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Heo Yi Jae

Heo Yi Jae.jpg

Name: 허이재 / Heo Yi Jae
Profession: Actress
Birthdate: 1987-Feb-19
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Star sign: Capricorn
Education: Donguk University (majors in movies/filming)

TV Shows

You Are a Gift (SBS, 2016)
Single Dad in Love (KBS2, 2008)
Goong S (MBC, 2007)
Smile Again (SBS, 2006)
Sharp 1 (KBS2, 2003)


19-Nineteen (2009)
Girlfriends (2009)
Da Ga Po (2007)
Sunflower (2006)
A Dirty Carnival (2006)


  1. 1 : anisara Says:

    she’s beautiful and sweet

  2. 2 : jo Says:

    I love her acting and look. Her performnce in Goong S and Sunflower is awesome. She is very talented, pretty, cute, sweet and lovely. Hope that she can be the next successful actress from 2007 onwards. Wish her LUCK. She makes a great pair with Seven in Goong S, and really hope that they can be real couple in real life.

  3. 3 : lola Says:

    YAY! she’s cute and nice! lols! i totally agree wif u jo! LOL! se7en and yi jae!!:D lovesssss!! COOL MAN! GO ON YI JAE!

  4. 4 : annalou: from phils Says:

    hello! HEO YI JAE, i`m Annalou from phils. u know by the time that i found out that there was a goong S , immediately i research about it , trying so many keywords to find the english subbed of it ,but in the middle of my reseach i found out that the english subbed of the goong S is limited ,and its okay ,i promise that i`ll be patient for waiting its english subbed .i will not stop supporting goong S,i will continue research until i found the english subbed of its whole episode………hoping that my words gives u an inspiration to pursue and continue what u had started……….frankly speaking,u and seven had a good chemistry in that series……..hope that the two of u will have so many projects to come, and i wish that u will become a love team forever……

    hope that in every series u make the two of u will be the leading characters………………

    before i say goodbye i just want u to know that” WE HAD THE SAME BIRTHDATE FEBRUARY 19, AND U ARE ONLY TWO YEARS OLDER THAN ME ,BECAUSE U ARE BORN AT THE YEAR 1987, WHILE 1989 IS MY BIRTHYEAR .i was shock when i saw your birthdate on your profile….its my pleasure to know that we had the same birthdate. from now on, evertime i celebrate my birthday, i will also celebrate ur birthday……

    hope that u`ll fell the same way to……….luv u and i will continue supporting you………keep up the good work……..

    FROM UR DIEHARD FAN………ANNALOU ……………mmwwwahhhhhhhh

    regards me to seven and tell him that i will support both of u in ur career……. plssssss……good byeeeeee………….THANKS FOR PAYING YOUR ATTENTION FOR READING MY MESSAGE………..

  5. 5 : Minn Says:

    YAY! I LOVE HER!!! she is so great with se7en!! they rox! hope they can be tgt! lols! goong-s rocks no matter wad the low ratings or wad!! WE SUPPORT GOONG-S AND U! 😀

  6. 6 : deer Says:


  7. 7 : Girl86 Says:

    i think yijae has so much potential to make it big… she’s really beautiful and charming and i like her acting, it’s not bad for a newcomer…

    i dont care how people criticise her that she’s ugly and she can’t act because she’ll prove wrong sooner or later!!

    to me, she’s a wonderful shining gem to come!!! she’s beautiful inner and out!!! and i absolutely love her and se7en together! they should go out!!!

    ps: btw her horoscope is pisces and not capricorn! hope the moderator can modify it thanks~!

  8. 8 : tartmesp Says:

    Beauty is relative, so to speak. But the real essence of beauty is not only what is seen from the outside but what also radiates from the inside. And this for me is the definition of HYJ’s beauty. The purity, rawness and naturalness that eventually worked a spell on the viewers of Goong S who gave this new actress the chance to grow, transform and eventually own the character she played as Yang Soon YI, I guess, are what endeared this rare gem to the hearts of the viewers—the X factor so-to-speak. Despite the unfair and unjust criticisms that she suffered based on unfair comparisons with this and that actress, I still personally believe that she was able to pull through with her character in the series and was able to deliver in her own unique style. I would like to commend Hwang In Roe Pd for his keeness in casting her as the main lead for indeed, he made the right choice and decision, saying that it’s the clear and clean image that HYJ exudes like the waters of Sullaksan mountain which was the basis for his choosing her—clean and clear yet one could not see its depth.

    For those of you who haven’t seen her movie SUNFLOWER with Kim Rae
    Won, I recommend it as she was also good in that film.

  9. 9 : Nana Says:

    OMG! at the earlier, i didn’t like yi jae…. but, this time i’m interested with her… she’s so pretty n’ nice!

  10. 10 : casey Says:

    Heo Yi Jae and Se7en are cute together. I support Goong S!! Heo yi Jae is pretty and funny. I love her! Aza aza fighting!

  11. 11 : bear_army Says:

    good job!!!
    sorry, my teaching english very bad!
    …….ummm, your ecting in this drama, full fantastic end i like it. very really!!!
    so always spirit…………….okay!

  12. 12 : Francesco Rafa Says:

    HEO YI JAE you very beautifull and you are my picth girl in my heart. I hope i can meet with you.I can’t lie to my heart that I relly Love you.I hope you always Happy in there because if you happy, I happy too. Sorry my English Language is very bad but that’s not important because i just want say to you that I LOVE YOU.

  13. 13 : ying Says:

    she’s ugly.

  14. 14 : ying Says:

    she’s ugly

  15. 15 : shia Says:

    i like you,,,
    so do your acting
    but i think you must learn more…
    btw, i think your beautiful,, and i like your nose so much!!!
    i now it sounds weird, but you have a good shape of nose that rare people have. =P
    soo heo yi jae,,GOOD LUCK!

  16. 16 : Kate Says:

    ying, you have an ugly personality.

    ^^ HYJ is cute. Wish her the best of luck in her future projects.

  17. 17 : donna Says:

    i’m a big fan of goong…. i love it….

  18. 18 : syasmile Says:

    i like her ver much!!!!!!!!!!she is so cute.i love her acting with se7en. they are so matching!

  19. 19 : naima Says:

    hi. am from Algeria and i love her so much. she is my favourite actrice

  20. 20 : Danielle Says:


  21. 21 : koilfox.indonesia Says:

    Since first time I saw you in GOONG S, I really like you. As an actress or women. Your a perfect women….I hope I can meet you, but I know that is impossible. So I just pray for your career and personal life. I hope you happy with your life…Thanks…

  22. 22 : amktsy Says:

    love goongs

  23. 23 : be happy Says:

    i love you hyj specially in single dad in love you was a beautfull breaze for a hrd worker and sad single dad

    i like your chimestry with oh ji heo its like tom and jerry

  24. 24 : arthu Says:

    hi heo yi jae.. im ur super fans.. i watching ur movie and drama.. i like you.. muah

  25. 25 : PSHFan Says:

    hated the way u act on Goong S.. no matter how hard u tried to cry, no even a tear drop from your eyes.. it wud b better if Park Shin Hye portrayed your role..

  26. 26 : PSHFan Says:

    hated the way you act in Goong S.. for no matter how hard u tried, no even a tear drop from your eyes.. it wud b nicer if Park Shin Hye portrayed your role in Goong S..

  27. 27 : Luna Says:

    Heo JYi Jae is the worst actress that I’ve ever seen. I don’t know why the director picked her as the main actress in Single Dad in Love. Her acting is bad and there is nothing positive about it. Her acting seemed like a clown in that drama!! And what is more, she is not that pretty either!! Her faked nose looked like Pinocchio’s nose!! She is not ready to become the lead actress yet. There is so much for her to learn to catch up with other beautiful & talented actresses!!

  28. 28 : tsajable Says:

    Heo Yi Jae is a good actress and i don’t think she acts bad. It’s just my own opinion. I first saw her when I watched Goong S and for me she really played the role nice. I like her beauty. She’s really cute and she has a nice smile too. Now, I’m looking forward for her career. Hope that her career will grow and grow. I hope that someday I could see her personally so i can greet and know her. I know, just looking in her eyes that she really has a good heart. I’m now one of her fans.

  29. 29 : just call me ray Says:

    why must anyone get mean, sure those who like to look down on others, is not any better. can you really act much better than she did, when the role is given to you. grow up please.

  30. 30 : JJ Says:

    first time watching her in single dad in love & she’s annoying, why? she always have that smile on her face where i thought wasn’t appropriate for the scene! i wished they’ve chosen another actress to play Hari in Single dad, she was overacting at times!

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  34. 34 : mahsa Says:

    you are so beautiful and so sweet i like you so much and your role in goong s.

  35. 35 : mahsa Says:

    she is so beauty and so lovable . I love her so much. her smile is very beautiful. I love her role in goong s .

  36. 36 : mahsa as Says:

    she is so beauty and so lovable . I love her so much. her smile is very baeutiful. I love her role in goong s

  37. 37 : nellam Says:

    unnie,when u come to playing drama again??????ur fans really missing u……..

    from:nellam indonesia

  38. 38 : heose lover Says:

    yi jae unnie ur soo beautiful and pure actres i really love u.

    and ur fans missing u soo much

  39. 39 : heo yi jae lovers Says:

    unnie,do u know.i really love u.

  40. 40 : se7en Says:

    hi,soon yi when u come to playing drama?

    love u

  41. 41 : 7ina Says:

    im from indonesia after 5 years im ur big fan ..and now i really missing u

  42. 42 : hyj Says:

    most beautiful actresss is HEO YI JAE

  43. 43 : BEAUTY Says:

    my favorite actress:
    1.heo yi jae
    2heo yi jae
    3.heo yi jae
    4.heo yi jae

    and forever

  44. 44 : *_* Says:

    1.heo yi jae
    2.sin min ah
    3.kim tae hee
    4.ha ji won
    5.jun so min
    6.park hye jin

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