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Jo Hyun Jae

Name: 조현재 / Jo Hyun-jae (Jo Hyeon-jae)
Date of Birth: May 9, 1980
Height: 181cm
Weight: 65kg
Blood type: A
Education: Myungji University, Dangook University
Profession: Actor

TV Series

Let Me Introduce Her (SBS, 2018)
Hospital Ship (MBC, 2017)
Yong Pal (SBS, 2015)
King’s Daughter Soo Baek Hyang (MBC, 2013)
Advertising Genius Lee Tae Baek (KBS2, 2013)
Rouge Hegemon (C-drama, 2012)
Youth Storm (C-drama, 2012)
49 Days (SBS, 2011)
One Mom and Three Dads (KBS2, 2008)
Ballad Of Suh Dong (SBS, 2005)
Only You (SBS, 2005)
Nine Tailed Fox (KBS, 2004)
Shining Days (SBS, 2004)
Star’s Echo (MBC/Fuji TV, 2004)
First Love (SBS, 2003)
Love Letter (MBC, 2003)
Daemang (SBS, 2002)
That’s Good (SBS, 2001)
Father and Son (SBS, 2001)
Kaist (SBS, 1999)


The Actress Is Too Much (2014)
The Guard Post (2007)
Joy of Love (2004)(short internet film)
Untold Scandal (2003)


2003 SBS Drama Awards – NEW STAR AWARD
2005 SBS Drama Awards – 10 BIG STARS AWARD
2006 the 42th BaekSang Arts Awards – POPULARITY AWARD
2007 Andre Kim Best Star Awards – STAR AWARD
2011 The 19th Korean Cultural Entertainment Awards – HANRYU STAR AWARD

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  1. 1 : norazira Says:

    hi jo hyun jae!i’m your fanatic fan.i like you act in only youand sunshine of love.you’re so handsome.

  2. 2 : amelialfl Says:

    hi jo hyun jae , I like your screen and video opus very much .

  3. 3 : kamsinah Says:

    hai sunshine/love letter/only U….thanks 4 shining my life..
    b cool as u r ~~~~~~~

  4. 4 : andrea11 Says:

    Anyong Hasseyo!!!!!…. Hi Han Yi Joon, Kang Min-Woo, Woo Jin!!!! That’s All…. Pls. have a visit in Philippines…… you have lot of fans there….except me……. Anyoheegasseyo!!!!

  5. 5 : ruirui004 Says:

    hi jo hyeon jae, ur so handsome, i hope i will meet you in person,
    i lyk everything about you…you’re so perfect,

  6. 6 : BAMBAM Says:

    Hi Jo hyun jae how are you? I like you very much.
    I see your show on cinema seodongyo.
    I hope you email to me.
    [email protected]
    I love you very much.

  7. 7 : watts Says:

    love you, cute ,romantic …………..will support you…always

  8. 8 : Liz Says:

    Dear Hyun-jae,
    You acted very well in Ballad of Suh Dong. I like the story very much and both you and Lee Bo Yong form a very good screen couple. I hope to see more of your shows. Keep up with your good acting and I hope you will win the best actor award some day. Good luck and good health to you.


  9. 9 : francine Says:

    you know jo hyun jae is an good actor and he acts well and his a good person and i hope he will get more awards for being an good actor. he is not just an actor but an sexy model w/ sexy body and to tell you he has a sex apeal and i like most of him is his kissable lips…. (^_^)…… at sana magkaroon muli sha ng mga show o movies dito sa phillippines… yun lang…..

  10. 10 : cari Says:

    Happy birthday jo hyun jae!!! keep up the good work!

  11. 11 : brynyl Says:

    elow.. Jo Hyeon- Jae, i watched the Korean novel Only you, Only You was the very 1st Korean novel that i had watched that made me like and love korean novels, so when this ended, i felt very sad because there’s no more Korean Novels that i’ll watch…….but i did’nt know na may ipapalit rin naman na Korean novel so I felt very very very happy. Korean novels and Jado novels also are my favorite.. and THank you Jo Hyeon- Jae and Han ChaE- Young for your very very nice acting in this novel… i liked also the way you two act, keep- up the good work for us fans….. “aniong” GOD BLESS YOU TWO”

  12. 12 : Arya pars Says:

    Dear Jo Hyun Jae.
    I am from Iran And Jewel in the palace is on TV now.
    When I watched some episodes of this derama, I decided that search the internet for other korean deramas. interstingly i found Loveletter(2003).
    After that I watched another one and that was Only You (2005) ,this is Really good , very good , excellent . your acting is very good. Thank you for your shining acting in these series. Gomaosymida , annyangnykaseyo and good luck.

  13. 13 : patricia Says:

    hi joe! like yah so much…

  14. 14 : irms Says:

    hello hyeon-jae,

    You are superb actor! Wow I really like all your drama. Your so handsome, your eyes looks at you with honesty, cutest cupid lips and angelic look. Hope you can make more drama with all the prettiest actress like lee da hee, han ga in, yoon eun hye, son yeh jin. Stay healthy and be safe!! from california

  15. 15 : magritte Says:

    hi!!! i really love ur movie only you..
    u and han chae young r a perfect match

  16. 16 : joel Says:


  17. 17 : joel Says:


  18. 18 : Arya pars Says:

    Best wishes for you from IRAN.
    The legend of 9 tailed fox, only you, shining days, seo dong yo, love letter are very good.
    thank you very much (kamsahamnida hyun jae).
    I wish you are successful in the GP506 project.
    With Best wishes from IRAN .

  19. 19 : chillmoon Says:

    Hi Jo Hyun Jae, I just saw you in Love Letter and I am completely and utterly in love with you! You are such a babe and a great actor. I love how you look and what a smile. It could melt any girls heart.
    I hope that you read this someday.
    I will be watching more of your movies and dramas.

  20. 20 : Brenda Says:

    You’re such a great actor, first episodes I watched was the nine-tailed fox which was a stunning acting! We are moving on to this Ballad of Suh Dong’s dvd, can’t wait to finish it up, very well done. Looking forward to seeing your upcoming one?! Hopefully, we don’t need to wait for long for your new drama ………

    Best wishes to your career.

  21. 21 : khinbranny Says:

    Hyun Jae,I like you so much.You are so cute.I love you.I hope one day i will meet you in personaly.
    Good Luck and good thing for you.

  22. 22 : Tiffany Haley Says:

    Hyun Jae,

    You are an amazing actor and have great talent. I wish you will star in more dramas like Ballad of Suh Dong. My friends and co workers have seen all your dramas. Can’t wait to see you in more new dramas! No actors in South Korea could compare to your amazing talent!

    Best wishes! 🙂

  23. 23 : Grace Says:

    Hyun Jae ya,
    You have an uniqueness of trait thru yourself and acting, something can’t see from others. You’re so loved and I believe you know how to love and serve others. I’m very exciting to see upcoming dramas and movies of yours’, let yourself shine upon to others so they can see the love and cloud nine after watching your art. Be blessed always and share the love you have.

  24. 24 : CJ Says:


  25. 25 : alvin(singapore) Says:

    fantastic match between you and lee bo young in ballad of sedong………………………….. alvin(singapore)

  26. 26 : Okrabo Says:

    Dear Hyun Jae’
    I recently watched “Love Letter” and “Only You” and have bacome your fan.I loved you in both series. Do make more series and movies.You are a very good actor with a lot of potential.Try to act more with your eyes in romantic scenes.
    Your grandma fan

  27. 27 : ST Says:

    Hi JHJ,

    Your performance in Seo Dong is fanstastic! It brought the best in you! You had lotsa gals captivated, esp with your smile and eyes which speaks a thousand words! BRAVO! Hope to see more of you!


  28. 28 : Pherry Says:

    Love Story drama series is one of the best drama i’ve seen produce from korea. I learned how koreans catholic belief is practice. It’s so nice hope you can act in another drama series portraying our belief, Its really a touching Love drama. I admire you as a person you are so handsome and gentleman. Hope what you project in the screen is what you really are. Keep up the good work and hope you can visit Philippines.

  29. 29 : Sydney Says:

    Good job in SeoDongYo and Only You. I’ve become your big fan- keep up the good work!!!! and hope to see more of your movies.

  30. 30 : Idril Says:

    Jo hyun jae!!!

    I love you….. (faithful confession i guess hahahaha)
    Cant hardly wait for your next drama/movie!!!!
    hope this 2008 bring u lots of joy n hapiness…
    Korean producer out there, pls give him more drama/movie project as a lead actor!!!! plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!

  31. 31 : sone Says:

    annyong haseyo! JO HYUN JAE! i really really like you! so gorgeous in only you, my favorite movie ever! keep it up ajossi! Hope to see you in person! =) keep smiling!


  32. 32 : hnin mon Says:

    hello dear how are you.i like your action. i love you as like actor. you are so handsome.i want to be you super star in Korea. you will be number 1 in Korea. bye bye good luck

  33. 33 : vanessa canto Says:

    i’m just checking out…

  34. 34 : Enri Says:

    i LOVE THIS GUY SO HANDSOME! jO hYUN-jAE AFTER WAITING FOR SO LONG HE GOT HIS NEW DRAMA WITH GERGIOUS ACTRESS EUGENE perfect match with her is going to be exciting drama ever can’t wait to watch it..TO ALL FANS PLEASE Watch! God Bless and be healthy JO Hyun Jae! USA

  35. 35 : goody Says:

    JHJ…I really like your acting…..so naturally and good in Seodongyo

  36. 36 : snowball Says:

    I am a great follower of your shows. I am from the little red dot island of Sinagpore.
    My fav is “Love Letter” & “Seo Dong Yo”.
    I am catching the latest “3 Daddy & a Mommy” – youe expression is so straight-faced & your comic timing is very off but I guess that’s what’s so appealing about it.
    Anxiously awaiting the release of your new movie “G.P. 05”.
    Heard that you will be enlisted soon. I think all your fans will miss you greatly but these 3yrs will be your best time to experience a whole new new environment & then add to your acting repetoir.

    Stay true to yourself & I will be behind you all the way.

    P.s. – your modelling of Andre Kim’s wedding dresses was way cool.

  37. 37 : Jenny Says:

    Hi , Jo Hyun Jae… I waitting for you come to Thailand. I have seen the movies her every about [ story ] . , she can show very great . , want to be the will has fresh plentiful work please yes , . , hear her has a fever , request be lost quickly , please . ,

  38. 38 : shane Says:

    hi! i love your acting in LOVE LETTER…
    it really made me cry.
    i hope you could visit us here in the Philippines and wish i could meet you sometime….

  39. 39 : joe celine Says:

    hi….jo hyun jae ur so lucky! advance happy b-day on may!godblees and stayhealty!

  40. 40 : kristy tang Says:

    Hi …..Jo Hyun jae. You are so charming. I love all of your Drama series especially in “Only You”. Best wishes!!

  41. 41 : melanie Says:


  42. 42 : melai Says:

    Hi Jo hyoen jae! i really miss you so much! it seems that you’ve gone lie low on your showbiz career… you’re the reason why i fell inlove with korean dramas upon watching you from Love LEtter …. i couldnt even remember when was it, all i could remember is your shy & cute smile that adds up to your somewhat reserved personality…. are you really like that? hehe…. coz i really like your smile! its kinda mysterious. GOd Bless! muah!

  43. 43 : melai Says:

    oh! i almost forgot, its your birthday today, aiyt?! Happy birthday!!! wishing more success & GOOD health! i know youve already visited phils…. when are you going to visit us again? please announce it so that we, your fans here could prepare something special for you(“,)

  44. 44 : blueberry Says:

    Hi JHJ, You’re great in 3 Dads & a Mom. I’m a great fan!.

  45. 45 : blueberry Says:

    Looking forward to seeing you more in other Korean Dramas.

  46. 46 : blueberry Says:

    Although quite belated, BEST WISHES ON YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!

    I hope it was fun and enjoyable.

  47. 47 : valencia Says:

    happy belated birthday
    loved the chemistry btw lee bo young and you in ballad of suh dong
    u guys should do more shows together

  48. 48 : Grace Wa2 Says:

    Hi Hyun-Jae….
    just watched your acts in 1 mom and 3 dads…
    wew… amazed me..
    just like when you act in only you..
    still dont know how’s the end of 1 mom and 3 dads..
    Hope it’s a great ending..
    Wish you all the best..
    Keep the good work Hyun-Jae.. Aza aza!!

  49. 49 : Happy Heart Says:

    Hi Jo Hyun Jae!!!!!^^ You’re such a wonderful actor! I truly appreciate your performance in Love Letter, you really made the character and the whole story come alive.^^ I hope to watch more of your TV dramas & movies! God bless!!!^^

  50. 50 : agashi Says:

    Hi JHJ, Loved your role in Three Dads. Looking forward to seeing you in more Korean Dramas.

  51. 51 : agashi Says:

    POST Birthday Greetings!!!!. Best wishes.

  52. 52 : Congatx Says:

    Among the Korean actor, I like this actor the most. He is so handsome with a very decent look and manly too. Comparing to Bi, in my opinion Huyn Jae is much better looking. To me, Bi only has a good body shape.. but I can not stand looking at his eyes. Huyn Jae is tall and in good shape with a real good looking facial features that I’d like to see a lot more movies with him in it. Unfortunately this is it’s taking a while for him to come out with another movies after “the Potato boy”. He is such a good looking man and imagine acting! Love it!

  53. 53 : agashi Says:

    Yes, I agree! Has anyone seen him in the Drama “ONLY YOU”?

  54. 54 : agashi Says:

    He, in fact, epitomizes my idea of a what a good looking Korean actor should look like. If the States had Cary Grant & presently George Clooney, then Korea has Jo Hyun Jae. Not only does he have good looks, he can act too!

  55. 55 : Joyce Buen Says:

    I just hope jo hyeon jae would do another funny, love story drama like Only you. I really love the story. How I wish I could find a man like jo hyeon jae.

  56. 56 : Alex Says:

    I just want to say that I like him very much. He’s so handsome and he is really great Korean actor. I hope that there will be many another movies and dramas with him ^^

  57. 57 : dovejewel Says:

    this guy can SING!!! and he is also one of my favorite actors

  58. 58 : iluvgucci Says:

    Jo Hyun Jae! So down to earth and sweetest looking of all. Not only can he act, he can also sing.

    More power and looking forward to seeing you in many more movies.

  59. 59 : iluvgucci Says:

    I wonder if the cameras could follow him during his forthcoming military duty – a form of a reality TV show. Just a thought.

  60. 60 : lalaine Says:

    hello jo hyun jae, im one of your fans from philippines.. i just want to say i like you very much not only in your acting i know u a good person and your so hansome i like your smile.. i love your drama series “only you”‘ shining days” its a good love story.. i wish u have another project with song hye kyo. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH jo hyun jae your one of my favorite actor..

  61. 61 : iluvgucci Says:

    Just curious….Is JHJ seeing or is involved with someone? If ever, lucky girl.

  62. 62 : Joyce Choong Says:

    Keep up the good work, Jo Hyun Jae! With your good looks, great voice and humility, keep the cameras rolling! We want to see more of you!

  63. 63 : kimsan Says:

    Hi,,,,, I am your huge fan from Cambodia. I really like your act and you too especially your smilling after i watched drama Only You, Sunsine Of Love and high ligth of one mom and three dads i felt very very very happy. I hope i will become your friend too. thank you.

  64. 64 : laylee Says:

    i love u so much…
    hopefully u have a good carier in ur industries….

  65. 65 : nel Says:

    this good looking guy
    is very aweSome not only in his act!ng
    but am xur, he is also a good guy
    hope to see u w/ han ga in
    i thnk both of you hav chem!ztry
    c yah

  66. 66 : Haidy Says:

    hi! Jo Hyun Jae, your a good actor and singer we really love your K drama ONLY YOU,your a great couple with Han Chae Young,all k drama of yours are all great and nice ,good luck ! ONLY YOU is a big hit in the Philippines.

  67. 67 : Alice In Wonderland Says:

    Jo, you are also one of good actor acting in korean dramas, especially the recent one ‘one mon and three dads’ very comedy series and i love to watch Eugene acting. I bought quite numbers of korean VCD of Joe and Eugene, Keep up the good work, Hurray Hurray!!!!!

  68. 68 : swam swam Says:

    I really like when you act like a angry person
    please reply my mail
    i want a(” korea actor ”)friend like you
    i’m 19 years old

  69. 69 : shylone Says:

    yobo seyo!!!

    hi….im still looking forward your upcoming movies and series…ive watch most of your movies…i like your acting in only you..and to the forbidden love….you are good looking specially bieng a pastries or chief…that personality really suited you…hope to watchy more of your new movie…

    hope you can email me to my email add…


  70. 70 : Poppy Says:

    Hi..jo hyeon jae. Such appreciated that you have lots of fans around the world. I’m pretty sure that your family so proud of you. Look forward to meet you in Bangkok once again.
    Have a wonderful life…Hyeon Jae

  71. 71 : May Says:

    Good job. Keep up the good job.
    Hi Editor, I just wonder how to email him.


  72. 72 : Lumi Says:

    I am now one of your fans after watching the Ballad of Suh Dong Jo(Potato Boy). I will surely try to buy and/or see other series and movies you’ve been in. Keep up the good Work.

  73. 73 : Daisy Says:

    I get a little sad when I read critics that say his acting is awful, which reminds me of Keanu Reeves. Critics also criticize him, but the fans love him and he is always working. I must admit that I wasn’t impressed with Jo Hyun Jae in ONLY YOU, and hardly noticed him in UNTOLD SCANDAL. I think he did a good job in the BALLAD OF SUH DONG and I started to pay attention and to like him.

    I am currently watching Three Dads and One Mom (hilarious comedy), his part is smaller but he is doing a good job. I am looking forward to seeing Forbidden Love and Love Letter.

  74. 74 : Apple Says:

    I’ve just finished watching 1 mom 3 dads…and can’t help falling in love with the character u did.
    You’re in K Army right now… hope u’re happy and healthy.
    Waiting to see your good job again in next few years.

  75. 75 : AG Says:

    I enjoyed 3 Dads and 1 Mom. It was very funny and charming. Jo Hyeon Jae did a good job in Ballad of Suh Dong. I like his acting and he has such a sweet smile and handsome face. All the best in the service.

  76. 76 : au-jang Says:

    He is so handsome and my favorite actor. I love him when I see ” Only You” series. and more when I see ” prince of song, Soe dong” series.
    Joe Hyun Jae look a good man, smart and exelence actor.
    I hope Joe Hyun Jae can do many series and Thai can see too.
    I love you

  77. 77 : kristine Says:

    hi…jo hyun jae… you’re so cute…. i love you…

  78. 78 : Viv Says:

    Does anyone know if he has a published email address, or how to find it? Thanks!

  79. 79 : nurul Says:

    hi..jo hyun jae..i’m nurul from indonesia expecially in Aceh..u know aceh that attack with tsunami in 2004th…
    u acting it’s very wonderfull..
    and u’re the most cute actor…why u do not come to indonesia..??i really want to see u..if u gland to be my friends please mail me..at [email protected]..

  80. 80 : Viv Says:

    Hi Jo hyun Jae, I’m a new fan from the United States. I watched a couple of your drama’s long time ago, and just recently watched “3 Dads and 1 Mom” and “Ballad of Suh Dong”. I like both very much and I see great improvement of your acting in “3 Dads and 1 Mom”. I’ve been following some of your publicity events, really like your personality and would like to be a special friend (if you would have me, that is). If you’d like to be a friend or pen pal, please email me at: [email protected]. Thank you and thanks for brighten my life!

  81. 81 : sez Says:

    u are a good actor

  82. 82 : sez Says:

    good actor

  83. 83 : Joyce Choong Says:

    Hi Jo Hyun Jae,

    I like to wish you all the best in your military services. May you have good health, strength and comfort to warm your heart. Take good care of yourself.

  84. 84 : stella Says:

    love you!hehe..im from the philippines..your one of the famous actor here in the philippines, wish i could visit here someday!hehe
    philippines is waiting for you!

  85. 85 : stella Says:

    wish you could visit here in the philippines..

  86. 86 : ryza pernites Says:

    hi jo hyun jae…

    I’m your fan here in the Philippines. I really really like you a lot. I like the way you act and your handsome looks. I hope that you can go here in the Philippines.
    And please do more korean dramas and movies..

  87. 87 : lina Says:

    jo hyun jae you are the most handsome and the greatest actor. I watched every drama of you. I hope that you will soon return and make more dama. all the best wishes to you and your family. take care and fighting!!!!!!!!!

  88. 88 : kristine Says:

    jo hyun jae………you are so handsome….i really love you…
    you’re my favorite actor ever….mwaah

  89. 89 : kevin Says:

    jo hyun jae i am your die hard fan when i see u in the three dads one mommy i see your face and your very wholesome appearance and your eyes its so beautiful to see i think your the one who holds my heart i love u very much keep up the good work i am from the phillipines i hope i see u in the phillipines soon

  90. 90 : Lilet Says:

    hello JO HYUN JAE… i love ur korean drama her in the Phils…. . Natatawa talaga aq… Hope n d end of the teleserye kayong dalawa ni Eugene ang mgkatuluyan… Best match tlaga kau…

  91. 91 : march Says:

    “Raise of sunrise” a drama with Song Hae Kyo…The best drama i ever seen, it was so emotional…To see him in person was just a fantacy to be made real. I always wish to watch his drama in the middle of my hectic schedule of work. Wishing him to have more movies and dramas to come. God Bless him always and More power to yhis entertainment world…Love and care for him is always.

  92. 92 : ryza pernites Says:

    your such a handsome and good actor.
    please keep up the good work.
    we love and like you so much in the philippines.

  93. 93 : dhines Says:

    warmest regards.

    hope to see more of you…… keep up the good work! you are really good in what you do….

    love you!

  94. 94 : freedurt Says:

    i love you so much.., i like how you carry your role in one mom and three dad.., your so versatile.., i wish you can come here and visit in the philippines.., and have some movie with our own actor and actresses..,

  95. 95 : Lumi Says:

    I liked Ballad of Suh Do very much. Three Dads and One Mom is so sweet and funny. I wish they would make a sequel with the same cast. I am currently watching Love Letter. I highly recommend it. It’s different as it involves a soon-to-be Catholic priest and a love triangle. It is a little sad and moving. I am a big fan of Jo Hyun Jae and hope he’ll make a great come back when he finishes his military service. GOOD LUCK!

  96. 96 : john Says:

    what a great actor of his times..

    i really like the way he act,,he socialized with other people..

    i hope i can meet him personally,,,

  97. 97 : gerald Says:

    i very love your show i always watch it

  98. 98 : Daisy Says:

    I heard he is starting his military service soon. I wish him good luck and when he he is out, his acting career will continue to be successful. He is one of my favorite actors since watching Potato Boy (a good historical drama; long, but very interesting).

  99. 99 : chelly Says:

    jo hyun jae is a fantastic actor..he performs his role very well and i like it..he has a very good and strong charisma..hope to see him in person,even just once..how i wish to know more about him,especially behind the camera..

    i love this guy a lot..

    Good luck in your career and more power especially in rendering your military service.your such a good citizen in your motherland.

    God bless!

  100. 100 : marshoy31 Says:

    i love JHJ in LOVE LETTER.

  101. 101 : fi Says:

    jo hyun jae..i think i falling in love with him..

  102. 102 : mae Says:

    i really love jo hyun jae..it’s fun to watch him,,co’z he realy have a great looks..i hope that ther’s a part two on his latest t.v series one mom and three dad’s…..thanks..and in the end he will get married to the mom of xiixian..

  103. 103 : denisse Says:

    , iloveuh jo hyun jae..i’m ur no. 1 fan here in the philippines..

  104. 104 : denisse Says:

    ,wo ai ni..

  105. 105 : slurpee Says:

    hallo oppa soo hyun i like him in one mom three dads..a gentleman father but loved ha seon so much..i really know him when i watch ballad of suh dong..he was so handsome and make me fall in love with him..haha good actor anneyo haseyo

  106. 106 : lina Says:

    I miss your acting so much. I hope to see your acting again after your military service. you are the most hansome guy ever.

  107. 107 : Tun Says:

    I like you in One mom and three dads drama .

  108. 108 : miel Says:

    ur soooooo cuTe..i Love da waY u sMile..hehe

  109. 109 : lina Says:

    i miss you so much

  110. 110 : ha seon Says:

    great actor… good-looking too… hope you’re also nice in real life… God bless! 🙂

  111. 111 : gerald mallari Says:

    i love your shows i already watch it i hope i see you in personal
    and i wish you will visit our country PHILIPPINES..
    it is very nice here… pls come your fan and me is waiting for your tour in the philippines… pls visit come and join us…..

  112. 112 : gerald mallari Says:


  113. 113 : gerald mallari Says:

    your my inspiration you are the person make
    me smile and active everyday i hope to see you soon here
    in my country….. PHILIPPINES

  114. 114 : genieyn Says:

    hi a’im ghen

  115. 115 : john Says:

    i really like the way jo hyun act,,
    his goodlooking at the same time, good actor,,.

    i wish his doing a movie with the same cast of three dads w/ onemom,,!!!

  116. 116 : Ruffa Says:

    H! ju hyuan jae, your so very good actor.i love you

  117. 117 : kim chae won Says:

    hello oppa hyun jae sarangeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.i will always support youuuuuuu.thanks

  118. 118 : kim lee se Says:

    hello oppa hyun jae,i will always love and support you,saranghe oppa.thanks

  119. 119 : lina Says:

    Hi jo hyun jae! i am a big fan of you. i have been waiting for your acting. all the best wishes to you. take care!!!

  120. 120 : grace Says:

    i really like u!!!!!!!!!!!
    ur handsome!!!!!!!!!

  121. 121 : ketty Says:

    you are the best actor ever.

  122. 122 : jayamy Says:

    hi JHJ,hope to see you on another drama series when you get back after youre military service……I watched 3 dads and only you………youre very good and handsome in both drama….like youre smile very much………gud luck………..god bless……!!!!!SEE YOU SOON……!!!!!

  123. 123 : SHIN SO Says:

    * Dobong District (도봉구; 道峰區)
    * Dongdaemun District (동대문구; 東大門區)
    * Dongjak District (동작구; 銅雀區)
    * Eunpyeong District (은평구; 恩平區)
    * Gangbuk District (강북구; 江北區)
    * Gangdong District (강동구; 江東區)
    * Gangnam District (강남구; 江南區)
    * Gangseo District (강서구; 江西區)
    * Geumcheon District (금천구; 衿川區)
    * Guro District (구로구; 九老區)
    * Gwanak District (관악구; 冠岳區)
    * Gwangjin District (광진구; 廣津區)
    * Jongno District (종로구; 鍾路區)

    * Jung District (중구; 中區)
    * Jungnang District (중랑구; 中浪區)
    * Mapo District (마포구; 麻浦區)
    * Nowon District (노원구; 蘆原區)
    * Seocho District (서초구; 瑞草區)
    * Seodaemun District (서대문구; 西大門區)
    * Seongbuk District (성북구; 城北區)
    * Seongdong District (성동구; 城東區)
    * Songpa District (송파구; 松坡區)
    * Yangcheon District (양천구; 陽川區)
    * Yeongdeungpo District (영등포구; 永登浦區)
    * Yongsan District (용산구

    where in this district are you living

  124. 124 : Achilles Says:

    hi, my family and relatives enjoy watching 3 dads and 1 mom tv series. funny and absolutely one of the most entertaining comedy and love story ever made in korean movie industry. i bought a cd that incorporates the whole story and i watched it for 3 days… my days are complete and satisfied, you make laugh guys and cried out loud watching seriously with some of those sensitive and emotional scenes, huhuhu…. i should hide my tears from my cousin, hehehe… invite me guys on your website, email me pls. [email protected]… awaiting of your next movies, you guys are cool and hot!!!

  125. 125 : gerald mallari Says:

    i hope many movies and dramas i can watch…..
    thanks for all

  126. 126 : lina Says:

    hi! thank you very much for brightening my life with your dramas. I wish you all the best and see you again in the next two years.

  127. 127 : cris Says:

    hi…. wats up..? ur such good father w/ “nicole” in dat show…3dads… it”s fun to watch you.. ur sch a good actor.., and gud looking also…

  128. 128 : htoo Says:

    u are my favourite actor.
    I like u’re actoin& style.
    u are very handsome.
    I think u’re kind-hearted man.
    u can use gmail.
    pls send to u’re gmail.
    have a nice day.

  129. 129 : lina Says:

    hi! how have you been? I hope you are fine. I have been waiting for your return everyday. I wish you all the best. Take care yourself!!!!!

  130. 130 : mich Says:

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  131. 131 : jen Says:

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  138. 138 : monetski Says:

    hi… i’m one of your thousand of fans from the philippines… i watched almost all of your drama and some of your movies… you’re really a great actor… i will surely miss you… we will wait for you return from your military service… love you so much…

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  140. 140 : anna yap Says:

    hi!! i really really like to see you.. i watched 3dads and 1 mom because of you… im one of your fan! i loveyou!! your the best! you look like jang geun suk also…. you both rocks!

  141. 141 : EIEN17 Says:


  142. 142 : cloue Says:

    Jo Hyun Jae! Jo Hyun Jae! I reallly, really really like you so much!
    I can’t help but smile everytime I see you on your TV series. Hope they would give you more projects so that I could see you endlessly. Can we be friends? Do you have YM account? Can you chat with me? You can see my profile on YM. Seeing you makes me smile and it lightens my day so much.

  143. 143 : cloue Says:

    You’re really handsome and I think you’re a kind hearted guy. Can’t wait to see you. Saranghe Jo Hyun Jae!

  144. 144 : rye Says:

    hi jo hyun jae,.(why you don’t have an english name??) anyways, ur soooo much handsom in ur series 3dads and 1 mom.. ur soo hot esp. when u take off ur americanas. hahaha! wonderful! wonderful! ur latest series is very much funny.. it eases our stress! good job! find time to visit the philippines.. have lots of fans here!

  145. 145 : lina Says:

    you are the best. I hope you are safe in your military service.

  146. 146 : eva Says:

    annyeong haseyo! i really watching you on tv! i’ve been a big fan ever since i saw in only you here in the philippines. hope you can visit our country after your service so that you can meet all of your fans here as well. take care and we’ll be praying for your safety and good health!

  147. 147 : jane Says:

    i dont like the ending, it would be good if someone from 3dads married to lizette and if its jo hyun jae it would be better.. i just hope there is a part2 which he will be married to eugene. romance or kilig factor somehow kulang huhu

  148. 148 : sadantra Says:

    your so great…
    ive been watching your acting since i saw you in philippine television in only you…by then i almost admired and hope i see you in personaL SO PLEASE visit here in the philippines…

    and special tnx to the network who always brought to the filipino the most calibrate shows….
    thank you…

  149. 149 : vEs Says:

    j0 HyUn jAe..

    you’re such a hottie!!!


    i love

    your smile!!! : )

    take care


    god bless!!!

  150. 150 : sam raj Says:

    hello! you’re a great actor! very handsome too!

  151. 151 : sam raj Says:

    i watched all your tv shows. i love all your characters in it! hope you will do more after your military service.

  152. 152 : lina Says:

    You are the best! I’ll always support you. Hope you make more dramas after you release . wish you all the best.

  153. 153 : charisse Says:

    JO HYUN JAE is the best.
    i always watch 3 DADS WITH 1 MOMMY.
    loveeeeeeeeeeeeee it♥
    loveu :}}}}

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    i love ur shows!

    you and kim eugene would be a great couple!

    i hope you and kim will be forever! lol!


  155. 155 : Rhona Says:

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    solid! fan of him!

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    solid fan!!

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    here in my country philippines…

    more blessings and more shows to come!!

    hope to see you on television here in the philippines..

    your show here 3 dads with 1 mom

    was a top rater….

    more power..!!


  157. 157 : gerald mallari Says:

    hope to read all my…

    message for you

    in this blog..


  158. 158 : jej Says:

    you’re so handsome and cute, you and eugene are so cute together i hope there will be a part 2 of 3 dads and you and eugene will end up together, please do more projects with eugene i really like the two of you…

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    u r soooooooooooooo hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    very husband material!
    dnt get married yet!!!1
    w8 4 meh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  162. 162 : leslie Says:

    love you… xa pla ung nsa “only you”? ung fave korean show ko dati.. heehehehe…. nkita uli kita sa 3dads… hehehe u’re so cuuute…

  163. 163 : Laura Ramirez Says:

    Hello Jo Hyun jae. You are so handsome and talented. I hope to see you in the Philippines. You are so matched with Eugene Kim, but I hope to see you paired with Lee da Hae. Regards and good day.

  164. 164 : cathy_cute Says:

    helow jo hyun jae…im one of your ultimate fans!!!i hope you can read this…your so very attractive and charming!!!jejeje

    gud luck on your show 3DADS W/ ONE MOMMY!!

    god bless yah?!!

    i hope you can visit philippines!!!

    love yahhhh!!???!!!???

  165. 165 : gerald mallari Says:

    you are a nice person

    i always hear your songs

    it was beautiful and very memorable

    wish yo can have many blessings to come and more power

    and see you in Philippine television

    your show here in Philippines is near to end

    wish all your fans to see you in Philippine television!!


  166. 166 : abcd Says:

    jo hyun jae hope you can visit the philippines!

  167. 167 : sheh Says:

    hi.. jo hyun jae,.
    ur so handsome, i hope eugene kim and you can do more project
    like the 3 dads and 1 mommy
    the two of you has a good chemistry,.
    hope you can visit phillipines,.
    god bless take care

  168. 168 : Janell Mahidlawon Says:

    he is soooooo cute

  169. 169 : may Says:

    ..we really enjoyed watching 1 mom and 3 dads..i hope someday i will see you face to face..can you be my friend???
    ..do you have any friendster??can you add me as your friend??address..
    [email protected]
    thank you..

  170. 170 : yourfan Says:

    i am one of your fans… you are so handsome… hope to meet you one day… would want to see more of your shows…


  171. 171 : keizhia Says:

    hi jo hyun jae,,i really like you

    i wanted u and eugene kim in three dads with one mom will be together

    love your show…

    hope u can visit philippines…

  172. 172 : raquel Says:

    to Jo Hyun Jae, your a good actor, awesome! goodlooking.. u really fit on ur character in Three dads with one mom. Please do visit here in Manila, Philippines! U r becoming famous hir.. a lot of fans!
    3 dads with 1 mom is sooo entertaining.. I even use to sleep late @ night just not to miss watching this Korean-comedy series.

  173. 173 : freakinbaby Says:

    a great actor and a singer, indeed!–former boyband member called “guardian”…he lately just announced that he would be doin’ recording so better watch out coz’ he’s gonna enter the music scene anytime now soon…he got a great voice, charming face– a total package… like him in 3dads and 1mom…kinda’ disappointed at the ending but it’s really worth watching coz’ the show is too good, entertaining and was really moving and comedic. hope to see more of him soon. =)

  174. 174 : gieroma Says:

    your drama series is so fantastic…it is so beautiful…every filipinos who watch this show makes laugh….please visit here in the phi;ippines

  175. 175 : ruth Says:

    hi jo hyun jae, one of my favorite korean series is Love letter since then i became i fan of yours here in the philippines, right now im enjoying three dads and a mom which i really like, i wish i can speak korean so i can talk to you and you would understand me better. i just finished three dads through the internet, great series! im a big fan of yours, hope you will make another series and i will be waiting for it. visit your fans in the philippines you are welcome here! good luck…. sarangheyo..

  176. 176 : anne Says:

    i don’t know if you can read this…coz of your busy schedule
    but i would like to congratulate you for a job well done…
    everybody likes you and everybody loves you…
    always take care of it….put your feet on the ground…appreciate everything around…be thankful of what you have…and one thing,
    hope you can find someone who you can be with you for the rest of your life with or without what you have right now….

  177. 177 : raquel Q. Says:

    My day is complete! Coz i didn’t missed watching the 3 Dads with one Mom, last night! Jo Hyun Jae… your face i so charming… Hope to see you more on T.V.

  178. 178 : jean rose Says:

    hi jo hyun jae..ni hao ma?how r u?i hope ur fine upon reading my comment,anyway im your number one fan her in the philippines,i love you,,,you are a good actor i ever seen,i hope i could see you in personal because i want to meet you….and i love also your love team eugene..i like both of you..heres my no.+63909796375. take care always…mwaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  179. 179 : gerald mallari Says:


    you know i will miss your show here

    im my country philippines

    because it was a nice


    please have a part 2 of 3 dads with 1mom

    because this day is the ending of the drama

    it was a nice expirience wathing it….

    we are addict of 3 dads with 1mom

    hope your next drama

    i want eugene kim will be your partner

    promise it ha……!!!

  180. 180 : gerald mallari Says:

    my day is not


    if i do not watch 3 dads with 1mom

    see your face and eugene kim

    beautiful charming face

    hope to read your all comment here

    all of your fan want to see you here in

    my country philippines

    we will we for your tour here!


  181. 181 : Wehna Says:

    Hi mr.jo hyun jae,anyong ha sae yo!do i spell it right?..im a big fan of yours and ms. Eugene., hoping to see you with ms. Eugene on the big screen on a romantic-comedy film cause you have the chemistry..kam sameda for reading this..sarranghe!

  182. 182 : ranran Says:

    hi mr. hyun jae joo,,your so cute!!hehe..i hope that there will be a part two on three dads with one mom..( nakaka- bitin eh)..hope you’ll understand it!
    godbless to all your works.

  183. 183 : onlyyou.....sushi Says:


    when I saw ur “Only you” series, you made me see the love of my life coz u resemble someone a lot… he’s my close fren now..and im soooo happy dat sumhow we are communicating…♥

    i rili do like you jo hyeon jae…^__________________^

    evrytym i see you on tv, internet, pics, etc. you remind me of him.

    i just wish we will be soon.^____~

    more power to you Jo Hyeon Jae! thanks to you! mwaaaaaaah. ^x^

  184. 184 : ar-jay Says:

    3 dads with 1 mom-1 of the bests TV shows that I’ve watched….good story..good actors….I’m hoping that there will be a part 2!!!jo hyun jae….good job!!!!!luv u

  185. 185 : janille Says:

    hi jo hyun jae…
    i very like your show three dads with one mommy….
    i like so much…
    ur a good actor…
    keep up the good work…
    and don’t forget to visit the philippines… im sure that i will come there…
    and always keep up the good work…
    we like you verry much…
    hope you read this comment…
    hope ur show 3 dads w/ 1 mommy has an part 2…
    and make more shows…
    that we’re sure that we love this..

  186. 186 : Hannahly Says:

    Your extraordinarily handsome. You don’t need to put some effort just to look good and your a good actor also. You are my ideal husband. Luv yah! Hope your not married. heheheh. avid fan from the Philippines.

  187. 187 : powerlink Says:

    Gud DAy!!
    Kim Yoo Jin(Eugene)- lizette
    you’re so beautiful…i admire you so much!
    ur d best!!!
    hope u can visit phil.
    nicole – ur so cute.take care always..
    more shows to come!!

  188. 188 : powerlink Says:

    god bless kim yoo jin

  189. 189 : jojo babasa Says:

    jo hyun jae congrats 4 ur successful career somewhere in korea country,i hope my message is always an inspire to you,,,anyway ur acting power is very brilliant to anyone of us as televiewer in your tv program…by d way plz add my frendster account [email protected] bcos ur face is always handsome like me im heartrob its nice to see my profile

  190. 190 : beth Says:

    you’re so cute!!!

  191. 191 : janille Says:

    hi jo hyun jae….
    i very like your show….
    i hope you can visit the philippines….
    i wish that ur show 3 dads w/ 1 mom has an part 2….
    make more shows….
    we love you jo hyun jae….
    we like you very very much in philippines….
    hope you visit here….
    luv yah….
    [email protected]

  192. 192 : mae Says:

    ..part 2 plzzz!!! ur so handsome & cute ur the best…
    more blessing to come take care..

  193. 193 : Lady Pralta Says:

    Very Nice the story of Three dads with Mommy,,,Ur so handsome GOD BLESS to ur Career

  194. 194 : CHRIS Says:

    hi jo!
    i was struck with ur beauty when i saw 3 dads and 1 mom here in the philippines… you’re so handsome to be straight but i wrote this comment to let you know u look like my dream guy… when i saw ur info down under ur pic, i never thought ur just 6 months older than me… well,cant be that too ambitious anyway. I really do admire ur beauty. hope to see you in person when u get to visit here in the philippines. Especially here in Bohol. Take Care!

  195. 195 : Joyce Says:

    Hi!I’m Joyce!15 yrs.old,from the Philippines.You know what,I really really like show w/Eugene Kim!(Three dads w/ one mommy).Hope there’s a part 2 of your show and more shows of yours together w/ hers again.I love you!!!

  196. 196 : gemma Says:

    hi jo hyun jae i really2 like you. i hope that you have another t.v. show with ms.eugene… jowahe…

  197. 197 : Joyce Says:

    Hi!It’s me again,Joyce from Philippines!I just wanna know if you have a girlfriend,because if your not yet taken,can you wait for me?Maybe after 6 yrs. I will go there in South Korea to work because as what I have seen in television,your country is very beautiful!By the way, can you come here in the Philippines…w/ Ms. Eugene Kim?Hope you can read this!!!Oh!before I forget,I just wanna say I Love You…so much!!!And can you also greet me to Eugene Kim?!Please?

  198. 198 : resthi Says:

    ahhmm.. ur soo cute and everytime i watch you in the television i can stop to mezmerize. ur such a good actor.. i hope you can come here in Philippines and i tour u around.. email me pls.. [email protected] and [email protected]

    take care and more power.

  199. 199 : ar-jay Says:

    HEY JO HYUN JAE….visit us here in the PHILIPPINES…..perhaps after 2 years….just finish first your 2 year mandatory military service…..WE ARE ALWAYS HERE…..WE LOVE U and TAKE CARE!!!!!!!!!!!MHUAHHHHHH

  200. 200 : ar-jay Says:

    Hey….to all of JO HYUN JAE’s Filipino fans….baka matagalan pa po c JO HYUN JAE n pumunta dto s PILIPINAS….because of his enlisting in mandatory military service in Korea just like also what happened to JAE HEE or Jayden also his co-star in 3 dads with 1 mom.So whether he wants it or not he really need to fulfill his duties as a Korean Citizen.Which will take him for about 2 and half years…..so more or less at the year of 2010 will going to be his release in military. Kaya naman po WAIT lang po tau….WE LUV U JO HYUN JAE!!!!!!

  201. 201 : gerald mallari Says:


    anyong hashiminika

    chonun gerald rhago hamnida!!

    im your fan!!

    i wish you will have many project to come

    i wish you will visit our country soon!

    i know you are busy but try to visit us

    your fans are waiting for your tour….

    kamsa hamnida…


  202. 202 : gerald mallari Says:

    anyang anaseyo!!

    wish 3 dads with 1mom will have a party

    it was a nice expirience watching it…..

    it was a nice story…….

  203. 203 : gerald mallari Says:

    please have a part 2

    of 3 dads with 1 mom ……………..

    and please try to visit our country PHILIPPINES

    i want to hear your beautiful voice………….

  204. 204 : ar-jay Says:

    I always think of you JO HYUN JAE!!!!!I really do miss you!!!!!!!I LUV U JO HYUN JAE!!!!

  205. 205 : ar-jay Says:

    ya know what guyzz!!!!!!my night will never be the same again coz…the 3 dads with 1 mom is all over(HERE IN THE PHILIPPINES)!!!!!I will really do miss that show….and everyone of us guyz who supports JO HYUN JAE….we’re going to wait until 2010 to see him again….VERY SAD!!!!!let’s pray for him guyzzzz so he will be safe inside the military camp!!!!WE LOVE YOU JO HYUN JAE!!!!!

  206. 206 : ar-jay Says:

    don’t forget to visit us here in the PHILIPPINES!!!!JO HYUN JAE GOD BLESS and BE SAFE always inside the military camp….WE LOVE YOU JO HYUN JAE….from the bottom of our HEART!!!!!!!WHOOOOOO JO HYUN JAE FOREVER!!!!!!

  207. 207 : ar-jay Says:

    JHJ FOREVER!!!!!

  208. 208 : Wehna Says:

    Anyong jo hyun jae! For a korean drama rating, two thumbs up for Three dads and one m0m. I was hooked from the first watch. I never thought that its going better and better for every episode. It has the spark that attracts the viewers because of the stars, the story and the soundtrack..PERFECT! Its been a good show that cannot easily forget.The reason why im now a korean drama fan! Much better if it is followed by season 2. So come and visit the Philippines! As your x-mas gift for your fans here in the Phils. Jo Hyun Jae and Eugene go0d lo0k together!They have the chemistry. Its better to see them on the big screen for a romantic comedy film..

  209. 209 : ar-jay Says:

    HEY!!!!!guyzzz don’t forget to leave comments here!!!!!WHOOOOO…Jo Hyun Jae…….I always think of you….I can’t get you out of my mind!!!!!JHJ FOREVER!!!!

  210. 210 : ar-jay Says:

    2 year mandatory military service…..!!!!that’s too long for us to wait!!!!but what else can we do.He is already inside the military camp….OMG…I can’t wait to see you again!!!!

  211. 211 : ar-jay Says:

    GUYZZZZ….just continue putting comments here, so JO HYUN JAE will be included in MOST COMMENTED ACTOR and ACTRESS!!!!!JHJ FEVER..!!!!!WHOOOOOO

  212. 212 : ar-jay Says:

    JO HYUN JAE is one of the best actors I have ever seen in my whole life.He actually has this FACTOR that makes him outshine others.I’ve seen so much korean “ACTORS” here in PHILIPPINE TELEVISION but they are too OVERACTING perhaps consider them UNNATURAL(WHAT A POOR DELUDED BASTARD!!!).I think the talent of JO HYUN JAE when it comes to acting is GOD GIVEN,very natural, very pursuing and not overacting.I do believe that he can actually make level with such GREAT actors her in PHILIPPINES.If ever he wants to do such jobs here.Aside from being such a GOOD ACTOR he is a HOT damn HANDSOME man..OMG take a close look of his lips very kissable.Apparently he also have a beautiful voice that every woman can be captivated on it.JHJ FOREVER WHOOOOO!!!!

  213. 213 : dhonz Says:

    i really love to see you in television…you have a lovely face..you captured my heart…im your fan..i hope that 3 dads will have a part II by that time you and eugene will be together…

  214. 214 : lina Says:

    You are the best Jo hyun jae. I’m currently watching love letter. It makes me cry almost become a river. I like all the dramas you act. You did a very great job all of your dramas. take care & be healthy! I have been waiting for your return.

  215. 215 : mizzah Says:

    huhu yuore so popular here in the philippines…
    youre so handsome!!!!
    we love you!!!
    jo hyun jae(jake)

    god bless you!!!

  216. 216 : ar-jay Says:


  217. 217 : ar-jay Says:

    WE will wait for you JO HYUN JAE!!!!!!I know after your 2 year mandatory military service not having any presence in the industry…you’ll still be known because you are such an excellent ACTOR…I’m sure many shows perhaps dramas and comedies that KBS will offer to you after it!!!!!

  218. 218 : ar-jay Says:

    WHOOOO!!!!3 dads with 1 mom is really….really good…..But damn the ending of it became the most exciting part….GRRRRRR…..PLEASE HAVE A PART 2 of it…..JO HYUN JAE you did a magnificent job!!!!!!JO HYUN JAE FOREVER!!!!!!!

  219. 219 : ar-jay Says:

    JO HYUN JAE is a HUSBAND MATERIAL….He is a kind of guy that you will take in your house…and say to your mom and dad…..”I WANT TO MARRY HIM”…..then you mom and dad will say….”SURE….WHEN?”…WHOOOOOO!!!!!JO HYUN JAE FOREVER!!!

  220. 220 : ar-jay Says:

    JO HYUN JAE is very PAPABLE!!!!!

  221. 221 : ar-jay Says:

    HEY GUYZZZZ!!!!!!don’t forget to put some comments here…so JO HYUN JAE will be included in MOST COMMENTED ACTOR and ACTRESS….EVEN IF IT IS SHORT…PLEASEEEEEE!!!!!

  222. 222 : ar-jay Says:


  223. 223 : ar-jay Says:

    what can you ask for a guy like him….having an oozing sex appeal, handsome, kissable lips, smart guy, husband material, gentlemen….OMG!!!!PERFECT

  224. 224 : ar-jay Says:


  225. 225 : sheh Says:

    ur so handsome hope you can do more tv series wiyh eugene kim

  226. 226 : ar-jay Says:

    i hope ABS-CBN Philippines would offer him a TV project. He’s really cute. but I think it would really be a costly venture. I don’t know if this would materialize someday. I hope so. I wish he could have a visit here in the Philippines.

  227. 227 : rosaline Says:

    the first time I saw him it was in the drama Star’s Echo. At that time, I think he’s such a goodlooking actor but my perseption changed after I watched One mom and three dads.
    I admit that he looks so charming there. He’s so attractive and even adorable.

  228. 228 : hannah Says:

    I saw him on the movie “Only You” for the 1st time. At first, I find him just ok…but the more I see him, the more handsome he become..
    He is so charming..I like his smile

  229. 229 : jade Says:

    too bad he is currently in the army..

  230. 230 : ar-jay Says:

    JO HYUN JAE im ur #1 fan here in PHILIPPINES
    hope to see u soon!!!!!JHJ FOREVER!!!!

  231. 231 : ar-jay Says:

    HEY GUYZZZZ…just continue posting your comments….so JO HYUN JAE will be included in MOST COMMENTED ACTOR AND ACTRESS in this site!!!!!THANX…JHJ RUUULLLEEEZZZZ!!!!

  232. 232 : lea Says:

    For you Im just one of your fans who is obssesed with you,but believe me its not, I dont know what is going on with me,I think about you all the time,is like Im in love with you.I know its impossible even to see you, I live in other part of world,You will be always in my heart and I dont know why ??

  233. 233 : Cookie58 Says:

    You are cool and suave. One of the most pleasant and handsome actor for sure.

  234. 234 : jade Says:


    just do your best and ignore those people who want to fail you..

    good luck to your career!

    hope to see you in person!

    god bless you always!

    wish you to have more projects, good health, long life and more bdays to come.

  235. 235 : jade Says:

    jo hyun jae looks adorable in 3 dads with 1 mom!!!!

  236. 236 : mary Says:

    i love jo hyun jae in 3 dads with 1 mom he’s so cute and handsome!!!

  237. 237 : mary Says:

    have my children JO HYUN JAE!!!!

  238. 238 : mary Says:

    whooooo…please marry me jo hyun jae!!!!!!!!be with ME!!!!!

  239. 239 : mary Says:

    dang shin eun, sarang bat gi wi han te oh nan saram
    dang shin eh salm sok eh suh, nl sarang bat go it jiyo (2x)

    ne jo gm han, shi jak dwen hananim eh sarang eun,
    uri eh man naml tong he, yeol meh rl met go,

    dang shin yi yi se sang eh jon je haneuro yin he,
    uri eh eol ma nan km, gi pm yi dwe neun ji…


    dang shin eun, sarang bat gi wi han te oh nan saram
    ji gm do g sarang, bat go it jiyo(2x)

    ji gm do g sarang, bat go it jiyo

  240. 240 : mary Says:

    This guy also has a beautiful voice….JO HYUN JAE…please serenade me!!!!!

  241. 241 : ar-jay Says:

    Hey guyzzzz…just continue…posting your commens here…OK!!!!!

  242. 242 : melisa_precyfel Says:


  243. 243 : melisa_precyfel Says:

    hi! JO HYUN JAE…..

    I hope I can see you in person…..

    Good luck to your career….
    God Bless

  244. 244 : tara Says:

    JO HYUN JAE you will always be inside my HEART!!!!!!I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH…..Can u marry me?HEHE

  245. 245 : tara Says:

    JO HYUN JAE…we will wait for your comeback….BE SAFE ALWAYS…GO BLESS>>>>!!!!!

  246. 246 : sophia Says:

    jo hyun jae, you are a ONE damn HOT and HANDSOME MAN…..can you be my husband!!!

  247. 247 : sophia Says:

    I want to spend the rest of my life with you jo hyun jae….!!!

  248. 248 : catherine Says:

    I really LOVE you JO HYUN JAE!!!…you are so good in 3 dads with 1 mom..I LOVE YOU!!!!!

  249. 249 : catherine Says:

    YOU are such an excellent actor…..i really like you in 3 dads with 1 mom….you make me cry….when you are doing the episode where you are in the front of a video cam and saying goodbye to nicole….WHAAAAA…I REALLY LOVE YOU JO HYUN JAE!!!!

  250. 250 : lea Says:

    you’re so handsome…in every angle….you can actually make girls fall in love with you!!!!

  251. 251 : lea Says:

    I cant wait to see you again in TV…!!!!please…have a PART 2 of 3 dads with 1 mom!!!!I REALLY DO LOVE THIS SHOw!!!!

  252. 252 : lea Says:

    I always think of you JO HYUN JAE!!!!I can’t get you out of my mind!!!!I LUV U JHJ……!!!!MHUAHHHH

  253. 253 : ar-jay Says:

    HEY Guyzzzzzz just continue posting your comments here…even if it is short…it’s OK!!!!PLEASE

  254. 254 : effie Says:

    hi hyun jae !

    I’m currently watching Only You. It makes me fall in love with ur character. I always think of you…. can’t get you out of my mind.. hope ca see u in real life….

  255. 255 : effie Says:

    hyun jae

    its your character in ur real life same like ur character in Only You..

  256. 256 : irene Says:

    hello handsome…. u remind me my former bf (but he’s not handsome like u(“,)) hehehehehe… goodluck to your career… if i visit korea i should have see you…. bye!

  257. 257 : irene Says:

    wait!! are u married???????????????????? heheheh….. just asking….

  258. 258 : jade Says:

    he looks so different when he changes his hair but he looks handsome in only you story

  259. 259 : jade Says:

    He’s so handsome he look different when his hair is short….he’s 1 of those manly good looking guy.

  260. 260 : hannah Says:

    OMG! he sings too??

  261. 261 : hannah Says:

    HEY Guyzzzzzz just continue posting your comments here…even if it is short…it’s OK!!!!PLEASE

  262. 262 : Xaverie Lee Says:

    Hope to see more of your dramas. Love your role in One mom and three dads. You look really handsome and manly.

  263. 263 : effie Says:

    Dear Jo Hyun Jae!

    u Know that i cant do anything jz thinking of you….
    did you read my message… juz let me know….

  264. 264 : effie Says:

    Dear Jo Hyun Jae!

    can i have ur email address…plz!

  265. 265 : effie Says:

    Dear Ho Hyun Jae!

    can i have you email address..plz

  266. 266 : effie Says:

    hyun jae…

    miss u… can anyone tell me did Hyun Jae can all the message we send from this site… i know he in army now…but plz me ..how can i contact him

  267. 267 : effie Says:

    Hyun Jae

    Can’t get u out of my mind…. tension….thinks like crazy…

  268. 268 : effie Says:

    This website from korea?

  269. 269 : zhy Says:

    hi! i hope you can read my comment…
    you know i realy admire you most from tye first time i saw you..
    your so cute..
    do you have another movie??
    can i have your e mail?
    take care…
    love you….

  270. 270 : effie Says:


    i think this site its not a own by jo hyun jae… can anyone tell me what hyun jae email.. i mean his personaly email

  271. 271 : effie Says:

    Jo Hyun Jae

    Plz this 9 December its my birthday can u wish for me…plz….. i miss u..

  272. 272 : thea Says:

    if there is a guy that i would want to marry…it is you JO HYUN JAE!!!i really do love you!!!

  273. 273 : effie Says:


    please anyone can help me find hyun jae address…

    really miss hyun jae… mb i should go to korea to find u…but where?

  274. 274 : thea Says:

    it is one of my dreams to see you in personal…to hand shake with you, to hug you and to kiss you…i will go to south korea just for you..!!!I LOVE YOU

  275. 275 : effie Says:

    hyun jae

    Cannot do anything juz thinking of you…. miss u so much…

  276. 276 : effie Says:

    Jo Hyun jae

    always thinking of u… i cannot do my job… cannot eat… cannot do anything…. plz give me ur email

  277. 277 : pearl66 Says:

    this is the first time that i made a comment to somebody.Maybe because of all the actors i’ve watched you’re the cutest.
    i just wish that i could see more of your drama series or movies.
    God bless you always…
    take care…

  278. 278 : Lie Anne Says:

    hyun jae…i really like your act in the song of the prince …it’s really great.. and i also like your performance in one mom and three dad…
    hope you will visit indonesia,.. your attendance will be expected…

  279. 279 : tara Says:

    I LOVE YOU JO HYUN JAE!!!! in Philippines MAHAL NA MAHAL KITA!!!!

  280. 280 : tara Says:


  281. 281 : Xaverie Lee Says:

    Hope to see you in Singapore. You are a cool actor. Very charming face and love that pair of eyes of yours.

  282. 282 : ar-jay Says:

    I’ll just wait here coz I LOVE YOU!!!!

  283. 283 : leny Says:

    hello jo hyun jae…i am ur no.1fan here in the phils.,becoz ur such a good actor and i really like you…….just hoping to see you in person…

  284. 284 : diela Says:

    hye…i just want your email or contact no…that its..dont worry i’m not your stalker or fanatic admire….thanx if u can do dat…

  285. 285 : ar-jay Says:

    MERRY CHRISTMAS JO HYUN JAE!!!!!!!!I LUV YOU!!!!HEY guys just continue posting your comments here…lets make JO HYUN JAE be on the top of the list of MOST COMMENTED ACTORS AND ACTRESSES!!!!!

  286. 286 : Jo Hyun Jae Says:

    Thank you for the comments!
    I’m handsome!

  287. 287 : Aela Says:

    Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year
    Jo Hyun Jae!
    We are your fans!

  288. 288 : Jo Hyun Jae Says:

    Again thanks for the comments!

  289. 289 : paolo Says:

    hello…Hyun Jae

    im from the philippines…… Advance MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR……

    im ur avid fan…hehehe…i watch ur tv series….3 dads and one mom….and…only you……keep up the good work…..u really derserved to be tagged as BEST ACTOR……..your acting was swabe(the best)….

    HOPE U COME HERE IN THE PHILIPPINES…TO VISIT YOUR FANS HERe…..im looking forward to that time….



  290. 290 : ar-jay Says:

    HEY!!!!JO HYUN JAE!!!!MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR…always remember that we’re just here…waiting for you…WE LOVE YOU!!!!take care always JO HYUN JAE…may GOD bless you….always…!!!!!!

  291. 291 : GING Says:

    hi, from manila!

    seen your NINE TAILED FOX!….wow!!!! watched it 3x!!! i like it better than ONLY YOU!! scouting now for your other works!!! any upcoming shows w/ Kim Tae Hee? in love you both in that series. never tired of watching your Nine Tailed Fox!!! by the way, what is your religion? hope you don’t mind my asking….

  292. 292 : ar-jay Says:

    I always think of you JO HYUN JAE…we’re begging you,, PLEASE!!!! HAVE A VISIT HERE IN PHILIPPINES after your mandatory military service…it’s for sure we’ll give you the warmest greeting that you’ll never expect!!!!

  293. 293 : jasmine Says:

    i really
    really love you!!

  294. 294 : allypotpot Says:

    hi jo hyun jae!
    Miz u so much.. Im one of ur number one fan here in the philippines. Im happy that ur so many fans now here in our country!

    I love u so much!

  295. 295 : allypotpot Says:

    hyun jae im currently watching star’s echo in the internet.. I love it..

    Hey guys u watch it.. Its nice,

  296. 296 : allypotpot Says:

    u know jhun jae.. Jst like the other fan u have here in the philippines i also crazily thnking of u everyday! Muuah!

  297. 297 : mizzah Says:


    hi!!!! jo hyun jae!! uh youre so very handsome ha!!!

    i wish that ther will be a part 2 of three dads w/ one mommy…
    because i really like it… its a nice story..

    take care handsome!!!!!God bless!!

  298. 298 : allypotpot Says:

    hyun jae
    I have lots of pictures of yours in my mobile..
    I used ur photo as my wallpaper in my cel..
    I have lots of streaming links of some of ur dramas and youtube videos of yours..

  299. 299 : mizzah Says:

    hai……. youre so very handsome!!!!!

  300. 300 : allypotpot Says:

    hey guys
    Watch his ballad of suh dong drama series..
    You will appreciate more his acting talent in this drama series.. His the best and really handsome and the real prince in my heart..

  301. 301 : allypotpot Says:

    hyun jae gudnyt!
    I can’t sleep without looking at your picture and reading article about u..

    Now i already seen u at my handset..
    Well.. Goodnight.. See you in my dreams and LETS LOVE…
    So handsome guy

  302. 302 : allypotpot Says:

    hi hyun jae!

    Love u! Muah!

  303. 303 : allypotpot Says:

    hyun jae im waiting for your next projects
    I will be your loyal fan even i’ll not be seeing you for 2 years

  304. 304 : allypotpot Says:

    your the most handsome guy for me other than my husband..
    I want to purchase your 2009 table calendar and x’mas songs cd.. I got info from my e-mail but i dnt know how..

  305. 305 : lovella Says:

    youreso handsome…. hope we will meet soon

  306. 306 : allypotpot Says:

    hyun jae mis ü

    Luv yahhh!!

  307. 307 : allypotpot Says:

    hyun jae you have the most prettiest face i ever seen in the entire korean actor.
    They are also good looking guys but your looks is really captivitating…

    To all korean actor you cant beat the charm of HYUN JAE!
    He is the BEST among you guys!

  308. 308 : juliemae Says:


  309. 309 : cookie58 Says:

    When will we get to see your new show again. I have finished watching the latest 3 dad and one mom. Love to see more of your shows.

  310. 310 : Fat boy Says:

    Good looking face and great acting.

  311. 311 : cutiepie Says:

    You are my favourite actor. Want to see more of your show. Saranghaeyo….

  312. 312 : cutiepie Says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May next year be even better for you. Cheers to your good health….

  313. 313 : Macho Says:

    Hey my mom loves all your show. She thinks you are the best actor.

  314. 314 : Housewife Says:

    Love watching all your shows. A really charming face with a great smile. Your acting in Kim Sam Soon is my favourite. Very entertaining drama series.

  315. 315 : Housewife Says:

    Sorry got the wrong channel. You are a great actor too.

  316. 316 : cookie58 Says:

    you are so handsome

  317. 317 : fatboy Says:

    allypotpot will you stop posting nonsence it is very disturbing.

  318. 318 : fatboy Says:

    happy christmas and a happy new year.

  319. 319 : superfan Says:

    You have the sweetest and most gentle look. Merry Christmas and Great year 2009!

  320. 320 : Xaverie Lee Says:

    Have you ever been to Singapore. Lots of Singaporean are Korean drama fans. Hope to see you in Singapore.

  321. 321 : cookie58 Says:

    Yes, I hope you will visit Singapore too!

  322. 322 : allypotpot Says:

    ooops sori..
    I thnk i didnt say anythng bad mr.fatboy
    Im jst one of his fan like you..
    I only say what i feel
    I think there’s nothng wrong of expressing oneself..
    Nakakasakit ka ng feeling
    At d ako nkikipgaway

  323. 323 : mizzah Says:

    babae ka ba allpotpot??? or gay??

  324. 324 : mizzah Says:

    merry x-mas po!!!!
    wahahahah!!! gwapo mo tlaga…..

  325. 325 : mizzah Says:

    lot’s of filipino want to see you in personal….. you know that???
    hope that you will visit he’re in the philippines even by next year…,.,
    hope that you will visit us.,.,.,.

  326. 326 : anti allypotpot campain Says:

    i think johyunjae is the best actor in the world.

  327. 327 : anti allypotpot campain Says:

    i love you bal bla blsdfdjhrheij3o igtrhow

  328. 328 : anti allypotpot campain Says:


  329. 329 : anti allypotpot campain Says:

    sorry for the crazy language but trying to get johyunjae to the top

  330. 330 : anti allypotpot campain Says:

    wish you would come to singapore

  331. 331 : anti allypotpot campain Says:

    bla bla bla

  332. 332 : anti allypotpot campain Says:


  333. 333 : Tough guy Says:

    My wife wants all her favourite stars to be at the top. You one of her favourites.

  334. 334 : Pro-JHJ Says:

    Sarang hae yo

  335. 335 : Coolcooler Says:

    Numero Uno thats U!

  336. 336 : Jumbo Says:

    Like your acting in 3 dads and 1 mom. But I think you have best chemistry with SHG. Looking fwd to your new show in 2009 🙂

  337. 337 : goldenchild Says:

    Best wishes for a year full of successes for you in 2009. Saranghae

  338. 338 : Unknown Says:

    Hi An nyung ha seyo. Sarang hae yo.

  339. 339 : Dbest Says:

    Hello and Hi.

  340. 340 : Trader Says:

    U have looks that melt even the hardest metal. So very gentle and kind.

  341. 341 : Anybody Says:


  342. 342 : Popcorn Says:

    Hi you real cute. Love U in 3 dads and 1 mom.

  343. 343 : Andrea Says:

    Great acting in all your shows.

  344. 344 : woodywoodpecker Says:

    Keep up the good work.

  345. 345 : Koreancraze Says:


  346. 346 : Pennywise Says:

    Do U speak English or Chinese? You did well in Japanese.

  347. 347 : Birchwood Says:

    Ni Hou Ma? How R U? Hi there. Just took notice of you in your show with SHG. You are a good actor.

  348. 348 : JHJ fan Says:

    U are my favourite Korean star. Hope more people will appreciate your acting too.

  349. 349 : Pat Says:

    Do you have a Christian name? Just curious. Do you speak only Korean and a little Japanese? Believe most of the Korean stars can speak English too.

  350. 350 : Ah Hwi Says:

    Have you been to Spore? Hope to see you here.

  351. 351 : concern Says:

    Hope your discharged from the army recently due to health was nothing serious. Speedy recovery and wish you in pink health and successful year in 2009

  352. 352 : Princess Says:

    Love that smile of yours. Just can melt any one’s heart.

  353. 353 : Bella Says:

    You must be a very sentimental sort. All your romantic roles are so convincing

  354. 354 : allypotpot Says:

    im a girl po..
    This is the first time that i become a fan
    I just want to support my idol.
    I really love jo hyun jae as a fan..
    And admire the way he acts..
    He is really good in all the dramas he did
    But i think im misundrstood
    And not welcome..

  355. 355 : allypotpot Says:

    i felt sad but at least in this way
    Added points pa rin sa idol naten
    To make it to the top as most commented

  356. 356 : allypotpot Says:

    jo hyun jae
    Merry Christmas and have a prosperous new year!

  357. 357 : allypotpot Says:

    hi hyun jae!
    I will keep on supporting you
    Coz i want you to be on top
    God bless and keep healthy

  358. 358 : allypotpot Says:

    all i can say hyun jae
    You are the best..
    Im watching rays of sunshine right now
    You’re really good in acting..
    Take care!

  359. 359 : anti allypotpot campain Says:

    allypotpot will you stop giving unnessery messages please please coparate.

  360. 360 : anti allypotpot campain Says:

    love wacthing song of the prince.

  361. 361 : Maggie Says:

    Merry Christmas! Happy and successful 2009! More of your shows next year pls.

  362. 362 : Boomerang Says:

    Jia Yu JHJ! Hope you will be able to make it as the most popular actor in 2009.

  363. 363 : Tictactoe Says:

    Good looks and great actor thats U..:)

  364. 364 : Candygirl Says:

    Hi hope to c more new show of yours next year. Love watching all of them.

  365. 365 : Mariayana Says:

    Hi Sarang haeyo!

  366. 366 : Fat babe Says:

    I love to watch your shows. You are really handsome.

  367. 367 : Cinderella Says:

    I love you! You are my idol.

  368. 368 : Dawny Says:

    An nyeong ha seyo! Sabai dee mai? Khun Law Jung Loi!!!

  369. 369 : Julie Says:

    Wow you one of the cutest actor! Such an adorable face. Have just finished watching your lates show. Hope there will be more next year

  370. 370 : Liza Says:

    Hi love to watch Korean dramas. U are one of my favourite star.

  371. 371 : Macy Says:

    Go baby go! Hope you will make it to the top…Fans of JHJ please help. Thks

  372. 372 : Beatrice Says:

    Hi good luck!

  373. 373 : ar-jay Says:

    HEY….JO HYUN JAE…MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU and may GOD bless you more and more, coz there are so many people watching you, hearing your songs…..and making you as an INSPIRATION…there really are a lot of people…believe me!!!!!!and be always safe inside the camp..we are praying for your health…WE LOVE YOU!!!!!HEY GUYZZZZ JUST POST YOUR COMMENTS HERE Ok……..JHJ FEVER!!!!WHOOOOOO

  374. 374 : lina Says:

    you are the best!

  375. 375 : bon Says:

    hi..Thai Fan miss you so much ….have a good year

  376. 376 : lina Says:

    I miss your acting very much. Take care. I have been waiting for your return.

  377. 377 : crystal Says:

    hi!!!!!! you know what………. im your numbuh 1 fun…………..hehehehehe……. your my idol…….hehehehe… i hope we can chat 2gether……….. well. good luck in your carer….. stay young & handsome…………………..MeRrY ChRiStMaS & hApPy NeW yEar……..

  378. 378 : effie Says:

    jo hyun jae!

    thank God i think i fall in love with u…. but not. Anywhere i’m still ur fan.

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.. may God Bless U…

  379. 379 : allypotpot Says:

    you’re a fine actor!!

  380. 380 : allypotpot Says:

    l im stil your number one fan..

  381. 381 : allypotpot Says:

    i love all ur TV series and movies..

  382. 382 : allypotpot Says:

    JHJ u are so charming..

  383. 383 : allypotpot Says:

    i want to see more new TV series and movies from you..

  384. 384 : allypotpot Says:

    im looking forward to it..

  385. 385 : allypotpot Says:

    you’re very talented actor.. With a good singing voice too..

  386. 386 : allypotpot Says:

    you’re not just a handsome actor but can act well..

  387. 387 : allypotpot Says:

    you’re the best!!

  388. 388 : allypotpot Says:

    JHJ forever…

  389. 389 : allypotpot Says:

    God bless and take care always…

  390. 390 : allypotpot Says:

    merry christmas jhj!

  391. 391 : Angie Says:

    Waiting to see your new drama. Merry Christmas n Great year 2009!

  392. 392 : Sad soul Says:

    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year! Sarang haeyo……

  393. 393 : Ajumma Says:

    Go baby go!!!

  394. 394 : Rising star Says:

    Hi hope to see you in your new drama soon. Merry Xmas!

  395. 395 : Germaine Says:

    Hope all your fans will write more so you can be at the top sooner.
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year full of success!

  396. 396 : Fat boy Says:

    Hi its me. Merry Christmas. Ve a great time!

  397. 397 : Fancyball Says:

    Hi I am your new fan. You are a great actor.

  398. 398 : Xaverie Lee Says:

    Hi You look really great in 1 mom and 3 dads. You sang well too.

  399. 399 : cookie58 Says:

    Merry Xmas to a great actor!

  400. 400 : cutiepie Says:

    Merry Xmas to the handsome day in 1 mom and 3 dads!

  401. 401 : Wishuponastar Says:

    Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!!!!

  402. 402 : Wishuponastar Says:

    Make a wish and get it granted….Ho Ho Ho

  403. 403 : Candice Says:

    We love you JHJ! Merry Christmas!

  404. 404 : Andrea Says:

    Hugs and kisses to you for this Christmas. Happy New Year too.

  405. 405 : Apple Says:

    Cheers! Merrrrry Christmas and Happpppy New Year!!!!!

  406. 406 : Angie Says:

    Hip Hip Hurray! U just overtook one more! Keep it up!

  407. 407 : Ah Hwi Says:

    Merry Christmas N Happy New Year!

  408. 408 : Boomerang Says:

    Wishing you the best Christmas ever.

  409. 409 : dreamer Says:

    Merry Christmas to all and most of all to U JHJ.

  410. 410 : housewife Says:

    Blessed Christmas!

  411. 411 : Indiana Jones Says:

    Like your shows especially nine tailed fox. You so cool in that show.

  412. 412 : Nongka Says:

    You are such a coool actor. Very handsome too.

  413. 413 : Nongka Says:

    Oh yes Merry XMas!

  414. 414 : Matron Says:

    Will you come Singapore? Wud love to see you here.

  415. 415 : Nonya Says:


  416. 416 : TING Says:


  417. 417 : ROLLY POLLY Says:

    Merry Xmas! U the best.

  418. 418 : Ugly Betty Says:

    Sarang haeyo. Sabai Sabai.

  419. 419 : cathy_cute Says:

    hi mr. jo hyun jae…we are waiting for your new tv series?!!stay handsome..jejeje…
    one of my fav korean drama series is only you…muuaaaaAAAaaahhhhh..

  420. 420 : cathy_cute Says:

    meri christmas …… hope to see you soon?!!!

  421. 421 : lina Says:


  422. 422 : wai Says:

    merry christmas and happy newyear
    i love you.u r so handsome.i hope , i will see you in friendster.
    i am myanmar girl.u know myanmar?i am from mandalay.

  423. 423 : ar-jay Says:

    GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!WE LOVE YOU JHJ……u will always have a a soft place inside our hearts…….JHJ FOREVER!!!!

  424. 424 : ar-jay Says:

    JHJ….please have a visit here in PHILIPPINES…we are longing for u…..am sure u will love here…we, you’re fans will offer you the warmest reception that you’ll ever experience….WE LOVE YOU…MHUAHHHHH

  425. 425 : ar-jay Says:

    HEYYYY!!!!!!!!GUYYYYZZZZZZZ….continue posting your comments here let’s make JO HYUN JAE be on the top of the list in this site…OK!!!!JHJ FOREVER!!!!!WHOOOOOO

  426. 426 : Fat boy Says:

    Thank U all JHJ fans, we’ll help him to the top.

  427. 427 : Ah Hwi Says:

    Yep! go go go!!!!

  428. 428 : Cinderella Says:

    Me luv u too!

  429. 429 : Apple Says:

    Stay handsome forever!

  430. 430 : Candygirl Says:

    Looking fwd to ur new drama.

  431. 431 : Andrea Says:

    U re my favourite.

  432. 432 : Bella Says:

    Luv u, luv u n still luv UUUU.

  433. 433 : dreamer Says:

    U re the best actor I ve seen so far!

  434. 434 : Ajumma Says:

    Let me give u a vote too.

  435. 435 : Macik Says:

    Sayang Sayang!

  436. 436 : lina Says:

    still support and love you forever.

  437. 437 : htet Says:

    i will always be by your side

  438. 438 : htet Says:

    i will love you forever

  439. 439 : htet aein kyaw Says:

    you are an angel in my dreams and i want your photos very much and i want your gmail.

  440. 440 : prettygirl Says:

    happy new yr.,.,.,.,!!:),.,.,.,.,.,.,
    handsome but ugly..,.,

  441. 441 : mizzah Says:

    happy new yr. 2 all.,.,. especially all filipino’s and korean’s love you all.,.,.!!!!1

  442. 442 : Joyce Choong Says:

    Greetings Jo Hyun Jae,

    Wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Bountiful New Year! May 2009 bring you strength and blessings to nourish you throughout the year. Take care. Cheers

  443. 443 : mizzah Says:

    did you know that.,.,.??? your so very handsome.,.:)

  444. 444 : nicole Says:

    hey dude ur handsome i love,.,.,.ilike ur movie the untold scandal yeah men .,.

  445. 445 : lessie Says:

    ilike u than jae hee .,.,.,.he is old fashion not like u.,.,.,..,,.ur formal its true but i like hope u will be my future husband.,.,.churva!!!!!

  446. 446 : sweety but salty Says:

    wish u that u will be the most commented actor in this website..,.,

  447. 447 : sweetypie of hyun jae Says:

    honey lets have a honey moon,.,.,.,.,u like it kiss me baby muwwah.,.,

  448. 448 : sweetypie of hyun jae 2nd Says:

    sweetybabehoney ur a 2 timer babe u have so many girlfriends and boy friends but i like it have more gf and bf okay i love u ilove u.,.,

  449. 449 : MeJoHyunJae Says:

    2 all my fans:i will tell the truth im a 100 timer mixed men and women hope u will be my gf or bf soooooooooooooon.,.,.,.,
    now i have 50 girlfriends and 50 boyfriends.,.,.

  450. 450 : janice Says:

    can you pls tell me your cellphone number your the number one actor in the whole world even your a koean and even i cant understand your language still your the #1 for me.godbless your health and career

  451. 451 : janice Says:

    your # 1

  452. 452 : janice Says:

    no one can beat you your #1 for us as your fans

  453. 453 : janice Says:

    im your no.1 fan here in the philippoines jo hyun jae

  454. 454 : janice Says:

    pls visit us here

  455. 455 : janice Says:

    im looking forward to see you here in the phil. or i will do there in korea someday and to touch your bady baby jo hyun jae

  456. 456 : janice Says:

    youre the sexiest actor and the most handsome i’ve ever seen jo hyun jae.i love you

  457. 457 : sheera Says:

    i like your facial expression in three dads and one mom ani ohebet otkha. . .shalom ve kol tov

  458. 458 : sheera Says:

    shalom …wish i can have your email ad or your mobile number like . . .take care

  459. 459 : mizzah Says:

    i really want to see you in personal and touch your hands or hair.,.,.

  460. 460 : gerald mallari Says:

    anyang anaseyo!!!
    please give us your fans to see
    you in personal
    i know that you are busy
    with military service in your country
    but i know there is a chance you can visit here
    in the philippines

    so all of us hoping to visit our country PHILIPPINES
    i hope that we can see you in personal….. 🙂

    kamsa hamnida!!! 🙂

  461. 461 : ajem Says:

    your 1of the cutest koreans i’ve ever seen in tv!! i love u alot !!!!!!!! i wish i could see u 4 real i want to be your gal fren!!!!!! love ya.

  462. 462 : ar-jay Says:

    Only You is currently airing in the Philippines…..and I’m truly loving it right now!!!!…OMG…I can’t wait to see you again on TV…..am wishing you all the bests JO HYUN JAE……LUV YAH!!!!!!!!

  463. 463 : ar-jay Says:

    HEY GUYZZZZ!!!!continue posting your comments here….even if it is short…it’s OK!!!!!!!!PLEASE…..let’s make JO HYUN JAE be on the top of the list…He deserves it!!!!!!JHJ FOREVER!!!!!

  464. 464 : janice Says:

    pls post a comment here and all the fans of jo hyun jae let us unite to see her in personal,update all of us if there is something new about jo hyun jae.muah i love all of the people who support jo hyun jae because he ois my idol!!!!!!!!!!!!

  465. 465 : cookie58 Says:

    My family loves watching your shows too. We have all your shows both old and latest. When or what is your new show. Title and date???.

  466. 466 : Xaverie Lee Says:

    U are my favourite too! Keep up the good work!

  467. 467 : Fat boy Says:

    JHJ U are the best!

  468. 468 : Macho Says:

    My mommy loves your shows too.

  469. 469 : Ajumma Says:

    U are one of the hottest out there.

  470. 470 : housewife Says:

    All my friends and myself, we all support you. Waiting to see more of your shows.

  471. 471 : Cinderella Says:

    Hope you had a great countdown. When is your new show coming out?

  472. 472 : Boomerang Says:

    You are one cute face, really lovable and charming.

  473. 473 : goldenchild Says:

    Hope you have a great harvest this 2009!

  474. 474 : Lisa Says:

    Hi I love you Jo Huyn Jae !!!

  475. 475 : Lisa Says:

    I reaaaaaalllllllyy like you hope you come here in The Philippines!!!!

  476. 476 : Lisa Says:


  477. 477 : Lisa Says:

    Your the most cute and handsome Korean Actor

  478. 478 : Linda Says:

    When will your next series be???

  479. 479 : ar-jay Says:

    JO HYUN JAE!!!!!U turned me into somebody loved.

  480. 480 : ar-jay Says:

    One of my dreams is to see you in person.So I will try my very best to be successful in life apparently so that I can visit Korea to see you in person…but it would be also good if you’re gonna visit us here….!!!!!…I’m a FULL PLEDGE BONIFIED FAN OF JO HYUN JAE!!!!WHOOOOOO

  481. 481 : ar-jay Says:

    I’m not a Fortune Teller but I’m definitely certain that after your release in military camp….many projects and endorsements would be on queue!!!!JHJ FOREVER!!!

  482. 482 : ar-jay Says:

    I want to address this message to those people who are saying bad words to JO HYUN JAE….All of you are SON OF A B****!!!!!

  483. 483 : ar-jay Says:

    relevantly speaking, among all Korean actors that I’ve been seen on T.V.!!!!I’m not BIAS….but I must say….JO HYUN JAE is one of the bests!!!!!He is one of a heck of a great actor!!!!

  484. 484 : ar-jay Says:

    HEY…….continue posting your comments here!!!!!JHJ FOREVER!!!

  485. 485 : aben jam's Says:

    your movie ‘only you ‘ iz 1 of the best movie!

  486. 486 : JOANA Says:

    you are so handsome! i wish that tou and kim eugene would really end up in real life! more projects to come! i wish that there will be a part two of three dads and one mommy! love you! 😉

  487. 487 : cookie58 Says:

    Have you been to Singapore. U are a great singer too.

  488. 488 : Xaverie Lee Says:

    JHJ what are your new shows in 2009? Do you have a email address? Do you reply emails from your fans worldwide?

  489. 489 : Xaverie Lee Says:

    Like your latest show 1 mom and 3 dads. Your other shows Song of Prince and Only You is nice too. I have watched all your shows. Waiting for more new ones to come.

  490. 490 : Meydi Says:

    You are really such a magnificent actor. I wish one day I could see you in person. Take care always. 🙂

  491. 491 : Lilies Says:

    Jhj i love you..!!

  492. 492 : ar-jay Says:

    I luv u jo hyun jae!!!!i can’t wait to see you again!!!

  493. 493 : laila Says:

    i love you Jo Hyun Jae… you’re so handsome. i like your smile.

  494. 494 : laila Says:

    i love you jo Hyun Jae.. you’re so handsome.. i like your smile.

  495. 495 : anis Says:

    your acting is so cool..you are good actor..
    all my friends like you too..plez come out out with lot of movie soon

  496. 496 : Lilies Says:

    OMG you are very…..very handsome. Your act very natural and exciting

  497. 497 : Lilies Says:

    Hyunjae oppa sarangh

  498. 498 : jona Says:

    hi jo, luv ko tlaga kau ni han chae young.. Til now super fan pa rin ako ng ONLY U.. sana magka project cla uli!! panu kaya makapag request sa korea SBS for thier next project?

  499. 499 : ar-jay Says:

    You’re smile always melts me!!!

  500. 500 : ar-jay Says:

    hey…guyz….continue psting comments here OK!!!!!DO YOU COPY?

  501. 501 : Jennifer Says:


    I really don’t know if my message does matter, but whattever.




    If team up for the both of you will continue, it will be phenominal.



  502. 502 : ar-jay Says:

    JO HYUN JAE!!!!YOU’RE DAMN HOT!!!!!that is all I can say!!!!ahehehehe

  503. 503 : ar-jay Says:


  504. 504 : lovehyunjae&chaeyoung Says:

    Hello Mr. Jo Hyun Jae!

    I am one of your fans here in the Philippines. For me you`re such a handsome and great actor. I got hook on “ONLY YOU” because YOU and HAN CHAE YOUNG had an UNDENIABLE CHEMISTRY that caught my(our)
    attention(s). Both of you are a MAGNIFICENT actor and actress. Actually I felt mix emotions when I`ve watched it. I must say, it is one of my favorite Korean drama.

    I am hoping that there will be another series or PART 2 of “ONLY YOU”,
    or maybe more korean drama/romantic-comedy that are awaiting for you and Han Chae Young as a love team. And I am sure it will be a big hit of success again.

    I hope to see you and Han Chae Young someday…
    Always take good care especially in military camp.

  505. 505 : Lady in love Says:

    Hi Jo Hyun Jae!^^ I’m your number one fan!^^ I really love all your dramas!^^ I especially enjoyed watching “Three Dads and One Mommy”… You’re so HOT!!!^^

  506. 506 : athEnA Says:

    ur soooo hot,..
    when i first watched ur novel with Han Chae-Young
    u chemistry and acting was superb..
    u attracted many fans hir in the philippines..
    when the only you tv series here in the philippines ended
    i was soooo very sad..
    coz ill miss ur carming and angel like appearance on tv..
    i lyk the way u look,u dress and ur personality..
    i hope to see more of you on tv..
    more power to you..
    thank you 4 making us filipinos happy and inspired..
    keep it up!!
    more blessings..
    thak you very much (maraming salamat)
    we love u!! (mahal ka namin)
    take care always and stay cute..

    pls email me
    [email protected]
    if possible..

  507. 507 : ar-jay Says:


  508. 508 : ar-jay Says:

    may God bless you always JO HYUN JAE!!!!

  509. 509 : ar-jay Says:

    I LOVE YOU!!!!

  510. 510 : ar-jay Says:

    JO HYUN JAE!!!WE MIss YOU!!!!

  511. 511 : Love oppa Says:

    Jo hyun jae oppa, saranghaeyo….!! Congmal saranghaeyo. Aku cinta kamu, sayang…!!

  512. 512 : ar-jay Says:

    JHJ are you exhausted!!!!!!coz you’ve been running inside my mind!!!

  513. 513 : ar-jay Says:


  514. 514 : ar-jay Says:

    i can see my dreams in your eyes!!!!I LOVE YOU JO HYUN JAE!!!!

  515. 515 : mizzah Says:

    u know johyun jae ur such a l_s_r!!!!
    what ever har2x.,., but i love you.,.,. mwaah!!!!!!


  516. 516 : mizzah Says:

    loser!!!!!!!!! i love you.,.,.,

  517. 517 : joenard Says:

    too many people here in the philippines say you are soo hot..
    too many people here in the philippines say you are soo cute!
    too many people here in the philippines say you are soo handsome.
    too many people here in the philippines say you are the star of their lives
    too many people here in the philippines want to see you..
    and too many people say too many people admires you!
    if you come to the philippines, im sure you’ll never regret it!
    theres nothing in the world that can change your spot in our hearts..
    ONLY YOU fit there!
    come to the philippines and we will love you more!!!

  518. 518 : joenard Says:

    tot those who love jo hyun jae..
    who visits this site often,
    why won’t we creat his fan club here in the philippines?
    let’s give our best for our idol!!
    im sure hyun jae will be proud of us!

    please mail me…
    [email protected]

  519. 519 : mizzah Says:

    love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!! so much mwaah!!!!

  520. 520 : ar-jay Says:

    I always think of you JHJ!!!!!I can’t get you out of my mind!!

  521. 521 : ar-jay Says:

    may God bless you Jo Hyun [email protected]!!!

  522. 522 : ar-jay Says:

    WE REally miss you JHJ!!!

  523. 523 : princess_19 Says:

    Jo Hyun Jae………..
    I Love You
    I Miss You
    Three Dad With One Mommy
    You like a Prince Charming…..(@[email protected])

  524. 524 : ar-jay Says:

    carry on….carry on!!!!!

  525. 525 : ar-jay Says:

    you’re my peace of mind in this crazy world!!!

  526. 526 : ar-jay Says:

    guyzz…..continue posting your
    comments here!!!!

  527. 527 : ar-jay Says:

    you’re making it real for me!!!!!

  528. 528 : ar-jay Says:

    i love you!!!

  529. 529 : gerald mallari Says:

    hope you will visit here in the philippines
    it was a nice place
    please visit us here your
    fans are waiting here
    to see you in personal..


  530. 530 : Puupylove Says:

    Hi will we get to see any more new dramas of yours this year? U are one of the great Korean actors.

  531. 531 : mizzah Says:

    hai love.,., how r u?!? sarangheo!!!!!!!!!

  532. 532 : Love oppa Says:

    Annyonghaseyo oppa…! I watching “only you” now. Again, again and again no boring. Oppa, you look very handsome in drama. I love you

  533. 533 : Love oppa Says:

    Hyun jae oppa..!! I watched all your drama for many times. Amazing your act and good job. You look so cool and romantic, karismatik and handsome too. Aku cinta kamu, oppa…!!

  534. 534 : Love oppa Says:

    Hyun jae oppa….!!
    Song hye gyo and you look suitable in sunshine of love, make me jealous. Oppa, aku cinta kamu…!!

  535. 535 : ar-jay Says:

    you’re my personal brand of heroine!!!!GOSH!!!Am addicted to you!!!

  536. 536 : ar-jay Says:


  537. 537 : ar-jay Says:

    I am begging you guys……… please continue posting your comments here….it’s for our JO HYUN JAE!!!!PLEASE

  538. 538 : ar-jay Says:

    I’ll give to you my heart and soul JO HYUN JAE!!!!

  539. 539 : Love oppa Says:

    Hallo cinta…!!
    You know…You have many fans in here, indonesia. Plez visit here. Hope, i can see you in personal. Someday….

  540. 540 : Love oppa Says:

    Everyday im falling in love. Always….I cant stop thinking about you. I want to kiss your lip. Can i…..

  541. 541 : Love oppa Says:

    Look at me, im crazy becouse of you. Because i really lov you…Because i really miss you. Saranghanda oppa….

  542. 542 : mizzah Says:

    yeah!!!! love u so much!!!!

  543. 543 : clausenspier Says:

    Ur a brilliant actor.u own a very sexy smile…waiting for ur more dramassss

  544. 544 : clausenspier Says:

    why on earth u got all……it seems that u r a complete package already..nice body,,,nice smile,,,great actor…..and most of all UR HANDSOME

  545. 545 : mizzah Says:

    i hate handsomes like u.,.,.,

  546. 546 : Love oppa Says:

    Don’t hate jhj but you must to love him.
    I love you oppa…!!
    Stay healty and succes your carier.

  547. 547 : Love oppa Says:

    I miss you……!!
    I need you…..!!
    I like you……!!
    I love you…..so much…..!!
    You are…… my dream…..my all……my everything…..!!

  548. 548 : Anisa Says:

    Arjay do you mean hero. Yes I agree he is good looking too. Think almost all the Korean actors and actresses are good looking and JHJ is one of those.

  549. 549 : Anisa Says:

    U are one of my favourite too. Like your eyes. Its full of emotion.

  550. 550 : john Says:

    i miss you all guys,,all of you!
    the whole cast of three dads with one mom

  551. 551 : ar-jay Says:

    It’s heroine girl not hero!!!!

  552. 552 : GENY Says:

    i’m not young anymore but i really like you, you can be my son, if it happens that you visit miami, florida please give me a hint and i would love to see you in person.

  553. 553 : geny Says:

    hello,hope you’re okay.

  554. 554 : akoni Says:

    jo hyeon jae you have good chemistry on screen with han chae young…

    hope you will do another tv drama with her…

  555. 555 : Love oppa Says:

    Hallo oppa……!!
    Love you……………Handso

  556. 556 : Love oppa Says:

    Hyun jae oppa…..
    You are my “firstlove”.
    Really, “only you”
    Oppa,my “sinbunim” andrea.

  557. 557 : baiduri Says:

    i wish i’m the ‘one mom’ on your series, so i definitely will choose you to be my husband. no doubt..!!

  558. 558 : parvaneh Says:

    trouble as light as air, love as deep as the ocean, friends as solid as diamonds, and success as bright as gold, these are my wishes for you

  559. 559 : mizzah Says:

    hai lahb yah!!!!!!

  560. 560 : mizzah Says:

    ur so handsome yow!!!!

  561. 561 : Jenny Says:

    Anyonghaseyo jo hyun jae

    You are so handsome. I love you so much…..!

  562. 562 : ar-jay Says:

    I really miss you Jo Hyun jae…I can’t wAit to see you again!!!!

  563. 563 : ar-jay Says:

    You will always be in my heart!!!!

  564. 564 : ar-jay Says:

    This time I love you even better than I ever did before!!!

  565. 565 : ar-jay Says:

    You always have a soft place inside my heart jo hyun jae!!!

  566. 566 : ar-jay Says:


  567. 567 : ar-jay Says:

    keep posting your comments here guys…!!!Let’s do it for our JO HYUN JAE!!!

  568. 568 : Beethovan Says:

    Have watched few of the dramas you starred in. Great and cool actor with good looks.

  569. 569 : Regina Supnad Says:

    hi jo hyunjae…haniong haseo… though you have no current shows here in the philippines… i am hoping that you will make one for us… just be safe,, good health for you,,,… and sarang he…,,,I LOVE YOUR LIPS!!!!

    MWWWWAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhh,,, hugzzzzzzzz!!!!!!:)

  570. 570 : Regina Supnad Says:

    … you made me so happy everytime!!! i am your no. one and your best fan here in the philippines… by this may you’ll be 29 nah… but then,, no matter how old are you i will still recognize you,,,i will continue watching my favorite koreanovela cd’s where you are the actor of it

    you are a good actor!!!
    i love only you and 3 dads w/ 1 mom…

    your die hard fan,

  571. 571 : Regina Supnad Says:

    i hope you could make another koreanovela together w/ han chae young

    i di watch only you from the start to end, no absences, promise,… i did not make my projects, assignments, i don,t even attended the choir contest just to watch only you

    and it’s all because i love the show,,, and specially YOU of course

    sarang he,,,

    hope to see you in person

  572. 572 : aorchaaungkaung Says:

    hi brother
    i like you so much
    happy forever

  573. 573 : aorchaaungkaung Says:

    i love you so much
    happy forever

  574. 574 : aorchaaungkaung Says:

    love you so much
    visit to myheart

  575. 575 : Love oppa Says:

    Hyun jae oppa, annyonghaseo.

    Oppa, i miss you.
    Like crazy to think about you. I love you so much. Love you feverrrr…….!!”

  576. 576 : ar-jay Says:

    Hey…to all Filipino fans of JO HYUN JAE.
    Have you seen (3 Dads, 1 Mom- TAGALOG) in youtube..If you have not seen it yet!!!….just type (3 Dads, 1 Mom- TAGALOG)..then search. It’s like a tribute video for our jo hyun jae…watch it please…!!!!…I have almost cried when I saw the video!!!JHJ FOREVER!!!

  577. 577 : ar-jay Says:

    we are missing you here jo hyun jae!!!

  578. 578 : ar-jay Says:

    keep posting guys!!!

  579. 579 : ar-jay Says:

    we love you jo hyun jae!!!!

  580. 580 : ar-jay Says:

    posts your comments here guys!!!!

  581. 581 : ar-jay Says:

    you are my inspiration jo hyun jae!!!!

  582. 582 : ar-jay Says:

    Hey…to all Filipino fans of JO HYUN JAE.
    Have you seen (3 Dads, 1 Mom- TAGALOG) in youtube..If you have not seen it yet!!!….just type (3 Dads, 1 Mom- TAGALOG)..then search. It’s like a tribute video for our jo hyun jae…watch it please…!!!!…I have almost cried when I saw the video!!!JHJ FOREVER!!!we love you jo hyun jae!!!!

  583. 583 : gerald mallari Says:

    jo hyun jae im your no.1 fan

    im collecting all your picture

    hope to see you soon in our country…….

  584. 584 : gerald mallari Says:

    listen to all songs of

    our JO HYUN JAE

    they were all good songs……

    lets live our presence with my our only……

    JO HYUN JAE…..because of his charm

    he make us happy and make our smiles bright

    hope to see u sooooon JO HYUN JAE….

    your fans in the philippines are waiting……….

    and i am one of it…….. gerald 🙂

  585. 585 : Love oppa Says:


    Hai ar-jay thanks for your information. You really the best fan Jhj, fanatic. I have seen jhj you tube, so awesome! Hope you give us more information. Thank you very much.

  586. 586 : Love oppa Says:

    Anyonghaseyo hyunjae oppa..!

    Hyun jae oppa, you very handsome like prince. Your ayes make me fall in love. I love you so much. Good luck and god blez.

  587. 587 : ar-jay Says:

    LOVE OPPA thanks for the compliment…well as expected to us. We should have undying support for our JO HYUN JAE!!!!

  588. 588 : ar-jay Says:

    JO HYUN JAE is one of the best actors that I have ever seen in my whole life!!!!

  589. 589 : ar-jay Says:

    my life has changed when I saw you

  590. 590 : ar-jay Says:

    you have rocked my world jo hyun jae!!!!

  591. 591 : ar-jay Says:

    in your eyes I can see my dreams reflections!!!!

  592. 592 : ar-jay Says:

    “work out your salvation with fear and trembling”-Philips 6:12

  593. 593 : ar-jay Says:

    guys keep posting your comments here it is for our JO HYUN JAE!

  594. 594 : ar-jay Says:

    Am in love sweet love!!!!!

  595. 595 : ar-jay Says:

    there is one thing that is crystal clear in this world and it is my LOVE for you!!!!

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    never stop posting on this site guyzz!!!

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    this is for JO HYUN JAE!!!!

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    visit us here in the philippines JO HYUN JAE!!!!!

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  606. 606 : ar-jay Says:

    hey post your comments here guys…to make our jo hyun jae on the top…let’s kick their asses……YAHOOOO!!!

  607. 607 : ar-jay Says:

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  613. 613 : ar-jay Says:

    _ __________¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤
    ______ ________¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤
    ______ __________¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤


  614. 614 : ar-jay Says:

    -))-|——-I LOVE U—–|


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  617. 617 : ar-jay Says:

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  618. 618 : ar-jay Says:

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  619. 619 : ar-jay Says:

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  620. 620 : ar-jay Says:

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  621. 621 : Love oppa Says:

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  623. 623 : Haha To You Says:

    Hey ar-jay… Pity that all the comments are from you only. Guess if you beat others with just ONE same comment from you, shows that JHJ short of fans. But can you beat Gong Yoo.. Try?????

  624. 624 : Love oppa Says:

    So creative ar-jay. Kamsahamnida for all. To all jhj fans if you have information about jhj you can write it in here. We are appreciating. Kamsahamnida.

  625. 625 : Love oppa Says:

    Annyohashimnikka oppa.

    Oppa, cincha choahae. Onjega uri hamke oppa, uri sarangkaja. Na mani pogo sipta. Saranghaeyo, oppa. Saranghada, kamsayo.

  626. 626 : Love oppa Says:

    You’re my life, feel my love. Ije kyoteh opsodo.
    Kède maèm manèn kanchi kago sal keyo.
    Don’t say bay let me go
    chinankiyo modoo neane modgo
    pyonidorrahseo choyo kède rado yowonim…..

    Oppa this is my fav song. Andrea….

  627. 627 : Fat babe Says:

    We love U tooo….JHJ

  628. 628 : ar-jay Says:

    To Haha To You,

    HEY YOU JACKASS!!!!How dare you to insult me like that and in the very first place what the hell you care,if am the one who has a lots of comments here?…apparently I think I must give you a credit for at least posting your comment here!!!..It inflates the numbers of comments here (THANK YOU WHORE)…I don’t give a damn if you want to insult me but don’t ever mess with JO HYUN JAE. AM LOOKING FORWARD FOR YOUR REPLY JACKASS!!!

  629. 629 : ar-jay Says:

    To Haha To You!!!

    HEY YOU JACKASS!!!!How dare you to insult me like that and in the very first place what the hell you care,if am the one who has a lots of comments here?…apparently I think I must give you a credit for at least posting your comment here!!!..It inflates the numbers of comments here (THANK YOU WHORE)…I don’t give a damn if you want to insult me but don’t ever mess with JO HYUN JAE. AM LOOKING FORWARD FOR YOUR REPLY JACKASS!!!

  630. 630 : ar-jay Says:

    To Haha To You,

    Why don’t you shave your BIG MAMMOTH BUSHES and take your SWELLING MOUTH

  631. 631 : ar-jay Says:

    To Haha To You,

    Why don’t you shave your BIG MAMMOTH BUSHES, cut off your SWELLING MOUTH and post them on EBAY!!!!…AUCTION…Do you understand me..WHORE????

  632. 632 : ar-jay Says:

    To Haha To You!!

    HEY YOU JACKASS!!!!How dare you to insult me like that and in the very first place what the hell you care,if am the one who has a lots of comments here?…apparently I think I must give you a credit for at least posting your comment here!!!..It inflates the numbers of comments here (THANK YOU WHORE)…I don’t give a damn if you want to insult me but don’t ever mess with JO HYUN JAE. AM LOOKING FORWARD FOR YOUR REPLY JACKASS!!!

  633. 633 : liza Says:

    you’re right AR_JAY!!!!!!hey you Haha To You…SUCK YOU!!!!

  634. 634 : liza Says:

    we love you Jo hyun jae,,

  635. 635 : Tita Says:

    ROCK ON!!!!!!

  636. 636 : aRiRang Says:

    A one of a kind actor!!!

  637. 637 : aRiRang Says:

    Marry me!!!!

  638. 638 : ar-jay Says:


  639. 639 : jojo Says:

    you’re loved by us!!!!

  640. 640 : jojo Says:

    loving you!!!!

  641. 641 : jojo Says:

    I can’t hide my feelings for you!!!

  642. 642 : lovsha1994 Says:

    HI,jo hyun jae,your the best and handsome…………….good luck and more more project!! with han chae young, GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS.

  643. 643 : lovsha1994 Says:

    HI,i love your acting in only you,just like when you act in 1mom&3dads.we miss you and han chae young….you two have good chemistry…plzzzz korean producer out there plzzz give him more DRAMA,ACTION/MOVIE,SERIES, project as a lead ACTOR or I Wish to see you on BIG Screen togethere HAN CHAE YOUNG……….I,am hoping that there will be anothere PART2 of ONLY YOU,we miss you TWO!!!!ADVANCE HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! jo jhun jae…..MORE MORE PROJECT TOGETHERE HAN CHAE YOUNG. GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS..WE MISS YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHMWAHHHHHHHHH

  644. 644 : ar-jay Says:

    we will be waiting for you!!!

  645. 645 : ar-jay Says:

    luv u!!!

  646. 646 : flora hinchey Says:

    Is there any follow up for the love letter. Any new drama or film releases for jhj?

  647. 647 : Love oppa Says:

    I love you, my prince…….

  648. 648 : otherz Says:

    ar jay r u a girl or gay?!?

  649. 649 : Love oppa Says:

    Dear jo hyun jae……

    I love you…..
    I miss you…..

  650. 650 : cynthia of manila Says:

    hello there i watched “only you ” several times.
    I LIKE YOU..

  651. 651 : Love oppa Says:

    Beautiful jo hyun jae.
    Prince and snow, love you so much.

  652. 652 : Love oppa Says:

    Wangja jo hyun jae “makhluk tuhan paling sexi”.
    Wonderful…wonderful…wonderful jhj. For all jhj fan, open this site http://cafe.daum.net/hyunjaelove or http://www.everjohyunjae.co.kr or
    http://www.dearjohyunjae.com. Ar-jay where are you? Lets get posting here again, share data n information.
    Jhj i lv you. Love you too ar-jay.

  653. 653 : ar-jay Says:

    HEY!!!am back…it’s so good to be here again.

  654. 654 : ar-jay Says:

    sorry guyzzz….am just real busy right now. Nevertheless, am back…so let’z get posting…mhuahahaha!!!!

  655. 655 : ar-jay Says:

    guyzz……do you have any news from Jo hyun jae inside the korean military!!!

  656. 656 : Xaverie Lee Says:

    Tot he was given an unconditional discharge after few days??? Read it at some star gossip news.

  657. 657 : gerald mallari Says:

    ohh hello!!

    plss visit our country

    your fans are waiting for your tour here!!!



    try to visit us here


  658. 658 : rica Says:

    am thinking of you always!!!!

  659. 659 : rica Says:

    I have watched 3 Dads with 1 Mom in DVD!!!!damn am so addicted to this one!!!

  660. 660 : rica Says:

    love you lotzzzzz!!!!JHJ

  661. 661 : rica Says:

    Someday I can go to South Korea and am going to see you there!!!

  662. 662 : ar-jay Says:

    hey guyz!!!!WAZZUP

  663. 663 : zara Says:

    I can hold you for a million years!!!

  664. 664 : rhea Says:

    jo hyun jae we are missing you!!!

  665. 665 : rhea Says:

    where have you been?…GOSH…am excited to you!!!

  666. 666 : ar-jay Says:

    guyzz….continue posting please..this is for our jo hyun jae!!!

  667. 667 : lea Says:

    am a bona fied fan of jo hyun jae!!!

  668. 668 : shari Says:

    I love you just the way you are!!!

  669. 669 : shari Says:

    we are going to wait until you come back!!!

  670. 670 : ar-jay Says:

    it’s killing us for you to be so far away!!!

  671. 671 : ar-jay Says:

    keep posting guyz!!!!

  672. 672 : gerald mallari Says:

    jo hyun jae fever!!!!!

    all of us want to see u in personal!!

    hope you will grant it

    we love jo hyun jae!!

    johyunjae! johyunjae! johyunjae!
    sarang hae!!

  673. 673 : ar-jay Says:


  674. 674 : ar-jay Says:

    keep posting guyz!!!

  675. 675 : ar-jay Says:

    I knew I loved you before I met you!!!

  676. 676 : ar-jay Says:

    I think I dreamed into life!!!

  677. 677 : Pat Says:

    Hi!!! U ve a really great smile.

  678. 678 : mhaggie Says:

    jo hyun jae is one of my favorite korean actor!

    ur so cute in 3 dads nd 1 mom….
    u rely deserve it!

  679. 679 : gerald mallari Says:


    plss… lets continue giving messages to our very own



  680. 680 : marites gerona Says:

    you are such a loverboy!! you are so romantic in all your drama series, all of them are so believable, you make any women’s heart melt…!! your woman must be so lucky…indeed!

  681. 681 : meirav Says:

    i realy liked u acting in 3 dads and mom hope to see in new drama
    soon fighting!

  682. 682 : kdrama lover Says:

    I like JO Hyun Jae acting in “Only You” and “Three Dad and One Mom” He is handsome and cool. I am now watching “Echo star” and “Nine Tailed Fox”. His acting is sure worth to watch. Hoping to see you in more drama in 2009!
    Good luck!

  683. 683 : amor mhel novenario Says:



  684. 684 : amor mhel novenario Says:

    jo hyun jae,



  685. 685 : gerald mallari Says:

    ★hi JO HYUN JAE

    ★miss u a lot….


    ★SARANG HAE!!!♥♥♥♥

    ★—–GERALD—- johyunjaefanatic——★

  686. 686 : gerald mallari Says:


  687. 687 : mandalaywith Says:


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    Father and Son (SBS, 2001) Hyun Jae Captures~!

    Pics in Hyun Jae is looks really boyish

    go to watch in here – link here

    Upload [email protected],JHJ Soompi thread

  689. 689 : ar-jay Says:

    advance HAPPY BDAY!!!!WE LOVE YOU!!!

  690. 690 : parvaneh Says:

    happy forever

  691. 691 : marivic Says:

    hello.. good day!… ADVANCE HAPPY BDAY!!!

  692. 692 : hjane Says:


    i really like and only you…waah…i do really love it..

    advance happy birthday…!!..

  693. 693 : joycechoong Says:

    Greetings Jo Hyun Jae,

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! I hope the Army will provide some seaweed soup for you. I wish you good health, happiness and strength. Live well and keep fighting. Another 15 months to go. Hang in there! Take good care of yourself.

  694. 694 : Love oppa Says:

    Anyonghaseyo, oppa….!!

    Beutiful day, Happy birthday…..to you. Saengil chukahae, stay healty stay handsome and succes your carier. God blezzzzz…….Saranghaeyo

  695. 695 : ar-jay Says:

    Happy Birthday JO HYUN JAE!!!…wishing you that God shall be with you all the time to bless you and to protect you. Just carry on JHJ all you have to wait is just a year. But quite frankly those incoming days are days of missing you but still loving you. We are all here to support you steadfastly.WE LOVE YOU WITH ALL OF OUR HEART!!!!

  696. 696 : bon Says:

    HappyBirthDay to Hyunjae .ALL of goodluck for you.Wish you to enjoy life in military service.Have a nice….time forever….Thaifans

  697. 697 : hjane Says:

    wish u all the best..

  698. 698 : mandalaywith Says:

    Jo Hyun Jae Solider pics here

    link here

    These latest photos of Jo Hyun-Jae were posted on the official Fan Club website on 5/13/09 at 6:30 p.m. He looks very healthy and bright in his military uniform. He seems to have gained a little weight; the disciplined life in the army obviously suits him.

  699. 699 : gerald mallari Says:

    wish you all the best idol……

    hope to see you soon here

    in the Philippines

    please grant our wish

    to see you in personal

    me and your fans want you to have your concert here

  700. 700 : gerald mallari Says:


    i wanna have your magazine..

    full of your pictures…

    i saw it in 1 of your fan website

    you were awesome

    my gash!!

    i said to my self i wanna have this magazine…

    i wish it for my birtday!

  701. 701 : gerald mallari Says:

    me and your fans wanna see you in

    philippines stage….


    hope to see you soon..

    look for my friendster..

    [email protected]

    many pictures of you there….

  702. 702 : gerald mallari Says:

    anyeong haseyo!!!

    we are all your fans to support you..

    i wanna have your


    i love all your pics there

    i wanna have it personally

  703. 703 : mandalaywith Says:

    Jo Hyun Jae solider news pics here(by-Fancafe CARPEDIEM )

    link here

  704. 704 : Azar Says:

    Hi super star! Do you know how popular are you in my country, Iran?! I’ve seen a lot of your films such as Love Letter, 3dads & 1mom, Only you, Sudang &… and i laughed and cried with them…! They are wonderfull. I really enjoyed them! WELLDONE! I got intrested in korea and it’s language because of your films! I’m looking for you in new films!
    I hope you succeed in everything you do.
    eat well; be carefull; have a good time!!!
    Good luck
    ( A fan of you-an iranan girl!)

  705. 705 : anna Says:

    I love you jo hyeon jae. God Bless and Good luck in all your endeavors. i wish to see you in person. I love everything about you..

  706. 706 : chilli Says:

    hi i m a girl from MYANMAR .

    do u know this country.

    u r very famous in our country.

    i think u r face look kind hearted .

    u r so smarth.



  707. 707 : May Says:

    WE are praying for your safe return from your army assignment. We love you. Take care.

  708. 708 : miles Says:

    hi jo yun jae………….im your avid fan here in the phils…..hope to see you in person………hehehe…….love you!God bless in your career..

  709. 709 : Tata Noble Says:

    Hi jo hyun jae… this is tata from the Phils.. I really love your drama esp Ballad… such a nice & refreshing drama for you, i first see you on LOVE LETTER, and it really moved me a lot.. such a nice acting and very natural… You are really such handsome person. Hope you have another drama together with Eugene, ha

  710. 710 : ella Says:

    i very very love you

  711. 711 : Marv Says:

    I love to watch all your drama and I like Ballad of Seo Dong the most, keep up the good work, and God Bless You always

  712. 712 : christina Says:

    Well done JHJ. I loved all your dramas and I have watched twice and thrice times over. When are you coming back to give us more dramas. Well I admire your acting talent and I must say I like Ballad of Seo Dong the best and of course Love Letter always stay in my heart. Well done. Love you .

  713. 713 : ATI-Iran Says:

    Hi!Dear Jo Hyun Jae…I’m waiting for your new films.
    Hurry up! Do your best! and take care of your self. I wish U succeed.
    Be green!!!

  714. 714 : waimon Says:

    u are so handsome guy
    i like to watch all your drama
    i like u so much,u are my favourite actor
    i am from Myanmar,
    Do you know Myanmar?
    have a good time,take care

  715. 715 : May Says:

    Just dropping by to say hello to JHJ.
    We can’t wait for you to complete your army duty. Cheers for a great job in the army as PFC. We are praying for you.

  716. 716 : trang-hero Says:

    I wanna kiss u………..Love U much

  717. 717 : frenzy Says:

    hi!i’m from philippines.i’m one of your millon fans.i admire you a lot.i love to watch all your tv series.more tv series please…..GOD BLESS

  718. 718 : JAN REY Says:






    jowks ra ha basig mohilak ka…???

  719. 719 : May Says:

    Hello JHJ,
    God’s blessings are with you everyday. Angels watch over you.
    Be good always.

  720. 720 : jing0124 Says:

    i really like u….the series u have made with song hye gyo….ur such a compatible partner…i love u cute JO HYEON JAE

  721. 721 : camella Says:

    Are you serving your mandatory National service or U still around???

  722. 722 : Promise Says:

    i’ll be meeting u someday. sarangheyo! 😀

  723. 723 : bon Says:

    Its nearly 10 month left for you in military services.Still have goodluck,be strong good guy.Thai Fans hope you to return with historical drama again bec.its yours charisma.Miss you

  724. 724 : gerald mallari Says:

    you are the best korean actor ever…

    im you #1 fan

    i really admire you

    your such a good actor but also a singer n_n

    i love the way you act and smile haha


    god bless and more power!

  725. 725 : gerald mallari Says:

    we are waiting for your tour here in the philippines

    hope you have time to visit your thousand of fans here

    and i am one of them

    see you soon on the philippines n_n

    i always dream that you are visiting our country hope it will come true n_n

  726. 726 : mandalaywith(TunTunKyaw) Says:

    Army Dog Soldiers Jo Hyun Jae Media Armynuri Interview Video

  727. 727 : mandalaywith(TunTunKyaw) Says:

    Army Dog Soldiers Jo Hyun Jae Media Armynuri Interview Pics



  728. 728 : renz :) Says:

    Hi Jo Hyun Jae! I’m just one of your millions of fans here in the Philippines! I’m an avid viewer of your cool and amazing shows! I hope that you’ll have the time to visit us here! And, please take in Jae Hee with you.Hehe.. We’ll surely be on cloud nine if you’ll visit us here. 🙂 take care always!
    More power and God bless!!

  729. 729 : suiza-anne Says:

    Hello Jo Hyun Jae,
    U’re evrybody dream girl,i’m a great fan of your’s , are u still in the military service..hope u’re fine….don’t get sick and be happy always….Maybe u’re kind and gentle…the way i senses it in your movies…especialy in “Only YOU” r u ?
    God bless u always…


  730. 730 : ebtehall Says:

    hi jo hyun jae I love you very much

  731. 731 : annmisuki Says:

    hi jo hyeon jae…..eversince i really like you specially when your doing only you . im so inlove with this drama…..and nine tailed fox..did you do some drama today…….stay healthy…..

  732. 732 : christmoowah Says:

    hello!i am national of myanmar # you know? you are so cute in my eye ~ r u christian?iam christian .i live in yangon bye i love u//////////

  733. 733 : FREDERICK FRANCISCO Says:


  734. 734 : donita Says:

    JHJ, your fans miss you so much. still more than 8 months to go before you finish your military service. miss you, love you, miss you, love you, miss you, love you………… stay healthy!

  735. 735 : atchi marak Says:

    I really like how you acted in Only you. You’re very handsome.
    Wish u all the best in your military service. When U’re through in your military service pliz act again. I’ll watch your movie again. Keep up your gud acting

  736. 736 : jemi Says:

    U’re really handsome, cute, nice figure, nice smile, cute and unique lips. The way you put on your formal dress should be the example for many youth of today. You really know how to dress up. All the best as you serve the millitary. I’m waiting for your next movie!

  737. 737 : maryjoy Says:

    hu jo hyun jae how are u hoping dis 2009 ur movie i coming here in the dats why im waiting cuz i miss u,also the way u act and smile…im waiting ur drama series in 2009…ur fan here in the phiipines…

  738. 738 : maryjoy Says:

    helo jo hyun jae i lyk ur smile cuz ur lips is unique,nice the way u act ur really handssome guy,

  739. 739 : maryjoy Says:

    helo,i miss u, hope more drama series for you jo hyun jae,i lyk ur lips,cuz is deferent from others….wait ur movie the army dogs soldiers here in the phiilipines….

  740. 740 : She Ein Says:

    Hi …..
    I’m a one of your fan from Myanmar.
    I have seen your four dramas. From which I like you the most in Love letter. And also I like you in Only you.
    In your drama “One Mon & three Dad”, you look thin…and why? I think you keep diet. And I saw one scar under your left eye. How did you get that scar? I want to know you got that scar from shooting or some accident.

    Take care and all the best
    I love you
    She Ein

  741. 741 : maryjoy Says:

    hi jo hyun jae,how are u?takecare and hope u always success in ur carrier…

  742. 742 : crazymissy Says:

    hi all jhj’s fans…pls help respond to a note titled “calling all jhj fans”
    here’s the link; http://jo-hyun-jae.com/

  743. 743 : iza Says:

    We all of your fans in Indonesia
    We miss you so much…

    We want your new drama and movie!!

  744. 744 : melz Says:

    u are so cute… ^^.
    i like ur smile… so sweet…
    love u always, hyeon-jae oppa…


  745. 745 : widz Says:

    i will wait your new serial o;ppa

  746. 746 : Lek Says:

    Dearest Jo Hyun Jae,

    All of your fans in Thailand miss and love you so much.
    May God bless you and your family.

    Please take care of yourself.

  747. 747 : marielle Says:

    i love you pose! and you’re handsome too!

  748. 748 : Joyce Choong Says:

    Jo Hyun Jae Ssi,

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. May the spirit of Joy, Happiness and Peace be with you. Take good care of yourself. Hang in there and we will see you in June 2010. Happy Holidays and God bless you.

  749. 749 : gerald mallari Says:

    wooahhoo…. its been a long time im not writing here

    miss you so much!!

    and god bless!

    your stll no.1 in my heart!

    jo hyun jae jjang!!

    jo hyun jae fighting!

  750. 750 : gerald mallari Says:

    more shows to come!

    and take care always!!

    we love you

    and were all here to support you! n_n

    jo hyun jae jjang

    jo hyun jae fightingZ!

  751. 751 : gerald mallari Says:

    philippines fans were hoping you to visit here!!

    and also me im hoping you to visit here!


    i hope you will grand it thank you!!

    happy new year!! !!

    jo hyun jae jjang!

    jo hyun jae fighting! n_n

  752. 752 : Joyce Choong Says:

    조현재 씨,

    새해복 많이 받으세요!

  753. 753 : bon Says:

    Happy New Year to you jhj and your family.Have a goodluck all year 2010.

  754. 754 : jeff Says:

    A TV Show like One Mom and Three Dads is a really great story! We like this in the Philippines and we hope that there is a second part of that…..I am expecting that…thank you and congratulations!!!!

  755. 755 : nicky Says:

    Love you Jo Hyun Jae!

  756. 756 : gerald malalri Says:


    you can do it…

    where hoping to see u here in the philippines n_n

    were here to support you!!


    everjohyunjae! n_n

  757. 757 : May Says:

    We can’t wait to see you in 7 months!
    Take care always. We love you.

  758. 758 : nicka Says:

    good health to you hyun-jae! I’m excited for your new shows this 2010. Please take care of yourself… Only 6months to go..you can do it! I’m so proud of you… : )

  759. 759 : eugene Says:

    You will be a real namja after this June. Waiting for you. Fighting!!!

  760. 760 : gerald mallari Says:

    we miss you so much!
    jo hyun jae..

    i always remember you.
    i hope you in good condition.

    take care and were all here to support you! n_n

  761. 761 : BELLA Says:


  762. 762 : BELLA Says:

    i like so much because he is so jandsome and he is a good actor

  763. 763 : BELLA Says:

    i love you
    so much

  764. 764 : BELLA Says:

    i like him because he is a good actor and he is a handsome

  765. 765 : regina Says:

    i hope you’ll make another movie for your fans
    especially here in the philippines…

    we miss you

  766. 766 : joycechoong Says:

    Jo Hyun Jae Ssi,

    안녕 하세요. 새해 복 많이 받으세요. Stay healthy. See you June!!!

  767. 767 : soody Says:

    im a fan of u from iran . ur so cute . saranghea

  768. 768 : mahnaz Says:

    sarang heyu jo heun jae

  769. 769 : mahnaz Says:

    안녕 하세요. 새해 복 많이 받으세요화이팅!!

  770. 770 : sayan Says:

    hi dear jo hyun jae.i and my family love you very much.i miss you very very much

  771. 771 : sayan Says:

    i saw your drama and your movies and i like all of them. hope to see you soon.i am praying for u.love you jo hyun jae

  772. 772 : joycechoong Says:

    조현재 씨,

    Annyeonghaseyo. I saw some YouTube clips of your recent pictures. Congratulations on your promotion to Sargeant! You have worked hard and I am proud of you. You looked well, fit and healthy. Three more months and it’s over. Hang in there, Sgt. Hyun Jae . Take care.

  773. 773 : feraya Says:

    i love jo hyun jae.i miss u

  774. 774 : eugene Says:

    Jo Hyun Jae

    I am waiting for your discharge in this June. I’m waiting for your new drama. I haven’t seen you seen One Mom Three Dads. Please come back soon

  775. 775 : fairo Says:

    hi ur the best dad..i luv u

  776. 776 : gerald mallari Says:

    jo hyun jae jjang!
    more shows to come!
    take care always!
    ph hyunjae forever!

  777. 777 : spring flowers Says:

    hi jhj.i love your acting very much.i love your smile and crying in drams.i wait for new shows in 2010

  778. 778 : spring flowers Says:

    i hope u act with han ji min in new drama.i really hope

  779. 779 : spring flowers Says:

    i forgot….i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.u are the best artist in world

  780. 780 : minoo Says:

    dear jo hyun jae saranghaeyo

  781. 781 : chiffon Says:

    I’m watching your drama Love Letter & you made me cry with you!
    We can’t wait to see you back from the service! Take care always! We love you!

  782. 782 : shima Says:

    i am a iranian girl.i fall in love with jo hyun jae when i saw love letter,i like him in only u and 3dads 1mom too.dear jhj:i miss u so much.

  783. 783 : Tahmineh Says:

    Dear Jo Hyun Jae
    I hope you be fine and health in your life. The first I saw in the love letter KD where you were very great and lovely. Of course in this drama you were very familiar with Park Soo Ae. I think this drama remaind on any mind and heart of people for long time. I like see you in other drama with soo ae.
    By the way, you are my favorit actor after Soong Il Gook. your lovely appearance, bright eyes and mode of playing are very different from other actors. you are very pure and sincere and I think you are very similar to Andrea, I hope.
    I don’t know you can read this letter, but I hope you see it.
    God bless you

  784. 784 : SAMAN Says:

    happy birthday my hyun jae…..jo hyun jae is my favorite korean actor.i love him so much and i am so happy that he discharge on june 19.

  785. 785 : mana Says:

    happy birthday jo hyun jae.love u

  786. 786 : JoyceChoong Says:

    조현채 씨

    안녕하세요. 생일 축하해요. 희망 당신은 미역국 먹었다. 당신의 반환을 가기 위하여 기다리기, 다만 한개의 달 더. 조심하십시오.

  787. 787 : manayekta Says:


  788. 788 : gerald mallari Says:

    Jo Hyun Jae fighting!

    were here ur fans to support you!
    more powers to come
    we always love u!


  789. 789 : manayekta Says:

    i really cant wait to see you.i miss you.i really really like you

  790. 790 : manayekta Says:

    i hope you act in a very good drama with song hye kyo again after you came back.i wait to see u.take care always

  791. 791 : shekufe Says:

    oh,jo hyun jae really looks like lee dong wook.aren’t u agree?

  792. 792 : misha85 Says:

    no no no.lee dong wook is cute but jo hyun jae is the most cute in korean actors

  793. 793 : misha85 Says:

    jhj will return to entertainment world so soon.i am so happy

  794. 794 : yawsis Says:

    Jo Hyun Jae….
    Your so smart, so cute.

  795. 795 : yawsis Says:

    I live in myanmar.

  796. 796 : varandhorn Says:

    Jo Hyun Jae, we are waiting for you soon. June 19, 2010 is D-Day he comes back. Jo Hyun Jae is handsome and smart 55555.

  797. 797 : aein Says:

    yeah..i agree wif shekufe..huhu =)

  798. 798 : nabila Says:

    hi jo hyun jae..im from malaysia..n im your biggest fan since i saw u in 3 daddies wif one mommy..i can’t wait 2 see u..i hope u can act wif lee da hae..hope u in good condition..take care ya!!

  799. 799 : manayekta Says:

    i hope to see you soon in new project after military service.i am so excited

  800. 800 : manayekta Says:


  801. 801 : geny Says:

    am waiting for u i love you from miami…….

  802. 802 : Joyce Choong Says:

    조현재 씨

    Congratulations, Sargeant Jo Hyun Jae for completing 2 years of Military Service! Welcome Home, Jo Hyun Jae, our favourite actor and singer! We missed you and so happy that you are back. Looking forward to see and hear more of you in the near future.

  803. 803 : bon Says:

    Hi jhj- I’m longing for your comeback,waiting to see you in drama soon

  804. 804 : manayekta Says:

    finally jo hyun jae discharge.i am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy.welcome back jhj

  805. 805 : manayekta Says:

    now i want to see you in new drama dear jhj

  806. 806 : mel Says:

    i’ll waiting your new drama…

  807. 807 : ade Says:

    your acting is good.. ^^

  808. 808 : jazz Says:

    Hello jo hyun jae, welcome back… Your surely miss and I m glad that a great actor can come and shine with such a powerful performance… your so great in coming up with such emotion…. Thanks for making us all happy. God Bless

  809. 809 : May Says:

    Hello and welcome back, JHJ:
    We are so proud of you for completing your tour of duty and we can’t wait to see your next movie or drama series.
    God bless you always with success and happiness.

  810. 810 : sarah Says:

    i love you jhj.i want to see you with eugene again in new drama

  811. 811 : Teeta Says:

    Hello JHJ, We you are having a well deserved rest. We look forward to seeing you again in the dramas/movies. Take care.

  812. 812 : rhodz Says:

    …hi, jhj!!! it is so nice to know that you’re finally completed your military training……hope to see you soon in ur series or movie….always take care of yourself……je t’aime beaucoup mon amour…sarangheyo….fais attention toujours!!!!!!

  813. 813 : andlise Says:

    Welcome back, hope to see to your new drama soon.^_^

  814. 814 : ann Says:

    jo hyun jae thanks for making me smile… nice to know that ur old as i am.. hope to see another movie from u.. 😉

  815. 815 : floraH Says:

    Welcome back JHJ. Looking forward to you coming drama or movie.

    Hope you will sing one of the English song.

  816. 816 : Hee Young Says:

    Miss your new drama series so much Mr. Jo Hyun Jae. …

  817. 817 : manayekta Says:

    i miss you so much

  818. 818 : Maya Says:

    Hello JHJ,
    We hope you are enjoying your well-deserved “vacation”. We are anxiously awaiting to see you in your latest movie/drama. We love you.

  819. 819 : raine (ann) Says:

    hello jo hyun jae when will you be back making tv shows? miss your voice and so eager to see your handsome face again.. i’ll learn korean language just for you 🙂

  820. 820 : jeezvive Says:

    Hi. I like JHJ. Some news…

    “Eric and Jo Hyun Jae to partner Yoon Eun Hye for “Love Song”?” from http://www.allkpop.com/2010/10/eric-and-jo-hyun-jae-to-partner-yoon-eun-hye-for-love-song

  821. 821 : raine Says:

    hi jhj… hope u get the lead role for the next drama.. miss u

  822. 822 : Joyce Choong Says:

    Jo Hyun Jae Ssi,

    Annyeonghaseyo. So sorry to hear about the passing of your beloved father, the late Jo Seong Ho. My condolences and sympathy to you and your family. Please stay strong for your mother. May God comfort you. Take care of yourself.

  823. 823 : manayekta Says:

    dear hyun jae:hello,i miss you alot…i hope to see you soon,i am waiting for new drama,hope with yun eun hye.

  824. 824 : manayekta Says:

    my dear:i dont know about your father,i am so sorry,

  825. 825 : manayekta Says:

    my condolences for the lost of your father drear hyun jae

  826. 826 : manayekta Says:

    i love you always

  827. 827 : manayekta Says:


  828. 828 : Anna Says:

    Dear Jo Hyun Jae

    First our condolences for the lost of your father.
    Stay strong for yourself and your family.
    Just a few weeks ago I saw the first tv-serie from you and I find you great. I saw the movie in Thailand, because I live there in a Tempel.
    Hope that it is possible to visite you in the future with my teacher and good friend.
    Take care, Dhamma Blessings from Maechee Anna Cornelia

  829. 829 : manayekta Says:

    my cute!where are you now?your fans need to see you.missing you so much

  830. 830 : raine Says:

    hi.. so sad for your loss. God bless and good luck in your career.

  831. 831 : manayekta Says:

    saranghae oppa!

  832. 832 : kyaw thet khing Says:

    hello,brother jo hyoen jae …….are you alaways goodtime i hope.i”m myanmar nation ,and you comming soon visit to our myanmar.i love brother jo hyoen jae,that you arrivel ………….

  833. 833 : kyaw thet khing Says:

    Hello,brother jo hyoen jae ……..where are you now?missing you so much your actors,and your style,smiles.i want to see,you and me metting at yangon……….brother comming soon………kyaw thet waiting ………..

  834. 834 : manayekta Says:

    hiiiiiiii my dear hyun jae!missing u so much.missing your smile!

  835. 835 : manayekta Says:

    hiiiiiiiii my love:love u for ever

  836. 836 : manayekta Says:

    hiiiiiiiiii my dear!how r u?missing u.kissss….

  837. 837 : cyral Says:

    i miss u sooooooooooooooooooooooo much,im always supporting u,i hope u can visit here in philippines.love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu mwuahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  838. 838 : hei klo say Says:

    Dear brother jo hyun jae,

    I like your lovely smile. I want to be my boy friend like you!
    But i’m still searching.

  839. 839 : raine Says:

    an-nyong ha-se-yo! yo-sae o-tto-k e ji-nae-se-yo? 🙂
    i’m trying to learn your language little by little.. it’s been a while not to hear a news from you.. could it be possible that you’ll be recalled for duty.. i just hope not.. hope that N.K will not declare war against ur country.. take care always.. God bless!

  840. 840 : raine Says:

    hello there.. it’s bothering me why until now got no news from you.. are you ok? well i just miss you so much.. hope to see your handsome face with that sweet smile of yours.. God bless you & good luck on your career oppa jo hyun jae 🙂

  841. 841 : manayekta Says:

    hiiiiiiiiii dear!u smile so little but i love your smile so much.i support u for ever

  842. 842 : Poppy C.R. Says:

    I think you are one of Korea’s finest Actor. Keep up the good work and hope to your next project.

  843. 843 : Thandar Says:

    u r xo xo cute….i love u so much…..

  844. 844 : manayekta Says:

    merry christmas!i hope have a good year oppa and i wait for new project of u.i wish it is an interesting drama with a beautiful actress

  845. 845 : christine Says:

    gorgeous and great actor! complte package!

  846. 846 : tinker:) Says:

    ya! jo hyun jae!
    i used to like an american-eyed guy but you changed my preference dear.
    wohhh i really fell in love with you being han lee jun.
    i wanna see u really! ur face always come to my mind everytime i play saranghalgge in my headseat!
    love u love u love u jo hyun jae!!!!!

  847. 847 : manayekta Says:

    hello dear hyun jae!how r u?missing u more than everytime..

  848. 848 : migrap26 Says:

    Happy New Year to everyone here!!
    I miss Jo Hyun Jae so much..
    Hoping this 2011 he will have a drama series..

  849. 849 : manayekta Says:

    hiiiiiiii hyun jae!loving u

  850. 850 : aien Says:

    sarang hae yo!
    from malaysian fan 🙂

  851. 851 : aien Says:

    love u oppa!

  852. 852 : raine Says:

    happy new year jhj.. wish you good health and success this year.. hope to see you back in movies and tv series again.. god bless 😉

  853. 853 : aidin Says:


  854. 854 : aidin Says:


  855. 855 : raine Says:

    hello jhj… are you still active? can you please reply to this message if possible? just want to know if the guy that i like is a very friendly.. thank you 😉

  856. 856 : manayekta Says:

    hiiiiiiiii my friends!our jo hyun jae makes his comeback with new tv drama”49 days”…49 days will air in march 2011 on sbs..jo hyun jae ,lee yo won,nam gyu ri,jung il woo and bae soo bin will act in it…i am so happpppppppy

  857. 857 : mana085 Says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii dear.how r u these days?miss u very very very much!

  858. 858 : raine Says:

    hi jae… its great to know your going to have a drama again.. miss u..

  859. 859 : ana lee Says:

    I love u jo hyun jae…hope to watch u in a tv series soon 🙂

  860. 860 : Tahmineh Says:

    Hi, Jo Hyun Jae
    Your professional acting in love Letter reminds in my heart deeply for ever althogh your lovely and cute acting in one mom and three dads was considerable and interesting. Really I hope see you in unforgetable other korean drama as soon as possible.

  861. 861 : 49 Days « Korea.com Says:

    […] Yo Won as Yi Kyung Jo Hyun Jae Jung Il Woo Nam Gyu Ri as Ji Hyun Bae Soo Bin Seo Ji Hye Bae Geu Rin Kang Sung […]

  862. 862 : smarteez Says:

    jo hyun jae oppa…!!!! cant wait to see this drama

  863. 863 : HunnieB Says:

    so glad to see him back!!!!

  864. 864 : raine Says:

    anyung jae.. welcome back.. goodluck on this new drama… god bless & take care 😉

  865. 865 : leflahon Says:

    i miss him on scene..

  866. 866 : Thazin Says:

    I like your feature and your acting.Good luck

  867. 867 : Joy Says:

    love to see him back again on drama.. good luck!=)=)

  868. 868 : büşra Says:

    Yes. Everybody’d written for you. I wanted to write for u,too. You make me smile. When I saw, I feels good and I says ” the life has finished yet.” I hope I can meet wth u a day!

  869. 869 : BeL♥ved Says:

    LOVE YA!!!!

  870. 870 : Maya Says:

    Vote for happy to see series 49days for role Han Kang perfectly.

  871. 871 : AMY Says:


  872. 872 : May Says:

    So nice to see you in “49 days”. Great acting!

  873. 873 : Snow Says:

    JHJ, I will alway support you and watch all your drama.

  874. 874 : mscheeksup Says:

    saranghae oppa! you were always being my heart-taker! especially in one mom three dads and of course in 49 days kdrama! when will my wink get to you? *WINK WINK WINK*

  875. 875 : raine Says:

    happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you…
    wish you good health and more blessings to come..
    hey congratulations on your successful drama.. love it..
    hope to see you someday but still thats like wishing for a star.. 🙂
    jo a hae yo.. jo shim ha se yo
    God bless..

  876. 876 : Yudis Says:

    Sangil Chukaihamnida Jo Hyun Jae, God Bless You 😀

  877. 877 : bon Says:

    HI Hyun Jae
    Happy Birthday to you.I very happy to seeyou look more …more handsome in 49 day.every goodluck to you

  878. 878 : tracy Says:

    Happy Birthday. Glad you are back in tv series and you look good in 49 days. Will continue to support you!

  879. 879 : Kyaw Htet Says:

    Hi! JHJ,
    Happy Birthday to you.

  880. 880 : MazaoJang Says:

    HBD To U Hyun Jae. I’m very glad to see you back again on TV series. I will support U forever. ^_^

  881. 881 : lovebee Says:

    Would love to see more shows from you!!

  882. 882 : 49 Days, 49天, 49일 | PokeTV – Your favourite Asia movie guide Says:

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    […] Yo Won as Song Yi Kyung Nam Gyu Ri as Shin Ji Hyun Kim Yoo Bin as young Ji Hyun Jo Hyun Jae as Han Kang Bae Soo Bin as Kang Min Ho Jung Il Woo as scheduler / Song Yi Soo Seo Ji Hye as Shin In […]

  884. 884 : Ange Says:

    anyeong oppa. i just watched 49 days, and i like it so much! good luck oppa 🙂

  885. 885 : jinni Says:

    hey!! jus watched 49 DAYS!! …great one!! SUPPORT U!! all the best yeah!! love u!! hope u can come to my country!!

  886. 886 : mona Says:

    i luv u…..

    i just watched 49 days… it’s so sad…

    hyun jae fighting!!!

  887. 887 : eka Says:

    wow it so handsome,,,,i luv u

  888. 888 : Wint Thin Zar Says:

    Hi! Hyun Jae,
    I want to be your fan club member. So,I’m finding your fun club site.
    Good Luck to you.

  889. 889 : Cattus Mulier Says:

    I love Hyun Jae in only you and forbidden!hes so damn gorgeous!

  890. 890 : jomaleen cornejo Says:

    hyun jae,

    it was the first time i saw you in FORBIDDEN LOVE in Philippine TV, and right there and then, i fell in love with you . . .

    i am missing you so much, but God is so good that He gave you again in PURE LOVE (49 days).

    take care and i wish i can be with you in person, and give you the best kiss that i can ever ever give!!!

    love you!!!

  891. 891 : cris Says:


    i watch 49 days , you made me cry. hope to see you more on tv series.
    good luck…..

  892. 892 : yvee Says:

    love your eyes, very glad to see you again in 49 days..

  893. 893 : jesusa Says:

    deeply, madly inlove w/ you!!

  894. 894 : K-Drama: 49 Days / 49? / 49 Il – www.moch84bdg.freehosting.com Says:

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  895. 895 : my korean drama: 49 DAYS / 49 il « mY naMe is "G i a N" Says:

    […] until 9 in the morning, works in this cafe/restaurant own by his fiance’s friend Han Kang (Jo Hyun Jae). Han Kang, is also her schoolmate in highschool, partner in their school’s magic club and […]

  896. 896 : Ike Nuryanti Sulistyowati Says:

    Saya penyuka drama korea, terutama Aktor Jo Hyun Jae……

  897. 897 : Ike Nuryanti Sulistyowati Says:

    Hallo Jo Hyun Jae…
    Saya suka drama korea, yang paling q suka Jo Hyun Jae….
    tidak yang lain…

  898. 898 : Aiushta Says:

    I really like your role as Han Kang in 49 days! Hope to see you again in a new series. 🙂

  899. 899 : Shyly Says:

    I love Han kang!

  900. 900 : vin Says:

    Like ur acting in 49 days as Han Kang!!!

  901. 901 : mahsa Says:

    i loved your interesting and attractive personality in 49days especially because you was very patient. your act is very good. i hope see more of you in series

  902. 902 : Ike Nuryanti Sulistyowati Says:

    Saya suka aktor Jo Hyun Jae… semoga Allah SWT senantiasa melimpahkan rahmat, rizki, karunia dan kesehatan untuknya, agar bisa selalu eksis dijalannya. aminnn

  903. 903 : Roxanne1119 Says:

    I watched your drama 49 days….love it! You are sooo good and handsome. You are one of my favorites! Annyong Jo Hyun Jae…saranghaeyo!

  904. 904 : dyu Says:

    omo omo omonaa..
    so handsome and gentle :O

  905. 905 : Aydi Says:

    im beginning to love you…hahaha!
    you remind me one of our actor here in the Philippines (face value only not personality wise, ok?!) but never mind, dont want to offend you if i elaborated further…
    anyway, i like how you did in 49 Days.
    Good Luck!

  906. 906 : janet Says:

    hope you will visit also philippines…you are a good actor and so handsome…saranghanda…

  907. 907 : ForeverKimHyunJoong Says:

    조현재 씨,

    추석 잘 보내세요. 행복하고 건강하게 지내세요.

  908. 908 : Gilian Says:

    …Your a very good actor…i always love watching your movies..

  909. 909 : arlynne Says:

    i really like your acting in all your TV Series shown in the Philippines! Hope you could have a visit here!

  910. 910 : xuyuhua Says:

    more Like 49 days than one mom & three dads…

  911. 911 : karen Says:

    hello there, i’m a big fan from the Philippines, pure love (49 days) is really an amazing story/drama.. congratulations!! we love it so much… we hope you could come here and visit your filipino fans.. Godbless & more power!!

  912. 912 : grette Says:

    please tell jo hyun jae that I’m one of his fans…I really love his acting.Even without talking, his eyes captivates and expresses all the emotions with every role he portrays…i couldn’t help falling in love with every character he’s in. I read that he’s shooting a movie{?} in China at present..

  913. 913 : Ma Yenne Says:

    i luv u JO-HYUN-JAE!!! a good and handsome actor!!!!

  914. 914 : marjnyra Says:

    you’re so gorgeous, very talented actor

  915. 915 : marjnyra Says:

    every lady who’ve seen your tv series and movies would have definitely fell inlove with you. saranghaeyo!!

  916. 916 : Linh Linh Says:

    I wish you always happy. I love you!
    from Viet Nam.

  917. 917 : Chai Says:

    There is something very cute in our Jo hyun jae

  918. 918 : Jonathan Says:

    Hey Man….. I am sure that you will get award for the drama 49day. I wish for you…..

  919. 919 : sushi Says:

    Jo Hyun Jae sme what look like Jang Geun Suk (marry me Mary and you’re beautiful) specialy their lips…. They can be together in one drama role must be brothers…. jejejejje

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  921. 921 : Amy David Says:

    Congratulations ! enjoy watching you…only you, song of love, 49days. hope to see more of your movies. Thank you.

  922. 922 : fati Says:

    oh Jo Hyun Jae keep going i loved your acting so much in 49 Days ,we’re waiting for moor thank you so much sarangheyo oppa………….

  923. 923 : fati Says:

    oppa you have a beautiful voice

  924. 924 : apple Says:

    ..hi jo hyeon jae i lyk ur outlook @ ur acting in 49 days im ur no.1 fan goodbless more power 2 u?????

  925. 925 : richie Says:

    jo hyun jae, you looked very handsome in 49 DAYS. Also your character was a touching one.u did very well. keep up the good work.

  926. 926 : Billi Says:

    Ahhh! This man z awsum.. I don’t have words to explain how gorgeous he is.. Love his attitude n acting … I love the way he acts .. N his killing attitude makes his acting like originally awsm.. He is just last actor.. No one z better than him…

  927. 927 : leila Says:

    i love him very much
    and i like his movies too(like 49 days)

    photo link:



  928. 928 : hani Says:

    i love you as hang kang you really have a great heart i love youuuuu

  929. 929 : @@fave Says:

    he is totally awesome in his acting career!

  930. 930 : mia Says:

    his face is look like HYUN BIN

  931. 931 : lexi Says:

    your so cute

  932. 932 : tietn Says:

    jo hyeon jae happy new year 2012,,, and I hope this year you can come to Indonesia:) I desire that ye may both read and reply to my congratulations,,,,, I really idolized you

  933. 933 : Lannie Says:

    happy new year….you are so cute,,,love you,,,

  934. 934 : DJ Says:

    Happy new year 2012 Jo Hyeon Jae…wish you more success in this year..I like your acting as Hang Kang..it’s so natural and I’d like to see ur another acting in another drama this year…when you will visit Jakarta..luv you..muach..

  935. 935 : ikh_ignace Says:

    I heart you,…..

  936. 936 : 49 Days « Papink's zone Says:

    […] Jo Hyun Jae as Han Kang […]

  937. 937 : sinatra Says:

    I like your song in 49 days….you have great voice 🙂 bon courage mon ami

  938. 938 : chalisya Says:

    hii…jo hyun jae I love you so much,We (I and my daughter 4years old) love your 49th days drama. you are so handsome, so cute he he he we’ll waiting for you in Indonesia….so so love you

  939. 939 : mhonica kim berLy Says:

    you are handSome boyy…..

  940. 940 : MerL Says:

    hello JO HYUN JAE!…love this man so much!…love his lips when he talk and love his eyes when he acts….a total package of a brilliant actor.

  941. 941 : shephatiah Says:

    i love him in only u drama,then i became curious in shup up drama,he played his role real good very cool,i hope he will play a role with sandara park something like musical or love story ,i think they will be look good together’

  942. 942 : wie Says:

    jo hyun jae i love your voice at ost 49days “can’t it be me”
    be a singer..

  943. 943 : Peta Says:

    hi oppa!!!luv evrithing bout ya…hope 2 meet ya here in Tonga,,u-noe.uuuuummaaaahhh

  944. 944 : dexter moriente Says:

    i can i cell phone number……………….

  945. 945 : dexter moriente Says:

    hi me number one fans in the philippines.

  946. 946 : dexter moriente Says:


  947. 947 : annedrea01 Says:

    hello hyun jae.. thankz for making me smile… when i’m sad or stressed i just wacth your dramas through dvd.. hehe
    i know your very busy with your projects in china.. hope to hear from you,
    your last drama, 49days was really good.. take care

  948. 948 : sajjad Says:

    hi mr jo. i love you for love letter and first love and 49 day and not good drame later im from iran i love you andrea

  949. 949 : happy rith Says:

    hello hyun lae i like your voice

  950. 950 : ForeverKimHyunJoong Says:

    조현재 씨,

    안녕하세요? 생잏축해요! 생일날 때 미역국 많이 드세요.

  951. 951 : Najah Says:

    LUV U SO MUCH…:)

  952. 952 : fan Says:

    all of your dramas are interesting and have strange idea. I like them all. waiting for the next project. don’t accept ordinary stories.. 😛

  953. 953 : Sadaf Says:

    Hi Hyun jae
    You are vary handsome , I like you so much
    Just i can say : i love you

  954. 954 : kyungmin Says:

    how about yoon eun hye and jo hyun jae tandem…like

  955. 955 : nanda Says:


  956. 956 : cherie Says:

    oppa, fighting!…i know you are busy doing international drama, good luck and take care…GOD BLESS

  957. 957 : Kyaw Myo Khaing Says:

    I live in myanmar.I know you first in one mon and three dads.

  958. 958 : Hnin Nu Says:

    Hyun jae, you are very handsome & your acting is natural. I likeyou & love you very much.I want to know your online address.Be succes! Be happy.

  959. 959 : hossana dela carcel Says:

    There is very few dramas where I detest the main character or the so-called “good guy” and this was the case in 49 Days where I couldn’t tolerate that “punk” of an actor in Jo Hyun Jae who not only has a “PUNKIE” and “COCKY” face but is arrogant and exhibits plastic acting skills. If the culture in Korea is where the girls allow the men to aggressively grab them, pull them, aggressively hug them w/o their permission, then you have to wonder why there is so much sexual crimes and harassment in Korean culture where the male dominates the female which is so stupid. This drama displays Korean culture for all its wrong reasons and Jo Hyun Jae is out of character as I would have personally “punched” his face if he was to grab my daughter etc…and the way he punches Bae Soo Bin is just hilarious….what a punkie expression and a reflection of what a flimsy character he is….to say that his acting is natural is another hilarious joke as he has no acting skills whatsoever…if this was in America, he would have been laughed right out of the tv sets…but this is Korean drama where they accept such frivolous characters and consider them handsome and excellent actors..give me a break…put him in women clothes and he would pass for a female…..what a farce…..there are only several male actors in Korea that is respected and display excellent skills and one of them is Lee Byung Hyun or something like that and this clown called Jo Hyun Jae doesn’t even come close to measuring up to Lee or, for that matter, several other male Korean actors. He’s a joke and I hope he reads this blog or someone emits this blog to his website so he can see what a joke he is and not live in fantasy land thinking he is some wonder actor…….

  960. 960 : vuqar Says:


  961. 961 : vuqar Says:


  962. 962 : clairerosean Says:

    Admin, please add few photos from this sites please..



  963. 963 : clairerosean Says:


    Also few updates are already available:

    TV Shows for 2012:

    1) Rouge Hegemon as Xiao Wu Ke for C-drama
    2) Youth Storm as Ye Zi Xuan for C-drama

    and for AWARDS:

    2003 SBS Drama Awards, won NEW STAR AWARD

    2005 SBS Drama Awards, won 10 BIG STARS AWARD

    2006 the 42th BaekSang Arts Awards, won POPULARITY AWARD

    2007 Andre Kim Best Star Awards, won STAR AWARD

    2011 The 19th Korean Cultural Entertainment Awards,

    Thank you so much!!

  964. 964 : nia gabriela Says:

    기대는 일에 축하 행복한 미소에게, 포옹 짓을 생각 초과
    Exceeds expectations believe congratulations for the work done, a happy smile a hug¡¡¡
    Es bueno,verdad¡¡¡

  965. 965 : fennie Says:

    I was a bit surprised with your role in 90 Minutes. You are already very popular, a good singer too …….. although, the character you play is very different. I like it better when you play the nice guy and no explicit sex scenes. Thank you and more shows!

  966. 966 : [KBS 2013] Advertising Genius Lee Tae Baek | Says:

    […] company. In order to achieve her dream, she throws away her past and her love. Eddie Kang (Jo Hyun Jae) will plays a cool-headed advertising executive. He’s described as an elite who has swept many […]

  967. 967 : bernadette Says:

    hi jo hyun jae. i’ve watched you in 49 days & only you. you were awesome in your portrayals there. you may look snob but you were very cute & i think it suits you better. you’re charming with those gorgeous heart-shaped lips. hopefully, more of your tele series will be shown here in the philippines. good luck to your career.. kudos for a job well done.

  968. 968 : zsuzsannna Says:


  969. 969 : Wong Melissa Says:

    I hv been watching Only U for more than 20 times just bcoz of u…I like everything about u…saranghae…..

  970. 970 : Wong Melissa Says:

    I love u

  971. 971 : myeon Says:

    @hossana dela carcel #959 what’s wrong with u? if u didn’t like him, then why you even care to wrote a comment here? ckckck.. such a waste..

    it’s okay Jo Hyun Jae ^^ i really like ur acting esp in “49 days” and “one mom and three dads”. there’s nothing wrong in it. fighting

  972. 972 : bernz Says:

    I think hosanna dela carcel was just envious of Jo Hyun Jae. but of course, JHJ is much respected as a nice person and of his superb acting. i never expected someone sane to say anything bad questioning how great an actor Jo Hyun Jae is. therefore i conclude, this hosanna dela carcel was truly insane and a whole lot of a jerk!
    you do not have the right to say anything bad about Korean culture. who are you by the way? does your country never had cases of harassment? oh, come on..you’ve just said you’re from America? no harassment? who are you fooling? ah ok, no harassment indeed only cases of mass murders..
    all I can say is that Koreans are truly nice and friendly people and that JHJ truly is a gem for the Koreans.. please check how many fans admire him because he is a person truly admirable not just by Koreans but everyone else in the whole wide world… bear that in mind you moron!

  973. 973 : anamary Says:

    (hossana) verguenza deberia darle usar ese nombre ya que es sagrado su significacion, para hacer un comentario tan desagradable ,,,, la vida es solo un recuerdo y el tuyo esta mal.

  974. 974 : anamary Says:

    (hossana) verguenza deberia darle usar ese nombre

  975. 975 : Mariya Says:

    Cool n handsome,i’m a fan of urs,just from watching one of ur films(the kings daughter),you were really awesome n gentle,I want to watch more of your films,i’m also giving u my own special award of best actor,and also to d Korean drama industry,ur the best in d whole world to me,especially because of ur decency n good dressing.Jo Hyun Jae,really wished I could have ur Mail.wishing u success in al ur endevours.

  976. 976 : nuru Says:

    hossana dela carcel , whom ever u are you have no manners, u never appreciate anything others do bse u have nothing to show for yourself, well if u dont like him swallow, the fact is he is great and you,wat do u show,atleast he is doing something for himself, well shame upon you big boy. well for you jo hyun jae , i think you have encountered this before so its not news, do wat u have to do like you have always done and us the fans (i mean real ones) are here to watch you.
    God bless.

  977. 977 : fena jean Says:

    hi Jo Hyun Jae, you look like my the father of my baby..jeje!

  978. 978 : dianne Says:

    hello jo hyun jae.. it’s my first time to watch your tv series king’s daughter soo baek hyang, and i’m so amused with such talent and handsome looks. keep up the good work and wish you good health. take care and God bless.

  979. 979 : dianne Says:

    not only that but also amazed..

  980. 980 : Adamu salihu Accountant Says:

    I wish this man all the best

  981. 981 : toh quan ming Says:

    jo hyun jae.. you are now 34 years old, you still have 32 years for you to act in the Korean drama before you are reaching 62 in 2042 then you will be retiring from acting in the Korean drama so keep it up and all the best to you. Hopefully you will find your girlfriend, get married, have children before you reach 40 in 2020. I am looking forward to it…..

  982. 982 : Random recommendations for sad dramas | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] Yo Won as Song Yi Kyung, Nam Gyu Ri as Shin Ji Hyun and Jo Hyun Jae as Han Kang. Plot: A young woman named Ji Hyun was enjoying absolute bliss as she was about to be […]

  983. 983 : me-ann Says:

    Oh my, Jo hyun jae is back. He is is so handsome and charming as he was in Only You, don’t you aged 😀

  984. 984 : yetty Says:

    hello jo hyun jae..i just watched drama KING’ DAUGHTER SOOK BAEK HYANG..hyun jae u r my favourite actor i had seen all drama you act but this is the best drama i have seen..im a bit suprise and happy you as a crown prince warrior with loyalty of country n love.. good in comedian scene so sweet hehehe make me smile n laugh hehe especially when expressing to a love word.

  985. 985 : yetty Says:

    jo hyun jae you are very talented actor now..best actor all i can see from drama KDSBH..very tough..congrats to you i really like it.thats what i want..more challenging..im really happy to see you again..a year older a year wiser still look hansome..keep it up.

  986. 986 : Yong Pal (용팔이) (2015) - Asian Dramas Reviews Says:

    […] – Jung Yoon Suk as Tae Hyun (child) Kim Tae Hee as Han Yeo Jin – Kang Ji Woo as Yeo Jin (child) Jo Hyun Jae as Han Do Joon – Kim Dan Yool as Do Joon (child) Chae Jung Ahn as Lee Chae […]

  987. 987 : Summer A Says:

    Jo Hyun Jae hyonnim annyonhaseyo.kk… U are best of the best. I had seen all drama you act and really really like u’r acting. b.se u’r acting gives me happiness and power of life .in the future want and hope to see you in so many korean drama. Wish U Good health , Good wife and God bless U.

  988. 988 : spiz Says:

    he’s so amazing nd good looking.I like him…… I just started watching 49 days, thumbs up

  989. 989 : Jas preet Says:

    Love him .. simply perfect …

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