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Jun Jin


Name: 전진 / Jun Jin (Jeon Jin)
Profession: Actor, Singer
Date of birth: 1980 August 19
Height: 182cm
Weight: 63kg
Kpop group: vocalist of Shinhwa

TV Series

Let’s Go To The Beach (SBS, 2005)
Nine Tailed Fox (KBS, 2004)


  1. 1 : jhing Says:

    hi! ang gwapo mo daw!

  2. 2 : Vera Says:

    that guy in the picture isn’t junjin!

  3. 3 : Admin Says:

    vera, thanks for inform us. we have change the pic.

  4. 4 : Anya Says:

    you are my idol

  5. 5 : Emine Says:

    Dear Jun!!

    Happy Birthday Jun Jin!
    I wish you a very happy day!!
    You’re a wonderful actor & the best..
    Happy 27th Birthday Jun Jin!

    Hope you have a great day…

  6. 6 : sc961387 Says:

    didnt u guys break up already shingwa is gone rite

  7. 7 : a Says:

    u are so cool

  8. 8 : taznia ong Says:

    we’re of the same birth date, date only, i’m 8 years senior. It’s just nice to see someone who shared the same birthday with me. Good luck in your career. You’re a leo (birth sign), you’re a determine person, an achiever, we leo’s rules, right?

  9. 9 : jennel Says:

    oh my gosh,this is it…i think it is the right time for me to say everything what i want to tell you…

    you are a good looking guy

    honestly,you are not look like 27 going to 28

    you know that i am your super die-hard fan,if you dont believe me,you can visit my profile in friendster,look at my album entitled my favorite korean star…and your photos are there,you can also count how many photos of you do i have,actually,if you tried to open my profile,i am very sure that you may believe that i am your number one fan,….

    your a nice actor,singer,and face

    i love your acting in the forbidden love

    actually,i want to see you in person,because it is one of my dream,which i want to be true,..if i am rich,ill go there in korea and find you somewhere,no matter what it takes,…..although i know that it may happen many years to come,…and maybe your too old…but i think,although your so old,your still a handsome guy,nice,and very good looking…

    your not only a very good looking guy,but you were also a super dooper cute guy,hehehehe

    you know while i am typing this message to you,id imagine that you may read it someday,and you come here in philippines to find me,so you can say thank you to me,…hehehe i am so crazy to thought of it…

    honestly,your one of my crush…but dont you try to think that you are the only one…because i have so many crushes in korean star,but your in the first place…hehehe,….

    you know i want you to be my friend in real life and also here in friendster…but i know that it will never be happened…because,your a star and i am an ordinary person and a fan…not like hwang-bo…i know its wrong for me to say her name in this comment…

    ooopppsss,dont think that i am jealous,becauseim not…maybe im insecure,because she is so near to you and you are close friends…

    i am such a little bitof crazy girl….hehehe

    thats all,i wish you may read it someday…and you will be my friend,kahit na sa friendster lang…it makes me happy so much…if that would happened,i promise to you that,everytime i open my account you always received so many comments from me….

    thank you very much for being one of my inspiration,…take care always
    have a great great career for you…i wish to god that give you a good health…so you were always healthy…i wish you all the best,especially to your lovelife…

    if you want me to be your friend,plz add me in friendster…this is my e-mail add…[email protected] and [email protected]…i promise that if you add me,no one can know that you are the real junjin or may isay that you are the real park choong jae…,JOO-you like some juice???…hehehehe

  10. 10 : jennel Says:

    correction lang po dun sa e-mail add ko…[email protected] or [email protected]…please add me

  11. 11 : big fisherman Says:

    i’d rather date his sister

  12. 12 : vee Says:

    He is a great dancer. I hope junjin could read this. He is such a great actor. keep it up. I have watch him in XMEN he is really witty and funny.

    take care …

    I hope you will go a long way

  13. 13 : Annasu Says:

    Oppa, you are my favorite crush! Shinhwa, fighting! Jin Oppa, Fighting! And Sa-rang-hare-yo.

  14. 14 : vee Says:

    when he smiles he looks like song il gook …

  15. 15 : beeper Says:

    Sarang haeyo!

  16. 16 : Louisana Says:

    U can dance, sing and act too. Really talented guy.

  17. 17 : Elsie Says:

    A real talent. Keep Up the good work!

  18. 18 : cookie58 Says:

    U are a very cool actor. Watched both dramas U ve acted in. One of the coolest guys around.

  19. 19 : mel Says:

    you’re so cool…

  20. 20 : ade Says:

    your acting is good.. ^^

  21. 21 : sein veil Says:

    i love you jun jin…

  22. 22 : sein veil Says:

    i love you… jun jin

  23. 23 : Joyasree sarker Says:

    whenever i see i feel great…toooo cute..

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