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Joo Won

Joo Won 06

Name: 주원 / Joo Won
Real name: 문준원 / Moon Joon Won
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1987-Sep-30
Height: 185cm
Weight: 68kg
Star sign: Libra
Family: Father, Mother, Older Brother
Talent agency: Sim Entertainment
Education: School of Art (Theatre), Sungkyunkwan University (Film and Television)

TV Shows

Alice (SBS, 2020)
My Sassy Girl (SBS, 2017)
Clocking Out (NAVER tvcast, 2016)
Yong Pal (SBS, 2015)
Tomorrow Cantabile (KBS2, 2014)
Good Doctor (KBS2, 2013)
7th Grade Civil Servant (MBC, 2013)
Bridal Mask (KBS2, 2012)
Ojakgyo Brothers(KBS2, 2011)
King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo (KBS2, 2010)


Passion Heaven (2015)
Fatal Intuition (2015)
Fashion King (2014)
Catch me (2013)
Don’t Click (2012)
SIU (2011)


2015 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars Awards – Joo Won (Yongpal)
2015 SBS Drama Awards: Chinese Netizen Popularity Award – Joo Won (Yongpal)
2015 SBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Awards – Joo Won & Kim Tae Hee (Yong Pal)
2015 SBS Drama Awards: Daesang – Joo Won (Yongpal)
2014 KBS Drama Awards – Popularity Actor: Joo Won (Tomorrow Cantabile)
2014 26th Korea Producers & Directors (PD) Awards: Best Performer – Joo Won (Good Doctor)
2013 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple – Joo Won & Moon Chae Won (Good Doctor)
2013 KBS Drama Awards: Producer Awards – Joo Won (Good Doctor)
2013 KBS Drama Awards: Netizen Actor Awards – Joo Won (Good Doctor)
2013 KBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actor Awards – Joo Won (Good Doctor)
2013 MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Actor (Mini Series): Joo Won (Level 7 Civil Servant)
2012 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actor Awards (Long Series), Joo Won (Bridal Mask)
2012 KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Actor Awards, Joo Won (Bridal Mask)
2012 48th Baeksang Arts Awards: New Actor: Joo Won (Ojakkyo Brothers)
2011 KBS Drama Awards: Newcomer Awards, Actor (Ojakgyo Brothers)

Related Photo

(if you have any Joo Won pics want to share with other fans, please write down the link of the photo inside your comments, Thanks)

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  1. 1 : messi Says:


  2. 2 : messi Says:


  3. 3 : messi Says:


  4. 4 : lovejoo Says:

    aigooo. you are so hot, cute. i really really like you. cuse you really can act . all best to you

  5. 5 : OK OK OK OK OK Says:

    I got a hard time choosing his pictures and i submitted this for his profile – bc i like his smiles —- ha ha

    Hope you all like it.

  6. 6 : OK OK OK OK OK Says:

    Enjoy watching — English Sub (about 15 Mins)

  7. 7 : Abbei Says:

    aw i wished i was the first here…. you guys are too fast.

    Joo Won, you’re not just talented but you also… HOT HOT HOT…. i can feel the heat from here…… all the way across the pacific ocean….

  8. 8 : OK OK OK OK OK Says:

    I have submitted some of Joo Won’s photos. Hope it will appear here soon. ^.^

  9. 9 : chichaloca Says:

    wow..finally..damn cute

  10. 10 : kimchilee Says:

    love your dimples when you smile!

  11. 11 : tin Says:


  12. 12 : tin Says:

    i like your smile. *KEEP SMILING*

  13. 13 : tin Says:

    You are so hot! A true man

  14. 14 : tin Says:

    and of course you r a good actor.

  15. 15 : Abbie Says:

    look at the pictures… and…. droolingggg…

  16. 16 : Abbie Says:

    It would be lovely to see Joo Won and Eugene pic together here. Does it allow?

  17. 17 : doc Says:

    @ tin says n also he is good at singing n dancing………

  18. 18 : OK OK OK Says:

    I change my impression on you after you smile so much In Happy Together Season 3. You look very handsome and happy. Not like In BKKTG where you your face always sucks.

    Please smile more.

  19. 19 : kd Says:

    1st time at Joo Won’s page:)

    for those who still haven’t watch Happy Together with Joo Won, you can watch it here:

  20. 20 : Tilney Says:

    So happy that you finally have your own page here. You did such a great job in KTG. Keep up your work. I’
    m looking forward to your next drama and hope you will have your first leading role soon. Take care

  21. 21 : Melya Says:

    Looking forward for your next movie or drama … LOVE U 😀

  22. 22 : OK OK OK Says:

    pls watch ASAP before its being deleted. Happy Watching. ^-^


  23. 23 : po cai Says:

    i love ur role @ baker king. hope to see u more and more . You such a very great actor 🙂

  24. 24 : Abbie Says:

    hello superstar, got to see your face before i head out. Seeing you in the morning sure makes the day flows much better…..

  25. 25 : kd Says:

    Joo Won @ KFC CF

  26. 26 : kd Says:

    Joo Won in S.M. The Ballad “Miss You” MV

  27. 27 : Jeena Says:

    Vote for our Best Korean Drama of 2010 – http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=5818

  28. 28 : Candra Says:

    hi, Joo Won! Happy New Year 2011. Succes in your career and always happy in your life. You so cute in your chef clothes and hat. Don’t be jeulous to Tak Goo again. You must gentleman. OK? Hamsahamida.

    from Indonesia fans

  29. 29 : leeda Says:

    hope you successly in 2011…..,like you in MV sm the ballad….,^^

  30. 30 : fiana Says:

    Joo won…
    hope you will be a great actor… : )


  31. 31 : Maria Fe Says:

    hello, Enjoyed the tension between you and Eugene. I really am glad you
    ended up with her. Hope to see more of your acting, Happy New Year and wish more dramas for you .

  32. 32 : rena Says:

    hapy new year!!!
    I wait ur next project

  33. 33 : charlie Says:

    hellloo jo woon…u are not too handsome, but i like u, why??? cause ur so uniqe and tall. I like u Jo Woon…succes in 2011.

    from indonesia

  34. 34 : [email protected] Says:

    Hello Joo Won,

    Firstly, happy new year! wish u have a prosperous 2011 🙂

    Secondly, I’d like to express my sincere feeling that u really are a new bright star..ur act and voice are undeniable..u did Great on ur 1st debut for Baker King!

    Keep going n never give up for both-acting n singing. I’m waiting for ur next debut 😉

    *kiss-Lia :-**

  35. 35 : ivonne Says:

    Aarrghh… You’re so cute.. Great job for your first debut ..
    Please submit more picture of you in website.. Success always dear .. Saranghaeyo ..*kiss

  36. 36 : nesh Says:

    especially in the mv sm the ballad.. love love ..

  37. 37 : ayu Says:

    i like you……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    my cute hamster………


  38. 38 : lyly Says:

    OPPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA………msh muda ternyata,hehehehehe!mianhae

  39. 39 : mary Says:

    Joo Won, you really awesome.You did the good job at Baker King.Keep up the good work and good luck on your career, wish you all the best in everything that you do.

  40. 40 : Andrean Says:

    Are You Actor New KOrea

  41. 41 : lintangprasasti Says:

    hello oppa joo won..

    i’m you’re fans
    you’re acting very awesome !!
    hope u will be a great actor and i’m waiting for ur new drama 😀

    ♥♥♥♥ saranghae oppa ♥♥♥♥♥

  42. 42 : libra girl Says:

    love u,,, muaaah… were both libra..

  43. 43 : riny Says:

    you good ^o^…………

  44. 44 : someone Says:

    hey jo won I am so crazy about u b/c u are the best actor I have ever seen I like u very much especally in the drama Bread Love And Dreams.even if character was bad I am so proud of u.more than kim taku I love u very muchhhhhhh!!!

    You`r admier me

    Love You

  45. 45 : dennis Says:

    ur such agreat actor i like the ending of ur character ion the series baker king.bcoz i know in real life ur such a very nice person.gudluck on ur next korean novela.i hop i watch u again in gma kapuso network

  46. 46 : dinaz Says:

    hey ure cool..u had ama strong role in d drama..likd u there.hope in ur nxt drama u will b d main lead..hop 2 c mre of u.tk cre!

  47. 47 : quinnie Says:


  48. 48 : dinaz Says:

    u reminded me of my lee min ho as goo jun pyo whn i watched king of baking kim tak goo..

  49. 49 : lane Says:

    does anyone know who his older brother is? this guy’s born in 1987, and I’m wondering if Kang Dong Won is his older brother, who was born in 1981. they look so similar that they could be twins.

  50. 50 : rona jane a. oliveros Says:

    HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. 51 : rona jane a. oliveros Says:

    hoping that you are in good way
    wish you the best
    enjoy and have fun in your work

  52. 52 : elham Says:

    hi, im ur fan from iran, i love u soo much
    best wishes for u
    good luck oppa

  53. 53 : yo! Says:

    i hope to see your future projects. i like your acting in BK 🙂

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    […] as Baek Ja Eun Joo Won as Hwang Tae Hee Ryu Soo Young as Hwang Tae Bum Choi Jung Yoon as Cha Soo Young Jung Woong In Baek […]

  56. 56 : Suzana Says:

    I loved watching OB & GYN so much that I have already view it 12 times and I am still viewing it every day. Is there are chance of Part 2 with the same casts especially you as Dr Lee, Dr Suh, Dr Wang And Dr Ahn. I am dying to know if you marry Dr.Suh.

    I have never see any TV Dramas or Movies more than twice but I have been watching your OB & GYN 12 times already and still seeing. Please bring Part 2 to us Thank you

  57. 57 : JJ Says:

    i find your acting in BK as topnotch! hope to see more of you & woah you got a nice singing voice, i play it all the time called ‘Ganayo’ such a soothing voice!

  58. 58 : elli Says:

    i realy love u so much…

  59. 59 : sherly Says:

    i love u love u love u so much.. u r realy handsome
    fighting oppa…

  60. 60 : elli Says:

    ur act in BOK was fantastic,u were amazing, i love it so Much and i cant forget it,
    please tack care of ur health

  61. 61 : elham Says:

    hello my idol,i miss u so much…

  62. 62 : nanci Says:

    i like u so much, u r so handsome..

  63. 63 : Uee Says:

    saranghaeee oppa

  64. 64 : rebeKa Says:

    hi JW, i hope everything is going well for you. take care

  65. 65 : elli Says:

    Do you have new drama? u r so handsome. Pls make more drama!

  66. 66 : faith desiree diniay Says:

    hai!!!!!! im your filipino stuudent and im your fan in the baker king
    and your so handsome in that movie !!!!!!!congrats!!!!!!!!

  67. 67 : melina Says:

    hi joo won oppa
    u have so many fan in all around the world, and im one of them.. im ur big fan and i love u so much,
    good luck oppa

  68. 68 : kevin Says:

    …like the he smiled…. 🙂

  69. 69 : kevin Says:

    like the way he smiled…. 🙂 he’s hotter than tak goo…

  70. 70 : shadi Says:

    hi oppa
    u must be so happy beacuse so many peaple know u as well as know herself/himself & love u so much…and im one of them.. i love u so much..

  71. 71 : pani Says:

    love you forever..

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  73. 73 : elli Says:

    i love u so much u r so handsome and cute
    fighting oppa

  74. 74 : star's fan Says:

    Your acting is cool and hope to see your next drama soon

  75. 75 : sharon Says:

    you are my idol, i love you so much..
    please take good care of your health and be happy forever..
    go0d luck my dearest

  76. 76 : beautiful mind Says:

    love ya oppa..
    kiss you..

  77. 77 : blue girl Says:

    you are a sambole of a perfect man,u r so handsome,beautiful, goodlooking and nice
    i love u so..

  78. 78 : ANNA Says:

    did you kn0w that you have a big place in my heart, many times my eyes search you on the street And i ask myself” may i see you one day?” its my big dream!

  79. 79 : †jane† Says:

    i love your acting in KB so much, you are so handsome and goodlooking
    love you

  80. 80 : elham Says:

    saranghaeyo oppa…

  81. 81 : selena Says:

    you are so beautiful as a love song baby..
    i love you..

  82. 82 : Ssi Says:

    im ur big fan, you are best korean actor, i love u so much..

  83. 83 : shainy Says:

    i like u and when i see your series my heart beat fastly for you,sometimes i smile with you sometimes i cry with you but always i love you…
    good luck oppa..

  84. 84 : hyuna Says:

    i love you forever you have one big place in my heart till the world end..

  85. 85 : elli Says:

    fighting oppa…

  86. 86 : catty Says:

    i love you with all my heart & i want you soooo…

  87. 87 : sharon Says:

    hi my dearest
    i love you so much..
    kiss you..

  88. 88 : jojo Says:

    you r my best actor <3 <3^_*

  89. 89 : happy girl Says:

    I love you so much!!! you’re such a real name that all girls are looking for I hope you’re in real life like that or better!!!

    I love your smile!!

    saranyéééé oppa

  90. 90 : blueberry Says:

    ohh..my prince charming………i love u so much!!!why u always look great charm,,really stole my heart and make me thinking about u everyday…your eyes make me crazyyyy!!!!!!!!!!

  91. 91 : cute rabbit Says:

    i love u so much..
    hug you and a 10000 times kiss u..

  92. 92 : red wine Says:

    you are so cool and so handsome, your smile is so beautiful, i love you and your lovely smile
    have good times

  93. 93 : nanci Says:

    i realy love u so much..

  94. 94 : marya Says:

    Hello cute n handsome, you are really attractive all girls’s heart in the world, including me,god bless u

  95. 95 : elyna Says:

    I hope u will be happy , good luck in ur life and will be the best more and more

  96. 96 : gayel Says:

    i like ur smile, u r really a very handsome guy ,i like everything about u ,the way u walk, the way u talk, the way u smile, the way u look amzing ………… u r a real dude man………ur acting is also fantastic…………u r totally dam good………

  97. 97 : ace Says:

    oppa…u are soo funny.i like ur style.love u.:*

  98. 98 : katy Says:

    i realy love you.. please take good care of ur health
    kiss you darling

  99. 99 : chichi Says:

    oh!where are you honey??i really really miss you..

  100. 100 : mehrsa Says:

    joo won fighting!! we will always support u

  101. 101 : LiLi Says:


  102. 102 : saghi Says:

    If kisses were water, I will give u sea.
    If hugs were leaves, I will give u a tree.
    If u luv a planet, I will give u a galaxy,
    if friendship is life I will give u mine.luv u..so much..

  103. 103 : UEe Says:

    l0ve y0u l0ve y0u l0ve y0u..s0 much..

  104. 104 : moon Says:

    u r a big star, please always stay shiny, i love you..

  105. 105 : maya Says:

    hello my idol
    how are you?
    do you have new drama?
    what are you doing ?
    i think i fall in your love badly..

  106. 106 : nana Says:

    i like your acting in KOB

  107. 107 : A-Ra Says:

    i love u so much

  108. 108 : katy Says:

    i love u so much
    .aja aja…fighting…

  109. 109 : Eb Says:

    Watching this drama because of you..Keep It Up

  110. 110 : Eb Says:

    Even you character in drama KOB is annoying but i still love

  111. 111 : Eb Says:

    hi dear, i’m enjoy watching you in Ojakgyo Brother..love it so much

  112. 112 : yolandatam Says:

    Okay, you are so hooott
    you always pick best drama for yourself good choice, both your Drama is Deabak
    i watch ojakgyo drama beacuse i want to see you with UEE
    i always impressed with your acting, but in real life you so shyy and i found that cuteee ><

  113. 113 : Michelle Jon Says:

    I think you are a hard worker actor. You impressed a lot of Filipino people here in Philippines, especially me. I like the way you act especially in Baker King. I hope you can make more dramas that can move a lot of people 🙂 Keep safe and God bless to all your plans in showbiz industry.

  114. 114 : Michelle Jon Says:


  115. 115 : arabs girl Says:

    hi my best actor,how r u?
    ihope you will be successful in your life
    and in your future in general
    good night
    arabs girl from yemen

  116. 116 : arabs girl Says:

    i’m enjoy watching you in Ojakgyo Brother..love it so much
    >> YOU andUEE ilove you and her when you acting togather

  117. 117 : Rawan Says:

    I love you sooo much i love ojakgyo brothers and uee
    Looovvvee uuuu korea 4 ever A lot of people love
    Korean drama in middle east i hope u visit it

    From kuwait middle east

  118. 118 : Selly Augta Says:

    Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,Hwang Tae Hee.I Miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  119. 119 : Haythi Says:

    You act really good in KING OF BAKING,KIM TAK GOO…. Plz try harder in the future. I will be ur forever fan!!!!!

  120. 120 : BRuby Says:

    Joo Woon shi,

    In my Eyes, u such a good actor…beginning in Baker King and now Ojakgyo Brothers, u captured my heart n im totally a big crush on you… the way u talk, the way u walk, the way you ‘look’ when u comunicate, when u angry, jelousy, deeply in love, arghh ur ‘eyes’… its so charm n make me goosebumps…:)

    as a new actor, u really did a great job…
    thanks for being an actor, n keep it up… hope, i will see u more n more in dramas as a lead actor…. hwaiting !

  121. 121 : Jamie Says:

    Joo Won <
    Hope for you to continue showing us your talents <3 Can't wait for the next episodes. [Loved you in King of Baking too ;D]

  122. 122 : angela Says:

    really love ur acting at ojakgyo and baker king.. and now i wanna watch ur movie “special investigation unit”. where i can find these movie? anyone help me?

  123. 123 : huankvelvel Says:

    i adore u so much,i never like this before…but for u i do anything baby…i like u at ojakgyo brothers…..when u with uee….i like to see ur eyes….so deeply…

  124. 124 : my4ever77 Says:

    These are all Joo Won’s pictures I have, I hope you can use them 🙂


  125. 125 : my4ever77 Says:

    More of Moon Joo Won’s pictures, but mixed with Ko Joo Won’s pics & other actors too 🙂

  126. 126 : sonia Says:

    Give me your night & I will show u my passion,
    Give me your lust & I will drink u dry,
    Give me your dreams & I will show u a lover,
    Give me your heart & I will hold u close,
    And I will love u till the day I die…

  127. 127 : my4ever77 Says:


    pic link

  128. 128 : KIM HA-NEUL Says:


  129. 129 : Tika mustapa Says:

    I love him but is it my mistake or one of the pics is not him but bigbang TOP…hurmm hohoho if only he’s the one in moon embrace the sun

  130. 130 : Anita Says:

    I really x love thiz guy..

  131. 131 : zuzarah Says:

    I really admire you since I watched you in the baker king..at first I became angry at your character as being a bad…But as the series moves on your character also beacme lovely..and cool…especially the last episode…and now that I am watching ojakgo brothers I saw different syle of your acting I hope you keep up the good work…HWAITING..

  132. 132 : nitafromindonesia Says:

    aaniooo ..
    Just want to say hai ..cukae for ur award
    And waiting ur new series .. :))

  133. 133 : kim hyuna94 Says:

    JOO WOOOON!!!!

  134. 134 : siska Says:

    Joo won your acting in ojakgyo brothers really good. The eyes and the feel of brokenheart make me crying. Really touching.

  135. 135 : tety Says:

    yah joo won act is really good…you are wonderful when yos smile n crying..

  136. 136 : tety Says:

    n singing verry touching “you raose me up” wowww feel so connected

  137. 137 : sasha Says:

    love your voice, smile, eyes.. so different

  138. 138 : islandgirl_08 Says:

    you’re so cute and talented joo won………….. :)))

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  142. 142 : its meee Says:

    just amazing

  143. 143 : Bridal Mask/Doll Mask « Gmtn96's Blog Says:

    […] drama based on the 1930s about a hero named Lee Kang To (Joo Won) who was skilled at martial arts, fighting against the Japanese during the Japanese colonial […]

  144. 144 : eni lestari Says:

    owhh joo won ne a hero in his new drama…really like this

  145. 145 : tety Says:


  146. 146 : tety Says:

    please update the pics!!

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  148. 148 : tey Says:

    @ Admin

    Please update the pics..

  149. 149 : admin Says:

    tey (148),

    Please give us the pic that you would like us to replace with this.

  150. 150 : linz Says:

    @ tika mustapa
    you’re right. one of the pics is bigbang TOP.. I don’t think they look similiar..

  151. 151 : Alexa Says:

    @ admin
    pls update pics joo won

  152. 152 : tey Says:

    i’ve shocked by Joo won acting at Bridal mask ep 5 – 6,,,so Amazed !!! how he can cry like that, i can feel his sadness, suffer, angry, regret, longing when his mother & brother dies..he could convey true sadness as well occur !! Joo won Daebaak!!!!

  153. 153 : eny Says:

    i’m absolutly agree with you, when i first saw him in baker king i already thinking that he’s good actor then i saw ojakgyo brother, i though i wasn’t wrong and now after watch 6 ep of gaksital i’m really sure that he’s the best korean actor that i know

  154. 154 : tey Says:

    wow nice pics 😀 😀 thanks a lot,.

  155. 155 : tey Says:

    @ eny

    Have you watch him at SIU? he was good too.. now i’m waiting for DONT CLick movie..:D

    in Bridal Mask he really showed his ability right?, I like him in one package, good looks, great acting, he is able to play any role in total even that antagonists or evil, especially wicked cute as the Ojak Brother kept us spellbound, amazed


  156. 156 : eny Says:

    i never watch korean movie online, so far i just watch korean drama, may be later

  157. 157 : Luci Says:

    why is there a photo of TOP????

  158. 158 : Mor Says:

    Luci (157),

    which Photo is TOP?

  159. 159 : dHyanZ Says:

    oppa..i love you so much.. :*

  160. 160 : issa Says:

    he’s an excellent actor…ive seen him in different role and all i can say is “AWESOME acting” he is very much gifted on his craft. looking forward for more interesting side of him.

  161. 161 : KiseopMe Says:

    he also is one of the MC for 2 days and 1 night at KBS.. please update this..

  162. 162 : eny Says:

    i really wanna see him take romantic comedy drama, it’s gonna be challenge for him after serious drama

  163. 163 : jessica Says:

    HOT TOPICS 2012!!! joo won

  164. 164 : jwfans Says:

    ahaa aaaa….i never get tired on your dimple..nice mannnnn

  165. 165 : desh Says:

    omg joo won, you never stop to amaze me…

  166. 166 : Dania Says:

    JW is so PERFECT…. will definitely support him till the end. Not only BRIDAL MASK, all his dramas… COUNT ME IN!!!!!!!

  167. 167 : jolie Says:

    This is a amazing drama. I cant wait for the next 15 eps anylonger. Gaksital+ shunji are so amazing actors. I know J.W since 2 DAYS 1 Night. He is so awesome!

  168. 168 : Dania Says:

    i wondering jw in 2daysinight. where i can download it?
    you must watch jw in Ojyak Brother, i 100% sure you will fall in love mor deeper n deeper. you can enjoy his amazing smile with dimple !!

  169. 169 : minet Says:

    Joo won Joo won… gak cinta indonesia banget seeeh… liat dong di negri kita bertaburan bintang cakep cakep ga kelimis. hayo cakep mana dengan Dude Herlino?irwansyah?mau yang lebih ganteng lagi.. ada anjasmara, atalarick syah, teuku wisnu..

  170. 170 : amne Says:

    joo won daebak!!! you must get awards this year!!!

  171. 171 : Rie Says:

    i fallen since OB…his smile make me melted

  172. 172 : gigi Says:

    Bridal mask dont ever ending..i wanna see joo won until die

  173. 173 : gyote Says:

    iam totally crazy to this actor!! fighting

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  176. 176 : dbskfans Says:

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    joo won wins in super hero acting i’ve very proud with him that he shows everything of lot in effort…..hoping that the ends of year you receive more awards of this gaksital drama………keep fighting

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    joo won has perfect talented..acting, singing, smile, tall, handsome….everything..everything….bravo!!!

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    lets we pray together all ..joo won become singer & get awards

  180. 180 : jwpyong Says:


    why joo won’s picture not update?? so many good picture right now..the pics above was too old

    (@jwpyong from admin, just give us the pic link if you want to share his latest pics with other fans, thanks)

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    @ Admin
    thank you for your update

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    He was the price of rating!!! I love you JW…wanting you in the real life xixixi

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    why is there a photo of TOP from Big Bang in here??? pic #31. they should update his profile. he has lots of photos out there already.

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    1.joo won
    2. joo won
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    ………………………………………….. joo won

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    saw him first in “ojakgyo brothers” and thought his role was not that demanding that you could see him “act”. in “bridal mask”, he really showed his ability, i was impressed! still watching the drama series, and i look forward to continue appreciating his great talent. cheers!

  205. 205 : jwfans Says:


  206. 206 : dbskfans Says:

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  207. 207 : SHAHRAM Says:


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  230. 230 : ppqpham Says:

    I really love your act in Bridal Mask, it’s so awesome <3 However, take care of yourself, I think that you are lack of sleep 🙁

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  246. 246 : Amyra Says:

    i think i lost interest for mokdan & kang To couple after the episode 18, after D took off the gaksital’s mask..seriously there weren’t some sparklings anymore between them, are they only hugging and holding hands ? i dont wanna talk about Mok dan so much, i know her less ability from the start, i also confused why she put as lead actress.but please just let we know with her expression that she (mokdan) love Kang To..and i never find it at her eyes/expression. fool Mokdan!!

  247. 247 : Amyra Says:

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    Your eyes express so many emotion.

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    @ admin
    pls share this picture, tx

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  262. 262 : ppqpham Says:

    I had just seen you in TV show 1 night 2 days, you are so funny, a little shy and your smile is so kute. OMG, you are so different with Kang To in Gaksital. I cant believe that is the same guy. Love ya, oppa ^^

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  272. 272 : Rachma Says:

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  273. 273 : fylhu Says:

    el mejor… me encanta su actuación, su caracterización, su voz, su físico… es uno de los mejores en lo que hace porque se entrega por completo en los papeles que se le dan… ojalá siempre sea así para que nos siga deleitando… incluso es su programa de variedades es lindo…. lo amooooooo….. me encantaaaaaaaa…..me deja sin respiración… jijiji…lo amo.

  274. 274 : [KBS 2012] Bridal Mask RAW E27 / Sub E26 | Says:

    […] period: 2012-May-30 to 2012-Aug-16 Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55 Cast Main Cast Joo Won as Lee Kang To Jin Se Yun as Mok Dan Park Ki Woong as teacher Shunzi Han Chae Ah as Chae Hong […]

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    very good actor joo woon i like bridal mask nice drama i hope you can do another drama again.good luck!

  277. 277 : ester Says:

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  281. 281 : Prita Says:

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  283. 283 : Lupe Says:

    Loved you in brida mask and hoping you a great happy birthday and many more to come

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  286. 286 : apiel Says:

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  287. 287 : Says:

    gaksital은 주야는 가장 잘 생긴 남자를 원하게 좋은 영화입니다.

  288. 288 : chunlee Says:

    love you Joo Won Oppa!!!! you’re the best! i’ve watched Kim Tak Gu and Bridal Mask twice…really really love ur acting! im gonna watch Ojakgyo Brothers next…looking forward for your new drama series… you’re definitely one of the best actors Korea ever had…

  289. 289 : tey Says:

    @eny: so lucky you are 🙂
    So happy hearing joo won had confirmed upcoming drama spy romantic comedy, secret lover,..it will be challenge for him,will be airing on jan 2013. Looking forwad for this.. Can’t wait

  290. 290 : aprilian Says:

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  291. 291 : camila Says:

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  292. 292 : camila Says:

    i’m not the one who feel hurt when i read at some opinion at famous forum that Bridal mask break the rating more rhan 20% becouse JIN SE YUN!!! OMG.. this statement so ugly..JIN SE YUN is The one who play so flat and boring, how come that oppinion come out??

  293. 293 : lily Says:

    joo.you’re my favourite.

  294. 294 : [KBS 2011] Ojakgyo Brothers | Says:

    […] Baek Ja Eun Joo Won as Hwang Tae Hee Ryu Soo Young as Hwang Tae Bum Choi Jung Yoon as Cha Soo […]

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    Superb acting.Undeniable talent.After watching Ojakgyo Brothers ,i got hooked and can’t get enough of you.Very charismatic with an appeal that transcends and touches ones heart.Whole package is vast and huge.I hope to see you more in coming drama,just please in the future, pick well and wisely for your female counterpart because it does make a big influence on how viewers percieve you.Normally as an audience ,we almost,always put ourselves like we actually are the characters experiencing the actual event and if your partner is boring,dull ,no appeal ,no beauty to much you ,then we as the viewer might also lose our interest like in the case of Bridal Mask.Great acting,great story,great casts except the female lead is such a bore.And i bet you i’m not alone with this kind of feeling.

  296. 296 : Amy Says:

    Hi!Joo Won , very good actor.You are so so cute,I love to see when you smile.I like Bridal mask and Ojako brother too.I hope to see you more drama

  297. 297 : danaya Says:

    pls update picture

  298. 298 : danaya Says:

    i feel so sad for joo won hearing his partner @ drama secret agent is Kang Hee… come on…is it not another actress ?? why Kang hee..she is too old for my baby joo won.. looks like ahjuma…or auntie & nephew????? OMG i must say BIG NOOOOOOOOOOO

  299. 299 : dbskfans Says:

    yah agree w danaya!!! different age about more 10 years…and she looks ahjuma!!! weird!!! i can imagine when they kissing….OMG it will bad for my healh!!!!

  300. 300 : Tey Says:

    what????? Kang Hee??? OMG!!!!! she looks too old for JW!! the story will be secret lovers/agent between autie & nephew? oh im crying …crying …crying… can not imagine how funny look them together, like ahjuma & son

  301. 301 : Nadia Says:

    wah joo won kang hee seperti pasangan emak dan anak>>>>sangat ga baik untuk kesehatan mata. apa ga ada artis lain tuh..masa joo won dipasangin dengan nenek nenek

  302. 302 : kiki Says:

    BIG NOOOOOOO, my baby joo won pairing with ahjuhma kang hee ??? pingsan gw

  303. 303 : kiki Says:

    i luv u joo won……muach muach

  304. 304 : eny Says:

    i prefer joo won pairing with actress that really can act, choi kang doesn’t look that old for me n her acting is OK. In this story the leading lady is older n joo won is new spy

  305. 305 : Karina Says:

    @eny : but she is too old for me.. the different age between them 10 years but look like 20 year diff old. kang hee reaaly like ahjuhma

  306. 306 : vic Says:

    God, thanks for creating such a perfect man like Joo Won. His acting is brilliant! he is tall, handsome, charismatic. He has a fierce eyes, but he also has a cute smile with cute dimple. How good is that combination? He’s so perfect for me! Love you, JOO WON!! I hope he will be more selective when choose another drama after Bridal Mask, as his 3 dramas (Kim tak Goo, Ojakgyo brothers and bridal Mask are wild drama with a really high rating every episode). I hope every drama that he takes, always has a high rating. Big support for you from Indonesia.

    Love, Vic

  307. 307 : welly Says:

    joo won awesome!!!!!! i love you!!!

  308. 308 : dee Says:

    Love you Joo won!! He looks like the mix of kang dong won, TOP and Jae Joong.. that’s why he is soooooooooooooooo handsome!!!!!!!!!!

  309. 309 : dee Says:

    sorry, forgot to say, why he always act brilliant as an antagonist or in serious action role but in the reality he is so childish and cute like a baby with a cute tone while he talks? aaawww, baby joo won.. saranghaee

  310. 310 : dee Says:

    can someone tell me what Joo won next drama and what’s the story about?

  311. 311 : siska Says:


  312. 312 : Best Korean Drama Series – Bridal Mask (2012) Says:

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    […] period: 2012-May-30 to 2012-Aug-16 Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55 Cast Main Cast Joo Won as Lee Kang To Jin Se Yun as Mok Dan Park Ki Woong as teacher Shunzi Han Chae Ah as Chae Hong […]

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  317. 317 : sinatra Says:

    I saw Joo Won sleeping in the Two Days and One Night, he was really really like a baby…so Uhm Tae Woong grabbed him and sang a lullabye for him….sooo cute. Actually Joo Won always plays seriously in every roles, what ever it is, so no wonder he got many awards…chapeau pour vous Joo Won 🙂

  318. 318 : sinatra Says:

    uppss…I forgot…I agree with vic 306

  319. 319 : Tin Says:

    Can’t wait to watch him on his new drama! Got a crush on him from the time I watched him on Baker’s King! Joo Won <3

  320. 320 : chunlee Says:

    my baby Joo Won…love love love u so much….for me u will always be the best actor there is!!! i hope bridal mask will be aired here in the Philippines…good luck to your new drama series 7th Grade Civil Servant…i hope it will be a huge success in SoKor and in other countries as well..

  321. 321 : xanderkz Says:

    OMG OMG OMG .. 10 y/o Apart. What a lucky you Kang-He ssi .. 😮

  322. 322 : none Says:

    i like joo won since i watch u in 2D1N.. u are very sporty .. i like it.. joo won..fighting !!!

  323. 323 : yoan Says:

    i watch all ur dramas and they were great..waiting for level 7 civil servant 😀

  324. 324 : KBS Drama Awards 2012 List of Winners | EnteRvrexWorld Says:

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  325. 325 : dika Says:

    @nadia: kok gitu sih mbak ngomongnya? saya bukan fans choi kang hee loh, tapi saya bahkan nggak enak bacanya. . . maaf ya mbak…

  326. 326 : dika Says:

    fyi, choi kang hee participated in ‘my girlfriend is an agent’ drama because of joo won’s recommendation…

    here the news (maybe u haven’t heard this):

    Joo Won expresses his interest in ’7th Grade Civil Servant’ co-star Choi Kang Hee

    Rising actor Joo Won expressed his interest in his ‘7th Grade Civil Servant‘ co-star Choi Kang Hee.

    On the January 25th episode of ‘Section TV Entertainment Relay‘, Choi Kang Hee revealed that she joined the drama’s cast because of Joo Won’s recommendation. Joo Won explained, “I heard a couple of actresses’ names come up when discussing who would be my partner. I didn’t hesitate for a second and brought up Choi Kang Hee sunbae.”

    The actress also commented on what it was like partnering up with a much younger actor. She stated, “It’s a bit embarrassing when I have to do cute expressions in front of a younger man,” and Joo Won responded, “I think noona’s cute though.”

    @cr : allkpop

  327. 327 : rahel Says:

    I just love u . i love your acting

  328. 328 : KDaddict Says:

    Loving Joo Won in 7th Grade Civil Servant!
    He was great in Gakistal, and is great now in 7GCS!

  329. 329 : lady anne Says:

    i love joo won. at the very beginning i`m not interested in action series nor movies but because of him, i got interested. he is versatile in acting…so incredible. hope that he will be paired with lee da hae.

  330. 330 : apiel Says:

    i lope oppa
    oppa awesome, hehehe
    i like your acting… 🙂

  331. 331 : VIANAi Says:


  332. 332 : yoona Says:

    perfect man and actior

  333. 333 : 7th Grade Civil Servant | Jessicha Daily Life Says:

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  334. 334 : noname Says:

    he really looks like kang dong won.. i thought he is kang dong won

  335. 335 : gold Says:

    I like your voice and i love your acting! All package! <3

  336. 336 : eny Says:

    @lady anne
    100% agree, i like lee da hae too, they are really good in acting

  337. 337 : French viewer Says:

    Last year I watched “King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo” with french subtitles. It was the first time I saw you in drama. Your role was remarkable.
    Now I watch 7th Grade Civil Servant with english subtitles. Even if I don’t understand english very well, I translate the words because I really enjoy your acting. I like the pairing of you and Choi Kang Hee.
    I wait to see Bridal Mask with french subtitles.
    I think you’ll become a great actor, you are talented.

  338. 338 : smilly Says:

    love your acting <3

  339. 339 : rose Says:

    I watching bridal mask joo woon wonderful I wish you more good luck
    I like you. Very handsome also tall I love you

  340. 340 : Charot Says:

    LOL. from three big hit drama series and your latest drama hit bottom. so sad… anyway you are a good actor and i hope you will have much better projects to come. i hope you have one this 2013 🙂

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  342. 342 : eisheL smiLey Says:

    Jo0 Won opPA y0u are simply amazing…
    Your SmiLE cAUGht my atTenti0n….
    it cAtches the hearts of the viewerS…
    Im so t0ucheD with y0ur aCTing esp. in BRIdaL MASK (watta sPLENDid!).
    U are so talenteD.. ALL in 0NE!!

    ONe thing i Like fr0m y0u is… YoU Are s0 funNy..everytime i watch 2days & 1 night i cant keep myself fr0m laugHing.. The dance m0veS, the cuTe v0ice.. u have that sense of hum0ur thats why i love the real natUre oF u.. (naTuraL charm!)

    U are a great aCTor, the best in my heart! Wish u m0re pR0jects to c0me and m0re awards to recieve.. Go0dluck & m0re p0wer my m0oN Jo0 w0n…

  343. 343 : ruth alexa p c Says:

    “You know what, there many people is adore you and idolize you and im one of them. I was shock, when i notice that we have the same age! you are still young, always step your feet on the ground if you know what i mean. I will still support and watch you and your show here in my country! learning korean language is hard but im realy willing to learn more. keep up the good work because there is a lot of people love and like you. take care always.”

  344. 344 : My Girlfriend is an Agent (7급공무원) | styrn Says:

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  345. 345 : marj Says:

    Hi Joo Won! I’m one of your fans from the Philippines. First time to appreciate your acting skills in 7th Grade Civil Servant and just finished watchin’ Bridal Mask. Eventually I’m gonna watch the rest of your drama series 😉 The funny side of you is just awesome in 1n2d plus you have a cool voice. More blessings and more good projects to come. Fighting! ★♥

  346. 346 : cute saranghe Says:

    ..your so cute and talented ..
    .i love your handsome acting..
    ..saranghae oppa fighting …
    ..your fans from philippines …
    ..god bless

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    can you replace main photo of Joo Won’s profile above coz to me it didn’t show the best side of Joo Won.. I think close up photo #10 is show us how handsome this actor 🙂 thank you before…

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  355. 355 : EKATERINA Says:


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    He’s the real deal. And a good looking, d human being. His creativity soars, his talent is TIMELESS. Bridal mask is a masterpiece wondering why people don’t recognize and the all of the cast are marvelous in acting.

    Joo Woo is the best actor and I love all his series. He has skills of singing too, I’ve watched most of his video and I really liked the way he sing in it

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  393. 393 : Betty Says:

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    He’s the real deal. And a good looking, good human being. His creativity soars, his talent is TIMELESS. Bridal mask is a masterpiece wondering why people don’t recognize and the all of the cast are marvelous in acting.

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    In love with all HIS drama EXCEPTIONAL ACTOR!!!

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  436. 436 : Sam Says:

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    My opinion he also deserve this year for Good Doctor great performances everrr!

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    I’ve been dying to meet this man. There’s no hope. I don’t live in Korea I wish one day I will visit and see him in person. Joo Won is really tall and his body proportion is perfect esp wearing the skinny jeans in 1N2D all eyes only for him…..*drum rolls*

  465. 465 : Thelma Says:

    Great actors are extremely rare, and when you find one, enjoy their work as much as you can.

    His defining role to me was in Bridal Mask, which is still one of the most incredible performances I’ve ever seen, he’s also showed great diversity as well from action, to comedy (1N2D) to drama..

  466. 466 : Wind Says:

    One of talented actor. He doesn’t have much drama but each of it is memorable acting. And so far in Good Doctor he still showing his brilliant acting. I can’t wait for his next project. Should win best actor of this year.

  467. 467 : Rabbit Says:

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    Africians love ur acting/Nigerians love u,oppa

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    Advance Happy Birthday Joo Won! You’re my favorite actor.

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    Happy bday moon joo won ♥♥♥

    Ah seriously sometimes i confused about ur real character xD u can make me hate you or pity you and love you to all ur characters in dramas u played. And now i seriously love Park si on ♥♥

    Please always be good actor, joo won ^^ and play many different characyer. Love ya from Indonesia ♥♥

  475. 475 : Enrisa Says:

    WoW I was listening your song Good Doctor OST “Love Medecine” so angelic voice. Truly talented actor great in both can acts and sings. From now on my heart beats you!

  476. 476 : Rjay Says:

    [MV] Joo Won(주원) _ Love medicine(소독약) (Good Doctor(굿닥터) OST Part.6)

  477. 477 : Sadie Says:

    SSING SSING LOL! PSO magic word! Super love Good Doctor.

  478. 478 : Abby Says:

    hi Joo Won hope you going to have a big concert love love your great great voice! Fighting!

  479. 479 : mel Says:

    love love joowon!

  480. 480 : 0708julia_jj Says:

    I think joowon deserve daesang for kbs award 2013. Despite his brilliant performance for his difficult role as autistic savant which getting praise from expert, netizen, and media, Good Doctor win competition which same timeslot with (1) Goddess of Fire which moon geun young as lead actress has won daesang few years ago for her role in painter of wind, (2) Golden of Empire which son hyunjoo as lead actor has won daesang for his role in the chaser and they have team up again with same writer and director, and (3) suspicious houskeeper which remake from popular jdrama mita houskeeper which has won many awards and choi jiwoo as lead actress which popular from her role winter sonata.

  481. 481 : jury Says:



    Good Doctor has finished its broadcast, will Joo Won be awarded with KBS Acting Daesang?

    Who will be the glorious winner of acting daesang of each TV station at the end of this year?   It has been pointed out the acting daesang is merely like TV stations running their own private festival but it is still an annual official and biggest event amongst broadcasters in selecting who is the best actor of the year.

    Many actors passionately played their dramas which captured viewers attention but I reckon Joo Won, a powerful actor, who played Park Si On in Mon/Tue drama “Good Doctor” will be nominated for KBS daesang award.

    In “Good Doctor”, Joo Won played Park Si On who was diagnosed with 3rd level autism and savant syndrome possessing prodigious memory and drawing capability.  His passionate acting such as avoiding eye contacts with people,  hunching back, twitching limbs and restless hand movements are typical autistic symptoms which attracted viewers attention and also moved them to laughters and tears.    On top of it, his impressive and unique way of speech is even mimicked by others.


    On the 8th, airing of the last episode finished the story with a heartwarming ending of Kim Do Han (played by Joo Sang Wook) proposing to Yoo Chae Kyung (played by Kim Min Seo) and both Park Si On and Cha Yoon Seo (played by Moon Chae Won) engaging in sweet love.

    Previously Joo Won played the grumpy Gu Ma Jun in “Baker King” and then totally transformed into a guy with nice character, Hwang Tae Hee in “Ojakgyo Brothers”.   After that, his character as Lee Kang To in “Bridal Mask” overwhelmed many viewers.

    MBC drama “Level 7 Civil Servant” was broadcast earlier this year, he played a rookie agent Han Gil Ro, his sweet romance with Choi Kang Hee captivated heart of viewers.   His hardworking attitude in always showcasing viewers new aspect of his acting is leading to anticipation on what character he is going to play next.

    I can see nominees of this year’s KBS award will be Kim Hye Su  (Queen of Workplace), Jang Hyuk (IRIS 2), Kim Nam Gil (Shark) and Joo Won (Good Doctor).  They all worked very hard in different ways to deliver the funny and touching elements of their dramas however I do not think it is regrettable at all if daesang lands in Joo Won’s hands.


    Article written by Kim Bo Ra of TV Report on 09.10.13 @09.18hr

    Japanese translation released by Kstyle on 10.10.13 @17.20hr
    English translation by manyearsago

  482. 482 : Morena Says:

    Totally…Definitely..Extremely Joo Won deserve an award his depth and breadth performances. For me who is thought of as one of the greatest actors of his time. Amazingly versatile. Omg his cuteness facial expressions that gets me to love him even more also has a great voice as he is talented.

  483. 483 : Kayla Says:

    Good Doctor…JW Brilliant actor his body movement and flexible expressions is sooo perfectly amazing!!!

  484. 484 : jury Says:

    Sina – Korean Entertainment Weekly Star: Joo Won removes labeling with his acting skills

    Photo: Through quality drama after quality drama, Joo Won has become Korea’s hottest actor.


    In the entertainment world, where the old is speedily replaced with the new, popularity is never guaranteed and may last only for a short time. A star may be making headline news today but could be replaced by a newcomer tomorrow. However, no matter where their journey as a celebrity leads them to, the star’s most brilliant moment should always be remembered. Sina – Korean Entertainment Weekly Star will touch you with a showcase of a star’s journey to success.


    Earlier on, the media did a report on all the Korean actors who were born in 1987. These actors are aggressively making their presence felt and taking possession of the Korean drama world. Not only do these actors who are in their 20s possess attractive appearances, they also they have also won the hearts of countless audiences with their excellent acting.


    Amongst these actors is one who had been known as Kang Dong Won – TOP before his debut. This is Joo Won, who has in recent years successfully removed the label of “lookalike” through his charismatic portrayal of various contrasting personalities through the dramas he has taken on.  Along with his well-known humility and good manners, Joo Won has become one of the hottest male actors around.


    Good Doctor, a drama in which Joo Won is presently starring in as one of the lead characters, is enjoying immense popularity presently. Since the beginning of its broadcast, Good Doctor has beaten all the other dramas in the same time slot to win the highest ratings. Joo Won’s character in Good Doctor has received praise from the audience. Through this role, Joo Won not only challenges his own acting skills, he has also gained recognition from a wider group of audience. This week’s Weekly Star is Joo Won!


    Photo: Joo Won plays the role of one who is diagnosed with autism in his new drama. He fleshes out his mature and sophisticated acting skills.


    Maturing quickly, astounding evolvement of acting skills


    Majority of the audience that knows Joo Won met him from his very first role, in which he acted as a villain. National drama Baker King, Kim Tak Gu received over 50% viewership ratings. This drama not only allowed Yoon Shi Yoon to make a sweeping at various award ceremonies, it also allowed the second lead, Joo Won, who was making his debut as a television drama actor in this very first drama he starred in, to leave a deep impression on the hearts of the audience. Gu Ma Jun became a character that allowed Joo Won to achieve his first peak in his acting career. Whilst others have appeared only as part of the supporting cast as newcomers, Joo Won came back to the screen with family drama Ojakyo Brothers, once achieving ratings as high as 35%. Although it would be a stretch to say that these ratings are all due only to Joo Won being in the drama, it is undeniable that the love-hate relationship between Joo Won and Uee took up a big part of the Ojakyo Brothers storyline. Right after Ojakyo Brothers, Joo Won continued to hit the screen with noir drama Bridal Mask and comedy Level 7 Civil Servant. It can be said that all dramas in which Joo Won has starred in have managed to achieve good ratings.


    With such stellar track record, Joo Won has become one of the actors to be known as “ratings guarantee”.  In Good Doctor, Joo Won challenges the role of a savant who has autism. This character is vastly different from the previous roles Joo Won has portrayed, such as the patriotic Lee Kangto, hot-blooded detective Hwang Tae Hee and stubborn and headstrong 2nd generation chaebol Han Gil Ro. Not only does Joo Won have to change the manner in which he speaks, he also has to take care of various other details such as walking and eating, all of which must correspond to the character Joo Won is playing. This is no easy task, given that if Joo Won exaggerates his actions by just a bit more, his acting will no longer be natural. To prepare for the role of Park Shi On, Joo Won diligently read voluminous books related to autism and savant syndrome and also watched various movies. After doing all necessary preparations, based on his own understanding of his role, Joo Won engaged and moved the audience with his well-balanced portrayal of the autistic savant genius Park Shi On, who is someone who lives in his own world as if he is Peter Pan. If one says that in Baker King Kim Tak Gu, Joo Won’s acting skills were still raw, after acting in his subsequent dramas, Joo Won’s acting skills have now improved at a shocking rate and his natural and engaging acting in Good Doctor has won over many audience. Acting alongside senior actors who exude their charisma on screen, Joo Won has managed to absorb various different methods of acting and internalize them into a set of skills best suited for himself and at the same time exuding a unique charisma that only Joo Won possesses. It is certain that with the passage of time, we will be able to see an even more amazing transformation of Joo Won’s acting skills.


    Photo: Joo Won is widely known in the entertainment circle as one who is humble and well-mannered.


    Humble and well-mannered, possessing a good reputation in the entertainment circle


    In the entertainment circle, Joo Won is famous for being well-mannered. Even though he has acted in many dramas which received high viewership ratings, Joo Won has not changed in the way he treats the people around him. In his worldview, the most important virtue is to be respectful and well-mannered. One of the reasons why Joo Won has such a good reputation is that he always humbly accepts the opinions of others, especially when it comes from his seniors. Amongst all the actors he has worked with, Uhm Tae Woong, Park Ki Woong, Uee, Choi Kang Hee and several other actors have all naturally shown their affection for Joo Won. In the variety show 1 Night 2 Days, it is not difficult to see that maknae Joo Won is doted upon by all his seniors, which is again another proof of how widely loved Joo Won is.


    Joo Won once said: “Even since I was young, my parents have always taught me that being respectful, well-mannered and punctual are what I must always abide by. From the time I started going to school to when I started acting in musicals and then to now in every drama that I act in, I have always remembered my parents’ teaching. Although these are very simple things, I have always treated them seriously.”


    Photo: Joo Won is a family centered good guy


    The family guy, his mother’s friend and son


    Regardless of what problems he may face, Joo Won’s family is his reliable safe-habour and shelter. As the maknae in his family, Joo Won is very close to his mother. During the filming of 1 Night 2 Days, there was once when the crew visited Joo Won’s house without prior warning given to Joo Won’s family. Throughout the episode, Joo Won was constantly by his mother’s side showing lots of aegyo. This side of Joo Won was a complete image reversal from the roles he had portrayed so far. Different from the other stars who like to party and lead exciting lives, Joo Won’s life once he finishes work becomes surprisingly simple. When Joo Won has free time, he loves to spend it at home reading a book of drinking coffee. Even with his popularity now, Joo Won still goes to play soccer with his father and elder brother, after which they would proceed to a public bathhouse, showing no airs of a celebrity at all.


    To this, Joo Won has also expressed his thought that he joined this profession because of his love and passion for acting. It is a good thing to be loved by fans but he would not make changes to his life just to become more popular.


    Source: Sina.com (allenlu), Joo Won Baidu Tieba

    Photo credits: KBS, Sina.com, Mountia

    English translation: Mojobobo @ Soompi Forums

  485. 485 : jury Says:

    [Interview] Good Doctor Joo Won is now Acting Genius. 

    In KBS’s Medical Drama Good Doctor, Joo Won successfully managed to portray to perfection the role of autistic savant Park Shi On. In less than 4 years since his debut, each of his dramas has reinforced the notion that Joo Won is a reliable actor. 

    Joo Won debuted in 2010 through the drama Baker King Kim Tak Gu. In less than 4 years since then, Joo Won has shown impressive progress in his performance as compared to his peers. Each of the dramas Joo Won has taken part in have served to reinforce the notion that Joo Won is a reliable and trustworthy actor. 

    When Joo Won first decided to take the role of Park Shi On, the people around him said that it was a role that evoked people’s memories of Jo Seung Woo in the movie Marathon and Shin Hyun Jun in Barefoot Ki Bong. People asked if Joo Won would create a role similar to those that had been portrayed. However, Joo Won’s portrayal of the autistic Park Shi On was starkly different from previous portrayals of people suffering from autism. 

    The Park Shi On that Joo Won created was a person whose mannerisms were almost similar to ordinary folks and was cuter and gentler than anyone else. Park Shi On was just another person in the background, he didn’t stand out by being obviously autistic. It was because of an actor named Joo Won that the world sat up, took notice and changed their views on autistic children. 

    Joo Won has said: “The biggest topic on my mind was how to portray this autistic youth in a likeable manner.” Even though this was a role that caused Joo Won a lot of headaches, as an actor, Joo Won learnt a lot from Good Doctor.

    “Good Doctor is a drama that caused me a lot of headaches. Paediatric surgeon, autistic, savant, stunted emotional growth. So many of these qualities mashed into one character meant that I had a lot to think of and prepare for. My own first thoughts were really “Even if he received extremely excellent education, was it even possible for him to become a doctor?” If he found a career in art or music, that may still be viable but I always doubted if it was possible to cure people suffering from autism. This led me to the conclusion that to be able to perform well, I needed to grasp the degree of Shi On’s disability.” 

    Defying everyone’s expectations, Joo Won did not portray Park Shi On, who dream since young was to become a paediatric surgeon, as someone who keeps blinking his eyes and was unable to express his own views due to his stunted emotional growth to represent an autistic person. In his portrayal, Joo Won did not give off a “I’ve seen this type of character somewhere else” vibe. Rather, Joo Won graced us with a Park Shi On whose behavioural pattern was something that was never seen in drama portrayals of autistic persons. 

    “When we held our script readings, Joo Sang Wook hyung was very shocked that I was reading my lines as a normal person would, since he expected me to do something along the lines of Ki Bong or Cho Won. Just as I had thought of autistic person earlier when I first received the script, it was only natural that this was what others would think too. If I were to portray Shi On in accordance with what other actors had done, then I would not have been able to show Shi On’s maturing process. The PD and writer said that Shi On’s profession was a doctor and that I had to portray him such that he wasn’t too different from non-autistic persons. At that point in time I thought my troubles would be never ending but unknowingly, my troubles disappeared.”

    “In Korean dramas, this drama was the first to use paediatric surgeons as the backdrop to the story. It was due to this that when I first started preparing for the role and up to the point when we started filming, I gave my all. It was only natural that I developed an affection for paediatric surgery and little children.”

    “Through Good Doctor’s filming, I also got to understand better many practical problems which we faced. It was said that there were only 9 paediatric surgeons in our country. I really didn’t know that there were so few of them. I started to understand why there was the saying of ‘Babies could die due to a mere cold’. Paediatric surgery has been a specialised field in our country for 5 years…I hope the systems available for paediatric surgery will be improved upon. Autism can also be cured, but in this country we all think ‘It’s not possible’ and we retreat from this possibility, thereby losing out on the potential treatments. Overseas, there are much better facilities and support systems which apparently, while treating autistic children, can at the same time unearth the children’s hidden talents. It would be great if our regressive views and lack of facilities could change for the better.”

    In relation to Shi On’s low sociability skills which improved through the course of the drama, Joo Won had this to say: “It is true that, just as Shi On said, autistic children are very apt at sensing that people dislike them. This is why when Professor Kim Do Han and Yoon Seo didn’t feel too comfortable around Shi On, he was able to sense this. But one day he felt that people liked him and that is when he started to change. This was something which mattered a lot to me and was the centre of my performance. It’s the feeling of people feeling that they have been healed by Shi On and being moved by him.”

    There aren’t too many other actors out there who will hear the phrase “When are you going to rest” more than Joo Won. Ever since his debut, Joo Won has been involved in movies, dramas, variety programmes and musicals. Joo Won has been working non stop for 4 years. When asked if it was time for him to take a break, Joo Won’s expression was one of puzzlement. 

    “I can’t imagine it. It’s only natural if I want to rest because I’m tired but if you really give me time off to rest suddenly, I will feel very unsettled. The 2nd day after Good Doctor ended, I was to to go for my musical rehearsals. I went to it without any hesitation. I feel very good when I am at my workplace. Of course, it would probably be good to take a break. Maybe I’ll have to take one now to find out (bursts out laughing).”

    After wrapping up for his 5th drama Good Doctor, Joo Won is presently in the midst of rehearsing for the musical Ghost which premiers in November 2013. Thereafter, in December 2013, the rom com movie which Joo Won filmed with Kim Ah Joong, Catch Me, is slated to premier. 

    Source: thestar.chosun.com

    Chinese translation and editing credits to 小水,小水丁丁 from Joo Won Baidu Tieba

    English Translation by Mojobobo @ Soompi Forums

  486. 486 : jury Says:

    Honestly I doubt joowon will get kbs daesang award this year because when I saw korea drama award and korea cultural entertainment award (KCEA), joowon is not nominated in same category with Kim Hye Su  (Queen of Workplace), meanwhile kim hye su got nominated in category daesang award. Maybe it’s because joowon only had 3 years in entertainment industry so he doesn’t deserve daesang award (yet). But in my opinion he’s best actor in korea because he never fail impress me with his superb acting and his role more difficult than kim hyesu’s role in QOW.

  487. 487 : jury Says:

    【!!】Please vote for Joo Won for the 21st Korean Cultural Entertainment Awards (cr.joo
    wonenglish) | http://buff.ly/1ab1Pzp | Help spread!!

  488. 488 : jury Says:

    Suddenly I miss Baker King drama

    [News] Five Fun Facts About Yoon Si Yoon

    1. He learned how to pace himself from “King of Baking” co-star Joo Won.

    “When we did the drama, I was jealous of his physical strength,” said Yoon. “We often stayed up all night during production and he was always energetic and going strong while I kept dozing off. I tried to find out what made us so different and realized Joo knew how to pace himself from his time doing musicals and plays. He inspired me, and I began working out after that. It helps.” http://www.dkdrama.com/2013/10/news-five-fun-facts-about-yoon-si-yoon.html

  489. 489 : Hope Says:

    Great actor joo won,he really desserved an award this year!
    His acting skills re exccellent,i missd Good doctor!

  490. 490 : mia Says:

    I actually surprised joo won didn’t get any awards yet on good doctor:(
    he acts excellent and he deserves an award for that,

    joo won fighting!

  491. 491 : joowon fan Says:

    Hi everyone, do you know that joowon considers new movie with title Fashion King (not related with Fashion King drama which starring Yoo ah in)? And the leading lady is sulli (her agency has confirmed but in midst negotiation). This movie is based on popular webtoon which has same title, eventhough popular there’s rumour that there’s 100k+ negative comments. If joowon take this project, I hope the writer will write an interesting story and take that negative comments as to improving storyline. And I think joowon can managable chemistry with sulli like he did with jin seyeon in Bridal mask (Sulli & JSY are in the same age). This project is new challenge for joowon as this is his first youth movie, so I hope he will do well in this project.

    Keep voting joowon for the 21st Korean Cultural Entertainment Awards http://buff.ly/1ab1Pzp (deadline in this november)

  492. 492 : Nii - Naa Says:

    i think joo won more cute when he plays as park shi on than han pil hoon….

  493. 493 : Ayasohehh Says:

    Hai joowon i love your act.in good doctor is great and cute..your chemistry with moon chae won so beautiful ,,i hope your next drama with han hyo jo..

  494. 494 : jury Says:

    Admin, can you change title “Only you” in movies list into “Catch me”, please? it has changed title, source from asianwiki and hancinema

  495. 495 : Thank you Says:


  496. 496 : Rebika Says:

    I love you oppa

  497. 497 : Rebika Says:

    Joo won is amazing of good doctor.

  498. 498 : joowon fan Says:

    @admin This is new joowon’s photos from japanese magazine october issue




  499. 499 : ayusohehh Says:

    i hope your next project (2014) drama or film with han hyo jo

  500. 500 : Haiydee Says:

    A person is incredible in my mind is you Joo Won:)

  501. 501 : sd Says:

    Your performance is perfcet!You are such a warm guide,so lovely ,so sincerely.Your voice,your smile and all are always in my mind.I love you more than I can say. I really wish that one day you will come to China.

  502. 502 : 시온누나 Says:

    Joo Won is a heart warming actor. Greatly impressed by him acting in Good Doctor. Shall always standby him. So eager to watch his new movie Catch Me on 19.Dec 🙂

  503. 503 : Deora Says:

    Every thing abuot you is cute…i love you joo won oppa!

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    love jo won oppa very muchh

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    Jo won!!!!
    Like your perform sooooo much!!!

  506. 506 : elod Says:

    Joo Won . Congratulations for winning! Proud na proud ako sayo! you deserve it!!! Great Actor! I admire your talent!! More Blessings to come! .. Fighting!!

  507. 507 : taraJJ Says:

    Joo Won congratz for all the awards that you received in year 2013.. I wish I can fly to Korea to see your musical act “Ghost” it seem so great sadly I cant.. now I just wait for your movie “Catch Me” and ” Fashion King” can’t wait for that ^_^

  508. 508 : cutie Says:

    Great Versatile Actor!.. Hope for another successful projects! Waiting for your next drama to come! AJJJAAAH!!! 🙂

  509. 509 : pyong Says:

    I LOVE YOU JOO WON OPPAH!! I really love your acting in your every drama. May the God bless you even more!! sarang hae!

  510. 510 : joowon fan Says:

    I want to see joowon act in drama this year,but no news about him consider drama except nodame. Actually I want to see joowon in musical drama like nodame & I think some dc fans also think the same,look at their photoshop joowon playing piano & violin in their magazine as joowon’s birthday gift last year.I just knew from kaedejun blog that Uhm Junghwa’s new drama (Witch’s romance) is produced by Group Eight company.This drama is remake from popular Taiwan drama My Queen and directed by Lee Jung-Hyo (I Need Romance 2, Cruel City).

  511. 511 : joowon fan Says:

    I want to see joowon act in drama this year,but no news about him consider drama except nodame. Actually I want to see joowon in musical drama like nodame & I think some dc fans also think the same,look at their photoshop joowon playing piano & violin in their magazine as joowon’s birthday gift last year.Also I heard that Japanese people which heard there will be Korean remake of Nodame give positive responds.I just knew from kaedejun blog that Uhm Junghwa’s new drama (Witch’s romance) is produced by Group Eight company.This drama is remake from popular Taiwan drama My Queen and directed by Lee Jung-Hyo (Cruel City).

  512. 512 : cho cho Says:

    I like Joo Won oppa very much.I wish you to get more awards and happiness than now.Joo Won oppa and chae won unni so couplet. HAPPY and HEATHY in forever lifr oppa and unni…..

  513. 513 : kuxi Says:

    @admin hi, can you update award list, please?
    -2014 26th Korea Producers & Directors (PD) Awards: Best Performer – Joo Won (Good Doctor)
    Source: http://m.pdjournal.com/articleView.html?idxno=51702

    Also please update movie list
    – Fashion King (2014)

    Thank You

  514. 514 : fana Says:

    love u so much oppa

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    U re one in a million joo won. Cnt stop being awake bcos of uuuu. Kip it up. U re d best hv seen on tv oppa..cheers.

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    i ur fan is proud of u i hope oppa come to our country ethiopia teste our coffeyi wish u z best and enjoy drinking Ethiopian coffey ………fighty

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    oppa i luv u

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    remembered bingo @bridal mask

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    aku suka kamu …

    God bless you oppa….

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    […] starring Joo Won as Park Shi On and Moon Chae Won as Cha Yoon Seo. Plot: An interesting and touching drama about an autistic child whose dream was to be a pedeatrician (treats children). As Shi On can see the internal body of a person in 3D, he can easily find the fault in the child’s body and thus has a medical talent. His talent was spotted by a doctor who nurtured him and recommend him to a hospital.  At first, everyone thinks that he is a robot without his own thinking. However, after a while they learnt a lot from him and he also grew to become a better person who can socialise with others. […]

  524. 524 : kim Says:

    This is joo won photo… please share this



  525. 525 : mint Says:

    Love this couples!! please please share this photo




  526. 526 : Miora Says:

    you’re so cute!!

  527. 527 : lailatusysyukriyah Says:

    you are the best actor. I like Good Doctor

  528. 528 : sara valentin Says:

    just finished seeing good doctor i am 65 years old it has so touch my heart thank you so much for such a great performance young man! God Bless You and as many years as God give me i will be watching your career. Again thanks for making a old lady smile,cry, and laugh!!!!!!!!!

  529. 529 : taophiq Says:

    i just really like all the film u produce i feel like to stay with u but one thing is that u are not a muslim

  530. 530 : lee hye ae Says:

    Joo won is really a versatile actor. He can play any kind of role and can portray it very well. It just shows how dedicated he is as an actor and I admire him for it. ^^
    Oppa, fighting!!! ^^~

  531. 531 : New Addiction: Yong Pal, The Gang Doctor | my30uplife Says:

    […] Pal is a Korean drama about a doctor named Kim Tae Hyun (played by the handome and tall Joo Won) who is a very skillful surgeon. At day, he works in Hospital while at night he did a house call […]

  532. 532 : ika Says:

    saya sangat suka sekali dengan senyuman oppa joo won,,kemampuan aktingnya sangat luar biasa sekarang saya fans sekali sama oppa joo won,,selalu total dalam membawakan karakternya sehingga perannya sangat hidup dan sangat berbeda disetiap dramanya,,ditunggu selalu drama selanjutnya dan selalu sukses buat oppa joo won ^-^

  533. 533 : sris Says:

    saya hanya bisa mengatakan : tidak ada kata – kata yang dapat katakan tentang my lovely dongsaeng joowoniiiiiiii. saya sangat apresiasi tentang semuanya yang berhubungan dengan dia. sejak drama pertama hingga akhir saya tetap ikuti. saya bela-belain berlangganan TV kabel agar bisa nonton dan mendengar berita tentang joowon. drama dan variety show dia tidak pernah saya tinggalkan. terlalu banyak kesan mendalam dalam setiap karakter yang dia mainkan. saya sependapat dengan jw perihal rating. tomorrow cantabile, bukan sebuah kegagalan tapi menjadi satu pelajaran yang berharga untuk akting produksi selanjutnya. saya tetap mengikuti walaupun rating rendah. untuk jw, tetap lanjutkan belajar piano dan gitarnya walaupun waktumu sempit. jaga kesehatanmu karena kesehatan lebih berharga daripada uang. saya sangat sangat sangat bahagia kamu akan datang ke indonesia walaupun kecewa sedikit karena lokasi belum ditentukan. untuk drama terbarumua, saya harus melihat via internet karena tv kabel saya tidak mencakup channel ONE / SBS tapi saya selalu sabar menanti dramamu. saya ingin melihat kamu berakting menjadi psycho kejam yang ramah tamah dengan rambut super pendek hingga wajah imut tidak kelihatan. semoga ada script seperti itu yang mendatangimu ya. saya selalu menunggu produksi apapun yang penting ada kamu disitu… fighting my dongsaeng…

  534. 534 : ika Says:

    happy birthday buat oppa joo won…sehat, sukses dan bahagia slalu,,,

  535. 535 : CaLin Says:

    Fighting Joo Won!!!!
    For Me u are the Best 🙂 even u did’nt get the (daesang)award 🙂
    Just wait and See 😉 Congrats Yong Pal

  536. 536 : CaLin Says:

    Joo Won Fighting 🙂
    For me u are the best 🙂 even u did’nt get the (daesang)award 🙂
    Just wait and see 😉
    Congrats Yong Pal 🙂
    Waiting for your new project 🙂

  537. 537 : ruby placheta Says:

    hello JOO WON. once again you did a great job in YONG PAL. if youre a real doctor with a skills like that, i wanted to be treated by you also. hahaha! hope to see more tv series of yours. your a great actor. good luck! saranghae

  538. 538 : Pushpanjali Says:

    Joo won <3 … Its great pleasure to see you .. I watched all your dramas..Wishing you all the best for all things you do… Sarenghe :):D …

  539. 539 : akesha_55 Says:

    First time i saw joo won in good doctor. it only took me a few munites ans i fell in love with you. i have been following him since then. my love for you just grows more. i love all your movies and dramas, and other shows. stay strong no matter what they say bad about you. we, your fans will always support you. we will always love you. we will always believe in you. please always smile and make our world happy too. we love you! Joo won Fighting!!

  540. 540 : Alice Says:

    Hi everyone,
    I’m really happy that here we can show our love for JW. Thanks to him I has passed through many boring and unhappy moments of my life. Hope that he continue giving us the worthy dramas, movies, songs… For the new year 2016 all the best things will come to him.
    p.s.”Love Express” is on the way. We’ll see him more before he enlists 🙂

  541. 541 : christian Says:

    congrats idol!!! for winning Daesang award in SBS Drama awards!!! admin update please

  542. 542 : tigerb Says:

    @ admin: just watched a movie called ‘fatal intuition’ which starred joo won. it’s a good thriller, supposedly came out in 2015. it’s not listed above, or maybe it is titled differently.

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    your so great in acting. When will be your next drama? Keep up the good work…

  545. 545 : amjihun Says:

    Waiting for My Sassy girl drama…

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    Joo Won 💖💖💖
    I miss you so much 💙💚💛💜💟

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