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Jang Ja Yun


Name: 장자연 / Jang Ja Yun (Jang Ja Yeon)
Profession: Model, actress
Birthdate: 1980-Jan-25
Death: 2009-Mar-07 (suicide)
Height: 168cm
Family: One sister and one brother

About Jang Ja Yun

Jang Ja Yun was an actress who began earning a lot of recognition for her minor roles in several movies and TV dramas. Recently, she walked the red carpet at the 45th Baeksang Awards and was going to debut on the big screen with two new upcoming movies. Her most recent drama is the hit TV series, “Boys Before Flowers.” She portrayed Sunny who was in the Jin-Sun-Mi trio, a group of mean girls who pick on the female protagonist. The staff and crew of “Boys Before Flowers” said that Jang was “always bright and positive, with a lot of passion for acting.”

On March 7th, 2009, Jang Ja Yun’s suicide sent shock waves across Korea. She was found dead in her home in Bundang. According to the local police, Jang had committed suicide by hanging herself from a railing along the stairs in her home. She was discovered around 7:34 PM by her sister.

Another piece of news about Jang was reported a few days ago. A letter that was written by the Korean actress before her death was discovered. She had addressed the letter to her manager, Yun, claiming that her former manager, named Kim, had verbally abused her and physically assaulted her. The letter claimed that she was forced to have sex with high-profile figures in the entertainment business. The letter brings up the possibility that Jang’s suicide was not only out of depression, originally thought to be caused by the death of her parents ten years ago. After revealing the letter, her current manager Yun also attempted suicide to avoid backlash from releasing the letter. He is currently recovering in the hospital.

Police are still investigating the letter as of now.

Jang joins a growing list of Korean celebrities such as Choi Jin Shil and Ahn Jae Hwan, who have committed suicide in recent years.

TV Series

Boys Before Flowers (KBS2, 2009)
My Lovely Fool (SBS, 2006)



Jang Ja Yun was found dead in her home in Bundang on March 7th, 2009


  1. 1 : Queency Says:

    May you rest in peace..

  2. 2 : pinky10 Says:

    Hopely U can Rest In Peace beside GOD!!!

  3. 3 : paula Says:

    OMG! is that true ???


    may you rest in peace

  4. 4 : rose Says:


    may you rest in peace

    but why??

  5. 5 : muthe cute Says:

    why must suicide?U’re beautiful girl.

    so,I hope u’re rest in peace…..

  6. 6 : roan Says:

    why did u do dat girL ….may u rest in peace ..

  7. 7 : roan Says:

    ur beutyfuL…so sorry 4 u girl

  8. 8 : elsa Says:

    im so shock when i knew tha news about u qz i lyk u p naman…
    may u rest in peace although u died in suicide

  9. 9 : Shaina Mae M. Rondin Says:

    Im sure you are buttyful

  10. 10 : jam Says:

    may you rest in peace..
    i like your character in “boys before flowers(boys over flowers)”, the people of the philippines was so addicted about this movie…

  11. 11 : roza Says:

    oh im sorry

  12. 12 : dark Says:

    so sad. such a beautiful girl and still so young. i cant help but wonder why did she succumb to such abuse and willing to have sex with those people, she has personal assets to be in the business, i think, without having to undergo the unsavory stuff. i suppose that is the dark side of the glamorous entertainment business.

  13. 13 : ojaswi Says:

    OMG!!!r u really dead….its such a sad news…anyways u were great in boys before flower…

  14. 14 : Junebee Says:

    Very sad. I am certain I read about her death when it happened since I’ve been reading the English-language pages of Korea Times and Chosun Ilbo for many years now. Really sorry to hear one of the actors of BBF had such a tragic ending. Sympathy to the family.

  15. 15 : tintin Says:

    the downside of show business… her death was very controversial… wherever she is, may she found peace.

  16. 16 : jay Says:

    Am just getting 2 watch dis movie now and am also getting de sad news now. Why do u have 2 take ur life. Ur life was so PRECIOUS 2 many above all 2 GOD. In ur next life, DON’T try dat again no matter what. Rest in piece

  17. 17 : jjjjj Says:

    oh , im sorry for you may god blessed you ,

  18. 18 : Albina Rai Says:

    May her soul rise in peace .May God give strength to her family to endure this grief.The criminal of her death will be punished along all his life .It was her contribution that she let the letter left over to expose the truth behind the fairytale of of entainment world.God bless her soul.

  19. 19 : killthoseassholes Says:

    They need to execute these pricks starting with her manager by cutting him open and hanging the coward by his guts. These pricks who use their power to exploit should be killed and gutted like the animals that they are. They like sex so much they should be forced to have sex with a moving blender! These pricks are the cancer of society, these human traffickers. Let us hope she is taking her revenge on these cancerous pricks and their families. Let them suffer and experience pain as well! Where death is the only escape.

  20. 20 : jjjj Says:


  21. 21 : her Says:

    jang ja yun , he’ll waiting for you , good luck !

  22. 22 : Herugryg Says:

    yup Hell Wait !!

  23. 23 : Charlote Says:

    Hey why you say that !?

  24. 24 : Dordrecht Says:


  25. 25 : Dirani Says:

    WhatTheFuckIsThat !!!

  26. 26 : Gi Raim Says:

    Hey Pig ! Do you want to eat smelly sock ?! Islam Is Great Religion In The World !!

  27. 27 : kim hye jeong Says:

    Can you all please stop fighting
    Yes its true whenever they are good and kind
    If they not in Allah S.W.T religion
    They will place in hell
    But if they in Islam
    InshaaAllah they in heaven
    We from Islam just tell you all that not in Islam
    Its depend on you to believe or not
    We Islam religion believe it because it has written in al-Quran.
    Thank you
    And I’m sorry be our Islam side.
    Please again don` t fight.

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