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Han Go Eun

Han Go Eun 02

Name: 한고은 / Han Go Eun
Profession: Actress and model
Birthdate: 1975-Mar-10
Height: 172cm
Weight: 50kg
Star sign: Pisces
Blood type: B
Family: One older sister and one younger sister
Talent agency: GnG Production
Education: LA Fashion Institute FIDM
Hobby: Watching movies
Debut: KFC CF (1997)

TV Series

Undercover (jTBC, 2021)
Fluttering Warning (MBN, 2018)
Should We Kiss First (SBS, 2018)
Miss Mamma Mia (KBSN, 2015)
Will You Love and Give It Away? (MBC, 2013)
Jung Yi, The Goddess of Fire (MBC, 2013)
Suspicious Family (MBN, 2012)
Me Too, Flower! (MBC, 2011)
Daughters of Bilitis Club (KBS2, 2011)
A Man Called God (MBC, 2010)
The Reputable Family (KBS1, 2010)
Can Anyone Love (SBS, 2009)
Powerful Opponents (KBS2, 2008) cameo
Woman of Matchless Beauty, Park Jung Kum (MBC, 2008)
Capital Scandal (KBS2, 2007)
Love and Ambition (SBS, 2006)
Lawyers (MBC, 2005)
Spring Day (SBS, 2005)
Jang Gil San (SBS, 2004)
More Beautiful Than a Flower (KBS2, 2004)
Bodyguard (KBS2, 2003)
That Woman Catches People (SBS, 2002)
Like Father Unlike Son (KBS, 2001)
Yunaega Jungguh (KBS, 2001)
Medical Center (SBS, 2000)
Sweet Bride (SBS, 2000)
Money.com (SBS, 2000)
Love Story (SBS, 1999)
Happy Together (SBS, 1999)
LA Arirang (SBS, 1995)


Black Hand (2015)
Sorry for the City (2009)
City of the Rising Sun (1998)


2003 KBS Acting Awards: Most Popular Actress
2001 KBS Acting Awards: Most Popular Actress
2001 KBS Acting Awards: Photogenic Award

Related Photo

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  1. 1 : Uzma Says:

    Dear Han go-eun
    I became your biggest fan when I saw your drama Scandal in old Seoul.
    You are a great performer and you are very beautiful.You and Ryu-jin
    made me cry in your drama Scandal in old Seoul I was deeply touched by both of you. I live in America and I recommended my friends Korean dramas.
    I would like to see you more in dramas.
    Good Luck!!

  2. 2 : eann Says:

    hi ms han go-eun,
    i just finished watching CAPITAL SCANDAL, and i have to say that you are such a beautiful actress there and you did great with your character. i like the way you portrayed being an assasin and at the same time a courtesan with a good heart….your team with the other actors, deserves applaud for a job well done..continue creating good series….

    more power and God bless you all….

  3. 3 : Imay Says:

    I’ve seen her video in Youtube with Song Il Gook, its titled “Sad Love Movie”
    It makes me sooo curious.. From what film that video was taken?? Coz since I watched them both in Bodyguard I always think she will make a great couple with him. So if anyone know plzzz tell me

  4. 4 : Chye Says:

    Han Go Eun,

    You’re very good. I first saw u acting in bodyguard (hope it had better ending- or may be bodyguard 2). That make me want to see all your drama.. All the best.

  5. 5 : Jitendra Kothari Says:

    Hi Han,

    You ar very beautiful. I saw you on KBS – Bodyguards. You look very very talented. The role you play is very very interesting and more so u have made it very pretty, bold, beautiful and strong. You look so intense. The other Korean actors too are too good, but you are outstanding. I live in India, and we do value good acting and performance. I must say you look like very close to some one i have known.
    Hope to see you some day.

  6. 6 : saranghae Says:

    go eun…i saw u on de drama series bodyguards…u were great…u were veri beautiful…i hope to c more of ur drama series photo n everythin tat includes u…^^

  7. 7 : Moni Says:

    I don’t understand why her such photo is posted here. There are many more nice pics of her on the web wherein she looks gorgeous. Doesn’t it look bad when we are appreciating her?

    I too saw her on “Bodyguard”, she was awesome as “Park Yu-jin”. Truly outstanding performer! I feel her eyes and smile speaks more than the words. Will be glad to see her more performance.

    She is not just a good actress but a nice human being too. Celibrities can attract masses well and the lady has contributed to various noble cause. Kind hearted and lovely girl I’ve ever seen from the glamour world. I hope she scan this site some day.

  8. 8 : sny Says:

    she’s beautiful, gorgeous and a very kind person, wish i can see her more often and her acting soon in drama’s or movies….

  9. 9 : richard says Says:

    i watch you everytime on DARE TO LOVE….you are the most gorgeous woman on earth..AND i just love the way you act….totally AWESOME

  10. 10 : rin Says:

    han go eun i find u a very attractive woman with a great talent hope to see u on dramas and movies where u are the leading actress coz u deserve it

  11. 11 : rin Says:

    pls do more projects id love to see u more

  12. 12 : rin Says:

    and want to hear more news about u

  13. 13 : saphire Says:

    hello han go eun i enjyoyed watching u act in ur dramas and u have a strong personality and a beautiful face,good height and nice body built i can say u have all the nice things in u i hope u r beautiful inside as well coz

  14. 14 : saphire Says:

    beautiful talent deserves full stardom pls take care of yourself han go eun

  15. 15 : saphire Says:

    want to see more of u pls do a romantic comedy film or drama i am now watching bodyguard and i am at episode 18 im hoping u would end up with hong kyung tak coz for me u were right with each other there ill see if it happens in the end

  16. 16 : mostafa Says:


  17. 17 : mostafa Says:


  18. 18 : sarah Says:

    hi dear go eun. you’r veru beautyful and dandy. please play a tv show or a movie with song il gook.

  19. 19 : Grace Says:

    I came from Jakarta (Indonesia) and start to began like your acting and wants to be your fan since I watched your drama “Capital Scandal” and “Can Anyone Love” …. Your are a great actress… God bless you

  20. 20 : mitra Says:

    I love you my sister.

  21. 21 : mitra Says:

    i love you.

  22. 22 : melika Says:

    you are sexy and hot i love your body

  23. 23 : melika Says:

    you are best i love your acting your face and body…

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  25. 25 : SEO Says:

    i love you – I’m definitely going to bookmark you! Thank you for your info

  26. 26 : amir Says:

    I became your biggest fan when I saw your drama a man called god
    You are a great performer and you are very beautiful.
    and i saw your body gourd tv shows more than towice

  27. 27 : amir Says:

    u are actilly beautiful actres and i think u are best beautiful actres in korea history

  28. 28 : sina Says:

    u are beautiful and hot i loooooooooooooooooooooooove u my dear

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    […] Shi Yoon as Seo Jae Hee Lee Ji Ah as Cha Bong Sun Han Go Eun as Park Hwa Young Seo Hyo Rim as Kim Dal Jo Min Ki as Park Tae Hwa Lee Ki Kwang as Jo Ma […]

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    […] Han Go Eun as Park Hwa Young […]

  32. 32 : Me Too Flower OST Part 1-5 | Says:

    […] Shi Yoon as Seo Jae Hee Lee Ji Ah as Cha Bong Sun Han Go Eun as Park Hwa Young Jo Min Ki as Park Tae Hwa Seo Hyo Rim as Kim Dal Notes: Actor Kim Jae Won was […]

  33. 33 : simolkaw Says:

    Beautiful actor

  34. 34 : Phoe Thar Says:

    Wanna watch Love Story (SBS, 1999) starring with Song Il Gook….

  35. 35 : LTM Says:

    would never forget Cha Soo Joo in Capital Scandal, thank you for your great work…

  36. 36 : yam Says:

    you’re so beautiful.i became your biggest fan.i fall in love with you.

  37. 37 : Angel Says:

    you are very beautiful and i love you

  38. 38 : Angel Says:

    woooooooow such beautiful woman ,very lovely ,very lovely

  39. 39 : sunflower Says:

    hello unni i love you very much please take care of yourself

  40. 40 : sunflower Says:

    hello unni i love you very much youare very beautiful

  41. 41 : sarangheyo ! Says:

    I am become a big fan of u after I watched your performance in Me to Flower ,,, such a big talent that you have… 🙂 keep it up ! <3

  42. 42 : Sunflower Says:

    hello unni you are verly lovely and a great actress and i love you forever

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  44. 44 : ROSE Says:

    very pretty

  45. 45 : ROSE Says:

    most beautiful korean actress

  46. 46 : ackim lyondo Says:

    hi, I like the way she talks, smiles,walks. Han go eun, am your number one fan from Zambia.

  47. 47 : ZARIMa Says:

    one of your fan now.. after watching you in CAPITAL SCANDAL and the man called god.. your superb and beautiful

  48. 48 : Beauty Says:


  49. 49 : somebody Says:

    you are very lovely

  50. 50 : somebody Says:

    i love you

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    […] Jung Jin as Lee Se Yoon Eugene as Min Chae Won Choi Won Young as Joo Yeon Shin Goo Kim Soo Mi Han Go Eun as Uhm Ki […]

  52. 52 : zeedagold Says:

    i love u unni

  53. 53 : Księgowość Says:

    Artykuł napisany przez Autora w 100% oddaje to co było tematem tekstu. Jestem tego samego zdania.

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