Guy though
    how i hope u guys can be together in new drama…cute couple…

  377. 377 : yo hee Says:

    love u……

  378. 378 : heran_tab Says:


  379. 379 : shoomi Says:

    Bad Guy is the best.I love it.

  380. 380 : AAkei Says:

    hi han ga in
    i’m a big fan of u.i like yr acting especially in witch yo he.i think u r the best,attractive n charming.i hope u can do yr best. god bless u.

  381. 381 : lalita Says:

    i admired you so much youre so cute..heheh.

  382. 382 : lalita Says:

    Really beautifull….
    I like u very much especially when you smile….
    hope to see your next drama…

  383. 383 : RAYA Says:

    hi my dear Han Ga In….I love u soooo much.

    and I love your all drama.


    You are so beautiful and your smile is very cute…..

  384. 384 : RAYA Says:

    you are my favorite actress between all of the world.
    please act more drama please please
    i wish u read my comment

  385. 385 : RAYA Says:

    you have more award but in this web , dose not enough information!!!!!

    2005 MBC: Excellence Awards
    2004 KBS: Excellence Awards
    2004 KBS: Best Couple with SONG IL GOOK for Terms Of Endearment.
    2003 KBS: Best New Actress

  386. 386 : RAYA Says:

    I will continue writing your awards in comments because I want web’s administrator correct it and add your full awards to list….

    2005 MBC: Excellence Awards
    2004 KBS: Excellence Awards
    2004 KBS: Best Couple with SONG IL GOOK for Terms Of Endearment.
    2003 KBS: Best New Actress

  387. 387 : melodia Says:

    dear Raya….i love Han Ga In tooooo.yes KOREAN DRAMA doesn’t have her all awards unfortunately …..

  388. 388 : melodia Says:


    I share her photos ….

  389. 389 : melodia Says:


    share photo

  390. 390 : melodia Says:



  391. 391 : melodia Says:



  392. 392 : melodia Says:



  393. 393 : RAYA Says:

    I will continue writing your awards in comments because I want web’s administrator correct it and add your full awards to list….

    2005 MBC: Excellence Awards
    2004 KBS: Excellence Awards
    2004 KBS: Best Couple with SONG IL GOOK for Terms Of Endearment.
    2003 KBS: Best New Actress

  394. 394 : Ricky Says:

    i have watched many movies and dramas but i haven’t found someone to be beautiful and cute like you i greatly admire your innocent face…..

  395. 395 : Ricky Says:

    i didn’t know about her awards.thanks Raya

    then she has best couple award with Song Il Gook ? It is great.

  396. 396 : RAYA Says:

    welcom ricky……

    I will continue writing her awards in comments because I want web’s administrator correct it and add her full awards to list….

    2005 MBC: Excellence Awards
    2004 KBS: Excellence Awards
    2004 KBS: Best Couple with SONG IL GOOK for Terms Of Endearment.
    2003 KBS: Best New Actress

  397. 397 : melodia Says:


  398. 398 : melodia Says:


  399. 399 : melodia Says:


  400. 400 : melodia Says:


  401. 401 : melodia Says:


  402. 402 : melodia Says:


  403. 403 : melodia Says:


  404. 404 : melodia Says:


  405. 405 : melodia Says:


  406. 406 : melodia Says:

    I want to share these photos……please show them in web…..

  407. 407 : melodia Says:


  408. 408 : melodia Says:


  409. 409 : melodia Says:


  410. 410 : melodia Says:


  411. 411 : melodia Says:


  412. 412 : melodia Says:


  413. 413 : melodia Says:


  414. 414 : melodia Says:


  415. 415 : hooman Says:

    i love u so much for ever.u are the best.

  416. 416 : nazanin Says:

    Dear Han Ga In
    I have watched your dramas.I love your drama especially Condition Of Love and Witch Yo Hee.I have not watched Bad Guy yet.I am going to watch it soon.
    you are very beautiful and cute.you and Song Il Goog are the best couple that I have ever seen.I wish see you two together again.
    please play more drama.
    love you

  417. 417 : ELENA Says:

    I love you.you are so cute.I like your face with short hair.
    take care and good luck

  418. 418 : Cristina Says:

    Ms. Han, i thought you and kim nam gil really look good together in BAD GUY. But i wouldn’t mind if your hubby is yun jung hoon (aka dong wook of East of Eden). Its so nice to learn you two are couple in real life….. I’v watched bad guy. though the ending wasn’t that great but you guys really made a good performance, the best i mean…. goodluck to you and your hubby! I wish i could see again in a series or movie.

  419. 419 : Tania Says:

    You are the most pretty girl in the korea drama. Love to see you smile, cry and acting

  420. 420 : melodia Says:

    hello my dear han ga in……..love you….for ever

  421. 421 : melodia Says:


  422. 422 : melodia Says:

    love her for ever…………

  423. 423 : Tania Says:

    Hi fans
    Keep your comment guys…..Unfortunately she has not official web…..then we can talk here……

  424. 424 : melodia Says:

    Hi Tania
    I am always here.
    have you watched Bad Guy ?

  425. 425 : Tania Says:

    hi melodia
    Not yet.I have read that it has bad ending then I don’t like watch it.

  426. 426 : melodia Says:

    I watched it in internet…..It was sooo nice….but …yes it has sad end….i suggest to watch it…..Han Ga In and Kim Nam Gil were great .they are best couple….

  427. 427 : MULU Says:

    …ur so cute!!!!

  428. 428 : ninaa Says:

    i admired you so much youre so cute..heheh

  429. 429 : kuchi Says:

    Really beautifull….
    I like u very much especially when you smile….
    hope to see your next drama

  430. 430 : RAY Says:

    i have watched many dramas but i haven’t found someone to be good at acting like you i greatly admire your talent.

  431. 431 : melodia Says:

    my dear han ga in…..i want to share your photos again….
    love you….forever

  432. 432 : melodia Says:


  433. 433 : melodia Says:


  434. 434 : melodia Says:


  435. 435 : melodia Says:


  436. 436 : melodia Says:


  437. 437 : melodia Says:


  438. 438 : melodia Says:


  439. 439 : melodia Says:


  440. 440 : melodia Says:


  441. 441 : melodia Says:


  442. 442 : melodia Says:


  443. 443 : melodia Says:


  444. 444 : melodia Says:


  445. 445 : melodia Says:


  446. 446 : melodia Says:


  447. 447 : melodia Says:


  448. 448 : melodia Says:


  449. 449 : melodia Says:


  450. 450 : melodia Says:


  451. 451 : melodia Says:


  452. 452 : Rahil Says:

    HGI ………. you are my favorite actress.i love your dram.i am so happy cuz i can write comment for you.I wish you read my comment.
    I love Terms of Endearment and witch yohee….

  453. 453 : Rahil Says:

    melodia, are u Iranian ? means another Iranian love Han Ga In ??!!hehehe .i saw photo.thank you

  454. 454 : melodia Says:

    are Rahil jan.manan irani hastam.man asheghe han ga inam.az serial shareiet eshgh asheghesh shodam!!!!!hamishe inja miam.age khasti bia ba ham behrfim dar morede han ga in.
    kodum serialesho bishtar doost dari ?

  455. 455 : Rahil Says:

    man yeki mimiram baraye sharaiete eshgh.cheghadr in serial ghashange.va cheghadr amoozande ast.man to un serial 3 ta nagshe aslio doost daram.ham yonpah ham jangsoo ham yoon tak.
    delam mikhast akharesh ye kam behtar tamoom beshe.masaln ye baghali ye machi beine jangsoo va yonpa mizashtan.ne ?
    chand dafe didam in serial.

  456. 456 : melodia Says:

    yes mee toooooo Rahil !!! I love condition of love so much…..!
    have you knew that HGI and SIG got awards for that drama?!

    jayezeye behtarin zooj.vaghean ke barazandeye un boodan…man kheyli doosteshun dashtam.manam hezar bar un filmo didam!!!!

  457. 457 : Tania Says:

    hi guys again.
    you talk about Terms of endearment ?
    I love this drama too.HGI was very young in that drama but had good acting.I want talk with you about han ga in .
    please write English.
    dear melodia i have decided to watch BAD GUY!!!! heheheheh

  458. 458 : melodia Says:

    yes Rahil.I agree with you.TOE could have had better ending.I think It should have had kiss or hug between Eun Pah and Jang Soo……

  459. 459 : melodia Says:

    ohhhh.Tania, hi again dear.ok i will write in English.
    you should watch BG.
    yes me and Rahil talk about TOE.we said HGI and SIL were good couple in it.

  460. 460 : Rahil Says:

    ok dear Tania.
    yes we talk about TOE.I love that.especially SIG character . he was very nice.heheheh
    melodia, i wanted to see hug and kiss between them!!!! but it doesnt have anything….

  461. 461 : Tania Says:

    ohhh.kiss and hug!!! exactly.I don’t like the end very much. I hate jung so’s sister in this drama.she ruined yon pah’s life!! she pried yon pah ‘s personal life!!

  462. 462 : Tania Says:

    yes….Ae Ri was very bad in TOE.i hate her character …..

  463. 463 : Tania Says:

    I remember jung soo’s sister .her name was Ae Ri….yes ?

  464. 464 : Tania Says:

    melodia, thanks for photos.

  465. 465 : melodia Says:

    ur welcome dear Tania….

  466. 466 : melodia Says:

    i am going to share many photos again

  467. 467 : melodia Says:

    yes tania……she was Ae re….i hate her….she annoyed eun pah!

  468. 468 : melodia Says:

    i want ta speak about eun tak in this drama.i love his character…..i cried very much when i saw his feeling about eun pah….his love was real….

  469. 469 : melodia Says:

    i can not say my real feel about condition of love.it was the best drama that i have ever watched…..
    rahil……tania……are you here ?!

  470. 470 : melodia Says:

    I am here.i told you in messenger!!!
    yes EUN TAK loved YON PAH very much.but he should have talked about it to her.he was calm.he had reason for leaving YON PH in train station but he did not explain his reasons for YON PAH…..

  471. 471 : melodia Says:

    i am waiting for Tania and Rahil….i told both you in messenger!!

  472. 472 : Rahil Says:

    hi melodia,i am here

  473. 473 : melodia Says:

    read my comments about EUN TAK

  474. 474 : Rahil Says:

    At first about ae re.
    i hate her.she stole eun tak.her behavior was so chilish.
    hate her and hate jung so’s mother.she was mad.

  475. 475 : Rahil Says:

    and about eun tak…..he was my favorite character.he was very very kind.his lov very beautiful.he was always worried about yon pah.

  476. 476 : melodia Says:

    I agree with you Rahil.
    i like HGI and SIG couple.
    HAN GA IN please play new drama with SIG…..

  477. 477 : melodia Says:

    rahil jan kollan engar to ham eine man ahareyete eshgho khaeli doost dari va ba deghat in fserialo didi?

  478. 478 : Rahil Says:

    are azizam.man taghriban divooneye in filmam.to avvalin filmi ke az han ga in didi chi boood ?

  479. 479 : melodia Says:

    yes rahil.TOE avalin serialli bud ke didam.

  480. 480 : melodia Says:

    i want to share han ga in ‘s more photos

  481. 481 : Rahil Says:

    I love photo….thank you

  482. 482 : ji Says:

    hi HAN GA IN.I admire your drama.you are beautiful and cute.i really love your face in long hair.

  483. 483 : ji Says:

    why u didn’t have drama in 2007 until 2010?!!
    plz play more drama
    take care

  484. 484 : rahil Says:

    she is beautiful with long and short hair.

  485. 485 : melodia Says:


  486. 486 : melodia Says:

    that’s it
    love her

  487. 487 : melodia Says:

    dastet dard nakoneh baba,kheli mahe axash

  488. 488 : Rahil Says:

    let’s talk abot her drama.

  489. 489 : Rahil Says:

    what is your opinion about yon pah character in TOE?

  490. 490 : melodia Says:

    well, yon pah was alone and her mother had bad manner with her then she didn’t have family and friend.she had just eun tak.then she lived with a boy.tcoz of this wrong manner,she suffer very much and she didn’t have any confidence

  491. 491 : Rahil Says:

    she shouldn’t have divorced coz jung soo loved her….

  492. 492 : melodia Says:

    no.she couldn’t continue!! remember her mother in low’s manner.her mother in law hit her.Yon Pah didn’t have any option. she thought with divorce she can give better chance to jung so

  493. 493 : Tania Says:

    hi melodia and rahil.
    i am here.i agree with you.i hate yon pa’s other in low.of course the artist had good acting but the character was sooo bad.

  494. 494 : viewer Says:


  495. 495 : viewer Says:

    you all guys,what is the topic that u talk about ????

  496. 496 : Tania Says:

    Viewer we talk about TERMS OF ENDEARMENT.have you watched it ?

  497. 497 : viewer Says:

    oh..TOE.i love this dram.i love HGI and SIG together.

  498. 498 : melodia Says:

    hi fans.
    love han ga in forever

  499. 499 : SHILA Says:

    u r beautiful///////God bless u//////love u//////

  500. 500 : Tania Says:

    melodia,thanks for photos

  501. 501 : melodia Says:

    love u dear…forever

  502. 502 : GUEEN Says:

    han ga in is so PRETTY ever!

    the best !

    she act so cool

    like in BAD GUY

    totally GREAT!!

  503. 503 : GUEEN Says:

    best series that i have watched :

  504. 504 : GUEEN Says:

    Can`t wait for your next Drama. i love seeing you acting.

  505. 505 : GUEEN Says:

    When i first saw condition of love, i just knew you could do much more in acting industry. You are good and beautiful … I`ve seen all your dramas , except Dr. Kkang.

  506. 506 : Vjanee Says:

    Dear Ga-In
    I saw almost all of you dramas and I just wanted to say that I love you. I think that you are a great actress and modeling too! I always admired you! Hope to see your next drama

  507. 507 : Vjanee Says:

    and listen to me!!!
    u know what ? u and KIM NAM GIL is the nicest couple ever seen ! i really love BG ! i hope both of u will play in the same drama again soon .

  508. 508 : Vjanee Says:

    when is ur next drama coming????

  509. 509 : melodia Says:

    where are Rahil and Tania?!!!

  510. 510 : Rahil Says:

    hi melodia, how r u dear….?!!!
    melodia , have u ever checked the list of most comment actress?!! han Ga in is not there! It is very bad….I become sad

  511. 511 : melodia Says:

    yes.i have checked…..yes.HGI is not there….I am sad because of this…we should write comment for her…

  512. 512 : Rahil Says:

    yes we must do it!!!!
    I have read in internet that she is one of the 10 most beautiful korean actress……
    she should be in list….

    to iran ke midoonam kolli tarafdar dare!!!

  513. 513 : melodia Says:

    are baba kolli tarafdar dare to iran o baghie jaha….az kheyli az bazigaraye dige ham behtare!

  514. 514 : melodia Says:

    yes dear Rahil….we let write comment for her….
    love han ga in ….for ever

  515. 515 : Rahil Says:

    let talk about witch yoo hee!

  516. 516 : ali Says:

    ….Sister!?! How are You? I am from Iran
    you are so beautiful ….
    I love bad guy

  517. 517 : ali Says:

    bad guy / bad guy / bad guy…..
    it was one of the best drama that i have seen.I didn’t watch your another drama.i just watched Bad Guy….at first i started to watching because of KIM NAM GIL but at the end of drama I wanted to watch again because of you!!!
    u was very cute in that drama.but at the end…..i don’t like ending….not for sad ending because a stupid girl killed My kim nam gil

  518. 518 : ali Says:

    please act another drama with KIM NAM GIL of course i want happy end!!!!

  519. 519 : melodia Says:

    witch yoo hee ? ok.
    i love this drama too.HGI had good acting in this drama

  520. 520 : raju Says:

    hi…..i am raju …..i think you need to improve your acting …….i loved your performance at “bad guy”but still there were some parts where you could have done even better…any way whats the use of writing you people even don’t check the messages that your adoring fans send you…………any ways keep good work ok ……

  521. 521 : Alifa Says:

    hi,,,,,!!…Ga-In,how are you now?..you what you are so beautiful,,!!!..like cinderella,,,!!!!…i like your smile and cry!!!
    recently i have seen BAD GUY….what a beautiful drama,,,….,,,,but I hate ending,,,, i cried very much….,,,,!!!!
    but about u and KIM NAM GIL…..what a g8 couple,,,,,

  522. 522 : melodia Says:

    wooow………………… fans you all like BG…nice drama………………!

  523. 523 : Tania Says:

    hi.miss you all…..
    ohhh the all fans like BG and I haven’t watched it yet :((

    about witch yoo hee .I love this drama….so nice…I like Han Ga In with short hair….

  524. 524 : pooja_b Says:

    Han Ga-In
    i think you amazing actress and i love all the drama you in. And I hope you do more drama I always go in internet to check every month if you in any new drama I’m still waiting always

    i finished watching bad guy last night…….u was so pretty in BG.

  525. 525 : melodia Says:

    Tania..just watch ….it is so nice

  526. 526 : melodia Says:

    means BAD GUY…..in BG I hate JUNG SO MIN…..why she killed kim nam gil…i don’t know…..her face doesn’t have any feeling…..I cant watch Mishchevious kiss!!!!
    nobody love BG ending….I hate its ending too.

  527. 527 : Rahil Says:

    hi melodia,tania and other…..how r u ?
    love HGI

  528. 528 : melodia Says:

    hi dear….we have talked about witch yoo hee! and bad guy

  529. 529 : Rahil Says:

    oh wich yoo hee….I love this drama….han ga in has good acting in it….and bad guy…..nooooooo…I don’t like this…..why it has sad ending….?!!!:(

  530. 530 : melodia Says:

    hahaha…..yes I agree with u Rahil…..
    believe me , when I watched Bad Guy I couldn’t sleep….cuz I love kim nam gil and I hate that stupid girl who killed KNG…..I was sad for HGI….. ….but we should watch drama with sad ending some times…..yes ?!!!

  531. 531 : Rahil Says:

    yes….I can’t believed KNG died….but HGI was soooooooo cute in BG….I love her face in that…….
    I think they can achieve award for best couple…..yes ?

  532. 532 : melodia Says:

    yes…..I like HGI and KNG…..I want to see them together again…..
    about yoo hee?! tell me ahout her!

  533. 533 : anna Says:

    Hello!!! ^.^

    I louv GA_IN sooooooo much!!!!!!!! >.

  534. 534 : Tania Says:

    yoo hee is my love!!!! what a geat acting!i love this drama and I like the ending.because I like JAE HEE and HGI !!!!
    JH had good acting too. he was very kind…….
    and HGI was so cute

  535. 535 : kinn Says:

    HanGaiIn!!!! so cute!! ((: Saranghae!!

  536. 536 : kinn Says:

    Ga_IN ! I like u’r acting in “witch amusement ” and “Bad Man”. And then u r so cute. I can’t know will u read my message or not. Anyway, I want to tell that u have to try hard more and more from now. I believe that one day u will be the most famous actress in South Korea. Have a good luck! Bye!

  537. 537 : melodia Says:

    yes…JH is very cute.I like his acting very much.and i agree with Tania…JH had kind character in witch yoohee

  538. 538 : melodia Says:

    yes rahil…..I think HGI and KNG are best couple…..I think they should get award.

  539. 539 : rahil Says:

    hi melodia and tania …………

    before bad guy i hadn’t watched KNG movie….ofter that i thought he is one of the best actor and he was g8 with HGI

  540. 540 : rahil Says:

    to tarafdare kodoom bazigar hasti ? bazigare man manzoore mane.???

  541. 541 : melodia Says:

    to chi ?

  542. 542 : Rahil Says:


  543. 543 : Rahil Says:

    where id tania ?!!! we miss her….
    maybe she starts to watch BAD GUY !!!!

  544. 544 : Rahil Says:

    tania…me and melodia talked about our favorite actor!!!
    I write for u n english….then answer…..

  545. 545 : Tania Says:

    hi melodia,rahil and other friends……
    about my favorite actor……I like kwon sang woo and song il gook ….they both are fantastic……

  546. 546 : Tania Says:

    and about the best couple awards…..I havn’t watched bad guy yet….but I have seen photo…..I think they are very nice…..Of course when play with evey actor, they will be G8

  547. 547 : piny Says:

    Hi Han Ga In
    I watch over and over..over again your beautiful , romance drama “Terms of Eandearment” and never get tired ….Can I have another series with Actor Song Il Gook…..???
    pleas act with him
    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

  548. 548 : piny Says:

    Hi fans….u all love Han Ga In , like me ?:))

    I love her so much…..:-*

  549. 549 : Tania Says:

    hi piny.
    yes , we all love her too.she is so nice and beautiful.

  550. 550 : piny Says:

    Han Ga In is so beautiful and cute. I have seen Terms Of Endearment and fell in love with her!!!

    after that I have watched Witch Amusement…I like her with short hair

  551. 551 : piny Says:

    you know Han Ga In has innocent face and beautiful eyes….i can not see her cry because i become sad very much….

  552. 552 : Tania Says:

    i like her eyes too.and her smile is so nice….i agree with you about her crying….i become sad too.

  553. 553 : melodia Says:

    hi Tania,Rahil,piny and other

    you all say about my dear han ga in!!i love her beautiful face too.she is my love….my dream ……my heart……

  554. 554 : melodia Says:

    My Han Ga In ,you’re a great actress, very cute and natural. stay cute and wish you all the best in your career

  555. 555 : melodia Says:

    dear Tania….I agree with you…..KSW is a good actor….i wish see him with my beautiful HGI ,in a drama as a couple

  556. 556 : melodia Says:

    Dear guys!! I am scared too much!! coz between WYH and BG , HAN GA IN didn’t drama…..for 3 years….now after BG ….maybe we cant not see her new drama for 2 or 3 years…..noooooooooooooo

  557. 557 : Rahil Says:

    melodia…..what a fantastic suggestion ……HAN GA IN with KWON SANG WOO………….wooooow…..just Imagin

  558. 558 : Rahil Says:

    melodia,I agree with you…..HGI doesn’t work very much….and she had BG recently…..then we will miss her

  559. 559 : melodia Says:

    Love u han ga in…………..forever

  560. 560 : reza Says:

    Hi Ga In,
    I Like U so much….
    I love U so much….
    when I see U in BAD GUY, I think U become hundred time more
    beautiful than before
    U meka me so excited…
    now I waiting for U’r next Drama…
    Love U Ga-In….
    Love U so Much…
    I always love U Ga-In

  561. 561 : Sandarwin Says:

    hi! han ga in,i m one of the million fans ,i love your drama series from “condition of love”.i love your character in “witch amusement” u r charm and beautiful face.i love you both yonpah in ‘condition of love”and yoohee in “witch amusement” ….i m eager to see your new series like “bad guy”i love “bad guy”very much but i dont like the end..…i hope you and “Kim Nam Gil” have an opportunity to make some movie or drama…i’d love to see you both on screen again…….

    more power and God Bless….

  562. 562 : melodia Says:

    hi guys…
    how r u?
    love han ga in forever………..

  563. 563 : Tania Says:

    ohhhh.all fans love han ga in with kim nam gil…..i should watch bad guy

  564. 564 : Rahil Says:

    hi fans.
    melodia where are photos ?
    please share …..!!!

  565. 565 : melodia Says:

    dear rahil…..
    ok….i am going to share han ga in’s photo again

  566. 566 : melodia Says:


  567. 567 : melodia Says:


  568. 568 : Rahil Says:

    i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu HGI

  569. 569 : loli Says:

    Bad Guy is my favorite drama and han ga in is my favorite actress.
    she is so beautiful and cute.I love her…

  570. 570 : loli Says:

    bad Guy has sad ending.but I hope see new han ga in ‘s drama with happy end.

  571. 571 : loli Says:

    love han ga in forever

  572. 572 : melodia Says:


    kim nam gil and han ga in is the best couple…..i love it

  573. 573 : Rainy Says:

    I like Han Ga In a lot even knowing that her acting needs work, as such, I’m really looking forward to her drama return.

  574. 574 : Rainy Says:

    she’s very beautiful, but don’t like her in witch amusement. hope her new role is better…..

  575. 575 : rfa Says:


  576. 576 : melodia Says:

    love u dear…..forever

  577. 577 : razieh Says:

    love han ga in……………….most beautiful actress

  578. 578 : lovejoo Says:

    hi .. did you guys know that her real name was kim hyun joo

  579. 579 : marry Says:


  580. 580 : marry Says:

    u was great with kim nam gil in bad guy.best couple

  581. 581 : SARA Says:

    You’re so beautiful !
    Be successful in your life !

  582. 582 : chiax Says:

    i really miss her
    i wanna see her on any screen
    are you guys as same as me?!
    i want a drama like Bad Guy! with Kim Nam Gil or a drama like Condition of Love with Song Il Gook !!

  583. 583 : melodia Says:

    this is her official webseite:

  584. 584 : marzieh Says:

    I love Han Ga In

    She is very beautiful

    I wish best for her

  585. 585 : marzieh Says:









  586. 586 : sanaz Says:

    lovely han ga in …..love uuuuu

  587. 587 : sanaz Says:

    i love your dramas………..take care

  588. 588 : marzieh Says:

    You were BEST in “BAD GUY”

    I love you so much.

  589. 589 : mina Says:

    hi han ga in
    i love your cting especially in bad guy…..love u

  590. 590 : mina Says:

    i think u was perfect with kim nam gil in Bad Guy…act nesw drama with him.u ans kim nam gil were best korean couple that i have ever seen

  591. 591 : mina Says:

    and about condition of love….. i love it toooooo…..
    i love u with song il gook

  592. 592 : mina Says:

    love you.love your eyes.please take care……bye

  593. 593 : love_honey Says:

    Han Ga In’s bEst Drama I wached is
    But why u don’y have new drama?
    I am waiting for youuuuuuuu……!!!!

  594. 594 : love_honey Says:


  595. 595 : tt_pep Says:

    i have watched her acting in Bad Guy and Condition of love.she was so nice.i love both character in those drama means Jae In and Eun Pah

  596. 596 : tt_pep Says:

    and about her partners in dramas.i suppose she was extraordinary with SONG IL GOOK,KIM NAM GIL and JI SUNG

  597. 597 : beboo Says:



  598. 598 : minoo Says:

    I really love all your dramas, wish I can see you almost everyday.

  599. 599 : minoo Says:

    and love u… i can’t be patient wait u on big screen debut with kim nam gil miss u 4ever…

  600. 600 : Renthlei Says:

    I wanted to say that you’re a great actress! You were wondeful and hilarious in Bad Guyl! you are so beautiful and cute and I love your eyes! I hope to see you in many other dramas. Good luck!

  601. 601 : Elahe Says:

    u are Beautiful.boooooooooooooooooooooooooooos

  602. 602 : Elahe Says:

    I Love Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  603. 603 : sosan Says:


  604. 604 : Jack black Says:

    I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love todayWhite

    William Allen White

  605. 605 : mahsa Says:

    I extremely want to watch your new movie,i can`t wait until then.
    I love you.
    I think you and kim nam gil is good couple…..

  606. 606 : mahsa Says:

    u are Beautiful.kisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  607. 607 : toh quan ming Says:

    miss han ga in. you are 28 years old now and you can continue to act until the age of 55, then you can retire.

  608. 608 : kati Says:

    she is my love my idol…..
    I love her so much….

  609. 609 : kati Says:

    I have watched her all dramas,,,,,,,,,,
    she is very beautiful and cute,,,,,,,,,,,
    her couple in bad guy was fantastic,means Kim Nam Gil,,,,,,,,,
    I wish they act new drama with each other,,,,,,,,,,,

  610. 610 : kati Says:

    My dear Han Ga In please take care!

  611. 611 : marzieh Says:

    I love you Han Ga In
    You’re very LOVELY…..

  612. 612 : marzieh Says:

    SHARE :



  613. 613 : ALAN_0064_Z Says:

    HI .my name is alan..are you alone?

  614. 614 : anoshka Says:

    Hi beautiful Han Ga In.I love you very much….please act new drama

  615. 615 : anoshka Says:

    I have watched Bad Guy.It was the best drama that i have ever seen. and I love Han Ga In with Kim Nam gil…. Han Ga In

  616. 616 : rahil Says:

    hi my friends means fans!!!! how r u ? i miss all of you…..

  617. 617 : rahil Says:

    My Han Ga In…..i love sooo much…..!please come back with new drama

  618. 618 : RAIN Says:

    yeinjee.com/2010/ han-gain-harpers-bazaar-korea

  619. 619 : RAIN Says:


  620. 620 : shinee Says:

    hi beautiful…..!!!!!!!
    you are my favorite actress and i have watched your all drama.your acting is so nice and your face is so cute…..

  621. 621 : Ajit Says:

    You are too cute and sweet.

  622. 622 : OMID Says:


  623. 623 : kati Says:

    my beautiful actress i love u so much,,,,,
    you are so beautiful,,,,
    you have innocent eyes,,,,
    and attractive face,,,,,
    i love uuuu

  624. 624 : kati Says:

    i have watched witch yoohee and condition of love,,,,,
    condition of love is the best drama that i have ever seen,,,,
    i love uuuuuu

  625. 625 : kati Says:

    i have not watched bad guy yet,,,,
    Dear fans,who have watched it?
    is it nice or not?

  626. 626 : kati Says:

    Dear Han Ga In,please take care
    love u

  627. 627 : hamid Says:

    i love you i am from iran you are very beautiful.

  628. 628 : yohanna Says:

    you are so beautiful……,,,,,,
    love you…..,,,,,,

  629. 629 : abeun Says:

    …shes really pretty..nice smile..

  630. 630 : abeun Says:

    Happy Valentine
    Love You

  631. 631 : junjun Says:

    i love han ga in

  632. 632 : azlin Says:

    you’re beutiful…han ga in

  633. 633 : almario Says:

    baho tae mo kahit maganda ka

  634. 634 : almario Says:

    crush ka ni je, kahit mabaho tae mo

  635. 635 : Ga | Trends Pics Says:

    […] Han Ga In star.koreandrama.org […]

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    […] Nam Gil as Shim Gun Wook – Kang Soo Han as Gun Wook (child) Han Ga In as Moon Jae In Kim Jae Wook as Hong Tae Sung – Park Joon Mok as Tae Sung (child) Oh Yun […]

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    Han Ga In the beautiful Witch!! Saranghae….!!^_^

  641. 641 : neni Says:

    duh ga nyangka mereka pasangan ya… love u guys

  642. 642 : Than Than Says:

    you are really beautiful actress…i always love you han Ga In…always.

  643. 643 : Than Than Says:

    i will always love you Eun Pah.

  644. 644 : shahin Says:

    you are so beautiful.

  645. 645 : jojo Says:

    I like her acting in witch yue hee.. She is great ans also at Once upon a time…

  646. 646 : Randy Says:

    I love Han Ga In!! She is so sweet and pretty! She should come to Hawaii!

  647. 647 : sani Says:

    love u so much

  648. 648 : Lydia Says:

    Han Ga In, you’re my no 2 fav actress after Moon Geun Young 😉 nice to know you’ll play in a new drama, fighting 😉

  649. 649 : mahshid Says:

    so cute……………..:-*

  650. 650 : Dyan Says:

    ooh yang jadi pasangannya nam gil di bad guy ya?

  651. 651 : rien cute9 Says:

    the moon that embraces the sun

    new drama HGI oen fightiiiing 🙂

  652. 652 : taki Says:

    you are beautifuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul
    love uuuuuuuuuuuuu

  653. 653 : kavindya Says:

    hi han ga in! i am i big fan of you and i am wshing you a very happy birthday!
    saranghae onni!

  654. 654 : darwinto Says:

    wah han ga in sangat cantik

  655. 655 : terbaruzone Says:

    han ga in very beautiful girl

  656. 656 : tina Says:


  657. 657 : tina Says:

    just act with Kim Nam Gil!

  658. 658 : OK OK OK Says:

    Han Ga In ssi

    Thank you so much for being leading actress in The Moon That Embraces the Sun.

    I really enjoy this drama very much. Can’t imagine this drama without you.
    You are really beautiful and very compatible with charming Kim Soo Hyun. 😛 😛

    Congrats to the high ratings. Hope it will hit 50% or more by Ep 17. Looking forward to it. Big Hugs from me. 😉

  659. 659 : andy Says:

    love u so much

  660. 660 : andy Says:


  661. 661 : GiRl Says:

    beautiful and good acting

  662. 662 : GiRl Says:

    Han Ga In SBS “One Night of TV Entertainment” 2012.28.03:


  663. 663 : ToOniI Says:

    love your acting with Han Ga In,,,,The Best couple

  664. 664 : ToOniI Says:

    love your acting with Kim Nam Gil,,,,The Best couple

  665. 665 : Vea Says:

    Yeah, I was right! and my friends are wrong. Han Ga In is from Yuhee the Witch! This is the best news.Take that you guys!

  666. 666 : lee mark sawaan Says:

    your so beautiful, your in a good health,,

  667. 667 : syl Says:

    Im ur fanatic fan since i watch witch you hee..ur so btifull.,

  668. 668 : syl Says:

    Hi!i wsh for ur succes,,im ur fanatic fan since i watch you hee.ur beatifull..

  669. 669 : katryn questin molina Says:

    so beautiful

  670. 670 : novyharyanti Says:

    you is very beautiful girl, in drama korea is the moon that embraces the sun …very cute :*

  671. 671 : diYann Says:

    so pretty,, i like your act very much han ga in

  672. 672 : uchay Says:

    she looks like Wulan Jamila…a singer of Indonesia…well Han Ga In : u re so beautiful 🙂

  673. 673 : IAluverisHerE Says:

    LIKING IT!!! 😀 sooooooo beautiful 🙂

  674. 674 : Fitria Says:

    I think Han Ga In are so cute, beautiful, and has a good acting. Good luck for you! 😀

  675. 675 : TermsOfEndearment Says:

    Big Fan of Song Il Guk & U (Han Ga In) from now on (after watching Terms of Endearment)

  676. 676 : TermsOfEndearment Says:

    Terms Of Endearment is the best movie I’ve watched. Thanks all people made that movie!

  677. 677 : daisy bernardez Says:

    anyeong idol…keep up the good work..w8ng for ur next drama again..hope u do it with ur hubby…wish u both a happy family..GOD bless

  678. 678 : Jaimie Says:

    Why in the world did shearry such an old guy for God’s sake??????

  679. 679 : brian Says:

    love you so much

  680. 680 : irish landoy Says:

    youre so beautiful!!!!!!!!

  681. 681 : pearl Says:

    moon that embraces the sun is a great hit, a great drama, a great story everything was great i love all the characters especially han ga in`s portrayal of her role now i`m one of her fans

  682. 682 : jean Says:


  683. 683 : irene Says:

    678. if you got nothing good to say you should be in someone else’s blog. I am glad she doesn’t just look @ the outside. She can marry whoever she chooses. Wish her all the happiness in the world for being lovely and talented.

  684. 684 : sheila Says:

    hlo its a very cute

  685. 685 : TRICIA JUARBAL Says:


  686. 686 : TRICIA JUARBAL Says:


  687. 687 : emal Says:

    i like u

  688. 688 : emal Says:

    i like yuhee the witch

  689. 689 : hanjung kim Says:

    I LOVE YOU …HAN GA IN your very beautiful actress and i like ur drama MOON EMBRACING THE SUN ..yiur the best actress…

  690. 690 : hanjung kim Says:

    I LOVE YOU …HAN GA IN your very beautiful actress and i like ur drama MOON EMBRACING THE SUN ..your the best actress…

  691. 691 : jac Says:

    A nice

  692. 692 : Mhie Says:

    Han ga in.. Your still baby face..

  693. 693 : keekhaiying Says:

    na jo wha hae yo ga in sister

  694. 694 : MBC Drama Awards 2012 Nominees and Winners Revealed! | EnteRvrexWorld Says:

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  695. 695 : jane Says:

    why are you have no korean drama in this year i really miss you

  696. 696 : umhassan Says:

    Felicitation nouvelle maman

  697. 697 : Michael Says:

    I love the drama The Moon That Embraces the Sun so much that I watched it again during the rerun. In particular, I like your portrayal of the character as someone who puts others’ need above self, even if it means enduring suffering and hardships. Keep up the good work!

  698. 698 : Raj Says:

    im a big fan of her. she is so cute and pretty. i just dont understand why she doing very less drama ..???????? its a waste to viewers like us as no one is grows younger as the days passes..

  699. 699 : Fullheart5 Says:

    Saw a news article saying she was pregnant. True or not.

  700. 700 : remy dadula Says:

    i like her she is very beautiful.i watch the moon that embraces the sun several times.sad to say she has only few dramas and movies its a waste of her talent and incomparable beauty

  701. 701 : ga in u'r so pretty.feel like want to give u a big hug. saranghae Says:

    ga in .u’r so so so pretty.u’r my idol.saranghae

  702. 702 : keetha Says:

    ga in.keep on yr work hard. i love u so much especially in the moon embracing the sun

  703. 703 : MgMg Says:

    I Love You

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