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Name: 재희 / Jae Hee (Jae Hui)
Real name: 이현균 / Lee Hyun Kyoon (Lee Hyeon Gyun)
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1980-May-25
Height: 178cm
Weight: 63kg
Star sign: Gemini
Blood type: O
Education: Dankuk University
Hobbies: Watching cartoons, Playing Star Craft
Debut: Kam Woosung’s younger self in MBC’s ‘Mountain’ (1996)

TV Series

You Are Too Much (MBC, 2017)
Vampire Detective (OCN, 2016)
Save the Family (KBS1, 2015)
The Firstborn (jTBC, 2013)
Jang Ok Jung (SBS, 2013)
May Queen (MBC, 2012)
Color of Women (Channel A, 2011)
Hometown Legends (KBS2, 2008)
One Mom and Three Dads (KBS2, 2008)
Witch Amusement (SBS, 2007)
My Girl (SBS, 2005, cameo)
Delightful Girl Choon Hyang (KBS, 2005)
To Be With You (KBS, 2002)
Wuri’s Family (MBC, 2001)
School (KBS, 2000)


Tekken (2010)
Mandate (2008)
Zig Zag Love (2008)
Evil Twin / The Hometown of Legends (2007)
The Single Sitting on Both Sides of the Fence (2007)
The Art of Fighting (2005)
3-Iron (2004)
Bloody Beach (2000)
Ghost in Love (1998)


2012 MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Actor Awards (Soap Opera): Jae Hee (May Queen)

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1,107 Responses to “Jae Hee”

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  1. 851
    corry Says:

    Ya! Happy X-mas Eve for Jae Hee and you, too..
    Jae Hee, comeback soon..!!!
    GBU all 🙂

  2. 852
    Kaye Says:

    imissyou so much.
    i can’t wait 2 watch anOther Kdrama of you (of course with HAN CHAE-YOUNG. Ü)
    please cOme back soOn.

  3. 853
    Chelle Says:


    Hi, how are u? looking forward on seeing you in person.

    Take care

  4. 854
    suji Says:


    jae hee, Iam a very big fan of yours from India, I have seen 3 dramas of yours namely choon yhang,3 dads and 1 mom and wicth hoo yee. Iam so happy that i could post a comment and so that i could convey my message. Take care. Please do more meaningful dramas and i belive you won’t dissapoint your fans.

    Sarangeo your talent and you sorry i dont speak korean but i try to learn it. bye take care.

  5. 855
    suji Says:

    Hi its suji again,

    Merry Christmas & Happy new year. may god bless you with all prosperity and please come back with bang we fans are waiting to watch you. take care. bye take good care of yourself.

  6. 856
    ejayena Says:

    hi…happy new year 2010…i dont know what to say…actually, i really dont know if you really have time to read my stupid msg because you’re really busy person…but if you read this msg…1 would like you to know that i’m really like ur dramas and movies…you’re so talented to be a good actor…you are so funny!!hopefully you will be success in future…bye…

  7. 857
    jae yhu Says:

    i love you!!!! take care!!!!

  8. 858
    ladiigodiva Says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR and keep healthy oppa! miss you… 🙂

  9. 859
    jam Says:

    keep up the good work…

  10. 860
    corry Says:

    oppa, happy new year^^
    wish you luck forever..
    GBU 😉

  11. 861
    su Says:

    hi ,
    Everyday, I wish you for your job, health, girlfriend and everything.
    I live in somewhere of world. I wish meet you. But we are can not meet. Because we are not the same country. I wish come to korea and I will met you and we are together eat lunch, dinner and breakfast.

  12. 862
    su Says:

    when you read my message. It’s sometime naw.I connect with you. Are you use Internet.

  13. 863
    may Says:

    I wish you to be my friend;;just once

  14. 864
    marwa Says:

    hey !
    im algerian ..see u even have arabic/african fans !
    he’s just too cute ..his facial expressions kill me …gosh luv him too much
    hope to see u this year missed u

  15. 865
    corry Says:

    miss u so much.. muachh.
    why is your name listed in Tekken, duh..
    I just want u back <3 <3


  16. 866
    chelle Says:

    i want you back….make some good and high rated koreanovelas…
    we miss u ja hee…
    keep safe godbless

  17. 867
    Kaye Says:

    I really MISS YOU Jae Hee.
    How I wish you’ll do another kOrean drama.
    Can’t wait to see you again on tv.
    I miss your SMiLE. Ü

  18. 868
    ella Says:

    i love your acting

  19. 869
    ira luv jae hae Says:

    i love jae hae….i love your acting……figthing jae hae….

  20. 870
    bambang arvianto Says:

    hai jee where is han chae young……..you are so perfect with she

  21. 871
    corry Says:

    love you.. love you.. love you.. love you.. love you..

  22. 872
    mirotiq Says:

    hye..how are you,huh?

    i’m the one of your fans…
    i just want to say i’ll support you in whatever you doing….

    k,,bye..love you

  23. 873
    corry Says:

    jae hee only!!!!!

  24. 874
    Daisy Says:

    I really like you style. Takecare yourself bye…..

  25. 875
    andari Says:

    come back soon
    we miss u so much..
    take care urself

  26. 876
    rani Says:

    jae hee i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you have a special charisma which attracts people immediatly!
    i hope to see you soon in some drama again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. 877
    joyjoy Says:

    more projects.,.,

  28. 878
    manda Says:

    where are you
    i miss you on the screen!

  29. 879
    Kaye Says:

    jae hee, bogoshipda, saranghae – unjaena young won hee. 🙂

  30. 880
    Chunhyang^^ Says:

    Jae hee!!!annyeong!!!!!!
    when will I see u again in kdrama?
    I miz u and Han chae young in delightful girl chun hyang 🙁
    hope u and Han chae young will end up 2gether in real life ^-^ aza aza fighting!!! >.<

  31. 881
    corry Says:

    come back, darl!!!!
    we’re waiting!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  32. 882
    corry Says:

    hope you will be more mature..

  33. 883
    corry Says:


    I know you will be discharged from military service on this June..
    so, give your best there!! 😉

  34. 884
    Kaye Says:

    JAE HEE!
    yah! i miss u a lot! i miss ur acting. (of course with Han Chae Young) hOpe to see u acting again in Kdrama.

  35. 885
    Kaye Says:

    @ corry: is that true that Jae Hee will be discharged from military service on this June? yey! i can’t wait! 😀

  36. 886
    corry Says:

    hi, @kaye.. : )
    yes, he will come back in June.
    I wanna see his face in dramas or movies again, yeah!! ^.^

  37. 887
    marshm@lLow Says:

    ello_0p jae hae…
    i’m really like u acting….allll u

    ….n…..keep ur smiley alwayyyy
    may god bless uuuuu….

  38. 888
    Kaye Says:

    @ corry: thanks 4 the respOne. 🙂
    OMG. i can’t wait 2 see him again. (especially his SMILE. ^^ yay!) ;D
    how i wish after he discharged he will do a Kdrama quickly – ‘again’ with Han Chae-Young, because they really match each other, and I LOVE BOTH OF THEM.

  39. 889
    earth Says:

    hi jae hee!!!
    i´m happy to read that you will be back soon!
    you will have a special place in my heart forever!

  40. 890
    jackie Says:

    hi jae hee
    happy to know that u will be out of the military soon, cant wait to see u soon in drama, miss u alot
    hope to see yr coming drama with hae chae young, eugene, han ga in cause i love u all very much
    best wishes in yr future and god bless

  41. 891
    corry Says:

    Jae Hee oppa, promise me that you’ll get better and mature style and after coming out from MS, okay??

    JBU!! ^^

  42. 892
    Zemang Says:

    jae hee…wassup man..
    kinda weird why youre missing… honestly i just got admired by you after watching Witch yoo hee and Delightful girl choon ryang… haha youre a funny and cool actor.. nice one..
    anyway..good luck with your military service. be sure to catchup with other actor :)///

    p/s youre my idol 🙂

  43. 893
    yesica Says:

    hi, Jae Hee!!
    I know next month you’ll come back from military service.. and this month, it’ll be your birthday, right??
    wow, GBU!! ^^

  44. 894
    cynthia Says:

    Jae hee oppa, I love u, plz come back quickly
    wanna see u, miss u sooo 🙂

  45. 895
    YESI Says:

    GOOD LUCK…….

  46. 896
    ayaka Says:

    JAE HEE SARANGHAE….tomorrow will be your birthday…wish u luck and i hope u can be a BIG STAR..!! i realy – realy want to see u… >_<

  47. 897
    corry Says:

    Happy birthday, Jae Hee!!
    Best wishes for you >.<
    come back soon, oppa..! I can't wait for you until next month.

    P.S : today's my birthday, too.. Lol, happy birthday to me : D

  48. 898
    peck hwa Says:

    happy birthday!!! God bless you^^

  49. 899
    parvaneh Says:

    happy brithday,

  50. 900
    Putri Malu Says:

    Jae Hee-oppa,,,
    Saengil Cukka Hamnida,,,
    God bless u,,,

    miss u so much….

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