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Im Soo Jung

Name: 임수정 / Im Soo Jung
Also known as: Lim Soo Jung
Nickname: Babyface
Profession: Actress and model
Birthdate: 1980-Jul-11
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 167cm
Weight: 45kg
Star sign: Cancer
Blood type: A
Family: Younger brother
Education: Suwon University
Talents: Dancing and playing the piano
Hobbies: Music and drawing
Talent agency: N.O.A Entertainment

TV Shows

Melancholia (tvN, 2021)
Search: WWW (tvN, 2019)
Chicago Typewriter (tvN, 2017)
Sorry I Love You (KBS2, 2004)
School 4 (KBS2, 2001)


Time Renegades (2016)
Perfect Proposal (2015)
All About My Wife (2012)
Come Rain Come Shine (2011)
Finding Mr. Destiny (2010)
Jeon Woo Chi (2009)
Happiness (2007)
I’m a Cyborg, but it’s Ok (2006)
Lump of Sugar (2006)
Sad Movie (2005)
…ing (2003)
A Tale of Two Sisters (2003)
The Romantic President (2002)


2004 KBS Drama Awards: Best New Actress Award (Sorry I Love You)
2004 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with So Ji Sub (Sorry I Love You)
2004 KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Award (Sorry I Love You)
2004 KBS Drama Awards: Netizen Award (Sorry I Love You)
2003 MBC Drama Awards: Best New Actress Award
2003 24th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best New Actress Award
2003 Pusan Film Festival Critics Choices: Best New Actress Award
2003 Director’s Cut: New Face Award
1998: Ceci Daesang

Related Photo

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Im Soo Jung 15 Im Soo Jung 16 Im Soo Jung 17 Im Soo Jung 18 Im Soo Jung 19 Im Soo Jung 20 Im Soo Jung 21 Im Soo Jung 22


  1. 1 : bebsy Says:

    so cute!!!

  2. 2 : Rowena Says:

    Hope to see her again in one of the coming k-series. How about doing a romantic-comedy series next time.

  3. 3 : name_please Says:

    ooohhh…she will be playing a role with Jung Ji Hoon! can’t wait to see it!

  4. 4 : switofme'-' Says:

    hai!i’m just knew about u after i watched sorry,i love u….i love the story eventhough it is the sad story but i,m touched wif the love betwn the couple-aDEsHiiii!!!!!!’-‘i hope you guys may act together again in other movie!!i love u.u r so cute!!!!!

  5. 5 : ShirleyB Says:

    love the chemistry between im soo jung and so ji sup in the movie “sorry, i love you”. perfect couple and looked great together. i hope they fall in love for real. she is soooo pretty and he is soooo good looking…hope they make more movies together in future!!!

  6. 6 : RATIH Says:

    Firstly, Your acting in the series “I’M SORRY I LOVE YOU” was very very impressive. This story touched my heart so much. Not to mention you played with So Ji Sub (one of the K-actors that I like most). Though it was not a happy-ending story but still I didn’t regret to watch it. As usual, most of K-Dramas will never disappoint us no matter they will end to a happy-ending or sad-ending. Good stories! Good packing!

    Secondly, I can’t wait to watch you and RAIN in the movie called “I’M A CYBORG, BUT THAT’S OK! They said it is an interesting movie. I really really can’t wait! Ok sweety, just keep up the good work!


  7. 7 : gary soto Says:

    LIM SOO JUNG-pero q buena actriz eres,de verdad.
    eres una de las pocas actrices coreanas q me gustan.

    te deseo lo mejor de lo mejor y sigue asi como eres porq vas a conseguir todo.

    te quiero mucho.
    gary de chile.

  8. 8 : Happy King Says:

    I want to stay near you..

  9. 9 : alexire Says:

    so cuteeeee,,i like to find a girlfriend like her

  10. 10 : MLO'S Says:


    la mejor,la mejor de todas las actrices y estrellas de toda asia.

  11. 11 : anto Says:

    lim soo jung:

    en pocas palabras la mejor.

    y la mas lina tambien osea es modelo poh.

    suerte en todo para la mejor:LIM SOO JUNG.

  12. 12 : zulfa Says:

    Im so jung, I’m from Java, Indonesia. I’m very love you’re acting in Sorry i love you with SO JI SUP. So sweet……………so cute…………I am waiting you’re acting again with so ji sup. They are perfect couple. KUE BOLU RASA KEJU, I Miss You….

  13. 13 : aura Says:


  14. 14 : nourhan Says:

    iam egyptian studing korean i watched “i’msorry i love you” i really liked how you act & feel you were amzing

  15. 15 : nourhan Says:

    i wish you find the best way to succsess & love in your life

  16. 16 : kimcing Says:

    bia ne sarang nata. That is my second favorite drama. I wish u and so ji sup gona be good friend. ajaja

  17. 17 : insan Says:

    im soo jung……….

    I love U fOrEver….

  18. 18 : insan Says:

    im soo jung…….

    i very love u

  19. 19 : pinky Says:

    hi im soo jung…ur so talented and very young looking!!!!hope you come here in the phillipines! i like the way you act…ur d best……

  20. 20 : pinky Says:

    ei im soo jung ..hope un read this message of mine… u know what..u have a nice way of showing ur ability to act..especially ur soap..sorry i love u with so ji sub…please do come here in the phillippines..gudluck…

  21. 21 : pinky sel Says:

    hi helloooo

  22. 22 : pinky sel Says:

    ur gud..keep it up….please do come in the phillippines..

  23. 23 : Riei fukuzawa Says:

    Im soo jung you’re so cool and you’re smile is sweet i’m like you so much when you play act again?

  24. 24 : ruby Says:

    hi.,,i hope i will see you again in tv..i like the sorry i love you with so ji sup ang a tale of two sister…i hope i will see you again in another movie…take care…saranghae…

  25. 25 : ruby Says:

    please do come in phillipines…

  26. 26 : ruby Says:

    what is your favorite color?..

  27. 27 : ayelet Says:

    oh my… my… my… she is the girlfriend of GONG YOO???…. im jealous

  28. 28 : NadhiRae Says:

    You have a very nice smile. Do you really Gong Yoo’s girlfriend? wow! great. Bless you two..

  29. 29 : joymarivic05 Says:

    until now,, I really don’t know what was her role in I’m a Cyborg That’s Ok even I already play it so many times! I really can’t catch up the story.. All I know is she had a passionate kiss with Rain (I really love Rain so much and I’m jealous to her…) [peace] and also in …ing, she had a kiss with Kim Rae Won! (hmmpf!)

    well I think, she’s a big star now.. because she already had a projects with BIG KOREAN SUPERSTARS like KIM RAE WON AND JUNG JI HOON… so, that’s good for her.. =)

  30. 30 : rjenns Says:

    im your fan….

    sorry i love u is very nice korean novela…

  31. 31 : donna Says:

    i really love your show, “i’m sorry I love you”.. it was very touching… it touches my heart…. huhu so sad, why you have to die too?? very tragic… but it was great story… i love it a lot…. by the way, ur cute too

  32. 32 : nazira i salta Says:

    hi can we call you babyface?yes?thank you!!
    We are from KAZAKHSTAN.why dont you play in comedy.your smile is so beatifull.we wish you to find some-one who will love you as Muhuek in Sorry i love you.
    P.S.we will say you bye in kazakh language SAU BOL Im Soo Jung

  33. 33 : paulo Says:

    im paulo, from Philippines, im your fan.. wish i could see you somehow=)

  34. 34 : wenny Says:

    IM SOO JUNG is such an pretty actress,you’re so lucky to have such cutie face.I love you and all your film.

  35. 35 : note Says:

    i’m note from thailand. i’m very big fan. when u r going to thailand? i hope to see u once time in my life. i want to talk with u so i learn korean lanquage to talk with u. u have e-mail or msn? please give me your e-mail or msn. u r great actress when i saw u in your movie or series i cry every time and smile when u smile. love u so much

  36. 36 : Haidy Says:

    Hi! Im Soo Jung your great in Sorry, I love you together with your famous leading man, hope to see you more in K drama this 2008… stay well

  37. 37 : nita dyah a k Says:

    hay im soo jung. i am nita from java indonesia.but live in hongkong .your my favorite actresss in korea.i like your acting in “i am sorry i love you”.you are so beatiful .i am your big fans

  38. 38 : Haidy Says:

    Wow! great couple with So ji Sup in Im sorry, i love you,amazing story line,very nice theme song. very nice to wacth this k drama. good luck baby face,see your more k drama with great actors…

  39. 39 : dantella Says:

    hi am dantella
    am an arabic grl
    plz i want u 2 answer my ques coz i`ve watched the korean ser (am sorry i love u) it ws a great 1 but i heard that at the end the hero (so ji sup) dies and also the heroine but in the arabic version ( in dubai tv ) the last scene was when she came 2 his grave

  40. 40 : dantella Says:

    hi again
    so i want 2 ask wut happens at the end ? she dies or wut?

  41. 41 : MOZMOZ Says:

    you are so lovlely girl can have your email?

  42. 42 : Uzma Says:


    I really love your acting in I’m sorry I love you with So jisup.
    Also you are very cute.
    Keep it up. Good luck!

  43. 43 : liya Says:

    hi..i really lov you acting in i’m sorry i love you with my favourite hero so ji sub n could you plez answer my question because i really really want know.. who your boyfriend????

  44. 44 : saltanat Says:

    hi! u must to know Kazakhsnan with you!

  45. 45 : elli Says:


  46. 46 : hm5airy Says:

    soooo cute,with your babyface
    i love you

  47. 47 : katrin Says:

    im su jung is very biutiful.
    i love her. i hope see im su jung in a new drama.

  48. 48 : Santhit(myanmar) Says:

    I think she has a lovely face.Acting like a child, talking like a baby…everything is innocent.I like “i’m sorry , i love u” series the best.
    I think she’ll get a long way.
    with everlasting love
    Sann Thit Htun

  49. 49 : anushka Says:


    gud actin luv u in…….
    …..srY i lUv U!!!!!!!!!!

  50. 50 : bobreke Says:

    hey, i’m from Kazakhstan. i don’t know whether u know my country or no, but we know and love u very much. liked the movie “i’m sorry i love u” hope to see u in near future together in films, best couple ever seen!!! Thank u, for making us feel!!!!

  51. 51 : elham Says:

    hi baby,any news? you dont want come back? i really miss you .come on sweetheart come on.i can not wait any more.it takes too long.do some thing.i love you i love you ilove you……………………..

  52. 52 : sam Says:

    cute.lovely,pure,beautiful.i just finished watching your amazing drama .i am sorry i looooooooooooooooooooooooove you.i cant not find any word that could explain my feeling just thank you ,thank you again
    one more time (thankyou)

  53. 53 : baby face Says:

    i like u so ……………..much.you r so cute in ING…. and sorry i love you.love you baby face

  54. 54 : roshan sitaula Says:

    your movie uz awesome…..

  55. 55 : Friska Says:

    hi old my sister!!!!!
    how are you??

    I’m from Indonesia….
    i like your acting in I’m sorry I love u,,,you’re so beautiful and cute!!!
    because you really animates your role as a Song Eun Chae,,,

    still exist old my sister!!!!
    God bless u baby face….. ^^

  56. 56 : Lydia Says:

    my no 3 fav actress 😉 hope to see you in screen asap 😉

  57. 57 : VietNam's country fan Says:

    you ra so cute and very beautiful. I knew you from ” I’m sorry i love you” . I hope you will go to VietNam country a few days soon. we are love you!!!

  58. 58 : VietNam Says:

    chị thật xinh đẹp và dễ thương!

  59. 59 : prashanthi Says:

    I really like you. & would like to be just like u in im sorry ilove u drama

    Thank You

  60. 60 : ZARIMa Says:

    when are u going to make a KDRAMA.. we miz u

  61. 61 : namdor Says:

    heyyyy……..you are my top fav..since i watched your drama i am sorry i love you…i am thinking of coming to korea one day just to see you……love ya…..

  62. 62 : eddie shetimi Says:

    hi! really likes your acting in i’m sorry i love you, you look pretty good, best wishes in your carers ahead god bless you!

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