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Jo Han Sun

Jo Han Sun 01

Name: 조한선 / Jo Han Sun
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1981-Jun-17
Height 187cm
Weight: 73kg
Star sign: Gemini
Blood type: A
Talent agency: K&Entertainment
Education: Hongik University (Major in Sports)
Hobbies: Football and singing

TV Shows

She Knows Everything (MBC, 2020)
Stove League (SBS, 2019)
Possessed (OCN, 2019)
Yeah, That’s How It Is (SBS, 2016)
Mask (SBS, 2015)
The Woman Who Married Three Times (SBS, 2013)
The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry (MBC, 2010)
April Kiss (KBS, 2004)
Good Person (MBC, 2003)
Nonstop 3 (MBC, 2002)


Stalker (2013)
A Better Tomorrow (2010)
Attack the Gas Station! 2 (2010)
Where Are You Going? (2009)
Lost and Found (2008)
My New Partner (2008)
Cruel Winter Blues (2006)
Now and Forever (2006)
Romance of Their Own (2004)

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Jo Han Sun 1 Jo Han Sun 2 Jo Han Sun 3 Jo Han Sun 4


  1. 1 : CHOZOM Says:


  2. 2 : Kat Says:

    AMAZING… I wish you the best…

  3. 3 : smriti Says:

    jo ur so cool looking guy i watched ur movie lure of wolfs n i have bcom ur fan.well keep it up n best of luck for ur career.hope to watch lots of ur other movies

  4. 4 : smriti Says:

    jo i want to tell u charage .i don’t know much korean lang but i know it’s meaning n i want to say this to u.

  5. 5 : smriti Says:

    anyong jo u know what iam out of mind to fall for an korean actor u know my secret i always watch ur movie and it isn’t enough for me.anyway take care stay coooooool.oh sarange

  6. 6 : avidfan Says:

    hey, Jo I saw your movie romance of their own and your so cool, specially the action scene, you should be an action star, well I dont know much about korean movie or drama but when I saw your movie, you really have sparks to be an actor, i hope your career will be much stronger. Goodluck!!!

  7. 7 : vanny Says:

    OMG… im so in love with him.. any of u have idea where to find his pictures… more georgous pictures and posters… please let me know.. AWWWWW

  8. 8 : jagan Says:

    aaneaasyoo….jo ehhehhe…….
    M so exited ehhehe….dun kno what to say..but i just love N’ like u a lot ohh god …oopa u look so cute ehehe…M frm nepal nd a gr8 gr8 fan of urs…..i alwayzzz dream of u ….isn’t it comedy wthout knowin anybody …..ND going crazy about himm..hehhe
    it is??? ehehhe M i rgt…..
    lastly sarangee ehehhe…n tc N’ waiting fr ur nxt movie heeehe…

  9. 9 : ankita Says:

    hez just awesome n soooo kooooooolllllllll dat i dont hve wrdz 2 write….
    m 4m india n just recently watchd ll hiz moviez i n 1 of my fren iz just crazyyyyyyyy abt himmmmmmmm he z d sexiest of all d actorz….
    he ROCKZ…….keep on rockin u r D BEST……………….

  10. 10 : m'na Says:

    hey jo sarangeyyyy…..

  11. 11 : Nordelm Says:

    He’s very nice looking & tall. I liked him very much in the movie “Now & Forever”. Inspite of the age difference, he & Choi Ji Woo looked very good together in that movie. Hope to see them both in another project.

  12. 12 : agnes rutor Says:

    Hi Jo Han Sun,

    I’m currently watching April Kisses and I thought you are a mature actor. I thought you are a little bit older (this is meant to be a compliment) because i really find your acting so advanced. I do really enjoy viewing your acting. Keep up the good work.


  13. 13 : karesma gurung Says:

    i haven’t seen ur movie yet but u seems cool. anyway i would like to c ur new movie.

  14. 14 : soul Says:

    l love, like , adore han sun, looks amazing and handsome
    i bet he is even better in person
    my heart cant stop this feeling when looking at him
    think my heart will stop if i dont see him
    “saranghay” i thinks thats the word

  15. 15 : m'na Says:

    hey jo m dieing to watch ur movies……….sarangeyyyyyy………..

  16. 16 : khay Says:

    boyfriend type…

  17. 17 : daphne Says:

    i really like him!!! i only saw him in the movie tempatation of wolves

  18. 18 : claire Says:


    JO HAN SUN is the best!

    I really liked his role in Temptation of the Wolves.

    He’s cute talaga… as in… SUPER!

    Good luck on your career!
    Hope to see you more on the big screen!

  19. 19 : pinky Says:

    hi han sun,m 4m india n ur big fan.i really like u n want to meet u pliz give me ur any contact no pliz ok miss u bye.

  20. 20 : eden Says:

    ur really cute…..ofcourse handsome too…i watch ur movies jus to see u…haha…hope to see more of you ….takecare n a very happy new year…

  21. 21 : gena Says:

    ..oh my god…han seon ur so handsome as in..I really love you. your eyes is the most beautiful.. the way you look is so…no words can express. well,just continue to make a good movies and dramas..I look forward to that ..hope that you come to philippines..hehe.til then

  22. 22 : Seductivebabe Says:

    Is this website from Korea for real ? Hi there handsome !!! Ohh I attract guys with beards :inlove: hehe` Plan to visit California someday ? Let’s keep in touch we’ll be good friends 😉 Love those eyes , those beards everything :o…

    write me ,

    [email protected]

  23. 23 : Seductivebabe Says:

    Is this website from Korea for real ? Hi there handsome !!! Ohh I attract guys with beards :inlove: hehe` Plan to visit California someday ? Let’s keep in touch we’ll be good friends 😉 Love those eyes , those beards everything :o…

    write me ,

    Asian Girl …

    [email protected]

  24. 24 : sonia Says:

    what is his mail? please say me soon

  25. 25 : sonia Says:

    this is my E-mail please give me a message mr jo han sun
    [email protected] I wait for your mail please hurry up I want tel u my dreams

  26. 26 : sonia Says:

    u are a bad boy

  27. 27 : eliza Says:

    one of the most good lookin korean actor next to kwang sang woo…. really talented and hot,.

  28. 28 : eliza Says:

    1 of the most good lookin guy next to kwang sang woo…..good acting n super hot

  29. 29 : Kellie Says:

    Of all of Choi Ji Woo’s leading men, I think Jo Han Seon was the most compatible with her because he’s taller & handsomer. Ji Woo commented that Jo Han Seon is handsome & tall in an interview during the filming of the movie Now & Forever. Choi Ji Woo is a very tall lady (5’8″ or 5’9″). They had great chemistry during the filming of Now & Forever. Good luck Jo Han Seon in your future project. I hope you & Choi Ji Woo collaborate again soon.

  30. 30 : Mazza Says:

    If you have opportunity to read this message

    First , hi i’m from Thailanddddddddddddddddddd

    I would like to tell you that I never love korea movie before
    I see you in Temptation of wolves movie
    Along time i never like actor like this
    you made someone have happy in everytime to see you in movie
    and i hope that i should to see you in one day

    Last i hope you have fun in your actor way

    and [email protected] this my msn
    for another fan can add to talk with me

    good luck byeeeeeeeeee

  31. 31 : Mazza Says:

    If you opportunity to read this message

    First ,Hi i’m from Thailanddddddddddddddddddddddddd

    i would like to tell you that i never love to see korea movie
    before i see you in Temptation of wolves
    you made someone have happy in everytime i see you in movie
    and i hope to meet you in one day or hope to talk with you

    Last , i hope you have fun in your actor way.

    For another fan can add me to talk by MSN. [email protected]

    good lunk bye………………………..

  32. 32 : julia Says:

    You so affected me in The Movie Never Forever.. So incredible and so Sexy!

  33. 33 : nasim Says:

    hi joe han sun,i’m from iran.i saw u in good person…i and my family watch good person.u will georgous there! i hope i see u more from iran tv.
    [email protected]

  34. 34 : nasim Says:

    I’m soooo lucky because i could know u,you’re so georgous and u act very very good.it is one of my biggest wish to meet u.

  35. 35 : dee Says:

    you r simply the best n i like you alot.n you look awesome n i jus feel good watchin you in your movies.you r so cool.

  36. 36 : dee Says:

    hi there,
    m from bhutan n i ve watched your movies more than once n i say you look really awesome n m grt fan of yours…you look so handsome,cool n freindly…though in dreams hop to b you fren….i like you n all d best in life n waitin to c more of your movies.
    lotsa love.

  37. 37 : SuzyNguyen Says:

    he is handsome…

  38. 38 : Rajshree Says:

    I don’t have words to express my feelings on him….he is so cute.i love his attitude n personality…..wow too good to become a bf……

  39. 39 : shrishti Says:


  40. 40 : Ruthlene Says:

    I think Jo Han Seon is better looking than some of the Hallyu Wave actors like KSW, BYJ, & LBH. He”s very tall also (6’1″). He’s a great actor as well. When Choi Ji Woo was asked about Han Seon in an interview during the filming of Now & Forever, she stated that he’s very handsome, tall & act very matured in that film. Inspite of their age differences, they looked great together in that movie & their chemistry was superb. I just hope they collaborate again in another movie in the near future.

  41. 41 : wanggmo Says:

    Hey,you are too cool.I just am happy watching your films.Its fab…..

  42. 42 : unni26 Says:

    Hi JO Han seon ssi~~
    All i can say is YOu’re CHOI Go^^
    YOu have have the looks,great height and very cool personality^^
    I really like your new movie MY NEW PARTNER you did a good job^^

    Hope you will have more movies to come,
    Stay happy and healthy always~~

  43. 43 : princess Says:

    hey jo i recently watched ur movie lure of the wolf n i loved it. u were great in it n hope to c more of u in future. u r really cute n i adore u a lot. take care.

  44. 44 : Ava Says:

    hmmmmm…went thru all of the comments given to JO hun….and can’t see any of his reply…is it a scam??…anyway love u pal …u’re too good…its funny that u may never know that there is some girl in some corner of this world giving u a “love u” comment on some silly website….heheh its funny!…and m feeling soo stupid!

  45. 45 : Nordelm Says:


  46. 46 : zara Says:

    hi.i saw ur movies they r so fantastic,i love good person tv series, im from iran i love ur playing

  47. 47 : hewoyana Says:

    u r so cute, awesome blossom and a lovely guy & ur movie lure of the wolf was like……………. the best korean muveeeeeee i had ever watch & after watching ur role in the muveeeeeeeeeeeee i think i may have a boyfriend like it

  48. 48 : camella Says:

    Such captivating and charming pair of eyes. You are real gorgeous looking guy. Hope you would appear in more drama series. Have not seen any new show after April snow.

  49. 49 : bee Says:

    i really love jo han-seon! he’s so CUTE!!! ^_^

    i really love temptation of wolves also! keep the good work!

  50. 50 : sOnAmGiL Says:

    SEND THIS SCRAP from Goodlightscraps.com hey jo han seon…. i wanna say u something which is not from my lipz na this words is from the heart which is for u???? that is I lOvE yOu oppa….. Sarangheyo oppaa….
    love uuuu

  51. 51 : mrs jumong Says:

    u are a good actor. Any new movie or drama series that i can watch u acting. Love to see your cute face. Good Luck.

  52. 52 : jam Says:

    …hi jo han…im your number fan…i really like your role in april kisses,i hope you have another project with soo ae..you both good looking..

  53. 53 : mel Says:

    you’re handsome… ilike you..

  54. 54 : ade Says:

    your acting is good.. ^^t

  55. 55 : reah Says:

    luv u in lost and found!

  56. 56 : odani Says:

    hai…I like your acting…you’re indeed good-looking…temptation of the wolves…

  57. 57 : jeenat dumi Says:

    hey!!!!! my hero m big n no1 fan of uuuuuuu i like u very much ……….. plz come soon ur new movie u r the most hansoam in this world >>>>>> everybody like & love u who watch korean movies……. u r my hero i always saw u in my dream ……….

  58. 58 : ugg boots Says:

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  59. 59 : jalzkie Says:

    i really like you…i hope that you can visit the Philippines. .I like your role in April kisses..I’m your fun too.

  60. 60 : List of Korean Actor « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

    […] Jerome To Ji Chang Wook Ji Hyun Woo Ji Jin Hee Ji Sung Jin Goo Jin Yi Han Jo Dal Hwan Jo Dong Hyuk Jo Han Sun Jo Hee Bong Jo Hyun Jae Jo In Sung Jo Jae Hyun Jo Jin Woong Jo Kwon Jo Kye Hyung Jo Kyung Hwan Jo […]

  61. 61 : wai mon Says:

    hello ! ,
    i am from Myanmar
    i like yours everything……………….

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