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Name: ์ง€์ง„ํฌ / Ji Jin Hee
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1971-Jun-24
Birthplace: South Korea
Height: 178cm
Weight: 71kg
Star sign: Cancer
Blood type: B
Family: Wife Lee Su Yon (since 2004)
Talent agency: HB Entertainment

TV Series

Misty (jTBC, 2018)
Second To Last Love (SBS, 2016)
Snow Lotus (SBS, 2015)
I Have a Lover (SBS, 2015)
Late Night Restaurant (SBS, 2015)
Blood (KBS2, 2015)
One Warm Word (SBS, 2013)
Dating Agency: Cyrano (tvN, 2013)
The Great Seer (SBS, 2012)
Unexpected You (KBS2, 2012) (cameo)
Take Care Of Us, Captain (SBS, 2012)
Dong Yi (MBC, 2010)
Telecinema Paradise (SBS, 2009)
The Man Who Can’t Get Married (KBS2, 2009)
Star’s Lover (SBS, 2008) cameo
Spotlight (MBC, 2008)
The 100th Bride (Beijing production, 2005)
Spring Day (SBS, 2005)
Miss Kim Makes 1 Million (SBS, 2004)
Dae Jang Geum (MBC, 2003)
Love Letter (MBC, 2003)
Passing Rain (MBC/Fuji TV, 2002)
Four Sisters (MBC, 2001)


Summer Snow (2015)
Helios (2015)
Love Fiction (2012)
Looking For My Wife (2010)
Parallel Life (2009)
Paradise (2009)
Soo (2007)
Meet Mr. Daddy (2007)
The Old Garden (2006)
Bewitching Attraction (2006)
Perhaps Love (2005)
If You Were Me (2003)
H (2002)


2015 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars Awards – Ji Jin Hee (I Have a Lover)
2015 SBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Awards – Ji Jin Hee & Kim Hyun Joo (I Have a Lover)
2011 CETV Asia’s Top 10 Popular Star Awards: Top 10 Hottest Asia Award
2011 1st Hong Kong Cable TV Awards: Best Actor (Dong Yi)
2010 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Award – Actor (Dong Yi)
2009 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Mini Series – Actor (The Man Who Can’t Get Married)
2009 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Drama Special – Actor (Miss Kim Makes 1 Million)

Related Photo

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Ji Jin Hee 36 Ji Jin Hee 37 Ji Jin Hee 38

271 Responses to “Ji Jin Hee”

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  1. 101
    tamariska Says:

    I’m indonesian..
    In indonesia,now Dong Yi is still the 24th episode..
    Every episode makes me curious all the time..I think Dong Yi is one of the best korean drama ever!
    And King Sukjong.. I love u full!
    U really act so great and natural..I think u’re one of best korean actor!
    Keep on smiling..luv ur smile very much!muahh.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. 102
    fatimahmusa Says:

    a lotta love for korea drama ‘Dong Yi” , all cast in this drama are the best actor ever……

  3. 103
    Debbie Says:

    I saw your seri today, and OMG!!! I love you so much… I like the scene when you met Dong Yi again after months King Sukjong didn’t meet her….!!! and it was so sweet….and my tears was fell and I think this is very good Korean drama ever!
    and Ji Jin Hee, I like and I love you very much and I hope one day I can meet you face to face….
    Wishin’ you all the best… ^_^ :* :* :*

  4. 104
    mar Says:

    i love this korean drama! whoaaa! consort hui who do you kneeled? is it you or dong yi ?? haha youve eaten your words!

  5. 105
    Bunga Rizka Wijaya Says:

    ji jin hee is so briliant actor. i love you so much. you’re acting is so fantastic esspecially become king sook jong. i hope you can play again in other drama korean. dong yi is the best film for me..
    and you’re so handsome..
    i hope you can come to indonesia..
    you can make me always smile..

  6. 106
    wayan dewi Says:

    i love u..u are a great actor…

  7. 107
    adhe Says:

    i love uuuu

  8. 108
    Yeni Says:

    The 1st time i knew u in dae jang geum n now in dong yi, u are so great…nothing i can say just I LOVE U FULL king sukjong…

  9. 109
    mawar Says:

    gilaaa…….lu keren banget sih……

  10. 110
    Mhul maj Says:

    I am in indonesia, I really like drama korea Dong Yi, becaused based on a true story, for the king jong suk beautiful smile as an expression of love. You’re very handsome and character, success for youuuuu…

  11. 111
    mira Says:

    i want to be your wife..
    i love u so much…

  12. 112
    Jay Says:

    Waiting for your next drama.

  13. 113
    oney Says:

    love u at all

  14. 114
    Retna Dewi Says:

    ji jin hee…..you have a nice smile……and i think you are the best actor….love you so much ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. 115
    beca Says:

    He is so hot, its not even funny…*sigh*

  16. 116
    Andriany Says:

    i love your smile,chonya

  17. 117
    neya Says:

    i love you so much, U’re the best korea actor……I like you in drama spring day,and dong yi

  18. 118
    pop Says:

    I am your big fan. I always supports u

  19. 119
    mawar Says:

    i’ve watched you in Dae Jang Geum, dong yi and he who can’t marry. you’re a versatile actor and i hope you will continue to present your best in future dramas and movies.

  20. 120
    Esther Says:

    i love your acting keep it up

  21. 121
    NaNi_ Iraq Says:

    Nice Because U really Have man face.. Good luck^^

  22. 122
    Elsie C Says:

    You are one of the best actors I have ever come across. Very versatile and brilliant actor you are. First saw you act in Dae Jang Geum; your portrayal in that drama left a deep impression on me as I admired that character you portrayed very much. This shows you have great acting skills! And in Dong Yi your acting skills are excellent. After watching Dong Yi, no one will ever come away not falling in love with the king you portrayed! Kudos to your excellent acting ability!!!

  23. 123
    peony88 Says:

    A great show but how I wish there is another series show briefly Dong Yi and the King Sook Jong together at their old age… I love watching Jee Jin Hee’s acting, he is a great actor. Last year was my 1st time watching Korean Movie and I saw his acting in dae jang geum n now in dong yi, U are so great, hope to see more of your acting… I love historical classic movie… Dae Jan Geum was a great movie too… seen 5 times and Dong Yi 5 times (LOL)…..

  24. 124
    peony88 Says:

    ooophs sori typo error … Apology Ji Jin Hee…..

  25. 125
    kal Says:

    King Sook Jong (y)
    Your act really good at Dong Yi , keep go on ๐Ÿ™‚
    I loved Dong Yi series because there is Han Hyo Joo unni , but now that because you too ๐Ÿ˜€
    Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. 126
    peony88 Says:

    Ji Jin Hee is a great actor soooooooooooooo cute and brilliant actor without saying HE IS GORGEOUS… I love all the scene he acted with Dong Yi…. My 1st Korean movie was Dae Geum and I really like him in that show… wanted to watch both his and Dae Geum again in any other show but unable to find one until now, Dong Yi movie was given to from my sister… whoaaaaaaaa… I have been watching this show over and over again for more than 10times now… believe it or not.sssssssssshhhhhhhh…

  27. 127
    peony88 Says:

    Ji Jin Hee is a great actor soooooooooooooo cute and brilliant actor without saying HE IS GORGEOUS… I love all the scene he acted with Dong Yi…. My 1st Korean movie was Dae Geum and I really like him in that show… wanted to watch both his and Dae Geum again in any other show but unable to find one until now, Dong Yi movie was given to from my sister… whoaaaaaaaa… I have been watching this show over and over again for more than 10times now… believe it or not. hahahaaa…

  28. 128
    catarina Says:

    He is very effective as king in Dong-Yi….so elegant in all angles….so convincing in his acts…congratulations.hope to see him more in movies like this….his sex appeal is so strong…so sexy indeed

  29. 129
    peony88 Says:

    positively agreed with catarina…. I too hope to see more of his historical movies … this is the 2nd one and 1st one was Dae Geum.. and never seen his modern movie yet… But I am more in historical movies… looking forward to Dae Geum II :)..

  30. 130
    kaktini Says:

    King Suk Jong picture is my phone wall paper now.. very manly

  31. 131
    siti azirah abdul raub Says:

    i see ji jin hee in Running Man episode 76..can’t wait episode 77..also have him in that episode..please release quickly!! haha..wahhhhhh…yes!!! he success eliminate kim jong kook, the most person that i want see him out in running man game..ji jin hee look so cool in the running man…very like him..haha..ji jin hee deabak!!! =))

  32. 132
    perly Says:

    so cute with Dong Yi. they both have a good chemistry. hope they will make another movie with hyan hyo joo, soon. keep up the work and i really love korean movie. i like the way he smile…

  33. 133
    madge Says:

    Hes my crush actually,my favorite korean star with my age hehhehe…Soon i wanted to meet him in person…I hope i have some chances..

  34. 134
    mrs dana Says:

    Ji jin hee congratulation for your successful, I think every body like your acting in Dong Yi as a King Suk Jong who has a good personality with wise decision. Actually you are real gentlemen……thinking of you….

  35. 135
    DONG YI « Icanhear's Weblog Says:

    […] Hyo Joo as Choi Dong Yi, later Choi Sook-Bin – Kim Yoo Jung as Dong Yi (child) Ji Jin Hee as King Sukjong Bae Soo Bin as Cha Chun Soo Lee So Yeon as Jang Hee Bin / Jang Ok Jung Park Ha Sun […]

  36. 136
    Ms. O Says:

    This is the first time that I watched a full episode of Korean drama and I was very impressed especially with the two main character, those who played Dongyi and King Sukjong, wow! they’re awesome. Im now finding all full episodes until episode60 and I will surely watch all over again. Great actors and actresses! Congratulations.

  37. 137
    Ms. O Says:

    Ji Jin Hee, wow! you’re awesome! I really like watching you as King Sukjong, the character really fits you and you are very handsome as a King. I wish I could see you more playing different roles in Korean Drama. Im now hooked watching korean drama nowadays….hehehe… Have a good day to you!

  38. 138
    zehnee evasco Says:

    JI JIN Hee is an impressive actor. I have seen him in Dong Yi, JEWEL IN THE pALACE , Star’s Lover, a little bit of The man who can’t get married, and now currently showing, Take care of us, Captain. I AM JUST WONDERING WHY HE IS IS NOT PAIREDWITH CHOI JI WOO. THEY WOULD BE A GREAT TWOSOME. PLEASE….thank you.

  39. 139
    tenn Says:

    very handsome king!

  40. 140
    aida Says:

    yes captain,very famous in malaysia…..

  41. 141
    asiandaddict Says:

    hmp…. He doesn’t look his age and it doesn’t matter. I’ve seen him in modern dramas but I prefer him in historical one. Oh Captain Min and King Sukjong, you both make the hearts of many maiden beats fast…:)

  42. 142
    juliet tadeo Says:

    jijinhee a good actor as king sukjong in dongyi so elegant in all angles i hope too see more of his historical movies..actually you are a real gentelmen…

  43. 143
    rejoice Says:

    he’s gorgeous.. so professional..korean movie industry was was really great..they got actors and actresses who can perform well…love it..wanna see yah-) Godbless

  44. 144
    ivy Says:

    king sukjong and captain kim become you. you’re the best ji jin hee! waiting for more projects for you…. a drama with you and song il gook as the lead stars…it will be a hit!

  45. 145
    ivy Says:

    i hope to see more ji jin hee’s dramas.

  46. 146
    rhea0207 Says:

    ji jin hee is my phone wall, hehehe

  47. 147
    ivy Says:

    l’m happy to know of your upcoming historical drama this October??? i’m so excited about it.

  48. 148
    Threaza Says:

    i like him so much that i wanna be introduce him and wanna take photo with him! i also wanna meet Dong Yi and him! i’ll go to Korea coming May!!!

  49. 149
    minam Says:

    next drama saeguk ji jin hee

    “The Great Seer (๋Œ€ํ’์ˆ˜) aka ๋Œ€ํ’์ˆ˜ (Dae-poong-soo) ”

    Directed by Lee Yong Suk (์ด์šฉ์„)

    Screenplay by Lee Soo-yeon-I (์ด์ˆ˜์—ฐ), Nam Seon-nyeon (๋‚จ์„ ๋…„)

    โ€ขDrama โ€ขHistorical
    SBS | Airing dates : 2012/09/17~Upcoming

    36 episodes – Mon, Tue

    A fiction historical about a guru near the power of the late Goryeo times which declined in fate, putting hero Lee Seong-gye in charge of founding the Chosun.

    Credit to : http://www.hancinema.net/korean_drama_The_Great_Seer.php

  50. 150
    Prita Says:

    Saranghae Ji Jin Hee, you such a great actor! CAPTAIN, YOU HAVE! ๐Ÿ™‚

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