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Name: JB
Real name: 임재범 / Im Jae Bum
Profession: Actor, Singer
Birthdate: 1994-01-06
Height: 179cm
Weight: 63kg
Blood Type: A
Star sign: Capricorn
Education: Sewon High School
KPOP group: JJ Project (Leader) , GOT7 (Leader)

TV Drama

Dream Knight (Naver TVCast, 2015)
When A Man Loves (MBC, 2013)
Dream High Season 2 (KBS2, 2012)


He tied first (along with Jr.) in JYPE’s fifth open audition.

Related Photo

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  1. 1 : yuya Says:

    When he was born? Anyway I’m the first comen, I think his act good.

  2. 2 : admin Says:


    We just update his profile. Please take a look.

  3. 3 : nana Says:

    i didn’t know this was his first drama, well now i do. his acting is good.

  4. 4 : dianaaja Says:

    did he is a boyband guy?

  5. 5 : H$U L㥠Says:

    I lv his acting,daebaek!!!he also looks cute!hee hee^#^

  6. 6 : b2uty0625 Says:

    TOTALY love his acting!!! and he is so handsome!! =^.^=

  7. 7 : Wan yi Says:


  8. 8 : Jelly Says:

    I love you JB oppa.
    you only one year older than me.^^
    But plz love jiyeon unni.I really love JJ couple(jiyeon and jb)

  9. 9 : snowhite Says:

    JB ur my favorite new comer actor..
    handsome and i like ur voice..
    i love JB and Jiyeon couple 🙂

  10. 10 : CUTIE Says:


  11. 11 : princessofangel012 Says:

    JB is very cute and I wanna know his singer group. JB is fighting.

  12. 12 : Qing Says:

    he looks cute in dream high..and is he in any kpop group?what is the group’s name(if he is one of the members in any kpop group)?

  13. 13 : coraea Says:

    oh!! one year older then me!!!? his smile is so cute :3 love him in dream high 2 ^^ he’s a JYP trainee <333 JB FIGHTING ^^

  14. 14 : Hi Yi Deun Says:

    Is really good. (=^.^=)

  15. 15 : luna Says:

    love him!
    he had a cute butt guys..

  16. 16 : ieyra malaysia Says:

    what!!your age same with me…
    but you look so matured…
    omo~you’re korean..
    im girl from malaysian..

  17. 17 : ctee malaysia Says:

    good acting…i like it….we love it….:)hwaiting!!!!!

  18. 18 : ctee malaysia Says:

    we want see more picture of JB….

  19. 19 : fizz2772 Says:

    I’ve already fallen in luv wid him 😀

  20. 20 : El_ha indonesia Says:

    Hemm love you JB

  21. 21 : dianne Says:

    he is a good actor.. i love the way you smile and how to moves..:))

  22. 22 : Levista Chel Says:

    JB, you’re so cute.. When i tell my boyfriend about you.. we had a fight cuz he think that i like u more than him.. But I say that’s not true.. But deep inside my heart… I love you more than him. (^_^)

  23. 23 : merry Says:

    he is cute
    i love you opa

  24. 24 : mary Says:

    please marry with me

  25. 25 : princess Says:

    your smile is soo cute JB!!!
    altough you still need to learn on acting, but i like youu ^^

    fightiinggg with love spirit for princess noona ^^

  26. 26 : pinayito Says:

    omg . . wth did you use JB ? I really love you and I want to post I <3 JB as my profile in facebook but I'm afriad my friends will think that it's Justin Bieber . . omo omo, I hate Justin Bieber

  27. 27 : sany Says:

    I like jb very much he is very cute & lovely

  28. 28 : kiara Says:

    i don’t know he’s just 1 year younger than me..although he looked cute,i though he is al least older than me..
    y i always admire someone who is younger than me!><

  29. 29 : chowchie Says:

    You are sooooo cute JB <33333

  30. 30 : Kaka Says:

    I like JB ^_^!!!!!!!!!!!!so cute^_^!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. 31 : Sheyunic Says:

    JB i like very much.. you’r so cute n sweet 🙂

  32. 32 : unname Says:

    he’s just some like us ….we are cute and lovely as well the only difference is we are not famous we are special as well so dont waste ur energy saying omg omg he is cute or she is cute just focus on urself and try to be the best like them cuze that’s what ppl like him do

  33. 33 : bdoor Says:

    hi ..
    jp oppa i looooove soo much ..
    i hope to see u face to face .. and if i see u i will give u a huge …. sooory but i love u …

    … goooooooooooooooooood luck …..

  34. 34 : 한 하 림 Says:

    난 당신이 더 많은 영화를 재생할 수 있습니다 바란다

  35. 35 : kim hyuna94 Says:


  36. 36 : audience Says:

    I like JB, but it’s hard to search something about him in internet..very little information about him..someone help me?

  37. 37 : Iyafishy Says:

    is he a trainee of JYP?
    her name remembered me about Park Jae Beom!!

  38. 38 : krystal Says:

    oppa… sarang heyo

  39. 39 : Penelope Says:

    I numo numo numo numo numo numo numo numo numo chua JB!!!! cant wait till he debut with JR.. i totally fell inlove with jb in dream high2 in ep 4 while he danced around Sora and i just love his voice 😀

  40. 40 : nisa Says:

    oppa i love you so much *-*
    can’t believe it too, we’re have the same age 😀 huwaaa so happy!
    i’ve been crazier because of you in Dream High 2 kekeke
    you amazingly daebak 😉
    keep fighting oppa~ :* 🙂

  41. 41 : niyat Says:

    i love u JB someone help me how can i get jb info

  42. 42 : 신 지현 Says:

    오빠! 당신의 검은 머리카락을 싫어 ..하지 않은 화가? 하하하 : D
    난 당신에게 금발 머리를 선호 .. 당신은 <3 위세 당당 보이
    글쎄, 난 당신을 지원리겠습니다 .. 파이팅! <3

  43. 43 : shifora Says:

    o ur tooooo cool jb i like ur acting in dream high and hope u will keep ur popularity on, over nepal too u have got a long line of fans so keep it up.fighting!!!!!!!!!

  44. 44 : SHIMA Says:

    JB…..so cute…i like U a lot since i have seen dream high 2 .
    U and me are in the same age.i don t know where i can download your musics.i love them……. .can somebody help me about it?
    one more thing….i am an Iranian.

  45. 45 : Choden Says:

    JB Oppa sarangheyo…<3<3
    i really like u…when u cry u look choooo cute…^_^

  46. 46 : YOPUTA... Says:

    im jae bum saranghe!!!!!!!

  47. 47 : shohreh shi Says:

    I do not believe JB is 4 years younger than i…

  48. 48 : tharundi Says:

    he is one of da best

  49. 49 : tharundi Says:

    love ya 🙂

  50. 50 : jassica Reem khalil Says:

    I LOVE U JB so much ……….

  51. 51 : juna Says:

    i love u so much jb

  52. 52 : theint Says:

    so cute

  53. 53 : rock killler Says:

    hi you are very cute sis…..

  54. 54 : jecel Says:

    he’s super cute…i love you jb ..

  55. 55 : mae1136 Says:

    jb ur sooo cute and handsome, im ur big fan looking forward for ur new drama…

  56. 56 : Enkoli khiangte Says:

    So hansome n sarag geeee

  57. 57 : Lolit Caruncho Says:

    I became your fan since Dreamhigh 2. I hope that you can have more dramas to star in. You are a very good actor even at such a young age. Fighting!

  58. 58 : sunshine Says:


  59. 59 : yzsha Says:

    so cute 🙂 He has one of the most beautiful smile I ever saw. hope to see you in person Im Jae Bum ♥

  60. 60 : krissy Says:

    i’m looking forward for ur next drama. such a good dancer singer and actor. i just hate the way you & lyan ended up in dream high2

  61. 61 : mba Says:

    I became your fan since Dreamhigh 2. I hope that you can have more dramas to star in. You are a very good actor even at such a young age.love you . your so cut

  62. 62 : :) Says:

    ı think he is ugly and in dreamhigh he is very very bad boy.ı hate him

  63. 63 : Hsi Xiao Says:

    hi,. i luv ur first drama,. so nice ur cute,..

  64. 64 : mhai01 Says:

    Ur so cute as in super! I tink I’m inluv w/ u oppaaaaah!saranghae!
    U made me fall inluv w/ u !! I luv the way u sing,dance and act in Dream high2, hope u wil have many m0re dramas 2 do…u hve also chemistry w/ kang so ra! Luv u

  65. 65 : mhai01 Says:

    Ur so cute as in super! I tink I’m inluv w/ u oppaaaaah!saranghae!
    U made me fall inluv w/ u !! I luv the way u sing,dance and act in Dream high2, hope u wil have many m0re dramas 2 do.

  66. 66 : mhai01 Says:

    Its n0t him and lyan ended up in DH2. He jzt ended up w/kang so ra?

  67. 67 : mhai01 Says:

    Hey, is he a member of a b0yband? Well in his age, he is g0od actor ,he acts realy good th0ugh he is new.saranghae oppaah!

  68. 68 : Penelope Says:

    Check out their new song “BOUNCE”! JJ Project

  69. 69 : canlie82 Says:

    for Jb…your super cute and i like your and i hoe your always to be good actor

  70. 70 : Hsi Xiao Says:

    u r really a SUPER IDOL, no doubt:-(promise!

  71. 71 : Lti Says:

    Jb oppa iS sO cOoL but I loVe Jr. oppa than Jb oppa……….they both are SO HANDSOME………….LUV U SOOOOO MUCHHHH……!!!!!!?????

  72. 72 : MARJAN Says:

    hi..i am from iran..you are very good

  73. 73 : mahdiyeh Says:

    i love you
    i love you
    you R my life

  74. 74 : zukandhya Says:

    i love yuh jb…yuh r de best <3 <3 <3 <3….<3

  75. 75 : Thiri Shwe Yi Says:

    I actually wanna say… u really look like my boy friend… 🙂 we r in long distance relationship… but we r not in good condition.. 🙁 when i first saw u…, i saw your smile… u really look like him.. thx u for coming out infront of me..(via TV).. i wanna apologize u cox whenever i saw u.. i feel like my bf came back to me… may b i’m crazy… u made me miss him….

  76. 76 : dramaqueen Says:

    Pic Link

    Link Here

  77. 77 : nana Says:

    so sweet n cool…want 2 c mre of him!!!

  78. 78 : dina Says:

    Hi! Ilove you jb your dancing is cooool! And your handsome! Fighting!!!

  79. 79 : ladylove Says:

    annyeonghaseyo jb….ur so handsome

  80. 80 : lasgd Says:

    JB so cute! smile so cute

  81. 81 : blair Says:

    hi,jb your so handsome i really like you dance and acting goodluck and i wish i could see you in personal,

  82. 82 : blair Says:

    hi,jb your so handsome i really like you dance and acting goodluck and have a nice day,

  83. 83 : binu Says:

    hi jb i m ur big fan u r so hansme. ur smile is very swet when i c ur photo i fel realy so good i whish i could meet u once n b ur closest frend.

  84. 84 : sumi Says:

    hello jb i lik u so much. ur face is so charming.

  85. 85 : Khristine Says:


  86. 86 : tshewangdema Says:

    u r alys cool JB. u r my inspiration

  87. 87 : park vea ran Says:

    i love ur act #dreamhigh2 handsome handsome ;* luv u

  88. 88 : katrina fabila Says:

    ..i really2 like u jae bum,uer so cool and handsome….

  89. 89 : kathlene Says:

    Love U jb,ur so cute,love ur move,
    And also ur movie’s..
    Take Care Always

  90. 90 : Marzie Says:

    Hi Jb im marzie come from iran!i love your dance
    you are a sexy boy!

  91. 91 : Faith Says:

    To… JB
    ….. Aza Aza fighting! …..
    From, 😀

  92. 92 : Alaina Says:

    Whats with all of this weird comments! I just don’t get why everyone just raves about JB like I think he’s a good actor and stuff but seriously why write ” You are a sexy boy” it doesn’t make sense

  93. 93 : myatmoe Says:

    hi! JB so cute

  94. 94 : myatmoe Says:

    hi! JB
    i like u so much.u smile cute

  95. 95 : mary Says:

    hi oopa jb this my first time to chat with u
    yeah i want say u so cute and u so handsome
    cute smlie i love your face u smlie i love u oopa 🙂

  96. 96 : yie Says:

    hi opa,,,
    i miss you….

  97. 97 : thandarnge(from myanmar) Says:

    hi JB i love u
    you are so cute
    when your smile and you talk
    hooo…. i am falling with you

  98. 98 : SULY Says:

    so cute

  99. 99 : Gayani Says:

    hiiii………JB 🙂 I’m ur big fan from Sri Lanka…….. 🙂
    luv u soooooooooooo much <3 <3
    ur so handsome I like ur dancing.. 🙂

  100. 100 : rm018 Says:

    Oh my! He’s in the when a man falls in love. I’m gonna watch it! Yieeee

  101. 101 : kezang wangmo Says:

    JB u r soo awesome n a cool guy toooo….we want to see u more in movies…….luv it..

  102. 102 : Alexandra Says:

    Very perfect singer and actor!Harizmatic gye!Good luck,JB!!!!!!!!

  103. 103 : Roeth Danielle (Philippines) Says:

    Saranghaeyo! <3

  104. 104 : Kumam Says:

    Imperfectly perfect!!

  105. 105 : Nawel Says:

    You’re so cute !! i really like you !
    we want to see you more in movies… <3

  106. 106 : habung asun Says:

    jb u lift ma feet od ground u mke me “crazier”

  107. 107 : meme loving gb Says:

    اححححححبك ممممممممممممممممممممممممممموت امنيتي اشوفك gb

  108. 108 : meme loving gb Says:

    gb iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllove

  109. 109 : jan2kay Says:

    Actually…his kpop group now is GOT7. Along with Jr.. So maybe you should update their profile now dear admin.. ^^

  110. 110 : F8 Says:

    My friend love you soo much and I love jinwoon

  111. 111 : moon Says:

    So cute … has handsome side .. ♥♥♥smile, voice, face, act, dance.. perfect boy♥♥♥ good luck JB oppa !!!

  112. 112 : Marcel Theris Quiambao Says:

    JB oppa!!!!! Saranghe!!!!!! That killer smile makes me fall in love with you!!!! Keep it up. Fighting!!!!!!!!

  113. 113 : Angela Yoona Says:

    Oppa saranghaeyo!!!! Your my only dream I really love you
    I want to see more of your movies…

  114. 114 : Rhiamie Says:

    JB, you’re so awesome!
    I like your smiles in this movie. You really seemed like a good person, which I hoped you really were in person.
    I want you to know that I am HUGE FAN of yours!
    I even dreamed about you! It’s hilarious I know but that’s the truth. That’s how great your impact is to me.
    You’re such an awesome actor!

    I know this is just another cliche to you but I don’t care. I just really love your acting!

    Keep up the good work! lablots!

  115. 115 : AL Says:

    Pic Link


  116. 116 : AL Says:

    Pic Link


  117. 117 : AL Says:

    Pic Link


  118. 118 : AL Says:

    Pic Link


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