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Hero JaeJoong @ Kim Jae Joong

Kim Jae Joong 03

Name: 영웅재중 / Young Woong Jae Joong
Also known as: Hero Jaejoong
Japanese name: ジェジュン / Jejung
Chinese name: 英雄在中 / Ying Xiong Zai Zhong
Real name: 김재중 / Kim Jae Joong
Profession: Singer and actor
Birthdate: 1986-Jan-26
Birthplace: Gongju, Chungnam, South Korea
Height: 180cm
Weight: 63kg
Star sign: Aquarius
Blood type: O
Talent agency: SM Entertainment
KPOP group: Current member of JYJ, former member of TVXQ
Official group debut: 2003-Dec-26 at the BoA and Britney Spears Showcase (TVXQ)
Languages: Korean and Japanese

TV Shows

Manhole: Feel So Good (KBS2, 2017)
Spy (KBS2, 2015)
Triangle (MBC, 2014)
Time Slip Dr. Jin (MBC, 2012)
Protect the Boss (SBS, 2011)
Sunao ni Narenakute (Fuji TV, 2010)
Vacation (2006)
Banjun Drama (SBS, 2005)


Code Name: Jackal (2012)
Heaven’s Postman (2009)
Taegukgi (2004) cameo


2014 Korea Drama Festival Award 2014 – Top Excellence Actor: Kim Jae Joong (Triangle)
2012 MBC Drama Awards: Rookie Actor Award: Kim Jae Joong (Time Slip Dr. Jin)
2011 SBS Drama Awards: New Star Awards (Protect the Boss)
14th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix (Spring 2010): Best Supporting Actor for Sunao ni Narenakute
2nd Annual SM Entertainment “Best Competition”: 1st Place for Best Appearance

TV Show Theme Songs

Neoegen Ibyeol Naegen Gidarim (너에겐 이별 나에겐 기다림) To You It’s Separation, For Me It’s Waiting, Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010)
JYJ – Chajatda (찾았다) Found, Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010)
TVXQ – Cheon Nyeon Yeon Ga (천년연가) Thousand Year Love Song, The Legend (2007)
TVXQ – Harudal (하루달) Day Moon, Air City (2007)
TVXQ – All In Vain, Air City (2007)
TVXQ – Remember, Goong S (2007)
TVXQ – Geurigo (그리고…) Holding Back the Tears, Vacation (2006)

Related Photo

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Hero JaeJoong 20 Hero JaeJoong 21


  1. 1 : Theresa Says:

    Hero is a GREAT SINGERR! AHH.. hes sooooooo good lookin. anyways. Just saying hes bomb. 🙂

  2. 2 : -- 62 gloriawu Says:

    he’s such a beautiful guy=]
    and he’s just so CUTE!!
    love him

  3. 3 : aeyeshii Says:

    konnichiwa!!watashi wa..aeyeshii desu…kawaii…HERO sugoi!!!aishiteru!!!kio tsukete!!!sayonara!!!HERO san!!!

  4. 4 : rissa......... Says:

    ……….he`s good looking!!!!

  5. 5 : min ji Says:

    waah! i love kim jaejoong! he has an awesome voice and is just SO FREAKING AWESOME. love his smile

  6. 6 : hisfa_pink Says:

    you have a verry good voice how i wish to have a duet w/u…

  7. 7 : butterfly Says:

    nice eyes….n a good dancer…..

  8. 8 : ana Says:

    Hallo Jae, my name is ana, i come from indonesia and like to know you better, please reply my email, thanks.

    Can you give me a chance…….

  9. 9 : sammy Says:

    wow hese cute. i bet he is a good singer and actress :]

  10. 10 : qq Says:

    cool boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love u so much……….

  11. 11 : Ness Says:

    Lol, thats what im talkin about. Ah, JJ is so pretty.

  12. 12 : kate Says:

    All I can say is “HE IS MY ULTIMATE CRUSH EVER!!!!!”

  13. 13 : kate Says:

    HERO U’r so CUTE!!!

  14. 14 : kasperjane Says:

    your awesome…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i like your picture, you look good .oh i mean better.oh! how i wish i would have a chance to see you preform on stage.are you really a good dancer?

  15. 15 : chae yah...! Says:

    oppa jaejoong saranghae…!
    omg i love you so much…!
    oh how i wish i would se you in person…!
    your so handsome and very adorable….!

  16. 16 : wan sho lin Says:

    hi,glad to see u,I am chinese girl but my hometown is myanmar ,my town is ygn.I want to really friend with u,I knew u from my friend ,wherever I met,u are very handsome.U said U want to heard handsome ,not beautiful.But the one thing is u are so cute

  17. 17 : nabilah Says:

    (Iban) Aku sayau ke nuan.
    (Kenyah) Akik uva’ iku’
    (Kayan) Akui nyalam ika’
    (Bidayuh) Aku nyalau amu
    (Dusun) Muhang oku dia
    (Malay) Saya cinta kamu
    (CZECH) MiiLUJii TE
    (iiTALIAN) Tii AMO
    (GERMAN) iiSH LiiBE DiiSH
    (HAWAiiAN) ALOHA WAU iiA Oii
    (LiiTHUiiANiiAN) TAV MYLiiU
    (BOSNiiAN) VOLiiM TE
    (FiiLiiPiiNO) MAHAL KiiTA


  18. 18 : stalker Says:

    hi… u are so cute…kawii…..

  19. 19 : Jirel Says:

    hi… your so cute… can i request if can u make a drama series w/ YOON EUN HYE……….

  20. 20 : I'm Vietnamese! Says:

    Jae Joong~~~~~~~~~~He’s a wonderful singer and in the future,he ‘s a talent actor together with YUNHO,YOOCHEON,CHANGMIN,JUNSOO~~~~~~~~~~
    They and Jae Joong ‘re so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~

  21. 21 : donna Says:

    hi.. nice hair..

  22. 22 : maonhu Says:

    love your music and you’re so hot!

  23. 23 : Yas Says:


  24. 24 : big fisherman Says:

    he looks like an anime character

  25. 25 : khanh Says:

    Jaejoong…. YOu’re very adorable and cute. Be yourself!!! I like you like that, smile 🙂 YOur smile is breath-taking

  26. 26 : khanh Says:

    I love the song Purple Line, it has a great beat and music. Your voice is incredible, hero. Very glad to be your fan, I will support you always 😛 Work hard in whatever you like

  27. 27 : khanh Says:

    you rocks!!! 😉 so silly and handsome, hihihi

  28. 28 : khanh Says:

    sa rang hae yo

  29. 29 : khanh Says:

    you’re lovable….^^
    I heard you went to united states on april 17th, is it true?

  30. 30 : vy Says:

    You are a great actor and singer… You’re the bomb!!!! keep up the good work

  31. 31 : teresa Says:

    yyyouuuu are soooo hooootttt XD So wonderfully handsome and sweet, if you are the clouds then I would like to be the wind where we can be together. Forever!!!!! 😛

  32. 32 : vietnamese Says:

    em yeu anh!!!! hay co gang len nhe, anh la mot ca sinh rat la tuyet voi va co mot tam long rat la tot. Uoc gi tren doi nay co nhieu nguoi song nhu anh :*

  33. 33 : hong Says:

    I love you so much. your voice is like an angle, I love it!!! Great singing and dancing **** Awesome, you’re my man

  34. 34 : trang Says:

    You are out of this world, the most perfect guy I have ever seen. so honest!!! love you!!!!

  35. 35 : crystal Says:

    I love DBSK!!! and you are my favorite. So kawaii and handsome…

  36. 36 : jasmine Says:

    I love your golden hair, it looks so good on you!!!! You are like an anime character in my dream. Marry me!!!!!

  37. 37 : chandestine Says:

    love you^^ you make my heart melted with your hotness…
    aw… i love to see you laugh and smile

  38. 38 : joslyn Says:

    You are amazing and super sweet. I love it when you are so honest. I want a boyfriend like you. Caring and honest

  39. 39 : mandy Says:

    Wonderful hair… and eyes. You are so attractive

  40. 40 : diana Says:

    I bet you are a great kisser… :& (shy)

  41. 41 : flora Says:

    You look so cool in all your clothes, you are so my type. Cool and spicy!!!

  42. 42 : barbie Says:

    Will you marry me???? I want you to love me!!! xoxoxo

  43. 43 : elly Says:

    You are the hottest man ever, my biggest crush in the universe. Be Mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. 44 : lisa Says:

    if you are willing then be my gift, please!!!!!! 🙁 Love you so much, more than anything in this world

  45. 45 : sharon Says:

    your face is so cute and beautiful
    You are like the prince or a greek god

  46. 46 : clover Says:

    I wish I was a little older so I can have a chance with you, huhuhu 🙂 I like you a lot!!!

  47. 47 : sam Says:

    I love you and your personalities, they are so fit to your perfect face. You are the most wondrous thing on this earth. I love you completely

  48. 48 : alex Says:

    you are so dazzling…. beautiful face and beautiful eyes. I fall in love with guys like you easily. lol

  49. 49 : max Says:

    great singer and dancer super!!!

  50. 50 : kate Says:

    wow, you are so handsome… I can’t believe there is a person like you!!!

  51. 51 : jj Says:

    I love your hair and skin, how do you have such beautiful skin!!!

  52. 52 : melissa Says:

    Nice outfit, I love black!!! It looks so good on you!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. 53 : alice Says:

    Beautiful eyes, your eyes are so pretty compare to most asian. No offense

  54. 54 : girl Says:

    I heard you love to cook, I love men who know how to cook!!! and you are so cute!!!!!!! 😉

  55. 55 : cindy Says:

    you are freakin hooootttt^^

  56. 56 : amanda Says:

    I check out some of your stuff, they are so awesome. I love your laugh and omg, I love everything about you!!!!!!!!

  57. 57 : rebecca Says:

    you are so honest and cute in all the shows!!!!!!! so cute and wonderful

  58. 58 : my love Says:

    I love your songs, keep it up!!!!!! you are really talented!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  59. 59 : jaejoong_lover Says:

    I think I will move to korea just to meet you!!!!!! ahh… so hott

  60. 60 : elizabeth Says:

    In all the songs, I still like purple line the best. Great beat!!!!! Your voice, it stands out the most out of all five of you. Love it, so angelic!

  61. 61 : sweet Says:

    I love your strong-will and silly-self. They just show who you really are, hahaha, I laugh so much whenever you make a cute impression. You are so adorable
    still don’t understand how can there be people who don’t like you??

  62. 62 : theresa Says:

    you are so sexy!!!!!!!!!

  63. 63 : ilia Says:

    Love you forever!!!!!!

  64. 64 : gam Says:

    the prettiest man in the world i bet, looking at you, i feel so inferior

  65. 65 : jenny Says:

    I love all dbsk songs, they are all wonderful but why do you have so many names for one band???

  66. 66 : jelly Says:

    I love your skin!!!!!! you are like perfect, perfection…

  67. 67 : lovable Says:

    you are so lovable and handsome :*

  68. 68 : randy Says:

    wow, there are a lot of people who like you
    hm… I like you too!!!!!!!!

  69. 69 : ashley Says:

    you are so caring, I love the fact that you act as a mother for the team. So mature!!!!

  70. 70 : bethany Says:

    you are the first asian guy that I like

  71. 71 : maddie Says:

    you are so ssseeexxxyyy!!!!!!!

  72. 72 : ally Says:

    I love your hair-do, I think I like it best when it is black!!!! YOu look so cool in black

  73. 73 : rosaline Says:

    cute, adorable, handsome, and sweet…
    I can’t find a single thing that is wrong with you!! lol

  74. 74 : christian Says:

    the world is small, I hope that one day we will meet (kisses)

  75. 75 : reena Says:

    You have such nice tone of muscles, I love it!!!!!!!

  76. 76 : kiara Says:

    many times I feel like I would die if I can’t see you. please give me a chance, jaejoong 🙂

  77. 77 : donna Says:

    I love you!!!!!!!! you are like the guy of my dreams and if I were to be reborn, I want to be with YOU!!!!!

  78. 78 : vaness Says:

    wow, I bet all girls on this world would love you. You are too hooott (faint*

  79. 79 : sakura Says:

    sory, i doesn’t know english well
    ai shiteru

  80. 80 : kim Says:

    today I watch the exploration of the human body that you and DBSK went to with super junior. I love it!!!!!!
    can’t believe you eat the spicest chili without any complaint, I would die

  81. 81 : song Says:

    cute!!!!! I love the mv for purple line, you were so awesome with the dance moves.

  82. 82 : angel Says:

    I think I will visit korea for my graduation gift

  83. 83 : angel Says:

    because of you, I will visit korea

  84. 84 : kisses Says:

    I love your eyes… they are so dazzling to me hahaha, i ‘m weird

  85. 85 : love Says:

    I love you how you look like now

  86. 86 : rain Says:

    you deserve all the love, you completely fit all the descriptions that your fans give you

  87. 87 : carol Says:

    I completely agree with you rain!!!

  88. 88 : santa Says:

    I heard you wrote kiss shita mama, I love that song although it is a little sad. I never thought that you would write something so sad, it makes me cried when I listen to it

  89. 89 : ling Says:

    I love spicy food but not as extreme as you. I am still practicing and one day I will beat you in the spicy food eating contest!!! anyway, good luck and you are amazing

  90. 90 : hotness Says:

    I love you jj you are so weird, ling anyway, there is no way you can beat hero

  91. 91 : taylor Says:

    what episode on EHB did hero eats the spicest pepper, can someone tell me?

  92. 92 : nina Says:

    kawaii!!!!!!!!!! You can’t blink 😮 😉 very cute

  93. 93 : love you Says:

    u cool man!

  94. 94 : amu Says:

    i will love u 4ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOO anti-fans!

  95. 95 : utau Says:

    Your voice is so perfect and mellow …… I WILL LOVE U ALWAYS !!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. 96 : LUCHIA Says:

    Your eyes are so innocent and adorable! You are so cute!

  97. 97 : Lucia Says:


  98. 98 : HANON Says:

    Hero i heard u and Mickey wrote the song DARKNESS EYES i love that song u are so talented 😉

  99. 99 : lina Says:

    XD U ARE SO HOT U SHOULD WIN AWARDS! i hope i can go to one of your concerts one day, if my parents let me

  100. 100 : rin Says:


  101. 101 : lala Says:

    you are so goofy sometimes but that makes you more adorable!!!!!!!!
    I love you forever (kisses^^ 😉

  102. 102 : miley Says:

    You look great in all colored of hair, I wish to be attend to one of your concert soon
    I bet you will be even hotter in person 🙂

  103. 103 : lily Says:

    The way you laugh is just too cute, I like your laugh and junsu’s but I think I like yours the best. you are just the best of all in my eyes xxxxx

  104. 104 : tyler Says:

    you are great man!!! I love your dance moves, I sometimes used those moves of yours to pick up girls, hahaha

  105. 105 : stephanie Says:

    I wish I can be your best friend or someone who is close to you, you are so sweet and adorable. EVerything about you will make me happy!!

  106. 106 : harley Says:

    Who do you like? what kind of girl do you like? I can be that girl, pppllleeeaaasseee give me a chance to be with you!!!???? 🙁

  107. 107 : samanta Says:

    I have a best friend who is like your #1 fan, now…
    I love you too!!!

  108. 108 : rebecca Says:

    I am a thai girl, I love you!!! Thank you, your music really cheer me up!

  109. 109 : ali Says:

    I spend like most of my time to find more info about you and your hobbies!! you must like me or I will be mad 🙁

  110. 110 : kelly Says:

    My dream is to have a husband like you!!!! hehehehe

  111. 111 : jazz Says:

    You are so muscular, I mean you are super muscular and strong. I love it!!! CARRY Me, please? *_*

  112. 112 : sunset Says:

    do you like anyone right now? you don’t right, please say that you don’t It will makes me very sad and upset if you have some girl that you like huhuhu

  113. 113 : suset Says:

    cheer, you will be returning to korea soon, you must miss your family, have fun!

  114. 114 : medley Says:

    I like it when you play around with the other members but everytime when there are fans, you are so tense and almost uncomfortable Lol, we didn’t scare you, did we?

  115. 115 : merick Says:

    I live in america and I live in texas, visit texas sometimes, there are a lot of asian fans that would like to see you here. Please come!!

  116. 116 : kiss Says:

    I you and junsu best, you two look so close together, actually I think all of you are close to each other like brothers, i love it!!

  117. 117 : fantasica Says:

    totally, you look so cute as brothers with the members.
    What I don’t get is that there are maniacs out there who think of you guys as couple. Gross! ugh… something is wrong with the world, everyone has gone crazy

  118. 118 : ino Says:

    I think so too, sorry to all
    but i think it is really weird to think about two guys!!!
    they are cute as close friends but COUPLE? that’s a no!!!!

  119. 119 : yume Says:

    what are you talking about? they are cute as couple, have you even watch their drama, it was so funny and romantic. I love the fact and the thought that they are together, and there will be people who agree with it!

  120. 120 : star Says:

    i think not!!! Awful and disgusting thought much? don’t spoil hero’s perfection with that impure thought, i won’t forgive you!

  121. 121 : yume Says:

    forgive me? you have no right to even say that to me, fool!!!
    I like hero just as much as you do! but I think that it is cute when they are together

  122. 122 : hiro Says:

    I like you as now, back then you were too muscular and you sometimes scare me because you might be too strong. But now I like you a lot more than I used to and I didn’t thought that was possible. I like that soft and sweet look about you

  123. 123 : valentine Says:

    I love hero!! I love you now, in the past and forever!!! xxoxoxoxox

  124. 124 : sera Says:

    I find that you are lovable and beautiful in personalities. I think I have fallen for you … sign*

  125. 125 : yosh Says:

    omg, you are so skinny hero!! like 63kg, that’s less than me and people call me skinny oh gosh, you need to eat more but don’t eat too much, that’s not healthy but don’t starve yourself either just because of your career

  126. 126 : egg Says:

    egg is my favorite dish after I want the tour in paris when you were cooking eggs in the kitchen

  127. 127 : gifted Says:

    I think you are the meaning of life for most girls, especially me! thank you for your voice in the entertainment world, you make me relieve stress a lot of time

  128. 128 : love Says:

    you are so hoott? what band are you in? I can’t read chinese characters

  129. 129 : butterflies Says:

    hero is in the band called dbsk or dong bang shin ki, they are like the best band in the world, in the universe. You will love them! hihihi, welcome,

  130. 130 : red thread Says:

    I love o jung ban hap that is an awesome song. So rockish and I love the wild styles of hair that you guys have. I love yours, you look so punkish

  131. 131 : aoi Says:

    i want to try out for sm entertainment too after I become so addicted to you and admire you. but my parents don’t really let me hm… do you think i should?

  132. 132 : moon Says:

    you r super kawaii love you

  133. 133 : jelly Says:

    u hav like a great voice, i like it

  134. 134 : jen Says:

    your skin is so healthy, i am so jealous of you but love you at the same time

  135. 135 : ren Says:

    there are so many vids of you from fancam
    you are so great!! I think I will do that too if I actually went to one of your concert

  136. 136 : kirk Says:

    my favorite female singer is celine dion and then dbsk is my favorite boy band
    you guys are the greatest thing ever, keep it up and make it worldwide

  137. 137 : yes! Says:

    i download that newest song that you guys have, beautiful you
    Oh such a beautiful song, it as good as any

  138. 138 : kim Says:

    you know I have kim as my first name, i thought it is just so cool that you have your last name as my first name hehehe, I’m a dork, sorry

  139. 139 : lo0ol123 Says:

    i love u so much !!!!!!!!!
    he is soooooooooooooo cute
    thx !!!!^^

  140. 140 : popcorn14 Says:

    i love jaejoong!!! i will gonna meet him someday!!!

  141. 141 : maria avon Says:

    you cute.,but i haven know about u yet,.i will find about u

  142. 142 : Bunnick Says:

    I think you are so cute and you are goofy sometime and that is what makes u so adorable.

    I love u forever

  143. 143 : beltit Says:

    salut tout le monde, je viens d’entendre le dernier album “mirotic” et j’avoue que j’ai l’est vraiment adorer surtous la voix de junsu dans “xong nomber” vraiment il a trés bien chanter.
    tran: lol
    Hi everyone, I just heard the last album “MIROTIC” and I admit that I really adore it specially junsu’s voice in “wrong numbers” he really sang very well with a truth sensation, also the part of U-K‘s rap. The solo of HERO IT JUST GREAT,
    GOOD Luck EVERY ONE.:) 🙂

  144. 144 : beltit Says:

    salut tout le monde, je viens d’entendre le dernier album “mirotic” et j’avoue que j’ai l’est vraiment adorer surtous la voix de junsu dans “xong nomber” vraiment il a trés bien chanter.
    tran: lol
    Hi everyone, I just heard the last album “MIROTIC” and I admit that I really adore it specially junsu’s voice in “wrong numbers” he really sang very well with a truth sensation, also the part of U-K‘s rap. The solo of HERO IT JUST GREAT,
    GOOD Luck EVERY ONE. 🙂

  145. 145 : beltit Says:

    After listening to “MIROTIC” the last album “dbsk” I became a bit interested to know more. I is found is very nice and beautiful and I noticed that UK is very good leader and rap very well, the voice of Jūsų extra ordinary HERO is the most beautiful Korean I’ve seen so far, Meky is too adorable, the youngest is very mature.

  146. 146 : beltit Says:

    I will add a comment each days, as Ca suited to you to be de luxe hotel among the first in the list of the Korean artist by what I think that you deserved it.

  147. 147 : beltit Says:

    good luck in acting tooooooooooooooo 😉

  148. 148 : beltit Says:


  149. 149 : beltit Says:

    i gonna try to put comment intil 250 and i ‘ll stop 😉 good luck

  150. 150 : beltit Says:

    re hi 🙂

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    NNNNN……. ……..NNNNNNN

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  164. 164 : beltit Says:

    ☆┌─┐ ─┐☆
     │▒│ /▒/
     │▒ /▒/─┬─┐
    │▒┌──┘▒▒▒│ Happy All The Time !

  165. 165 : beltit Says:


  166. 166 : beltit Says:

    why dbsk fan’s don’t post coments her??????????

  167. 167 : beltit Says:

    I like the way u laugh, the way u smile the way speck and the way u……I like your expression when you says nothing. Just like that I like you and God bless you I wish it for a bottom of my heart. Good luck handsome little man.

    I wish to you to become a good man. :)+:)+:)

  168. 168 : beltit Says:

    ………why must i feel like that……….
    …….whay must i chase the cat………
    …………just the dog in me……………
    ……..nothin but the dog in me……….

  169. 169 : beltit Says:

    be good

  170. 170 : beltit Says:

    Be proud

  171. 171 : beltit Says:

    be honourable

  172. 172 : beltit Says:

    be a jentelman

  173. 173 : beltit Says:

    Be loved

  174. 174 : beltit Says:

    be in love

  175. 175 : beltit Says:

    be optimiste

  176. 176 : beltit Says:

    be rich

  177. 177 : beltit Says:

    Be healthy

  178. 178 : beltit Says:

    Be happy

  179. 179 : beltit Says:

    Soit honorable

  180. 180 : beltit Says:

    be with a clear conscience

  181. 181 : beltit Says:

    Be kind and good to your family and frend

  182. 182 : beltit Says:

    good bless you 🙂

  183. 183 : beltit Says:

    good bay for now 🙂

  184. 184 : beltit Says:

    ………why must i feel like that……….
    …….whay must i chase the cat………
    …………just the dog in me………………
    ……..nothin but the dog in me……….

  185. 185 : beltit Says:

    _____*yeu*_*yeu*________*yeu*_*yeu*_____ ___*yeu*______*yeu*_*yeu*_______*yeu*___ __*yeu*__________*yeu*__________*yeu*___ __*yeu*________________________*yeu*___ ___*yeu*________*LIKE._U*_____*yeu*_____ ____*yeu*____________________*yeu*______ ______*yeu*________________*yeu*________ ________*yeu*____________*yeu*__________ __________*yeu*________*yeu*____________ ____________*yeu*____*yeu*______________ ______________*yeu**yeu*________________

  186. 186 : beltit Says:


  187. 187 : beltit Says:

    안녕하세요 여러분 😉

  188. 188 : beltit Says:

    Neon nareul weonhae neon naege bbajyeo neon naege michyeo
    Neon na-ye no e I got you- Under my skin

  189. 189 : beltit Says:

    Neon nareul weonhae neon naege bbajyeo neon naege michyeo
    He eonal su eobseo I got you- Under my skin

  190. 190 : beltit Says:

    My devils ride, deoneun sumeul goti eobtjanha geurahdamyeon
    Ijen jeulgyeoboneun ke eoddeolkke I got you- Under my skin

  191. 191 : beltit Says:

    Ne ggum soke nan neol jibhaehaneun mabeobsa nae jumune
    Neon dashi geuryeojigo isseo I got you- Under my skin

  192. 192 : beltit Says:

    Yeah~ neoreul gajyeosseo You know you got it!
    Yeah~ Come on! Come on! I got you- Under my skin

  193. 193 : beltit Says:

    Han beoneui kiseuwa hamke – nali seondeuthan – kanghan ikkeurrim
    Du beoneui kiseu, ddeukebke teojyeobeoril keot kateun ne shimjangeul

  194. 194 : beltit Says:

    Hyeolgwaneul tago heureuneun sueok gae eui na-ye Crystal
    Machimnae shijakdwen byeonshineui kkeuteun na
    Igeotdo sarangeun anilkka? Oh-


  195. 195 : beltit Says:

    Ne meorissokeul pagodeuneun nalkaro un nunbit
    Na anigoseon, umjikijido anhneun Chrome heart
    Nega seontaekhan gilingeol Oh-

  196. 196 : beltit Says:

    (Neon nareul weonhae neon naege bbajyeo neon naege michyeo
    Neon na-ye no ye I got you- Under my skin)

  197. 197 : beltit Says:

    *neon nareul weonhae neon naege bbajyeo neon naege michyeo
    He eonal su eobseo I got you- Under my skin

  198. 198 : beltit Says:

    Sarangeun mweoda? mweoda! Imi sushikeo Red ocean
    Nan, breakin’ my rules again aljanha jiruhangeol
    Jogeum dachyeodo neon, kwaenchanha Oh-

  199. 199 : beltit Says:

    Shijakeun dalkomhage, pyeongbeom hage naege kkeullyo
    Eonjena geuraettdeushi meonjeo mal eul geoleowa
    Modeun ganeungseong, yeoleodweo Oh-

  200. 200 : beltit Says:

    parole de : mirotic (under mu skin)

  201. 201 : beltit Says:

    Shijakeun dalkomhage, pyeongbeom hage naege kkeullyo
    Eonjena geuraettdeushi meonjeo mal eul geoleowa
    Modeun ganeungseong, yeoleodweo Oh-

    Sarangeun mweoda? mweoda! Imi sushikeo Red ocean
    Nan, breakin’ my rules again aljanha jiruhangeol
    Jogeum dachyeodo neon, kwaenchanha Oh-

    *neon nareul weonhae neon naege bbajyeo neon naege michyeo
    He eonal su eobseo I got you- Under my skin
    Neon nareul weonhae neon naege bbajyeo neon naege michyeo
    Neon na-ye no ye I got you- Under my skin

    Ne meorissokeul pagodeuneun nalkaro un nunbit
    Na anigoseon, umjikijido anhneun Chrome heart
    Nega seontaekhan gilingeol Oh-

    Hyeolgwaneul tago heureuneun sueok gae eui na-ye Crystal
    Machimnae shijakdwen byeonshineui kkeuteun na
    Igeotdo sarangeun anilkka? Oh-


    Han beoneui kiseuwa hamke – nali seondeuthan – kanghan ikkeurrim
    Du beoneui kiseu, ddeukebke teojyeobeoril keot kateun ne shimjangeul
    Yeah~ neoreul gajyeosseo You know you got it!
    Yeah~ Come on! Come on! I got you- Under my skin
    les parole de mirotic (under my skin): enjoy it:

    Ne ggum soke nan neol jibhaehaneun mabeobsa nae jumune
    Neon dashi geuryeojigo isseo I got you- Under my skin
    My devils ride, deoneun sumeul goti eobtjanha geurahdamyeon
    Ijen jeulgyeoboneun ke eoddeolkke I got you- Under my skin
    Neon nareul weonhae neon naege bbajyeo neon naege michyeo
    He eonal su eobseo I got you- Under my skin

    Neon nareul weonhae neon naege bbajyeo neon naege michyeo
    Neon na-ye no e I got you- Under my skin

  202. 202 : beltit Says:

    ^___^ love dis song! dbsk rockz!

  203. 203 : beltit Says:

    love you so much…

  204. 204 : beltit Says:

    bellisimo… i love his voice….

  205. 205 : beltit Says:

    + ke 5 message é Hero sera ds la liste des “most commented” courage

  206. 206 : beltit Says:

    hero, i know that you have more than 6 million fans but in this site web I’m you best fan

  207. 207 : myaou Says:

    I want hero name will in the list of the most commented me too..

  208. 208 : nanou Says:

    wow plus ke 3 messages: hero I love u for ever.hero Go GO gO…

  209. 209 : nanou Says:

    DBSK for ever, you are the best…

  210. 210 : nanou Says:

    hero my lovely hero. i’m yours..

  211. 211 : mayra Says:

    i can be your hero baby…

  212. 212 : beltit Says:

    I can be your hero.

  213. 213 : beltit Says:

    You can take my breath away.
    You can take my breath away.

  214. 214 : beltit Says:

    I can kiss away the pain.
    And I will stand by you forever.

  215. 215 : beltit Says:

    I can be your herooo…

  216. 216 : beltit Says:

    I will stand by your forever.
    You can take my breath away.

  217. 217 : beltit Says:

    I can be your hero, baby…
    I can kiss away the pain…

  218. 218 : beltit Says:

    I don’t care…
    You’re here tonight.

  219. 219 : beltit Says:

    Am I in too deep?
    Have I lost my mind?

  220. 220 : beltit Says:

    Oh, I just want to hold you……
    I just want to hold you…..

  221. 221 : beltit Says:

    I will stand by you forever……..
    You can take my breath away…….

  222. 222 : beltit Says:

    I can be your hero, baby………….
    I can kiss away the pain………..

  223. 223 : beltit Says:

    I don’t care……………
    You’re here tonight………………

  224. 224 : beltit Says:

    Am I in too deep??
    Have I lost my mind??

  225. 225 : beltit Says:

    Or would you lie???
    would you run and hide???

  226. 226 : beltit Says:

    Would you swear
    that you’ll always be mine?

  227. 227 : beltit Says:

    I will stand by you forever………….
    You can take my breath away……….

  228. 228 : beltit Says:

    I can be your hero, baby.
    I can kiss away the pain.

  229. 229 : beltit Says:

    for the one you loved?
    Hold me in your arms, tonight.

  230. 230 : beltit Says:

    Oh please tell me this.
    Now would you die

  231. 231 : beltit Says:

    Would you tremble…………..
    if I touched your lips?………..

  232. 232 : beltit Says:

    if you saw me cry???
    And would you save my soul, tonight????

  233. 233 : beltit Says:

    and never look back?…….
    Would you cry……………..

  234. 234 : beltit Says:

    Would you dance
    if I asked you to dance?
    Would you run

  235. 235 : beltit Says:

    Would you dance
    if I asked you to dance?
    Would you run
    and never look back?
    Would you cry
    if you saw me cry?
    And would you save my soul, tonight?

    Would you tremble
    if I touched your lips?
    Would you laugh?
    Oh please tell me this.
    Now would you die
    for the one you loved?
    Hold me in your arms, tonight.

    I can be your hero, baby.
    I can kiss away the pain.
    I will stand by you forever.
    You can take my breath away.

    Would you swear
    that you’ll always be mine?
    Or would you lie?
    would you run and hide?
    Am I in too deep?
    Have I lost my mind?
    I don’t care…
    You’re here tonight.

    I can be your hero, baby.
    I can kiss away the pain.
    I will stand by you forever.
    You can take my breath away.

    Oh, I just want to hold you.
    I just want to hold you.
    Am I in too deep?
    Have I lost my mind?
    I don’t care…
    You’re here tonight.

    I can be your hero, baby.
    I can kiss away the pain.
    I will stand by your forever.
    You can take my breath away.

    I can be your hero.
    I can kiss away the pain.
    And I will stand by you forever.
    You can take my breath away.
    You can take my breath away.

    I can be your hero.

  236. 236 : beltit Says:

    this song it just for hero
    it swit him well 🙂

  237. 237 : beltit Says:

    ☆┌─┐ ─┐☆
     │▒│ /▒/
     │▒ /▒/─┬─┐

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     │▒│ /▒/
     │▒ /▒/─┬─┐

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    ☆┌─┐ ─┐☆
     │▒│ /▒/
     │▒ /▒/─┬─┐
    │▒┌──┘▒▒▒│ peace and love!

  240. 240 : beltit Says:

    a l’amour comme a la guerre tt é permi 🙂 lol

  241. 241 : anika Says:

    i love hero jaejoong.. so cute!

  242. 242 : beltit Says:

    hi 🙂 your are so handsom 🙂

  243. 243 : beltit Says:

    fitting 😉

  244. 244 : beltit Says:

    if you wanna see mv mirotic in HQ clik in here:

  245. 245 : beltit Says:

    good neight 🙂

  246. 246 : beltit Says:

    with sweet dreams 😉

  247. 247 : mogii Says:

    hi i*m from mongolia my e-mial [email protected]

  248. 248 : mogii Says:

    i*m big big fan i like songs

  249. 249 : mogii Says:

    ok hi oroi mend sms write ok

  250. 250 : beltit Says:

    hi 🙂

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    ☆┌─┐ ─┐☆
     │▒│ /▒/
     │▒ /▒/─┬─┐

  252. 252 : beltit Says:

    🙂 good luck evry one,

  253. 253 : beltit Says:

    good life to you

  254. 254 : beltit Says:

    peace upon you 🙂

  255. 255 : beltit Says:

    aniong ha se yo 🙂

  256. 256 : paeijoongie Says:

    my lovely Joongie-ah! When is “Dating on Earth” gonna be screened? It’s taking such a long time! I’m so looking forward to it! 🙂

  257. 257 : Anel Says:

    Красавчик!!!!!!! но Эрик Мун лучше!!!!!!! Потому,что я его люблю!!!!!!

  258. 258 : jennifer Says:

    wow…actually we have the same birth date including the year…never thought I have one untill seeing this….good luck buddy…he is cute

  259. 259 : resthi Says:

    HERO HERO HERO>> annyeoung hasseyo! kumbate yo.. saranghamida! hope to chat with you soon.. take care!

  260. 260 : resthi Says:

    before i forget. here’s my email address.. [email protected]

  261. 261 : nYcQ_tYcO Says:

    sarangheyo oppa…. i really luv u n TVXQ… u really hav the complete package….. i luv u Hero… also Yunho, Max, Micky, n Xiah…..

  262. 262 : tvxq 4eva Says:

    jae joong..
    love u alll…
    good luck 4 your group…

  263. 263 : amber Says:

    hi Hero ^^.u are so handsome and cute.i love u v^^

  264. 264 : Sparky Says:

    You all are just so gorgeous! I’m going blind from your awsomeness!!!!:P
    Have good lives and good luck on your songs( I love them!!!!!!) Remember you shine bright!

  265. 265 : Tin-tin Says:

    Annyong haseyo, Jaejoong oppa!

    I didn’t know that you now have the title “actor” on your profile… Good luck!
    Please know that I will always support Dong Bang Shin Ki (also known as TVXQ, TVfXQ and Tohoshinki).

    I like all of the group’s songs as well as everyone’s solo! ^_^
    Dong Bang Shin Ki Fighting! ^_^

  266. 266 : aishitee Says:

    we r your friends…..
    i love u so much,,,

  267. 267 : beltit Says:

    Happy anniversary jj , hope that you will found what you looking for in this life best wish and happy new life in this year god bless you all good luck dbsk fighting
    ☆┌─┐ ─┐☆
     │▒│ /▒/
     │▒ /▒/─┬─┐
    │▒┌──┘▒▒▒│ with all my love

  268. 268 : Emine Says:

    Hey!!Happy birthday Hero Jae Joong!
    Have an awesome birthday.
    You’re the best 🙂 😉

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    happy birthday!

    wish you all the happiness in life..
    goodluck to you and your group..
    take care..


  270. 270 : beltit Says:

    hi jj good luck in your movie i’m sure that you are a great actor, best wish jj

  271. 271 : Laura Says:

    Happy birthday Hero!
    Tugan kunimen!!!
    Men seni suiemin!

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  273. 273 : beltit Says:


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  275. 275 : ni-umma Says:

    i’m jj oppa’s ex 😀 ur all jelous now rite jk i wish i was i’m just a dumb person like u all that have no life 😀 antis and flames welcome 😀

    ps i’m dating micky and u-no on the side yay me 😀

  276. 276 : flytvxq Says:

    fly tvxq and the third mirotic concert was really great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i luv u

  277. 277 : :) Says:

    oppa i love you 🙂
    come to americA!

  278. 278 : hi Says:


  279. 279 : ms.hero Says:

    i cant wait for ur drama to come out 🙂

  280. 280 : sarang Says:

    🙂 hwaiting!!!!

  281. 281 : jaejoonglovee Says:

    tvxq gluck in japan!!
    dont get too tired 🙂
    himnae oppa!!!

  282. 282 : Anonymous Says:

    you and hyunjoong oppa are good freinds 🙂
    thats so cool

  283. 283 : !! Says:

    HAHAHA oppa saranghae!!!

  284. 284 : mirotic Says:

    i wanted to go to the concert!!!!
    too bad i dont live in korea 🙁

  285. 285 : mydream Says:

    my dream is to meet you 🙂
    your so amazing!

  286. 286 : jaejoongiee Says:

    your friends are so lucky to be near someone like you:)

  287. 287 : survivor!!! Says:

    i cant wait for the next tvxq album

  288. 288 : song Says:

    its such a catchy song 🙂

  289. 289 : santa Says:

    i love your voice!!!

  290. 290 : :) Says:

    you have such a pure sweet voice
    i love it when you sing!

  291. 291 : Anonymous Says:

    i love you 🙂

  292. 292 : jaejoonggg Says:

    i cant for your drama to come out!!
    i bet your going to be so good
    your so good at everything you do 🙂

  293. 293 : jaejoong!! Says:

    hii your my hero!

  294. 294 : hero Says:

    whens your japanese album coming out!
    i cant wait 🙂

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    ☆┌─┐ ─┐☆
     │▒│ /▒/
     │▒ /▒/─┬─┐

  298. 298 : hero Says:

    🙂 i loveeee you!!!

  299. 299 : hero Says:

    hows life in japan rite now?

  300. 300 : hero Says:

    i want to make you a yummy cake 🙂

  301. 301 : hero Says:

    with all my love:)

  302. 302 : hero Says:

    dbsk hwaiting!

  303. 303 : hero Says:

    whenever you are feeling lonely or
    sad think about your fans 🙂
    we will always be here for you!

  304. 304 : ABRAR Says:

    hi hero
    i am Abrar from K S A
    i am watching you just in net
    Amazing crow
    i wash vist korea
    you- K now – makciy -max -Xiah
    very cute
    good luck verey time

  305. 305 : ariri_sHjOoNy:P Says:

    my HerO
    Im 최래늘 ~sHjOoN from k.s.a
    I Love U~~ so so so so much and I love TVXQ so much U-knoW and xiah and max and makciy

  306. 306 : nat Says:

    i love u jaaejoong!!!!
    u are so handsome and cute

  307. 307 : hero Says:


  308. 308 : moonGee Says:

    Luvin’ Hero 4rever……………………………..

  309. 309 : Lan Huong Says:

    Hero ak? I was impressed by your singing at the first time! From then nobody is in my heart but you.I often listen to you sing every day and miss u so much.I wish someday I would meet you with many wonderful things…I dream to be with you forever…I know my dream is difficult to come true …But I wont give up.Because I can see you smile and sing every day.Because I can talk to you through my pictures of you in my room.And finally because I love you – an endless love ,not as same as others. Although I am a Vietnamese,an asian girl,and I only know speak English and VNese, I will learn to speak Korean certainly. I don’t worry about debut in the future.I don’t mind difficulty.I will try my best.All is for you.Because I love you indeed.
    I have been trying to study better and improve my personality.I will be a good girl in the future and be willing to see you.I know you are trying your best too.I know after your smile is your effort.So we both try our best.All is for our happiness …
    I wish you could read my messages and know how I love you.Will you wait for me,won’t you?Your girlfriend is somewhere far from you.But it is no problem.It it right ?
    I will try my best to come my dream.I will do all things for you. Because I love you, love forever, an endless love.Believe and wait for me…I belive that we belong together! I sure that.And the only thing I always want to say to you that I love you so much!Love forever…Never change!!!Hero Kim Jae Joong.

  310. 310 : Lan Huong Says:


  311. 311 : Lan Huong Says:

    Baby,today I was sad.It rained when i was crying…lonely…I wish you were here…but it is a dream…Hero ak, do you know I miss you so much…Day by day…and someday you will be with me forever,,,I believe that…Jae Joong sarangheo…Kim Jae Joong

  312. 312 : Lan Huong Says:

    Today I listened to you sing so much.You sing very beautifully.Though I dont understand Korean ,I can feel your love in every song. Words fail me…I miss and love you so much…Kim Jae Joong

  313. 313 : Lan Huong Says:

    Hero ! Moi ngay sau khi hoc bai xong em lai muon len cac web doc nhung tin nhan cac fan gui cho anh va cung ho viet nhung tin nhan den anh !Em vui khi co rat nhieu girls tren the gioi nay ham mo anh…Hi! Anh giau co that day!Cuoc song cua anh luon tran ngap tinh yeu cua moi nguoi.EM nguong mo anh lam va dieu do lam cho em thay minh phai co gang nhieu hon.
    Ui!Ngo that!Toi qua em viet mot message cho anh bang tieng anh va chieu nay em doc thay no da bi dich sang tieng viet!Hi!EM tuong co nguoi copy lai chu!UI nguong wa hero ak?Nhung ma nguoi ta dich cha gjong may nhung gj em viet cho anh ca Hero.Trui hok bit dau!
    Sang nay sau khi em hoc bai xong ,dinh xuong xem anh hat thi dung luc do lai mat dien moi tuc chu!Thui hok sao em se xem anh hat trong chiec ipod cua em vay!Nhung du gj uoc mo cua em van la duoc ngoi ben anh va nghe anh hat mot lan co!Ak hok phai mot lan ma la mai mai…Chu chi ngam anh qua tivi the nay chan lam…Nhung hok sao !Uoc mo do se som thanh hien thuc trong tuong lai thui phai hok anh nhi ?
    Hok bit gjo nay o ben Han Quoc anh dang lam j nhi? Hi moi luc buon em lai ngoi nghi nhu vay day!Hok bit anh co bit co mot nguoi con gai luon co gang hoc va song dep hon vi anh hok nhi?Anh co bit co mot nguoi luon ngoi viet tin nhan cho anh moi ngay hok nhj!Du nguoi do biet tin nhan cua co ay se chang biet den khi nao anh se doc duoc nua.
    Nhung em tin la nhung dong tin cua co gai lac quan do la em day se mot ngay den voi anh.Boi em biet hok co gj la hok the khi ta da dam uoc mo phai hok anh…Em tin la nhu vay anh nhi! Anh hay co vu cho em nhe!
    Anh biet hok? Gio em dang bi om .Em muon bat khoc oa len vi thay dau va con vi thay nho anh hok chiu duoc nua.Em hok the chiu duoc cam gjac co don do.Nhung roi khi em nhin len tam anh anh dang cuoi trong phong em.EM cam thay vui len rat nhieu.Duong nhu anh dang mim cuoi voi em va dong vien em co len vay.Anh nhu muon bao em hok duoc khoc ma phai co gang len.ANh biet em lac quan lam ma phai hok? Em tin la anh biet duoc dieu do…
    Khong biet bao gjo nhung tin nay moi den duoc voi anh nhi?Nhung du no co den duoc hay hok em cung viet.Boi vi don gjan la em yeu a.Em muon viet tat ca nhung gj ve nguoi em yeu…Va Em tin se co mot ngay anh se doc duoc nhung dong nay va hieu duoc tinh cam cua em.Em tin la vay.Moi ngay gan day thoi anh nhi!
    Mai la thu 2 rui.Lai mot tuan moi bat dau.ANh hay co gang nhieu len nhe!EM cung vay!Boi co co gang thi moi co thanh cong duoc phai hok anh?ANh hay co gang nhieu len nhe!Em se luon dung sau va co vu cho anh!Em se cho anh ,cho mot ngay a den don em.Em tin la nhu vay.Em tin rang chung ta thuoc ve nhau anh nhe!
    Va dieu cuoi cung em muon noi voi anh.Dieu duy nhat em luon muon anh nghe duoc moi ngay.Dieu sau tham trong tim em luon danh den anh la: Em yeu anh .I love you forever!Hero Kim Jae Joong…An endless love!

  314. 314 : Lan Huong Says:

    Hero jae Joong ak I miss you so much.!Mong mot ngay nao do khi som mai thuc day em se doc duoc nhung dong tin nhan tra loi cua anh…Em tin la nhu vay!Ngay do se som den thui phai hok Hero?
    Em yeu anh nhiu…

  315. 315 : Lan Huong Says:

    hero ak, can you reply my message tomorrow? I am looking forward to receiving your message every day…I miss you…Not you is lonely…

  316. 316 : Lan Huong Says:

    massugu futari wo terashita
    yuuyake kirameiteru
    ma made kanjita koto nai kurai
    mune no fukaku ga atsui
    hitori demo heikisante
    iikikase nagara
    jibun ni uso wo tsuite
    sugoshite kita keredo
    korekara wa kimi dake wo hanasanai
    nandomo nandomo okuruyo
    kimi ga sagashiteiru mono
    mayoi mo subete wo tokashite
    ikite ikou FOREVER LOVE
    sakamichi nagai kageyosete
    nigitta te no kanshoku
    yasashiku yawarakaku setsuna sa wo
    keshite yuku mitai datta
    donna mirai egaiteru no
    osanai koro no kimi no sugata wo sora ni
    ukabete mitsuketa ichiban boshi
    ima kimi ni ageyou
    nandomo nandomo utauyo
    taisetsu na kimi no tameni
    kono yo de hitotsu no tashikana
    takara mono BELIEVE IN LOVE
    You’re the only love
    tatoe donna toki datte
    mamori nuku jishin aru sa
    kokoro ni sasatta toge wo
    nuita nara dakiatte
    hateshinai yume wo miyou
    nandomo nandomo kanaeyou kimi ga nozomu koto subete
    kono yo de hitotsu no tashikana kagayaki wo BELIEVE IN LOVE
    nandomo nandomo okuruyo kimi ga sagashiteiru mono
    mayoi no subete wo tokashite ikite yukou futari de
    You’re the only love forever

    Shining right before our eyes,
    The glittering sunset
    Inside my chest, a profound love
    Like nothing I have ever felt before

    If I say to myself that I’m fine on my own,
    I’m telling a lie

    I’ve been passing time like this,
    But from now on,
    You’re the only one I’ll never part from

    Time and time again
    I’ll send it to you, what you’re looking for
    All your hesitation will melt away,
    Let’s live and FOREVER LOVE

    With shadows inching closer on a steep path,
    The feel of your clasped hand
    It seemed like that gently, tenderly erased the pain

    What kind of a future are you painting?
    The image of your young self
    Finding the first star of the evening
    Now, I’ll give it to you

    Time and time again I’ll sing for you, my precious one
    The single most undeniable treasure in this world,

    You’re the only love forever

    No matter when
    I’m confident that I’ll protect you forever
    The thorns stuck deep within your heart
    If they’re pulled out, I’ll hold you close
    An endless dream

    Time and time again I’ll grant it for you,
    Everything that you wish for
    The single most undeniable brilliance in this world,
    Time and time again I’ll give it to you,
    What you’re looking for
    All your hesitation will melt away
    And let’s live, together

    You’re the only love forever Đăng nhập để xem lời dịch

  317. 317 : ABRAR Says:

    lan you words very nice
    from you herat you really love kim joong
    i am love kim joong very much
    i dream about him and thinking about him too
    ah cain meet you kim joong soon but i can not
    lan you have hope big in you heart
    kim joong my heart is be sad beacuse not see say i love you
    lan you luck girl beacuse you can see kim joong &me in k s a mean is for a way
    pleasse kim joong reaply my masseage
    i love you for ever

  318. 318 : Lan Huong Says:

    Hero ak!Today I sing Forever love…I like it.But I miss you and wonder why you dont reply me message…I love you so much…

  319. 319 : Lan Huong Says:

    Hero Kim jae Joong !you are the apple pf my eye…

  320. 320 : Lan Huong Says:

    Hero Kim jae joong…I cant stop missing you…The more I miss and love you, the more I try …Certainly, We belong together…i believe…Forever love

  321. 321 : Lan Huong Says:

    I love you as not usual girls…I love you…Believe me…I will wait for you every day….I belive my dream will come true in the near future…I love you…If you also believe that…,reply me message …Baby Hero

  322. 322 : Lan Huong Says:

    you are the only love forever………..Baby Jae Joong

  323. 323 : Lan Huong Says:

    Baby! this morning i dont have to go to school.I am glad.I can listen to you sing many hours without doing excercise…I am happy to read people’s message for you.You are lucky to have much love all over the world.I am too.I als love you and miss you so much…I wonder when you will read my message and reply it…anxious!!!What are you doing now Hero? You are practicing or sleep in bed late???I know that you dont like going out in the rain…Do you know?Now it is raining here…And this makes me miss you more…I stay in bed and listen to yous songs…Yous voice is sweet………and….warm…I like it very much…..I sing your songs..Hi but I cant sing as beautifully as you do…When you will teach me to sing…I miss you and only want to look your photos in my room and say that I miss you so much…Can you hear?Baby Kim Jae Joong

  324. 324 : Lan Huong Says:

    Hero ak!Do you know? All my friends like U-Know.Because he is very strong and dynamic..And only I like you.I also why I love you so much.I am impressed by you at the frist time.Your hairstyle and voice…I like all.I feel that you are sweet with cool eyes.I like your eyebrow.It is very beautiful…I read much information about you.And I know you always try your best. Difficulty cant prevent you.You are very powerful…I like it.You are not only handsome but also kind.I believe you will understand my love…I only want to say that .Kim Jae Joong…Your singing make me love my life more……….And love you more……………

  325. 325 : Lan Huong Says:

    Jae Joong ak! You said that you like the girls who have beautiful hands and foot.I will take care of them beautifully……………..Because I love you.I will do all for you………..

  326. 326 : Lan Huong Says:

    Hero Jae Joong ak! You said to your future wife that you wont stay out every night ,didnt you? Never…I believe that your promise is realistic…
    I believe that you will be a good husband…You can cook good meals for your wife and love her forever………….and I also believe that you will say these words to me……….I believe you and love you so much! Baby Hero

  327. 327 : Lan Huong Says:

    Hero Kim Jae Joong ak!

    E muon lam chiec giuong trong can phong cua anh cho du chi 1 ngay

    E muon cho anh nhung giac ngu ngon

    Am ap trong vong tay e

    E muon biet tung chut mot ve anh du chi la qua nhug tieng thi tham khe khe

    Vi anh e se luon chien thag tham chi la doi dau voi con quy trong giac mo cua anh

    Neu 1 ngay trong cuoc song cua e k co anh

    E khong biet se phai vuot qua chung bag j

    E rat to mo muon biet rag anh thuc su yeu e nhieu nhu the nao

    E muon lam 1 trang giay trong cuon nhat ky cua anh

    De lap day cam xuc e boi nhug dieu bi mat cua anh

    E muon lam con meo con cua anh cho du chi 1 ngay

    Anh se cho no nhug ly sua am va nhe nhag om no

    Ngam nhin anh dua nghich voi no

    Va dat len no mot nu hon dang yeu

    E doan la e se cam thay co chut j do ghen ti

    Cam xuc cua e la nhu the day

    Anh la nguoi duy nhat co the nhan thay dieu do

    Khong co j quan trong viec e nhin thay ai

    Hay e dang o dau

    E chi nhin thay duy nhat minh anh

    E muon lam nguoi yeu cua anh du chi 1 ngay

    E co the nghe anh ke ve moi thu tham chi ca nhung loi phan nan

    Chi anh duoc the ma thoi

    Trong trai tim e,trong tam hon e

    Cho du tinh yeu van la thu j do luon luan quan trong e

    Thi e van muon danh cho anh tat ca moi thu tren the gioi

    Tham chi neu no chi co trong nhug giac mo

    Cam xuc cua e la nhu the day

    Va neu nhu e chi co the dung nhin thoi

    E se van thay thoai mai,e van hanh phuc

    Cho du e k co

    Cho den khi e dc o canh anh bat cu luc nao

    E muon lam nguoi yeu cua anh mai mai

    E muon dong bang thoi gian lai de anh mai nam lay tay e

    Va chug ta co the luu lai do “Mai Mai”

  328. 328 : Lan Huong Says:

    I called you today just to hear you say
    You were not around
    When the message was through, though I wanted to
    I couldn’t make a sound
    I wanna tell you the things I’ve seen
    I wanna take you to where I’ve been
    And I wish you were here with me
    Don’t you know

    I really miss you – yes I do – yeah
    I really miss you
    Ohhhh yeah I do

    I’m writing to say I had a wonderful day
    Hangin’ with my friends
    But the memory dies as the sun reach the skies
    I’m alone again
    I wanna tell you the weather is fine
    When the night comes around you were on my mind
    And I wish you were here with me
    Don’t you know

    I really miss you – yes I do – yeah
    I really miss you – yes I do – I miss you
    I really miss you Ohhhh yeah I do

    I wanna tell you the things I’ve seen
    I wanna take you to where I’ve been
    And I wish you were here with me
    Oh, don’t you know

    I really miss you – yes I do – yeah
    I really miss you – I miss you

    I called you today just to hear you say
    You were not around
    When the message was through, though I wanted to
    I couldn’t make a sound
    I’m writing to say I had a wonderful day
    Hangin’ with my friends
    But the memory dies as the sun reach the skies
    I’m alone again

  329. 329 : Lan Huong Says:

    Hôm nay, em đã gọi cho anh chỉ để nghe được giọng nói của anh
    Nhưng anh đã không có đó
    Khi mà nhưng tin nhắn như vô tận, và em chỉ mong như thế

    Em không thể thốt lên lới nào
    Em muốn kể cho anh nghe mọi việc em đã thấy
    Em muốn d8at1 anh đến những nơi mà em đã đến
    Và em ước gì anh có ở đây với em
    anh không biết điều đó chăng

    Em thật sự nhớ anh – vâng rất nhớ
    Em thật sự rất nhớ anh
    Rất nhớ

    Em đang viết lại một ngày tuyệt vời của em đây
    Thú vui cùng những người bạn
    Nhưgn những ký ức dường như nhạt nhòa như ánh mặt trời trong vòm trời bao la
    Em lại cô đơn một lần nữa
    Em chỉ muốn nói cho anh biết rằng thời tiết lúc này đẹp lắm
    Màn đêm bao phủ quanh em như trong những gì em đã nghĩ
    Và em ước gì anh ở đây cùng em
    Anh có biết điều đó không

    Em thật sự nhớ anh – vâng rât nhớ
    Em thật sự nhớ anh – vâng rất nhớ – em nhớ anh
    Em rất nhớ anh

    Em muốn kể cho anh nghe những gì em đã thấy
    Muốn dắt anh đến những nơi mà em đã từng đến
    và em ước gì anh ở đây bên em
    anh có biết điều đó không?

  330. 330 : Lan Huong Says:

    When the blinding light
    Of the morning comes
    I open the eyes of love and sing
    For only you !Baby Hero

  331. 331 : Lan Huong Says:

    Darling JAE JOONG !For you, I love you only you
    Filled with my restless heart
    With words smoother than the fragrant scent of coffee
    I look towards you

    Do you know darling?
    I know you feel it too
    The words of your heart is “love”
    I hear it now
    I see it now
    This timid feeling that is more beautiful
    Than any flower

    Look towards me
    Hold my hands tightly
    Such a happy feeling,
    Such a blinding fate
    I smile at the scent of love

  332. 332 : Lan Huong Says:


  333. 333 : Lan Huong Says:

    what are you doing now? Hero Jae Joong! Do you know there is a person missing you and waiting for your message every day ? Hero…………….

  334. 334 : Lan Huong Says:

    BABY HERO ! I love you, please say
    You love me too, these three words
    They could change our lives forever
    And I promise you that we will always be together
    Till the end of time

  335. 335 : Lan Huong Says:

    Take me to your heart, take me to your soul
    Give me your hand before I’m old
    Show me what love is – haven’t got a clue
    Show me that wonders can be true HERO JAE JOONG

  336. 336 : Lan Huong Says:

    Và tất cả những gì tôi cần là một người có thể
    khiến những giai điệu du dương.

  337. 337 : Lan Huong Says:

    Và tất cả những gì tôi cần là một người có thể
    khiến những giai điệu du dương.JAE JOONG

  338. 338 : Lan Huong Says:

    It feels like nobody ever knew me until you knew me
    Feels like nobody ever loved me until you loved me
    Feels like nobody ever touched me until you touched me
    Baby nobody, nobody,until you HERO KIM JAE JOONG

  339. 339 : Lan Huong Says:

    Baby HERO life was good to me
    But you just made it better

  340. 340 : Lan Huong Says:

    Hero ak! I have just cooked a good meal.i wish you could taste it ! I will try to cook better than you .Hi ! But i like you cook for me more.woa !delicious ! mumy………………..I love you baby jae joong

  341. 341 : Lan Huong Says:

    ABRAR i like you because you understand my love for Hero. I think we all love Hero…………forever……………..I never change.

  342. 342 : Lan Huong Says:

    Baby Jae Joong !What are you doing ? I miss you so much

  343. 343 : Lan Huong Says:

    Darling Hero ak! the more time passes,the more I love and miss you………………….you are the only love forever

  344. 344 : Lan Huong Says:

    Jae Joong ak! now what are you doing? Have you had your meal? today it is cold…I wish you could be here…………I want to sit next to you looking at the stars………………Woa tonight there is many stars………..it is cool………..I am seeing in the sky and wish you good luck…………Do you feel ?

  345. 345 : Lan Huong Says:

    Balloons………………..Woa……………………I like them ……………Hi specially, like seeing you play with them,Hero……………..

  346. 346 : ABRAR Says:

    hi l hero
    hi lan
    thank you
    i Know that
    lan i can not have hero because i am arabic not Asia
    but it is time thinking About hero and i rembmbr can not see hero
    really i cry and my heart is sad
    i wish see hero soon no poroplem a way i want just see him and tuch hand
    and say him i love you forever
    i wish make me smail
    hero pleasse be my smail
    i love you

  347. 347 : Lan Huong Says:


  348. 348 : Lan Huong Says:


  349. 349 : ABRAR Says:

    hi hero
    right i love you so much
    but you not my
    you have girls love you
    so you see me ont love me
    you know whay
    because i am Arabic
    right iam beutaful
    you not love Arabic girls
    but i love you
    i wish you sit with me just for one day
    lan pleasse love hero so much

  350. 350 : Lan Huong Says:

    Hero ak! Have you been busy recently? Why dont you read messages and reply them? I still watch you on TV every day………….I always find infor about you on Internet when I am free…………You dont want to reply our love for you? Say a word ………….Hero………..I only can talk to to you through my photos of you in my room, cant I? let me know and everybody know what you think ………….I believe that you will understand………you know that I love you …………….jae joong……..

  351. 351 : Lan Huong Says:

    DBSk I love you forever…………especially, Hero jae joong

  352. 352 : Lan Huong Says:

    Hero ak! today I have much fun……….And the only one I ­ want to share it to is you…………….do you know? Loving you makes my life happier and better…….Do you understand?

  353. 353 : Lan Huong Says:

    Hero Jae Joong ak! Say a word…………..

  354. 354 : Lan Huong Says:

    Hero Jae Joong ak! Today I was very glad.I smiled so much.How are you ? Happy? I wish you are more glad………..If only You were here…….I could share many things with you…………….Hi good luck to you……………Baby………….

  355. 355 : Lan Huong Says:

    Hero Jae Joong ak! Try your best……….We try together every day! I am trying to study very much……….I hope to meet you someday ! I believe that my dream soon comes true!
    Be happy! Have a nice day!Baby Boojaejoong…………

  356. 356 : Lan Huong Says:

    Good luck to you,Hero Jae Joong………

  357. 357 : Essy Says:


  358. 358 : Lan Huong Says:

    Hero ak! How are you today?Loving you is my happiness………I miss you……….so much…………..I have been studying well……………I am trying to go overseas in Korea…………….I wish to meet you soon…….Love love love………….love you .Seeing you smile is interesting………..I love your smile…………..Try to work baby………..I hope you always happy and health…………………………………………..
    Try your best baby Boojaejoong!!! Kiss you………..
    Good luck to you………..Jaejoong…………I love you…………………forever

  359. 359 : Jenny Says:

    day-dreaming! I think that he’s coldest person in the world. Maybe he only loves yunho..who knows? :d

  360. 360 : Jenny Says:

    How hard to love a famous person!!

  361. 361 : hero Says:


  362. 362 : Lan Huong Says:

    Jae joong ak! Finally,you smile……………I am so happy…..I have been waiting for your message every day…………..I am too happy………..Smile more Jaejoong……………I love you…….Say a word….Boojaejoong………

  363. 363 : Lan Huong Says:

    Hero ak! It is difficult to buy your album here.All this morning I went to find your album…….And at last I bought it……happy…………..Jae joong

  364. 364 : Lan Huong Says:

    Hero ak! have a nice day baby!!!!!!! I love you………..and miss u so much

  365. 365 : Lan Huong Says:

    Hero ak ! I have been busy recently. How about u? I miss you so much. But the only thing I can do now is try to study more…………Smile more baby……..I always want to see you smile and sing .It is my happiness. Love message to you: I am always with you……….and love you more………

  366. 366 : Lan Huong Says:

    E muon lam chiec giuong trong can phong cua anh cho du chi 1 ngay

    E muon cho anh nhung giac ngu ngon

    Am ap trong vong tay e

    E muon biet tung chut mot ve anh du chi la qua nhug tieng thi tham khe khe

    Vi anh e se luon chien thag tham chi la doi dau voi con quy trong giac mo cua anh

    Neu 1 ngay trong cuoc song cua e k co anh

    E khong biet se phai vuot qua chung bag j

    E rat to mo muon biet rag anh thuc su yeu e nhieu nhu the nao

    E muon lam 1 trang giay trong cuon nhat ky cua anh

    De lap day cam xuc e boi nhug dieu bi mat cua anh

    E muon lam con meo con cua anh cho du chi 1 ngay

    Anh se cho no nhug ly sua am va nhe nhag om no

    Ngam nhin anh dua nghich voi no

    Va dat len no mot nu hon dang yeu

    E doan la e se cam thay co chut j do ghen ti

    Cam xuc cua e la nhu the day

    Anh la nguoi duy nhat co the nhan thay dieu do

    Khong co j quan trong viec e nhin thay ai

    Hay e dang o dau

    E chi nhin thay duy nhat minh anh

    E muon lam nguoi yeu cua anh du chi 1 ngay

    E co the nghe anh ke ve moi thu tham chi ca nhung loi phan nan

    Chi anh duoc the ma thoi

    Trong trai tim e,trong tam hon e

    Cho du tinh yeu van la thu j do luon luan quan trong e

    Thi e van muon danh cho anh tat ca moi thu tren the gioi

    Tham chi neu no chi co trong nhug giac mo

    Cam xuc cua e la nhu the day

    Va neu nhu e chi co the dung nhin thoi

    E se van thay thoai mai,e van hanh phuc

    Cho du e k co

    Cho den khi e dc o canh anh bat cu luc nao

    E muon lam nguoi yeu cua anh mai mai

    E muon dong bang thoi gian lai de anh mai nam lay tay e

    Va chug ta co the luu lai do “Mai Mai”

  367. 367 : Lan Huong Says:


  368. 368 : Lan Huong Says:

    Hero ak! Today I dont have to go to school. How are you there? Fine and happy ? I wish you always smile. Because I like your smile most……….so cute. Try to work more…………Some day I will go to Korea and you will also go to VN ? Sure?Baby ak! I miss you so much. I am envious to girl who can see you smile directly………But I still love you most……….I will try to see you soon……..some day in the near future…………….If only you could read my message every morning and reply it….I will wait……….Because I believe you ……believe in my love for you………………..love you so much!Boojaejoong

  369. 369 : hero Says:

    how is japan?

  370. 370 : happy Says:

    i hope you the best of luck!!!

  371. 371 : fafa Says:

    love you forever and ever..keep on being on the top..i’ll always think of you wherever you are..

  372. 372 : Lan Huong Says:

    Hero ak! Japan is a beautiful country.And people are friendly… I like it so much…….I am going to overseas in Japan.Not only it has a good education but also you often come here………Jae Joong ak ! Can you tell me the stories in Japan ?

  373. 373 : Lan Huong Says:

    Hero ak! today I listened you sing LOVING’ YOU. I cried and missed u so much. If I died ,would you cry ?
    My heart always says that I love you,Jae Joong!
    Love you so much…………..

  374. 374 : Lan Huong Says:

    Hero ak! I have been busy with my study recently…….I miss you so much………Life is really difficult.I wish you could encourage me to pass over every things…………with my love for you I will try my best………..I love you so much……………Your smile is my happiness….I love you….Be happy honey Boojaejoong !

  375. 375 : Lan Huong Says:

    Hero ak! How are you ? Fine and happy ? Do you always smile…….I like your smile best…………like so much…………I only see you smile,I will be happier and better…………..Jae Joong ak! My brother like you very much….He often say Hero when It cries…Hi…He wish he could his idol ( it is you HERO ) someday…………..He believes that you are his HERO…You will help him when he cries…………Hihi…..Your singing make him stop crying when he miss his mother……And I do too………I love you so much……You also are my HERO………..and will love me forever………Baby!

  376. 376 : bear Says:

    i love you

  377. 377 : bear Says:

    he wouldnt cry

  378. 378 : bear Says:

    he would cry for me though

  379. 379 : bear Says:

    but never for you

  380. 380 : bear Says:

    because you are chinese or something weird

  381. 381 : bear Says:

    i would like to meet you

  382. 382 : bear Says:

    that would easily make my day

  383. 383 : bear Says:

    lan huong is crazy
    shes a freak

  384. 384 : Lan Huong Says:

    Hero ak! Say a word baby! Many girls here are waiting for your message.I do too. I believe that you will read all the messages from me . I miss you………..

  385. 385 : Lan Huong Says:

    Hero ak! Today it is April 30.I dont have to go to school.
    Here it rains heavily…It makes me miss you more………..
    I miss you so much
    Try your best baby!
    Wish you happy and lucky! Boojaejoong

  386. 386 : Lan Huong Says:

    Now it is 11pm! Good night baby Hero !

  387. 387 : Lan Huong Says:

    Hero ak! it is a nice day! Wish you were here! I want to share to you many things ! I miss you so much! Boojaejoong

  388. 388 : Lan Huong Says:

    Hero ak! Today I am busy with my study.But I cant stop missing you.Hi.Yesterday I heard a story about u.It is funny.Do you remember when you gone to Thai Lan. A girl wanted your signature in front of you but she always saw Max standing beside you. You gave her your signature and wrote that : Max is very handsome ,isnt he?
    You are very special and great!
    I love you so much!

  389. 389 : Lan Huong Says:

    I like your smile most! Baby Hero

  390. 390 : dbskshnhwayeah29 Says:

    i excited about ur new drama! ^^

  391. 391 : dbskshnhwayeah29 Says:

    i’m excited about ur upc0ming drama! ^^

  392. 392 : ABRAR Says:

    hi hero
    how are you?
    i hope you fine and you friends
    i watch new single (saher the world )
    very Amazing
    but not watch you drama
    i wait
    please give my i wishes to your friends
    Hero please do nor gorget that* I LOVE YOU*

  393. 393 : Lan Huong Says:

    Hero ak! I miss you so much ! I have been busy with my study .it is very hard. But Your smile encourages me more. I love you very much. Nowords can express. Try to work baby . Both you and I try . I believe we will meet together soon! Baby

  394. 394 : Lan Huong Says:

    Proud of you ! Hero ak!

  395. 395 : Lan Huong Says:

    I miss you so much ! hero ak! I have just passed my exam sucessfully.
    Thanks to you, I will try more.
    Your smile make me love life more and more confident.
    I miss you so much ! Hero Jae Joong ak !

  396. 396 : Lan Huong Says:

    I miss you more than I can say .Hero ak!

  397. 397 : Lan Huong Says:

    It is rainging heavily .And It makes me miss you more.Now what are you doing and where are you? Write a message .Baby Boojaejoong.

  398. 398 : Lan Huong Says:

    Baby Hero ak! How are you today?
    It still rained heavily here! The weather was so cold.
    I got wet when I came back to school.
    Hi! And It made me miss your picture when you also got wet!.
    Baby ak! I really miss you so much!
    I wish you were here !
    Rain ak! I miss baby Boojaejoong very much!

  399. 399 : Lan Huong Says:

    hero ak! I am sorry…
    I miss you so much…
    I dont know what to do now??????

  400. 400 : Lan Huong Says:

    Hero ak ! Today I am very glad.I have a good result in this school year.
    Hi.I Miss you so much.Wishing you were here…
    You can share my happiness with me…
    I miss you and love you very much! Baby Hero ak!

  401. 401 : Lan Huong Says:

    Hero ak!
    You’re not alone, together we stand
    I’ll be by your side, you know I’ll take your hand
    When it gets cold, and it feels like the end
    There’s no place to go, you know I won’t give in
    Keep holding on
    Cause you know we’ll make it through, we’ll make it through
    Just stay strong
    Cause you know I’m here for you, I’m here for you
    There’s nothing you can say (Nothing you can say)

    So far away, I wish you were here
    Before it’s too late, this could all disappear
    Before the doors close, and it comes to an end
    With you by my side I will fight and defend
    Keeping holding on …Baby
    I feel alone when you are not here…
    Baby I love you

  402. 402 : Lan Huong Says:

    _____*yeu*_*yeu*________*yeu*_*yeu*_____ ___*yeu*______*yeu*_*yeu*_______*yeu*___ __*yeu*__________*yeu*__________*yeu*___ __*yeu*________________________*yeu*___ ___*yeu*________*MISS_U*_____*yeu*_____ ____*yeu*____________________*yeu*______ ______*yeu*________________*yeu*________ ________*yeu*____________*yeu*__________ __________*yeu*________*yeu*____________ ____________*yeu*____*yeu*______________ ______________*yeu**yeu*________________

  403. 403 : Lan Huong Says:

    How are you today Hero? I miss you so much. You always smile baby! Seeing you smile is my pleasure forever… Baby ak! You are really a Hero !You are very courageous and talented ! Try any more baby.I am always with you forever… I love you Hero JaeJoong!

  404. 404 : trang-hero Says:

    Hero, u are always the nicest man in my heart :x:x:x The truth is that my heart stop beating in 1 second when i see u…Oh what can i do for u except for loving u and wishing u were always happy and…
    My dear friends always say that “u don’t think of anyone but hero, trang”. Well, i don’t know how to refuse it because i really really love u…I wanna say to u 1 things that ” Smiling makes u much more handsome, so u should always smile. This will meke me and many many girls in this earth happy, too”
    When u are sad, just think that if all the people don’t love u, there is always a lovely girl that loves u. It is me…
    And one who want to connect to me to talk about our angel, please add my nickname ” hardmarble259 ” or send me a message ” [email protected]

  405. 405 : Lan Huong Says:

    I don’t know, but I believe,
    That some things are meant to be,
    And that you’ll make a better me,
    Everyday I love you.

    I never thought that dreams came true,
    But you showed me that they do,
    You know that I learn something new,
    Everyday I love you.

    ‘Cos I believe that destiny (ooooooh),
    Is out of our control (don’t you know that I do),
    And you’ll never live until you love,
    With all your heart and soul.

    It’s a touch when I feel bad (ooooooh),
    It’s a smile when I get mad (ooooooh),
    All the little things I am,
    Everyday I love you oooh, oooh, aaah.

    Everyday I love you boy, Everyday I love you.
    ‘Cos I believe that destiny (ooooooh),
    Is out of our control (don’t you know that I do),

    And you’ll never live until you love,
    With all your heart and soul.

    If I asked would you say yes?
    Together we’re the very best.

    I know that I am truly blessed, Everyday I love you.

    And I’ll give you my best, Everyday I love you. Oh. . . .

  406. 406 : Lan Huong Says:

    Hero ak
    Don’t lose your way
    With each passing day
    You’ve come so far
    Don’t throw it away
    Live believing
    Dreams are for weaving
    Wonders are waiting to start
    Live your story
    Faith, hope & glory
    Hold to the truth in your heart

    If we hold on together
    I know our dreams will never die
    Dreams see us through to forever
    Where clouds roll by
    For you and I

  407. 407 : Lan Huong Says:

    I miss you baby Hero

  408. 408 : Lan Huong Says:

    Love is forever Hero .

  409. 409 : Lan Huong Says:

    Baby! It is a nice day. I miss you so much.
    Wish a a nice day!Baby! See you soon!

  410. 410 : Lan Huong Says:

    Baby Hero! I miss you so much.
    Don’t cry my love

  411. 411 : le gui zhen Says:

    I LOVE U
    I LIKE U
    I HOPE U

  412. 412 : Lan Huong Says:

    I love you so much
    But I miss you more
    And I feel lonely without u.
    I am wishing you were here forever
    Hero you ‘re the only love forever

  413. 413 : Lan Huong Says:

    Baby Hero! Wish you a nice day! I love you

  414. 414 : Lan Huong Says:

    Baby, baby, baby Hero !
    Tell me do you really love me
    Baby, baby, baby
    Will you always be there for me?
    I can’t live without your loving
    Baby, can’t you see
    Baby, baby, baby
    Tell me do you love me now
    And nothing else in this world
    Comes close to you
    Do you understand what I say?
    Do you understand me?
    My thing for you and I’m not playing
    Is all I need to know
    I can’t imagine how my life would be without you
    I don’t know if I’d survive another day
    No pressuer, but I’d love to hear you say it
    Promise me it’s real
    And that you would never fake it ! Hero…

  415. 415 : Lan Huong Says:

    Hero! I read the stories about you many times.And every time I read ,I want to cry….I know that after your angle smile is tears. I want to be with you, hug you and share with you many things.I want to share with you happiness and sadness.I am wishing you were here.I believe that some day in the near future I will meet you here and say to you many things.And the most important I want to say to you : I miss you and love you so much.Be my most important person !Baby Hero

  416. 416 : Lan Huong Says:

    I want to hate you,
    I’m tired of seeing you happy with another person
    I had to send you away without you knowing why
    It happened so long ago, the feelings are probably all gone now
    But I can’t do that! Baby

  417. 417 : Lan Huong Says:

    Living in this cold world I forgot what was precious
    I had no tears even as I wandered through dark streets
    For a very long time, I was waiting for you
    For a love exactly like me
    I want to give you everything to fill up those lonely moments
    My Endless Moment, Pray for you
    I can’t envision myself without you
    I want us to be unaware of the word separation forever
    Even your small laugh makes me so happy
    I promise to you, who are not a dream
    Even when many days pass by I will still live for you
    My Shining Moment, Forever
    Even if my inexpert heart makes it harder on us
    If we remember only the good things again
    For a very long time, I was waiting for you
    For a love exactly like me
    I want to give you everything to fill up those lonely moments
    My Endless Moment, Pray for you
    I just want only you all the time
    Even when many days pass by I will still live for you
    My Shining Moment, Forever
    BAby Hero ! Forever

  418. 418 : Lan Huong Says:

    Try any more!Baby.I will wait for you.This is only thing I want to tell you.
    Try more and more.Sure love will come to us.Some day .Baby!Believe me.

  419. 419 : trang-hero Says:

    Well, hope u are always happy in these days. Everynight i look at the stars and think of you….and wonder that what you are doing!!! Never stop dreaming of happiness. Always smile……..I miss your eyes very much…And i believe that one day you will find your true love and live happily forever…And please tell her that she is the luckiest girl in this world on behalf of me….ok???

  420. 420 : Lan Huong Says:

    I know this is a stupid…Because this love will never be true Wishing you to be here is just a dream A dream that only can be by a stupid like me

  421. 421 : Lan Huong Says:

    Dreaming that you are here by my side Holding me tight in your arms….Looking me with your clear eyes Kissing me on my forehead…Counting the stars at the sky by my side… Never leave me alone! Always here to cheer me with your warmed smile… Helping me to cure all the loness in my heart…

  422. 422 : Lan Huong Says:

    But I know that is impossible Your day is brighten by happiness…Poured with love… Filled by tender smile…

  423. 423 : Lan Huong Says:

    There is one thing you need to know… Happiness is yours because you deserved it… Maby sometime you will feel sad But you are never alone… As ong as your smile is there…You can feel me near to you… One thing that you never know is… I will never let you feel tired… Never let you feel sad… Never let you down… Never make you worry… And never let you fall down…

  424. 424 : Lan Huong Says:

    Because all I want to see is your smile….Truly …your sincered smile That is enough to make me feel better… And I know I can’t be with you….Will never be together with you… Because this is our destiny As long as you smile…I will feel better I am sorry…because I love you like this…

  425. 425 : Lan Huong Says:

    Remember to never look back to the past!!! But never forget it as it is precious!…..Look forward to the future…! Try harder!!!And never forget to smile always Even though your heart is in pain… I believe you can go through all that incredible hard life! With no sadness can be seen ! Because you are Hero ! My Hero Kim Jae Joong

  426. 426 : Lan Huong Says:

    Hero ! I know I am stupid and My dream is more stupid ! But I believe someday my dream will come true and you will come to me! I believe that someday my wishing will come true! Wishing for you and me! As I am stupid, I love you ! An endless love ! Forever! I love you! Hero Jae Joong! baby

  427. 427 : trang-hero Says:

    Do you know when i were doing my important tests, i thought of you and promised that i had to make them very well because of not only just myself but also you…u know, you are one of the important people in my life….tell me how i can tell you that i love you more than life…have a sweet night, my angel!!!!:-*

  428. 428 : trang-hero Says:

    I wonder myself who iam. I was born to love you. All my tears for you and your sad story is falling. Never be disappointed, my Hero, ok??? I think you can do many things and i see the great result…
    I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be now
    Gonna let the light shine on me.
    Now I’ve found who I am, there’s no way to hold it in
    No more hiding who I wanna be, this is me.
    Do you know what it’s like to feel so in the dark?
    To dream about a life, where you’re the shining star
    Even though it seems, like it’s too far away
    I have to believe in myself, it’s the only way…My lovely baby, smile all the time…

  429. 429 : trang-hero Says:

    My dear angel!!!How are you today???? I wish you had a nice day…Don’t work so hard and take care of yourself, my baby…Kissing you and thinking of you

  430. 430 : shandy Says:

    i was surprised when i read about your religion…
    is it true that you are an atheist?
    but,most of all..
    i like your style and the way you smile…

  431. 431 : trang-hero Says:

    How are you today? Do you have a happy day? You know, i always wish you had many many happiness and smiles. I think you can do this…Kissng you, my angel

  432. 432 : Lan Huong Says:

    As i look into your eyes
    i see all the reasons why
    my life’s worth a thousand skies
    you’re the simplest love i’ve known
    and the purest one i’ll own
    know you’ll never be alone
    my baby you
    are the reason i could fly
    and ’cause of you
    i don’t have to wonder why
    baby you
    there’s no more just getting by
    you’re the reason i feel so alive
    though these words i say are true
    they still fail to capture you
    as mere words can only do
    how do i explain that smile
    and how it turns my world around
    keeping my feet on the ground
    i will soothe you if you fall
    i’ll be right there if you call
    you’re my greatest love of all
    repeat chorus
    arianna i feel so alive.Hero! Believe me…

  433. 433 : Lan Huong Says:

    The days I don’t write about u! Sky is dark…everything is nothing….
    Listening to you sing makes me miss you more…
    Hero ! I miss you so much…
    I am wishing you were here…
    I miss you so much! Words fail me…
    Hero! My beautiful life…I miss you …Baby Hero
    When you look into the sky,you will fine a sightest star…it is me and my love for you…
    Baby Hero ! I miss you and love yo so much….
    Wait for me! baby… my love….Hero
    I miss you so much…sarangheo…Hero

  434. 434 : Lan Huong Says:

    How are you today baby? I am sure you are very busy with your work.
    Do you feel tired? If so, try any more baby. Try and always smile .Every your smile is my happiness.Seeing you smile makes me happier and better.
    My small dream is always seeing your smile.
    How is your film “ Heaven ‘s postman” ? I wonder when I can watch your film. I am hoping it comes soon.
    Baby! Whenever you are sad or disappointed, looking at the sky…and see the star brighten…you will feel more comfortable and happier…Do you know? A girl often looks at sky and think of you…miss you so much…She always find the slightest star and it is you…a star in her heart…
    She often pray for you and wish you the best things…wealthy….happy…lucky…and ….someday you will come to her…and makes her dreamcome true…Do you know ? Baby Hero?
    She wish you were A REAL HEAVEN’S POSTMAN….and she could receive the letter from you…Hero…
    Do you know her Hero? And she is ……….a little girl…..always miss and think of you…Hero!!!
    Baby! I know I am stupid…But I love you so much…I can’t stop missing you and loving you every day….
    Do you know? Hero…My heart for you forever…Hero ! Baby …I miss you and love you so much…

  435. 435 : Lan Huong Says:

    You know what? I don’t love you anymore. I think I love someone else. I was wrong to love you. I’m so sorry. Fudge you! I hate you. You are the worst thing ever! It was all a mistake!

  436. 436 : trang-hero Says:

    how are you today?????? I miss you so much, my baby!!!!

  437. 437 : Lan Huong Says:

    Baby Hero! Good luck to you…
    Have a nice day! Baby! I miss you so much
    Do you know it is nice to day?
    And it makes me miss you more

  438. 438 : Lan Huong Says:

    No matter where you are,
    no matter who you are being with,
    no matter what kind of dream you are dreaming of,
    or what you are doing and laughing at,
    I will be here forever.
    Even now, I right am here,
    believing in a day that we will meet together
    This feeling won’t change,
    and you are the only one I’m thinking of.
    This feeling won’t change,
    and you are the only one I’m thinking of….Baby Hero

  439. 439 : Lan Huong Says:

    Baby! I am a MOUSE …and you are RICE
    MOUSE wants to say to RICE that:
    Do you know? RICE! Baby! Baby!

  440. 440 : chilli:)myanmar Says:



    I NEED U:D

    I LIKE U 😀


  441. 441 : trang-hero Says:

    Hero! Today i am so sad and i miss you so much. I look at you and your angelic smile…I miss u i miss u i miss u….

  442. 442 : trang-hero Says:

    Today my friend visited me and we talked so much about you and your DBSK. She told me about your interesting film – Dangerous love. This made me have a fun. I would love to see that film. But i have to learn so hard. i think maybe i will see that in one day in the near future.
    I also miss you so much. I want more and more people to come to thi website and reply to you.
    Be happy, my Je Je!!! I know you’d like to be called as Je Je. Love you forever.Kiss you once more………

  443. 443 : trang-hero Says:

    It is said that you and your DBSK will come to Thailand in November 2009. Is it true???? I’m so sad because i can’t see you in my country – Vietnam. Why? It’s so sad and disapointing. Oh i wish i could see you in here……My Je Je!!!
    Good night, my angel.

  444. 444 : Lan Huong Says:

    Oneday I miss you anh every day I love and miss you more…
    Baby Hero!!!

  445. 445 : trang-hero Says:

    I wanna say your name aloud
    I wanna see you
    I wanna hear your voice
    I wanna kiss your lips
    I wanna look into your eyes
    I wanna touch your hand
    I wanna stand by U
    Maybe these will never be the truth, but i wanna say that i love you more than i can say….Have a nice day, my Je Je!!

  446. 446 : Lan Huong Says:

    Well you done done me and you bet I felt it
    I tried to be chill but you’re so hot that I melted
    I fell right through the cracks
    and now I’m trying to get back
    Before the cool done run out
    I’ll be giving it my bestest
    Nothing’s going to stop me but divine intervention
    I reckon it’s again my turn to win some or learn some

    I won’t hesitate no more, no more
    It cannot wait, I’m yours

    Well open up your mind and see like me
    Open up your plans and damn you’re free
    Look into your heart and you’ll find love love love
    Listen to the music of the moment maybe sing with me
    A lá peaceful melodies
    It’s your God-forsaken right to be loved love loved love loved

    So I won’t hesitate no more, no more
    It cannot wait I’m sure
    There’s no need to complicate
    Our time is short
    This is our fate, I’m yours

    I am yours! baby Hero! yours forever,,,I love you!

  447. 447 : jonEa Says:

    hi jae joong,, i can’t say anything if i see you at TV,
    i become speechless, u know why,
    because you have everything that i want…
    whatever people say about you, i just take the good things, and i will forget the bad things about u,,

    hwaiting DBSK..
    when will you come to Indonesia..
    we want to see you face to face.,.

  448. 448 : Lan Huong Says:

    Baby! I have many things to say to you…And I want to show you my feelings now.
    I can’t express my feelings… I wonder what you are doing now?
    Do you have a nice day?
    Do you feel happy and healthy?
    Do you get into trouble with your work?
    Do you feel tired after having a long tour to Bangkok?
    Do you often visit your family?
    Do you read the mes and web from foreign webs?
    Do you know there is a girl missing you every day?
    Do you know there is a girl loving you so much?
    Do you know there is a girl looking you from a far distance?
    Do you know you are all with a girl?
    Do you know without you a girl can’t try?
    Do you know for you a girl always tries and tries?
    Do you know you are heart and soul with a girl?
    And do you know How much I love you? Hero
    If someday I meet you, You will know all wonderful things about u and my love for you…
    Someday My love will come true!
    Do you know? baby Hero!
    And now Have a sweet dream! Baby ! A nice dream of you ,me and my love for you and the most wonders! I love you Hero!

  449. 449 : LE UYEN Says:

    Hi Lan Hương ! Mình nhận ra ngay bạn cực hâm mộ anh Hero !! Hihi ! Mình bik là hơn cả hâm mộ nữa ý nhỉ !! Mình thấy anh ấy thật hạnh phúc chiếm được trái tim của nhiều người quá !! Mình cũng hâm mộ Hero lắm nhưng mổi người có cách bày tỏ và biểu lộ riêng !! Hi hi !! ^^! Mình bik bạn là người Việt Nam nên mình viết tiếng việt !! Chúng mình làm wen với nhau nhé !!

  450. 450 : Lan Huong Says:

    Hi! I am glad to make friends with you,Le Trang.
    For Hero ,I have more friends .I love him more.
    Nice to make friends with you.
    I am sorry.I am used to talking in English.So I like to reply you in English.
    Isn’t it a problem? I like you .
    We have the frist thing in common. It is Hero.
    I am very glad!!!

  451. 451 : LE UYEN Says:

    ok Because I am Vietnamese so I want to say this language !! No problem you can talk E ^^ Nice to meet you too Lan Huong ! AH ! I am Lệ Uyên not Le Trang ! HIHI ^^! Ah Where do you live ? I was born in Cali but now I live in Vietnam ! My parents went to Vietnam … 3 years ago because I want to stay with them so I go to this country ! I am bad at E as famous E teachers are not …. nhiều !!^^ my speaking skill is good but writing skill is very bad ! ^^ You are right We have the frist thing in common. It is Hero !!

  452. 452 : Lan Huong Says:

    Hi! You are very funny. I am surprised. You write to me both English and Vietnamese.Hi. Did you live in Cali? Why do your family back to VN?
    I find your english writing rather good. I like learning English very much. So I am glad to have a foreign friend.It is you!!!( Super).Hi. Ak How old are you?
    Do you know much about Hero? For me, Hero is a mytery. I am joking.!!!
    Maybe you have the things about Hero that I don’t know.Or me?
    Do you want to talk to me with voice? or yahoo?
    If ok, you can give me your nick chat or email…Ok?
    I am very happy to have a new friend.
    Thanks to Hero, I can make friends with you.I love Hero so much.
    Love forever………..
    I am looking forward to receiving your mes soon.
    With love
    Lan Huong

  453. 453 : LE UYEN Says:

    HI ! Lan Huong ! You can talk to me with nick chat : ginnyuyen ^^ OK I will share everything which I can know about Hero with you !! My family back to VN as my mom missed her country. Moreover, my grandmother died when my mom was teaching her School (USA) so she’s very sad and so she cried too much ! After she want to go back to VN in order to live in her house that she and her mom used to live there ! So my family decided to stay in Vietnam all life ! Ago 3 years I was studying at High shoool however I must go VN as I can’t live without my mom ! I am 18 years old now
    Nhung gi minh bik ve anh Hero co the ban cung da bik ! Nhung chung ta co the lam ban voi nhau ! Neu ban muon co the chat voi minh qua nick noi tren ! Minh hok bik ban bao nhiu tuoi nen hok bik la xung ho sao nua ^^ 😀 thoi cu goi la ban voi minh nha cho tre trung de thuong 🙂
    Ah ban van chua cho minh bik ban song o dau va bao nhiu tuoi ? Chac la qua lam cung chenh lech nhau hok bao nhieu dung hok ?? ^^
    Anh Hero con rat tre ma nen chac la fan ham mo cung hau het la teen y nhi ? Chuc Hero va ban mot ngay that hanh phuc !
    Le Uyen

  454. 454 : Lan Huong Says:

    Uk! Thanks for sharing about your family with me. When I read your mes, I know how much you love family, especially mother, Hero and me….hi! I have just added your nick chat. As now I am in summer holiday, I often onl.You say that you are 18 .Have you just passed your important exam? How is your result?
    And I have many things to share with you.But I want to chat with you more than mes here.Ok? See you soon in yahoo!

  455. 455 : Lan Huong Says:

    If there’s a time when the fears should fill your eyes
    And you can’t see past thge shadows
    To the sun on the other side
    Don’t despair, vecause there always will be
    someone there
    Don’t lose faith, love won’t let you lose your way

    You, you’ll never stand alone
    I’ll be standing by
    I’ll keep you from the cold
    I’llhold you when you cry
    I’ll be there to be strong

  456. 456 : Lan Huong Says:

    When you can’t find the strength inside
    And you, you’ll always have a home
    In these arms of mine
    You’ll never stand alone
    Love is standing by

    If there’s a dayt when the rain should find your heart
    And you’re cold and tried and lonely
    And this would has you in the dark
    Don’t be scared, you can just reach for me and I’ll be there
    Don’t lose hope, love will see you through you know

    You, you’ll never stand alone
    I’ll be standing by
    I’ll keep you from the cold
    I’llhold you when you cry
    I’ll be there to be strong

  457. 457 : Lan Huong Says:

    When you can’t find the strength inside
    And you, you’ll always have a home
    In these arms of mine
    You’ll never stand alone
    Love is standing by

    Standing by to life you above all the hurt and pain
    Standing by to carry you through all the tears and ain
    Reach for me, I’ll be with you
    Reach for me, I’ll see you through

  458. 458 : Lan Huong Says:

    I’ll be the one to hold you
    The one to show you that
    You, you’ll never stand alone
    I’ll be standing by

    I’ll keep you from the cold
    I’llhold you when you cry
    I’ll be there to be strong
    When you can’t find the strength inside
    And you, you’ll always have a home
    In these arms of mine
    You’ll never stand alone
    Love is standing by

  459. 459 : Lan Huong Says:

    Baby Hero ! My love is always standing by with you. I miss you so much.Miss you every day goes by.Do you know? My love for you is forever………….

  460. 460 : LE UYEN Says:

    HI Hero ! I am impressed by your character ! Maybe you are my friend in my heart ! Being friendly of you, everybody is very comfortable and happy when they see you ! ME TOO ! I want to see you in usual life by my own eyes ! I wish one day I could go to Korea in order to see you

  461. 461 : Airun Says:

    yo! can i know what is the newest film that Hero is acting in now???!!

  462. 462 : Airun Says:

    lan huong. can you please help me answer my question????? 🙁

  463. 463 : Lan Huong Says:

    Airun! I am so sorry. I have been busy with my study recently so I can’t ofen log in this web.Today I can read your mes. Sorry!
    Are you a fan of Hero? That is very great. I am happy to answer your question.Hero is working hard for his film ” Heaven Postman”. An interesting film. I am looking forward to seeing it. Do you know the girl working with Hero in this film? She is Han Hyo Joo.A beautiful girl.She went to Viet Nam some years ago, especially Da Lat. She and Hero look so nice.And I am little anvious with her.Hi.I am joking…
    Do you want to know more about Hero? If I know what you need , I am very glad to reply your mes. And I am also happy to make friends with you ! Airun.
    I am looking forward to receiving your mes soon. I hope we can be good friends.Ok?

  464. 464 : Lan Huong Says:

    What a hard day! Let’s try ! Hero

  465. 465 : amber Says:

    hi Hero ^_^
    u r so handsome n so cute.

  466. 466 : trang-hero Says:

    Hero! I’m back…These days i have many tasks to do so i don’t have time to visit u frequently…I’m so sorry. I’m so sad and worried. U are always my best encouragement….

  467. 467 : Lan Huong Says:

    Someday to miss you! hero

  468. 468 : Jiyun Says:

    oh~ I’m VIetnamese too :)) Jae ah! how are u? 🙂 I always hope that u have powerful enough to overcome trobles. Cass will be stand by u forever.More power to your elbow!^^ cya

  469. 469 : trang-hero Says:

    Je je!!!! I miss u so much. I had a nice time in Hue, Vietnam. I look at rain falling and i miss u. Why cant i see ur face in these days??? I just wanna cry because i miss u….miss u….miss u

  470. 470 : anggita Says:

    wah.. he is so cute..

  471. 471 : Lan Huong Says:

    Hero!Do you know there are many girls missing you so much!
    Me too! I miss you so much! I am wishing you were here! baby

  472. 472 : kissofbelle Says:

    Jaejoong shi,
    Can I call you”oppa.”Because you are older than me.I want to call me”baby.”So,you can call me”baby.”Oppa,I love you.

  473. 473 : sjlk_only Jae Joong Says:

    Jae, Can I call You that name, hero of many people?
    From the day I meet you in ” Forever Love”, I like You so much, Jae. Do you know why? because I find the Warmth in your eyes, In each song you’ve sung. I just want to make Friends with u. I know you’re a famous person, therefore, my dream’ll come true…anyway, i really like. Jae:*

  474. 474 : sjlk_only Jae Joong Says:

    ^^ I want to fix my reply, my dream’ll not come true…
    Jae, I want to meet you in a rainy day, (,,,,,,,,) .
    ////////. . Do you know why? can You guess, hj`..

  475. 475 : sjlk_only Jae Joong Says:

    Hey, all fanpop of hero, why don’t we set up a club, only for our hero????We’ll have useful offline meetings. I think so. OK.

  476. 476 : sjlk_only Jae Joong Says:

    Jae, I’m waiting my result in the entrace to University. I’m very worried. My parents has put too much hope in me, and if i fall…i don’t know what i must do…oh, i can’t image..
    one day to miss You, Jae

  477. 477 : sjlk_only Jae Joong Says:

    Feel sad, and wanna cry/////

  478. 478 : Candy Says:

    oppa , some day will u go to Viet Nam ? Vcass very love u and hope to see u , i’m too .

    My ym : sweet_l0ve_520 nice to meet cass !

  479. 479 : cupid_94 Says:

    oppa Jaejung, saranghaeo. DBSk will come to VN?

    nice to meet u Casses^^

  480. 480 : sjlk_only Jae Joong Says:

    wow, many people like ur appearance Jae. Not me. I don’t like ur eyes, I love ur voice best. When i’m sad, I listen to ur music…it’s so wonderful. I’m sure

  481. 481 : sjlk_only Jae Joong Says:

    U don’t have time for us, right? so regrettul….

  482. 482 : trang-hero Says:

    A long time has passed since the last day i come to this website…But i always miss u so much

  483. 483 : [email protected]_herosomuch Says:

    hi hero! I like you so much ..:) why your face sometime look so sad but sometime look like crazy face .? I like you so much you’re my fan like you.., i hope that you can come to cambodia at phnom penh! And want you to sing mirotic chinese i like you speak chinese! Luv [email protected]¤@you hero!

  484. 484 : sjlk_only Jae Joong Says:

    Jae, You’ve passed many difficult things in ur family life and so have I, This makes me feel WE’re the same in one aspect. I don’t know….hmm

  485. 485 : sjlk Jae Joong Says:

    Wish You always fine, Jae:*

  486. 486 : Lan Huong Says:

    I close my eyes and sleep,
    When I close my eyes and sleep,
    I dream you’re lying next to me,
    We’re all alone, I would wait,
    A thousand years for your touch,
    Cos in my dreams you love me,
    Until I wake…

  487. 487 : Lan Huong Says:

    Love in your eyes
    Sitting silent by my side
    Going on Holding hand
    Walking through the nights
    Hold me up Hold me tight
    Lift me up to touch the sky
    Teaching me to love with heart
    Helping me open my mind
    I can fly
    I’m proud that I can fly
    To give the best of mine
    Till the end of the time
    Believe me I can fly
    I’m proud that I can fly
    To give the best of mine
    The heaven in the sky
    Stars in the sky
    Wishing once upon a time
    Give me love Make me smile
    Till the end of life
    Hold me up Hold me tight
    Lift me up to touch the sky
    Teaching me to love with heart
    Helping me open my mind
    I can fly
    I’m proud that I can fly
    To give the best of mine
    Till the end of the time
    Believe me I can fly
    I’m proud that I can fly
    To give the best of mine
    The heaven in the sky
    Can’t you believe that you light up my way
    No matter how that ease my path
    I’ll never lose my faith
    See me fly
    I’m proud to fly up high
    Show you the best of mine
    Till the end of the time
    Believe me I can fly
    I’m singing in the sky
    Show you the best of mine
    The heaven in the sky
    Nothing can stop me
    Spread my wings so wide

  488. 488 : heo so_young Says:

    u make so many short drama very very good…………..

    i wacth all taht drama..

  489. 489 : boomi Says:

    its not a bird..nt a plane..
    its jaejoong..kah3
    hye minna he’s mine k.. kah3 kdding 🙂
    really love him..
    kawaii neh…
    i bcome crazy..huhu nt really crazy..uall knw tht knd of flling ryte..
    so juz 2 wish him gnbate 4 ur crrer as anything he wnt 2 bcme..
    really spport him…
    also 2 all dbsk mmbr.. gnbate n stay kawaii k…
    love u guys….saarang gae…

  490. 490 : boomi Says:

    i heard u really close 2 bOa…
    tht anything hppen…
    i hope nt…
    i 4get to ask u 2 come 2 Malaysia again…
    waiting u guyz k..

  491. 491 : Cloud Says:

    Hero cute !

  492. 492 : trang-hero Says:

    It is so hard to u and DBSK, but i think u will get it over..All of us believe in u, do u know that???
    We are standing by U!!! We don’t agree with the way of SM.
    We know u because u are one important part of our life.
    Never give up!!
    Fight 4ever, my je je and DBSK!!!
    Love U

  493. 493 : Lan Huong Says:

    DBSK ! Please don’t split up… You are so excellent.I don’t want you to go away…. Please …Your group is a miracle forever…

  494. 494 : Lan Huong Says:

    TVXQ! How are you today? I want to know the latest news about you, especially Hero, Micky and Xiah…

  495. 495 : Phuong Nguyen Says:

    Forever and always! please know that we love You-TVXQ, more than anything in the world. Wish the happiness is champion you are nearby. Cassiopeia♥DB …always keep the faith…TVXQ, FIGHTING~!!

  496. 496 : Lanhuong Says:

    Hush now don’t you cry There will be a better day I promise you We can work it out But only if you let me know What’s on your mind
    Baby, you thought it was forever Through any kind of weather
    But some day you will find what you’re searching for
    Try again Never stop believing Try again Don’t give up on your love Stumble and fall Is the heart of it all When you fall down (down) Just try again
    Smile now, let it go Hey, you will never be alone I promise you If you can’t fight the feeling (Oh yeah) Surrender in your heart Remember love will set you free
    Baby, when a heart is crying Its sometimes feels like dying The tear drops fall like rain Baby, you thought it was forever You would always be together But someday you will find what you’re searching for
    Never stop believing Try again Don’t give up on your love
    Stumble and fall Is the heart of it all
    When you fall down Just try again
    Try more!Baby Hero I know you are very tired.I wish I were with you now! But it is only a dream. Try more baby! Everything is all right! Try ! And never give up ! Baby I believe you will succeed! I am sure I believe you because I know you are my Hero

  497. 497 : trang-hero Says:

    je ah! I need u..I miss u..im so scared

  498. 498 : Mint Says:

    Jaejoong, keep on being a hero. Dont be too serious. Smile! IT’s looks like you are proud but i believe you’re not. Anyways keep a smile on your face and always be happy. By the way dont drink and smoke too much ok? take care of yourself so all your fans will not worry. BYE

  499. 499 : [email protected] Says:


    now you look mature,,
    but i prefer the cute hero,,
    just keep smile kay??
    wanna meet u lol


  500. 500 : minozer Says:

    I’m not ur big fans but u have a cute face… Always success in career n life…

  501. 501 : Suju fanz Says:

    Today is KIM KI BUM’s birthday

  502. 502 : trang-hero Says:

    Je je ah!! Cass hope U will win. We love U 4ever.
    Today is Ki Bum’s birthday. Cass hope all the friends of Cass will stand by DBSK!!!
    Kissing U

  503. 503 : sjlk Jae Joong Says:

    miss You

  504. 504 : Lan Huong Says:

    I miss you and love you every day! Baby Hero

  505. 505 : ABRAR Says:

    hi hero i am abrar from saudi arabia
    i am like you so much
    you handsome guy & amazing singer &wodrful actor
    you have fans in saudi arabia
    i hope see you

  506. 506 : Lan Huong Says:

    Miss you, Tonight i fell so cold and lonely,
    Cause baby you’re so far away,
    The space between us keeps on growing,
    I wish that you could hear me when i say,
    No, no, no, no, no, no, no,
    Wish you could hear me say,
    No, no, no, no, no, no, no

    Oh I miss you, Oh I miss you,
    oh, baby since you walked away,
    Oh I miss you, Oh I miss you,
    I miss you more and more each day

    Oh tell me do you think about me,
    Cause i think about you all the time,
    A million miles just stand between us,
    but i wont stop until you’re mine,
    No, no, no, no, no, no, no,
    Wish you could hear me say,
    No, no, no, no, no, no, no

    Oh I miss you, Oh I miss you,
    Like flower always miss the rain
    Oh I miss you, Oh I miss you,
    I miss you more and more each day

    I miss you each day ! Baby Hero

  507. 507 : Laura Says:

    Annyong haseyo Jaejoong!!! My name is Laura. I`m from Kazakhstan. You are the best in world! I know! You are my favourite! Wo ai ni! Men seni suiem!!!

  508. 508 : Lan Huong Says:

    Miss you more every day

  509. 509 : sara Says:

    hi dear hero
    your prettiest guy i’v ever seen.hope best for you.
    love you so much

  510. 510 : Liz Says:

    I really like ur music purpleline, hug, and u look good in the balloons music aww u guy are soo cute in those custom that is sooo just cute ^_^

  511. 511 : may Says:

    hi hello….
    i like the way that you tried everything
    singing, dancing, modeling, now in acting and rapping…
    good job….

  512. 512 : reva Says:

    I’m a lil dissapoint since DOE unpublish here
    can u get me the copy?
    I heard Su’s face on that movie looke alike Chun a bit while talking to Min
    and HP as well, if u dont mind…
    anyway, Moliv will be in Osaka next Sep 22nd
    I know, it’s the day u had little COLOURS AND HARMONY concert in Osaka with Chun, right?
    pay her visit when u all free, okay?
    I’ll be aroud last Dec
    congrats for TOKYO DOME, I hear it was BOOM ^^
    say my greeting to all members
    miss u all so
    cant wait till last year…

  513. 513 : yunho_luver Says:


    jeajung,, i freakin think that ur hot,,
    but Yunho is hotter then u
    sorri,,4 that
    but u r the second hottest in ur DBSK,,

  514. 514 : jjextremelyhot Says:

    we love u forever,hope u have great days with all TVXQ members, we will always support u guys

  515. 515 : Cheryl Says:

    Youngwoong Jaejoong! You rocks! Nan-eum sarangheh kim jaejoong!

  516. 516 : desireepy Says:

    DBSK hwaiting~ saranghaeyo

  517. 517 : carly Says:

    joongie fighting! Wonder when Heaven’s Postman will be aired -__- i am so waiting for it!

  518. 518 : leesaeah Says:

    as i know.. JJ is not atheist again.. he become christian when he joined in SM.. n that’s great.. right! 🙂
    luv DBSK so much..
    esp JJ.. fighting..!!!

  519. 519 : No more Says:

    Je je ah!! Cass hope U will win

  520. 520 : memo Says:

    the one how know your way is you

    kim jaejoong

    go and see your way

  521. 521 : sae youna Says:


    kim jaejoong

    I hope you do very will

    take cayr

  522. 522 : P.T.HUONG Says:


  523. 523 : konstantina Says:

    i’ve said so much in my comment on YunHo’s presentation…it’s pretty much the same for u as well…i love you all in a way i never knew it would change me that much…you are like an angel on earth^^ thank God u r a human so we have sth in common…along with clumsiness

  524. 524 : konstantina Says:

    oh my god my comment was cut….anyway…i respect and love you as much as u can never know….omedetoo!!!!!!!!!hwaiting!!

  525. 525 : trang luv jae Says:

    Je je. i miss u so much. a long time not seeing u makes my heart alone. Hic try ur best to getover all of the difficulties. Loving you and proud of u 4ever

  526. 526 : LanHuong Says:

    Everytime I think of you
    I always catch my breath
    And I’m still standing here and your miles away

  527. 527 : Lan Huong Says:

    I can’t sleep. I just can’t breathe
    When your shadow is all over me baby
    Don’t wanna be a fool in your eyes
    Cause what we had was built on lies

    And when our love seems to fade away
    Listen to me hear what I say

    I don’t wanna feel
    The way that l do
    I just wanna be
    Right here with you
    I don’t wanna see
    see us apart
    I just wanna say it straight from my heart
    I miss you

    What would it take for you to see
    To make you understand that I’ll
    awalys believe
    You and I, can make it through
    And I still know I can’t get over you

    Cause when our love seems to fade away
    Listen to me hear what I say

    I don’t wanna feel
    The way that I do
    I just wanna be
    Right here with you
    I don’t wanna see
    See us apart
    I just wanna say it right from my heart
    oh baby I miss you…I do

    ‘Cause when our love always fades away
    Listen to me hear what I say

    I don’t WANNAFEEL
    The way that I do
    I just wanna be
    Right here with you
    I don’t wanna see
    See us apart
    I just wanna say it straight from my heart
    I miss you… I miss you… I do
    Miss you –Hero

  528. 528 : LE UYEN Says:

    Hero ! Why don’t you reply for your cass ? I want to know that how you feel now ? Why do you make us to be worry ? Max and U-know really follow SM, don’t they ? Let us know the true ! I miss U ! DBSK ! Don’t make us to dissappointed !

  529. 529 : Tsurara Says:

    I love jaejoong and of course dong bang shin ki, I hope to see him more in dramas he will need acting lessons but he’s a rating magnet XD

  530. 530 : krissy Says:

    sexy ass hell boy <3 love u <3 hot hot hot

  531. 531 : Lan Huong Says:

    No mattter I always support for u! DBSK
    I love you !
    And I miss you Hero

  532. 532 : noemi rosa coaquira choque Says:

    I want to say that jae joong is super guapisimo and that he(she) sings as the gods but you eat sae I could compare with the great man who is read jun ki amooooo is very hermosisimo I!!!!!!!!! And yaaaa i love ti amo

  533. 533 : acha Says:

    omg!u r just soooooooooooooooo georgeous..n when u sings..omg!my hearts is as soft as a jelly..saranghae

  534. 534 : jeanne Says:

    go DBSK! aja, go, fightiiing!!!~~~ 🙂

  535. 535 : jeanne Says:

    go dbsk!~ aja, go, fight!~ 🙂

  536. 536 : Super Junior fans...! :D Says:

    hye jaejoong oppa …. 😀
    you are relly handsome n great …
    and …
    i just wanna says that , please take care of super junior members …
    please don’t get their hurt …
    coz it will make me hurt too …
    hehe …
    ngee~ 😀

  537. 537 : zila Says:

    hero you is the best and you is handsome,,,
    I hope you can came to indonesia

  538. 538 : jezzel Says:

    hi…..im from philippines…………your so handsome……….please come in our country…….i want to meet you and be your girlfriend………even in dreams only………I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!……..i will wait you till the last beat of my heart…….

  539. 539 : misoshim Says:

    jae joong es lo maximo.super lindo,divertido,cute…
    ojala algun dia vengan por aca.es mi sueño

  540. 540 : islandgal Says:

    didnt noe koreans look hot anyhoos lookin forward for more movies
    thank u

  541. 541 : yoonjin Says:

    jaejoonng handsome
    jaejoong kute
    jaejoong no.1
    jaejoong fighting
    from yoonjin

  542. 542 : Abby Says:


  543. 543 : kherene Says:

    …you are indeed gorgeous!!

    wanna see you in person!!
    come and visit phil. pls..


  544. 544 : mia Says:

    do not be so proud because you not good , and you not handsome do not belief what people say to you because all this is foolish and falsehood

    oh gad you even not the leader so what do you got?

    bring it on?

  545. 545 : mia Says:

    i want to tell all girls that (whats wrong whit you ?)

    there is a lot boys on the earth and you stock on him?come on

    all the girls who like you,hero they crazy and they without mind.

  546. 546 : silver Says:

    hello again to you ugly boy

    all the boys in your group are beautiful but you not that good to all girls talk about your beauty

    what you got?

    bring it on ?

  547. 547 : Shine Says:

    @silver and mia :
    Hero is so talented. and I wanna ask , whats wrong with u ??
    are u jealous because you couldnt be like him ? LOL

    HERO Jaejoong fighting!

  548. 548 : cutekitty Says:

    lots of iranian love you and other star in koria! its strange for me! i didnt listen to your music and others ___iranian dont talk about their stars but iranian girls talk about you:)) its funny. it makes me laugh .. but i check your concert and all of your albumes and some dramas … for know you and your act ! after all of this i just can say that you are good!! your voice is cool ! go on!

  549. 549 : Sely_tha Says:

    Jaejoong oppa! You’re so different, . I hope oneday we will meet as a friend or like brother & sister, I want become your younger sister., it’s will be interest I think!

    Oppa anytime when you have trouble, still FIGHTING!

  550. 550 : Sely_tha Says:

    Ya. .hei. .for mia &silver!

    You just jealous right to hero jaejoong oppa. .crazy people are you both, mia n silver! You very disturbing us, go out from here, and remember, don’t say something be4 you think!

  551. 551 : england Says:

    người việt nam hy vọng nhóm dbsk sẽ không tan rã và tiếp tục ca hát theo nhóm.hy vọh nhóm se đến thăm quê hương VIỆT NAM trong 1 ngày gần đây….:)ENGLAND HÂM MỘ DBSK

  552. 552 : atiq Says:

    jaejoong oppa!!
    i love ur acting..
    i love ur voice..
    i love wen u r singing..
    n i love everythg bout u..
    u juz perfect for me..
    keep faithing oppa!!

  553. 553 : Ati Says:

    happy birthday jaejoong Shi!

  554. 554 : mOE Says:

    Happy Birthday Hero JJ.

  555. 555 : kimhye Says:

    Hi, Hero….
    Anniong haseyo….??? beleted Chukahamida!!!!
    I like ur groups I want ur photo solo n photo group so pls send me ur photo to my mail if it is possible….
    <<>> n may be succesful in ur brigth future…
    Annyonghi jumuseyo….
    By3 by3 kimhye
    from philippines!!!

  556. 556 : amber Says:


  557. 557 : kea-chan Says:

    >< love him so much…

  558. 558 : eugene Says:

    i really like you

  559. 559 : may Says:

    i really like everything about him…
    happy birthday jaejoongie…

  560. 560 : jessica Says:

    i really wanna watch his movie “heaven’s postman”.. i love you jj

  561. 561 : thalita putri 아름다운 Says:



  562. 562 : sara Says:

    youre just an angel with an angelic voice that melts every one’s hearts. i wish best for you and DBSK, I hope all youre problems will be solved as soon as posible and then we can see you and other members happy together once again. HERO AND DBSK LIVEEEEEE AND FOREVER

  563. 563 : jaejoong girl friend Says:

    oMg ,,,
    hEro ….
    u’re very-very perfect 4 me ,,,
    u’re handsome ,cute , cool , u’re voice is beautifull
    u make me fell with u

    owhh ,,,
    jaejoong … jaejoong … and jaejoong

    i like u ,,,
    very-very like u

    i want meet u ,,,,

    i’m from jakarta …
    nice to meet u


    with love

  564. 564 : Anussia Says:

    LoVe You <33

    Invite you hot to Poland!

  565. 565 : quan92 Says:

    annyong…..hope tvxq famous forever…actually im changmin’s fan…..send my regard to him…..

  566. 566 : Anussia Says:


    I love You and TVXQ ^^

  567. 567 : shobe Says:

    i really do like you, but reading your profile that you are an atheist i dont think i will support you anymore.. no offense to his fans.. its just my belief..

  568. 568 : canadian Says:

    i like u so much ever since i watched ur movie dating on earth..
    LOVE U!! GUD LCK!!

  569. 569 : efryll Says:

    uhmm… just wondering… why is it written in his profile that he is an atheist… my friend told me he’s a Christian… and if he’s an atheist why is he wearing a cross necklace on their mv rising sun? what? just to mock the Roman Catholic???? hey, don’t want to start any arguments here, just asking… anyway… i think he’s really pretty… hahaha… (and i don’t have any meaning behind this statement … i wonder if he and yunhoo… hehehe… just kidding… i absolutely believe that they’re 100% honest to goodness male even if they’re prettier than most of the girls i know…) anyhow… Mr. Kim Jaejoong… good luck with ur career and i hope your issues with SM will be resolve… and i really hope for the sake of my friend and your million fans out there that DBSK won’t be disbanded and will produce many more good music… well, good bye for now and goodluck to all of you…

  570. 570 : BBG Says:

    I don’t care if you are a christian, atheist etc… as long as you keep up with the good work..^^
    btw the cross do not only belong to the christians.. as a matter of fact it doesn’t…..-.-
    and yeahh… I think it is SME who told him to wear it…

  571. 571 : just a fan Says:

    love you oppa soooooo much and miss you no matter what will happen we will always love you and other guys
    take care and belive our loev will stay forever for TVXQ

  572. 572 : amber Says:

    hi oppa

  573. 573 : atiye Says:

    hi im iranian girl that i love korea and korean people like jae joong

  574. 574 : keihpopgoddess Says:


  575. 575 : mmn Says:


  576. 576 : mel Says:

    you’re so cute…

  577. 577 : ade Says:

    your acting is good.. ^^

    i like it

  578. 578 : Smiles Says:

    Love you!<3 Hope you will get to act more in the future 😀

  579. 579 : Yade (야데) Says:


  580. 580 : LuluAini Says:

    hai…you look so cute….

  581. 581 : kayjay*4* Says:

    U R LOVE….



  582. 582 : maryta Says:


  583. 583 : Jessica Says:

    Hero you are so handsome!!!!!!!!!!

  584. 584 : friendly_liz Says:

    you’re so cute hope to see you do tv series

  585. 585 : mahla Says:

    hi Im mahla Im iranian you are very nice I hve years old. pleasyou read my mail
    mahla from iran

  586. 586 : JaeYun @ Haydnevern Says:

    Let me know u more…
    till then, someday. lets meet

  587. 587 : Crazylove Says:


    I miss you. You visit my country.

  588. 588 : non sibi Says:

    Hi Moderator, I guess it is time for you to update his TV series, to include:
    Heaven’s Postman (SBS, 2010)
    Sunao ni Narenakute/Hard to say I love you (Fuji TV, 2010)
    Thank you..

  589. 589 : NesÀaaH KanAshIrO Says:

    난 당신의 사랑, 당신과 Tohoshinki의 영웅 팬이에요

  590. 590 : engyinnmay Says:

    merry chirstmas

  591. 591 : lovers jaejoong Says:

    handsame and cute

    i love you jaejoong

  592. 592 : Ladybug Says:

    I like ur song FOR YOU IS SEPARATION, FOR ME IS WAITING sungkyunkwan scandal ost, its so sad i can feel the spirit of that song

  593. 593 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    @I reay love that song for you its separation for me its waiting,… HMMM… U are also suited 2b lee son joon in skks

  594. 594 : mtzar Says:

    Happy Birthday JJ

  595. 595 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    Hapy birthday jaejoong sunbae 😀 😀

  596. 596 : List of Korean Actor « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

    […] Jae Young Ha Jung Woo Ha Suk Jin HaHa Han In Soo Han Jae Suk Han Jin Hee Han Jung Soo Han Sang Jin Hero JaeJoong Hong Il Kwon Hong Jong Hyun Hong Kyung Min Hu Joon Ho Huh Jung Min Hwan Hee Hwang Jung Min […]

  597. 597 : sakura Says:


  598. 598 : Beloved Says:

    LOVE YA!!!!

  599. 599 : sara Says:

    are you really an atheist?okay,you can,it’s completely personal but i think just God can make a beautiful human being like you.you are the very prove that God exists.don’t you think so?

  600. 600 : krizzel Says:

    Oh My Gosh……your so handsome!!!!!and good luck to your career..

  601. 601 : I love jae joong Says:

    You are very beautiful I love you (L)

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  603. 603 : Jarkin Says:

    Very nice actor

  604. 604 : tala Says:

    i love his songs… great singer with deep emotion

  605. 605 : jj Says:

    We will wait for TVXQ to come back as 5.. in the mean time we will support TVXQ n JYJ

  606. 606 : Qhkie Says:

    Fighting !!!!!

  607. 607 : Qhkie Says:

    i can’t wait to see u…

  608. 608 : HeroLover Says:

    I will wait as long as it takes to see a full 5 member TVXQ on stage.
    Until then, keep fighting hard!
    Always keep the faith.

  609. 609 : JJ Says:

    JJ..nothing word can discribe u
    ur too perfect for human
    ur voice..ur face..ur attitude
    whatever ur choice..JYJ or DBSK i always beside u
    **but i hope DBSK will back as 5 again^^**

  610. 610 : tety Says:


  611. 611 : tety Says:

    awasome..im gona crazy…

  612. 612 : rayya Says:

    I love your smile
    I love your voice
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  614. 614 : Nody Says:

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    Jae Joong oppa *FIGHTING*

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    haha so funny i only know this person after i watched protect the boss
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    I’m iranian girl,
    You’re chichi for me.
    I like movie,drama,single that you’re at it attended.

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    Your voice is very nice
    Your acting is very good in “Protect the Boss”
    I waiting for your new drama/film
    and JYJ is the Best…

    Good luck…. semoga berhasil

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    Nice acting, and really good voice you have there..
    Keep performing, waiting for your next action.. 🙂

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    Pic link
    Pic link
    Pic link
    Pic Link
    Pic Link

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  681. 681 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @taraLuvJJ sharing jeje yuu..tp ak bingung mulainy drmn..

  682. 682 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @meyramjjeje, hey girl,,
    hayuuk mulai dr mn ni (mlh ngajak tebak”an hihi..)
    dah ntn eps akhir dr.jin blm? me, still cannot believe that takkie was died! btw, meyra mulai sk jaejoong dr kpn?

  683. 683 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @taraLuvJJ belom tar,,lepiku rusak dpake donlod jeje mulu,,blom dbnerin lg..hehe,,tp kalo beritany ak tw..ga tega kalo baca juga,,ud nyesek dluan..:(
    ni curhat kyny^^
    ak baru2 ni ja tar sukanya,,ak tw dy dr mirotic n lgsg sk ma si ganteng,,cm msh biasa j karna dlu ak dkenalin kpop ma tmen bkn dbsk tp adenya tuh(tw kn^^)..trus ak suka jg yg pas di heavem postman tuh,,gantengnya tuh adem gmnaa gt…nah br pas PTB ak sk bgt,,slain lucu,,ganteng aktingy jg bgs..dr situ ak mlai trtarik JYJ n DBSK,,ak br cari2 tw ttg mrk,,walopun mpe skrg msh blm trlalu tw mslh mrk gmn..tp ak sneng liat mrk berlima duluu,,tp klo skrg dmnapun Jeje ak ttp suka asalkan dy nyaman dg bbnya..ak sk jg ma junsu n yuchun..beuuh pjg bgt yaa..
    ak ampe skrg masi nyari2 variety shownya dbsk cz ak pgn tw kseharianny dy ky apa,,n dy tu jail bgt,,,lucu liatnya,,manernya jg ud gwsh dtanya lg,,baek bgt..cm skrg ud susah ddonlod,,kdang filenya ga kbaca ato rusak gt..TT
    udh dlu ah,,tar smbung lg..kalo km sk jj dr kpn tar??

  684. 684 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @taraLuvJJ ak ngerti inggrs,,cm klo ngmong kyny ak g pede d,,bhs ku ancur n takutnya g dpahami nanti dsangka prusak bahasa lg..hehe

  685. 685 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @meyramjjeje, hehe sm aja chingu inggrisku jg ancur,, post komen di sni modal nekad doang ^^
    tau JJ dah dr jmn DBSK debut cm dl g gt merhatiin kpop lbh condong ke kdrama kl dgrin lagu” plg y ost” ja,, sk JJ rd tlat jg lha ntn Vacation en Postman in Heaven ja blm ngeh kl JJ tuh tergolong namja cute hehe,, br deh pas ntn Protect the Boss br nyadar kl gantengnya JJ tuh ampun”an apalgi kl dgr his angelic voice itu wah lngsung klepek” ^__^ trus dr st br sk JYJ,, DBSK jg,, plg sk ntn konser mrk ber5 pas nyanyi scr acapela, wiiiih melting bin nerinding sn harmonisasi suara mrk yg daebek itu,,,,
    kl susah dicr en dload knp ga bl dvd aja mey, kan byk yg jual baek ori ato copi ori,,,,

  686. 686 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    please replace or updated jaejoong’s main photo profile,, cuz that pic you put in there was taken way back in 2008,, nowdays jaejoong a lil’ bit different more skinny but still look gorgeous ^^ thx you before,,,,

    (@taraLuvJJ from admin, Which pic do you like?)

  687. 687 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @taraLuvJJ waah berarti samaa dund qt tergila2nya dr PTB,,abis dsitu dy maen perfect bgt,,direktur sukses,,olahraga okeh,,suara nyanyi jgn dtanya,,dtambah masak pula,,ehh tampangny bikin mimisan..paket lengkap bgt deh dy di PTB tuuh,
    lagu yg bkin km mrinding pa aja tar??kali bwt nambah2 koleksi mp3 ak gt^^
    ooh ada yaa..ak kira yg vshow gt g djual..hoho
    km ud liat vshow pa j yg dbsk?!

  688. 688 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @meyramjeje, haha iya q sk bgt scene msk di PTB,,ehem,,,
    lagu yg bkin mimisan? wah byk mey, plg sk y I’ll Protect You en In Heaven itu trus Forgetten Season en Insa (versi Jaejoong doang),, yg laen mcm Hug (acapela ver), My Little Princess, Love in The Ice,, lagu Jepang DBSK Toki Wo Mete, Begin en Proud (jd inget wkt konser mrk di Jepang pas nyanyiin lagu ini Yoochun smpe nangis),, rt” lagu ballads cz q emg sk yg melow” hehe,,,
    kl vshow blm byk yg kuliat cm x-man, music station, bonjour paris,, yg laen sih ada all about TVXQ, History In Japan, Happy Together etc,,etc,,
    km prnh ntn cf samsung DBSK n SNSD? lucu bgt y,, Yoochun ma Yoona, Jessica en Changmin, Tiffany buat rebutan Jaejoong en Yunho smtr Junsu cm ngamuk” liat tmn”nya hahahaha….

  689. 689 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @taraLuvJJ iiih sama2,,ak jg sk yg melow2,,yg skrg lagi suka,,yg lagu barunya jaejoong yg Living Like a Dream tuuh,,ajib deh suaranya lembut seksi gmnaaa gt,,kekeke,,trs ak sk jg yg Get Out,,No gain nya junsu jg ak sukaa,palagi yg vrsi dy,,wlopun cuma reff nya doang,cz dy yg nyiptain sii 🙂 klo dliat2 Jaejoong nyiptain lagu yg sedih2 mulu d,,yg ost ,yg dont cry my lover,no gain..huhuhu oiya suka ost nya Jaejoong yg di heaven postman g??ak sk bgt tuh cm sayang g masuk rekaman,,cuma potongan doang di movie,,pdhl enak laguna…
    ud liat survival quiz blm?dsitu jeje lucu bgt,,caper dy ma pnonton..wkwkwk
    iyaiya ak tw,,emg kocak bgt,,junsu lg bkin ngakak..harusan jeje gwsah rebutan tiffani,,qt aja yg rebutin dy..kekeke

  690. 690 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @meyramjjeje, oia lp Living Like a Dream,, suara JJ keren bgt y di lg ni,, cm tiap dgr yg kebyg scene pas Kyung Takkie mati,, hiks,,
    sk jg lg No Gain Junsu (smua lagu” Junsu jg keren”,,ah yg nyangkut cowo” JYJ daebak smua lah hehe),, km ntn fm JJ pas di Taiwan?JJ nyanyiin No Gain y biar cm dkit surprais deh apalgi ekspresi JJ cute bgt,,,
    iya ost.Postman in Heaven jg keren syg ga dirilis,,,
    yaaah q blm ntn survival qiuz :-‘(

  691. 691 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @meyramjjeje, and everyone,
    which Jaejoong”s main pic do you guys like?

    @admin, there are no new pic of Jaejoong in here,,,but i like the one that Jaejoong wearing eyeglasses and pic from Protec the Boss, he wearing black suit,,,

  692. 692 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    wow you change the pic,,, thank you so much!

  693. 693 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @taraLuvJJ iyaaa ak liat yg di taiwan,,cute bgttt tp kliatan kurus bgt 🙁 hiks sedih liatnya,,kcapean bgt kyny..tp moga aja tetep sehat,,
    eh tar ud liat fashion dy dr LA blik ke korea g?aissh ganteng bgt dr jauh jg..haha,,oya slain di jyj3 ak jg sk buka princeJJ loh,,dsitu ttg Jeje doang sii gda chunsu,,ayo tara qt ramein blog itu jg^^

  694. 694 : meyramjjeje Says:

    i like that pic too,,thnk u admin

  695. 695 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @meyramjjeje, barusan liat nih fashion jyj, gilee jj keren bgt y,, mn pk hoodie merah putih pas tgl 17 lagi,,,,
    q jg sring kok bk princejj cm emg g pernah posting komen di sn,, okay qt bikin heboh tuh blog sm” ya hehehe,,,
    eh mey pasti dah liat mv junsu uncomitted to,, msk di youtube dah ada yg bikin teaser versi jj,, kyknya diambil dr jj elle en kiss scene protect the boss ^^ tp kok ada adegan jj di mobil ma park shin hye ya, pa mrk prnh krj sm bkin cf brg ya,, atau q yg slh liat,,

  696. 696 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @meyramjjeje, ups baru inget kl jaejoong and park shin hye prnh jd model mv nya taegoon-call me,, keren buangaet ya,,,

  697. 697 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @taraLuvJJ iyaa ak ud liat mv nya junsu,,sk lagunyaa tp g sk junsu dsitu ma cwe laen,,hot bgt,,cemburu akuh..hehe
    hah masa sii ada yg bkin teaser ver jj jg??ak blm tw malah..
    jj pernah jd model mv y??hwuuaaah ak gtw..taun kpn itu?!ah pnasaran pnasaran..lagunya Taegoon?!enak g??

  698. 698 : Rayya Says:

    Pada lihat drama sunao ni narenakute ga? JJnya imut banget pokoknya like angel, di banjun drama juga keren., di kingsman lucu banget… ga bakalan nyesel dech nontonnya

  699. 699 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @meyramjjeje, yg teaser uncomitted versi Jae cm fanmate sih…
    seingatq Jae 2x jd model mv yg satu Blossomnya Ayumi Hamaski,, laguny Taegoon sih mnurutq biasa ja cm krn da Jae jd wjb dload deh hehe,, di sni Jae jd cowo yg diselingkuhi Park Shin Hye,, poor him never get lucky with girl,, mungkin cm di Postman in Heaven ja dia dapt cewe hehe,,

  700. 700 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rayya, so pasti dah ntn dunk hehehe,, cm ga tau knp q ga gt sk ma karakter Jae di situ mgk krn agak” pecundang y cz dah tau sohibny sk ma cewe’ny ttp ja nekad,,, tp emg dia cute sih di situ,,,
    peranny yg plg keren Protect the Boss,, jd Kyung Takkie jg cm tragis idupnya,,, kl kingsman blm ntn bgskah?

  701. 701 : meyramjjeje Says:

    waduuuh sprtnya ak ktinggalan jaman d…ak blm prnh liat dramany JJ slain Protect The Boss ma Dr.Jin
    ak pernah dnger yg Banjun itu,,tp blm prnah liat,,yg Sunao jg..kasii pencerahan dund,,itu drama critanya gmn?peranny JJ apa dsitu?!klo drama critanya panjang dund?!
    Kingsman drama ato vshow?!klo vshow kyny ak ud liat d..yg JJ jd ratu bukan?!hehe

  702. 702 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    kl g slh crnya ttg pershbtan 5 org krn twitter,, jae meranin cowo korea yg tggal di jepang yg pny id twitter doctor mknya smua ngira di dokter bnran, pdhl cm semcm sales gt deh,,, agak’ lp mklum q ntnnya dah lm,, km ntn aja mey, cm 11 eps ini,,,
    kl vshow q mlh byk yg blm ntn,, haaah jae jd ratu..? yg bnran aja tuh..? di jmn apa.. joseon kah…?
    mey, kl gt km dah ntn vacation dan dating on earth blm? lmyn jg crtnya cm ga tega liat jae di 2 drama ini dipukulin ma preman mlulu dah gt saingan ma yoochun dptin cewe pula,,, and once again ga dpt hehe,,,

  703. 703 : meyramjjeje Says:

    okeoke,,masuk list yg perlu ddnlod nih drama~~
    yg kingsman itu cm permainan gt,,perannya jd ratu,,kalo ga salah..vshowny cuma 2 ato 3part doang ko tar,,jeje lucu dsitu jatoh mulu cz pas jalan roknya keinjek dy sendiri..seru deh..hehe
    vacation yg mn y?!lupaa^^
    yg dating itu ak g mw nnton,,abis Jaenya kasian bgtt..ga tega..hehe
    nunggu bgt dy punya kberanian bwt jd main lead di drama..n dpt peran yg menarik g ky yooahin di FK yg akhrny sadend wlopun main lead…huhu
    nunggu Jackal jg,,moga j pilmy sukses..n tayang di indoo..^^

  704. 704 : Rayya Says:

    kalo nonton film JJ, harus banyak skip, filmnya kebanyakan sedihnya, jadi nonton JJnya bukan filmnya, tapi kalo lagi bete lihat king’sman dijamin deh bisa senyum lagi.
    aku lagi nunggu JJ bikin single album, moga2 aja……
    doain ya…

  705. 705 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    vacation dibg 4 crt, mrk jd dri mrk sndr so jae y jd jaejoong member dbsk,, kl g slh jdunya “the way you are” da cowo yg mrip jae gt deh, peran jae double,, bs bayangin da 2 jae dlm satu drama? hehehe,,,,,

    iya byk skip kl liat drama jae hbs ga tega liat jae babak belur,, cm sk aja ma deleted scene dating on earth wkt bu guru ke rmh jae trus mrk msk brg en ngobrol,, jae look cute bgt,,, tp trus yoochun dtg en jealous ma mrk tuh ^^

  706. 706 : meyramjjeje Says:

    waduuuh jae ada 2?!ga kbayang klo beneran^^okeoke wah byk list yg perlu ddnlod nih..mksi yaa infonyaa..
    tar baca komen2 yg di jyj3 g?!ada apa si sbnrnya..ak bgung,,bahasanya ktggian..ga ngerti..hehe

  707. 707 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    komen yg mn,, pa mksudmu ttg perilisan mahalo photobook itu y,,
    kyknya byk yg kcw stlh order tuh bku, dah hrgnya mahal kulitas wkt proses penjilidan jg ga bgitu bgs byk piku” jaejoong yg kepotong, yg paling parah lucunya pr fans menyalahkan jaejoong (yg ttp menandatangani photobook itu walo tau kualitasnya kyk gt) en hayato (yg dianggap vm mau mengeruk uang fans jyj aja) trus membatalkan pemesanan,,,
    what do you think mey? bkn maksud membela jaejoong cm mnrutku yg slh pihak penerbitannya ya,, kl jyj kan mlh pengin berbg piku” mrk di hawaii ke fans ya,,,, aq wkt itu mo posting komen mumet duluan bc komen org” yg pd kasar,,,

  708. 708 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    dah dload kingsman ni, bnr kt kalian lucu,, jae is soo clumsy ^____^
    yg banjundrama judulnya pa ja seh? dload yg judul “dangerous love” tp pas part 5 doang kok agak” gmn getu ya crtnya,,, kl dbsk lbh milih ntn konser mrk aja deh, lbh amazing hehehe,,, bd ma jyjy y drama ya konser keren pokoke everything bout jyj daebak deh,,,,

  709. 709 : meyramjjeje Says:

    ohh poto jaejoong kpotong..iya lah salah pnerbitnya..ko bs gt ga bner..pdhl kn yg beli pasti fans internasional..ak ngertinya yg komen tuh nyalahin jaejoong,,ksian bgt..ahh moga j jaejoong g nanggepin fanwar fans nya yg g jelas..sedih klo liat dy sedih..:(
    eh tar ak br tw banjun drama tuh kumpulan minieps dramanya dbsk,,kirain ak itu udh judul drama…kakakak..dongdong bgt akuh…
    ak jg gtw apa aja,,tp kmrn smpet baca ada first love,dangerous love uninvited guest..ahh gt d..lupa ak jdulny,,yg ud ku tonton br yg uninvit itu sm yg unforget love apa yaah jdulnya..tau lah..hehe,,itu NG nya lucuu..jae nya salah mulu,,jd minta maap mulu dy..haha

  710. 710 : meyramjjeje Says:

    iyaaa ak jg suka bgt everything bout JYJ,,udh kliatan keahlian masing2,,mu solo mu b3 keren smuaa..tp sayang klo liat konser tuh fancam smuaa..ak pgn mrk cepet2 bs tampil di tv lg,,bebas mu ngpa2in…liat konserny juga jelaas..apalagi tmpil di vshow,,pasti lucu..hehe
    oya km nyimak drama faith g yg ktny mrip drama dr jin?!

  711. 711 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    lho mey, km dah ntn blm konser JYJ yg Thankgiving Live in Tokyo Dome en Worldwide in Seoul? kan bukan fancam tuh,, en trus trang q jd sk ma lagu” JYJ y gr” ntn mrk nyanyi I Have Nothing (cover lagu Whitney Houston), W n Color Melody di Tokyo itu,, selain itu ada Come on Over ttg keseharian mrk (ntn ini jd tau mami n Jiji kucingnya Jaejoong hehe) en Sweet Date yg da live konser fm JYJ… ato mksudmu mungkin koonsr JYJ yg baru” ya,,, iya sidangnya lg September nanti y mg cpt sls,,amin..
    Faith..?blm bgs kah? q nggu dvdvnya aja 😀 cz sjk Personal Taste ga tau knp jd ilfil ma Lee Min Ho,, Korea drama yg kutonton skg ya May Queen, Reply 1997 n To The Beautiful You,,,

  712. 712 : meyramjjeje Says:

    iyaa mksudku yg baru2 ini..cz ak sk jyj yg br2 ky in heaven,get out,,ak nyari vdei mrk yg live aga cerah gt dikit bgt,,bykn fans yg teriak2 gt jd g kdngeran suara oppasnya..scaraa jyj kn ga lipsing..hehe
    iya ak tw yg thanksgiving itu,,tp blm liat smua,cz ak dnlodnya lagu yg ak tw doang ky “found you”..hehe,,yg enak apa aja tar mnrut km?!kyny selera musik kita sama nih…^^
    hehe ak jg blm liat faith,,ak g terlalu sk yg genrenya medis,,klo dr.jin ak tnton krna da Jaenya,,klo faith nggu tmen yg dnlod j,,klo gada yg dnlod yaa brarti ga nntn cz ga terlalu tertarik..hehe

  713. 713 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    emg iy ya smua live konser jyj emg daebak,,^^
    kl dr thxgiving da solo perfomance jaejoong “for you” laguny sih biasa cm sk wkt jae nyanyiin ni lagu,, byk snyum kan jae kl nyanyi sringnya psg muka sedih 😀 yg laen yg kusk y itu “W” (blm smpt translate tp kt tmnq ni curhatan jyj k homin), “i have nothing” (bd ja wkt dinyanyiin cowo”), “color melody” (duat daebak yoochun n jaejoong)…

  714. 714 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    ..ups comment kok kepotong..
    kl yg dr worldwide ini list lagu bhs inggrinya:
    still in love (solo perfomance jaejoong,, dijamin jealous ma dancer jyj yg pgg jae hihi..), i love you (yoochun-jg bikin jealous nih), i can soar (sk ma lagu ini cm agak terganggu ma outfit yg dipk junsu), be my girl & be the one (dancenya jyj kereeen),,,
    kl lagu koreanya; for it”s separation, for me it”s waiting-ost.skks (seneng bgt akhirnya bs ntn jae nyanyi lagu ini scr live), too love-ost.skks(junsu), empty, pierrot, nine, fallen leaves (sk ma harmonisasi suara jyj ga klh waktu msh di dbsk), selain found yg kyknya dah km dload ya…

  715. 715 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    sdh tau ttg pelarangan fancam oleh c-jes,,,, haduh knp ada mslh kyk gini y,,, pdhl qt sbg fans internasional kan sngat tergntung dg adany fancam scr jyj ga bs tmpil di tv” korea,,,,

  716. 716 : meyramjjeje Says:

    aaaah samasama,,ak jg suka For You,,iya ak ud liat vdeonya,,yg W ak jg sukaa,,ak pny vdeo yg ada lirik ma engsubnya,,ahh tar km harus baca artinya,,sediiih bgt,,jelas bgt itu bwt HoMin cz yoochun nyanyiinnya jelas bgt di liriknya kan ada We Love You BOTH..bwt sp lg cobaa,,scara itu lagu awal2 mrk kluar..ak j ampe merinding liat mereka nyanyi plus baca artinya..heu
    yg i have nothing ak blm liat,,yg duetnya JaeChun ak ud liaat,,iya sukasuka..hehe
    yg worldwide ak ud liatnya yg still in love (iya bner,,jealous bgt liat Jae dpgang2 gt,,sebel ma dancernya hehe),,trs sama be my girl n be the one,,ak pny lagunya doang,,g prnh liat vdeonya..hehe

  717. 717 : meyramjjeje Says:

    lanjuuut gosip tar…hehe
    yg ost SKKS ak twny yg dnyanyiin Jae..bz melow bgt,,suka ak..sama empty ak twnya..yg laen blm liat..hehe
    iya found you ak tw cz prnh live skali di kbs kn?!!yg pas mu pnghargaannya SKKS..

    iyaa ak jg sedih bgt,,tp pas baca org2 komen,,mm jd mikir lg,,ak harap sii klo emg Cjes ngelarang fancam,,mrk pny solusi yg ga bakal mutusin JYJ ma I-Fans…klo g mrk yg ngasih vdeo2 plus engsubnya..cz kdang Cjes ga bkin engsub,,kita kn g ngerti..moga j qt g khilangan kabar JYJ..:(

  718. 718 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    sebnrnya kl konser JYJ yg dload cm bbrp,, q lbh sk bl dvdnya jd bs ntn secara utuh en lbh puas, cuz smua lagu JYJ dinyanyiin scr lve baek yg albm bhs Jepang, Inggris ato Korea,,, mknya Found You aja q pny 4 versi dr Sweet Date, Come on Over, Worldwide en KBS Awards,,,
    kl DBSK q br pnya Five in The Black n 3rd Concert Mirotic in Seoul,, ni lgi pengin psn yg T, O sm Secret Code,, copy ori makanya gak ada translatenya kdg sk kesel ntn konser JYJ/DBSK mrk ngoceh pk bhs Jepang ato Korea krn ga da terjemahannya ya ga ngerti pa yg mrk omongin hehe ^^,, bd kl dload dr youtube yg mlh da translatenya ya,,,

  719. 719 : OK OK OK Says:

    Seen you acted in Protect the Boss & Time Slip Dr Jin.
    You are a good actor. Can feel your emotions – Feel so sad for you in Dr Jin.

    Hope to see you as the leading man in new drama with lovable leading actress. Fighting 🙂

  720. 720 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @OK OK OK
    me too, i’m soooo desperate waiting for Jaejoong acts in rom-com drama as leading man,,, cuz i wanna see funny or dorky side of him (again)….

  721. 721 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    cb dload live perfomance JYJ di MTVK wkt nyanyiin Be My Girl en Emty versi akustik,,, kamera focus ke JYJ en penonton ga bgitu berisik jd pas mrk nyanyi kedengaran,,,, kereeeen bgt 🙂

  722. 722 : Time Slip Dr. Jin « SERIES 53 Says:

    […] Seung Hun as Jin Hyuk Kim Jaejoong as Kim Kyung Tak Lee Bum Soo as Lee Ha Eung Park Min Young as Hong Young Rae (1860) / Yoo Mi […]

  723. 723 : meyramjjeje Says:

    oowh,,hehe jd malu,,iyaa ak mah seringnya dnld,,tp susah jg nyarinya..soalny bykn fanmade gt vdeony ga asli live..mkanya pas km blg ada vrsi dvd ak lgsg nyari di google tp blm dpt yg ada translatenya..hehe
    okeoke tar ak cari yg km rekomendasiin..^_^

  724. 724 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    km minat kah kl bl dlm bntuk dvd dload’an en copi original? kebtlan q pnya lngganan koleksi jyj/dbsk lmyan lngkp,, kl iya tar tak ksh tau alamat fb.nya,,,,
    btw, have you seen jyj nii auntumn collections both pics and making film? gileee jaejoong looks smocking HOT!!!!
    and twits between kyung takkie and yi han soooo hilirous hehehe,,,
    q sk bgt ma piku jae yg tdran di sofa,, he looks soo peacefull ya,,,

  725. 725 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    ups,, maksudku di blog jyj3…
    eh tau news yoochun di drama i miss you ga? ditrima ga ya ma dia,,,
    kl ga ditrima ma yoochun biar jae aja ya hehehe,,,

  726. 726 : meyramjjeje Says:

    yg copy ori ada subnya g?!boleh d ak minta,,kalo minat lgsg pesen^^
    udaaaah,,bgt gantengny bkin gbs nafas..kekeke lucu jg,,palagi pas wwncaranya,,wlopun pk “bhs kalbu” n cm bentar tp liat ekspresi mrk bkin ktawa j..
    iyaa ak sk klo jae ud braksi wlopun aneh malah makin kepincut..haha
    iya ak baca,,tp kyny critanya kurang mnarik d tar,,alamat critanya melow gt,,ak pgn dy jd playboy ato apa gt..hehe

  727. 727 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    ni almt fb : Berlian Nusantara Hanbok dan DVD
    syg g da eng sub pdhl tau sndr kan DBSK/JYJ sk ngobrol kl di atas stage baek dlm bhs Jepang ataupun Korea,, sk becandain satu ma lainny ya itu yg bkin gemes ga ngerti yg mrk omongin,,
    trus konser DBSK yg Mirotic kan dpt bonus movie+bts+deleted scene eh subnya jg g da yg english adanya cina/jepang doang,,, tp kl JYJ yg Come On Over ada ding eng subnya,,,

    iya kl maen drama penginnya Jae jd bad boy getu pokoke peran yg ga biasa deh,,, jd detective cyber kyk peran So Ji Sob di Phantom/Ghost kan keren tuuh,,, ngarep bgt hehehe,,,

  728. 728 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    ..ups sori dr td kok eror typo mlulu ;’-DDD
    maksudku yg mirotic dpt bonus pilem dating on earth..

  729. 729 : meyramjjeje Says:

    iyaaa stjuu..jd detektif ky perannya jisub di ghost seru bgt kyny..tinggal nggu filmnya nih kita…kira2 dy ngisi ost nya g y di jackal itu?!
    tar ktny kn harapannya jeje taun ini pgn maen drama lg kn??kira2 dy ngambil peran utama g yaaa…*ngareptingkattinggi

  730. 730 : meyramjjeje Says:

    tar emg mnrt km critany dr jin kurang mnarik y?!ak sk sbel ndri bc komen2 org..trs bnding2in ma faith..ktny jin tuh ga seru cz ttg pnykt mulu gda romancenya…iyyaa siih emg lgian kyny genre tuh drama bnran medis kn y bkn romance gt…hoho sk esmosi nii..kekeke…mnrt km gmn?!

  731. 731 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    ngarepnya sih jae nyayiin ost.jackal sih :-DD
    iya bc jg artikel yg blg jae pngin maen drama lg th ini,, mg peran utama mey, cz capek jg liat jaejoong jd 2nd lg 2nd lg,, kdg sk deg”an kl bk intrnet kalo” ada news ttg jae yg dicasting drama baru,, tggu pny tggu newsnya kok ga nongol” ya hehehe,, awalnya ngarep jae jd lwn maen moon geun young tp ternyata park shi ho,, pentn kcw deh,,,,,,
    eh iris 2 kan mau dibikin lg, kalo seandainya jaejoong dicasting gmn mnrut km? eh jgn deh, mending drama br yg crtnya fresh,,

    sebnrnya dr.jin menarik kok cz aq sk crt ttg medis tp yaaah tau sndr gmn, byk adegan operasi” yg dliatin scr nyata yg mgk bikin org” jijik,,,
    sm mey, sk sebel kl bc komen” eps. di blog dramabean wiiih sadis” bgt bikin migrenku sk kumat deh,,, mknya skg malez bgt bk blognya,,,,

  732. 732 : meyramjjeje Says:

    iyaa samaa ak jg ngarep bgt dy nyanyiin ost filmnya…huhuhu
    stujuuu,,ak jg cape liat dy jd yg k2 mulu,,bikin sesek liat jeje mukany sedih karna g dpt cwe,,palagi peran kyung tak…hadeeuuuhh,,makin miris liatnya..
    iya ah ak pgnny crita yg fresh,,kalo iris 2 tktny ky DH 2 ato FH 2 yg ga sesukses yg pertama..huhu,,eh tp jeje kn pgn peran pshyco yaa..haduuuh dy emg bneran pgn ngembangin bakat akting ya,,ga cuma pgn kliatan artis yg dsukain krna ganteng ato perannya cool gt ky org2,,tp emg pgn jd best of the best..:)
    oo cwo yg ma moon gen yong tuh park shi hoo y??emg ud stuju?!itu saeguk ato apa?
    bangettt,,sakit hati bacanya..sm ky di komen drama dsn,,hoho#abaikan

  733. 733 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    itulah kdg ak kasian ma jaejoong kl nyangkut kdramaland wjhnya yg guanteng itu justru merugikan,, org dah underestimate duluan, cowo cakep mn bs akting gitu yg slalu org blg apalagi statusnya yg member jyj wiih dah pd ngeremehin tuh,,, pdhl mnurutku akting jae dah mengalami peningkatan pesat kan jk dibanding ktkan lah wkt dia maen banjun drama,vacation ato dating on earth,,,
    trus trang ga bs byangin cowo ganteng kyk jae jd pshyco 😀 tp emg tatapan mata jae tuh kdg tajam en terksn sadis ya hihihi,,,
    penginnya jae maen rom-com en jd main lead dlu deh ,, stlh itu terserah dia mo maen peran apa tp kl jd pshyco film aja jgn drama ya,,

  734. 734 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    emg full house 2 udah tyg? kok ak ga tau ya,,
    kl soal moon geun young en park shi ho gosipny sih geto tp ga tau dah diconfirm pa blm,,,
    mg” jaejoong sgr nerima twran drama lg kasian dy kesepian ditggal yoochun ke shanghai en junsu ke hongkong,, kdg pengin liat mrk maen dlm satu drama lagi,, mungkin ga ya,,,

  735. 735 : meyramjjeje Says:

    masa sih tar dremehin??ga sopan bgt mrk,,dy termasuk keren mnurutku wlopun newbie,,km baca komentar aktor n aktris bwt jeje g?ak stju bgt ma komentar smwnya,,hehe
    stujuu ak jg nggu yg dy pmrn utama di romcom,,tp alur critanya yg mnarik,ga salah ambil peran gt,,skrg kn kyny romcom gt aga jarang yg nntn gt org koreanya,,ya ga sih?!jd ratingny biasany rendah..hoho
    iyaaa,,ak g sanggup klo jeje jd pshyco di drama,,klamaan..mnding film j..
    FH2 klo g salah tayang djepang,,mkny g byk britanya..hehe,,tp mnrtku kyny seruan yg pertama d..hehe,,soalnya dlu br pertama liat crita yg ky gt,,mkny booming bgt..
    iya bner,,ksian jaejoong,,skrg dy yg lg free,,mkny kmrn bs jalan2 ma JinYiHan,,hoho,,pasti dy ksepian bgt..iyaa ak jg pgn mrka brg maen drama..tp pliss jeje jd pmrn utm,,kali2 gt yucun jd yg k2,,pgn liat..hoho

  736. 736 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    iya lho mey da yg komen “hny org waras yg nganggap akting jaejoong bgus, kl bkn member jyj ga bklan deh dicasting drama” tuuuh sadis kan,,,
    iyaaa aku jg bc komen” aktor/aktris ttg jea, itu kan menandakan jae mau bljr en pnya manner yg bgus ya kl sm senior cz rata” aktor yg prnh krj sm dlm satu drama ma jae pd muji semua,,,,
    kl maen ma yoochun bs” jae ga dpt peran utama lg deh hehehe,,
    rom-com skg emg krg nendang crtnya trus gmpang ditebak pula tp pengin bgt liat jaejoong maen rom-com,, ga tau knp,, asal bkn serial i need romance aja bisa-bisa mati saking shocknya hahahahahaha,,,,

  737. 737 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    km sk beli majalah gak? edisi terbaru majalah koreanstar cover depannya dr.jin…..!!!!!! yiipppie, kyung takkie! ak br tau wkt bk web plasa21…
    kl di jyj3, ktnya jackal is coming ada di movie week yg terbit jumat ini,,
    syg ya gak beredar di negara kita 🙁

  738. 738 : meyramjjeje Says:

    iya ih sadis bgt,,jgn buka tuh blog tar bikin sakit mata..abaikan aja,,yg ptg jae ttp no1 dmata kita..^^
    emg mannerny bagus ko jae,,dr apa yg dliat dr vdeo2 yg ada,,ak j yg jauh bs ngrasain gmn baikny jae wlopun jauh,,palagi yg berinteraksi ma dy..hoho
    yaah gt yaa,,klo gt jgn maen brg yuchun d klo jd yg k2,,kn kita mu nntn dy yg jd pmeran utama..
    sjunsuuu jgn maen drama yg ky gt,,g akan ak tntn d bneran..heu

    wah ak jarang beli majalah tar..km ud beli?!poster bsarny pmain dr.jin ato kyung takkie sndiri??eh tar ak kn coba donlod drama jpangnya jae tuh yg 2010 yg kt km,,susah bgt,fileny byk yg rusak lg..ak sk sebel klo beli kaset artiny kdang bhs melayu,,hehe
    ada usul tmpt donlod?

  739. 739 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    kl dorama krg tau jg,, dl q lngsung bl dvdny n terjmhan lmyn jg kl ga ngerti tak gnti ke eng subny,, cb aja di dailymotion, dramafever, kimchidrama kali” ada,,,
    q blm bl magznya cm liat di web, bonusnya 4 poster tp ga tau kyung takkie sndr da ga plus vcd isinya cuplikan drama big+mv k.drama gitu,,

  740. 740 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    cannot wait to see,,
    your new movie code name:jackal
    november please come soon!!!

  741. 741 : meyramjjeje Says:

    ud gbs ddnlod tar..hikshiks
    ak kangen jaejoong bgt ih,,gada beritanya..bagusnya dy ngtwit ma baby..bikin tambah kangen
    oya ak brharap bgt dy dpt award biar bisa liat dy gaya tnda V smbil teriak..

  742. 742 : OK OK OK Says:

    Hi Admin

    I found out today that Jaejoong has another actor list as below & there is about 82 fans comments there.


    Can you please transfer all 82 comments to this page or do something about it. He is more popular here. 🙂

    Thank you

    Hero Jaejoong!!!! All the best to you. Fighting 😛

    (@OK OK OK from admin: Thanks for inform us. This is our mistake to create 2 page for Jae Joong. Since he is much more popular here, than we decided to delete http://star.koreandrama.org/?p=564 permanently. Regarding the 82 comment in that page, we would like to inform you that we are enable to transfer to this page. Sorry about that and hope you happy with our decision, Thanks.)

  743. 743 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 712 taraLuvJJ

    When I see the poster of Heaven’s Postman. I find the side view of the man looks like Jaejoong with Han Hyo Joo. Its really him & it make me more interested to watch this movie. I hope its a happy ending. 🙂

  744. 744 : OK OK OK Says:

    Hi Admin

    Thanks for the change. I got another worry.

    Under the drama Time Slip Dr Jin, the drama introduce Jae Joong as KIM JAEJOONG instead of Hero Jaejoong. Under actor’s page, his name is Hero JaeJoong. What if people looking under actor’s list for Kim Jaejoong and cannot find his name. OTOKE ?

    Fans got hard time looking for him if they watch other drama besides Dr Jin ??? 🙂

    (@OK OK OK from admin: We just modify and make it standard for his name as ‘Hero JaeJoong @ Kim Jae Joong’ in all related page. Furthermore, if people looking under actor’s list for Kim Jaejoong and cannot find his name, then they may using ‘search box’ at the bottom of the actor’s list. Please take a look. )

  745. 745 : OK OK OK Says:


    Its such a waste that the 82 comments have to be deleted. Its fans wishes and greetings to Hero JaeJoong.

    I was hoping you all can copy and paste here but it will need lots of time and effort from your side. We have to respect your decision. 🙂

    (@OK OK OK from admin: We just check it and found that only 8 comments on that page in year 2011 & 2012. Therefore we decided to only copy and paste these 8 comment to this pages. For your information, this is a little bit hard work because we still need to arrange it by the time they comment. Hope you satisfy with our new decision. Thanks.)

  746. 746 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ Admin

    Kamsa Hamida for all the questions, answers and your hard work. Have a nice weekend 🙂

  747. 747 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    dah ga bs y.. syg bgt.. y dah bl ja dvdny kali” msh da..
    iyaaa cute bgt y twit jae brg ponakannya,, jd pngin dikelonin jg ma jae~^^
    sm mey, pngin bgt liat jae dpt award th ini!!

  748. 748 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @OK OK OK
    wacth that movie,, i mean postman in heaven,, you will never regret it..
    althogh i find this movie realy mellow and jae’s acting sometimes lack of emotions but jae looks hot in that movie, i like kiss scene between han hyo jo and jajoong.. sweet not as possionate like he did on protect the boss..
    oh yeah,, it’s happy ending chingu 🙂

  749. 749 : meyramjjeje Says:

    iyaaa moga j msh ada yg jual dvdny..mslhny ni drama lama,,susah nyarinya,,bz biasany yg djual tuh yg mw dsiarin di tv qt ato yg booming disanany..hoho
    yaaah tar,,bias qt kalah di polling mnet best actor..huhuhu,,tpii tetep smangatt KJJ!!! 🙂
    twit jae jayus bgt,,4D kumat…kekeke

  750. 750 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @ OK OK OK
    agree wth tara,,its happy ending..
    n he’s very very good looking at that movie,,hehehe

  751. 751 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ taraLuvJJ & meyramjjeje

    I already peep the last part of the movie Heaven’s Postman this afternoon. Hee Hee.
    I will watch becoz Jaejoong is a good actor & its good ending. 🙂

    Kamsa Hamnida.

  752. 752 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    gmn dah dpt dvd Sunao in Narenakute (It’s hard to Say I Love You) nya?
    kl blm bli scr online ja kyk ak.. cb di alamat fb ini:
    *nadyta movies series
    *toko-diana.blogspot.com ([email protected]),,,ak sringnya psn di diana ini,,, kyknya kl msh ada kok yg biasa ato mgk original,,
    skalian psn JYJ sweet date, come on over, thankgiving live at tokyo dome, worldwide concert in seoul, in heaven mv, dbsk x-man,,, biar puas matengin Jaejoong ~ ^o^

    iya syg ya Jaejoong klh,, tp ttp dukung our JJ…!!!
    itulah yg kusk dr Jaejoong biar umurnya dah 26th tp kl kumat sifat 4Dnya berasa abg ja hehehe,, nggemesin pula,,,

  753. 753 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @OK OK OK
    glad you have the same though about that movie (Postman from Heaven) and about Kim Jaejoong too…
    coz sometimes i just tired reading all bad comment ’bout Jaejoong acting skill,, it’s not his fault for being soooo handsome, isn’t he??!!

  754. 754 : meyramjjeje Says:

    ak ud message ke diana itu,,tp blm ada balesan tar..heu
    yg thanksgiving ak ud adaaaaa^^ tp blm smpet liat,,br ddnlod,,yg xman jg ud nntn yg epsd jae vs changmin of course battle bkn yg km mksud?? kakakak lucu bgt,,dsitu jae polos bgt,,terlalu jujur..hahaha
    yg sweet date ttg apa tar ceritanya??
    yoii,,gimanapun dy,,tetep dukung yg terbaik bwt Jaejoong^^

  755. 755 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @OK OK OK
    yes he is good actor,,n his acting skill got better n better in dr.jin .. i hope he’ll get award for his acting..

  756. 756 : meyramjjeje Says:

    oya tar,,mnurut km knp rating dr jin eps akhr lgsg trun drastis??klo tebakanku sii,,kyny krna kyungtak sad ending deh,,jd yg lain ud pd nangis dluan liat kyungtak dbikin mnggl..hohoho

  757. 757 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 753 taraLuvJJ

    I am surprised you said that others have bad comment about him.

    JaeJoong acting is super good. Even better than some lead actors. I can feel his emotions just through his eyes & facial expressions.

    That’s how my family and I started to notice Hero JaeJoong. He He He 🙂
    We will support his dramas & movies. Hope he will act in leading roles ASAP – choose the right adorable actress. 🙂

  758. 758 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 755 meyramjjeje

    I hope Jaejoong will get awards for his acting soon. I have confidence in him. 🙂

  759. 759 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    iya diana tuh kl bls emg lama,, cb sms/bb mgk lbh cpt…
    x-man, jaejoong rambutny pirang ala manga itu kan,, iyyaa q g bs berhenti ketw wkt changmin ngritik gy nyanyi jae smntr ekspresi jae pasrah ja 🙂
    kl g slh jae jg nyanyiin ‘hug’ versi china,,dkit sih emg,, selain itu ada wkt battle kyk ayunan getu tggal jae vs yunho,, seru y…
    kl sweet date tuh fm jyj,, haduh perasaan jaejoong di sni keren bgt ^___^
    da live concert kl g slh inget jyj nyanyiin empty, fallen leaves, i found you,, ada jg games” gtu seruny jaejoong mng terus hehehe…

    iya gara” kyung takkie dimatiin kalee ya,, n di korea sndr tygnya agak tertunda krn olimpiade london,, selain itu jg klh saing sm drama jang dong gun & kim ha neul gentlymen’s dignity~jae prnh blg soal ni pas diinterview, crt dr.jin emg serius bd ma gd yg lbh disukai younger viewer…

  760. 760 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @OK OK OK
    if you read all the comments about jaejoong,, some are bad…
    yes, let’s support our jaejoong 🙂
    i am looking forward for his new movie code name:jackal (jackal is coming)
    the storyline sounds so hilirious… and this time he is the leading man!

  761. 761 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    eh mey kl soal dvd tvxq/jyj koleksiny lengkapan “berlian nusantara hanbok dan dvd” ada jihwaza, zoom in, line up, jaejoong elle, jaejoong intermodulation, drama jepangnya yoochun ‘beautiful life’, junsu musikal mozart dll,,etc,, aq sndr jg blm pnya hehehe….

  762. 762 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 760

    Bc of what you said, I read the comments from page 1 till present last nite.
    I think there is only 2 comments are bad out of 761. And this 2 comments I guess is the same person with different names bc its just 1 after another. 🙂

    Just ignore it. The rest of fans of Jae Joong I don’t know about other comments if its not written in English. :

    All are positive comments. 🙂

  763. 763 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 760 taraLuvJJ

    Sorry I miss out your name. 🙂

  764. 764 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @OK OK OK
    wow, you really read all that comments,, i’m amazed 🙂
    i’m sorry i haven’t told you before that beside in this part, there are a lot comment about Jaejoong in Protect the Boss and Time Slip Dr.Jin section… and have you ever visit ‘dramabean’ blog. there are many bad comments about Jaejoong’s acting skill too…
    but let’s just forget about it.. like you said “just ignore it” right 🙂
    now, just support Jaejoong.. hope he can win some award this year,,
    finger cross on that!!!

  765. 765 : meyramjjeje Says:

    taraaaaa…ternyata ada di beberapa blog yg nulis snopsis dr.jin komentarny pedes bgt bwt jaejoong,,blg ktny gda pningkatan lah,,gitu2 aja aktingnya,,pkony jelek bgt d komennya..ak lgsg inget kamu,,,iiih mereka nyebelin bgt sii..klo aktingny jelek,,ko bs dia dpuji sm senior2nya??iya g sii..sebel taar..:(
    oke d,,mksh infonya y..kpn2 ak cek deh alamatnya..hehe
    oya tar,,emgny Jae ngroko y??ak twny dy sk minum doang..heu,,asal tetep jaga kesehatan j deh,,khawatir bgt dy knapa2…

  766. 766 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    tuh bnr kan mey, mknya skg ak malez bk” blog org lagi apalgi kl smpe ada yg bnding”in akting Jaejoong sm Yoochun trus menyulut fanwar wih tmbah malez bkin migren aja… i love both of them eh thrre of them Jaejoong, Yoochun en Junsu as individual and as JYJ… period.
    pasti gr” piku di twit di JYJ3 itu y…? dah di updated kok ktnya itu bkn putung rokok bekas Jaejoong tp pnya org yg duduk di situ seblm Jejoong..
    tp setahuku emg Jejoong en Yoochun kdg sk merokok tuh 🙁 eh km ntn kan ELLE Movie still “Perfect” with Kim Jaejoong?? pas ngeliatnya kaget bgt coz di situ Jaejoong ngerokok… tp jujur aja Jaejoong keliatan sexy ang guuaannteeeeeng bgt di still movie itu hehehe ^___________^

  767. 767 : meyramjjeje Says:

    iya bner bgt tar,,ak sk nyesek sndiri klo bc komen jelek2 ttg Jae,,apalagi tmn2ku jg g trlalu sk gt ma Jae,jd pas ada komen ky gt mrk ktawa j..huhu
    iaah ak jg g sk bgt klo dbndingin,,mrk kn skill aktingny beda,,pny karakter sndiri,,ak sukany klo mrk breng ber3,,klo individu sii tetep Jaejoong di hati ♥ tp tetep dukung aktvitas indviduny ..hehe
    sbnrny sii bkn liat picnya..ak lbh sensi ma yg komen,,malah awalny ak g terlalu ngeh klo ada puntung roko dsitu..huhu
    yaaaah ak blm liat tar,,nm vdeony apa tar??nanti ak cari^^ smangat bgt nih karna km blg dy ganteng n sexy..hihihi

  768. 768 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    blm ntn…???!!? wah cptan dload dijmin puas matengin Jaejoong ^0^
    judulnya sih “ELLE Movie Still with Jaejoong Perfect Day”
    ni movie pendek tnpa dialog bkinan mjlh ELLE Korea,, Jae jd pembunuh byran,, KillerJJ hehe,,, byk scene yg bkin mupeng Mey 😀
    sperti wkt Jae di tmpt tdr,, duh cute bgt,, trus yg plg bkin mupeng ya wkt Jae di bathup topless! tatonya jd keliatan smua,,, sexy sekaleee!!
    agak sebel wkt scene Jae ngerokok itu cm ga tau knp sk liat siluet tubuh Jaejoong ^___^ dah tonton sndr aja kl ak crt ga hbs” nanti hihihi…
    sebnrnya ada 2 bag cm ak br dload part 1 doang.

    selain itu ada jg “JYJ Memories in 2010 Jejung an.an offshot movie and ng” wjb dload… kl ini BTS pemotretan Jae utk mjlh an.an Jepang, lucu bgt Jae smpe nungging” di atas meja hehehe…

  769. 769 : meyramjjeje Says:

    okeoke nanti ak dnlod..
    tar ud bc rumor yg ktny Jae mu ke indo g??kyaaaa seneng bgt klo bneran..km mu liat g??

  770. 770 : meyramjjeje Says:

    oya komen2 yg diomongin mrk shiper2 itu apa mksdny sih tar?ak ga ngerti 🙁
    walopun cm rumor Jae mu ke indo bkin bhagia bgt,,apalagi klo bneran ud dkonfirm..harus nabung nih^^

  771. 771 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    pas km blg Jaejoong mo k Indo,, kget bgt smpe mo jatuh hehe *lebay*
    iya liat d JYJ3 sih rumornya getu,, mg bnran jd ya,,, amin.
    cm kdg ga rela kl Jaejoong k Indo trus jd guest d acara” musik pg d tv dikerjain ma host lebay itu yg aku yakin pd ga tau sp JYJ itu…huh..
    selain itu YJ shiper d Indo buanyak bgt,, tkutnya Jae gmn getu nanti kl ditnya soal Yunho,,ak jg krg gtu mudeng soal shiper” itu cm setahuku fans DBSK menganggap Jaejoong psngannya Yunho male-male couple..
    Jae ummanya, Yunho appanya, Junsu, Yoochun and Changmin anak” mrk geto deh,, mk kdg ak mikir ada baeknya DBSK pisahan..

  772. 772 : meyramjjeje Says:

    taraaaa,,ak ud liat smuaaa,,yg elle movie,jejung an.an,,sm yg thanksgving itu…aaaaa serasa mu pingsan j drtd liat snyum manisny jae^^
    yg dkonser itu awal2nya muka mereka tegang n sedih yaa,,scara baru nyanyi lg stlh keluar dr dbsk..bagusny yg nonton banyak jg ky pas konser terakhrny mereka ber5..pasti byk kenangan bgt,,tempatny sama2 di tokyo dome sii..nontonny tuh sedih plus seneng,,sedih karna mgkn br pertama mrk dpanggung cm ber3,,senengny mrk msh tetep brkarya sbgai musisi^^
    klo kt ku sii kyny g bakal tampil di acara2 musik indo d,,scaraa jdwal jyj kn padet..hehe,,tp klo smpe di undang ak ga rela mrk diejekin ma artis indo,,hehe
    iyaa sama,,ak jg g sk yJ shiper itu,,terlalu berlebihan bgt,,di indo fans yJ byk tah??ahh klo gt mending JYJ j d yg ksini,,tkt bkin jae kcewa ke fans indo..pdhl itu kn org2 yg ababil aja..:(

  773. 773 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    duuuh sngnya yg dah ntn hehe,,, tuuh bnr kan Jae ganteng bgt…
    mknya kl Jae ke Indo kyk Junsu kmrn ja konser ato fm doang jd ekslusive gitu ga pk tmpil di acara” musik… haduh mg Jae bnran k Indo ya trus pk batik pasti keliatan tmbah keren ^__^
    trus trang soal YJ shiper, q pny pengalaman g mengenakkan wkt ada rumor dbsk mo bersatu, aq kan ksh komen ga setuju,, bukan ga sk dbsk berlima lg (mlh ngarep mrk bersatu lg) cm ga setuju kl JYJ musti balik k sm lg, lg pula dah sng mrk hanya ber3 aja,,, ya ampyuun hbs itu komenku lngsung diserang ma YJ shiper itu,,, kapok… biasanya kl ngefans Jaejoong dr awal dbsk debut rata” pd jd YJ shiper gt deh, kan sampe skg msh byk yg blm bs nrima dbsk pecah,, dlu di awal” byk yg ngatain JYJ sbg pengkhianat to…

    meyra, akhir” jrg news terbaru Jaejoong y,,, jd kangen,,,

  774. 774 : meyramjjeje Says:

    hehe,,iya pkony hrs yg eksklusif lah,,scara Jae gtuu..kekeke,,pas baca Jae ke indo pk batik ak lgsg ktawa,,gmn yaa klo beneran..hehe,,pasti milky skinnya kliatan cerah bgt^^
    iya y??klo emg mrk suka dbsk dr awal debut mah pasti ud pd tua tar,,scara dbsk kn dr taon 03,,n pikirannya pasti ud dewasa,,itu yg ngbash km kyny msh pd ababil d,,yg kenal dbskny bkn luar dalem,,makany ak klo ada artikel yg komennya byk n pd ribut gt mending ga komen d,,males,soalny kadang2 ada yg tempramenny gbs dkontrol gt..
    iya sama,,ak jg pgn sih liat mrk berlima,,tp di agensi yg laen,,tp kyny jyj gmw liat ke belakang lg d,,ky kata2ny Jae yg di movie still itu “things i dont want to forget,the words i was thankful for,and the memories of the moment i felt sorry” *hehe yg br nonton*
    ak g terlalu tw sii yg pas mrk keluar dr sm,,cm ktny emg byk yg bnci ke jyj karna ktny kacang lupa kulitny gt..whatever yg pntg jyj msh tetep berkarya n yg pasti bahagia dg pilihannya n qt tetep support jyj^^

    iyaa tara,,samaa,,ak jg kangen bgt ma Jae,,ud jarang bgt beritanya,,klo kmrn2 Jae g ngetwit pst ud gda kbar bgt d..smoga Jae istirahat yg cukup n g byk mnm n ngroko,,takut Jae sakit 🙁 miss him so bad
    *iiisss pjg bgt

  775. 775 : meyramjjeje Says:

    tapi tar,,klo km follow beritany princeJJ mah bakal ada mulu infony tiap hari,,cm yaa bkn berita yg heboh sii.. ky komen org2 ttg Jae j gt,,hehe

  776. 776 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    hehe iya skg aku jg ati” kl post komen tkut dibash lgi,,,
    yg lucu dlu aku sk bl mjlh yg berbau korea getu krn byk artikel drama koreanya,, nah wkt mjlh itu membhs tuntas soal DBSK trus keluarnya JYJ aku ga bgitu perhatian krn emg wkt itu ga getu sk kpop,,, nah skg mjlhnya udah kuloakkan br deh nyesel habis apalgi tuh mjlh ngasih bonus poster gede DBSK pula :'(
    btw, mey, km tau kan stlh keluar dr DBSK seblm nmnya jd JYJ mrk pk nm 3HREE VOICES?? km prnh dload gak videonya? aku cm dload 3HREE VOICES part 1, isinya liburan Jaejoong di Vancouver-Canada, Yoochun di Seoul n Junsu di Sidney. kl yg part 2 ato 3 isinya apa ya? pengin dload sih cm agak malez cuz dlm bhs jepang…

    iya mg Jae skg bnr” menikmati wkt istirahat, brg keluarga besarnya,, sp tahu tiba” nanti Jae mengejutkan qta dg news bkin album solo (mungkin gak seh?!?) ato dicasting peran utama dlm drama apa geto,,, hihi ngarep bgt…

  777. 777 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    iya aku jg sk follow princeJJ,, cm syg ya yg posting komen di situ ga sebyk di JYJ3,, tp at least it’s all bout our Prince Charming Kim Jaejoong 🙂

  778. 778 : meyramjjeje Says:

    waaah,,ak bacany iktn nyesel juga,,sayang bgt ya taar,,tp gmn lg,,ak jg dulu g terlalu sk kpop jd pas dnger dbsk ada yg kluar membernya (yg skrg jd bias qt) biasa ja,,eh skrg mu cari beritany jg tkt simpang siur ga bner,,mkny mnurut kpercayaan j d,,ak sii lbih mihak kputusan jyj..
    oh,,dulu pk 3hree voices yah???waah ak gtw tar 🙁 ak tw ud lgsg jd jyj yg ayyy girl aja,,trus klo vdeo2nya twnya yg kmrn dposting jyj3 ma princeJJ aja..huhuhu,,
    iyaaa ak jg pgn bgt liat Jae solo gt,,mnrtku mgkn aja sih,,scara dy ga bisa lepas dr musik,tp mslhnya dy berani ga yaa..dy kn pemalu klo ak liat di fm fmnya jyj gt..:p
    iya bener yg komen dsitu dikit bgt,,jd ga smangat..tp yg ak liat yg nmnya kris di jyj3 dy slalu ngelike artikel princeJJ..hehe

  779. 779 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    dah liat piku Jaejoong di clinic..
    he looks like normal guy..
    our guy next door ya..
    but still he looks handsome like always… keeerrreeen bgt pokoke ~^^

  780. 780 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    iya yg ngelike sm post comment ya itu itu aja orangnya hehehe

  781. 781 : meyramjjeje Says:

    iyaa ak udh liat..emg ganteng badaii bgt..yg trbaru ud liat blm tar yg di fm brg fans jpg..aaaaa senyumnya bikin virus..hehe happy virus uri Jaejoongie ^^
    kangen bgt nii ma Jae..makin ksini makin dikit beritanya..hikshiks

  782. 782 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    iyyaa bnr kece badai dah,,, kdg aku mikir kok ada ya cowok sesempurna Jaejoong,, dah liat twit Jae yg naek gunung, gila tuh kaki mulus bgt wkwkwkw..
    syg ya mey fm.nya ga da eng sub jd kagak ngerti yg diomongin Jaejoong,,, but it’s ok yg penting bs liat kegantengan Jae ~^^

  783. 783 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    mey, ini kan ada proses casting drama baru “i miss you” mnrutmu cocok gak buat Jaejoong.. agak melow sih crtnya.. utk peran rmj dah dicasting yeo jin gu n kim so hyun (yg maen di moon/sun)..
    mgk ga cocok ya tp ga tau knp aku pengin bgt liat Jae maen drama lgi…

  784. 784 : meyramjjeje Says:

    iyaaa ak br liat twitnya Jae,,sayang bgt Jae ngebelakangin kamera,,kyny lebih cerah d klo liat kamera,,ak liat potongan rambutnya kyny baru..hihi pdhl kn pgn liat mukanya.. 🙁
    stuju bgd ga ngerti,,tp cm liat Jae snyum j ud bikin bhagia ko..^^
    waah kyny km ud ngetag drama i miss you itu bwt Jae y?!hehe,,itu drama yg wkt itu dtawarin ke yuchun y?! ak cari2 castingnya syp j g ktemu loh tar,,dpt kbrny drmn?
    iyaaa ak jg apa j d drama yg diambil Jae asal pliiisss jd pmrn utama n dpt cwe ky han hyo joo gt,,kn cantik..suka bgt d dy yg di heaven postman itu..^^

  785. 785 : meyramjjeje Says:

    oya tar km bc g yg intrvw nya jinyihan?ak aga gmnaa gt pas baca ktny Jae ngajak tinggal bareng…sedih rasanya,,apa Jae kesepian bgt ya?!huhu,,tktny di shiper-in lg ma org2 *ky kasus yj itu..ngerti kn tar 🙁

  786. 786 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    aku bc di fb korean drama craze,, casting pemeran cilik dah pasti kl adultnya ga tau sp,,,, akunya aja yg ngarep jaejoong hahahahaha…
    oia itu drama yg dlu ditwarin ke yoochun ya,, bego deh aku kok sampe lp,,

    iyaa pas bc terus trang kaget bgt wkt jae blg “let’s live together!”
    haduh kyk couple aja, cowok ngajak ceweknya,,, untung jin yihan blg kl pun jaejoong cewek dy gak bkl ngajak kencan jae hehehe
    mgk jae kangen masa” rame tggal di asrama dbsk dlu scr mrk ber5 kan tggal dlm 1 rmh, smntra kl jyj tggal sendiri” di apartement masing” ya…

    mey km bc komen” di jyj3 ttg aktor-idol yoochun itu gak,, haduh bru kita omongin ya kok sk bgt banding”in,, walo bias kita jaejoong tau sih kalo akting yoochun much better tp sjk maen di dr.jin akting jae jg bgus, he was improved a lot kan….

  787. 787 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    mgk jaejoong kangen sm kim hyun joong scr mrk jg prnah tggal brg,,
    tp mnurutku sih dy kangen sm junsu and yoochun ~^^

  788. 788 : meyramjjeje Says:

    hehe..ak harap sii jgn diambil d perannya..cari cerita yg unik n bagus^^
    iya kyny dy kgn bgt masa” brg gt..mn junsu ma yuchun jg pny jdwl msg”..sedih bgt uri Jae ksepian 🙁
    iya y tar??waaah ak g bc..maap2 j ya klo km trsinggung tar,,tp ak ni jarang n malah g pernah buka brita slain Jaejoong di jyj3 atopun di ki..cz klo berita solo tuh ga minat gt..*mf yaa fans2 jyj*heu..soalny y itu,kadang fans2 solony tuh kdang bkin ga enak hati gt,,huhu mgkn krn trlalu dbawa prasaan kali yaa tp smnjk yg prnh ada rumor fans nya Jae ma yucun brantem itu ak jd mls ma mrk,,jd ak buka tuh klo vdeo jyj bertiga doang,,klo sndiri2 ak tinggal..*mf nih jd curhat*
    taraa,,ak lg nntn kyungtak ni..tiap epsd bikin mata berlinang..ga kuaat..sangat sangat mnyedihkan 🙁

  789. 789 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    hehehe g ngapain tersinggung 🙂
    coz q dl jg gtu cm nyari brt ttg jaejoong doang,, cm stlh ntn sungkyunkwan scandal kedua kalinya br sk ma yoochun (pertm kali liat sm skali g ngeh ma yoochun mlh ngefansnya ma yoo ah in hihi) en akhir” ni i find junsu cute too, sk dgr uncomitted tiap hr g bosen tuh lagu emg daebak…
    haduh trus trang q cm ntn dr.jin skali tok itu pun byk yg tak skip cm ntn scene” jaejoong doang,,, g thn liat penderitaan kyung tak,,hiks,,,
    kl drama skg q br ntn i do i do nya kim sun ah n lee jang wook, keren ternyata crtnya ,chiclit bgt,, lucunya tiap ntn slalu bayangin cb kl jaejoong yg meranin karakter lee jang wook ya pasti konyol bgt scr jaejoong kan agak” pemalu hehehehe…

  790. 790 : meyramjjeje Says:

    ahaha ak kira km fans fanatikny jyj tar,,jd ak aga tkt salah ngmong gt ma km..hehe
    gtw d ak skrg g trtarik ma brita lain,,hehe mgkn krn terlalu kgn ma britany Jae jd gini d,,:D waah brarti kita beda ni,,ak liat skks itu sknya ma joongki br yu ah in itu,,klo yucun dstu ak g dpt feelny,,huhu biasa j gt,,ak sk yucun yg di rooftop aja..hhe *ak terlalu blak2an ya?!heu
    hehe,,ak br nntn tara,,yg ak skip pas bgian operasi2ny j..aaaaa rasany pgn ak pkulin j tuh org2 ky byunghe ma yongrae yg bkin takkie sedih stgh idup *kesel
    yg i do i do seru kah?!ak sbnrny g trlalu sk sun ah,,tp ak sk samsoon n scent women,,karna cwo yg maen ma dy keren2 siii..hihi

  791. 791 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    ak emg ngefans bgt ma jyj but not that fanatic 🙂
    satu hal yg g ak sk dr dr.jin ya tokoh yongrae itu, biasanya tokoh” cewe d drama msh nyenengin kyk eun sol d ptb sm” nolak jaejoong tp msh mending eun sol deh,, ngomong” km dah ntn ptb brp kali? puluhan kali pun g bosen y hbs jae di situ ganteng bgt,, kece badai pokoke ^___^
    iyaa ga tau nih lg sk bgt ntn i do i do, crtnya seru ttg designer sepatu yg hamil duluan ma cowo yg lbh muda ga kaya pula hehehe
    ak jg ga terlalu sk ma kim sun ah baik di kim sam soon ato scent of woman *ntn scent of womwn gr” ada junsu hihi* tp ga tau sk bgt liat dy di i do i do, gynya chic blm lg sepatuny keren” penginnya kl jaejoong maen rom-com yg kyk gini deh crtnya simple, menarik, emg gmpang ditebak sih tp ga bosen biar ntn berpuluh kli kyk ptb

    km sk song joongki jg? ntn nice guy dong? ak nunggu kl dah tmt ja coz agak trauma sm fashion king-yoo ah in, msk mati dy,,

  792. 792 : meyramjjeje Says:

    hehehe bener2..ak ud brulang2 nntony g bosen,,scara lucu gt critanya..ak ud promosi ke org2 deket ak biar nntn ptb n liat Jae yg senyum mulu bikin melting..oya km liat ng nya ptb ga yg dbikin fans jd satu vdeo?widiiiih dsitu liat posenya Jae yg senyuuuum n sprti biasa blg maaf mulu ky di x-man bikin hari cerah 😀
    klo sm gentleman itu lucu mn tar??ak blm nntn dua2nya sii..cz blum ada mood bwt nntn yg lucu,,lg berkabung gr2 nntn kyung takkie..ampun d taaar,,,ak nangis liat epsd 16,,tp syangny scene nya Jae dkit bgt,,jd sedihny tuh kpotong..huhu
    iyaa ak sk joongki,,ak jg nggu dramany slse aja,,ak sk ma cweny jg moon chae won gr2 maen princess man ma shihoo..dramany keren^^ ak kira dulu yg bakal main lead cwe di dr.jin tuh dy,,twny pmy..huhu..
    haha..km nntn fk tar??ak amp gjd nntn gara2 dblg ah in nya mati..maleess,,masa designer yg mu sukses dbkin mati si ceritanya..ㄟ(≧◇≦)ㄏ

  793. 793 : meyramjjeje Says:

    tar beritany Jaejoong mu ke indo makin marak j nih..ak jd deg2an..apa bener ni kbarnya?!kalo beneran datg..km mu ikutan nntn ga tar??

  794. 794 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    fanmade ng PTB yg mn y?kyk’e blm :’-(
    iyaa knp kl ng Jaejoong slalu blg maaf berkali” jd pengin ketw liatnya kyk ng dr.jin trus ng it’s hard to say i love you jg gt,,,
    wah kalo Jae bnran jd k Indo,, ak bakal loncat kegirangan deh Mey *norak ya hihi* kl memungkinkan peenggiiin buanget liat Jae in person!
    eh Meyra, tau gak wkt ntn dr.Jin q sk banget emosi g terkecuali ma Kyung Takkie mlh kdg sk sebel hbs kok diam ja liat cewe yg dicintainya disiksa hbs”an ma org suruhan bpk n kakaknya,,, but then again i understand why kyung takkie doing that, cuz pengabdiannya sm bpknya itu,,, eh q udah crt blm kalo ayahku sampe tertarik lho ntn dr.Jin en komennya ttg Jae “ni polisi gak bs senyum apa, pdhl wjh ni cowo ganteng jg” hahaha *dlm hati q blg ya itu calon mantu pak XDD*

    ak blm ntn Gentleman jd ga bs bndingin,, wah sm dong q jg sk ma Moon Chae Won sjk maen di Brilliant Legacy, kl ga salah dy jg nolak peran di Rooftop Prince ya.. untung g jd MCW coz lbh cocok Han Ji Min deh kalo ma Yoochun…

  795. 795 : meyramjjeje Says:

    waaah tar,,km kudu liat vdeony,,ak sii cm pnya satu,,gtw klo ada yg laen..nmy “JJ Protect the boss NG Scene” coba d km liat ato jgn2 udh liat..hehe
    ak jg dilema nii..antara bs ikt pa g,,hehe tp klo bisa mah ak jg pgn bgd liat..scara ud ada di indo gt masa di anggurin aja..heu
    hehe,,ak malah sk kasian liat kyungtak nya yg gbs ngelawan org2 itu,,dan ak malah nyukurin pas yongrae dsiksa,,lgian dy ngikutin jin mulu sii..hehe,,mkny org2 tuh pd sebel ma karakter kyungtak yg jahat,,pdhl dlm hatinya dy jg g tega pastinya…ini karna yg maen Jae ya tar..hehe klo yg maen org lain kyny ak bkalan bnci bgt d ma karakter ini..hihi…
    beluuum…waduuuh ayahmu nntn jg..keren keren^^hihi..gtw aja anakny tergila2 ma itu polisi.. 😀
    hehe,,ak g sk yg di brilliant itu,,abis jahatny kbgtn siii..hehe,,pas yg di my fair lady tuh ak sk,,soalny dy akhrny ma jung il woo..iya cocok ma han ji min..ak sk matanya pas dy jd boyong tuuh^^

  796. 796 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    dah dload ni.. nbr” ktmu mey, his smiling face bkin gemes ja ^____^
    gr” ini ak jd nemu cf lm jyj lotte duty free versi pertm kali, wkt mrk br kluar dr dbsk blm bntuk jyj msh pk nm hero-xiah-micky,, km dah ntn? cf nya rame” ada bing bang, rain, song seung hun, kang ji kwan, trus satunya lp nmnya.. ganteng” smua hihi.. sm mirotic japan ver live concert in tokyo dome, cm satu kt keren! tp kt kakakku gy, tehnik plus ngedancenya agak niru” britney spear getu konser dy th 2002.. saking penasaran, aku bongkar” koleksi dvd britney dy eh ternyata bnr mirip tuh…

    kok bs kebtlan rumor jaejoong mo k Indo pas homin mo konser k sni ya,, wih smpe ngeri bc komen” yunjae shiper… kdg aku heran mrk kok mlh dkung male-male couple gt ya mey, kan kyk agak” gay getu…
    ak prnh iseng dload fm bkinan yunjae shiper… ampun kapok.. takutnya nanti aku jd ilfil sm jaejoong mknya lngsung tak delete hehehe..

  797. 797 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    ntn dr.jin dah smpe eps 19-20 lum? siap” tisu yg buanyak.. g tega, hiks..
    mey, ditggu” ttp g ada news soal jaejoong maen drama lgi 🙁 moga” th dpn kali ya, mgk dy mo konsen promosi jackal is coming ya…

  798. 798 : meyramjjeje Says:

    iya kn bikin gemes..ak j ngulang2 tuh vdeo bribu2 kali ga bosen liat snyum Jae yg bikin melting^^
    iya ak ud liat,,yg jdulny so im loving you kn?!hihi emg tuh yg bikin cf keren bgt,,ngumpulin org2 ganteng hehe..
    ak pny vdeo yg konsr terakhr dbsk..kmrn br j dnlod disc 1 nya..iya keren bgt performny..di disc satu itu 20 lagu dbsk n ga lipsinc kereeen pkknya..wah ak br tw klo trnyata konsepny sm ma britney…emg dance jumon sm ma dancenya britney tar??ko ak ga dgr gosip klo mirip y..pantesan j keren..hehe
    km prnh liat vdeo yunjae tar??ak wkt it mu liat vdeo apaa gt ttg jae,,cm pas liat di yutub ak ktiduran..kt tmnku yg liat itu vdeo mnjurus2 gay gt d..ak lgsg tutup j n gjd nntn..tkt skt ati liat Jae dbikin ga bner gt..heu..jgnkn org laen tar..tmn deketku aja suka ma artis kpop korea n dy lbh suka klo artisny itu male couple gt drpd sm cwe..ak j g hbs pikir ma dy..aneh..ak g sk ma yg ssama jnis tuh bkin jijik.. 🙁
    iyaa kyny sibuk mu promosi movienya d tar..oya ak bc dtwit ktny di movie itu byk adegan kissnya..aaaaaa tidaaaaaak cemburu ak ma jihyo 😀 LOL

  799. 799 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    meyra, dah liat video br jaejoong di princejj “jaejoong for jackal is coming poster shooting on ystar” blm?? giilleeee, jae kece badai bgt…!!!!
    br liat dah bs ngerasain chemistry antara jae n jihyo,,, haahh?!? byk adegan kiss nya? bnran ta mey? jeles ya tp gpp sih yg penting jae kiss sm cewe aja…

    wkt itu iseng aja liatnya penasaran getu,, tp ga lagi” deh,,, jijik liatnya.. wong pas liat slh satu scene banjun drama dbsk “unforgettable love” jae hbs bngun tdr trus disampingnya ada yunho aja rsnya gmn gtu…

    soal mirotic

  800. 800 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    oops kepotong..
    mksudku soal mirotic yg kulihat mirip aja.. kl km pensaran liat ja, konser britney th 2002 di hawaii,, tp q lp jdul lagunya..

  801. 801 : meyramjjeje Says:

    taraaaaa Jae confirmed fm to indo on 3rd nov…waaah gmn ini..galau akuh..km ada whatsap gt ga tar?!

  802. 802 : meyramjjeje Says:

    ato ga alamat fb mu tar..ak mu inbox ssuatu…^^

  803. 803 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    haduh msk kutulis di sni… maaf mey ga bs..

  804. 804 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    selain itu q g da whatsap plus jrg” fb-an… maaf ya…

  805. 805 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    mey, jgn mrh y mklum q emg rd gaptek hehe jrg” social network.. km komen ja di sni gmn..

  806. 806 : meyramjjeje Says:

    haduh taar..mf yaaa..td mlm tuh ak smangat bgt nulisnya,,biz excited bgt Jae mu ke indo..hehe,,ak bggbni antara seneng n sedih Jae mu ksini,,seneng akhrnyaa Jae ktmu jg ma fans2 indo,,sdihnyaa ak bs nntn ga yaaa..hiks..
    iya gpp nyantai j tar..mksdny tuh tdny ak mu nnya km mu dtg ke fm Jae g gt,,klo mau barengan gt,,cz tmnku gda yg mu nntn,,dy sukany ma yucun soalny..tdny biar bs smsn gt tar..hehe,,tp klo km g nyaman mah,,its ok..ak g marah ko^^ ato ak ksh almt fb ku mau?!hehe
    oya tar,,kmrn km nntn konser junsu g??klo ak g nntn,,cz gda tmnnya..hiks..nah skrg ak jg bingung..nnton fm ny Jae ato nggu nnti kali j ada konser JYJ gt ke indo,,cz klo 22nya ak g bklan bs,,budgetny g mmungkinkn..heu mklum ak blm krja tar..heu,,ak galau bgt iniii..km ada usul g tar bwt ak?!
    btw km tggal dmn?ak skrg lg djkt ngekos,,klo km misalkn jd nntn,,blhlah ke tempatku..biar bs ktemuan gt ^^

  807. 807 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    hey mey ak ksh no hpku aja ya,, 085649102676,,,
    fm nya jae dah diconfirm blm sm pihak c-jes? tiketnya pa dah dljual?
    pengin banget ntn coz wkt junsu dl ga bs ntn ga bs cuti (ak dah krj) mg nanti bs ijin mklum bosku ketat bgt soal perijinan, apalgi ak tggal di jawa timur jd kl ijin kan bs 1 hr aja *oops sori mlh curhat nih hehehe*
    kl ak jd km mey, ntn aja! pertm posisi km di jkt, k2 ini kan fm jd venuenya mgk lbh intimate drpd konser so bs liat jaejoong dr dkt 🙂 k3 ini kim jaejoong yg qt omongin lho! kim jaejoong!!
    lagipula JYJ kan blm tentu konser di Indo,, yg dlu aja pernah batal to,,
    tp sebnrnya ak sndr jg galau antara bs ntn kagak,,, ah cross finger aja, liat nanti mg bs ktemu ma jaejoong,,, amin to that.

  808. 808 : meyramjjeje Says:

    haduuuh ak ud post komen dsni berkali2 gbs sii 🙁

  809. 809 : meyramjjeje Says:

    okay nnti ak hub..
    stau ak fmny blm dconfirm sii brita trakhr tuh,,gtw d skrg..hehe..mkny tiket jg blm mulai djual n pasang tarif..
    oo km dah krja yaa..ak msh kul nii..msh nebeng ma ortu,,mkny kendalaku sii ga laen n g bukan y dokuny itu..tp kt tmnku yg prnh nntn konser kpop di indo sii hrs kuat mental klo bneran mu nntn,,pertama ngantri bwt beli tiket,,trs ngantri pas mu masuk..yaa intiny sii harus siap yg pait2 nya dulu gt..hehe*ikt curhat :p

  810. 810 : meyramjjeje Says:

    hampir frustasi gbs komen dsni,,akhrny trkirim jg..
    yaa ak harap km bs dtg tar,,biar ak ada yg nguatin bwt nabung heu *lebay..
    hope the best for u n for our prince JJ ^^

  811. 811 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    wah sm mey, bbrp wtk lalu q jg ngamali susah komen dsni,, d KI jg getu mlh smpe skg lum bs post komen d KI,, mkny q smpt gentayangan d kimjaejoongindo, jyj3indo, yeppopo, pinkrazy buat ikutan nimbrung ^^

    iyya tmnku wkt suju kmrn da yg nekad k jkt buat ntn,, ktny butuh kesabaran bin stamina tinggi wkwkwkw..

  812. 812 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    ups eror lagi, slh ketik mlulu,,
    maksudku .. jg ngalamin.. hehehe sori 😉

  813. 813 : meyramjjeje Says:

    oo kalo di ki kyny sngaja dprotect the boss eh salah di protek gt d sblm komen,,cz biasany kn byk fanwar gt,,jd mgkn hrs log in..hehe,,ak sii krna di ki jarang bgt brita jj ma jyj jd ak cari2 j yg title2ny jyj ato dbsk ato cassi..bz skrg bykny berita artis baru ku mpe bingung ngenalinnya..hehe

  814. 814 : meyramjjeje Says:

    oya tar ak lupa cerita..ak ud nntn kyung takkie mpe slse…aaaaaa nyesek bgt,,bgun dr tdr ak lgsg g mu dnger lagu Jae yg Living Like a Dream itu,,nyeseeeek,,lgian pas takkie mati trs ngmong sswt ma yongrae soundtrackny itu sii..tp yg plg sedih yg pas bpny mu bunuh diri,,issshh itu ajib bgt akting Jae…huhu
    ak g kbayang gmn org yg nntn tnp tw critany ky km gt,,ak j yg ud tw kyung tak bkal mati diitu drama nyesekny minta ampun..hadeeeuhhh heboh telat :p
    crita slse–

  815. 815 : meyramjjeje Says:

    gimana sedih n nyesek mksudnya..hehe kurang nulis 🙂

  816. 816 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    walah ga kebayang dlu nangis bombay smpe guling” ga karuan wkt kyung takkie mati *halah lebay pisan y..*
    ga sih mey, sebnrny awal” ntn dr.jin trus-trang q smpt sebel sm kyung tak, menyesali knp jae hrs meranin tokoh seperti itu lho… stlh q pikir” itu artiny akting jaejoong berhasil en bagus dong, buktinya q yg ngefans ma jae ja bs ga sk sm tokoh yg diperanin,, emg biasany kl ntn drama q selalu ambil sudut pndang dr tokoh utama kl dsni y dr.jin (song seung hun) tp q mulai ambil sudut pandang dr segi seorg kyung takkie gmn penderitaanny sbg ank dluar nikah trus cewe yg dicintainy tiba” beralih k cowo yg entah dtg dr mn itu,,,mulai deh simpati ma tokoh kyung tak,, eh br mulai sk knp harus mati cb,, penulis scenariony bkin bete ja deh!
    sm mey, nyeeeseeek bgt liat scene jae nangis pas bpk dy bunuh diri apalgi wkt kyung takkie mati,,, haduh smpe shocked bgt,,bgt!! l

  817. 817 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    mkny sk dilema pengin dgr living like a dream tp kl dah dgrin yg kebyg scene” menyedihkan kyung takkie d dr.jin 🙁
    smoga jackal is coming hepi ending nanti coz ga bs liat tokoh yg diperanin jae sedih melulu,,,
    km dah liat jae n jihyo,, ga tahu knp sk liat chemistry mrk *sm kyk liat sesi pemotretan yoochun n ha ji min dlu* q pnya persaan bgs deh ttg film ni,, tp yg paling kuhrpkan seh, jaejoong nyanyiin ost.jackal is coming jg ^^

  818. 818 : meyramjjeje Says:

    hehe..wah kalo ak mah dr awal ud simpati ja liat kyung tak,,terlanjur sebel ma dr.jin knapa di 2 dunia yg berbeda itu dy harus dpt cewe yg sama,,yg disuka kyung tak pula..heu,,ak pikir andai cweny tw klo kyung tak tuh kuat dluar doang,,pdhl dalemny rapuh,,masa iya dr kcil breng trs tp gada rasa suka,,tp klo suka karna kpaksa jg ga enak sbnrnya..hehe,,ah pokony karakter kyung tak emg pling mnyedihkan.. 🙁
    ak sii ud prediksi (paranormal kalii :p) kalo org ketiga di drama saeguk tu jarang yg hepi end,,ud byk cnthny ky yg di the moon,,princess man,,seondeok..n rata2 akhrny tu mrk mati,,ak kira kyung tak tuh pngecualian,,ato dy ada djaman modern n dkenal dr.jin tp ma cwe lain..eh twnya enggaa..huhu
    tp emg hrs kasih spuluh jempol bwt akting Jae,,bikin qt nangis n nyesek liatnya..
    ak br ngerasa laguny itu mnyayat skrg2,,n kataku cocokny lagu itu bwt kyung tak ke yongrae..heu
    iyaaaa ak harap d movieny Jae hepi end,,n so pastii pgn dnger dy nyanyi ost jackal itu..pgn dnger lagu Jae yg ceria gt,,ga sedih2 ky dr.jin..huhu

  819. 819 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    haha q ketw bc komenmu ttg org k3 d drama saeguk,, kl dpikir emg bnr y nasib mrk slalu tragis,, jd inget jg gmn bi dam dlu mati d seunduk,,
    eh kl dliat karakter kyung tak agak” mrp dg shin myun d princess’ man y,, wkt ntn lbh sk dy drpd park shin ho,, mgk krn q lmyn sk jg sm pemeranny song jong ho sjk d will it snow at christmas..

    eh soal gg n bg yg br”, bnr ktmu mey, migren liat slalu bermunculan n perasaan lagu” mrk sm ja,, yah sjk knl JYJ/DBSK bgku kpop y cm mrk cm dgrin mrk heheh,,
    cb pk blog pinkrazy deh, emg ambilny dr jyj3 kebykan tp lmyanlah brtny ttg JYJ n homin doang…

  820. 820 : wendy Says:

    jaejoong-ssi..i’m sorry i can’t come to your fan meeting on Nov 3 at jakarta..
    my rationale thought warned me to save my money in productive way, although now i’m kinda depressed because you finally come to Indonesia and jakarta is near from my city.. T__________T
    well, maybe I’ll stay away from internet on D-day ang the next 2 days from keeping my heartbroken..
    anyway, I’ll keep supporting you

  821. 821 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    hei salam kenal… ak baca komen kalian beberapa hari yg lalu soal yg awalny kalian g bgtu suka kpop trs biasa aj dnger dbsk dan pisahny jyj ama homin trs baru suka dan ngikutin stlh mrka pisah, ih kok sama ya, sama bgt, crita kita hmpir mirip. Dan yg bikin ak ngekek sndri ak jg ngefans ama jaejoong dan ngikutin jyj dan kpop krn jaejoong hahaha lucu ya.

  822. 822 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    annyong chingu, lam knl jg.. wah sng jg nih da yg ngefans jaejong lagi ^^
    sjk kpn km ngefans jae? PTB jg kyak qta” hehehe.. btw, km ntn g fanmeeting jaejoong tgl nov 3rd di ancol jakarta nanti?kl ak pngiin bgt 🙂

  823. 823 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    Klo tau JJ sejak kr2 th 2006an wkt masi d dbsk pi biasa aj liat pertama cm bilang ih cakep gt doang, krn ak lbh suka k-drama. trs ak liat dia lg di postman to heaven nah ak udh mlai suka ama JJ. dan tambah suka lagi pas d PTB. Ak dr Jogja, yah jls pngen.. pngen.. bgt ntn pi ya gitu deh mau bli online g da credit card pa lg klik bca, klo mau pay-offline g memungkinkan. g da wktu…. klo da yg dititipin sih gpp. hehehe ngrep…

  824. 824 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    lam kenal juga..asiiik ada tmn yg ngfans Jae lg d..jd seneng^^
    waah ternyata twnya udh lama ya..hihi qt mah baru” ini..palagi ak,,br akhir taun kmrn kyny..hehe
    ak lbh sedih ini,,*lgsg curhat* 😀 ak blm bs beli tiket jg,,pdhl ak djkt..sayang bgt yaa,,tggal tua sii…hiks
    klo baca TL dr admin KJJ itu sdih bgt,,bz full book smw blgny,,yg elephant,bear ma puppy..tp tmnku yg pngalaman nntn konser2 gt blg biasany ada tiket yg djual lgsg dvenue pas hr h nya,,klo emg bner2 mu dtg sii gt..gmn??pd mw g??ayo brengan klo mw,,^^ harapan msh ada

  825. 825 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    wah menyenangkan ternyata ya kyk gni chatingan ama sesama fans jj..hehehe. ak jg blm bli tiket kog masih bgung nih…. #curhat jg# kbetulan kmrn ak booking pi lwt pay-offline dan ternyta wktu pembyrn 1 hari stlh pemesanan, kl dr jogja ak g keburu wktuny jd hr ni udh hangus. trs tadi sehrian cari2 creditcard temen n sodara pi g enak pjm2. Trs kakakku blang udh km berdoa aj smg pas hr H masi da pmbelian lngsg dvenue, klo g da ttep dtg aj k jkta nggembel bareng MEIS. ih g lucu bnget kan.
    Dan sekarang ak agk seneng nih km blang kyk gt, berarti emg masi ada harapan ampe hr H. Ayo2 ak mau ntn breng…. ^^abis kakakku cm mw ngnterin ampe jkta doang, kgk mw ntn……..

  826. 826 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    ehm…nymbung lg nih. Lmyn klo pas hr H masi bs beli, bs nambah2 nabung dulu. Coz, actually klo bli skrg agak maksain jg duitny. Maklum masi kuliah blm pny pnghasilan sndr….hehehe
    Aduh jj cakep bgt, g sabar jg pngen ntn filmny yg jackal itu….^^

  827. 827 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    trus-trang ak jd smangat sekaligus sedih bc komen kalian… kykny enak y ntn brg” seandainy ga dpt tiket bs nyatroni jae d bandara ato hotel tmpt jae nginep… tp sperti yg ak blg lwt sms,, ga bs cuti ni 🙁
    yah mg mendekati hari H, bosku jd baek ngasih lbr syukur” dksh sangu *weleh khayalan tingkat tinggi ni.. oops mlh curhat..*

    mey, MEIS tuh tmptny jauh ga dr kost”an km? kok d JYJ3 ada yg blg utk sampe k sn ja dibutuhin biaya taxi 150rb…

    Rr, bayangin nggembel djkt kyke asyik jg kekeke…

  828. 828 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    oh tara udh kerja ya… mg2 km dpt cuti deh n dpt sangu hehehe. amien.
    ya nggembel tu udh kemungkinan terburuk deh klo g dpt tiketnya…

    wah si mey ngekost di jkt tow…. klo ak jd mey udh deh gag bnyk pikir lg lngsng ak beli tiketnya. beruntung loh km udh di jkta, nah ak masi nun jauh disana…. ayo mey bru aj ak liat bear ama puppy msh available loh.

    *curhat lg…ak sebnrnya mw sruh bliin tmnnku yg kuliah di UI pi UI tu depok e, kasihan klo sruh dia k jkta bliin tiket, pdhl dia g suka ama korean2an.

  829. 829 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    bwt tara moga ada keajaiban pas deket” hari H km diijinin n ud gajian^^
    dr kosku sii lumayan jauh tar,,2jam kira” ke ancol tuh, itu jg klo naek busway hrgany 3500,,ya klo naek taxi plus macet mgkn yaa mahal..tp ya nyaman cm lebih enak breng” biar bs pt” gt..hehe
    iyaa ak ngekos djkt,,hehe ywd coba kita bs tuker shari y biar km bs bli tiket^^
    ak bkny gmw brjuang bwt liat jaejoong tp y itu ky yg prnh ak blg,,ak msh kul jd pny uang sbnyak itu dtggl” tua tuh imposibel bgt,,heu,,mn g pny krj smpingan lg,,klo mnjem ke tmn dulu ky maksain bgt,,klo ak sii biasany klo nglakuin sswtu yg maksa tuh akhrny jrg yg enak..itulah sedihny jd ak,,pdhl ud djkt tp blm bs bli tiket..heu*curhat*
    lgian kbr Jae mu tour fanmeet nii mnrutku mndadak bgt,,jd gda prsiapan gt..hehe
    tp ya itu sprt yg prnh ku blg,,kmungkinan klo byk org yg cancel tiketny,,pas hari H di venue bs djual lg,,yaa brdoa j klo emg bnr” mu nntn pas hr H nya msh ada tiket yg djual..

  830. 830 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    iyya ak dah krj.. tp y itu susah sekali mnta cuti ama pak bos.. hiks..
    cb dpt bos kyk cha mu won.. haduh pasti in heaven deh dah ganteng baek pula dijamin smangat krj terus g pernah blos kekeke…

    bnr ktmu mey, klo nglakuin sesuatu yg maks akhirnya jrg yg enak…
    ak prnh ngalami ngejalaninny mlh g nyaman *ups mlh curhat*

    okay, both of you, let’s hope there’s a miracle di detik” menjelang hr H..
    soalnya dah pns dingin demam tggi tiap inget jae mo k Indo 🙂

  831. 831 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    drpd galau mikirin fm nya jae, ngrumpi yg laen yuuuk…
    dah liat twit terbru jae kan, gile sifat 4D nya kumat lagi hehehe, tuh cowo selalu sukses bkin ngakak aja ;DDD
    sk liat piku jae itu, he’s muscles is back people! he looks sooo cute and sexy in the same time…. jd g sbr nggu jacakal is coming nih…

  832. 832 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    ..oops error typo again..
    mksudku “jackal is coming” hehe sorry…

    km dah ntn nice guy? bgus gak? pengin ntn tp blm da wkt, kl ga slh dah nyampe eps.4 ya? tp bc review d koreandrama ini da yg blg bgus tp byk jg ngomong crt terlalu melow n ttg balas dendam geto…
    anyway, surpraise da lagu junsu ya *cowo” JYJ sk bgt bkin kejutan hihi*

  833. 833 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    iya bner bgt,,smoga ada keajaiban di detik” akhir…scara fm gt,,lebih intens ke fans..tp drpd brlarut” ngmongin fm Jae yg qt jg msh bgg,,mnding move on lah..ngmongin yg hepi” j^^
    kkkkk iya ak liaaat,,Jae jayus bgt,,bener” king of selca d..kyny potongan rambut n warnany baru d ya…coklat ato merah gt….tpi tpiii tpiiii ganteng bgeeeeeeeeet,,,kyny Jae makin brumur mkin ganteng d^^ g kbayang nnti pas ke indo gantengny ky gmn *eh balik lg,,nangis darah d,,abaikan*
    stujuuu jackal msh lama bgt lg..smoga smoga Jae ngisi ostnya..biz sebel sm ost yg di heaven postman itu g dirilis,,pdhl ak sk ostny yg itu doang…

  834. 834 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    iya bner bgt,,smoga ada keajaiban di detik” akhir…scara fm gt,,lebih intens ke fans..tp drpd brlarut” ngmongin fm Jae yg qt jg msh bgg,,mnding move on lah..ngmongin yg hepi” j^^
    kkkkk iya ak liaaat,,Jae jayus bgt,,bener” king of selca d..kyny potongan rambut n warnany baru d ya…coklat ato merah gt….tpi tpiii tpiiii ganteng bgeeeeeeeeet,,,kyny Jae makin brumur mkin ganteng d^^ g kbayang nnti pas ke indo gantengny ky gmn *eh balik lg,,nangis darah d,,abaikan*
    eh tp tara km bc yg di jyj3 yg ktny Jae unfollow tmn”ny kcuali junsu g??itu abang qt knpa y??sedih d 🙁 ,,trs yg dia twit ma junsu jg sedih bacany,,ky kesepian gt Jae,,pgn tinggal di dorm lg kyny…ak sk heran knapa pas Jae sedih ak sk ikt sedih((dasar cewe!! :p))
    stujuuu jackal msh lama bgt lg..smoga smoga Jae ngisi ostnya..biz sebel sm ost yg di heaven postman itu g dirilis,,pdhl ak sk ostny yg itu doang…

  835. 835 : meyramjjeje Says:

    waduuuh ko komenny ada 2..jd malu :p
    ak blm nntn jg tar,,tp ktny sii seru bz ratingny ngerajain slot drama yg tayang rabu-kamis..hoho,,gtw d klo ada yg blg trlalu melow,,tp klo dliat sii emg genre dramany melow..jd y ga heran klo critanya sedih gt,,iya bls dendam gt ke cwenya manfaatin moon chae won..dr awal sii lumayan menarik critany..hehe
    samaaaaa junsu bikin shock nii,,ternyata dy ngisi ost nice guy itu y..blm denger sii biz msh blm rilis klo sdikit tkut pnasaran jd mending nggu lagunya drilis j d,,tp yg komen ud bgus” gt,,scara junsu gt..suaranyaa..emg JYJ rajany kpop d mnrutku..^^

  836. 836 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    dah liat piku Jae di India (ato Indonesia.. penasaran) unyu bgt ^^
    soal unfollow itu mgk khasus bromance jae n jin yihan itu yg kubc dr komen d JYJ3 ada yg blg byk yg menyrang yihan gr” ini apalagi jae smpt ngajak tggal brg yihan to *tau lah mey, pr shipper yg nganggap jae berkhianat ma yunho….* kasihan ya…

    ak dah dlod preview ending nice guy.. biar cm sak encrut wiih joong ki kliatan bd wkt d skks yg konyol d sni serius bgt n blm” kykny dah ada kiss scene ma moon chae won kyknya cuz ga gitu jls jg…. oops!
    en biar dikit gileeee lagu love is like snowflke nya junsu bnr” daebak cocok ma scene” di nice guy… ga sbr pengin dlod full song ni…
    bg kita emg ga da kpop tp JYJpop hehehehehe….

  837. 837 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    ya ampun…ampun meyra,, sori ak slh ketik nmmu di komenku di atas..
    maaf.. maaf bgt ya…

  838. 838 : meyramjjeje Says:

    kkkk iya tara,,malahan awalny ak g ngeh nmnya salah tlis,,pas km blg jd tw d..hehe,,iyaa mklum lah,,ak jg sk typo gt d..
    ahahaha iyaaa ak liat bgt tuh yg twit itu,,isss jayus bgt Jae,,tampangny gemesin,,kira” rahasiany apa y??pnasaran juga…jgn blg klo Jae lg jln” dbali..hehe*sotau
    ooo gr” yg ma yihan yaa,,iya iiih ksian bgt,,kn Jaeny jd gbs ekspresiin ma yihan..pdhl br j mrk deket..fansny sk rada” rese d.. 🙁
    waah iya y..jd pnasaran jg ma laguny junsu..dnld skrg ato tgl 26 y..hehe*galau lg kekeke
    btul bwt qt mah JYJpop j lahhhh..

  839. 839 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    ada yg blg jae k india buat pemotretan mjlh ELLE..
    wih mg ada moviestill kyk perfect day dlu ya *cuz ak sk bgt jae d situ stlh PTB tentunya kekeke*
    ato jaejoong intermodulation part 2..?? tmbah asyik ni bakalan..

  840. 840 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    wah aku udh ketinggalan bnyk nih….
    iya seaindainy kita bisa tukeran sehari bwt bli tiket, km tak bliin wes….hahaha kyk aku tajir gile aja.
    aduh gag tau deh galau abis aku, mana skrg dibuka lg penjualan tiketny. klopun ak g bisa dteng gpp wlpn terpaksa, pi yg bikin sakit hati tuh nnti klo liat britany d infotaiment ato ada yg nayangin persconnya…. wih bikin nyesek abis…haduh haduh lupakan sejenak….
    ganti yg bikin senyum2 dulu deh…
    gila selcanya JJ yang terakir bikin klepek-klepek nih…. bibir monyongny minta diapain tuh…hahaha

  841. 841 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    dah liat piku jae pk bju ala bollywood? silau man kekeke..

  842. 842 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    mey, akhirnya yoochun nrima peran di i miss you.. tyg perdana bln nov.. mg jae sgr nyusul maen drama jg..

  843. 843 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    udah liat ak, kyk mau dangdutan aj JJ…hahah XD
    sumpah dia lucu bgt yaw….

    iya smg JJ jg cepet2 maen drama lg, pi u/ wktu dkat ini ak lg pengen bgt liat dia nyanyi dan dengerin lagu ciptaany lagi……

  844. 844 : meyramjjeje Says:

    haihai,,br nongol :p
    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    iiiihhh piku yg mn yg pk bju bollywood??ak gtw T_T… ak br br tw yg Jae mu pemotretan yg edisi wedding gt.. aaah ktinggalan kabar ni (>_<) ganteng ga ganteng ga??^^ hihi **pake nanya
    iya tara,,ak jg br baca„krain bakalan dtolak ma yoochun„twny dterima ya..hehe….sperti hrpn qt tar,,moga Jae ambil genre drama yg rom-com ky di jackal tuuhh hihi,,tp yg jackal mah com-action y..hoho,,tp past Jae cocok klo yg comedy gt,,*ngarep
    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    ak jugaaa stujuu,,pgn dnger lagu yg Jae ciptain sndiri lagii ,,satu2nya harapan sii Jae bikin ost movieny itu..hehe,,ud gt kangen berat liat Jae konser brg ChunSu…ヽ(^。^)ノ

  845. 845 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    bajunya tuh blink2 gitu nih linkny http://princejj.com/2012/09/23/pic-120923-jaejoongs-shoes-endorsement-ladakh-for-jackal-is-coming/.
    lebih ke kocak tuh si JJ ttep ganteng sih….^___^

    eh, ak jg suka liat JJ jd peran yg agk “koplak2” gitu, pi ttep stay cool…ih bikin gemezzz…
    iya mg2 aj dia ngisi ost movinya…. wieh, bener bgt kangen abis liat JYJ nyanyi bareng lagi. ak jg kngen liat bercandaan mrk bertiga, sumpah trio kocak mereka tuh…..

  846. 846 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    thx you ya dah posting tuh piku… ketw trus liatnya ga hbs pikir Jae bs norak jg hehehe norak tp ganteng..
    tp ak yakin Meyra dah liat cuz dy kan pengunjung setia situs” ber bau Jae mcm JYJ3, princejj, kimjajoongindo.. iya kan mey kekeke 🙂

    sebnrnya agak kcw nih chingu **dlm artian positif lho.. yg ditggu maen drama jae yg nongol newsnya justru yoochun.. bukan apa” kl yoochun maen drama sk bikin galau ak nya nih.. apalgi ni drama syutingnya pas musim gugur menjelang winter pasti baju”nya coat” keren gitu deh,, mksudku bkin keren yoochun getu hehehe ditambah prannya jd detektif pula! (inget ga mey, kita prnh ngarep jaejoong maen jd detektif kyk so ji sub di ghost/phantom??) haduh blm cukup rooftop prince dlu, dijamin hatiku bkl goyah lagi nih… halah gpp ya yg penting msh cowo JYJ kekeke ~^^

  847. 847 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    iya sk bgt liat jae kl perannya koplak getu kyk di PTB, koplak tp keren,, pokoknya jgn peran” era banjun drama.. gak bgt..

    sama kangen liat JYJ nyanyi lagi brg ber3.. tp kyknya gak mgk kalo dlm wkt dkt ini ya…mg aja jae nyanyiin ost.jackal is coming.. ato mg nyanyiin ost drama barunya yoochun kyk SKKS dlu..

    eh dah pd dload lagu bru junsu love is like snowflake ost.nice guy blm?

  848. 848 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    makasi yaa ud dposting,,ak br ngeh klo Jae pake baju ala india gt,,yg ak perhatiin malah sepatunya..kkkk„hehe Tara tau j nii,,munculny di web” itu doang si ya ak..hoho

    iya Taraa samaa,,ak jg aga kcewa sii,,cz psti prannya yuchun jd yg keren” lagi…detektif gt lg,,tambah winter lagi„pasti keren gto,,iya bner pdhl qt bayanginnya kan Jae yg meranin ky gt ya Tar..ky yg di vdeo elle movie still gt,y g?!?he
    tapi tapi tapi pliiiiiissss jan khianatin Jae Taraa jgn tergoda ma abg yuchun nnti dkasih hkuman ma Jae 😀 hahaha
    oya brarti nnti pas akhir taun Jae ma yuchun ikt acara award” mbc dund y?!waahh,,ni pasti beda kategori kn ya?!mdh”an 22nya dpt award d,,n lbih bgus klo ostnya bs dnyanyiin dsitu jg..#mikir kjauhan :p
    iya d,,smoga klopun Jae g maen drama akhr taun ini,,Jae bkin ost dramany yuchun d..tp ttp msh brharap Jae maen drama,,wlopun bntar lg promosi movienya..heu

  849. 849 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    iya Jaejoong skg kan di India (ato dah balik k Korae..??) mn jln” d psr pula.. haduh cb kl ak pas k psr ktemu ma Jae pasti bikin heran org” sepsr scr da cewe teriak” histeris ngeliat Jae hahahaha…

    don’t worry Mey, i still love our Jaejoongie, biarpun smpt membleh” ma Yoochun pas ntn Rooftop Prince… biarpun smpt terhipnotis liat piku” Junsu di magz @start1 edisi terbaru oktober en slalu merinding tiap dgr suara ni cowo.. tp ttp suara Jae yg paling bikin adem d atiku and Jae always has special place in my heart **ceileh ngomong apa coba ak ini ya..**

  850. 850 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    sebnrnya dah lm pengin tnya hal ini cuman br keinget skg..
    kalian prnh bc gak, di slh satu interviev, Jaejoong prnh blg kalo dy sdh pacaran 4x sejak debut en smuanya dgn artis.. tau gak sp aja tuh??
    kl yg kutahu gosipnya cinlok ma Han Hyo Joo wkt syuting Postman from Heaven.. cm gak tau jg seh.. penasaran aja sp artis”nya..

  851. 851 : meyramjjeje Says:

    kekeke,,klo km pndah haluan nnti bukan luv jj lg tar n bacany jd aga asing d..hehehe,,yg bikin melting dr Jae tuh senyumnya,,bikin virus merah jambu ♡

    oo yg itu,,ak jg gtw,,yg prnh dnger sii Jae dket ma jessica tp itu gtw hoax gtw bner..cz ak br heboh Jaeny awal taun ini tar,,jd yg ak tw yg skrg” dpost j..hoho
    eh tp itu bneran yg ma hyojo??waaah ak sneng bgt klo iya…hehe
    coba kita tanya Rr…ada kabar yg km tau g??

  852. 852 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    iya ak pernah baca JJ 4x pacaran stlh debut semuany ama entertain pi g tau siapa aj ak. kykny kgk ada yg tau deh… soal ama han hyo jo ak mlah blm pernah denger klo mreka cinlok, pi deket sih pling. org kpn itu si hyo jo jg muji JJ kan, abis dr.jin apa y ak lupa….
    sama jessica jg sempet dikabarin, duh pi g tau deh kebeneranny….aduh g rela ak klo ama jessica dia kan si killer idol. sebel ak ma dia….hueks

  853. 853 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    klo ada kemungkinan penjualan tiket FMnya JJ ampe awal bulan dpn…mey, tar mau bli g? ^_^

  854. 854 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    iyyaa, hbs liat PTB dy kan smpt protes ma Jae, kok pas di Postman in Heaven kiss scene nya gak sehot itu kekeke… kl soal kebnran cinlok g tau jg tp kl pun jadian ma Han Hyo Jo.. wiiih, setuju bgt coz pengin liat Jae pnya pcr biar ga kesepian getu..
    kalo ga slh Jae prnh digosipin ma penyanyi Jepang Ayumi Hamasaki gr” Jae jd model slh satu mv Ayumi… tp g tau jg seh..
    ooh jd si idol killer yg dimaksud Jae itu si Jessica to.. br tau ak.. maklum ga prnh ngikutin artis” sm apalgi snsd.. paling yg sk cm Yoona doang itupun gr” ntn Cinderella’s Man n Love Rain..

  855. 855 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    wiiiih pengin bgt ntn Jae…. tp bs dipastikan g bs neeh 🙁
    sperti yg kublg ga bs cuti mlh akhir oct-awal nov ada gawean bsr di kantor… hiks… hiks…
    kalo km n Meyra bs ktemu Jae jgn lp crt” ya biar nanti ak nangis darah *lebay mode* but i’ll happy for you too gals if you has a chance to meet Jaejoong in person… titip blow kiss ja ^_____^

  856. 856 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    oh si hyo jo protes soal ciuman yah g ngeh ak…soalny klo ak baca si hyo jo blang ” knp km tidak mlkn sebaik itu saat bersamaku”….

    iy ak jg pernah baca JJ digosipin ama ayumi…lmyn cantik sih… klo kebeneranny g tau y. JJ deh yg tau….

    klo soal idol killer, itu hny spekulasi para netter aj yg baca intrvewny JJ abis dr.jin. Yg dimaksud si JJ itu jessica apa bkn ya kgk tau. Nominasiny (alah) sih bnyk ada dara 2NE1 jg pi yg pling bnyk diomongin ya jessica….

    soal FMny JJ, duh……. doanya aj deh. udh pasrah nih……….smg ada rejeki diawl bln. amien…… abis kmrn ak baru aj k dokter kulit dan duitku lmyn terkuras. *aduh curhat lg nih kumat hhe ^^

  857. 857 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    haduh bener2 melting ak liat video ini…………T___T
    aura JJ dan yg laen bener2 waaaaaaaahhhh…..

  858. 858 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    itu yg konser dbsk secret code th 2009 ya.. iya bikin melting 😉
    km dah cb ntn konsernya secara keseluruhan blm? kl ga slh inget da 20an lagu.. keren smua paling sk wkt mrk nyanyiin begin, forever love n mirotic..
    tp dr smua konser dbsk aku paling sk mirotic in seoul th 2008 (gy rambut Jae kyk di Postman in Heaven jd ganteng badai lah kekeke) krn ak sk lagu ballads ya wkt dbsk nyanyiin insa keren apalgi efek stage yg berputar itu bikin merinding (kl ga slh efek stage ini pernah mrk pk jg di konser O pas nyanyiin remember)
    selain itu yg paling berkesan konser dbsk five in the black th 2007, pas lagu begin (trus terang aja gr” ntn changmin di sni ak jg agak” ngefans hbs suaranya tinggi bgd jangkauan nadanya..daebak), hug scr acapela (kl soal acapela dbsk emg pol”an yaa) blm lagi wkt encore lagu proud smua pd nangis sampe” yoochun ga bs nerusin nyanyi ^^
    kl liat konsr dbsk emg syg bgd mrk pecah.. tp mo gmn lg jalannya dah getu.. qta sih dukung aja Jaejoong 🙂

  859. 859 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    ak blm liat semuanya…..
    eh gila km taauu banyak yaw…
    ak jg suka gaya rambutnya JJ pas mirotic kalian ganteng, cantik, muda, cute….haduh smuanya deh….aishhh
    iya klo liat dbsk ber5 tuh bikin merinding, dan terkagum2 kyk kgk ada kpop slain mrka, mereka tuh bener2 nyanyi dan suara mrka tuh bgus2 bgt…. emg pol2an deh. emm iy syg bgt mrka pecah, pi yg pnting masi bs liat mrka berkarya…..
    ohhhh klo dkung JJ sih udh tentuuu….JJ hwaiting!!!

  860. 860 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    hehe ak kebtulan ak pny bbrp dvd konser dbsk (dan jyj) jdnya ya apal..
    en hmpir tiap hr tak setel brg 2 ato 3 lagu hbs kl ga liat/dgr db5k/jyj rasanya gmn getu hehehe *_____*

    mumpung inget ni mo tnya.. km dah liat secret code jg kan? tau ga judul lagu dlm bhs inggris yg dinyanyiin stlh mirotic en seblm heart mind soul? di dftr menunya ada sih cm dlm tulisan jepang jd ak ga ngeh hehe..

  861. 861 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    oh km pny dvdny bli dmana??? tukang bajakan dvd gt ada g yah….. ak sih download mp3/mp4 lagu2 dbsk/jyj yg ak suka tak simpen dihp biar bs diliat/didenger kpnpun ak mau. soalny intensitas dirmh ama diluar rmh bs banyakan diluar rmh. kmn2 bw laptop berat jg kan…..

    nimbrung nih, wasurenaide bkn? soalny itu jg ditulis dlm hrf jepang…. klo iya wasurenaide itu bhs ingny klo kgk slh sih don’t forget me….hehehe

  862. 862 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    kyknya kl d lapak” dah ga da kalopun da tvxq paling yg homin..
    km pengin yg original ato copy ori? cb ja di plasa21-mediatara-asian group (yg nerbitin mjlh” koreanstar, koreanpop ato asianplus) kl yg copi ori cb aja psn lwt fb di Berlian Nusantara Dvd dan Hanbok..
    hehehe sm ak jg tak simpen di hp kok soalnya kl stel lwt komp kntor sk malu ma tmn” cz ga ada yg sk musik korea.. mksudku kl pas di rmh byk wkt luang br deh stel dvd konser scr utuh… konser dbsk byk ya ternyata ada 7 lbh deh.. kl jyj ada 3.. tp krg tau jg, ak taunya mlh dr Berlian Nusantara itu hehehe..

    wah Rr, trims..trims.. mksudku lagu itu.. pas reffnya kedgran itu tp ga yakin mknya nanya hehe…

  863. 863 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    oh gitu, yah deh nnt tak coba2 searching….makacih2. hehehe
    wah klo dbsk mah emg konsernya bnyk, hah 7 lbh ya ak gag ngitungin tuh….kekekeke

    ak suka lagu itu, gag bosen2 dengerin soalnya itu lagu yg nyiptain JJ….so sweet bgt. jd inget pas JYJ udh keluar dr dbsk trs ada interview gt, si JJ sruh nyanyiin itu lagu, nah dia luping2 lirik gitu pas nyanyi…..hehehe

  864. 864 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    saat ini ak jg sk ndengerin ma ni lagu.. ya gr” hbs ngeliat dinyanyiin dbsk di konser secret code itu 🙂

  865. 865 : meyramjjeje Says:

    sediiiihh hikshiks dr kmrn ku gbs post komen dsini 🙁 🙁

  866. 866 : meyramjjeje Says:

    wahwahwahh akhirnyaaa bs jg..
    yaah ku ud ktinggalan byk ni berita2nya..jd bngung mu komen yg mn..
    @taraLuvJJ @Rrjeje Rrjeje lanjut buuu,,ak jd pengamat cerita kalian ^^

  867. 867 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    hahahaha syukurlah udh bisa komen lagi…..
    bingung buuu, jongkok aj….hehehehe. lucu bgt kamu, jgn ngamatin kita, ayo ayo kasih gosiipann dr bang JJ hahahaha….^^

  868. 868 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    eh..eh.. klo ak g slh liat JJ kykny pnya tato baru deh di dada sblh kananny. Ak liat diinterviewny dia pas ama kpopstarz, emg sih g gitu kliatan soalny disensor gt. pi klo dia gerak agk bnyk keliatan dikit. Awlny ak jg g ngeh, pi ada yg komen djyj3 blang ‘jj punya tato baru y didadany. pi knp disensor?’ bru deh ak perhatiin lg….
    ih penasaran apa tulisnny….

  869. 869 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    dah liat interview kpopstarz itu tp ak jg ga ngeh soal tato cuz pas liat blm da yg komen di JYJ3.. untung km ksh ya, he-eh tato baru.. qtq tggu konpres Jae soal tatonya itu hehehe ga mgk lagi ya 🙂
    syg ya di interview, Jae sm skali ga nyinggung soal album baru JYJ ato albm solo dy *pdhl dah kanggeeen pengin liat mrk ber3 lagi* yg di mention ma Jae cm movie baru ma next project dy, drama, wajib en kudu ditggu nih 🙂

  870. 870 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    yaaaah Meyra, jgn jd pengamat dong.. ikutan nimbrung lagi ya…
    tak tggu lho komen”mu di sini coz kalo di KI ak dah nyerah ga bs posting komen di sn.. mgk bsnya ya di sni ato JYJ3. princejj en pinkcrazy doang..

  871. 871 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    eh …eh klo ak perhatiin lg itu bkn tatto deh… itu kyk microphone gt item2. soalny yg part video selanjutny kgk ada sensoran dibgn dadany dan itu cm microphone. hahahaha……jd malu.^^
    iya JJ kgk nyinggung2 soal album baru JYJ, pdhl kgen benget pengen liat mrk nyanyi lagi………… thn depan mngkin ya..smga deh ^___^

  872. 872 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    ak ud liat yg kpopstar itu,,ud ak puter2 ulang vdeony tetep g kliatan Rr..hehe ak liatny slalu fokus ke mukanya siii,,lucu plus ganteng bgt liat ekspresi Jae ngmong..palagi klo Jae lg mimik malu gt,,ud minta diapain tuh?!hehehe
    samaaa kangen mrk ber3 lg,,tp mpe akhr taun ni blm da projek br lg y..hiks sedih 🙁
    Jae kyny brharap bgt maen drama d,,aahh smoga bneran dpt d..winter gt..hoho,,

  873. 873 : meyramjjeje Says:

    sambung komen yg atas2 lg..
    ak br liat skali Tara yg konser terakhir dbsk itu,,jd blm terlalu dpantengin gt d…yg JYJ juga br skali nntn yg Thanksgiving Tokyo Dome itu,,aga sepi sii yg pas thankagiving itu,,scara biasany ber5,,tp tetep kereeennn…n lagunya rata” balad..hoho,,pas bgt,,cz ak sk yg melow” gt..
    klo ak ya Rr biasany dnlod..cz ak biasany beli kaset dlapak” gt,,n tw ndiri kn klo lapak mah jrang ada yg bagus,,hehe,,mkny ak dnlod sndiri d,,jd ak br pnya yg konser” itu yg secret code ma thanksgiving doang..hoho
    Taraa kyny km lengkap d yaa dvd” konsernya^^ ada apa j siih Tar,,biar ak masukin list dnlod..hehe
    ak pnasaran ma konser pertama mrk..yg pas msh dbsk..hoho

  874. 874 : meyramjjeje Says:

    oya Tar ak ud liat dramany joongki,,ga full sii skilas” doang..ud tau ceritanya blm??iiii sediiih bgt jd maroo (joongki) pntes j dy bales dendam gt,,tp mnurutku itu bkn bls dendam,,tp ky pgn si cwe wartawan itu balik lg ke joongki gt d,,n yg paling kasian tuh eun gi (chae won),,dy ud suka ma maru dan pas epsd kmrn tuh trakhir si eun gi br percaya klo maroo itu manfaatin dy doang..hoho
    mana ostnya bikin merinding lagi..suara junsu nya keren abiiss..ahh pas bgt deh..

  875. 875 : meyramjjeje Says:

    cuma mu blg,,joongki keren abbisss dsitu tara,,beda bgt ma dy pas yg di skks..cowo bgt gt d..mn muka sedih mulu lg…aaahhh keren keren pokonya… tp tetep Takkie oppa ekspresi mukany lebihh dapet..hehe #ga mau kalah

  876. 876 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjejeie
    hehehe bukan tato ya ternyata.. ih kcw deh.. biasany ak ilfiil liat cowo bertato tp ga tau knp kl Jaejoong..ehem.. he looks so sexy.. ^___^

    kl JYJ konsernya da thankgiving, memories in 2010 (copi original, isiny konser n photoshoot), worldwide-konser & come on over-keseharian JYJ (q pny versi lapak cm 1 disc kl yg original da 5 disc), sweetdate (fm JYJ di Seoul)
    dbsk yg Korea: rising sun concert, T-2nd concert, mirotic in seoul concert
    jepang : heart, mind and soul showcase, O-2nd concert, five in the black concert dan yg terakhir ya secret code itu.. selain itu ada fanmeeting jg cm ak lp judulnya..
    selain itu ada kl dvd keseharian dbsk mcm a week holiday, all about tvxq, history in japan dll

  877. 877 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    ak br ntn eps 1 doang.. blm smpt ntn kelanjutanny pdhl penasaran ma maroo aka song joong ki nih.. iyaa dy bd bgt ya wkt sm d skks.. ga tau knp sk liat aktingnya d nice guy ini.. bd ma yoo ah in, sk wkt d skks tp pas liat fashion king mlh ilfil.. haduh.. jaejoong still the best hehehe..

  878. 878 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    dlu aku jg sk bete kl bl di lapak.. terjemahannya haduh ampyuun deh..
    tp skg dah lmyan apalagi kl drama bikinan sbs, mbc ato kbs2 terutama kl dramany ngetop kyk rooftop prince, dr.jin, ghost, king2heart dll tp kl bkininan tv kabel ya ancur kyk flower boy ramyun shop en the strongest kpop survival bikin migren malahan pas ntn..
    kl yg di berlian nusantara hanbok dvd yg prnh ak blg itu, konser” jyj/dbsk ada yg original ada yg cm copi ori jd bd ma yg di lapak”..

  879. 879 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    iya pdhl udh penasaran bgt. dlu awlny ak g percya klo JJ pny tatto. pi lama2 keren juja….^_^klo ak sebnrnya interest ama tatto (*klo diblehin ak jg pngen nato AKTF dTubuh) pi klo liat yg ekstrim *slrh tubuh full gitu, agak ngeri jg sih.

    em, iya klo beli dilapak gitu kadang diputer 2,3 kali udh seret2 bikin bete. jg klo drama gt ak sering ngopy diwarnet. ak ada langganan warnet yg dramany lmyn lengkap, jg tinggal blang ama yg jaga warnet tlg kopiiin drama ini dong. beres deh, emg sih nunggu ak lama, maklum kan bnyk epsd. pi lebih awet dan klo mau dicepet2in g seret2….

    ak blm liat dramany song joong ki, bru liat vid ost.nya yg dinyanyiin junsu. dan kykny bagus…pngen ntn blm ada wktu nih. ak suka jg ama joong ki, imut2 sih dia (pas d skks)…. pi di nice guy ini dia org ny beda y serius gitu, tetep cute n ganteng sih….hehehe ^^

  880. 880 : meyramjjeje Says:

    hwuaaahh km puny smua dvd konsernya Tar??blog yg bs dnlod konser full dvd itu br ada secret code ma thanksgiving doang,,cz dy ngesub smw lagunya gt Tar jd bs skalian karokean plus ada artiny ^^ klo di yutub kn potongan perlagu gt ya adanya,,klo yg ini enak ky nntn dkaset aja gt hehe,,mkny kmrn” ku ngepost dblog itu mnta post-in konser” jyj/dbsk yg laen..tp blm drespon sii..hehe *ksian ksian :p

  881. 881 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    hehe,,ak jg blm nntn dramany joongki yg full gmnaa sii bz klo ngikutin 2eps/mggu bkal pnasaran bgt ini mn rencanany dramany dbikin 20eps lg,,haduuh kyny g sabar nggunya,,ak jg dceritain tmn klo skrg critany makin menarik^^ hehe,,tp pas eps awal iii sedih bgt tuh ceritanya,,ksian joongki nya..tp ak ada feeling gt nnti joongki ny mati sih y..hoho **sotoy abaikan

    oya Jaejoong masuk nominasi di korean drama award y..ak br liat britanya n gambarny Jae as KyungTak yg lg berdarah” gt bikin nangis darah..hiks..walopun g menang pi tetep bgga bgt cz br 2drama yg Jae peranin plus bkn main lead lg,,tp skillny ud dtrima byk org..terharu pokonyaa TT ,, oya Tar jd inget sm komen” pedes org” yg blg akting Jae gada peningkatan,jelek dsb d..akhirnyaaa krja keras Jae terbukti y..bkn dmata fansnya doang,,tp yg non fans jg mrasakan hasilny ..hehe #apadehbgt

  882. 882 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    enak ya km pnya lngganan dload d warnet.. cb d daerahku da kyk gitu cz ak kl dload sndr sk ga sbran 🙂 smntr kl beredar d lapak” jg ga smpat.. paling psn lwt internet lbh praktis tggal sms drama” yg mo qta psn transfer uang tggu 2-3 hr brg dah nyampe di rmh hehe..

    @ meyramjjeje
    iyya ak jd pny dvd konser dbsk/jyj ya krn psn di Berlian Nusantara itu, sperti yg kublg kl dload sndr utk video” durasi panjang sk ga sabaran ni.. tp cm copi ori sih kl yg original mah mahal dl tak liat yg jyj 3voices aja hampir 1jutaan.. enaknya kl copi dr ori ga cm konserny doang tp diliatin scene” dbsk pas di backstage,, so jd ketahuan sp yg jail, sp yg sok jaim hehe..

  883. 883 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    ga nyangka ya Jaejoong msuk nominasi pdhal 4 nominator laennya aktor” senior.. biar ga menang bangga bgt ma apa yg dah dicapai Jae..
    bnr Mey, jd inget org” yg anggap remeh akting Jae.. kl aktingnya ga bgus ga mungkin dong dy masuk nominasi..

    @Rrjeje Rjeje
    ak bnr” trauma kl tokoh yg kusuka d drama mati.. dlu I’m Sorry I Love You, Princess’ Man, Fashion King trus yg plg bikin nangis bombay Takkie d dr.Jin.. makany utk Nice Guy, ak nunggu sampe tamat aja deh kl Maru ga mati en hepi en baru ntn..
    kalian skg lg ntn drama gak? kl ak lg ntn BIG, byk yg blg eps akhirny gak nyenengin ya.. bru ntn sampe eps 6 sih so far i enjoy watching it lah ^^

  884. 884 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    ak lait sekilas cuplikanny itu si joongki dihianati pacarny ya, trs kyk pcrnya loncat dr jembatan gt….. aduh jgn mati dong. ak jg g suka nih klo ada yg mati2 segala. sedih bgt inget joong il woo di the moon… dan terutama takkie oppa berdarah2 bgt nasibnya…T__T

    iya bangga JJ jd nominasi pdhl yg laen udh aktor2 veteran gt yah….very2 proud to Jaejoong. semngat oppa!!!!

    ak lg g ntn drama apa2 nih, lg sibuk ngerjain tgs kuliah. ini aj nyuri2 wktu bwt sekedar melepas penat. soalny g bs seharipun g ngomongin JJ ato liat JJ. Kangen nih…….. haduh2…..galau mampus.

  885. 885 : meyramjjeje Says:

    waahh biasany BTSnya seru” kn ya Tar?!trus sapa emg yg jail?!jgn blg uri Jaejoong yg pling jail 😀 trs emg ada yg jaim gt??kekeke g kbayang seruny mrk pas lg BTS itu..
    BIG ak ud slse,,tp dcepet”in nntny cz ak g trlalu sk gongyu nya..ak suka eps pertama doang,,hehe bz dsitu yg jd anak skolahny lucu plus cool bgt,,suka d,,ehh twny epsd sini”nya dy aktingnya tidur dranjang rmh skt doang,,trs rohnya masuk ke gongyu kn??masa pas ddalem tubuh gongyu tingkahny jd memalukan gt sii g cool lg ky eps awal..ak kn jd sbel..hehe,,ak sk cwo itu dr pas di BVS..hehe imudh bgt^^

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    ak liat juga cuplikan itu,,tp yg ku tw dr critanya tmnku, joongki tuh emg dkhianatin gt ma cwenya,,pdhl dy ud ngelakuin smuany bwt tu cwe ampe dpnjara bbrapa taun gto yg pas si cwe ngbunuh org,jd joongkiny tuh ngelindungin cweny mpe sgitunya d,,eh slama dpnjara trnyata cweny tuh gada jengukin n twny dy nikah ma bapa” kaya yg punya anak cwe aka moon chae won..nah jd si joongki bls dendamny lewat anak tiriny (chaewon)..soalny slama dpenjara dy jd di DO gt ma kmpusnya,,pdhl bntr lg dy lulus jurusan kdokteran,,cita”nya pgn jd dokter dr pas kcil n karna adikny jg sakit”an mulu jd dy smakin pgn jd dkter..pokony eps awal nyesek d joongki nya 🙁

  886. 886 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    ak lg nntn gentleman dignity nii,,tp g slse”,,bz sk mls dluan..hehe,,seruu sii critanya,,tp yg bening dsitu jonghyun cnblue doang n munculny bntar” pula..ak kn jd bntar” jg nntonnya..hehe
    ak jg pdhl byk tugas kul nii,,jd nontonny klo lg mood ajah.. 🙂

  887. 887 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    Big ya, ak awlny jg pengen ntn krn disitu ada shin won ho (yg jd ank sekolah), pi krn tau dia cm tidur mulu ak jd males. eh iya ak jg suka liat dia pas di bachelor, lucu orgny. dia pling muda disitu pi pling sukses (*bikin anak…hehehehe geli ak) kok selera kita hmpir sama y…..hihihi.

    aduh mengenaskan banget nasibny joong ki disitu… ok..ok kykny next drama nih yg hrs ditonton.

    klo gentleman dignity blm ntn jg, bru dicritain ama kk sepupuku, iya katany seru critanya…..

  888. 888 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    BTS seru Mey, yg paling jail sih ttp Yoochun en Junsu **ak br merhatiin ga di DBSK ato JYJ, Junsu tuh sk bgt y ngomong en nyanyi mlulu d mn” smpe” pas di A Week Holiday Jae komplain soal hobi Junsu yg satu ini** kl Jae sih kalem aja kl yg cool si Yunho mgk krn dy leader ya.. Changmin kdg sok jaim kdg jail jg, kdg jawaban”nya kl diinterview terkesan lbh dewasa dibnding pr hyungny.. menurutku dy cute jg ya..
    tp trus trang ak lbh sk ntn BTS JYJ 🙂 ngeliat Jaejoong, Junsu en Yoochun kl becanda lepas bgt mgk jg krn mrk seumuran n kyknya biar Jae leader ttp aja dy yg sk dikerjaiin hihi
    liat gak wkt di Come On Over ato Sweet Date ya * sori lp..* msk Jae dikerjaiin t-shirtnya diambil trus dipk maen baseball, so Jae lari sna sni topless hihi kita” yg ntn sng aja hbs Jae looks sexy and cute bgt *ups sori jd mupeng gini hihi*

  889. 889 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    ak ntn BIG krn crt ktnya hampir sm dg slh satu film Holywood favoritku, jdulny pun sm BIG yg maen Tom Hank.. stlh ditonton, crtnya bd jauh cm garis merahny aja yg sm cowo yg tiba” ada d tubuh org dewasa,, kl Lee Min Jung ak sk sih cm ga getu sk ma Gong Yo.. ak br tau ada SHin Min Wo stlh ntn.. wah selera kita ber3 kok sm ya ak jg sk dy wkt d Bachelor Veggie itu..

    dah pny Gentlement Dignity tp blm smpt ntn nih Mey, kt kakakku crtny jg seru n bgus mgk krn dy ngefans ma Jang Dong gun kali ya hihi..

    Eh ak liat di Korean Drama Craze, da piku Song Joong Ki berdarah” ya,, itu di ambil dr Nice Guy kah? wih kl iya ga tega, sdh cukup ntn Jaejoong berdarah” di Dr.Jin ajah…

  890. 890 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    pasti kalian nunggu piku” red carpet Jae d Busan Inter Film Festival ya 🙂
    mg di acara wideshot metro tv ada liputanny soalnya Indonesia jg ngirim bbrp film k sna..

    eh pas bk blog JYJ3 kaget bgt liat Jae di Jackal is Coming.. ganteng badai!!

  891. 891 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjej
    hehehe sm kalo ga liat Jae ato sampe ga tau brt dy sehr ajah bs pans dingin nih.. galau.. sampe” tmnnku cemburu hbs tiap hr ak ngomongin Jae mlulu kl dgrin mp3 yg didgrin lagu” Jae/JYJ/DB5k hbs gmn ak dah kena virus Jaejoong ni en sk sakau hahaha ^_____^

  892. 892 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    ..sori bgt.. bru nyadar ak slalu slh ketik nmmu.. maaf.. maaf..

  893. 893 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    eh ak juga suka liat BTS jyj, yg lempar2 t-shirt itu lucu n sexy, JJ dikerjain ama ChunSu….hahaha

    Huft…menghela napas bentar ah…abis ntn pikunya JJ di red carpet. so hot, ganteng banget, mega bintang beneran deh…..ampun JJ!!!! oiy mobilnya yg dipake lamborgini bkn yaw itu, mupeng nih pngen diboncengin. Hahaha

    yah mg aja ada di metro, aduh plingan ada ya si atiqah hasiholan coz film dia kan hellogoodbye….

    gpp nyantai aj lg tar…hehehe

  894. 894 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    sm ni Rr.. ak habis liat piku” Jae di Busan.. bnr” keren bgt”…!!
    sk liat gy rambutnya digituin.. haduh cowo satu ini emg slalu sukses bikin nosebleeding deh…. ganteng badai bgt!!
    iya ga usah nggu d mertro d JYJ3 aja dah mupeng ni ~^^

  895. 895 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    kyaaaa trnyata sama jg y kita suka ma yg unyu” itu,,syp namany,,ak g hfal..hehe ((ya iyalaah yg dpikirin cm Jaejoong Jaejoong n Jaejoong))

    ahhh samaaaa,,sesek napas ak liat poto”nya Jae,,sumfaah yaa ganteng bangeuud,,hot gt d ky vampire..hihi mana rambutnya merah lagi,,hadeuuh kece badaaiiii 😀 trus ya klo kataku jihyo nih bnerin baju atasny mulu ya dpan Jae,,ak kn jd envy gt d pgn bnerin baju juga depan Jae„hahaha#centil bgt :p

    eh sama tw Tar ak jg dsebelin ma tmn” cz yg ak omongin Jae mulu,,dengerin lagu yg ada Jae nya,,liat vdeo yg ada Jae nya pula..mkny org” tuh sk pd protes,,Jae mulu ktny..hohoho

  896. 896 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    dah pd bc lum.. kl ada yg komen red carpet Jae di Busan is fashion disaster?bhkan yg komen fans Jae sndr… haduh kl ak sih fine” aja Jae ganteng bgt lah..

  897. 897 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    ak blm bc. km bc dmn?
    klo ak sih suka2 aj. mnrtku apapun yg dia pke tuh keren. aduh dia sirik pling, cz JJ ada gandenganny…..hehehe

  898. 898 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    di blog pinkrazy, ank Indo jg kok.. ak apal kdg kl dy ksh komen emg sk pedes… sm mnrutku Jae pakai apapun kliatan keren apalgi g pk apa” hihihi… hus..

  899. 899 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    @ taraLuvJJ
    hahahaha bisa aj km tar, ak dibilang gila ama temenku gr2 ketawa sndr bc komenmu ini….iy emg sih lbh keren klo g pke apa2….kwakwakwa.

  900. 900 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    udh Tar abaikan aja,,itu mah pgn dtanggepin kyny,,biasaa org yg g pny temen..hehe ((ak g baca siii,,klo baca kynya bakal kesel juga :p))
    eh ud pd liat poto” terbaru Jaejoong yg di stage BIFF….omg omg omg..ganteng bgt..ak heran,,dsetiap pose Jaejoong gada minusnya..cool bgt,,apalagi foto gaya V..hadeeuuuhh #ngelap mimisan 😀

  901. 901 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    iyyaaa brusan liat ni… gileee keren bgt.. Jae in black.. haduh dy slalu sukses bkin qt nosebleeding nih 🙂

  902. 902 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    lagi pusing, idung jg mampet trs liat pikunya JJ yg baru tambah nyesek nih napas….. huft…huft..huft…butuh tabung oksigen nih….. pi pusing2 mendadak ilang hehehe

  903. 903 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    cepet sembuh yaaa..n jaga kesehatan!! udh mulai musim hujan nih^^ denger lagu”nya Jaejoong yg melow makin menikmati hujan yg rintik” dtambah lagu” ost yg dnyanyiin junsu bkin pgn cpt” ke alam mimpi..hehe

  904. 904 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    iya makasih ya doanya…. ^___^
    ditempatmu udh ujan ya, daerah ku belum sekalipun turun ujan nih….. iya lagu mrke yg melow2 emang bs menngantarkan kt ke alam mimpi * ak udh pnya playlist diHp yg isiny lagu2 melow JJ, dbsk, JYJ, ama junsu dan jdl playlistny pengantar tidur hehehehe……

    ak mantengin vid-ny JJ di stage greeting BIFF, wlpn kgk tau mreka ngomongin apa pi ikut ketawa2 sndri aj liat senyumny JJ. kyaaaa……

  905. 905 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    eh km bnran sakit..? tak pikir seseknya krn Jae.. cpt smbuh ya.. sm nih d kotaku blm ujan.. puannas pok.. mkny tiap ada piku” Jae yg br n ganteng” tmbh sumuk pol hihi..

  906. 906 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    iya sk gregeten kl ntn vid jyj yg ga ditranslate kyk backstage wkt mrk tmpil di a-nation d jepang.. mrk ngomong apa ga mudeng.. pdhl tingkah laku mrk lucu” n nggemesin hehehe

  907. 907 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    iya…makasih ya doany…..^^
    iay nih suka gemes liat mereka ngakak2 pi kgk tau yg diomongin apa….

  908. 908 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    omo…omo…konferensi pers pertama fanmeeting KJJ digelar tgl 8 oktober, trs katany bkalan ada vid pesan singkat dr JJ and he’ll say apa kabar to indonesian fans….. aish…aish…..aish *udh galau lagi inih……

  909. 909 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    omo…omo…konferensi pers pertama fanmeeting KJJ digelar tgl 8 oktober, trs katany bkalan ada vid pesan singkat dr JJ and he’ll say apa kabar to indonesian fans….. aish…aish…..aish *udh galau lagi inih……

  910. 910 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    omo…omo…omo…. konferensi pers pertama fanmeeting KJJ bakalan digelar tgl 8 oktober, katanya akn ada video pesan singkat dr JJ and he’ll say apa kabar to indonesian fans……*haduh mulai galau lagi nih…..aish..aish

  911. 911 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    emmm..kok komen ku jadi banyak gitu ya. kiraiin td gagal……aduh jd malu.

  912. 912 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    really oct 8th,,? wah ga sbr pasti aksen Jaejoong nanti.. cute kedgrannya ^^

    ggp Rr,, kdg ak jg sk double posting gtu deh..

  913. 913 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    barusn ntn vid” jae di biff,, br nyadar ternyata jae smpt nyanyiin living like a dream ya.. biar dkit tp tuh suara bikin melting hbs.. mn jae guanteng bgt lgi hehe..

  914. 914 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    iyaaa bner..ak jg baca yg ktny bakal ada konferensi pers ituh..yaah gada tmn nih ksananya,,klo ada mah smangat d..scara gretong gt acaranya..huhuhu
    ada yg mu dtg?^___^

  915. 915 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    pengen sih dtg pi kgk bisa, g libur kuliah nih. g mngkin ninggalin kuliah, bs digorok ak…..hehehe T_T
    klo bs ksna sih skalian aj beli tiket FM-ny soalny katanya bkal dijual jg scr offline slesai greeting.

  916. 916 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    ada foto teaser dr video greetingny JJ. rambutnya bkin mirip ama someone….emm robert pattinsonny korea…..hahahaha

  917. 917 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    ak jelas g bs liat ni fm nya huhuhu..
    kl Meyra mo liat janjian aja ma ank” Indo yg sk post komen di JYJ3, kyke byk yg janjian n ntn..
    Rr, thx pikuny.. iy jd mrp mas Rob cm gantengan Jae sih hehehe..

  918. 918 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    kyaaa yg sama tatanan rambutnya doang ah..klo muka mah jelas bang Jae kmn” 😀 hihihi.
    waduh vdeonya hr ini yaahh?!yaahh ak gbs eung..krain ak tgl 8 tuh hr rabu..hikshiks

  919. 919 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    eh km ada harapan mu nntn ya Rr??klo iya mu beli tiket yg brp?!^^

    Tar km positif gbs yah?? hikshiks,,ak msh nyantai sii antara dtg pa ga,,scara msh sbulan lg..kyny klo ud H- brapaa gt ud deg2an d…hoho cz klo skrg blm pny duit lebih.. 🙁 hadeuuuh

  920. 920 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    90% g bs ntn.. tp msh ada 10% hihi nunggu keajaiban dr bos kl blh bolos eh cuti.. nanti kl ak bs liat ak sms km y mg” sih tiketny msh ada.. ak mo bl skg takut kl hr H g bs brangkat k jkt..

  921. 921 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    eh lp mo tnya,, emg knp musti nunggu rabu? ga bs hr ini? byk tugas kuliah ya…

  922. 922 : meyramjjeje Says:

    hehe,,enggaa ak kira tgl 8 tuh hari rabu gt bukan hari ini (amnesia tanggal gt d… :D) klo hari ini mu ngisi privat Tar sorenya,,hehe #so sibuk gt d# klo pun izin jg harus ud blg awal” hoho
    nggu aja d,,kira” ada yg ngaplod vdeo nya ga yaa?!?

  923. 923 : meyramjjeje Says:

    okeoke dtggu kabar bahagianya ^_^ moga j bs.. 🙂

  924. 924 : Zari Hlawnmual Says:

    Hero Jaejung you’re so handsome i want to play you’re role in Protect the boss

  925. 925 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    iya emg, ak blang kan rambutnya bkin inget ama someone. klo soal cakepnya sih JJ pasti lah….hahahaha
    aduh mey ak galau nih. kmu sndri gmn ada harapan bwt ntn kgk? eemmm ak jg masi nyante sampai saat ini pi klo ada brita2 soal FM-ny kyk gni nih bikin galau. hehehe kan mau nitip beli tiketny k km mey….*becanda2.^^ aduh tikett yg brp yah, scr klo emg ak bs dtng ak hrs mikir transport, makan, dll. mana uang kgk ngumpul2 lg, trs tgl2 segitu ak masi ada UTS, mampus kan…..T_T

    Buat tara tak doain deh 10%nya jd kenyataan…..amien. mg aja kita smua bs dtng y, disela2 ketidakpastian kyk gni. semangat!!!!

  926. 926 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    oiy mau tanya nih…. kalian kenalan disini, ato udh kenal didunia nyata?(*alah kyk apa aj dunia nyata) ^_^ penasaran aja hehehe….. kok klyn udh pd sms aja sih…..

  927. 927 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    gmn klo yg 660 j Rr??klo sgitu kyny ak bs usahain…hehe biar qt barengan gt klo bneran mau..ato apa ikut kuis gt y?!hehe,,ak ada kpikiran iktn kuis sii cm ak g yakin j bs dpt dr kuis” ato ga..hoho
    ya ampun Rr ak jg galau bgt nih,,palagi di TL tuh byk bgt yg beritain fm nya Jae yg ktnya kalo mnang games bs foto brg,high five n dpeluk pulaaa…haduuuuh bacanya j ud bikin deg”an gt..sapa y yg bruntung?! *nangis darah
    berdoa yg terbaik j d moga qt bs nntn bareng” *bigwish

  928. 928 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    gmn klo yg 660 j Rr??klo sgitu kyny ak bs usahain…hehe biar qt barengan gt klo bneran mau..ato apa ikut kuis gt y?!hehe,,ak ada kpikiran iktn kuis sii cm ak g yakin j bs dpt dr kuis” ato ga..hoho
    ya ampun Rr ak jg galau bgt nih,,palagi di TL tuh byk bgt yg beritain fm nya Jae yg ktnya kalo mnang games bs foto brg,high five n dpeluk pulaaa…haduuuuh bacanya j ud bikin deg”an gt..sapa y yg bruntung?! hikshiks*nangis darah
    km ud mulai uts Rr??waahh ko cepet yaa..ak kyny tengah bln nov gt br mu mulai..
    iya harus smangatt bgt,,moga qt bs nntn bareng” *bigwish klo di tato nya Jaejoong mah Always Keep The Faith till the end !!!

  929. 929 : meyramjjeje Says:

    idiihh 2x..maluu bgt..yg baca pura” ga liat yaaa..hehehe

  930. 930 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    ak kenal Tara lewat komen” yg ada artikelnya Jae,,ud gt ak sempet baca komen Tara disini trus ak mnt alamat biar bs ngbrol” ttg our prince^^.. akhirnya Tara nyaranin biar ngbrolnya di profil ini,,pas ada kabar fm Jae ak mnta no nya biar klo ada apa” bs lgsg sms/chating yg cpt gt..hehe jd intinya qt g prnh ktmuan n ktemunya ddunia maya doang cm tukeran no hp j…mu tukeran jg g??hehehe

  931. 931 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    penjelasan Meyra dsh jelas to so ak ga perlu njelasin lgi 🙂
    qta emg blm prnh ktemuan di dunia nyata *hehe berasa kita hidup di alam apaan coba ^__^*

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    dah liat vid Jae blg apa kbr blm? td dah tak dload tp blm smpt ntn ni..

  932. 932 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    wiih bc news di JYJ3 hr ini perasaanku campur aduk nih..
    *sng bc brt ttg Jae mo ke Indo cm agak galau jg kl gak bs ntn mbayangin tar FMnya gmn-gmn trus pasti ada cewe yg beruntung dpt kesempatan dipeluk ma Jae huhuhu…
    *tmbah nyesek bc brt perfomance Junsu di PARA GAMES yg g ditayangin ma tv .. haduh kasian Junsu.. pdhl ak yakin kl penampilan Junsu dityngin psti ranting tuh tv tinggi deh!!
    *untungnya ada hepi news, Yoochun finally found his leading lady on I Miss You.. Yayy, ak jg ngefans ma Yoo Eun Hye nih… cm sygnya awal” eps I Miss You bakalan head to head ma eps” akhir Nice Guy ni.. yah just wait and see ajah deh… JYJ FIGHTING…!!

  933. 933 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    iya ak udh liat vid.performnya junsu ama baca twitternya dia. sumpah kasiah bgt junsu. ak kgk ngebayangin perasaan dia wtk itu. jahat bgt yah…..pdhl junsu tampil bgus loh….
    aduh vid.ny JJ bikin galau dan pikiran melayang nih…..aduh bs dtng kgk yah…
    yuchun ama toon eun hye, waduh hott nih….

  934. 934 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    setelaah frustasi bls komen mey, smg yg ini berhasil deh…..
    iya mey, klo tak [email protected] lg emg kykny yg 660rb aja deh (klo bs dtng yah….aduh smg bs deh) pertimbangan uang transport dlll jg soalnya….
    eh mau dong tukeran hp jg. tp masa ka nulis no.hpku disini sih mey….

    haha ternyta klyn blm pernah ketemuan kirain udh pd kenal sblmnya….^^

  935. 935 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    iyaa ak ud liat vdeonya Jae,,aaaa makin deg”an abis liat dia nyapa fans indo…bikin galau bangeedd..kyny ud siap bgt gt Jae mu tour fanmeet gt..
    yg Junsu ya ampuuun ak bacanya kmrn mlm,,sumpah nyesek bgt,,ak lg OL soalny pas Junsu ngtwit ituu,,dr mlm fans” jyj / db5k tuh byk ngtwit gt,,nyuruh ngboikot tuh sbs..kataku yaa itu ga sopan bgt,,masa Junsu dpake bwt promosi doang..aahh pokony ngomongin ini bikin esmosi bgt d… huft
    yg yoochun iyaa akhrnya dpt jg lead fmale nya,,pnasaran ma yoon eun hye maen melodrama gt,,hoho..stuju katamu Rr,,hot bgt tuh cwe klo maen..hihihi
    nih ku ksh no ku yaa 082127566803…nnti klo kalian jd ke jkt,,hubungi ak..hohoho

  936. 936 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    sambung yg td,,iyaa stujuu ak jg sk susah gt d skrg klo komen dsini..mgkin sinyal hpku yg error kali yaa..heuheu
    oyaa mnta doanya yaa ku skrg lg mu bikin skripsi nih,,masih platihan gt sii,,tp ada sidangnya..huhu

  937. 937 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    iya kmrn malem ak jg lg OL pas baca twitny junsu……gila ya klo ak jd junsu mngkin ak g bkalan bs nglanjutin perform. pi bangga bgt ama junsu dg besar hati dia trima bahkan dia tampil dg sgt bagus…..

    ok tak simpen deh no.mu mey…..thx

  938. 938 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    wah2 semoga lancar yah skripsinya…..^^ semangat!!!!!!

  939. 939 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    wah km ternyata dah mo skripsi ya.. kirain th” awal.. berarti umur kita dktan y cz ak br lulus th lalu n untung lngsung dpt krjaan, mkny agak” gmn mo ijin cuti buat ntn fm Jaejoong secara msh ms percobaan nih..
    anyway, goodluck buat skripsiny y Mey, yg konsen jgn mikirin Jae melulu hihihi

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    kalo km dah semester brp Rr?

    ak dah liat greeting Jaejoong buat kita” fans di Indo 🙂 sm nih deg”an bgt.. apalgi dgr Jae blg 3 kata, ‘apa kabar(e)’,, ‘Indonesia’,, “Jakarta”..

  940. 940 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    haha setuju ma kalian,, yoon eun hye emg hot jd inget cola scene di lie to me hihi.. kita tggu j nanti pa kiss scene yoochun en eun hye bs nyaingi ciuman pns jaejoong en wang ji hye di ptb hehehe..

  941. 941 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    ak semester 5 nih….masih lmyn perjalanan hehehehe…..
    wah bontot nih ak….

    iya yoon eun hye kan klo ciman pasti hoottt2 hehehe, ok kt liat nnt mrka bs nyaingin our prince kgk……^_^

  942. 942 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    hehehe,,harusnya sii udh lulus,,cz angkatan ku rata” ud pd lulus,,cm kampusku nih s1 nya 7taon,n ak br taon ke 5,,hehe,,masih smstr 4..hihi pdhl ud batas umur nih.. :p
    Tar km 89 bkn??ak 89 soalnya..waah Rr masih muda nii ternyata,,jgn blg kita mu bikin trio fans Jae nih..hehehe

    eh tp masa sih kiss nya hot sii,,ini kn melodrama yaa..waahh pkony pnasaran d,,sm ky pnasaran jackal is coming…hohk

  943. 943 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    eh maap yaa jd curhat gaje gt..hoho
    iya sii klo masa percobaan mah aga gmnaa klo mu izin ya Tar,,tp moga dpt yg terbaik lah..bwt kita smua 🙂

  944. 944 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    hey ternyata kita seumuran ya.. ak jg kelairan th ’89 ni 🙂
    gpp curhat” gini,, Jaejoong pasti ngerti boardny d koreandrama ni dipk ma 3 fans setiany yg lgi galau ini hehe..

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    kl kita ber3 member GG, berarti km manaekny ya hihi..

  945. 945 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    ngomongin kiss scene ak kuatirkan jackal is coming bakal byk adegan kissnya bahkan mgk lbh dr hot kiss, scr itu film bioskop!! kl ga slh di interview jae en ji hyo prnh ngomongin soal ini cm ak ga gitu ngerti cuz wkt itu ntn pas ga da eng subnya..
    bbrp kali ntn film korea pasti deh ada adegan “gituannya”.. trus yg jd mslh ak kuat ga liat seandainy jaejoong beradegan lbh dr hot kiss dg ji hyo..???
    yah, kita liat aja nanti drpd nebak” gini ya…

  946. 946 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    hahahaha ak kgk bs berhenti ketawa nih…..gr2 mey bilang trio fans jae, (*boleh jg tuh) ama tara’s komen Jae psti ngerti boardny di koreandrama dipke ama 3 fans setianny yg lg galau…. 😀
    ah, kgk jauh2 jg cm slisih 3 th og. klo gitu ak pnggil kalian mey unni ama tara uni hehhehe…. ayo kita resmikan trio GG ini kwakwkaka… eh bentar GG mksdny apa yah?

  947. 947 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    ngomongi soal kissu scene, iya loh yoon eun hye tuh mantep2 kissunya hahaha…..

    klo soal jackal is coming ak nunggu2 bnget nih. penasaran ma aksinya JJ. soalnya katanya Ji hyo pas d interview JJ pling bnyak adegan kissuny, iya tara uni ak jg agk kuatir nih klo ada adegan yg lbh dr ciuman hoott. abis pas diinterview itu pertnyaan pertama somewhat erotic/racy scenes? trs mrka jwbny maybe.hwa!! pi gpp rasa penasaran lbh besar drpd rasa kuatir……hahahaha ok kita liat aja kyk apa, spa tau mrka becanda…..

  948. 948 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    haha iya deh dongsaeng up to you mo panggil kita pa 🙂 nm dpn ja kyk biasanya jg gpp lho.. mksudku dg GG singk dr girlband hehe..
    thx dah nerjemahin interview itu,, tiap mo ntn yg da eng sub slalu kelupaan ni.. mg mrk cm becanda y g bs bayangin seandainya mrk berdua beneran beradegan gituan.. cm ga tau knp ak sk liat becanda Jaejoong n Ji Hyo di interview itu chemistrynya dah dpt ~^^

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    the problem is.. ak br inget kl Song Ji Hyo jg hooot bgt kl maen pilem.. ak blm liat sih cm bc komen” getu kl ga slh judulnya Frozen Flower ato pa rada” lp ni.. ktnya di situ Ji Hyo ampe bukaan” yg hot.. iih..
    mg tdk diulangi aja di Jackal is Coming brg Jaejoong..

  949. 949 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    Great news.. Jaejoong’s twitter reach 1 million follower..!!
    congratz our handsome prince JJ

  950. 950 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    kalian dah liat piku Jaejoong di studio rekaman brg Flowsik..???
    yeaaah,, i smell solo new album.. jk bnr ini yg kita tggu” 🙂

  951. 951 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    iyaa terserah mu manggil nama jg bolee 😀
    iya nii yg djackal byk kissunya,,tp ini kyny biasa j d,,cz bkn khusus dewasa doang gt,,ga nyampe 19+ gt filmnya..hehe..klo jihyo ak emg ud dnger dia maen film gt deh,,mknya ak sempet ilfil gt pas dceritain tmn ktny adegan rnjgnya gilaa bgt,,trus dia tuh sempet jd artis hot gt soalny klo maen film yg ada unsur” tiga kata itu..ngerti kn?!mkny pas maen ma Jae mdh”an j filmny bner” bkn adegan dwasa..hohi
    aahhh pokony bulan nov ni bulannya Jae bgt,,udh ke indo,,tayang filmnya trs yg ktny JYJ diundang ke jpang ke perayaan apaa gt nov jg kn..asik lah asik..hoho
    iyaaa bner kabar bahagia bgt,,akhirnyaa Jae bikin album solo juga…puas deh itu denger suara”nya dia sealbum^^

  952. 952 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    pertm2 congratz bwt JJ ak blm ngucapin nih….hehehe happy 1 million!!!!
    emmm ternyata udh dicomfirm ulang JJ ama flowsik emg lg buat lagu u/ album baru pi itu bkn album solonya JJ, pi masih secret…………yah kecewa deh…. tapi kgk apa2 yg penting bau2nya bakalan ada album baru entah JJ ataupn JYJ horeeeyyy…..

    em smga aj bener deh kata mey soal jackal is coming. soalny emg kgk ada spesifikasi bwt dewasa only. klo ciuman hoott sih masi bs di antisipasi…..hehehehe. iya ak tny ama kakakku emg ji hyo itu pernh main film yg ada adegan gitu2anny…..klo ilfil ama jihyo sih kgk bgtu soalny ak suka dia sjk di running man….heheheeh ^^

  953. 953 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    oo udh dconfirm ulang ya,,hehe blm baca lg :p klo album jyj sii emg bakal rilis taun depan kn?!?ahh kirain Jae mu bkin album solo,,udh heboh ni pdhl..hehe
    eh kmrn liat pikuny Jae yg ngerayain sjuta followers g??gilaa potony badaaiiiiiii bgt,,lgsg jd wp hp deh biar liat trus..hehe

    btw btw @taraLuvJJ kemana dah?!?gada komen ini…ayo dund pd komen lg,,ak kangen crita” kalian b2..tiap liat profil Jae msh kosong aja ni^^

  954. 954 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    ak jg udh udh gatel beberapa hari kgk OL, lg sibuk nih. sahabatku mau nikahan, jd beberapa hari nih bantu2 dirumah dia, scr rumah jg cm depan blkang doang….. aduh ada kabar apa nih dari JJ?? iya klo piku yg itu ak jg ud save trs lngsng jd wp jg di hp hahahhahaha…..ak suka bgt warna rambutny. ^__^ bkin ngiler.
    emmm kgk sabar nih nunggu2 lgu ciptaanny JJ, g masalah deh album JYJ apah JJ yg pnting I can hear JJ’s voice again…..^^
    oiy JJ pny coffee shop gitu yah….wah emg nih oppa kt yg satu ini bnr2 deh…cekcekcek salut…..hehehe
    trus2 piku2 JYJ yg bwt tony moly, heemmm bikin iri sumpreet…..kulit mreka kinclong clong, kyk lalat aj kepleset tuh klo menclok….hehehe^^

  955. 955 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    iyaaa bener stujuu bgt,,ak jg suka warna rambut Jae dsitu,plus sweaternya…ahhh posenya pokonya badaiiiii bgt dah,,bikin mimisan :p
    yoii suara emas JJ n JYJ emg ngangenin bgt,,yg dbsk catch me itu ak suka,,n dancenya keren mnrutku,,beda ma juniornya,,*upzz hehe
    iyaaa waduuhh emg yaa pnter bgt oppa kita ini,,strategi nyimpen asetnya byk bgt,,restoranlah apa lah..hoho,,trz nmnya jg ak suka Coffe Cojjee..keren!!ada unsur” JJ nya..kkkkkk
    hehe mrk g jd bntg iklan kosmetik aja kinclong bgt,,apalagi ini…hehehe

  956. 956 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    hi gals…! kangen nih ma kalian ~^^ maaf y br bs post komen..
    i’ve been so busy lately at work, lmbur teyus plg mlm nympe rmh lngsung ngorok hihi.. d kntor jg ga smpt curi” wkt buat OL.. mknye mumpung mggu nih… btw, Happy Sunday ya 😉
    wih, kita kok kompak ya.. hbs liat piku Jaejoong yg pegang kue ngerayain 1jt followers.. OMG, guanteeng bin unyu ya gy rambutnya ya bajunya yg sdikit terbk bikin deg”an aja liatnya smpe leleh se leleh-lelehnya ga sdr kyk ni tangan sperti dihipnotis ma Jae buat save tuh piku en lngsung dijadiin wp hp *aish lebay ya aku hihihi*
    emg ga slh kita ngidolain Jaejoong oppa, pinter investasi jg.. kl kita ber3 bs k korea mampir k bum’s story trus k coffe cojje,, kita ajarin Jae bikin kopi tubruk khas jawa ato kopi luwak (kan mahal tuh) sp tau tertarik dimasukin k menu hhahaha *ngimpi d siang bolong*

  957. 957 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    lanjut sista… iya piku” JYJ yg utk Tony Moly.. bikin kita cewe” minder mendadak hbs mulus bgt 3 cowo itu!! tp sng ya liat senyum mrk di situ..

    aku dah liat mv DBSK Catch Me,, bagus sih,, cm aku ga terlalu sk cuz mnurutku musiknya hampir sm dg lagu” boyband” keluaran sm kebanyakan.. cm dancenya Yunho en Changmin emg keren sih,, ato mgk krn aku lbh sk lagu” DBSK yg mellow ya jd ga ngeh me Catch Me hihi…

    oia, dah pd tau to kl Yoochun dah mulai syuting I Miss You,, haduh rambutnya dipotong ala tentara tuh…mgk krn perannya jd detektif ya

  958. 958 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    eh eh tw gaa…sediih niiii,,ak mu tnya ma kalian,,tp bukan sbagai fans Jaejoong jawabannya…jawab sjujur”nya,,okeoke!?menurut kalian Jaejoong oplas ga sii??ato ada berita ga ttg Jaejoong oplas gt??ak sbnernya mu nyikapin biasa j ttg itu,,malah ak kira JJ tuh asli gt,,gada yg brubah,,cm gmnaa gt klo dnger JJ oplas..heu 🙁

  959. 959 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    mslh oplas ya.. ak jg prnh bc d KI kl Jaejoong oplas cm smpe skg ga tau sii bnran pa ga… tp yg jls I don’t care! bkn krn Jae biasku…
    ak contohin j dl stlh ntn You’re Beautiful (blm knl JYJ) ak ngefans bgt sm Jang Geun Suk en stlh cr tau info ttg dy br tau kl dy oplas idungnya tp ttp ngefans kl skg ak jd ilfil sm JGS bkn krn dy oplas tp lbh dr gy dy berbusana, sikap” dy yg kepedean trus pilihan drama JGS yg mnurutku itu” aja plus krn ak jg mulai ngefans tuh sm Jaejoong so JGS lewat dah hehe… jd seandainya Jaejoong oplas pun ga mslh bagiku.. dg ato tnpa oplas i will still admire him.. en liat piku” dy dr jmn debut sampe skg kyk’e kok ga ada perubahan ya ttp cakep maksudku 🙂 ato mgk ak yg ga teliti.. btw, km dgr Jaejoong oplas bagian apanya Mey??

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    mnurutmu gmn seorg Kim Jaejoong oplas gak…??!!??

  960. 960 : meyramjjeje Says:

    ada yg blg matanya,,ada yg blg hidungnya,,ada yg blg bentuk mukanya dulunya aga kotak tp skrg ud tirus gt…klo ak sii yaa karna mgkn ud liat Jaejoong dr pas vdeo mereka yg jaman duluuuuu bgt,,yaa emg brubah lah yaa,,scara dlu mah imut” gt skrg nambah ganteng bgt,,lah kan klo artis” skrg mah kita gtw duluny gmn tw” ud dsulap gnteng j..tp ak g dpet titik temu klo oppa kita nii oplaa pa ga..
    klo JGS sii ak liat pertama di ure beautiful itu ud ky aneh gt mukanya,,apalagi idungnya gede bgt,,pokonya aneh d liat dia di ure beautiful itu,,n terbukti trnyata dia oplas…hoho,,msh mndg di bethoven virus d kyny,,n ak g trlalu sk ma dia,,sukanya ma yonghwa ato hongki klo di beautiful itu..hoho
    tapi yg pntg sii kpribadian ma skillnya yg T.O.P bgt dr oppaa kita,,pokonya no reason bwt ga suka ma Jaejoong dah klo ak..hehe,,cm ya ituu ak g sk klo Jae byk mnum,,tkt sakit..heu
    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    hey gmn pndapatmu???

  961. 961 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:


    emm klo soal oplasnya JJ gmn ya ak sih biasa aj. gini ini pndptku scr umum ya…… u/ smua artis korea kgk cm JJ, ak g pernah mikirin mreka oplas apa kgk, ak cenderung cuek dg hal itu, soalny mau mrka oplas apa kgk itu kepentingan, urusan dan pilihan mrka. ak suka klo ada yg bilang si ini cntik apa ckep alami tanpa oplas, pi ak jg g maslah klo si ini dikabarkan oplas di bagian tubuh ini. bcause they are korean, secara tau sndr itu udh jd rahasia umum kan klo korea itu terkenal ama oplasny, ya oplas udh g tabu lagi bg mreka. so, intinya ak g masalh yg pnting oplassnya berhasil (*bener2 jd cakep atau cantik) hehehe….wlpn bkn ciptaan tuhan scr utuh lg udh ada cmpur tangn dokter hehehe…..

    pi klo ak pernah baca interviewny JJ, dia ditnyain km oplas kgk? trs JJ cm jwb smua fansku tau, udh gt aj…..g tau mksdny apaan.
    itu setau ak……

  962. 962 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:


    udh kita ambil poitifnya aj dari oppa kita, yg negatif2 mah cuekin aj. namany jg manusia psti pny + dan -, bener mey kepribadian, skill dan karya2lah yg lebih penting…….^_^
    iy ak jg sering kuatir klo JJ bnyk minum, scr dia ama yuchun tuh toleransi alkoholny pling tinggi d antr, ank DBSK yg lain……aduh jgn minum bnyk2 oppa….^_^

    oiy soal MVny homin yg catch me ak blm sempet ntn nih, pi udh msk list ku slnjny……nunggu wktu yg agk senggang.

  963. 963 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    okeylah,,karna ud baca pndapat kalian smua,,ak bs jd lebih tegar *ceilee lebayy :p* klo dnger org” jelek”in JJ… biar org mu ngmong apa jg skrg ud g pduli lg,,yg pntg oppa kita byk positifnya drpd negatif..trus yaa klo ud crita ke kalian mah ky lbih nyaman gmnaaa gt,,hehe cz kn pasti ga smua org suka ma apa yg kita suka,,jd mumpung kita suka ma org yg sama jd nambah lg d rasa kagumnya ke JJ ^__^

    oya ud pd liat piku JJ dtg ke premierenya wolfboy nya joongki blm??beuuuuuhhh ajiiiiiiib bgt JJ dsitu,,hot bgt,,sexy badaiii 😀
    kyny JJ deket bgt ya ma joongki..kmrn aja JJ ngtwit dramanya joongki..huhu #kepo sprtnya kita sama oppa,,sm” suka dramanya joongki *_*

  964. 964 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:


    ud liat pikunya JJ di premier filmny song joong ki? klo mey kyk ud, ak liat komenny di princeJJ. iya hoooottt parah. mana ditempatku mendung mau ujan pi g ujan-ujan, jd malah panas ditambah liat JJ, huft keringat semakin mengucur nih tmbah liur jg. hehehehe……….

  965. 965 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    I NEED SOME AIR… *halah lebay pisan,, bnran deh di daerahku blm ujan” nih jd tambah HOOOOOTTT bgt rasany ngeliat piku” Jaejoong di premiere film Wolfboynya Song Joongki…* GUANTENG POL”AN YA…!!!
    sk bgt ngeliatnya.. ga bosen” ni perasaan kl pk item keren ya,, ~^^
    mg pas FM di Indo nanti style Jaejoong kayak getu jg dijamin semua pd leleh hihihi…
    iya, aku gak nyangka kalo Joongki dkt ma Jaejoong jg scr yg maen drama brg kan Yoochun… ah cb Jaejoong cameo getu di Nice Guy pasti pd heboh,,

  966. 966 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:


    iya mereka kn saling kenal krn ktmu pas lg hangout breng yuchun jaman2 SKKS. ya udh jd temenan deh mreka….
    iya JJ in black emg kagak nahan, rambut merahny bikin makin hoootttt, suka bgt deh ama gaya rambutnya yg kyk gini. ho’o berharap jg pas FM stylenya kyk gini. semua pasti kleper2 deh……

  967. 967 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    yup,, akur alias setuju aja ma pendapat kalian soal oplas.. kalopun Jaejoong bnran oplas.. no problem lah kan hasilnya jg bagus hehe buktinya Jaejoong oppa guanteng buangettt ^^
    cm kalo soal minum”,, gmn ya kyknya dah jd tradisi sii ya di Korea bd dg Amerika yg ga smua org minum tp kl di Korea semua org minum bahkan ibu” rumah tangga yg baek.. mlh justru yg ngajarin minum justru ortunya sndri” tuh.. mungkin ak dah gila, tp mnurutku Jae kalo mabok kliatan cute faceny sii bukan tingkahnya *eeh jd inget scene di PTB*
    kalo ngerokok nah itu bete bgt ak, walo pun di ELLE,, Jae kliatan sexy waktu ngerokok… berharap aja Jaejoong berhenti merokok en ngurangi kebiasaannya minum” en diganti minum kopi.. kan dah punya kedai kopi mewah hehehe..

  968. 968 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    km lagi OL jg ya… hehe pas bgt 🙂

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    eh kalian tau gak peristiwa kecelakaan mobil Jaejoong sewkt msh di DBSK? trus soal dy anak adopsi.. mnurut kalian gmn?
    ak dah prnh bc sii cm ga getu ngeh gmn”nya.. eh lebih tepatnya ga mw nyari filenya takut kl bc jd nangis bomaby *halah labayny kumat hehe*

  969. 969 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:


    ak setuju tar, ak jg g suka klo JJ ngerokok, mana ud lama lg dia kenal rokok. katanya dia sring ngrokok dr jaman SMA ama yuchun. berharap sih dia berhenti ngerokok, scr dia ud sering minum itu ud g bgs buat kesehatan tambah lg ngrokok, aduh kasian paru2ny JJ. iya ud ngopi aj deh, drpd ngrokok dan minum2. g knpa2 sih cm kuatirin kesehatanny dia aj…..hehe^_^

    klo soal kecelakaan pernah denger sih pi ak jg g mau nyari artikelny, g suka bc yg serem2. terus klo soal adopsi ak jg kgk ngikutin secara detailnya. cm tau klo JJ diadopsi keluarga kim sjk kecil. trs d thn 2006an ada seorg bpk yg ngaku klo dia ayah kandungny JJ. sampai masalahny k hukum jg, pi JJ mengakui kedua keluarga tsbt….dan smua masalh selesai. menurut ak perjlnan hidup JJ tuh amazing bgt……salut T___T

    oiy pas DBSK dpt penghargaan d slh satu acr gt ak lupa apa dan thn brp, disitu mreka speech dan utk pertama kaliny JJ ngomongin keluarganya dia ngasih ucpan terima kasih bwt ibu kandungnya…ugh terharu bgt…………

  970. 970 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:


    yg ak heran nih ya, knp keluarga kim itu ngadopsi JJ pdhl ankny udh banyak bgt. 8 ato brp gt…. apa krn smua ankny itu cew jd dia ngadopsi JJ biar punya ank cow….

    trus ak pernah bc komen pas ada foto2 JJ ma kakak2 tiriny gitu, mreka bilang JJ lebih cantik drpd kakak2 perempuanny….hehehe ya iyalah pretty boy gt loh.
    trs klo pas foto JJ ama adik cew kandungnya, org2 pd komen adikny sangat mirip ama JJ, cantik…… iya ak stju adikny mirip dan cantik, iyalah adik kandung hhe

  971. 971 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    wah bnr bgt perjalanan idup oppa kita tersyg ini amazing, kyk crt drama aja ya… iya mungkin ortu Jaejoong pengin ank cowo jd ngadopsi dy biar dah pnya ank 8 tp kan cewe smua tuh hihi… liat gak wkt di JYJ Come On Over wkt Jae plg k rmh ortunya? seru bgt ya maen kartu ma nuna”nya walo ga smua hadir sk deh liat keakraban Jae dg sdr” tirinya..
    ho-oh ak jg tau soal adek cewe Jae, pretty kyk oppanya ^^

    ak jg bc soal Jae yg matur thank you ke ortu kandungnya itu,, cm ak jg lp pas acara penghargaan apa…
    ngomongin awards jd inget MNet Music Awards th 2009,, ntn kan?? wkt itu JaeYooSu dah mulai melancarkan tuntutan *apaan cb..* tp blm scr resmi keluar dr SM,, kl ga slh DBSK dpt award Legend of Asia getu deh,, mrk ber5 diundang tp ga tau knp Homin ga dtg justru JaeYooSu yg nrima awardnya, face mrk ber3 itu lho kan seharusnya sng nrima award tp kliatan sedih… wiiih terharu bgt wkt mrk speech terutama pas Jae ngomong gini “buat 2 org tmnku ak ga tau apa kalian ntn ato tdk tp yg jls ak menyayangi kalian berdua”… hiks,, mknya skg ak maklum sih yg ngefans DBSK dr awal slalu blg aktf…

  972. 972 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    kalo kmrn melting habis,, skg ak ga bs berhenti ketawa liat piku cf JYJ NII Winter 2012… mrk lucu bgt sii ya.. terutama Jaejoong pk kumis palsu ala Charlie Chaplin en wig kribo gede hehehe ^^

  973. 973 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:


    iya ak jg ntn yg Mnet cm JYJ yg dtng dan itu bikin sakit bgt….T_T ud2 ah cukup ngomongin yg sedih2 soal mrka ber5. mau nangis rasany liatny hihihihi…. buat smua “JYJ+homin=dbsk aktf” dehhhhh….

    iya mnding liat piku2nya JYJ NII winter yg lucu2 bgt.JJ yg pke kumis lucu abis pi ak pling suka yg JJ pke topi, yg ada poninya, lg megang tas ijo trs pke sweater abu2. imut…imut…bgt ^___^

  974. 974 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:


    eh ada jackal is coming showcase ya….. ak mau liat dulua ah…..heheh^_^

  975. 975 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    sebnrnya niat mo tdr tp ga bs” nih gr” liat piku Jaejoong di showcase Jackal.. damn he always looks good in black.. nosebleeding again..

  976. 976 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    where are you, sista? lg sibuk bgt ya..

  977. 977 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    haihai smuaa..ak kmrn komen ko dsni,,komenin yg ktnya kecelakaan Jaejoong,,pdhl ud pjg” ak cerita,,twnya ga terkirim n tulisannya ilang..hadeuuuuhh cape d…ak kn lupa ud nulis apa aja.. 🙁 suka bikin frustasi klo ky gto nii..hoho
    ga sibuk koo,,ni lg kul malah ngenet..hehehe *anak bandel* miann temen” miann oppaaa..jgn ditiru

  978. 978 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    2hari berturut” dcekokin piku” Jae yg dpremiere wolfboy,,NII,,showcase jackal…hadeeuuuuhhh bikin pgn ktemu lgsg ni,,lgian ganteng badaaaiii bgt..pusing ak liatnya..pgn teriak” tiap liat piku,,tp g mgkn,,nnti dsangka “radarada” lagi :p kcuali klo ada temennya..kkkkkk~

  979. 979 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    oya,, FM JJ tinggal 3mgg kurang lg nih,, ak ud ada tmn nntn tp blm beli tiket sii,,kt tmn belinya enakan on the spot gt..jd pas hari H nya,,smoga aja msh ada,,hoho,,bz klo beli skrg tktnya ada halangan pas hari H,,kn duitny g mgkn dbalikin..huhuhu,,ini rencana bhgia ak,,hehe
    kalian gmn??ak bc dtwiter byk yg mnta dtg breng gt dr jawa,,bawa mobil n nyewa hotel,,dia gada temen mgkn dr rmhnya,,cm ak gtw dr daerah mana..heuheu

  980. 980 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:


    hahahaha…. 😀 belum jg ntn filmny udh ngakak aj….. lucu bgt bru potongan film jackal is coming ud bikin cekikikan. pengen buru2 nonton filmny nih g sabar. hehehehe ^_^

    aduh ak blm jg ada kejelasan nih bs dtng k FMny JJ apa kgk. klo tmn breng ak ud tau bklan hub siapa, pi semakin k sini mkin bnyk pertimbngan bwt melepaskan duit ini…..hwaaaa galau T_T

  981. 981 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    waduh kl ak dah dipastiin 100% g bs ni liat FM Jaejoong.. hiks.. pdhl tuh hr Sabtu n bsokny Minggu y tp ttp ga bs cuti coz da acara penting di kantor..
    sng deh kl Meyra dah dpt tmn,,, Rr blm pasti jg mw ntn?

    hehe sm blm” dah ketawa duluan liat cuplikan” Jackal is Coming,, liat Jae diikat pengin jg culik Jae hahaha trus-trus ga bs bayangin Jae jd cowo arogan, nyuekin fans n ngeremehin manager,,, haduh ga sabar buat ntn..
    yg tmbah ngakak wkt konpres Jaejoong blg dy hampir ga bs married gara” his personal future marriage alias “anu”nya hampir kepotong pisau/pedang yg di bw Jihyo hahaha smpe skg ak sk ketawa sndri kl inget kt “personal future marriage”… Jae .. Jae .. ga habis”nya ni cowo bikin kita leleh, ketw sekaligus kagum ya…

  982. 982 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    yaah, q kr Jae bklan maen drama lagi,, tp pas di konpres Jackal, dy blg pengin maen film horor,, takut sii g tp q paling jijik ntn horor!

  983. 983 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:


    iya nih tar, ak blm tau bs dtng apa kgk…..(*sedih nih). gpp tar, klo km g bs dtng ttep konsen kerja yah, itu lbh penting….hehehehe semangka *semangat kakak!!!!

    iya JJ bilang emg dia ketagihan pengen maen film lg. emm horor ya, ak suka horor, pi klo film horor korea kyk apa sih ak blm pernah ntn e….. soalny sringnya ntn film horor barat….kyk apa setan2 korea. hehhehe

  984. 984 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    iiii bner bgt,,makin liat cuplikan” filmny makin penasaraaannn…gila yaa kyny lucu plus jayus gt filmnya..ga sabar liat Jaejoong as Choi Hyun dsituu,,udh mana ganteng badaaiii dia jd artis dsitu..aaaaa excited abizzz
    horor korea ngeri sii,,cz rata” yg dblg hororny itu aga ke pshyco gt d..jd gtw klo yg versi hantuny ky gmn..tp klo Jaejoong jd vampire kynyaa keren bgt d..gwsh dputihin lg kulitnya,ud kinclong soalnya 😀

  985. 985 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    buat Rr makasih salam semangkanya hehehe 🙂
    aq cm ntn Death Bell 1 yg maen Kim Bum en Nam Gyuri,, itupun ga smpek sls,, ga tega ja ngeliat kim bum mati dg cr mengenaskan,, iya mnrutku horor Korea lbh ngeri drpd barat..
    iya Mey, kalo Jaejoong jd vampire pasti ganteng badai getu ^^ en bs dipastikan mas Rob lewat dah hihi..
    wkt msh skul dlu aq sk ntn serial USA dah jadul sih judulnya Buffy the Vampire Slayer kisah cinta antara cewe jagoan penangkap vampir-buffy sm cowo vampir-angel,, kdg ngayal seandainya dibkin versi korea, mau bgt tuh Jaejoong yg jd Angel hehe…

  986. 986 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    pasti kalian lgi senyum” sndri ngeliat selca cowo” JYJ ^___^
    gile ya 3 cowo ini koplak sekaligus cute hihi.. sng liat mrk ketawa bareng kyk getu,,, kompak deh…

  987. 987 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    waahh klo ak ud nntn tuh death bell 1 ma 2,,pokony 22nya serem d,,bukan hantu tp,,pshyco gt…hoho,,sbnrny ak g sk jg nntn horor,,bikin kebayang” hehe #blg aja pnakut :p tp kdang klo ada tmn yg nntn br iktn,,itu jg klo terpaksa bgt..hehe..klo barat ak prnh nntn vampire diaries tp g nnton dr awal sii,,cz trnyata brepisod” n berseries” haduuuh males bgt,,hehe

    ahaha bnr bgt tuh ber3 klo ud ngmpul ga pernah biasa,,pasti ada j klakuanny yg bkin kita senyum” gaje..hehe,,iyaah bener kompak bgt mereka^^

  988. 988 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:


    huft setelah seharian kgk OL, dpn laptop sih tapi ak bener2 menahan my desire to look our prince. abis klo ud buka internet yg mau diliat itu mulu, kgk kelar nnti tgsku, pi akirnya selesai tepat waktu hehhehe 😀

    iiya ak seneng bgt abis stress ngerjaain tgs e liat 3 org koplak2 berpose lucu bgt. ak suka twitny JJ yg bilang tiba2 dia dtng dan bilang “hyung ayo kita ambil selca” dan seperti inilah kita…. hahhaha muka mreka bikin gemes deh…..

    oiy ak bru liat movie makingnya jackal is coming, lucu bgt juga…..adegan yg dibilang JJ soal ‘anu’nya yg hampir kena piso jg ada. hahahaha makin penasaran aj nih ama filmnya………

  989. 989 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    aaarrrggghhh… Jaejoong bikin leleh lagi nih..!!
    ya fahion airportnya ya piku” dia di ELLE..! so damn hot!!

  990. 990 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    iya bner,,tiap liat vdeony ttg jackal makin pnasaran,,abis karakterny Jae dsitu something bgt..hehehe kerrenn,,org sganteng dia mau akting ke yg karakternya yg enggaa bgt gt d,,klo orgnya jaim mah kyny ud dtolak tuh peran 😀
    stujuuuu tp ko oppa ky pucet kcapean gt y?!ada yg blg lg ga mood cobaa..huhuhu kasian Jeje oppa qt,bz dr kmrn beritanya ga habis” ttg Jeje,,jdwalnya padet bgt..heu,,tp pas yg Jeje gada kerjaan trus ngtwit selca yg ksepian gt jg ksiaan..hoho #serba salah

  991. 991 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:


    Iya betul2 mey, karakterny JJ sesuatu bgt *klo kt syahrini hehhehehe. jd + penasaran aj. yg making ny long version keliatan y asliny JJ, dia tu emg dasarny agak2 koplak sih ya, jd g da jaim2nya…..hihihihi :D. bener2 deh oppa kita nih penghilang stresss kawkwakawa….

    berhari2 dicekokin pikuny JJ yg badai bgt, bentar lg jg bkalan ada badai lg klo piku ama videony JJ FM nanjing. huhuhuhu
    emg sih piku terakir twitny JJ keliatan capek, kyk g rela aj sih dia ninggalin korea…..

  992. 992 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjejr
    eh aq pengin bgt pnya magz ELLE yg da Jaejoong ny tp kl versi Korea pasti mahal ongkirny smntr versi Indo pasti ga da Jae..iih sebel..
    iyya setuju deh ma kalian ber2 semakin diliat Jackal is Coming makin bkin penasaran ja.. sebnrny kl liat yg making long version, kasian jg Jaejoong oppa diikat plus dilak ban mulutny kyk getu ga bs bayangin brp lm syutingnya,,blm kl diulang” adeganny,,dg kt laen brp lm dia menderita dg posisi sperti itu ya..
    untung ada Jihyo yg mijitin Jae cm liatny jd jeles jg,, beruntung bgt ni cewe bs pegang” kepala n rambut Jae ><… trus ni adegan Jae ma ahjuma jg agak" gmn getu y…
    he-eh kykny piku yg ditwit itu Jea kliatan kecapekan 🙁
    ok girls besok siap" leleh, envy dst..dst.. liat piku" fm Jae yg di Nanjing ~^^

  993. 993 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:


    iya ak mau kok mijitin JJ, semalaman bahkan lbh pun ak mau hahahaha….*apaan sih. 🙂
    he’em kan ahjuma itu critany pacarny JJ kan…..masa JJ jd toy boyny ahjuma2 sih…..g rela gmn gt, pi lucu jg heheheheh

    oiya JJ puny style rambut baru, rambut maangkuk gt hehhehehe…keliatan imut2. pi kok dia pasang muka g suka gt ya di selcanya…..pdhl dia jg keliatan muda loh….

    satu info lagi ada kelas baru bwt KJJ FMina, dolphin namanya hrgany bikin ngiler 300rb bok…..ih mau bgt nih. pi kliatan g ya JJ hehehehe…..

  994. 994 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    haha Jaejoong emg kesayangan pr ahjuma kyknya.. kl diperhatiin yg sk post komen di JYJ3 byk yg dah pnya anak ya mlh ada yg ngaku anaknya dah abg en fans JYJ jg rata” sih org bule hehe… tp ttp gak rela deh Jae jd pacar ahjuma getu,, bnr” beruntung tuh ahjuma 🙁
    wiiih br kali ini aku blg Jae kliatan weird bgt dg rambut barunya,, ga tau nih aneh aja liatnya.. bagusan wkt premiere pilemnya song Joongki..
    yaaa kl soal FM ttp ga bs ntn, kalo kalian berdua jd ntn jgn lp cerita” ya biar aku envy bin nangis darah hihi *lebay..*

  995. 995 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:


    haduh rasany lama bgt g ngomen d sini…….
    em….nyuri2 kesempatan nih ditengah2 ujian, mumpung bsog kgk ada jdwl ujian bs OL hr ini…..hehheehehe
    semangat nyusun skripsinya ya……!!!!!

    hwa…..yg disuapin JJ pke kimbab diFM thailand bikin envy bangetttttt…… mana itu kimbabny itu dibuat lngsg ama JJ. em beruntung bgt ya mreka…
    oiy ak baca di JYJ3 kejadian2 yg nggak mengenakkan pas FMny JJ di nanjing ama thailand. klo pas di thailand sih masi lmyn y, pi yg d nanjing tu parah bgt e. masa ada piku YJ yg kyk gitu gede bgt lagi……hmmm YJS parah bgt. 🙁

  996. 996 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    akhirnya nongol jg komenmu 🙂 coz bbrp kli bk blog ni sepi” ja ak jd mlz buat komen hihi.. ok, semangat belajarnya ya biar nilainy bgus..

    kangen ni komen”mu tp kl lg konsen ngerjain skripsi y abaikan ja godaan setan dr ak ni hihi.. mg cpt kelar y..

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    iya ak jg bc fm di Nanjing en Thailand,, palagi piku Jae yg di mobil itu duh kasian face Jae kelitan ketakutan getu jd pengin meluk Jaejoong *halah..*
    takutnya di Indo jg bkl terulang cz YJ shipper kan bejibun jg di neg kita.. aaah mg” ga ya… mknya kl Rr & Meyra jd ntn lindungi Jaejoong oppa ya dr fans” gile yg jls juntrungannya itu y..

  997. 997 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    oops mksudku.. gak jelas juntrunganya… hehe
    eh Jae mo syuting mv di Hongkong, buat ost Jackal ato album solo ya…
    really.. really.. really… really looking forward for that…!!!

  998. 998 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    iya nih pngen komen2 d sini tiap hr pi gmn lg abis klo buka lepi n internet tuh lngsg deh lait oppa JJ. nggak bs nggak hahahaha trs jg lupa wkt…

    em smg fans d ina lbh pengertian n ambil pljrn dr kjadian d nanjing ama thai. em ak g tau mlh tgl 3 tu ada kunjungan industri gt, dan itu wajib haduh gmn nih……ak blm bli tketnya sih. galau T_T
    iya pngen nglindungi n peluk JJ heheheh….mauny.

    ho’o ak liat piku2 JJ d HK hihihihi lucu bgt yg ditwitny. trs yg lain cakep, ganteng bgt….katany bkn bwt MV JJ ya pi artis lain y???

  999. 999 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    hehe kyke kita emg dah kn virus Kim Jaejoong tingkat akut stadium tinggi y ^^ hbs sm ni tiap ngenet yg diliat y brt” oppa ganteng ini 🙂

    mnurutku sii konsen ma kegiatan kampusmu ja,, demi ms dpn ini *hihi sori sok menggurui ni ak..* Jae jg dtg k Indo pas cewe”ny lg byk kegiatan jd kan g bs ketemuan hehe..
    eh sedih jg ni ternyata daya jual Jaejoong d neg kita msh klh ma Lee Seung Gi ni,, iklan FM dy lbh kenceng en bklan ditayangin tuh sm tv ikan terbang.. kl FM Jae ga tau da yg nayangin kagak 🙁

    soal MV emg punya artis laen y,, kl g slh nmnya Kim Jiwon mw debut d Jepang getu deh,, stlh googling ternyata dy yg maen d What’s Up en To The Beautiful You… wiih envy ya…

  1000. 1000 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjejr Rrjeje
    ak hbs bc artikel detail FM Nanjingnya Jaejoong d JYJ3… wiiih sumpah ngeri tuh YJ shipper… setuju ma yg komen” d situ.. ga tau knp ak pengin skg ini Jaejoong oppa punya pcr biar pd ngiyem tuh pr shipper!!
    ak bnr” kuatir ni FM Jae di Jkt nanti… finger cross mg ga kejadian pa” y..

    **sengaja posting komen lagi,, biar komenku jd yg k 1000 d boardnya Jaejoong.. hehe norak ya ak :)**

  1001. 1001 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:


    hahahaha….iya sih emg harus konsen ke kgtn kampus, pi oppa JJ terbang2 pke sayap diatas kepalaku. T_T
    iya nih kita cewny mlh lg sibuk dg kegiatan msng2…hihihihi (cew2nya ngrep bgt yaw 🙂
    oh iya ak jg smpet liat iklan FMny lee seung gi di stasiun tv ikan terbang, pi ak g tau klo mau ditanyangin jg…..mngkin krn dia lbh bnyk drama n sll jg main actor kali y…..g tau juja deh.
    iya envy bgt ama kim jiwon, ak liat ada cuplikan adeganny gitu. JJ marah ama dia trs tasny dilempar hihihihi….

    ak jg baca yg d JYJ3. setuju bgt tar, wlpn berat lebih rela klo JJ pnya pacar, dr pd digituin trs…..em berharap kjdian kyk gitu g ada deh di FMina bsog….
    bussseettt gila tinggal seminggu lg yah….GOD GIVE ME STRENGTH. T_T g bkalan kuatt liat dia satu pulau ama kita….

  1002. 1002 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    hehehe komen km bikin ak ngakak ja coz i feel the same chingu,,
    ga tau ni bs kuat ga tgl 3 nov nanti secara kita satu pulau dg Jaejoong,, yg ada panas dingin ga karuan ni ~^^
    km bc interview Jae di ELLE kan? wiih dalem ya kt” oppa kita,, untungnya aku ngefans Jae ya dah di JYJ walo saat ini msh nyari” stuff dy jmn” DBSK tp ternyata Jae tegas blg untuk trima dy sbg seorg Kim Jaejoong scr individu ato sbg member JYJ bkn someone in the past hsl kreasi sebuah agensi.. uhuk i luv him so much by saying that!!

  1003. 1003 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    alloooo smuanyaaaa…kangeeeen kalian n oppaa kita..hikshiks π
    yg yjs di fm kmrn ya..ak bc skilas doang,,,iiiii fans sana parah bgt ya,,ak ga tega bacanya,,ak jg khawatir ni di fm skrg ni bakal ada ky gt jg..soalny yg pd ngfans ma Jae tuh biasanya nyangkut”in ma yunho gt d TT..moga aj penyambutan Jae ke indo bikin Jae kerasan n jd tmpat konser JYJ next…*ngarep*
    ada kabar apalagi sii dr Jae?!ak g ngikutin ni skrg” 🙁 wahh yg ELLE itu ak blm baca..tp ktny smpet ada masalah ya ttg wawancarany itu?ak bc dtwit ktny para yjs itu salah ngartiin kata”nya Jae…**hmm emg mrk biang mslhny Jae mnrtku,,kesel ak ma yg pairing cwo ma cwo…TT
    oo yg fm nya Jae g dtayang dtv soalny Jae eksklusif,,n promotornya ga kerjasama ma acara” tv,,klo seunggi dmasukin tv cz drama dia rata” dsiarin sii di ikan terbang,jd kyny skalian gt promosiin ma ntu tv biar ada yg nntn..hehe,,kn yg kenal Jae mah cuma org” eksklusif yg tw kpop aka JYJ ato dbsk dlunya,,g prlu tv yg ngabarin soalny qt pny fansclub yg ngabarin qt tiap hari^^hehe
    kangen oppaa n kaliaaannn ♥~~

  1004. 1004 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    haii nongol jg km ya,, kangen,, walo kita smpt smsan jg sii 🙂
    gmn skripsinya chingu,, dah nemu blm referensiny,, sukses ya!!

    wah ak ga tau soal ys shipper yg slh ngartiin isi interview jae d elle, yah biasalah mrk sk bikin heboh yg ga jelas juntrungan,, mg fm d jkt mrk ga bkin mslh ja ya…

  1005. 1005 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    gmn midtestnya dah kelar blm? konsen y jgn byangin jae ja hehehe..
    ak dah blg ini k meyra lwt sms,, kali” Rr minat soalnya kalo ga slh km prnh blg ya mo ikutan kuis d mjlh”,, ni mulai senin ada kuis buat dapatin tiket fm jae di mjlh gadis cb km bk fb/twitternya..

  1006. 1006 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    eh dah pd liat piku jae di twitterny yg terbaru blm? hahaha gila kumat lagi oppa ganteng kita ini,, apa cb yg dilakuin dy d dpn toilet cewe,, poseny itu lho mn tahan bikin sakit perut yg liat hbs ngakak mlulu ni 😀 tp tetep jaejoong oppa kliatan cute bgt ^^
    tp isi twitny bikin surprise ja,,, gileee junsu mng best actor, bkn popularitas or something,, daebak! prestai cowo” emg bikin bangga en bikin semangat idup aja hehe *apaan cb..*

    oia, mgk bbrp hr k dpn ak ga smpt posting komen nih d board kd, kerjaan lagi sibuk bgt,, tp kl smpt tak posting komen deh,, trus trang ga bs nih kl sehr ga dgr ato bc news jae.. terjangkit virus jae di tubuhku dah parah bgt ya hahaha

  1007. 1007 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    hemmm…..atur nafas. haduh stlh sekian lama g tau kbr brita ttg oppa JJ. pagi ini ak buka JYJ3 dan apa yg ak liat pertama kali. shock!!!!!O_O heg piku JJ lh nyium kim ji won. kyaaa!!!!! god help me…..
    berita slnjtnya….. update twitternya JJ aneh bgt….. jd mncul spekulasi dia mw hapus akun twitterny. dia bilang kedinginan dan kykny lg sakit kepala gt….oppa keep your health plisss….
    huh….hr terakir ujianku buyar nih..T_T
    pi ada jg yg lmyn bagus JJhaebarangi ama jackal is caming jd trendtop….:)
    brita bgusnya jg dr JYJ NII FM, JJ bakalan ngisi OSTny Jackal is coming, hahahaha horey….:D

  1008. 1008 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    hem…. lagi JJ bikin semua fansnya melting dia nyanyi smbil main piano. suaranya badai bgt. pdhl ini baru teasernya doang udh bikin klepek2. aduh ak ga tau lagi mau ngomong apa….speechless. sumpah JAEJOONG OPPA keren bgt…. JJ you make me crazy. gag ada matinya :D!!!!!!

  1009. 1009 : meyramjjeje Says:

    JJ udh hapus akun twitnya cz katany 2 twit terakhir bkn oppa qt yg nulis tp hacker..nybelin bgt dah..ga akan ada selca” 4D dr oppa qt lg d..hiks sedih TT
    JJ ud nympe jkarta,,haduh skota ma ak nih,,tp ktny lg sakit flu n ktny suarany aga ngilang TT sedih lg,,smoga pas FM moodnya lg enak…
    oya td pas dbandara si stres yjs (maaf emosi) treak” yunjae gt d nyebelin bgt,,pgn disolasi j tuh bibir mn muka oppa qt pucet lg,,antara kcapean abs FM NII ma skt flu kyny TT ..anyway moga oppa qt cpet sembuh..
    oya bner dia ngisi ost jackal,,ga tanggung” 2 skaligus boo ~~ ssuai harapan,,n yg bikin sneng oppa qt lg prepare album solo..kyaaa Taraaaa ssuai harapan^^ lagu yg di mv hongkong jg ciptaan JJ..hadeuuuhhh JJ emg Daebakk!! never ending story ~~

  1010. 1010 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    all news bout Jejoong lately, realy shocking me..
    ak terharu bc terjmhn surat yg ditulis Jae d FM JKT..
    mg cpt smbuh Jaejoong oppa..

  1011. 1011 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    iya JJ emg pling bs klo nyusun kata2 sweet bgt…..
    hemmm….niatny g mau liat brita FMny JJ dindo takut g kuat liatny pi gmn lg,, tau klo JJ sakit dan loss his voice ak jd g tega dan kuatir. cepet sembuh oppa, smoga klo oppa bs k indonesia lg, oppa bs kasih denger suara oppa yg amazing…..

  1012. 1012 : meyramjjeje Says:

    msh shock seneng sedih..haduhh campur aduk d..heu,,blm bs move on,,msh kbayang” td mlm..mu crita tp masih nyesek,,ga nyangka liat idol depan mata bgttt…:(

  1013. 1013 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    aaaah Meyra bkin envy ajah ;(
    hehe sng y bs ktemu Jae in person,, kyke Jae msh pucet wkt d bandara incheon msh pk masker,, mg cpt smbuh aja our oppa ganteng kita ini..

  1014. 1014 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    hai…hai….semuanya, seneng bgt liat kalian berdua udh nongol komen lg di sini. huft baru nyampe dari bandung lngsg deh update. hhee. setengah misi ke bandung udh slesai tinggal tunggu wktu. teman doain ak ya smoga ak ktrima kerja praktek di perkebunan teh ciater, jabar.hehhhehe….:)
    gmn kyknya udh slesai nih sibuk2ny dikantor?hhihi…
    iyaaa…..meyra bikin envy benaran deh….hwaaaa!!!!
    kyk apa JJ klo liat lngsg. ayo2 crita… biar ak ma tara nangis darah krn iri…..xixixi

    oppa jae jgn lama2 sakitnya ya….biar kt g kuatir lg…..

  1015. 1015 : meyramjjeje Says:

    hehehe bikin envy yaaa..maap maap..iya Tar gmn kerjanya?lancar?
    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    iyaa smoga diterima praktek di ciater..wah deket nih kalo beneran keterima,,kpn” ktemuan yuu…hehehe
    aahhh pokonya yaa qt dr skrg hrs nabung nih,,taun dpn kn jyj rilis album tuh,,siapa tau indo djadiin tmpat konsernya..hehehe *ngarep ato kalo ga kali ja oppa qt ada fanmeet lg buat ngebayar fanmeet kmrn yg gada suara…hoho
    kalo taun dpn ada lg,,plis plis kalian dtg jg yaaa…ak pgn tw rasanya bareng org” yg ngfans ma JJ sbgai biasnya,,g ky kmrn..rata” yg ak tanya trnyata bias aslinya bkn JJ..heu,,jd gbs share d 🙁

  1016. 1016 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    amin2. mksh doanya, iya klo ada wktu nnt bs ketemuan….hhe
    semoga taon dpn indo dipilih bwt t4 konser deh, ak jg pengen bengett ngett nonton nih, smoga lagi wktu konsernya pas jd kita smua lg free….
    oh ya…trs trs bias asli mrka sapa?

    liat oppa kita lg kerja sbg produser ak ngrasanny dia lebih sexy, dia jg enjoy bgt, trs keliatan dia baik bgt ama juniorny oh so sweet bgt. uhh sueneng deh liatnya MR.KIm Jaejoong. 😀 jadi penasaran jg ama MVnya..heehehe

  1017. 1017 : [SBS 2011] Protect The Boss | Says:

    […] Kang Hee as No Eun Seol Ji Sung as Cha Ji Heon Hero JaeJoong @ Kim Jae Joong as Cha Moo Won Wang Ji Hye as Seo Na Yoon Lee Hee Won as Yang Ha Young Park Young Kyu as […]

  1018. 1018 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    hi… hi… gals..!! ak nongol lagi nih, kangen ma kalian 🙂
    haduh dak ketinggalan byk brt ya kyke…

    buat Rr, gmn ketrima ga praktek krj di Ciaternya? haduh enak y di perkebunan teh,, ak sk bgt mnm teh *sp yg nanya coba hehe*
    buat Meyra, maaf ni blm smpt bls sms yg kmrn,, eh ditunggu crt” FM Jaejoong nya lho 😉

    wiiih kyke mggu” ini Jae sibuk ya,, promo pilem trys mlm ini FM di Vietnam mg sukses deh,, seneng liat dy dah smbuh,, cm kangen ma self selca dy yg koplak di twitter..
    ohya good news, Jackal is Coming mo tyg di Indo!! mg ga hanya di Megabliz Jakarta tp jg di kota” laen…

  1019. 1019 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:


    hi..hi…tar, akhirnya nongol.ak jg kgk komen bbrp hr ini abis sepi amat. klo perkebunanny udh kasi acc tinggal cari persetujuan pusat doang. doain ya…. kamu suka teh bsog tak bawain dehh…hhe gmn kasihnya ya…tak lempar deh dr ciater nnt. hhe 🙂

    oiy bbrp hari yg lalu meyra telpn ak, trs crita dari awal ampe akhir FMny JJ. Asyik bgt bs sharing kyk gitu. Makasih bnyk ya mey, udh crita2…bner2 pngalaman indah bgt tuh si mey….:D

    Di FM JJ vietnam, oppa udh balik kyk JJ biasanya, syukurlah….
    iya jackal is coming bakalan diputer di indo,ya smga kgk cm di jkt y, duh pi kgk yakin deh bkln diputer selain di JKT. sayang di jogja kgk ada megabliz…….

  1020. 1020 : eiei Says:

    hi jaejoong i love you

  1021. 1021 : eiei Says:

    hi i love you

  1022. 1022 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    haii…guys. gmn kabarny? udh lama bgt g pd nongol disini. kangen uni2 smua….em lagi pd sibuk ya…..good luck deh.

    buat oppa Jae yg lagi sibuk promo jackal is coming sukses ya…..smoga bs jd box office filmny…..hha XD amien.
    keep healthy oppa!!!!

  1023. 1023 : Fan No.1 Says:

    Hero. you are a real hero…you really had a incrediable voice… and acting skilll…………………… you are like a angel for me and will always be mine angel…………. i can’t say i love you but i can say i’m your Fan no. !
    Always be happy and smile
    you look really cute when you smile:)

  1024. 1024 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    heyyy girls…!!! lama ga post komen di sini jd kangen ni..
    lm g ol byk ketinggalan news Jaejoong,, ni kebut semlm lngsung leleh liat piku” Jae di mana” hehehe… too bad film dy ga sesuai hrpn y jumlah penontonnya but it’s okay namanya jg br debut di movie (song joong ki jg ga langsung booming kan di film pertamanya..)
    liat piku Jae gy rambut dy berubah mlulu di Blue Dragon Awards ga terlalu sk digituin but he still looks ganteng ^____^
    trus yg paling bikin hepi JYJ akhinya mng lwn sm!! hip hip HOREEE!!
    mg bs segera liat JYJ di acara” tv lagi ya apalgi rencana mrk mo bikin album baru,, Jaejoong mo bikinalbum solo jg,, cannot wait for that!!

  1025. 1025 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    oia di slh satu interviewnya Jaejoong blg dah nrima scenario utk drama en movie mlh jadwal tyg drama dah ada,, tp tak tunggu newsnya kok gak nongol” ya,, jd pensaran nih,,,

  1026. 1026 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    wiiihh…..akhirnya nongol juga, ditunggu2 nih……
    iya filmny JJ emg ga sesuai hrpn pi ttep deh penasaran pngen nonton…..
    Iya JYJ udh free skrg, ak tau wktu itu d sms meyra….busettt itu very good news dah…… hemmm kgk sabar pnen nonton JYJ di running man….huuuu
    iya kata junsu album mreka bkln release pertnghn th 2013, hem masi lama jg ya……
    oh ya! JJ blang dah nrima scenario u/ drama ma movie, wah2….ak klo baca intrview gt sring g nggeh…..yeyeyey di tnggu deh bang britanya…. XD
    one more! Jaejoong udh balik ke twitter lagi, selca dia yg pling ditunggu2, udh balik. ak lngsg follow lg deh……

  1027. 1027 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    Hi girls miss y’all chatting in this board..

  1028. 1028 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    To Jaejoong oppa (and everyone who celebrate….)
    Merry Christmas,,, Happy Holidays,,,

  1029. 1029 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    Jae, can’t wait for your sexy rocking solo album..
    Wish you all the best.. hwaiting…
    And I miss you sooooooo muuucchhhhh…….!!!!!!!

  1030. 1030 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    Jaejoong, congratz for your best new actor award on your role as kyung takkie in time slip dr.jin on 2012 mbc drama awards…. so proud of you!! ^^

  1031. 1031 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    miss you too tar…..and very miss you oppa jaejoong.^^
    Oh…I’m so proud of JJ. congratz for receving male rookie award. Hope you get more awards for your hard work. 😀

  1032. 1032 : LSYfan Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS for winning award at 2012 MBC drama awards!

  1033. 1033 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    pasti dah liat teaser album solo Jae kan..
    wih cantik sekali oppa qta bikin minder cewe” aja.. ga sabar nunggu rilisnya…
    oia mgk agak telat tp happy new year ya Rr!
    ak agak merasa berslh ni ama Jae, pas acara nobar ada tmn yg bw dvd bjk Jackal is Coming.. sebnrnya g pengin ntn nggu yg original tp dpks tmn” ktnya msk istri Jae ga ikutan… ya dah akhirny ntn jg^^
    kamu udah ntn blm?
    terus-trang, ak surprais dg movieny yg ternyata g sebagus yg kukr mn disitu Jae sring dipukuli lgi… kan kacian.. but tetep leleh hbs Jae gaaaaannttteng bgt ^___^
    ending story.. tq dah bc curhaku kkkk….

  1034. 1034 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    iyah ak juga udh ntn bajakan filmny JJ. ak sbnrny jg nnggu dvd ori-nya pi apa mau dikata, aku cuma dibeliin kakakku. ak g mnta sih, tiba2 aj, kakakku blang ‘nih aku kasih hadiah’….ya udh g bs nolak…..hhhee mianhe oppa ^^
    em, klo ak pas nnton pertama agak2 nggak masuk ke alur critanya, pi nnton kedua kalinya, huft ttep aja g dong critanya, binggung gitu deh ama critanya T_T, comedy sih pi kenapa ak jg mikir gtu y pas nnton filmnya…… hehhehe bisa jelasin g critanya, sbnrnya gmn sih…… at least nikmatin mukany JJ sih. sial ciumanny ama si ahjumma itu bikin envy aja…..
    oiy lagunya JJ one kiss udh rilis, wah seneng banget……bang JJ ngerock abis. amazing bgt deh…..g abis2ny bikin ak terpesona and melted…..XD. huaa really enjoy one kisss….

  1035. 1035 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    kkkkkk ak pkir cm ak yg ga mudeng ama crte ternyata km jg to… mg k dpn Jaejoong lbh baik ya kl milih scenario film/drama…
    iya dah dgr lagu solo Jae, one kiss, ga nyangka hasilnya daebak getu ya apalagi suara Jae so powerful gt.. tiap hr dgr ga bosen 🙂
    km dah liat teaser mv Jae? wiiiiih keeeerrreeennn!!!!!!
    awalnya mnrutku agak” scary geto but then br nyadar Jae dandan ala vampire… I think he’s the most handsome vampire alive… mas edward cullen lewat deh ^^

  1036. 1036 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    hahaha…but its ok lah buat debut film, not too bad……kkkkk JJ smngt!!!
    iya suaranya amazing, lagunya bagus ak suka lagu rock yg kyk gt. ak salut ama JJ berani tampil beda, saat yg laen laguny gitu2 aj, JJ bikin gebrakan dg lagu rock, JJ bener2 bawa angin segar *huft very fresh ^^……bikin semangat disela2 empet dan eneg nya ujian…..heheehehehe
    betul banget….. that’s right edward cullen lewat. ganteng bgt g sabar pengen liat full MVny……
    oiy tgl 26-27 kan ada mini concertny JJ tuh di korea, aduh….envy bgt ama yg bs ntn disana……penget bgt bisa liat……><

  1037. 1037 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    iya setuju dg ktmu tiap stres dg krjaan dgr lagu JYJ esp suara oppa ganteng ato skedar browsing news JYJ yg akhir” ga tau knp slalu brt bgus mlulu ttg prestasi yg mrk raih..mood jd baek jd smangat lg kkkkkk….
    eh sp tau stlh kejadian fm jkt, Jaejoong kan g smpt nyanyi tuh,, dy kepikiran ngadain mini konser jg d Indo kkkkk ketaun ngatep bgt ya ak ^^

  1038. 1038 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    iya setuju dg ktmu tiap stres dg krjaan dgr lagu JYJ esp suara oppa ganteng ato skedar browsing news JYJ yg akhir” ga tau knp slalu brt bgus mlulu ttg prestasi yg mrk raih..mood jd baek jd smangat lg kkkkkk….
    eh sp tau stlh kejadian fm jkt, Jaejoong kan g smpt nyanyi tuh,, dy kepikiran ngadain mini konser jg d Indo kkkkk ketaun ngarep bgt ya ak ^^

  1039. 1039 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    ups so sorry komenku kok posting 2 kali y… jd malu ni..

  1040. 1040 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    Udah liat MVny JJ? udah lah pastinya. aduh speechless deh…….gag tau mau bilang apa. JJ keren abiiiiessss……… lagunya yg Mine lebih ngerock dibandingin yg one kiss. totally keren bgt……XD ak pling seneng bagian separo kebelakang, pas musik diem, trs cuma piano gitu, n JJ kyk mencet itu piano, emmmm JJ COOL abis pas itu, aduh pa lagi disitu JJ topless ….kyyaaaa…….huhuhuhu
    Oppa JJ daebak !!!!!!!!

  1041. 1041 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    udah liat….!!! smpe speechless ak ga nyangka mv nya bakal keren.. kyk piece of art aja ya.. cm agak scary liat ular yg melilit d badan Jae.. oia tahan nafas pas Jae shirtless kkkkkkk he’s so damn hot!!!
    eh ak ngikutin saran slh satu komen d JYJ3 kl dgr lagu Mine smpe pol ajah vol nya eh bne tuh lagu jd kedgran eunaak pol ^^
    5 lagu d album Jaejoong daebak smua bd ajah… so proud of him….

  1042. 1042 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    iya hott abiieesss pas jae lagi topless. emg kn ak suka bgn itu separo k blkng…..hhee ngillerrr
    oh, gitu cr nikmati lagu mine-ny Jae. ok tak cobain…..
    he’em suka bgt lagu2ny jae. pa lg yg ost.ny jackal emm sekali dngerin lgsg ngena bgt……hwaa…..
    oiy kan ada rncna tour asia lg tuh jae. ngarep bgt bs k indonesia….god please.

  1043. 1043 : sumaiya Says:

    *jj oppa sangeol chukhahe… :)*

  1044. 1044 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    happy birthday jaejoongie oppa…..!!!!!

  1045. 1045 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    happy belated birthday Kim Jaejoong!!
    congratz on your solo concert.. it was amazing your voice so powerful, I got goosebumb coz of you… daebak!!!
    saranghae Jaejoong oppa!!

  1046. 1046 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    dah liat fancam konser solo jae?
    wow wow.. I got goosebumb.. he’s voice was amazing so powerful blm lg jae keren banget walo ak ga gitu sk gy rambutnya digituin but it’s ok he still looks hot..
    daebak.. two tumb for our jaejoong..
    oia jae cute bgt pas doing aegyo ya.. God, I realy adore this man.. he keep me speechless with everything he do ^^

  1047. 1047 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    Not yet, bru liat foto2ny doang. itupun lewat hp. sedih bgt yah….T.T blm ada wktu lg sibuk kerjapraktek nih. klo nympe kost udh capek aj…duh malah curhat….hhe mianhe.
    dari piku2ny aj ak udh takjub tuh loh…. I believe that jj would give his best perform to us….hwaa OK you give two tumb, I give four more tumb to our JJ….
    oppa you’re the best for us ever!!!!!

  1048. 1048 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    happy birthday again jaejoong oppa!!!!!!!! XD

  1049. 1049 : Dede Says:

    Why isn t “Heaven’s Postman “listed under movies for this young man. I thought it was a very sweet movie, In 2009. I happened to stumble onto it, but if it was listed here It would have been easier to find, since I use this site to look us most histories on Korean Actors.

    (@Dede from admin: we just updated his profile, please take a look)

  1050. 1050 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    allooo smuanyaaa…… kangen gosip gosip lg….. kyny udh lama nih ga nengok kdrama…hoho
    akhirnyaaa Jae rilis album… ak seneng bgt skrg pny playlist suara JJ smua… albumnya daebakk bgt,,,ak suka smua,,,palagi ostnya jackal…huaaaa tp ak aneh ko lagunya yg judulnya stay ko ga dirilis ya?! album yg bkal dirilis lg tgl 26 jg ga ngerilis stay…huhu curiga ak itu bakal ky ost heaven postman yg love yg ga drilis…heu
    oya mv mine keren bgt,, ngeri siii cuma kerenn… JJnya ganteng…hoho
    jackal ak jg ud nntn,,ak donlod filmy karna ud ga sabar,,ga terlalu seru sii,,dan ternyata ga komedi bgt jg hiks,,pantesan not as expected..huhu tp tetep senengg secaraaa JJ ganteng disitu..hihi
    waduuuh ngocehnya udh kebanyakan ni…hehe

  1051. 1051 : Dede Says:

    Thank you admin. I really appreciate the update,plus I see the 2012 movie.

  1052. 1052 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day Jaejoong oppa!
    have you received my delivered chocolate..

  1053. 1053 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    happy valentine’s day girls 🙂
    udah dpt coklat brp karung nih… kl aku nungguin dikrmin coklat dr jaejoong ni kkkk
    dah pd ntn video val’s day greeting dr jyj kan… ya ampun lucu bgt cr y mrk memparodi karakter” dr drama/musikal mrk y.. perutku smpe sakit ketw mlulu terutama pas jaejoong ga ketw pdhl yoochun n junsu dah ngakak” hehehe…

  1054. 1054 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    hi guys…..kangen bgt nih chat ama kalian…..pa kbrny???:1
    iya vid.ny unyu bgt bikin ngakakakaka….haha
    oiy btw akhirny ak order jg album repackageny oppa JJ yg Y….hwaa g sabar mau pegang itu album. pi ktny masi 2 mngguan lagi….^^ huhu
    JYJ bkln isi acara plantikan presiden korsel ama jadi duta asian games….wah…wah…proud of you dehh uri oppa2. ^^

  1055. 1055 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    km order jg y.. sm dong.. tp kudu sabar kdg luaamma nyampenya hehe..

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    iya bangga bgt y ngeliat JYJ ditunjuk jd duta asian games n ngisi acara pelantikan bu presiden 🙂
    eh pasti dah liat piku doggy Jae yg br.. unyuuu sm kyk yg pnya kekekekeke…
    tp trus-trang agak galau ni.. gr” br sls ntn I miss you.. hatiku agak berpindah k yoochun ni gmn dong.. hbs perasaan yoochun di situ cakep bin manly bgt walo byk scene nangisnya, aktingnya jg da peningkatan… huhu, Jae oppa maafin aye…. mangkenye cpt maen drama lg y bar ak klepek-klepek lg…. ^____^

  1056. 1056 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    waahhh iya km jg bli….kekkeke
    awalny mw bli yg I pi blm pny duit, eh malah da repackageny tmbh 2 lagu bru lg….hhem seneng bgt…..^^
    waduhhh…..jgn berpaling kelain hati dong sist. kuatkan hatimu…..hehhehhe. ak blm sempet nnton i miss u sih. kpn2 deh nnton.
    em drama JJ yah…. aduh kykny g bs cpt2 deh, JJ blang thn ini focus k JYJ kan? mngkin dia blm mw maen drama dlm wktu dkat…sabar aj ya tar….hhe

  1057. 1057 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    hi smuaa..kangen badaiii ni..heu
    kalian PO albumnya yg baru yah..heu ak kmrn beli yg “I” di yes tuh..yaah ak g pny lagu yg baru d…hikshiks
    ahhh tara jgn berpaling duund..jd sedih nih..hehe… ak kmrn abs adu mulut *lebay* ma fansny ucun..:( hadeuuuh nyebelin bgt dy sk JYJ tp ga suka Jaejoong,,,Jaejoong doang yg dy ga suka coba …ktny garing gt d oppa … *panas* dy lebih suka YoSu,,apalagi klo mrk jd couple *tepok jidat ucun* ahh pokony ak sk g sreg sm fans”nya ucun,,smua yg ak kenal rata” nyebelin..heu *curcol* mkny skrg ak aga gmn gt ma ucun.. ak bakal liat dy klo di JYJ aja,, klo drama ato apanya gt kyny engga d.. hehe #fans labil
    plis dund Tar,, jgn tinggalin oppa qt yg 4D ituuu…huhuhu

  1058. 1058 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    Wah2 ak ngrasa jd fans JJ beneran nih…..^_^ cos udh bs bli albumny kwakwakwaka……
    iya Tar, plisss jgn tinggalin oppa kita yg super 4D….hehehehe.
    wah emg yg kayak giitu bikin panas ati….hhe. pi kita harus ttep sabar mnghdpi yg kayak gitu…….fans JJ, JS, atopun YC harus ttep akur urin hanainikka (b’cause we’re one) oke…oke…^^walah sok2an e aku. wah g tau knp skrg ak respect ama JYJ, pdhl dulu ak g begitu peduli ama JS n YC pi klo liat oppa JJ bgtu sayang ama 2 member itu ak jadi ikut2 gmn gitu…… woi ttep JJ is no.1 hahahaha…^^1

  1059. 1059 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    hi girls… don’t worry I still love our oppa, he still no 1 in my heart no matter what..
    mungkin cm krn efek ntn I miss you kali ya.. aku emg sk getu deh sk jatuh cinta sm tokoh utama cowo kl ntn drama kekeke tp aku bersyukur dah ntn I miss you cz gr” ini jd tau lagu magic castlenya dbsk yg kl d drama jd ringtone yoo eun hye en yoochun walo versinya bd… akhirnya googling n dload dpt deh versi dbsk.. skg jd sk bgt sm ni lagu hampir tiap hr q dgrin apalagi ps acapela en bagian akhirnya, suara jaejoong oppa lembut bgt bikin tentram di ati deh ^____^ #leleh mode

  1060. 1060 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    udah dicuekin aja fans kyk getu.. drpd bkin kesel… ngomong” mrk dah ntn konser jyj unforgettable yg d jepang th 2011 lalu blm? pasti pr yoosu shipper bakalan bete coz d atas panggung ada kejadian gak sengaja jeejoong nyium pipi yoochun hahahaha lucu bgt ya… ekspresi ketiganya bnr” priceless…

  1061. 1061 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    gak tau knp aku ngarep bgt jaejoong maen drama lagi… tp msh blm mgk ya.. hiks…

  1062. 1062 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    yoo giiiiirrrllss…dah bc terjemahan lagu Kiss B blm? omo.. omo… bnr” gak nyangka Jaejoong bs nulis lirik kyk gini (kirain yg bs ‘naughty’ di JYJ cm Junsu doang hihihi) liriknya ampun deh… so hot so sexy so naughty.. jd gak sbr pengin dgr suara Jaejoong dijamin pasti sexy sekalee!!!!

  1063. 1063 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    iyaaaa benerr… JJ ud dewasa bgt skrg,,kyny lirikny udh mulai “rada” pas JJ bikinin bwt baek seung hoon tuh,,yg ada kata” lets have a baby gt…wadooooh oppa qt udh ngajak nikah nih..hihihi trus yg one kiss jg gt… eh skrg yg kiss B…. hadeuuuuhh… minta diapain tuh oppa :*
    iyaa palingan ak alihin omongannya klo dy ud mulai membangga”kan oppanya…suka panas sendiri dengernya..hehe
    iyaa Tar,,tp klo dliat” emg JJ slalu joinan gt d ma ucun… mo gmn lg yaa emg mrk soulmate sih ya…sayangny fansnya pd ky gt…heu

  1064. 1064 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    iya bettuuullll banget……wah oppa kita udah dewasa dan blak2an bgt…..
    lirikny agak2 vulgar gitu yakkk……hihihihih lucu sih, asyik. biasanya lagu2 JJ melo dan dalem bgt gitu, nah pas tau lagu yg kiss B labgsung deh o.O woak apa2an ini……hahahaha geli ak langsungan…..
    oiya kah? yg lagu oppa buat rookie itu, yg jdulny till the sun rise yak? emg ada yg liriknya lets have a baby? aduh ak malah g ngeh nih…..
    wah2… jgn2 oppa JJ udh ngebet mau cari pndamping hidup nih….^^

  1065. 1065 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    jgn lp chingu,, Jaejoong adl makhluk bernama cowok wajar deh kl nyiptain lagu kyk getu.. curigaku jgn”Jaejoong oppa dah pnya cm disembunyiin ajah hehehe #efek terlalu byk ntn drama korea 🙂
    eh sng ya akhirnya ada jg tv korea yg nanyangin Mine mv… biar bkn 3 tv nasional belagu itu tp Arirang kan jg tv ngetop mlh dl ada progamnya yg tyg d TVRI negara kita…
    eh kalian dah pd minat dgrin Magic Castle ost I Miss You..? bnr” gara” lagu ini ak jd rajin liat youtube bbrp penampilan live dbsk nyanyiin magic castle en ya ampuuuuun br tau kl dbsk prnh lipsing di music bank!! mn pas bag Jaejoong lp lirik pula hihi lucu bgt ^^ arrggh sdhlah itu ms lalu… thank God JYJ nevr done it ya…

  1066. 1066 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    iya bener JJ cowok normal dan udah cukup umur jadi ya maklum…..hehehe ^^
    oh yaa…o.O ada program arirang di TVRI? kgk tau malah……hihihi jarang ntn TV sih ak.
    oiya udh baca trans twitny fans yg ikut acr fansign JJ? hihihih lucu deh mereka pertnyaany detail bgt soal lagu KISS B, ampe JJ protes ‘knp kalian tnya itu mulu sih?’ XD….ya iyalah siapa yg gak penasaran ama lagu itu hehehehe…..^^
    sblm tau di I Miss U ak penah liat dbsk nyayiin ntu lagu magic castle, pi udh lupa ak, dan blm ntn lagi….. skrng ak bru ngumpulin fancam concert JJ, dan mau ak gabungin terutama yg pas dikorea….sumpah keren bgt JJ, suaranya kgk nahan….amazing bgt.
    hehehe JJ tuh emg kgk bisa lipsing, kebiasaan nyanyi langsung sih,.. ak bru nyadar pas ak liat concertny. JJ nyanyiin only love, keliatan bgt lipsingnya……udh deh oppa nyanyi live aj, lbh bagusan live deh sumpah……
    jadi pengen liat JJ lupa lirik…..^^

  1067. 1067 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    hoho kok sm sih ak jg lg ngumpulin fancam konser Jaejoong, dipilih mn angle yg plg bgus n clear biar kl ntn berasa ntn konser out oppa beneran kekekekeke..

    eh ak lngsung nyari trans lagu ’till the sun rises lho.. hbs jg ga ngeh kl ada lirik yg artinya bgitu ^^

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    iya lucu bgt tp kl aku ktemu Jaejoong pasti jg bkl tny apa sih arti “TP” d lgu Kiss B itu apalagi tiap dgr suara oppa slalu bikin panas dingin 😀 yg lucu lagi soal maggle fans itu yg jd fans our oppa stlah dtg ke acara fans signing trus ada yg nanya k maggle fan “km pernah tau/dgr cara Jaejoong bernafas?” trus dijwb “his breathing is handsome”!! LOL!!! lucu bgt ya kita mah dr dlu tau kl apapun ttg Jaejoong oppa guanteeng badai bhkn cr bernafas jg hehehehehehe ….

  1068. 1068 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    iya lumayan bgt nyarinya….cz slain nyari angle yg bagus ak jg nyari yg audio yg bgs n bening. ak mau nikmati muka ama suara oppa yg kgk nahan itu…..hahahh ^^
    heem itu jg lucu, ckckck ada2 aj sih….^^ ya lah klo kt fansny sih apa aj yg di oppa JJ so pasti handsome, heemmm sexy jg…hihihi so cool so hot…..
    btw knp JJ suka bgt ya bikin singktn2 kyk gtu? mis aj di lagu pierrot dia bkn sngktn PSM, trs di Kiss B ada TP, MVP, n B ny sndri itu jg singktn dr BODY. sngja bkin kita2 penasaran ya oppa….

  1069. 1069 : Wesser Says:

    When I was looking for Yoochun! I found you, Hero. Slowly my interest about you sip in. Wow! What a package…. good acting performance, melancholic singing voice, brilliant music composer, and pretty looking too!
    I love..love you singing ballad songs, my favorites all OST song sung by you, and cover song ‘ For You’. It is a sad song. I wish you could act in the drama about the lyrics of that song. It’s so beautiful and yet heart wrenching.

  1070. 1070 : Wesser Says:

    Can’t wait to see him act in drama again. But this time please take the lead, no more supporting role. I think you are capable enough. Lik to see him act with Park min Young again. They are perfect together!

  1071. 1071 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    sebnrnya yg bikin ak geli jg dr lirik Kiss B.. bag vanila ice cream itu.. ya ampun kok smpe Jae kepikiran sejauh itu… haaaaadeuuh.. but once again dia kan cowok!!
    eh ngomong” cd Y km dah nyampe bkm? pnyaku blm sih..
    wiiiih sng ya Jae mo ngadain live chat di LINE mg bs pd tgl itu coz I have so many question to ask for…
    km saat ini sdg ngikutin korendrama apa? ada rekomandasi gak yg bgus apa.. kmrn br sls ntn Cheongdamdong Alice cm crt kok ga sebgus yg kubc direview” ya.. mnrutku yg keren cm ost nya Love Like This yg dinyanyiin K.Will… eh sekalian mo bk rhs ni dulu sebl knl JYJ terutama Jaejoong, aku ngefans bgt sm suara mas K.Will 😉

  1072. 1072 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    girls…. dah dgr blm rumor yg beredar di kdrama land? tp ga tahu kok di JYJ3 blm da… our handsome oppa mo maen drama saeguk lagi judulnya Goddes of Fire brg Moon Geun Young!!!!! so exiting hearing that..kl brt ini bnr sih… but sadly it’s second male role again 🙁 ktnya sih peran cowoknya dibutuhkan yg fasih bhs Jepang…
    mg” bnr sih coz I’m dying to see him acts again in drama…
    cm agak bete jg bc komen” org ttg Jaejoong yg ktnya hnya mng face but aktingnya krg… kl dibutuhkan yg jago bhs Jepang knp ga Yoochun aja… ih jd sedih deh….

  1073. 1073 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    [email protected]
    CDny pnyaku jg blm nyampe, pdhl udh g sabar mau dengerin suarany oppa JJ ama photobooknya…… hWaaaaa.
    ak lg g ngikutin drama nih, pi ak lg nngu2 dramany song hye gyo kelar (emm ak ngefans berat ama onnie yg satu ni), pa lg disitu ada kimbum….hhe
    wah ak blm denger nih gosipan ny JJ mau maen drama lg….klo iy bener ak jg seneng bangetttt……..loh klo emg butuh yg bs bhs jepang fasig oppa JJ jg bs og bhs jepang. klo ak ga salah pas JYJ ada acr di KBEE apa mana gtu, si chunsu blng klo diantara mrk bertiga JJ hyung yg masih bagus bhs jepangny, cz JJ yng masih sring keep contact ama tmn2ny di jepang……
    idih gitu amat ya yg komen mnta digeplok pke sendal apa….JJ emg ganteng sirik aj sih mrka…….dasar. bkin bad mood on…..

  1074. 1074 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    wah selera qt sm lgi.. ak jg lgi nggu that winter the wind blow.. ngefans sm yg maen sih gak cm sng aja ngeliat mrk ber4 maen dlm satu drama.. sm drama joo won + choi kang hee…
    kl soal Jaejoong mo maen drama lg kyke sekedar rumor ya.. coz jadwal JYJ padat bgt… apalagi kandidat aktor cowok yg mo maen brg moon geun young jg lmyan.. ada song joongki.. kim jae won.. bae so bin… tau lah just wait and see…

  1075. 1075 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    iy ak udh smpet ntn eps pertama that winter the wind blow dan mrka keren2 smua….waooo!
    oh iy joo won ama choi kang hee kykny bgus jg…^^
    klo ak g slh itu dramany moon geun young kan mw tyng pertnghn thn ini, nah itu mah pas bgt ama jdwl jyj rilis album baru. jyj kn ktny mau rilis summer ini kan….lgian oppa jj prnh blang og thn ini focus bwt jyj dlu…..
    hehehehe sabar aj deh nggu JJ’s action in drama, skrg nikmatin dlu konser2ny JJ and JYJ…^^9

  1076. 1076 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    hehe iya ga sbr nungguin album br JYJ, mg bs tampil d tv… coz kyke biar JYJ mng tp kok jln mrk d dunia broadcast msh d blocked y.. jd sedih,,,, inget wkt JYJ tmpil d acara pelantikan presiden korea,, ya ampun bete bgt dgr penyiar tvnya ngoceh mlulu smpe g kedgran JYJ nyanyi, untung d JYJ3 suara penyiarnya dah diilangin tp ttp bete liatnya lha JYJ perfomance eh byk org lalu lalang… iihhhh 🙁
    Rr, km dah liat wkt Jaejoong life chat di line-naver… haduuuuuh guanteng bgt ya!!!!!!!!!
    sk bgt dgr tawa”Jae apalagi pas nyanyi All Alone and Kiss B… melting deh… suara Jaejoong emg TOP BGT… DAEBAK!!!
    syg pas lirik “so hot so cool so sexy” ga dinyanyiin hihihi ^^

  1077. 1077 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    oops maksudku..so hot so cool so sweet..
    ya ampun gak bs berpikir jernih nih gara2 hbs liat selca Jaejoong oppa di twitter yg shirtless cm pk towel.. omo he’s so sexy!

    Jae oppa what’ve you done to us, you fans, are you trying to kill us all with that milky sexy body of yours….!!???!!! #dijamin g bs tdr mlm ini ^^

  1078. 1078 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    iya bener bikin histeris dehhh selcanay oppa JJ yg topless gillaaaa….kyaaaa XD aduh udh kleper2 nih dibuatnya…….ngiler2 juja….hahahahaha. pi sayangnya JJ hpus twitnya…..masa gitu aja dia malu sih. bangga dong oppa….xixixixixi untung ak lngsg simpen pikunya ^^
    oiya CDku udh nyampeeee….seneng bgt, egh bangga bgt nih ak bs dapat CDny JJ oppa……playlist no.1 deh di lapi ama di hp……hahhahaha

  1079. 1079 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    haaahhh pny mu dah nyampe? ak blm ni.. yah musti sabar kali y… utk saat ini nikmati aja selca2 oppa yg lg bngun n mo bobok.. gile y ni cowo akhir2 ini sk bgt manjain kita2 hehe sm piku2 pasti lah lngsung di save ^__^
    ni lg siap2 buat ntn konser Jaejoong di Shanghai mg fancam nya byk yg okeh..
    pas pres con Jae kliatan stylist ya cm aku ngarep hair color dy balik lg k wrn item kyk jmn2 PTB tuh…dunno why…

    ngomong2 si Meyra k mn ya kok lm gak nongol….

  1080. 1080 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    alloow smuaaa…hehehe maap” baru ikut nimbrung lg nih… ak lg seneng nii.. akhirnya oppa qt nambah berat badan..kangen masa” badannya sixpack gt d…hohoho kan klo ak minta digendong,,oppanya kuat gt… hehehe pisss *kaboooor
    eh emg joongki mu maen drama lg Tar??wadduuuh dia naik daun bgt ya..keyyeeenn..
    oya gara” Line JYJ yg slalu ngapdet oppa qt,,masa tmnku yg sk ucun kesel coba,,katanya bosen yg nongol JJ mulu…hohoho maklumlah oppa qt kan emg Rajanya social network…y g?!lagian si ucun kn lg gada krjaan…mknya gada beritanya…*pisspisss

  1081. 1081 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    oya ak bingung..emg artinya vanilla ice cream apa Tar??hoho ga ngeh ak mksudnya apa..

  1082. 1082 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    hey girl, finaly km nongol jg.. lg sibuk y..
    iya ak jg sk bgt Jae brt bdnnya naek, kl bs sih kyk pas jmn2 Mirotic tuh… erg sixpack sexy hihi.. mn dlu perutnya rd sk diobral alias pk bju agak terbk.. tp akhir2 ni Jae jg sk shirtless ga di twitter ga di line.. bkin sng aja yg liat kyk kita2 ^^
    vanila ice cream?!?! hihi rd ‘horor’ jd sungkan mw jelasinnya nanti ja kl ktemu lngsung Jae oppa kita tnya hehe….

    news soal joong ki maen drama lg blm pasti, castingnya msh dipilih2 getu ktnya… dgr2 dy mlh mw wajib militer.. but smoga blm coz msh pngin liat dy maen drama lg th ini…

    speaking of militery service, ak g bs byngin seandainya cowo2 JYJ wjib militer.. betapa sepinya dunia tnp mrk #lebay mode

  1083. 1083 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Rrjeje Rrjeje
    kyk e dh dicasting yg jd lwn maen moon geun young d goddes of fire bkn oppa ganteng kita.. jg bkn song jungki tp ji chang wook.. ganteng jg sih mrp2 changmin..

    kalian dh ntn faith? bgus gak?
    kebtlan si lee min ho kan k neg kita nih dlu jmn2 bbf ngefans hbs tp sjk knl jaejoong dh gak lg apalgi pas ntn city hunter kok jd ilfil y hihihi…

  1084. 1084 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    Jae congratz for JYJ Tokyo Dome concert..
    so proud being your fan guys..
    you guys ROCK!! DAEBAK!!

  1085. 1085 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    Jae, I want to see you at JYJ TonyMoly fansigning.. but I can’t 🙁
    I heard you not in good condition in that event, you must be tired after JYJ concert in Tokyo, your own concert in Nanjin then this TonyMoly event.. get well soon oppa don’t be sick like in your FM in Jakarta ya..

  1086. 1086 : jjjjjjj Says:


  1087. 1087 : jjjfffff Says:

    always keep the faith in us

  1088. 1088 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    aduuhhh rasanya udah lammmmaaaa banget g nulis disini. wah kayaknya trio kita (@meyramjjeje @taraLuvJJ dan ak) lagi sibuk2 yah……cz sepi banget nih board hehehehehe…..
    kalian2 lg pada sibuk apa nih? oiy kabar baik kan?
    hemmm sejauh ini seneng deh liat perkembangan anak JYJ terutama JJ. Bs liat meraka nikmatin liburan dan waktu kosong….. oiya JJ sering banget ya ngetwit masakan2 dia wiiieehh mupeng banget pengen ngicipin masakan dia…….. rasanya seneng bgt liat JJ hidup layaknya orang normal dan maen2 sama temen2 dia……

  1089. 1089 : taraJJ Says:

    Yuhuuuu @Rrjeje Rrjeje long time no see ni..
    sibuk bgt ya jeng sampe baru nongol nih 🙂
    kl ak sibuk bgt sih ya but still manage to watch kdrama cz can’t live without them 🙂 actually ak msh sering kok posting komen” d broads koreandrama.org di drama” yg kutonton mcm IMY, TWTWB, AAMR, JOJ en Mandate of Heaven dll just sharing though, opnion stuff like that lah hehe… habis bbrp kali mampir d board oppa ganteng kita ini sepi” ajah hihihi…

    iys proud… proud sm JYJ esp Jaejoong.. penginnya maen drama lagi cm kyknya gak mungkin ya… aktivitas JYJ scr grup lg sibuk”nya apalgi bentar lg JYJ mo ngeluncurin album… can’t wait for that!!!

  1090. 1090 : taraJJ Says:


    wooaah.. congratz JJ more succes for your Japan concert (btw, why you didn’t included my country to you list concert..lil’ bit dissapointed here)… and after I hear tht rumor I dunno if I’m still exited abt this news or not…

  1091. 1091 : Rrjeje Rrjeje Says:

    iyah long time no see…. hahaha seneng bs ngepost disini lg, yah curi2 waktu bentar lah. dan hari ini full of happiness krn bakalan liat JJ’s concert lg wlpn btul bgt kata km tar indo g msk list lg…. hem any way, its OK ak ttep seneng og. wah g sabar nggu bulan juni….JJ’s japan concert, trs MV ama theme song buat asian games bakalan rilis……just horeyyyy..XD

  1092. 1092 : maram Says:


  1093. 1093 : taraJJ Says:

    bogoshipda jaejoong..

  1094. 1094 : maricelsarol Says:

    jae joong you are great singer and you so handsome

  1095. 1095 : raiyashop Says:

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  1096. 1096 : taraJJ Says:

    Happy Birthday Kim Jaejoong…
    I hope you will comeback to kdramaland soon.. bcoz I miss your acting soo bad…

  1097. 1097 : HeroSony Says:

    I love you JJ.

  1098. 1098 : raiyashop Says:

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  1104. 1104 : Rjeje Says:

    please shere this picture…… http://ryztie7.tumblr.com/image/83888382931

  1105. 1105 : Rjeje Says:

    other picture to share

  1106. 1106 : Rjeje Says:

    another amazing picture to share ^^

  1107. 1107 : kati Says:


  1108. 1108 : Roronoa Says:

    I’m so proud of you Jaejoong! Always moving forward despite what happened..anyway it’s already 5 years since that event, still, cassies are always keeping the faith that someday, we could hear the five voices singing in one stage! Forever ot5!

  1109. 1109 : put3elsa Says:

    I like your act and your style in Triangle Drama………..BEST

  1110. 1110 : Tami Says:

    Jaejoong will cast as genius analyst in upcoming KBS2 drama “SPY”……waaaaooww can’t wait to see the new charm of spy jaejoong ^__^

  1111. 1111 : May Zin Says:

    Love u so much Jaejoong ah…. <3
    Waiting for ur upcoming drama ^^

  1112. 1112 : harumi Says:

    make another beautiful number ^^.
    jaejoong 화이팅!!!!! 스파이 화이팅!!!! big success to you jaejoong!!!!

  1113. 1113 : Aveyro Says:

    jaejoong improve alot in acting skill. he become great actor now,but the time to military service is near….uugghh will miss u alot in drama land. Jae oppa fighting!!!!

  1114. 1114 : Haruka Says:

    dear admin, please change Jaejoong photo profile with another new one and why the part of JJ’s award is placed separately?

  1115. 1115 : unknown Says:

    Your acting is awesome in Triangle 🙂

  1116. 1116 : Triangle | diary zahidah wahid Says:

    […] few episode amaze dengan lakonan Siwan. Tapi Jae Joong agak kurang sikit. Plus abang dia pulak yang berlakon Salaryman tu. Watak macam tak hidup sangat. […]

  1117. 1117 : AmbilBerbagi Spy [2015] 200MB (Complete) – Download Drama Korea Terbaru Sub Indo Says:

    […] as an ordinary housewife. She is given the mission to turn and bring in her own son, Kim Seon Woo ((Kim Jae Joong). Cool-headed, quick-witted genius Seon Woo is an information analyst on North Korea working for […]

  1118. 1118 : tarajj Says:

    Bogoshipda jaejoong.. really miss you

  1119. 1119 : Model Baju Korea Hanbok | Gaya Baju Terbaru Says:

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    […] CastKim Jae Joong as Kim Sun WooBae Jung Ok as Park Hye Rim (Sun Woo’s mother)Yoo Oh Sung as Hwang Ki Chul (North […]

  1125. 1125 : Olayemi Heo Lord Says:

    Hero Kim I my Mentor. I love him and wish to be like hero Kim. More Love To you

  1126. 1126 : Baju Couple Norak – Toko Busana Fashion Online Termurah dan Terpercaya Says:

    […] Hero JaeJoong @ Kim Jae Joong […]

  1127. 1127 : fullheart5 Says:

    Time clock

    Expected date of military discharge is on 30 December 2016.

  1128. 1128 : Time Slip Dr. Jin – SiteQu Says:

    […] Seung Hun as Jin Hyuk Kim Jaejoong as Kim Kyung Tak Lee Bum Soo as Lee Ha Eung Park Min Young as Hong Young Rae (1860) / Yoo Mi […]

  1129. 1129 : Kim Jae Joong revine dupa armata in noua drama "Manhole" - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] Kim Jae Joong as Bong Pil UEE as Kang Soo Jin Baro as Jo Suk Tae Jung Hye Sung as Yoon Jin Sook […]

  1130. 1130 : Manhole: Feel So Good Drama – ALL THINGS KPOP Says:

    […] Pil (Kim Jae Joong) has been preparing for his civil servant exam for the past 3 years, but he is not enthusiastic […]

  1131. 1131 : SiteQu | Drama Korea : Time Slip Dr. Jin – SiteQu Says:

    […] Seung Hun as Jin Hyuk Kim Jaejoong as Kim Kyung Tak Lee Bum Soo as Lee Ha Eung Park Min Young as Hong Young Rae (1860) / Yoo Mi […]

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