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Jang Kwang

Name: 장광 / Jang Kwang
Profession: Actor, Dubber
Birthdate: 1951-Jan-05
Birthplace: South Korea

TV Series

Moonshine (KBS2, 2021)
Melancholia (tvN, 2021)
Dali and Cocky Prince (KBS2, 2021)
Oh My Baby (tvN, 2020)
When My Love Blooms (tvN, 2020)
The Game: Towards Zero (MBC, 2020)
Leverage (CSTV, 2019)
Mung Bean Flower (SBS, 2019)
The Crowned Clown (tvN, 2019)
About Time (tvN, 2018)
Mystery Queen 2 (KBS2, 2018)
Children of a Lesser God (OCN, 2018)
Cross (tvN, 2018)
A Korean Odyssey (tvN, 2017)
Bad Thief, Good Thief (MBC, 2017)
Teacher Oh Soon Nam (MBC, 2017)
Mystery Queen (KBS2, 2017)
Defendant (SBS, 2017)
Moonlight Drawn by Clouds (KBS2, 2016)
Jang Young Shil (KBS, 2016)
Memory (tvN, 2016)
Moorim School (KBS2, 2016)
Yong Pal (SBS, 2015)
Hwajung (MBC, 2015)
Missing Noir M (OCN, 2015)
Unkind Women (KBS2, 2015)
Super Daddy Yeol (tvN, 2015)
Pinocchio (SBS, 2014)
Fated to Love You (MBC, 2014)
Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Team (tvN, 2014)
Gap Dong (tvN, 2014)
Jung Yi, The Goddess of Fire (MBC, 2013)
All About My Romance (SBS, 2013)
Bridal Mask (KBS2, 2012)


Ordinary People (2018)
60 Days of Summer (2018)
The Great Battle (2018)
The Negotiation (2018)
Along With the Gods: The Last 49 Days (2018)
Stand by Me (2018)
Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds (2017)
Roman Holiday (2017)
Ordinary Person (2017)
Will You Be There? (2016)
Bad Guys Always Die (2015)
Collective Invention (2015)
Untouchable Lawmen (2015)
Minor Views (2014)
Tabloid Truth (2014)
Miss Granny (2014)
The Plan Man (2014)
Are You Ready? (2013) narration
New World (2013)
Secretly, Greatly (2013)
The Snow Queen (2013) Korean dubbing
Pinocchio (2013) Korean dubbing
Confession of Murder (2012)
26 Years (2012)
Masquerade (2012)
Sammy’s Adventures 2 (2012) Korean dubbing
The Outback (2012) Korean dubbing
Ernest & Celestine (2012) Korean dubbing
The Crucible (2011)
Alpha and Omega (2011) Korean dubbing
Magic Journey to Africa (2011) Korean dubbing
Detective Conan : The Lost Ship in the Sky (2010) Korean dubbing
Shrek Forever After (2010) Korean dubbing
Audition (2008) dubbing
Maru’s Fantasy Trip (2001) dubbing


  1. 1 : Gap Dong (갑동이) | styrn Says:

    […] In Ki as Cha Do Hyeok – Hyun Woo as Do Hyuk (young) Kang Nam Gil as Han Sang Hoon Jang Kwang as Monk Jinjo Jo Ji Hwan as Lee Hyung Nyeon Choo Soo Hyun as Oh Young […]

  2. 2 : Pinocchio (피노키오) | styrn Says:

    […] Jang Kwang as headmaster (ep 1) Im Sung Hoon (임성훈) as quiz program MC (ep 1,2) Woo Hyun as homeroom teacher (ep 1-3) Choi Jong Hoon as factory worker (ep 1) Ahn Sun Young as broadcasting writer (ep 1-2) Kim Young Joon as neighbor with Pinocchio Syndrome (ep 1-2) Yoon Jin Young (윤진영) as firefighter (ep 1) Jung Woong in as Min Joon Gook (ep 2) Jang Hang Joon as movie director (ep 2) Lee Bo Young as voice navigation Hye Sung (voice only, ep 3) Kim Min Young as Sung Hyun Joo / daughter of the deceased diet (ep 7) Hong Hyun Hee (홍현희) as Teacher Yoon Park Gil Soo as Jo Jang Woo / bus company owner (ep 12) Yoon Sang Hyun as Cha Gwan Woo (ep 12) Lee Joon as a celebrity (ep 19) Kim Hak Rae (김학래) as photographer (ep 20) Kang Nam (강남) as a university student (ep 20) Oh Seung Ah as MSC new reporter interviewee (ep 20) Kim Hyung Gon as MSC new reporter interviewee (ep 20) Maeng Seung Ji as YGN new reporter (ep 20) Shin Jae Ha as YGN new reporter (ep 20) […]

  3. 3 : Memory (기억) (2016) - Asian Dramas Reviews Says:

    […] Hyo Jung as Kim Soon Hee (Tae Suk’s mother) Jang Kwang as Park Chul Min (Tae Suk’s father) Park Joon Geum as Jang Mee Lee Nam Da Reum as Park Jung Kyu […]

  4. 4 : Yong Pal (용팔이) (2015) - Asian Dramas Reviews Says:

    […] Han Chang Joo (Yeo Jin’s father) Choi Byung Mo as Secretary Min (Han Do Joon’s assistant) Jang Kwang as President Go Nam Myung Ryul as Chae Yeong’s father Kwon Tae Won as security chief Kim Min Chan […]

  5. 5 : Drama "Cross" - un thriller medical de neratat - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] Jin Sung – Son Yun Hee Jang Kwang– Son Young Shik Kim Jong Goo – Lee Sang Hoon Kim Byung Choon – Park Doo Gil […]

  6. 6 : Korean Drama Review AKO | Drama and Show Reviews & Recommendations Says:

    […] Oh Yeon Seo as Jin Seon Mi, Kal So Won as Jin Seon Mi (young), Lee Hong Ki as Jeo Pal Gye/P.K, Jang Kwang as Yoon Dae Sik, Sung Hyuk as Winter General / Summer Fairy Ha, Kim Sung Oh as Lee Han Joo, Lee El […]

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