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Joo Jin Mo 01

Name: 주진모 / Joo Jin Mo (Ju Jin-mo)
Real name: 박진태 / Park Jin Tae
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1974-Aug-11
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 180cm
Weight: 70kg
Star sign: Leo
Blood type: O
Family: 3 older sisters
Skill: Taekwondo

TV Series

Bad Guys: City of Evil (OCN, 2017)
Woman with a Suitcase (MBC, 2016)
My Love Eun Dong (jTBC, 2015)
Empress Ki (MBC, 2013)
Dream (SBS) (SBS, 2009)
Bicheonmu (SBS, 2008)
Queen of the Game (SBS, 2006)
Fashion 70’s (SBS, 2005)
Punch (SBS, 2003)
Turn Your Angry Face (KBS, 2000)
Sad Temptation (KBS, 1999)


Friend 2 (2013)
Enemy (2012)
Gabi (2012)
The Invincible / 무적자 (A Better Tomorrow) (2010)
Frozen Flower (2008)
Love / Sarang (2007)
200 Pounds Beauty (2006)
Sorry Apple (2005)
3-Iron (2004)
Liar (2004)
Bighouse Dotcom (2004)
The Trigger (2001)
Wanee & Junah (2001)
Musa: The Warrior (2001)
Real Fiction (2000)
Happy End (1999)
Dance Dance (1999)
Park vs Park (1997)
Farewell My Darling (1996)


2013 MBC Drama Awards: : Top Excellence Actor (Special Production): Joo Jin Mo (Empress Ki)
– 2009 45th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best Leading Actor for “Frozen Flower”
– 2000 Daejong Award: for “Happy End”

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446 Responses to “Joo Jin Mo”

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  1. 401
    Kim Han (xu xu) Says:

    Oppa! How R u ?

    Xu xu

  2. 402
    Kim Han (xu xu) Says:

    huhu I have a pain of leg… But miss u

    xu xu

  3. 403
    Kim Han (xu xu) Says:

    Oppa!! Happy birthday to You! 11/08/2011 really happy!!!

    We love u so much!!

    Xu xu, come from Viet Nam

  4. 404
    Yani Says:

    Oppa.. You so cute in 200 pound beauty!

  5. 405
    Dewi Says:

    Oppa ..
    Saranghae oppa!!
    .Aku kangen kamu..
    Dewi > indonesia

  6. 406
    Bichunmoo (비천무) « styrn Says:

    […] Joo Jin Mo as Liu Zhenhe (Jin-ha) 劉珍河 Wang Ya Nan as Nangong Junguang (Namgong Jun-kwang) 南宮俊光 Park Ji Yoon as Xueli (So-lee) 雪莉 Niu Li as Chen Lizhen (Jin Yuh-jin) 陳麗珍 Kim Kang Woo as Shi Jun 史俊 Wang Zhi Hua as Huang Pu 皇埔 Park Shin Hye as A Li Shui 阿利水 Huang Da Liang as Nangong Yanji 南宮延吉 Yan Kuan as Liu Zhangyu 劉璋玉 Jiang Hong as Su Xian […]

  7. 407
    Skylav Says:

    Why are you so handsome!!!!! hahahah Love your 200 pound Beauty Movie..
    ♥♥♥ love d stiry much!

  8. 408
    Skylav Says:

    *story 🙂

  9. 409
    saltanat Says:

    Jin Mo ssi, You are better!! )

    From Kazakhstan!

  10. 410
    honey Says:

    joo jin mo very very beautiful & sexy and too husband joo jin mo park ji yoon very perty i love joo jin mo

  11. 411
    htayapril Says:

    Happybirthday to you.
    Wishing you all the best

  12. 412
    [MBC 2012] Horse Doctor RAW E1 | Says:

    […] Sookwhee Jo Bo Ah as Seo Eun Seo Jung Gyu Woon as Prince Sohyun Choi Duk Moon as Hyo Jong Joo Jin Mo Jang Hee Woong as Yoon Tae Joo Jun No Min as Kang Do Joon (cameo) E1 Torrent […]

  13. 413
    htayapril Says:

    I am happy seeing you in horse doctor drama

  14. 414
    The Horse Healer Episode 1 « popv Says:

    […] Princess Sookwhee Jo Bo Ah as Seo Eun Seo Jung Gyu Woon as Prince Sohyun Choi Duk Moon as Hyo Jong Joo Jin Mo Jang Hee Woong as Yoon Tae Joo Jun No Min as Kang Do Joon […]

  15. 415
    ZARIMa Says:

    nice to see u again in horse doctor,,, FIGHTING

  16. 416
    Horse Doctor (마의) | styrn Says:

    […] Bong Ahn Yeo Jin as Court Lady Kwak Lee Kwan Hoon as Ma Do Heum Lee Ga Hyun as Queen Myung Sung Joo Jin Mo as Master Saam Uhm Hyun Kyung as So Ka Young Jung Gyu Woon as Crown Prince So Hyun Choi Duk Moon […]

  17. 417
    iqra Says:

    I don t like this actor because the movie Frozen Flower (2008).
    Oh my god. I don t know koreans actors could doing sam thing like this.
    I am not going watching they movie any more. I am going watching only they drama. I like koreans drama for ex The Heirs i am going crazy because this drama THe Heirs. and i like lee min ho because he doesn t have movie like frozen flower. goooooooooood. I like koreans hallywood so pleace don t doing they sam thing like movie frozen flower is niet good movie ook. lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee you.

  18. 418
    Snow Says:

    Dear Jin Mo,
    Happy Thanks giving day!

  19. 419
    Sandy Says:

    I had the misfortune to watch the movie Frozen Flower–I will never see the two male actors the same. It’s hard to believe in K-dramas they can barely kiss, but in this movie it was soft porn.

  20. 420
    Amanda Says:

    Love to see you acting in Empress Ki! You are doing great and cool looking. Pairing with Ha Ji Won…so lovely..! Keep it up! I will watch this drama all the way! hemm….but have to wait on weekly only 2 ep out…so sad…

  21. 421
    eny Says:

    joo jin mo is really good actor but i just start became fans after i watch him in empress ki, his role as Wang yo really make me love this actor

  22. 422
    ginger Says:

    Joo Jin Mo, I love your acting in Empress Ki. You totally match those historical dramas!! Love your hairstyle and clothing styles in those dramas. I think you and Ha JiWon make a nice couple.

    Been a fan since watching “Queen of the Game” you were handsome then as you are now. Keep up the good work and hope to see more of you in the future!!

    From Hawaii with Much Love and Aloha!!

  23. 423
    Hello JJM:-) i love u king Wang Yoo ! Says:

    Hello king Wang Yoo! I’ve been your fan since Queen of the Game;-)

  24. 424
    Hello JJM:-) i love u king Wang Yoo ! Says:

    Hello Jin Mo! I just love the way you simply get attention;-) love u king Wang Yo

  25. 425
    Reyn sialO here;-) Says:

    My Wang Yo and Sung Nyang;-) i love their chemistry

  26. 426
    Bisola Says:

    U ar d best kip it up thumb up

  27. 427
    mary Says:

    love ur acting……oppa keep it up

  28. 428
    chichi Says:

    I love ur acting oppa your acting skill better than anyone else. Please carry on. I will always supporting u

  29. 429
    Su SST Says:

    Hello Joo Jin Mo ssi! You are the best <3 Like all your movie.. like most is PUNCH & DREAM 🙂

  30. 430
    rose Says:

    To joo Ji mo, & all the actors,actress Empress ki, very nice tele series, we hope more tele dramas come. we support here in the philippines.

  31. 431
    Mae Jacinto Says:

    Oh ! Sorry I Mean Joo Jin Mo :))) hahahaha…
    I Love your tv series EMPRESS KI .
    It was awsome <3 it touches my heart .
    i have learned a lot of things.
    Wish you come here in the Philippines.
    More Projects To Come . God Bless 😉

  32. 432
    luvz! Says:

    Joo Jin Mo…your soooooo gorgeous.

  33. 433
    Sitie Aisah Hassan Says:

    hi mr.joo jin mu, i’ve got to know you when the empresd ki aired here in philippines, since then, i searcheu from the google and search all your movies. u r d best among the best actors, u have everything, a very talented and hot actor, im keeping on dreaming of u, love lots jin-mo… take care always..

  34. 434
    GG Says:

    Chinese fans’ reviews of Empress Ki character Wang Yu : (translated from Chinese)

    (Review : The only character made me cry out loud for several times – so far, only Wang Yu)

    (Review: Joo Jin Mo perfectly portrayed Wang Yu till the last minute despite very limited screen time, sometimes only 10 minutes in one episode. His acting saved the character Wang Yu and JJM himself, and made Wang Yu lingering in audiences’mind forever …

    (Review: Despite very limited screen time, Joo Jin Mo’ acting made Wang Yu like a meteor flying through this 51- episode long drama and no one could ignore his radiance.

    (Review: Joo Jin Mo was acting consultant hired by MBC for Empress Ki, so despite little screen time he couldn’t get off the car. Ha Ha, just joking…

  35. 435
    gem Says:

    I’m a big fan of Empress Ki,especially d character of Wang Yu.i really like u d first tym i saw u..Joo Jin Mo,my Wang Yu..ur d best!,i luv u..hope to see u n person!!

  36. 436
    Empress Ki | Free Myanmar Streaming Video and Music Says:

    […] Joo Jin Mo as Wang Yoo (later King Choong Hye of Goryeo) […]

  37. 437
    Jovette Says:

    Joo Jin Mo is one of a kind actor…had a charisma that if you’re watching him you don’t want to blink…Wishing you more success and I can’t wait for your new drama this coming June. ❤️❤️❤️

  38. 438
    My Love Eun Dong | KPOP Says:

    […] the current time of 2015. Top star Ji Eun Ho (Joo Jin Mo) announces one day that he wants to write his autobiography. When he is asked about a woman […]

  39. 439
    Adi Says:

    Joo Jin Mo you are an excelent actor….I saw you for the first time in My Love Eun Dong and your actuation was SUPERB woowwww congrats and i hope to see you very very soon on another drama

  40. 440
    Mary Says:

    Hope to see him in a drama soon.

  41. 441
    Patricia Says:

    Because of you JJM I have to learn Korean ! Love you in every movie! Keep moving forward!

  42. 442
    Yen Says:

    Your such a good actor because of you I learned to fell in love for the first time …I collected all your drama and movies and i will keep that in my heart forever. Queen of the Game such a beautiful drama i seen learned so many things to Love and to Forgive it’s a nice story, i can’t forget your smile everytime i close my eyes. After watching My Beloved Eun Dong your acting never change your a versatile actor ever. Looking forward for your next drama…Sarange Oppa, Joo Jin Mo forever.

  43. 443
    Kathleen. Wong Says:

    I am of Indian decent, I happened to stumble on Korean drama beloved Eun dong, on Netflix, boy was I happy I did, the actor Jin Joo moo, was so handsome and his acting was superb, I was very impressed.He has a killer smile, great voice and very refined features, of all the actors from hollywood and Bollywood, this South Korean actor , is an equal match. I am hoping to see a lot more of him in future movies or dramas, keep up the good work.

  44. 444
    Rama shrestha Says:

    My family members skiped their dinner while watching this is my love in netflix. When i yelled them they yelled back me to keep quite and just watch. I dont understant korean language but via english subtitle i enjoyed. I was at middle of the episod 5. So i started to watch from beggining. Oh my god joo jim mo then i bacame a big fan of u. I liked kim sa rang too. I searched everything related to u. From punch to flower in fog i have watched. Waiting for ur next project.

  45. 445
    Thuy Van Says:

    Fell in love with Joo Jin Mo after watching Empress Ki, since then there isn’t a movie that he hasn’t captured many of my tears. LOVE LOVE LOVE OPPA!

  46. 446
    Crystal Castleton Says:

    Reading other viewers’ past comments, my experience has been exactly the same. Happened upon This is My Love on Netflix and have watched so many of Joo Jin Mo’s other works, including Empress Ki, A Frozen Flower, A Love, etc. Joo Jin Mo is such a good actor and so dashingly handsome. Beautiful like a Michaelangelo sculpture. He is a gifted, talented actor. His eyes are piercing. He can convey complex thoughts purely with his eyes and expression. Love Joo Jin Mo! The very best wishes to him!

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