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Hwan Hee

Hwan Hee.jpg

Name: 환희 / Hwan Hee
Real name: 환윤석 / Hwang Yoon Suk
English name: Fany
Nicknames: Tough Guy, King of R&B
Profession: Singer, actor and model
Birthdate: 1982-Jan-17
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 177cm
Weight: 58kg
Star sign: Capricorn
Blood type: B
Family: Cousin/actor/singer Lee Jang Woo
Education: Gwang Moon High School
Skills: Basketball, break dancing, and computer games
Hobbies: Studying music, songs and movies, and playing basketball
KPOP group: Fly to the Sky
Talent Agency: KEYEAST

TV Shows

Stormy Lovers (MBC, 2010)
I Love You (MBC, 2008)
Over the Rainbow (MBC, 2006)


  1. 1 : JEANETTE Says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! this guy is so cute, i love Over the Rainbow!!!! and i love FTTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!keep up the good work Hwan HEE!!!!!!!!!

  2. 2 : gaziie Says:

    im a fan of all korean actors & actresses, im a philippines citizen, anyway I really do admire you because you is really good in singing and acting. You are so handsome. I really like you!

  3. 3 : meann Says:

    I’ve watch Over the Rainbow, and I Love it . I hope that you have many more offers in the future. And hope that they are all the lead roles. Coz I’m a fanatic of korean series in the philippines. Keep up the good work and I would wait for your future movies.

  4. 4 : Irene Huerta Says:


  5. 5 : axing Says:

    annyong!! i really dot know about u but u so hansome guy so aza aza figthing!

  6. 6 : starz Says:

    haven’t watch ur acting but ur music r cool!!! first time hearing u sing with brian makes my heart melt. really love ur voice!!!

  7. 7 : sexy4yennie Says:

    he is a nice guy

  8. 8 : ch33se Says:

    cool hair style!

  9. 9 : mary Says:

    hi ilove you very much my dear
    send for me photo

  10. 10 : haley Says:


    love u!!! ur acting skills rock, ur dancing is da best! ur singing is 2 awesome 2b true n all in all ur da best!!!

    love ur role in over d rainbow…anyway, all d best..i seriously fell in love wif all d songs tt u sang..i nearly cried but stopped myself in time bcuz my dad was nearby..haha..d way u sing d love songs is juz da very best!!

    god bless ya!!!

  11. 11 : mindi Says:


    haha…i juz noe a few korean words….anyway, juz wanna say i really like ur acting n dancing n singing n style…

    i love u!!!

    wish 2 c u face 2 face..haha..which i tink v not happen…but if ur comin 2 malaysia juz tell me,k?

    haha..hope 2 c u in more leading roles..

  12. 12 : Emine Says:

    Hey Hwan Hee 🙂
    I like this one drama.I love him so much 😛
    Hwan Hee is sooo cool in this drama!This is a very great movie! 😉 ^^,

  13. 13 : jojosasanoba Says:

    hwan hee is cute.. n i love his voice so much… but r u sure hwan hee is that tall (177cm) ??? =P no offence…

  14. 14 : snow Says:

    what’s are your religion

  15. 15 : rock_girl Says:

    Hi, how u doing? hope u were doing good and i like ur acting and dance skills in over the rainbow. Keep up ur great effort! Make ur wish come true.

  16. 16 : hayfa Says:

    You just too awesome to be discribe in words.I just love everything about you.

    See you in Singapore soon :))

  17. 17 : GW Says:

    Hey You are so cool in Over The Rainbow.

  18. 18 : the'the' Says:

    i love hwan hee u have goodlooking and attracting.i love u so much.i want to see u many movie series.i am now myanmar i want to see u.u dancing is very good

  19. 19 : Basuha Says:

    Is it just me? I had no idea that this the same guy who played Rex in “Over the Rainbow” After I realize this I look on line to find out more about him. In the drama over the rainbow I hated his character and didn’t find him attractive at all. But in Saranghae I was extremely attracted to him, I think it was his smile and that hot body, anyway he caught my interested. I was very surprise that he part of an R&B group call Fly to the Sky but I was more impress with his 8 years friendship with Brian. I watch Brian confession on YSSM at that time I didn’t know who Brian was or who he was referring too but I was move to tear when he was talking about the ordeal they went through when one seem to be growing faster then the other. It says a lot about both of them that they are still together as a team, help each other achieve they dreams and support each other goals. I haven’t listen to any of they music as of yet that I’m aware off, I’m totally new too Korean music. I have downloaded some songs but they are from the drama I have watched. I’m not yet familiar with indivual artist as of yet other then YDG.

    Back to my discovery, anyway I found on YouTube some game show that Hwan Hee been has been on (X-men). They are old clip and you can see his arrogant but watching him in Saranghae I think he has mature a lot I think he a good person and grateful for what he has and bless for what he has achieved at a young age. Since I don’t know him personally this an opinion. I look foreward to seeing him and more drama and I will try to find some of they music, I’m sure I would enjoy it.

  20. 20 : nita dyah a k Says:

    i like your acting i love you

  21. 21 : Mai lee Vue Says:

    Hey there im like your biggest fan
    i think im gonna fank totally
    im looking for pictures of you now
    so are yoou married or are you still single
    wwell im still
    hey gtg ill visit soon

  22. 22 : Ranida Says:

    You is the real singer. Your voice make me happy.

  23. 23 : t.d Says:

    i love every koreans because im korean girl and im living in IRAN

  24. 24 : vieeen Says:

    i love the song TOMORROW sang by you!
    it’s really nice! im touched by this song.
    the emotion you have put in when singling this song.

    but i was hoping that in the drama- over the rainbow, you would end up with sang mi. =/
    one word says it all. =)
    i finished watching this drama within 3 days. haa!

    im looking forward for your new dramas.
    will watch Saranghae SOON!
    hope to see you in Singapore too! =)

  25. 25 : nania86ify Says:

    Fany is the BEST korean singer, U can’t go wrong with Fany. I have the full 8 album including the recollection and ‘The Brian’.

    Been listening to the song every single day, can live without em’..

    I’ve watched Over the rainbow and now watching I Love You/ Saranghae.
    Love Hwanhee

    Love ur FTTS music!!!


  26. 26 : Mavis Says:

    From the first album Day by Day to the last album Decennium, and now Hwanhee and Brian have gone separate ways. I am going to miss Fly to the Sky as a duo, but I am definitely looking forward to the solo projects. Whether is singing or acting I will definitely be listening and watching it. Don’t let any negative comments bring you guys down because Hwanhee and Brian are the best of the best.

    I am hoping that there will be a visit to Melbourne soon 🙂 Although is wishful thinking, but never say never.

    Lots of love from Australia.


  27. 27 : aneth Says:

    sta novela s d las buenas….
    como m nantaria eses cote d pelo
    bueno s un xurro

  28. 28 : ade Says:

    your acting is good.. ^^

  29. 29 : Carolyn Chen Says:

    Extremely cute & charming… Fighting bro, you are the best!! Love yah

  30. 30 : Carolyn Chen Says:

    You are the best bro….. Fighting…. Love yah

  31. 31 : 007zhel Says:

    you’re so cute… saranghaeyo…

  32. 32 : aye Says:


  33. 33 : [email protected] Says:

    dAy bY dAy i$ tHe bE$t!!
    LikE hYuNg s0ooo mUcHhhh!!!!

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  35. 35 : sea(hla yamin eain) Says:

    Opa,I like your songs and dance in korean drama (over the rainbow).I love you so much,Opa…..I like your hair style in over the rainbow…you are so cute and handsome.I want to married you.Do you let me?:ilu

  36. 36 : sea(hla yamin eain) Says:

    Please visit Myanmar country…Myanmar is the best place for rest.I am waiting for your coming.my address is no.(103),kyauk myaung street.Tarmwe.phone is 0973108158 .my gmail account is [email protected] invite me……

  37. 37 : neym Says:

    yeah the day I watch the drama over the rainbow, I was very excited to see ya but I never heart broke I have faith in God that I will meet you one day. I love ya

  38. 38 : brenda Says:

    Words can not describe it…you take m breath away,Brenda from Kenya

  39. 39 : Karen Says:

    Hwanhee, you’re the king of R&B!!! You’re awesome!!! Please star in more dramas, cuz you are a great actor!!! You are a natural, charismatic superstar!!! I love you and your music!!! You have a God given voice and are multi talented……terrific, sexy dancer!!! I also love FTTS!!! Fighting!!!

  40. 40 : Karen Says:

    Hwanhee, you’re the king of R&B!!! You’re awesome!!! Please star in more dramas, cuz you are a great actor!!! You are a natural, charismatic superstar!!! I love you and your music!!! You have a God given voice and are multi talented……terrific, sexy dancer!!! I also love FTTS!!! Fighting!!! You’re also so very handsome and charming!!! God bless you!!!

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