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Heo Young Saeng

Name: 허영생 / Heo Young Saeng
Profession: Singer, Dancer, DJ, MC, Actor, model
Birthdate: 1986-Nov-3
Birthplace: South Korea
Height: 178cm
Blood Type: O
KPop group: SS501

TV Dramas

I Need a Fairy (KBS2, 2012)

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  1. 1 : sarah Says:

    u r the best

  2. 2 : Heo Young Sung Says:

    sarang haeyo oppa young saeng, u are my hero

  3. 3 : REEM KHALIL (WON BIN FANS ) Says:

    i love you young seang
    iloveu verrrrrrrrrry much

  4. 4 : faezah abdullah Says:

    Young saengie……Fightingggggg!

  5. 5 : YS Says:

    i love you <3

  6. 6 : REEM KHALIL (WON BIN FANS ) Says:

    ur best of
    young seang

  7. 7 : chu Says:

    Glad to see young saeng as an actor!

  8. 8 : iyra Says:

    waiting impatiently for your drama,heo young saeng!

  9. 9 : mihi Says:

    i crazy for HYS ! i have fanclub ….
    other pis ! and i like this piss…

  10. 10 : rhen black Says:

    u know boy, u r the best! among all the Korean singers u really r the best! ^_^

  11. 11 : hime Says:

    oppa i willl support u,, love u

  12. 12 : Heo Young Sung Says:

    Young Saeng oppa, i hope you will become main character in the next new drama….and try to become good actor….do the best oppa…fighthing…

  13. 13 : Heo Young Sung Says:

    I hope korean drama write a lot about Young Saeng and put the new photo (2012) at the profile picture

  14. 14 : ngoc my Says:

    oppa heo young saeng sarang haeyo

  15. 15 : sue Says:

    I am waiting for your drama
    & hope that you will become a lead actor.

  16. 16 : sp Says:

    ooopppaaaa fightingggggggggg!!

  17. 17 : Cassy Says:

    young saeng you’re blessed with an amazing voice please take care good care of it. continue singing beautiful songs and stay humble. goodluck on your acting gigs..

  18. 18 : rainy Says:

    i just love you…

  19. 19 : Sue Says:

    he has a good voice….

  20. 20 : yukisan Says:

    u r very cute so i love u

  21. 21 : shi min Says:

    he is very friendly

  22. 22 : Vahdaneh Says:

    oh … ouri Young Saeng Oopa now has his own Korean Drama Page !!!!
    Oopa chokhae <3

  23. 23 : Donya Says:

    I Love SS501 & Korea . Chommal Saranim

  24. 24 : Heo Young Sung Says:

    Young Saeng oppa,I LOVE YOU SO MUCH…Your acting in drama so great..and do the best in bew drama…fighting

  25. 25 : Heo Young Sung Says:

    Young Saeng oppa,I LOVE YOU SO MUCH…Your acting in drama so great..and do the best in new drama…fighting

  26. 26 : nazanin Says:

    hi oopa heo young saeng the best in the world i lovvvveeee you forever

  27. 27 : nazanin Says:

    hi oopa young saeng the bet in the world.ilovvvee you forever!!!!!!!
    fighting…my loveeeee!

  28. 28 : mesa Says:

    Finally you are on the list, I should visit you here regularly the same as I have been doing in the past five years. I would looked up for you and SS501 on Youtube weekly…that’s how much I adore SS501. Keep up good work and take good care of yourself. I will continue look up for you and SS501…from Ahjumma

  29. 29 : Elyemaz Says:

    I’ve only seen a few episodes but Heo Young Saeng is as always perfect in the role. Wish the series was on a tv station here in USA so i can watch on tv instead of pc. Big screen is the best for seeing HYS perform!! RIGHT?? hehehe. If you read this post, HYS, know that your fans will always support you in all you do.

  30. 30 : farhanah Says:

    hi oppa …fighting

  31. 31 : Alice_Raven Says:

    hi …. i love you so much … fighting

  32. 32 : Heo Young Sung Says:

    Young Saeng Oppa, you are the best….SARANGHAE

  33. 33 : Mrs. Heo Young Saeng Says:

    Oppa Heo Young Saeng!! I love you with all my heart!!! I love the KPOP group you are in!! ss501 oh my gosh! I listen to it all the time!! I love the song ur man, a song calling for you/ la la la la la, deja vu and snow prince!!! I love you Heo Young Saeng!! FIGHTING!!

  34. 34 : fatima zahra and salma Says:

    I’M marocco my nams is fatima zahra may friend salma love match heo young saeng I love SS501 Wish you Twaik in both Ocheralecom and waterproof I love distillation
    Salma when Fatima Zahra

  35. 35 : imane touil Says:

    i like you but kim hyun joong is my live (love forever) yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeh kim hyun joong sunbae

  36. 36 : deza Says:

    Hey saengie!!! Im still waiting for your comeback…. <3 fighting!

  37. 37 : Aiza Sibla Says:

    Hi and wish you have a wonderful life.and don’t ever forget god is always at you’re side love you and always take care of you’re self.

  38. 38 : saravanan Says:

    ii am your fan i love u and i like songs ur ma carzy for you love like these
    fighterand love y abye heo youn sang love you

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