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Jeon Ji Hyun

Name: 전지현 / Jun Ji Hyun (Jeon Ji Hyeon)
Real name: 왕지현 / Wang Ji Hyun (Wang Ji Hyeon)
English name: Gianna Jun
Nickname: CF Queen Ji-hyun
Profession: Model and actress
Birthdate: 1981-Oct-30
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 172cm
Weight: 48kg
Star sign: Scorpio
Blood type: B
Family: Husband Choi Joon Hyuk (2012) & Son (2016-Feb-10)
Education: Dongguk University (Theater and Film degree)
Hobbies: Listening to music, watching movies and swimming
Languages: Korean and English
Debut: Model for Echo
Religion: Christianity
Talent agency: SidusHQ

TV Series

Jirisan (tvN, 2021)
Kingdom Season 2 (Netflix, 2020)
The Legend of the Blue Sea (SBS, 2016)
You Who Came From the Stars (SBS, 2013)
Happy Together (SBS, 1999)
Fascinate My Heart (SBS, 1998)
The Season of Puberty (MBC, 1997) debut


Assassination (2015)
The Berlin File (2013)
The Thieves (2012)
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (2011)
A Man Once A Superman (2008)
Blood: The Last Vampire (2008)
Daisy (2005)
Windstruck (2004)
The Uninvited (2003)
My Sassy Girl (2001)
Il Mare (2000)
White Valentine (1999)


2016 SBS Drama Awards: Idol Academy Award (Best Eating) – Jun Ji Hyun (The Legend of the Blue Sea)
2016 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars Award – Jun Ji Hyun (The Legend of the Blue Sea)
2016 SBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Awards – Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun (The Legend of the Blue Sea)
2016 Maxmovie 2016 Movie Award: Best Actress (Assassination)
2015 6th Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards: President’s Award
2015 52nd Grand Bell Awards: Best Actress (Assassination)
2014 SBS Drama Awards – Best Couple Awards: Jeon Ji Hyun & Kim Soo Hyun (You Who Came from the Star)
2014 SBS Drama Awards – Producer Award: Jeon Ji Hyun (You Who Came from the Star)
2014 SBS Drama Awards – Daesang: Jeon Ji Hyun (You Who Came from the Star)
2014 50th Baeksang Arts Awards: Daesang (You Who Came From the Stars)
2002 Daejong (Grand Bell) Film Festival: Best Actress / People’s Choice
1999 SBS Actors Awards: Best New Actress
1999 Baeksang Arts Awards: Best New Actress

Related Photo

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Jeon Ji Hyun 33 Jeon Ji Hyun 34 Jeon Ji Hyun 35 Jeon Ji Hyun 36 Jeon Ji Hyun 37 Jeon Ji Hyun 38 Jeon Ji Hyun 39 Jeon Ji Hyun 40 Jeon Ji Hyun 41


  1. 1 : leah Says:

    i’ve been a fan since i saw my sassy girl..she’s definitely my kind of actress..

    i hope she could visit the Philippines..

    Ms. Jeon Ji Hyun more power..goodluck..

  2. 2 : kristy lor Says:

    i’ve been your biggest fans ever since my sassy girl, it kind of remind me of myself in that movie… that’s how i treat most of my friends and boyfriend, really bossy but yet they just can’t get enough, you’re the best

    kristy lor
    United States

  3. 3 : Phuong, Vu Says:

    hi, you are so beautify and charming. I’m also your crazy fan. I like the way you are, all the things …I hope that you can visit Vietnam one day.
    Phuong, Vietnam

  4. 4 : Ross Olino Says:

    Hi! Hello! Loved ‘My Sassy Girl’. Looking forward to ‘Blood: The Last Vampire’ to be shown here in the Philippines. Anyway, have a great day and may blessings come as often as should. If they don’t, we can still pray for them. Yey!

  5. 5 : starz Says:

    watched ur movies – windstruck & daisy. awesome performance gal!!!

  6. 6 : RHEA Says:

    hi i’m rhea from philippines! So far I’ve watched all of your movies and recently i’ved watched il mare and to my astonishment, its like the lake house of Keanu & sandra although your’s was the first to film.
    your character in almost all of your movies are strong and yet with a soft heart.
    Hope to see you more in a romantic/comedy movie paired with hmm..
    let me think with the likes of jo in sung of memories of bali, why not???

  7. 7 : chocolate craze Says:

    hello heehee watch ur muvee recently very nice-my sassy girl,windstruck love it.i wonder wat’s ur real character….i lyk u being sassy haahaa gal power!i love ur hair n u still look beautiful..

  8. 8 : bebeto... Says:

    For me, you’re the most gorgeous korean actress. I won’t be surprised if we’ll see you making movies on hollywood years from now.. goodluck!!! (”,)

  9. 9 : katherine Says:

    it’s nice to know that u’re a Christian..:) God bless..always put God first!:)

  10. 10 : dinesh Says:

    hi! you are a gorgeous lady. i like watching your movies. i think you should do some hollywood pictures to reach more wide viewes. you will certainlyy earn fans many more than some dumb hollywood actress there are presently. good luck!

  11. 11 : UB80 Says:

    jun ji hyun, c is angle 4 me, i fall her act n look , she’s most tallented n hardworking, i think she’s done her best feature IN FUTURE

  12. 12 : stars Says:

    She is my most favourite actress. I liked her ever since watching My Sassy Girl and Windstruck. I like her in Il Mare as well. Trying to watch all her movies as well.

  13. 13 : nickey Says:

    hy,ever since i saw u in MY SASSY GAL,for the first time,u just stole my heart away and ever since u r my fav actress of all wether it may be hollywood or korean and u’ll always be my far star n fan. I like watching ur movies only. i even see the same movie over n over again since u r just so….(cn’t say) Ur beauty as well as ur personality is uncompareble. u r just soooooooooooooo……..good n nice. U r God’s greatest art. I wish yu all da best in ur dreams,goals n career.

  14. 14 : joymarivic05 Says:

    her looks.. all over from head to toe are totally perfect!!!! how i wish i just look like her… =) [peace!]

    sassy girl, windstruck and Il Mare… they’re good movies!

  15. 15 : butterfly Says:


  16. 16 : saint Says:

    you are such an excellent actress.
    its just that people do not notice that much.
    love your movies!
    hope to see you soon.
    go! go!

  17. 17 : mort minjom Says:

    i’m your lover……….i allure your smile,simpleness,,……….,,,eye,hair and your structure..

    i lov you becoz your character and your looks is same duplica of mine friend

  18. 18 : donna Says:

    i’m really a big fan of Jeon Ji Hyun… she’s a nice actress.. i love her movies… esp. MY SASSY GIRL… it was my favorite… i like then together with CHA TAE HYUN… their cute together…. so funny… i want to see more of her movies and tv series…

  19. 19 : Elg Says:

    Hi, something terrible happens to me… I saw Windstruck and I truly fell in love with you 🙁 I’ve been looking for a way to contact you for days but it’s hopeless… If by chance you read this message and by a greater chance you choose not laughing at it and take it seriously… The only way I found to reach you is to leave messages everywhere on the net… (Yeah I know it seems desperate:)
    graingo @ hotmail . com

  20. 20 : yin_marie Says:

    …THE BEST KOREAN ACTRESS EVER…you are sooo lucky having that face and all..

  21. 21 : che Says:

    hi jeon ji hyun u r gorgeous woman

  22. 22 : che Says:

    it would be nice if u could team up with lee dong wook coz ur both gorgeous

  23. 23 : che Says:

    hope to see u in many projects

  24. 24 : che Says:

    god bless u and more power

  25. 25 : lucille Says:

    hi!i just wana say that ur so pretty!!!im w big fan of yours…i wish i will meet you soon in person

  26. 26 : julian Says:

    young won hi saranghae

  27. 27 : helo Says:


  28. 28 : belinda Says:

    hi jeon ji hyun!!! I really admire u! I loved ur acting in my sassy girl spexaly in windstruck!! I even cried wen u told 2 ur late boyfriend the word sorry that he rili wanted to hear from u.. ur roles rili fit 2 ur image!! Keep it up! Aim higher!!

  29. 29 : minkhant(myanmar) Says:

    nice girl… i love u

  30. 30 : marites gerona Says:

    luv her in sassy girl and windstruck. very pretty and great acting i wonder why she has few projects today? i read in a website she will be doing a new drama series with rain? but, it wil be rescheduled due to rain busy schedule.

  31. 31 : Mark Ng Says:

    Hey, for those who had written the comments here, are your comments being answered or simply assuming yourself writing to yourself to console yourself.

    Jeon Ji-Hyun is excellent. It will be great if she can partner with Hyun-Bin on a drama serie. Prefer no more cancer stricken story anymore.

    Contact me by email if you are a really a ggod fan.


  32. 32 : shanta Says:

    i m ur gr8 fan

  33. 33 : crymaker Says:


  34. 34 : crymaker Says:

    Know what….
    your my first ever idol!!!
    I haven’t got an idol since birth.
    I first watch your movie MY SASSY GIRL
    and afterwards your other movie
    daisy and il mare, all of them are brilliant!
    uhm… sorry because i haven’t watch your other movies
    but I will watch it some day….

    Some times I blame myself because I didn’t watch your movie earlier….
    I should have lived earlier!!!

    Your 8 years older than me.
    anyway I’ll try to make a story about you and me
    the title of the story is……….
    MARRYING MY IDOL yeah thats it!

    A story of a fan who is 18 years old
    and her idol is 26 yrs old. he’s in the Philippines and hoping to fly in Korea and he’s also dreaming to marry his idol
    and the fan is trying to be with his idol. After a lot of cracy things happen the dream of the fan came true.
    It’s crazy but…..
    Is that good enough?…….


    If ever read this message……
    uhm… can u add me to your yahoo messenger?
    my account is [email protected]


  35. 35 : crymaker Says:

    its me again, I can stop thinking of you…
    because your so cute^_^ and beautiful!!!

    I hope I can find a girl like you……..

  36. 36 : Sharlaine Says:

    wow i hope you can understand english,

    you are the best actress in the world…

  37. 37 : vhinah Says:


  38. 38 : jonalyn Says:

    heLLo.. i really love your movies, i’m one of your million fans here in the phillipines.. since i’ve watched the movie MY SASSY GIRL oh! it’s fantastic..hope you’ll visit our country!!

  39. 39 : jay...zen Says:

    u have a perfect beauty!!! i like!! plz.. visit here in philippines tnx!!!

  40. 40 : Pierce Cuevas Says:

    Hi Jeon Ji Hyun! Hope youre doin fine. My sassy girl was the 1st movie I’ve watch since then I already collecting movies of yours. Daisy, Windstruck, The Uninvited, My Sassy Girl, Il Mare, White Valentine and A man who was a superman.

  41. 41 : aldrin Says:

    My comment is all about the sassy girl movie,it is so funny and romantic!ive watch that movie in the noontime show in my country,at the phlippines!!

  42. 42 : aldrin tadena Says:

    one thing iwant to say iwant to be ur avatar.here my emai address. [email protected] iwant you to add my email address ah…………………………….huhuhuh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!take care Ms.jeon ji hyun!!

  43. 43 : zax Says:

    ..hi 2 ol jeon ji hyun fan!!!!!!im one of you guys…I love her…she so beuatiful…and the hair is so attractive..i love your movie “my sassy girl, windstruck and il male..its awesome..and your photos were great..you have inborn talent..i hope 2 see you on big screen again..amd more show to come..love you…

  44. 44 : johnny Says:

    I gues if im fan now bcause i’m addicted to the movies she made . I felt being connected somehow gosh now i know even boys cry to sad movies… so embarassing…well what could i say its very good and high quality of acting miss joen ji hyun shows…………

  45. 45 : dice Says:

    youre so cute..belates hapi bday!

  46. 46 : Naythan Says:

    my comment to the movie of jeon ji hyun my sassy girl im so very affected of your movie there are the drama comedy fantasy when im watching your movie i felt i am in the story cause the movie felt me sad and i feel the love the joy i wish that someday i can go to korea to see you miss jeon ji hyun ^_^

  47. 47 : ap Raapay Khandu Says:

    u look just like my mother….. love u. long live the fouth and the fifth druk gyalpo… “pelden durkpa”………………… now this is where u say
    ” lhagyelloo”…..

  48. 48 : cutiegirl Says:

    “~anneyonghasseyo~” sassy girl.. ur so beautiful.. =)

  49. 49 : jezreel Says:

    have a nice day for all of you….

  50. 50 : arkugen Says:

    email/YM: [email protected]/[email protected]

  51. 51 : Paul Says:

    Well, I’m not really used in posting comments but since it’s for Queen, I’ve decided to share my simple experience.

    Let’s see, it was year 2002 when I first saw her in the movie “My Sassy Girl”. I admit, I’m a die hard romantic person but I never thought I’ll love this movie so much. In fact I’m still watching it up to now. It means a lot to me coz it became my inspiration, actually not only the movie but Queen herself inspired me. And for that she became my goal in life, to talk to her or even just to see her in person. Right now, I know it’s impossible but I do hope that someday I can see her.

    I still believe in the impossible things….

    Thank You Wang, take care always, God bless and good luck…

  52. 52 : kitty Says:

    hi!!!i’m your no.1 fan.
    when i first saw your face!!!!
    in the movie of my sassy girl
    i’m so amazed in your face!!!
    you know what?why?co’z
    your so beautiful!!!
    i talk to myself!!!and i said
    she’s so beautiful!!!and i
    think that she is so nice!!
    so that’s why i want to met her!someday!!!

    i’m hoping that someday i will meet you in personal

  53. 53 : gabriel Says:

    i love you….

    when i first saw you, ur like a angel….

    i want to marry you,, just wait until i become a lawyer here in philipines….. want to see yah!

  54. 54 : gabriel Says:

    i wanna marry you someday!

    heehe,,, take care…

  55. 55 : liz Says:

    you’re my one and only IDOL..
    I want to be beautiful like you..

  56. 56 : kzin Says:

    I want to see you in Korea if I arrive there.I m your fan.I love you.

  57. 57 : ayen Says:

    Where is she now? Havent see here again in the limelight?

    She’s a very good actress but she does’nt have any new projects as big as Sassy Girl and Windstruck.

  58. 58 : khreng ;) Says:

    i like you in “my sassy girl” i hope to be seeing you in korean dramas as well. i guess you starred in “the blood vampire”.. hope to see you in korea.. 😉 i’m still a fan of yours..

  59. 59 : ann Says:

    You’re an amazing actress. i love watching your movies like il mare, windstruck and especially my sassy girl. the first time that i saw you in my sassy girl, i fell in love with your long, black, and super straight hair. i love it! im also you’re number 1 fan. haha… can’t wait to see you with Rain in your new drama Four Seasons. God Bless. Aja!

  60. 60 : Arjun singh Says:

    hi ji hyun Im Arjun from India(manipur).Im one of your biggest fans maybe the biggest here in India I was wandering if you act just like that of my sassy girl in your real warld I mean that was too natural even if it was in a movie I really loved it khuma weyo and chongma sarang heyo.

  61. 61 : pjay(PHILIPPINES) Says:

    jun ji hyun.. youre my biggest idol in all of the korean actresses.. the first time i saw in MY SASSY GIRL i felt like struck by such a lovely goddess and you act with so much finesse that u cud easily lure the viewers and outpour so much emotions.. I am looking forward of seeing you in one of the koreanovelas and eventually may u come here in the philippines because many FILIPINOS are dying to see you in person..


    AJA!!! SARANG..

  62. 62 : cor Says:

    hi…queen ji-hyun!!
    how are you?
    i like you…

  63. 63 : cor Says:

    queen ji-hyun…i like you to become my friend.
    you?do you like me to become your friends too???
    you know my favorite movie is your movie ”MY SASSY GIRL”
    I love this movie so much!!!! i wish that one day we can see later and become a close friend……

  64. 64 : snaiu Says:

    hi jeon sister,
    you are so preety what is ur secret to be sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautytful plz dont forget to tell me. I LIKE YOU so much

  65. 65 : Karl Says:

    hello jeon ji hyun, i’m a fun of your Movies.. i hope i can see you personally..jiji

    i’m an 18 year old guy, you’re movie give me inspiration. inspiration to write novels. haha

    take good care!. wooh by the way i read from this website that you’re a Christian..

    can i ask you something?! may i see your latest picture? just oNe?
    may i? please. .

  66. 66 : Karl Says:


  67. 67 : myat Says:

    i like your movies. i want to see you.When i will come to Korea , I will meet you.My e-maill adress is [email protected].

  68. 68 : jeenat dumi Says:

    hey!!!!!!! my beautiful Queen i like u very much n i want 2 see one special movie u & JO HAN SUN thats why u r most beautiful heroin in this world n JO HAN SUN is most hansoam hero of in this world …………… !!!!!!!!!! at last m big n no1 fan of u ~~~~~~~~~~ i sow ur movie my sassy gal , I l mare, daisy

  69. 69 : katt Says:

    i so hope u’ll star opposite JGS in you’re my pet..

  70. 70 : kimdsaizy Says:

    annyeong jeon ji hyun your are also beautiful..and i love ur movie”MY SASSY GIRL”

  71. 71 : kimdsaizy Says:

    sometimes u can visit the phillipines..

  72. 72 : أريج Says:

    she is muslim right,i hear that

  73. 73 : pradeep rai Says:

    since, i saw your movie ‘windstruck’ became your best fan forever.i think you have well talent to show your performance. best of luck and keep it up

  74. 74 : Rjhay Valdez Says:

    The best movie that I’ve watched is the “My Sassy Girl” & “WindStruck”..
    I was inspire both of them… I always watch it everyday… hahaha 🙂
    From now on I am your a Big Fan forever…

    I hope sometimes, you will visit here in the Philippines…
    take care miss Gianna Jun(Jeon Ji Hyeon) ^_^

  75. 75 : edward Says:

    i was touched by the movie ‘windstruck’ and ‘my sassy girl’ so much. best korean comedy-drama that i’ve watched. i also like her movie ‘blood-the last vampire’

  76. 76 : jeP^_^ Says:

    korean is best in comedy-drama..
    i really like watching it..
    jin ur so beautiful and great also like shin bcoz shes popular now also here at Philippines like u, i hope u have another projects to come..
    more power..^_^

  77. 77 : LuckyMan Says:

    hi, jun your simply fantastic, cheer up ! wish u all the best …

  78. 78 : Lu Gyi Says:

    Very sexy.

  79. 79 : bernadette Says:

    a very beautiful lady.. my husband got a big crush on her since her my sassy girl movie. it was a nice movie to tell..

  80. 80 : harsha Says:

    please come to india at once & act in bollywood

  81. 81 : Alrham Says:

    the first time i saw you in sassy girl, i can’t help it, i really like you so much, hope to see you in person someday…

  82. 82 : cecil albano Says:

    my idol sassy girl ,now also stars in HOLLYWOOD hope we’ll see you more in international films, more power GOD BLESS YOU!

  83. 83 : Camille Martin Says:

    I really really idolize this woman, she started from being sweet then turns to the other side of her personality, but still her charm never fades.. i really really like her, especially in her movie My Sassy Girl. 🙂

  84. 84 : Camille Martin Says:

    How I wish she could read this message of mine, I hope she knows how much I idolize and love her, I even used her photos as my wall paper in my cellular phone. She’s so beautiful, amazing, talented, goegeous. 🙂

  85. 85 : Camille Martin Says:

    I know that someday, when I go to Korea, our paths will cross. (I WISH) 🙂

  86. 86 : niczej Says:

    More drama for Ji Hyun! 🙂

  87. 87 : Diana Isam Says:

    How can people say they ” idolize” someone? That is ridiculous! You idolize God but to idolize plain humans who are acting? That is ridiculous!

  88. 88 : Ana Says:

    you”re such a great actress..>My love from the star:

  89. 89 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    She looks like Barbie Su (Sansai) in Meteor Garden of Thaiwan.

    Very pretty!

  90. 90 : Rosi Says:

    I really like this eonni.. she is so beautiful yet funny.. I like her to be with Kim Soo Hyun although she is older than Soo Hyun..keep fighting and God bless you..

  91. 91 : alfian Says:

    i love you…beautiful and funny…

  92. 92 : hermes Says:

    i’ve knew ji hyun sshi for her beauty. but i didn’t expect her to be very good in acting too! i love your acting in My love from another Star! You’re such a talented actress!
    MYFAS is very entertaining! i just don’t want it to end! love watching Cheong Song Yi and Do Min Joo together! Daebak!

  93. 93 : ayu Says:

    u are my star eonnie…..I LIKE UR STYLE

  94. 94 : cc Says:

    You are the best!! Fighting!!

  95. 95 : zin mar tun Says:

    I love jun ji hyun, she is the best actress in korea.~ Super genius, cute,sexy,beautiful, pretty,attractive, talent, like an angel, perfect, very good at acting.:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  96. 96 : Afnan Says:

    Love the way u act in my love from the stars.. Love it when get mad at those bad comments.. By the looking forward to your new comedy drama. Jus love it

  97. 97 : mawar Says:

    wow very beutyfull and I like your acting

  98. 98 : aisha Says:

    I hope you will act more from now on and get more awards in dramas.I would like you and kim soon hyun to become real couples
    you look great together

  99. 99 : Schubee Says:

    I laughed so much at your character in MLFAS and was so moved in the sad scenes. Great acting! Looking forward to seeing more of your performances.

  100. 100 : people Says:

    I am very confused with her face, I do not know her when in the drama YWCFTS, I’ve never watched him when in the movie my sassy girl and her face very different haha ​​lol> <

  101. 101 : :) Says:

    she is an artist who can change the character :), when in my sassy girl she looked calm and quiet, but when I saw her latest drama looks like a comedian haha 🙂
    onnie daebak :)!!!!

  102. 102 : Cheon song yi Says:

    You who came from the star was really great. The love team of kim soo hyun and jun ji hyun really hits. I love them both. ;))))

  103. 103 : LiaChan Says:

    Jeon Ji Hyun is really beautiful…i like her charm.. and she is really a great actress… i love you JJH!! 😀

  104. 104 : ana jean Says:

    jeon ji hyun unnie..you’re so beautiful..you who came from the star was really great..you and kim soo hyun oppa was great together in one drama….I hope many drama to come to of you..God Bless

  105. 105 : memen Says:

    I may not know her as an actress and model from Korea since i take no heed to other Asian actors and actresses except from our own.But from “you who came from the star” Korean drama…she really portray character to the extent of greatness..she made me laugh out loud..almost all the scenes..that made my curiosity emerged..:) haha

  106. 106 : garaciella Says:

    A versatile and character actress who hasnt just a gorgeous face but one of the greatest person i saw in the industr of acting. Hope to see her more movies and drama. An actress by heart. Keep it up!

  107. 107 : Renee Nacionales Says:

    jeon ji hyeon is beautiful.please post a photo on my fb account and please have a visit here on the philippines w/ kim soo hyun.ppppplllleeeaaassseee

  108. 108 : DM Says:

    Hi Ji Hyeon. Cant stop thinking about u, yet im not a stalker lol. Im DM from Manila, Philippines. Hope u can visit here one day so i could take a glance at you. Youre one of the most beautiful creation of God. Dont give attention to those who hate or criticize you. (if you have) Stay pretty and Keep on inspiring people. We, your fans all over the world are here for you as always. God Bless you. More power! I love you Ji Hyeon 🙂 I hope I can see you one day not just on my dream. SARANGHAE!

  109. 109 : Dondon Says:

    Great actress . Maybe you can visit us in The Philippines

  110. 110 : DiYann Says:

    I love jeon ji hyun…… you’re the best !!!!

  111. 111 : Sakkura Says:

    I like her..she is sooo cuuuttee and beautiful….great actress
    but…don’t you think there is a resemblance between her and the American actress CATHRINE ZETA JONES???

  112. 112 : Pleaaaaase Says:

    COME HERE TO THE PHILIPPINES WITH KIM SOO HYUN PLS!!!! A lot of people here are going gaga over youuuuuuu! You’ve got so many fans here!!! WE LOVE YOUUUUUUUU!!!!

  113. 113 : thet wai wai zin Says:

    Jeon ji hyun is my crazy actress.I want to see her out of.she ‘ character is wonderful .so,i like her.

  114. 114 : lilis Says:

    Jeon ji hyun unniee,,,, I love U
    unni jeon ji hyun and oppa kim soo hyun I’M waitting last Move’s N tv series
    Unni,Oppa waitting U New drama ☺ķªª¥(ړײ)‎​​(y)
    Love U unni N oppa

  115. 115 : Stephanie diaz Says:

    Jeon ji hyun i want to see you in philippines . More fans of MLFTS and other movies are waiting you and kim soo hyun

  116. 116 : dedith b. terre Says:

    I cried a lot after seeing the love from the star.. how i wish i could fall in love like that. Its like… you better fallin in love once than not experience it at aĺl.

  117. 117 : Trixie Abila Says:

    I cried a lot after seeing the love from the star.. how i wish i could fall in love like that. Its like… you better fallin in love once than not experience it at aĺl.

  118. 118 : RB Says:

    you made me cry and laugh at the same time with your acting skills… i could almost feel the way do min joon would have felt… your immersion towards the character and the way you touch people’s heart is amazing… looking forward to your next drama/movie….

  119. 119 : Phoo Says:

    WoW what an incredible actress!!! looking forward for your more drama:)

  120. 120 : saly dee Says:

    Jun Ji hyun very pretty love her drama with kim soo hyun both look cute together wanted to see them both in a drama again !

  121. 121 : pink Says:

    i really like her character. hehehe.. i wish i can be pretty like her.. i tot she and kim soo hyun are couple. they are pretty to be together

  122. 122 : Regie viernes Says:

    You who came from the stars.or my love from the stars(Philippines) are one of my favorite Korean drama:-)it makes me laugh also:-)

  123. 123 : angel joy intia Says:

    she really looks so amazing….. She’s so fantastic

  124. 124 : knd123 Says:

    One of the best Korean actors.

  125. 125 : zeedagold Says:

    i love jeon ji hyun…..a veri gud actress…. U ar d .. Best

  126. 126 : Sohi Says:

    Ugh this girl. American korean… sigh… makes all koreans look bad with that prostitute face like srsly. Should’ve just stuck with modelling, acting is definitely not part of her talents especially in you who came from the stars…. horrible acting.

  127. 127 : Fan from Malaysia Says:

    I am very like this actor from Korea. She’s very beautiful.

  128. 128 : sachi Says:

    I am dumbstruck with your acting and face in my sassy girl,windstruck,ill mare,the thieves,daisy,blood and snow flower…
    And was breathtakingly blown away with your performance in my love from the star!!,,please make more movies and drama and spread your offsprings in this world..

    I am a guy in his teens who fall inlove with you even if your already an ajumma..

  129. 129 : Sabrina Says:

    I really love her acting in “My Love From The Stars”, as KDrama lovers know, KDramas’ typical main character is one who is poor or doesn’t really have confidence in themselves when others humiliate them or an-average-girl-who-fell-in-love-with-a-chaebol, but Jeon Ji Hyun played a character who is likeable (for me) as she is very talkative, confident and sassy. Song Yi is a very unique main character as she is not the typical main character in KDrama. I really love her trait(if that is a trait at all) of talking without thinking and backfire at someone with confidence when they act like a bi***, i.e Han Yoo Ra.

  130. 130 : bibayLeeminho Says:

    hi im Bibay from Philippines i love your romantic comedy “my love from the star”that time i watched that movie i really admired you im only 15years old girl i really want to be like you someday and go to korea and to meet my love Lee minho i hope you both will have a team up movie and i really hope i can see you whenever ,wherever because your the best and your my first korean girl idol 🙂 i know your actress but here in philippines we call idol to the people we like i love you take care and you have a great team up with kim soo hyun .bye for now saranghae ♡♡

  131. 131 : Sara Limbu Says:

    Hello ..i m sara from Nepal.. I am the biggest fan of you .. i love you Gianna jun unnii.. you are my inspiration.. No any female actress can perform great than you.. You are the most beautiful girl i have ever seen.. i love your all movies and dramas .. 🙂 i m gonna make a fansign photograph for your birthday on 30th october in my facebook account …. Gianna jun unni i love you forever. .. :*

  132. 132 : Sara Limbu Says:

    Hello ..i m sara from Nepal.. I am the biggest fan of you .. i love you Gianna jun unnii.. you are my inspiration.. No any female actress can perform great than you.. You are the most beautiful girl i have ever seen.. i love your all movies and dramas .. i have almost more than 1000 of your pics in my laptop .. 🙂 i m gonna make a fansign photograph for your birthday on 30th october in my facebook account …. Gianna jun unni i love you forever. .. :*

  133. 133 : oladbanj Says:

    Admire you from the movie, My love from anotheer star

  134. 134 : hanna Says:

    next kdrama with Lee Min Ho fr. SBS coming soon … waiting !!!

  135. 135 : “The Legend of the Blue Sea”-cel mai asteptat serial al sfarsitului de an - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] Jun Ji Hyun va juca rolul Shim Chung, ultima sirena din lume care a facut o promisiune in trecut si se afla in cautarea iubirii sale din Joseon, cel care a salvat-o si de care s-a indragostit iremediabil. Viata ei ia o intorsatura neasteptata cand se vede transportata in viitor, intr-o lume necunoscuta si cand il intalneste pe Heo Joon Jae. Lee Min Ho il va interpreta pe Heo Joon Jae, un geniu escroc fermecator care pe deasupra seamana foarte mult cu fiul nobilului din Joseon, cel care a salvat sirena de la moarte. In prezent el lucreaza cu Jo Nam Doo (Lee Hee Joon), un escroc priceput care se dovedeste a fi profesorul lui Joon Jae in “arta” inselatoriilor. Mai exista si Cha Shi Ah (Shin Hye Sun), prietenul lui Joon Jae care ar putea fi  singurul sprjin pe care tanara Shim Chung il va avea in aceasta lume necunoscuta ei. Cum va reusi sirena sa se adapteze vietii sale noi si care va fi relatia dintre ea si Joon Jae ramane sa descoperim noi urmarind acest serial. […]

  136. 136 : lee kim gi Says:

    hello jun ji hyun unni, i love your acting and am looking forward to seeing u next in legend of the blue seas with min ho oppa

  137. 137 : Legend of the Blue Sea – hellochingu Says:

    […] can a mermaid from the Joseon era survive in modern-day Seoul? Shim Chung (Jun Ji Hyun) is a mermaid who finds herself transplanted to modern times. She is caught by Heo Joon Jae (Lee […]

  138. 138 : Guest Says:

    She should be considerate of her husband and only take on dramas that do not have kissing scenes! If she continues, I am afraid for their marriage for a man can only take so much.

  139. 139 : Malaysia fan Says:

    Recently I’ve just discovered Korean drama by accident. Since then, I’ve started to fall in love with Korean drama especially Gianna Jeon. I’ve watched the movie My Sassy Girl, Love from Other Star and latest is The Legend of The Blue Sea.

    Gianna Jeon, you’re the best so far…keep up the good work.

    Malaysia Fan

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