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Jang Dong Gun

Name: 장동건 / Jang Dong Gun
Profession: Actor, musician and singer
Birthdate: 1972-Mar-07
Birthplace: Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Height: 181cm
Weight: 68kg
Star sign: Pisces
Blood type: O
Talent agency: SM C&C
Family: Wife/actress Ko So Young and a son

TV Shows

Arthdal Chronicles (tvN, 2019)
Suits (KBS2, 2018)
A Gentleman’s Dignity (SBS, 2012)
All About Eve (MBC, 2000)
Springtime (MBC, 1999)
Ghost (SBS, 1999)
Love (MBC, 1998)
Ready Go! (MBC, 1997)
Model (SBS, 1997)
Myth of a Hero (MBC, 1997)
Medical Brothers (MBC, 1997)
Icing (MBC, 1996)
The Last Game (MBC, 1994)
Il-Ji-Mae (MBC, 1994)
Our Heaven (MBC, 1993)


Rampant (2018)
Seven Years of Night (2018)
V.I.P. (2017)
No Tears for the Dead (2014)
The Great Legacy (2013)
Dangerous Liaisons (2012)
My Way (2011)
The Warrior’s Way (2010)
Good Morning, President (2009)
Laundry Warrior
The Promise (2005)
Typhoon (2005)
Taegukgi (2004)
The Coast Guard (2002)
2009 Lost Memories (2002)
Friend (2001)
The Anarchist (2000)
Nowhere to Hide (1999)
Love Wind Love Song (1999)
First Kiss (1998, cameo)
Holiday in Seoul (1997)
Repechage (1997)


2018 KBS Drama Awards – Excellence Actor (Mini Series): Jang Dong Gun (Suits)
2012 SBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actor Awards (Weekend Series), Jang Dong Gun (A Gentleman’s Dignity)
2012 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars Awards, Jang Dong Gun (A Gentleman’s Dignity)
2004 Blue Dragon Film Festival: Best Actor Award for “Taegukgi”
2001 Blue Dragon Film Festival: Most Popular Actor Award
46th Asia-Pacific International Film Festival: Best Supporting Actor for “Friend” (2001)
2000 Blue Dragon Film Festival: Popular Award
1999 Chung-Ryong Movie Festival: Best Supporting Actor Award for “Nowhere to Hide”
1997 Chung-Ryong Movie Festival: New Actor Award for “Repechage”
1997 MBC Drama Awards: Best Actor Award for Medical Brothers
1997 Baek-Sang Arts Awards: Popularity Actor Award
1994 Baek-Sang Arts Awards: TV Drama New Actor Award

Related Photo

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  1. 1 : VikkiM Says:

    Mr. JDG, I think you are Korea’s greatest actor! I love your performance in Taegukgi, 2009 Lost Memories and No Where To Hide. You’ve got style as well as good looks. I prefer you in action movies, though I love your performance in Love Wind Love Song.

  2. 2 : rin Says:

    mr.jang,nice jobe in all about eve.great.

  3. 3 : rin Says:

    hi…………ur big fan from malaysia.if i can meet you,it is d best day in my life.i hope 2 meet u some day.now i`m 20 years old,maybe we`ll meet when i`m 35.he!he!he!.it`s not a joke ANYWAY. RIN,MALAYSIA

  4. 4 : anza Says:

    hi jdg i like ur acting in all about eve,coz that movie remember me when i with my girlfriend vita see together.and us like ur perfor4mance

  5. 5 : dee Says:

    Hi JDG, I think you really good in Love story movie, I’m really fall in love in your all about eve’s acting , good job !!

  6. 6 : imilla Says:

    Es uno de los mejores actores y gracias a el, nos hemos vuelto “parte de la ola koreana” en gran parte, si no es que en toda America Latina.

  7. 7 : PATRICIA Says:

    hola soy de MÉXICO aqui tienen un gran club de admiradoras ya que tu trabajo es super bueno.

    espero pronto nos visites.


  8. 8 : sallyen Says:

    Liked you in All about Eve…
    Heheh, couldn’t regonize you with that pic 😀

  9. 9 : Moe Says:


    I like you in All Bout Eve.It’s cool.

  10. 10 : myla Says:

    Oh!! You’re so damn cute!!!…you’re such a great actor and hope many more dramas or movies to come…

  11. 11 : myla Says:

    Belated happy b-day!!!!!love yah!!!

  12. 12 : SIEMIN Says:

    U R best actor and Korean Idol. Cheer Cheer up

  13. 13 : Kryz Says:

    Belated happy B-day! Great performance in “All About Eve” and “Taegukgi” Well, at least that the only movie and series i’ve seen you in. There’s such a big contrast in the two. REALLY BIG! But you played your part excellently. I rathere lyk you very much. You’re a great actor. You could move the audience with not just words but especially with your actions and i think that rocks. Keep up the good work! I hope to see more of your works. Good luck!

  14. 14 : Diana Says:

    Hi my name is Diana and I from México. Only I can to say “I LOVE TO JANG DONG GUN”, your are the best korean actor…….

  15. 15 : gemini Says:

    .. JDG as he is known here in the Philippines, is , for me , a very talented actor, so much so that i started collecting his movies that even my husband was convinced that he really can act. I marveled at his performance in ALL ABOUT EVE. His movies are commendable and his acting is great. I hope to see him do some dramatic love series similar to that of AAE. I would like JDG to know that you have lots of fans here in the Philippines, and I am one of those avid ones.

  16. 16 : sexy4yennie Says:

    I love U Jang Dong Gun
    U r a handsome guy
    I watched u frst time at All Abut Eve
    since that I become ur fans

  17. 17 : GS Says:

    jang dong geon oppa saranghae…^-^

  18. 18 : joan Says:

    hope to see again in movies and tv series with chae rim

    i love you

  19. 19 : GorgeouS eLLe Says:

    i’ve fell in love with your character right after i watched all about eve!
    you are a very good actor!
    you should keep it up!

  20. 20 : diana Says:

    i love jang dong gun i keep a lot of picture of you and hope to see you on your another drama series.

    ur lovely fans, diana.indonesia!!

  21. 21 : yuni Says:

    hai; dg,i wish luck and may god bless you.

  22. 22 : Diana Says:

    I’am Diana from Indonesia (Manado City)
    Haiiii……..Jang Dong Gun…..How Great your acting ……!!!!
    When your next TV Drama….I do like you performance in ALL ABOUT EVE…..Taeguki and all your film and TV Drama.. so dont get bored to be a number one actor in korea …..okeeyyy

  23. 23 : nim (india) Says:

    hi, Jang Dong Gun.

    Iam crazy with your SMILE.I love everything about you
    -your body ,your movement,your smile and the way you carry

  24. 24 : Regina Says:

    Mr. Jang,
    You are a good actor and you sing well. Love watching you in All about Eve and Chae Kim. You are handsome and stylish. Hope to see you in your other shows.

  25. 25 : Ella Says:

    Mr. Jang,

    When are you going to pair up with Chae Rim on another masterpiece again? I miss AAE so much. Would be niece if you and Chae Rim are real couples… too beautiful and prefect. Hope to see you on TV and big screen more often


  26. 26 : nilar Says:

    i love u

  27. 27 : Messe Says:

    Hey! do you guys know Jang Dong Gun is dating Lee Na-Young? It is true or just a fault alarm. Can anybody confirm? I am just curious. Mr. Gun should be dating at his age. I think she is pretty… I know, I am so nozy huh… LOL

  28. 28 : marayan Says:

    hi ,
    i love u so much…… i want to get ur photo ….. pls send ur photo to me… i like ur movies……. in my bedroom, i put ur poster on the wall……..
    pls reply……..

    bye bye

  29. 29 : zahra Says:

    HI janng! how are you ? this is zahra from iran . ihave 31 years old . ilove you very much .you are very nice and very handsome . i wish see you . I want me your girl frend s . may mail is : http://[email protected] want have your pictures send for me. kiss your lips . eyes black me

  30. 30 : Hou lim Says:

    Mr JDg,
    Before, I’d never seen K, movie, but after I’d watched your (About Eve) I like to watch your movie’s (also all K’movies).
    I wish you’re the pride of your life.

  31. 31 : JungWon Says:

    JDG is the best Korean actor for me. I love him since I watched AAE but love him even more after watching more of his series and movies. He is versatile and talented, he is a devoted actor- he delivered movies in Japanese and Chinese languages, he is not the type of actor who cares more about the looks but gets into the roles he played.
    I really hope and pray he’d have a new tv series soon and wish him success in his upcoming Hollywood film- Laundry Warrior.
    Saranghe JDG (^o^)

  32. 32 : kk thu Says:

    Hello mr J

    We like your act .we are invited to u & come our country.

    Myanmar People

  33. 33 : Ma Cho Says:

    Hi ! I like your movies very much .. and if u recieve my mail , please sent me message again ….I am always your customer and I always beside you…

  34. 34 : Gigi Says:

    For me Dong Gun ssi is the best. He’s got charm and he’s very good looking. His acting is superb, not only in light dramas but in action pictures, as well. He’s got the face that would keep you dreamy all the time. I love to listen when he sings…and I love his speaking voice too. In total package, he’s one awesome person, actor, musician, model…and the list goes on and on.

    Saranghae, Dong Gun ssi.

  35. 35 : shereen Says:

    I love you, JDG! I’m one of your million fans from the Philippines. I hope you will do tv dramas again. It’s been so long since you have your last tv project. And I hope you will be paired again with Chae Rim. Good luck to both of you! I love you!!!

  36. 36 : Annie Says:

    hi,……I hope you always take a good care of your body,please reduce your smoking! Take care,……….fighting!!!

  37. 37 : isadora Says:

    Dong Gun,

    Am probably the oldest fan of yours. Was not interested at all in Korean Dramas nor knew anything about Korea (South and North) until a fellow employee way back in 2006 lent me your TV Drama “All About Eve”.

    Since then, started buying all your movies and TV dramas to the point that I emailed MBC with regard to Medical Brothers. Was very happy when YesAsia emailed me and even though it cost so much ($100.00 is too much for a drama series) bought it anyway.

    Recently I learned that the price went down . . . about $70. But, that’s life !

    Now, am eagerly waiting for your “Laundry Warrior”. Heard it will be shown early next year !

    As a motherly advise, if you don’t mind, please quit smoking ! They say it’s hard to quit but I know (from the many interviews you had) that you are a strong-willed person. If you do, this will make you more young-looking, flawless skin, and not to mention you will be cancer-free. Saw many smokers who die of emphysema, lung/tongue cancer and heart attack !

    Please don’t get angry with me. We just care for you so much that we put aside our pride in writing this to you !

    Stay as humble as you are. . . and thank you for not getting angry 🙂
    You can do it Dong Gun ! Fighting !

  38. 38 : sang hee Says:

    annyoung jang dong ssi — i liked your acting & role in All About Eve, first project i’ve seen of you & you’re very impressive, very talented, you have a great singing voice let alone your acting is topnotch! I hope someday I’ll be lucky to meet you & see you in person when I travel to South Korea. I believe you’re a very down to earth person & I hope you stay that way! Also please do some more dramas like All About Eve! I can’t wait to see your future projects! God bless & more power to you! You’re my number one Korean actor now after seeing you in AAE.

  39. 39 : jane from malaysia Says:

    hi! i’m one of your fans from malaysia.i like you acting in ALL ABOUT EVE.i hope you will do tv dramas again and will be paired again with Chae Rim. i think she is suitable for you.i love both of you.Good luck!! please email me at [email protected].. PLEASE!

  40. 40 : Prudence Says:

    Dear Jang Dong Gun,

    Your acting in All About Eve is really effective. I’ve watched you in 2009 Lost Memories too and you’re as equally mesmerizing. As a fan, I hope I can meet you one day and tell you in person how good I thought your acting skills are. Korea is a long way and perhaps, not easy to meet you too – with all that security and other fans swarming about you. But I’m still hoping ;-D… Hollywood seems quite tough at the moment ;-D but I’m cheering on for you. Good luck with you acting and singing career!
    ;-D .. I’m at [email protected]

  41. 41 : ELAINE FOONG Says:

    Mr Jang,

    Hope to see you more on future drama movies as its quite sometime you are not acting since 2005.Good luck!

  42. 42 : ELAINE Says:

    Mr Jang,

    It’s been a while did not hear any news from you.Hope to see you more on your new movies and good luck.All the best..

  43. 43 : noreen Says:

    You are a cute gentleman.

  44. 44 : aini Says:

    annyung haseyo JDG!! i ‘m your fans from malysia..i luv ur character in AAE drma.. seems u really in luv with chae rim:-)my late hubby studied at hanyang univ, seoul..hope i can meet u one day…saranghae JDG!!
    annyung kaseyo!!

  45. 45 : aini Says:

    hi JDG, please e-mail me at [email protected]
    kamsa hamnida…

  46. 46 : zaini Says:

    hello, i m from malaysia
    I really like JDG and won bin in Tae Guk Gi, never before i saw a war movie that could make our tears run down. It is very touching indeed.
    hopefully i can go to korea in the near future but no need to put too high hope on seeing those actors. But, if it could, what a happy and touching moment it will be!

  47. 47 : tinzawhlaing Says:


    Mr Jang..

    i m from Myanmar… and i m one of yr audiences. i like yr drama series and movies.if you wish to come to my country ( Myanmar), i warmly welcome to my country……….

  48. 48 : jaymee Says:

    Hi Mr Jang

    You have not be acting on TV series, when will there be a new show.

  49. 49 : blah blah Says:


  50. 50 : qist Says:

    the great thing about Dong Gun is that he is both so cute and manly at the same time. Most manly men are not cute and most cute guys are not manly enough. But Dong Gun is both so cute and manly without even trying! He’s simply unique! The best from Asia. Luv him very much! Of course he’s a mesmerizing and talented actor too!

    but Dong Gun honey, please quit smoking, we all love you too much to bear anything happens to you!

  51. 51 : maria Says:

    good looking and clean and good actor I like him with Chae Rim in All About Eve. I hope they are in real life boyfriend.

  52. 52 : angelique_shake Says:

    i realy like jang dong gun the way he acts specialy in all about eve w/ chae rim… infact eventhough their movie is already done showing here in the philipines i still want it to replay..

    jang dong gun,
    i hope u will make again another tv series that will be shown here in the philippines….

  53. 53 : jess Says:

    Dong Gun,

    hope that you can make more movie……come to Singapore……
    really hope that have a boyfriend like you

    Love you, Dong Gun

  54. 54 : jess Says:

    Dong Gun,

    Really hope that we can be a friend…..
    You will accept it?????
    ahhhhh……….really difficult to do that.

    Love you, Dong Gun

  55. 55 : shereen Says:

    Always stay happy and good luck on your career. I love you!

  56. 56 : shereen Says:

    Oh, my date was wrong but still I want to greet you a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!You’re the best. I love you!

  57. 57 : shereen Says:


    Hope to see you do tv drama with Chae Rim. I miss your love team in All About Eve. You are so charming.

    I love you!

  58. 58 : Tala Says:


  59. 59 : shereen Says:


    Because of my advance birthday greetings, I was able to dream of you. It makes me happy.

    Good luck to you and many more blessings!

    Love you.

  60. 60 : Lani Says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. JDG, many more to come….God Bless!!!!

  61. 61 : Gemini Says:

    …one of good faces in Korean dramas. It is just unfortunate that he has been into korean dramas since ALL ABUT EVE…his performances in Taekguki, the Promise, and typhoon are all commendable… hope to see more of him especially in korean dramas…

  62. 62 : Gemini Says:

    ..correction on my previous comment…. it should have been “unfortunate that he has NOT been into korean dramas lately”….

  63. 63 : Gemini Says:

    ..here i am again… just watched ALL ABOUT EVE for the nth time… and enjoyed it everytime…. just wish JDG could again be in a romance drama series. I know that with his past movies which are all action movies (but still something to watch for) it seems JDG prefers action films more than romantic ones…. but pleeeeeeese…. JDG, I want to see more of your romantic side…you can do anything, don’t worry. When?

  64. 64 : vonn-indonesia Says:

    Hai! How are you? I miss to see you again to acting in television drama and when you visit us again in jakarta. Love u n God bless u always 🙂

  65. 65 : vonn-indonesia Says:

    Hai! How are you? I miss to see you again to acting in television drama and when you visit us again in jakarta. Love you & God bless you always 🙂

  66. 66 : vonn-indonesia Says:

    Hai! How are you? I miss to see you again to acting in television drama and when you visit us again in jakarta. Love you and God bless you always:-)

  67. 67 : ryanna Says:

    dong gun,

    i m a big fan of you. hope to see u in tv series. please email me ([email protected])

    love,love,love u……………………….

  68. 68 : rwita Says:

    Hello JDG…
    I like u’r drama with chae rim in All About eve…hope there’re more drama or movie with chae rim again…

  69. 69 : atchi marak Says:

    You look Very gud in All About Eve . I wish I could c You in the Internet with that same hairstyle

  70. 70 : jemi Says:

    I really like your manly character in All About Eve. I wish all the men in rality will be like that. Hope you are like that udnerstanding in reality- patient, kind, romantic. Please be one. I have watched 4 times already and now I’m watching again. Chae rim and you matched so well.

  71. 71 : Jho Says:

    i love you JDG…!. even there are lots of new comer & much younger than JDG… still JDG is the best. the best korean actor!.. me too, i’ve seen all about eve a hundred times.. i love it.. looking forward for a sequel of all about eve… please MBC. i love both JDG & chae rim.. hope they will end up together in real life since chae rim is divorced.. i love you jang dong gun!… muah! muah! muah!

  72. 72 : Jho Says:

    hope to see JDG’s latest movie.. “good morning mr. president” with english translation… i’m filipino, but i always watch arirang & kbs channel to keep me update with JDG.. i even watched his guesting with PJH show in youtube.. nice interview. i love the way he answer the questions, very smart!. i wanna visit korea just to see JDG.

  73. 73 : jiezle joaquin Says:

    love you / you are my hero

  74. 74 : zary Says:

    good looking and clean and good actor I like him with Chae Rim in All About Eve.

  75. 75 : zary Says:

    i love you JDG…!. i love you chae rim.

  76. 76 : zary Says:

    hi jdg i like ur acting in all about eve

  77. 77 : zary Says:

    I like JDG and chae rim. Specialy play in the movie All about AVE. I enthusiasm for your films( good morning president, doctor brother , the promise) some of which is not in IRAN. I would be pleased if you can send me those.

  78. 78 : sandi Says:

    i love u so much.

  79. 79 : Poh Kuin Says:

    Hi! I’m from Malaysia. I really like the drama of u in all about eve. You are really men and care your junior sister.

    Hope to meet you and take pic together. Please keep in touch and hope to hear from you soon. Always smile

  80. 80 : wutyi Says:

    i i hope u will make another tv series.

  81. 81 : Kid Says:

    I love u. u r very smart.

  82. 82 : Lulu Says:

    happy birthday

  83. 83 : zaw Lin Oo Says:

    Mr. Jaung,
    I wish you all the best from your birth day.
    and I like your action.Pls try the best.

  84. 84 : mahdokht Says:

    i need list of korean drama in 2000 to 2010 . but in this site is not the old list of drama.

  85. 85 : mel Says:

    i like your acting…

  86. 86 : ade Says:

    your acting is good.. ^^

  87. 87 : chungta Says:

    can anyone recommend where can i find the drama icing??? wanna watch it so badly…..luv jdg

  88. 88 : yuliono Says:

    hi, I’m from Indonesia.I want to say congratulations on your wedding.I will always support you

  89. 89 : OK OK OK Says:

    Japan fan meeting concert – 17 Dec 2009

    Won Bin, Lee Byung Hun, Song Seung Hun & Jang Dong Gun Sings

  90. 90 : nami Says:

    Jang Dong Gun considers new drama with Ha Ji Won and Jaejoong…
    whaaa….cant wait to watch him in drama again…


  91. 91 : Jang | Trends Pics Says:

    […] Jang Dong Gun.jpg star.koreandrama.org […]

  92. 92 : jennifer Says:

    hi jdg i really like you in all about eve…as of now im beginning to love you every second of my life…hoping to see you in person…
    belated happy birthday mr. handsome…

  93. 93 : reny Says:

    really like your acting and like you much hehehe

  94. 94 : fitri Says:

    Jang Dong Gung…all the best for u…

  95. 95 : laura Says:

    mr. jang dong gun… where is your new movie ??? miss you …hik… and i still like and like and more like all about eve ..you and chae rim.. the best couple … 🙂

  96. 96 : Max Bond Says:

    hi,mr.jang dong gun.you are my favourite actor.i have watched your new film THE WARRIORS WAY.you are a very energetic person.i follow your gateup.i love your hair style.

  97. 97 : ione Says:

    the warrior’s way is an interesting movie.

  98. 98 : ione Says:

    like this actor

  99. 99 : chong Says:

    DONG guen,am frm north east india i.e MANIPUR.we people are mongolia race the frst drama i watch is iceing n its also the 1st thing i been watching KOREAN film i luv our act n alwys luking 4ward to ya film GUD LUCK.

  100. 100 : Thunya Says:

    Miss you oppa Dong Gun ^^

  101. 101 : TANYA DO Says:

    Hi oppa Jang Dong Gun,

    My name is Tanya Do, I have been living in United States( U.S.A) right now, the first movie I have seen : “Drama love-Sarang”, you play this role is very wonderful ( the first time I have seen Korean movie), I love T.V. drama such as: ” Model/1997 “, ” Medical Brothers “, ” All about Eve “. Right now i am waiting your new drama: ” A Gentleman’s Dignity-2012″ coming soon, that’s right ? Hopefully some day you and your wife have visited to U.S.A., contact Tanya-I will to be a tour guide for both of you, agree oppa ?

    My personal email is : [email protected]

    You and your wife is a beautiful couple. Say “Hi” to your wife for me.
    Thanks and have a wonderful day.

    Tanya Do.

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    […] Jang Dong Gun sebagai Kim Do Jin Kim Ha Neul sebagai Seo Yi Soo Kim Soo Ro sebagai Im Tae San Kim Min Jong sebagai Choi Yoon Lee Jong Hyuk sebagai Lee Jung Rok Yoon Se Ah sebagai Hong Se Ra Kim Jung Nan sebagai Kim Min Sook Yoon Jin Yi sebagai Im Me Ah Ri Lee Jong Hyun sebagai Colin Kim Woo Bin sebagai Kim Dong Hyub Kim Yoon Seo sebagai Eun Jae […]

  104. 104 : hoa quach Says:

    Hi oppa Jang Dong Gun,

    I love you so much, You are Kim Do Jin in my heart. I live in Viet Nam. Hope so you and your family will be visited my country in the future. Right now, I am waiting a new episode. A Gentement’ s Dignity is great. Love

  105. 105 : just_jdg Says:

    i’m wondering why Gun became so skinny.. i hope he is not ill or something..

  106. 106 : A Gentleman’s Dignity « Justmeinwp Says:

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  107. 107 : cyrstalgirl98 Says:

    장동권 오빠 여전히 머찌시네요 <3

  108. 108 : ซีรี่ส์เกาหลี A Gentleman’s Dignity « SERIES 53 Says:

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  109. 109 : rubab Says:

    Hey jang dong gun as Kim do Jin …. Loved u in gentlemen’s dignity
    Superb acting … Now u are my new ideal … Best of luck … I live in pakistan … Do visit 🙂

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    […] Broadcast period: 2012-May-26 to 2012-July-29 Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:50 Main Cast Jang Dong Gun as Kim Do Jin Kim Ha Neul as Seo Yi Soo Kim Soo Ro as Im Tae San Kim Min Jong as Choi Yoon Lee Jong […]

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  113. 113 : remy dadula Says:

    im one of your many many fans here in the philippines.i first saw you in all about eve.you are very handsome and what we call macho here in the phil.youre acting is superb.a very good actor

  114. 114 : remy dadula Says:

    now im watching a gentleman”s dignity.just bought the dvd yesterday.i like kim ha neul too

  115. 115 : macky Says:

    hey, i’m from phil., just finished watching a gentleman’s dignity. I like it very much. i like your role… you’re so handsome. hope to see more of your dramas in the future… good health…

  116. 116 : macky Says:

    hi there… I’m your fan from Philippines. I’m macky, how are you? Hope everything is doing fine. After I watched your drama “a gentleman’s dignity”, I decided to look for the “all about eve” copy. Though, I already watched this drama a long long time ago when it is aired here in the Philippines. With my effort, I was so happy because I didn’t failed, I found a dvd copy of that drama. Why? because i want to see you acting 12 years ago, you’re so handsome back then, and now you’re not getting any younger, you still more and more handsome now, still a good looking guy and have a good smile. I really like “all about eve” even before. It’s been a long time since I’ve been waiting and looking for your dramas, and now with this “a gentleman’s dignity”, you really played your role well. You really suited and fitted in this role, that’s why I really like you most. You really made the right decision in accepting this drama.

    wish you happiness, goodluck, good health. More dramas to come…

  117. 117 : chloe14 Says:

    i really fell in love with you in A Gentleman’s Dignity…you’ve proven me wrong on my first impression on you…you’re not just a big star…you’re an actor…congratulations on your television comeback! hope to see you in more dramas like AGD…fighting!

  118. 118 : macky Says:

    really really like you. You’re such a great actor…you really captured the viewers heart. I really like watching “a gentleman’s dignity especially those of your romantic and intimate scenes with kim ha neul… You made me fall in love with you in this drama…

    stay healthy. take care always…

  119. 119 : adhe airashii Says:

    you you oppa. . .
    all about eve N gentlaments dignity, you look so handsome

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    […] Jang Dong Gun as Kim Do Jin Kim Ha Neul as Seo Yi Soo Kim Soo Ro as Im Tae San Kim Min Jong as Choi Yoon Lee Jong Hyuk as Lee Jung Rok Yoon Se Ah as Hong Se Ra […]

  121. 121 : Sunny Says:

    Hi Jang Dong Gun ….i live in Viet Nam, i really like you and fell in love with you…you look so handsome and your actor so great. I love your smile also. Hope in the future you can come i visit my contry. wish all the best come to you and your family.

  122. 122 : siska Says:

    I like jang dong gun since all about eve, even now his age at 40, but for me he is still handsome, good looking at his age, sexy i think.And his popular still even more in his age now.why the comment so little? His acting really good, he is really good actor in korea, and still consent in film or in tv.

  123. 123 : Krizia Cortez Says:

    Hi Jang Dong Gun 🙂 I just want to say Congratulations! You did great! Together with Your co-stars made ME smile while watching ‘A GENTLEMAN’S DIGNITY. I like your love team to Song Yixiu. You look great love team. I hope more movies with Song.. Love it. =) God bless. Cheers.

  124. 124 : lolly0731 Says:

    Hope you have a next drama project. your performance on this drama is awesome. Good job!

  125. 125 : pheng Says:

    A Gentleman’s Dignity is really addictive. I’ve watched it more than 5 times on-line. I can’t get enough of Kim Do Jin, haha feeling like Seo Yi Soo… Congratulations, you played the role beautifully. Hope to see you on this genre again. 🙂

  126. 126 : SBS Drama Awards 2012 Winners Revealed! | EnteRvrexWorld Says:

    […] Ji Sub (Ghost) Actresss (Drama Special): Han Ji Min (Rooftop Prince) Actor (Weekend Series): Jang Dong Gun (A Gentleman’s Dignity) Actor (Weekend Series): Kim Ha Neul (A Gentleman’s […]

  127. 127 : lovejdg Says:

    Im so obsessed with this man.. he’s the A list celeb in korean. He’s super handsome and charming. Just look at him makes me melting.. i love his drama a gentleman’s dignity. Looking forward to see his drama. He’s 40 something but doesnt loke like one. I love u oppa.. fighting

  128. 128 : Jenny Says:

    Happy Birthday…Wish you all the best in life and career. Stay healthy and happy. Looking forward for your new drama. God Bless U and family always

  129. 129 : lovejdg Says:

    I wonder why theres only a few comments here.. he’s actually the most famous hallyu star in south korea.. he’s like brad pitt and tom cruise in hollywood in korea. Im looking forward for his new drama like a gentleman’s dignity.. happy belated birthday dong gun ssi.. god bless you and ur family

  130. 130 : Patricia Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Jang Dong Gun. Pray you always stay healthy and happy and may God bless you abundantly in all areas and also your family.

  131. 131 : dilis Says:

    love u,r family…

  132. 132 : ikerr Says:

    Mas Jang Dong Gun, sampeyan bener2 WOW!!!!!!!! Walaupun dilayar banyak “Flower Boys” buat saya mas lebih KeRen dan ngga kalah ganteng!!!!!! Pokoknya film2 mas klo masuk ke Indonesia pasti akan saya tonton semua,…..! Semangat ya mas Jang Dong Gun, kapan2 main ya ke Indonesia. God bless you

  133. 133 : naning ayie Says:

    My favourite actor…….be the best yach

  134. 134 : May Saw O0 Says:

    Hi Jang Dong Gun Sii–After watching “All about Eve” I started liking you.Then after” The Gentleman’s Dignity”,I became your fan.You deserved to win the award.Waiting for many good dramas to come .Be continued to successful in your acting career.With best wishes.

  135. 135 : leny Says:

    I love jang dong gun after seeing the series a gentlemen dignity along with kim haneul, five thumbs up for acting them both. create a longer series with kim haneul yaaa……i wait your acting a gain at the series…………

  136. 136 : maknaee Says:

    Dear admin, I think now he is belong to SM Entertainment. exactly, SM C&C .

    (@maknaee from admin: Thanks.)

  137. 137 : Luisa Says:

    Hello…I’m one of your fan here in Canada.Waiting for your comeback acting drama soon.God bless.

  138. 138 : Jang Amri Says:

    JDG is the only Hallyu megastar I like! He’s simply the best! I love you JDG! Please do more Kdramas and movies so can see more of you! God bless and stay happy always with KSY and your two beautiful kids!

  139. 139 : Deegii Says:

    Happy birthday My uper star Jang Dong Gun.

  140. 140 : "Suits" -remake-ul coreean cu Jang Dong Gun si Park Hyung Shik a avut premiera azi - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

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  141. 141 : Felicia Lang Says:

    Watching now Suits! Awesome Actor, will log in to see all drama/movies, hope you be awarded soon! ,👍👍👍

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