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Name: 재희 / Jae Hee (Jae Hui)
Real name: 이현균 / Lee Hyun Kyoon (Lee Hyeon Gyun)
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1980-May-25
Height: 178cm
Weight: 63kg
Star sign: Gemini
Blood type: O
Education: Dankuk University
Hobbies: Watching cartoons, Playing Star Craft
Debut: Kam Woosung’s younger self in MBC’s ‘Mountain’ (1996)

TV Series

You Are Too Much (MBC, 2017)
Vampire Detective (OCN, 2016)
Save the Family (KBS1, 2015)
The Firstborn (jTBC, 2013)
Jang Ok Jung (SBS, 2013)
May Queen (MBC, 2012)
Color of Women (Channel A, 2011)
Hometown Legends (KBS2, 2008)
One Mom and Three Dads (KBS2, 2008)
Witch Amusement (SBS, 2007)
My Girl (SBS, 2005, cameo)
Delightful Girl Choon Hyang (KBS, 2005)
To Be With You (KBS, 2002)
Wuri’s Family (MBC, 2001)
School (KBS, 2000)


Tekken (2010)
Mandate (2008)
Zig Zag Love (2008)
Evil Twin / The Hometown of Legends (2007)
The Single Sitting on Both Sides of the Fence (2007)
The Art of Fighting (2005)
3-Iron (2004)
Bloody Beach (2000)
Ghost in Love (1998)


2012 MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Actor Awards (Soap Opera): Jae Hee (May Queen)

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1,107 Responses to “Jae Hee”

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  1. 751
    Cheryl Says:

    Dear Jan Hee,
    If you encounter any problem please don’t give up i will always love you alot deep in my bottom of my heart.You know everyday,i been worried whether how are you doing..lately all i can think of is you..and i really miss you..cut i know you wouldn’t have the chance to see this..i love you and i will pray for you..Hope you will succeed in everything you do..And hope ur future girlfriend will love you truly as much as i do.
    Don’t forget Jae Hee..Must perserve k?
    Love you always…
    Your Fan!Always be there for you…

  2. 752
    corry Says:

    Hi, JH oppa..

    I can’t wait for your 29th birthday..
    But it will be 30th there..

    May God bless you and your family ^-^

  3. 753
    corry Says:


    just waiting for your birthday tomorrow…
    wohoooo.. :]

  4. 754
    Smitten Says:

    Happy Birthday Darling Jae Hee….

    May you always be in the best of health and wanna tell you how much I miss you. SARANG HAEYO forever!!!

    Mmuuahh.. Birthday kisses

  5. 755
    Smitten Says:

    Cutie Pie….So glad, I was the first to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY…

    And I really really LOVE YOU!!!

    It has been quite a while since I last poured out beautiful words for you, right?? Been busy darling BUT one thing for sure,,, you r alwys ON MY MIND… Mmmuuaaaah… really love you a lot.

  6. 756
    Atefeh Says:

    Hiiii!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU 😀 ! I love you Jae Hee and I hope you succeed in your life.

  7. 757
    corry Says:

    Happy birthday to..


    Why don’t we try to celebrate our birthday, together..?
    Maybe, someday.. ^^

    nah… just wish u all the best, oppa..
    Saengil Chukkahabnida..
    GBU always..!!

  8. 758
    kaye Says:

    I wish u ol the best! gud health and long life..
    May GOD bless u always!
    I MISS YOU and I LOVE YOU so much..
    I hope I will see u in personal someday!
    Take care always..


  9. 759
    Joyce Choong Says:

    Happy Birthday, Jae Hee! Wishing you good health and strength. I hope the camp that you are based in gave you some seaweed soup for your birthday. Keep on fighting and take good care of yourself.

  10. 760
    Siti NY Says:

    Hello Jae Hee.. Happy Birthday to you. May God bless you always.

    Sarang haeyo and take care

  11. 761
    Olin_Shone Says:


    I Pray for you always good health , succeed in your life and Always Happy

    We All JAE HEE Fan will always pray and hope the best for you

    Saengil Chukkahabnida… 🙂 🙂 🙂 Be hApPy oKe ! . . . .

  12. 762
    poohloveida Says:

    hi Jae Hee,,,happy belated birthday..really love u..ah ja ja fighting..

  13. 763
    Smitten Says:

    Darling Jae Hee… Miss you a lot. Mmuuahhhhh.
    Sarang hae

  14. 764
    kaye Says:

    Hello there JAE HEE!
    How r u??..
    i hope ur doing gud..
    Today is our 1st day of class..
    i’m a 2nd year college now!..

    olweiz takeCare of urself JAE HEE!
    i’m olweiz here 2 love u!

  15. 765
    corry Says:

    Jae Hee-sshi, fightiiiiiiing…..!!!!!!!!!

  16. 766
    Ryll JHee Says:

    Love you Jae Hee

  17. 767
    Claudy Says:

    Jae hee oppa, fighting!!!
    Please take care of your self….
    I always give a biggest suport for you..hee..hee..^^

  18. 768
    aya matsuyama Says:

    moshi2 jaehee

    im aya from japan..

    ur so otokomai and shiroi!

    watakoshi wa anata

    kangaetery.. muahh


  19. 769
    cherry grace Says:

    hi! jae hee… i want you to know that i’m also 1 of your fans… goodluck to your career, your fans always support you…. you have a great personality… be yourself… hmmm….i’m from pihilippines, hope to see u in person….but it’s only a dream that cannot be reach…

    it’s me your friend,

  20. 770
    corry Says:

    Hello, ginger..

    Ahaha, u know why I call u like that?
    Coz you’re name is almost same with ginger in Indonesian which is called Jahe.
    Is it fine if I called u like that? I mean, ginger means honey, sweetheart, etc.

    Err, so you’ll comeback next year, won’t u?
    I’ll waiting for ya.. ^^

  21. 771
    Yesica Says:

    Hey, Jae Hee..!
    How’s your day there?
    I hope you’re always fine.
    I wanna see your smile again.. So please comeback soon.


  22. 772
    Ryll JHee Says:

    Love you forever.. Come back soon

  23. 773
    corry Says:

    hi……….. jae hee……^^

    I miss u…

    I heard that you won the honorary award from army chief of staff, didn’t you?

    ah, well..congratulation, oppa..
    keep fighting!!!! 😉

  24. 774
    Smitten Says:

    MMuuuahhhhh…. Miss u a lot. Saranghae.

  25. 775
    dinar Says:



  26. 776
    audrey Says:

    jae hee best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. 777
    atich Says:

    muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh for jae hee …
    loph u …

  28. 778
    ummah Says:

    love you … always and forefer

  29. 779
    Smitten Says:

    Jae Hee…. U r forever in my heart!!! Sarang hae

  30. 780
    arifah Says:

    jae hee sarange

  31. 781
    butterfly girl Says:

    Hello Jae hee I’m p0st from thailand I like you so much. I watch witch yoo hee . you verry nice

    sorry I’m a little English

  32. 782
    tephaniie Says:

    sarang hae>>>>>>>>>>>>

  33. 783
    Ryll JHee Says:

    Will always be waiting for u to make a comeback… U r so cute and sweet..
    Really miss you. Sarang hae…

  34. 784
    kaye Says:

    Hello Jae Hee!
    I miss u a lot!
    Hope u’ll cOme back soOn in Korean drama..
    TC..GBÜ 🙂

  35. 785
    Feby Says:

    Jae Hee,i cant wait to see u on screen/movies again.
    I must say that ur role in “3 Iron(a.K.a Bin-Jip)” is surely ur most memorable performance. 3 Iron is my fave korean movie of all time,and im sure its one of the best movie ever made in korea too. The movie really sticks to my mind.
    Well,I hope to see more of ur great acting.

  36. 786
    Corry Says:

    Hi, oppa..

    I miss youuuuu…. ;(
    I wanna see ur charming smile in movie or drama again..
    So, come back soon..

    Ah, congrats to u, for become MC in Best Music ^^

    GBU, always.

  37. 787
    Smitten Says:

    Hello Jae Hee cutie pie… ReAAAALLLYYY miss u so much. SARANG HAE!!!!!
    Been quite busy nowadays but no matter what, U r always on my mind.. Stay sweet.. MMMuuuahhhh. Lots of kisses

  38. 788
    Sponge bob Says:

    Jae hee act as hwoarang in tekken? Cant wait..

  39. 789
    fey Says:

    luv u jae hee….

  40. 790
    Corry Says:

    go………….!!! Jae Hee, go……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. 791
    Smitten Says:

    Miss your acting….. Sarang hae. Take care. MMMMuuuuuuuaaaah

  42. 792
    rainfire Says:

    hola jae hee..
    i just watched u once in chun hyang. it was aired in local indonesian tv couple of years ago. i luv ur acting. i dont hve time to watch a lot of tv so i found it so interesting. hope u’ll act soon. pick good story though. it’s a waste to act in rubbish drama stories.
    hmm.. what else..
    hehe. i dunt know much bout u or korea stuff but i guess.. cayo is enough!

    cant wait to see ya soon.
    take care

  43. 793
    renz :) Says:

    Hi Jae Hee!
    Just saw your latest Koreanovela on tv!Three dads with one mom is so nice and funny! Oh boy, you’re so charming and cute! Hope that you’ll make another tv series,and, with Jo Hyun Jae. I’m sure that your Filipino fanatics will surely be looking forward to that!Take care always!:)

  44. 794
    Ye Jin Jang Says:

    so sad that han chae young married… but not with u… 🙁
    she looks best with you… best couple!!!!

  45. 795
    dewi Says:

    cayooooooooooooooooooooooo jae heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  46. 796
    corry Says:

    love yaaaa….
    comeback asap!!! ^^;
    we wait 4 u…


  47. 797
    yeina Says:

    hi?i love him 222222222

  48. 798
    fatin Says:

    hi… wish u all the.. i like to see u in yu hee,the witch… acaaca hoi chi!! 🙂

  49. 799
    sofia Says:

    luvly acting in witch yoo hee. hope to see ur acting again. gud job 🙂

  50. 800
    sofia Says:

    please giv me ur new pic ok. gonna miz ur acting.

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