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Joo Jin Mo

Joo Jin Mo 01

Name: 주진모 / Joo Jin Mo (Ju Jin-mo)
Real name: 박진태 / Park Jin Tae
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1974-Aug-11
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 180cm
Weight: 70kg
Star sign: Leo
Blood type: O
Family: 3 older sisters
Skill: Taekwondo

TV Series

Big Issue (SBS, 2019)
The Sound of Your Heart: Reboot 2 (Netflix, 2018)
The Sound of Your Heart: Reboot 1 (Netflix, 2018)
Bad Guys: City of Evil (OCN, 2017)
Woman with a Suitcase (MBC, 2016)
My Love Eun Dong (jTBC, 2015)
Empress Ki (MBC, 2013)
Dream (SBS) (SBS, 2009)
Bicheonmu (SBS, 2008)
Queen of the Game (SBS, 2006)
Fashion 70’s (SBS, 2005)
Punch (SBS, 2003)
Turn Your Angry Face (KBS, 2000)
Sad Temptation (KBS, 1999)


Friend 2 (2013)
Enemy (2012)
Gabi (2012)
The Invincible / 무적자 (A Better Tomorrow) (2010)
Frozen Flower (2008)
Love / Sarang (2007)
200 Pounds Beauty (2006)
Sorry Apple (2005)
3-Iron (2004)
Liar (2004)
Bighouse Dotcom (2004)
The Trigger (2001)
Wanee & Junah (2001)
Musa: The Warrior (2001)
Real Fiction (2000)
Happy End (1999)
Dance Dance (1999)
Park vs Park (1997)
Farewell My Darling (1996)


  • 2013 MBC Drama Awards: : Top Excellence Actor (Special Production): Joo Jin Mo (Empress Ki)
  • 2009 45th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best Leading Actor for “Frozen Flower”
  • 2000 Daejong Award: for “Happy End”

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  1. 1 : norazira Says:

    hi!how are you?i’m your fanatic fans.

  2. 2 : jennifer Says:


    I just want you to know that you are the best in your acting career, looks, charisma, and most of all your great smile!

    Good luck and I hope that you can be paired up with Lee, Bo Young again.
    You two will make the best looking couple in Korea like Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie in USA.

  3. 3 : jennifer Says:

    I totally agree!

  4. 4 : cynthia Says:

    You are one good looking guy. I really got to like you after watching Fashion 70’s. I hope to see more of your projects…goodluck.

  5. 5 : M Says:

    So Handsome! Good enough to eat!

  6. 6 : mandy Says:

    Hey Joo Jin Mo you’re sooooo handsome!!!!!
    I brought Fashions 70s and got crazy for u after watching QUEEN OF THE GAME. GOSH you’re fine. I’m korean drama freak, How come I’ve never seen you and hear your name before. I just cann’t beelive I miss out this much about you. I can’t wait to see you in another drama.

  7. 7 : CRAZY FOR JOO JIN MO Says:

    Hey handsome your smile drives me crazy. You got the best smile ever out of all korean actors. Lee dong wook is cute too, but you’r winning on that smile. I’ll be waiting for you to pair with Lee Da Hae on the next drama.
    P.S Love you all the way from U.S.A

  8. 8 : FAN OF JOO JIN MO Says:


  9. 9 : Pretty Says:

    Love your smile!!!!!!
    Good luck on what ever you’re doing!!!!!
    Keep up the good work with your lovely smile.

  10. 10 : nice girl Says:

    Hi I not sure if u get to read this message ot not???? I just want to let u know that you did a very good job in QUEEN OF THE GAME. Hope to see your next drama very soon. Love u as a actor from California, USA

  11. 11 : CNV Says:

    I like your character in queen of the game. nice job, well done.

  12. 12 : Fionna Says:

    Joo Jin Mo is indeed one of the most handsome korean actors 😉
    I too go gaga for him. Yes, Queen of the Game was his best drama, but I thought he looked good in Fashion 70’s also. I

  13. 13 : xioa yian zhi Says:

    I also agree Jin mo is the most handsome koren actors^__^
    but I like his charator in Queen of the game more than fation 70’s

  14. 14 : Perla Says:

    Dear Joo Jin Mo,

    For me the Queen of the Game is the best drama series I had ever seen on the screen and it is my first time to watch you in the screen either. You are really good, not only your acting is superb but you are very handsome as well. I hope and wish that you have a chance to work with Lee Bo Young again. You complement each other by exuding incredible acting talent in the Queen of the Game that everything seems real. She is not just pretty and charming but it is her child-like innocence and her bewitching SMILES that captivated me. I had watched the images taken on the scenes that are posted in Han Cinema and SBS Preview & Review Web Sites, and both of you really pour your heart and soul in the characters you are portraying. The scenes on the church are the most amazing and touching, and the Wedding Scenes looks real, the overflowing emotions is visible. How I wish it is for real though, because you really look lovely together as a couple. I hope to see you both in the future drama series again. Sub-title Korean Dramas are making waves here in Hawaii, my 79 year old mother wathes every one of them, and in a way it does help her a lot, since she still maintains her sharp memory. Good luck to you in your future projects. God Bless!!!

  15. 15 : Louiza Says:

    I enjoy watching you in all your dramas and movies. Your unique and natural glances is speaks a million words.

    You are certainly due for a Huge award.


  16. 16 : BULA Says:

    Such passion and major talent….I hope you get a major part to show case all your NATURAL skills of acting and passions.


  17. 17 : ALOHA Says:

    You have quite group of fans in HAWAII. We love you and hope you will visit soon….

    I love all your dramas and movies….

    I really enjoyed ” 200 pounds of Beauty”. You were quite awesome……and your kindness was beautifully sensed.

    Above all your handsomeness aught to win you any awards….Keep up that Glance! your eyes do all the talking!


  18. 18 : Hidee Says:

    You are certainly fun to watch and your sense of graciousness when called to action is beyond just a fluke or some classes…..truley handsomely made…

    200 pounds of beauty is a lovely movie of real feelings…

    Keep up your great acting.


  19. 19 : SISI Says:

    Visiting Hawaii was a great travel Plan as I got into K Dramas. QOTGAme was my first and “OMG! you are a natural. I love your voice, especially when speaking Korean.Your natural passions for acting sets up your co-stars for High Success…..

    I credit you for a percentage of their awards…

    God bless you
    Santa Rosa California

  20. 20 : Buna Says:

    great sexy voice that commands all the attention warranted to watch you!

    What a kind soul that comes through your body language…

    Aloha Plenti,

  21. 21 : Black Pearls Says:

    What a great handsome natural communicator. You would be someone I would not get tired of…because of your smiles and playfulness

    My friends love you….
    warmest aloha

  22. 22 : Hawaiian Says:

    Hi JJM

    My friends and I love to watch all your dramas….Not only that you are the most natural god-given great-looks, you sway us like a palm tree….watching you act makes us want to sawy!!!!lol…

    keep up the sweet persona!


  23. 23 : SIGook Says:

    I watched you on several happy takes and you were just sweet with babe yuri on your shoots to marry SSn.

    How precious you are

  24. 24 : SOng dear Says:

    as friends here , we watch your fun interviews and you are so funny and sexy as well

  25. 25 : SOng dear Says:

    It will be a hard for any actor to top your JUMONG role…

  26. 26 : SOng dear Says:

    How dear your sweetness as you give interviews. You are loved both on and off the screen

  27. 27 : Ju Jin Mo Says:

    I hope to see you and SONg do a movie

  28. 28 : Ju Jin Mo Says:

    soryy I love you and the SOng in all your actings and mixed you both here….hello to me…

    You are naturally stunning, and hope a character will arrive that will show case as song did his…

    A great fan of your

  29. 29 : Ju Jin Mo Says:

    I bet you will have fun drinking Kava with us….women limke and love your smile………..tempting that is

  30. 30 : Ju Jin Mo Says:

    Your jeep comercial was a pleasure to capture….

  31. 31 : Ju Jin Mo Says:

    saw Warrior lately and you acted hard there!

  32. 32 : Mae Says:


  33. 33 : Baby Rabbit Says:

    Dear Ju Jin-mo,

    Hi! I am very nice to you. I forget to pay my mail you . You are handsome and attractive boy. Welcome to come from Myanmar. I invited to you. You have free time or vacation come to Myanmar . Please reply me this mail you read as soon as. Please sent me your beautiful one photo. Looking forwards his sent mail. My mail address as follows…………[email protected] This mail you received as soon as possible reply me. Your photo to pay me, I thanks you.
    Ok see you later. Let me stop my letter. Please reply me…………….

    Thanks, Best Regards,

  34. 34 : INDRI Says:


  35. 35 : catherinessw Says:

    hi my love Joo Jin Mo.
    I really got to like you after watching Fashion 70’s.u r so handsome guy and love u so much………….

  36. 36 : loveJJM Says:

    Hello! Joo Jin Mo…
    I totally fell in love watching you in “Queen of the Game” and Fashion 70’s..you sure have a great body and can really dress well..love your movies also.. I have a collection of your work..can’t wait for more new dramas of you. =)

  37. 37 : Miss U JJM Says:

    I love your acting!!!! you’re just toooo handsome…

  38. 38 : catherinessw Says:

    my love JJM……… miss u so much

  39. 39 : Emine Says:

    Dear Joo Jin Mo!!
    I hope you have a wonderful birthday & I wish you the best 🙂
    You’re a wonderful actor & the best..

    Happy Birthday Joo Jin Mo!! 😀 😛

  40. 40 : Perla Says:

    Happy Birthday handsome, just like you this day holds a special meaning in my life and I’m forevermore thankful and grateful on this very special day, since this is the day God made my life complete as a woman and a fulfilled wife from the birth of my son 16 years ago today. Well you have reached your prime and yet still single? I think it is about time you find your true love as well, like Sin-jeon and Eun-seol. There must be someone out there who is warm-hearted but willful bold enough to tame and calmed your unsettled heart and make honest man out of you, and whoever she is has a hard task and she needs to endure in a great lenght of pain if she is apt to the challenge then, (LOL). What is really success for or lack of it if you don’t have someone to share it with.

    By the way, you and Lee Bo Young really look lovely together as a couple, she can just wear jeans in ponytail with no makeup and all and yet she still looks outrageously beautiful. True Beauty really comes from within and she has both. Anyway happy Birthday to you, I wish for your happiness and more blessings to come, and I hope to see you in another production again soon and it would be nice and I’m most be happy if you are team up with her again. Your charisma and her antics never fail to amaze me. You guys are really marvelous together in the Queen of the Game, and I’m glad since the entire episodes of this drama are now posted in the internet with English subtitle and the response is overwhelming. People from all walks of life who has a chance to see this drama will surely be touched and appreciate it, as I do. It is really wonderful to be in love and be loved. Happy birthday again and may you have more glorious years to come and above all don’t forget to thank God for all your blessings as I thank him for the GIFT, (my son). Take care.

  41. 41 : Jenny C Says:

    Jo Jin Mo

    I like your series queen of the game. You have different face if u change your hairstyle.

  42. 42 : catherinessw Says:

    chit jin mo ……waiting for ur new sarang

  43. 43 : Perla Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS – Sarang has made it to the top, it has been a long journey but finally your time to SHINE as come and it came in a four letter word – “LOVE” – how exhilarating that could be. Destiny has its own course, as you said “FAME will come to me in its own time”, and I think this is it. It is about time you get your marked in Entertainment Industry, you deserve an acclimation because you are really good in your craft. I’m happy for you. I hope to see you more in the screen as you start in your new journey to success. Good luck!

  44. 44 : inchiyo Says:

    i ♥ joo jin mo! ^_~

  45. 45 : gina Says:

    Hi Im your fan here in the Philippines your such a very good actor with
    very manly gestures you have a very warm smile that captures the heart of many women just smile select roles that are good
    your acting is super your the young generation of Keving Kostner
    both of you smile nicely Good luck

  46. 46 : sansan Says:

    i love you!!!! i’ve got to be your biggest fan ever!!!! haha!!! hope you’ll star in a drama or movie soon….. by the way, is this guy married? ^_^

  47. 47 : PVL Says:

    Congratulations once again for “Sarang (a Love) winning the Audience Choice Award for Best Feature Film on 2007 Hawaii International Film Festival. You had seen yourself you are quite well-loved here. I was impressed myself, since people from all ages, Koreans and non-Koreans alike came in droves to watched the premier of your movie. I like the movie and your acting is superb not to mention you are really handsome in person.

    I came with my better half and the funny thing is; it was the first time in 17 years that we watched movie in a theater since we came to Hawaii and a sub-title movie at that. He had no choice though, as the saying goes “If you cannot beat them you join them”, nonetheless we enjoyed the movie, in a way it enhance his reading skills by par, (LOL).

    Well, promising news came out from a Sunday paper here, SBS finally will air Bichunmoo, and I believe it is just the beginning, since you are really good and it is about time you get recognition on your hardwork and your devotion to your career. I hope you have a chance to visit Hawaii again in the future and I trully hope that you got the packages though ” The taste of Aloha”. Good Luck to you. Warm Aloha from Hawaii.

  48. 48 : dolly Says:

    I admire you a lot when I’ve watched Queen of the Game viz’ Lee Bo Young. Also you’re so cute in funny wild girl (aka Punch). I’m now your avid fan. Keep up the good work.

  49. 49 : capullet Says:

    i love you so much
    will you marry me ????????

  50. 50 : singaporejan Says:

    Joo Jin-Mo, first time watch u acted @ this k.drama named Queen of the game. Wow……you’re so great in acted this drama. Hmmmm, you & Lee Bo-Yeong looked very match. And hope can heard from u LOVEssss news soon. Looking for u new k.Drama

  51. 51 : mony Says:

    hi` there my name`s Mony i’m from cambodia living in state (WA) so long time ago. Well….your Korean serie starring Jo Jin Moo i hve watched his series “Queen of The Games” so great drama n` handsome man n` cool. My friends from Korea bought me his series drama w/ englisg subb-. They`re very friendly of me n` worth w/ my friends koreans.
    I really to get him to go act a movie or drama in Cambodia.

    i Knoe he has new movie “200 Pounds Beauty” i will watch it soon.

    Good Luck for you Mr. Jo Jin Moo.

    Mony from Khmer in State(WA)

  52. 52 : hikaru181262 Says:

    Joo Jin Mo is really a gorgeous guy with extremely good acting skills. Like him in all his dramas and movies. Queen of the Game is really good!

  53. 53 : cassydi Says:

    2 thumbs up for you act..joo. i like thanks for your good act on the movie drama like fashion 70″s n Queen of the game….salut.. if you do not mind , can we keep in touch? I like to go to korea , may be next year.. thanks n take care buddy..

  54. 54 : zar Says:

    Hi,Joo-jin mo,Good luck in everything you do.

  55. 55 : elisa Says:

    the most gorgeous korean actor….handsome and has very good acting skill. U should consider a career in modeling as well.

  56. 56 : Gee Says:

    JJM love your acting. I always watch your movie and dramas. Good luck

  57. 57 : AnBELLA Says:

    Jo Jin Moo you are gorgeous very handsome hope to see your next drama

  58. 58 : Grace Says:

    Joo Jin Mo, I love your acting very much. Hope to see you soon.

  59. 59 : Lin Says:

    We just finished the fasion 70’s and the queen of the game, very nice….
    You act was very well done. You’re one of the best Korean actor. Wish you have a bright future in this career.

    God bless you!

  60. 60 : irene Says:

    Jo Jin Moo, you are handsome and such an excellent actor, singer and dancer. I enjoyed watching you in Fashion 70, Queen of the Game and your movie A Love. Looking forward to your next movie.

  61. 61 : hazelnut Says:

    you’re sooo cute!! I like u so much!!!!!!!!! I like ur movie 200pound beauty

  62. 62 : Haidy Says:

    Hi, there ,I m from Philippines ,I really love your role in Queen of the game with Lee Bo young you’re a perfect love team , you’re really great in that korean drama, hope to see you in your in coming korean drama soon.Hope the best in your career…..

  63. 63 : minyoung Says:

    Jo Jin Mo love ur acting in fashion 70’s,200 lbs beauty,a love and esp.in queen of the game.u’re really such an excellent actor.u’re also one of the gorgeous k actors i’ve ever seen.good luck to your career.love yah!!

  64. 64 : milogirl Says:

    u are a man with charisma…good in acting and glad to see with improving acting skills recently….esp 200 pound beauty and A love…hope to see more of you in movies and TV

  65. 65 : irene Says:

    Hi Jin Mo, I am such a fan of yours. Have been since I chanced upon your drama series Fashion 70, Queen of the Game, movies Love and 200 pounds of Beauty. I am now watching you in Bichunmu and waiting for your next movie Frozen Flower to be screened.
    Cheers and good luck to your future. You deserve the ‘best’ and ‘recognition’ as you are such a nice and polite actor.

  66. 66 : tipidude18 Says:

    hi joo jin-mo i’m a boy from the cook islands who is also a fan of yours. i really liked your movie from the year 2006 called 200 Pounds Beauty. that was a lovely movie even the lady was charming……….. she was actually hot to the days………. but yeah your movies are great………..

    you should decide on coming over to our side for vacation to relax and check out paradise you will not be disappointed…………………………….

    it is truely paradise……………….

    well to end you are really a great and excellent actor…………………………………………………………..

  67. 67 : Lea Says:

    hey! yeah …to be honest …i havnt got ur name…i just had the time to watch your movie ….QUEEN OF THE GAME…and i have to admitt that you are the hottest and cutest korean ever seen on tv …hahaha …yeah hope to see more of you….LOVE YA n GOOD LUCK!

  68. 68 : Lea Says:

    hey! yeah …to be honest …i havnt got ur name…i just had the time to watch your movie ….QUEEN OF THE GAME…and i have to admitt that you are the hottest and cutest korean ever seen on tv …hahaha …yeah hope to see more of you….LOVE YA n GOOD LUCK!


  69. 69 : anzie Says:

    God you are so hot !!! Love your smile

  70. 70 : N JI Says:

    hi joo jin moo,
    i love u guy
    you r so cute
    i have watched yr movie200pounds bueaty, i like it
    try yr best
    good luck man,

  71. 71 : baby huh Says:


    your so hot! hot! hottttttttttttttt like chill cool
    and your so cool handsome
    love ya

  72. 72 : baby huh Says:

    love u
    you are hot like chilly

  73. 73 : joy Says:

    Joo Jin Mo, you are soooo handsome!

  74. 74 : Mulan Says:

    Again you are one my favorite Korean Actor.

  75. 75 : Pinky Wee Says:

    Good job in 200 pound beauty……Gambate!

  76. 76 : catharina Says:

    Happy Birthday to u, Joo Jin-Mo!! I know it’s late, but better than never,right? I think u are the best korean actor that I ever know. I also love the way u sing. Wish that u have a bright future in your career…..Looking forward to your next movie/drama. God Bless u……

  77. 77 : Remy ellen Says:

    Hi Joo Jin Mo,
    Morning greetings from me,here in Sunnyvale, California.
    Watching you first in “Bicheunmo” made me interested to watch more of your drama series.Your so cool,handsome and good actor.
    Keep it up…….

  78. 78 : Remy ellen Says:

    Hi joo Jin Mo,
    I finished watching “Queen of the Game”.It’s a nice drama series too.Now I’m on the episode 18 of “Fashion 70”.You’re really a good actor.
    You and BYJ are now,my fav Korean actors………………………

  79. 79 : Remy ellen Says:

    Hi Joo Jin Mo,
    I really love to watch your drama series ,Fashion 70,Queen of Games,200 Pounds Beauty and most especially Bicheunmo.You’re so handsome and cute……………………

  80. 80 : marites gerona Says:

    love yah in 200 lbs beauty and queen of the game. great acting and a great face! wow. hope u an be seen more as a lead in big dramas and be paired off with my idol, song hye kyo. not yet married? hmmm…….

  81. 81 : balsam Says:

    i love joo jin mo it’s soo sweet

  82. 82 : Khin Mie Ko Says:

    Dear Jin Mo……..
    This is greetings from me, Khin Mie Ko, here in Myanmar.
    Sincerely speaking, I haven’t known about you before. I, very first time, have seen you in your drama series, Queen of the Game.
    Wow! I tremendously found out that you performed amazingly and outstandingly. I totally agree that you are the best.
    Also, you are an exceptionally attractive, gorgeous handsome and skillful excellent actor.
    You sure have marvelous facial expression, especially your meaningful eyes. Those are not only beautiful but also talking many many words. I do love a lot your those eyes.
    I really enjoyed watching this series so that I watched repeatedly.
    It made me interested and derived me crazy to watch more of your drama series. I’ve seen 200 pounds of Beauty and also well done in it. But I more prefer to Queen of the Game.
    No doubt about that you are in prominent figure in your field with this drama.
    Keep up the good work.
    I’m praying for you to get many awards and continuous high success in your career.
    I can’t wait to see your next movies/TV series.
    With love and affections,

  83. 83 : farah Says:

    hai joo jin mo…i’m farah from malaysia…i really like ur acting…i alwayz watch ur movies n drama…u r so handsome…hope can see u soon…bye..love u

  84. 84 : Moe Says:

    Hi, Joo Jin Mo,

    Yesterday, I watched your old action movie, Musa:The Warriors. Oh God! my dear ” General”, your acting in this movie is so gloriously brilliant.

    Love you and all the best!


  85. 85 : Snow Says:

    Hay! JM Joo,

    Did we know each others in previous life ????? because I’ve got palpitations…..increasing heart rates….. whenever I saw you in your movies/TV series.

    Good Luck sweetheart!


  86. 86 : Paul Says:

    Hi, Joo Jin Mo you’re very handsome, cute especially when you’re smile. I admire and watch on your every series especially in Punch,
    Queen of the Game, Fashion’s 70 and movie which I am finding series and movie that I still not have which I would likely ask for your help or your private manager to find some movie & series for me and send some information through my mail [email protected] and I’ll be in touch with your series and movie along all my life ends.

  87. 87 : Reta Says:


    Primarily, i was crazy with BYJ & JDK but after watching u in ur…… master piece: Queen of the Game, my admiration …n…interest move towards..n..concentrates upon…u.

    Best wishes!

  88. 88 : Yhalemi Says:

    Hi Joo Jin Mo…..

    u know…. u have powerful eyes indeed….u acted very well with ur eyes…..

  89. 89 : Yulenda Says:

    Hay…. Joo Jin Mo, ur a sexiest one among the Korean actors…….

  90. 90 : Ammy Says:

    Hi, Joo Jin Mo……. i feel that ur more good looking & smart with white shirt……..

  91. 91 : Moe Says:

    Hi, Joo Jin Mo,

    I seriously want your email and postal address.

    Very best wishes,


  92. 92 : Cynthia Says:

    Hi Joo Jin Mo…..
    The best of luck for your next drama!

  93. 93 : Lena Says:

    Hello! JJM,

    I know that you definitely have much good acting skills.

    Expecting to see you in Hollywood!

  94. 94 : Yuki Says:

    Dear Jin Mo…………….wanna to kiss you!………………………

  95. 95 : Olive Says:

    Hi Jin Mo,

    I love your acting and your dreamy eyes as well.

  96. 96 : Kitty Says:

    Hi JJM,

    ur acting is wonderful………. i think…… u r a rising star……..i believed

    that u can make it big in Hollywood………..

  97. 97 : Doe Doe Says:

    You are a lovely and manly korean actor.
    Love you and God Bless you!

  98. 98 : Kaku Says:

    Hope that you’re continuing to make good dramas as soon as possible.
    Please keep your great job and success.

  99. 99 : Cherry Says:

    i believed that u sure can do whatever the character is……..So, don’t choose the character……hope that ur movies with various characters……many more to come out to see…….regularly…….

  100. 100 : Candy Says:

    i……really mad with you………

  101. 101 : Winny Says:

    u r a good dancer, singer and actor so that u r a multi- talented actor.
    Carry on Jin Mo!

  102. 102 : Sandra Says:

    i luv that ur bright ,beautiful talking eyes which really make me melt!

  103. 103 : Irene Says:

    Hi! Joo Jin Mo,
    I’ve watched your interviews and your answers were so manly, lovely and sincerely. I admire you most.

  104. 104 : Snow Says:

    I’d like to request you that please add latest TV series and movies and awards for our Joo Jin mo’s profile. Above are outdated. Also, his web address,email and postal address should be added if possible.

  105. 105 : Pandora Says:

    Hi… JJM,….y r sooooooo adorable,cute,sexy and amazing actor….love you much….

  106. 106 : Gally Says:

    Joo Jin Mo,
    You are amazing…………..one of the most memorable actor of the century for sure.

  107. 107 : Babra Says:

    Hay Jin Mo,
    Excited to see what you can do your best in your new movie, frozen flowers. i trust you that you are the best whatever the character is.
    Best of luck!

  108. 108 : Joice Says:

    u r sooooooo cool……………i want to melt ur icy heart………..

  109. 109 : Pinky Says:

    JJM……………u r a decent, smart……n….charismatic actor………….Also an accomplished one among the Korean actors………..
    Continue to try hard…………….

  110. 110 : Kathy Says:

    You are my Prince…. Honey!

  111. 111 : Din Din Says:

    hi Jin Mo!…….u know u r my one and only favorite actor…..u r so manly handsome!!
    be safe and God Bless you today and aways………..

  112. 112 : Helin Says:

    i luv all ur movies and i don’t know how someone can be handsome like u!

  113. 113 : Pamalar Says:

    I can’t stop staring at your sexy eyes………………………

  114. 114 : Yo Yo Says:

    u r sexy, hottie, cutie, adorable….. that’s you JJM!

  115. 115 : lawrence Says:

    u are so handsome.

  116. 116 : pooh Says:

    i like 2 watch your movies.
    u are my idol, u are so handsome.
    i love you .

  117. 117 : Tracy Says:

    Hello JJM!…………..

    Just to say…………Hi!………and give my love, and hugs to you……………

  118. 118 : Violet Says:

    You are really the most handsome man walking the earth and excellent actor as well………………….

  119. 119 : Zan Zan Says:

    The thing to make me happy is to see your gorgeous face and your sexy voice for every night before I go to bed!!!!…………….really!!……………..

  120. 120 : Jasmin Says:

    HI JJM,



  121. 121 : Naing Nu Says:

    HI……. JIN MO,



  122. 122 : Kathy Says:

    Hope all your wishes come true this X’mas!

  123. 123 : Rose Says:

    Hello Jin Mo,

    May this festival brings abundant joy and happiness in your life!

  124. 124 : Moe Says:

    Hi, Joo Jin Mo,

    May Joy and happiness snow on you….
    May the bells jingle for you…..
    May Santa be extra good to you…..

    Merry Christmas!

  125. 125 : Sandra Says:

    Wishing u a Merry X’mas!

  126. 126 : Khin Mie Ko Says:

    DEAR JIN MO…………….





  127. 127 : Snow Says:

    Hay! JM Joo,

    Sending the warmest X’mas wishes to you and your family.
    May God shower his choicest blessings on you this X’mas.

  128. 128 : Winny Says:

    May all ur days be Merry n Bright n ……..

    May ur X’mas be White!

    Merry X’mas!

  129. 129 : Arnanda Says:

    Wishing you A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

  130. 130 : Ku Ku Says:

    May all your dreams come true!
    Best wishes and Merry X’mas!

  131. 131 : Florence Says:

    Can’t wait to see your movie” Frozen Flower”.

    Hope the best!

  132. 132 : Lucy Says:

    I LOVE YOU!!!…….YOU ARE MINE…. FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Love you JJM….

    i think u such a great guy…..

    very hansome….

    and ur movies are so fantastic!!!

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    I have to agree with most of these comments. You are a hottie…….You are a awesome actor……..seems to be a good person……..

  135. 135 : Sandi Says:


  136. 136 : Ve Ve Says:

    Have a lucky and wonderful 2009!!!!!

  137. 137 : Augustina Says:

    Dear Jin Mo,

    May this new year 2009 bring may opportunities to your way!!!!!

  138. 138 : Katelyn Says:

    Hi Joo Jin Mo……..

    May all your efforts into great achievements.

    Happy New Year to you!!!!!

  139. 139 : Zu Zu Says:

    Hi JJM,

    May turning all your dreams into reality!!!!!

  140. 140 : July Says:

    Wishing you A Very Happy New Year!!!!!

  141. 141 : Khin Mie Ko Says:

    Dear Jin Mo,

    I’m glad to be born the same birth date as you are…11th……

    So, for this new year 2009, we, 11th born will be lucky.

    Wishing you.. to be the most shining star in the artistic sky…..

    Happy New Year 2009!

  142. 142 : Khaungnan Says:

    Hi JJM,

    I want to see your new movie with the medical background like medical brothers, Behind the white tower, the new heart, ect:

    Happy New Year!

  143. 143 : Silver Says:

    I want to meet you once in my life……I will surely do!

  144. 144 : Thihadta Says:

    You are such a good actor…… and of course you are hot!!!!!!

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    I like a manly man…………..You are a fine example of this………………

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    Hi Jin Mo,

    If you are still single, then it’s a waste! You should be giving someone some good lovin!

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    u r a very sexy guy n i want to say hi !……. u r just wonderful !!!!!!

  148. 148 : Pearl Says:

    I was initial BYJ and JDG fan and still are but I honestly can say that I’m more of a JJM fan now….

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    Keep up the good work………

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    So gorgeous ! I love you.

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    You are absolute my favorite actor.

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    You are awesome actor……
    Seems to be a good person………

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    I want you to star in non-smoking pics, movies and dramas. Your QOTG was the one good example of non-smoking drama. I like it much !!!!

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    Dear Jin Mo,
    Please cut your hair a little bit !!!

  162. 162 : Zarni Says:

    Yes, your hair style in 200 pounds beauty is quite OK.

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    I want you to get many awards in the year 2009……..

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    Hay Jin Mo,

    You are the sexiest man alive today !!!!

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    I think……. you are soooooooooooo hot and your acting is amazing…………..

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    i have a question if u are the actor from the BIchunmoo movie?…because u look different in this picture..and i am a big fan of him…thanks..

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    Hello! JJM…….
    I can die happily straight away if I have a chance to make love with you for just one hour………………….lol…hahahaha…..

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    Dear Joo Jin Mo,
    A creative, productive and lucrative New Year !
    Happy Chinese New Year !

  170. 170 : Zezawa Says:

    You have an eminent figure in your field…….
    Keep your good job…………..

  171. 171 : Thaw Says:

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    Dear Jin Mo…
    Wishing you………
    Good Luck……
    Good Fortune……
    Good Prosperity……..
    May this New Year brings you all these and more !!!
    XIN NIAN KUAI LE !!!!!!!!

  175. 175 : Scarlet Says:

    Hi Joo Jin Mo,

    GONG XI FA CAI !!!!!!!

  176. 176 : Velantino Says:

    Hay Jin Mo,
    Hope that your constant working hard is now yielding good results !!!
    Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family !!!!

  177. 177 : Blue Berry Says:

    Hi Jin Mo,


    I’m much happy to know that you are in the lists of award nomination.

    Carry on Jin Mo !!!

  178. 178 : Yuya Says:

    Bravo !!!!!! Jin Mo,

    Wishing you to get both best lead actor award and most popularity award.

    Good luck and God bless you !!!!!!!

  179. 179 : Hana Says:

    I love your acting I hope you get all the awards. Your acting in Queen of the Game is very superb. Good luck will always love you.

  180. 180 : Ann Says:

    You should be recognised for your good work. Love you always.

  181. 181 : Tulip Says:

    You did a great job. You deserves both awards.
    I’m praying……………..for you Jin Mo !!!!!!

  182. 182 : Thapyay Says:

    I really want you to win…………………….

  183. 183 : Suri Says:

    Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hi Joo Jin Mo,

    You will surely win an award for the best lead actor !!!!!!!!

  185. 185 : Ruby Says:

    Dear Jin Mo,
    Bravo !!!!!!!
    Whichever one the award went for,
    I think, it’s your year ……
    I think, it’s your turn………………
    Best of luck !!!!!!

  186. 186 : Jennet Says:

    I can’t help to feel happy whenever your smiles gorgeously………….

  187. 187 : Nora Says:

    Hi Joo Jin Mo,
    According to your interview, you are a protective loving boyfriend. So, I think, your girlfriend is the most luckiest woman on the world.

  188. 188 : Thiri Says:

    OMG !!! ur one of my crush actor……… i luv all ur movies……ur the best actor…….

  189. 189 : Dalia Says:

    Your efforts have not gone unrecorded…….
    Hope the best !!!!!!

  190. 190 : Rainbow Says:

    Hello ! JJM,
    Whenever I think of Jesus, I ‘ll be seeing your face in my head.
    Always praying for you to get successful life with happiness………
    God bless you…….

  191. 191 : chloe Says:

    I was a bit disgusted of your character in “Fashion 70’s”.. How could you let go of (Lee Yo Woon) character for three years? Good enough her love for you was steadfast, and stood the test of time until you came back to her..

    I like the style of your hair in “200 lbs Beauty”, and in the few New Zealand episodes of “Queen of the Game”.. You look much younger there that goes with your very,very,very.. tantalizing eyes!

    I have copies of most of your Dramas and Movies..

    Always be physically fit and emotionally happy..

  192. 192 : Moonlight Says:

    Dear Jin Mo,
    Please don’t be so reluctant for your business trip into Japan. Now, it is a high time for you !!!!!!
    Best of luck !!!

  193. 193 : Yupar Says:

    Hay… Jin Mo,
    I heard that you will have your first domestic fan meeting will be held on 15/2/09. Is it true ? Although I want deadly to participate with it, I will not unluckily because my place is situated in many many miles distant away from your place.
    Good luck Jin Mo….

  194. 194 : Ganama Says:

    Hi JJM,
    CONGRATULATIONS !!!!! for the success of your Frozen Flower.
    I’m really proud of you !!!

  195. 195 : Nancy Says:

    Hay….Jin Mo……It’s me, Nancy……You know what i m dying because of you…….i really like to be your friend…..

  196. 196 : Emaral Says:

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    I think you are kind, gentle and cool………

  197. 197 : Purple Says:

    There is no other man like Joo Jin Mo in the world !

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  199. 199 : Suzi Says:

    Hay Joo Jin Mo,

    You’re a really good actor and I can’t wait till your next movie.

  200. 200 : Greengrass Says:


  201. 201 : Sunny Says:

    Hi, Jin Mo……
    You were the great on the interview in the Park Jung Hoon show.

  202. 202 : Toe Says:

    Yes, I agree that.

  203. 203 : MMay Says:

    Dear Joo Jin Mo,
    I will always support you………

  204. 204 : GABBIE JUMZ Says:

    I first saw you in Bichunmoo and then 200 lbs beauty. I finished Bischunmoo in a day. I was reallly mesmerized by our very very good acting skills and your tantalizing eyes! hehhe! You’re so versatile! I wish to see a lot more of your films and hope you will read this comment and my you bring more inspirations to all your fans… Hope to see you..

  205. 205 : Ki Ki Says:

    Hay… Jin Mo,

    Today is a very special day for sending all my love your way !!

    Happy Valentine’s Day !!!!

  206. 206 : Pivo Says:

    Hi, Joo Jin Mo,
    I want to advise you that you should find a sweet, good and wise girl friend. You shouldn’t stay alone.
    Happy Valentine’s Day !!!!!!

  207. 207 : Yata Says:

    Hi Jin Mo,
    No poems, no fancy words, I just want to know that I love you !!!
    Happy Valentine’s Day !

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    I love you my Prince with all my heart !!!!!!
    Happy Valentine Day !!!

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    Dear Joo Jin Mo,
    Today, you have your first domestic fan meeting in your place.
    Good Luck…..

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    Love you Jin Mo…. That’s all……..

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    I don’t think that Jin Mo is such a gay………..

  212. 212 : Irre Says:

    Yes, I totally agree with you.

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    Whatever Joo Jin Mo is gay or not, I like and respect him at all…….
    Don’t worry Joo Jin Mo.
    Everything will be OK soon.

  214. 214 : Ni Ni Says:

    Hay Jin Mo,
    Tomorrow, there will be a Baeksang Art award ceremony. I’m exciting and keeping my fingers crossed for you to win the best lead actor award in your Frozen Flower.
    Good luck Jin Mo……

  215. 215 : Khrist Says:

    Yes, me too.

  216. 216 : Ramy Says:

    Hi joo Jin Mo,
    praying for you all the best………..
    Take care………

  217. 217 : Jina Says:

    hello JJM,
    I wish to see your next project in near future…….
    fans always……….
    With very best wishes……..

  218. 218 : Pone pone Says:

    I’m much happy for you !!!!!

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    Hay Jin Mo,
    I can’t mention that how I’m happy for you……

  220. 220 : Sandi Says:

    Hi Jin Mo,

    I’m tearing with much happiness when I heard that you’ve got the best lead actor award in your masterpiece.. Frozen Flower…
    Keep up your good work !!!!!!


  221. 221 : Thiri Says:

    Hi JJM,
    Two thumbs up for the best lead actor award !!!!!!
    Carry on Jin Mo………..

  222. 222 : Ohnmar Says:

    Heartiest congratulations to you JJM……….

  223. 223 : Beauty Says:

    Hay JJM,

    I’m really proud of you…..

  224. 224 : [email protected]@THAILAND Says:

    so cute made me crazy

  225. 225 : [email protected]@THAILAND Says:


  226. 226 : [email protected]@THAILAND Says:

    I SAW ” ALOVE ” MOVIE AGAIN (thee to four repeat).

  227. 227 : [email protected]@THAILAND Says:


  228. 228 : Varronica Says:

    Hay Joo Jin Mo,

    This is greetings from me, Varronica from Santa Clara, California, U.S.A. I’ve an apportunity to watch your movies and dramas in here. I’m much impressive upon your very good acting skills and your manly handsome good looking as well. I also heard about your winning for the best actor award in Frozen Flower. Congratulations for your success. Please come and visit to my place. I wanna to meet you in person.

    Bless you at Easter and always!

  229. 229 : Thrida Says:

    Hi Jin Mo,
    Expecting to see your new movies and dramas…
    Good luck for you each and every seconds……
    Take care…..

  230. 230 : Jessica Says:

    So good…I think you are very good at acting…what a sweet smile too…you are very sweet when you are happy…

  231. 231 : meirav Says:

    hi joo jin mo i realy like u in queen of the game i hope to see
    u in a new drama all the best

  232. 232 : babe Says:

    Joo Jin Mo in the film Frozen Flower is GORGEOUS. His eyes can show different kinds of inner feelings ——–from——- love, caring, tenderness ——-to——-suspicion, jealousy, anger, cruelty ——- and ——-then despair & disappointment & being hurt. The actor Joo Jin Mo handles the King’s inner feeling perfectly well. What a superb artist he is. BTW, I only know him these couple of days when I browse through You Tube. But I am really captivated by him. JOO JIN MO IS REALLY SO FABULOUS !

  233. 233 : yujie Says:

    Please please if anyone knows where to get his early movie “sad temptation” with Englis subtitle please let me know: [email protected]

    Many Many thanks

  234. 234 : LoveJooJinMo Says:

    I didn’t know who Joo Jin Mo was when I first time saw him in 200 pounds beauty, but I just couldn’t help looking for his name in the following days … weeks… Now it’s been over 3 months – I hope I can remember my love for Joo Jin Mo forever – so I created http://www.JooJinMo.org to memorize my feeling for Jin Mo. Hopefully this site can support him somehow. Every fan of Jin Mo is welcome to stop by. If you like, please leave your comment.

    BTW, I love Jin Mo’s Punch most – he was great in Punch – if only the girl in this drama loved him more.

    I hope that Jin Mo finds his true love soon.

  235. 235 : LoveJooJinMo Says:

    Just want to confirm:

    I’m pretty sure that Jin Mo is not in 3-Iron (2004), because I’ve seen this movie.

    Also, if you do some research on google, you will find Jin Mo is not in Sorry Apple (2005).

    I also doubt about these 2: Bighouse Dotcom (2004) and The Trigger (2001), but I can’t find proof. If any one knows better, please let me know.


  236. 236 : Amy Says:

    Yes, lovejoo jin mo, I’ve also seen 3-Iron(2004) repeatedly to find out our Joo Jin Mo but I’m sure that he was not in that.

  237. 237 : Tanya Torkhani Says:

    I want to start off by saying that i love your acting, but you do not care about your fans, you never answers any of your email, if people write you they would like to know that you really care what they have to say! But i guess you not one of those kind of people. sorry for wasting your time.

  238. 238 : Amy Says:

    Dear Admin,

    Please change Jin Mo’s photo….. the latest one……..

    Thanks for updated Jin Mo’s profile.

  239. 239 : admin Says:

    please provide his latest photo link here, so that i can change it.

  240. 240 : Amy Says:

    Dear Admin,

    Followings are the links with Jin Mo’s latest handsome photos….




    Among them, please choose the gorgeous one.

    Thanks in advance.

  241. 241 : Amy Says:

    Dear Admin.

    Thank you very much.

    I’m really appreciated and aknowledged to you.

    I like this Jin Mo’s pic which is absolutely gorgeous.

    Thank you once again.

    Very best wishes……

  242. 242 : Rubby Says:

    Excitingly expecting to watch your new drama, DREAM !

  243. 243 : Yadana Says:

    I’m going to definitely watch this drama, Dream for Joo Jin Mo……..

  244. 244 : Winny Says:

    I love Joo Jin Mo and I’m totally going to watch his new drama, Dream.

  245. 245 : Jinny Says:

    I can’t wait to see this SBS drama ” Dream”.

  246. 246 : Tarry Says:

    I love you with all my heart !

  247. 247 : Suzi Says:

    Love you more than I can say…….

  248. 248 : Dorathy Says:

    In your new drama, I hope that you will express your well accomplished ability.

  249. 249 : Pinky Says:

    Yes, I believe that you will be the best in that drama……..

  250. 250 : Mary Says:

    I think, in this drama, you and the pop singer will be the lovers……
    Oh!!!! I can’t wait to see…….

  251. 251 : Zin Zin Says:

    You did cut your hair for this drama……. It’s really great……….

  252. 252 : Beauty Says:

    I love you with any hair style but more prefer with short hair.

  253. 253 : Violet Says:

    I love him much and can’t wait to see his new project.

  254. 254 : Margret Says:

    I like your beautiful dreamy eyes which are speaking alot.

  255. 255 : Amily Says:

    What book do you read now in your hand??? seen in above photo? No words found infront of your book. Any way, you looks great and handsome.

  256. 256 : Baby Says:


  257. 257 : Cherry Says:

    Hi Joo Jin Mo,
    Happy for your new drama…Dream.
    I think, you will be the best!
    Hope for the great success ….

  258. 258 : marites gerona Says:

    r u married? ur definetely hot…

  259. 259 : cherry Says:

    He is single I think.

  260. 260 : Zu Zu Says:

    I love his art.

  261. 261 : Ki Ki Says:

    can’t wait your new drama ” dream”
    Best of luck…..

  262. 262 : Ju Ju Says:

    you are gorgeously handsome…….
    Very best wishes for your Dream…..

  263. 263 : Thazin Says:


  264. 264 : Susan Says:

    Wishing you to get a best lead actor award again in Dream.

  265. 265 : Ei Ei Says:

    Yes, I hope so…….

  266. 266 : Ei Ei Says:

    Hope that Dream is also succeeded in Japan.

  267. 267 : Naingnu Says:

    I’m praying your dream for great success!

  268. 268 : yamone Says:

    Hi Joo Jin Mo,

    This is pre birthday wish from me.

    Happy Birthday!

  269. 269 : cyberdoll-sshi Says:

    i’m blinded by your acting in frozen flower. i hope its only an acting. you know.. since.. its really gross seing you in that position, that kind on scene. like.. SERIOUSLY!! i started to admire your acting skill since 200 pound beauty.. but i continue my supports no matter what. FIGHTING! ^_^

  270. 270 : Yumi Says:

    I love not only you but also your amazing acting.

  271. 271 : Yumi Says:

    You are the best!

  272. 272 : Thalma Says:

    Your beautiful shining smile makes me melt……….

  273. 273 : Winny Says:

    Dear JJM,

    From morning till night
    May your birth day be bright and nicer than ever before
    And as years come and go
    May your happiness grow
    And your dreams be fulfilled
    Even more……
    ( Jonathan Rochett)
    ” Happy Birth Day”

  274. 274 : Sandra Says:

    Happy Birthday Joo Jin Mo !

    Wish you all the best !

  275. 275 : Pandora Says:

    Hi Joo Jin Mo

    I wish you a Happy Birth Day !

  276. 276 : Babra Says:


    My dear Jin Mo,

    Hope all your wishes come true !

    Happy Birth Day!

  277. 277 : Gally Says:

    Hey Jin Mo, my love,

    One day we’ll meet each other and hopefully fall in love…..lol….

    Happy Birthday ! !

  278. 278 : Irene Says:

    Dear JM,

    I wish you a Happy Birthday for today, Tuesday August 11th.

    Love, from your fan Irene.

  279. 279 : Joice Says:

    Jin Mo Joo…

    I wish the day brings lots and lots of happiness to you.
    May the galaxy shoots stars on you.
    May you ask them your wish.
    May they bless you with their……..

    Happy Birthday !

  280. 280 : Lucy Says:

    Dear JJM,

    I wish you a super duper ” happy Birthday”.

    Let the lord decorate each golden ray of the sun reaching you with wishes of love, prosperity, success, good health, wealth and happiness in your life.

  281. 281 : Pinky Says:

    Happy Birthday to you Joo Jin Mo.

    You achieve the point for what you have thought of.
    You receive the love and care from the dear ones.

  282. 282 : Rose Says:

    Hi Oppa,
    All the happiness in life
    May god fulfill all your dreams.
    Happy Birthday Oppa!

  283. 283 : Kathy Says:

    Dear Jin Mo,

    Some like Sunday, some like Monday but I like your Birthday my sweetheart.

    Happy Birthday!

  284. 284 : Albino Says:

    My dearest sweetheart,

    May have many happy returns of the day dear Jin Mo and is here to wish you on your birthday,
    May u live long and celebrate all your birthdays.
    I’m the biggest fan of yours.
    Your actings were too good in A Frozen Flower!
    You rock and yr the……..

  285. 285 : Din Din Says:

    I hope that you have a wonderful day.

    Happy Birthday Joo Jin Mo!

  286. 286 : Helin Says:

    Dear JJM,

    Happy Birthday for today.

    I’m thinking about you.

    With lots of love,

    From your fan


  287. 287 : Pamalar Says:

    Dear Oppa…….

    here am sending sweet birthday kisses to u……

  288. 288 : Tracy Says:

    Happy Birthday!

    With thousands of kisses ?????????

  289. 289 : Violet Says:

    Mr. Joo,
    I wish that all birthday wishes you make come true for you in every way.
    Happy Birthday!

  290. 290 : Kinzana Says:

    Hi JJM,
    Not just a year older, but a year better.
    Happy Birthday!

  291. 291 : Jina Says:

    Hay Joo Jin Mo,

    Wishing you a great happiness, a joy that never ends.

    Happy Birthday!

  292. 292 : Alis Says:

    Joo Jin Mo,

    The more the candles, the biggest the wish!

    Happy Birthday!

  293. 293 : Perla Says:

    Happy Birthday – I wish you happiness and hopefully more Projects to come. I’m looking forward to watch your new Drama “Dream” Good luck to you and be safe.

  294. 294 : Susan Says:

    Joo Jin Mo….
    Belated Happy Birthday!
    Wishing you big big success of Dream !

  295. 295 : Zin Zin Says:

    “Happy Birthday”

  296. 296 : Emali Says:

    ur drama Dream seems to be interesting and very good.

  297. 297 : Lisa Says:

    Yeah.. Yeah.. I love him much and waiting patiently to watch Dream………

  298. 298 : Angi Says:

    More and more interesting to watch this drama Dream.

  299. 299 : Xe Xe Says:

    Hope to see this drama in my place.

  300. 300 : Yadana Says:

    I’ve seen trailers of Dream and tremendously found out that Joo Jin Mo’s actings are very good.
    Good Luck Joo Jin Mo!

  301. 301 : Pearl Says:

    Hi Joo Jin Mo,
    Your performances in the drama Dream are more brilliant than Tom Cruise. It is for sure.

  302. 302 : Thitsar Says:

    Hello Joo Jin Mo,

    Your best friend Huyn Bin has got a girl friend and why have you got a girl friend like him?. I think you are more handsome, sexy and attractive. Please find ………..

  303. 303 : Christine Says:

    Yes, I totally agree with you that Joo Jin Mo has to find a girl friend to whom he loves and date with her as soon as possible. he.. he..he.. LOL
    Good Luck ! Joo Jin Mo

  304. 304 : Amy Says:

    Joo Jin Mo’s new drama Dream is more and more interesting and waiting excitingly for new episode.
    Good job!

  305. 305 : Jenny Says:

    Good luck for Dream! Joo Jin Mo.

  306. 306 : Rita Says:

    Joo Jin Mo…….you are so cute………

  307. 307 : Irene Says:

    Yep! he is not only so cute but also manly on the other hand.

  308. 308 : Jones Says:

    joo Jin Mo is the only one men with cute and manly at the same time. It’s really really rare.

  309. 309 : Sandra Says:

    Love you……………..

  310. 310 : Sandra Says:

    No other man like you.
    I love you more than I can say!

  311. 311 : Kathy Says:

    Lov your sexy eyes honey !

  312. 312 : Kha Kha Says:

    me too…..

  313. 313 : Lusi Says:

    so attractive anyway…….

  314. 314 : Lusi Says:

    This guy looks good in almost anything.

  315. 315 : Swati Says:

    The sexiest man alive…………..

  316. 316 : Swati Says:

    want to see you with your girlfriend soon………

  317. 317 : Swati Says:

    In GGIO II, Fall & Winter, 2009 Catalog, you are so gorgeous and love the pic with little cute boy.
    want to see you with your own son………..

  318. 318 : april Says:

    I like this drama too much.JJm & LBY acting are great

  319. 319 : Elizabeth Says:

    His undeniable handsomeness aside, I think his most captivating characteristic is his wonderful voice, deep, stentorian, full and sonorous, a voice that has more carry to it than many a seasoned theatre actor (in my books the best compliment that can be paid to a thespian). I have seen him in two films Happy Ending and A Frozen Flower, and he’s magnificent in both. Very different films, very different performances, yet he was equally captivating, convincing, and accurate in portraying the characters he was given, in both; that is the mark of a great and protean actor. Can’t wait for his next film (since I haven’t the slightest bit of interest in sports dramas Dream does not appeal to me, although I may have a look just for JJM). On another note, I wish people would stop advising, or dictating to, screen actors how to live their lives and what to do, not everybody’s idea of happiness involves coupledom, family,and the like (and for some of us such constitute the idea of hell). The man behind the mask is none of our business. Moreover, the mask is profound and brilliant enough to keep us amazed and engage our thought and imagination for years to come.

  320. 320 : Lindsay (Linji) Says:

    Hi Joo Jin Mo!
    Oh Gosh… you are the best actor!
    i have a major crush on u!
    i love your movies and i love your dramas!
    Your eyes are dazzling and love them as well!
    although i am not full korean, only half, i can understand alot!
    sa rang hae joo jin mo!

  321. 321 : Eugen Says:

    I love Jin Mo oppa……. I want to marry you…………LOL

  322. 322 : Nancy Says:

    Joo Jin Mo is a perfect actor… he is sooo handsome & his voice is so warm… I really like him in Queen of the Game……….

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    * iam from algeria *

    * please ……please ….someone give me his website

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    i love ur roll in the new drama dream, you so sexy and very handsome jin mo.

  325. 325 : Egyptian Girl Says:

    I love your roaring voice when you scream and I loved your comedy performance in “200 pounds beauty”

  326. 326 : kaycee Says:

    your so cute and handsome….. i really like ur acting in frozen flower…..i hope i can watch more in korean drama and movie…….stay fit and healthy….wish your good luck and happines…….love u

  327. 327 : kaycee Says:

    good luck for your carreer and lovelife

  328. 328 : deanaz Says:

    OMG…can’t handle him…can’t stop thingking about him
    Really crush with this Actor, his acting so good and mostly his goergeous too. First time saw you in Queen Of The Game…and since that, I always watch you in drama en movie….

  329. 329 : rini Says:

    hi sexy voices
    nice move so attractive in the drama dream
    maybe u can play different i want to see u’r acting in the drama comedy u can try FIGTHING SARANGHAE!

  330. 330 : jo Says:

    Hi, Joo Jin Mo.You are one of the best Korean actor that we
    admire.we love all of your movies/drama.Lately we watched
    many times Queen of the Game – you are very gorgeous!

  331. 331 : amir's girl Says:

    your performances in the drama and movies is very good.you are the one best Korean actor that i like.i watched many times Queen Of The Game. you are so cute and handsome.you are the one that i admire

  332. 332 : amir's girl Says:

    i like you. one day, i hope i can see you.i wait till this day

  333. 333 : Beth Petate Says:

    Would be allright to see you personally when I visit Seoul. I am your fan
    I am from Melbourne, Australia. Please let me know via e-mail.Thank you very much.

  334. 334 : Thura Says:

    Happy to know about your new movie, the better tomorrow.

  335. 335 : Parami Says:

    OMG! really !
    exciting to watch your new movie.

  336. 336 : Thitsar Says:

    Hi Joo Jin Mo,
    Your dear friend, JDG will marry during this month. How do you feel that? I think you are happy for him. When will your turn? Hope that it will be in near future for you.

  337. 337 : Basin taps Says:

    Good ideas, thanks for putting this on your blog.

  338. 338 : MARYTA Says:


  339. 339 : Jackie Says:

    Hi Joo Jin Mo,

    Merry X’s Mas and A Happy New Year!

  340. 340 : Pamalar Says:

    MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!!!!

  341. 341 : Amy Says:

    Hi Joo Jin Mo,

    Wishing you a Merry X’s mas and last year, I remembered that you sang songs very beautifully in X’s mas Eve. I want to know that what will you do in this year’s X’s mas Eve.

    Carry on Joo Jin Mo!

  342. 342 : Mary Says:

    Happy Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to you, Jin Mo Oppa !

  343. 343 : Paris Says:

    Happy prosperous New Year 2010 !

  344. 344 : July Says:

    Happy New Year! Jin Mo

  345. 345 : Pinky Says:

    Wishing you A Very happy New Year with good health, wealth, success and happiness.

  346. 346 : aimee lagahit Says:

    hi jo jin mo, how are you im aimee of phillipines i hope you will come here in manila, coz im your avid fan i hope i can see you in person coz your very popular here keep smilin ^_^ aniong

  347. 347 : Jiny Says:

    Love you Jin Mo……..

  348. 348 : Chain Chain Says:

    I miss you Joo Jin Mo….

    What are you doing now?

  349. 349 : Baby Says:

    As far as I know that Joo Jin Mo is in intense fighting training for his new project.

  350. 350 : Chain Chain Says:

    It’s very good !!

  351. 351 : Mun Lim Says:

    Joo Jin Moo or shal I say Park Jin Tae is a spectacular and talented actor. He demonstrated a fantastic performance in Queen of the Game.

    Wee done ! Keep it up the excellent work.

    London, UK

  352. 352 : Suzi Says:

    Hi, Joo Jin Mo,

    I’m from NY, U.S.A.

    I like your movies and dramas very much.

    Keep up your good work.

    Expecting to see you in U.S.A and your new projects also.

    God Bless you!

  353. 353 : Melisa Says:

    Hello Mr. Joo !

    This is greetings from me from Qatar.

    I enjoyed in watching your TV dramas and movies. I really like your Queen of the Game.

    looking forwards to your new one.

    take care,


  354. 354 : Nora Says:

    Fighting! Joo Jin Mo

  355. 355 : Solidgold Says:

    Exciting to see your new movie !!!!

  356. 356 : Terry Says:

    Hi Jin Mo,
    I love you and your movies and TV dramas……….
    God Bless you!………..

  357. 357 : Tess Says:

    Hi Joo Jin Mo,
    You are really a great actor. I’ve watched some of your Tv series and movies, and I kept on watching again and again your Queen of the Game. I hope you will have more movies, projects to come. You are really a good actor. Keep it up. You take care of yourself.

  358. 358 : Angie Says:

    Love you much!!!!!!!!!!

  359. 359 : Meg Says:

    Hi Joo Jin Mo,
    I can’t wait to watch your next movie this year.
    I heard you went to Thailand for the film shoot.
    You must have tiring days in Thailand shooting and greeting your fans. I support you always for your work.

  360. 360 : yontee Says:

    lately i hav been watching ur drama………queen of the game………damn good actor……….just crazy about you n i have started downloading all ur pics from the net………luv u sooooooooo much……….

  361. 361 : أريج Says:

    hiiiiiiiiii mr jo i arabic from libya i like soooooooooooo much your drama i hope to meet u this is my email [email protected]

  362. 362 : Kathy Says:

    Hello Joo Jin Mo…….. How are you? I love your movies and TV series especially Frozen Flower. I want to see your new movies and dramas.
    Keep up in good work.

  363. 363 : Chili Says:

    The sky is blue
    My love is true to you, Joo Jin Mo!

  364. 364 : Yupar Says:

    Hi Joo Jin Mo,

    When will we see your “Invincible” ????

    Can’t wait to see !

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  366. 366 : Sabai Says:

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    What do you mean храни вас Аллах….?


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  368. 368 : reshma Says:

    ju jin moo love u. think u r d best & d coolest of all.

  369. 369 : alia Says:

    hai jin moo! love u. love seeing u in frozen flower . great actor u are.the way u smile , the way u look at hong lim . I guess i love everything about you.

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  371. 371 : Marina Says:


    Назерке blesses him 🙂 It’s a kind of good wish or a blessing.

    He is a good actor 🙂

  372. 372 : Sabai Says:

    Dear Marina,
    Thanks for your explanation.
    Yes, he’s a good actor indeed and I also wish to him for great success and may god bless him!

  373. 373 : sogol Says:

    i thing you are so handsame.i love you
    ¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ _¶¶¶¶¶

  374. 374 : juvi Says:

    hey joo i love u men ur damm handsome u just stole away my heart ….muahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa love u

  375. 375 : Khayae Says:

    Yes… yes…
    I love you too……..

  376. 376 : mel Says:

    i think you’re a great actor..

  377. 377 : Naingnu Says:

    I don’t understand that why he is not so popular in his country, South Korea ?

  378. 378 : ade Says:

    your acting is good.. ^^

  379. 379 : Savira Says:

    Annyeonghaseo,Joo Jin Moo is very-very handsome,he is cool,he is gentleman,i like Joo Jin Moo,When come to Indonesia?.that’s my country!,Joo Jin Moo. I will wait for you to come to Indonesia.I love you so much!

  380. 380 : yuyun Says:

    Hi Joo Jin Mo!,you’re the best actor,i like your acting in “The Queen Of The Game!”you look so cools,gentleman,and handsome.when you play in the next Korean Drama again?.I will wait your acting in Korean Drama.Bye see you!

  381. 381 : Ayu Says:

    Hi Joo Jin Mo!!!,iam from Indonesia!annyeonghaseo..,i like acting in “Dream”that’s very gentleman when you come to Jakarta?you’re a great actor…SARANGHAE!

  382. 382 : Sari Says:

    Hello!iam Sari from Indonesia,i like you because you’re the best actor in korean drama,you so cools in “Queen Of The Game”,i look you so very-very handsome,and you look so cute!see you..

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    Hi,Hi,Hi!!Annyeonghaseo Joo Jin Mo,what’s your a new drama?.i hope you,play in the new drama!because i miss you!.


  384. 384 : Dream (SBS) Review « Todays Biggest News Says:

    […] Joo Jin Mo as Nam Jae Il Kim Bum as Lee Jang Suk Son Dam Bi as Park So Yeon […]

  385. 385 : Dream Review | Drama Reviews Says:

    […] Joo Jin Mo as Nam Jae Il Kim Bum as Lee Jang Suk Son Dam Bi as Park So Yeon […]

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    from bucharest, romania, europa a long long kiss for my favorit best coreean actor

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    […] Jo Kye Hyung Jo Kyung Hwan Jo Min Ki Jo Seung Woo Jo Sung Ha Jo Yeon Woo Joo Hyun ★★Joo Ji Hoon Joo Jin Mo Joo Sang Wook Joo Won Jun Jin Jun Kwang Ryul Jun Noh Min Jun Tae Soo Jung Bo Suk Jung Chan Jung […]

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    hi jo jin how are you i love you so much

  391. 391 : lain Says:

    hello Mr jo jin how are you i hope that you are very well i love you so much i like your serie game of the you was very wonderful i love you

  392. 392 : lain Says:

    you are my best actor korean of me

  393. 393 : Jami Says:

    Hello, i just want you to know that you are a amazing actor and very handsome we love you….and i …. i adore you…i can see your drama all day long …. love you so much….God bless you..take care…. saranghne

  394. 394 : AMANY Says:


  395. 395 : Mr. Ye Yan Naind Says:

    I am from Myanmar (Burma).Myanmar people like Korea movies so much.You are very popular in Myanmar.In every TV program of Myanmar, Korea movies is in main .So, I want to invite you from Myanmar; the golden country.WELL COME TO [email protected] is my G-mail account.I am second years Electrical Power Engineering student.I am 18 years.Please, reply me.I am waiting your letter.

  396. 396 : Kim Han (xu xu) Says:

    Hi Brother Jun Jin-Mo. I like the movies which u took part in so much and i like u. I don know to use whatever words to explain my feeling for u. I admire u so much much. I want to be your younger sister. Hope a meet with u, but i am in Viet Nam, so far from u, hu hu

    Bye bye My Brother. Good luck to u!

  397. 397 : Kim Han (xu xu) Says:

    I hope u always be healthy, lucky n happy in yr life…

    Admire u forever

    Little girl. Xu Xu.

  398. 398 : Happy Says:

    My man

  399. 399 : Kim Han (xu xu) Says:


    Im sad in my job. looking forward from u.
    Hope u happy

    A litttle girl. xu xu

  400. 400 : Kim Han (xu xu) Says:

    How r u? I miss u. I want to see Yr new movies or dramas

    Xu xu

  401. 401 : Kim Han (xu xu) Says:

    Oppa! How R u ?

    Xu xu

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    huhu I have a pain of leg… But miss u

    xu xu

  403. 403 : Kim Han (xu xu) Says:

    Oppa!! Happy birthday to You! 11/08/2011 really happy!!!

    We love u so much!!

    Xu xu, come from Viet Nam

  404. 404 : Yani Says:

    Oppa.. You so cute in 200 pound beauty!

  405. 405 : Dewi Says:

    Oppa ..
    Saranghae oppa!!
    .Aku kangen kamu..
    Dewi > indonesia

  406. 406 : Bichunmoo (비천무) « styrn Says:

    […] Joo Jin Mo as Liu Zhenhe (Jin-ha) 劉珍河 Wang Ya Nan as Nangong Junguang (Namgong Jun-kwang) 南宮俊光 Park Ji Yoon as Xueli (So-lee) 雪莉 Niu Li as Chen Lizhen (Jin Yuh-jin) 陳麗珍 Kim Kang Woo as Shi Jun 史俊 Wang Zhi Hua as Huang Pu 皇埔 Park Shin Hye as A Li Shui 阿利水 Huang Da Liang as Nangong Yanji 南宮延吉 Yan Kuan as Liu Zhangyu 劉璋玉 Jiang Hong as Su Xian […]

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    Why are you so handsome!!!!! hahahah Love your 200 pound Beauty Movie..
    ♥♥♥ love d stiry much!

  408. 408 : Skylav Says:

    *story 🙂

  409. 409 : saltanat Says:

    Jin Mo ssi, You are better!! )

    From Kazakhstan!

  410. 410 : honey Says:

    joo jin mo very very beautiful & sexy and too husband joo jin mo park ji yoon very perty i love joo jin mo

  411. 411 : htayapril Says:

    Happybirthday to you.
    Wishing you all the best

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    I am happy seeing you in horse doctor drama

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    nice to see u again in horse doctor,,, FIGHTING

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  417. 417 : iqra Says:

    I don t like this actor because the movie Frozen Flower (2008).
    Oh my god. I don t know koreans actors could doing sam thing like this.
    I am not going watching they movie any more. I am going watching only they drama. I like koreans drama for ex The Heirs i am going crazy because this drama THe Heirs. and i like lee min ho because he doesn t have movie like frozen flower. goooooooooood. I like koreans hallywood so pleace don t doing they sam thing like movie frozen flower is niet good movie ook. lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee you.

  418. 418 : Snow Says:

    Dear Jin Mo,
    Happy Thanks giving day!

  419. 419 : Sandy Says:

    I had the misfortune to watch the movie Frozen Flower–I will never see the two male actors the same. It’s hard to believe in K-dramas they can barely kiss, but in this movie it was soft porn.

  420. 420 : Amanda Says:

    Love to see you acting in Empress Ki! You are doing great and cool looking. Pairing with Ha Ji Won…so lovely..! Keep it up! I will watch this drama all the way! hemm….but have to wait on weekly only 2 ep out…so sad…

  421. 421 : eny Says:

    joo jin mo is really good actor but i just start became fans after i watch him in empress ki, his role as Wang yo really make me love this actor

  422. 422 : ginger Says:

    Joo Jin Mo, I love your acting in Empress Ki. You totally match those historical dramas!! Love your hairstyle and clothing styles in those dramas. I think you and Ha JiWon make a nice couple.

    Been a fan since watching “Queen of the Game” you were handsome then as you are now. Keep up the good work and hope to see more of you in the future!!

    From Hawaii with Much Love and Aloha!!

  423. 423 : Hello JJM:-) i love u king Wang Yoo ! Says:

    Hello king Wang Yoo! I’ve been your fan since Queen of the Game;-)

  424. 424 : Hello JJM:-) i love u king Wang Yoo ! Says:

    Hello Jin Mo! I just love the way you simply get attention;-) love u king Wang Yo

  425. 425 : Reyn sialO here;-) Says:

    My Wang Yo and Sung Nyang;-) i love their chemistry

  426. 426 : Bisola Says:

    U ar d best kip it up thumb up

  427. 427 : mary Says:

    love ur acting……oppa keep it up

  428. 428 : chichi Says:

    I love ur acting oppa your acting skill better than anyone else. Please carry on. I will always supporting u

  429. 429 : Su SST Says:

    Hello Joo Jin Mo ssi! You are the best <3 Like all your movie.. like most is PUNCH & DREAM 🙂

  430. 430 : rose Says:

    To joo Ji mo, & all the actors,actress Empress ki, very nice tele series, we hope more tele dramas come. we support here in the philippines.

  431. 431 : Mae Jacinto Says:

    Oh ! Sorry I Mean Joo Jin Mo :))) hahahaha…
    I Love your tv series EMPRESS KI .
    It was awsome <3 it touches my heart .
    i have learned a lot of things.
    Wish you come here in the Philippines.
    More Projects To Come . God Bless 😉

  432. 432 : luvz! Says:

    Joo Jin Mo…your soooooo gorgeous.

  433. 433 : Sitie Aisah Hassan Says:

    hi mr.joo jin mu, i’ve got to know you when the empresd ki aired here in philippines, since then, i searcheu from the google and search all your movies. u r d best among the best actors, u have everything, a very talented and hot actor, im keeping on dreaming of u, love lots jin-mo… take care always..

  434. 434 : GG Says:

    Chinese fans’ reviews of Empress Ki character Wang Yu : (translated from Chinese)

    (Review : The only character made me cry out loud for several times – so far, only Wang Yu)

    (Review: Joo Jin Mo perfectly portrayed Wang Yu till the last minute despite very limited screen time, sometimes only 10 minutes in one episode. His acting saved the character Wang Yu and JJM himself, and made Wang Yu lingering in audiences’mind forever …

    (Review: Despite very limited screen time, Joo Jin Mo’ acting made Wang Yu like a meteor flying through this 51- episode long drama and no one could ignore his radiance.

    (Review: Joo Jin Mo was acting consultant hired by MBC for Empress Ki, so despite little screen time he couldn’t get off the car. Ha Ha, just joking…

  435. 435 : gem Says:

    I’m a big fan of Empress Ki,especially d character of Wang Yu.i really like u d first tym i saw u..Joo Jin Mo,my Wang Yu..ur d best!,i luv u..hope to see u n person!!

  436. 436 : Empress Ki | Free Myanmar Streaming Video and Music Says:

    […] Joo Jin Mo as Wang Yoo (later King Choong Hye of Goryeo) […]

  437. 437 : Jovette Says:

    Joo Jin Mo is one of a kind actor…had a charisma that if you’re watching him you don’t want to blink…Wishing you more success and I can’t wait for your new drama this coming June. ❤️❤️❤️

  438. 438 : My Love Eun Dong | KPOP Says:

    […] the current time of 2015. Top star Ji Eun Ho (Joo Jin Mo) announces one day that he wants to write his autobiography. When he is asked about a woman […]

  439. 439 : Adi Says:

    Joo Jin Mo you are an excelent actor….I saw you for the first time in My Love Eun Dong and your actuation was SUPERB woowwww congrats and i hope to see you very very soon on another drama

  440. 440 : Mary Says:

    Hope to see him in a drama soon.

  441. 441 : Patricia Says:

    Because of you JJM I have to learn Korean ! Love you in every movie! Keep moving forward!

  442. 442 : Yen Says:

    Your such a good actor because of you I learned to fell in love for the first time …I collected all your drama and movies and i will keep that in my heart forever. Queen of the Game such a beautiful drama i seen learned so many things to Love and to Forgive it’s a nice story, i can’t forget your smile everytime i close my eyes. After watching My Beloved Eun Dong your acting never change your a versatile actor ever. Looking forward for your next drama…Sarange Oppa, Joo Jin Mo forever.

  443. 443 : Kathleen. Wong Says:

    I am of Indian decent, I happened to stumble on Korean drama beloved Eun dong, on Netflix, boy was I happy I did, the actor Jin Joo moo, was so handsome and his acting was superb, I was very impressed.He has a killer smile, great voice and very refined features, of all the actors from hollywood and Bollywood, this South Korean actor , is an equal match. I am hoping to see a lot more of him in future movies or dramas, keep up the good work.

  444. 444 : Rama shrestha Says:

    My family members skiped their dinner while watching this is my love in netflix. When i yelled them they yelled back me to keep quite and just watch. I dont understant korean language but via english subtitle i enjoyed. I was at middle of the episod 5. So i started to watch from beggining. Oh my god joo jim mo then i bacame a big fan of u. I liked kim sa rang too. I searched everything related to u. From punch to flower in fog i have watched. Waiting for ur next project.

  445. 445 : Thuy Van Says:

    Fell in love with Joo Jin Mo after watching Empress Ki, since then there isn’t a movie that he hasn’t captured many of my tears. LOVE LOVE LOVE OPPA!

  446. 446 : Crystal Castleton Says:

    Reading other viewers’ past comments, my experience has been exactly the same. Happened upon This is My Love on Netflix and have watched so many of Joo Jin Mo’s other works, including Empress Ki, A Frozen Flower, A Love, etc. Joo Jin Mo is such a good actor and so dashingly handsome. Beautiful like a Michaelangelo sculpture. He is a gifted, talented actor. His eyes are piercing. He can convey complex thoughts purely with his eyes and expression. Love Joo Jin Mo! The very best wishes to him!

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