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Jang Geun Suk (Jang Keun Suk)

Name: 장근석 / Jang Geun Suk (Jang Keun Suk)
Profession: Actor, Singer, Model
Birthdate: 1987-Aug-04
Height: 182cm
Weight: 63 kg
Star sign: Leo
Blood Type: A
Education: Hanyang University (Major in Theater & Film)
Hobby: Listening to music, cooking, target shooting
Talent agency: Tree J company (Japan)

TV Series

Switch: Change the World (SBS, 2018)
A Korean Odyssey (tvN, 2017)
Jackpot (SBS, 2016)
Pretty Man (KBS2, 2013)
Love Rain (KBS2, 2012)
Mary Stayed Out All Night (KBS2, 2010)
You’re Beautiful (SBS, 2009)
Beethoven Virus (MBC, 2008)
Hong Gil Dong (KBS2, 2008)
Hwang Jin Yi (KBS2, 2006)
Alien Sam (2006)
Lovers in Prague (SBS, 2005)
Nonstop 4 (MBC, 2003)
Daemang (SBS, 2002)
Orange (SBS, 2002)


You’re My Pet (2011)
Itaewon Murder Case / Itaewon Salinsageon (2009)
Members of the Funeral (2008)
Baby and Me (2008)
Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do (2008)
Going Crazy Waiting (2007)
Happy Life (2007)
One Missed Call Final (2006)


2016 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars Award – Jang Geun Suk (Jackpot)
2016 SBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actor (Long-Length Series) – Jang Geun Suk (Jackpot)
2013 27th Japan Gold Disc Awards: Best 3 Albums – (Just Crazy)
2012 Huading Awards: Top 100 Asian Celebrities – #3
2012 48th Baeksang Arts Awards:Popularity Award, Actor: Jang Geun Suk (You’re My Pet)
2012 10th IFPI Hong Kong Record Sales Awards: Best Korean Album – The Lounge H Vol. 1 (with Big Brother)
2012 10th IFPI Hong Kong Record Sales Awards: Best Selling Album – The Lounge H Vol. 1 (with Big Brother)
2012 26th Japan Gold Disc Awards: Best 3 New Artists (with 2PM and B2ST)
2011 Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards: Taiwan Top Searched Single Korean Artist
2011 19th Korean Cultural Entertainment Award – Hallyu Grand Award
2011 Korean Popular Culture and Arts Award – Cultural Minister of Finance Award
2011 15th Global Chinese Music Awards: Most Popular Korean Artist Award
2010 KBS Drama Awards: Netizens’ Award (Mary Stayed Out All Night)
2010 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Moon Geun Young (Mary Stayed Out All Night)
2010 Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards: Top Buzz Male Korea Star Award & the Top Buzz Male Asia Star Award
2010 Baeksang Awards : Male Popularity Award (Itaewon Murder Case)
2009 SBS Drama Awards: Teens’ Star Award (Actor) – You’re Beautiful
2009 SBS Drama Awards: Netizens’ Popularity Award – You’re Beautiful
2008 MBC Drama Awards: New Actor Award – Beethoven Virus
2008 KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Award (Actor)- Hong Gil Dong
2008 SBS 44th Annual Baeksang Arts Awards – Best New Actor (Movie- The Happy Life)
2006 KBS Performance Awards: Best Couple Award (With co-star Ha Ji Won)
MNet TOP 100 Charming Guys Who are Single
MNet Top 100 Adorable Males (2006): # 29
MNet Top 100 Must Have Males (2007): # 3
2007 KBS Drama Awards: Sung Yuri & Jang Geun Suk best couple actress
2008 KBS Drama Award: Hong Gil Dong – Jang Geun Suk & Sung Yuri best couple actress

Related Photo

(if you have any Jang Geun Suk pics want to share with other fans, please write down the link of the photo inside your comments, Thanks)

Jang Geun Suk 216 Jang Geun Suk 217 Jang Geun Suk 218 Jang Geun Suk 219


  1. 1 : fida Says:

    i really like this boy

  2. 2 : hookedforeVer Says:

    i really like Jang Geun Suk!!! he’s so cute in Lovers in Prague…Too bad I’m 2 years older…damn…

  3. 3 : filan Says:

    his role in hwang jin yi is excelent. too bad he had a tragic love with her.
    anyway i’m not patient for your new movies. GBU

  4. 4 : ko_boy Says:

    miss u so much. I’d very like to see ur new movies. keep trying make a good one. GBU

  5. 5 : na^m'xinh Says:

    i luv his smile,so cute!

  6. 6 : kittykat Says:

    ur so cute, wish i could see u in person, more project to come, i’m very excited on ur next movie, FIGHTING!, haha

  7. 7 : inlove Says:

    i love jang geun suk
    hes my favorite actor and hes soo cute
    i luve his voice and his smile
    everything!! im in love with jang geun suk!!!!!!!!!
    too bad he’s famous and older. he doesnt even know i exist. T-T

  8. 8 : derxiong Says:


  9. 9 : derxiong Says:

    i love you…i love ur movie..i saw most of them..ur so cute..i saw you in hwang jini..alien sam and nonstop4…ur so cute…aahhhhh..i love you…

  10. 10 : L_Lxiah Says:

    O_O hes cute wanna see him in more dramas. does anyone know where/what city he was born?

  11. 11 : Emine Says:

    Dear Jang Geun Seok!!
    I wish you all the very best!
    Keep up the great work!
    His beautiful smile…

    Happy Birthday Jang Geun Seok 🙂 😛 😀

  12. 12 : rissa......... Says:

    wheeeeeeeeeee……..ur cute and handsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. 13 : Christine Philippines Says:

    you know i really really like you….
    too bad youre 6 years older than me!!!
    🙂 love yah!!

  14. 14 : lea Says:

    hi…….you know what everyday i watch hwang ji ni belated happy birthday…………….your so handsome and cute

  15. 15 : Joyce Says:

    ei0w.. uR s0o cUte.. i rEaLLy rEaLLy likE y0u!! t0o bAd i cAnt sEe y0u iN pErs0n.. bEc i livE iN pHiLippiNes aNd y0u livE iN k0rEa.. i h0pe i cAn g0 iN k0rEa s0medAy..

  16. 16 : lyodd Says:

    he’s cute too!!!!

    I like his role in the hwang jini!!

    I love It!

    Keep it up……………….

  17. 17 : x jha x Says:

    i love you…
    i will go to korea, and i will bring you here in the philippines..
    you’re so cute…
    were meant for each other..

  18. 18 : x jha x Says:

    love at first watch….

  19. 19 : x jha x Says:

    your smile is like me, so cute… wheee…

  20. 20 : nayah Says:

    hello …wow ur so cute….i love watching whang jini becoz of u..hahaha…..great series….can i have a favor ? will u plsss post a lot of your pictures at yahoo or photobucket …tnxtnx….keep on smilling…..muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah……saranghe!

  21. 21 : nayah Says:

    by the way u got a baby face, u look 12 yrs. old only……..and speaking of age ? we’re same age…im 20 too…….hahaha…… i love ur eyes and ur lips….keep up the good work…….good luck …more project to come…u can do it…God bless!….. love u!

  22. 22 : nayah Says:


  23. 23 : airam Says:

    i really like you,, haha!!! were the same age, your a months older than me… i think i like you…

  24. 24 : kimmy Says:

    youre so cute!!!!!!!!!!!! i love u …..hope u visit d philippines…

  25. 25 : ALaizah_herjeane_tin2_jen Says:

    …i luv u so much..u r my dream boy..i admire u a lot…and i miss u so much..hope u can visit us in miagao iloilo philippines..ur da one im hoping for my future..sarranghe….even ur older dan me ..its ok..u can be my suiter…age doesnt matter….my answer is YES! will u marry us..joke..my da best girl win…gudluck to us..huh..hugs and kisses..mwahhh..love and care..i hope we can meet soon..vavouz…

  26. 26 : sweetgirl_mercury(phils) Says:

    OMG he’s sooooo cute!!! he stole my heart! i dream to see him in person… how i wish i could. too bad he’s so far… i know many girls are going crazy over him, i’m proud to say i’m ONE of them. haha! he’s just same as my age, dat was nice. i love his smile, his voice, his body, everything. i hope to see more of him… mmmmwwwwwaaahhhh!(how i wish i can kiss him in person, haha!)

  27. 27 : aihna Says:

    OMG…. Im going to get you someday!!!!


  28. 28 : andrea Says:
  29. 29 : meya Says:

    you’re so super duper cute and good looking…there are many girls “nabubuang” to you..,good luck to your career and upcoming projects!!!!

  30. 30 : ien_mandy Says:

    Ahm… I love Jang Geun Suk!!
    When I frst saw him.. omg! I think I’m inlove!
    he’s definitely a beautiful and cute guy!!!hahaha!!
    I promise…I’ll go to KoreA just to c yah!
    Just w8 4 me huh?!!!

  31. 31 : CAtniel Says:

    hi!!! your so cute… youll have me suicidal,…

    i love you!!

  32. 32 : Lara Marie Sam-kian Says:

    i love you jang geun suk………

  33. 33 : kRzAnN Says:

    oh my God!!!. you’re really really nice!!!,you’re so cute!!!,

  34. 34 : kRiS-aNn Says:

    i like you so much!!!, you’re so nice!!! (^_~)

  35. 35 : kRiS-aNn Says:

    an nyoung hasseyo!!!

    sarangingayo! gudae nawa gathdamyon shijagingayo! mami jaggu gudaer, saranghandaeyo! onsesangi dudurog sorichineyo! wae ijeya dullijyo! suror mannagi wihae, ijeya sarang chajadago…

  36. 36 : kRiS-aNn Says:

    hay… hope you will visit here in the Philippines!

  37. 37 : carolyn Says:

    saranghe!! u r so cute..
    a good actor!!
    keep it up

  38. 38 : JaStEnE ^-^ Says:

    i really10000000x lyk u….. 1st tym i watch hwang jini i was really starstrucked by ur smile and evrything…ur so cute…..ur older than me(3 yrs) but its ok.. Are you single??? (I Hope so)…….i hope i can find sum1 lyk u here in the Philippines and u can visit here because im sure,,there are millions of girls who will come to see you..and of course, im one of that million girls…… I love you jang geun suk… you are my number 1 idol among Korean actors………

  39. 39 : JaStEnE ^-^ Says:

    i Lo0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0ovvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu



  40. 40 : JaStEnE ^-^ Says:

    please post some of your photos…please…. because you are so0o0o0o0o0o0o0o cute and handsome…….
    im crazy in love with u….hehehehehehehehe

  41. 41 : JaStEnE ^-^ Says:

    I im now searching for sumi lyk u…..but I failed…………….wahahahahaha…ur 1 of a million……mwahh..

  42. 42 : Charmaine Says:

    Jang geun suk is so cute, i like him so much… I hope i can see him soon, he’s so cute in Hwang jini and i love watching it and it is because of him. I really admire him that’s why i want to go in Korea someday so that i would see him. First, i thought that he’s just 15-18 yrs. old like me but i knew that’s he’s 20, well it’s okay. I wish that he could go here in the philippines so that i could see him…

  43. 43 : kelly Says:

    i love you so much your so handsome your the ideal man that im looking for.,, hope you visit are country the land of beauties,.. hope you grant are wish and keep it up,.. your the best and hope you find the right girl for you.,, take caRE always,.. saranghe,,.

  44. 44 : kimberly Says:

    when i first saw at hwang jini you look so handsome and gentleman you act very well you deserve the rule as yun ho a typical of guy whose willing to give up for the sake of love hope in real life you look like that… hope you go here in the philippines… saranghe..

  45. 45 : kate Says:

    i like you your so cute

  46. 46 : kathleen Says:

    hi hi hi hi hi u know ur so cute i like u very much thats all bye

  47. 47 : kimberly Says:

    i love you jang geun suk mwahhh!!!!!!!

  48. 48 : kris anne Says:

    ur my prince charming..i love you..your so handsome..i want to meet u someday..mwahhh.

  49. 49 : kimberly Says:

    i really love you mwahhh!!!!

  50. 50 : kimberly Says:

    i want to see you in person love you

  51. 51 : kimberly Says:

    i love you

  52. 52 : yen Says:

    hi….. jang geun suk… i drop by just to say.. congratulation to all the blessings that god gave you….. keep it up… show the world what jang geun suk can do…””” and stay who you are…..


  53. 53 : niah Says:

    hi jang geun suk!

    are you a Christian? just asking….

  54. 54 : rexbelle mae Says:

    I love you!!!!!!!!!you’re so handsome!!!!!you are one of my korean crush aside from joo ji hoon……saranghe!!!!!!!

  55. 55 : kimberly Says:

    do you have a yahoomail if you have just add me kimsue325
    i love you mwahhh!!!!!!!!!!!take care

  56. 56 : kimberly Says:

    your so cute i love you

  57. 57 : kimberly Says:

    i mean yahoomessenger i love you mwahhh!!!!!!!

  58. 58 : kimberly Says:

    i want you to see in a person

  59. 59 : kimberly Says:

    i wish you come to the philippines i love you mwahhh!!!!!!!!!take care

  60. 60 : cris Says:

    your so handsome in Hwang jini..

  61. 61 : apple joyce Says:

    gRabEh!! uR soEee cUTe.. i lYk uR eYes vEry muCh.. pErfEct!! gUdluck on ur carreer… stay handsome!!! =D

  62. 62 : rexbelle mae loves kim yun ho better known as jang geun suk!!!! Says:

    hello!!!!!!i really love your character in hwang jini!!!!!!!

    but, i hate the part that you died……

    hope that you will have more projects!!!!!!

    i wish that you can visit your fans here in the phils….

    just remember i am one of them….

    one of the persons that loves and idolize you!!!:) 😀

  63. 63 : rexbelle mae loves kim yun ho better known as jang geun suk!!!! Says:

    always stay handsome!!!!!!!

  64. 64 : lynn Says:


    hi jang geun suk…

    you know what,,,you are so handsome..

    i like your smile..

    it makes me smile too..

    hope you’ll be known by everyone soon…

  65. 65 : kimberly Says:


  66. 66 : rachel Says:

    hi…what’s your email add.?can we just friends??well by the way I’m Rachel you can view me on my friendster account if you have….if don’t add me on my email address…ricka_rachel01…thanks..

  67. 67 : KanaMe27 Says:

    hi jang geun seok.. ur sooooooo handsome and cute!! i rily like ur innocent look.. can we e best of friends?? luv yah.. mwah

  68. 68 : KanaMe27 Says:

    hi jang geun seok.. ur sooooooo handsome and cute!! i rily like ur innocent look.. can we be best of friends?? luv yah so much.. mwah i have a friendster account u can add me up here’s my add [email protected]

  69. 69 : nayah Says:

    Mr.Perfect take care ….sarangheyo…..

  70. 70 : kimberly Says:

    take care i love you mwahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. 71 : kimberly Says:

    love is like heaven i love you

  72. 72 : rhialeen Says:

    i always watch your hwang jini t.v series
    keep it up love you so much
    your so handsome

    hope one day you can come to the phillipines

    thats all

    love you

  73. 73 : Angel Says:

    Jang Geun Suk…………….Ur so cute!!!!!!!
    Hope you will come in the Phillipines. Ur a good actor.
    We love you!!!!!!!!!

  74. 74 : kimberly Says:

    i love you always here from you

  75. 75 : imee Says:

    …………..hi im from philippines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!your so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. 76 : imee Says:

    ……………………..i love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hope you will come here in the philippines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i will wait for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. 77 : hwang jini Says:

    hi and congrats i hope you will go here in philippines i am ur number one fans here in philippines and good luck and more power

    ang gwapo mo pati si jini ang cute hehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. 78 : noesis Says:

    hey, i was hoping you can understand english… so that wherever you go, u can easily communicate with your fans from other countries…

  79. 79 : kate Says:

  80. 80 : kimberly Says:

    saranghe mwahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. 81 : eyka Says:

    y0u are s0o cute..and i never thought that you’re still y0ung.. ur just 20..ayt??

  82. 82 : vibian Says:


    you look like sean michael.. his an actor like you also…
    i have some korean friends here in baguio, and I think they know you so much…!!

    do you have freindster account..!!?
    pls replay to my email add. pls….

  83. 83 : kimberly Says:

    i wish you see me in the philippines thats all bye i love you mwahhh!!!!!!! take care

  84. 84 : kimberly Says:

    if you have friendster just add me [email protected] thats my email add please add me ok thats all bye i love you mwahhh!!!!!!!!take care always good job

  85. 85 : hazel Says:

    jang geun youare so cute especially when your smiling……your my idol

  86. 86 : hajel Says:

    you are really cute…kahit saang anggulo tingnan..hope i will see you someday!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU

  87. 87 : kimberly Says:

    i love you so much

  88. 88 : yhang Says:

    your the very handsome guy i’ve ever seen ang lakas ng tama ko sau,,ndi ako mahilig sa koreanovela but nagkainteres aq dahil sau..hope you will visit the Phillipines to meet the wonderful person here..
    stay cute always…hoping for the continuous success of your career

  89. 89 : Jennylaine Says:

    hi,jang guen suk…! i hope you understand english… you know what,? i really like you so much..you’re the reason why i always watch hwang jini… i hope you can go here in the philippines with Ha Ji Won… oh, my gosh, i’m just 15…and you’re 20… actually,since i saw you, i want to learn how to speak korean… oh,my gosh…i love you so much…

  90. 90 : Jennylaine Says:

    why do you have to die in Hwang Jini? theres a lot of actors there who could die instead…why it has to be you?…well,by the way… i started searching and reading about you… i just cant really understand myself why i’m so attracted to you this much…??? you have a killer smile,you know?…please…go here in the Philippines. You’re fans here are waiting for you…LOVE YOU…

  91. 91 : Jennylaine Says:

    Anyong Aseiyo,Jang Geun Suk…SARANGHE YO!!!!!
    MWAAAHHHH!!!!!!!! ARASO YO?…….

  92. 92 : kimberly Says:

    jang geun suk i really like you i wish you come here in the philippines i love you so much and i miss you

  93. 93 : kimberly Says:

    saranghe mwahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!take care always good job and be happy

  94. 94 : nicca Says:

    do u know that you r so cute!
    u know i reaaly like ur smile, im a certified fan of yours .
    keep up the good work jang geun suk bye……….. saranghe1

  95. 95 : nicca Says:

    do u know that you r so cute!
    u know i reaaly like ur smile, im a certified fan of yours .
    keep up the good work jang geun suk bye……….. saranghe

  96. 96 : nicca Says:

    i hope u will visit here in our country
    bbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyeeeeee mr. HEARTHROB!

  97. 97 : jean Says:

    hi jang geun suk u know u are so cute!

    i really love hwang jini specially you
    u know my friends and i are always watching hwang jini
    everynight bbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeee!……..
    mwahhhhhhh………. saranghe keep up the good work
    lav yah always!

  98. 98 : collen Says:

    hi jang geun suk i hope you will visit to our country i always watching hwang jini i hope you are always at a good health do you have an email or yahoo messenger.just add me ok and always love your fans ok. sincerely,

  99. 99 : collen Says:

    this is my email [email protected]
    my yahoo messenger [email protected] ok just add me god bless you i hope you will visit in philipphines ok BYE.

  100. 100 : sandy Says:

    i’d seen thousands of goodlooking men, but when isaw you jang geun suk my world turn into its matte…your peck smile and the way you show off your self is everything to me now… my only wish now is to see you in person, to make myself believe that this is not a dream instead a reality, you captured my heart, and my hypothalamus too…please do come here in the pearl of the orient seas… my beautiful country philippines…saranghe!!!!whatever happens to the spin of the world you’ll remain here in my heart forever… i love you… your fan sandy….

  101. 101 : kaye Says:

    jang geun suk…

    your name is quite hard to pronounce..ahaha..
    i search for your picture on the net
    and fortunately, i got a lot..
    i’ll have them printed so i can put it in my wallet..
    you’re so cute..damn..
    lot of girls here in philippines admires you so much..
    will you add me in your yahoo mail or even in your friendster
    if you got one..
    here is my e-add:
    [email protected]

    hope you’ll read this..

    take care..

    kaye of philippines

  102. 102 : angel ivy Says:

    my gosh………… you are so handsome, cute, whatever….. you are so yummy…ahehehe

    i hope you can come here in the philippines specially in cagayan de oro city so that i will se you… my gosh..! IM SUCH A GOLLLY GOLLY DREAMER…ahuhuhuhu

    keep up the good work…. please read this message…

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AS IN TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    -=angel ivy=-

  103. 103 : maryann reyes Says:

    ingat nlang po kayo lagi sana mabasa po nyo ung message ko take care and god bless po

  104. 104 : maryann reyes Says:

    alam po nyo aminin ko isa ako sa mga tagahanga po nyo den pasensya na po kung pilipino po ang sulat ko kasi hindi po ako maSyadong marunong mag english eh thank you po my # 09182695335 yan ang nom ko po tnx po ulit

  105. 105 : maryann reyes Says:

    den wag po kayo mag pagutom,den alagaan po nyo ang kalusugan po nyo tnx po,.///.,,..,,.,.,/, G O D B L E S S P O

  106. 106 : leonardo Says:

    [email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@!!!!!11

  107. 107 : maryann reyes Says:

    hello po gud morning po wag po sana kayong magpagutom kain na po kayo ng breakfast den gud luck din po…//,/./.,

  108. 108 : beth Says:

    hi there!!!
    i’m one of your fans in the philippines
    who’s so hooked in watching your tv series
    aside from being so cute,
    you’re definitely a good actor!!!
    i love the way you make us cry in hwang jini!!

    you absolutely rock!!!!
    keep up!!

    by the way,
    plz add me in your friendster account..
    [email protected] –my e-add

  109. 109 : shannel louie ivy Says:

    hi iam new her! my name is shannel!

  110. 110 : Jessica Joy Says:

    Hi there!!!!!
    I’m Jessica Joy from the Philippines….
    You know what??? You’re so popular here in our school because you’re so handsome and cute….
    You’re also a good actor…you can make people cry….
    I believe one reason why Hwang Jini became popular here is because of you. Too bad your character died.
    I hope I will be able to see you in person!!!
    Take care always…..Ur d best!!

  111. 111 : Rey Planas Says:

    hi there im rey from davao city.i really like jang geun seok..he is soooooooooooo gwapo..as in…i printed his picture like a poster.if u like to contact me just invite me to ur friendster, my account is [email protected]..tnx

  112. 112 : yukinO~ Says:

    hayzZ ang gwapo mo!!love na love kita pg hwang jini na hayzZ^_^

    take care


    love you


  113. 113 : jidah Says:

    hi im jidah i know u cant understand there sayings coz were filipino!

    hi im jidah from philippines!!
    i know u cant understand what they saying
    but some said that u are so cute as in!

  114. 114 : jidah Says:

    you know i hate the episode youve died i really hate that

    we are watching ure killer smile in hwang jini but youve die !
    we will miss you!and some says that they are printing your picture like a poster coz u are so cute!

  115. 115 : kharenn Says:

    to jang geun seok:
    whatever your name is..i just want to say you make Philippines happy because of hwang jini’s arrival in philippine television!!i’m not too much addicted in koreanovelas but when i watch hwang jini,i started learning to watch it since then!!!!i hope you will be starred in more shows so that many will able to watch you!!!!all i can say is more power and stay as handsome as you are!!!never stop to make everyone happy especially me!!!!thanks ang,haba noh!?

  116. 116 : kharenn Says:

    you’re older than me pala but it is possible that we became good friends!!thanks for accepting me as your friend in friendster!!!!ANYONG HASEYO!!!!loveyah!!!!!!i will be loyal to you till the day i’m become old.

  117. 117 : cyd_rich Says:

    hi hello

    i am you fun philippines hehe!!!!!!!!!!!
    have a nice day

    I WISH THAT hajiwon and Jang Geun suk will have a now movie

    my classmate said to that your are realy Handsome

  118. 118 : arclyne23 Says:

    hello………im one of your biggest fan her in the philippines…
    do you have a friendster add….? can u add me.. at [email protected]….
    and also at my yahoo mail [email protected]….. im looking forward to it……
    godbless and take care……

  119. 119 : arclyne23 Says:

    your a great actor in the tv series hwang jini……
    its so sad that you died so soon in the series…..
    but anyway just want to ask if you are an old member of super juniors???
    can you add me up… [email protected]

  120. 120 : myeongwol Says:

    hey i’m here again…
    do you visit this website..?
    i hope you do…
    so that,you can read your fans’ messages…
    such as mine..
    i was disappointed that your role in hwang jini was so very short..
    but then,i’m proud of you..
    coz you make us smile,cry,laugh and sometimes CRAZY!!!hehehehe
    more power na lang po!!!

  121. 121 : myeongwol Says:

    hey i’m here again…
    do you visit this website..?
    i hope you do…
    so that,you can read your fans’ messages…
    such as mine..
    i was disappointed when i founs out that your role in hwang jini was so very short..
    but then,i’m proud of you..
    coz you make us smile,cry,laugh and sometimes CRAZY!!!hehehehe
    more power na lang po!!!

  122. 122 : Number 1 Fan Says:


    I’m your BIG fan! Since I saw you in “One Missed Call: Final”, I think you are my IDOL or SUPERSTAR! You act so good! Keep up the good work!

    By the way, I wish you could visit Indonesia, or maybe I can go to visit Korea instead. I’ve been “dying” to see you in the next upcoming dramas and movies!

    I admit, you are also very good-looking, charming. We, the audiences, love your smile!

    Please, if you read my message, send me your email account, and put more photos of yourself on internet.

    Once again, I’m your BIGGEST fan!


    Your Biggest Fan (I’ll tell you my name later)

  123. 123 : ruby Says:

    I really like you since I saw you in the drama Hwang Jini…I hope I can hear more from you…I am your fan and I like you a lot…take care…sarang hamnida.! ;P

  124. 124 : Nice Says:

    i like u a lot… ur so cute!! kawaii…. can i ask? where can i find more of ur picz?? ur really very cute!!! 🙂

  125. 125 : joanneツ Says:

    ツgosh….jang geun seok…ღツღ

    ღyou are so CUTE…promise…ツ
    hey….do you have your FRIENDSTER??i hope you have one so
    i couLd be abLe to invite you to be one of my friends…
    coz i really wanted to meet you…unfortunately we were very
    far from each other so we couldn’t see or either meet…
    “hope you will have more tv programs &movies to work on…
    good luck to your career and to your lovelife…ღ”

    hope one day you will come to visit
    PHILIPPINES to have your shooting on one of your movies & experience the hospitality of the FILIPINOS…
    FILIPINO people loves you…ツhope to see you soon…
    ღღLOVE YOUღღ!!!!!!JANG GEUN SEOK!!!!!!!
    your so HANDSOME…ツ

    here is my friendster account:
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    ღღjoanne from Philippinesღღ
    hwang jini rulez!!!

  126. 126 : jacky Says:

    oh my god!
    after 25 years,i have fOund this website…
    i really love this guy!
    i really adore him!
    if ever i’ll see him in person,
    i can die after that!
    im a die hard fan of this guy!!
    i really love him!

  127. 127 : joanneツ Says:

    I ღLOVEღ YOU!!!!!!!!

    take care always…

    ツi hope someday you can share your gift from god to other people…

    may you be guided by GOD in all of your doings…

    god bless…ツ

    muchღLove& happiness,
    joanne from Philippinesツ
    we will support all of your programs…promise…

    *ღgOodnight & sweet dreamsღ*

    i LOve you so much….

  128. 128 : jacky Says:

    hi Jang Geun Suk!!
    if ever yOull read this cOmmEnt,
    i just want tO tell yOu that im yOur greatest fan!
    im sO inloved to you!!
    i really want to meet you in person!!
    i’ve cried in hwang jin yi,when u die there!!
    i hope that youll have many more movies and projects to come!!
    i love you from the bottom of my heart!!
    by the way,
    hoping you to add me in friendster and yahoo messenger..
    my accounts in friendster are
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    while in ym is chintz_017…
    its time for me to go,
    bye and i love you!!
    jacqueline dela,
    yOur greatest fan here in Philippines!!
    mabuhay ka!!

  129. 129 : maryann reyes Says:

    hello po gud morning po sana po ingat kayo lagi gud luck po and
    GOD BLESS PO TNX PO,,,,………

  130. 130 : michelle Says:

    hello alam m b lgi kong pnapanood ung plbas m n hwang jini syang nga lng wala k n.i hope someday makta kta

  131. 131 : michelle Says:

    sana mkta kta ang pogi m gash i love you hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. 132 : mAry FhIn Says:

    HaaAy.. Eun Ho..
    I Am yoUr nO.1 fAn HiR,, I hopE Someday I wiL sEe you.. Your so Cute, and Gud In acting En also Singing.. God Bless You..

  133. 133 : shadow_dweller886 Says:

    i love Jang Geun Suk !!!! take always… rock on!! \m/ i will not bo completed if im not going to see you… wish i can go to korea…… wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhheyyy.. ilove you take always ,mwauh!!!!!!!!! yes

  134. 134 : jhonnalyn Says:

    Hi there i like your KOREAN drama, i really adore you coz ur so cute……
    thats all………wish you more projects to come and good health…

  135. 135 : jhonnalyn Says:

    Hi there i like your korean drama entitled HWANG JINI your so cute hope to meet you in person…….wish you good health and more projects to come………

  136. 136 : ....rio joy... Says:

    …hi…i really like your drama(hwang jini)…and oh….my ur so very handsome…and i think…u are so nice…and hope to meet u in person…….okey bye…muahhh…take care…luv lots…

  137. 137 : ....rio joy... Says:

    ……and if you know i have a lot of ur picture in my friendster….because u are my crush…in the phillipines the song” minsan pa ” is my favorite… beacause this song is the theme song of hwang jini…sung by filipino singer faith cuneta…okey bye…ingat(pilipino word)

  138. 138 : ....rio joy... Says:

    …can i have ur emaaail…..?

  139. 139 : Larra Says:

    Hi Jang geun Suk… you are already 20 yrs. old but it looks like you are just 15 yrs. if age.. GOSH!! you’re so handsome and cute..^_^ i hope that we(my friends) will see you in person.. by the way, your role in Hwang Jini is very nice but it seems like it doesn’t have a happy ending for me.. huhu!! T_T COZ U DIED!!! huhu!! hehe nevermind.. can i have your email address??^_^ this is mine [email protected] and this is my Yahoo messenger I.D. larski_realms05 hope to see you soon..^_^ LArrA Espanola From Philippines, Mindanao, Davao, Ma-a.. to be specific..^_^

  140. 140 : Michelle Says:

    Hi Jang Geun Suk..! I’m really a fan of Hwang Jini.. I always stay put to watch it every night..! Are you really 20?hehe I was just wondering because you’re so good-looking and baby face..! hehe i really really love you..!hehe hope you”l have many projects soon so i can watch them all… thanks to gma..I can watch you everyday!heh mwah!

  141. 141 : Michelle Says:

    Hi Jang Geun Suk..! I’m really a fan of Hwang Jini.. I always stay put to watch it every night..! Are you really 20?hehe I was just wondering because you’re so good-looking and baby face..! hehe i really really love you..!hehe hope you’ll have many projects soon so i can watch them all… thanks to gma..I can watch you everyday!heh mwah!

  142. 142 : GEM Says:

    ill always love you and stays forever in my heart. again, i love you.

  143. 143 : GEM Says:


  144. 144 : shadow_dweller886 Says:

    nababasa nya kaya 2ng mga pinagsasabi nitin d2. huh/ hay. hoy jang geun suk!!! your such a papa.. and my friend sheon yeong know you coz his frome korea.. his my clasm8.. hope some day ill met you ther in korea…. hahaha hope so…

  145. 145 : ghie Says:

    hi! eun ho…ur role at hwang jini!

    u know what theres a lot of filipino fan here wants to see you in person!
    so if u have time kindly visit us cause we love you! we love hwang jini and lovers in prague!
    we will wait for u to come here soon! thanks (:

  146. 146 : ghie Says:

    u know what theres a lot of filipino fan here wants to see you in person!
    so if u have time kindly visit us cause we love you! we love hwang jini and lovers in prague!
    we will wait for u to come here soon! thanks (:

  147. 147 : kharlinne Says:

    i don’t know what to say!!!it’s just that i really admire you in all your shows!!!i know many haven’t discover you yet but as hwang jini aired on philippine television,i’m sure that many filipinos will soon recognize you!but as of now,let me share your profile to all of my friends so that they will also admire you because they keep on saying that i’m already insane with nothing!!!!beg me for speaking broken english!!

  148. 148 : nina zarah marquez Says:

    hi jang geun suk … your so handsome how i wish you will visit
    here in philippines your doing great>> nina (quezon philippines)

  149. 149 : jasmine Says:

    im your greatest fan here in the philipines you know i like your character in hwang jini i really love you thank you

  150. 150 : wordsmith Says:

    i reaLLy, reaLLy want to see you in person…
    i think you have the sweetest smiLe…
    and you’re character in hwang jini…
    oh my…
    you totaLLy take my breath away…
    take care aLways…

  151. 151 : jasmine Says:

    im again ilove you very much your so handsome
    if you wana call me this is my telephone number
    719 86 24 OK THATS ALL i love you again bye!!!!!!!!!!

  152. 152 : anne Says:


  153. 153 : rihanna Says:

    youre my one and only love

  154. 154 : patricia bianca Says:

    annyong haseyo!
    pls. ad me if you have a friendster

  155. 155 : maryann reyes Says:

    hi po and gud morning din po ingat nalang po kayo lagi and gud luck po tnx GOD BLESS PO ……….,,,,,,,,

  156. 156 : jEsSa Says:

    hi jang guen seok!!do u have friendsater account pLssss add me up if u have!!it’s [email protected]!!tnx…..take care always..

  157. 157 : jasmine Says:

    i love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  158. 158 : jasmine Says:

    if you want to add me on your frienster [email protected]

  159. 159 : belly(christian) Says:


  160. 160 : kimberly Says:

    i love you so much just take care always good job and be happy saranghe mwahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  161. 161 : _dizza_ Says:

    hi jang geUn suk…!! i like yOu coz’ yoUr really cute and simple. i always watCh your TV series.hOnestly i think im falling fOr you,just kidding!!!hehehe,i hOpe you can read my message!you knOw what im always praying that someday i hope i can go ther in korea and meet you in personal!more powers to you and goodluck toyour carreer.loVe you:)

  162. 162 : jovel Says:

    an neoung ha se you jang geun suk………………..you know i like to see you in personal all of my friends in school like you so much…………………
    but we don’t watch your other movies bec. we are only poor but when we first see you in hwangjini we watch it every night my gay friend said that we must go to internet shop to print your picture…………………………….

  163. 163 : karina Says:

    hello!!how are you?how do you do?thanks for signing me in Byebye!:-)

  164. 164 : ma. celia Says:

    hi, how are u? … is this really true?

  165. 165 : jEsSa Says:

    hi jAng gUen sUk!!!dO u hAve a friEndster accOunt??pLsSsSsS add mE up at [email protected] tNx!!takE cAre aLways…yUo’re sO cUte..

  166. 166 : jEsSa Says:

    hi jang guen suk!!here’s my new email address it’s [email protected] pLsssssss add me up if u have a friendster account..tnx..take care always..i’ll be waiting!!

  167. 167 : babylyn Says:

    . . . . .! hELLo. . .! you r vEry haNdsOme hA..!

  168. 168 : maryann reyes Says:

    hi po ulit sna po ingatan po nyo ang health po nyo den god bless din po .tnx

  169. 169 : chan-chan Says:

    i love you.. 🙂

  170. 170 : chan-chan Says:

    hpoe you can visit here in philippines.. you have so many fans right here..

  171. 171 : kLariZzA Says:

    hai,.,jang geun seok!!i really admire you…you’re so cute.,and simple..i hope to see you in personal.i wish you all the best.,..

  172. 172 : kLariZzA Says:

    i’ve got a crush on you…

  173. 173 : jessica Says:

    you’re so cute hope to see you in person more power and god bless!!!!

  174. 174 : kristine and charmaine Says:

    hi!!!!,,,i hope that you can visit here in the philippines,,,you’re gorgeous you know that???,,,your not only handsome you’re very very very very cute,,,,plssssssssss visit here in the philippines,,,,,godbless mwahhhhh!!!!!!!,,love you so much,,,,do you love me too???????,,,i’m not kidding,,,promise,,just visit as here and you will have a two girlfriend,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,(joke only),,,pero kung gusto mo totohanin natin…………just visit us here in pampanga not in manila plssssssssss…………love you again and again……mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

  175. 175 : eun hie Says:

    aaw.. how i wish i was ha jo won… i really reall love you jang geun seok

  176. 176 : jaya Says:


  177. 177 : mae Says:

    you are so cute&handsome!!!!!!!!!!
    crush kita !
    wow , youre so gwafo!!!!!!!!!!!
    i’m so kilig every time i’ll saw you in the tv !!!
    i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  178. 178 : joann Says:

    wahhhhh,,,,,cute moh lahat ng girl nababaliw sa’yo!!!!!

  179. 179 : secret Says:

    we love you…
    please visit the philippines…
    many people are waiting you….
    your show is popular here and we are sad because you die
    in hwang jin yi…
    but we love you…

  180. 180 : kristel Says:

    hi! geun suk hope ur ok…good day!!! hope ull be happy…….bye and take care alwayzzzz…..god bless you

  181. 181 : aerine Says:

    ang gwapo no talaga i realy realy love you

  182. 182 : aerine Says:

    ang gwapo mo eun ho!

  183. 183 : jhesika Says:

    hi..!! jang guen suk..!!!=)
    u r’ rily..!! cute..!! and niCe guy..!
    hope ur’ olweiz fine..!! wat ever u do..!!
    hope ur in gooD condition..!! byee,,!!! takeCarE..!!=p

  184. 184 : genie Says:

    kim eun ho!!!
    the cutest and the hottest male star in korea…..
    youre so handsome and cute…if you have time, please visit phlippines with ha ji won!!!
    we love you!!!!

  185. 185 : danshim Says:

    Two thumbs up!!!…..for Hwang Jini….!!!

  186. 186 : danshim Says:

    The drama series is a tear jerker!!!!!!huhuhuh…..MAKALAGOT UI….NGANU NAMATAY SI EUN HO!!!!!TRAGIC!!!!……

  187. 187 : arlyn Says:

    hi!! i’m Arlyn, how are you?? im hoping that you will be able to read my comment for you.. Ahmm..you know,in my other friendster accounts i do have some pictures of you.. i hope you will continue in your career!! take care! ArLyN.. 🙂

  188. 188 : Nhenz86 Says:

    hi jang geun suk…i’m nt really fan of watching telenovelas but when hwang jini get started i really had the time to watch you guys…most especially dat you are so handsome…i really love just d way u r in hwang jini…asyd from being gentle and intelligent you’re a very handsome guy too…and i think i’m in the feelings of love now a days becoz of eun ho…sad to say you died on the story…i really you’re team up with hwang jini…hoping you could visit us here in the philippines coz we are dying to see you soon most especially for the filipinas who just love you so dearly….hope so you have time to chat with us no matter how busy you are…i love you jang geun suk…and i’m dying to meet you soon if given a chance…god bless…it’s nhenz

  189. 189 : nylime Says:

    wow…luv hwang jin-i…eventhough u die there…i love the story …but its sad that you die..

  190. 190 : Mark Says:

    hallo……………………..luv Yah…………..

  191. 191 : Mark Says:


  192. 192 : Mark Says:

    hi!bakla aq ahahahahahahahah……………..at least Gwapo Katulad ni Jang Geun suk

  193. 193 : Mark Says:

    hi…………..can we be friend actualy I’M a girlllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  194. 194 : Mark Says:

    Hay!Jang Geun Suk Ang Guwapo mo can i get ur number……….plzzzzz

  195. 195 : mak2 Says:

    cutie talaga ni jang geun suk!
    …crush xa ng lahat dito…!

  196. 196 : gelai Says:

    hey jang geun suk!
    how i wish you are truly a sincere lover in personal…
    like in hwang jini…

  197. 197 : gelai Says:

    you are really cute in hwang jini…
    i like your wholesome face…
    i wish you could visit here in the Philippines…

  198. 198 : ely Says:

    hai jang geun suk, i wish you are the best

  199. 199 : donna Says:

    hellow jang guek sun (eun ho) i want to be your friend and i always wish that you are in good condition and you are so cute and handsome.do have a friendster can you add me or invite please! please! my e-mail add is [email protected] i really really like you to be my friend oK! I hope that you can unfortune me cause i think you are so good.i trust you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and i really really love you.Your always in my heart

  200. 200 : maryann reyes Says:

    hi po alam po nyo nw malungkot ako kasi po ung taong mahalaga sakin napagalitan ng adviser namin alam po nyo alam ko napahiya sa sakin kaya kunwari hindi ko nalang nakita eh para hindi sya malungkot kaya gusto ko syang kausapin kaso nahihiya ako eh..ajose ang last name nya…..ingat nlang po kayo lagi take care…..

  201. 201 : Shin Hyun Soo Says:

    Hi!saranghe!!I’m a fan of yours and I just want to congratulate you for a job well done!You are an effective actor and you are so appealing..Hope you’ll read this..
    I just wish you’d visit the Philippines…And by the way,I saw you in Paris!^_^
    Bye and Mwah!!^_^

  202. 202 : yhufa Says:

    HaI.. gEuN sEok,, wIsH 2 See U iN peRSONAL.! LOL!!

  203. 203 : jenique Says:

    hello mr. jang geun suk….. You’re so cute. Hope you’ll be my friend in the future. How can I get your contact number???? I wish I could get it. Can you should visit here in the Philippines? Hoping and waiting for your response. Thankz!!! More power to you. If you need a lover or a friend, I’m just here waiting for you to be my friend. Just send me an email. Always here to support all the time. Thanks again and may god Bless you always!!

  204. 204 : honey grace Says:

    hi im the one of your fans!! i really like you a lot! mua! take care!

  205. 205 : Mylene Says:

    hello pretty boy!
    You’re so so so cute…
    Wish to see you in person..
    God Bless and stay super immensely attractive…

  206. 206 : bella Says:

    ..helo jang geun suk!!
    you know what? i am the one of your fan.. i like you!!
    coz youre so very very cute..
    i want to see you in personal..
    i love you so much..
    (a_a) take care olweiz!!

  207. 207 : maryann reyes Says:

    hi po gud morning po dont skip po your breakfast ingat po kayo lagi god bless po tnx…..////..//

    ****************** *****GOD BLESS PO************************** ************************TAKE CARE PO**************************

  208. 208 : donna Says:

    your so cute and beautiful eyes. are you really die or not in hwang jini? pls visit the phillipine and i love you so much…………..

  209. 209 : tin Says:

    ……hi!!!jang geun you know yourso cute in your korean drama.

  210. 210 : tin Says:


  211. 211 : tin Says:

    hi!!!!jang guen your to cute in ur korean drama hehehehehe

  212. 212 : regine18 Says:

    oh my gosh!
    your so cute en so handsome!
    wish to see you in personal!
    i love you!
    i really!really love hwang jin yi..pe0mizz!
    w8ting f0r y0u t0 c0me here in the philippines..
    gwap0 m0 tlga!

  213. 213 : ericka Says:

    hey this ericka a fan of urs from the beautiful island of luzon in the country called philippines…if you have time pls visit my website and post some message their or text me at this number…09286121778…i’ll wait for your message…iloveyousomuch jang geun suk…saranghe!!!!

  214. 214 : xarlin Says:

    Hi!! how are you!! i hope you visit here at the Philippines.. your so cute!! Love you!!

  215. 215 : xarlin Says:

    Sarange!! im fan of yours I just want to tell you that every Filipino know the name JANG GEUN SUK.. so.. i hope someday.. you will visit here at the philippines… Ill wait for you… love you!! your no. 1 in my heart!!

  216. 216 : xarlin Says:


  217. 217 : xarlin Says:

    ang cuuuuuttttttee mooo!!!! whoooh!!! i hope will meet someday!!

  218. 218 : Vayna Says:

    Whoa….he’s so so so so so so so so so cute! I like him in Hwang Jin Yi the drama series! He looks so cute! Pity he died so early….(I mean in the drama…^^)

  219. 219 : KiM kI bUM loVER Says:

    hmm his cute but KIM KI BUM is more cuter
    ahahahahah KIM KI BUM

  220. 220 : diane Says:


    u know u so handsome and super cute!!!!


    I LUV U!!!

  221. 221 : muriah Says:


  222. 222 : muriah Says:

    love ur eyes & ur smile

    stay cool but don’t freeze!

  223. 223 : PAm Says:


    Mr.Jang GEun SUk..!!

    Ur da cutest actor ever…!!!

    Hope u visit us here in the Philippines..!!!


  224. 224 : kate Says:

    hi!!!youre so cute!!!
    hope you’ll visit here in the island of philippines!!!

  225. 225 : Lizlee Limetares Says:

    heLLo janG geUn sUk!

    i’m a fan of u’rS… i’m aLso a fLpna..we really love hwang jini ever!!
    i really admire u! U’r so yOunG & gOOd sO kip it uP!
    it’s such a Blessng frm U & U r aLso a BlssnG 2 odrs,..
    Just Give it back 2 d aLmghty wat u haV nOw, & He wiL sUrLy giV u mOre!! i’ts God’s gft frm U & no can taKe it frm u!
    heje,,,.’tiL hir! ahm, hop 2 c u sOon hir n d PhLpnes….!

    God BLess & more power!

    Lizlee S. Limetares

  226. 226 : Lizlee Limetares Says:

    i really admire u! U’r so yOunG & gOOd sO kip it uP!
    it’s such a Blessng frm U & U r aLso a BlssnG 2 odrs,..
    Just Give it back 2 d aLmghty wat u haV nOw, & He wiL sUrLy giV u mOre!! i’ts God’s gft frm U & no can taKe it frm u!
    heje,,,.’tiL hir! ahm, hop 2 c u sOon hir n d PhLpnes….!

    God BLess & more power!

    Lizlee S. Limetares

  227. 227 : muriah Says:

    ur so cute…

    hope u can
    visit her in
    the Phils.

    love yah!
    sarang he!

  228. 228 : bea omac Says:

    hell0 jang geun suk!!! i’m a big fan of yours! your so cute! i always wathed your show hwang jini! hope you will come here in the philippines.
    love you!!

  229. 229 : jonete Says:

    hello!ur so cute

  230. 230 : jonete Says:

    halu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ur so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee

  231. 231 : catherine Says:

    hi!!!!!jang guen suk…..you know that i admire you so much even if i’m young your my idol you know…….even if the sun refuse to shine,even if we live in different time,even if the ocean left the sea there would still you and me…………….i love you jang guen suk plssssssssss…….add me to your friendster…..plssssssssss…..i’m just a little gril who want’s to be add in your friendster…….you know that i’m in the philippines live……..bye thank you………arigatto………!!!!!!!!!!

  232. 232 : catherine Says:

    i will wait mister jang guen suk………..thank u…………………salamat pohhhhhhhhhhhhh……………………..

  233. 233 : catherine Says:

    god blessssssss you……..keep it up and i wish you will have a nice future>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  234. 234 : divine Says:

    hi………jang geun suk…. u know all the girls in the phil.are love u and im the one of them…… youre so cuteeeeee. i hope you have many projects to come congratulate for the great show of hwang jini!…………

  235. 235 : suhmita deanne Says:

    hi jang geun suk hope you can visit in philippines I your certifide fans
    your so cute and I like your smile

    I’m wait for you hope you can go there

  236. 236 : mi shin Says:

    hey cutie I really like you hope you I also a pilipina hope you cam visit in philippines

  237. 237 : maryann reyes Says:

    ********************************************************hello po ingat po kayo lagi wag din po kayong pagutom tnx god bless po and take care po********************************************************

  238. 238 : mi shin Says:

    hey so so cute hope you can visit in philippines I one of your fans plz text heres my number 639292558168hope you can message me if you text me I’m one of the happy people in philippines

  239. 239 : trisha Says:


    take care always I’m certifide jang geun suk

    fans I really like you hope I can see you in

    person you so cute I LOVE YOU


  240. 240 : rachel Says:

    you know when i first saw you in t.v., How i wish i see you in personal and such of that i would like to say…………………………………………..
    “you are my dream boy 143!
    ahm..,..can i get your contact number? i hope i would get it wehehe if you gave me.oh k pretty boy see you soon in philippines!?!

  241. 241 : leah yang Says:

    hi jang geun suk, you know i am fan of you. when i see u in t.v. is like in heaven. i wish that someday, you will visit here in the philippines. love you

  242. 242 : bernadette Says:

    hi jang geun suk…. youre such a cute cute cute cute guy…. i luv yahhh… i cant sleep coz im thnking of yah… i hope youll visit us here in philippines… i luv yahh so much…. hehe… muaaahhhh…..

  243. 243 : maryann reyes Says:

    hello po dont skip po your breakfast den gud luck po your day ingat din po

    ***********************GOD IS ALWAYS YOU**********************

    kayo palagi god is bless you all day tnx po

  244. 244 : diane Says:

    hi cute!!!
    im a fan of yours here in the island of philippines!!!!
    hope you’ll visit here!!!
    love yah!!!
    hope we’ll be friends!!!

  245. 245 : chelLo_04 Says:

    hiiiieeeee….. jAnG geUn suK im one of uR fan hEre in phillipInEs…., knOw wHT uR SOW CUtE HOPe UR GONNa VIsIt HerE IN PHILlIPiNES iM aLways thiNking of yoU… cnt sLeep at nyT wiThouT seinG at ur piCs…, know wHt i Huv LotS of ur pics on mAh rum…,,, wisH u alL Luck more poweR on ur careEr, HOPe u seE u soOn.., i loVe yOu…,,, ur mah world..,, ur mah lyf…,,,, uR mah eVerytHing…,!:>

  246. 246 : mwash! Says:

    an neong ha se yo!

  247. 247 : Jhoanna Says:

    Jang Geun Suk, the word “gwapo” is really meant for you. Hope you could have a chance to visit Philippines… I will wait for you!!!!

  248. 248 : muriah Says:

    o genki de suka??

    u r so pretty..

    i will not say that u r

    cute,cuz this word means

    ugly and small….hehehe

    love you!


  249. 249 : kimberly Says:

    hows your job i miss you jang geun suk saranghe mwahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  250. 250 : kimberly Says:

    wow all girls they really like you

  251. 251 : kimberly Says:

    sorry bat he can visit in the philippines because he have a job

  252. 252 : kimberly Says:

    i love you so much and i miss you

  253. 253 : kimberly Says:

    sorry girls but he is my boyfriend were in love

  254. 254 : kimberly Says:

    saranghe mwahhh!!!!!!!!!!

  255. 255 : Rosenda Castro Says:

    hwang jini is great!……espicially the 1 cute guy

  256. 256 : Rosenda Castro Says:

    i want 2 be actress someday…….here’s my email address–[email protected]

  257. 257 : asian_wetty Says:

    yun ho ur so cuteeeeeeeeee..wish you have a korean series here in the phils..sa gma kapuso..mwahhhhhhhh

  258. 258 : sung yan ki Says:

    i called you yesterday but you dont answer your phone, and i thought that we have a date today!!!

  259. 259 : sung yan ki Says:

    hello…dont you remember?i’am the girl you met last week at seoul,korea!!!i thought you dont know how to speak in english but you can…oh my god,i was surprised! lol

  260. 260 : jhereanne Says:

    hey kimberly,is he really your boyfriend?pls.don’t make illusions coz your not worth to be with jang geun!!anyway,just idolize him and never that you have an affair with him!!!…ahhhm,i was very disappointed that GMA7 cut some episodes in hwang jini!!!!but inspite of it,i am still loyal to this drama.thanks

  261. 261 : jhereanne Says:

    hey kimberly,is he really your boyfriend?pls.don’t make illusions coz your not worth to be with jang geun!!anyway,just idolize him and never claim that you have an affair with him!!!…ahhhm,i was very disappointed that GMA7 cut some episodes in hwang jini!!!!but inspite of it,i am still loyal to this drama.thanks

  262. 262 : arlene Says:

    hi……..i hope u will visit the philippines soon!!!!….youre so many fans here in philippines……and they are willing to meet u personally,,…..especially,me,also we love youre korean novela,,HWNG JINI……………we are waiting for you……..GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!……..

  263. 263 : kimberly Says:

    yes he is my boyfriend

  264. 264 : kimberly Says:

    jhereanne are you in love with my boyfriend

  265. 265 : kimberly Says:

    jhereanne dont make me angry

  266. 266 : shaira Says:

    ang gwapo mo jang geun suk

  267. 267 : shaira Says:

    i love you jang geun suk we love you jang geun suk

  268. 268 : shaira Says:

    hello…dont you remember?i’am the girl you met last week at seoul,korea!!!i thought you dont know how to speak in english but you can…oh my god,i was surprised! lol

    i love you jang geun suk

  269. 269 : shaira Says:

    hi……..i hope u will visit the philippines soon!!!!….youre so many fans here in philippines……and they are willing to meet u personally,,…..especially,me,also we love youre korean novela,,HWNG JINI……………we are waiting for you……..GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!……..

  270. 270 : shaira Says:

    i love you so much and i miss you

  271. 271 : shaira Says:

    sorry bat he can visit in the philippines because he have a job

    i love you so much and i miss you

    hwang jini is great!……espicially the 1 cute guy

  272. 272 : kim Says:

    pls. add me in your friendster and yahoo messenger..
    [email protected]

  273. 273 : kim Says:

    pls add me in your friendster
    [email protected]

  274. 274 : jhengray Says:

    hi… i am your new fan… i wish you will visit the philippines soon… i like you role in hwang jini… your so “cute”… hope that i see you in person

  275. 275 : charles Says:

    add me in you freindster [email protected]

  276. 276 : mike Says:

    hi! its me mike! one of ur greatest fan! i hope that ur ok! and ur doing gud! and i also hope that u take care!

  277. 277 : sarah Says:

    hi! jang! you know what the first I saw you on tv I really like you! you are so cute! I hope that you can visit the philippines because I really want to see you in person! I am just one of your fan here! I first saw you in the drama hwang jini! I really like your character there and of course you too!
    take care always!
    hope to see you!

  278. 278 : sarah Says:

    I really like you! Jang Geun Suk! visit the philippines you’ll like here! promise!

  279. 279 : gillian Says:

    hi, jang geun huk…….
    your so cute..i hope you can visit the philippines…

  280. 280 : marinelle Says:

    ur so cute……………………………………..

    hope that someday ……………………..

    GOD will give me a chance to meet you…………………….

  281. 281 : marinelle Says:

    you will love the Philippines for sure……………………….

    you’re always welcome to visit here……………………….

  282. 282 : kimberly Says:

    saranghe mwahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i miss you jang geun suk

  283. 283 : kimberly Says:

    i love you too mwahhh!!!!!!!!!!!

  284. 284 : kimberly Says:

    i always here for you i love you mwahhh:-*

  285. 285 : kimberly Says:

    i love you so much mwahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  286. 286 : maryann reyes Says:


    hi po gud morning po wag po nyong snng pbayaan ang sarili po nyo god bless**********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

  287. 287 : kaye Says:

    you know. i know that you know
    that you are so handsome so cute and so hot.
    and i really like you, your the best

    I LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  288. 288 : cHeEnEe Says:

    ..h! jaNg geUn sUk..
    hOpe yOu w!ill viSit us heRe in the phillippines.
    cause our pLace is so Nice plUs the hoSpiTable pErson who leave here..
    you haVe manY FILIPINO fanzz here because you are so good looking..
    hOpe to see you around.
    do you have a friendster,?!
    would you giVe me a faVor.?
    caN you aDD me up on your FRiendster account.?
    its [email protected]..
    thank you..
    may you hAve a blooming caree..

  289. 289 : cHeEnEe Says:

    its me aGain..
    just wanna say good luck to your career and also in your love lyf

  290. 290 : nyka Says:

    e0w.. hi.. ur soooooooooo cute.. iloveu.. mwahx!!!!!!!!!!!

  291. 291 : kimberly Says:

    all girls in the philippines they like you do you want to come in the philippines if you want we can go to the philippines saranghe mwahhh!!!!!!

  292. 292 : kimberly Says:

    i love you suk

  293. 293 : kimberly Says:


  294. 294 : kimberly Says:

    i love you mwahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!take care always good job and be happy ok

  295. 295 : mwash! Says:

    an yeong ha se yo! you’re so cute in tv…………………………………………
    But i hope you much be cute in real……………………………………….
    i hope also that you may visit here in philippines…………………….

    Sarang he yo!

  296. 296 : marizen Says:

    ..,eow…how are you????
    i hope ang i pray to God that you will visit here in the philippines soon…your so cute and handsome,, i wish you the best to your carreer….take care…God bless and dont forget to pray..stay healthy…i love you… and i wish that God will grant my wish to see you……

  297. 297 : kimberly Says:

    i love you too mwahhh happy anniversary

  298. 298 : mick Says:

    hi.. jang geun seok

    i love you

    your my idol

    sapat na ang minsan anakan mo ako…;.

    do you have plan to go here in the philippines?

    i hope and i pray that you and me someday…

  299. 299 : jenny aguilar Says:

    hi jang geun
    i love you ang gwapo mo talaga
    sana someday
    ma- meet kta..

  300. 300 : jenny maglaya Says:

    hi jang geun

    i love you
    sana ma-meet
    kita someday..
    lam mo ang gwapo mo tlaga!!!

  301. 301 : kimberly Says:

    i love you so much i know you can be my wife love you

  302. 302 : kimberly Says:

    jang geun suk if you have a friendster please add me [email protected] love you mwahhh!!!!!!!!

  303. 303 : kimberly Says:

    and if you have a yahoo messenger please add kimsue325 thats all bye saranghe mwahhh!!!!!

  304. 304 : maryann reyes Says:

    gud morning po pasensya na po kungngayon lang po ako ulit nakapag message po sainyo kasi po marami po kasi akong gawa.ahm by the way nga po pala lagi po sanang ingatan po ang sarili po nyo yu n po den ingat din po kayo lagi

  305. 305 : maryann reyes Says:

    gud morning po pasensya na po kungngayon lang po ako ulit nakapag message po sainyo kasi po marami po kasi akong gawa.ahm by the way nga po pala lagi po sanang ingatan po ang sarili po nyo yu n po den ingat din po kayo lagi

    ***********GOD IS ALWAYS BLESS YOU***************

    ***********TAKE CARE NARIN PO TNX******************

  306. 306 : kimberly Says:

    i love you too jang geun suk i will always here for you mwahhh!!!!!!

  307. 307 : jhereanne Says:

    kimberly,don’t anticipate too much!!!i know you’re not really a korean!!and you don’t have any affair with jang geun seok!pls.don’t make illusions because it don’t have effect!!and may i remind you to please enroll to a school where you can learn how to speak english fluently because you’re a broken english speaker!!i don’t want to have fight with you but pls.don’t claim that he’s yours,okay!?to jang geun seok,more power and god bless as always!!

  308. 308 : maryann reyes Says:

    gud morning po ingt po kayo lagi d”nt 4get ur breakfast tnx

  309. 309 : jojcute Says:

    low,i really cried wen kim eun hoo died in the tv series hwang jini.I really can’t accept that it wil hapend to eun hoo(jang geun suk).huhuhuhuhu,i wish that there wil be another tv series that will cocome up to replace the mourning of the televiewers.Thanks a lot..I do appreciate the effort of the directors in the said movie. I love Jang Geun Suk….

  310. 310 : Gladys T Barrientos Says:

    wish ko lng ma mit kita inperson…see you in my sweetest dream as olweiz…God bless you

  311. 311 : kim Says:

    pls add me in your friendster account [email protected]
    and for yahoomessenger, kimahhjung plsss….
    i love you too..

  312. 312 : lhynne_20_04 Says:

    he’s so cute!
    kainis nga lang bakit xa nmtay!
    ang cute p naman unang
    kita q p lng xa knya
    nun type q n xa!

  313. 313 : jeff Says:

    i love u, the moment i saw u in huang jini…
    hope to visit us here
    take care

  314. 314 : kimberly Says:

    jherean are you in love with my boyfriend jang geun suk and me were in love i meet him in seoul korea

  315. 315 : kimberly Says:

    jhereanne im here in korea and you were you from

  316. 316 : kimberly Says:

    dont worry jhereanne i tell jang geun suk to visit in the philippines

  317. 317 : geunshanne Says:

    hey!!i just pass by to this web just to tell that i have your original picture!!you’re so good-looking that i am always insane!!damn joke,that was very exaggarate!!but then more power!!to kimberly,keep on admiring him!!

  318. 318 : jhereanne Says:

    i’m also from korea,why?is there something wrong!!in this case,i don’t want to have a fight with you.i just want to clarify what’s true.am i right,jang geun seok?i hope someday you will visit this web so that you can see all comments about you!!

  319. 319 : liza Says:

    sarang he yo!…………………………………………………………………………..
    by liza…………………………………………………………………………………….

  320. 320 : kimberly Says:

    what are you saying you watch hwang jini in GMA7 your lying jheraenne and you are not a korean

  321. 321 : kimberly Says:

    jhereanne dont give a comment my boyfriend again

  322. 322 : AishaKith Says:

    He is so cute!

  323. 323 : cha ring Says:

    you guys are pathetic!!

  324. 324 : kimberly Says:

    saranghe mwahhh!!!!!!

  325. 325 : jang geun seok Says:

    sorry jhereanne kimberly is my girlfriend

  326. 326 : jang geun seok Says:

    i love you too kimberly mwahhh!!!!!!!

  327. 327 : kimberly Says:

    saranghe! jang geun suk

  328. 328 : karen Says:

    hey don’t argue with kimberly!!i think she said the truth naman!!don’t judge the book by it’s cover!!hehe

  329. 329 : mariz Says:

    alam mo bang mahal na kita,
    i love you tlaga kc ang gwapo
    mo….at gagawin q ang lahat
    mkita lang kta khit sa pic lang….

  330. 330 : jang geun seok Says:

    sorry karen kimberly is my girlfriend were in love

  331. 331 : jang geun seok Says:

    mariz i cant understand you what your saying please speak english

  332. 332 : chelle Says:

    Hi!!!!!!!!! Jang Geun Suk you know you are the best among the rest of those korean actors because you are nice actor and handsome i wish you can visit the philippines labzzzzzzz lot!!!!!!!!!!!! this is my friendster [email protected]

  333. 333 : panget mo kimberly Says:

    hoy kapal ng muka mo tinignan ko friendster mo kapal mo panget ka!
    engot ka pala eh bakit wife bakla ba si jang?
    wrong grammar!!! your so ambitious huh!!! kapal mo may gf na si jang nuh!!! at si jung ryo yon kapal!!!

  334. 334 : jang geun Says:

    sorry kimberly! i don’t understand it
    sorry people out there for you to be informed, i have no girlfriends yet..
    hmmm many people adores me and says ur smile struct my heart and wen i heard that i feel so embarrassed.:(.

  335. 335 : jang geun Says:

    hey people iam the real jang not that jang geun seok who wroted iam inlove with kimberly!..
    don’t be tricked in her messages..

  336. 336 : jang geun Says:

    kimberly is the one who made that message that iam inlove with her but thats no true

  337. 337 : kimberly Says:

    im sorry jang geun

  338. 338 : kimberly Says:

    im lie

  339. 339 : kimberly Says:

    because i want you to be my boyfriend

  340. 340 : kimberly Says:

    and i dont know who is jang geun seok

  341. 341 : kimberly Says:

    i really really sorry please forgive me

  342. 342 : jhereanne Says:

    kimberly,you’re already in vulgar!!like what i’ve told you before,don’t try to illussion jang geun seok!!you’re a great great liar!!and please don’t pretend that you was born in seoul because first of all you’re not that good in korean language and you also do not know how to speak english so well!!you make this website in vain!!you’d rather make it as an instrument to tell a lie and to argue to those people who really want is just to admire jang geun!!i feel no pity with you!!bwahaahaah,you’re a big joke!!don’t fool other people again!!ang gwapo gwapo ni jang geun seok,sau lang papatol eh you’re not that very beautiful woman to be worth by a very handsome guy!!gayahin mo na lang kami,ina-admire lang namin siya,hindi namin kinakanya!!never visit this website anymore after you have read it~~ilusyonada

  343. 343 : jhereanne Says:

    sorry geun seok!!i don’t really expect it to be happen!!just understand kimberly maybe because she is brokenhearted or desperate!!pls.do more shows coz i can’t wait to see you again!!

  344. 344 : kimberly Says:

    girls im sorry for what happend

  345. 345 : kimberly Says:

    your write jhereanne im a great great liar are you happy now

  346. 346 : kimberly Says:

    jang geun i will never give you a comment again because all girls anger to me

  347. 347 : kimberly Says:

    jang geun always goodjob and be happy bye

  348. 348 : mae Says:

    your my idol…. take care always…

  349. 349 : mae Says:

    …you what…. ill love whang jini… because you are handsome…

  350. 350 : akie Says:

    was that the real Jang Geun Suk who leaves reply? not all actors have time to reply on their fan’s comments. he’s a nice guy (n_n)

  351. 351 : kelly Says:

    sana makarma ka kung sino nagsabi panget si kimberly

  352. 352 : kelly Says:

    siguro naiingit ka lang sa ganda ni kimberly kaya mo siya sinabihan ng panget

  353. 353 : kelly Says:

    jang geun kimberly is beautiful if you see her picture shes so cute like you

  354. 354 : kelly Says:

    jang geun please search this website http://www.friendster.com

  355. 355 : kathleen Says:

    yes kelly is write kimberly is beautiful and shes a nice girl if you see her picture in friendster shes is so cute like you

  356. 356 : kathleen Says:

    and who said kimberly is ugly

  357. 357 : princess Says:

    yes jang geun kelly and kathleen is write kimberly is so beautiful all boys they like her

  358. 358 : karen Says:

    ang gwapo niya…!!!!!

  359. 359 : jenique Says:

    hello mr. Jang Geun Seok…. hope you’ll response….. I just want to know your contact number and address….. I wish that you’ll visit here in the Philippines so many filipinas will be glad for sure…. I just want to be your friend and I think there’s nothing wrong If I’ll make friends with you….. Pls response to my email [email protected]…… I’ll wait for your response… God Bless and More Power to you and to your careeer…. Thnx…. Take care!!!!

  360. 360 : jenique Says:

    hello…….. don’t you know that you’re a real cutie???

  361. 361 : bunga01 Says:

    hi….luv yore acting in HWANGJINI…you’re so talented….but i hate that coz you died early…very pitty u…
    btw hope will see you soon in next drama…..
    take care….

  362. 362 : mae Says:

    …hi… jang geun suk im mae from philippines… you know what you are handsome in your photo..hope someday i’ll see you in personl… i’ll studying now in college… take care always…

  363. 363 : Charmaine Geronimo : ) Says:

    Hello Jang geun Suk! I HOPE THAT YOU CAN READ MY COMMENT BECAUSE IT’S ONLY FOR YOU… I admire you so much, I hope that I can go to Korea so that I can see you. If there’s a chance, I will really grab it : ( some people thinks that I’m insane as I think of you always but it’s okay because that thing (thinking of you) makes me happy… If you can read it, please add me in your friendster (if you have) [email protected] PLEASE 🙂

  364. 364 : Charmaine Geronimo Says:

    [email protected]

  365. 365 : alyssa nel Says:

    i love you ur so cute !!!

  366. 366 : misskorea Says:

    u r so cute tooooooooo…..i luv u so muchhhh…hihi….(ina,ain,zura)

  367. 367 : alyssa nel Says:

    i love you ur so cute !!! i hope u read my message for u!!! u know what im ur idol from phillippines i wacth everyday ur movie hwang jini!! i love you very much i hope u reply my message this is my friendster email [email protected]

  368. 368 : bunga01 Says:

    hi…your are very talented in HWANGJINI….

    Hope you will act in good dramas and get award….


  369. 369 : your fan Says:

    pls,,, add me on your friendster at [email protected] i cant add you bcuz there are many impostor… or you can visit the philippines, our counry and have a concert and i know that your a rockstar right??? and i know you website….. but i cant understand the language bcuz it its korean can u pls make it english…

  370. 370 : iane Says:

    ahh!!!gravehh!!shofO jud!!

  371. 371 : yoyo Says:

    howdy?!? can sumbody add me in their friendster??i’d like to have new friends..i like jang geun too…he’s such a great actor…and..hehe…he likes Bi?my sister is a great fan of Bi..well, im talking nonsense here..just add me? [email protected]…anyways, is this really jang geun’s site??

  372. 372 : princess Says:

    jang geun if you see kimberly in person she is so beautiful

  373. 373 : princess Says:

    and she dont have a boyfriend yet but she is so beautiful all boys they like her but kimberly said they are an ugly face except jang geun

  374. 374 : panget ka Says:

    kapal mo kapal talaga wrong grammar pa wife daw eh lalaki si jang tapus sabi mo pa u are write? wrong grammar! kilala kita kimberly kasi wrong grammar ka…di ko naman inaagaw sau eh kahit magiba iba ka ng pangalan alam ko kung cno ka wrong grammar!
    what is beuty if your brain is empty!!! ok na?? saung sau na yan!!wala akong pake!

  375. 375 : panget ka Says:

    beauty pala sorry nagakamali lang ng type!

  376. 376 : elaine Says:

    jang geun suk is so handsome..
    i like to meet him in person ..
    i hope its not possible
    i like him a lot!!!

  377. 377 : elaine Says:

    hello girls
    its my first time to do this stuff..
    i hope we can be friends???

  378. 378 : princess Says:

    gaga ka pala eh si princess talaga to hindi ako si kimberly kaibigan ko siya siguro kaya mo siya sinasabihan ng panget kasi na iingit ka lng sa ganda nya siguro nag seselos ka kay kimberly ang kaibigan ko wala na siyang ibang minahal kundi si jang geun

  379. 379 : kelly Says:

    nanahimik na si kimberly sinasabihan mo pa panget di na nga sya nagcocoment

  380. 380 : kathleen Says:

    sige magsabi ka lng ng panget para parusahan ka ni jesus

  381. 381 : kathleen Says:

    sana magkaroon ka ng madaming madaming pimple sa muka

  382. 382 : kathleen Says:

    lahat nga ng mga lalaki nagkakagusto sa kanya

  383. 383 : kathleen Says:

    pano kung magkagusto si jang geun kay kimberly anung gagwin mo

  384. 384 : karen Says:

    ahhm excuse me sino pong kaaway niyo,kathleen and kelly?

  385. 385 : charles Says:

    can i have jang geun suk friendster

  386. 386 : kryza Says:

    hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im kryza u r super duper uber gwapo 2 d max!!!!!!!!!!!

  387. 387 : rosamae Says:

    ang gwapo!!!!!]]

  388. 388 : kathleen Says:

    karen ang kaaway namin yung sinasabihan panget si kimberly

  389. 389 : cris Says:

    hello cutie…… 😉

    take care eun hoo….

  390. 390 : kathleen Says:

    jang geun what is your yahoo messenger

  391. 391 : jhen denice Says:

    hi der… i want to met geun suk in person. he is so cute!!!!! ah no, let me rephrase it he is totally gorgeous?!!!! handsome? definitely?!!! i love him so much hahahaha

  392. 392 : carla mina Says:

    ….hi,alm moh ang gwapo moh tlga…nkkbliw kah…txt me hir f u hav a tym k,09198049846….
    ….iloveyou jang geun seok…

  393. 393 : analane Says:

    hi!!!!!!!!!!! im analane ur no.1 fans n leyte ur so cute talaga!!!!!!!!!!!!

  394. 394 : jhen Says:

    Hello, I just wanna say that you are sooo gorgeous in Hwang Jin Yi series. More power and goodluck to your carrer!!!Aja!

  395. 395 : kathleen Says:

    jang geun if you have friendster can you please add kimberly this is her email address [email protected] if you see her picture she is so beautiful and she is so cute like you

  396. 396 : kathleen Says:

    dont forget to add her

  397. 397 : kelly Says:

    yes jang geun please add kimberly in friendster because kimberly is so sad she dont have a boyfriend yet her classmates they have a boyfriend please tell her can you be my girlfriend and kimberly tell to you yes

  398. 398 : kharenne Says:

    hey,kathleen,what’s your friendster?to jang geun seok,did you forgive kimberly?i hope you so coz i don’t want you to be angry!!

  399. 399 : kathleen Says:

    hey kharenne this is my email add [email protected]

  400. 400 : shee Says:

    ei…ur so cute… why don’t u visit philippines so we’ll see u? hehehhe…. if u have a friendster acct., pls add me.. deirdrei_svinecnt @yahoo.com

  401. 401 : shee Says:

    hello Eunho! why dont u visit philippines? u’ll so much be appreciated by the Filipinos if u do..

  402. 402 : jhereanne Says:

    ayy kaya pala dinidefend mo si kimberly it’s because she’s your sister!!but infairness the face of you two are really really alike!!PAREHAS KAYONG MUKHANG BASURAHAN!!!di ba jang geun seok?

  403. 403 : kharenne Says:

    hayy ginawang riot ‘tong website na ‘to!!are you agree,jang geun?they quarrel to each other just to catch your attention and presence?!?!?

  404. 404 : jhereanne Says:

    nakakahiya si kimberly!!nagkukunwaring may anniversary sila ni eun-ho eh ka-ambisyosohan lang naman lahat ng yon!!kapal ng mukha ni kimberly grabe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  405. 405 : kathleen Says:

    hoy jhereanne baka ikaw yung mukhang basurahan kaya mo kami sinasabihan ng basurahan at ang kapal din ng mukha mo sabihan kami ng basura bakit may gusto ba sayo si jang geun suk nakita na nga ni jang geun yung friendster ni kimberly siguro panget ka kaya mo kami sinabihan makapal ang mukha namin panget ka jhereanne panget ka

  406. 406 : kathleen Says:

    si jang geun pa nga nagadd kay kimberly siguro nagandahan si jang geun kay ate kimberly nagcomment pa nga si jang geun kay ate kimberly

  407. 407 : karen Says:

    oo nga panget ka jhereanne panget ka kapal ng mukha mo sabihan silang dalawa basura eh ikaw yung mukhang basura diyan hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

  408. 408 : karen Says:

    kaibigan ko si kimberly kaya wag mo siya sabihan ng basura

  409. 409 : kelly Says:

    hoy jhereanne maganda ka ba tingin ko panget ka tingnan mo nga yung picture ni kimberly ang dami sa kanya nagsasabi maganda siya super kapal ng mukha mo sabihan ng basura si kimberly at kathleen

  410. 410 : kelly Says:

    panget mo jhereanne sinungaling ka pa nakatira sa korea bakit ka nagtatagalog kung nakatira ka sa korea sinungaling panget ka

  411. 411 : kelly Says:

    panget ka jhereanne panget ka hahahaha!!!!!!!!

  412. 412 : kelly Says:

    ugly face si jheareanne puno pa ng pimple sa mukha kaya sinabihan ng basura ni kathleen

  413. 413 : kelly Says:

    jhereanne bulag ka ba may nakikita ka pa ba kimberly dyan tanga

  414. 414 : kimberly Says:

    hayop ka jhereanne baka ikaw yung mukhang basura at ang kapal din ng face mo eh anu naman kung magkamukha kami ni kathleen bakit ikaw maganda ka ba madami ba nagkakagusto sayo super kapal talaga ng mukha mo bakit may gusto ba sayo si jang geun nakita ka na ba nya

  415. 415 : kharenne Says:

    heyyyyy!away away na kayo jan!!jhereanne kasi maganda naman si kathleen at kim,nakita ko sila sa friendster!!grabe ka naman jhereanne!!naiinggit ka lang siguro kina kim at kathleen!!hehehehehhehehehehe

  416. 416 : kharenne Says:

    peace be with all of us!!magpapasko na po!!!!gwapo mo jang geun seok!!!!

  417. 417 : kimberly Says:

    hey jang geun merry christmas love you

  418. 418 : kimberly Says:

    kharenne merry christmas

  419. 419 : geunshanne Says:

    heyy po sa inyong lahat jan!!!!salamat sa approval jang geun seok!!!hehehehehe

  420. 420 : kharenne Says:

    thanks kimberly and same to you!!!!to jang geun seok also feliz navidad!!

  421. 421 : rhonhiel Says:

    hoy! Kimberly huwag mong pinagsasabihan ng basura ang ate Jhereanne ko!

  422. 422 : rhonhiel Says:

    ang cute mo kasi ! kaya pala baliw na baliw sa iyo jang geun seok ang ate jhereanne ko!

  423. 423 : reyielo Says:

    jang geun seok an g cute mo pala,kaya patay na patay sayo ate geunshanne ko

  424. 424 : rhon Says:

    merry x-mas kimberly kapatid ako ni kharenne

  425. 425 : jhereanne Says:

    tama yan rhonhiel!!mga insecure lang kasi yang mga ambisyosang yan eh!!eh pekeng jang geun seok lang naman ang nagbigay sa kanya ng comment!!!!peste kayong dalawa!!dahil sa inyo nagmukha nang hindi disente tong website na to!!!mga [email protected]!

  426. 426 : kharenne Says:

    wag ka makisali sa mga away nila ha!!!love you jang geun seok!!

  427. 427 : kimberly Says:

    hoy ronhiel siya nga una sinabihan kami ng basura

  428. 428 : kimberly Says:

    siya pa yung sinungaling

  429. 429 : kimberly Says:

    baka ikaw jhereanne ang mukhang abnormal

  430. 430 : kimberly Says:

    hoy ronhiel wag ka makisali sa away namin ng ate mong mukhang basura

  431. 431 : kathleen Says:

    jang geun your so cute my sister likes you

  432. 432 : kathleen Says:

    hoy ronhiel siya kaya ang nagumpisa sabihan kami ng basura kapal ng mukha talaga

  433. 433 : Nerissa Says:


    i am one of your dying-hard fan here in the Philippines….

    i really want to see you in personal……

    hope you will visit soon here in the Philippines…..

    more blessings to come to you and more power…..

    good luck in your career….

  434. 434 : kimberly Says:

    jhereanne hindi ko na kaya makipagaway sayo

  435. 435 : kimberly Says:

    pwede ba jhereanne bati na tayo merry x-mas

  436. 436 : weiss Says:

    hi!!!!wanted net friends,.,.,hehehe
    i really love jang geun seok!!!!hmmmnmnmn,.,.,

  437. 437 : weiss Says:

    hi,.,., i really wished to meet you in person,.,.
    but i’m afraid it’s impossible,.,.
    you’re so far,.,.you’re in Korea and im in the Phillipines,.,.
    but distance wont stop me from idolizing you,.,.,
    you know,.,im one of your avid fans,.,.
    i really hoped you’ll come in the Phillipines,.,.,

  438. 438 : jhereanne Says:

    ganon?!sumuko ka rin sa akin?!lam mo kasi mahirap ako kalabanin!!naiinis kasi ako sa mga sinasabi mo dati kay jang geun seok kaya i try to quarrel with you

  439. 439 : jhereanne Says:

    infairness sakit ng sinabi mo huh!!!!!i will think about your offer!jang geun seok,sorry coz this website is in trouble

  440. 440 : rose Says:

    hi…..hello….know what your so cute….your one of the famous korean actor here in the philippines….i hope someday you could visit are place…a lot of people here will be glad and happy if they saw you in person…i’m one of your avid fan here…

    hope to see you soon…take care…GOD bless and more power on your career…

  441. 441 : kimberly Says:

    jhereanne kasi sinabihan mo kami ng basura pero jhereanne sorry sa mga sinabi ko sayo pwede ba tayo maging friend at jhereanne sorry din daw sabi ng kapatid ko sana mapatawad mo din siya

  442. 442 : kimberly Says:

    jang geun sorry for this website for what im saying i hope you understand me

  443. 443 : kimberly Says:

    jhereanne ang totoo nyan mabait akong tao first time ko lang makipag away sa ibang babae sana mapatawad mo na ako please

  444. 444 : kimberly Says:

    jheareanne kaya ako sumuko kasi masama daw nakikipagaway sa mga babae

  445. 445 : jhereanne Says:

    haay!!!!!is that true?!eh bakit ang galing galing mong makipag-away sa akin?!okay sige bati na tayo kapag in-add mo ko sa friendster ko,[email protected]!!!add mo rin ako jang geun seok huh!

  446. 446 : kimberly Says:

    thanx jhereanne merry x-mas

  447. 447 : kimberly Says:

    hi jang geun merry x-mas

  448. 448 : jhereanne Says:

    ganoon!?!?k same to you!stop the war and not the peace huh!!!!

  449. 449 : JaneLyn Romarate Says:

    ii tenki Detsu..=)

  450. 450 : Yung min duk Says:

    haaayy… jang geun suk it’s been so long since we’ve last met. And now, I would just like to thank for caring and loving me for these past 2 years. You’re such a cute and handsome guy. Thanks for treating me as your special friend as well as your girlfriend. I hope this relationship will last…-see yah!

  451. 451 : Yung min duk Says:

    haaayy… jang geun suk it’s been so long since we’ve last met. And now, I would just like to thank for caring and loving me for these past 2 years. You’re such a cute and handsome guy. Thanks for treating me as your special friend as well as your girlfriend. I hope this relationship will last.

  452. 452 : ribbie Says:

    he is soooo! very cute hehehe! here in the philippines he is the hearttrob! i hope you visit the phillipines! mabuhay! ang ganda ni kimberly hahaha! your so very gorgeous! Rb2

  453. 453 : kelly Says:

    tama ka dyan ribbie si kimberly ay super ganda

  454. 454 : kelly Says:

    jang geun if you see kimberly in person you will be inlove with her

  455. 455 : kelly Says:

    kimberly have no boyfriends yet

  456. 456 : kelly Says:

    and if you want to see kimberly in person please go to the philippines

  457. 457 : kelly Says:

    ribbie maganda ka din katulad ni kimberly

  458. 458 : kelly Says:

    you know what jang geun kimberly always pray to you because she want to see you on christmas

  459. 459 : anne marijoy Says:

    hello jang geun seok,,i’m from the Philippines
    and i’m one of your addict fan…i like you so much because you’re so handsome and looks like super gentlemen…
    sorry if i can’t speak or write too much english ‘coz i’m not too good, just fluent..i can speak much of our language,the Filipino or tagalog, “mahal kita” in english “i love you”, take care always…God bless..

  460. 460 : kharenne Says:

    hi po!!just pass by to this web again to greet you all a merry christmas!!

  461. 461 : kelly Says:

    ann marijoy dont speak filipino with jang geun suk because his not a filipino his a korean

  462. 462 : kelly Says:

    hey jang geun kimberly said to you your so cute and handsome good acting

  463. 463 : kelly Says:

    i hope you see kimberly in person hope on christmas you here in the philippines

  464. 464 : kimberly Says:

    i want to see you in person

  465. 465 : kelly Says:

    if you want to see kimberly please go to the philippines

  466. 466 : kelly Says:

    kimberly very likes you hope you see her in the philippines

  467. 467 : secret(as in ung deodorant) haha! Says:


  468. 468 : jhereanne Says:

    hey kelly is it bad to speak in filipino language?ikaw nga you’re not a good speaker of english language!!you’re a broken english!!and one thing is…you always challenge those people who only wanted is to comment about jang geun seok!!

  469. 469 : kelly Says:

    jhereanne ang yabang mo

  470. 470 : kelly Says:

    bakit pinanganak ka ba sa america yabang

  471. 471 : kelly Says:

    jhereanne marunung po kaya ako mag english

  472. 472 : kelly Says:

    jhereanne whats wrong with you

  473. 473 : kelly Says:

    jereanne how old are you now

  474. 474 : ve ki syo Says:

    you know jhereanne you speak like you are my teacher who always thought to me the right way but you are oposite from the teachers you thougt kids the wrong way so the kids will know about the wrong attitude and the wrong ENGLISH WORDS so dont worry I wont listen to you i will listen from the real teacher not words from you the end I hope you like my words about you

  475. 475 : ve ki syo Says:

    you know jhereanne you speak like you are my teacher who always thought to me the right way but you are oposite from the teachers you thougt kids the wrong way so the kids will know about the wrong attitude and the wrong ENGLISH WORDS so dont worry I wont listen to you i will listen from the real teacher not words from you the end I hope you like my words about you this is kelly’s sister. WHAT EVER LOOZER!!!

  476. 476 : lee jung han Says:

    you know what jhereanne your english is wrong i cant understand what you are saying kelly and kimberly’s english i understand but you i dont understand your english kelly and kimberly is not loozer.JHEREANNE YOU ARE LOOZER. i hope you like it

  477. 477 : lee jung han Says:

    jhereanne your not a good ENGLISH SPEAKER LOOZER

  478. 478 : lee jung han Says:

    kimberly your so beautiful you too kelly

  479. 479 : lee jung han Says:

    kimberly i see your picture in friendster your so beautiful

  480. 480 : kharenne Says:

    hey there’s a trouble again in this website!!!!magreconcile na kayo para masaya and to make jang geun seok happy

  481. 481 : selena Says:

    like hell..why don’t you people just reconcile…besides..jhereanne..honey..your english is sooo lame…you’re only making a fool of yourself in this site…and besides..kelly’s not ridiculing you..what she’s saying is true..if he is really reading this webpage..he would not understand a thing of what you said or typed because he wouldn’t understand it..


    zomgwtf. you are sooo cute!! you looked really awesom in Hwang Jin Yi hope you have more projects to come..^^,

  482. 482 : lee jung han Says:

    you know SELENA your not the one we were fighting for so dont get to much for an fight with us with jhereanne dont ever talk to us like that because your english is so lame too can you wake up your just having your worst NIGHTMARE with us so be it your self dont bother our fight your like jhereanne a TOP 1 LOOZER

  483. 483 : kharenne Says:

    heyyy don’t fight with each other!!!!!!!!!let us reconcile and forget what you all have done!!!!!!feliz navidad!!

  484. 484 : mary shania allianne Says:

    helo im shan of pines colleges.im 1st yr nursing.””hi how are you?ur very cute and i know most filipinas like’s u.always take care and may God bless you always.thats all.

  485. 485 : kimberly Says:

    thanks lee jung han you too your so beautiful

  486. 486 : kelly Says:

    jhereanne your not a good english speaker

  487. 487 : kelly Says:


  488. 488 : kelly Says:

    ako pa pinagsabihan mo na hindi ako marunong mag english eh ikaw pala hindi marunong dyan mag english

  489. 489 : kelly Says:

    jhereanne ang BOBO mo mag english BOBO,SHONGA,TANGA

  490. 490 : kelly Says:

    hindi naman kayo bagay ni jang geun suk

  491. 491 : kelly Says:

    mas bagay si jang geun suk and kimberly

  492. 492 : kelly Says:

    jang geun suk love kimberly love jang geun suk

  493. 493 : kelly Says:

    ang cute nilang dalawa ni kimberly pagnagsama sila

  494. 494 : rebok III-2 palong-palo Says:

    oi! rebok si arbie ang kulit mo talaga ha! pag nasa skul ka kung di ka lang pogi matagal na kitang sinuntok!!!!!!!!!!hehehe!buti na lang crush ka ni agata ung best friend ko ang kulit mo hahaha! oi! add mo ako ha! ito email add ko [email protected] at pati sa makakabasa dito add nyo ako pwede rin c [email protected] pls.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  495. 495 : ribbie Says:

    oi!sorry po boy po ako add ninyo na lang po ako sa friendster ito add. ko [email protected] o [email protected] pwede rin sa azalea_hyacinth thank you po that you are agree with my comment! 18yrs,old lang po pabababa! ok po

  496. 496 : riku Says:

    ummph….sweet smile….

  497. 497 : riku Says:

    ummph…do ur best..

  498. 498 : kimberly Says:

    i love you so much jang geun suk

  499. 499 : kc Says:

    your handsome but kim ki bum is my type……

  500. 500 : kharenne Says:

    do all your best na lang just to make people happy

  501. 501 : kelly Says:

    thanks lee jung han you too your so beautiful like kimberly

  502. 502 : kimberly Says:

    i love you very much jang geun suk

  503. 503 : lee jung han Says:

    thanks kimberly and kelly

  504. 504 : lee jung han Says:

    were all beautiful but kimberly is very very beautiful

  505. 505 : lee jung han Says:

    my brother likes kimberly he fall in love with her

  506. 506 : lee jung han Says:

    when he see her picture

  507. 507 : lee jung han Says:

    he wants to be her girlfriend

  508. 508 : kimberly Says:

    lee jung han can please tell to your brother i fall in love with jang geun suk sorry i hope you understand me

  509. 509 : mizshu Says:

    hello!!!first time i watch hwang jini i think i fall in love with you!!!!…
    i hope we’ll see each other soon..take care and God bless!!!

  510. 510 : kimberly Says:

    your so cute jang geun suk saranghe mwahhh!!!!!!!!

  511. 511 : lee jung han Says:

    ok kimberly i tell to my brother

  512. 512 : kimberly Says:

    saranghe jang geun suk mwahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  513. 513 : kimberly Says:

    merry christmas saranghe mwahhh!!!!!!!

  514. 514 : Jennylaine Says:

    hi,jang geun suk…when do you plan to visit us here in the philippines?… i really want to see you in person…you’re so handsome,you know?…everytime you smile,i’m melting…. i even collect your pictures and posters…and always searching new news about you… good thing i have relatives who live there in south korea so,i’m always updated to you…i want to watch your new TV DRAMA “A HAPPY LIFE”… i love you so much jang geun suk…hope to see you soon… muwaahhhh….

  515. 515 : Jennylaine Says:

    an-yeong aseiyo…jang geun suk…




  516. 516 : kimberly Says:

    i love you very much jang geun suk mwahhh!!!!!!!

  517. 517 : lee jung han Says:

    jang geun suk kimberly very likes you can you be her girlfriend

  518. 518 : kimberly Says:

    is that really you jang geun suk

  519. 519 : lynn1522 Says:


    i like your act in hwang jini..hope more of your drama series will air or televise in the philppines..

    i love to watch you.. more power..

  520. 520 : jang geun Says:

    yes kimberly im the real jang geun suk

  521. 521 : kimberly Says:

    yes you can be my boyfriend

  522. 522 : Sara Says:

    hey Jang Geun Suk! 😀 you’re the most handsome actor i’ve ever seen! ahhhhhhhhhhh . i hope to meet you someday 😀

  523. 523 : smile Says:


  524. 524 : kimberly Says:

    i love you too mwahhh!!!!!!!!

  525. 525 : kris Says:

    hi your cute…no your handsome!!!

    no i think your AMAZING,,,

    pls come visit Phillipines!

  526. 526 : sarah Says:


  527. 527 : sarah Says:

    wazzup kimberly!!!!!!!!!!!!

    jang geun suk is not the real jang geun suk….

    he/she is just a faker….,,..

    and pls. dont underestimate mr. kim ki bum.,.,

    you know what we dont care if you fall in love with jang geun suk.,.,

    you dont have to say it in the public especially to the site of kibum.,.,

    kibum doesnt really care about it.,.,

    and we really dont care about it!!!!!!

    have a blessed new year!!!!

  528. 528 : lynlyn sanchez Says:

    hi jang geun suk,you know i’m one of your fans here at Philippines i hope someday you can visit us here.and many of us want to see you at personal!!!!!!!!!
    so i hope someday if you have your free time you can visit us !!!!!!!!!

    merry christnas and advance happy new year!!!!

  529. 529 : janelle Says:

    lee jung han?!! who are you???

    are jang geun suk’s sister or something?

    i know that jang geun suk is the only son of thier family!!!

    and the one saying that he is jang geun suk…………

    is you really him?!!!

    i dont think so that youre the real one!!!

    because its not his attitude……

    not always agree to all the things asking to him!!!!

  530. 530 : aeiane jane Says:

    ang pogi ni eunho

  531. 531 : kimberly Says:

    happy new year love you mwahhh!!!!!!!!!

  532. 532 : kimberly Says:

    사랑해요. 장근석

  533. 533 : kimberly Says:

    에 가주세요. 필리핀

  534. 534 : sara Says:

    Ahh. i love you to the max man! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  535. 535 : kimberly Says:

    귀여워요 사랑해요.

  536. 536 : Rini.... Says:

    salam kenal aja………..

    soalna baru kenal…..

  537. 537 : kimberly impostoress Says:

    hey kimberly!!!

    are you insane??

    you’re trying to imitate jang geun seok!!

    but don’t be confident and sure…

    coz people know how to identify the real and the fake!!

    and you…

    you’re a great joke!!

    and aLso a very good faker!!

    too much is bad

    and rather,is not enough!!

    did you remember your former enemy jhereanne!??

    until now,she’s angry to what you are doing!!

    you make people hopeless and angry

    and at the same time…

    feel bad to you!!

    and pls.don’t invent such names

    that lee jung han is jang geun’s siblings

    don’t you see the big difference???

    last name of geun seok is jang

    while the other one is lee

    so how can you say that they are siblings

    and the other one is he is the only son and child of their family!!

    will you please research about his life before you act indecently ang maliciously!!!

    and please type good and right english grammar!!

    thank you!!

    P.S.:don’t go to this website again!!

    do you want your comment be read by my idol jang geun seok??

    …that’s all

    next time again!!

    be ready kimberly!!!

  538. 538 : kimberly impostoress Says:

    pls..be cool kimberly!!!

    and change your unpleasant attitude!!

    if you can’t do this to jang geun seok’s fans…???

    but please for the sake of jang geun seok!!

    i know you know that jang geun seok doesn’t want his fans in quarrel!!

    he wants peace,honesty and happiness!!!!

    so please change!!

    ..happy new year to you!!

  539. 539 : kimberly Says:

    당신에게 반했습니다

  540. 540 : kimberly impostoress Says:

    hey kimberly…

    you’re a good actress,you know…

    but i’m not satisfied and also unhappy of what you are doing…

    pls.stop fooling people around..!!


    just for the sake of our idol..

  541. 541 : sinungaling si kimberly Says:


    kimberly is most liar among all liars in the world

    and at the same time..

    she’s the most foolish girl i’ve ever known..

    you do the ugliest work of people

    and i want you to probihit it

    coz it’s not funny you know…

  542. 542 : jackylyn Says:

    hi geun suk…ur so cute talaga….

  543. 543 : kathleen Says:

    selos sa ka lang kasi boyfriend na ni kimberly si jang geun suk

  544. 544 : lee jung han Says:

    hey girls jang geun suk is not my brother his my favorite actor

  545. 545 : lee jung han Says:

    he fall in love with kimberly so dont say to kimberly shes a great liar

  546. 546 : kelly Says:

    hindi mo ba nakita yung sinabi ni jang geun suk na can you be my girlfriend kimberly mga bulag

  547. 547 : jhyniee Says:

    the first time i saw you in hwang jini…all i can say is…
    you’re totally a cutie!!!

  548. 548 : RhyGl Says:

    hi jang geun.. ur so cute.. ahm,, is that true that u have already a girlfriend whose name is kimberly.? i got her email and i open his friendster.. she’s cute.. anyway,, if you have sometime,, would you please adD me or even send me some emails.? this is my email & my email aCCt. in friendster, just check my photos if you want.. [email protected].. i’m one of your fans.. i will just wait with your messages.. thank you!

    i’m looking forward with the sucCess of your carreer.. ^__^

  549. 549 : giliN Says:

    hahahah!!! we have the same birth date!!! hahahahaha

  550. 550 : joann Says:

    ahah im so confused!!?!?
    is this like the real jang geun suk or just like web page??

  551. 551 : kimberly Says:

    너무 보고 싶었어요 장근석

  552. 552 : kimberly Says:


  553. 553 : lee jung han Says:

    어떠십니까 kimberly

  554. 554 : lee jung han Says:

    너무 보고 싶었어요 friend take care

  555. 555 : kimberly Says:

    me and jang geun seok are not sweethearts..i have my boyfriend in iraq..his name is abdul..hehe

  556. 556 : kimberly veloria Says:

    some people use jang geun seok’s name…don’t easily believe

  557. 557 : kharenne Says:

    kim,boyfriend mo na si jang geun seok>

  558. 558 : kimberly Says:

    your liar

  559. 559 : kimberly Says:

    and i dont have a boyfriend in iraq

  560. 560 : kimberly Says:

    i dont know who is abdul

  561. 561 : kimberly Says:

    jang geun suk is my boyfriend ok were in love

  562. 562 : kimberly Says:

    who are you

  563. 563 : yuki-chan Says:

    dat kimberly is a totally foolish gal…..haha….ur funny….so funny…..pity for u….

  564. 564 : cris Says:

    i do too admire mr seok…

    pero disappointing ang mga posts dito..

    some of them seems to be so nonsense….

    BTW.. goodluck to mr. seok… keep up the good work…..

  565. 565 : kim Says:

    i miss you too lee jung han

  566. 566 : kimberly Says:

    i really miss you lee jung han

  567. 567 : kimberly Says:

    you too jang geun suk

  568. 568 : kimberly(the real)sue veloria Says:

    weehhh…kimberly…you’re fake!!you make nonsense comments here and don’t claim that jang geun seok is your boyfriend!!you’re losing your mind and you make commentors disappoint because of you!!!yuckk and you’re an impostor one!!

  569. 569 : jhyniee Says:

    hi jan geun seok!!!
    your so handsome!!!

  570. 570 : janelle Says:

    you kimberly youre a real fake!!!

    jang geun suk? is he youre boyfriend?!!


    youre so desprate on having him!!!!

    and you lee jung han?!!!

    hahaha then you want that fake kimberly to be with geun suk?

    you two are jerk!!!


    i should stop this before i say anything bab on both of you……

  571. 571 : marie from philippines Says:

    Hi,u captured my heart from the moment i saw u i could never erase in my thoughts,though u only have a little part of that hwang jini tvseries im still glad ur there..it is a very heartwrecking dramaseries and u moved me with the way u act..im pretty sure u will go in such a long way with ur talent..takecare always and dont forget to pray…;)))i am ur no.1 fan and i love you..

  572. 572 : jhereanne Says:


    where are you?

    are you quarantined in the prison because of your false words>?

    if yes,it’s good…!!!

    if not,maybe your a coward because many people notice your bad attitudes and nonsense comments about our favorite actor…

    and to lee jung han…i hope you will catch the victory for tellng so much lies…

    wish ko lang..nyahahahhaahah

  573. 573 : Bill Says:

    hi! Jang I just want to ask for your yahoo mail or messenger if you have,
    or you may invite me if possible pls.( [email protected]) thanks! God Bless!

  574. 574 : shiela marie c. gonzaga Says:

    good afternoon geun suk…///

    you know when your movie was on the tv which is jwang jini…///

    you know all of my classmates are talking about you…
    because you are so cute and handsome…


    BE HAPPY BYE.. BYE…///???

  575. 575 : kimberly Says:

    hey!! the two fuckin slut so called ‘kimberly’..
    im the REAL one..i’m jang geun seok’s REAL and ONE AND ONLY GIRL!!
    gOt that?!
    sO yOu twO,,dOn’t be sO DESPERATE AND OBSESSED with my GUY!!!
    just gO hOme and burn Our hOuse!!!!

  576. 576 : janette Says:

    hi jang geun suk i hope i can see u in person and be my friend by the way my beloved country is philippines can u visit the philippines their a lot of beutiful tourist spot here or ezample boracay,white sand beautiful beaches and in palawan thiers a lot of aquatic resorses and in bohol theres a chocolate hills and in albay u will see the volcano perfec cone ok by the way i live in mindanao iligan pala-o purok-6 iligan city i hope u will read my message my real name is janette sotto laurente and im 19 years old feb 19 1989 my email add in friendster is [email protected] co can i be your friend? thanks or reading byeeeeeeee.

  577. 577 : kimberly Says:

    ok kim..

    i will grant your wish..

    i will burn your house so that it will become ash..

  578. 578 : Kaye Says:

    hi eun ho how are u….??? i wish i can see u…. im Kaye from philippines 15 year old…someday i will go to korea to find you..i always pray for u every time… i wish you are in good health… more power to your carrier i do hope that someday i will see u….. f u have time plsss chat with me.. wish all the best… god bless u… i like your movie hwang jini.. thats why i call you eun ho… god bless take care jang geun suk….

  579. 579 : janelle Says:


    your saying taht you were the real kimberly and jang geun suk’s girl?
    youre funny you know?

    how could you say that,,, if you dont have any prove that you were geun suk’s girl?

    youre a real joke,, and youre a jerk fake somtin’

    oh i forgot……..

    you shit!!!!!
    what a fuck is you!!!!

  580. 580 : janelle Says:

    taht is for the guy sayin’ that she was the girl if geun suk…

  581. 581 : rUFFA Says:

    ..AhHMm.. HI_hELLo!!
    U know i Like oL uR dRamA,, nD ahHMm.. i wanT 2 C u IN pERsoNAL yoU anD ha JI wON.. wIzH iT wIll BcoM tRUe.. DatZ ol,, MmmWahh,,!!!

  582. 582 : janmarc Says:


  583. 583 : kathleen Says:

    hey jang geun suk i know you visiting this website

  584. 584 : euNICE Says:

    I like you very much!!!!!!!!!

  585. 585 : jhereanne Says:


    kapal ni kimberly…

    girl daw siya ni eun-ho…

    panget mo!!

  586. 586 : jhereanne Says:

    duwag si kimberly

    hindi na nagcocomment dito

  587. 587 : jhereanne Says:

    panget ni kimberly

  588. 588 : jhereanne Says:

    you’re right jannelle..

    i’m agree with you

  589. 589 : aubz Says:

    ur so cute..
    wish u’ll come here in philippines..

  590. 590 : jan Says:

    hi jang geun-suk….i hope someday,,i met you personally

  591. 591 : kathleen Says:

    panget ka rin jhereanne ingit ka lng sa ganda nya kaya siya hindi nagcocomment kasi busy siya wrong grammar bobo mag english at chaka hindi naman kayo bagay ni jang geun suk

  592. 592 : kathleen Says:

    at masyado ka naman nagpapaniwala dyan sa fake na kimberly na yan tanga ka ba c kimberly po hindi niya po totoong boyfriend niya c jang geun suk maysumisira sa pagkatao niya at tiyaka wala po siya dito sa pilipinas nasa korea kaya siya don na siya magaaral

  593. 593 : kathleen Says:

    at hindi siya duwag

  594. 594 : kathleen Says:

    ikaw ang panget jhereanne kasi ang picture mo sa friendster si song hye kyo bakit yun ba ang mukha mo hindi naman ehh kasi panget ka panget wrong grammar bobo tanga THE TOP ONE LOOZER

  595. 595 : kathleen Says:

    panget ka jhereanne
    panget ka jhereanne
    panget ka jhereanne
    panget ka jhereanne
    panget ka jhereanne
    panget ka jhereanne
    panget ka jhereanne
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    panget ka jhereanne

  596. 596 : kathleen Says:


  597. 597 : mae** Says:

    Kawaii.. You’re so cute..:)

  598. 598 : narumi Says:

    its really funny to read all your comments especially that kimberly girls..(how many kimberlies i dun know) and those who obsessed with this guy. what’s on earth are you guys doing? don’t u feel shame? i think jang geun seok will also laughing crazily if he reads all your comments…if this kimberly is really his so-called girlfriend or whatsoever…just leave her alone..if geun seok has girlfriend…let him…if you want him to be your boyfriend…just have him in your dreams…when you grow little older…you will realize how foolish you are..(i am not that old but i am rational)..hihi..peace no war..BTW..geun seok..keep up the good work and stay cute! annyeong!

  599. 599 : filipina Says:

    hey filipino fans…wag naman nating guluhin tong parang fanlisting nila…kasi dun sa profile ni seo do-young…napagsabihan na tayo…please…wag na kayong mang-gulo…salamat…

  600. 600 : patty Says:

    /hello ur sO cute!!

  601. 601 : kimberly Says:

    i’m not going to study in korea!!

    my sister kathleen is liar…

    she keeps on lying even i’m already quiet!!

    sis,stop it…you look like an insecure one

    stop me..!!tegelan mo ako..!!!not there!!nyahahahahaha

  602. 602 : kimberly Says:

    tang=ina kathleen huh!!!wag ka na makipag-away…!!!di ba sinungaling ka [email protected]!!!!pag ako nainis,papatayin kita sa sindak ni barbara!!!hindi ko boyfriend yang koreano na yan!!!

  603. 603 : kimberly Says:

    lee jung han is not real…!!!

  604. 604 : kimberly Says:

    kathleen ikaw ang bobo dyan huh…

  605. 605 : mae Says:

    HEY !!!!you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!know what you’re so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  606. 606 : mae Says:


  607. 607 : filipina Says:

    hoi anu ba…WAG NGA KAYONG MAG-AWAY DITO!mahiya naman kayo…

  608. 608 : janelle Says:

    hey you kimberly why are you asking into us?

    were not interested.

  609. 609 : jennfer dela cruz Says:

    “Jang Geun Seok” ang gwapo mo tlga…,crush kta jang geun seok…,super…..!sana mkta kta kpag pumunta aq ng korea..,jejjej
    sana bmsta u d2..

  610. 610 : jhereanne Says:

    oo nga wag na kayong mag-away!!!!…

    ceasefire please!!!

    para kayong 2 at 7…

  611. 611 : fallon18 Says:

    gwapo mu geun suk!

    keep it up and pohaek bearyoe!

  612. 612 : kim Says:

    girls wag nyo naman sulat yung pangalan ko at tiyaka sino naman nagsabi na boyfriend ko na si jang geun suk

  613. 613 : kim Says:

    wag nyo na gagayahin ang pangalan ko please

  614. 614 : kim Says:

    wag nyo sisirain ang pagkatao ngayon lang ako nagbigay ng comment kay jang geun suk kasi busy ako noon kaya ngayon lang ako nakapagbigay ng comment sa kanya

  615. 615 : kim Says:

    ottoshimnikka jang geun suk mwahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  616. 616 : junifer Says:

    ……eun ho… is so very cute….
    hope to see u soon,,,,,….

  617. 617 : fairygel Says:

    …he’s a very gud actor actually…,,
    i like him to teach me his hobbies!!!!
    …………hai to all my friends in korea….co-actors and actresses!!!!
    ..hope to see u all there guys.. luv yah!!!!!!!!!
    …………………………………………………………………..Fairy Gel

  618. 618 : secret Says:

    Kupal Ka KIM ang KaPal Ng MuKHa Mo!!! 어머니 멍청이

  619. 619 : Anti kimberly!!! 죽이기 kimberly Says:

    장근석그들을 묵살하십시요!!! 그들은 미치다!!! 그리고 그를 위해 이 위치의 소유자는장근석을 위해 나쁜 코멘트를 삭제한다!!! 장근석은 잘생기다 그러나 그들의 코멘트는 추악하… 또는 그를 위해 모든 코멘트를 삭제한다!!!

  620. 620 : kharissa Says:

    haay,,ang landi ni kim…yung kathleen at ikaw ang nagsabi na kayo na jang geun seok…

    sira na ang pangalan mo dito kaya don’t try to comment once again.!!

    mas marami na palang comment si gong yoo kay jang geun seok..

    but then mas gwapo pa rin si jang geun seok

  621. 621 : raiza Says:

    hai,,jang geun suk… u now wat ur so handsome..!! and i hope that u will vst us in the philippines.. ur so handsome you now… u do have any movies?

  622. 622 : chrissy Says:

    is this a site for war freaks?


    yes, i also loved jang geun suk, especially in his role as hwang jin yi’s first love interest, but i got so disappointed when his role was cut short…

    right now, i love gong yoo! :p

    geun suk, more power to you! hope to see your other projects soon…

  623. 623 : Lenz Says:

    hai!.. can u add me?! HERE MY EMAIL ADD BGLenz @yahoo.com

  624. 624 : kim Says:

    sainyo na si jang geun suk mga hayop kayo

  625. 625 : kim Says:

    sawa na rin ako sa kanya

  626. 626 : kim Says:

    i hate you jang geun suk i dont love you anymore

  627. 627 : noimie Says:

    GRABEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! ang cute mo talaga,gusto kitang maging boyfren promis!

  628. 628 : jhereanne Says:

    bakit kimberly,naging sayo ba siya???

  629. 629 : colleen Says:

    ur so papabol tlaga!
    ur my dream guy!!
    i hope to see u in personal…
    i really really like you!!
    hope 2 see u in hong gil-dong!!

  630. 630 : kim Says:

    your not an only cute guy in the world

  631. 631 : kim Says:

    i mean your not the only one cute guy in the world

  632. 632 : Secret Says:

    ambisyosa ka kim laspag ka na kasi ikaw ang pinag sawaan hin ikaw ang nag sawa ang dami na kasi ng kumantot di ka na virgin laspag ka na!!! kaya wag ka na gumawa ng skandalo dito!!! ang gawin mo nalang yung sexcandal mo tapos ikalat mo!!! post mo pa sa youtube!!! pulube!!! sa iyo asa ka namang papatulan ka ni jang geun seok…. mag bigti ka nalang!!! duwag ka naman… BUSABOS ka i dont know pano nakakapag computer yung mga mangmang na kagaya mo!!! TANG INA MO!!! HAYUP KA!!! GAGO KA!!! BAHO MO!!! BAHO NG PUKE NG NANAY MO!!! BAHO MO!!! LASPAG!!! BALIW!!! LOKA LOKA!!!

  633. 633 : Secret Says:


  634. 634 : janelle Says:

    ang cute mooooooooh……….

  635. 635 : ... Says:

    hoy…anu ba kayo…WAG NGA KAYONG MAGMURAHAN!

  636. 636 : yeoreum Says:

    he’s now Chang Whe in HONG GIL DONG…. really good acting.. very masculine role…

  637. 637 : d0402 Says:

    oh, helpless pathetic people… wala ng magawa sa buhay.. nakakahiya kayo.. anong klaseng upbringing meron kayo? di na kayo nahiya sa mga sarili ninyo…

    siguro di lang maintindihan ng moderator ng site na to yang pinagsasabi nyo kaya di nya ma-screen..

    why not just leave a message for your favorite artist?

  638. 638 : ethel joann Says:

    hi andie,,,,,ur so cute,,,,,,,,,bagay kau n arthur s 22ong buhay!!!!!!!!!!!!!ang gnda ng coffee prince,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,sna pnta k d2 s phillipines,,,,,,,,,,,i wnt u 2 meet in personal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………….

  639. 639 : ethel joann Says:

    ang gwapo moh,,,,,,,,,,,,type n type k ng couzin q named MAYUMI!!!!!!!!!!!!oooooooooo

  640. 640 : clarieth Says:

    to ethel joann:

    just wanna say:
    hi!!!!!im just being curious……thats not YOON EUN-HYE……….

  641. 641 : pamela Says:

    i just love you hehehe..ur the mam!

  642. 642 : lilkah Says:

    haayy,,ang masasabi ko lang|!!!naaabutan na kayo ng papa gong yoo namin!!!hehehe

  643. 643 : gleziel Says:

    jang geun suk all i want to say is ur face is thesame with kim ki bum

  644. 644 : rin Says:

    he’s cute!!!!!!!1

  645. 645 : cris Says:

    nagiging walang kwenta at mukhang basura ang site na to, dahil sa mga walang kwentang comments ng IBA dito… 👿

  646. 646 : cristine Says:

    hi your sow”””’ hundsum

  647. 647 : mistrious Says:

    hello your my favorite korean actor….more blessin to come sarange…

  648. 648 : mia Says:

    wow has only about 21 years, 2 years older than me. and he has acted with older women. wow am amazed not only has good looks but his acting. Guys like him in his age would choice to play cute rules with younger girls. wow ^^

  649. 649 : chinny Says:


    mAy i knOw if sUk is the lAst nAme of jAng geUn suk?


    jUst asking!……..

  650. 650 : chinny Says:


    mAy i knOw if sUk is the lAst nAme of jAng geUn suk?


    jUst asking!……..

    yOu loOk alike tO kim kibum…..

  651. 651 : min Says:

    hello handsome guy. your acting is always great. keep it up.

  652. 652 : carol Says:

    hi ang cute2 mo tlga..pwd bng mging txtma8 ka…pgmy time ka …here oh,,09202476099

  653. 653 : ann Says:

    hi your so cute cute very much

  654. 654 : angie Says:

    i love you so much!!!!i’m you’re future wife!!

  655. 655 : angie Says:

    hoy!!mga girls akin lang sya!!!walang agawn naman dyan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!kung ayaw nyong pasabugin ko ang bahay nyo!!!UNDERSTAND!!!

  656. 656 : carmie Says:

    good luck to your career….
    god bless you….

  657. 657 : cyndy Says:

    jang geun seok…sarangheyo…..i really love u ezpecially in hWang ji ni……….plz email me at [email protected]…k ill Wait to you reply…
    take care…. im here in philippines

  658. 658 : paiaye Says:

    Cool guy in Hong Gil Dong

  659. 659 : jeff Says:

    hello jang geun suk

  660. 660 : denice Says:

    want to live in korea!!!

  661. 661 : hynie Says:

    hi jang geun suk!

    how r u?
    i always watch ur show here in philippines..


  662. 662 : jUstiN Says:

    Is he hwang jini’s first love in the series?!

  663. 663 : angie Says:

    ………………………………jang geun suk………………………………………

    i love you!!!!

  664. 664 : renalyn Says:

    elow im a fan of jang geun seok!!! i wish u would phill. my e mailadd is [email protected]

  665. 665 : shally Says:

    hi mister gEun sEok.., im not much sure if you still have time to read our messages but were still hoping. im just trying to reach you. well, hope youre always be fine and ofcourse i wish you all the luck, take care always and God bless….!

  666. 666 : shally Says:

    ooopPpSss.., i forgot to say mianhae coz saranghamnida..

  667. 667 : Aneth Says:

    Ur so cuuuute and young. it’s amazing u could be very2 cool and masculine prince in Hong Gil Dong. I love him so much. Still waiting ur new movie, hope still be cool guy.

  668. 668 : min Says:

    징그러! :S

  669. 669 : min Says:

    i’m not the same person as (651 min… )
    여자야? 남자야?

  670. 670 : sweet coco girl Says:

    you are too cute to be true sarangyeh …….
    popa techi koyo
    that is if you will love me back .
    just kiding love you …

  671. 671 : secret Says:

    do these actors reply messages in here….

    our friend site:
    we receive comments from actors..
    why,because we are connected to their fans in korea.

    -signed ELF

  672. 672 : pahoua Says:

    omg….you’re so HAWT!!…gosh…love the acting..and your so young to be true….hahhaha…love you…gosh..keep up the great acting and i love your tv series HONG GIL DONG….you are so good in there…u make a great PRINCE…I LOVE YOU!!!!….I SUPPORT YOU ALL THE WAY….aja aja fighting!!!!

  673. 673 : maya lim Says:

    first time i saw u in Hong Gil Dong (which had just watched the last episode yesterday in KBS!!).. gosh.. i love u!! Jang Geun Suk is cutieeeeee… XD

  674. 674 : claire Says:

    at last find you! wow ur so cute!

  675. 675 : claire Says:

    u know wat wen i saw u! i’d rily wanted to go in korea. rily! so0n,. wait for me ok?
    by da way im from philippines!

  676. 676 : miSs_imPerfeCt Says:

    aLjuma janG geun Suk…ottoKye jeNeseYo..wiShiN’ thaT wE caN meEt sOmeday in KorEa aLong wiTh kiBum, juN ki, donG wooK, yooN hye. da haE, aNd ji woN…lukiN’ foRwaRd 2 c yoU sOon…saRanghE’ kiSses

  677. 677 : miSs_imPerfeCt Says:

    aLjuma janG geun Suk…ottoKye jeNeseYo..wiShiN’ thaT wE caN meEt sOmeday in KorEa aLong wiTh kiBum, juN ki, donG wooK, yooN hye. da haE, aNd ji woN…lukiN’ foRwaRd 2 c yoU sOon…saRanghE’

  678. 678 : miSs_imPerfeCt Says:


  679. 679 : janey Says:

    OMG,, you r so young, first time saw u in Hong Gii Dong TV series movie.. hope to see u on other’s comming movie..??

  680. 680 : risha Says:

    hi mr. jang geun seok you know wat monthsary ntin now
    lam moh khit nah!!!! ask nila me nah {tanga} pra sa akin ikaw ang savior koh aand happieness in my life kya i wish nah can i see you in t.v ksi i’m so if i see you nin t.v or in movie not horror ksi takot poh me don eh!!! once again happy monthsary khit lam koh eh!!! hndi magiging real ng lhat ng ito ay pangarap lamang sna mapaginipan moh poh me and me rin dahil kaw ang superhero koh!!!! isang malaking thank you sayo poh!!! ksi i’m so very nah i know with you also with gong yoo poh!!!! tink you poh!!!! i love you jang guen seokand once again happpppy monyhsary poh i love you and i heart you poh!!!!!!

    {shara a.k.a clarise or risha}

    [email protected]

    happy monthsary!!!!!!!!!!!

    i love you poh!!!!!!

  681. 681 : risha Says:

    ito poh song koh!!!! sayo sna maibigan moh poh!!!!!!!

    ONLY HOPE!!!!!

    There’s a song that inside of my soul.
    It’s the one that I’ve tried to write over and over again.
    I’m awake in
    the infinite cold, but you sing to me over and over and over again.
    So I lay my head back down,
    and I lift my hands and pray to be only yours
    I pray to be only yours.
    I know now you’re my
    only hope.
    Sing to me the song of the stars.
    Of your galaxy dancing and laughing and laughing again.
    When it feels like my dreams are
    so far, sing to me of the plans that you have for me over again.
    So I lay my head back down,
    and I lift my hands and pray to be only yours
    I pray to be only yours.
    I know now you’re my
    only hope.
    I give you my destiny.
    I’m giving you all of me.
    I want your symphony.
    Singing in all that I am.
    At the top of my lungs,
    I’m giving it back.
    So I lay my head back down,
    and I lift my hands and pray to be only yours
    I pray to be only yours.
    I know now you’re my
    only hope

  682. 682 : janey Says:

    Geun suk, ” jia You, jia you “.. we want u, heiz..

  683. 683 : janey Says:

    ops!.. forgot someting, WE ARE FROM MALAYSIA.. huh..

  684. 684 : Hai Ha Says:

    Jang Geun Suk I LOVE YOU. I wish you could visit here in the VIETNAM anh my e-mail add is [email protected]. thankssssssssssssss

  685. 685 : ainz Says:

    ..hi..you knw what..i really like your cute face,,your my crush..in all the actors of korea….Godbless!

  686. 686 : carl Says:

    jang geun suk., hope you can visit the phil., i really like you at the tv series hong gil dong.., Ganbatte!! tc

  687. 687 : anin Says:

    Love you at Hang gil dong……. you’re so cool……..

  688. 688 : trixie Says:

    hi,,,,how are u,,,u know wat im so in love w/ u….ur so cute,,,,i love ur movie hwang jin yi,,, i really really like u,,,i love u,,,,tc olways,,,,i hope u read my this,,,,im so inspired ur movie,,,i love u,,,my nym s norjane,,,,tke cre,,,i love u,,,,

  689. 689 : ZIRa & aDa MALAYSIA Says:

    u look sooooo young..
    i want to have a boyfriend that look like u…..

  690. 690 : cath_jang geun suk Says:

    annyeong haseyo jang geun suk,

    i’m your fan here in philippines, your so cute and you are familiar here , and you have a lot of fans here…

    we hope that you will visit here sometimes…

    kamsa hamnida…..

    good luck to your new drama in kbs “timeless”
    chaeyo! fighting!

    saranghaeyo jang geun suk @[email protected]

    _! cath _~~jang geun suk fan ~~~

  691. 691 : cath_jang geun suk Says:

    annyeong haseyo jang geun suk @[email protected]

    how are you?

    i hope your fine and don’t forget to eat on time and take a rest if you are tired, i’m so worried about you, i hope to see you in person.

    take care always and more power to your career…

    annyeonghi kaseyo ( take care)


    ~ cath_jang geun suk fan~

  692. 692 : Leilani Says:

    You’re so good looking! You’re great in Hong Gil Dong and Hwang Jin Yi! You’re very cute in Lovers in Prague! I hope to see more of you. More power!

  693. 693 : krizel Says:

    …………..ur 1 of d shining young star N d field of drama……..hope as 1 of ur fan keep 8 up…………

  694. 694 : gurpreet kaur Says:

    I really love u. I never new Korean people were so cute. yours was the 1st program i ever watched in KBS. Ireally miss d prince of Hong gil dong. I’m from India.

  695. 695 : eunice Says:

    your so cute

  696. 696 : Alice O. Salazar Says:

    you’re sooooo…good looking, i love your acting in hong gil dong take care.

  697. 697 : achi Says:

    hello jang geun seok..
    i hope your fine..
    pls visit the philippines
    so that we can see you
    in person..:)
    i dreamt about you
    performing on the stage
    here in the philippines..
    i hope it will happen..
    coz a lot of girls
    are admiring you..


  698. 698 : -------------------- Says:

    loved you in do re me fa so

  699. 699 : kaYeYe Says:

    hi jang geun suk!!!
    wonder if you’ll be able to read this…
    yes or not…im still saying this…
    geun suk…you’re so handsome!!!as in super!!!
    you’re so great in acting and i so love your voice!!!really nice…
    well good luck in your career and take care!!!

    from your number one fan in the philippines—★♥kaYeYe♥★
    well if you want to find me…
    here’s my email ad—[email protected]
    haha…(as if that’s gonna happen)

    well don’t forget that yours fans especially me and my best friend support you and love you very much…

    mahal ka namin geun suk oppa!!!♥♥♥
    sakin lng sya mga ambisyosa!!!beh!!!

  700. 700 : mitch Says:

    …good day 2 you jang geun suk…i’m a fan of your’s!we are very lucky 2 find a person like you…we here at the philippines are alwayssss wishing 2 see u in person…hope that i’t will be granted,,,anyway,we also love ur role in hwang jini…we all say,s”wow ang cute”that’s why!we followed the interesting story…although you died in that story,,,my classmates and i are always talking about what happen last night!when we’re at school…we love you _eun ho_take care always…

  701. 701 : yin Says:

    i reali like jang keun suk=) he’s reali cute in his sitsom.. haha.. “”im a medstudent”” =P

  702. 702 : chamy Says:

    you act so good…
    keep it uP..

  703. 703 : joseph Says:

    hi jang guen suk alam mu no. 1 fan mu ko dito sa pilipinas

  704. 704 : aycel Says:

    i just finished watching Do Re Mi and you were really good in that movie! hope you continue to make good films.

    take care. stay happy.

  705. 705 : Nurul Says:

    Hi jung geun suk..
    When I saw you at the 1st time, I realized that you are my prince..
    I’m nurul from indonesia
    “love you so much”

  706. 706 : tins Yunho Says:

    i saw u on hong gil dong drama, u look so cool.i like it, but dont belive when i know that u younger then me, oh…gen suk!!but its ok, just younger 1 year than me, i still young!! huehe,, i m tina from indonesia

  707. 707 : mitch Says:

    …the cutest of all cute…

  708. 708 : fheda Says:

    i realy2 love u,,,,,

  709. 709 : kanako tachy Says:

    huy jang geun suk!!!!!!u R so cute,i like that,can i be u’r girL friend?or can i to be u’r friend?o y……… plesee send coment to me,keyyyyyyyyyy

  710. 710 : kaze Says:

    anyong haseo…
    sarang haeyo!!!
    (i’m from indonesia)
    my friends are love too…

  711. 711 : May Xiong Says:

    Ello!!! OMG!!!! I saw u from the movie Hong Gil Dong!!
    And I totally fall in love with u!!!!
    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I’m in love….!! hehe!!!!!
    OMG!!!!!!!!!! Oh!! I’m from:
    St.Paul Minnesota-USA!!!
    HEHEHE!!! i’m a BIG FAN!!! YEAH!!!!
    ROCK ON!!!!! By the way…
    I’m really YOUNG!!!!! But who cares!!!! SHHH!!!!
    HEHE!!! I’m in LOVE with JANG GEUN SUK!!!!

  712. 712 : noemz Says:

    your so cute!!

  713. 713 : Wiya Says:

    Dear Jang Geun Suk

    You’re very cute and innocent face……… U will be a next Jo in sung

  714. 714 : Wiya Says:

    Dear Jang Geun Suk

    Annyong haseyo……….
    You’re very cute and innocent face……… U will be a next Big star movie in korea I hope u will come to indonesia……..Annyonghi kasayo.

  715. 715 : miel Says:

    congratulations on your good acting. stay healthy and happy.

  716. 716 : ziza Says:

    i think u are so handsome…….

  717. 717 : lalaine Says:

    hi jang geun suk i’m one of your fans, your so cute. i love your tv series “hwang jin yi” your very good actor.. love you

  718. 718 : Uchi Says:

    I’m so excited when i look at his acting. He’s very talented. I realized that he’s the mini Jo In Sung!! Your face made me remember about my long-lost friend…
    Hope Geun-suk Oppa will get new films!
    Sarangheyo Yongwonhi!
    Uchi, INDONESIA.

  719. 719 : aning Says:

    You’re still young, but you have big talent…. keep it up…. big hug from indonesian…. visit us …

  720. 720 : KhoLiPaH Says:

    Hai jang geun suk…
    Km mAniEz bGt c..
    Aq suKa bgT sMa fiLm hwang ji ni.
    Apalagi lg pas episodE 9 seDiH bgT aq smPe iKt naGis.
    KLo aDa wKt dtg ya k iNdoNesiA aq tngGu LhO..
    KLo bsa bLz ya pEnaS qU k aLmt friendster kU [email protected]
    okE.. n_n

  721. 721 : eun kii Says:

    oh….my god jang geun suk u are sooo cute iam very like you to be sin eun gue in do re mi fe so la si do !!!!!!you can singing beautifully!!!! ihope you see my friendster ….this is my friendster [email protected]………..
    seee you cuteeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!iam very love you!!!!!

  722. 722 : Kei Nana Says:

    Oh my God Jang Geun Suk!!! U Are so Cuuuuuuuuuteeeee………
    I Like very much your eyes ….and … your baby face.
    I..love..you.. love… you… very much..
    good luck!!!


    Keira Nana At INDONESIA

  723. 723 : KhOLiPaH Says:

    Hai..Geun suk
    how are u?
    i’m fans you.
    I like very muCh to you.
    You very talent,handsome,sweet and very cUTeee…
    I hope you can coMe to iNdoNesiA.
    I hoPe yoU karier fasT and sUcCesS.
    Be yoUr seLf oKe…
    Don’t forget reply message me to friendster [email protected]
    cAyO..AriGaTo gOzaImaSu

  724. 724 : timodmos Says:

    Keun Suk, I don’t know much about you, but I still love you.
    You’re kute, handsome, baby and so on.I like your films: Hong Gil Dong, Crazy for waiting, Happy Life. Love you forever. Good luck !!!!

  725. 725 : kezhia Says:

    you look cute!!!

  726. 726 : risha Says:

    …….♥hellow!!! eun ho

    i think i like you so much it becoz your so
    cute and your smile i like it super you know
    you are my vitamins in my life i wishing that
    can you here in the philipines tnx poh!!!!!

  727. 727 : indonesian sweet girl Says:

    your smile make me hurt,,,,,huu,,,,

  728. 728 : KhOLiPaH Says:

    I misS U sO mUcH…
    I want sEe u aGaiN,
    oh eUn sUk U my iDoL.

  729. 729 : KhOLiPaH Says:

    Hai,how are u?
    I misS u..

  730. 730 : Ronsky Says:

    Jang Geun Suk is my Idol!!!
    Luv Jang Geun Suk!!!

  731. 731 : Hunii_PoT > Says:

    i love jang geun suk!! >

  732. 732 : KhOLiPaH Says:

    I misS u so MuCh…

  733. 733 : KhOLiPaH Says:

    Bwt para pengGemar jang geun suK,khusus ya dri indoNesia jgn Lpa krm trz testi ya oke.

  734. 734 : ^syd^ Says:

    as of this moment, he’s in my crush list!! i really like him! i really really do… and i like kim ki bum too..they always made my heart skip a beat…ahaha..just kidding.. 😉 kim bum and jang geun suk are cuties! i like them!

  735. 735 : teddy22 Says:

    You are SOOOO Cute and very handsome…
    pls. make a new drama that you are the leading role I’m so going to watch it!!!


  736. 736 : maya Says:

    Just want to say that you’re so cute…….
    just like me, your number one fan….hehehe…..
    You’re not just cute but your also handsome…!!!!!!!!!!!!…..
    You are a lot cuter than Rain…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………
    I’ll wait for your next movie…..I wish you’ll play the leading role and you’ll not die just like what happends in Hwang Jini….I hate it……

  737. 737 : Claire Says:

    Hi and hello Im Clire Im one of your fan here in Philippines. How I wish you can visit here everyone are excited when you came here.

    You are very cute and handsome guy.

    One of you fun Claire

    Gwapo mo talaga!!

  738. 738 : Hanna Says:

    you’re so cute..
    your act in “Hwang Jin Yi” make me cry loudly..
    so jealous..

  739. 739 : jocelyn Says:

    Hi jang geun suk! i’m jocelyn im 23 yrs old, from the Philippines, I really think your a great actor even though you are still young (21). I have watched Hong Gil Dong and Huang Ji yi, and I think your very cute.. I really hope you could come & visit the Philippines, because you have so many fans here… by the way I also think in some angle you look like Jo In Seong, when you are trying look fierce…
    by the way I’m really curious do you really have a girlfriend??
    You know have been reading all the responses in this site, some say you already have as girl friend. I’m getting confused…hehehe I hove you could

    Advance Happy Birth day!

  740. 740 : jocelyn Says:

    Hi jang geun suk! i’m jocelyn im 23 yrs old, from the Philippines, I really think your a great actor even though you are still young (21). I have watched Hong Gil Dong and Huang Ji yi, and I think your very cute.. I really hope you could come & visit the Philippines, because you have so many fans here… by the way I also think in some angle you look like Jo In Seong, when you are trying look fierce…
    by the way I’m really curious do you really have a girlfriend??
    You know have been reading all the responses in this site, some say you already have a girl friend. I’m getting confused…hehehe I hope you could reply to my message.


    Advance Happy Birth day!

  741. 741 : LiZzie's puNk... Says:

    geun Seok..!!!
    yoUr so CuTE and gOod-LookiNg…!!!
    yOur aCt maKe aLL of Us,,
    sO iNterseSting…!!!
    Luph yOu…!!!


  742. 742 : jocelyn Says:

    hi geun suk…

    this is jocelyn again from the Philippines, i hope you have read my message to you about asking if you really have a girl friend… and if you could visit the Philippines. You know… it would be really great if you could come here.
    I am really looking forward to it!

    well i guess your just too busy right now.. anyway i’ll just wait for your reply..


  743. 743 : babytsina Says:

    i really admire jang geun suk for portraying the role of the prince in “HONG GIL DONG” .. hope that you will have a follow-up project after GIL DONG.. ur so cute and a good actor.. at your young age… ur acting is so very impressive.. keep up the good work.. 😀

    hope you can visit the Philippines.. Good luck and God Bless..

  744. 744 : greenturtle617 Says:

    He’s one of the few guys that looks cute/hot in eyeliner….

    I practically watched Hong Gil Dong because of him 😀

  745. 745 : risha Says:

    jang geun seok

    hirap nah po ako sori kung dto ko cinasabi ksi wla lng akong masabihan ksi lam mo ba hirap nah po ako sa mga nangyayari sa akin now sa mga dapat hndi ko dpat iniisip sa ngayon kso bkit ganito ang dami dapat mahalin pro busit na puso 2 ksi nman wlang nakakaintindi sa mga lhat ng ito ayoko nah tlaga hndi ko na kaya tlaga

    so plz pray moh nman ako plz!!!!!!

    and tnx for happieness


    [email protected]

    tnx poh i love you

  746. 746 : jennilyn Says:

    hi!! i am your fan in hwang jini and lovers in prague you and ha ji won is very closed your do cute i am your fan in philippines.
    I’m so excited when i look at his acting. He’s very talented. I realized that he’s the mini Jo In Sung!! Your face made me remember about my long-lost friend…
    Hope Geun-suk Oppa will get new films

  747. 747 : risha Says:

    helow poh lapit nah birthday moh poh

    sana punta kah nman dto plzzzzz !!!!!

    i love you poh !!!!!!

    risha poh toh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  748. 748 : Mahi Says:

    Iam a fan from Ethiopia. you are a good actor with a beautiful smile and heart . I hope to see you more in the future peace!

  749. 749 : tha Says:

    I just want to say happy birthday..
    my u’r dream come true..
    I;m from Indonesia, n I know Jang Geun Seok

  750. 750 : risha Says:



    THIS SONG IS FOR YOU!!!!!♥♥♥

    by clay aiken

    There’s something ’bout the way you look tonight,
    There’s something ’bout the way that I can’t take my eyes off you.
    There’s something ’bout the way your lips invite,
    Maybe it’s the way that I get nervous when your around.
    And I want you to be mine
    And if you need a reason why,

    It’s in the way that you move me, and the way that you tease me,
    The way that I want you tonight,
    It’s in the way that you hold me, and the way that you know me,
    When I can’t find the right words to say,
    You feel it in the way, you feel it in the way.

    There’s something ’bout how you stay on my mind,
    There’s something ’bout the way that I whisper your name when I’m asleep Oh girl
    Maybe it’s the look you get in your eyes.
    Maybe it’s the way that makes me feel to see you smile.
    And the reasons they may change
    But what I’m feeling stays the same.


    I can’t put my fingers on just what it is that makes me love you, you baby.
    So don’t ask me to describe, I get all choked up inside, just thinking bout the way.


    There’s something ’bout the way you look tonight.
    There’s nothing more to say then, I feel it in the way.

    tnx poh!!!!! i love you poh!!!!!!!!!!


  751. 751 : jaejoongie Says:

    geun suk u r ma favourite n ill support ya 4eva.ya such a cutie n good lukin actor.gambateh in ur career=)

  752. 752 : sheila Says:

    to ma luvly geun suk ur da best n ur luks reli attracts ma attention.i recentli got 2 noe ya but den i tink i had fallen 4 ya da first time when i sw ur picture.sarangheyo…muaccch.

  753. 753 : PipiT Says:


    Kmaha damang?!

    Geun Suk teh meni handsome pisan noxX!!

    add me aT [email protected]


    I’m waiTing for u!

  754. 754 : marielle Says:

    you made me mad!!!
    i love you!!!
    kiss me!!!

  755. 755 : tasahamnida Says:

    you might not be able to read this but anyways, just drop by to say, you look younger for your age, thought you were 17 or so…and also, you look like you’re a snob…do you know how to speak english?

  756. 756 : parnia Says:

    I am your fan in iran i hope you have a good life and i can see you

  757. 757 : dilan jake Says:

    My little sis really like you a lot and she’s always bothering me to get all your songs and movies… she’ll surely cry if I can’t find any…

    can somebody please tell me where to get all the songs and movies of Jang geun suk??

    anyways… you’re acting is good and you really got a talent man.. good luck in your career… hope you all the best and for more movies to come so that my sister won’t be upset…(~_^.)

  758. 758 : nona Says:

    jung geun suk-> you are perfect!!!!
    i mean- how can an angel like you can be in this world??
    i wish you all the best in your career and in your life..

    where can i see the show “alien sam”? i’m looking for this and i dont find it! please help me!!

    jung geun suk-> you are my god kiss me!

  759. 759 : risha Says:

    hey!!!! poh!!
    i just wanna
    say ,,.. to you
    i know it’s my self
    is just of our loving
    you and my happieness
    to you

    i wish that you have part
    my life and wish that
    came here in the philiphines

    goodluck,godbless to you
    i’m olways here to you

    loving you risha!!!!!♥♥♥

    i love you
    i love you
    i love you


  760. 760 : choi hye suk Says:

    hi!!!!! jang geun suk! you are so cute!!!!!

    im sure that you are so happy in our relation!!!!

    if you have problem just call me okay!!!!!!!!

    i love you!!!

    i love you!!!!

    i love you!!!

    i love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!

  761. 761 : 샤이라 Says:

    love my geun suk…!~
    totally one of the my favourite korean actors~!

    근석 옾파, 화이팅 ~!
    정말 사랑해요~!

  762. 762 : ebru Says:

    resimlerde süper çıkmıssın…çok tatlı aynende çok karizmatiksinn…….seni son derece seviyorum 1 numaralı hayranınında diyebiliriimmm…….çok tatlısın yaaaa…..seni çok seviyorum…..I lie dich…….I live you…..seni çok seviyorum ..aşkımm

  763. 763 : Quinn Says:

    hey guys! annyong hashimnikka!

    can you guys help me get over 4000 comments under Song Hye Gyo’s name? if you dont know her….or havent heard of her then thats fine
    just so long as you leave a msg…anything

    just look for her name on side list!….i would really appreciate it….and you will be blessed with goodluck!


  764. 764 : tony Says:


  765. 765 : princess claire Says:

    hi jang geun suk

    ur so cute and also handsome

    i like u

    i hope u r my boyfriend

    and i hope i will see u in person

    can u visist here in phils?

    i luv u

    im the one of ur avid fan

  766. 766 : princess claire Says:

    hi my love jang geun suk

    i want to see u in person

    i love you

    really love you



    zmyle olweiz


  767. 767 : princess claire Says:

    hi my love

    love u always

    kiss and hug you


    i love you

    zmyle olweizzz


  768. 768 : McJayJay Says:

    i actually didnt like jang geun suk in hong gil dong
    but LOVED him in do ri me fa so la ti do movie

  769. 769 : Aprilyn Says:

    Geun Seok! I really ad0res you! You really captivate me with your smile,which the most gorgeous and fascinating i have ever seen, i really love everything about you,. Kahit ano pa? You really got me, i hope you can visit our country, even for once, we really love that, a lot of Filipinas waiting for you here, a lot of us want to meet you face to face,. I wish you all the most blessings! Good health! I love you Geun Seok!

  770. 770 : Aprilyn Says:

    Hope you read this!
    Geun Seok! We’ll wait for you here in PHILIPPINES! You really have a lot of fans loving you here! Im one of those,. Im one of those crowd that disturbs a lot by your charm! You’re so gorgeous! I love you so much! You’re so WELCOME here in our c0untry! Probably a lot of people wanted to see you face to face! I love you Geun Seok!

  771. 771 : Aprilyn Says:

    G0od morning Geun Suk! We have a different time line,but, i just want you to kn0w that by the time i wake up this morning i think of you. . God bless! Be humble like God and i kn0w He will bless you,with the most wonderful blessings! I love you my Geun Suk! (hope you read this _ahm, . .do you understand and speak english? Hopefully,so that you may understand what our hearts say ab0ut you,. I love you Geun Suk!)

  772. 772 : AkaHime Says:

    Hi GuYs!! YoroShiku Onegaishimasu..

    CaLLed me Akahime…

    AnnYeong HaSeYo,,Geun Seok Oppa!!!
    Hope you’ll like me,,
    I wanna be your friend.
    Um…I’m speechless!
    That’s all,See You!

  773. 773 : AkaHime Says:

    AnnYong,,Geun SeOk OppA…
    HeLLo eVerYoNe!!!

    I Like Jang Geun Se0k so muCh!!!
    Oppa you’re sooooo CuTe..!!

    Do your best!!

  774. 774 : cheddar Says:

    hey,, are you really jang geun suk??
    that guy who’s always replying…

    nah!! that’s impossible

  775. 775 : cheddar Says:

    hey,, is that really jang geun suk??
    that guy who’s always replying…

    nah!! that’s impossible!!

  776. 776 : mietha Says:

    anyyonghaseyo geunsuk oppa!
    I’m your fans in indonesia.
    i can see you in indonesia.
    can you visit indonesia?please..
    I hope u have a goodlife.

  777. 777 : AkaHime Says:

    Geun SuK Oppa,, Do you LiKe BaLi??
    I HoPe you wiLL come tO JaKarTa,Indonesia…
    I wanna mEEt you so mUcH!!

    I’ll waiTing foR you…
    AnnYonghi KyeSeyO!!

  778. 778 : risha Says:

    ,…..helow!!! how are you now. so long that i have been to comment here and im so mizz that super..,,,,
    am so that our monthsary now that mean is how long i love you and being a avid fan super noh!! now i wish that you would be here in philipines super i wish that,. that’s why i comment here tnx poh and i love you poh so much!!!
    i have a song for you and is for you only tnx poh!!!

    pretty boy
    by m2m

    I lie awake at night
    See things in black and white
    I’ve only got you inside my mind
    You know you have made me blind

    I lie awake and pray
    That you will look my way
    I have all this longing in my heart
    I knew it right from the start

    Oh my pretty pretty boy I love you
    Like I never ever loved no one before you
    Pretty pretty boy of mine
    Just tell me you love me too
    Oh my pretty pretty boy
    I need you
    Oh my pretty pretty boy I do
    Let me inside
    Make me stay right beside you

    I used to write your name
    And put it in a frame
    And sometime I think I hear you call
    Right from my bedroom wall

    You stay a little while
    And touch me with your smile
    And what can I say to make you mine
    To reach out for you in time

    Oh my pretty pretty boy I love you
    Like I never ever loved no one before you
    Pretty pretty boy of mine
    Just tell me you love me too
    Oh my pretty pretty boy
    I need you
    Oh my pretty pretty boy I do
    Let me inside
    Make me stay right beside you

    Oh pretty boy
    Say you love me too

    Oh my pretty pretty boy I love you
    Like I never ever loved no one before you
    Pretty pretty boy of mine
    Just tell me you love me too
    Oh my pretty pretty boy
    I need you
    Oh my pretty pretty boy I do
    Let me inside
    Make me stay right beside you

    coz you pretty that anything tnx poh

    risha sayz! i love you so much poh!

    tnx po so much!

    [[email protected]]


  779. 779 : arantxa Says:

    hi!….well after i watched doremifasolatido…i really find u so good looking…ur a great actor!…i hope u get all the gud things in ur life!..hope all ur movies become ahit n even u too…hope ur fans specially me admires u more than ever..hope u lead aprosperous life!..i need to say to u 1 last thing dat..sarang-hae!…anyo!

  780. 780 : yumie Says:

    so you have no girlfriend jang geun
    i thought you have one
    i like your movie the one that’s named du ri mi so or whatsoever
    i kinda like your hair in the movie
    keep it up!
    god bless!

  781. 781 : pearlyme Says:

    oh you’re so handsome,cute,whatever….You’re very good actor in hwang jini…….Please visit San Joaquin, Iloilo, PHILIPPINES…..Mwaaaah! Be a partner of hwang jini again….

  782. 782 : cheriz Says:

    Jang Geun Suk is a very talented actor (as well as singer; saw your music video Black Engine)
    the first time i saw you was in Hwang Jin Yi as her first love.
    Your performance was heart-wrenching till the end.

    The second time i saw you was in Hong Gil Dong. The series was funny and romantic and your acting showed a different side to you- the ice prince with a sad past.

    Anyway, keep up the great work and keep on smiling!

  783. 783 : arantxa Says:

    hi jung geun suk1..i really luv ur movie doremifasollatido..its soooooooooo gud…u really luk gud out der..i luv those songs…ur areally talented actor..so keep acting as u make ur fans like me FALL IN LUV WID U MORE…SO SARANG-HAE!

  784. 784 : June Says:

    WOW…Gang Guen Suk…I am just someone who likes you alot
    hey love your smiles and I love your singings too. You sure do have lots of fans that loves you alot and I am one of them too. I hope to meet you in person someday I know that its impossible but hopefully you can come in here and read everyones comments. I don’t know if you do or don’t but either way you are still my favorite Geun Suk….

  785. 785 : tessa Says:

    I’m definitely amused at reading the previous comments. I do get a kick in joining all the many hopefuls or hope fools out there. (But I’m not altogether severely detached to some semblance of reality) Great job Jang Geun Suk! He has an impeccable choice of movie characters that transcends the quintessential core of humanity and brings about a positive insight to life.

  786. 786 : california674 Says:

    Geun Suk your movie – do re mi- was really good. Your performance was commendable. The Beethoven virus drama -which i’m watching now– is also equally interesting, especially with Lee Ji Ha. God bless you and your family with happiness, good health and good fortune. May you entertain us-your fans throughout the world- with you performances for many, many, many years to come.

  787. 787 : YOMIE Says:


  788. 788 : jenny lee Says:

    dear geun suk ,
    once again , your wonderful acting skill make me shed tears ! first in hwang jin yi , then in hong gil dung . well done ! him-nae -yo!
    sarang hae ~

  789. 789 : ps Says:

    huh?? melvin sia who?? malaysian actor as cute as jang geun suk?? impossible… i live here n i dunno??

  790. 790 : allhen Says:

    ,,oh my god!! i really2x love u!!

  791. 791 : aimee Says:

    hello Jang Geun Suk!
    im ur super fan, and i wanna be ur friend,
    see ya

    love you

  792. 792 : June Says:

    Jang Geun Suk,
    How are you? your wonderful acting skill make me shed tears .
    Love everything about you. Hope to see you more in movies.

  793. 793 : mitch Says:

    …mr jang geun suk belated happy birthday hope you read this…from philippines!!!

  794. 794 : midori Says:

    i really want to go abroad, come Korea to see my idol – Jang Geun Suk.i hope i’ll receive the award in the next writing exam,this can bring me a journey to Korea.oppa,i’m your fan.

  795. 795 : arman Says:

    hi. you really hav egood acting with hwang jin yi. i really like your acting. but when you use the traditional student dress there, u really looks thin and looks pale, like.., after recover from influenza….but whatever it is, i really lik eyour acting. i was born in 1987 also, but in december. i want to able to act like what you have done. i’m your fan from INdonesia. nice to see you with different appearence.. he3x 🙂

  796. 796 : tep Says:

    soopperr cute!!!!!kawaiiiiii!!!=)

  797. 797 : Kirsten Says:

    I adore youu soo much ! You are such
    an awesome singer, actor, dancer, and all
    of the above . You’re the second Korean
    artist that caught my eye + heart . =)
    And you look soo much like my all-time favourite
    donghae !

  798. 798 : vanessa Says:

    jang geun suk
    i may not be your number one fan
    but i totally support everything you do in the media business
    i love your voice
    your cute features
    your wonderful acting skills
    dancing skills
    goodluck jang geun suk
    you have my support! =]

  799. 799 : crazyfairy88 Says:

    jang geun suk is soo goodlooking! i just saw his movie, do re mi.., his character is so cool, suited him well! i like his voice! haha, i like everything about him!

  800. 800 : zax Says:

    ..yobo seyo!!!!!!!!!,your so handsome…
    i cant take my eye of you..
    i like you so much,,

  801. 801 : anna yap Says:

    i really really like you. the first time i saw you in tv is on your tv series hwan jini. that time, i became addcited to you.. i’m your no. 1 fan here in philippines.. mwaah!!!

  802. 802 : einalem Says:

    hi..prince, im just so stunned with your cute face..keep it up..i wish someday i could see you too..always be happy and take care.

  803. 803 : ilyn Says:

    hi there… jang keun suk is a great actor. i love his movies!
    he has a nice voice. i wish i could go to korea to hear him singing.
    take care. hope you’re doing fine. good luck to your career.

  804. 804 : rhiaz Says:

    his so cute

  805. 805 : rhiaz Says:

    i want to hear his voice and i want to see him!!!

  806. 806 : jeiwon Says:

    great actor with a great voice…love him so much….

  807. 807 : Mz_Hyunki Says:

    I’m loving him very much

    btw for all jang geun seuk love..if wan to know more jang geun seuk

    plase visit jks eels international forum in


    hopefully see you arond there..

    I’m currently watching his new drama now..bethoven virus..

    it’s good drama and his acting ..very natural

    hope god bless you…

    hope you win in Korean drama festival in 1 – 5 november

    JKS fighting!

  808. 808 : yeni Says:

    im a new fan..i saw u in HGD …and i watch the drama because of u jang geun suk.
    like u more in long hair…;)

  809. 809 : leo Says:

    whatta. are you guys insane? ganyan na ba kayo ka desperada para sa taong ito. filipinas are better than that. ni rerespect ko lang ang nagiging image ng mga filipina sa ibang tao. tingin nila nagiging cheap ang mga pinay. wala sanang ma ooffend ha. filipinas are not deserving to be treated like this. in fact, our country is the only christian nation in asia and yet nasisira yung expectations ng mga taga ibang bansa na ang mga pinay ay conservative. jang geun suk is just a simple human being. he’s not worth it to be crazed about. actually he’s a trash if you would just open your eyes. try to think of it. they can’t even speak a straight english. instead of fantasizing these koreans, try to put your self in the reality. yung malapit-lapit naman po sa katotohanan. I admitt i do sometimes watch korean movies but hanggang dun lang. i realized that we are more blessed and more talented. hahahaha

  810. 810 : leo Says:

    instead of giving our attention to other foreign actors, actresses and dramas we must prioritize our own movie industry first. filipino movies are already dying. about 80 million dollars is getting lost each year. one of the factors is the piracy. the other one is the importing of movies from outside into country. we have more talented, smart and excellent actors here in the philippines.

  811. 811 : nikki Says:

    i’m just wondering if the real geun suk was the one who leave a reply?..
    anyways, i like geun suk..he’s hoooottt…
    he’s also a great actor and he has a good voice..
    keep it up! jiayou!..

  812. 812 : Irene Says:

    he is very handsome and has a good voice..
    hope i can watch more his movie and drama..
    God Bless Jang Geun Suk..

  813. 813 : Gorgeous Says:

    don’t ever forget to watch this drama Hong Gil Dong because Jang Geun Suk is very handsome and very macho in this drama 🙂

  814. 814 : risha Says:

    hay geun suk ammmmmmm
    i mizz you nah poh
    when you home in

    i watch your baby
    and i and that is
    the great movie
    that i watch i wish it
    will be your perpect

    i wish oll the best

    risha poh!!!!!!!!!!

  815. 815 : pretty_jo Says:

    love your movie the do re mi fa so la si do…i like the ending!!!it makes me cry!!!huhuhuhuhu:(

  816. 816 : balibalibum Says:

    He looks freaking handsome in HGD. I Think he super suits long hair! His hairstyle was perfect in HGD!:)

  817. 817 : HyeJung Says:

    Anyong Geun Seuk oppa, just wanna say your eyes are very attractive.

  818. 818 : jam Says:

    i love Jang Geun Suk!! luv his smile!

  819. 819 : jynx Says:

    i luv you jang geun suk..u make my world go round..

  820. 820 : Marrisa Says:

    annyeong haseyo!!! JANG GEUN SEOK i want to see you in person. But if you want to see me this is my friendster account [email protected]. I hope that we can see each other personally.

  821. 821 : 미첼 Says:

    난 당신의 영화를 좋아해 ~
    빠른 시일 내에 진지한 연기를 볼 ~!^-^

  822. 822 : yu Says:

    hello…just saw your picure and decided to say hello…

  823. 823 : yu Says:

    I mean picture

  824. 824 : Daisy Says:

    He’s got an incredibly beautiful face and lots of acting talent. Congratulations!

  825. 825 : kristine lee Says:

    uhm!!! this is pathetic fighting over this kind of crap…u guys are dumb fighting over a guy u don’t even personally know!!! how lame can u be…theres nothing wrong admiring JGS i think his cute too but that all to it…im not gonna make up any stories about how he said he loves me or he and i are talking wtf dumb…i bet he doesnt even know this site…that JGS that says his the real JGS his fake muahaha

  826. 826 : candy Says:

    heyya jang! ;).. we s0oper d0oper luv all your m0vies.. ;))

  827. 827 : NAYCHIWIN Says:

    your smile always makes me crazy.

  828. 828 : Lumi Says:

    Not only a pretty face, but a talented actor whom I first noticed in Hwang Gini. He is barely 21 and he has played older characters (Hong gil Dong, Beethoven Virus) which may be due to his acting maturiy.

    I wish him a long and successful acting career. Can’t wait for his next drama.

  829. 829 : risha Says:

    hey !!!
    your great to
    to your movie
    but i wish you
    not change your hair do!
    coz for me your your cute as
    your hair do!

    so next plzzzz
    change your hair
    and come here in philippines
    for your fanzzz
    and also for me

    just joking!!!!♥

    congratz to your award
    last year it oll your
    blessing to god
    i always pray for your blessing

    tnx and wish you read it

    we love you
    jang geun suk
    forever and ever

    love you poh

    salamat if you read it

    risha as shara

    [email protected]

    next film and drama!!!!!

  830. 830 : kayzee Says:

    just dropping by to say ‘HI!’
    you’re very talented actor and i’m looking forward to see more of your shows and movies…
    hope you will have the chance to visit our country-Philippines…
    it’s a nice country, nice people, and a lot of fans waiting for you…
    by the way, have you got friendster, multiply, imeem or even yahoo mail account?
    just add me up if you want…
    [email protected]… tnx!
    god bless
    and keep up the good work!

  831. 831 : lady green Says:

    you are so cute….

  832. 832 : SAraH Says:

    I Love tOu jaNg geun suk…

    You’re mY InspIRAtION….

    yOU ArE SO CUTE…

    I wANNA SEE YOU ….

  833. 833 : SAraH Says:

    I Love YOu jaNg geun suk…

    You’re mY InspIRAtION….

    yOU ArE SO CUTE…

    I wANNA SEE YOU ….

  834. 834 : sheten Says:

    hie jang geun seok sarangeyooooo i am really crazy abt you ur r mah life plzzzzzzz make me on ur fan list i love you really i want to see ur face all the time i love uuuu

  835. 835 : sheten Says:

    u r dam cute n hancy too i love u soo much and dont make me too love holic abt u plzzzzzzzz love u oppaaaaaaaa miss uuuuuuu take care la be healthy and take care of ur self bieeeeeeeeee n best of luck for any thing u doo i will always be on ur side love u take care

  836. 836 : d3w1 Says:

    I feel a lot of love for you,, jang geun suk..
    when I first look you. . .
    I know,, you are so cute..
    it’s make me Inspiration..
    I hope one day I can met you.. ^_^

  837. 837 : juliemae Says:

    i never seen you before…….

    but you look good

  838. 838 : juna Says:

    jus….dr0ppin’ by 2 say a big hell0!!i really lyked ur perf0rmance in Bethoven virus.u’re quite convincing in ur r0le.hey aRe u really a g00d at playin’ guitar????????????

  839. 839 : risha Says:

    hey jang geun suk
    hey how are you
    nice your new
    look hah looks like
    bad boy but super cute

    ammmm i just want to say
    merry xmas to you
    i wiah can you here in
    philip. and to see you
    and many pinoy will
    warm welcome to you
    we love you poh
    jang geun suk

    happy jang geun suk

    day happy monthsary
    jang geun suk
    i love you poh

    this is my song 4 you
    in my life tnx hah!!!!

    angels brought me here
    by guy sebastain

    It’s been a long and winding journey
    But I’m finally here tonight
    Picking up the pieces
    Walking back into the light
    To the sunset of your glory
    Where my heart and future lies
    There’s nothing like that feeling
    When I look into your eyes

    My dreams came true
    When I found you
    I found you, my miracle

    If you could see what I see
    That you’re the answer to my prayers
    And if you can feel
    The tenderness I feel
    You would know
    It would be clear
    That angels brought me here

    Standing here before you
    Feels like I’ve been born again
    Every breath is your love
    Every heartbeat speaks your name

    My dreams came true
    Right here in front of you
    My miracle

    If you could see what I see
    You’re the answer to my prayers
    If you could feel
    The tenderness I feel
    You would know
    It would be clear
    That angels brought me here

    Brought me here to be with you
    I’d be forever grateful (oh forever grateful)

    My dreams came true
    When I found you
    My miracle

    If you could see what I see
    You’re the answer to my prayers
    If you could feel
    The tenderness I feel
    You would know
    It would be clear
    That angels brought me here

    If you could see what I see
    You’re the answer to my prayers
    If you could feel
    The tenderness I feel
    You would know
    It would be clear
    That angels brought me here

    tnx hah!!! jang geun your the
    best 4 me 4ever and ever
    love you poh

    by risha …..shara

    [email protected]

  840. 840 : Virga Says:

    hi, my prince…
    how are you?
    i’m a new fan…
    first i saw you in baby and me and do re mi fa sol la si do…
    i’m Indonesian…
    i really like you…
    i wish someday i could to see you…
    i want to hear your voice and i want to see you!!!
    i wish i could go to korea to hear you singing…
    i love you very much!!!
    when do you want to come to Indonesia???
    always be happy and take care…

  841. 841 : C.ASIA Says:

    Wooow!!HIs wall is full of lyrical poems….IMPRESSIVE!!!O_o
    For sure he doesn’t read this,anyway KEEP IT UP!!!

  842. 842 : bluishly Says:

    ..Jang Geun-suk..your such a good actor..i love your movies..especially the baby and I..i hope you make more more movies..i love seeing your cute face!!..=D..

  843. 843 : wan Says:

    Jang Keun Suk is a very talented young actor..his acting is very natural and looks as if it is real..he is very handsome with a long hair in Hong Gildong..n i think he should keep long hair like that..keep up the good work Jang Keun Suk n I pray success may always be with you n that you alway take good care of you reputation..I always like watching you acting…

  844. 844 : kylie--glee Says:

    hong gil dong!my frienz suggested me that!
    lolz!!will watch de!

  845. 845 : virginia Says:

    hi jang geun seok,
    my name is virginia. I just wanted to tell you that you are an amazing actor and singer. When you do one or the other, you capture people’s attention and you let us feel your heart when you act or sing. Thank you for being such an awesome actor and showing us your talent. I wish you the best of luck in the future doing the things you love.


    P.S.- If you have the time, feel free to email me any time. Thank you

  846. 846 : sang hee Says:

    I’m also a new fan Jang after seeing you first time in Lovers in Prague & asked myself who is this young & cute actor? From then on I wanted to see more of your other projects & lately saw Beethoven Virus where you once again demonstrated to us your fans your potential in acting! I also just finished watching Baby & I or Me, and The Happy Life! You’re such a sweet person on the screen & am sure in real life as well & one day or someday i’d like to travel to Korea to see you and the other Korean actors I’m very fond of! Meantime, stay healthy & hope to see more of you in the future! I still haven’t seen Hwang Jini & your other previous projects but one of these days I will cause I can’t wait to see all of them! God bless & hope you read your fan mails as these are important in your career! Aja; annyoung!!!

  847. 847 : katejanz Says:

    My gosh! how come it is so messy in here? Guys and Girls, look stop being so childish ok? If everybody loves jang geun suk, then u guys just get along…araso? FYI, Jang Geun Suk really had a girlfriend…if u guys want to know more about him: I invite you guys to come and join me at asianpopcorn.com I have my fan page regarding jang guen suk and his interview with english subtitle…and add me up: katejanz
    lets exhange notes regarding our idol….not this way…and definitely this is NOT the right attitude for us Filipino, we are known to be kind and hospitable…peace ^_^

  848. 848 : aQ ekha Says:

    hi jang guen suk…..!
    you are a talented actor and a handsome boys . i like your film because you looking very handsome in your film . that time , i’m your no . 1 fan here in indonesian … love you jang guen suk !!!

  849. 849 : aQ ekha Says:

    jang geun suk ,. your smile make me very glad . you are can make me crazy because you very handsome and you looking very good in tv series hwang jin yi . i’m very like with you . jang geun suk i’m is your fan no. 1 in indonesian .

  850. 850 : christine Says:

    congratulations.i know that you won an award in kbs drama awards.it was funny when you looked shocked after hearing your name.maybe because your are also the presentor at that moment.anyway, you look fantastic with your earrings and up style hair.hope to see you in more dramas.take care always.

  851. 851 : haliunaa Says:

    i love you geun sukaa

  852. 852 : Atul.908 Says:

    Hy,,ur r perfect boy in the world. .to me ur.hve anything that a good thing!ur hancem n cutee. .i want u to be my boyfriend.but i know that would then happen. .if u say u love me. .i think that my life is already completed. .i love you[SarangHAEyo].[kangsaHAEyo][cuaHAEyo]by. .

  853. 853 : aversiontofangirls Says:

    🙂 don’t let arrogance cloud your head 🙂

    I hear fire is a brilliant thing. But the smoke it produces… the higher it rises… eventually chokes us to our downfall.

  854. 854 : Atul.908 Says:

    Hy. .again. .jang geun seok. .i hope u cn cOme to brunei cuz i really2 want to meet u. .i wnt to knw about u. .if u read this. .plz10000x. .cOme to brunei. .sarangHAEyo!

  855. 855 : tseten Says:

    hie jung geun seok i m really krazy abt u i m a huge fan of urs n i will pray to god dat u will progres a lot sarangeyo be healthy and eat gd food love u as always i do

  856. 856 : BLABLABLA Says:


  857. 857 : ASTIG Says:

    …wow…he is very CUTE!….how i wish i could meet him….

  858. 858 : christine Says:

    i’m really curious if geun suk can really read these comments..well i hope he is..anyway, you are really a good actor..i hope that i can see you again in another drama..but next time you should be the leading actor..it would be better if that will happen..good luck to your career..i hope all the best for you..you are still young and a long journey to go..well you are 2 years older than i am..can you dance? ^_^

  859. 859 : jillian.glamoratti Says:

    i could honestly say that i’m a huge fan of jang geun seok! haha. and i’m very proud of that. i am still waiting to see him in another drama series. and it would be better if he was the leading actor. seriously, i stopped watching hwang jini when kim eunho died. lols. :)) but i do finished beethoven virus! even though i’m very disapointed about the ending. 🙂
    well, i hope he’ll read this one. and if you ever read this, just wanna ask you to come to philippines. i am your number one fan here, jang geun seok! haha. and still, the youngest. thirteen. yeaa. 😛 i am asking you because i have no moolah to visit korea. hahaha. :*

  860. 860 : Expendable-18 Says:

    anyong hasea u?
    amom pay binuya mi adi sik-a yan mayat isunga adikan ke2tawen san nemnem mo isa tan ay2ayo. may siya garud,enngay pay tan nu adi ka maawawatan na enya, he.he.he. sana ka et

  861. 861 : Zy Says:

    Keun suk oppa! 😀 (im also wondering if he can read this too.. XD) anyway i think youre a really great actor, dancer, host, etc! goodluck with everything and i hope you can come and visit the Philippines sometime. ^________^*~ you have a lot of fans in the Philippines yo! gambare..!

  862. 862 : vitbaucorang Says:

    xin chao

  863. 863 : vitbaucorang Says:

    chuc ban co mot nan moi vui ve,hanh phuc ben nguoi than va ban be,luon than cong tren con duong ban da chon.luc nao minh cung luon ung ho ban,co len!

  864. 864 : vitbaucorang Says:

    luc nao ban buon va co don hay ve voi gia dinh do la canh ban se bot buon,co don~_~do la noi lam cho ban tro lai voi chinh minh.chuc ban luon happy yeu doi nhe~_*

  865. 865 : lhadon Says:

    hey…nic smile…happy new year….

  866. 866 : risha Says:

    …helow again
    i must love your
    movie baby and i
    and your drama comedy
    beethoven virus
    love it super but i most
    your look and your joy
    to that work

    i wish and this year
    you have another
    movie and drama

    tnx a lot to read this

    tnx salamat….
    pare noh!!!!

  867. 867 : sersmaa Says:

    hi jung jeun suk chi bol my anjel

  868. 868 : sersmaa Says:

    I love Jang jeun seok my anjel

  869. 869 : feme Says:

    hey, you should visit philippines too. i really wanna see you in person. plz. we all really wanna see you. your so cute. no wonder i like you so much. take good care

  870. 870 : ire Says:

    hmmp..you know my friends really like you!! i love you! your so cute!!!
    can you visit Philippines??? i would like to see you in person!

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  872. 872 : lhakyi Says:

    hey boy u rock u look really cute in all the movie be smart and cute too see ya do reply ok

  873. 873 : Victoria Says:

    Just happen to watch Hong Gil Dong by chance… nice show… Hope u have fun while working.

  874. 874 : jamm Says:

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    It is the best search engine in the internet.

  875. 875 : reejan Says:

    …you know!!!???he’s my ultimate crush!!!
    he’s so cute!!!

  876. 876 : reejan Says:

    ..jang geun suk!!!!! you’ sooooooooo cuuUUUtee!!!

  877. 877 : mizzah Says:

    i really like u ur so cuuuuute!!!!!

  878. 878 : mizzah Says:

    yeah!!!!! ur so hot and handsome yow!!!!!

  879. 879 : Soojin Says:

    Jang Geun Seuk, despite your young age, you have shown such great promise in being an actor. I have watched Beethoven Virus all over again, not just because of the good storyline but because I’ve seen that you can act alongside the veterans. I was moved to tears on the last 2 episodes of the drama, really felt like embracing and comforting you on that scene with KMM. I also loved your version of Can You Hear Me, you sang it with your heart and soul…Best of luck to you, more projects to come but stay simple and down-to-earth, alright?

  880. 880 : mizzah Says:

    ur so cute plzz.,., visit us here in the philippines coz we want to see you in personal..,,.,. we really want 2 see you and my friends.,.,., love you jang!!!! God bless!!!!

    ur so cuuuuuute!!!!!!!

  881. 881 : otherz Says:

    plzz visit us here in the philippines.,., we really want to see you to and my friends,.,., gosh ur so cute!!!!!

  882. 882 : otherz Says:

    i saw you in “one missed call final” i really like you when u act there.,.,

    ur so cute and i discovered u in that movie.,.,., i like u so much .,.,
    i wish that u will have more tv series this yr. and movies.,.,

    plz visit us here in the philippines.,.,
    i like ‘baby and me” and also doremi,.,.,., i like it all.,., all your movies and tv series.,.,

  883. 883 : kachi Says:

    you are so cute i watched your movie hong gil dong and i love you so much. Please come to visit the United States. actually visit fresno,CA thank you so much we love you and oh yeah you are so hot in do re mi fa so la ti do. oh and give you much love from your number 1 fan kachi ^_^

  884. 884 : pRINCEZZ sHALALA Says:

    i really lyk u a lot
    thats all

  885. 885 : radishchan Says:

    i really like how you act,
    you’re very moving.
    i watched all your movies and some tv shows.
    goodl uck with your career!

  886. 886 : radishchan Says:

    i hope some day i can have a picture with you (.^_^.)
    that would be very very nice. take care of your self!
    —hope to see you in more shows!

  887. 887 : Assel` Says:

    Ni Hao!!!Wo Ai Ni!!!You the best-best actor, singer and model…I hope the only DAY,I see you!!! ^5^

  888. 888 : honeyMolina Says:

    Youre do cute huah…hmmm.love you so much.

  889. 889 : honeyMolina Says:

    Youre so cute huah…hmmm.love you so much.

  890. 890 : Tina Says:

    :-* so cute…luv u …hope 2 c u one day :))

  891. 891 : Tina Says:

    :)) luv ur movies so much :-*

  892. 892 : rebecca Says:

    oh i’m a great fan of jung geun suk.i’ve watched al his movies he’s so cute aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah luv u muaah hope to meet u soon ure the best actor ive ever seen muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  893. 893 : Se-jin Says:

    Omg! ♥ You’re such a cutieee! ♥ I love you in Do Re Mi & Baby & Me ♥ too cute ^_^

  894. 894 : shane terese lacson Says:

    i love so much and so cute i want to see him someday in personal.

  895. 895 : shane Says:

    he so cete nice and handsome actor na nakilala ko.i know namalayo sya sa mga taong humahanga sa kanya but gusto ng lahat na makita sya sa persinal.like his role in whang jini as a eunho nag paraya nalamang sa kanyang kapalaran na kailanman ay hindi sla magkakatuluyan ng mahal nya. nakakaiyak at nakakaantig ng puso.palabas sana sa gma telebabad ulit.

  896. 896 : hani.. Says:

    seeeen hong gil dong a million times..
    yet he’s sooo cute..
    his acting is sooo moving..
    love it!!
    hope he’ll come to Malaysian one day..

  897. 897 : jini Says:

    he so cute

  898. 898 : decca1237 Says:

    he’s so super adorable!!! i first saw him in “do re mi fa so la ti do” then in “hong gil dong.” i didn’t realize it was the same guy until after i watched “baby and me” and i checked his bio…. i look forward to more tv shows/dramas where he’s the lead actor. nakakakilig talaga siyang panoorin!!!! so cute!!

  899. 899 : shane Says:

    he so hot and handsome
    maybe someday iwill met
    him in personal.

  900. 900 : pRINCEZZ sHALALA Says:

    goshh..u r the most adorable thing i’ve everr seen in my lyff.
    luvd all ur moviesss
    keep up the good workk

  901. 901 : darceylei Says:

    his movie “baby and me” is really great!!
    it was sooo touching.,wieh

    -p.s…tooo gooood looooking!!!

  902. 902 : eunho Says:

    handsome and he so cute talaga………………….. nakakaadik.

  903. 903 : darceylei Says:

    it’s my 18th b-day!
    i stole a kiss from this great looking star!!
    haha,.xempre sa pics lng,.
    gift na un!!eheh

  904. 904 : shane Says:

    whang jini is the best lovestory na alam ko nakakaiyak at nakaka inlove talaga…………………….

  905. 905 : spritita Says:

    I miss you so much JKS !!!! Study hard and do good in college, than come back to us in this summer please !!!!

  906. 906 : darceylei Says:

    so he’s been to school for college.
    that explains why he does not have tv apeearance lately,.
    i see.,:)
    i hope you study hard and make a big come back in the entertainmen world,.

  907. 907 : jhad Says:

    i hope der will be as good looking a you in my world!!

  908. 908 : jhad Says:

    i hope der will ba as good looking as you in my world

  909. 909 : darceylei Says:

    yeah ryt jhad!!
    wat a wish,.
    he does exist in our world!!

    come to think about it!

  910. 910 : jhad Says:

    WhaT i MeAn is…
    yeah we will in the same world under the same sky but he’s just out of my reach,.

  911. 911 : jhad Says:

    WhaT i MeAn is…
    yeah we live in the same world under the same sky but he’s just out of my reach,.

  912. 912 : darceylei Says:

    out of reach huh??

    well., actually you’re right.,
    i wish i live in korea,.
    so that i can go to where he is everytym i have freetym!!

  913. 913 : jhad Says:

    i have wished for that many tyms too!!
    but it’s impossible as of now.,
    life here in philippines is so… uhmm.,
    i don’t know.,just that..uhm
    i just can’t leave here,.
    i don’t have enough money for that,.
    it’s too sorry for me that i was not born with many money to spend!!haha

  914. 914 : darceylei Says:

    pinoy ka din pala e,.
    emo ka pa!!
    gnun din ako e!!magsikap nlang tau,.
    tapos pag me kaya na tau..
    pumunta na tau kubf san naten gusto!!hahaha

  915. 915 : jhad Says:

    nice idea you have there huh?!!
    tama ka,.
    cge cge,.
    pede ko ng sundansundan si papa geun seok!!haha

  916. 916 : darceylei Says:

    wag mong kalimutan,,….

    akin siya!!!hahaha

  917. 917 : jhad Says:

    too bad for you!!
    i don’t plan to give him to anyone!!

  918. 918 : darceylei Says:



  919. 919 : jhad Says:

    just kiiddin’

    were of the same eye.,
    we must love each other!!

  920. 920 : darceylei Says:

    dapat lang,.
    after all, we are both jang geun suk fanatic!!haha

  921. 921 : jhad Says:

    oo nga!!
    ai nga pala,.
    belated hapi debut,.
    pareho tau ng gawain!!
    kissing him on his photos!!haha

  922. 922 : darceylei Says:

    yeah ryt!!
    i’m sooo damn addicted to him!!
    would you believe,
    i did many ways just to watch all of his shows!!
    i spexali loved his “baby and me”

    .tnx for the greeting

  923. 923 : darceylei Says:

    feel sleepy!!
    2log naku,.
    sana mgkasabay uli tau sa site na to bukas!!

    it was nice meeeting you

  924. 924 : jhad Says:

    it was nice meeting you too darceylei!!

    bukas kwentuhan mo ako ng moviesss ni geun seok oppa a!!
    sayang makakatulog ka na kasi.,

  925. 925 : jhad Says:

    good nyt good looking hearthrob geun seok!!
    study well!!
    kaya mo yan!!

    goodnyt darceylei!!

  926. 926 : risha Says:

    to your
    and your

    go go go

    jang geun seok

    cute moh tlaga

  927. 927 : smileyjosha Says:

    i’m alReady one of your fan., u’r so good lOOking

    I reaLLy like your acting just like my idol si ji sop and lee Jun ki.,

  928. 928 : rekinit Says:

    annnhyong haseong. . .!!!!
    jang geng suk ganteng bangetssss……..
    you are very cuteeeeeee. . . . .
    saranghyong. . . . .
    i think i love you. . . ..
    ha. .. .ha. . .
    just kidding. . ..
    hamsakamida. . . . ..

  929. 929 : franceska Says:

    hello there handsome u r too cool, to handsome;i wish i could hv one boyfriend like u but my bad luck that i can’t find like u . LUV U

  930. 930 : sibran Says:

    hi….jang m in luv wid u ,so any love suggestion s from u 4 me???m waitin 4 ur reply…

  931. 931 : molly Says:

    Hello! jang I just know you from the movie “Hong gil don the hero” In that movie you can act very well, and you very smart when you wear that cloths If you have time can you answer me OK!

  932. 932 : Ati Says:

    Hi Geun suk!
    I just saw BABY and I! It was wonderfull. Good job!
    I wish you succeed and happiness.
    Good Luck!
    (a fan from Iran)

  933. 933 : Arwi Says:

    I wanted to say you did a great job in Hong Gil Dong, your acting was wondeful! So wonderful that at the end I even hated you. Good luck!

  934. 934 : Citra Says:

    Luv u in Hwang Jini. but unfortunately just in a short episode.
    u look so cute. it’s not only jini, but also me that fall in love.. (^^

  935. 935 : tIkaA Says:

    i dont recognize u in one miss call final..
    because u dont speak at all…
    but its a very great movie, the best movie
    4 all the one miss call series..
    it would be great if u didnt die at last..-o-
    ha2…dont forget 2 visit indonesia..

  936. 936 : ellae Says:

    jang geun suk? my sister died. Well, before she died, she said to me if ever i’m gonna see geun suk, please tell him i really like him. i don’t have time to see or meet jang geun suk, so please, read this to make my sister happy. God Bless! ^-^

  937. 937 : elysa Says:

    hi there…

    if you have BABY n ME,, i hAve another one its PRINCE (Geun Seok) n Me.

    its gReat, isnt it??


  938. 938 : aya matsuyama Says:

    moshi moshi ohayo konichiwa!

    jang geun suk,, ur so otokomai and shiroi

    watakushi wa anta im from japan im aya

    anyong hasaiyoh.. sarang!he

  939. 939 : La-la Says:

    Hi…”JANG GEUN SUK!!!”
    I’M LALA from indonesia…

    you is a cute and handsome man…


  940. 940 : Anne Says:

    I so love him!!! The first time I saw him was in Lovers in Prague, he was still a kid and the next time I saw him was in Hwang Jini a cute teenager and a grown up role in which I fell in love with him was in Hong Gildong!!! =) So love this guy! Fantastic actor! 🙂

  941. 941 : Tata Noble Says:

    Hi this is tata from the Phils… Good guy… Nice boy & a very handsome look.. whoow so pleasing to the eyes… nice acting In Hong Gildong… Keep it up

  942. 942 : Miya Says:

    sarang heyo!!

  943. 943 : Ashika Gurung Says:

    hi jang geun seok, Annyonghasayo
    I like all ur movies.U look so cute n handsome.I have seen ur film”DoReMiFaSoLaSiDo” so many times that I can’t even remember.Ur face is so cute that I was thiunking u were of only 15 or 16.But when I came to knew that u were 22,OmG,it amazed me.I am far from ur country.Actually,I m 4m Nepal n u 4m Korea.Anyway,Best of Luck for ur future n may u get success.
    My all blessings r with u.

  944. 944 : cinva Says:

    wo ai ni………………….
    ni cen te he piao liang,………………..
    love you………^^

  945. 945 : yoo Says:

    say wadever you want … i dont think he will even care to see this
    BTW .. who is kimberly ??? didnt even hear b4 … nowadays so many ppl like to be imposters !!! by saying i love you then he will come to you ??NTH TO DO ISIT !! ?? GO SUPPORT HIM AT EVENTS SO THAT HE WILL EVEN NOTICE YOU AND GIVE YOU A DAMN EYE !!!!!!

  946. 946 : ALINA Says:


    HAHA LMFAO!! ^^

  947. 947 : Aigerim Kanafina Says:

    Hello! Jang Geun Seok! You are really very very cute and talanted actor! ==>I don”t argue… I Aigerim from Kazakhstan. And also hi to all of his fan! Are you seriously think that hi will read and will answer your messages? I will wait for a prompt answer!

  948. 948 : Aigerim Kanafina Says:

    Oh, year! And my e-mail: [email protected]

  949. 949 : shane Says:

    hi jang geun suk i hope you will read my message for you.
    happy 22th birthday i wish you goodluck to your career.
    i am you big fan ang also ha jin won i love your movie in whang jini
    i like you because ur so handsome and cute.
    umiyak talaga ako sa inyong pag iibigan and until now im waching
    parin whang jini in youtube.again happy birthd to u and more birthdays to come.

  950. 950 : JaKeSu Says:

    Annyeong, Jang Geunsuk!
    After I met you last two years, I am still your fan…
    Happy Bithday!
    Saeng-il Chuk’a He-ya
    Saranghae! Yeongwonhi!
    I am always here for you and
    I am always showering my gracious love for you!

  951. 951 : shane Says:

    happy birthday jang geun suk
    sana lumabas ka ulit sa t.v
    i like ur songs very much

  952. 952 : second Says:

    happy birth day to jang geun seok
    sang in sukahumneda
    sang in sukahumneda !!!!!!!
    saranghaneun jang geun seok
    sang in sukahumneda

    sarang hae yo

  953. 953 : second Says:

    happy birth day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope your wish be fulfill

    Hope your wish be fullfill

    Hope your wish be fullfill

    Hope your wish be fullfill

  954. 954 : Syazwani Says:

    생일 축하합니다 …. HaPPy B’dAy jANg GeuK suK.. hope god bless u.. and gud luck in your career…

  955. 955 : ALINA Says:

    AW, Happie Late Birtdayy!
    I’M A H U G E Fan!! ^^

    iWas Listening Tah Your Songs

  956. 956 : Moldir Says:

    Oh I really like ur smile!!! U r so cute, when u r smiling!!!))))

  957. 957 : atik Says:

    i LoVe U FuLL.

    Hi,jaNg geUn SuK.
    i aM fRoM InDoNeSia,
    hoW aRe u ?

    MaY I did your friend

  958. 958 : Lin Sandar Oo Says:

    Hello, Jang Geun Suk,
    Nice to write comment for you. 🙂
    I like your image in Baby and I.
    Wish you to get the best of your life!
    Wanna be your friend. May I? 🙂
    With Best Wishes, Your Fan
    Lin Sandar Oo

  959. 959 : jasmine Says:

    Hi Geun Suk, happy birthday to you, keep on making good dramas and movie !
    I love you !

  960. 960 : julie Says:

    ur so cute and charming. i love watching you on tv.

    such a nice actor!!!!

  961. 961 : sue Says:

    belated happy birthday geun suk oppa……

  962. 962 : afrooz Says:

    hi.im afrooz from iran.i love your drama very much.you are one of the best.i wish speak with you.be the best for ever.i come again.

  963. 963 : afrooz Says:

    be the best

  964. 964 : afrooz Says:

    hey hey nice boy

  965. 965 : sabrina Says:


  966. 966 : afrooz Says:

    you are so cute.

  967. 967 : afrooz Says:

    your are the best
    your fan:afrooz

  968. 968 : joui Says:

    ^^this guy turn down the role of gu jun pyo in boys over flowers…^^
    tsk tsk tsk…..

  969. 969 : Asal Says:

    wow…i dont know what i say but u get the best boy to both world! really!
    i come from iran, ur song is so pretty! i think good enough…good for u b cuse all the people love u…but me…4get it…i have 2 go…bye bye dear suki good luck i come again!

  970. 970 : Asal Says:

    hey suki how r u? i come back again! i miss u so much. he he he! u must my boy friend now…he he he…joking…
    i wish one day saw u! i’ll singer but mom and dady dont love this! but meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… i cry…its not joking…well…they r impassible! i wrote a few poem but my mom allways said: u r crazy!
    good for u…my mom said: girls in our country must’nt be a singer be cuse people says: she’s broken!
    i want to a boy! suki gooooooooooooood 4 u!

  971. 971 : mari Says:

    hello. try to visit Philippines.

  972. 972 : afrooz Says:

    hi handsome boy.have a good day

  973. 973 : afrooz Says:

    jang geun suk!you are the best

  974. 974 : afrooz Says:

    just jang geun suk

  975. 975 : Asal Says:

    hi again mr geun suk! i come again just 4 u! well…i miss u…he he he….i hope good luck and if u want go to my weblog…uh i forget u dont know persian,what ever?
    http://www.impassible.blogfa.com/ http://www.lindsay-avril.blogfa.com/
    well…i hope see ur comment!
    bye bye dear suki! i love u!

  976. 976 : Asal Says:

    what? a mean i dont undrestand! what do u mean?

  977. 977 : Asal Says:

    he he he…sorry 4 back comment! it’s not for u! he he he

  978. 978 : Asal Says:

    wow…DoReMiFaSolLaSi2 & baby and i so beuatiful…u r not super star but u r not bad! hey i’ll come in ur country next mounth! he he he its not joking! i love u

  979. 979 : afrooz Says:

    my suki is the best

  980. 980 : pratisha Says:

    hi…i am your great fan…plz talk to me…..i look your so many movies

  981. 981 : SHINE Says:

    Hi jang geun suk…i luv ur smile!!1u look cute!!!!

  982. 982 : marta Says:

    i love you!!! jang guen suk

  983. 983 : Asal Says:

    hey…i’m not ok…if i dont singer…the strength i have is washing away! i’m so tired of being here… my ex-boy friend so bad…his gun and said: i dont love u never! well i dont love him too but suppressed by all my childish fears! i’m just 17 years old! i go and get singer…music its my life!

  984. 984 : Asal Says:

    sorry but go ara is the best girl! ur girl friend is shin hye. why?
    go ara is so better and biuatifull! r u crazy?

  985. 985 : Asal Says:

    sorry for back comment he he he! joking park shin hye is beuatiful!
    but i love go ara
    sorry again…well..!! bye bye!

  986. 986 : Asal Says:

    ´´´´´¶¶´´……….´¶¶´´´´´´´´´ ¶¶
    ´´¶ ……………. 0……………………. ´¶´¶
    ´¶´´´´´´´´´´´ ´´´¶´´´´´´´´´´´´´¶
    ´¶´´´´´´´´´´´´¶¶¶¶´´´´´´´´´´´´´. ¶
    ´´¶¶´´´´´´¶¶¶¶´´´´´¶´¶¶´´´´´ ¶¶

    he he he…this is beuatiful no?

  987. 987 : afrooz Says:

    you are the best my dear

  988. 988 : Moldir Says:

    does geun Suk really read this comments??? that’s realy interesting…

  989. 989 : Moldir Says:

    if yes why doesnt he reply?????

  990. 990 : feby Says:

    Totally cute!!!…and charming!!!!

  991. 991 : afrooz Says:

    jang keun suk

  992. 992 : Asal Says:

    he…yeah moldir he does’nt read comments! i’m sure…um…i’m iranian and u?

  993. 993 : Moldir Says:

    i’ve already known it, but i just asked for fun…
    I’m from Kazakhstan, and my country korean dramas are very popular. i like them as well.

  994. 994 : Asal Says:

    oh really? i’m a girl and u? how old r u? i’m 16 years old!

  995. 995 : wurry Says:

    jang geun suk
    sarang hae yo………..!!
    You are totally cute, you know
    Hope you will visit my country, indonesia

  996. 996 : Moldir Says:

    ))) i’ m also girl! 18 years-old. i’m 2 course student… that’s all about me))

  997. 997 : Asal Says:

    um…good…i’m really sad…be cuz i’ll be singer but my mom said:if u want be a singer…must get lost of home! god…moldir i’ll be cry…music its my life…

  998. 998 : Moldir Says:

    how pity!!! it is really sad! but you should listen to your parents! they know what is better for u, dont get angry with them! Every parent wants own child to be happy!!! i know it is hard to forget about your dream but after sometime u will say them big THANKS!

    P.S. Asal be strong! and Cheer Up!!! everything will be ok!)))

  999. 999 : Asal Says:

    oh moldir…thanks for pretty comment…yeah i guess ur right…yeah…what ever?
    i’m so tired of bein here…i think u now…mir hosein moosavi….mahmood ahmadi nejat….green iran and…people die…he kill them!
    i let go of my country! its not joking….i go…

  1000. 1000 : Sunshine Says:

    Hai,h r u?Hope u fine & have a nice day. I’ve just finished watching TV drama of Hong Gil Dong, I filled very sad for the ending story,why cannot be a happy ending story??? but anyway u have a great performance. 加油!!!

  1001. 1001 : moldir Says:

    it is so sad((( no commentsss

  1002. 1002 : Asal Says:

    yeah it is so sad

  1003. 1003 : smriti Says:


  1004. 1004 : smriti Says:

    u r so lovely and so quit

  1005. 1005 : smriti Says:

    hi, love u so much.

  1006. 1006 : shiva Says:


  1007. 1007 : dzuvia Says:


  1008. 1008 : venne Says:

    annyonghaseyo oppa!! =)
    sarangheyo oppa!! XD
    you are the best.. keep rocking. hihi
    wo ai ni yaaaa.. jia you!! aza.aza.aza.

  1009. 1009 : .... Says:

    khnoome asal khanoom mishe in ghad inja ba in commenta haye maskharat aberooye iraniaro nabari?

  1010. 1010 : yazt Says:

    annyeong haseyeo!!!!
    saranghae geun suk oppa!!
    jeongmal saranghae!??!!!
    UR so cute and cool,

  1011. 1011 : jo Says:

    Hello. 어떻게 말을 믿지 않는 당신이 선정됐습니다. 당신과 장근석은 연인들. don’t Fool us. 개새끼야!

  1012. 1012 : Asal Says:

    aghaye……. man ba doostam moldir joon vase ham comment mizarim na vase suki!!! hala ham daheneto beband ke halam az adamaye hasoode bad bakht be ham mikhore!!!

  1013. 1013 : Moldir Says:

    Moldir??? who said Moldir???))))))))))))))))))))
    Sorry Asal i dont understand you)))

  1014. 1014 : Asal Says:

    oh moldir no problem…1 Child discourtous comment had allowed…I reply him gave….He Iranian were….Wine speech:Personality Iranian acute question win…I too to he speech:I gallows with friend namely you article beats and you connection have not !!!But This one …

  1015. 1015 : ... Says:

    khanoomi man dokhtaram va agha nistm:D
    agaram shoma mikhay ba doostet mokaleme koni mitooni az mail estefede koni ya too yahoo bahash chat koni.be har hal inja jash nist.
    dar zemn in tarze sohbat kardan be door az adabe.
    ye chizi..ye kam english eto taghviat kon.kheili gerameri ghalat dari.

  1016. 1016 : young Says:

    is that the real jang geun suk who’s doing the reply?? 🙂 ahahahahaha… does he really speak english???

  1017. 1017 : Sony Says:

    Jang Geun Suk

  1018. 1018 : mimsi_bg Says:

    Favorite film is that, pretty really I like really I rejoice if I can communicate with Geun Jang Suk of some opportunity, you allow me its site, where as well he writes himself, to you please

  1019. 1019 : mimsi_bg Says:

    Always it will remain this movie in my heart please that mimi _ m18 @ abv. bg emails give you its address, that it will reply to me that Hay become issue for Jang Geun Suk, an eta kind on which,

  1020. 1020 : mimsi_bg Says:

    [email protected]

  1021. 1021 : mimsi_bg Says:

    And as well as well you can write that W is my name to Skype A snowflake882 is from Bulgaria

  1022. 1022 : mimsi_bg Says:


  1023. 1023 : shane Says:

    hi guyz
    da bg fan of jang geun suk ined ur help
    pano makajion sa
    youtube? kng who man ang willing na tulungan ako turuan nyo naman ako kng pano makapasok sayoutube ang fs kohhhhhhhhhh
    [email protected] thanksssssssssss
    im shane from bacolod

  1024. 1024 : mimsi_bg Says:

    But Can it write in english, For Only Some I understood. I rejoice really that you replied to me. Only Jeun Gank Suk

  1025. 1025 : Franzella love JGS Says:

    I hope you succes with your new movie and film!!
    Can’t wait for it!!:D
    I want to go to korea just for meet youu!!
    Love you so~
    Take care n God bless you always!!

  1026. 1026 : xxhojinxx Says:

    Jang Geun Suk Oppa Saranghae ! 🙂

  1027. 1027 : Fa Says:

    i luv u Oppa~
    wanna go to korea n meet u
    cant wait for ur new drama!

  1028. 1028 : Nadia~ Says:

    i am thai eels
    i luv him alot
    i meet him in HOng gil dong
    he totally stole my heart!

  1029. 1029 : fa Says:

    hi u all
    im thai eel~
    i wish YOu’re beautiful will on air in thailand!

  1030. 1030 : fa Says:

    btw did anyone watch iteawon murder yet?

  1031. 1031 : merry721 Says:


  1032. 1032 : mimsi_bg Says:

    People Nobody did not say does it know its link, that only he learn on which, If somebody knows let it to write to me 😉

  1033. 1033 : sunaina Says:

    i love u very very much

  1034. 1034 : u Says:

    i love him. he’s perfect

  1035. 1035 : chan Says:

    i love you

  1036. 1036 : candygirl Says:

    you are the greatest actor ever

  1037. 1037 : Arielyss Says:

    this is just pathetic..
    helllo guys.. this is the real world..
    I love Jang geun suk but I will never lie and saying that He is my bf..
    I love him and admire his work, drama, movie..
    lets be realistic guys..
    anyway let juz support him and not making any nonsense news..
    jang geun suk.. Fighting!!

  1038. 1038 : mimsi_bg Says:

    I love you very much
    сърце (h)

  1039. 1039 : OotJiiJ_Pl ดาวอังคาร Says:

    Geunseol Oppa
    halo halo i’m thai girl fan. from Thailanddddd yeah
    my name’s Aoffy
    ah since i see u , everyday i’m so happy.
    all the time i miss your smile eyes that ‘s the most of the world.
    sometime i’m so tired
    and then i think of your face your eyes your everything of you
    Immediately, do you know? i forgot i’m so tired haha
    i think wonderful !! woo woo
    i and myfriends luv u so much
    we wating for your coming to thailand
    i hope it’s coming soon.
    then take care you all the time ^-^
    Bye Bye kiss kissss

  1040. 1040 : Bu Li Lit Says:

    fly me to Korea!..

  1041. 1041 : Miya Says:

    To the fans of JANG GEUN SUK….please speak english so that we can understand each other…let’s unite and give full support to geun suk!!!! Yeah, BABY!!!! WE LOVE YoUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Philippines) Kamusta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Korea) annyeong !!!!!!!!!
    (Japan) Konnichiwa!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! What’s More??????????

  1042. 1042 : XiaO_Mei Says:

    Oh NO!!!!
    He look different on “You’re beautiful” and “Beethotven Virus”..
    Maybe because his hair style!!!!
    I almost can’t regonise him in his new drama….
    Gud Luck….

  1043. 1043 : Maddie Says:

    hehe hell yeah:) ehh I love him great great great acting! yup! everyone luvs him….keep it up boy your soooooooooo terrrrrriffffffffffic gergous like Lee min ho you guys are rock the world!

  1044. 1044 : Sally Says:

    Fly me to Korea too (how i wish i can do that;))….I’m in love!!!!!! hehehe love his acting in ‘You’re Beautiful’. Simply irresistible. Love it!

  1045. 1045 : Sally Says:

    Should replace with the latest profile
    picture. 😉

  1046. 1046 : Giselle Says:

    Hi Jang Geun Suk oppa,

    Do you have a girlfriend in real life?

  1047. 1047 : Maria Says:

    Hello! Jang geun suk. I’m a fan of your shows Hwang Jin Yi and also “You’re beautiful”. You’re a very good actor and I like the way you carried the character of Hwang Tae-kyung. I’m 18 years old and you have the same age as my big brother. Oppa! Good Performance. Keep it up!

  1048. 1048 : Kerstel Says:

    Your a great actor that everyone heart captured well I’m one of them! Everytime I watch you my heart BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOMMMM! = )

  1049. 1049 : zie Says:

    well i think u are a good actor but the way u fashion quite weird in you’re beautiful drama for me as a normal person ……….. ha..ha..ha…anyway… the drama is very lovely and interesting

  1050. 1050 : Aruzhan Says:

    I realy love u, JangGeunSeok!!!! U are the BEST!!!! Nanyn naryl saranhe!!!

  1051. 1051 : dk-is-azn!!!! Says:

    lmao people dont damn fckkkiiinnnnggg hate on him


    he is soooo cuuuutttteeee!

  1052. 1052 : Mai Blia YanG Says:

    wow your old But Still Your Cute*
    i like you in You’re Beautiful*
    the BESTEST movies of
    this YEAR*no LiE BBY:)

  1053. 1053 : nickmimiey Says:

    you’re appearence in doremifasolatido movie with you’re beautiful very incredible! I LOVE/SARANGHAE

  1054. 1054 : mhe2anjell Says:

    great acting in YB!!
    whatever your hair or outfit in YB, he can handle it.. it only mean, he’s really cute!! 🙂

  1055. 1055 : flintstone Says:

    hey you r too skinny…… gain some weight……..

    he din capture my attention initially but later on yes the more you look at him the more he looks better and cute

  1056. 1056 : Nabila Says:

    Your such a GREAT ACTOR! I love watching you in screen…that’s right gain more weight need more muscles oh eat more meat…anyway you really captured me since watching you in Hong Gil dong your such a cutie and adorable a big plus is your acting here is priceless!

  1057. 1057 : Metty Says:

    TOO MANY SUCH A TRULY ACTORS IN KOREA ANYWAY YOU’RE ONE OF THEM! GOLLY YOUR AWESOME IN THIS SERIES i can watch you over and over….looooooveeee it. God Bless and make more drama/movie.

  1058. 1058 : Metty Says:

    So far your generation great actors like “YOU”, lee min ho, kim bum, lee hong ki, jung yon hwa….who else?

  1059. 1059 : burberry Says:

    It’s now Wednesday! A few more days and I’ll be able to watch the next episode.

    I love this drama – so many lighthearted & sweet moments.

  1060. 1060 : shane Says:

    ur such a handsome
    i like ur face
    thanks for coming in this world even whang jini ur movie
    i like u/.’/.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..
    sarangheyo and yoboseyo/./,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,/.,/,,/

  1061. 1061 : sumi Says:

    oh lik it!!!

  1062. 1062 : sumi Says:

    rather dan ol star u r d best jerk!!!HeHe

  1063. 1063 : Rigbe Says:

    You are very talented that’s all there is to say.

    Take care and big hugs ((^__^))!

  1064. 1064 : Cassie Says:

    I have no word JGS you have the greatest voice I’ve ever head and your gorgeous and stunning in Your Beautiful! Keep it up!

  1065. 1065 : Tanny Says:

    I love him.
    So cute w/ You are beautiful
    I hope TK and MN s a sweet couple “X

  1066. 1066 : sallyfields1227 Says:

    JGS ooppa, i wish i can just wrap you in a box and take you home and you be my huggable stuff toy for life…. hehehe… will keep on watching all your drama and movies… aja, aja, fightin…

  1067. 1067 : ebihara maria Says:

    Hi Jang Geun Suk.. I really like your acting especially in your new drama called You’re beautiful.. You are awsome.. I’ll be your fan and support you. Wish I can be your friend but that’s really impossible to do that.. So.. Wish you always success and good luck. Cheers.. Ebi..

  1068. 1068 : nana Says:

    are you so so cute mengalahkn archie(david archuleta)

  1069. 1069 : lildedprinxez Says:

    Waah Jang Geun Seuk! You’re so CUTE! and incredibly handsome! The last tme I saw him was on Hwang Jini, I was surprised to him on You’re beautiful he really turned out ti be a great actor and so damn gorgeous. hahaha. I hope to see him on more kdramas 😀

  1070. 1070 : sweet_kimchi Says:

    Great acting in You’re Beautiful. Saw him in Beethoven Virus but only in a few episodes. Was impressed with his acting by then.

    Not only a good actor but also a good singer.

    Count be in as a fan JGS!

  1071. 1071 : sweet_kimchi Says:

    As far as I know You’re Beautiful is a drama worth watching thanks to your acting skills, and to the rest of the cast.

  1072. 1072 : thuy Says:

    JGS. fighting! you act very very well and your voice is so sweet. We are always by your side. I really love your new drama. Try your best!

  1073. 1073 : sweet_kimchi Says:

    I can’t get the OST’s out from my mind. I’ve been humming them endlessly.

    We’ll be supporting you & the rest of the cast up until the last episode of You’re Beautiful. Although the ratings are supposed to be low in Korea (I don’t know why?), please be assured that the drama is currently watched by so many worldwide.

  1074. 1074 : jojo Says:

    hi ^^
    love you jang geun suk ♥~
    your totaly cute and you have great voice plz make an album !!!
    i bought the OST for “your beautiful” just for the songs you sing’s
    make more dramas love watching you act ^^
    from ksa …

  1075. 1075 : YRBrocks Says:

    he is really cute!!! and a good actor too, I really love how he portrays his character in your beautiful, I don’t know, but temperamental and good looking jerks really appeals to me… and to a lot of people too… hehe… must be the charisma, he exudes charms and good looks, keep up the good work Mr. Jang Geun Seok, God Bless!!!
    To Tae Kwong I LOVE YOU…..

  1076. 1076 : YRBrocks Says:

    Sorry, it’s Tae Kyung and not Tae Kwong, but still…. I LOVE YOU….

  1077. 1077 : bowiebow Says:

    You’re so cute. You’re Beatiful is so much fun. I love to watch k-drama including to J and TW too, but i’ve never been interested “who r actor/actress of those. I just watch…and watch in my hold day.
    This is 1st time that i’ve seen drama and to be interested to see who r u. Ha…Ha…and I’ll recognize the name “Jang Geun Suk” who is one of best actor in my mind. if this drama is bringed on air in TH i think it is on top chart in a week. So,..fightting JGS!!!

  1078. 1078 : AILOVEGEUNSUK Says:

    Hwang TaeKyung – his name in ‘You’re beautiful’ 😀
    He is super cute cans ?!
    He is not that popular or cute at first, but after watching YB,
    WTH, i got mesmerized.

  1079. 1079 : amktsy Says:

    You look really cute in Baby and Me and doremifasolatido…..
    I mean really really cute………

    You look really cool as tae kyung in you’re Beautiful……

  1080. 1080 : lyn Says:

    JGS sooooooooo damn HOTTIE and GORGEOUS! very talented actor. one of the kind that can express feelings thru his eyes. love it!

  1081. 1081 : azian forever Says:

    omg i love you tae kyung! your so hot and an amazing actor. i <3 episode 12 of you're beautiful when you and go mi nam kiss !! sooo cute 🙂

    YOUR THE BEST !! and u have an AMAZING voice.

  1082. 1082 : sweet_kimchi Says:

    One of the more versatile actors in Korea – good actor & now we know that e can sing too.

    Young & talented.

  1083. 1083 : sweet_kimchi Says:

    Just a thought though. I am sure that JGS is now receiving multiple offers to do commercials. I suggest that he just doesn’t get anything offered to him and be more choosy.

    A case in point is I believe the blunder made by Lee Min Ho. He didn’t have a drama after BOF and I was quite surprised when I saw an ad showing him “punkish” looking and being slapped on the face. I think that is a major publicity disaster! and I’m surprised that his fans were not in an uproar seeing how fans in Korea adore their fave actors & pop idols.

  1084. 1084 : YEMGIJ Says:

    jang gueng suk. U ARE A GREAT ACTOR. love ur acting in YAB.Hope u do great job in future too. my best wishes are with u. i love u oppa.. after watching YAB, i become a fan of urs.AJA AJA FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!

  1085. 1085 : shane Says:

    saranghaeyo kim eunho////////////////…………………..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    ur so gwapo im craxy 4444444444 youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  1086. 1086 : desah Says:

    hello my honey..
    how are you???
    know what?
    i mishue so much..
    en i can’t wait for da nxt episode
    of “you’re beautiful”..
    til now am still waiting for it..
    but it’s ukei..
    i will always wait..
    especially when it is for you..
    take care of yourself honey..
    saranghamnida ♥♥♥

    when am calling you honey..
    it feels like am in heaven..
    iloveyou ♥♥♥
    jang geun suk ♥♥♥


  1087. 1087 : desah Says:

    i already watched some of your movies
    en dramas..
    en it was so great..
    so great seeing you
    in front of cameras..
    you’re such a lovely person..

    i lub you honey..
    i might be sound crazy..
    but its true..

    en i can’t help myself
    falling from you..

    take care of yourself honey..
    i lub u..

  1088. 1088 : desah Says:

    i forgot to say..

    i really really lub your voice honey..

    its like heaven..

    en dat’s one of my million reason why am so inlub with u..

    saranghamnida honey..

  1089. 1089 : desah Says:

    hi honey..
    though we haven’t seen yet in person..
    i believe someday we will..
    am just here for you..
    i will always support you..
    even if you have your real honey someday..
    am still going to congratulate you..
    anything that will makes you happy..
    i will be happy too..

    i missed you so..

    i so lub your song STILL/AS EVER..
    am always listening to it..
    so i can always hear your voice..

    takecare of yourself honey..
    saranghamnida ♥♥♥

  1090. 1090 : jo Says:

    Everything in you is superb.I do like your other movies too.
    You have a great voice.I love you’re beautiful drama.Hope to see you all again with new movie or drama in the future.
    All the very best to all of you guys.

  1091. 1091 : sweet_kimchi Says:

    Great acting ang great singing. We shall continue to watch YAB till the end.

    Well done Jang Geun Seok!!!

  1092. 1092 : desah Says:

    good morning honey..

    hope this day will be a wonderful day for you..

    because for me..

    now i already saw you..

    really this day is wonderful..

    i lub u honey..

    take care of yourself..

  1093. 1093 : chime Says:

    hi y’ll. is really the real jang guen suk who is replying you guyz?? i mean i dont know how to believe htat. well lets see wen he replies my msg. if you r real jang guen suk the “actor”, i am totally crazy abt you!!

  1094. 1094 : chime Says:

    well i just watched your latest drama “You are beautiful” and i totally loved it. well just wanna see if u r real or not.. jsut reply me back aite.. well then .. take care!!

  1095. 1095 : sweet_kimchi Says:

    How true? JGS visits this thread and replies?

    That would be awesome.

    In case, he does, “Hi Jang Geun Seuk! you’re a very cool actor. More power!”

  1096. 1096 : desah Says:

    hi honey.. am here again.. it seems that i can’t help myself from doing this thing just for you.. you know even though you don’t even visit this site.. that doesn’t matter now.. the important thing is.. i can be able to say.. how happy i am to know you.. to have a chance to know you more.. through this simple stuff.. i can finally know more about you.. am just happy.. very very happy indeed.. thank you honey.. even if you won’t able to read this.. it’s fine with me.. knowing how busy your life now.. just take care of yourself.. and i always pray that you may have more projects to come.. God bless.. kamsahamnida.. i love you.. my jang geun suk..

  1097. 1097 : Jyoti Says:

    i have started to watch you in You’re Beautiful, and i have found yur acting, in one word, addictive.
    mind, your smile is a killer… you are gonna make fans everywhere melt.
    Anyways, Just Thought you should know the effect you have on people.
    Thanks for everything you do.
    Carry On..
    Lots Of Love Jyoti…

  1098. 1098 : Mia Says:

    Hi, JGS,

    I am your fan after watching your drama “you are beautiful” and watching all of your movies after that. You can always make the role so attractive and your tears make lots of girls heart broken. I do have lots of fun with all of your drama, show and films. I believe that you will be a real actor in the future, just don’t repeat too much similar role and be yourself.

  1099. 1099 : desah Says:


    i wont call you honey anymore..


    but in the deepest part & largest part in my heart
    you will always be my honey..

    just want you to know..

    that am so addicted to you right now..

    i really cant help myself..

    i know i love you..


    for the real sense of love..

    just take care of yourself oppa..

    god bless you..

    love love mwuaaa 🙂

  1100. 1100 : sweet_kimchi Says:

    Yes, how true. addicted is the appropriate word.

    All the best Jang Geun Seok – we’re all behind you!!!

  1101. 1101 : YRBrocks Says:

    is he a professional singer? I mean is he a member of any band in real life? He has an amazing voice!!!

  1102. 1102 : amktsy Says:

    He is not a singer..
    I only know that he is not from a band in real life

  1103. 1103 : Aniza Says:

    I’m so in love with his soooo manly voice very strong every girl dying to hear his voice also his smile man i’m dying every moment he smile in you’re beautiful! gotta love everything bout this man.

  1104. 1104 : carolyn Says:

    I tell you this korean drama is my latest addiction. I’m in love with the songs, I’m loving the drama, I’m into the 3 hot guys &&& JOLIEE~ also the mother superior JEMMMMAAAAAAhhhh!!! ha.ha.ha. soooo hilarious..

  1105. 1105 : Xoxo Says:

    JEREMYYY is so funny the ‘out-of-the-blue’ guy that will make all the girls burst out laughing. Love for of them. Actually this is the 1st korean series I like all of 4 the character they’re PERFECT in every way, moves and they portrayed their role top notch!

  1106. 1106 : Belle Says:

    It’s a HILARIOUS series and no boring moment. It’s now on episode 13 can’t wait and i’m dying so far i love it!! so FAR SO GOOD~

  1107. 1107 : Gardenia Says:

    My kind of guy four of them! hic hic hic…

  1108. 1108 : sweet_kimchi Says:

    Fly Me to the Moon by JGS in English! Watch ep 13.

    Does JGS speak in fluent English? How impressive.

  1109. 1109 : yhamih Says:

    OMG!!!! SQUEEE……….

    I like you before now it’s *shy* I LOVE YOU!!! I can’t end the day without watching your video and looking at your pictures in my mobile. I’m really into you baby!!!

    Can you fly me to the moon and be your star?

    You’re such a lovely man…before your cute now after watching you for so many times in YAB…you’ve totally changed…YOU ARE DEFINITELY HOT!!!

  1110. 1110 : Sakura Says:

    OMG~ i just love him in You’re Beautiful. He has such a cute smile. 😀

  1111. 1111 : desah Says:

    hi honey..
    how was your day?
    i miss you so..
    so am here again..
    just take care of yourself honey..
    forgive me for calling you this way..
    its just that..
    i can’t help myself from doing it..

    all i can say is..

    I LOVE YOU..



  1112. 1112 : xam Says:

    whoa… i cant help falling for him.. ^^

  1113. 1113 : desah Says:

    hi honey..
    know what..
    your song GOODBYE..
    really makes me cry..
    am so inlove with it..
    dont know if how many times did i listen to it..
    i really can’t help myself from
    listening to it..

    i really miss you honey..

    you’re beautiful
    really rocks my world!!!
    taekyung & minam


  1114. 1114 : iEzah Says:

    i luv his voice..hics hics hics..i’m dying every moment he smile in YAB,,haha…sOOOOOOOO cute..

  1115. 1115 : khassy Says:

    omg.. I love Hyung Nim a lot… wish i could see u in person.. 🙂

  1116. 1116 : Shalai Says:

    I love your cute pout & your acting is way too cool hyung nim..

  1117. 1117 : anolani Says:

    love the way u smile. Ur smile is different.. I was carried away wen is saw ur smile. Smile always! 🙂 hope to c u soon. Stay unique nd cool.

  1118. 1118 : Mel455 Says:

    I Love Jang Geun Suk!!! He is such an amazing Actor ^.^ and his signing is amazing too >.< ( Black Rngine – My favourite song ) and the TV show beethoven Virus, such a great show… but my favourite… The Itaewon Murder Case…that movie was Great…

    It would be nice if it was the real Jang geun suk replying… but sadly i dont think he has the time to reply to the comments… Besides there must me Millions of other fan sites claiming that the real jang geun suk is replying to all their comments… I dont think we shud belive eveything we see guys… unless there is solid proof…

  1119. 1119 : jasmine Says:

    I like his performance in You’re Beautiful…..and his voice it’s so cool and his very handsome…

  1120. 1120 : malley Says:

    sarang hae oppa….
    good job in ur beautiful…
    ur voice is soooooo gentle and amaizing.
    i like it very much…
    domo yippo da…..

  1121. 1121 : Jane Says:

    Keep it up, men!!! You’re very good in this series… he.he… You will really be the brightest and biggest star!!!

    Good luck and more power!!! Always keep your feet on the ground!!!

  1122. 1122 : Nita Luo Says:

    Jang Geun Suk,
    Hope you really will read it.
    I’m your fan. in China.
    your movies are moving me always! A ZA!
    ps: are you Christian?
    I am.

    God bless you!

  1123. 1123 : Nita Luo Says:

    I will pray for you!

  1124. 1124 : jessy Says:

    Does anybody know if JGS has a girlfriend? What’s her name?

  1125. 1125 : desah Says:

    good morning oppa



    i will always pray for you..

    mwaahh 😉

  1126. 1126 : lyn Says:

    Killer SMILE!
    Kissable LIPS!
    Expressive EYES!
    Irresistably damn HOTTIE!
    Versatile ACTOR!
    All in!

    It’s….. SUKKIE!

  1127. 1127 : larz Says:

    soooooo cute!!!

  1128. 1128 : desah Says:

    good evening honey..
    how was your day?

    i miss you again..

    semper fidelis..

    sarangheyo yungwonni..
    mwaaa 🙂

  1129. 1129 : Icelia Says:

    YOUR SOOOO BONITO handsome!!! WoW acting TOP NOTCH!!! I wonder if you make series with Lee min ho oh golly all the fans in the world will go CRAZY n spin! heheheh but anyway your smile jus sooo adorable don’t know why can’t get enough of you!

  1130. 1130 : momomiko10 Says:

    he’s acting was great..and his eyes just like TOP so that s why he look like TOP..Geun Seok-ahh saranghae!!

  1131. 1131 : desah Says:

    hi honey..

    you are my favorite person on earth..


    xurely am gonna miss you..

    mwaaaaa 🙂

  1132. 1132 : desah Says:

    your voice is so addictive..
    your face is so attractive..
    i love the you smile..
    i love the way you are..

    am crazy because of YOÜ..
    i hope you feel the same way too..
    am so glad i found you..
    am not gonna lose you..

    whenever i see your face in the screen..
    all i wanna do is to scream..
    but i know that you can’t see a girl like me..
    coz i know am just a nobody..

    it is my favorite word..
    the word that i want to hear in this whole wide world..
    i hope you’re listening to me..
    coz this is the only way i say..

    even through this simple thing..
    i juz want you to know..
    that “I LOVE YOU”..
    and that’s the only thing i know..

    saranghamnida oppa..
    JGS iloveyou forever..

    ahehe** drools** (hope you read this.. thingking so much of you.. made me make this simple poem.. ahe )
    but am so happy.. coz i know you.. Jang Geun Suk forever.. 😉

  1133. 1133 : Hn0uni Says:

    Good morning

    I am an Arab and Qatar
    I love him a lot and there are a lot of fans love him
    I wish to know that there are fans of the Arabs…

  1134. 1134 : Hn0uni Says:


    And I love a lot of Korea

    aHbk -~ I LOVE YOU

  1135. 1135 : jeny Says:

    hey…i just love u ..

    i hope i never wont met u in real..

    i just seee u in screeen and its like a drmzz.
    i will not met u till i die..

    i wis i wud ve become a korean actress..and play a romantic nd cute drama wit u ..heeeehe

    finger cross^^

  1136. 1136 : desah Says:

    honey.. i finished watching You’re Beautiful..
    en you know what..
    it makes me love you even more..
    right now.. i really miss you..
    hope to see you soon..
    on your next drama..
    en hope its you en park shin hye again..
    i just love the both of you..

    just takecare of yourself honey..
    iloveyou.. 😉

  1137. 1137 : LEigh Says:

    You’re a great actor – I’ve seen you in ‘Beethoven Virus’ and now in ‘You’re Beautiful.’ Your roles in the two drama have big differences that’s why i said that you’re a great actor, from mature role to tweetums.

  1138. 1138 : anna Says:


  1139. 1139 : sweet_kimchi Says:

    Jang Geun Seok!!!

    I hope you can somehow find this Thread or someone could direct you to this thread to see how much you’re loved and admired by so many.

    Take care and hope that you get better soon.

  1140. 1140 : juju.mickey Says:

    I’m an anti K-ent. He makes me adore himself and take an more friendly look on K-ent (where there are too many fakes and fans are somehow stupid, crazy hallyu which I feel sick about). HE IS TALENTED, WORKING HARD, PERFECTIONIST.
    Jang Geun Suk, you change my mind once. Please do make “once” be “forever”. Thank you so much.

  1141. 1141 : Efryll Says:

    hi JGS, can you be my star and mine only? hehehe… just kidding… i know you’ve got million of fans all over the world who will beat me black and blue even by just saying that… I’ve finished watching you’re beautiful and it’s really great… I hope that season 2 is on it’s way… but if there’s none, then i hope to see in some other drama then, with all or some of the casts of YAB… If one day you will be able to read this, I only wish you all the best and GOOD LUCK!!! KAMSAHAMNIDA!!! (THANK YOU!!! just in case my korean is not right)

  1142. 1142 : tibetan girl Says:

    hey,am ur biggest fan. He is so gud luking dude. he is one of ma fav. korean actor..i first saw him in his new drama called You’re beautiful,from then i cant stop luking for his video..
    best of luck Gang Jeun Suk … 😀

  1143. 1143 : Tsering ( tibetan) Says:

    OMG….he is so……………… cute, i just love him n i love his movies, dramas and everything.
    best of luck 🙂

  1144. 1144 : Jane Says:

    he’s really good in acting and singing… really cute

  1145. 1145 : boram kim Says:

    Jang Geun Seok!! I LOVE YOU!!! your smile makes all the girls melt!! hahaha love your role in “you’re beautiful!! You are one of korea’s best actors of all times!! so talented and you have an amazing voice. i wish you could sing to me while i sleep..lol :P! keep up the good work!!!!!!! hope to see you more in future series/movies!! TAKE CARE!

    -see hum nee da

  1146. 1146 : boram kim Says:

    Hello Jang Geun Seok! I LOVE YOU!! you have the sweetest smile that would make a girl melt…loved your acting in “your’re beautiful”! you are one of the best actors in Korea!! you are talented in acting and singing, i wish i you could sing to me while i sleep! LOL :P! I hope to see you more in future series/movies. Keep it coming!!! GOOD LUCK and TAKE CARE OPPA!! -see hum nee da

  1147. 1147 : Ze Says:

    umm..your acting is good

  1148. 1148 : Eloy Says:

    I miss you darn it! You’re the coolest!!!

  1149. 1149 : anika214 Says:

    Hi, Jang geun seuk, i relly really admire you, your so handsome specially in (you’re beautiful) TV series, eversince i already admire you in hwang jini first time i see you in TV here in philippines…wish you can visit here in philippines looking forward for that….i love you so much, and i wsih i can kiss you…kumwatsameda….saranghee oppa…..

  1150. 1150 : AE Says:

    Hi! Take me to your heart and take me to your soul…((((hug)))).

  1151. 1151 : Rachel Says:

    This guy really rock on! oh man his acting was phenomenal!!!

  1152. 1152 : bARbra Says:

    Hi! You’re such a cutie no wonder you stole my heart ;)!

  1153. 1153 : Len Says:

    You’re jus sooooo ADORABLE ever!

    Your smile shines warmly autum =D!

  1154. 1154 : Aby Says:

    Best cute actor for me! whoooohoohh very talented…one thing i like bout him is that he put his everything into his acting that is what make it GREAT!

  1155. 1155 : Eriz Says:

    VERY CUTE! what a killer smile! There’s no doubt abour your cuteness! ah could you be MINE?? could you?

  1156. 1156 : Bora Says:


  1157. 1157 : Nekotutsz Says:

    want to meet u :))

  1158. 1158 : Esther Says:

    Like as if Jang Geun Suk has the time to reply here. He’s way too busy dudes, this is like a filippino fansite

  1159. 1159 : may Says:

    He should just do solo singer all the time WHAT A VOICE!!!! his talent definitly undeniable his sing voice just draw you in!

  1160. 1160 : Darcy Says:

    Who is this guy, I like how polish, how his voice doesn’t sound broken unlike some singers today. I’m not a korean speaking person but honestly somebody with a good ear is enough to tell weather a person has a good vocie or not and this guy definitely has one of the FINEST VOICE i’ve heard in any korean singers. He can be a soloist himself!

  1161. 1161 : Pers Says:

    I wish you can duet with Charice P. too both has a gifted vocie! I love you JGS..

  1162. 1162 : Pers Says:

    To all the records co. in korea can anyone make the dolo album for these amazing singers. Can’t wait for the OST of you’re beautiful got to have that cd n dvd!

  1163. 1163 : Kimberly Says:

    Can’t stop thinking bout him! the voice, those looks, everything bouth him is gergeous!

  1164. 1164 : mySTAR Says:

    Yup! your my STAR singers ever!!! You will always have a follower here in california love him! Do concert here in the us korean music festival I just found out from the internet.
    What more is there to say than what everyone already has. JGS voice magnificient and beautiful and firm and hot as is he..

  1165. 1165 : desah Says:

    hello my star..

    you’re my star forever!!!

  1166. 1166 : desah Says:

    am so in love with jang geun suk..

    take care of yourself honey..

    saranghamnida.. 🙂

  1167. 1167 : desah Says:

    my star..

    i wanna love you forever!!!

  1168. 1168 : desah Says:

    iloveyou honey..

    stay happy and healthy.. 🙂

  1169. 1169 : tenzin Says:

    Hey everybody.. well i guess jang guen suk is too busy to write us back.. well. not gonna visit this site anymore.. anwayz ” good luck” jang guen suk.. loved your dramas.. hoping to see more of yours.. well.. Anyo!!

  1170. 1170 : A Fan Says:

    Does he have a fanclub? i would like to join.

  1171. 1171 : FatTwist Says:

    I do too! But even if there is, its probably in Korean. So so sad.

  1172. 1172 : Xeti Says:


    here’s the link below:


  1173. 1173 : Dorothy Says:

    hey guys please listen to this JGS songs oh man he’s voice make you fall in love with him more! seriously:O :)!! Scroll down all the way to the buttom.


    Jang Geun-seok – “말도 없이” (Without Words) [ Download ]


  1174. 1174 : Juvie Says:

    Wish he makes more dramas and movies soon… He is so addictive to watch, no matter how he looks… Hope they will do part 2 of you’re beautiful

  1175. 1175 : elka Says:

    hi! i feel very sad that you’re beautiful has ended.my son hug me everytime i feel sad and ask me “tapos na u’re beautiful ma?”.i do hope jang geun suk will do more tv series with park shin hye they have good chemistry together.i will surely buy the copy of this drama. when will this be out in the market? more blessing this holiday season.
    Merry Christmas and a fruitful New Year!!!! Saranghae Oppa!Fighting!!!!!

  1176. 1176 : desah Says:

    hi honey..
    know what..
    i miss you so much..
    when can i watch you again?
    iloveyou honey 😉
    take care of yourself..

  1177. 1177 : Dorothy Says:

    hey guys please listen to this JGS songs oh man he’s voice make you fall in love with him more! seriously:O !! Scroll down all the way to the buttom.


    Jang Geun-seok – “말도 없이” (Without Words) [ Download ]


  1178. 1178 : Maddie Says:

    I toally love Jang Geun Suk’d character in the series:D

  1179. 1179 : Cheyenne Says:

    Let’s hear JGS singing What a talent!!! Scroll down all the way to the buttom

    Jang Geun-seok – “말도 없이” (Without Words) [ Download ]

  1180. 1180 : Flo Says:

    I really loved his acting in you’re so beautiful!! His expressions were just too good, when he’s shocked or annoyed and his half-smile… And then when he finally smiled for the first time I was like “OMG, he can have this expression?!” Soo nice! And sometimes it’d be really funny, too 😀
    I’m definately gonna watch his other dramas!!

  1181. 1181 : Go Min Nam Says:

    i luv you

  1182. 1182 : Go Min Nam Says:

    100 luv you hahaha ( like in the words in movie)

  1183. 1183 : Go Min Nam Says:

    waaaaaaaa i want your email add: but that’s impossible….

  1184. 1184 : XiiaoYann Says:

    OMG! I love the way you act in the u’re beautiful! I think that ur acting skill are really good! U’re able to catch every emotion and it leds to the facial expression u’re applying. Keep up the good work! Loves! 🙂
    Hope that one day u will becoming to SINGAPORE!! 🙂

  1185. 1185 : Wendy Says:

    Post YAB depression…Anyone else?

  1186. 1186 : kiss Says:

    sexy boys,cute i love him.

  1187. 1187 : Doina Says:

    to the people who loved this series You’re Beautiful.
    H U R R Y!!!

    Sign if you’re with us!



  1188. 1188 : Weng Says:


  1189. 1189 : Weng Says:

    I love this guy soooo much! you have a follower here in california! You’re acting is remarkable!!!

  1190. 1190 : Angeli Says:


  1191. 1191 : Joyce Says:

    My kind of MAN!

  1192. 1192 : desah Says:

    i really really miss you my honey..
    saranghamnida 🙂

  1193. 1193 : efryll Says:

    hi jgs… be happy… gud luck with your career… hope YAB will be shown in the philippines…

  1194. 1194 : viola Says:

    ahahhaha that was so fake…jang geun suk saying he loves kimberly????…..that is impossible that jang geun suk could write that …which celebrity wants create rumors for themselves?

  1195. 1195 : Go Min Nam Says:

    welcom to singapore…hyun nim…:) it makes me so happy if hyun nim reads my comments 😛 impossible..

  1196. 1196 : Jenjen Says:

    Sign if you’re with us!



  1197. 1197 : Aubrey Says:

    This guy is totally adorable can sing really nice, can dance too so talented (((hug)))

  1198. 1198 : desah Says:




  1199. 1199 : anne89 Says:

    i’m agree with you akie…..i’m understand the feeling of FANATIC AND WE CALL IT ‘special fever’ BUT guys don’t be so fanatics, though you fight because of JANG GEUN SEUK he cannot hear it or look at this page….maybe it is true he have a girlfriend but for some artist they will not tell to the public or their fans because it is personal…JANG GEUN SEUK will never ever stand in front of you except in your fantasies dream to be with him…please think it logic, AND DON’T TRY TO CHEATING EACH OTHER…JUST BECAUSE OF HIM….HE IS NOT ONLY MEN IN THIS WORLD…JUST GIVE THANKS TO GOD THAT YOU HAVE SEEN THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CREATION HE HAD MADE….GOD BLESS YOU ALL…tq…

  1200. 1200 : Anne Says:

    I love him as Tae Kyung in You’re beautiful”
    Such a talent all in one.
    A great actor,a nice voice….one that can carry a tune,and a good dancer too.And that is not all to it….he is such a handsome boy…one that you can never get tired looking at….and when he smiles….everything else is forgotten for he can melt anybody’s heart.
    I love Jang Geun Seok…..in fact so crazy about him already…

  1201. 1201 : michelle Says:

    hello jang geun seok~jus watched yb
    u r really an great actor..and recently i watched some of ur vids on youtube i find that u r quite honest and understanding haha
    hope that person who replied was him…

  1202. 1202 : Dahpne Says:


    All the way You’re BEautiful! Yes!

  1203. 1203 : smile Says:

    hello jang geun suk. you are so beautiful. i like watch hong gil dong’s you. good luck

  1204. 1204 : cathy Says:

    oh man….JGS is such an excellent actor….he make the charactor alive, i luv how he act as TK in YB, and the beautiful voice…….cant stop falling in luv

  1205. 1205 : shosh Says:

    Wow //// to jang geun seok he has amazing voice, so exciting. I love the song and I love his wonderful smile, that makes you the desire to kiss him, but really the series a little silly, is not level and quality of city hall.
    But he is still young and has much potential and I’m sure he will success .

    FIGHTING ^ J ^

  1206. 1206 : coleen Says:

    with a beautiful voice, amazing smile and a perfect face,,what else could you ask for more??!!! how i wish i could call you “oppa” =)))

  1207. 1207 : Ruth Says:

    Please vote for season 2 http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/YB2/

  1208. 1208 : himalee Says:

    cant wait for your next venture…you are beautiful was fab

  1209. 1209 : himalee Says:


    plz support the petition..n remember to verify signatures

  1210. 1210 : desah Says:

    hello my honey..
    h0w are you???
    just take care of yourself honey..

  1211. 1211 : Nikkie Says:

    Do not worry about anything; instead Pray about everthing!

  1212. 1212 : Renee Says:


  1213. 1213 : Ruby Says:

    JGS is attractive people win others over with his charm. Influence is an aphrodisiac to them. Others doting on them is the most sensual feeling can achieve.

  1214. 1214 : fatin Says:

    hai hyung nim~~
    nice 2 meet u…
    have a nice

  1215. 1215 : nina Says:

    hi jang geun suk, love your performance and your voice! also your killing smiles in hong gil dong

  1216. 1216 : sheryltan Says:

    Really like him after watching ‘you’re beautiful’……….sing very well oso…like his voice and his smile very much!!!!!^^

  1217. 1217 : TAN.g.a Says:

    I first loved him in Hwang Jin Yi…
    He’s so handsome.
    I’m continuing loving him.
    Loved him Beethoven Virus..
    And I love him in You’re beautiful:)

  1218. 1218 : Angel Says:

    love you jang geun suk!
    You’re beautiful was awesomeee!

  1219. 1219 : jo geso Says:

    did he had any plastic surgery before???

  1220. 1220 : puteri nabila Says:

    hello…i’ll write in english to you because i’m not korean..but i’ll learn korean language in this week..you are very cute in YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL korean drama..if you can reply this message..kamsanhumita(thank you)..don’t forgot to live 4 your life happyly ok oppa..can i be your fan??

  1221. 1221 : ying Says:

    hello!!! i just know you after i watched the drama “you’re beautiful”.. i like your acting and you look like a baby when you smile…hope that you can act more drama.

    Wish you happy always and successful in your career…. ^_^v

  1222. 1222 : p Says:

    hello admin,
    this page is great.
    but you should please update JGS’s profil with a newer photo and he stated in his last interview that he’s 1, 82 m tall. Would be nice, if the infos keep up with the current situation for those, who are researching.


  1223. 1223 : juju.mickey Says:

    Sukkie sukkie! Let’s be better in time, We-I support u. Get Healthy soon!

  1224. 1224 : iona Says:

    Fantastic actor. Someone who can melt your heart, quiver your lips, wobble your knees. That man can be only Sukkie. Got his killer smile and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I can forget all everything.

  1225. 1225 : P Says:

    Very good actor. Hwang Tae Kyung has become one of my favorite characters in any fiction to date. Ive known people like that, and that character has been portrayed very well by this man. Excellent work.

    And this site is pretty neat, this is the first place ive been able to find extensive profiles for the actors of “You’re Beautiful.”

  1226. 1226 : Connie Says:

    JGS one of the top notch actor! I really enjoy YAB!!! to the max!!

  1227. 1227 : Van Says:

    Geeeezzzz your voice amazing!!

  1228. 1228 : Van Says:


  1229. 1229 : Van Says:

    I mean YOU ARE LOVED!!!

  1230. 1230 : NewlyConvert Says:

    i am not a drama fan, let alone korean ..
    but when a friend forced me to watch you are beautiful, i watched it with lots of objections (i even commented on how ugly you are!)
    but now i’m watching YAB for the 2nd time, and every episode made my heart melt more!! that smile .. hmmm

  1231. 1231 : Rebeca Says:

    Jang Geun oppa! It’s the firs time that I see u in a drama, and I think that you are awesome!! you have cute face! 좋아해요!!

  1232. 1232 : Anne Says:

    I can’t wait to see you tomorrow….in Melon Award with Shin Hye….
    Miss you a lot…

  1233. 1233 : nkkee Says:

    what do you know, we almost had the same B-day….

  1234. 1234 : Yadanar Oo Says:

    Hummm… How can I say? I like you. I like your acting. I have watched 1 series and 2 movies of you. I like you when u sing and when u smile too. You’ve got a killer smile. I have made a friend request in FaceBook. But You have so many accounts and which one would be the truth so i made request to nearly all of them. If u don’t mind i would really want to get your email address, the real one.
    I want to be your fan and I also like to send email to my fan. Not just ka Forum.
    You are my Idol Actor. This is my first time to write like this. Hope i get what i wish for. Thank You for your time for reading this.

    Hope Your dreams and wishes come ture…. !

  1235. 1235 : desah Says:

    hi.. Jang Geunsuk.. i just want to congratulate you for all the success you’ve achieved.. you are my most favorite person on earth.. and you are the brightest star i’ve ever seen.. i wish that i could able to see you in person.. and hope that it was possible for me.. i love you so much oppa.. and take care of yourself.. 🙂

  1236. 1236 : Arai Says:

    i like to hear when you’re say “GOMINAM” sound great kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk……more success to you..

  1237. 1237 : mimyn Says:

    when i saw ur acting in doremifasolasido, it really2 struck me….. hahahaha…. honestly 2 speak, u r daa 1st actor dat i ever like….. u r really2 cute…. can we be friend….?? i juz wan 2 get 2 know u better…..

  1238. 1238 : iona Says:

    I want to be you fan!

  1239. 1239 : coleen Says:

    annyeong! oppa? kwaechanayo? ^^
    im looking forward to see you someday jang geun seok oppa.
    joshim haseyo. naneul saranghae yongwonhi!!

  1240. 1240 : Rini Says:

    I love when u say ‘Go Mi Nam’ in YAB..can’t stand not to smile when u say it..

  1241. 1241 : Yadanar Oo Says:

    Does this one ever got reply?

  1242. 1242 : Regina Bea Says:

    i really like and love this guy..

    -Jang Geun Seok-


  1243. 1243 : Rubi G Says:

    there is a petition in petition spot for you’re beautiful season 2 !! go sign plz !! =] love this show

  1244. 1244 : iona Says:

    so cool and yummy! hyungnim….

  1245. 1245 : MARYTA Says:



  1246. 1246 : HaPpi Says:


    Jang Geun Suk is just awesome!

    ♥♥ I Love His New TV Series ‘You’re Beautiful’ ♥♥

    ♥ Jang Geun Suk X Park Shin Hye!!! ♥

    ^ Really Cute Together! ^

  1247. 1247 : Yadanar Oo Says:

    hummm… this You’re Beautiful series got more popular than Beethoven virus…

  1248. 1248 : jang geun oppa Says:

    ı love you jang geun suk oppa

  1249. 1249 : Anne Says:

    Seeing you in Melon Award made me miss you more now….
    You really look good with Park Shinhye….
    It’s like “You’re Beautiful” all over again but it was so short….
    Love it when play together and when you said “Go Minam”
    Wonder what is your next project……

  1250. 1250 : eiram Says:

    hi geun suk.love u so much..love you’re beautiful,the best korean drama i’ve ever watch..hope there will be season 2 for this..
    good luck to ur career..take care always

  1251. 1251 : iona Says:

    sukkie. miss you! more tv series and movies. can’t wait to watch your upcoming projects.

  1252. 1252 : allexi Says:

    just love you’re TV series. 1st one I’ve watched as your series… it was very funny, tear-jerking & so romantic… I also l♥ve you voice!!!!

    Wish you the very best in everything!!!!!

    You rock!!!

  1253. 1253 : gina Says:

    장근석 / Jang Geun Seok
    He is hooooot
    I love every movies and series that he acted
    He is the most potential actor.
    I hope he would become a number1 actor of Korea …..(^___^)
    Fighting Aja Aja Geun Seok !!!!!

  1254. 1254 : Dennice Says:

    I GREATLY LOVE THE CHARACTER OF JANG GEUN SUK!!! I love him :”> keep up the good work….I wish you good health so that you can make youre best out of everything…I hope to see you soon…

  1255. 1255 : lyn Says:

    merry christmas hyungnim

  1256. 1256 : anon Says:

    love the songs in Your Beautiful ^^ ~
    thank you very much ~

  1257. 1257 : koe Says:

    u r my star Jang Geun Seok.

  1258. 1258 : tey Says:

    I really love the way you act and specially your voice!!!

  1259. 1259 : t3nt3n Says:

    great actor and singer too.
    love everything about him.

  1260. 1260 : carol Says:

    hyungnim. you’re star that can’t reach anymore. but anyways i’ll be watching and adore you far away. love you sukkie

  1261. 1261 : Asma Says:

    Hallo !

    I really love u Jan Suk and I love your charcter in you’re beautiful !

    It’s really the most wonderful dram that I have ever seen

    I wish that I can talk 2 u .. my sister and I are big fans to u :$ ^^

    I love u 🙂

    Asma from Arabian gulf ^^

  1262. 1262 : Yanyan Says:

    i super love this guy, great eyes! AHHH!:))(LOL)

  1263. 1263 : Matzky Says:

    last week, i had watched do re mi fa sol la si do movie,,,
    i realize that it’s too late,,,but oh my god, in fact,,,korea has one more great actor and singer. That is Jang Geun Seok,,,he is so amazing,,,i love him very much,,,greetings to you…

  1264. 1264 : eunike Says:

    wow,,,,,jang geun suk…so handsome n cute people…baby n me,,,,do remi fa sol la ti do,,,,u’re beautiful….nice….merry x-mas n hepy new year…i hope u do d best n success 4 everything,,,,

  1265. 1265 : tomato Says:

    i like u very much

  1266. 1266 : carol Says:

    sukkie! merry christmas. i will following your brilliant acting till the end. wahahahhaa. love you hyungnim

  1267. 1267 : cindy Says:

    Wow I absolutely LOVED you’re beautiful and I think it was mainly because of Jang Geun Suk. He’s so handsome and the way he played Kang Tae Kyung (hope I got it right!)…if I’m lucky to have a BF like that I’d be the happiest girl in the world..lol wouldn’t we all be? anyway dont know what Jang Geun Suk is like but I’d sure like to find out by meeting him! I read that he had no GF at the time but likes calm kind of girls which sucks for me if I ever meet him since i’m calm and quiet but pretty goofy and silly =P but that wont stop me from loving you Jang Geun Suk!!! Can’t wait to watch all the dramas and movies hes been in and will be in <3

  1268. 1268 : ruby Says:

    i really lov u..i’m frm nepal…u and u’r moviee really rock..
    u look daam gud on u’r movie”you are beautiful” and u’r expresion made me crazy and i lov the way u make u’r face…
    lov u…lov u…

  1269. 1269 : allhen Says:

    hi khim..

    how are u now ?
    long time no see..
    hope i can go there as soon as possible,
    i really missed u..

    see you bhabe..

  1270. 1270 : PARADISE Says:

    Jang Geun Suk ^^
    omg so so looking forward to u MC-ing in th SBS drama awards!
    omo i love your voice too! so lovely (Y)

  1271. 1271 : shane Says:

    jang geun suk is sooooooooooooo handsome
    keep up the good work

  1272. 1272 : nov13vi Says:

    geun suk oppa i really like u..
    u’re a very very talented actor..keep improving ur talent..
    i also love ur heavy voice >.<
    why don't u try to be a singer? i think it will work~ u just need more practice..
    good luck oppa~
    i can't wait to watch ur next drama n movie..

  1273. 1273 : lorraine Says:

    hi..ohh ur xoxo handsome^^saranghe 4 ever….

  1274. 1274 : nov13vi Says:

    geun suk oppa~ i really like u..
    u’re such a very talented actor, keep improving and hopefully one day u can play in one of hollywood movie just like rain..
    i love ur heavy voice~ why don’t u try to be a singer~ i think i will work~ u just need more practice…
    good luck oppa~ saranghae~

  1275. 1275 : sarah_san Says:

    you’re a good actor Jang Geun Suk..hope to see u in you’re beautifu; Season 2..yey!!!!

  1276. 1276 : carol Says:

    shat should i do to overcome my addiction to you? ha?! hehehe

  1277. 1277 : f2 Says:

    Hallo jang geun suk,

    I’m one of you’re fan from indonesia I like with your character on you’re beautifull drama
    tv and you have a very very good voice I like all the songs in you’re beautifull drama tv.I’m looking forward to see you next drama with park shin hye. You two are match
    I wish you all the best and always succed. God bless you always

  1278. 1278 : gogz Says:

    Hi idol… keep up the best always…

  1279. 1279 : mianami Says:

    jang geun suk is a bad boy……..!^^

  1280. 1280 : vik cha cha Says:

    Hm, jang guen suk.. you’re very pretty… like a woman 😀
    but you are good actor, hehe, i think your fans will be happy, if you make your site, ‘myspace’ or ‘facebook’ ^^
    or give your e-mail
    hahaha, you are very little actor, only 22 =D kawaii boy~


  1281. 1281 : Suthe' Says:

    Hey, like u so much!!!!!!

  1282. 1282 : santa Says:

    hey geun suk shi!! I like u so much in YAB. love ur voice also. always keep doing the best job!!

  1283. 1283 : tomato Says:

    merry christmas and happy new year geun suk oppa. May all ur dreams come true. Waiting for ur next drama especially with park shin hye. You two are well-matched couple. I love u,all A.N.jell members. Saranghae.

  1284. 1284 : victoria Says:

    Geun Suk oppa!!! u r my star that I can’t afford to touch. but I will love u and admire ur works just by watching ur movies and drama.
    P.S “Merry Christmas” geun suk oppa!!

  1285. 1285 : usha Says:


  1286. 1286 : gurl Says:

    you are so handsome. but wait, is the picture on photobucket is real? it’s like that you’re really beautiful. as in beautiful… lipstick, eyeshadows, blush on. how that happen sukkie?!

  1287. 1287 : lady Says:

    merry christmas my sukkie

  1288. 1288 : PP Thailand Says:

    Merry X’mas

    xoxo ;))

  1289. 1289 : lorraine Says:

    meri x.mas ^^saranghe oppa^^..tc olwiz

  1290. 1290 : heartless Says:

    Merry Christmas to all
    wish you many good stuff …
    and be happy ..

  1291. 1291 : Erika Says:

    I love u so much…..
    Because of u, i want to go to korean for meet u n kiss u….

    Ohh…. Sarangheo….
    When u can visit to indonesian??
    And when i can to go to korean for meet with u….
    Please come to indonesian…

  1292. 1292 : anike Says:

    all i want this christmas is JANG GEUN SUK!

  1293. 1293 : EkAy Says:

    Great performance in “You’re Beautiful”. Keep up the good work. Cheers,

  1294. 1294 : mitch Says:

    Are you in a relationship with tiffany of SnsD??????

  1295. 1295 : tomato Says:

    I,m your biggest fan, i’ll follow u until u love me Papa,Paparazzi…. Baby there’s no other superstar, u know that i’ll be ur papa,paparazzi

  1296. 1296 : anike Says:

    happy new year sukkie my love…. muah

  1297. 1297 : jan in beverly hills Says:

    Your eyes have it. They are gorgeous and very hypnotic! I love the way you have it accentuated with eyeliner and all of that make up definitely set you apart from all the other Korean actors. It shows that you are confident about yourself.
    You are a definite risk-taker in your choices of roles and how you portray yourself. Being androgenous in YAB suits you well. I didn’t quite care for your “edgy” fashion style in the earlier episodes though because it makes you look almost like a drag queen, and I know you definitely are not. I am happy that you chose to dress more like your gender towards the later episodes because you definitely put to rest doubts in my mind that you could be gay.
    I wish you best of luck in the entertainment industry. May we see your STAR shine even brighter in the future. I am looking forward to seeing more of you in dramas or the big screen. You are definitely my choice of addiction, just can’t get enough of you. I’d rather watch you than eat truffles or drink champagne. Any day!

  1298. 1298 : jan in beverly hills Says:

    I wanted to add…. I keep on rewinding the episode in YAB where you walked into the recording studio just before GMN records the song “Without Words”. The makeup artist definitely did a great job on you there. In this scene, I like how they fixed your hair (my favorite hairstyle for you in the entire YAB series) and the way your eyes intensely bore a hole through the camera lens. They seem so alive and it definitely brings me (the viewer) into the story and it transports me into that room. Of the entire series, this is the most compelling acting moment that you performed.
    Kudos to you. I am totally mesmerized by your superb acting ability! Talagang magaling na magaling ka. Crush kita!
    I hope that somehow you get to venture into this page so that you can read my sincere “shout outs” to you. You definitely have a large following and I proudly call myself a fan of yours!

  1299. 1299 : patch Says:

    i totally agree with jan’s comment..that episode actually made me cry!! and i don’t normally cry over movies/tv series!

    great job jang geun suk, hope to meet you someday and just strike a conversation with you like any normal human being 🙂 does he speak/understand english?

    btw, it’s nice to see a lot of filipinos commenting..doesn’t make me feel alone in this craze over JGS 🙂

  1300. 1300 : Anuni Says:

    First of all, I want to say that it is my b’day and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all Jangf Geun Suk’s fans. Jang Geun Suk, welove you very much! Keep sing and keep acting a drama or an movie. We will be waiting eagerly! Saranghae! Jang Geun suk fighting!

  1301. 1301 : jessie Says:

    I really love ur acting in YAB. Like u very much……. *_*

    Hope to see u more in future drama….

  1302. 1302 : Alyssa Valdemoro Says:

    I like him also…….. I like him in You’re Beautiful and other dramas………I hope that there’s a part 2……Hope to see you someday…..I’m really young but I like you because I yhink your good..I’m 14…..

  1303. 1303 : Alyssa Valdemoro Says:


  1304. 1304 : jan in beverly hills Says:

    To Patch and those who are wondering if JGS understands English, watch his movie “The Case of Itaemon Homicide” and you’ll see his role as that of a half Korean/half American teenager suspected of murdering someone in a Burger King bathroom. He speaks only English in his role here and he is pretty convincing although there are some words that gives him away, like how he says “bear” but really means “beer.” This movie leads me to believe that he must also understand English.

  1305. 1305 : jan in beverly hills Says:

    As you can see, I too have got the JGS fever and have become a shameless JGS junkie! Ha ha ha! Since I started watching YAB and while waiting for the uploads of the subsequent episodes, I have combed the internet to find all the other works that he has done. He truly is a versatile actor who has successfully made the transition from being a child actor to more mature and challenging roles. For someone so young, he really knows his craft and continues to polish it. I got the YAB DVDs from Amazon the week the series has ended airing in Korea. That was my Christmas gift to myself. Ha ha ha!

  1306. 1306 : jan in beverly hills Says:

    To Sweet Kim Chee, I too agree that JGS should be choosey in what commercials he endorses as one that is not going to promote his image as a protagonist could ruin his career.
    To Darcy, who said “Who is this guy?”, I totally can relate. Discovering JGS and his superb acting, beautiful voice and “not bad dance moves” was like unearthing a treasure from all of the piles of rubble of Korean actors (who are mediocre, at best) to one that really has a potential to be great, as this guy seems to show such promise.
    May he continue to shine in his future projects. Can’t wait for his next installment ….. whatever that may be.

  1307. 1307 : kawaii Says:

    what a handsome and talented actor. i’m your fan

  1308. 1308 : Beatrice Says:

    I prefer jang geun seok in beethoven virus…i dont know why. maybe bcos he looks better in there..
    And good to see great musicians 😀

  1309. 1309 : ola Says:

    love sukkie for life.

  1310. 1310 : tomato Says:

    I really love u . u r the best

  1311. 1311 : rini Says:

    Happy New Year , Jang Guen Suk…I hope to see u in more great project next year especially You are Beautiful season2..can’t wait to see the story goes [email protected]: Guen Suk played well in Beethoven Virus and may be for some ppl Guen Suk’s appeareance in YAB rather weird with the eyeliner n unusual dress for man..I agree with u that Guen Suk looked better in Beethoven Virus but the story of YAB is really addicted and Guen Suk also sings beautifully as the leader of ANJell..so I think he always played well in every Drama he roled..really admire him!!!

  1312. 1312 : san5488 Says:

    For me, u re the best in everything n anything-MC,acting, singing…… hope there is season 2 for You’re Beautiful, u really awesome in this drama, especially ur smile, really kill me.

  1313. 1313 : maythu Says:

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  1314. 1314 : ainaz Says:

    the cutest boy in kdrama love uuuuuuu and the bst too

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    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! wISHING MORE MOVIES AND DRAMA FOR JGS!!! especially You’re Beautiful season 2!!! right guys?

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    I was really amazed with this guy! your sooooo TALENTED ACTOR!

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    You are really GREAT ACTOR!!! top of my list….

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  1324. 1324 : Shayen Says:


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  1326. 1326 : Manda Says:

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  1327. 1327 : Samantha Says:

    JGS I am just blowed away with his singing in You’re Beautiful they are just WOW…that’s all I can say..lol.

  1328. 1328 : Hailey Says:

    He is awesome singer and he is cute too esp when he smile I don’t care that he is famous actor or singer because that is not why I like him. I like him for who he really is.

  1329. 1329 : Rexis Says:

    lol yeah….he’s just a guy who can sing…wow i can sing but im not famous and yeah…that’s prolly the reason why every one likes him so much but i cant lie hes a cutie and he is a great singer…lol! I

  1330. 1330 : Kale Says:

    I just gotta say your voice is soooo amazing! i’ve listened to all the times i even saved it on my ipod touch.

  1331. 1331 : Ariel Says:

    I listen to your song esp the ost in YAB….just follow your dreams you can do anything…

  1332. 1332 : Aeraer Says:

    You are really talented…I love you voice! and you are really cute:)

  1333. 1333 : dollzone Says:

    omg i love your singing you have a amazing gift i love you singing im like you biggest fan i always listen to your music.

  1334. 1334 : Devine Says:

    Keep up the good work love the songs ost in YAB and so does your other millions of fans! I’ll keep listening to your songs!

  1335. 1335 : Mandy Says:

    awesome you have am amazing voice! I am one of your biggest fans! I would do anything to meet you (and i mean ANYTHING!)=)

  1336. 1336 : Coral Says:

    Is that really ur voice ??? Damn cool !
    I know u since I saw u in (Lovers in Prague) but this is the first time i found out ur voice is pretty cool … really love the songs.
    Many people from my country like this u’re beautiful drama !
    U got fans even from a country like ours … 🙂 .

  1337. 1337 : tomato Says:

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  1338. 1338 : Wani Says:

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  1339. 1339 : Charmaine Says:

    I am so happy that he won the SBS Drama most popular award 2009! JGS, Fighthing! I’m just curious about JGS height. He is 178cm or 182cm tall ?? Can anyone answer me?

  1340. 1340 : Wenxin Says:

    Love you a million. You’re just so cool. So talented regardless in Singing, Acting or Dancing. If there’s chance you visit Singapore, I’ll go no matter what. Hope you have some albums. I’m sure it will be selling hot.

  1341. 1341 : maryta Says:

    CONGRATULATION “””””””””JANG GEUN SEOK”””””””””””””


    I LIKE THE WAY TO ACT, SING AND SMILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1342. 1342 : criszel buenaventura Says:

    i so love jang geun suk!! i am not a fan of korean movies and series, just jgs and his stuffs! continue doing great movies and series. ily!:)

  1343. 1343 : criszel buenaventura Says:

    btw, happy new year my dearest jgs. hope you’ll visit phils someday in the near future. i’ll be waiting for you 🙂

  1344. 1344 : pig rabbit Says:

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  1345. 1345 : flo Says:

    Happy new year Jang Geun Seok…..more success to you…

  1346. 1346 : ladiigodiva Says:

    Oppa! I love your act at any dramas and movies you’re starring! FIGHTING and HAPPY NEW YEAR! 🙂

  1347. 1347 : iloveJGS Says:

    You make my heart melt Mr. Jang Geun Suk! 🙂 You are incredible. I just love everything about you. You’re such a great actor and singer. I hope to meet you someday. 🙂 I wish you a blessed 2010. 🙂 Saranghaeyo Oppa. 🙂

  1348. 1348 : ammk Says:

    congratulations to jgs on your two awards n congratulations to all A.N.jell members on your awards. i’m ur biggest fan ever.

  1349. 1349 : shine Says:

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  1350. 1350 : catherine Says:

    i know you’ll make it!congratulations to the success of your being hwang tae kyung!keep up the good work!we’re still here to watch for you!

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  1352. 1352 : sarah_san Says:

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    hope theres season 2..

    more power..

  1355. 1355 : criszel Says:

    you’re really great. 🙂 i’m speechless and teary-eyed everytime i’m watching you on the screen. ILY!:)

  1356. 1356 : F.T.N.O.1 Says:

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    i want…kiss him ><

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    what a charm. if looks can talk (melts…) hehehehe. hyungnim i’m 1 of your freakin’ addicted fun.. if i can rate you? hmmmmmmm? i think your too much to rate. you’re exceptional. love you jgs

  1360. 1360 : Enri Says:

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  1361. 1361 : Cherish Says:

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  1362. 1362 : SuperStar Says:

    You’re my only STAR that only shine in front of me.

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  1364. 1364 : ola Says:

    so BEAUTIFUL! sizzling HOT! extremely SEXY voice! extraordinary TALENTED actor! so ADORABLE! KISSABLE lips! EXPRESSIVE TANTALIZING eyes! COOL STYLISH fashion! Love this guy. muah

  1365. 1365 : Phine Says:

    i’m falling in love with u..oopa..JGS..especially when u sing…Love..love.. u..so…much…^^Miss ur new movie..^^

  1366. 1366 : linda Says:

    merry me………….. i’m arabian morroco Impressed,,,,i love you so much I have all your photos

  1367. 1367 : imee Says:

    hi jang geun seok I’ve been following your television series. I really admire your looks and talent, you’re a good singer, ryt? now, I’ve been craving to be your friend, may we?

  1368. 1368 : lyn Says:

    what a KILLER SMILE!

  1369. 1369 : Reese Says:

    An awesomeeeeeee actor/singer with a beauuuutiful personality Jang Geun suk ROCKS BIG time!

  1370. 1370 : Lela Says:

    i love your acting… different from movie to another movie…
    i wonder when i can meet u in person?
    maybe im going crazy..

  1371. 1371 : Rintjethesweet Says:

    Congratulation for receiving the highest popularity Nitizen award!! That’s the proved that you’re loved by many people especially for your role in You are Beautiful. You really rock my world with your acting n your voice!! I download every songs that you sing and never get bored to listen over n over..I’m still having the feeling of addiction because of your YaB..by the way,I read somewhere that you do ‘some nose job’ and I notice that your nose look really strange in YaB..is it real? I think you better do ‘some nose job’ again to bring back the old nose cause the old is better than the new one..sorry!! But the most of all, You’re still the SUPERB artist!!!!!

  1372. 1372 : Anuni Says:

    It’s ture Jang Geun Suk and Lee Hong ki are really handsome!

  1373. 1373 : may Says:


  1374. 1374 : Sanmay Says:

    Hi!Hope you be more famous and successful!

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  1378. 1378 : Anonymous Says:

    Is he evn gonna read ds? i dn thnk so..

  1379. 1379 : Shanice Says:

    of coarse they will read it without the Fans there’s no actor JGS!

  1380. 1380 : Shanice Says:

    got the feeling they check and track their site each actor n actresses…i mean they should right?

  1381. 1381 : criszel Says:

    i’ve just downloaded the rest of the movie “Itaewon Homicide Case” and i can’t wait to watch it. finally the english subs are available. i don’t care about the exams next week. i just need to watch it, asap. hahaha. ily jgs:)

  1382. 1382 : carolina Says:

    hyungnim! i’m your fan… a mango fan in a durian land.

  1383. 1383 : uly Says:

  1384. 1384 : kelly Says:

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  1385. 1385 : alex Says:

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  1386. 1386 : tara Says:

    hi, everybody
    his acting was good ( in yb drama )
    do u agree with me?
    i want his official website. who can help me?

    Hyung nim! fighting !

  1387. 1387 : thu Says:

    when you’re angry, you look so cute.

  1388. 1388 : thu Says:

    I can’t download your song.Why? Help

  1389. 1389 : ammk Says:

    jang geun suk…..
    u r the best!!!
    love u so much!!!

  1390. 1390 : rintjethesweet Says:

    @1386 tara..join his facebook..find Jang Keun Suk then you can join his official website. This guy is so complete artist..not only in acting but also in singing also I find he has warm character!! So enchanted by him…

  1391. 1391 : shane Says:

    what a handsome talented actor! it’s JANG GEUN SUK

  1392. 1392 : sara Says:

    so lovely.a boyish face with a manly character.lovely.hope you the best

  1393. 1393 : Helena Says:

    chua he Geun Suk… ^^
    enjoy ure life n success always… my pray always with u…GBU

  1394. 1394 : nana Says:

    i like ur tv series with title you’r beautiful…. u are best actor i ever see…..

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    hyungnim!…….hope you are reading this….hehehehe……you’re such an outstanding actor at a very young age!……JGS definitely has the looks and talent!….more power to you hyungnim…….you deserve the best!!!!!……

  1399. 1399 : kamzy Says:

    ,.,.,oppa,.,.,i love you’re current movie,.,.,you’re so great and handsome,.,.,i like you,.,.,and i think i’m falling for you,.,.,hehehe,.,.,i’m looking forward to see you’re new movie soon….sarangheyo,.,.,mwahmwah,.,.,.

  1400. 1400 : ammk Says:

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  1401. 1401 : carly Says:

    can’t get over you hyungnim.. you’re like a drug to me… cri…

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    i love you to death.. hope to sse you soon

  1404. 1404 : APPLE Says:

    i love you to death hope to see you soon

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    he is so handsome <3

  1406. 1406 : Kaye Says:


  1407. 1407 : mie Says:

    I love him so much .When he smiles,I forget about to breathe

  1408. 1408 : nhectar Says:

    Jang Geun Suk is so hot on C.N.Blue-tory debut. He gained weight. and he’s way GORGEOUS and YUMMY.

  1409. 1409 : nadia Says:

    Hyung Nim! Do kyoptaaaaaa!!!!!

  1410. 1410 : Tarin Says:

    4 of them are soooooooooooo FABULOUS!!!!

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  1413. 1413 : LUNAA Says:

    Hii tha names moon. okaii well yea he fine and all. i saw him on mii friends ipod touch. and when i listened to his song i didnt think it would be the prince in hwangjini. I was like WOWW. He hecka cuteeee.

  1414. 1414 : ammk Says:

    i love u so much.. ur smile make my life so beautiful. love u jang geun suk.

  1415. 1415 : simsika Says:

    u r sssooooooooo cuteeeeeeeee

  1416. 1416 : christine Says:

    hyungnim. i’m one of your freakin EELs. love you

  1417. 1417 : yuri Says:

    Oppa, right now is 02.30 o’clock past night with accompanied by ost You’re beautiful (without word) from my laptop. May be you’re not 100 point like in the drama, but hope you always bring happiness to the other. Keep your good work, oppa. Meeting you maybe just an impossible dream from far away, and I can only hope you stay healthy and happy………………………………..

  1418. 1418 : asmi Says:

    da… chuwa hea… i guess i spell it correctly… anyways i really like you.. and can only pray for your good health..

  1419. 1419 : asmi Says:

    am really confused is it jo wah hea or chuwah hea… anyways i really like u Geun Suk oppa… u r so cute…

  1420. 1420 : maymoezaw Says:

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  1421. 1421 : maymoezaw Says:

    I’m may moe zaw
    I’m myanmar
    I like you in you’re beautiful movie
    you are so cute

  1422. 1422 : maymoezaw Says:

    I’m may moe zaw
    I’m myanmar
    I’m 20 years old
    I’m a girl
    I like you in you’re beautiful movie
    Because you are so cute

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    well, i have no idea if you check this or not!!!!
    but i just want to say that i really loved the drama. it was beyond my expectations. You really did a really good job!!!! your voice is so adorable i loved!!!
    i don’t know if you know that or not but you have a lot of fans here in the middle east!!!!
    i really would like to see you in person, yet i know it is a dream. However,dreams may come true, right!!!!

    wish you the best of everything….

  1426. 1426 : christina Says:

    hyungnim you the coolest! two thumbs up!

  1427. 1427 : che Says:

    he has a great voice..does he sing professionaly?.i hope so.

  1428. 1428 : Reemo Says:

    Jang suk is great actor and singer. i’m one of ESPEICAL FAN. Jang suk when you will have fan meeting with me like the one in you are beautiful ;-j

  1429. 1429 : guchik Says:

    jang geun suk ssi sarangheyo!!

    Good luck for your upcoming asia tour.
    Please quickly resume your work after your tour. I’m looking forward for your next projects.

  1430. 1430 : tin Says:

    hey eyeliner guy! you’re so cool. FASHIONISTA

  1431. 1431 : yoko Says:

    Gang geun suk can i be your fan club ??? please please. you are beautyfull is the best serie i ever watch. im live in uk but because this serie make me want to see and know more about korea.

  1432. 1432 : PigRabbit Says:

    Hyung-nim, i really like your voice. Wish you all the best n do come to India ^_^

  1433. 1433 : kat Says:

    hwang tae kyung shii. wahahaha. so addicted to you. just one of your freakin EELS

  1434. 1434 : pete Says:

    erroneous info on Jan..he is 1m82..not 1m78..it is about 6 ft tall..that is a huge discrepancy…he is such a good actor.

  1435. 1435 : tiffany Says:

    you are that kid from hwang jini???
    that cute and gentle gaeseng first love?
    you’ve sure grown a lot.
    my friends and i used to scream by your gentleness
    but now you make me scream by your manliness…
    no wonder you cried great at ‘you are beautiful’
    you’ve been in a heavy drama series before.
    never thought that someday you will play a role of a cool and dashing band vocalist.
    of course a bit mean at the side.

  1436. 1436 : penitha Says:

    i love to jang geun sok….

    muach,,muach,, saranghayo!!!!

  1437. 1437 : Naneki Says:

    Jang Geun Suk-shi,

    Please come visit us in the States. Pretty please. One of your many many fans.

  1438. 1438 : Lyly Says:

    I’m addicted to you Mr. Piggy Rabbit…

  1439. 1439 : may Says:

    I love your acting & singing.
    how lovely your angry face….

  1440. 1440 : nadia Says:

    addicted to you!!!! Like ur coolness, ur angry & jelousy face and everything about u. Love A.N.Jell 4ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    hyungnim two thumbs up. you’re the coolest. criii. i’m your EELS..

  1442. 1442 : maryta Says:

    I love Jang Geun Seok
    he is very handosome
    he si so sexy
    he has a good ton of voice
    he sings really well
    he is very atractive

    I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1443. 1443 : GUGU Says:

    U’re so cool…and also so handsome and cute….my country is Myanmar..
    i know i cant be meet u in this life..that’s why i pray everyday for meeting u..am i so foolish????but..how can i do…i cant stop thinking of u…I LOVE YOU SO MUCH……i hope if i have good luck someday we can be meet..

  1444. 1444 : princesz Says:

    owh man..what a beautiful star u r…sarangheyo…

  1445. 1445 : kumik0268 Says:

    oppa, you’re the best!!??
    i’m your number one fan from PHIL.
    i really love the way he sing..
    and all of his


  1446. 1446 : tina Says:

    you’re so beautiful.

  1447. 1447 : tomato Says:

    jang geun suk… U r great actor and singer. I like the way u act in you are beautiful. It’s the best drama i’ve ever watched. I’m ur biggest fan from singapore. Hope u’ll come n visit to singapore. I love u so much.

  1448. 1448 : ulitapepe Says:

    u r such a good actor. good luck and God bless.

  1449. 1449 : Gayatri Miral Says:

    I like this boy so much, go on!

  1450. 1450 : Belabudhi Says:

    Saranghae Oppa!! Aja aja Fighting!!

  1451. 1451 : ying Says:

    hi janfgeunseok i so cute and handsome i love your face wfen you aungry i love you i solace you forever

  1452. 1452 : ying Says:

    if you not proud can you sent mail to me mya email is [email protected]

  1453. 1453 : jewel Says:

    no other words. jang geun suk you are just AMAZING!

  1454. 1454 : jewel Says:

    love you so. you cant begin to know how much.

  1455. 1455 : febri Says:

    you are so handsome , i like youuuuu :*

  1456. 1456 : lanie Says:

    hi thank you so much..you inspired me..keep up the good work…God bless you..

  1457. 1457 : bella Says:

    killer smile.

  1458. 1458 : emi Says:

    i like your style…..i am curious who you are in Hong Gil Dong but when i watch you’re so beautiful…i realized i have seen you already -Hwang Jini, Bethoveen Virus…keep up the good work and wish to watch another award winning series…

  1459. 1459 : maxine Says:

    can’t get you out of my mind. what a handsome young man. muah

  1460. 1460 : sarah_san Says:

    jgs more drama please…………

  1461. 1461 : tomato Says:

    love u so much. Waiting for ur new drama. Ur smile make me so happy. Saranghae…

  1462. 1462 : carol Says:

    hyungnim i’ll hold unto you forlife. i love jang geun suk such a feminine guy. but it’s alright he’s still sukkie that’s why i love you.

  1463. 1463 : iyen Says:

    hmmmm Jang Geun Suk. . .first i really donno him but when i watch “you’re so beautiful” movie he’s so cool. . .i like your style bro. . . . 😀
    t c

  1464. 1464 : Changmi Says:

    Love your smile and your voice..can’t wait to see your next drma or film..

  1465. 1465 : ammk Says:

    love u hyung nim. I’m a biggest fan of ‘you’re beautiful’ . It’s the best drama i’ve watched.

  1466. 1466 : 1st fan Says:

    love u so much. U r the best. Just keep trying. I’ll always support u. 🙂

  1467. 1467 : park hee chan Says:


  1468. 1468 : eels Says:

    hyungnim. can i be your fan? hahahha. love this guy so much.

  1469. 1469 : Cuna Says:

    your smile is killing me…

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    If you don’t have any problem,can you send mail to me.
    you will send mail to me i am very happy.

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  1473. 1473 : sulei Says:


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  1515. 1515 : atinus Says:

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  1576. 1576 : jewel Says:

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    im waiting for that..
    really like your acting, face, personality.. everything about u.. god bless u..

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  1584. 1584 : jewel Says:

    i wish everybody could watch jgs here in the philippines in youre beautiful. although i am a proud kapuso, i will certainly follow him in the kapamilya network….

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  1590. 1590 : leng Says:

    the best drama… very deserving!!!

  1591. 1591 : jewel Says:

    jang geun suk is such an amazing actor. hes not just a face, the acting is sooo darn outstanding that you would forget everything but him. the voice is lethal. very masculine and really to die for. i have never seen any actor as addictive as him. not even hollywood actors. YAB will soon be aired in the philippines by abs-cbn and i wish to all heavens that whoever’s gonna dub him in filipino, you better do justice with it. jgs’ voice is a trademark and the network should seriously consider this. maybe not realy similar but atleast close enough. it would be sad to hear other voice for jgs but atleast i will soon see him in local tv.

  1592. 1592 : jewel Says:

    jang geun suk ssi, fighting!!!!

  1593. 1593 : ruika Says:

    hi!!JGS was a very talented person..he has lot of passion and emotion..and he is a good singer..i wish he will do more tv series that will show his singing abilities..i admire him for such being a great actor..

  1594. 1594 : ruika Says:

    tae kyung,,im your fan..i like your songs like,what should i do and goodbye,,JGS is really COOL!!!i wish he can visit the philippines..i will look forward for more tv series..gudluck tae kyung oppa!!

    does he know sandara park?im just curious..=>

  1595. 1595 : thazin & su nge Says:

    i like very much for u acting.
    i wish to get the grate victory !
    pls reply me , if u have spare time.

    thanks u.

  1596. 1596 : ct Says:

    love ur acting
    in this drama make ur so stylish,macho, n lovely besides ur egoist
    keep up with ur work 🙂

  1597. 1597 : Peet Says:

    YUN HO!!
    i call hi yuh ho because i first saw him in the drama hwang jini!!
    he is really cute…super!
    he is cool, handsome…et cetera…
    sometimes he resembles Matsumoto Jun…

  1598. 1598 : jewel Says:

    hi, im from the philippines. does anybody know if theres a fan club for jgs here? anybody planning to make 1? i wanted to join.

  1599. 1599 : tomato Says:

    can’t help loving jang geun suk. What should i do?

  1600. 1600 : jewel Says:

    really love you jang geun suk. wish you all the best in this world!!

  1601. 1601 : jewel Says:

    cant wait for YAB to be shown here in the philippines. and beethoven virus too. i really wanted to watch them in local tv.

  1602. 1602 : jeni Says:

    urrrrrrrrrrrr really cute

  1603. 1603 : jewel Says:

    i admire you coz you really are one amazing actor!

  1604. 1604 : jewel Says:


  1605. 1605 : CRAZYOFU Says:

    I REALLY LUV U Jang Geun Seok

  1606. 1606 : jewel Says:

    youre the best jgs! i dont think anybody can top you

  1607. 1607 : minlei Says:

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  1608. 1608 : ayano Says:

    Iloveyou! Jang Geun Suk!

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  1610. 1610 : jewel Says:

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  1611. 1611 : Kelly Says:

    How are u! hoping all is well with you! when is your next drama?

  1612. 1612 : Margaret Says:

    Love your pouting lips sooooo adorable I can watch you all day in my internet!

  1613. 1613 : Tin Says:

    Great great great great acting in all your drama! looking forward for the next one..

  1614. 1614 : jewel Says:

    im going carzy about you jang geun suk ssi!

  1615. 1615 : tomato Says:

    me 2 jewel. What should i do? 🙁

  1616. 1616 : hengameh Says:

    i love he as graet as love

  1617. 1617 : jewel Says:

    i dont know. maybe he is a virus and ive caught him. and he wont leave my system. hes pestering my mind!!! somebody got a medicine????

  1618. 1618 : jewel Says:

    jgs forever!!!!

  1619. 1619 : JKS4ever Says:

    @Jewel..‎​◦°нå◦нâ◦° (•̃͡-̮•̃͡) нâ◦° нâ◦° (•̃͡-̮•̃͡)♡..you’ve just got hit by Sukkie’s Virus..thereks no way to cure it..How can u just ignore someone as sweet, talented like him..just only enjoy the feeling of addiction..it’s really fun!!!

  1620. 1620 : jewel Says:

    tnx for the advice. hope it could help. im literally going crazy now.!!!:-(

  1621. 1621 : lyn Says:

    fantastic actor! so excited to see you here in SG.

  1622. 1622 : karen_ Says:

    _guyz..vote JANG GEUN SUK..we must put him on top..alL EELS are needed..here’s the link http://kr.rival.kids.yahoo.com/rival/favor/index.html?ac=favor&category=1&code=201002 ..thank you 😀

  1623. 1623 : jewel Says:

    huh?! whats that? cant read that. how can i vote?

  1624. 1624 : JKS4ever Says:

    The vote is for best actor…Go to the link at Karen @ 1623 then Click on his pic and then at the next page click on the blue box under his pic ..♥. I’ve already done it!!

  1625. 1625 : noryz Says:

    good luck..(@@)…

  1626. 1626 : noryz Says:

    ireally admire u….. dont give up…..hope someday cant meet u….cuwaie geun suk oppa!!!!!!!!!!! (@@,)u the best

  1627. 1627 : jewel Says:

    ah ok:-)

  1628. 1628 : jewel Says:

    you are the best for me jgs. i will forever be here for you. keep doing those things that really matter to you and what makes you happy. we love you!!!!

  1629. 1629 : violette Says:

    GEUN SUK oppa , we saw u on ‘ure beautiful’ and we really really like u. oppa BOSESHISHMITA!!!!!!!! we will always be ur FAN oppa FIGHTING!!!!!!!!

  1630. 1630 : leng Says:

    love you jgs!!!

  1631. 1631 : orange Says:

    jang geun suk ssi, hope you will make more good drama and movies. we are looking forward to that

  1632. 1632 : saraseokie Says:

    soooooo….fans of JGS,whoever cares about Seokie,pls join us and VOTE for him here,we want him to win the award of the year :


    pls vote,you can click on the blue button every 10 seconds,could you do that?
    and by the way,he’s second now,need your support to make him first
    Okay ^______^
    Go guys and girls..criiiii

  1633. 1633 : saraseokie Says:

    owh here is the website : ^_^

    link here

  1634. 1634 : saraseokie Says:

    just click in the blue button if you can’t speak Korean,keep clicking there every 10 seconds,continuesly,okay?

  1635. 1635 : jewel Says:

    until when will they held this voting?

  1636. 1636 : jewel Says:

    i dont see any blue button. why is that? i only see the orange one. is something wrong with my comp? i wanted to vote for a whole day if i can do that every ten sec.

  1637. 1637 : saraseokie Says:

    here the website again :

  1638. 1638 : lyn Says:

    hyungnim! miss the dweji tokki.

  1639. 1639 : saraseokie Says:

    plzzz support JGS come on,whoever loves him,pls voooote !!
    will you?

  1640. 1640 : jewel Says:

    hey guys lets help them vote for jgs. i cant read it but whatever award was it, im sure he is more deserving than any other guy out there. pls….

  1641. 1641 : jewel Says:

    hey saraseokie, is it true that nobody in this site wants to help jgs to win that poll? how come? i thought theres so many out there who love him? where are they?

  1642. 1642 : jewel Says:

    dun po sa mga nagmamahal kay jang geun suk, pls let us help in voting for him to win that award. he truly deserve it! pls just click on the link saraseokie gave tapos click daw yung blue button. thats it. we can vote every 10 sec. plsss…..

  1643. 1643 : lyn Says:

    hwang tae kyung! hyungnim! renai jang! oppa! minam shineyo

  1644. 1644 : diane Says:

    what a great act u do in you’re beautiful,unfortunately it ended shortly can’t wait for your next performance….

  1645. 1645 : diane Says:

    what a great act u do in you’re beautiful,unfortunately it ended shortly can’t wait for your next performance….

  1646. 1646 : diane Says:

    what a great job u do in drama you’re beautiful a selfish but also charming unfortunately it ended shortly coz i really hope to see a wedding ceremony at the end of the drama.

  1647. 1647 : saraseokie Says:

    jewel thank you so much,i really appreciate it ^^
    welcome to the website,and pls try to tell more ppl to join,we a lot of voooootes,we want him first right? ^___^

  1648. 1648 : jewel Says:

    saraseokie, how many votes do we need to put jgs on top?

  1649. 1649 : Parissa Says:

    He is Great! A Phenomenon!

  1650. 1650 : Parissa Says:

    Ok, I’m sorry.
    I didn’t wanna hurt anybody’s feelings. Sorry, again.
    Altogether, I really enjoyed it.
    Waiting for the next great job 🙂

  1651. 1651 : Parissa Says:


  1652. 1652 : Parissa Says:

    O plz be the first!

  1653. 1653 : Parissa Says:

    Is there any other drama in which he has played?

  1654. 1654 : Parissa Says:

    O i saw the list above!
    He’s great!
    Don’t be stingy!
    Just vote!

  1655. 1655 : Parissa Says:

    Oh I loooooove that proud looks!
    And the leaning SMILE!

  1656. 1656 : Antonette Says:

    I just love him in this drama…he was so endearing as Tae kyung…I wish he has more drama/movie in the future.

  1657. 1657 : Lia Says:

    I really like him so much. Can’t wait the next drama……I hope him win the popularity awards in Baeksang Awards.

  1658. 1658 : Parissa Says:

    You are AWESOME baby!
    I wanna come to KOREA to just take a close look at you >:D<

  1659. 1659 : Parissa Says:

    Why don’t they recount the number of comments!
    C’mon! He’s the best!
    We all know this!!!!

  1660. 1660 : Parissa Says:


  1661. 1661 : ammk Says:

    i really really love u. u r the best.

  1662. 1662 : Changmi Says:

    Can’t wait to see you on screen again… I think maybe your next project is a film?

  1663. 1663 : jewel Says:

    guys lets help him win. he wont win unless we vote for him. pls.. lets show him our love.

  1664. 1664 : Parissa Says:

    He Is the BEST!

  1665. 1665 : jewel Says:

    guys pls find the link that saraseokie gave on page66 jst click the blue button there. we must make him #1. pls… pls…

  1666. 1666 : Parissa Says:

    Look I can’t read Korean!
    Does that website have an English version?
    Can you give me the address!
    I’m waiting…

  1667. 1667 : lyn Says:

    so excited to see him in person here in singapore! hyungnim!

  1668. 1668 : Jane Says:

    I really admire his talent in singing! =))

  1669. 1669 : Jane Says:

    i hope he would end up with park shin ye!

    they look good together!

  1670. 1670 : SiSSie Says:

    cutest and most talented!i find hwang tae kyung very attractive but way too much slim really.hope you will gain some more weight and be healthy,there are so many ppl likes you and admires you soo just really have some rest,eat more(much more) and we’ll c u on your next project!!!bet it will be really good and big hit

  1671. 1671 : Parissa Says:

    Waiting to see you on top of the list!

  1672. 1672 : jewel Says:

    parissa, cant read korean also. but just click on that blue button under his pic and thats it. click it continously every 10 sec. pls

  1673. 1673 : jewel Says:

    im taking a day off tomorrow and i wouldnt do anything but click that purple button. really love jgs and thats my own way to express how important he is to me. he really deserve to win whatever that award was all about.

  1674. 1674 : jewel Says:

    hey saraseokie, i really wanted to join that yahoo korea site, however i didnt know how. hope you could help me. that is, if you are not too busy voting for jgs. we both are. tnx to you i could him.

  1675. 1675 : jewel Says:

    help him

  1676. 1676 : Parissa Says:

    I’m there with you!

  1677. 1677 : Parissa Says:

    O plz 🙁
    JGS can you plz tell them to make an English version of your website too?
    What do we foreign fans have to do?

  1678. 1678 : jewel Says:

    parissa, did just vote for him in yahoo korea? anyway, from what country are you from?

  1679. 1679 : coffee Says:

    i love u ..i cant stop loving u

  1680. 1680 : Parissa Says:

    Yes JEWEL,
    I did!
    I’m pushing the button since I woke up!
    Vote Vote To Victory!!

    I’m from IRAN jewel 🙂 How about you?

  1681. 1681 : Parissa Says:

    Go to this link and push the blue button under his pic


    COME ON!!!!

  1682. 1682 : Parissa Says:


  1683. 1683 : A VEN Says:

    I love u,,,and i saw u in my dream,,,,,,,may be there is no way to meet u in this world,,,but i’ll meet u in heaven,,,,,so,,,,be a good follower of JESUS CHRIST,,,,,,,,,,
    A gain ….I LOVE YOU

  1684. 1684 : lyn Says:

    criiii. jang keun suk. dak-chan!

  1685. 1685 : jewel Says:

    im from the philippines. thanks for helping him and us.. really appreciate it. and thanks also for pushing through this.

  1686. 1686 : jewel Says:

    to all those who REALLY love jang geun suk, you can still vote. theres the link. pls….. just hit the blue button under his name.

  1687. 1687 : jewel Says:

    blue button under his pic i mean

  1688. 1688 : Parissa Says:

    Hey Jewel!
    You know what?
    I heard his song (without a word) before I saw You’re beautiful. I really really fell in love with his Kind voice. Then I saw the drama. And I fell in love with his proud proud looks…
    He’s great.
    He deserves to be the best 🙂

  1689. 1689 : Parissa Says:

    Can somebody plz plz give the English translation of the song ‘without a word’?

  1690. 1690 : Parissa Says:

    nothing… just…

  1691. 1691 : Parissa Says:

    COME ON everyone!
    Don’t forget to leave comments here too!
    The list is updated weekly!
    Help me get to the top!

  1692. 1692 : Parissa Says:

    I meant ‘help him’

  1693. 1693 : Parissa Says:


  1694. 1694 : Parissa Says:

    O come on!
    We need about 400 comments to get one person higher!
    Just say sth!

  1695. 1695 : Parissa Says:

    4 more to 1700 🙂

  1696. 1696 : Parissa Says:

    Love love!
    Do you live in Seul?

  1697. 1697 : Parissa Says:

    Will I be able to see you in person if I go to Seul one day?!

  1698. 1698 : Parissa Says:

    Ah… you know…
    I really love your VOICE… I mean that’s what I’m crazy about!
    What if I can speak with you?!!!

  1699. 1699 : Parissa Says:

    Do you read your comments at all?!

    Heyyyyyyyyyyy! This is 1700th!

  1700. 1700 : Parissa Says:

    I should get you one person higher until the end of this week!
    Wait and See!

  1701. 1701 : Parissa Says:

    Here we go!

  1702. 1702 : Parissa Says:


  1703. 1703 : Parissa Says:

    They’ll fire me for refreshing the same Web Pages all day long 😀

  1704. 1704 : Ladygleex Says:

    <3 <3 <3 Hwang Tae Kyung ~~ hyung nim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1705. 1705 : Ladygleex Says:

    ” don’t make the pig nose (piggy tokki)” omg!!! he sooooooo CUTE!!!!!!

  1706. 1706 : ammk Says:

    jang geun suk, u r my everything. I’ll support u forever. I’m ur biggest fan from singapore. When will u b here? Can’t wait anymore. Saranghae.

  1707. 1707 : indira Says:

    one word which can describe him is talented! he’s young and he has a charism and of course smart! he speaks japanese and english fluently too! WOOWW! i wish that he would speak Indonesian fluently too! You should watch You’re beautiful, his first lead role korean drama, and also Baby and me. wooww, he’s very cute!! he’s HOTTER than lee min ho, beside they in a same age. 😉

  1708. 1708 : ammk Says:

    why didn’t they upload jgs’s awards? He’s got 2 more awards last january. C’mon he’s the best!

  1709. 1709 : ammk Says:


    now i’m here with u!

    let’s make him to the top!

    he’s the best!

  1710. 1710 : rani Says:

    i love him!!!!!!!!!!! he is the cutest guy i have ever seen in korean drama his smile is….wooooooooooooooow
    he is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1711. 1711 : rani Says:

    i have read your comments now
    of course i support you and here we go;-)
    he deserves to be the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1712. 1712 : rani Says:

    here i am again

  1713. 1713 : rani Says:


  1714. 1714 : rani Says:


  1715. 1715 : rani Says:

    one more time

  1716. 1716 : rani Says:

    i believe we will make him number one!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1717. 1717 : rani Says:


  1718. 1718 : rani Says:


  1719. 1719 : rani Says:


  1720. 1720 : rani Says:


  1721. 1721 : rani Says:

    by the way i´m from germany…
    you have supporters here , too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    your role in you are beautiful was very well played!!!
    you are such a talented actor
    i´m exited to see you in other dramas again

  1722. 1722 : rani Says:

    one more

  1723. 1723 : rani Says:

    and here we goooooooo

  1724. 1724 : rani Says:

    like parissa said before
    Go to this link and push the blue button under his pic


    if you love him you have to do it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1725. 1725 : rain Says:

    I love you very very very very very you the most beautiful smile I love you

  1726. 1726 : ammk Says:


    love u soooo much!

  1727. 1727 : ammk Says:

    today i watch you’re beautiful again for about 10th time.

    i really like ur character.

    fighting jang geun suk!

  1728. 1728 : ammk Says:

    u and park shin hye really look good together.

    i like u both.!

  1729. 1729 : ammk Says:

    jang geun suk,

    we love u!

  1730. 1730 : Parissa Says:

    Good Job Guys!
    Let’s go!
    We have to Give him 400 more comments to get him higher than the person above him! OK?


  1731. 1731 : Parissa Says:

    I agree!
    That smile is INTOXICATING >:D<

  1732. 1732 : Parissa Says:

    I wanna SKYPE with you!
    IS it ever possible?!

  1733. 1733 : Parissa Says:

    You’re No.1

  1734. 1734 : Parissa Says:


  1735. 1735 : Parissa Says:


  1736. 1736 : Parissa Says:

    Just leaving comments 😀

  1737. 1737 : rani Says:

    i´m back

  1738. 1738 : rani Says:

    Go to this link and push the blue button under his pic


    if you love him you have to do it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1739. 1739 : rani Says:

    he is sooooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeet

  1740. 1740 : rani Says:

    you have a wondeful voice;-)

  1741. 1741 : ammk Says:

    his smile make my heart melt!

    just love him.

    soooo cute!

  1742. 1742 : ammk Says:

    he’s always no.1 in my heart.

    love him sooo much!

    wanna see u in person. i know it is impossible. right?

  1743. 1743 : ammk Says:


  1744. 1744 : cheryl Says:

    I love u so much… :^*

  1745. 1745 : ammk Says:

    wow…..jang geun suk is coming to singapore in april. i’m so excited.
    his fan meeting is 24th april. wish i would attend the fan meeting.
    sooooooo nervousss!

  1746. 1746 : rani Says:

    i wished i coud see him one time in person

  1747. 1747 : rani Says:

    here we go again
    we will make you number oneeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1748. 1748 : rani Says:


  1749. 1749 : rani Says:

    another one

  1750. 1750 : rani Says:

    yes we can;-)

  1751. 1751 : rani Says:

    because you have such a wonderful simle you get one comment more

  1752. 1752 : rani Says:

    don´t forget to vote
    Go to this link and push the blue button under his pic


  1753. 1753 : rani Says:

    he derserves the pole position!!!! come on guys !!!!!!!!!!!

  1754. 1754 : rani Says:

    and here we gooooooooooo

  1755. 1755 : rani Says:


  1756. 1756 : Parissa Says:

    Go on RANI!
    Let’s just leave comments

  1757. 1757 : Parissa Says:

    Hey baby!
    Just two or three fans like me and Rani is enough!

  1758. 1758 : Parissa Says:

    We’re going higher…

  1759. 1759 : Parissa Says:

    We’re quite close!

  1760. 1760 : Parissa Says:

    Just 300 more!

  1761. 1761 : Parissa Says:

    We ROCK!

  1762. 1762 : Parissa Says:


  1763. 1763 : Parissa Says:


  1764. 1764 : Parissa Says:

    Come on Rani!
    Don’t stop

  1765. 1765 : Parissa Says:

    Let’s keep moving!

  1766. 1766 : Parissa Says:

    Getting closer to 1770 😀

  1767. 1767 : Parissa Says:

    Just 3 more comments

  1768. 1768 : Parissa Says:

    2 more

  1769. 1769 : Parissa Says:


  1770. 1770 : Parissa Says:

    Let’s get to 1780!

  1771. 1771 : Parissa Says:

    Anybody there?

  1772. 1772 : rani Says:

    i´m here parissa you are not alone;-)

  1773. 1773 : rani Says:

    everthing is for our oppa

  1774. 1774 : rani Says:

    haha parissa the people will think we are crazy

  1775. 1775 : rani Says:

    but its true… we are crazy in love with our oppa!!!!!!!!!!

  1776. 1776 : rani Says:

    parissa i will leave soon because i have an exam but i will continue when i come back so no worries together we will make him no. 1

  1777. 1777 : rani Says:


  1778. 1778 : rani Says:


  1779. 1779 : rani Says:

    COME ON PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!! it is for our oppa! help us

  1780. 1780 : rani Says:

    together we can do it!!!!!!!!

  1781. 1781 : rani Says:

    there is no other actor who can make you forget all your worries with a simple smile!!!!!! so come on guys we have to give him something in return!!!!!!

  1782. 1782 : rani Says:

    parissa i feel like a cheerleader!!!!!!haha

  1783. 1783 : rani Says:

    jang geun suk….all the waaaaaaaaay

  1784. 1784 : rani Says:

    don´t forget your vote
    Go to this link and push the blue button under his pic


  1785. 1785 : rani Says:

    so now i leave;-) i leave it to you parissa!!!!!!!!!!!

  1786. 1786 : ling Says:

    just finished You’re Beautiful…
    n love jang keun suk…

  1787. 1787 : Parissa Says:

    Let’s be his cheerleaders RANI!
    We can make it up there!
    I’m sureeeeeeeeeee

  1788. 1788 : Parissa Says:

    RANI, I’m here!
    Don’t worry!
    Look I’m from Iran and I’m having a trip to Malaysia in May!
    Which city do you live in?
    Maybe we can meet there 😉

  1789. 1789 : Parissa Says:

    Go guys!
    Don’t stop!
    Let’s go to Korea and Meet him!

  1790. 1790 : Parissa Says:


  1791. 1791 : Parissa Says:

    WE are amazing!

  1792. 1792 : Parissa Says:

    I just came home from work!
    I haven’t eaten yet!
    But still…
    I can’t leave this page!

  1793. 1793 : Parissa Says:


  1794. 1794 : Parissa Says:

    Higher and Higher!

  1795. 1795 : Parissa Says:


  1796. 1796 : Parissa Says:


  1797. 1797 : Parissa Says:


  1798. 1798 : Parissa Says:

    tell you something
    I wrote the song in English alphabet today and started memorizing it!

    Maybe we can sing along together when i come to Malaysia 😉

  1799. 1799 : Parissa Says:


    Here we ARE

    Only 200 more comments!

  1800. 1800 : Parissa Says:

    Now I’m going to eat something
    I’m starving
    Kisses JGS >:D<

  1801. 1801 : Parissa Says:

    JGS hey hey!

  1802. 1802 : Parissa Says:

    Love Love >:D<

  1803. 1803 : Parissa Says:


  1804. 1804 : Parissa Says:

    Hey JGS!
    Are you personally like Te Kyung?
    I mean that charming and at the same time, that cruel?

  1805. 1805 : Parissa Says:

    And besides,
    What do we foreign fans have to do?
    Your website is totally korean!
    Plz tell them to make an English version, ok?

  1806. 1806 : Parissa Says:

    Here we goooooooooo

  1807. 1807 : Parissa Says:


  1808. 1808 : Parissa Says:


  1809. 1809 : Parissa Says:


  1810. 1810 : rani Says:

    parissa i´m back
    and i see that you were very hard-working
    by the way i´m from cologne
    i think it will be difficult for us to meet;-)

  1811. 1811 : rani Says:


  1812. 1812 : rani Says:

    parissa i think we will make it! help he will become no. 1 with our help

  1813. 1813 : rani Says:


  1814. 1814 : rani Says:

    i have watched you are beautiful thousand time but i can´t get enough of JGS he is so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so i think i will start watching it again

  1815. 1815 : rani Says:

    JGS you have such an amazing voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1816. 1816 : rani Says:

    and here we gooooooooo

  1817. 1817 : rani Says:

    please support our oppa
    Go to this link and push the blue button under his pic


  1818. 1818 : rani Says:

    come on guys where are you???i know that you love JGS like parissa and me!please lets take him to the top!!!!!!!!!!!

  1819. 1819 : rani Says:


  1820. 1820 : rani Says:


  1821. 1821 : rani Says:

    your smile is my life;-)

  1822. 1822 : rani Says:


  1823. 1823 : rani Says:

    yeah we will make it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1824. 1824 : rani Says:

    JGS! JGS! JGS!

  1825. 1825 : rani Says:

    JGS! JGS! JGS!

  1826. 1826 : rani Says:


  1827. 1827 : rani Says:


  1828. 1828 : rani Says:

    don´t forget to help our oppa
    Go to this link and push the blue button under his pic


  1829. 1829 : rani Says:


  1830. 1830 : rani Says:

    JGS for president;-)

  1831. 1831 : rani Says:


  1832. 1832 : rani Says:


  1833. 1833 : rani Says:


  1834. 1834 : rani Says:

    our oppa deserves only the best so come on guys lets make him the best here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1835. 1835 : rani Says:


  1836. 1836 : rani Says:


  1837. 1837 : rani Says:

    JGS the sweetest korean actor

  1838. 1838 : rani Says:


  1839. 1839 : rani Says:

    yeah 1840!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1840. 1840 : rani Says:


  1841. 1841 : rani Says:

    our oppa is the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest

  1842. 1842 : rani Says:

    come on guys help us leave comments!!!
    with every single comment we get closer to our goal!!!!!!!!!!
    so join our fight

  1843. 1843 : rani Says:


  1844. 1844 : rani Says:


  1845. 1845 : rani Says:

    here we goooooooo

  1846. 1846 : rani Says:

    yes, we can!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1847. 1847 : rani Says:


  1848. 1848 : rani Says:


  1849. 1849 : rani Says:


  1850. 1850 : rani Says:

    here again vote for our darling
    Go to this link and push the blue button under his pic


  1851. 1851 : rani Says:

    one more timeeee

  1852. 1852 : rani Says:


  1853. 1853 : rani Says:


  1854. 1854 : rani Says:

    we have to go on!!!!!

  1855. 1855 : rani Says:


  1856. 1856 : rani Says:


  1857. 1857 : rani Says:


  1858. 1858 : rani Says:

    i believe we will make it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1859. 1859 : rani Says:


  1860. 1860 : rani Says:

    sorry im so tired and wrote the wrong number hahaha
    but you know what i mean;-)

  1861. 1861 : rani Says:


  1862. 1862 : rani Says:


  1863. 1863 : rani Says:


  1864. 1864 : rani Says:


  1865. 1865 : rani Says:


  1866. 1866 : rani Says:

    parissa i worked very hard you will be proud of me!!!
    together we rock this site

  1867. 1867 : rani Says:


  1868. 1868 : rani Says:


  1869. 1869 : rani Says:


  1870. 1870 : Parissa Says:

    O Rani!
    You’re AMAZING!

  1871. 1871 : Parissa Says:

    Together WE ROCK!

  1872. 1872 : Parissa Says:


  1873. 1873 : Parissa Says:


  1874. 1874 : Parissa Says:

    O Boy!
    You’re so CRUEL!
    Where are you?

  1875. 1875 : Parissa Says:


  1876. 1876 : Parissa Says:

    O RANI!
    I don’t believe this!
    We are GREAT!

  1877. 1877 : Parissa Says:


  1878. 1878 : Parissa Says:


  1879. 1879 : Parissa Says:


  1880. 1880 : Parissa Says:

    Without a Word you gave me LOVE >:D<

  1881. 1881 : Parissa Says:

    Just 20 more to 1900

  1882. 1882 : Parissa Says:

    Where is everyone?

  1883. 1883 : Parissa Says:

    We’re almost there

  1884. 1884 : Parissa Says:


  1885. 1885 : Parissa Says:

    What’s this website talking about?

  1886. 1886 : Parissa Says:

    How can I slow down?

  1887. 1887 : Parissa Says:

    I’ve promised JGS to get him higher and higher!

  1888. 1888 : Parissa Says:

    Where are you RANI?
    It must be 5p.m. over there

  1889. 1889 : Parissa Says:


  1890. 1890 : Parissa Says:

    10 more to 1900

  1891. 1891 : Parissa Says:


  1892. 1892 : Parissa Says:


  1893. 1893 : Parissa Says:

    RANIIIIIIIII? Come on!

  1894. 1894 : Parissa Says:


  1895. 1895 : Parissa Says:

    Eh?! I wrote a wrong number!
    1896 😀

  1896. 1896 : Parissa Says:


  1897. 1897 : Parissa Says:


  1898. 1898 : Parissa Says:


  1899. 1899 : Parissa Says:

    Just a little more we need!


    I’m going now, I’ll be back soooooooooon!

  1900. 1900 : rani Says:

    now it´s my turn!!!!!!!

  1901. 1901 : rani Says:

    parissa today we will make the 2000!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1902. 1902 : rani Says:


  1903. 1903 : rani Says:


  1904. 1904 : rani Says:


  1905. 1905 : rani Says:


  1906. 1906 : rani Says:


  1907. 1907 : rani Says:


  1908. 1908 : rani Says:


  1909. 1909 : rani Says:

    yeah here we goooooo

  1910. 1910 : rani Says:


  1911. 1911 : rani Says:


  1912. 1912 : rani Says:

    JGS i love youuuuu

  1913. 1913 : rani Says:

    i´m not posting too quickly you are to slow 😉

  1914. 1914 : rani Says:


  1915. 1915 : rani Says:


  1916. 1916 : rani Says:

    please remember to vote
    Go to this link and push the blue button under his pic


  1917. 1917 : rani Says:


  1918. 1918 : rani Says:


  1919. 1919 : rani Says:

    parissa we are the best!!!!!!!

  1920. 1920 : rani Says:


  1921. 1921 : rani Says:


  1922. 1922 : rani Says:


  1923. 1923 : rani Says:


  1924. 1924 : rani Says:


  1925. 1925 : rani Says:


  1926. 1926 : rani Says:


  1927. 1927 : rani Says:


  1928. 1928 : rani Says:


  1929. 1929 : rani Says:

    oh god parissa
    we are getting closer and closer

  1930. 1930 : rani Says:

    Go to this link and push the blue button under his pic


    please help our JGS

  1931. 1931 : rani Says:

    and another commet for the sweetest guy in the korea drama world!!!!

  1932. 1932 : rani Says:


  1933. 1933 : rani Says:


  1934. 1934 : rani Says:

    our oppa ist the best!!!!
    so please support him

  1935. 1935 : rani Says:


  1936. 1936 : rani Says:


  1937. 1937 : rani Says:

    please help our oppa!!!
    every comment counts!!!!

  1938. 1938 : rani Says:

    oppa you are my dream!!!!!!!!!!!

  1939. 1939 : rani Says:


  1940. 1940 : Parissa Says:

    I’m back RANI

  1941. 1941 : Parissa Says:


  1942. 1942 : Parissa Says:

    ONLY 58 more?
    SURE WE GET TO 2000

  1943. 1943 : Parissa Says:

    U see us?

  1944. 1944 : Parissa Says:

    COME ON!

  1945. 1945 : Parissa Says:


  1946. 1946 : Parissa Says:

    We’re ROCKING!

  1947. 1947 : Parissa Says:


  1948. 1948 : Parissa Says:


  1949. 1949 : Parissa Says:

    You just keep shining JGS

  1950. 1950 : Parissa Says:

    Leave the rest to US

  1951. 1951 : Parissa Says:

    I don’t believe this!
    We’re almost there!

  1952. 1952 : Parissa Says:

    We have collected about 400 comments in only two days!

  1953. 1953 : Parissa Says:

    Where are you RANI?

  1954. 1954 : Parissa Says:

    JGS oppa!

  1955. 1955 : Parissa Says:

    Do you see the progress?

  1956. 1956 : Parissa Says:

    Don’t u wanna go to Malaysia in May?

  1957. 1957 : Parissa Says:

    Just think about it! ok?

  1958. 1958 : Parissa Says:

    I think as soon as you say a word and I hear your voice, I will truely smile for the first time in life!

  1959. 1959 : Parissa Says:

    Can’t even think about it!

  1960. 1960 : Parissa Says:

    O, you’re voice is INTOXICATING!

  1961. 1961 : Parissa Says:

    I’m listenning to your song right now 😉

  1962. 1962 : Parissa Says:

    Don’t worry JGS!
    Me and RANI will take turns and leave comments as many as we can to get you up there to the sky
    >:D< :*

  1963. 1963 : Parissa Says:

    I leave it to you for a while,
    I’ll be back soon.
    GO ON!

  1964. 1964 : nadia Says:

    parissa! Are u from malaysia? I’m from malaysia=) Hope he will come to malaysia this year

    jang geun suk forever. Luv him!!

  1965. 1965 : lyn Says:

    KING of the world “JANG KEUN SUK” where’s the bait for all us EELS?! JGS SHAKES THE WORLD! intensity 10.

  1966. 1966 : rani Says:

    ok parissa i´m back
    now its my turn!!!!!

  1967. 1967 : rani Says:

    i was working parissa

  1968. 1968 : rani Says:

    oppa do you see our passion?
    we are working hard for you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1969. 1969 : rani Says:

    you guys are so lucky
    you have the opportunity to see him live
    but my bad luck i´m living in germany
    oppa please come visit me!!!!!!!!!!

  1970. 1970 : rani Says:


  1971. 1971 : rani Says:


  1972. 1972 : rani Says:

    i hope our oppa starts with music
    you are a great actor really
    but i like your voice
    im sure your music career would be a success, too!

  1973. 1973 : rani Says:


  1974. 1974 : rani Says:

    please remember to vote for our JGS
    Go to this link and push the blue button under his pic

    don´t leave our darling alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!p

  1975. 1975 : rani Says:


  1976. 1976 : rani Says:

    parissa we are amazing!!!!!!!!!!
    i really start to beginn that we two crazy fans will make him no.1 here

  1977. 1977 : rani Says:

    but of course we will grateful for every support from the other fans
    i know you love him like we do it,
    so please give a comment you know that our JGS is the best!!!!!!!!

  1978. 1978 : rani Says:

    JGS my darling
    i admire your acting really.
    its so attractive and your smileeeeee…
    i could die for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i hope we will see a new drama with you in the leading role soon!!!!!!!!
    don´t let us wait to long!!!!!!!!!!

  1979. 1979 : rani Says:

    yeah parissa i´m so excited we get closer and closer to the 2000

  1980. 1980 : rani Says:

    only 19 comments left

  1981. 1981 : rani Says:

    Go to this link and push the blue button under his pic


    please support our oppa
    we have to show him that he can trust us his fans!!!!!!!

  1982. 1982 : rani Says:

    parissa it´s such a pity that we both miss each other every time!
    when i´m here you are not.
    but on the other hand its like shift working 😉
    one of us is for sure here and leaves a comment!!!!
    i hope our oppa sees our efforts

  1983. 1983 : rani Says:


  1984. 1984 : rani Says:

    oppa i can´t stop talking about your smile!!!!!!!!!
    your simle has the ability to warm up our hearts!!!!!!!!!!!
    aaaaaaaaaa i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1985. 1985 : rani Says:

    guys we are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1986. 1986 : rani Says:

    the year of his birth;-)

  1987. 1987 : rani Says:


  1988. 1988 : rani Says:


  1989. 1989 : rani Says:

    keep fighting!!!!!!!
    the last ten comments than we have 2000

  1990. 1990 : rani Says:

    parissa where are you???
    you will be suprised i told you earlier that we will make it today!

  1991. 1991 : rani Says:

    oh god
    my heart is beating like crazy

  1992. 1992 : rani Says:

    JGS we love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1993. 1993 : rani Says:

    i remember this song parissa you know it for sure
    “i’m so excited and I just can’t hide it”
    this line is in my head;-)

  1994. 1994 : rani Says:


  1995. 1995 : rani Says:

    my beloved JGS
    believe in us in the end you will get here the no1 position for sure!!!!!!

  1996. 1996 : rani Says:


  1997. 1997 : rani Says:


  1998. 1998 : rani Says:


  1999. 1999 : rani Says:

    guys we really made it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    paaaaaaaaarty time

  2000. 2000 : rani Says:

    parissa the remaining comments won´t be a problem!!!
    i checked the comments of JGS “rival” she has only 26 more
    so i´m now taking a little break
    i think we can make him for sure two positions higher this week
    if we all keep working hard like the past days;-)
    i´m really proud of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2001. 2001 : rani Says:

    don´t forget to support our oppa
    Go to this link and push the blue button under his pic


  2002. 2002 : rani Says:

    keep fighting guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2003. 2003 : rani Says:


  2004. 2004 : rani Says:

    and here we go again!!!!!!!!!!!
    JGS we will show everybody how much your fans love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2005. 2005 : rani Says:

    you are the best actor!!!!!!!!!!!!
    your acting is so refreshing, especially in you are beautiful is was so funny
    you can express so much only with your eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    its amazing
    i´m so happy that you choose to be an actor!!!!!!!!
    you are like a gift from god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2006. 2006 : rani Says:


  2007. 2007 : rani Says:


  2008. 2008 : rani Says:

    parissa i´m looking forward to your comment when you see how much we have achieved already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2009. 2009 : rani Says:


  2010. 2010 : rani Says:

    JGS every comment is for your sake!!!!!
    we will show them who the best is!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2011. 2011 : rani Says:


  2012. 2012 : rani Says:

    i´m getting tired…
    but i keep fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2013. 2013 : rani Says:


  2014. 2014 : rani Says:

    parissa i leave the remaining comments to you;-)
    im sure when i check tomorrow this site i will see your happy comments
    now it´s your shift;-)

  2015. 2015 : rani Says:

    i changed my mind parissa 😉 i have to live some more comments…
    help me i´m possessed
    i can´t stop
    my oppa your smile gives me the strength to keep fighting

  2016. 2016 : rani Says:

    JGS is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    everyone who watched his dramas/movies will know it for sure

  2017. 2017 : rani Says:

    keep going

  2018. 2018 : rani Says:

    only a few comments left than we reach the 2026

  2019. 2019 : rani Says:

    but of course we will leave more comments
    i´m thinking about 200 or more 😉 comments
    parissa what do you think???

  2020. 2020 : rani Says:

    oppa SARANGHAE…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2021. 2021 : rani Says:

    yeah soon we achieve our first goal

  2022. 2022 : rani Says:

    i realized that i didn´t mentioned that you are soooo handsome!!!
    see in the first place i love your talent and your acting 😉
    ok i admit that i´m a bit crazy about your smile
    maybe it´s your smile who won my heart first but after that i noticed your amazing talent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2023. 2023 : rani Says:

    ok the last comments for today

  2024. 2024 : rani Says:

    i can´t believe it………

  2025. 2025 : rani Says:

    now we have the same number like the actress above our JGS

  2026. 2026 : rani Says:

    so i´m leaving(this time for real)
    my dear parissa in germany it´s time for my beauty sleep
    maybe we are tomorrow at the same time here!!!

  2027. 2027 : rain Says:


  2028. 2028 : doris Says:

    YEEHEYYYYYYYYYYY…..A NEW DRAMA FOR him…..the title is
    YOU’RE MY PET…..

    Japanese version of kimi wa petto done by Matsujun is the japanese version…

  2029. 2029 : Parissa Says:



  2030. 2030 : Parissa Says:

    O Rani
    I’m at work now at I can’t keep smiling
    My colleague is thinking that I’m crazy of something


  2031. 2031 : Parissa Says:

    I agree!
    Let’s get him higher and higher and higher and higher and…

  2032. 2032 : Parissa Says:

    And yay Rani!
    We are colleagues somehow 😀
    We are working in shifts for a PARTICULAR TARGET

  2033. 2033 : Parissa Says:

    No Nadia,
    I’m not from Malaysia but I’m having a two-week trip to Malaysia in May..
    Where in Malaysia do u live?

  2034. 2034 : Parissa Says:

    Count On us JGS!
    We’re gonna get you up there!

  2035. 2035 : Parissa Says:

    the second person above JGS has 2163 comments!
    We can get over him too!

  2036. 2036 : Parissa Says:

    Here we goooooo

  2037. 2037 : Parissa Says:


  2038. 2038 : Parissa Says:

    Just a hundred more until Sunday?
    It’s a small Number 😉

  2039. 2039 : Parissa Says:

    O God!
    Mr. Cruel JGS 😉
    Take a Look at us, ok?

  2040. 2040 : Parissa Says:

    Kisses kisses

  2041. 2041 : Parissa Says:

    Hrgh! My boss keeps coming to my room every ten seconds!

  2042. 2042 : Parissa Says:


  2043. 2043 : Parissa Says:

    We’re amaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing

  2044. 2044 : Parissa Says:

    I’ll leave when I get to 2050,
    But I’ll be back on 4 p.m. my time.
    It’s 8:30 a.m. at the moment.
    Hope to see you here in the evening 😉

  2045. 2045 : Parissa Says:


  2046. 2046 : Parissa Says:

    We want another drama JGS!

  2047. 2047 : Parissa Says:

    Why I thought You lived in Malaysia?!!
    So You are German? Or just live there?
    I have a German friend.
    Her name is LUISA.
    We’ve been internet friends for … hrm… 10 years I think…

  2048. 2048 : Parissa Says:

    RANI,I think we really have become CRAZY 😀

  2049. 2049 : Parissa Says:


  2050. 2050 : Parissa Says:

    Let’s give him 10000 comments!
    NEXT MISSION: 10000

  2051. 2051 : Parissa Says:


  2052. 2052 : Parissa Says:

    I should leave now RANI!
    Keep up the good work 😉

  2053. 2053 : rani Says:

    hi parissa now its time for my comments 😉

  2054. 2054 : rani Says:

    ok i think 1000 is no problem 😉
    we can do everything!

  2055. 2055 : rani Says:

    doris is that true?wow i think he would be perfect for kimi wa pet!!!!
    i know the japanese version with matsumoto jun i liked it.
    but i know for sure that our JGS will do a great job!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2056. 2056 : rani Says:

    parissa my family is originally from turkey but we are kurd.

  2057. 2057 : rani Says:

    “Jang Geun Suk has recently confirmed being picked as the primary lead for Korea’s adaptation of another manga, Kimi wa Petto (Tramps like us).”

    oh god i think its really true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and not a rumor

  2058. 2058 : rani Says:

    JGS your are so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you in the role of momo woooooooooow it will be great!!!!!

  2059. 2059 : rani Says:

    yeah keep fighting guys!!!!!!!!

  2060. 2060 : rani Says:


  2061. 2061 : rani Says:

    our JGS as momo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i think i will die from his sweetness in that role
    hope its really true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2062. 2062 : rani Says:


  2063. 2063 : rani Says:


  2064. 2064 : rani Says:


  2065. 2065 : rani Says:

    JGS we love youuuuuuuuuuu
    we are crazy over you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2066. 2066 : rani Says:

    Go to this link and push the blue button under his pic

    please help our oppa to be the no.1!!!!!!!

  2067. 2067 : rani Says:


  2068. 2068 : rani Says:


  2069. 2069 : rani Says:

    guys we are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2070. 2070 : rani Says:

    and one more time!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2071. 2071 : rani Says:

    come on guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    we can make him no.1

  2072. 2072 : rani Says:

    i can´t get the picture out of my head of our JGS as a sweet pet
    and a noona who is taking care of him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    but is shows once again that our darling can play every role!!!!
    until now he played in every project different a different type!!!
    i´m so proud of you

  2073. 2073 : rani Says:

    we can´t slow down with our comments!
    we have achieved so much in a few days and so please keep fighting!!!!

  2074. 2074 : rani Says:

    JGS you are my sweetest dream!!!!

  2075. 2075 : rani Says:

    ok the last 5 comments than i have to leave!!!!

  2076. 2076 : rani Says:

    Go to this link and push the blue button under his pic


    please. please, please
    support our sunshine!!!!!!!!!!!

  2077. 2077 : rani Says:


  2078. 2078 : rani Says:

    i believe in you guys
    i´´m sure that when i return i will see not only parissa´s comments
    please we have to mak him no.1!!!!!!!!!!

  2079. 2079 : rani Says:

    ok parissa darling i´m leaving
    i hope to see you later!!!!
    keep fighting

  2080. 2080 : SiSSie Says:

    jang geun suk’s next project is confirmed,its not YB,something with “pet”…i ll be happy to see him again on the screen,so when the airing stars lets make the ratings no1.i think its more important than this sites comments to him,if you really support him look forward to the show:)

  2081. 2081 : Parissa Says:

    Is that true?
    JGS in another drama?!

  2082. 2082 : Parissa Says:

    We’re waiting baby!

  2083. 2083 : Parissa Says:

    Hey RANI, we too have Kurds in IRAN and they are all very Kind.
    I can tell that you are very kind too. It shows up in your nice comments 🙂

  2084. 2084 : Parissa Says:

    and listen,
    the next target is 10 thousand (10000)
    Higher than anyone else ever!

  2085. 2085 : Parissa Says:

    We’re gonna get you higheeeeeeeeeeeer…

  2086. 2086 : Parissa Says:

    O, u’r sooooooooo CRUEL and WICKED!
    Come on!
    Take a Look at this page!
    Say something 😉

  2087. 2087 : Parissa Says:

    I wanna see him in person 🙁

  2088. 2088 : Parissa Says:

    Look, We’ll get to 2200 very soon!
    He’ll be two ranks higher!
    Isn’t that great RANI?
    Look we ROCK!

  2089. 2089 : Parissa Says:


  2090. 2090 : Parissa Says:


  2091. 2091 : Parissa Says:

    It’s so hard for me to watch other ppl’s dramas!
    I don’t like them as much as YAB just bc I don’t like the guys as much as JGS!

  2092. 2092 : Parissa Says:

    No one can be simultaneously as cruel and as charming as he was.

  2093. 2093 : Parissa Says:

    O that smile.. after they got back to the studio after several hours of being lost in streets, remeber?

  2094. 2094 : Parissa Says:


  2095. 2095 : Parissa Says:


  2096. 2096 : Parissa Says:

    We go We go We go We go up!

  2097. 2097 : Parissa Says:


  2098. 2098 : Parissa Says:


  2099. 2099 : Parissa Says:


  2100. 2100 : Parissa Says:


  2101. 2101 : Parissa Says:

    Where’s every one?

  2102. 2102 : Parissa Says:

    What do u think JGS?
    Proud of us?

  2103. 2103 : Parissa Says:

    I’m going RANI
    Your shift ;))

  2104. 2104 : doris Says:

    Here’s the link fo the news


  2105. 2105 : doris Says:

    hey rani where r u from? and parisa…ur good at this…

  2106. 2106 : Parissa Says:

    We’re gonna get him higher, right?

  2107. 2107 : Parissa Says:

    Thnx DORIS 🙂
    RANI, it’s up to you now 😉

  2108. 2108 : Parissa Says:

    Take care,
    I’ll be back soon

  2109. 2109 : nadia Says:

    if you read the news carefully, You Are My Pet is gonna be a movie not DRAMA. Owh, of course less airtime og Jang Geun Suk. Make it drama please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2110. 2110 : yunnnaychi Says:

    i love u

  2111. 2111 : yunnnaychi Says:


  2112. 2112 : carol Says:

    otokaji? otokaji? hyungnim. love the way you are.

  2113. 2113 : rani Says:

    ok guys i´m back

  2114. 2114 : rani Says:

    you are right nadia!it´s a movie
    i think it was my wishful thinking so i read drama
    what a pity!!!
    a movie is toooooooooooo short!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2115. 2115 : rani Says:

    parissa my dear you and the others did a great job!!!!!!!!!!

  2116. 2116 : rani Says:

    do you know who will play the female main-role in the movie?

  2117. 2117 : rani Says:

    oppa i hope you see our effort!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2118. 2118 : rani Says:

    @doris i´m living in germany but i´m a kurd from turkey
    and you doris?

  2119. 2119 : rani Says:

    we are getting him higher and higher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2120. 2120 : rani Says:

    Go to this link and push the blue button under his pic


    please guys remember to vote for our JGS

  2121. 2121 : rani Says:

    i´m always alone here 😉
    i miss the others everytime

  2122. 2122 : rani Says:


  2123. 2123 : rani Says:


  2124. 2124 : rani Says:

    here we gooooooooooooo

  2125. 2125 : rani Says:

    parissa i think if we keep going he will for sure have 10 000 comments!!!!

  2126. 2126 : rani Says:

    JGS we love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2127. 2127 : rani Says:

    Go to this link and push the blue button under his pic


    please support him

  2128. 2128 : rani Says:

    but today i´m so tired
    but i have to keep fighting
    oppa i would do everything for you!!!!!!!!!!!

  2129. 2129 : rani Says:

    You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
    You make me happy when skies are gray
    You’ll never know dear, how much I love you
    Please don’t take my sunshine away

    see oppa thats the feeling you give me 😉

  2130. 2130 : rani Says:

    parissa i´m afraid i´m going crazy hahah

  2131. 2131 : Parissa Says:

    Yea, of course he will Rani.
    Coz we’re here for him

  2132. 2132 : Parissa Says:

    We’re really doing this!

  2133. 2133 : Parissa Says:

    U feel the warmth of our love JGS?

  2134. 2134 : Parissa Says:

    We’ll always be here for you!

  2135. 2135 : Parissa Says:

    I wanna scream now!

  2136. 2136 : Parissa Says:

    By this comment, we pass the second person above him

  2137. 2137 : Parissa Says:

    O no, I’m mistaken 🙁
    We need a little more!

  2138. 2138 : Parissa Says:

    To us,
    30 comments is almost nothing!

  2139. 2139 : Parissa Says:


  2140. 2140 : Parissa Says:


  2141. 2141 : Parissa Says:

    I can sing along with him!

  2142. 2142 : Parissa Says:

    I finished the song successfully!

  2143. 2143 : Parissa Says:

    I wanna sing ur song for you…

  2144. 2144 : Parissa Says:

    Let’s sing his song together and send it to him!

  2145. 2145 : Parissa Says:

    But to where?
    What email address?

  2146. 2146 : Parissa Says:

    Mr. Cruel Cutie?

  2147. 2147 : Parissa Says:

    O, you’re lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvely >:D<

  2148. 2148 : Parissa Says:

    Awwwwwwwwwww :*

  2149. 2149 : Parissa Says:

    A million kissessssssssssssssssssss

  2150. 2150 : Parissa Says:

    Closer and closer

  2151. 2151 : Parissa Says:


  2152. 2152 : Parissa Says:

    higher and higherrrrrrrrrrr

  2153. 2153 : rani Says:

    our oppa is so cute
    i´m watching a video on youtube
    he is so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    i could die for him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    take a look how he dances!!!!!!!!

  2154. 2154 : rani Says:


  2155. 2155 : Parissa Says:

    Finally, Rani we’re here together!

  2156. 2156 : rani Says:

    my oppa is the best

  2157. 2157 : Parissa Says:

    We rock!

  2158. 2158 : Parissa Says:

    Of course he is

  2159. 2159 : Parissa Says:

    Rani, We’re passing the second person above him!

  2160. 2160 : Parissa Says:

    FINGERS CROSSED for the time we get him to the top

  2161. 2161 : Parissa Says:

    I really really love you!

  2162. 2162 : Parissa Says:

    Come on!
    Take a Look at us!

  2163. 2163 : rani Says:


    take a look on this video
    he is always smiling and so natural
    how is that possible to be so cute!!!!!!!!
    he talks so sweet
    oppa you are driving me crazy

  2164. 2164 : Parissa Says:

    when will u come here?

  2165. 2165 : rani Says:

    here we go!!!!!!!!!!

  2166. 2166 : Parissa Says:

    We’re above him!
    He is the 7th person now!

  2167. 2167 : Parissa Says:

    We’re there!

  2168. 2168 : rani Says:

    one moreeeeeee

  2169. 2169 : rani Says:

    yeah we are so great

  2170. 2170 : rani Says:

    i´m so jealous of the people who get to see him in person!!!
    oppa can´t you come visit me in germany????

  2171. 2171 : rani Says:


  2172. 2172 : rani Says:


  2173. 2173 : rani Says:


  2174. 2174 : rani Says:

    parissa we are on the same time here???
    i only realized it now

  2175. 2175 : rani Says:

    yeah we are amazing parissa

  2176. 2176 : rani Says:

    parissa did you leave already?

  2177. 2177 : rani Says:


  2178. 2178 : rani Says:

    on which day do the update the ranking?

  2179. 2179 : rani Says:

    and here we keep getting closer 2180!!!!!!!!!!

  2180. 2180 : rani Says:


  2181. 2181 : rani Says:


  2182. 2182 : rani Says:


  2183. 2183 : rani Says:


  2184. 2184 : rani Says:

    parissa darling whre are you?
    don´t leave me here alone ;-)e

  2185. 2185 : rani Says:

    keep fighting guys

  2186. 2186 : rani Says:


  2187. 2187 : rani Says:

    i believe he will no1 in the end of this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    now i´m listening to the songs of ANjell
    they all so great
    but the greatest is of course our oppa

  2188. 2188 : rani Says:


  2189. 2189 : rani Says:


  2190. 2190 : rani Says:

    now i´m taking a little break
    keep fighting guys
    we can take him to the top!!

  2191. 2191 : Parissa Says:

    Ah, are u gone RANI?
    I got disconnected 🙁

  2192. 2192 : Parissa Says:

    WE GOOOOOOOO higher and higher

  2193. 2193 : Parissa Says:


  2194. 2194 : Parissa Says:

    Now, we only need 170 comments to get to the 6th place!

  2195. 2195 : Parissa Says:

    Not much more!

  2196. 2196 : Parissa Says:


  2197. 2197 : Parissa Says:


  2198. 2198 : Parissa Says:


  2199. 2199 : Parissa Says:

    and YAY!
    We’re real fans!

  2200. 2200 : Parissa Says:

    here we go

  2201. 2201 : Parissa Says:


  2202. 2202 : Parissa Says:

    Where are you all?

  2203. 2203 : Parissa Says:

    Do we need any colleagues?

  2204. 2204 : Parissa Says:

    I think you and me are enough 😉

  2205. 2205 : Parissa Says:

    Coz we ROCK!
    and nothing can stop us!!

  2206. 2206 : Parissa Says:

    We rock coz you ROCK!
    you always do!

  2207. 2207 : Parissa Says:

    We’ll make you proud!

  2208. 2208 : Parissa Says:


  2209. 2209 : Parissa Says:


  2210. 2210 : Parissa Says:

    Now I’m gonna tell you what I love about you:

  2211. 2211 : rani Says:

    yeah parissa we two crazy chickens are enough!!!!!!!!!!

  2212. 2212 : Parissa Says:

    You’re voice –> intoxicating

  2213. 2213 : Parissa Says:

    Hey rani you’re here 🙂

  2214. 2214 : Parissa Says:

    Your smile –> astonishing

  2215. 2215 : Parissa Says:

    Your body –> lovely

  2216. 2216 : rani Says:

    and i would add breath-taking 😉
    for sure it has this affect on mee

  2217. 2217 : Parissa Says:

    Your look –> proud and charming

  2218. 2218 : Parissa Says:

    Yay it is Rani!

  2219. 2219 : rani Says:

    yeah parissa we rock this site
    we two alone will make him no.1!!!!!!!

  2220. 2220 : Parissa Says:

    I give up!
    I can not count!
    You’re FANTASTIC in any way

  2221. 2221 : Parissa Says:

    Yea RANI!
    I’m sure of it!

  2222. 2222 : rani Says:

    parissa its hard to count
    the list would go on and go on
    because everythin of him is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2223. 2223 : Parissa Says:

    He’ll be No.1 coz he deserves it and coz he has two fans like us

  2224. 2224 : Parissa Says:

    He really is PERFECT

  2225. 2225 : rani Says:

    kyaaa i´m so happy to be with you here on the same timee

  2226. 2226 : Parissa Says:

    I remember a comment in which somebody said that he was too thin!
    But I think he’s perfectly thin!

  2227. 2227 : Parissa Says:

    Yay, Me toooooooooooooooooooo

  2228. 2228 : rani Says:

    yay we will support him until the end!!!

  2229. 2229 : Parissa Says:

    JGS, you really have to come here once in a while!

  2230. 2230 : Parissa Says:

    Rani, let’s make him notice us!

  2231. 2231 : Parissa Says:

    Will he ever take a look at this page?

  2232. 2232 : rani Says:

    no his body is perfect
    i don´t like the typical idea of man´s body
    our oppa is breath-taking the way he is now

  2233. 2233 : Parissa Says:

    O I really want to hear his voice in person!

  2234. 2234 : rani Says:

    does he have a mail adress so we could send him the linke of this site

  2235. 2235 : rani Says:

    i want to hear it, too!!!!!!!!!!!

  2236. 2236 : Parissa Says:

    Yay, he is indeed!
    No faults!
    Nothing wrong!
    He’s great and perfect!

  2237. 2237 : rani Says:

    oppa please see whta we both are doing here for you!!!!
    you are the best!!!!!!!!

  2238. 2238 : Parissa Says:

    I don’t know 🙁
    He has a website but it is totally Korean!
    I can do nothing when I’m there:(

  2239. 2239 : Parissa Says:

    Yea Oppa!
    Just once!
    If you open this page, you’ll notice!

  2240. 2240 : rani Says:

    that so annoyed
    hes has fans all over the world
    please make his site in english, too

  2241. 2241 : Parissa Says:

    We can only wait here until he comes!

  2242. 2242 : rani Says:

    parissa when do they update the ranking here?

  2243. 2243 : Parissa Says:

    Yay, that’ll be great if they do so!

  2244. 2244 : rani Says:

    of course we will wait until he sees us

  2245. 2245 : Parissa Says:

    On Sundays I think!
    Coz it says it is updated weekly!

  2246. 2246 : Parissa Says:

    Just think about Sunday when he suddenly sees he has climbed up the rating list!

  2247. 2247 : Parissa Says:

    He’ll be shocked RANI!

  2248. 2248 : rani Says:

    it´s amazing what we both achieved here!!!!
    i´m so proud 😉

  2249. 2249 : Parissa Says:

    When he becomes the first one, we have to try and keep him up there!

  2250. 2250 : rani Says:

    yeah he will be happy for sure if he sees this!!!!

  2251. 2251 : Parissa Says:

    Yay, Me too RANI!
    Good you’re here!
    I was alone at first!
    I’m very happy you’re here toooooooo!

  2252. 2252 : rani Says:

    i believe in us!!!!
    we both will make him stay in the no1 position forever

  2253. 2253 : Parissa Says:

    I think he will!
    We just have to wait!
    Then what if he sends a comment here?
    I’ll faint!

  2254. 2254 : Parissa Says:

    We WILL

  2255. 2255 : Parissa Says:


  2256. 2256 : rani Says:

    truth to be said i admired your passion because i´m so possessed by him
    so i could feel with you!!!!
    i couldn´t leave your here alone!!!!

  2257. 2257 : Parissa Says:

    Only 50 more RANI!

  2258. 2258 : rani Says:

    maybe he will invite us to korea!!!!
    just imagine this possibility!!!

  2259. 2259 : Parissa Says:

    Thnx Rani, thnx!
    You’re a great FAN!
    A real one!

  2260. 2260 : rani Says:

    keep fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2261. 2261 : Parissa Says:

    Will he ever do this u think?

  2262. 2262 : Parissa Says:

    O just think about it!
    We’re there less than 1 meter far from him and he smiles at us!

  2263. 2263 : Parissa Says:

    I think we will either faint or cry of joy!

  2264. 2264 : rani Says:

    thanks parissa you are the best!
    by the way do you vote on the yahoo site as well?

  2265. 2265 : Parissa Says:

    Then he says Welcome to Korea
    And we both die!

  2266. 2266 : Parissa Says:

    Yay, I do!

  2267. 2267 : rani Says:

    i would faint for sure
    but before that i would hug him until he couldn´´t breath 😉

  2268. 2268 : Parissa Says:


  2269. 2269 : rani Says:


  2270. 2270 : Parissa Says:

    No i think i wouldn’t be able to move RANI!!!

  2271. 2271 : Parissa Says:

    Just think about it!

  2272. 2272 : Parissa Says:

    It’s the sweetest dream someone can have!

  2273. 2273 : rani Says:

    dear god hear us!!!
    please let him see this site and let him invite us to korea

  2274. 2274 : Parissa Says:

    RANI, we’re almost there!
    when we get to 2300, we’ll only need 60 comments to get there!

  2275. 2275 : rani Says:

    i would die happily thats for sure!

  2276. 2276 : Parissa Says:

    Yay, plzzzzzzzzzzz!
    Will u plz do this?

  2277. 2277 : rani Says:

    yeah we are getting more and more comments

  2278. 2278 : Parissa Says:

    Geun Suk Oppa!
    Will u?

  2279. 2279 : rani Says:

    JGS pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    only one time would be enough!!!!!!

  2280. 2280 : rani Says:


  2281. 2281 : Parissa Says:

    Just think about it a little!
    It will be very easy for you to do this!

  2282. 2282 : rani Says:

    you did read that there will be soon a new movie pairssa?

  2283. 2283 : Parissa Says:

    We just wanna see you in person!
    Just that!

  2284. 2284 : Parissa Says:

    Yay I did!
    I’m dying for it!

  2285. 2285 : Parissa Says:

    Rani let’s go to Korea!

  2286. 2286 : Parissa Says:

    I’m going crazy tonight!

  2287. 2287 : Parissa Says:

    I can’t stop thinking about him and listening to WITHOUT A WORD

  2288. 2288 : rani Says:

    if i would have the money i would fly immediatly to korea

  2289. 2289 : Parissa Says:

    You know the problem is that his site is in Korean and we can not see when does he have a fan meeting in Korea…

  2290. 2290 : rani Says:

    i am listening to it now

  2291. 2291 : Parissa Says:

    Well, what if we go and we can not see him at all?!
    He has to let us go…

  2292. 2292 : rani Says:

    yeah thats true they have to do it in english!!!! this way we can´t understand anything

  2293. 2293 : Parissa Says:

    plz plz!
    Just tell us when we can come and see u in person!

  2294. 2294 : rani Says:


  2295. 2295 : Parissa Says:

    Maybe he’ll let us know one day!
    Just wait for him to see his rank here!

  2296. 2296 : Parissa Says:


  2297. 2297 : Parissa Says:


  2298. 2298 : rani Says:

    parissa i think we are a bit like soulmates

  2299. 2299 : Parissa Says:

    My internet connection sucks!
    I can’t leave comments as fast as I want!
    Give me a 5!

  2300. 2300 : rani Says:

    partyyyyyyyy we are getting higher!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2301. 2301 : Parissa Says:

    Yay, of course we ARE!

  2302. 2302 : Parissa Says:

    Higher and higher and higher

  2303. 2303 : rani Says:

    i konw i have the same problem here
    or i´m to quick for this site!!!

  2304. 2304 : Parissa Says:

    Don’t u wanna see us here?

  2305. 2305 : rani Says:

    oh my god!!!!
    he will really get the first place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2306. 2306 : Parissa Says:

    I die for his voice…

  2307. 2307 : Parissa Says:

    He wiiiiiiiiill!

  2308. 2308 : rani Says:

    parissa its not his fault
    our oppa ist so busy!!!!
    we have to get his mail adress!!!!
    that the only way

  2309. 2309 : Parissa Says:

    RANI i’m very happy you’re here with me 🙂

  2310. 2310 : rani Says:


  2311. 2311 : rani Says:

    same here parissa 😉

  2312. 2312 : Parissa Says:

    How can we do this?
    First Rani, will u add me in yahoo messenger?

  2313. 2313 : Parissa Says:

    Are u sure he’s not an angel?!!!
    How can a human sing like that?
    He is absolutely an angel…

  2314. 2314 : rani Says:

    i´m so excited about his new movie
    the story itself is so sweet and funny and with our oppa in the main role it will be heaven

  2315. 2315 : Parissa Says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaay, it will be…

  2316. 2316 : rani Says:

    sorry parissa i don´t have a yahoo messenger 🙁

  2317. 2317 : rani Says:

    that could be
    an angel send by god

  2318. 2318 : Parissa Says:

    RANI, how can we get his email?

  2319. 2319 : rani Says:

    here we gooooo

  2320. 2320 : Parissa Says:

    Ok, then we’ll meet here 😉

  2321. 2321 : rani Says:

    i don´t know
    i will lokk in the internet maybe in some fan homepage or somewhere
    but we will find it
    there is nothing we both can´t do

  2322. 2322 : Parissa Says:

    RANI, we’ll do this tonight!
    To the 5th position!

  2323. 2323 : rani Says:

    it´s such a pity that not more people vote for him on the yahoo site
    they are to passive 🙁

  2324. 2324 : Parissa Says:

    Ok my friend! we will then!

  2325. 2325 : rani Says:

    me, too!!!

  2326. 2326 : rani Says:


  2327. 2327 : rani Says:


  2328. 2328 : rani Says:


  2329. 2329 : Parissa Says:

    Never mind RANI!
    You and ME are enough!

  2330. 2330 : rani Says:

    we are just amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2331. 2331 : Parissa Says:

    They don’t know what a shining star he is!

  2332. 2332 : Parissa Says:

    Yay! we are!

  2333. 2333 : Parissa Says:


  2334. 2334 : rani Says:

    but that make a bit sad he is so talanted and give us so much happiness
    don´t the other see that????
    such actors are rare

  2335. 2335 : Parissa Says:


  2336. 2336 : rani Says:


  2337. 2337 : Parissa Says:

    They are BLIND and DEAF!

  2338. 2338 : rani Says:


  2339. 2339 : rani Says:

    thats true 😉

  2340. 2340 : rani Says:

    JGS you are my only loveeeeeee

  2341. 2341 : Parissa Says:

    Have I ever told you that I first heard his song and I didn’t even know his name?
    Then I accidentally watched the series and BINGO!
    I found the PERFECT singer…

  2342. 2342 : rani Says:

    really? it was like destiny for you to find him 😉

  2343. 2343 : Parissa Says:

    You know RANI music is the blood in my veins…

  2344. 2344 : rani Says:

    parissa darling i have to leave you for a bit got a call
    but i will be back soon!!!!!!!

  2345. 2345 : Parissa Says:

    Yay, right!
    And think about it!
    Somebody so crazy about music as me, hearing such a voice…
    I was dying to know the singer and now I do and I adore him!

  2346. 2346 : Parissa Says:

    Ok. I’ll try to stay until you come back 🙂

  2347. 2347 : Parissa Says:


  2348. 2348 : Parissa Says:

    you’re my A.N.JELL…

  2349. 2349 : Parissa Says:

    You, with this kind smile….

  2350. 2350 : Parissa Says:


  2351. 2351 : Parissa Says:


  2352. 2352 : Parissa Says:

    Is that right ? 😉

  2353. 2353 : Parissa Says:

    Just a little more babe!

  2354. 2354 : Parissa Says:

    And u’ll be up there where you deserve to be >:D<

  2355. 2355 : Parissa Says:

    The 1st position only suits you!

  2356. 2356 : Parissa Says:

    You and nobody else!

  2357. 2357 : Parissa Says:


  2358. 2358 : Parissa Says:


  2359. 2359 : Parissa Says:


  2360. 2360 : Parissa Says:


  2361. 2361 : Parissa Says:


  2362. 2362 : Parissa Says:


  2363. 2363 : Parissa Says:

    And we get closer!

  2364. 2364 : Parissa Says:

    And closer!

  2365. 2365 : Parissa Says:

    Ok Rani, I leave the rest to you…
    It’s almost 12 here and I’m dying to go to bed…
    I’ll be here tomorrow morning!

  2366. 2366 : rani Says:

    yeah he derseves the pole position!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2367. 2367 : Parissa Says:

    Now HE is the SIXTH!
    We’ll get him to the 5th tomorrow, ok?
    See u later 🙂

  2368. 2368 : Parissa Says:

    O thanx God u’r back RANI

  2369. 2369 : rani Says:

    ok parissa 😉
    good night!!!!
    i hope you dream about our oppa

  2370. 2370 : Parissa Says:

    I’ll leave the rest to you ok?

  2371. 2371 : Parissa Says:

    I hope so but then I will never wanna wake uppppppppp!

    Good night Rani
    Good night Oppa!
    I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  2372. 2372 : rani Says:

    yeah donßt worry

  2373. 2373 : rani Says:


  2374. 2374 : rani Says:


  2375. 2375 : rani Says:

    everything is for your smile oppa!!!!!!!!!
    i hope you will one day see what parissa and me do for you
    and that you smile your bright simle for us!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2376. 2376 : rani Says:

    by the way i would accept a necklace from you anytime!!!!!
    it would make me so happy!!!!!!!!!

  2377. 2377 : rani Says:

    parissa and me will make you no1 everywhere

  2378. 2378 : rani Says:


  2379. 2379 : rani Says:


  2380. 2380 : rani Says:

    oh i´m a bit confused wrote the wrong number hahaha

  2381. 2381 : rani Says:

    i will go on until 2300!!!!!!!!!!!

  2382. 2382 : rani Says:

    i mean 2400 hahaha
    it happened again

  2383. 2383 : rani Says:

    i love the song promise
    the three of them sing so well together
    like in the drama they worked really well in it!!!!!s

  2384. 2384 : rani Says:


  2385. 2385 : rani Says:


  2386. 2386 : rani Says:


  2387. 2387 : rani Says:


  2388. 2388 : rani Says:

    oppa we loooooooooooooove you

  2389. 2389 : rani Says:

    you have such a shining aura!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it just gives me a warm comfortable feeling
    and i forget all the worries!!!!!!!!!!!
    thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

  2390. 2390 : rani Says:

    everybody please support our oppa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Go to this link and push the blue button under his pic


    i know you love him like parissa and me do
    so help him to be no.1!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2391. 2391 : rani Says:


  2392. 2392 : rani Says:


  2393. 2393 : rani Says:


  2394. 2394 : rani Says:

    you are my sunshineeeeeeeee

  2395. 2395 : rani Says:

    you give me a reason to smile!!!

  2396. 2396 : rani Says:

    and thanks to you i met parissa!!!! 😉

  2397. 2397 : rani Says:


  2398. 2398 : rani Says:


  2399. 2399 : rani Says:

    😉 2400 😉

  2400. 2400 : doris Says:

    RANI, sori for the late reply I was about to sleep when i posted the question..
    I’m from sydney…

  2401. 2401 : SiSSie Says:

    congratulations on new project!you’re really gd actor with gorgeus look,so i know it will be very succesfull whether its movie or drama so we’ll just have to wait…

  2402. 2402 : Parissa Says:

    Just 50 more to get another position higher!

  2403. 2403 : Parissa Says:

    Ok, here we goooooo

  2404. 2404 : Parissa Says:

    We’re great RANI!

  2405. 2405 : Parissa Says:


  2406. 2406 : Parissa Says:


  2407. 2407 : Parissa Says:

    Will you let RANI and me come and see you one day?

  2408. 2408 : Parissa Says:

    U just tell us when to come and we’ll be there!

  2409. 2409 : Parissa Says:

    We just wanna see you in person, ok?

  2410. 2410 : Parissa Says:


  2411. 2411 : Parissa Says:


  2412. 2412 : Parissa Says:


  2413. 2413 : Parissa Says:


  2414. 2414 : Parissa Says:


  2415. 2415 : Parissa Says:

    What’s wrong with this website today? 🙁

  2416. 2416 : Parissa Says:

    I can’t send comments as fast as yesterday Oppa!
    It keeps saying ‘you’re posting comments too quickly’

  2417. 2417 : Parissa Says:


  2418. 2418 : Parissa Says:

    plz take a look at this page..

  2419. 2419 : Parissa Says:

    Rani and I will support you until the end >:D<

  2420. 2420 : Parissa Says:

    We’ll get u up there and keep you up there forever :*

  2421. 2421 : Parissa Says:


  2422. 2422 : Parissa Says:


  2423. 2423 : Parissa Says:


  2424. 2424 : Parissa Says:


  2425. 2425 : Parissa Says:

    You tell me! Who canbe as lovely as you?!!!

  2426. 2426 : Parissa Says:


  2427. 2427 : Parissa Says:


  2428. 2428 : Parissa Says:

    Today, we’ll get you to the 4th position!

  2429. 2429 : Parissa Says:

    Just ahev faith in us, ok?!

  2430. 2430 : Parissa Says:

    I heard u use CRI so much in your sentences…
    So I love it!

  2431. 2431 : Parissa Says:

    I love everything about you!

  2432. 2432 : Parissa Says:

    I’m leaving for a while…
    We just need 20 more to get to the 5th position!


  2433. 2433 : eds ayes Says:

    hi! I do like watching again and again your t.v series you’re beautiful, I like you because you are good looking and charming, I like your smile too.
    hope i can listen to all your song..take care and have a nice day!

  2434. 2434 : rani Says:

    ok parissa you did a great job!

  2435. 2435 : rani Says:


  2436. 2436 : rani Says:

    closer and closer……….

  2437. 2437 : rani Says:

    this site drives me crazy today

  2438. 2438 : rani Says:


  2439. 2439 : rani Says:

    😉 2440 😉

  2440. 2440 : rani Says:

    Go to this link and push the blue button under his pic


    please support our JGS

  2441. 2441 : rani Says:

    oppa please ,parissa and me want so see you sooooooooo badly
    please invite us!!!!

  2442. 2442 : rani Says:

    we will make him no.1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2443. 2443 : rani Says:

    “you are posting your comments to quick. slow down”

  2444. 2444 : rani Says:


  2445. 2445 : rani Says:

    my beloved JGS
    i hope someday you will see our efforts!!!!!!!!!!

  2446. 2446 : rani Says:

    fighting 🙂

  2447. 2447 : rani Says:


  2448. 2448 : rani Says:


  2449. 2449 : rani Says:

    only about 13 left than our oppa is one position higer in this ranking!!!!

  2450. 2450 : rani Says:

    JGS your are so cute my darling!!!!!
    and ißm dying to see as momo in your new movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2451. 2451 : rani Says:


  2452. 2452 : rani Says:

    and one more comment!!!!!!!!

  2453. 2453 : rani Says:


  2454. 2454 : rani Says:

    Go to this link and push the blue button under his pic

    its very important to support our oppa
    we would make him so happy
    so fighting
    please vote for meeeee

  2455. 2455 : rani Says:


  2456. 2456 : rani Says:

    2457 😉

  2457. 2457 : rani Says:

    please oppa take me with you!!!!!!

  2458. 2458 : rani Says:


  2459. 2459 : rani Says:


  2460. 2460 : rani Says:

    please only one time smile for meeeeeee!!!!

  2461. 2461 : rani Says:


  2462. 2462 : rani Says:

    we are very closeeee

  2463. 2463 : rani Says:

    2464 😉

  2464. 2464 : rani Says:

    with this comment we got him one position higher!!!!
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  2465. 2465 : rani Says:

    please keep fighting guys
    i have to leave now
    please support our oppa!!!!!!

  2466. 2466 : ..yanzhe_19 Says:

    ..josh..gwapo moh talaga..
    ..im so excited n mapanood ung show moh s abs-cbn..

  2467. 2467 : ..yanzhe_19 Says:

    ..i know na magi2ng click ang “YOU`RE BEAUTIFUL” here in philippines..
    ,,guyz u should watch this..kakilig!!!!!!
    ..its been 7 yrs ..bumalik ulit xa s SBS!!!

  2468. 2468 : ..yanzhe_19 Says:

    <3 <3 <3

  2469. 2469 : orange Says:

    ano ba yan, kung ano nlng ma comment ng mga tao dito!

  2470. 2470 : nadia Says:

    i wanna marry u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2471. 2471 : ammk Says:

    jgs is the best actor n yab is the best drama ever.(seriously) . I’m so addicted to jgs n yab. What should i do?

  2472. 2472 : Kare Says:

    Omg!i just cant get enough w/ jgs..i just finished watching you’re beautiful 2 days ago,1st time to watch his acting..since then ive been watching his movies..soooo adorable..even his serious looks nor when his smiling..still amazing.. Love love love ur beautiful.. His looks there omg!!more jgs project..looking forward to it..

  2473. 2473 : carol Says:

    otokaji hyungnim? two thumbs up! you’re the coolest. eels…

  2474. 2474 : asemreq Says:

    so jgs is 5’9?
    even if, his so yummy and delicious……………….i love you jgs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2475. 2475 : asemreq Says:

    he have upcoming drama you are my pet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i’m so happy to know…………….. i can’t wait long enough…………….
    i love you jgs…………….

  2476. 2476 : neda Says:

    Jang Geun Suk

  2477. 2477 : Parissa Says:

    plz let me leave comments!
    This isn’t fair!

  2478. 2478 : ling Says:

    reali? new drama? i cant wait! 🙂

  2479. 2479 : sander Says:

    your my favourite ator and i love your style.i can met u one day in myanmar.

  2480. 2480 : rani Says:

    didi you notice guys???
    oupr oppa is now 5th in the ranking 🙂

  2481. 2481 : diwi Says:

    JGS i love you
    you are such a great actor!!!!

  2482. 2482 : diwi Says:

    parissa its me rani
    do you have the same problem???
    i can´t write comments under the name of rani!!
    did we write to much comments???
    if you read this write me here with a new name!!!
    it was all for our oppa!!!!

  2483. 2483 : hasi Says:

    parissa its me rani
    do you have the same problem???
    i can´t write comments under the name of rani!!
    did we write to much comments???
    if you read this write me here with a new name!!!
    it was all for our oppa!!!!

  2484. 2484 : nadjali Says:

    JGS i´m looking forward to your new project!!!

  2485. 2485 : pooja Says:

    your acting in “your are beautiful” was amazing!!!!
    and your voice is not bad at all!!!
    i hope to see you soon again in good dramas/movies

  2486. 2486 : jewel Says:

    you are my pet is a movie

  2487. 2487 : rania Says:

    hi Jan Geun Suk
    i loved your acting in you are beautiful!
    you have such a warm shining smile!
    i think i´m in love wiht your smile!
    and i am excited to see you as Momo in kimi wa pet
    in the japanes version the role was played by matsumoto jun and he was very good but i´m sure you will do a great job as well!

  2488. 2488 : amala Says:

    hello JGS
    after watching your last drama i became a big fan of you!
    i read about your up comimg movie!!!
    i´m sure it will great
    kiss and hugs

  2489. 2489 : Bhavya Says:

    namaste JGS 🙂
    i´m from india and a huge fan of your acting!!!
    i know the japanese version of kimi wat pet (the manga was great as well)
    with matsumoto jun as momo he was really great.
    but i´m sure your acting of this role will be good as well!

  2490. 2490 : manya Says:

    JGS my darling!!!!
    wow i´m really impressed of your acting skill!!!
    while watching i forgot everything around me!!!!!
    you are just to sweet to be real!!!
    hope to see you one day in person!!!!

  2491. 2491 : nadjali Says:

    hey guys there is a voting on this yahoo site but JGS is only 3th
    please vote for him

    the people above him have so much votes but maybe we can make him no.1 he derseves the award in my opinion.
    you only have to push the blue button.
    you can vote as much as you want. you only have to wait 10 seconds!


  2492. 2492 : jewel Says:

    nobody in this site seem to care about jgs whether he will win or not. i have been begging for them to help in the voting but not one responded. i wonder what all of these people are thinking!!!

  2493. 2493 : jewel Says:

    i really believe he deserve that award more than anybody else but what can i do? first place is running at around a million votes and jgs only have 180k at 3rd?! whats that?!

  2494. 2494 : nadjali Says:

    jewel is right
    please support him!!!
    you only have to push the bue button!!!

  2495. 2495 : taniala Says:

    i love youuuu JGS!!!!!

  2496. 2496 : jks4ever Says:

    I think Sukkie next project will be drama, wahh can’t wait to see it!! I’ve been read somewhere that he want to make another a romantic comedy project about relationship between young man n noona so the kimi wa petto is so perfect for his wish..hahaha..i can’t imagine he become a pet after playing the eccentric n cool Hwang tae Kyung but after reading the manga, i think he can do it cause he’s the talented actor!! but what come in my mind, why recently kdrama are exposing the relationship between young man n noona, starting with kimbum, lee min hoo, si won n now sukkie? are these the new trends? n is the Japanese version a film, not a drama?

  2497. 2497 : jams Says:

    hi! jang geun suk how i wish u make another korean novela with park shin hye i love u both…i love ur tandem it so natural.

  2498. 2498 : jams Says:

    i will wait for you’re next project with park shin hye i love youuuuu!

  2499. 2499 : taniala Says:

    the japanese version of kimi wa pet is a drama
    the korean version will become a movie!
    i´m sure it will be a huge success because our JGS is perfect for the role as momo
    i think i will die of happiness if i see him as momo!!!!

  2500. 2500 : karina Says:

    JGS you are the sweetest actor of korea!!!

  2501. 2501 : yuuki Says:

    JGS you are my dream!!!!
    you are such a talanted actor i hope to see you in many dramas in the future!
    and i´m very happy that they chose you for the role of momo!!!!

  2502. 2502 : bunny Says:

    how can a man be soooooooooooooooooo cute
    you can express so much with your eyes its amazing!!!!
    i´m so happy that you became an actor!!!!!

  2503. 2503 : manya Says:

    does anyone know who will act together with JGS in kimi wa pet?

  2504. 2504 : amala Says:

    i hope to see you smile for me one time!!!

  2505. 2505 : jennifer Says:

    oppa i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2506. 2506 : sakura Says:

    i would die for your smile
    you are a great actor!!
    keep fighting!!!

  2507. 2507 : jandili Says:

    hi oppa!!!
    i love your acting but your voice is great as well.
    i´m sure you could be a good singer
    and i hope there will be a second season of YBA

  2508. 2508 : jaqueline Says:

    suki my darling
    you are most talanted korean actor!!!
    god bless you!!!!

  2509. 2509 : dana Says:

    you have the sweetest smile i have ever seen in my life!!!!!
    and your actings skills aver impressing!!!

  2510. 2510 : madame Says:

    suk i love your smile, your style, your voice, the expression in your eyes,
    the way you talk, walk, dance…
    i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    please marry me 🙂

  2511. 2511 : yorichan Says:

    keep fighting oppa
    you are the best
    hope to see you one day in person
    god bless you!!!!!!

  2512. 2512 : hana Says:

    oppa i´m looking forward to your next movie
    i want so see you so badly as momo

  2513. 2513 : manya Says:

    suki you are the best!!!!

  2514. 2514 : nina Says:

    you are amazing 🙂

  2515. 2515 : zeynep Says:

    you are my sunshine

  2516. 2516 : tinalimi Says:

    after your last drama i have fallen in love with you!!!
    such a natural acting
    you have a great charisma

  2517. 2517 : madame Says:

    Go to this link and push the blue button under his pic


    and here the link to vote for YAB

    link here

    please help him and his last drama
    if you really are a fan that you have to vote!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2518. 2518 : sakura Says:

    i love your voice
    i mean your ordinary voice when you are speaking
    you have such a cute way to speak
    please be in my dream this night 😉

  2519. 2519 : sakura Says:

    our oppa is so cute
    just look at this!

  2520. 2520 : sakura Says:

    and here my absoulte favourite
    he is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    i could eat him!!!!

  2521. 2521 : Bhavya Says:

    you are so damn good- looking
    i can´t take it anymore 😉

  2522. 2522 : Bhavya Says:

    you can get sweet kisses and hugs from me oppa!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    check this video he is talking about his ideal girlfriend
    basically he is talking about me 😉 hahaha

  2523. 2523 : Bhavya Says:

    oh i forgot the link here
    he is so sweet

  2524. 2524 : mesme Says:

    i´m from australia and loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee you
    i just wanted to say that, that you have fans here, too
    my friends and me are crazy over you
    i want a sweet boyfriend like you!!!

  2525. 2525 : tikki Says:

    i´m so happy to see you soon in your new movie
    i missed your smile
    god bless you

  2526. 2526 : tikki Says:

    does someone know who will play with JGS in the movie

  2527. 2527 : manula Says:

    keep up the excellent work!

  2528. 2528 : Parissa Says:

    We did it!

  2529. 2529 : ammk Says: