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Name: 재희 / Jae Hee (Jae Hui)
Real name: 이현균 / Lee Hyun Kyoon (Lee Hyeon Gyun)
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1980-May-25
Height: 178cm
Weight: 63kg
Star sign: Gemini
Blood type: O
Education: Dankuk University
Hobbies: Watching cartoons, Playing Star Craft
Debut: Kam Woosung’s younger self in MBC’s ‘Mountain’ (1996)

TV Series

You Are Too Much (MBC, 2017)
Vampire Detective (OCN, 2016)
Save the Family (KBS1, 2015)
The Firstborn (jTBC, 2013)
Jang Ok Jung (SBS, 2013)
May Queen (MBC, 2012)
Color of Women (Channel A, 2011)
Hometown Legends (KBS2, 2008)
One Mom and Three Dads (KBS2, 2008)
Witch Amusement (SBS, 2007)
My Girl (SBS, 2005, cameo)
Delightful Girl Choon Hyang (KBS, 2005)
To Be With You (KBS, 2002)
Wuri’s Family (MBC, 2001)
School (KBS, 2000)


Tekken (2010)
Mandate (2008)
Zig Zag Love (2008)
Evil Twin / The Hometown of Legends (2007)
The Single Sitting on Both Sides of the Fence (2007)
The Art of Fighting (2005)
3-Iron (2004)
Bloody Beach (2000)
Ghost in Love (1998)


2012 MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Actor Awards (Soap Opera): Jae Hee (May Queen)

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1,107 Responses to “Jae Hee”

  1. 1
    suha Says:

    hai jae hee….
    i love u in drama u berlakon……..i like this….
    k bye……….


  2. 2
    siti nabihah bt izhar Says:

    i very like u in drama sassy girl
    mantap tau u dengan cun hyang

  3. 3
    siti nasuha Says:

    I LOVE U JAE HEE……………………
    r u have myspace????????????????????????????

    (‘ ‘,)

  4. 4
    dayana Says:

    oh my GOD!! U are awesome in sassy girl. Han Chae Young looked very good with u…..I like ur attitude and style please write to me soon…..

  5. 5
    kay Says:

    hello jae hee,you look so cute in Sassy Girl.I like your style very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WRITE TO ME SOON………………

  6. 6
    fifah Says:

    hi jae hee…i’m fifah from malaysia …..i like you n cun hyang in sassy girl story but i don’t like your chea rin sis k….hope i could be your friend n know you better!!…………… 🙂

  7. 7
    pika Says:

    allo…jae hee ur sooooo cute n handsome…love u jae hee!

  8. 8
    miszy Says:

    hi jae hee… i like u in korean drama sassy girl. u look awesome, very childish and funny. hope u will act more movies and dramas after this..
    good luck to u and stay cool. hope we will make everlasting friendship… 🙂

  9. 9
    mismo Says:

    hello!!! 1st time that i like you when see you in korean drama sassy girl chun hyang. you are so sweet in that drama. you have a very cool image. hope you will come to MALAYSIA to meet with your fan bcoz i’m 1 of your biggest fan here. last but not least hope to see you soon and love you!!! will alwayz support you

  10. 10
    nathalie dan Says:

    hello,jae hee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I like your charector in sassy girl chun hyang. You nauthy but you are good guys.I hope you will come to my country,Malaysia.I hope i can meet you one day but I know not now.Write to me soon.I will support your carier.Byeeeeeeee……

  11. 11
    daniella Says:

    hye jae hee…!! i really-really loved to see u acting in the drama “sassy girl chun hyang”..you looked so cute and sooo handsome….!!i just want to say that i admired you very-very much and i hope if i can see you face-to-face then i will be sooo happy cause my dreamnt has come true…well,i got to go…i hope you read this,because i liked u and i send my regards to SUNG CHUN HYANG…bye..

  12. 12
    sym Says:

    hey there
    the first time i saw you, i was shocked cuz you really look like my friend, alvin. we fought just because of little thing and now he doesnt want to talk to me.everytime i see you, i will remember him.haha.it’s weird.you really look like him

  13. 13
    kaeiym Says:

    Oh GoD!!! it’s you man! what a sad sassy girl has ended..but sweet ending!(^_^)v

  14. 14
    hanna Says:

    I like your acting in the sassy girl..
    you looks very cute with chae young.I hope you will be acting with her again

  15. 15
    c.ma2 Says:

    you look cute with chae young …..i hope you will come with the next drama..so good luck…

  16. 16
    ila Says:

    jae hee
    all i ever need to say to you
    I LOVE YOU….!!

    sassy girl is superb!!

  17. 17
    micya Says:

    OMG.. U R SUPERB GOD HOT! Hope can see u in another drama.

  18. 18
    micya Says:

    JAE HEE. handsome, HOT, cute. i relly really really really really love to u. need i say more?!

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!

    -when will u come to Kuala Lumpur?

  19. 19
    rUBY Says:

    jae hee….love you….u r so charming n cute!!!~

  20. 20
    cun_yang Says:

    erm……..i like him………he is a cute guy………….I like him in Sassy Girl Chun Hyang…….Wow!!Very good………..Lee Mong Ryong…………he he………….Whatever he do,,,i always support him k??Gud Luck 2 u jae hee………………..

  21. 21
    zai Says:

    i like jae hee very2 much…
    i like see he acting with chae young…
    i hope jae hee will acting with chae young again…
    love……….jae hee

  22. 22
    Soo-Eun Says:

    ahh!!! jae hee!!! omg!! i love you soo much in delightful girl choon hyang!!! your relly touchy with chun hyang!!
    looking forward on ur 2007 dramas!!!

  23. 23
    DeeDee Says:

    Very impressive acting….

  24. 24
    rainie Says:

    u are so handsome…..cute.smart,and many more…. i like your smile too….

    (p/s:when you want to be in penang,malaysia

  25. 25
    e-da Says:

    hello and how ur u…i like u and u r so cute in sassy girl chun hyang.what a cute man

  26. 26
    afroza luzon Says:

    hello and how ur u…i like u and u r so cute in sassy girl chun hyang.i hope u can come 2 m’sia n meet ur fanz here

  27. 27
    sallyen Says:

    Great&Cute actor xD !!

  28. 28
    sassy dorayaki Says:

    i like all about u:)
    aza2 fighting(^_^)

  29. 29
    sassy dorayaki Says:

    i luv all about u:)
    aza2 fighting(^_^)

  30. 30
    starz Says:

    love ur acting in my sassy girl…really funny!

  31. 31
    sumbodeeee~~ Says:

    Anneyonghi hasseyo!
    u’r a good actor…
    work harder…
    n keep up d good work…

  32. 32
    kasha Says:

    u r so notty in sassy girl.. just like me.. hihihi keep it up..

  33. 33
    akimi ekichi Says:

    i really love wacthing u in sassy girl

  34. 34
    gigi vivi Says:

    omg… u r soooooo cute!! i love u so much in sassy girl u were so brave at the end, saving chun hyang, ahhhhh!! i can’t believe it u r sooooo fine!! and i have got to be ur biggest fan!!

  35. 35
    Rin Hee Says:

    Jae Hee ssi,,I like you’re acting…
    Lee Mong Ryong & Sung Chun Hyang,,I Like this couple…

  36. 36
    sexy4yennie Says:

    first time i saw u in Sassy Girl Chun Hyang
    since that, i Like u very much
    and now I watched u in Witch Yoo Hee

  37. 37
    jessy Says:

    jae hee…hehe i like your character..even you are not good looking enough,but i just like you..because you are you..just you..^___^

  38. 38
    deniee Says:

    Hey~ hapy bdy 2 him..! i rely2 luv him!!!! Jae hee rely2 cuuteee!!! Hot!!! Hencem!!! lol ^-^

  39. 39
    deniee Says:

    …wish u be hpy owyz.n gud luck whatevr u do.N oL da best 2 u~ sarang hae jae hee~ (^_^)v

  40. 40
    mandy Says:

    Hi….Jae Hee
    We wish u happy birthday…!!!
    And have good day….!!!

  41. 41
    Kate Says:

    You rock, keep cool..
    Love ur act in Sassy Girl and Witch Yoo Hee..
    Keep act.. Bye..

  42. 42
    aci Says:

    U so…so Funny in Witch U hee I…. kind Like U
    I like seeing U so… be happy in there as a maid
    i really like watching U..keep act ok!

  43. 43
    Fatimah Says:

    Hai! I like your acting at sassy girl chun-hyang. You are very cute and handsome boy.I really like watching you very much. I love you

  44. 44
    Fatimah Says:

    Hello! I like your acting in sassy girl. U are very cute and handsome boy. I like watcing you. I love you

  45. 45
    erriiee Says:

    hello, jae hee..
    i really love your acting in sassy girl chun hyang
    u look very cute, n i really love ur style
    u know, being childish n naughty boy
    by the way, i wish u all the best in everything u do

  46. 46
    fie Says:

    I love your smile in witch yoo hee … Soooooooooooooooo cute…

  47. 47
    febby Says:

    hallo jae hee……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I really love your acting in sassy gurl chum hyang…..really.
    u look very cute, i like u style.
    SARANG HAE JAE HEE……………..!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. 48
    gracey Says:

    jae hee i miss you very much!!!!!!sarang hae!!!!!

  49. 49
    eqyn Says:

    u hav a great smile…soo cute…..=)

  50. 50
    Emine Says:

    Hey Jae Hee !!
    I hope you. I love your drama 🙂
    I like the way you act !!
    In those movies so much!
    His beautiful smile.
    He is so cute 😀

  51. 51
    maricel dublado Says:

    Maricel says: hello jae hee… i really wanted to see you in person.hehehe..your popular in philippines cuz your impressive in acting especially in drama. im hoping that you will have a horror movie in the future…hehehe! you are really so cute. im hoping that you will visit here in my country Philippines.im wishing for your response!hehehe..thanx and God Bless!:)Saranghaeyo!:)

  52. 52
    emman arca Says:

    emman says: i was really impressed about your drama career, thats why im truly idolizing your talent. me and my cousin we madly kept repeating “the Witch” and “Sassy Girl” coz your really so cute!hehehe!i love the personality your always acting for..im hoping that you wil visit here in Philippines and face you fans..especially me:! sarang hae yo!!!!!God Bless you always!:)

  53. 53
    cole Says:

    i’m just wondering… what is jae-hee’s movie in arirang tv? it was titled Searching for Hye-Mi…
    he had like amnesia and he thought that the woman he once loved was named hye-mi so, even if he had a wife & a kid… he can’t remember them and still was searching for hye-mi?

    i can’t find any info on that movie…

  54. 54
    lulu Says:

    hey watched that one too on arirang tv… although the storyline was a bit of a mess,i think that the girl he loved was after all his wife…. or something like that… anyway the guy is gorgeous, enough to keep you glued to the tv screen…

  55. 55
    Huanggirl Says:

    Hi…From Thailand ~~

    Jae Hee …I was impressed u from korean series ” Sassy Girl ” u so cute and look natural …also..the last one i saw ” Witch Yoo Hee” u still cute but too skinny, in the Art of fighting u look very very young…, anyway i intend to follow up your movies.. ^U^ Fighting …Fighting..Jae Hee

    From : Bigfan in thailand

  56. 56
    sandy Says:

    hye..you are so cute..add me in your friendster..(pinkyyuri5014@yahoo.com)..

  57. 57
    qq Says:

    dear jae hee………….
    ur my favourite boy
    i want to watch ur action again,but why ur film did’nt come to my country??????????
    love u……….

  58. 58
    murial Says:

    hello jae hee
    you are very great and very handsome……………

  59. 59
    nayah Says:

    love u.. ur great ….so funny and handsome….i watch WITCH YOO HEE i love it….good job..God bless!

  60. 60
    iera@malaysia Says:

    u are so hot jae hee
    i really want to meet u..
    please come to malaysia@putrajaya…
    i love u so much….

    ~lee mong ryong~ ur nikename at sassy girl chun hyang right….
    ~mong ryong~ ur nikename at witch yoo hee right….

  61. 61
    bRidgEt_vAnG Says:

    omG… ur sO hOt..

  62. 62
    bRidgEt_vAnG Says:

    lOve yOu sO muCh.. in saSsy giRl..

  63. 63
    bRidgEt_vAnG Says:

    ur so cute.. make more dramas okies?? mwah.. lots of kisses..

  64. 64
    uukawai Says:

    wow… u r the coolest one…
    i love u in witch yoo hee drama…
    good job!!!!
    love u!!

  65. 65
    munirah Says:

    love u!
    -munirah from m`sia-

  66. 66
    jae hee`s wife Says:

    uh,my dear,my sweetheart,,,muach,muach,muach,,,
    jae hee,,,,,,
    add my fs at uruha_ruuka_1057acid@yahoo.com…pliss….
    i`m fallin in luv with u so much,,,,hua….i`m crying,,,,uh,my gud,,,,luv u so much…..
    i`m indonesian,,,
    would u come to indonesia??
    to see me
    if u wouldn`t come, you won`t meet ur soulmate,,,me, i mean,, n_n

    although you dont know me,,,
    i`ll always missing u,,,,muach,,

    nae gaseumsoge saneun saram
    naega geuthorok akkineun saram
    annyong nae sarang geudaeyo yongwonthorok saranghalkeyo
    dasi thaeonaso saranghandaedo geudaeigo siphoyo
    nomojigo myot boneul dasi nomojinda haedo
    geudaeman ittamyon dasi ironalsu itneunde
    motnan nal mitko chamgo kidaryojwoso gomawoyo
    annyong nae sarang geudaeyo
    irohke geudael bureulttaemyon nomu haengbokhaeso
    nunmuli najyo saranghaeyo

    From, Me

  67. 67
    Debbie Says:

    How are you? I knew you from sassy girl,choon hyang.Because this movies is showed in our country , Myanmar.In that movie, your character is very good because you love choon hyang very much and you did everything what choon hyang needs.You are so handsome with that character.I want to know are you reply all the letter that you recieved from your fan.I will always encourage you and your art.
    Bye Bye, with best wishes,debbie.

  68. 68
    NadhiRae Says:

    Your acting is GREAT. You make the drama Witch, Yu-Hee funnier and lively. Without you, maybe the drama will be boring. I like you more in Sassy girl, Choon Hyang. More romantic. Your’re very good in comedy parts. I hope you’re like that in real life. Hope more dramas and movies from you..

  69. 69
    nazr Says:

    Really love U in Sassy Girl, Chun Hyang coz of your cheerful character. But, why U are so thin in Witch Yu-Hee? Are U sick?? 🙁

  70. 70
    jackie Says:

    Love the drama sassy girl chun hyang so much cause it was a very enlightening show with a very happy ending. Anymore of yr show with this main actress? You twos are very matching….

    Love u….

  71. 71
    FIFA Says:

    i love u mong ryong!! you’re really cool!!!chayoooo!!

  72. 72
    pink Says:

    your acting is very cute..

  73. 73
    =) Says:

    i love jae hee so much!!! since sassy girl chun hyang.. & ur acting in witch yoo hee was also veri fantastic!!! well done!! 🙂

  74. 74
    raspberrylen Says:

    can’t get enough of you!

  75. 75
    p0a_l Says:

    i really love your acting in both witch yoohee and sassy girl chun hyang!! your acting is very cute!

  76. 76
    hat Says:

    you are my fav actor.i really love your acting in delightful girl chun hyang as well as witch yoo hee

  77. 77
    quen Says:

    my number 1 fav actor. you are so cute in sassy girl chun hyang!!!

  78. 78
    pw Says:

    i am looking forward to your dramas!!

  79. 79
    peipei Says:

    you acted so well in delightful choon hyang. your character in the drama is so cute

  80. 80
    solid Says:

    you are so cute in witch yoo hee!!!!

  81. 81
    :) Says:

    i love to watch witch yoo hee. you paired up well with han ga in. this drama makes me laugh and cry at the same time

  82. 82
    lyne.yagami Says:

    I am from Malaysia… and i hope that you will success ineverything you did…. you are so cute with Han Ga-in and do not give up of your life…..

  83. 83
    olo Says:

    i love your acting in witch yoo hee. !!

  84. 84
    +) Says:

    your acting in sassy girl chun hyang makes me laugh and cry.

  85. 85
    magic love Says:

    u’r soo cute..love u shoo much..

  86. 86
    joanne Says:

    i really love your acting with chae young..keep up your work ya!!!

  87. 87
    fairy tale Says:

    hi jae hee!!!i like your acting in sassy girl..soo funny!!

  88. 88
    :))) Says:

    you are my number 1 fav actor. you are so cute and your acting is so natural.

  89. 89
    cha eun-jae Says:

    u’r my fav. actor forever!!
    hope can see u in malaysia!!

  90. 90
    shin nara Says:

    hi jae hee!!
    u has a good looking,,
    love u soo much..
    really like your acting with chae young!!

  91. 91
    sassy girl Says:

    hi jae hee..
    love u soo much!!
    can u e my best frenzz??
    hope can see u in corea!!
    miss u..

  92. 92
    chun hyang Says:

    hye jae hee!!
    u has made me laugh in sassy girl..
    both of u r soo sweet..
    love both of u!!

  93. 93
    syerry Says:

    u look so gergeous & cute!!
    love u forever..

  94. 94
    loveholic Says:

    hye jae hee!!
    when will u acting in your new drama??
    i really like ur acting in sassy girl & witch yoo hee..
    soo funny
    anyway i really miss u..mmwwhhh!!:)

  95. 95
    jingle bell Says:

    u’r soo cute in sassy girl..
    i hope that u can get marry with song hye kyo..

  96. 96
    fantasy love Says:

    jae hee..
    i hope u can come to malaysia..
    i really want to see u face to face!!
    anyway i really like u with chun hyang..
    keep up your works ya!!
    aja aja fighting!!

  97. 97
    kim hee jin Says:

    u’r soo handsome & cute..
    love u soo much!!
    hope that i can continue my study in corea..

  98. 98
    rainie Says:

    hi jae hee..
    i only want to say that u’r soo good&cuteactor..
    love u soo much!!

  99. 99
    cindy Says:

    hi jae hee!!!
    i really like your acting..
    soo naturall…
    love u soo much!!

  100. 100
    ayumi Says:

    hi jae hee..
    can u come to malaysia??
    i really want to see u..
    like you soo much..

  101. 101
    shin bi Says:

    hi jae hee!!
    i really like all your acting..
    aja aja fighting!!

  102. 102
    sakura Says:

    hi jae hee..
    i wish u all the best..
    take good care of yourself ya!!
    bye bye!!

  103. 103
    sel Says:

    you are so cute!!especially in sassy girl chun hyang

  104. 104
    anne Says:

    u so…cool…in the drama witch yoo hee. haha btw, thats the best korean drama i watch

  105. 105
    shihua Says:

    Ahnehasaeyo! All the best to u, Jae Hee. Even though the comments for u isn’t a lot, don’t feel sadd. Just here to tell you that you’re the BEST!! “Jiang!” XP hahas. I love you forever!~ saranghae~~ =))

  106. 106
    moon Says:

    i love your acting both in sassy girl chun hyang as well as witch yoo hee. 🙂

  107. 107
    chocolate Says:

    you are so cute, ur smile so sweet in drama the witch yoo hee
    Keep it up. wish u all the best.

  108. 108
    Virgo girl Says:

    Hi jae hee

    I’m your fan from Indonesia.Like to see ur acting.
    I Look forward to see ur next drama.
    Wish you have a warm christmas.


  109. 109
    02 Says:

    you are my fav actor. i like your role in sassy girl chun hyang as well as witch yoo hee

  110. 110
    gold Says:

    ypur acting is so natural.

  111. 111
    gold Says:

    especially in witch yoohee

  112. 112
    ufk Says:

    hope that you will have other dramas. you are soo cute.

  113. 113
    roxana Says:

    lo maximo …. lo amo

  114. 114
    roxana Says:

    he visto sus series y todo aqui en Peru, es para mi el mas lindo actor koreano, lindo lindo, lo maximo, algun dia ire a korea … es una promesa

  115. 115
    zin Says:

    hi jae hee………….. ^-^
    I’m ur fan from myanmar…. I like your movies…..
    YOU R SO CUTE!!!! keep up the good works!!!! whitea..( i don’t know korean but i think whitea mean don’t give up in korean right???)

    >>>>>>>>>>> JAE HEE

  116. 116
    98 Says:

    you are very cute in witch yoo hee!!!

  117. 117
    ayuni_malaysia Says:

    i luv jae hee very much….
    i ‘m ur no.1 fan.. go go jae hee
    hope jae hee will come to malaysia..
    he he

    -jae hee no.1 fan-

  118. 118
    progammer(my)Chines=name:ichigobankai Says:

    eh jae hee , my hobbie same with u watch cartoon : naruto ,bleach, and more . i profasinal work is playinggame , warcraft,starcraft come play 1by1 LOL

  119. 119
    sufia Says:

    good job in witch yoo hee!!!

  120. 120
    babyfee Says:

    hello jae hee !
    come to singapore okay !
    loves* !

  121. 121
    riku Says:

    vote ya!!

  122. 122
    pol Says:

    i like you a lot in sassy girl chun hyang. i like you with han chae young! 🙂

  123. 123
    Yukimi Says:

    Hi Jae Hee, I just finished watching Witch Yoo-hee and you are great in it. I like your acting and so wished you were my boyfriend… coz I’m also 1 year older like Yoo-hee but don’t know how to meet good guys like you… keep up the good work! I miss you!

  124. 124
    snoopy21girl Says:

    I think u have good looking and acting.
    However, I wish u goodluck!

  125. 125
    wen Says:

    you acted so well in delightful girl chun hyang and the drama was so touching

  126. 126
    putera Says:

    hey jae hee…

    i luv watchin witch yoo hee…

    i rili luv tat show..

    do add me at msn putera_121@hotmail.com when u free..

  127. 127
    shany Says:


    to see if this is real

    add me on gangstaguy123@hotmail.co.uk

  128. 128
    play Says:

    you are my fav actor. love you in choon hyang and witch yoo hee

  129. 129
    maria Says:

    hii, i,m your fan from malaysia. i like your role in “WITCH YOO HEE”. IF YOU COME TO Malaysia please let me know…

  130. 130
    =[[ Says:

    you are one of the best actor in korea. i like your acting in choon hyang and witch yoohee

  131. 131
    =) Says:

    jae hee acting is so cute! love u since sassy girl chun hyang! AH ja fighting! 😀

  132. 132
    kris Says:

    your not one of a kind>>>>>

    but i don’t know,,,,theres a different charisma when i see you…

  133. 133
    Litez Says:

    Y this website nvr update de? He starred in Witch Yoo Hee as Chae Moo Ryong. He is excellent in tat show too ^^

  134. 134
    =399 Says:

    i luv your acting in yoo hee plus chun hyang. how cum u always get bullied by the lead actress

  135. 135
    zila Says:

    hyee…..please add me as ur fren plesss…hehehe

  136. 136
    kate Says:

    I hate u so much in sassy girl. you r so stupid.I hate u



  137. 137
    tony Says:

    i kuv u so much at witch yoo hee!!!

    u acting is wonderful =D

  138. 138
    tony Says:

    remember one thing =)

    u r the man!!!

  139. 139
    crystal Says:

    i love u so much..i love ur acting.. muack,

  140. 140
    09933 Says:

    what is your latest drama or movie??

  141. 141
    lolita Says:

    hi,i really like all your acting .

  142. 142
    hanani Says:

    anyong haseyo,mong ryong @ jae hee!!!

  143. 143
    0922 Says:

    what is your latest drama?

  144. 144
    han chae young Says:

    hi Jae Hee… I first saw you in “Sassy girl Choon Hyang…” the series huh..NOT IN REAL LIFE!!! I’m a filipino… would you please come over to the country and just visit us here???? I’m a Choon Hyang addict and in the 6th grade,, my friends (and even my relatives call me Choon Hyang!!) (COOL!)
    Anyways…just visit the country..visit places and meet the people!!!(especially me!! hehehe….) that’s all….and wait…YOU ROCK!!!!
    Please court Han Chae Young…even if she’s already married…you two look good with each other……. the Filipinos love ya ,dude!!!!!

    [Glitterfy.com – *Glitter Words*]

  145. 145
    daus Says:

    witch amusement

  146. 146
    nurul Says:

    i really enjoy watching sassy girl..you are so cute…

  147. 147
    aDrenaLinE_aCh Says:

    nice to meet yOu..
    liKe yOu veRy muCh la oPpa..
    liKe to seE yOu..liKe tO waTch yOur moViE..
    liKe eVeryThing boUt yOu..
    hmM..hoPe we caN meEt..oNe fiNe daY..
    i”m veRy glaD..iF yOu caN leAve me..eVeN 1 meSsaGe..
    hoPe yOu haPPy alWayS..
    aLWaYs thinKing bouT yoU..
    mY suPerstaR..
    goOd luCk!^_^

  148. 148
    nesta Says:

    kwatro kantos…

    4 by 4…

  149. 149
    ina Says:

    hi jae hee…..

  150. 150
    ina Says:

    hi….this is 1st time i submit comment 2 other.u r the 1st person.hehehe……
    i very very like u in yoo hee the witch.you so cute…..

  151. 151
    venus Says:

    hey ppl! pls, some kind soul upgrade de movies&tv series of jae hee. thanks(:

  152. 152
    eileentsy Says:

    You are indeed a great actor, Jae Hee.
    Saw you in Chun Hyang and thought you cried well and love your varied and rich facial expressions in Witch Yoo Hee. You are very natural in your acting. Hope to see any drama or movie with you in it soon.
    Do eat well cos you look rather thin recently 🙂

  153. 153
    wondeful Says:

    one of the best actor 🙂 like him in delightful girl chun hyang

  154. 154
    syery henry Says:


    i lurve your character in witch yoo hee.

    You are handsome and i like you.

    Please reply my massage.
    I’m begging you…….

  155. 155
    selina Says:

    you seem like a busybody in the yo hee the witch.. hehe.. you had a same face with my brother.. i’m glad to have two brothers have a same face with korean. the another one is won bin

  156. 156
    koreanlover Says:

    you’r sooooooooo cute….
    the tips you gave in yoo hee the witch work out so well….
    i love you so much…….

  157. 157
    :))) Says:


  158. 158
    kel Says:

    Hope he be able to act in more drama.. like him..XD

  159. 159
    dang6s Says:

    you are great actor at witch yoo hee, rich facial expressions there

  160. 160
    venus Says:

    hey! anybody could u pls update jaehee’s movies&tv series? tyvm^

  161. 161
    venus Says:

    heys! anybody could u pls update jaehee’s movies&tv series? tyvm^

  162. 162
    lavender Says:

    Hello! my loving actor
    Your performance is very good in Delightfull girl Chun Hyang movie. I like your style very much.Your smile is very handsome. But you are very thin. Your hair style is very good in this movie. I am from myanmar. I hope you are happy to see this letter.
    Thank you very much!
    Good luck!

  163. 163
    shahidah Says:

    love your acting!!
    singpore fans will support you!!!!
    rock on!!


  164. 164
    pold Says:

    one of the best actor in korea

  165. 165
    lkmd Says:

    i love your acting in witch yoo hee and sassy girl chun hyang

  166. 166
    =0 Says:

    you are very talented

  167. 167
    -0000 Says:

    is there any new drama/movie of jae hee??

  168. 168
    099889 Says:

    you are very handsome and cute!!

  169. 169
    bee Says:

    love ur character in witch amusement!!!!

  170. 170
    Leen Says:

    hye…luv u forever..hahaha..amazed…ur acting amuse…hahahaha..btw,hope u`ll reply my msg n send me email..plz moo-ryong….

  171. 171
    abby Says:

    you are so funny..
    like it!!

  172. 172
    lol Says:

    yes! there is a new drama of him, one mum three dad with eugene kim, jo hyun jae .it will be airing after hong gil dong. but it seems like he is not the lead actor 🙁

  173. 173
    venus Says:

    thanks for updating his lastest movies & tv series(:

  174. 174
    aina Says:

    jae hee!!!i very like you in yu hee the witch…….you’re very cute smiling….

  175. 175
    N.T.D Says:

    i like u so much, and then i like ur action.

  176. 176
    lyne_bear Says:

    hai…i am from Malaysia, 17, girl… Jae Hee… i really love your drama… and i hope that i can be your friend…you are so handsome and i really love your smile…. i hope you will be success!!!! smile always!!!

  177. 177
    abby Says:

    can you add me in friendster?

  178. 178
    tiramisu Says:

    Hello Jae Hee! Do u read ur comments here? Can u speak english? Actually I come from Nevada,Kanada. How’s ur journey 4 now? U better off working hard 4 ur career k….? Hope u success in ur field…..

  179. 179
    star Says:

    you are the cutest actor that i have ever came across!
    how can a guy be this cute?! :-S
    saranghe ^^

  180. 180
    miet Says:

    hiii..mo ryong! i rali like u..character.u like simple guy n so nice.. n plz add in my friendster ok..miz u

  181. 181
    Nurul Atiq Says:

    love u…..love ur smile…… ..

  182. 182
    roslina Says:

    Really, madly in luv with your acting….,,you are so charming…..
    just bought a new dvd of your hotest drama sassy girl n yu hee. Very2 unforgeting. Luv u so much…

  183. 183
    eearah Says:

    hello jae hee.i am one of ur fan.like ur acting very much.
    aja aja fighting

  184. 184
    kero Says:

    jae hee!!!
    i luv u so much la..
    luv ur acting!

  185. 185
    marygrace Says:

    hi jae hee..
    ^_^ can you also add me in friendster? pls..
    ur so great… luv ur acting -_- i hope u can also visit hir in the
    philippines.. .. ^^ thanks.. ^^ we will support you ..
    go jae hee. … lee mong yrong 4ever.. ^^

  186. 186
    aira Says:

    i like ur smile Jaa hee!!!

  187. 187
    ROECCA Says:

    VERY CUTE………….

  188. 188
    kyon Says:

    u so cute

  189. 189
    misz_ziana Says:

    I have known you from Delightful Girl (Mong ryong). i really like ur acting & also ur smile… hope u can email me k 🙂 fr Malaysia…

  190. 190
    d_lah27 Says:

    can i be your brother? i like your acting in witch yoo hee……. i like your smile. i hope i can acting like you. can u add me in friendster? d_lah27@yahoo.co.uk….. i hope i be your friend.

  191. 191
    Nifa Says:

    Annyong hasseyo. Hello egeayo! U really have a very very very sexy smile! Oh, God knows how i fell in luv wiz that smile…..your soothing eyes, never get enough watching your photo…..saranghae….saranghae..

    What is your lates drama or movie? U know what….we do have a chef in our office cafe similar to your face. I will start smiling like an idiot everytime i saw him, even use to call him ‘leng chai’ which mean in chinese word “hansome guy” and he has your smile too!!!

    Congratulations! wish your dreams come true in every way u want it to be….always be my lover in my in dreams…saranghae….

  192. 192
    lyn Says:

    hi! jae hee im you number one fan you are so cute i love sassy girl choon hyang you so cute wth han chae young you the best couple in the world saranghaeyo pls add me to ur friendster lee mong ryong

  193. 193
    skinny dog Says:

    what the.. his comments reahed 4 pages!!!???

  194. 194
    skinny dog Says:

    feeling macho

  195. 195
    Annasu Says:

    OPPA, you are my favorite star. Why don’t you tell us your email address? I really love your emotions and your sound(voice).

  196. 196
    eileentsy Says:

    Yeah!!! You’re back in 1 mom and 3 dads! : )
    Like your hairstyle and you’ve put on weight!
    Look healthier.
    Think you are one of the best actors!

  197. 197
    Rhianlee Says:

    Jae hee

    hi Oppa your so cute…………….your great in acting I like your

    style very natura, i wish u a lot of success. KEEP UP THE GOOD

    WORK! saranghae Oppa …………..muah !!!!!!

  198. 198
    riana Says:

    i really like your acting..
    hopefully u can email me…

  199. 199
    violetlady Says:

    well i like his acting especially in my sassy girl chun hyang… hope to see more of his works… well now he’s my 3rd fave korean actor next to lee dong-gun & kim jae won

    well hope to see more of this actors prowes…

    naks naman.. nirecomend ko sa abs forums ang 3 dads one mom una me recomend!!! hehehehe

  200. 200
    anne catherine Says:

    hi jae hee……… i`m your big fan… i really like when you`re act..
    seriously i tell u.. you`re very handsome and so cute.. HOPEFULLY U CAN EMAIL WITH ME…….. and this one…. i really really want to learn korean language with u……..

  201. 201
    Yulin Says:

    hello, i watched Three Dads And One Mom recently, that was an excellent drama, it’s really funny. i like the way how you acted in this drama especially your facial expression. haha

  202. 202
    Hafizuddin Says:

    your action in your dramas is very best. i like you so much……!

  203. 203
    Rumni Says:

    I have watched very few Korean movies as I am from India. Recently I saw 3 IRON…I love the movie and you as well. The greatest thing about the movie is to teach greatest feelings are shared without speaking.. and the greatest thing about you is YOU yourself. I loved your every move whatever tiny it may be….keep up the good work!

  204. 204
    jicrush Says:

    Advance HAPPY BIRTHDAY Hyun Kyun…

    Saeng il chuk sa hamnida
    Saeng il chuk sa hamnida

    생일축하 합니다~ 생일 축하 합니다~ 생일 축하해요~~

    well,, I love da way he acts in da korean dramas:
    DElightful girl chun yang & Witch Yoo Hee..
    great job..!!!
    He is so ADORABLE,,,(^_^)
    so CUTE when he smile..
    so handsome..
    sya ang lging hahanap-hanapin ng mga babae

  205. 205
    syery henry Says:


    Happy Birthday……..

    hope, you will active in your personal =)….

    i always love you…

    happy birthday….

  206. 206
    eky Says:

    i see that today’s ur birthday

    so, happy birthday brother…

  207. 207
    maya Says:

    Happy Birthday…

    God bless u today, tommorow and forever

    love and peace from Indonesia

  208. 208
    maya Says:

    hi.. i really like your action in Witch amusement…
    you have a beautiful smile…
    my friend said that i’m crazy…
    but i dont care…
    i’ll already save your picture in my wallet
    thanks for give me so many happiness

  209. 209
    maya Says:

    I hope nobody will be angry if i said that i like u..(i meant my boyfriend….ha..ha..ha)

  210. 210
    ahaha Says:

    jae hee!!.. i really like you!.. (oh my, this is weird!)..
    i just finished watching sassy girl chunhyang.. i love your character.. aaaw.. nakakainlab grabeh! 😀

  211. 211
    marites gerona Says:

    jae hee please gain some weight!u seem to be a good actor but very skinny…love u in witch amusement but please eat…luv u…

  212. 212
    khin cho cho ag Says:

    i like u so much….because u are very handsome.i watch your witch amuse-ment.u are uery cheerfull.i wish u can be the best of drama star.

  213. 213
    amiq Says:

    heyy i really really like you in the drama 3 dads & 1 mom
    ure so talented.
    the baby is preety and adorable.
    love her 🙂
    i enjoy watching the drama, especially with your facial expression.

  214. 214
    blackhoney112 Says:

    I recently watched 3-Iron on HBO and I had to record it because I absolutely fell in love with this film. It is so beautiful and so are you….I am sure that you will have more African-American fans if you continue to put out this quality work. Happy Belated birthday and much love from the US!

  215. 215
    gemynice Says:


    Jae Hee’s handsome and talented actor for me!!
    His talent (even in acting or be a model) is so great!! (can you see that?) 😀
    I wanna say happy birthday to Jae Hee, wish all the best for you, oppa!

    Hi guys, let’s wait for his new movie. .
    It’s called “Mandate”..
    It will be release in June..

    oppa……. FIGHTING!! 😀 😀

  216. 216
    -------------------- Says:

    love him so cute

  217. 217
    allyana Says:

    you’re so cute…
    i like how you act…you are really funny…

  218. 218
    sal Says:

    you’re so cute when you smile….and handsome

  219. 219
    choco Says:

    he’s cute n funny in 3 dads and 1 mom and Choong Hyang Girl..hehe he has the same birthday as mine thats cool
    he looks a lot like Kenji Wu 😀

  220. 220
    puFFy_ Says:

    in sassy girl chun hyang u r soo cute..!
    ur character r annoying but u r totally caring..!
    ur facial expression is so good.!
    n cute!
    hopefuly to see u in more drama n movies..!!

  221. 221
    Alex Says:

    hmm… I don’t know what I can say. everything is here xD maybe “best wishes from Poland!”? ^^

  222. 222
    inah Says:

    i hope i can meet u in person…. i’m kinda curious what kind of guy u r… well i hope i can see u when i come visit korea….

  223. 223
    kayel Says:

    I’ve been addicted watching his movies and series..^__^

    i liked his series “Delightful Girl”.. “Witch Yoo Hee” and “1 mom 3 dads”..

    I’ve got addicted with his smile.. *melting*

    arrhgg..I love him..Ü

  224. 224
    gemynice Says:

    Now, I understand. .
    There are 2 fans here who have same birthday like Jae Hee. .

    Include me. .
    Hohoho. .

    Luv u oppa!

  225. 225
    franceliz Says:

    I so adore Jae Hee.. I agree he’s genuinely into his work .. Unlike other actors he tend to have a down to earth type of personality (I’m hopelessly in love with it) .. celebrity or no celebrity it feels like you can always hold an actual conversion with him.

  226. 226
    franceliz Says:

    I really like him alot. No guy has made me cry in a drama like he did in Delightful Girl. Hes one of my favorite Korean male actors.

  227. 227
    akah Says:

    instead of playing different role in different drama, i can still see the cuteness inside every character you play, WHICH I LOVE SO MUCH!! you’re the cutest creature i ever seen….JAE HEE WE LOVE YOU!!

  228. 228
    WAHAHAHA Says:

    jae hee!! u are so cute
    i love ur facial expressions!!
    i love you!!!!!
    i want to learn korean!!!

  229. 229
    AOI Says:

    this man is the BEST in SASSY GIRL CHUN-YANG. I watch it over and over again

  230. 230
    dorothy Says:


  231. 231
    dorothy Says:

    he’s such a good actor! he always make me laugh w/ his expression!! sarangheo! haha. (dunno if that’s right)

  232. 232
    lalaine Says:

    hi jae hee your my idol hope to see u in person your so cute, i love your drama series “witch amusement” “choon hyang” your very good actor i love you so much…..

  233. 233
    Nifa Says:

    Anyong hasaeyo Jae hee. Bugu shippo! Belated happy birthday…I was away on holiday in New Zealand. How’s yr day? I like yr dressing in Yuhee the witch especially the shoe. U look gorgeous & fell in luv wiz yr role in this drama.

    While typing this message, I’m listening to the song title IF & DESTINY which I installed in my PC. Everytime listening to these song, I felt my heart stop beating…..remembering yr face, smile, soothing eyes & its really touched straight to my heart which make me cry most of the time.

    As a guy, u so cute whenever u did yr cheeky smile and those big eyes full of luv…u did a great job in yr role….congratulations! Just to say saranghaeyo & ta nyo o gessaeyo…

  234. 234
    wani Says:

    i love jae hee as a father of haeson
    i love what ever movie that jae hee as a actor
    because when he crying, i’m also cry with him
    for the first time i saw jae hee on sassy girl, then yoo hee the witch and the latest one 3 daddies with 1 mommy, i love that story line really touchy, i love jae hee

  235. 235
    shirl Says:

    JaeHee. You’re such a good actor. Love all your cute actions. keep up the good acting!

  236. 236
    gemynice Says:

    Jae Hee. .
    I always wait for your newest film or drama. .
    Give the b

  237. 237
    Hennie Says:

    i like Jae Hee.
    your acting very nice for me..
    come Indonesia, Pleas!

  238. 238
    mylovelle Says:

    Annyong haseyo….Je irumum…imnida Mylovelle…Im one of the fans of Mr. Jae Hee (Lee Hyun Kyoon)… I hope soon he will be having movie or drama with Mis Han Ga In (Kim Hyun Joo) together with Miss Han Chae Young (Kim Ji Young),,,,Fan from the Philippines, Manila…..More power & Godbless… Kamsahamnida…

  239. 239
    EverySeason Says:

    Hi, Jae Hee. .
    I love your acti skill. .
    And I like your smile too. .
    Your fashion style’s good, but I really miss your style like when you played in K-drama Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang. ;D
    Can you change it although just once at this time?
    Haha. . . But it’s up to you. .
    Just be your self..

    Fighting, uri Jae Hee oppa! ^^

  240. 240
    EverySeason Says:

    Hi, Jae Hee. .
    I love your act skill. .
    And I like your smile too. .
    Your fashion style’s good, but I really miss your style like when you played in K-drama Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang. ;D
    Can you change it although just once at this time?
    Haha. . . But it’s up to you. .
    Just be your self..

    Fighting, uri Jae Hee oppa! ^^

  241. 241
    aileen08, Philippines Says:

    Since My Sassy Girl Chun Hyuang, I can’t help but waiting to watch him in another series, he is really good in drama, comedy and action. Hope u will be able to do more drama series in the future. God Bless & Good Luck

  242. 242
    mina Says:

    hi jae hee im from here in the phillipines your movie witch yoo hee is very nice supper…

    we are always watching you and the other character..

    but must we lovEd you here we aRe hoping yoU caN reAd tHis simpLe meSsaGe.. anD hoPing too thAt tHe fuLL caSt wEre viSiT ouR coUntRy hErE in phillipines…

    takecare and we love you so much jae hee…

    your faN mina.

  243. 243
    geles Says:

    jae hee!:)
    I love the drama you act witch yoo hee!
    You’re so cuteeeeeeee xP

  244. 244
    meanne Says:

    hi JAE HEE,

    i like you s0 much…you are a good act0r…
    you are s0000 cute…
    i hoped WITCH Y00 HEE will have a part2…
    and i s000 much like y0ur facial reacti0n in witch y00 hee…
    l0ve y0u..hehehe..

  245. 245
    yinda Says:

    been watching your dramas, and so far the characters are almost the same (you are funny ^^ )..
    when will you decide to do more “serious” character in dramas??
    im looking forward for your new achievements!

  246. 246
    miya Says:

    hye!!!!!!!!!anneyoeng hasayo….i love your actor in sassy girl

  247. 247
    Claire Says:

    Hi and Hello Im Claire one of your fun here in Philippines, How I wish you can also visit here.
    I watched already some of your movie here and it is so good and funny.huhuhuh

    Ang gwapo mo talaga.


  248. 248
    Mam Says:

    Hi Jae Hee…. I’m one of the Fans Club of you in Thailand, I’ve been watched 2 series “Delightful Girl Choon Hyang” and “Witch Amusement”,
    I like so much, you’re so cute when you smile and those big eyes full when your talent acting, and you crying when I’m also cry with you. (.^_^.) I like your acting, especially with your facial expression.
    I’m feeling very happy and enjoy watching the drama as you’re lead actor.

    I always wait for your newest drama or your works, and hope you reading my message in box.

    Takecare and Sarangheo… Khun Jae Hee..

    (Thaifansclub….. mam_podum@hotmail.com)

  249. 249
    Mam Says:

    Hopefully, you can e-mail with me and this one I really want to meet you in Thailand or Korea Jae Hee…

    “Cute and handsome so much for me.”

    (Thaifansclub = mam_podum@hotmail.com)

  250. 250
    Babee Says:

    Hi! I’m Thai girl. I watched series korea “Witch Amusement”, you liked art man. Went you smile made it different to eyes. Hope to see you in part of world, i didn’t hope answer and reply from you just wrote and wrote.


  251. 251
    Mhel Says:

    Hi, I’m a big fan fro philippines. Witch Yoo Hee has a high rating here. It’s a good one. I already watched it twice on-line but still watching the series every afternoon.
    I like your style anyway! And you’re cute. I first saw you in Sassy Girl Chun Yang, that was great also.
    More power to you and God bless.!

    Jae Hee rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  252. 252
    Mam Says:


    Want to speak two short words ” Love & Like” Jae Hee, so cute.

  253. 253
    lovelyn Says:


    im a big fan also!!

    keep rockin!!!

    love you!!

    take care !!

    more career to come!!

  254. 254
    NA Says:

    hi jae hee….
    im 1 of ur fan from singapore. i like ur style n acting. e characters all suits u. hope to see u more in actions… all the best!

  255. 255
    dolly Says:

    anneong hasseyo mannaso panggapsumnida, jeonuen dolly sumnida..
    as u see im not dat good in korean language..but when i saw u on tv as in oh my gosh! i want to learn korean language right away..
    im one of your fans here in the philippines..your such a nice actor,moshiss,talented,i really really love your smile..and your character..i want to see you in person thats why im eager to learn about your language it seems so hard because its only a self study..but i promise you in the future that i will successfully learn your language..
    well anyway take care always! sarang haeyo ♥♥♥

  256. 256
    Aven Says:

    Hi, i like your acting!
    I’m also a fan of yours…
    keep it up!
    take care… “,)

  257. 257
    peek Says:

    hi jae hee
    i am form thailand. , i never watch series korea , when i watch witch yoo hee make me funny, you re speical and you look like thai people.
    can i connect you? if you add me at peknok@yahoo.com
    i will very happy?
    wait you and take care

  258. 258
    peek Says:

    hi jae hee
    from thailand and how about you?
    how the weather that? this is hot and rain, i don’t know, can i connect you? when i see u by internet or TV , i feel that you re myfriend , not the star , i want to friend with you, if you come to thailand and than i take tour aroud thailand.


  259. 259
    Chooviz Says:

    Hi, jae hee. .
    You’re looking good when played in Cha Soo Kyung’s MV, empty heart..
    So cute. . ;D
    well, you came to Thailand last year, didn’t you?
    How about Indonesia? 😀

  260. 260
    chooviz Says:

    Dear Jae Hee…
    hiks, I know it’s will be a long time to comeback again..
    and I know, not only me will be sad to hear this news..
    but sure all of your fans everywhere will be sad like me.. :'( :'(
    so, I want you’ll do your best there on 5 August..



  261. 261
    peek Says:

    hi, friend (jae hee)
    from thailand, how are you? what the weather? this is rain alway
    it very boring. i want to friend with you really you look like my friend.
    add peknok@yahoo.com please
    take care and miss

  262. 262
    afy Says:

    hey whussup..
    Im afy from malaysia..A very big fan of yours….you are so cute….Could u please give me your email address???

  263. 263
    esther :) Says:

    jae hee oppa you’re handsome n loved you in Delightful Girl ChunHyang with Han Chae Young unnie~

  264. 264
    Kibsy Says:

    Hi jae hee 🙂

    I’m the one of many fans from thailand

    Witch Yoo Hee so high ratting korea series in here

    You are so lovely in this characters ,

    keep it up ! guy

    take care and waiting for you new series na ,

  265. 265
    Anne Says:

    hi jae hee
    Im ur no.1 fans here in the philippines,
    I really like your role in witch yoo hee….
    actually Ive seen you first in Chunyang…..
    goodluck to your career….

    god bless you…. mwuahh…

  266. 266
    Anne Says:

    jae hee…

    I hope you can go here in the philippines
    and see your million of fans….

    You’re so cute….
    you’re a very good actor…

  267. 267
    sazila Says:

    i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu so muchhhhh jae hae..u are so sweet’i luv ufrom the first time i saw u in the drama sassy girl chun yang.sweet like a lolipop

  268. 268
    che sofia shazila Says:

    i luv u,u luv me or not,ha^-^u are so sweet,like chocolate,i luv u.i luv u coz r so superb actor.are u married man??!!!!!!!!u luv me,did u believe the first luv sight.ii

  269. 269
    Kibsy Says:

    Hi !

    How r u today ,

    miss u na

    and hearing from you soon na ja *_*

    Kibsy from thailand

  270. 270
    ly Says:

    HI! i’m from VIET NAM……. sarangheyo jae hee

  271. 271
    Kibsy Says:

    : ) ……. : )

  272. 272
    emieylia Says:

    hi….jae hee.i’m from Malaysia.. u are so cute..hopefully i will meet u one days… hehe..anyway have a nice days..FIGHTING!!!!!!

  273. 273
    choviz Says:


    4 days more from now, oppa Jae Hee will go to military service..
    oppa, aja-aja fighting!!! 😀

  274. 274
    Aimee Says:

    your so cute……….

    i hpe you can visit the philippines……….more of ur fanswill like it…
    I assure you to that……………………….

    more powers to you…………..

  275. 275
    Aldi Says:

    Hi, jae hee hyong.
    I was one of your fans in Indonesia
    I saw you for the first time on delightful girl choon hyang drama.
    You’re such a fun guy, hehehe. I’m always laught when you’re joking on the act.
    well yaph, that’s all I know about you
    Just wanna say good luck for service military!!
    God Bless you
    If you don’t mind, would you like to add me on my friendster?
    only at alloys_private_sites_of_drummer@yahoo.com
    thanks jae hee hyong 🙂
    God Bless You.

  276. 276
    alofer Says:


    Jae Hee..or Lee MongRyong….

    annyeong Haseyo?

    i never bored to watch your drama, that is: SASSY GIRL.

    Oh my Godness, u very cool n so funny…

    hm, i’m from INDONESIA…

    if you have a few time,

    please come in…

    your fans very missing you came to INDONESIA…

    I’m Waiting for your Travel to here


  277. 277
    alofer Says:

    indonesia menunggumu…..

  278. 278
    jaqueline Says:

    Hi Jae Hae

    Im Jaqueline, and my from Brazil, but i leave in USA for few years now,well i got to know you as actor by a cliente, i do hair by the way,and he had his lap top play while i was doing his hair. Hes was waching Delightful Girl,oh my gosh,i never realy like soaps befor and if you don’t know Brazilian soaps are very famous like Holywood movies,every in the wolrd ,i ask him to give me a copy of it, i could not wait to wach every single episode,now im down to episode 15.
    Well i didn’t know that korean actors where very good and i think you are very good in what you do…..keep up,beacause you have great potential as a actor. on camera you are realy delightful,and fun to wach.
    I hope you have great carrier ahead of you,and keep the way you are the skie is the limit fo you.

    May the Lord bless you,

    Jaqueline 🙂 a Brazilian smile for you.

  279. 279
    jacke Says:

    hey!..its jackie frm the philippines!..

    we love you here jae hee..hope u can visit us……..


  280. 280
    KANG OSKAR Says:

    hi.my name is oscar iam agirl and iam your fans jae.hee
    then your film was so nice and comedian and i love you so so so much
    keep working

  281. 281
    ness Says:

    hello jae hee… i am ness from the philippines and i am one of your biggest fans. i really adore and admire you in all your movies and tv series… i also watch your clips (cf) on you tube… i hope you can visit the philippines and i assure that a lot of filipina women will be very happy!! take care, God bless more.. i hope you’ll have more projects to come!

  282. 282
    hieng Says:

    HI..Jae hee.
    I form Thailand. like you somuch. miss youuuuuuuuu””

  283. 283
    Shahanny Cheng Says:

    Hi Jae, How are you? I hope that everything will fine around you. I’am Shahanny from Kuwait, I am the one of biggest fans since I watched your TV series Three Daddy’s & One Mommy. I love the way you are acted and I really enjoyed watching it. I hope I meet you one of this days to see you in person. I love you and I want to be your friend. I pray that a lot of project coming to you. Wish you all the best. Sarang hae yo…Mwah.

  284. 284
    Kibsy Says:

    annyeong Haseyo?

    How r u jae hee miss you every day 🙂

    ie ie ie

  285. 285
    mimi Says:

    hye jae hee..
    wow u are so handsome!!!!
    i hope i can be ur friend although i know that i can’t….hahhahaaha
    lets chat with me…..

  286. 286
    manilyn Says:

    hi?!wow your so cute and handsome!!in the movie of witch yoo hee!you`re so nice!!i hope you hane a more project!take care always

  287. 287
    natasia Says:

    anyyong haseyo
    hi JaeHee
    i’m 18 girl from indonesia
    who really like u
    i really like u in sassy girl
    i love LEE MONG RYONG
    i have watched sassy girl for many times
    actually u re really inspiring me
    i really want to have a boyfriend like Lee Mong Rong
    u re so cute n handsome
    and i know u re also kind guy
    i love u Jae Hee

  288. 288
    Kibsy Says:

    Hi !

    How about you today ?

    Take care

    Good night 🙂

  289. 289
    intan Says:

    sarang haseyoo..o my God..before i search for you in the internet i think i already the last one fans..hehe..Jae Hee..just few second a go i just know your real name..it sounds like ginger in Indonesian language..hehe..i just like you for these few days..because i watch sassy girl in kbs every 10.15 pm from monday to thursday..just watch it from one week a go..and so strange that..the movie is really different in korean language than indonesian..its more..romantic!!:]] especially when you speak i love you to chun-hyang..it so different..and i already wait every night just to watch you..so sad today i cannot watch full the entire movie because ecclipse in my indovision cable..hikz..im gonna buy your dvd!!and i just know that you who played in three dad one mom that i have watch few months a go!!hehe..lov youuu jae hee..you still single right??hehe..theres somthg honest about your eyes..^-^..well i think i must found your fans club right away..visit jakarta yah..or am i must come to korea??hehe..sarang haseyo..God blezz..(is he Christian?):]

  290. 290
    amina Says:

    assalamo alaikom jae hee this our greeyting in islam means* peace* i’m amina birthdate is 1980 from mauritania i watch your serie sassy girl it ‘s great with chun hyang it’s very funy what makes it succeed just because of your innocence i actually love korean dramas & its great culture im now trying to learn your korean language . i hope that you one day email me i wish the best for you & all the koreans bye takecare

  291. 291
    Chili Says:

    Jae Hee,
    Heard that you have been enlisted and will be gone for two years.
    Sniff…sniff… We are going to miss you. Please take care, grow some muscle, and come back to make more great films for us to enjoy.
    We’ll be waiting!!

  292. 292
    lyncholic Says:

    i really love jaehee
    especially when he played as Lee Mong Ryong
    he is so cute
    actually he’s the cutest boy i have ever seen
    i like his acting
    very talented
    he’s so nice guy
    he alaways smile
    he is really dream boy
    i love him so much
    if u want to talk and share something bout jaehee
    add my msn at lyncholic@live.com

  293. 293
    donna Says:

    hello jae hee..
    how are u today? i hope your ok.. by the way im Donna from the philippines.. the first time i saw u in the chun yang, second in the 3dads and 1 mom; its a funny movie i ever saw.. i really like ur character in the 3dads and 1mom coz ur kind and you have a young at heart..
    i hope in the reality u hve it also
    And i hope u could visit here in Philippines (soon),
    coz i believe u have a lots of avid fans here..hehehe and im one of them.. ajaah!!

    take care.. Jae hee 🙂

  294. 294
    tirah Says:

    hello jae hee………
    im ur fans that really likes u…expecially in sassygirl….ur so cute..i had dream to have a guy like u…lee mong ryong is the best character than chae moo-long in witch amusement…hope to see ur acting in 3dads n 1 mom…come to malaysia orh…because there are many ur fans in m’sia…saranghae…send my regard to kim jeong hoon

  295. 295
    Nena Says:

    Hey Jea how are ua? I am nena and i am one of your fans. Actually, i feel lucky cz i watched your series in Sassy Girl and you were the reason why i were watching it 😀

    You have great potintials and abilities and i think you will be world star sooner or later. I hope to see your other dramas soon.

    Take care.

  296. 296
    khantaung91 Says:

    Hello,your sweet actor than very funny.I’m myanmar.you come to yangon.
    I need to your email address and ph number.I think you give me.
    I wait for your report mail.

    Bye Bye

  297. 297
    VAANI Says:

    hi jae hee..how r u.. i rarely watch korean movies..n i saw ur sassy girl movie..it was very nice n i like it.. jz wanna make fren wif u..if can send me a message to vaanigirl@yahoo.com.. hope 2 hear frm u soon..keep up ur good work..best of luck in ur future..tc..cheo!!1

  298. 298
    gee Says:

    hi there! I’m gee from Malaysia.

    1st time I watched you in sassy girl, I already love you and chun yang.

    You guys are such good actors.

    Can’t wait to watch your other drama. Love you.

  299. 299
    Hee Soo Says:

    Jae Hee oppa..sa rang ha mi da!

  300. 300
    cho Says:

    I miss you.I live in myanmar.Do you know myanmar?I watch your TV series.May I know your gmail account?I hope your answer.

  301. 301
    cho Says:

    I miss you.

  302. 302
    Hannah Says:

    Hi !
    I like you so much
    I have only watched 1 mom & 3 dads,witch amusement and my girl
    But I like you so much
    Keep Trying as I will always be your fan
    Hope to see more movies of yours!
    I believe your actions will be better …….
    fighting! bro!

  303. 303
    tin Says:


  304. 304
    muah Says:


  305. 305
    chinita_g!rL Says:

    ..one of the cutest korean guy i’ve ever seen!!!
    ..i really love his smile….
    ..the way he act on one mom with three daddys….
    …i love jae hee!!!!!
    …hope he would visit philippines 1 day….

  306. 306
    Kibsy Says:

    Hi !!!!

    Miss you ja 🙂

  307. 307
    Kibsy Says:


  308. 308
    Kibsy Says:

    Good morning ! 😉

  309. 309
    Opal Says:

    I”m Thai people.
    I like you.
    I crazy you.
    I like you are smile.

  310. 310
    gracey Says:

    hi….i like you so much!

  311. 311
    chooviz Says:

    You’re so adorable!!!

    I miss you ^-^

  312. 312
    bheann Says:

    SARANGHE Jae Hee!!!

    I really like your drama “Witch Amusement” and “Three Dads and One Mom”…

    I hope to see you someday..^___^

  313. 313
    heejae Says:

    Hi Jae Hee..
    Hope 2 see your next new Drama series…
    I love the way u act.. I think in real life ur so cool..
    Love ur Drama series specially Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang..

  314. 314
    maricar Says:

    hi!!! i love every character you portray especially in delightful girl choon hyang,in witch amusement and in one mom and three dads..there is not one moment that you can’t make me smile with your performance..keep up the good work,jae hee!! God bless!!!

  315. 315
    maricar Says:

    hello!!! i’m hoping you are able to read my comments here.. ^_^
    maybe someday if you have your extra time,you can visit our country..so that i will be able to see you in person and congratulate you on your every work well done..thanks!!! i am a fan of yours..

  316. 316
    jaeheeliza Says:

    oppa miss you so much…
    wish that you can visit our country and work with some of our actor/actress, since malaysia do a project with us…

    wish that you can do project with lee dae hee…
    the two of you are my favorites…

    wish you luckkk..
    2 years are long but ill wait for you..
    your filipino fans missyou and waiting for you…

  317. 317
    fitra Says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii………….i am very like with JAE HEE pengen deh JAE HEE datang ke indonesia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU JAE HEE…………………..

  318. 318
    Nicole Says:

    HI !!!

    I like your style.
    I watched your series such as witch amusement and 1 mon and 3 dad
    your best in 1 mon and 3 dad

    Have a nice day 🙂

  319. 319
    Arezoo Says:

    Sassy girl was a wonderful movie.I really enjoyed it alot.I got very upset when I realised it is the last episode.I belive your acting was really good.

    I hope to meet you someday.

    See you later……….

  320. 320
    azel Says:

    woooooow!!!!!!!!!! hope to meet you personal……., come and visit us in the philippines,,,,,, love you,,”

  321. 321
    azel Says:

    woooooow!!!!!! hello i’m from philippines hope to see you here love you,,” your so cool and cute love you the best……

  322. 322
    cey`` Says:

    Waaaahhhhh!!!! I Love JAE HEE soooo mucccchhh!!! your acting is so funny and good. Your the best dad among the 3, coz ur the one who always take care of baby xianxin!! Hope you visit the philipphines!!^^

  323. 323
    Chooviz Says:

    Dear, oppa..
    I’m waiting for your new movie, Mandate, which will release on October..
    And I’ve seen its poster movie..
    Your performance is great!!
    Wow, I wanna see you there 🙂
    Good Luck!

  324. 324
    mark anthony balicha Says:

    .,haluu.,im mark you are my idol. you know what,all of your korea novelas i wach already. sorry if my grammar is almost ancorrect. please add me in friendster. du u have friendster? markyjane_sinichikudo@yahoo.com
    and add me also on my yahoo messenger . ty

  325. 325
    jclyn regala Says:

    hi jae hee your so hansome someday you will visit her in philippines i like you in three dads with one mom i love your smile your killer smile

  326. 326
    Siti Says:

    Cute Jae Hee.. You are simply adorable. Love your acting especially in Chun Hyang. Gonna miss you for 2 years since you are now doing ur military duty.

    Just come back and do more great drama coz you have great talent and most of all…. you simply irresistable. Sarang Haeyo

  327. 327
    Kibsy Says:

    Hi !!!!

    Miss you ja 🙂

  328. 328
    panera Says:

    Have you ever had your palms read? Are you Catholic? If so, who is your patron saint?

  329. 329
    Khin Thet Hta Says:

    Hi Jae Hee
    I like your series.. witch amusement and 1 mom and 3 dads . Please try..try.. to get a lot of awards . I like your smile so much .so always smile.

  330. 330
    kristina Says:


    i haven’t seen you in person…
    but i hope when that time comes,it’s the same guy i knew in TV and in person…
    you seems to be a nice guy and sweet personality…
    you’re bubbly,friendly person in TV…
    i want to see more of you…

    take care…

  331. 331
    jae hee is LOVE Says:

    omgosh…JAE HEE

  332. 332
    Lani Arjuni Says:

    oppa…i miss u so much, i’m from indonesia, do you know where is it?? i’m waiting for your new film Mandate, i really want to watch u’re new film..good luck oppa, we miss u..

  333. 333
    Xiao Bei Says:


    I from Malaysia.. I’ll be always support you!!

  334. 334
    Xiao Bei Says:


    I from Malaysia.. Jae Hee, i’ll be always suport you!!!

  335. 335
    SARAH Says:

    jae hee i really love your acting, i want to see you in person.. please visit the Philippines.. we love you.. Godbless

  336. 336
    cheny Says:

    hi jae hee i first saw u in ur tv drama drama 1 mom 3 dads and i was charmed by the way u acted and carried urself for u really delivered urself so naturally so i searched for the other dramas that u did and found witch yoo hee which i also fell inlove but i got crazy when i saw delightful choonyang i liked ur character and looks there so much that u gave the best acting in which people are going crazy about.u look so handsome in choonyang so pls dont get to skinny

  337. 337
    cheny Says:

    really looking forward for ur new projects i juz hope it would be as nice as ur previous dramas

  338. 338
    cheny Says:

    pls do more interesting,romantic and inspiring dramas and movies for u really deserve to be in the limelight at all times

  339. 339
    cheny Says:

    i forgot to tell u that u have real nice teeth and kissable lips and i juz want u to know that u have to really take care of it coz its ur smile that makes u more handsome so pls dont smoke for it darkens people’s lips

  340. 340
    cheny Says:

    may god bless u always

  341. 341
    cheny Says:

    i have to say that ur face is perfect, ur eyes are very expressive, ur nose is like an scultured artwork and ur lips are kissable even ur skin is smooth so pls take good care of everything

  342. 342
    cheny Says:

    so pls continue to inspire people for we r here loving and supporting u

  343. 343
    cheny Says:

    i like some pretty korean actresses and i hope u could have them as ur leading ladies in the future like song he kyo andjeon ji hyun

  344. 344
    chooviz Says:

    Hi Cheny…!!!!

    I luv ya!!! 🙂
    All of what u say is right!
    So, Jae Hee oppa, pls take care for your health!!
    I alw

  345. 345
    arantxa Says:

    hi1..i watched my girl n sassy girl chun-hyang1..i love ur films…must say ur avery talented actor..hey1..ur very good looking too…i hope u have a wonderful life..keep smiling n stay 4ever cute1..anyo!

  346. 346
    tracey :) Says:

    hi there..

    i really love your character in your show 3 dads with one mom

    hope you three visit philippines soon..:)

    i think i fallen for you..

    hope to see you!!!

    taka care
    keep safe and more power!!!

  347. 347
    Arezoo Says:

    I write for you again because I found out that my last email address was closed.I love sassy girl chung hyung.It is the best korean film I have ever seen.With the bes wishes.

    I hope to meet you one day!!!!!!!!

  348. 348
    zai Says:

    HI!!!!! OMG…. ang cute moh talaga……

  349. 349
    gillian Says:

    hey…your a rocker…!keep it up!!
    ”i just want to say your so funn”

  350. 350
    gillian Says:

    ……great joker!!!keep it up man..!!

  351. 351
    kline Says:

    love ur series three dads and one mom! is there part 2?? who will get na young?? hopefully there will be part 2.. im an avid fan of urs. also loved choon-yang. nice.. also my sassy girl. love ur roles and you too! keep it up

  352. 352
    kline Says:

    love ur series three dads and one mom! is there part 2?? who will get na young?? hopefully there will be part 2.. im an avid fan of urs. also loved choon-yang. nice.. also my sassy girl. love ur roles and you too! keep it up!!!!

  353. 353
    miel Says:

    ur sooo cute..hahah, ur fuNny..
    keep it uP!

  354. 354
    Yesica Says:

    Hola Jae Hee,,
    I can’t wait for your new movie Mandate. . 😉

  355. 355
    hanna_06 Says:

    luv yah……

  356. 356
    najma Says:

    …stay cute jae hee…!!!

  357. 357
    model red Says:

    jae hee is good actor!

    keep it cool bro.

    starhorizon model

  358. 358
    cho Says:

    I like your actor and wearing style from “one mother and three dad”.I really want to speak you at online.I want to your gmail address.If you have time you add my gmail.”phyo.khinezaw.pa@gmail.com”.I wait you add.I live in myanmar.Do you know “Myanmar”?I always watch your series.Take care of your health.

    bye bye


  359. 359
    cheny Says:

    hi there too chooviz!

    for jae hee i know ur off to military though ur not there to promote ur movie people who love u will always think that ur present coz u will always be present in our hearts! cant wait to really see u again on new projects with beautiful actresses like song he kyo, i know u had been in a drama with jeon ji jyun in steal my heart but id like to see u again with her and also lee da hae

  360. 360
    chooviz Says:

    Hi, Cheny! 🙂
    I got good news from uri oppa at military service camp..
    He came up tops in one of his shooting exercise during military service..!!

    Give an applause for him.. 😉

    credit to leehyunkyun.com via soompi.

  361. 361
    zhesa Says:

    hi jaiden!!

    im one of your million fans all over the world..

    i came from philippines..

    you are my favorite among your co actors in three dads with one mommy..

    do you have fansclub, ofcourse you have, can i join?

    by the way,,keep up the good work.. and stay CUTE..

  362. 362
    Ami Says:

    I’m from thailand.

    Jae Hee play badminton ? me too!

    I like you very much and I want to meet you.

  363. 363
    cheny Says:

    tnx 4 d info chooviz coz i always wanna be updated on whats going on about jae hee so tnx

    ive watched some of jae hee’s videos and found out that he was such a good man a good son for helping his family and hes not very picky when it comes to girls he looks on one’s personality rather than beauty so that makes him more of a man.hes really the man so keep it up jae hee

  364. 364
    cheny Says:

    i wonder why jae hee’s first tv dramas were not posted on his profile i thought they r posting all of the actors works so that people who r following their idols will also see it here on this site

  365. 365
    SHIN SO Says:

    * Dobong District (도봉구; 道峰區)
    * Dongdaemun District (동대문구; 東大門區)
    * Dongjak District (동작구; 銅雀區)
    * Eunpyeong District (은평구; 恩平區)
    * Gangbuk District (강북구; 江北區)
    * Gangdong District (강동구; 江東區)
    * Gangnam District (강남구; 江南區)
    * Gangseo District (강서구; 江西區)
    * Geumcheon District (금천구; 衿川區)
    * Guro District (구로구; 九老區)
    * Gwanak District (관악구; 冠岳區)
    * Gwangjin District (광진구; 廣津區)
    * Jongno District (종로구; 鍾路區)

    * Jung District (중구; 中區)
    * Jungnang District (중랑구; 中浪區)
    * Mapo District (마포구; 麻浦區)
    * Nowon District (노원구; 蘆原區)
    * Seocho District (서초구; 瑞草區)
    * Seodaemun District (서대문구; 西大門區)
    * Seongbuk District (성북구; 城北區)
    * Seongdong District (성동구; 城東區)
    * Songpa District (송파구; 松坡區)
    * Yangcheon District (양천구; 陽川區)
    * Yeongdeungpo District (영등포구; 永登浦區)
    * Yongsan District (용산구

    where in this district are living

  366. 366
    Achilles Says:

    hi, my family and relatives enjoy watching 3 dads and 1 mom tv series. funny and absolutely one of the most entertaining comedy and love story ever made in korean movie industry. i bought a cd that incorporates the whole story and i watched it for 3 days… my days are complete and satisfied, you make laugh guys and cried out loud watching seriously with some of those sensitive and emotional scenes, huhuhu…. i should hide my tears from my cousin, hehehe… invite me guys on your website, email me pls. ronald_magbanua@yahoo.com… awaiting of your next movies, you guys are cool and hot!!!

  367. 367
    marj Says:

    hello! I’m one of you’re avid fans here in the Philippines….i like you’re acting so much…and you’re so handsome…keep it up…you’re one of the korean actor that i admire so much…. i love you’re role in three dad’s and one mom…I’m hoping that you will have another drama and show it her in the Philippines…surely I’m going to watch….you’re so cute..

  368. 368
    Kibsy Says:

    Hi ,

    How r u :p

  369. 369
    cris Says:

    hellooooo jae hee(jaden) ur so cute….. u luk lke a bear a cutie bear i lked ur hair style in 3dadds n 1mom….

  370. 370
    MJ Says:

    hello jayden fom 3 dads with one mommy………u really are so cute,hope to see to see you in person……….will you be my best friend?i kip on watching your show bcoz of you……hop you will have the Part 2 of 3 dads with one mommy……..GO GUYZ!!!!!!!!!!!

  371. 371
    Mysterious Girl Says:

    Hello. You are very cute especially in 3 dad and 1 mom. Hope you will have more movies to come. I am also gemini my birthday is MaY 28.. Bye bye. Take care

  372. 372
    Mysterious Girl Says:

    Hello. You are very cute especially in 3 dad with 1 mom. I wish we could be best friends. Please. please. hehe. I will always watch your shows. Hope you will have more movies to come. I am also gemini my birthday is MaY 28.. Bye bye. Take care

  373. 373
    ghelique casio Says:

    Hi there jae hee!
    You’re so cute promise!
    Hope to see you here on the Philippines.
    Take CAre
    > Keep Safe!

  374. 374
    loben dorego Says:

    good evening idol jae hee you know i like your porma coz you are my idol i watch your tele drama every nihgt i wish i meet you in personal brother jae hee

  375. 375
    loben dorego Says:

    you are my idol in three dady with one mamy

  376. 376
    shahrzad Says:


  377. 377
    Violet Says:

    Hi Jae Hee! I admire all u’r works! U are a very talented star, and u’r acting skill is excellence. u’r facial expression is always awesome!
    I already bought the 3 dads & 1 mum CD, but don’t have time to watch it yet.
    But after reading all the above positive comments from other Korean series lovers, it makes me can’t wait to start watching it!
    Love Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang and Witch Yu Hee from u so far..
    And I am very convince that I’m going to add 3D & 1M on the list.
    Thumbs up for u Jae Hee!..

  378. 378
    Siti Says:

    Hi Jae Hee.. How’s life now?Guess it is tough doing all the training right? Anyway, all the best to you. Just wanna say that I miss your acting and looking forward to seeing you in 2 year’s time.. Sarang haeyo.. mmuuuahh…

  379. 379
    angela Says:

    hi jae hee, im angela from cavite,philippines, i know you will never remember me after you read this (hopin you read this) but i want you to know i believe in your talent keep up the good work, hopin to see you soon (in philippine) take care god bless

  380. 380
    TheresaAshley Says:

    i really like evrything on you?? your acting was great. Your face is cute.
    And your attitude was great..you’re an ideal man to a lot of women so… KEEP IT UP!!Are you really funny in real life???hehehe..im just wondering bout it because you’re really funny in screen.. and it’s actually one of your GREATEST ASSET!i hope you could read this..? by the way, you can add up my friendster acount if you have time:

  381. 381
    loben dorego Says:

    hi idol jae hee how are you.? you know im so happy beco’z my father berthday is on this day

  382. 382
    farah rafiqa Says:

    annhyong haseoyo,i’m fanatic with your drama ‘sassy girl, chun hyang’. i luv wif your acting. futhermore in mong ryong character. u’re really great actor , u’re so cute. juz keep up! n don’t forget to reply my message, jae hee.

  383. 383
    farah rafiqa Says:

    annhyong haseoyo, i luv ur character in ‘sassy girl’ im fanatig indeed. juz keep up u re talented.

  384. 384
    secret Says:

    jae hee hi…you so cute in 3 dads and 1 mom…

  385. 385
    lynda Says:

    i’m from MALAYSIA!!!
    u are so cute in sassy girl..
    u & chae young are the best partner!!

  386. 386
    vEs Says:

    jAe hEe..

    you’re so cute.. : )

    hope to see in pers0n..

    take care


    god bless!!!

  387. 387
    meriz Says:

    you are so cute! (:

    i wanna be your wife someday.. haha (:

    ahha (:

    i’m crazy over your handsome and cute face..


    i can’t get rid of you (:


    saranghe! haaha (:

  388. 388
    Donie Says:


    I’m a Filipino guy. “three Dads with one Mom” really well appreciated by Filipinos. It was dubbed in our own language and it really beautiful. and guess what? out from the three daddys, my bet is you. hehehehe!!! your character is very interesting. A cool guy who always in the middle of war to promote peace. Hayyyyy…. that’s good. hope I could get feedback from you. here’s my e-mail hardon_117@yahoo.com. this is also my friendster account.


    Donskie her

  389. 389
    MJ bujoy Says:

    hi jayden……..i really like you so much!!!!!!!hope you could still plan to do part 2 of 3 dads with one mommy show…..i really love it….. i bought cd tape and i keep on watching it together with my friends…….hope you could find favor on me,i have been searching where i can ask favor to have a Part 2 of your show with Kim Yoo Jin the 3 DADS WITH 1 MOMMY…….please im begging on you……..mylene hermosa of Batangas City-PHILIPPINES

  390. 390
    hazeljane Says:

    hello jae hee… i’m a very BIG fan…
    i wish there would be a three dads and one mom PART 2…..
    you were a very good actor…
    i wish i could meet you in person….
    Godbless and keep up the very good work…
    you’re sooooooooo handsome…

  391. 391
    Siti NY Says:

    I read some views by CHENY.. I guess she is a big fan of Jae Hee. Same here.. What I like most about Jae Hee is his cute smile.. REaLLLY reaLLLy like him coz he is AWeSome.. Well, just finished watching Yu Hee for the third time. Simply can’t get enough of him. Maybe later will watch again 3 dads and 1 mum.. SO, my Cutie Pie.. Take care of yourself and stay sweet…. Sarang Haeyo..

  392. 392
    khaye_dyosa Says:

    I’m not really fond of leaving comments like this one… It’s just that I really can’t help it this time!

    The first time I saw you was when you’re TV series aired here in our country, The Philippines. The series was Delightful Girl Choon Hyang.
    To be honest, I really don’t care at all… you were not that attractive and not the type who would make me watch out for your face more…

    And so, a year or so passed and another series with you having the lead character (Witch Yu-Hee) came up. I once again ignored it and did not even bother the show already ended.

    Then one time, I decided to watch Witch Yu-Hee. I was kind of attracted with the story when I watched it in a commercial. It was then I realize you have this smile I really cannot explain. There are not enough words. It’s cute, charming, cool…more than I can think of.

    From then on, I liked you a lot.

    I just finished the whole story of Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang. I liked you better in this story, haha, I finished it in just two sleepless nights!

    Now, I’m trying to watch or grab a copy of all your movies, series, photos and everything which has your addicting smile and gorgeous face!

    It’s not just your smile anymore, I like many things about you. I like the fact that you have this not so perfect but a very addicting beauty. I like your fighting moves (I don’t care if they are scripted or not!), it seems so fluently done. I like your smile from the very first time i saw it. I like your facial expressions when you act. I like evreything I see from you. I’m just totally addicted over you.

    I wish that someday, I will be given a chance to meet you.

    I’m a fourth year Tourism student and I would be really glad to accompany you around when you plan to visit here… 🙂

    Hope you read this and continue making movies or series or anything I can watch you…


    Can you email at least?
    A warm Hi and a picture will do..



  393. 393
    khaye_dyosa Says:

    I’m not really fond of leaving comments like this one… It’s just that I really can’t help it this time!

    The first time I saw you was when you’re TV series aired here in our country, The Philippines. The series was Delightful Girl Choon Hyang.
    To be honest, I really don’t care at all… you were not that attractive and not the type who would make me watch out for your face more…

    And so, a year or so passed and another series with you having the lead character (Witch Yu-Hee) came up. I once again ignored it and did not even bother the show already ended.

    Then one time, I decided to watch Witch Yu-Hee. I was kind of attracted with the story when I watched it in a commercial. It was then I realize you have this smile I really cannot explain. There are not enough words. It’s cute, charming, cool…more than I can think of.

    From then on, I liked you a lot.

    I just finished the whole story of Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang. I liked you better in this story, haha, I finished it in just two sleepless nights!

    Now, I’m trying to watch or grab a copy of all your movies, series, photos and everything which has your addicting smile and gorgeous face!

    It’s not just your smile anymore, I like many things about you. I like the fact that you have this not so perfect but a very addicting beauty. I like your fighting moves (I don’t care if they are scripted or not!), it seems so fluently done. I like your smile from the very first time i saw it. I like your facial expressions when you act. I like everything I see from you. I’m just totally addicted over you.

    I wish that someday, I will be given a chance to meet you.

    I’m a fourth year Tourism student and I would be really glad to accompany you around when you plan to visit here… 🙂

    Hope you read this and continue making movies or series or anything where I can watch you…


    Can you email at least?
    A warm Hi and a picture will do..



  394. 394
    Siti NY Says:

    Well, Khaye dyosa,… You have finally fallen in love with Jae Hee. It happened to me before coz when Chun Yang was first aired in my country Malaysia in 2006 I wasn’t really attracted to JH or perhaps wasn’t that hooked to Korean Dramas.

    Then a year later when Yu Hee was aired, I was attracted to JH’ smiles.. From then on, I bought his DVD Sassy Girl, Chun Hyang and the rest of my story… You can guess… Frankly speaking, I have watched sassy Girl 5 times and Yu Hee 3 times. Just can’t get enough of him.
    Really, it is true that words just cannot explain and describe his charming smilesand cute expressions. He may not be the handsomest actor in South Korea but definitely he is the ONLY ONE BEST actor in my heart.. Sarang haeyo Jae Hee.. Miss you and looking forward to seeing you in 2 year’s time with more great dramas and with much much more charming smiles. For your info, he’s now doing his military duty.

  395. 395
    chooviz Says:

    Hi, there..! 🙂

    Are you all missing this actor??
    Yeah, me too..
    Well, guys..
    Please check the newest pic of jae hee out!!
    He comes back for a while from military service for promote his newest movie, “Mandate”.
    He’s look health! (Thanks, God!)
    and still handsome, too.. 🙂

    So, what are you waiting for?

  396. 396
    leslie Says:

    he’s from the early top rated korean show, “my girl”. he’s the husband of hannah.. hehehe he’s cuuuuuute… crush kita…heheh

  397. 397
    Hnin Htet Aung(snow) Says:

    Do u know? i am from Myanmar.
    i really like u.I want to meet u.but it is impossible.
    i like u so i am learning korean language now.
    Am i foolish.?
    My myanmar name is hnin htet aung.(snow)
    your action is very good.you are a good actor in korea.
    try the best.
    my email is januaryhnin.snow@gmail.com
    i always wait your letter.

  398. 398
    jenny ann Says:

    hi jae hee!!
    ur so cute and i really like ur style..
    hope u’d soon visit philippines..hehe!!
    i love ur role in three dads with one mommy!!
    ur way too gorgeous and i believe in ur acting career..
    and, will u marry me??hehehe just joking..

    hope to see u more in your future shows.
    continue to inspire people! like what u’ve done to me..
    keep ur awesome facial expressions…stay cute! luvlots!!

  399. 399
    snowberry Says:

    I miss u so much!! 🙂

  400. 400
    sheh Says:

    hi? i love your character in the series 3 dads wid 1 mommy.,
    you and eugene kim also have a nice partnership
    hope you visit phillipines,.
    god bless take care.,

  401. 401
    Hanceely Villa Says:

    Hi Jae Hee,,.

    I liked so very much in 3 dads w/ one mom and witch amusement,,.

    your role fits you so much in 3 dads with 1 mom,,.

    you’re my only korean crush of all time,,.

    OMG, ur so cute and talented,,.

    I wish you can visit our country, Philippines. coz, i really wanna see you,,.

    your prettiest fan in the philippines,
    Hanceely Marxell Villa

  402. 402
    just_me Says:

    JH oppa, why do you go back to military camp??? :'(
    Hope there are holiday againfor u…
    miss u, GBU..!! ^^

  403. 403
    just_me Says:

    Go, Jae Hee…………………!!!!!!!!!

  404. 404
    hana Says:

    i love your movie…u r very talented especially in yoo hee the witch.. i wish best of luck to u…love u jae hee

  405. 405
    cielo anne Says:

    hey jae hee gud luck 2 ur movies and drama series i luv you mwhuaaaaaaa ihope you will come here in the philippines god bless

  406. 406
    Siti NY Says:

    Mmuaahhh.. Just saw ur latest pics when you got a short leave to promote Mandate… Looks like u have slightly gained a few kilos.. Rather cute… And the best part is u still maintain ur charming smiles.. Sarang haeyo…

  407. 407
    qwerty Says:

    Whoa, jae hee keeps my night long. I watch three dads and one mom every night and i always hope that lizette and jayden will be the couple in the end. Apparently this cannot happen. Is jayden really the dad of nicole? I watched My Sassy Girl and Witch Yoo Hee as well. Jae Hee’s performance as Mong Ryongg (Marvin if I’m not mistaken) is quite remarkable.

    Whoa! In 0ne week time One Mom and Three Dads will be over. Hay… That’s sad. I hope it won’t end there. Let’s all pray for a part 2.

    keep it up jae hee!


  408. 408
    Pulgas Says:

    yo!!! im one of your fans.. but i hate 1mom and 3 dads.. i believe that you and eugene must hav a happy ending.. ayos?? ayos!!! idol!!!

  409. 409
    raquel Q. Says:

    Hi there Jae Hee! I’m a Filipino fan of 3 Dads with one Mom. You really have an appeal on television. Nice smile and teeth.
    Are you a cartoonist?… mm.. or it was just a role in 3Dads w/ one Mom.
    I like your facial expression.. it makes me smile! You’re seems versatile coz you can act funny and! wow! you can cry. Keet it up!

  410. 410
    jj Says:

    Hello…Gan Suu…..

    Sorry for that i’m not call your real name!
    Because i had been seen your movie that’s why i know your one of your actor name!

    Fortunately i want to talk with you on my Gmail …that my gamil….pls contect me!!!!!

  411. 411
    jj Says:

    i really want to meet with you ……

  412. 412
    jj Says:


  413. 413
    kaye Says:

    i love jae hee!!!! i love jae hee!!!! i love jae hee!!!! i love jae hee!!!! i love jae hee!!!! i love jae hee!!!! i love jae hee!!!!

    hope to see u soon in the Philipines..

    god bless

  414. 414
    nis Says:

    hi jae hee… i love very much..
    i olways wtch ur tv series one mom and 3 dads…every night.,,
    even though its late f i c ur tv series i still watch it coz i like the way u act and ur hondsme…
    Hope u could visit the philippines….

  415. 415
    Wehna Says:

    Anyong Lee Hyeon Gyun, your so handsome and a good actors.im a big fan of your show, three dads and one mom. I watched it from the start ’til end. Want to see more of you..much better in the movie with your co-stars in three dads and one m0m…Kam sameda for reading this. Do i spell it right? The korean word..sarranghe!

  416. 416
    beth Says:

    i like you,,hope we can be friends!!!!
    im beth from philippines!!!!!!

  417. 417
    mae Says:

    ..’jae hee i like ur character 3dads w/ 1 mom ur so nauhty
    ..take care of ur self, gudluck love u!!!part 2 plzz’ 3dad w/ 1mom..

  418. 418
    janille Says:

    hi jae hee…
    hope you can visit the philippines….
    i am janille….
    can we be friends????
    hope that is ok to you….
    add me on your friendster if you have…
    we love you here in philippines….
    hope you can visit here in philippines all your cast in three dads with one mommy…
    we luv you mwaxxxx….. 🙂

  419. 419
    Siti NY Says:

    Hi Jae Hee…. Just wanna say that i miss you so much. Hope u r doing well and always be happy. Just bear in mind that there r thousands of ur fans out there missing you.. I m of course no exception.. Well Jae Hee. sarang haeyo….

  420. 420
    phoenixgurl Says:

    hai jae hee……..your so my crush…promise………..i really realy like you in 3 dads and 1mom………………..You make me patronized you in your sex appeal…………GOsH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!what have you dne to me………..you are my inspiration right now a days…………………….muuuaaahhhhhhhh

  421. 421
    keket Says:




    jae hee you really” hanson.
    sarang neo..

  422. 422
    eugene Says:

    hi jae hee.
    im ur #1 fan
    i loe you
    youmade me weak if i see your pics gosh
    it made me to put aside my assignment and never regret to make it

  423. 423
    eugene Says:

    you knocks me off jae hee
    ur so handsome
    i never want to lose you. your my inspiration your my idol
    can you add me up

  424. 424
    Siti NY Says:

    Mmuuaahh…. Miss your great acting skills.. Most of all miss your cute face and charming smile…

  425. 425
    Wehna Says:

    Anyong jae hee!the korean romantic hearthrob!(can break many young girls hearts, hmmm..im maybe one of them hehe..just joking!)its been a great show! The three dads and one mom., best casting, g0od story, nice soundtrack..two thumbs up for that!..hoping for you to visit the Phils. Im one of your fans, im wehna, hello there!.. For me,Jae hee is go0d lo0king and talented man..hoping for more shows to come..

  426. 426
    shiela Says:

    hi! jae hee..im from the philippines i really like three dads w/ one mommy…i hope to see you soon,

  427. 427
    crystal Says:

    hi jae…… i really like witch yoo-hee and 3 dads w/ one mommy…
    in witch yoo-hee, you bacame my inspiration……hehehehe i hope i can see you in person….well!gud luck in your carer……..

  428. 428
    kayzee Says:

    just dropping by to say ‘HI!’
    you’re very talented actor and i’m looking forward to see more of your shows and movies…
    hope you will have the chance to visit our country-Philippines…
    it’s a nice country, nice people, and a lot of fans waiting for you…
    by the way, have you got friendster, multiply, imeem or even yahoo mail account?
    just add me up if you want…
    kazee_2k6@yahoo.com… tnx!
    god bless
    and keep up the good work!

  429. 429
    Mimi Says:

    Hi jae hee I’m one of your fan from philipppines

    I really like you so much in 3 dads and one mom

    your role suits you well..

    Your such a delighful and handsome actor..

    I really like you!!

    hope you can visit our country

  430. 430
    Siti NY Says:

    Hi Cutie… Just wanna say Hello… Miss your superb acting so much.. stay healthy and all the best to you.. Come back with more awesome dramas. Sarang haeyo…

  431. 431
    Sabrina Says:

    Hi Jan Hee, I think your really talented and your best role was Choon-Hyang. Your character was very comical and had depth. I’m not Korean, nor can I speak Korean so I read the subtitles, yet I fully understand everything and I think you’re great.

    From Canada.

  432. 432
    rochelle Says:

    hop u can do more movies and tv dramas as soon as you can come back from military service…
    wish u the best of luck!!!
    miss u so much…

    from ur avid fan(phils)

  433. 433
    snowberry Says:

    Hi, Jae Hee..

    Take care with your healthy, hope 2 next year u will get a fabulous drama.. ^-^


  434. 434
    chooviz Says:

    Jae Hee oppa, how are u?

    Miss your drama..
    Don’t worry, as your fan we’ll not leave you..


  435. 435
    catherine Says:

    i’m catherine from Indonesia.
    I’m your big fan,coz first time I saw K-drama,
    that’s Delightful Girl Choon Hyang.
    Because of your acting [and Han Chae Young]
    I was really crazy bout K-drama and looked for another K-drama.

    Hope you’ll finish your military service well.
    I’ll wait for your next drama or film.

  436. 436
    niara Says:

    hello,youre so cute,i love you…i want to be with you forever

  437. 437
    Myint Thet Nwe (From Myanmar) Says:

    Dear Jae Hee!
    I’m Thet Nwe. I always watch your Korea series. I like the best serie is ” Three Father for One Mother”. Moreover, I like your first serie, Mon Youn and Chung Yan. And I want to know your email address, because I want to chat with you on line. So, please can you invite me from my email address. If possible, I will be very glad. Thank you very much for your kindness.
    Always your’s audience!
    Myint Thet Nwe

  438. 438
    krinacute Says:

    Dear Jae Hee!

    I’m from Malaysia…I always watch your Korea series.I like the best serie is ‘Yuhee The Witch’.Moreover I like your first serie,Chae Mo-Ryong…And I want to know your email adress..so, please your invite me from my email adress…you are the best…

    Always your’s audience!

  439. 439
    luvlypink Says:

    hi Jae Hee……..
    i’m your fan…..
    I really like you in sassy girl chun hyang and also in witch yoo hee……
    when will you visit Malaysia???
    actually, i want to ask you something….
    Do you have a girlfriend???
    who is your girlfriend if you have???
    please answer my question…..
    is it right?

  440. 440
    chooviz Says:

    hi, oppa!!!!!!!!!

    Miss yaaaaaa…. 🙂 🙂

  441. 441
    chooviz Says:

    Jae hee oppaaa!!
    Hope you will winning the KBS 2008 award!!

    GBU alwaysss ^^

  442. 442
    mizzah Says:

    hey! i wish that there will be a part 2 of 3 dads w/ one mommy..
    because i really love it , i like the whole story…
    and i hope that if you have time to visit plz. visit us here in the philippines.

    hehehheheh!!!!!!! take care!!! God bless!!

  443. 443
    Siti NY Says:

    Hello Jae Hee… It has been quite sometime since I last said a few words here.. Just wanna say that miss your acting so much. What else can I do but another round of Sassy Girl, Chyn hyang.. I really love your acting and your charming smile.

    So Jae Hee.. Keep smiling and stay healthy. Sarang haeyo… Muuaahhh…

  444. 444
    juliemae Says:

    hi… ou make me smile
    evrytime i see you in tv.

  445. 445
    mizzah Says:

    hai.. jayden..,.,.,.,.,.,.,. or jae hee..,., i have so many classm8ts who really really likes you.,.,come visit he’re in the philippines in davao.,., if u have time to visit,.,., your cute :)..,.,.

  446. 446
    catherine Says:

    i’m really enjoy to watch 3 dads with 1 mommy.
    Just remain me at the first korean drama that i watched,delightful choonyang.
    So funny, n i really like your smile.


  447. 447
    amber Says:

    hi Jae Hee ^^.u are so handsome and cute.i love u ^^.

  448. 448
    chooviz Says:

    Hi, Jae Hee…………..!!!!!!!!!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

    and also for u guys, who being Jae Hee’s fans!!
    Where are you???
    do u all still support him??
    come on guys… 🙂

    May God always bless us..
    see ya 😉

  449. 449
    hninei Says:

    mingalarbar jae hee,

    may u get everything u need start from 2009!

  450. 450
    hninei Says:

    mingalarbar jae hee

    may u get all the things u want start from 2009

  451. 451
    princess kimchi Says:

    you look so gorgeous like edward cullen!

  452. 452
    princess kimchi Says:

    so hot! i’m craving 4 u!

  453. 453
    jesicca Says:

    JH, just wanna say hi ;D
    How are u today?
    Hope you’ll do the best in your camp..

    See ya! ^.^

  454. 454
    jesicca Says:

    Hi, princess kimchi..
    I agree with u 🙂
    I’ve imagined if Jae Hee plays a character like Edward Cullen, hahaha..
    And who will be Bella??

  455. 455
    prettygirl Says:


  456. 456
    mietha Says:

    I lIKE YOU jae Hee

    You aRe mY iDoL …

  457. 457
    Girl Says:

    Hi, JH?
    how are u? 🙂

  458. 458
    SassyGirl Says:

    Happy New Year’s Eve, oppa..!

  459. 459
    udunnome Says:

    I always miss u, and I hope u will find your beloved yojachingu 🙂

  460. 460
    JHlover Says:

    Please, share your photos when in military camp for us.. 😉

  461. 461
    JHfan Says:

    Hello, JH..!
    Hope you will play a role with Han Chae Young again 😉

  462. 462
    justme Says:

    You resemble to Lee Byung Hun, right?
    But just be your self, it must be better 🙂

  463. 463
    justme Says:

    Hahay, my birthday is on the same date to u..

    Is my character like u?

    see ya!

  464. 464
    wannabegal Says:

    Hi, JH..
    U know what?
    Actually, I hate your bad fashion in Witch Amusement and One Mom and Three Dads..
    But why you’re still look handsome for me?
    Please, change your fashion into masculine style 🙂

  465. 465
    onlyme Says:

    Hope you will play in a drama which is directed by PD Jun Ki Sang again! You two are so amazing!

  466. 466
    likesunshine Says:

    Whoa?! Jae Hee!!
    You’re so cute, dude!
    I like u in Kwaegeol Choon-Hyang..

  467. 467
    jazzy Says:

    like u, miss u, love u so much ^-^

  468. 468
    mizzah Says:

    i like u and jo hyun jae.,.,. i want 2 see you in friendster.,.,.
    i dont know if it is your account .,.,.,.,.
    good luck!!!!!! God bless!!

  469. 469
    corry Says:

    Dear Jae Hee oppa, how are u?
    Hope u’ll be fine everywhere..

    I like your action in Delighful Girl Chunhyang!
    Really miss u to take a role in great drama..
    God Bless u 😉

  470. 470
    corry Says:

    Whoaaa.. what a gorgeous actor are u!!

  471. 471
    Rattie Says:

    How come the enlistment date for guys in Korea is so late? We will miss you. Btw, does anyone know whether he speaks English?

  472. 472
    me-chan Says:

    Hi, everybody 🙂
    nice to visit here..

    @Rattie : I dunno he can speak in English well or not..
    just hoping that he can speak English better 🙂

  473. 473
    Mary Jane Says:

    Hello there Jae Hee, I one of your avid fan here in the Philippines. I’d like your tele novela in Sassy Girl and 3 Dads and 1 Mom.. I really loved watching you acting.. You made me laugh,tense and cry to one the saddest part of the series.. Over all, your a wonderfull actor, I hope by chance I can meet you.. —–SARANG HAEYO—–

  474. 474
    mika Says:

    elow i’m from philippines.I like watching you everyday because of my dvd(sassy girl and one mom and three dads and witch yoo hee)
    ur my idol…wooh..bye bye. I hope Ican see you^-0

  475. 475
    Siti NY Says:

    Hello Cutie.. Miss your acting so much. Take care and stay cute. Sarang haeyo…..

  476. 476
    anis Says:

    hi…jae hee your acting is so good..especially when u take care the baby..

  477. 477
    noreen Says:

    u r very handsome.i love you

  478. 478
    funkyfancy Says:

    hey, u got a nice acting in delightful girl movie with Chun Yung.

  479. 479
    funkyfancy Says:

    hey, keep up ur nice worl………Ur so great in acting things out

  480. 480
    mimie Says:

    hi… i’m from msia… i like ur acting in sassy girl… very touching… u makes me cry almost all of the episodes… keep it up..

  481. 481
    tyra Says:

    jae hee…

    i really really admire you..
    u’re so cute, handsome…

    when you come in Indonesian country??

  482. 482
    cinnamoroll Says:

    one word ==> cute

  483. 483
    fajar Says:

    hello…jae hae.. i like u so much u very cuties i’m from malaysia i like ur acting in sassy girl with han chae young, i think both of u are a suite couple i think why dont u try with her…i really want ur signiture please sent ur signiture to me through my email please

  484. 484
    corry Says:

    Hi, oppa..!

    Do u wanna play some part in Musical Mine 2009? Wow, it’s awesome..
    U’ll be dancing, acting, and singing there..
    Really can’t wait to see your performance..
    Hope the video will be shared in youtube, haha.. 😀
    But I’ve been watched how you can learn and practice it before “the day” in video yet..
    Ganbatte, oppa! Good luck..!
    I just will support u from here, Indonesia..

    God Bless U ^_^

  485. 485
    Siti NY Says:

    Muuaahh…. Sarang Haeyo.

    Really miss ur superb acting and charming smile. I think I’m going to have another round of Sassy Girl Chun Hyang. Just can’t get you out of my mind. Ha ha….

  486. 486
    Siti NY Says:

    Hi all fans of Jae Hee…

    Don’t you all think he is cute and has a very charming smile?? In my eyes he is the only Korean actor with the greatest acting skills and has the sweetest smile… Just hope that he will put on a little more weight and Jae Hee…. you’ll be even much hotter!!!!!!!

    Sarang haeyo….

  487. 487
    i want money war 2 Says:

    ur so handsome jae hee
    i love u…
    i hope u would visit our country….the phil.
    im so disappointed about the news that han chae young was already married….becaause the two of you are perfect….

    as of now who is ur gf.
    i hope u will visit together w/ han chae young….

    i luv u jae hee….

  488. 488
    Siti NY Says:

    jAE hEE… Miss you a lot. Take care of yourself…

    Muuahhh… sarang haeyo

  489. 489
    alinaling Says:

    hello…..I like his smile….ha..ha….good luck..do your best..

  490. 490
    -virus-(k-ril) Says:

    hello jae hee,i’m from malaysia..you so cute…i like ur acting in TV Series n movies…you are my idol…good luck..do your best..bye..

  491. 491
    Siti NY Says:

    Really, really. really love your smile… Mmuaahhh…

    sarang haeyo… jAE hEE…..

  492. 492
    princess_19 Says:

    Hi!!!!! Jae Hee you so cute like a prince.Three dad with One mommy.I love you.(*_*)

  493. 493
    corry Says:

    saranghaeyo, *kiss*
    wait for your next movie..!! 😉

  494. 494
    corry Says:

    your performance in Musical Mine 2009 was great!! 🙂

  495. 495
    Siti NY Says:

    jAR hEE… Just watched Sassy Girl CH again for the 10th times… ha..ha.. just can’t stop admiring your sad, happy and naughty expressions on SGCH.. You r really an awesome actor who can really melt one’s heart. And mind you… I never skip any of the episodes.

    Sarang haeyo…jAE hEE….

  496. 496
    Siti NY Says:

    sarang haeyo… Cute jAE hEE….
    Really, really like you..

  497. 497
    ruby_fann Says:

    Jae Hee oppa,you are so awesome^^.I admire your smile so much^o^It makes my heart beat so fast that it might be broken>_

  498. 498
    ruby_fann Says:

    Your acting skill is so great.I cried a lot while watching Sassy girl Chun Hyang(T_T).And then I couldn’t help yelling “You’re so cuteeeeeee!”(^_^) Be strong and healthy,enjoy your military duty(^o^)Waiting for your comeback…

  499. 499
    Siti NY Says:

    Wishing you all the best of health and luck… Can;t wait another 2 years for ur comeback after the military service…

    And darling jAE hEE….. Sarang haeyo…

  500. 500
    corry Says:

    Hi, Jae Hee sshi..!! 🙂
    missing u so much..

    by the way, can I have the address of your military camp??

    Just do your best..! 🙂

  501. 501
    abel Says:

    for me jae hee is a good/effective Korean actor.. he can make u laugh or cry .. i wish him all the best… and looking forward for his another drama….

  502. 502
    Siti NY Says:

    jAE hEE… Miss u a lot.


  503. 503
    J.heeFan Says:

    Hi… Really… really like your acting. So cute and superb..

    sarang haeyo…Jae Hee

  504. 504
    Siti NY Says:

    Hi.. Just finished watching SG Chun Hyang.. Not the first time but for so many times.. Just can’t get enough of Lee Mong Ryong and Chyn Hyang..

    jAE hEE.. you r really really cute. Just love ur superb acting so much..
    n not forgetting,,,,, Sarang haeyo

  505. 505
    Siti NY Says:

    sarang haeyo… Jae Hee.

  506. 506
    aei-ghie Says:


    we’ll meet soon…………….


  507. 507
    aei-ghie Says:


    lee hyun kyoon…………


    but we’ll meet soon

  508. 508
    aei-ghie Says:






  509. 509
    aei-ghie Says:

    ………….sarang haeyo………….





    lyk someone

    i used to


    wish you luck…

    and hapi bday to US!!

  510. 510
    aei-ghie Says:


  511. 511
    Siti NY Says:

    Jae hee……. Miss you a lot. Can’t wait for another 2 years…Arghh…. Come back quickly and hope u will be acting soon. Just love u so much.

    You r so cute and absolutely charming. Sarang haeyo… Take care

  512. 512
    corry Says:

    Why don’t u come to Indonesia someday???

    Aaaa, Ich Liebe Dich..^.^

  513. 513
    J.heeFan Says:

    Comel Bangat kamu ini!!!!!!

    Love u Jae Hee…

  514. 514
    aei-ghie Says:

    …please come 2 philippines someday……………………..

  515. 515
    aei-ghie Says:





  516. 516
    aei-ghie Says:



  517. 517
    aei-ghie Says:



  518. 518
    J.heeFan Says:

    Mong Ryong…… Love u so much in Sassy Girl Chun Hyang… U r so cute ang SARANG HAEEEYOOOOOOO… mmuuaahhhh..

  519. 519
    na90 Says:


    you’re so cute…..

    like u very much…

  520. 520
    Siti NY Says:

    Jae Hee… Happy Valentine’s Day..
    Sarang haeyo…. Miss u so much

  521. 521
    J.heeFan Says:

    Jae Hee… Jae Hee….. Please come back soon.. Really really miss your acting.

    Always stay cute.. Love u.. Mmmuuuuuahhhhhhh

  522. 522
    J.heeFan Says:

    Miss u….. sarang haeyo

  523. 523
    J.heeFan Says:

    really really like u… Sarang haeyo

  524. 524
    corry Says:

    Commont allez vous, jae hee oppa..!


  525. 525
    corry Says:

    I dunno, but I wanna to see you get married with your beloved wife..
    Not now, or may be not for 2 next year..
    Hahahaha.. ^o^v

  526. 526
    corry Says:

    Sometimes I imagine if you get a role as a cool teacher who always care to his troublemaker teenagers student..
    Hahaha, it will be funny, I think ^-^

  527. 527
    Siti NY Says:

    jAE hEE… You r really a good actor and I really miss your acting.. Right now I have stopped watching korean drama.. Well,,, maybe becoz I can’t find any good dramas or maybe u r not in any one of those new dramas..
    Come back soon!!!!!!!!! Miss u and sarang haeyo… Mmmmuuuaahhhhh…..

  528. 528
    fudo Says:

    hai………………….. u are so cool . i like how u acting …. i hope i can see u in next movie

  529. 529
    J.heeFan Says:

    Jae Hee…. Jae Hee…. Mmuaahh…. sarang haeyo. U r really cute

  530. 530
    J.heeFan Says:

    Jae Hee… realllllllly…….miss u so much. Ha!!!!!!! 2 years is really a torture coz I miss ur acting.. Mmuuuuaaahhhh.. Sarang haeyo, cutie!!!

  531. 531
    corry Says:

    Happy Sunday, oppa..
    Miss u, miss u, miss u, miss u, miss u,,

  532. 532
    corry Says:

    Hope u can speak English well 😉

  533. 533
    mrs. lee Says:

    i really miss u jae hee…
    i hope u come back very soon…
    i really really miss u….

    i love u jae hee…..
    sarang haeyo….

  534. 534
    corry Says:

    And I hope you never get fashion with bald haircut again… *please*

    I love your hair style like the picture above..

  535. 535
    Siti NY Says:

    Jae Hee… U look cute and charming with long hair or G I look… Coz u have a very handsome face.. ha ha…. that’s just how i feel… and I believe you fans feel the same way too….

    Stay healthy and build up some muscles while undergoing your military training… Sure, in 2 years’ time, u will be even more dashing…
    Sarang haeyo, Jae Hee…..

  536. 536
    Siti NY Says:

    Almost 6 months has passed.. Jae Hee..I really miss ur acting and you smile.

    Just hoping that someone out there will update me and ur fans with the latest info and news about how u r doing at the military camp.. Really dying to know about ur recent activities..

    take care Jae Hee and MMuuuahhhhh…. Love u

  537. 537
    Kibsy Says:

    Hi 😀

    How r u ja

    Miss you na juf juf

  538. 538
    corry Says:

    Hi, Jae Hee..

    Pls, take care of your health there..
    So, when you comeback, you will give us your charming smile 😉

  539. 539
    corry Says:

    Hi, Jae Hee..

    Pls, take care of your health there..
    So when you comeback, you will give us your charming smile.. 😉

  540. 540
    J.heeFan Says:

    Mmmmuuahhhh… Love u jae hee

  541. 541
    J.heeFan Says:

    A very talented actor!!!!! Just come back soon and make good dramas…
    Miss u and love u very much..

  542. 542
    J.heeFan Says:

    Take care… Cute Jae Hee

  543. 543
    corry Says:

    Annyong, oppa..

    There was a news that Musical Mine would be showed again in this February..
    Was it right?

    Huuuh~ can’t stop thinking about you ^-^

  544. 544
    corry Says:

    I wanna meet u, someday.. (^u^)

  545. 545
    corry Says:

    Whoaaa, can’t wait for the next year!!

  546. 546
    corry Says:

    Jae Hee..
    You know, your acting skill is awesome and ellegant for me..
    But be careful to choose some drama or movie script which want to be played by yourself.. Coz it can result the ‘effect’ for your career..

    Btw, you’re not a young boy anymore..
    But your face say no about that, hahaha..
    Keep rockin’…!!

  547. 547
    corry Says:

    Lee hyun kyun, fighting!!

  548. 548
    Sity NY Says:

    U know something, JaaaEEEEE hEEEEEE. I just love u so much.
    Take care.

  549. 549
    Sity NY Says:

    Miss u a lot… Sarang hae…

  550. 550
    malaysia jae hee fans Says:

    jae hee you’re very cute and handsome. hope you will be success anb be happy. hope yor nwe drama will be in Malaysia

  551. 551
    corry Says:

    Annyonghaseo, oppa..!

    Yay! Finally, I’ve already watched one of Musical Mine 2009 scene..
    Your performance was awesome..!!
    When u roled as Yoon Hyuk (is it correct?) who played an antagonist character, you’re so cool..!

    I hope when you get out from the camp, you’ll never forget about how to act in a movie or drama, hahaha..

  552. 552
    Sity NY Says:

    Sweet Jae Hee….

    Really miss your acting and most of all, I miss your charming smile… Mmmmmuuaaahhhh… Love u!!!!!

  553. 553
    Sity NY Says:

    Jae Hee love..You looked great in Musical Mine 2009…

    I really like your new hair style… Kind of sexy..Ha ha… Mmuaahh.. Take care and stay handsome. Sarang hae…

  554. 554
    J.heeFan Says:

    Hello…. To everyone. Jae Hee is very very cute, right ?
    I just love him so much..

    Oh!!!! How I really eally miss him…

    Love u Jae Hee

  555. 555
    Chun Hyang Says:

    When I first watched Yu Hee, didn’t really notice Jae Hee.. So thin but then he was really a damn good actor. First class acting and he is really talented. Fell in love with him straight away…

    Jae Hee… Really like you ..Oopss.. Not just like you but SARANG HAEYO!!!!

  556. 556
    Siti NY Says:

    Keep on supporting Jae Hee… his fans out there!!!!
    Miss ur acting. Sarang hae Jae Hee..

  557. 557
    corry Says:

    Jae Hee…


  558. 558
    J.heeFan Says:

    Jae Heeee…………………………………………………………..
    Misssss uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu so much…………………

    Love Jae Hee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Take care and God bless u

  559. 559
    Siti NY Says:

    Miss u so much…. Cute Jae Hee!!! Aaghh… Come back soon

  560. 560
    Siti NY Says:

    I wonder how u re doing in the military camp… Just take care and stay healthy.

  561. 561
    Siti NY Says:

    Really miss you a lot… sarang hae…

  562. 562
    Siti NY Says:

    stay cute ok… Jae Hee darling. And smile always.. Ur smile is really sweet…

  563. 563
    Siti NY Says:

    mmmmuuuuuuuaahhhhh…….. love u Jae Hee

  564. 564
    corry Says:

    Hi, Jae Hee..
    I’ve seen your pics when you was interviewed because of Musical Mine 2009 with Kang Ta and Yang Dong Gun..
    You’re all so funny..!!

  565. 565
    corry Says:

    and actually, I like your spiky-hair..
    It seems like you’re the coolest and most awesome soldier there, hahaha… ^-^

  566. 566
    corry Says:

    Why did your movie called Zig Zag Love with Park Shi Yeon not been released?
    You know, I always wait for it..

  567. 567
    corry Says:

    Hope it won’t be happen again for your next movie.. ^.~

  568. 568
    corry Says:

    Hey.., I hope I can meet your mom..

    And your doggy, too.. (Haha!)
    what is its name?
    Does anyone know about that?

  569. 569
    J.heeFan Says:

    I am pretty sure your fans out there miss you a lot, Jae Hee…

    I really like you!!! Hope someday we will meet in person…

  570. 570
    J.heeFan Says:

    God has created such a loveable and talented person..And that’s you, Jae Hee.. You are one in a million and that makes you so special.

    sarang hae..!!!

  571. 571
    J.heeFan Says:

    You still look handsome plus cute in your army uniform.. I have loads of your pictures. Kind of miss you, that’s why..
    Take good care of yourself Jae Hee and may God bless you!!!

  572. 572
    J.heeFan Says:

    Learn English and I will e-mail you someday.. really hope to have a nice chat with u..

    Sarang hae..

  573. 573
    J.heeFan Says:

    Mmuahhhh… Don’t exert yourself okay.

    Take care, Jae Hee!!!!

  574. 574
    corry Says:

    I wanna get your pics again..
    So, comeback ASAP!!
    Hehey ^.^

  575. 575
    corry Says:

    Jae hee..

  576. 576
    corry Says:

    can’t say anything about u again..

    Miss u so much~

  577. 577
    corry Says:

    Jae Hee, will you try to take a vacation someday to Bali?
    I want to see u there 😉

  578. 578
    corry Says:

    Sometimes, I feel so sad because after Binjip and Kwaegeol Chunhyang, your career seemed to be down..
    Huhu 😉

  579. 579
    corry Says:

    but hey, nothing is impossible..
    You can be shiny again.. (why not, huh?)
    Pray to God and keep fighting~~

  580. 580
    corry Says:

    Oh..! I hope I can celebrate your birthday..
    Especially our birthday ( 🙂 ),together..
    Whoaaa, what a big imagine, hahaha..
    But I wish.. 🙂

  581. 581
    J.heeFan Says:

    Aaghh… Sigh… Miss u Jae Hee

  582. 582
    J.heeFan Says:

    Lee Hyun Kyoon…@ Jae Hee!! Words can’t describe how much I admire your acting skills and most importantly your CHARMING SMILE!!!!

    Love u Jae Hee.

  583. 583
    J.heeFan Says:

    Love Jae Hee very much…

  584. 584
    J.heeFan Says:

    Crazy about you… Though u r thousand miles apart, you seem so near!! That’s becoz, u r always on my mind

  585. 585
    Athirah Says:

    i really2 luv you…luv your cute face so much..i hope only just a day to spend with u…huhu…just a really great dream…luvzzz u

  586. 586
    Athirah Says:

    luv your cute face……muahhhh

  587. 587
    corry Says:

    oppa, I’ve gotten your newest pics..

    why did you change you hair style in Musical Mine??

    produce many pics!!
    and I’ll grab ’em all, Hahahaha..!!

  588. 588
    corry Says:

    love u, sweetie.. ^.^

  589. 589
    Chun Hyang Says:

    Anhyonghaseyo. Jae Hee.You are so handsome and cute. I really love you in Delightful Girl CH.
    so madly in love with you

  590. 590
    Chun Hyang Says:

    Mong Ryong!! I hope you come back soon from military service.

    Your fans must have miss you so much, oppa. I miss you so much coz you are my favourite actor.

  591. 591
    Chun Hyang Says:

    I really,really LLLLLLLOOOOOOVVVVEEEE you, Jae Hee

  592. 592
    corry Says:

    Ohayo..Jae Hee-kun ^o^

  593. 593
    corry Says:

    hi, Jae Hee..
    when does the next Musical Mine 2009 show again?

  594. 594
    corry Says:

    take care for your health..
    keep fighting.. 🙂

  595. 595
    corry Says:

    miss u so much!!

  596. 596
    Sity NY Says:

    Sarang hae.. Jae Hee

  597. 597
    Sity NY Says:

    Really miss you very much.. have stopped watching other K-dramas coz you r not acting in any of the new drams..

    You will always be the best Korean actor. Love U.

  598. 598
    Smitten Says:

    Annyonghaseyo Jae Hee. You acted well in 1 Mum and 3 dads. So very cute. Pity, you are not the leading actor.

    Like you very very much! And really smitten by your handsome look.

  599. 599
    Smitten Says:

    Like you a lot. Can I meet you one day?

  600. 600
    Smitten Says:

    God bless you, Jae Hee

  601. 601
    Smitten Says:

    will make a comeback in mid 2010? Wowwww!! That long? Gonna miss you.

  602. 602
    Smitten Says:

    I am pretty sure all your fans must have missed you badly. Share Jae Hee”s pics pleassee.. those of you, who have his latest pics.

    God bless you

  603. 603
    Smitten Says:

    Do take care, sweet Jae Hee.

  604. 604
    Smitten Says:

    Love u, Jae Hee

  605. 605
    Smitten Says:

    Off to bed now. Love and kisses for you, Jae Hee. KKIIIIIsszzzzsss. Mmuaah. Hug* hug* hug*

  606. 606
    Sity NY Says:

    You will be in my dreams.

  607. 607
    corry Says:

    Guys, in soompi thread of Jae Hee, there’re many his current pics there..
    Just visit it 🙂

  608. 608
    corry Says:

    I imagine when you change your hair style to spike and suddenly you smirk to me..
    Aw, it’s kinda cool ^o^

  609. 609
    Smitten Says:

    Love you, Jae Hee

  610. 610
    Smitten Says:

    You r always in my heart. Miss u

  611. 611
    Smitten Says:

    Alway take care and come back safely

  612. 612
    Smitten Says:

    Mmmuuuahhhh!!!!!!!!! Kisses and hugs for you Jae hee

  613. 613
    Chun Hyang Says:

    Hope you are doing okay in the camp. Sigh…. Really long for you. After all I am Chun Hyang, right?

  614. 614
    Tique Says:

    Hello Chae Mong Rong fans out there. he is cute.

  615. 615
    Chun Hyang Says:

    jae Hee is really missed########

  616. 616
    Chun Hyang Says:

    Love Jae Hee always

  617. 617
    Sity NY Says:

    You will be in my dream. Sarang hae, Jae Hee

  618. 618
    Sity NY Says:

    Sarang hae Jae Hee

  619. 619
    Tique Says:

    Suka bangat pada Jae hee

  620. 620
    Sity NY Says:

    Jae Hee !!!!

  621. 621
    corry Says:

    Yongwonhi saranghae..

    *like a song, haha*

  622. 622
    corry Says:

    I had posted your pics as Lee Mong Ryong in Kwaegeol Choon-Hyang for other thread or forum yet..

    > it was funny when you chucked before the shooting began..
    >> or- when you’re sleeping at the break time on ‘saeguk muinsidae’ chair, haha!
    >>> and- when you’re working with the crew of SGCH

    Those are really nice photos 😉

  623. 623
    corry Says:

    Wrong typo..
    It’s chuckled, not chucked..
    Hehehe, mianhamnida..

  624. 624
    corry Says:

    Whoaaa, comeback-comeback-comeback-comeback-comeback-comeback-comeback..!!!!

  625. 625
    corry Says:

    I wanna see your pics without wearing your army clothes..

    As soon as possible!

  626. 626
    corry Says:

    I wanna see you when you have a role in some new dramas or movies..

    As soon as possible!

  627. 627
    corry Says:

    I wanna see you with a suitable fashion like 3-4 years ago..

    As soon as possible!

  628. 628
    corry Says:

    I wanna see you being a model for some brands again..

    As soon as possible!

  629. 629
    snow white Says:

    Hi! Love your character in 3 Dads and 1 mum. Come visit phillipines

  630. 630
    Smitten Says:

    God bless you, my cute Jae hee

  631. 631
    Smitten Says:

    Whatever you r doing now, you will always be missed. Coz I really really like you.. Or rather lovveee u

  632. 632
    Smitten Says:

    mmuuaahhhh.. Kisses and hugs for darling Jae Hee. Off to bed.Will definitely dream of you.. Hug* hug*hug*

  633. 633
    corry Says:

    ooh- were you a broadcaster for some years ago??

  634. 634
    tique Says:

    You are very cute. Admire you very much

  635. 635
    tique Says:

    You are cute in Sassy Girl Ch, you are cuter in Witch Yu Hee and look the cutest in 3 dads and 1 mum. To sum it all up, you are very very CCCUUUTEEEE

  636. 636
    corry Says:

    Hey, oppa..

    Have you been placed in 1st division?

    Uh- it doesn’t matter what division you have been placed..
    Keep fighting, GBU!!

  637. 637
    corry Says:

    Your fans will support u..

  638. 638
    corry Says:

    Let’s guess what will oppa do first if he comeback from camp..

    Movie or Kdrama?

    I think for Kdrama..

  639. 639
    Chun Hyang Says:

    Well Jae Hee. Come back soon and do great dramas ok! Miss you

  640. 640
    Chun Hyang Says:

    Hey to all Jae Hee fans.. Keep supporting him.

  641. 641
    Chun Hyang Says:

    Love you Jae Hee. Forever and ever.

  642. 642
    Lovey Says:

    A very talented actor. Great loss for the time being as you are now performing your military duty.

    Aja aja fighting!!!!

  643. 643
    Smitten Says:

    Hi everyone. I am back to post more comments for my darling Jae Hee. What more can I say??? I really really miss you. Aha!!!!

    Huuuuu…. so sad. Missing you can be so so frustrating.

  644. 644
    Smitten Says:

    Muuuahhhhh…. Lots and lots of KISSZZZEEEESSSS for you.

  645. 645
    corry Says:

    hello, honey….

    Hahahahaha ;D

  646. 646
    corry Says:

    I miss your smile..

  647. 647
    Chun Hyang Says:

    I watched on the Youtube, you and Chae Young meeting your fans in Japan. Looked like both of you had very strong affection for each other…Aaaggghhh. pity that she is already married.
    Whyyyyyy???? I just love to see both of you end up together!

  648. 648
    Chun Hyang Says:

    Really love you!!!!!!! And miss you

  649. 649
    Monique Says:

    Annyong haseyong Jae Hee. I m one of your million fans here in Phillipines. Come visit us one day.

  650. 650
    DiarR Says:

    Jae Hee honey. You are so cool

  651. 651
    Smitten Says:

    Never miss to hug and peck kisses on your cheek. MMMuuahhhhhhh..
    Love you

  652. 652
    Smitten Says:

    I m one of you most die-hard fans. Wanna know why?? Coz JAE HEE is just SOOOOOOOOOOOOO loveable.


  653. 653
    Qystine Says:

    Hello Jae Hee. Just watched you in Sassy Girl with Han C.Y. A friend of mine lent the DVD and I got hooked on you.. You are a good actor and cute too.. How come I missed your drama and only got to know about you now???? Will watch other dramas you acted in… You are really cute and sweet

  654. 654
    corry Says:


    I had seen some of your pics in Sassy Girl ChunHyang..
    You know what, I really miss your haircut as Lee Mong Ryong!!
    Could you try to change your haircut like that even for a while??

    Hn, still miss u..
    Sarang hae.. GBU!


  655. 655
    corry Says:

    Jae Hee!


    Don’t give up!

  656. 656
    corry Says:

    You were awesome when played in Hometown Legend with Park Shin Hye.. :>

  657. 657
    lysa Says:

    Hi Jae Hee…u are sooooo cute! love watching u….

  658. 658
    corry Says:

    I was listening SGCH soundtrack by IZI (eung geub shil, but it’s original version)
    I remember you in my mind…
    I miss you, oppa…!!!!!!!

  659. 659
    corry Says:

    I’ll wait you until next year..
    fighting, oppa!!

  660. 660
    corry Says:

    I hope you’ll find a good girlfriend..
    hahaha… God bless ^^;

  661. 661
    thiensubebong_tuyetnga2000 Says:

    WOW!!!! jae hee!!! i really like you va i hope i will chatting with you in someday , my name is Tuyet nga , if you want , you lets add nick name of me are thiensubebong_tuyetnga2000, ok???^_^!!!!
    i love you very much

  662. 662
    Kabi Says:

    Anyaseo!!!!! Lee..M a gr8 fan of urs.. i admire u lot…. 😉

  663. 663
    corry Says:

    annyonghasihimnika, Jae Hee-sshi..

    I miss you today..

  664. 664
    Smitten Says:

    Hello Jae Hee!!!!! I just came back from my holidays and I can’t wait to write beautiful comments for you.. wanna know something? I MIsssss you a lot,. Oh God, I really miss you so much

  665. 665
    Smitten Says:

    Jae Hee!!!!! You are soooooooooooooo loveable. I am very much in love with you. MMMuuuahhhhh.. Hugs and kisses for you

  666. 666
    Smitten Says:

    May God bless you always, my cute darling. Sarang hae..

  667. 667
    corry Says:

    give me “J”
    give me “A”
    give me “E”
    give me “H”
    give me “E”
    give me “E”


    “JAE HEE!!!!”


  668. 668
    corry Says:

    See u next time on TV screen, oppa..!

  669. 669
    Siti NY Says:

    Well.. Time really flies and darling Jae Hee has been away from the entertainment industry for almost 7 months.. Can’t wait for you to make a comeback.. really miss you. LOVE YOU SO MUCH…….

  670. 670
    Siti NY Says:

    I have watched all your latest dramas.. Unfortunately, your movies like Mandate and Single sitting on both sides of the fence are not released yet.. Wonder when I could get to watch them???

    Really miss you superb acting and sweet smiles..

  671. 671
    RosEnda Says:

    Hi Jae Hee. Do you know that you are such a great actor? I really like you in One Mum and Three Dads.. Very cute and you are also funny.

    How do I get in touch with you???? Any e-mail??

  672. 672
    DiarR Says:

    You will always be loved by your fans.

    Jae Hee.. Take care

  673. 673
    Wawan Says:

    Anyong ahseyong Jae Hee.

    You are cute. Suka bangat sama kamu

  674. 674
    corry Says:

    Jae Hee..

    I’m curious what kind of activity that you do in the camp..

    I want to give you a present, can I send it to you?

  675. 675
    corry Says:

    I love ya..
    Ich Liebe Dich..
    Te Amo..

    Aaah, really miss u..

  676. 676
    vinnie Says:

    I like you very much & miss u a lot. I like the drama Sassy Girl CHun Yang that you act as Lee Mong Ryong.

  677. 677
    Qystine Says:

    Hey Jae Hee.. How are you doing now? I hope you will always be ok and healthy. I am now watching you in 3 dads and 1 mum.. Sad that you are not the main actor here.. There are these other two guys.. But you are cute and hope to finish this drama soon.

    I really admire your acting skills.. Keep it up Jae Hee

  678. 678
    Smitten Says:

    Aargghhh…. Jae Hee!!! I miss you very very much.. Kisses and hugs for you.MMMuuuahhhh.

  679. 679
    Smitten Says:

    RReeeaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllyy love you very much. Sarang hae my sweet Jae Hee. You are the best.

  680. 680
    corry Says:

    Jae Hee, ajaaaaaaa..!!
    Fightiiiing..!! ^.~

  681. 681
    corry Says:

    Take care, Jae Hee sshi!!
    We’ll always support ya.. ^-^

  682. 682
    Smitten Says:

    Jae Hee darling!! May God bless you always. And you will always be my favourite actor.Love you…..

  683. 683
    Smitten Says:

    I m going to dream of you… Coz I miss you so much. MMuuuahhh.

  684. 684
    Smitten Says:

    Hugs and kisssesss for you as always.. mmuaahh. Take good care of yourself , wherever you are and whatever you r doing..

  685. 685
    Smitten Says:

    I m missing you a lot, darling Jae Hee.. I ve stopped watching korean drama for quite sometime. The reason is becoz… nobody can ever replace you….. You are just too good to be true… Love u!!!

  686. 686
    Sotu NY Says:

    Love You

  687. 687
    Qystine Says:

    Well, I finished watching 3 dads abd 1 mum. You are just so cute, Jae Hee.. I know that from now, I am going to like you so much. You are good in this drama. I don’t like that you are not the hero,, None of you three are.
    Keep up your good acting, Jae Hee.

  688. 688
    corry Says:

    Good morning, Jae Hee sshi 😉

    finally, I had watched your last movie, Mandate..
    You know what, I don’t like it..
    And I can’t be interested in that movie..
    but anyway, you had worked so hard..
    You gave your best there..

    Just comment your last movie..
    Mianhae, if I give you a disappointed comment, coz u know, if I don’t like it, I can’t hiding it, just express it..
    Gomao, oppa..
    Happy Sunday! ^^

  689. 689
    corry Says:

    I’m forgetting something..

    what’s the matter with your Chinese FC called leehyunkyun.com?
    does anyone know it?
    I can’t open it again..
    For me, it’s a bank of your pictures, haha!

    Jae Hee oppa, I think you must think twice to receive a movie or drama script =]

  690. 690
    corry Says:

    Ah, one more question, Jae Hee :>

    Do you wear glasses?
    Or it just a part of your job as a model one of fashion brand?

    I saw your pics when you’re in optical shop..
    You’re wearing glasses there..
    Hn, make me curious..

  691. 691
    mina Says:

    hi jae hee:

    im from phillipines i always watch your tv drama witch amusment.
    i always want to see in person!
    i hope so for that.
    your so labable person. if i go to seoul korea i wanna see you idol.
    your my dream man.

    the drama tv witch amusment is the best among the best because of you jae hee.

    by the way my name is mina from phillipines mt email address is mina_mataid2@yahoo.com

    takecare always jae hee

  692. 692
    gevelyn Says:

    aahmm… im gevelyn im from phill. i hpo u caan come here and visit us i really like u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  693. 693
    gevelyn Says:

    ahhm if u have a time u can view my profile in friendster bhabese@yahoo.com ok tnx take care

  694. 694
    mina Says:

    hi jae hee

    i watch all your movies, and i keep on loving all of them..

    i always hope that i can see you, even if i go to macau and china i wan to see you…

  695. 695
    mina Says:

    jae hee

    i wish all your movies and drama series are showed in phillipines…

    i wish also you visit us in phillipines!!!

  696. 696
    RosEnda Says:

    Anyong Haseyo jae hee.. I will always support you eventhough it will be quite sometime when you make a comeback..

    You are just so sweet and I really admire you.

  697. 697
    Smitten Says:

    Jae Hee!!! I m missing you, yesterday…, today… and tomorrow. Mmuuaahhh… Lots of love and kisses for you

  698. 698
    corry Says:

    Jae Hee oppaaaaaaaaa…!!!!!

    long time no see ya.. ^^

  699. 699
    corry Says:

    I miss your new pictures…
    Does anyone have it??

    please share to me… :]

  700. 700
    corry Says:

    fighting, Jae Hee-a!!!!!

    I always support ya!!!

  701. 701
    corry Says:

    miss ya, Jae Hee!!!!!

  702. 702
    Smitten Says:

    Arghhhh….. JaE Hee.. Always take good care of yourself. I really miss you a lot.

  703. 703
    Smitten Says:

    Off to bed now, cutie pie.. Hope you will be in my dreams. MMuuahhhh…. Jae Hee fans out there. Pray that our darling stays healthy and sweet.

  704. 704
    corry Says:

    Hi, Jae Hee..

    Next month, will u celebrate your birthday?
    I wish it’ll happen.. :]

  705. 705
    Siti NY Says:

    May God bless you always, Jae Hee. It has been quite sometime, I did not comment anything here. But you will always be in my heart.

    You are the best!

  706. 706
    diaR Says:

    Hello Jae Hee.. Really like you and I hope you will come back soon. Please Jae Hee.. Miss your acting as you are really a good actor.

  707. 707
    corry Says:

    Hello, Jae Hee..

    If only you know that I really miss you..

    Take care, sweetheart..
    Come back ASAP.. :]

  708. 708
    ozil_lilo Says:

    hello Jae Hee.

    i fans jae hee. i love kbs world.

    good music jae hee.

  709. 709
    ayeaung Says:

    You are so handsome. I ‘m from Myanmar.

  710. 710
    Chun Hyang Says:

    Miss ya, Jae Hee and Sarang hae.. Kbs world is boring without you.

  711. 711
    sure_Hwang Hyeong Gyo Says:

    Jae Hee Oppa, Annyeonghaseyo
    Chonun Hwang Gyeong Gyo imnida
    i’m from Indonesia
    I like ur acting very much!
    I hope i can see ur new drama soon
    Oppa Fighting ^^

  712. 712
    Qystine Says:

    Hi to all Jae Hee fans. This ONE actor has really made me fallen in love with him.. I am now watching Yu Hee.. after SGCH and One mum and 3 dads.. ha ha.. This guy is very cute but so thin.. However, I still like him very much..

  713. 713
    Qystine Says:

    You are so cute in Yu Hee.. That smile of yours is really sweet and cute.

    Stay cute, Jae Hee!!

  714. 714
    johoana Says:

    hi Jae Hee, i really can’t help myself but to fall in love with you..I love you! Ilove watching all your drama series. You are really a great actor. keep it up..

  715. 715
    anytha Says:

    Hello Jae Hee…
    i like your acting very much…hope you always do the best…chaiyok…

  716. 716
    corry Says:

    Aw, Jae Hee-a!

    I can’t wait to see your face again next year ^^;
    I wanna know your image will be changed or not..
    Stay cool, honey :>

  717. 717
    Rosenda Says:

    Jae Hee darling.. You will always be loved by all your fans out there. Especially you have me as your no. 1 fan.
    Take care always

  718. 718
    phalkun Says:

    hoo! my honey now i fall in love with you. why u so lovely. i want to see you achieve in next programm ok. i wish i will go to meet you in some day….

  719. 719
    Smitten Says:

    Cute Jae Hee… I’m back once again to pour my heart out… Oh God!! really miss your acting and SWEEEEETTTT smiles.
    I m crazy, right?? But, can’t help it!! You are just soooo pleasant to look at..

    Sarang hae….. MMMMuuuuuuAAAAhh

  720. 720
    Tini Says:

    You are so handsome, Jae Hee. I like your acting in Delightful girl Chun hyang. So awesome and the chemistry between you and Chae Young was just GREAT.

    In future, I hope that some directors and prroducers will pair you up again. This time in a more romantic and mature role. Just love you so much..

  721. 721
    corry Says:

    Hi, Jae Hee..

    I wanna see your gorgeous smile again..
    you know what, I don’t want to see any smile from K-actor except you, oppa…

    Hehehe.. ^^;

  722. 722
    Tique Says:

    Aja, aja fighting Jae Hee..

    Come back soon coz I know all your fans wait for you.

    Love You

  723. 723
    elisa Says:

    I like your movies. You can cook? That in real life would be awesome and magnificent…

  724. 724
    elisa Says:

    c ya…

  725. 725
    Smitten Says:

    Darling Jae Hee… Really miss you so much. Guess, all your fans miss you a lot too..

    Always stay cool and healthy, baby!!!!

    Sarang hae ,,,,,,Love you forever

  726. 726
    Smitten Says:

    MMuuuahhh… Jae Hee. Come back soon. And do great dramas ok. Nowadays, I don’t really watch Korean dramas.. No other actors can ever replace you, cutie pie!!!

    Sarang hae.

  727. 727
    nas MS Says:

    damn! u’re such a great actor..no doubt!
    i just love..u in sassy girl chun-hyang…
    hope dat u’ll be back asap with more awesome dramas..

  728. 728
    kaye Says:

    whaa!..JAE HEE..!
    I really love you soO much and I miss you!
    Hope that you do some k-drama again with Han Chae Young ‘coz for me you two are the best couple 4ever!
    I really really love you JAE HEE and I cant help myself but to think of you! whaaa!!! You’re my ULTIMATE CRUSH!!! LOVE YOU!!!

  729. 729
    kaye Says:

    ♥♥♥ saranghaeyo JAE HEE..! ♥♥♥

    _off to bed now_
    hope that you will be in my dreams..heheh^-^

  730. 730
    Siti NY Says:

    Miss you a lot.. Guess, all your fans do.

    Sarang hae Jae Hee.

  731. 731
    corry Says:

    Hey, Jae Hee..
    I hear that you and another K-actors who are joining in MS like Kim Jae Won and Yang Dong Gun will appear in one army event..
    I dunno a lot about it but just wish all the best for ya..

    Good Luck, Jae Hee..
    Gave your best there..!! (always as usual, haha..)
    Sarang Hae.. ^.^v

  732. 732
    corry Says:

    Good morning, Jae Hee..

    How’s your day there?
    Miss ya ^.~

  733. 733
    Siti NY Says:

    Jae Hee!!! You will always be my favourite actor.. Forever and ever..
    Take care and always stay handsome.

    Sarang haeyo

  734. 734
    Smitten Says:

    Hello my darling JAE HEE…. I really miss you so much.. Indeed, life now is a bit boring without you to watch on TV or DVDs.. Can’t really find any other good actors to replace you.

    Only God knows how much I miss you. MMMuuuuahhhh Jae Hee. SARANG HAE.

  735. 735
    kaye Says:

    Hello there JAE HEE..! I miss u and I LOVE YOU soO much.. Take a lot of care! mwah! >_

  736. 736
    corry Says:

    Hi, Jae Hee..

    I guess on next 3 weeks, you’ll be 29, but in Korea’s year, you’ll be 30, won’t u?

    Will u celebrate it with your friends in camp?
    I hope so..
    I wish I can get many pics of u, yay!

    Happy Sunday, GBU..
    Yongwonhi Saranghae :]

  737. 737
    Tique Says:

    Yeah.. In 3 weeks time you will be 29.. Really hope you maintain your charming smile and great acting.. Miss you so much and Sarang hae.. Jae Hee

    May God bless you

  738. 738
    wihan Says:

    hi dude..i love your acting very much..especially when you act with han chae yong in my sassy girl chun yang..i hope both of you can act together in another movies..good luck

    from Malaysia..

  739. 739
    corry Says:


    I miss your facial expression..!!
    Comeback, oppa.. :

  740. 740
    corry Says:

    Jae Hee, how are you today..?

    Hello, all of Jae Hee’s fans..
    Let us support him always..
    He really works hard there..
    FYI, as a private soldier, he manages the ammunition such as bullet, etc..
    Fighting, Jae Hee…!!!

  741. 741
    Siti NY Says:

    Jae Hee darling….

    Really miss you a lot. And I love you very very much..

    Always take care of yourself and Sarang hae!!!!

  742. 742
    kaye Says:

    me too..!..i really miss the facial expression of Jae Hee,,especially his SMILE! 🙂
    I miss u Jae Hee..!
    take care!

  743. 743
    Smitten Says:

    Hello Cutie Pie… I m back to tell everyone how much I miss you.. Ha ha… I m counting days. In about 2 weeks time you, it is your BIG DAY.

    Wonder how you’d celebrate your birthaday, huh???

    Miss you so much and mmmuuuuaaahhhh… Lots of kisses from me.
    Sarang haeyo.

  744. 744
    Cheryl Says:

    Hey Jae Hee,
    Do you know how to speak English?Hope you do know and able to see and understand me.Hahas..I have fallen in love with you..ever aince i watch the way u act.I wish you were my bf because i love to mix with funny ppl and you are one have them..i just wanna say..wo ai ni!!
    And,someday,i will meet you and kiss you on the lip!!hahas..hope it will come true..!

  745. 745
    Mary Jane Says:

    Hi Jae Hae, hope doing well.. as all your fans is telling.. “we miss u alot” and i miss u more than the misses the flower..KBS is really so boring with out you.. Till here, just expressing my sentiments.. aja, aja -sarang hae OPPA..:)

  746. 746
    Mary Jane Says:

    love u babe.. i really miss u from the bottom of my heart….
    you take care.. all the best:)

  747. 747
    Chun Hyang Says:

    Really miss you a lot. I agree with all Jae Hee fans… KBS is so boring without Jae Hee…

    Sarang haeyo!!!

  748. 748
    corry Says:

    Hi, Jae Hee..

    I’ve seen your newest pic in camp and oh my God..!
    Could u gain some weight, please?
    I’m really sad if you’re kind of sick or something else..
    Take care, oppa.. 🙂

  749. 749
    corry Says:

    Ah, Korean drama BoF will be airing in my country..
    there’s Han Chae Young and it was directed by the same director from Sassy Girl Choon-Hyang..
    if I watch it, I’m really sure I’ll be missing SGCH and of course, I’ll missing you, oppa… 😉

  750. 750
    corry Says:

    Jae Hee… fighting..!!!!

    I wanna watch another drama or film from you, not from another K-actor!!!

    btw, I don’t understand..
    you’ll play with Lee Mi Sook in Flower Attack Of The Butterfly??
    what is it? drama or film?
    does anyone know it?

  751. 751
    Cheryl Says:

    Dear Jan Hee,
    If you encounter any problem please don’t give up i will always love you alot deep in my bottom of my heart.You know everyday,i been worried whether how are you doing..lately all i can think of is you..and i really miss you..cut i know you wouldn’t have the chance to see this..i love you and i will pray for you..Hope you will succeed in everything you do..And hope ur future girlfriend will love you truly as much as i do.
    Don’t forget Jae Hee..Must perserve k?
    Love you always…
    Your Fan!Always be there for you…

  752. 752
    corry Says:

    Hi, JH oppa..

    I can’t wait for your 29th birthday..
    But it will be 30th there..

    May God bless you and your family ^-^

  753. 753
    corry Says:


    just waiting for your birthday tomorrow…
    wohoooo.. :]

  754. 754
    Smitten Says:

    Happy Birthday Darling Jae Hee….

    May you always be in the best of health and wanna tell you how much I miss you. SARANG HAEYO forever!!!

    Mmuuahh.. Birthday kisses

  755. 755
    Smitten Says:

    Cutie Pie….So glad, I was the first to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY…

    And I really really LOVE YOU!!!

    It has been quite a while since I last poured out beautiful words for you, right?? Been busy darling BUT one thing for sure,,, you r alwys ON MY MIND… Mmmuuaaaah… really love you a lot.

  756. 756
    Atefeh Says:

    Hiiii!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU 😀 ! I love you Jae Hee and I hope you succeed in your life.

  757. 757
    corry Says:

    Happy birthday to..


    Why don’t we try to celebrate our birthday, together..?
    Maybe, someday.. ^^

    nah… just wish u all the best, oppa..
    Saengil Chukkahabnida..
    GBU always..!!

  758. 758
    kaye Says:

    I wish u ol the best! gud health and long life..
    May GOD bless u always!
    I MISS YOU and I LOVE YOU so much..
    I hope I will see u in personal someday!
    Take care always..


  759. 759
    Joyce Choong Says:

    Happy Birthday, Jae Hee! Wishing you good health and strength. I hope the camp that you are based in gave you some seaweed soup for your birthday. Keep on fighting and take good care of yourself.

  760. 760
    Siti NY Says:

    Hello Jae Hee.. Happy Birthday to you. May God bless you always.

    Sarang haeyo and take care

  761. 761
    Olin_Shone Says:


    I Pray for you always good health , succeed in your life and Always Happy

    We All JAE HEE Fan will always pray and hope the best for you

    Saengil Chukkahabnida… 🙂 🙂 🙂 Be hApPy oKe ! . . . .

  762. 762
    poohloveida Says:

    hi Jae Hee,,,happy belated birthday..really love u..ah ja ja fighting..

  763. 763
    Smitten Says:

    Darling Jae Hee… Miss you a lot. Mmuuahhhhh.
    Sarang hae

  764. 764
    kaye Says:

    Hello there JAE HEE!
    How r u??..
    i hope ur doing gud..
    Today is our 1st day of class..
    i’m a 2nd year college now!..

    olweiz takeCare of urself JAE HEE!
    i’m olweiz here 2 love u!

  765. 765
    corry Says:

    Jae Hee-sshi, fightiiiiiiing…..!!!!!!!!!

  766. 766
    Ryll JHee Says:

    Love you Jae Hee

  767. 767
    Claudy Says:

    Jae hee oppa, fighting!!!
    Please take care of your self….
    I always give a biggest suport for you..hee..hee..^^

  768. 768
    aya matsuyama Says:

    moshi2 jaehee

    im aya from japan..

    ur so otokomai and shiroi!

    watakoshi wa anata

    kangaetery.. muahh


  769. 769
    cherry grace Says:

    hi! jae hee… i want you to know that i’m also 1 of your fans… goodluck to your career, your fans always support you…. you have a great personality… be yourself… hmmm….i’m from pihilippines, hope to see u in person….but it’s only a dream that cannot be reach…

    it’s me your friend,

  770. 770
    corry Says:

    Hello, ginger..

    Ahaha, u know why I call u like that?
    Coz you’re name is almost same with ginger in Indonesian which is called Jahe.
    Is it fine if I called u like that? I mean, ginger means honey, sweetheart, etc.

    Err, so you’ll comeback next year, won’t u?
    I’ll waiting for ya.. ^^

  771. 771
    Yesica Says:

    Hey, Jae Hee..!
    How’s your day there?
    I hope you’re always fine.
    I wanna see your smile again.. So please comeback soon.


  772. 772
    Ryll JHee Says:

    Love you forever.. Come back soon

  773. 773
    corry Says:

    hi……….. jae hee……^^

    I miss u…

    I heard that you won the honorary award from army chief of staff, didn’t you?

    ah, well..congratulation, oppa..
    keep fighting!!!! 😉

  774. 774
    Smitten Says:

    MMuuuahhhhh…. Miss u a lot. Saranghae.

  775. 775
    dinar Says:



  776. 776
    audrey Says:

    jae hee best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  777. 777
    atich Says:

    muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh for jae hee …
    loph u …

  778. 778
    ummah Says:

    love you … always and forefer

  779. 779
    Smitten Says:

    Jae Hee…. U r forever in my heart!!! Sarang hae

  780. 780
    arifah Says:

    jae hee sarange

  781. 781
    butterfly girl Says:

    Hello Jae hee I’m p0st from thailand I like you so much. I watch witch yoo hee . you verry nice

    sorry I’m a little English

  782. 782
    tephaniie Says:

    sarang hae>>>>>>>>>>>>

  783. 783
    Ryll JHee Says:

    Will always be waiting for u to make a comeback… U r so cute and sweet..
    Really miss you. Sarang hae…

  784. 784
    kaye Says:

    Hello Jae Hee!
    I miss u a lot!
    Hope u’ll cOme back soOn in Korean drama..
    TC..GBÜ 🙂

  785. 785
    Feby Says:

    Jae Hee,i cant wait to see u on screen/movies again.
    I must say that ur role in “3 Iron(a.K.a Bin-Jip)” is surely ur most memorable performance. 3 Iron is my fave korean movie of all time,and im sure its one of the best movie ever made in korea too. The movie really sticks to my mind.
    Well,I hope to see more of ur great acting.

  786. 786
    Corry Says:

    Hi, oppa..

    I miss youuuuu…. ;(
    I wanna see ur charming smile in movie or drama again..
    So, come back soon..

    Ah, congrats to u, for become MC in Best Music ^^

    GBU, always.

  787. 787
    Smitten Says:

    Hello Jae Hee cutie pie… ReAAAALLLYYY miss u so much. SARANG HAE!!!!!
    Been quite busy nowadays but no matter what, U r always on my mind.. Stay sweet.. MMMuuuahhhh. Lots of kisses

  788. 788
    Sponge bob Says:

    Jae hee act as hwoarang in tekken? Cant wait..

  789. 789
    fey Says:

    luv u jae hee….

  790. 790
    Corry Says:

    go………….!!! Jae Hee, go……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  791. 791
    Smitten Says:

    Miss your acting….. Sarang hae. Take care. MMMMuuuuuuuaaaah

  792. 792
    rainfire Says:

    hola jae hee..
    i just watched u once in chun hyang. it was aired in local indonesian tv couple of years ago. i luv ur acting. i dont hve time to watch a lot of tv so i found it so interesting. hope u’ll act soon. pick good story though. it’s a waste to act in rubbish drama stories.
    hmm.. what else..
    hehe. i dunt know much bout u or korea stuff but i guess.. cayo is enough!

    cant wait to see ya soon.
    take care

  793. 793
    renz :) Says:

    Hi Jae Hee!
    Just saw your latest Koreanovela on tv!Three dads with one mom is so nice and funny! Oh boy, you’re so charming and cute! Hope that you’ll make another tv series,and, with Jo Hyun Jae. I’m sure that your Filipino fanatics will surely be looking forward to that!Take care always!:)

  794. 794
    Ye Jin Jang Says:

    so sad that han chae young married… but not with u… 🙁
    she looks best with you… best couple!!!!

  795. 795
    dewi Says:

    cayooooooooooooooooooooooo jae heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  796. 796
    corry Says:

    love yaaaa….
    comeback asap!!! ^^;
    we wait 4 u…


  797. 797
    yeina Says:

    hi?i love him 222222222

  798. 798
    fatin Says:

    hi… wish u all the.. i like to see u in yu hee,the witch… acaaca hoi chi!! 🙂

  799. 799
    sofia Says:

    luvly acting in witch yoo hee. hope to see ur acting again. gud job 🙂

  800. 800
    sofia Says:

    please giv me ur new pic ok. gonna miz ur acting.

  801. 801
    sofia Says:

    hiii……… sory not introduce myself. I’m Sofia n very much like ur movie. hope 2 see ur luvly movie. just be urself. hope to be one of ur fan and friend.

  802. 802
    sofia Says:

    actually i just change my email. hope 2 c ur reply.

  803. 803
    sofia Says:

    so sorry…….. my email dat i giv u is wrong.

  804. 804
    milleth dhea Says:

    sarang hae Jae Hae. i think ur the guy in Campus Secret with LeeMinHo. i love ur role there ur so funny really.and made me love you more here in three dads and a mom .keep it up more tv series and movie. ur one of the great actor in korea.god bless.

  805. 805
    ebtehall Says:

    Because you have less pro –
    So sure are very good
    And I am your fan
    Be successful
    see you

  806. 806
    corry Says:

    suddenly, I remember your smile..
    how I miss you…. :{

    take care, oppa :B-)

  807. 807
    phyu Says:

    I like u. ur face is so friendly.
    My nationality is myanmar.

  808. 808
    phyu Says:

    I realy like u.

  809. 809
    phyu Says:

    my mother also like u. i love my mother. n u.

  810. 810
    Liz Says:

    I love ur movie ^_^

  811. 811
    REM Says:

    i havent heard of him for such long time i hope ill be able to hear of him soon i realy enjoy his perfomance in dramas espesially in drama sassy girl

  812. 812
    sweetbashi Says:

    Hi ! jae’s , I enjoy watching your drama, especially funny scene’s
    Excellent !!! your so cute , I love u …….

  813. 813
    dzuvia Says:

    you’re the best

  814. 814
    corry Says:

    muaaachhh….. ^^

  815. 815
    yume Says:

    I LOVE U FULL !!!!!

  816. 816
    dinar Says:

    aq cka……………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!kmu……….

  817. 817
    corry Says:

    Jae Hee..
    comeback soon..
    If u wanna play in other dramas or movies again, be careful to choose the script or story, PUH-Lease.. :[

    GBU X)

  818. 818
    sunako Says:

    you are good in cooking huh. .

    and you are so sweet to yoo hee


    everytime you save her from shame with the guy she loves

    it really makes me giggle


  819. 819
    Smitten Says:

    Hello Cutie pie…… It has been a long long time since I last wrote my comments… I REEEEALLLLYYYY Miss you a lot and come back soon darling!!!! Mmuuaahhh… sarang haeyo forever

  820. 820
    SHARK Says:

    hi….u r so cute.i hope my boyfrend is juz like u.u r sooooooo cute

  821. 821
    awonshang cynthya Says:

    cutiest being luv uuuuuuuuuuu…….

  822. 822
    awonshang cynthya Says:

    dear zhai muroong…….. u n my bestfrn resembles each other alt bt he says no! but i dnt tel him……u wer damn cooooooool in da movies WITCH YOU HEE, MY SASSY GIRL N etc…….ur strinking persona wil change da world n lives…………dnt knw wat 2 say but m damn in luv wd uuuuuuuuuuuu.. may GOD b wd u IN EVERY PATH……DEO GRATIAS….. C U SOOOON N BLIVE U WD VISIT INDIA 1 DAY……. KIP SMILLLLLING CUTIEST BEINGGGGGGGGGG……

  823. 823
    awonshang cynthya Says:


  824. 824
    amalia Says:

    hi,jae hee..how r you…i love your movie…you r so cute in 3 dads n one mom…

  825. 825
    Wynethinzar Says:

    Hi my Jae Hee!!! I’ll be waiting for ur come back!! I wanna see ur new dramas and wish more famous actor!!! Aja Aja fighting !_! 😛 love u so much!

  826. 826
    jae hee rock!! Says:

    hi jae hee i love your acting!!!!! you’re so cute,so good, so handsome and more………………….. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  827. 827
    ms.u Says:

    hyE!!i like your acting very much especially sassy girl movie!!u look so cute when u acting!!i am ur fan!!chaiyOOok!!love u so much!!

  828. 828
    miss lonely Says:

    helO…i love u very much…u are very cute,gOOd in acting and u are sO handsOme….

  829. 829
    mr.bEan Says:

    haLo!!i’m one of ur fans!!i like ur acting!!ur so booOOmbastic!!hu66!!keep it on k!!chaiyOOk!!

  830. 830
    Kaye Says:

    hello there JAE HEE! :]
    hOw are u?
    i hOpe ur dOing great.
    u knOw what?, I MISS U A LOT!,especially ur acting in Kdrama-Sassy Girl ChunHyang
    hOw i wish YOU and HAN CHAE YOUNG will act tOgether in Kdrama.,and i will wait 4 that. Ü
    till here JAE HEE..
    always take care Of urself.
    i cant help myself but to think of YOU. 😉

  831. 831
    mgparlay Says:

    so good Jae’s 🙂
    Try Your Best.
    Your Myanmar Jae Fan group forever

  832. 832
    corry Says:

    Jae Hee..
    how I miss your drama..
    come back soon and then play some movies, too..!


  833. 833
    tiralo Says:

    hai…i’m from malaysia. i just want to say that love you so much

  834. 834
    tiral Says:

    hai…i’m from malaysia. i just want to say that love you so much.. aha

  835. 835
    HaidyAndro Says:

    Jae Hee or Lee Hyun Kyung you’re really great actor keep it up, and see you more tv drama

  836. 836
    jae hee rock!! Says:

    he’s mine……………….

  837. 837
    yesica Says:

    jae hee, you’re so ugly,

    hehe, just kidding.. ;D

  838. 838
    Kaye Says:

    i miss you so much JAE HEE!
    can’t wait 2 see you again acting in Kdrama.
    hOpe 2 see you soOn. Ü

  839. 839
    corry Says:

    for real..???
    so, is it true that you have a girlfriend..???
    omg.. *speechless*

    let’s wish all the best for you..


  840. 840
    Clara Says:

    Jae Hee………

  841. 841
    marielle Says:

    I watch you’re koreanovela three dads with one mom YOU”RE THE MOST HANDSOME IN THE CAST ! I HOPE YOU COME TO OUR COUNTRY TO VISIT US in PHILIPPINES IAM YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  842. 842
    Anisha Gurung Says:

    Hi,jae hee.I like ur acting in sassy girl choon hyang
    I love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooo muuuuuuuuuuccccccccccchhh. U r my best actor. U r too handsome and smart. I m ur biggest fan
    I live in nepal
    Plz give me ur email address

  843. 843
    Yutek >_ Says:

    Jae hee, when u back for military, I miss u 🙂 …
    When you action in korea drama…
    If you will action again please tell me in my email, http://www.ayu_utek@yahoo.com...
    Jae hee 0ppa 🙂

  844. 844
    winter Says:

    What are you doing during these days? I like your movies much.When I become sad,I see your movies and become happy.Thank you!!!! Can you accept me as one of your friend? I would like to know yr email address.
    Marry Christmas and happy new year!!!!!!

  845. 845
    Uji Says:

    Really like his smile..hope has new drama next year..

  846. 846
    marshm@lLow Says:

    ell0p hae jee….

    i realy like u in drama deligtful choon hyang…

    especially went u smileee…
    u sooow enchem in drama 3 dad n 1 mom

    actually…everytime u soow enchem

  847. 847
    jhonnalyn Says:

    i love you JAE HEE….
    youre my romeo

  848. 848
    dillah Says:

    i think movie of witch yuhee on finally not finish it . .Is that the movie is finish?I think not yet. .must be continue in witch yuhee 2. .Hehe . .

  849. 849
    awonshang Says:


  850. 850
    kathryn Says:

    . . .hello jae hee you are a good actor. .
    i hope you can make more koreanovelas. . .

  851. 851
    corry Says:

    Ya! Happy X-mas Eve for Jae Hee and you, too..
    Jae Hee, comeback soon..!!!
    GBU all 🙂

  852. 852
    Kaye Says:

    imissyou so much.
    i can’t wait 2 watch anOther Kdrama of you (of course with HAN CHAE-YOUNG. Ü)
    please cOme back soOn.

  853. 853
    Chelle Says:


    Hi, how are u? looking forward on seeing you in person.

    Take care

  854. 854
    suji Says:


    jae hee, Iam a very big fan of yours from India, I have seen 3 dramas of yours namely choon yhang,3 dads and 1 mom and wicth hoo yee. Iam so happy that i could post a comment and so that i could convey my message. Take care. Please do more meaningful dramas and i belive you won’t dissapoint your fans.

    Sarangeo your talent and you sorry i dont speak korean but i try to learn it. bye take care.

  855. 855
    suji Says:

    Hi its suji again,

    Merry Christmas & Happy new year. may god bless you with all prosperity and please come back with bang we fans are waiting to watch you. take care. bye take good care of yourself.

  856. 856
    ejayena Says:

    hi…happy new year 2010…i dont know what to say…actually, i really dont know if you really have time to read my stupid msg because you’re really busy person…but if you read this msg…1 would like you to know that i’m really like ur dramas and movies…you’re so talented to be a good actor…you are so funny!!hopefully you will be success in future…bye…

  857. 857
    jae yhu Says:

    i love you!!!! take care!!!!

  858. 858
    ladiigodiva Says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR and keep healthy oppa! miss you… 🙂

  859. 859
    jam Says:

    keep up the good work…

  860. 860
    corry Says:

    oppa, happy new year^^
    wish you luck forever..
    GBU 😉

  861. 861
    su Says:

    hi ,
    Everyday, I wish you for your job, health, girlfriend and everything.
    I live in somewhere of world. I wish meet you. But we are can not meet. Because we are not the same country. I wish come to korea and I will met you and we are together eat lunch, dinner and breakfast.

  862. 862
    su Says:

    when you read my message. It’s sometime naw.I connect with you. Are you use Internet.

  863. 863
    may Says:

    I wish you to be my friend;;just once

  864. 864
    marwa Says:

    hey !
    im algerian ..see u even have arabic/african fans !
    he’s just too cute ..his facial expressions kill me …gosh luv him too much
    hope to see u this year missed u

  865. 865
    corry Says:

    miss u so much.. muachh.
    why is your name listed in Tekken, duh..
    I just want u back <3 <3


  866. 866
    chelle Says:

    i want you back….make some good and high rated koreanovelas…
    we miss u ja hee…
    keep safe godbless

  867. 867
    Kaye Says:

    I really MISS YOU Jae Hee.
    How I wish you’ll do another kOrean drama.
    Can’t wait to see you again on tv.
    I miss your SMiLE. Ü

  868. 868
    ella Says:

    i love your acting

  869. 869
    ira luv jae hae Says:

    i love jae hae….i love your acting……figthing jae hae….

  870. 870
    bambang arvianto Says:

    hai jee where is han chae young……..you are so perfect with she

  871. 871
    corry Says:

    love you.. love you.. love you.. love you.. love you..

  872. 872
    mirotiq Says:

    hye..how are you,huh?

    i’m the one of your fans…
    i just want to say i’ll support you in whatever you doing….

    k,,bye..love you

  873. 873
    corry Says:

    jae hee only!!!!!

  874. 874
    Daisy Says:

    I really like you style. Takecare yourself bye…..

  875. 875
    andari Says:

    come back soon
    we miss u so much..
    take care urself

  876. 876
    rani Says:

    jae hee i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you have a special charisma which attracts people immediatly!
    i hope to see you soon in some drama again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  877. 877
    joyjoy Says:

    more projects.,.,

  878. 878
    manda Says:

    where are you
    i miss you on the screen!

  879. 879
    Kaye Says:

    jae hee, bogoshipda, saranghae – unjaena young won hee. 🙂

  880. 880
    Chunhyang^^ Says:

    Jae hee!!!annyeong!!!!!!
    when will I see u again in kdrama?
    I miz u and Han chae young in delightful girl chun hyang 🙁
    hope u and Han chae young will end up 2gether in real life ^-^ aza aza fighting!!! >.<

  881. 881
    corry Says:

    come back, darl!!!!
    we’re waiting!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  882. 882
    corry Says:

    hope you will be more mature..

  883. 883
    corry Says:


    I know you will be discharged from military service on this June..
    so, give your best there!! 😉

  884. 884
    Kaye Says:

    JAE HEE!
    yah! i miss u a lot! i miss ur acting. (of course with Han Chae Young) hOpe to see u acting again in Kdrama.

  885. 885
    Kaye Says:

    @ corry: is that true that Jae Hee will be discharged from military service on this June? yey! i can’t wait! 😀

  886. 886
    corry Says:

    hi, @kaye.. : )
    yes, he will come back in June.
    I wanna see his face in dramas or movies again, yeah!! ^.^

  887. 887
    marshm@lLow Says:

    ello_0p jae hae…
    i’m really like u acting….allll u

    ….n…..keep ur smiley alwayyyy
    may god bless uuuuu….

  888. 888
    Kaye Says:

    @ corry: thanks 4 the respOne. 🙂
    OMG. i can’t wait 2 see him again. (especially his SMILE. ^^ yay!) ;D
    how i wish after he discharged he will do a Kdrama quickly – ‘again’ with Han Chae-Young, because they really match each other, and I LOVE BOTH OF THEM.

  889. 889
    earth Says:

    hi jae hee!!!
    i´m happy to read that you will be back soon!
    you will have a special place in my heart forever!

  890. 890
    jackie Says:

    hi jae hee
    happy to know that u will be out of the military soon, cant wait to see u soon in drama, miss u alot
    hope to see yr coming drama with hae chae young, eugene, han ga in cause i love u all very much
    best wishes in yr future and god bless

  891. 891
    corry Says:

    Jae Hee oppa, promise me that you’ll get better and mature style and after coming out from MS, okay??

    JBU!! ^^

  892. 892
    Zemang Says:

    jae hee…wassup man..
    kinda weird why youre missing… honestly i just got admired by you after watching Witch yoo hee and Delightful girl choon ryang… haha youre a funny and cool actor.. nice one..
    anyway..good luck with your military service. be sure to catchup with other actor :)///

    p/s youre my idol 🙂

  893. 893
    yesica Says:

    hi, Jae Hee!!
    I know next month you’ll come back from military service.. and this month, it’ll be your birthday, right??
    wow, GBU!! ^^

  894. 894
    cynthia Says:

    Jae hee oppa, I love u, plz come back quickly
    wanna see u, miss u sooo 🙂

  895. 895
    YESI Says:

    GOOD LUCK…….

  896. 896
    ayaka Says:

    JAE HEE SARANGHAE….tomorrow will be your birthday…wish u luck and i hope u can be a BIG STAR..!! i realy – realy want to see u… >_<

  897. 897
    corry Says:

    Happy birthday, Jae Hee!!
    Best wishes for you >.<
    come back soon, oppa..! I can't wait for you until next month.

    P.S : today's my birthday, too.. Lol, happy birthday to me : D

  898. 898
    peck hwa Says:

    happy birthday!!! God bless you^^

  899. 899
    parvaneh Says:

    happy brithday,

  900. 900
    Putri Malu Says:

    Jae Hee-oppa,,,
    Saengil Cukka Hamnida,,,
    God bless u,,,

    miss u so much….

  901. 901
    skaha_nia_m'sia Says:

    jae hee . i love u so much . love to watching 3daddies with 1mom . happy besday . i respect you 😉

  902. 902
    kissy Says:

    your so cool… i ,love your movies….God bless

  903. 903
    Kaye Says:

    Hello my dearest JAE HEE! 🙂

    생일 축하 (saeng-il chugha ; HAPPY BiRTHDAY) last MAY 25. I’m so sorry if my greetings for you is late. I hope you understand me. Anyways, it’s JUNE already and I’m so excited for you to be discharged in military service. Hope to see you soon and make a Kdrama quickly for us (your fans) to be happy. 😀
    Again, HAPPY BiRTHDAY JAE HEE! And I wish you all the best.
    Take care ‘coz I care. :-*

  904. 904
    sha_dia_msia Says:

    i love u jae hee….saranghaeyo oppa…do your best…i always support u.

  905. 905
    Kina Says:

    Jae hee!!!! so cute!! ((: Saranghae!!

  906. 906
    corry Says:

    woohoooo!! thank God!
    finally you’re back, Jae Hee!!
    miss you so much, play some dramas or movies soon!!!!!!!! ^-^

  907. 907
    uran Says:

    OMG…!!! he is my favorite KOREAN ACTRES

  908. 908
    mel Says:

    you’re so cool.. i like u…

  909. 909
    ade Says:

    your acting is good.. ^^

    i like it..

  910. 910
    sakinah bt hanifah Says:

    hi jae hee I’m U’r fans.u act with very well.I miss u a lot.You so handsome.I will be first person that see u’r new movies.All the best in ur new movies

  911. 911
    diefan Says:

    sweel and good actor.. very funny in ‘three men and one mom and delightful girl of chun young.’

  912. 912
    lian cova Says:

    i love you oppa !!

    i like your acting in sassy girl …

    : )

  913. 913
    robie Says:

    anyoh haseyo oppa….sarangheee…..

  914. 914
    samantha Says:

    jae hee, i really love you, i am yr fan, do take care, k miZ u

  915. 915
    maulitia Says:

    i miss your acting LOl . WHEN will u comeback to the drama screen 😉 . saranghae

  916. 916
    Zhibek - Yoo Jin Says:

    Oh my god oppa… saranghe… i so love love you… you are so cute…..^^

  917. 917
    swt_pnay Says:



  918. 918
    yesica Says:

    JAE HEE!!!!
    please, take a role in some dramas or movies soon!!!
    I-miss-you!! 🙂

    take care!!

  919. 919
    putri Says:

    Jae hee..
    good job..!! 4^^
    I like ur smile…

  920. 920
    rheabelle Says:

    i love Jae Hee ♥ ♥ ♥ sooooooooooooooo much 🙂

    that’s my stat at fb right now 😀

  921. 921
    lovely moon Says:

    Hi! I like your action and I wait your new movies so don’t forget please. May GOD Bless u in your daily living. Thanks

  922. 922
    lovely moon Says:

    Hi! I like your actions and your style. May GOD Bless u in your daily living. Thanks

  923. 923
    007zhel Says:

    i love you’re acting..in My Girl and one mom and 3 dad… you’re so handsome

  924. 924
    anizah Says:

    jae hee,really love ur acting in sassy gurlz..
    and also wit han chae young..
    love ur acting..:)

  925. 925
    Winko Says:

    When is your next drama 🙂

  926. 926
    Crystabel Says:

    Waiting for your next movie! Cheers!

  927. 927
    melodia Says:

    i am waiting for ur next drama….
    love uuuu

  928. 928
    Kaye Says:

    i MiSS YOU A LOT!
    SARANGHAE. ♥ :”>

  929. 929
    koala cute Says:

    hi,jae hee..youre already back from the military right..i am waiting for ur next drama..i like u very much when u r acting in delighfull girl chun yang..

  930. 930
    God Bless U Says:

    My fren samjhana liked ur acting n she is one of ur fan now. u koreans really do the real acting…….

  931. 931
    Fida Says:

    luv u so much jae hee…

  932. 932
    ok Says:

    Jae Hee – i like your drama very much especially – Delightful Girl Choon Hyang or Sassy Girl Chun Hyang. I am not tired to repeat this drama again & again becoz you & lead actress chemistry are so right. Hope you can have another wonderful drama – a happy good ending one after your military training. Aja aja — all the best to you in whatever thing you do.

  933. 933
    saranghae nara Says:

    hye i still wait for your next drama.ok bye

  934. 934
    sha Says:

    hi,my hero..h0pe i will see you..

  935. 935
    koala cute Says:

    when ur next drama will come out???

  936. 936
    isabel c Says:

    Jae Hee, please come back to tv. we are addicted to you. you were so good in “Three Dads” where are you hiding? hurry and come back to dramas. New York City misses seeing you.

  937. 937
    ELA Says:


  938. 938
    dewi Says:

    Jae hee… i am waiting for you..
    I m from Indonesia and I love your acting in “witch Yoo Hee”. It so great drama! I love it I watch it for 5X!
    I love your smile…

  939. 939
    dewi Says:

    I miss n love your smile…

  940. 940
    Corry Says:

    I miss him so much :’)
    please, do some great projects. Gbu. (n_n)

  941. 941
    harlene Says:

    oh..i like jae hee,,so much..cant wait for your next show..please do inform me..if you have new show..thanks,…<3

  942. 942
    shafa Says:

    Hey Jae hee. How are you doing? I love your acting. so cute and handsome. I wish that we can meet one day in the future.


  943. 943

    yooooo…..jae heee johayoo a lott!….

  944. 944
    eliyah Says:

    Jae hee: keep on smiling. i jus wanna be drown in it .. really hope to see you in future..

  945. 945
    Alyssa Says:

    I like u in ‘Delightful girl,Choon Hyang’. What r ur next productions? I hope to see u soon. Wish u luck!

  946. 946
    gigas Says:

    jae hee you’re so cool 🙂

  947. 947
    hO_cHA_GiLL Says:

    hie oppa jae hae

    난 당신의 다음 행동을 기대

    당신 오빠를 사랑

  948. 948
    Jenie Says:

    hi,jae hEe!.ur one of my favorite korean actor,you r soooOoo cute!. .and i Love ‘Sassy girl chun hyAng’ it’s the best korean drama ever!.oppa, goodluck for ur career ..

  949. 949
    Jenie Says:

    hi,Jae Hee.ur one of my favorite korean actor, ur r soooOo cute and i Love ‘sAssy girl chun hyAng’ it’s the best korean drama ever!.i Love ur acting der.goodluck for ur career. .oppa ..

  950. 950
    sarah Says:

    why does korea have military service!?! T_T

  951. 951
    tinker:) Says:

    waaahhhh i love ur rascal role in sassy girl choon hyang..

    that smirk on ur face is really cute mind u! disturbing really!

    u two look good together. 🙂

  952. 952
    Cristina Says:

    Amo de paixão o Jae Hee…ele é simplesmente maravilhoso…eu já vi a maioria dos kdramas dele e espero velô em breve em outra novela Coreana.

  953. 953
    yesica Says:

    I hope this year you will make an appearance on screen for some K-dramas, or a movie. Miss you a lot! GBU <3

  954. 954
    Maricor Joble Says:

    Jae hee..
    Im Your greatest and your no one fan!!!
    you know, i really like you your so handsome intelligent and good in acting i wish we will be meet!!!!!
    we love you god bless and take care always!!!!!!!!
    im maricor from philippines.. (manila).

  955. 955
    killer Says:

    u r so good in witch yoo hee and delightful girl and waiting for ur next projects r u listening

  956. 956
    Nuryz Says:

    hy jae hee…my mong ryong!!i`m one of u`r greatest fans… i hope some time we will meet…
    i like u`r acting in sassy girl chon hyang…keep fighting and do u`r best
    love u so much…i`m Nuryz from Indonesia!!!

  957. 957
    Lovers Says:

    Nice actor, with his sweet smile…

    keep fighting to you.

  958. 958
    ida Says:

    Waiting for your new movie or drama….since one mom and three dads…when will jae hee play drama again ??? I always like your acting whether as high shcool student in chunyang or as a kind and warm guy in witch yoona….

  959. 959
    azlin Says:

    i love u jae hee…

  960. 960
    yoo na Says:

    oppa joahe..

  961. 961
    ayu cesc Says:

    So sweet…

    Sarange Oppa 🙂

    Aza Aza Fighting …….

  962. 962
    constance Says:

    I had a good laughed watched sassy girl drama.

  963. 963
    soon hee Says:

    hope you’ll play in new drama..

  964. 964
    Marjan Says:

    I like you n ur acting:) be more active plz:x

  965. 965
    ranjeeta Says:

    i just finished watching sassy girl…u r superb there and you r too cute in ur character…you r too handsome as a DA…love you

  966. 966
    sylvia Says:

    I hope to see you soon in another drama

  967. 967
    Victor Says:

    Greaaat Jae hee I Will Always seen your Film And TV Dramas
    Play With Han Chae young Again
    Youre the best couple

  968. 968
    Yudis Says:

    Wow jae hee! i’m is your fans. You very cool. I like your style 😀

  969. 969
    Yudis Says:

    I idolized jae hee 😀

  970. 970
    Анара Says:

    Красавчик!!! обожаю его!!!

  971. 971
    Анара Says:

    хочу замуж за тебя ))))) want married for you)))))

  972. 972
    Yudis Says:

    I dolized Jae Hee. I hope Jae Hee hear my words.

  973. 973
    Yudis Says:

    I idolized Jae Hee. I hope Jae Hee hear my words.

  974. 974
    Yudis Says:

    I idolized jae he. I hope he reads this writing 🙂

  975. 975
    Yudis Says:

    Jae Hee, I want meet with you. i’m is your fans 🙂

  976. 976
    Yudis Says:

    anyone know the latest news about jae hee? because I was idolized jae hee 😀

  977. 977
    Yudis Says:

    jae hee I always hope you read this sentence and I also hope to see you 🙁

    I always pray that I can see you


  978. 978
    andjani Says:

    im fans Jae hee from Indonesia..Jae Hee where Are you??? I cant find u after u back to army korean.. i very miss U..so much…

  979. 979
    Yudis Says:

    jae hee, how are you? whether good? I am your fans from Indonesia. I hope you read this. thanks you.


  980. 980
    Yudis Says:

    Jae Hee, I always pray to meet you

  981. 981
    Yudis Says:

    hello jae hee. I’m Yudis, i’m you’re fans from Indonesia 🙂

  982. 982
    Yudis Says:


  983. 983
    Yudis Says:

    I will continue to strive and struggle for me to meet my idol actor “jae hee”

  984. 984
    Yudis Says:

    I will always pray and try, in order to achieve my dreams and I can meet with jae hee

  985. 985
    Yudis Says:

    i’m fans jae hee from indonesia. my name is yudis. My dream is to meet with jae hee

  986. 986
    Yudis Says:

    hello, i’m jae hee fans. i’m from indonesia.
    when jae hee come to Indonesia?
    I really want to meet you 😀

  987. 987
    Yudis Says:


  988. 988
    Yudis Says:

    happy birthday jae hee 😀
    God Bless You Always 😀

  989. 989
    Kaye Says:

    Have a great day! Have FUN and ENJOY this day ’til lasts.
    BOGOSHiPDA. :”>

  990. 990
    Yudis Says:

    Hello Jae Hee 🙂
    I yudis, I am your fan.
    I hope you read this 😀

  991. 991
    Nita Yudasari Says:

    Cone to Indonesia Jae Hee.. 😀

  992. 992
    fitri Says:

    U re a cute n humble guy..be as u are..love u a loottt…

  993. 993
    fitri Says:

    Btw,even its to late,happy birthday to u,jaehee..at .may 25th..wish u all the best n success be an actor…I have been seen your drama “witch yoo hee”..its so romantic,sadness n funny…as chae moo ryong..u re a humble n romantic guy…we love u as a fan,jaehee..we waiting for u in indonesia..sarangae oppa:))

  994. 994
    OK OK OK Says:

    I am so happy Jae Hee is coming back with his new drama — Hooray For Love after 3 years in army. 🙂


    I wonder, does lead actress Lee Bo Young suits him?? She had a kind of “mature look”
    Hope it turns out well………………..


  995. 995
    Yudis Says:

    GWS Jae Hee. God Bless You Always 🙂

    get well soon jae hee.
    I always pray for you 😀

    annyeonghaseyo jae hee 🙂

    hello jae hee. this is my twitter http://twitter.com/#!/ 😀

    hello jae hee. I’m yudis, your’e fan from Indonesia 🙂

    hello jae hee. i’m yudis, you’re fan from indonesia.
    get well soon jae hee. I always pray for you 😀

  996. 996
    Yudis Says:

    annyeonghaseyo jae hee 😉

  997. 997
    Yudis Says:

    jae hee, have you recovered? I hope you’ve recovered:)

  998. 998
    Yudis Says:

    hello jae hee. I really hope you get a movie offer. because i’m is you’re fan 😀

  999. 999
    Yudis Says:

    Get Well Soon Jae Hee 🙂

  1000. 1000
    Ajeng Says:

    Jae Hee is the best 🙂
    Success for U..

  1001. 1001
    Yudis Says:

    do you have twitter? if you have twitter, this is my twitter http://twitter.com/#!/yudistiraadhi 😀

  1002. 1002
    Yudis Says:

    get well soon jae hee
    God Bless you Always
    And I alway pray for you 😀

  1003. 1003
    Yudis Says:

    i miss you 🙂

  1004. 1004
    rani Says:

    omg omg omg
    you will play in a new drama…i waited ages for this day.
    i love you so much and i hope it will be a success.
    you have so much talent but you have choosen wrong projects in the past.
    i hope that you will once again be regonized as a great actor
    keep fighting

  1005. 1005
    rani Says:



  1006. 1006
    Sandy Says:

    How are you? I hope ur doing fine. ^-^
    OMO! I MiSS YOU VERY MUCH JAE HEE! How I wish you can visit us here in Philippines. I want to see YOU and HAN CHAE YOUNG in person. I really like your Kdrama SASSY GiRL CHUN-HYANG. You two looks perfect together! I hope you two will be a lover in real life. :”>


  1007. 1007
    Sandy Says:

    @rani: Omo! What is the next project of Jae Hee?? What is the title of his new Kdrama?? Thanks in advance! 🙂

  1008. 1008
    rani Says:

    the drama is called “Hooray For Love”
    here you can read all about it

  1009. 1009
    rani Says:

    oh my god
    you won´t believe me
    HIC COMEBACK HAS BEEN PUT OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    dear god why why why??????????????????????

  1010. 1010
    rani Says:

    please add these pics


  1011. 1011
    Yudis Says:

    annyeonghaseyo jae hee 😀

  1012. 1012
    Palak Says:

    hiii jae hee i m ur fan from india…..i hv watched ur drama sassy girl choon hyang…….in which u acted so well….i just fell in love with that drama just bcoz of u ,which was the first koriean darama i had ever seen………n really from that i started watching other kdramas…then i searched more daram’s of urs…n i found witch amusement…….in which ur acting was very good……..i like ur cute acting :)..bt now m nt able to seeu again……..plz do some more ost i want to see u……n want u to be best korean actor…..sarang haeyo jae hee 🙂 plz come back soon….eagerly waiting for ur ost……

  1013. 1013
    Miah Says:

    Saranghae Jae Hee Oppa! wish u all d’ best! more projects to come! i miss ur act! pls. comeback in a drama!!! everybody’s waiting so long for ur comeback!

  1014. 1014
    Shinjoukrushuo Says:

    OMG! that your comeback drama has been canceled! really soooooooooo sad!!! because we miss you so much oppa! we miss your acting! but what’s the really important is you are safe now and trying to recovery..

  1015. 1015
    jaycee_12 Says:

    I really like ur sassy act in Sassy Girl Chun Hyang and being humble in Witch Yoo Hee.. a great dad in your drama Three Dads and one mom.. being a professional actor in your movie 3IRON and many more! you’re my idol and forever be my idol! 😉 more projects to come!

  1016. 1016
    MOON Says:

    If 10 people care 4 u, one of them is me, if 1 person cares 4 u that would be me again, if no 1 cares 4 u that means i m not in this world.******


    I m going to write on all the bricks I MISS U and i wish that one falls on ur head,so that u knows how it hurts when u miss someone special like u.********


    I love all the stars in the sky, but they are nothing compared to the ones in your eyes!******

    I LOVE U JAE HEE MY HEART**************

  1017. 1017
    Yudis Says:

    saya berharap bahwa Anda akan sekali lagi diakui sebagai seorang aktor besar.
    terus berjuang 😀

  1018. 1018
    Kaye Says:

    How are you? I hope you’re doing fine.
    I just want you to know that I really really LIKE YOU! ♥
    One of my biggest dream is to see you in person. Hope it will come true.
    사랑해 JAE HEE! ♥
    I’m always here for you! I’m your #1 FAN here in Philippines. 🙂
    Take Care always!

  1019. 1019
    Sandy Says:

    I miss you so much jae hee! 🙁

  1020. 1020
    Sandy Says:

    @rani: Thanks for the response!
    I felt so happy when I saw your comment about his new Kdrama especially when I read the article about it. But, when I saw your another comment that his comeback has been put off, OH MY! The happiness in my face disappear! I was very SAD. :’(

  1021. 1021
    jaycee_12 Says:

    do u have any news about jae hee? pls. shared with us! i really miss him so much! 🙁

  1022. 1022
    jaycee_12 Says:


  1023. 1023
    Sandy Says:

    @jaycee_12: Rani shared some news about Jae Hee which is his comeback drama titled “Hooray for love”. But sadly to say, he is injured so his comeback has been put off. 🙁
    You can read it here: http://www.dramabeans.com/2011/06/jae-hee-injured-drops-drama/

  1024. 1024
    architha Says:

    Hai Jae Hee.I am a fan of you from India.I loved your acting in delightful girl choon hyang.it was during my vacation i happened to see the song saranghaeyo from that drama.so i decided to watch just 1 or two episodes.but i got interested so much and i loved the character mong ryong that i eventually ended up in seeing all the episodes in less than a week.every girl wish to have a boy friend so caring and loving as mong ryong.it was so cute…i dont know whether u even see my comment or not but i just want to express how happy i am to watch that drama……….sarang hae Jae Hee….now im searching for more korean dramas,korean songs,music videos,kpop,your pics,news about you…and i want to learn korean language too…..i am fallin in love with korea i guess………once again sarang hae ……….and if the girl u said u were keeping an eye on dont accept you then dont worry i am always here……..sarang hae Jae Hee……………………………

  1025. 1025
    bilguundalai Says:

    yaahav hoorhon bas ih egduutei ymaa

  1026. 1026
    jaycee_12 Says:

    @SANDY yes i read about this news and i was so dissapointed bcos i was so excited to his comeback! 🙁 really bad news!!!!

  1027. 1027
    vannak Says:

    here, i hope that will got news new

  1028. 1028
    banTai Says:

    jae hee – the cutest actor in korean..
    he also have his on charm that make people love him..
    really great acting in sassy girl chun hyang n witch yoo hee..
    the drama which he act also was the best..
    i think that is why director jun ki sang really like to take jae hee as his hero in his drama..your the best Jae hee..

  1029. 1029
    azihr Says:

    Looking forward to see Jae Hee having another project with kim eugene and jo hyun jae again…God bless you Jae Hee!

  1030. 1030
    Hani Says:

    Where is he now? Will he come back to entertaintment world & play drama again? we miss him.. 🙁

  1031. 1031
    astriangel Says:

    Miss you Jae Hee…
    How are you now?

  1032. 1032
    kdramas lovers :-) Says:

    Annyonghaseo jae hee oppa 🙂
    I already watch Witch amusement and I started like u 🙂
    And I want to see another kdramas jae hee oppa play in.
    Chongman chua jae hee oppa 🙂

  1033. 1033
    Aniswoon Says:

    Annyeong jae hee oppa!I’m sorry as i juz got to know u in witch yoo hee…anyhow u’re the greatest…chullkae hae oppa!I’m really hoping u’ll be in coming soon drama…please don’t break my hope..he..he..gamsahamnida!

  1034. 1034
    widi Says:

    Hay Jae Hee! It’s sounds great to hear you back in “Color of Women”. Success for you Man!

  1035. 1035
    OK OK OK Says:

    Jae Hee – I am so happy you are out of the army and back to screen but very very disappointed that you cannot act with Eugene this time round in “Color of woman” due to her younger sis’s accident in Guam. Hope everything is well for them soonest possible.

    I really enjoy your drama in Delightful Girl Choon Hyang & Witch Yoo Hee with these 2 lovely actresses.

    I wish you all the best and hope you can match with Eugene or someone as lovely as her in future projects. Good luck to you. 🙂

  1036. 1036
    daryl Says:

    u are soooooooooooo cute!

  1037. 1037
    OK OK OK Says:

    Jae Hee ssi

    I am very disappointed that Yoon So Yi replaced Eugene’s role in Color of Woman. You have no choice bc it was not chosen by you.

    Hope you can partner with other more attractive & adorable actress in future drama. GOOD LUCK TO YOU. 🙂

  1038. 1038
    Kaye Says:


  1039. 1039
    sara Says:

    oh,jae hee.what ‘s gotten in you,man?where ‘s that super talented jae hee we saw in chun hyang.i really adore you but you deserve better,more powerful roles.i’m watching C-O-W but this jae hee is not that super talented one we saw before in chun hyang.please a better role.i want to see more of you.another hong sisters drama please

  1040. 1040
    philosophe Says:

    What’s wrong with Yoon So-Yi? I think her acting really nails the character on the head! I have not seen a more lovable nerd. I think her character fits really well with Jae Hee’s character although it’s true he hasn’t been making full use of his arsenal of facial expressions this time round!

  1041. 1041
    Kaye Says:

    I will never ever get tired of watching Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang. :”>


  1042. 1042
    Kaye Says:


  1043. 1043
    Sandy Says:

    Please add this picture of him:


  1044. 1044
    Color of Woman | LoveDrama's Says:

    […] So Yi as Byun So Ra Jae Hee as Yoon Joon Soo Shim Ji Ho as Kang Chan Jin Lee Soo Kyung as Wang Jin […]

  1045. 1045
    ina pinky Says:

    당신을 많이 좋아해요.
    당신은 잘 생기고 귀여운 녀석입니다.
    어쨌든 난 당신의 미소를 좋아해요.
    당신의 치아가 너무 .. 달콤한처럼!

    Like you very much.
    You are the handsome and cute guy.
    Anyway i like your smile.
    Like your teeth too..sweet!

  1046. 1046
    nana Says:

    you are still handsome.. & your eyes are so beautiful.. ^__^

  1047. 1047
    Fahmi Khoirunnisa Says:

    Annyeongaseyo Jae Hee oppa
    When Jae hee the movie again?
    mannaseo bangawoyo Jae Hee oppa ^_^
    hwaithing ^_^

  1048. 1048
    putri Says:

    Jae Hee ssi..

    My 1st impresssion after seeing u in Witch Yoo Hee, I thought u must be a nice person. I like your smile…

    looking forward to seeing your other dramas.

  1049. 1049
    february Says:

    hey,what r u doing now? smile! ,smile!,Smile! Ever Smile!

  1050. 1050
    Sandy Says:

    Please do Sassy Girl Chun Hyang 2! I missyou Jae Hee and Han Chae Young.

  1051. 1051
    Shane Says:

    Please add this picture of him:

    pic link

    pic link

  1052. 1052
    Shane Says:

    Thank you! He’s so cute! ♥ it!

  1053. 1053
    haku Says:

    so handsome… great great great actor! love

  1054. 1054
    tung tayeng Says:

    you are fantastic..love you

  1055. 1055
    shamey Says:


  1056. 1056
    liza agustiona Says:

    i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu,,,,,,,,

  1057. 1057
    Korean Fashion PoP » Blog Archive » May Queen Says:

    […] Chang Hee (Jae Hee) and Kang San (Kim Jae Won) are the two men who war for her […]

  1058. 1058
    OK OK OK Says:

    Jae Hee : Wish u good luck n great success in May Queen. Fighting 🙂

  1059. 1059
    fey Says:

    sarang hae jae hee,,i like you with han chae young,,;)..jae hee to match with han cae young…:D

  1060. 1060
    carmina Says:

    I love this actor he’s so cute 🙂

  1061. 1061
    [MBC 2012] May Queen RAW E7 / SUB E6 | Says:

    […] Ji Hye as Jeon Hae Joo – Kim Yoo Jung as Jeon Hae Joo (Young) Jae Hee as Park Chang Hee – Park Gun Tae as Chang Hee (Young) Kim Jae Won as Kang San – Park Ji […]

  1062. 1062
    pola Says:

    you are really good & handsome 🙂

  1063. 1063
    orchids Says:

    sarang haeyo oppa 🙂

  1064. 1064
    addylovesbwoowd Says:

    I love Jae Hee. you’re doing a great job in May Queen. I am rooting for you to win over Hae Joo’s Heart!! #TEAM JAEHEE

  1065. 1065
    eny Says:

    YES i choose jae hae than Kim jae won

  1066. 1066
    OK OK OK Says:

    Though I am heart broken bc you are married.
    You have my blessings & all the very best to you 🙂 🙂

  1067. 1067
    Best! Says:

    i hope u are the best hero in May Queen..i watch that movie bcoz Jae Hee oppa!Faithing!!

  1068. 1068
    Lynn Says:

    Love Jae Hee 🙂 I love how may queen seems to focus more on Chang Hee character. I don’t care he is a villian here, but the writer sure want to emphasize on how twist his character is. Chang hee is such an important role. People keep saying he is the 2nd lead, but the more I watch the drama, the more I feel he is the lead, hehe.

  1069. 1069
    Lynn Says:

    Hello guys, follow Jae hee on twitter if you have the account. I was told this is his personal twitter account. Here is the link: https://twitter.com/valentineye

  1070. 1070
    sue Says:

    @Lynn … i agree wit u… i also think Jahee is the main actor on dat drama… but people say KJW is lead actor… (u can read comment on may queen drama page…) coz there many KJW fan…bu still i think Ja Hee..

  1071. 1071
    Lynn Says:

    @sue, I know that there are a lot of KJW’s fans on May Queen page. They are all very vocal about their idol, aren’t they? lol. Sometimes to the point I feel it is ridiculous. At first, I am kinda disappointed when I heard he is the 2nd lead in that drama, but after I saw the drama and how his character is so crucial, I understand now why he accept the offer. Let’s hope we’ll see him more often in the future with successful projects.

  1072. 1072
    giovani Says:

    I really miss u oppa. And i heard that u play your new drama, may queen. I really excited coz u act a different person. Although i like when u play comedy romantic drama, but i think be a chang hee in may queen is great. Really really great actor. They hate u when u play as chang hee. They always support kang san. I really sad. But it’s prove that u so good. Saranghae oppa. Can’t patient to watch you’re next drama.

  1073. 1073
    [MBC 2012] May Queen RAW E35 / SUB E34 | Says:

    […] Ji Hye as Jeon Hae Joo – Kim Yoo Jung as Jeon Hae Joo (Young) Jae Hee as Park Chang Hee – Park Gun Tae as Chang Hee (Young) Kim Jae Won as Kang San – Park Ji […]

  1074. 1074
    addylovesbwoowd Says:

    @ Lynn

    I quit going on the May Queen thread… I cannot stand Kim Jae Won fans. They are so biased and obsessed over him to the point of annoyance… dont get me wrong, I loved him in CYHM.

    Going int MQ, I had no idea who Jae Hee or Kim Jae Won was.
    But from the beginning, I felt Hae Joo belonged with Chang Hee… but its so sad seeing ppl insult CH and unwilling to give him a chance because they’re are blindly in love with Kim Jae won.
    Don’t get me wrong, he did a great job in CYHMH and I understand why ppl are soo much in love with him.
    But his character is no where near as complex and relevant as Chang Hee’s.

    I’m watching Witch yoo Hee and will watch all of Jae Hee’s dramas because I fell in love with him from the start of MQ!!!

  1075. 1075
    Lynn Says:

    @addylovesbwoowd, haha, I understand your feeling. I sometimes feel the same, but what can we do? They are such loyal fans, we might have to respect their love for KJW 😀

    I’ve never watched CYMH yet and has no intention to watch it either despite all the good reviews. I don’t know why, just don’t feel like watching it.
    I think we should be happy that CH character is the center of discussion. CH is the most discussed character in the whole drama, so it’s all good.

    Oh, so you are a new JH fan? What a bummer, you are soooo late 😀
    I am JH fan for a very long time and he is the one that introduce me to Korean drama. My first ever korean drama is Delightful girl Chun Hyang, and I was hooked by him 😀 He is my first Korean crush.

    But I have to warn you though, JH hadn’t picked good projects since Chun Hyang. His dramas after Chun Hyang are not that great. I am disappointed with his choices of drama. I recommend 3 iron movie for you. JH’s acting in that movie is incredible. Both movie and acting are jaw dropping. I have to be honest here, I don’t understand why a talented actor like JH who picked a jaw dropping projects like 3 iron and heartfelt Chun Hyang accepted flopped offers like 3 dads 1 mom, color of woman, and even witch yoo hee…? I worry very much with his next project. He needs a drama consultant 😀

  1076. 1076
    Bonnie Says:

    Hello guys, I got this from MQ facebook page. You can ask questions to any actors. They will answer them during their live interview in December 20th at 6 pm korean time. Let’s support JH by asking him a lot of questions, ok? 🙂
    Here is the site: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/mbc-mayqueen#utm_campaign=t.co&utm_source=12809295&utm_medium=social

  1077. 1077
    rose Says:

    i use to love him but not anymore after he yell at one of the guard on the car park in Korea. He become arrogant and plastic. i regret loving him for so many years. this issue came out just a week after a may queen aired. he apologize the next day and the issue cool down because nobody care. but i hate that it’s true.

  1078. 1078
    dramagod Says:

    @rose, where do you get the information from? I don’t remember reading such news.

  1079. 1079
    rose Says:

    at Chinese Website few months ago. You can also check his message on his twitter. If he didn’t delete yet.

  1080. 1080
    Carole Says:

    @rose, can you give us the link? Thanks!

  1081. 1081
    Carole Says:

    I love Jae Hee and I find this hard to believe. It is sad to hear this kind of stuff. I met Jae Hee one time back in 2006. He is so humble and respectful. If the news is true, I don’t know what happened to him then.

  1082. 1082
    dramagod Says:

    @rose, yes please give us a link to this rumor. Thanks!
    @carole, really? You met JH before? How lucky! I wish I can meet him one day 🙂

  1083. 1083
    Grace Says:

    at last, after more than a decade in Entertainment he got one award.. 🙂 Congratulation.

  1084. 1084
    dramagod Says:

    @grace, what the hell you are talking about? Jae Hee already got multiple awards beside this one. Sure, he did not get as many as he deserved, but he did got more than one award.

  1085. 1085
    arsenia Says:

    he is a nice actor

  1086. 1086
    jhcf Says:

    he was my 1st k-actor crush and i still believe he’s a humble guy… anyway this the link i found about the guard incident:


  1087. 1087
    Color of Woman | Novelas Coreanas Says:

    […] So Yi as Byun So Ra Jae Hee as Yoon Joon Soo Shim Ji Ho as Kang Chan Jin Lee Soo Kyung as Wang Jin […]

  1088. 1088
    WAE?! Says:

    Why do they keep giving him 2nd lead roles? Like wth? It’s Jae Hee for god’s sake!

  1089. 1089
    Jang Ok Jung | umemai Says:

    […] Ah as Jang Ok Jung (young) Yoo Ah In as King Sook Jong – Chae Sang Woo as King Sook Jong (young) Jae Hee as Hyun Chi Soo Lee Sang Yeob as Dong Pyung Goon Han Seung Yeon as Choi Sook Bin Hong Soo Hyun as […]

  1090. 1090
    eny Says:

    i only know jae hae to be second lead in jang ok jung, if you really watch may queen he’s first lead there, just KJW fans didn’t admit it. About yelling accident even the nicest person could get mad or angry we didn’t know what’s really going on

  1091. 1091
    Quenie Says:

    I think he was only chosen as second male lead because his past drama where he lead didn’t really got high rating. Don’t get me wrong. I also love him, i know he had a great potential. Maybe it’s just that most of the drama he choose after My Girl Chunyang are not that interesting. I also watch May Queen, the writer indeed give his character more emphasis but sad to say, he is just the second male lead. I actually argue with one of KJW fan about that and to make it clear i research by my self. It’s indeed KJW was chosen as the male lead. The PD even change the drama setting just for him. He doesn’t want a bad guy role, according to my friend in Korea, in original script he is naughty turn out good because of love. But because he doesn’t like that idea, and he is the lead. They change it. As we can see they have a lot of BTS filming scene that it didn’t came out on the drama. Well, it works actually because the drama got a high rating thanks to his popularity. The drama plot itself is not really interesting. I just Jae Hee oppa could choose a better role. It seems like he just accept anything what is offered to him.

  1092. 1092
    Joy Says:

    🙁 Yes, why Jae Hee oppa always choose a boring drama. I just don’t understand. I heard from a news that KJW was being offered to cast as male lead on upcoming SBS drama, I Hear Your Voice to be broadcast in June. Han Ji hye also is the lead on I Summon You Gold. But Jae Hee oppa just accept a 2nd lead role on Jang Ok Jung. Whyyyy?

  1093. 1093
    MBC Drama Awards 2012 Nominees and Winners Revealed! | EnteRvrexWorld Says:

    […] Horse Doctor) Actress (Special Production): Son Dam Bi (Lights and Shadows) Actor (Soap Opera): Jae Hee (May Queen) Actress (Soap Opera): Seo Hyun Jin (Feast of the Gods & Oh Ja Ryong is […]

  1094. 1094
    eny Says:

    i watch may queen from the start till the end, sorry i will say it really fool if jae hee second lead in this drama, regarding the story n scene presence jae hee is obviously the lead, it just KJW fan’s insist that he is the lead.And jae didn’t really turn to bad guy he just pretend to be bad. I think second lead it’s not a bad thing as long as the role is good he could shine more than the lead

  1095. 1095
    Quenie Says:

    @eny, will, everyone had different views. the fact that MQ give him a chance to shine and get an award was good enough. It doesn’t matter to me if he is the lead or not. In fact i love all the cast on MQ, i think they really did well portraying their characters. I’m currently watching JOJ. the rating quite bad. ISYG drama of HJH is doing pretty well. While KJW has upcoming dama SCANDAL. I hope Jae Hee oppa drama will do better too.

  1096. 1096
    Anny Says:

    does anybody know where i can ind MQ full episodes?i saw a few of them and i really like it,its really nice and Jae Hee is a super good actor. Plz give me a link or something…i really want to watch it!!

  1097. 1097
    Cate Says:

    Huluplus has may queen.
    Jae Hee was the lead in it, and also in Color of a Woman. He is great in both; he should not sell himself short by taking 2nd lead role. I can’t wait for his new work.

  1098. 1098
    Jang Ok Jeong, Live for Love (장옥정, 사랑에 살다) | styrn Says:

    […] (later King Suk Jong) – Chae Sang Woo as Lee Soon (young) Hong Soo Hyun as Queen In Hyun Jae Hee as Hyun Chi Soo – Baek Seung Hwan as Hyun Chi Soo (young) Lee Sang Yeob as Dong Pyung Goon […]

  1099. 1099
    Cleopatra mzava Says:

    Handsome lovely drama

  1100. 1100
    nandoInDo Says:

    Hi all, can share to me Jae Hee twitter,,, thank you

  1101. 1101
    Janice Says:

    Jae hee’s twitter: http://twitter.com/valentineye

  1102. 1102
    nottee Says:

    Jae hee,you are very handsome,and am one of ur biggest fan

  1103. 1103
    nwe Says:

    opa opa so so cute

  1104. 1104
    jae hee's fans Says:

    I saw Jae hee’s acting for the first time is on Sassy girl. He’s very talented. Funny..

  1105. 1105
    rairamegumi Says:

    looks like Song Joong Ki…this is the adult version of Song Joong Ki, and SJK is teen version of Jae Hee…lol

  1106. 1106
    Sri Says:

    Jae Hee I Love Youu

  1107. 1107
    Save The Family 가족을 지켜라 On Aired by 11 May 2015 | HallyuTrendz Says:

    […] Woo Jin (Jae Hee) is an ambitious doctor. After he failed in love, he no longer believes in true love. He views […]

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