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Joo Ji Hoon 03

Name: 주지훈 / Joo Ji Hoon (Ju Ji-hun)
Date of birth: May 16, 1982
Height: 187cm
Weight: 74kg
Profession: Model, Actor
Education: Dongwon University, e-Business major
Modeling Debut: 2003
Acting Debut: 2006
Hobbies: Games, Swimming, Basketball
Talents: Speed-reading, Self Defense
Talent Agency: KEYEAST

TV Series

Mask (SBS, 2015)
Medical Top Team (MBC, 2013)
Five Fingers (SBS, 2012)
The Devil (KBS, 2007)
Goong 궁 (MBC, 2006)


The Treacherous (2015)
Confession (2014)
Love Suspects (2013)
Marriage Blue (2013)
I am a King (2012)
The Naked Kitchen (2009)
Antique Bakery (2008)


Crown Butter Waffle
Hi Harriet Shopping Mall
Calvin Klein
Cass Beer
Sshil On-line game
OB Lager Beer


2015 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars Awards – Joo Ji Hoon (Mask)
2015 SBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actor (Mid-Length Series): Joo Ji Hoon (Mask)
2013 Apan Star Awards – Popular Star Award: Joo Ji Hoon (Five Fingers)
2009 45th Baeksang Arts Awards: Popularity Award (“Antique Bakery”)
2006 MBC Drama Awards: New Actor Award
2005 Most Stylish Male Model- Style Magazine
2005 Best Male Model- The Photographers’ Association
2004 Best Dresser Model Award
21st Best Outfit(Swan Award)- Best Male model


– On 2009-June-23, Joo Ji Hoon received a suspended setence (six-month prison term suspended for one year, 120 hours of community service and 360,000 won in fines) for taking ecstacy tablets and ketamine at actor Hak yeong Ye’s home in April of 2008. Actress Seol hee Yun was also involved in the case as the person who smuggled the drugs into the country from Japan.

– Joo Ji Hoon enlisted in the South Korea military on 2010-Feb-2. He was discharged on 2011-Nov-21.

Related Photo

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2,422 Responses to “Joo Ji Hoon”

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  1. 2401
    wdr Says:

    u r so great! and handsome

  2. 2402
    zeedagold Says:

    GOD ur height z amazin i luv u u ar my best actor in princess hours i hope u guyz ar rilli dat cos u ar perfect,plz respond 2 dis question i would lyk 2 know if u rilli kissed her?

  3. 2403
    grace antonio Says:

    watch him in Running man ep 202 and 203.. hehehehe funny..!

  4. 2404
    Nicole Says:

    Fantastic performance in Five Fingers… I hope to see him more..soon.

  5. 2405
    winnie Says:

    i watched all your dramas and Goong is the best. I think because you have such a great chemistry with Yoon eun hye. I hope you team up again with her soon.

    I’m currently watching medical top team

  6. 2406
    choopatiu Says:

    My first korean crush!

  7. 2407
    Norma R. Sevilla Says:

    Hi! I like your choice of scripts. It has depth. The first Korean drama I watched and repeated was Princess Hour. Five Fingers I like the plot. The ending script I think was not studied well it lost what suppose to have given u an award. Acting… shouting “why” well maybe should be given a different manner. I am an English pre school teacher and taught up to college student. I used to tutor Korean but in a different style. when my son died I decided to give literacy program to Katutubo of Porac, Pampangga, our natives here. today, I will watch.. Med a drama or a movie..i am a King. God bless. remember God is with you, so there`s no way to be empty.

  8. 2408
    Ashya sugan Says:

    I love goong drama . U suitable that charater . I see 100 times.:-)

  9. 2409
    מסיכה – Mask : תרגומים צוות אסיה Says:

    […] ג'ו ג'י הון – השחקן הראשי (הנסיך מהדרמה הנסיכה) […]

  10. 2410
    CoolBeans Says:

    An excellent actor. I am glad to see he is part of the cast in Mask, the TV drama!

  11. 2411
    CoolBeans Says:


    (@CoolBeans from admin: Instead of asking us to change our format, I think you need to go to computer class to learn how to scroll down from top to bottom by less than 1 second.)

  12. 2412
    Korean Drama Review 5 Fingers | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

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  13. 2413
    anonimous Says:

    seing Joo Ji Hoon in “Mask”, reminds me moments of him in “Goong”. it makes me want to re-watch “Goong”…

  14. 2414
    Ji Djing | Computer DJ Equipment Says:

    […] Joo Ji Hoon » Korean Actor & Actress – » Joo Ji Hoon » Profile, Biography, Awards, Picture and other info of All Korean Actors and Actresses […]

  15. 2415
    luvKdramas Says:

    MASK is one of the best kdramas on my short list. Joo Ji Hoon delivered with professionalism. Hats off to you!

  16. 2416
    Korean Drama Review Mask | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] Ae as Byun Ji Sook / Eun Ha, Joo Ji Hoon as Choi Min Woo, Jun Jin Seo as Min Woo (young), Yun Jung Hoon as Min Suk Hoon, Yoo In Young as […]

  17. 2417
    Ji Djing Online | Computer DJ Equipment Says:

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  18. 2418
    MASK | nontonsukasuka Says:

    […] Ae as Byun Ji Sook / Eun Ha – Choi Ji Won as Eun Ha (young) Joo Ji Hoon as Choi Min Woo – Jun Jin Seo as Min Woo (young) Yun Jung Hoon as Min Suk Hoon Yoo In Young as […]

  19. 2419
    meena Says:

    ju ji hoon is always my favourite korean actor and he will be till the end he very very handsome good looking best modal very talented ,i don’t know korean language but I follow each step of him I hope for him more success he’s the best outstanding adorable………………………………………………………………………..love you

  20. 2420
    Barbara Says:

    Ji hoon is absolutely the most beautiful man. Not a bad angle anywhere. The camera just loves him. More series…please

  21. 2421
    HannaB Says:

    He is a naturally handsome and a very talented actor! Love every scripts he played! Couldn’t get enough of his works! Will be always his fan!

  22. 2422
    chinita Says:

    i love ju ji hoon the way he act, his face, everything in him almost perfect fighting oppa!..more projects to come god bless you!!!

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