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Jung Gyu Woon

Name: 정겨운 / Jung Gyu Woon (Jeong Kyeo Woon)
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1982-June-28
Height: 183cm
Weight: 75kg
Talent agency: SidusHQ

TV Series

You Are Too Much (MBC, 2017)
Oh My Venus (KBS2, 2015)
To Be Continued (NAVER tvcast, 2015)
Birth of a Beauty (SBS, 2014)
Wife Scandal (CSTV, 2014)
God’s Gift – 14 Days (SBS, 2014)
Wonderful Mama (SBS, 2013)
Horse Doctor (MBC, 2012)
I Need Romance 2012 (tvN, 2012)
Take Care Of Us, Captain (SBS, 2012)
Salaryman Chohanji (SBS, 2012)
Romance Town (KBS2, 2011)
Sign (SBS, 2011)
Dr. Champ (SBS, 2010)
Hometown Legends (KBS2, 2009)
Loving You a Thousand Times (SBS, 2009)
Hateful But Once Again (KBS2, 2009)
Women of the Sun (KBS2, 2008)
Bittersweet Life (MBC, 2008)
Robber (SBS, 2008)
Blissful Woman (KBS2, 2007)
Dr. Kkang (MBC, 2006)
Hello My Teacher (SBS, 2005)


The Spies (2012)
Time (2006)


2011 SBS Drama Awards: Excellence Awards, Actor (Drama Special, Sign)
2009 SBS Drama Awards: New Star Award (Loving You a Thousand Times)
2008 KBS Drama Awards: Male Newcomer Award (Women of the Sun)

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Jung Gyu Woon 35


  1. 1 : N JI Says:

    hey jung gyu woon,i love you, i really really love u

  2. 2 : dian Says:

    I love him in women of the sun

  3. 3 : meirav Says:

    ur great in women of the sun

  4. 4 : christine Says:

    you’re so good in women in the sun… could be your character in that drama is the same in real life? coz i like your character there 😉

  5. 5 : sara Says:

    happy birthday
    i love u so much
    im not korean but i love u (all actress & actors)
    hope u have very good life time

  6. 6 : sara Says:

    happy birthday honey
    i really like u
    hope u have good life time

  7. 7 : Margaret Tan Says:

    You sure can capture every woman’s heart. I simply luv you so!

  8. 8 : Carol Says:

    I loved you in Women in the sun. I had to read English subtitles as I am caucasian but it was worth it. I also taped on Tivo the last few episodes so that I could watch you over and over again.

    I AM SMITTEN !! Luv U- Luv U- Luv u!!!!!!

  9. 9 : yoriska Says:

    I LOVE YOU …………………..?

  10. 10 : behnam Says:

    very nice

  11. 11 : sorok Says:

    I am watching Again, My Love here inn the Philippines and you are doing a great job. Although I like your role in A Blissful Woman as a repentant husband and a doting father, I could not ignore that you did well in your performance in Women in the Sun. Along with other viewers, I hope you will be cast in a longer series soon. You are improving in what you are doing. More power and shows for you. God Bless You.

  12. 12 : shereen Says:

    I’m one of your fan from the Philippines. You are doing great in “Again, My Love”. Keep up the good work.


  13. 13 : Eugene Vu Says:

    I like JGW since he plays as Choi Joon Ho in “Blissful Woman” and after that, he appears in “Women of the Sun” with Kim Ji Soo, I like him even more. Hope to see his newest drama “Loving you a thousand time” with Lee Soo Kyung.

  14. 14 : Rozey Says:

    You really are a good actor! And Very Stylish Too!

  15. 15 : thanh ed Says:

    I like him in “women of the sun”. Good Man. JUNG GYU WOON wish you here

  16. 16 : qq Says:

    u look like the person i love…

  17. 17 : tami lee Says:

    I love you in Again, My Love. You have such a gentle and kind heart, even when you were a playboy. Hope in real like you are as kind and gentle as the charactor you played. You are most darling when you hugged you girlfriend, then wife. The most darling hug I have ever seen. Hope I can get notified when you come to Los Angeles in California, USA.

    I wish that you have a good and happy marriage. Per Dr. Laura, the talk show host I love the most, if you are not married yet, her advise is “chose wisely and treat kindly.” You need to chose someone compatible, mentally and physically healthy.

    I watch Again, My Love at least 50 times. From the second time on, I fast forward everthing else and just watch the sceens that have you in them.

    This is the first time that I write to an actor. Acturally, I would like to nominate you for an Osca, but do not know how. If it’s possible to do so, I hope your agent can guide me on how to nominate you.

    Hope you remain health and happy. Do not let success ruin you life like it does many successful people.

    Best wishes for your success and happiness.

    tami lee

  18. 18 : tami lee Says:

    hope you get my comment earlier.


  19. 19 : aziza Says:

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  20. 20 : aziza Says:

    I love to get to know you during my visit to Korea, I hope that reads: appeal. I would like to see you and learn the beauty of the near ethnicity talk to you jung gyu woon Please, read my Lada [email protected] or call me on telephone number 0533459056 from Morocco

  21. 21 : tami lee Says:

    Dear Jyun gyu woon,
    You are the first and only movie star whom i adore. I love the great charactor you played in Again, My Love. Hope like him, you stay kind, gentle, sweet, intelligent and smart but humble warm, loving, affectionate… all the good qualities that make you every woman’s sweetheart.
    In your future movies, I hope you chose as good charator as the one in Again, My Love. I hope you forever stay every lady’s sweetheart.
    I only understand English and Vietnamese. VINA did a great job in the translation.
    I hope your next movie will be translated into Vietnamese soon.
    I hope you will be internationally famous by being a Hollywood Star!
    I do hope that in real life, your love life as good as in Again, My Love.
    Remember Dr. Laura’s teaching: “Choose wisely and treat kindly.” I trust you are smart enough to do so.
    Best wishes,

  22. 22 : tami lee Says:

    Dear Jung Gyu Woon,
    Forgot to mention that I watch Again, My Love every day, sometimes a short section, sometime a long section. I am never tired of watching you over and over again and tell everyone I come in contact with about how great you are, how the charactor’s different emotions are expressed so well, mostly through your eyes! Awesome! Tami

  23. 23 : tami lee Says:

    Dear Jung Gyu Woon,
    I just now watched again your wedding, it’s one of your most darling hugs. It prompted me to write this to you to share with you an idea.
    In real life, you must love to be hugged the way you hug your your screen wife.
    Allow me to share this with you. Ten years ago I spent one thousand dollars, attending a 3-day seminar 1,500 miles away, to remember just this one exercise: the participant paired up in two. We asked each other the simple question
    After the seminar, I shared that excercise many couples. One success story came from a happily married couple who had been married for some 19 years. When her husband asked the question, the wife said: “I would like to be complimented.” Then she added: “But compliment is at the bottom of my husband’s list, so I rarely ever got complimented!” When it was his turn, the husband replied: “I love to be hugged.” He also added: “But hugging is at the bottom of my wife’s list, so I barely got hugged!”
    A couple weeks later I met the couple again. They were so happy to tell me that now he got all the huggs he wanted and she got all the compliments she wanted. Of course I myself got both the hugs and the compliments from both of them!
    You see, it’s so easy to give a hug and a compliment. Yet, not knowing how to ask for it or not being aware of the far-reaching impact of a hug and a compliment, they had been starving for it for nearly 2 decades!
    I consider it’s a lucky young lady who is loved and hugged by you!
    You and your significant other need to ask that question often, not just once in your life.
    Remember D. Laura’s advice: “CHOSE WISELY AND TREAT KINDLY!”
    Best wishes to you and your loved one.
    Tami Lee

  24. 24 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Jung Gyu Woon,

    I have been giving away more than 50 copies of Dr. Laura’s “Proper care and feeding of Marriage.” I think I will start giving away your Again, My Love DVDs so people will learn what a great hug is. I do not hug just anyone freely. But twice in my life, my heart melted away because of a great hug. So gentlemen, once you know that your significant other loves hugs, you had better learn from Jumg Gyu Woon how to give great hugs by watching him in Again, My Love. Best wishes.
    Tam Lee

  25. 25 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Jung Gyu Woon

    Watching you getting up from the couch to leave your parents’ home, after you finished a jug of wine, when you told your mom that “no matter what happens, you will never divorce your wife” , you gave me the impression that you would make a great dancer.

    Dancing as a side career, that would be like kiling two birds with one stone, keeping you healthy.

    Best wishes,

  26. 26 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Jung Gyu Woon,

    Your picture on this website looks a lot younger than your look in Again, My Love.
    Is it because this picture was taken when you were younger, or is it the make-up to make you look older in Again, My Love?

    Your hand, when you hold your mom’s hand sick in bed, looks a lot younger than your screen look. That’s when I realized you play a charactor much older than your real age

    I love your hair style best in Again, My Love. Actually, I love everything about you in Again. My Love.


  27. 27 : tam lee Says:

    Happy New Year, Jung Gyu Woon!

    I will look up to see if your other movies have been translated into Vietnamese.

    I spent a few minutes watching my neighbor’s Korean movies on her TV. I had a hard time understanding the spoken Vietnamese words of these movies.

    That’s the reason I am writing this note to you to bring to your producer’s attention that the THE VIETNAMESE TRANSLATION IN “AGAIN, MY LOVE” IS EXCELLENT. May I urge your producer to please use the same Vietnamese cast for future translation whenever possible. This movie was distributed by VINA DISTRIBUTOR.


  28. 28 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Jung Gyu Woon,

    I watch you every day even though I do not write to you every day.There are so many things I like in Again, My Love movie that I would like to tell you.

    But I just now notice the cigarette advertisement. I hope you never pick up the bad habbit. It’s bad for your health, for your loved ones’ health. It will give you the smoker’s complexion and the smoker’s wrinkles. It will make you look older quickly. It will give you cancer. After spending 2 years to collect signatures for 2 initiatives for smoke-free indoor air, I can tell in seconds who is a smoker. I can tell in seconds that you are a non-smoker. Please continue being good, being kind, being gentle, being considerate… I believe you are just like the charactor you played.

    I look forward to your next great love story translated into Vietnamese.

    Please remember to use the same team that did the translation for Again, My Love.

    I have given to all my nieces and nephews Dr. Laura’s book “Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage.” I wish to send you a copy but I do not know where to send. I am computer illiterate so I do not know how to find your address. I like to listen to her talk show because I get to hear to callers’ questions and her instantaneous great answers.
    I just read a couple paragraphs of her book, I do not like it as it’s too much theory.
    I just heard callers say how the book helped their marriage.

    I think I do not have to be concerned about you. If you are like the charactor you played in Again, My Love, I believe you already know how to love and to stay in love.

    Just remember Dr. Laura’s teaching “Chose wisely and treat kindly!” you will forever stay happily married.

    Best wishes.


  29. 29 : C.Blue.Navy Says:

    Hello Dear Jung Gyu-Woon

    I’m one of your fans from the Arabian Gulf Country, i’m not Arabian actually but i can tell tha you have many many fans in here.

    I just finished watching “Loving You a Thousand Times” drama
    and WOW !! you did great job .. you were so great and AMAZING …
    i loved everything about you in there … your character, charisma, appearance and even your hairstyle .. so lovely ♥_♥

    i really really liked this drama quite much… even though it was 55 Episodes (so so long) plus i don’t understand Korean o_O
    so I have had a difficult time watching a couple of episodes RAW without English subtitles @[email protected]

    but ended worth to watch it .. so exciting and has a different-good story. ^_^
    i enjoyed watching it.

    thank you jung gyu-woon Oppa for letting us see you in such great drama.

    wishing you a successful, lovely, long and healthy lifetime ♥

    gyu-woon Oppa !!! Fighting. ^_^

  30. 30 : jo Says:

    Hi Jung Gyu Woon

    I saw a photo of a shooting scene in the drama section of your CY World. Is it a new drama/film? Would appreciate if you can let me know the title of this new drama/film. I will be on a lookout for it as I have enjoyed your LYATT so much. Thank you.

  31. 31 : tami lee Says:

    Deaer Jung Gyu Woon, I watch your Again, My Love every day, over and over without tiredness. I watch again the scene where your mother just tore up your marriage certificate, your wife was crying waiting for the elevator.

    This is when the expressions in your eyes are so awesome: many feelings are expressed without a word:

    *You were happy to see your wife
    *You were sadden and surprised when you saw your wife cry
    * you knew who and what caused your wife’s unhappiness, you walked right into your
    mom’s office and asked your mom what did she do to your wife.

    The expressions in your beautiful eyes say all those feelings without a word.

    I have never seen anyone expresses his feelings so well.

    I am waiting for your “Loving you a thousand times” to be translated into Vietnamese.
    I hope these translators are as excellent as the ones in Again, My Love.

    Take good care of your health.

    tami lee

  32. 32 : grace Says:


    annyeong he-se-yo, love your drama so much especially in drama Loving you a thousand time. You a best actor in this drama. love your smilling, crying….your tear just like a rain…so touching…fighting!!!!

  33. 33 : chukhet Says:

    Hay” I like you very much.I met you at first in blissful woman.your acting is so good.Now I had watched loving you a thousand times. you are very good. but I don’t like this drama.I watched it till the end only because I like you.
    I like cha do woo in woman of the sun. your acting is veryyy good.He make me sad.He love do young , he always do for do young, confort do young. His love,his face,his heart,,,make me sad. I happy because of ending. do woo is together with do young

    loving you a million times

  34. 34 : mel Says:

    you’re so cool…

  35. 35 : ade Says:

    so cute beyb.. ^^

  36. 36 : nancy Says:

    hello jung gyu woon , first time i saw you in a drama was ‘ loving you a thousand time ‘ , the story was fantastic , heartbreaking , & catchy .
    i have to say your acting is the best ! for your handsome looks , when you cry , and how you express your feelings , i just cant explain how good and awsome you are ! the drama made me cry so much that my eyes became puffy the next day but it was worth it 🙂
    im now watching again my love , i never relised you were in it since i was checking what other dramas you were in , i heard that this drama was known as the best in 2009 & you’re character is completely different from loving you a thousand times when i started watching again my love , but your still hot and handsome in everyway.
    i am really looking forward to your other dramas in the future , best of luck. <3

  37. 37 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Gyu Woon,

    I just learned about you recently and i already watched the only two movies that were translated into Vietnamese: Again My Love and Loving You A Thousand Times.

    May I ask you to please have more of your movies translated into Vietnamese. I absolutely love your movies.

    Elvis Presley was the only actor (on a love story) and singer whom I adored. You are the only other actor whom I adored. I look forward to watch more of your movies. Your picture in white suite on your talent show in China reminded me of Elvis. I will call you
    “My Korean Elvis!” if it’s OK with you.

  38. 38 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Gyu Woon,

    I wrote you a couple emails on another website as I did not remember how to get back to this website untill now when I accidentally click on it.

    I wonder, as busy as you are (three great long movies in a year!),
    if you ever have time to read emails from your audience who love you. But I love to write to you anyway as I love your movies so much.

    I just finished watching Loving You A Thousand Times about the fifth time, and many times the scenes that you played in. Tears came to my eyes each and every time I watched your pain.

    Your pain is so real in your eyes. You must really feel the pain for the audience to feel it, too.Does it hurt you when you must live through those sad feelings? Can you quickly snap out of those painful feelings?

    Long-lasting love is such a hard thing to come by, so many divorces among actors and actresses. I can only count a few happy couples on my fingers. Hope you find great love in real life as in the movies.

    The greatest-ever radio talk show host, Dr. Laura, advised: “Chose wisely and treat kindly!” I have a feeling you chose wisely and treat lovingly. I have no doubt your girlfriend responds as lovingly. She is such a lovely young lady.

    I hope all those love stories you play in give you great lessions and training on love: whom to fall in love with, and how to stay in love forever till you both shall die.

    I hope you do not drink in real life as in the movies. Even though it is fake liquor, can your director ask the author of the movies to minimize the drinking, by having you talk out your sadness with a friend or a counselor instead of drowing yourself in liquor.

    Millions of audience love you and idealize you. Since they idealize you, especially the young and impressionable, they may think everything you do is good and copy your drinking!

    Since you are such a great idol, I hope your director realizes this and keep you on great path for the world to follow.

    When will you be a great Hollywood movie star??? Americans also love a great love story. That’s why they love Clark Gable in an American North and South Civil war (I forgot the title), Sound of Music (Judy Garland) and Love Story with Ryan O’Neil.

    Kindly ask your director to keep employing the great voice actors and actresses in Loving You A Thousand Times. Not like other movies translated into Vietnamese, the lip movements in the last two movies I watched synchronize perfectly.

    Hope he also keeps the excellent service of your little nephew, your father’s assistant, your maid. I believe most roles you play will require an assistant and a maid.

    I can’t wait until your next movie to be translated into Vietnamese.

    If you use another distributor of your third movie, kindly have your office notify me what distributor you use in Southern California, USA.
    besides http://www.vinadistributor.com

    Best wishes to your health, happiness and success.

    Till later,

    tam lee

  39. 39 : Me Says:


    Fighting aja aja^____^

    I love you, Uba

  40. 40 : tami lee Says:

    Dear Jung Gyu Woon,

    I can’t wait to watch your third movie in Vietnamese.

    Will you have it translated into Vietnamese soon???

    I watched so far only 2: Again My Love and Loving You A Thousand Times. I believe those are all that were translated into Vietnamese.

    Kindly have your office advise me of any other(s) translated into Vietnamese. Thanks.

    Best wishes to you.

    tami lee

  41. 41 : tami lee Says:

    Dear Jung Gyu Woon,

    I forgot to suggest once more, please employ the same voice actors and actresses as the ones in Loving You A Thousand Times and Once Again. They are excellent compared with others in other Korean movies that I quickly glymse through when I stop by my neighbor’s home.

    Thank you.

    tami lee

  42. 42 : tami lee Says:

    Dear Jung Gyu Woon,

    You are the best actor for love stories, so gentle, so affectionate, so loving. I believe you are so in real life. Some very lucky young lady who are loved by you!

    Kindly, kindly do NOT play the role of someone cruel, violent.

    tami lee

  43. 43 : vievie helvie Says:

    Haiii…Jung gyu woon, I am vievie from Indonesia…I like you very much, you very handsome,I wait you next drama

  44. 44 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Jung Gyu Woon,

    I watched again your wedding. Your long walk down the isle is most handsomely! I never saw an groom walk down the isle. They always wait at the alter.

    Since you are also a model, no wonder you walk beautifully.

    tami lee

  45. 45 : tam lee Says:

    I saw your father’s and brother’s assistant’s cheerful smile again.
    I like seeing more of his cheerful smile and easy-going manner in your future movies whenever possible.

  46. 46 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Jung Gyu Woon,

    After watching you so many times in Loving You A Million Times, I started noticing some minor details such as the way you and your girlfriend chew your food. I am not sure if it’s the way the script calls for or it’s the way your normally chew your food.

    Please forgive me for considering you one of my nephews whom I love very much and often share with them what I think benefit them.

    Even if you already chew your food well, perhaps the inforomation I am about to share with you may benefit others who may not be aware of it.

    Chewing food well is what I recently learned in “Enzyme Factor” by Dr. Hiromi Shinya, one of the world top ten endocrinologists. With two clinics, one in New York and one in Tokyo, Dr. Shinya and his team has been treating more than 300,000 colon cancer patients, all got well and no recurrence. His patients include loyalties, celebrities, millionaires as well as common folks.

    In this book, Dr. Hiromi Shinya advized:

    1) Eat small bites

    2) Chew each bite between 75-100 times till it becomes liquid before swallowing

    3) Do not talk while eating as talking interferes with chewing.

    I guess it must be difficult to chew food in silence for a great actor who is almost always surrounded by friends and associates.

    Perhaps, you can have a group of friends who can enjoy the meals together with you while meditating or memorizing your script…

    With two clinics, one in New York and one in Tokyo, Dr. Shinya and his team have treated more than 300,000 colon cancer patients; all got well and no recurrence! his patients includes royalties, celebrities and millionaires from all over the world.

    If you like to read this book, I am sure it’s on sale in Korea. If not and if your staff can email me your P.O. Box address, I will be honored to send you a copy.

    Best wishes,

    tam lee

  47. 47 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Jung Gyu Woon,

    I love your little nephew.. He is such a genius at such young age.

    I like your father’s assistant very much. He has such a nice smile.

    I like your wife’s younger sister. Your grand mother is awesome.

    I hope they get to play in your future movies when the movie calls for such a role.

    Your brother’s wife is such a good actress that when she was nice, she was nice and pretty; but when she gets angry and becomes vengeful, she is really ugly, so ugly that I actually dislike her. She is a great actress for the role.

    I cannot wait to see your next movie in Vietnamese.

    Take care.

  48. 48 : tam lee Says:

    You are so cute when you act naughty. If I am not mistaken, you must be the youngest in your family?

  49. 49 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Jung Gyu Woon,

    I thought I would let you know the most picturest picture of you:

    1) THE SIDE VIEW OF you when you run to the hospital to see your step mom after she almost got run over by a motor cycle. It’s your slender body, long and slender legs and arms that make the most beautiful picture.

    I remember seeing you run after a bad guy who sneakly took picture of the girl who later became your wife in Again, My Love.

    It’s the SIDE VIEW of your run that’s the most spectacular.

    2) It’s the SIDE VIEW of you twisting your body when you throw rocks gliding over the surface of the little river to amuse your ex-wife who must be depressed with cancer.

    3) You were so cute when you kneel on the floor as a punishement from your wife. Your wife were angry when she found lipstick all over your shirt. Lucky for you she did not find lipstick on your lips or your face!

    There are more, but I can’t remember at this moment.

    Whatever you do, please remember YOU MAKE A BIG IMPACT ON YOUR AUDIENCE.

    Till later.


  50. 50 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Jung Gyu Woon,

    When will you have your pictures on Loving You A Million Times on your Drama Kiwi?

    So far, I was lucky to have printed some of your pictures on a website that went off the internet afterwards.

    So far, I got the picture of

    **You and Miss Kim So Eun,
    **You dancing with Mis Kim Heechul,
    **You and yor wife in Loving You A Milion Times. You were in white with your bach facing the audience. This picture reminds me of Elvis Presley when he was about your age, in an old movie singing “It’s Now Or Never!”

    **A few pictures of you and your wife of your wedding in Loving You A Million Times.

    Thank you for all the beautiful pictures.


  51. 51 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Jung Gyu Woon,

    I do not care about fashion or trend. I just miss the most beautiful hair style you had in Again My Love.

    As beautiful as your hair is, I do not like it at all when your hair covers almost half of your beautiful face. Your hair covers your forehead, your eyebrowns. They are so long they almost come to your eyelids.

    I hope in the future movies, you can get back as close to the hair style you had in Again My Love.

    Wishing you the best of health and love.


  52. 52 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Jung Gyu Woon,

    I just finished watching a touching scene when you said good-bye to your step mom before you leave to take care of your ill ex-wife.

    Your step mom appologized for having done too many things that hurt you, that she never hated you, that she loved you very much, that she wanted you to know this.

    Your eyes reddened while listening to her espression of love for you for the first time. You assured her that you already knew about it long time ago. A tear rolled off your eye. When she wanted to be sure that you loved her, you re-assured her by kneeling in front of her, gently held her head in your hands, kissed her on her forehead and said “I also love mother very much!”

    She was so happy to hear that you loved her, then she was sad that you were leaving.

    You got up and walked away, wiping off your tears.

    It was so touching, tears came to my eyes every time I watched this.

    You have such a good heart that you could love a step mother who probably show her dislike and disapproval toward you all your life.

    Take care, and keep on being a good guy in movies as in real life.


  53. 53 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Jung Gyu Woon,

    I turned on the computer this morning and was pleasantly surprised to see a picture of you on the screen. Nothing else.

    I probably was writing to you then turned off the computer without clearing everything first.

    I will leave your website on before turning off the computer again to see if the same thing happens.


  54. 54 : tami lee Says:

    Dear Gyu Woon,

    I opened the computer at about 3 AM, there popped on my computer screen your picture holding an award with bouquets of flowers wrapping around it.

    This is the second time a picture of yous popped up like that. I love it.

    Did you have my email address programmed into a system that sends your pictures automatically to your fans?

    I work for a company that sends out email blast to thusands of employees/members of upcoming events.

    Can you have the same system that sends out email blast of your upcoming movies and appearances?

    If you do not already have a system that does that, and if you would like to know what company provides that service, I will find out for you. Just send me an email.

    Best wishes.


  55. 55 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Gyu Woon,

    Watched again a couple episodes just before your wife is wheeled into the surgery room.




    Would you please keep me informed of your upcoming appearance or translation into Vietnamese or English if you have an email blast that can send out email blast to thousands of fans.



  56. 56 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Gyu Woon,

    I just watch again a couple scenes in “Korean Actor and Actress” on your website.

    I’t a great idea to have those clips of scenes with you in them. I only love to watch the scenes with you in them.

    Please keep those clips on your website FOREVER so that your fans can turn on and watch their favorite actor without going through the whole long movie.

    May I suggest that you include the voice in them too. Also in Vietnamese too, if possible and if it does not cost you too much.

    Also, you may direct your audience to go to website “Korean Actor and Actress” to see clips of you in Loving You a Million Times.

    Stay off drugs, fights, liquor. Be good, sensitive, affectionate and loving, be a model for the world to follow.

    Take care of yourself.


  57. 57 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Gyu Woon,

    Take very very good care of your most beautiful eyes that can silently express so many feelings in a few seconds!

    I do not recall ever noticed another actor expressing so many emotions so very well through his eyes like you do.

    So, please, pretty please, do not fight in real life as a punch in your eye may ruin it forever.

    Take good care of yourself.

    co tam

  58. 58 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Gyu Woon,

    Please give thanks to your director. He must be a great director to direct the photographer to zero into the most minute yet significant details.

    Did he/she get the Best Director Award for Loving You a Million Times?

    co tam

  59. 59 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Gyu Woon,

    Please give thanks to your director. He must be a great director to direct the photographer to zoom into the most minute yet significant details.

    Did he/she get the Best Director Award for Loving You a Million Times?

    co tam

  60. 60 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Gyu Woon,

    I am thinking of 3 actresses that I would like to see in your future movies if possible and if they act well.

    1) To be your next mother may I suggest the lady whom your brother said he gave the second necklace to. She is beautiful, charming and witty as well as high-class… You will always play the role of a son of the rich family.

    2) To be your next girlfriend may I suggest a beautiful girl whose appearance is very short. She is the one that phoned you as you just got off the escalator to meet your date in Again, My Love. You ran and hid yourself in a lady dressing room, cover the girl’s mouth (who later became your wife) so she would not cry out loud. When you released her, your future wife slapped you and kicked you so hard…

    3) To be your next girl friend, may I suggest the young girl who only appears silently while a singer sings the song in the movie. I love her look, beautiful eyes, but maybe too young!

    If I write too much, you can delete them, or you can have your assistant print them out, highlight what you need to see, discard the rest. I will not be offended.

    till later.

    co tam

  61. 61 : tam lee Says:

    Even if an idea or two get your attention, I will be thrilled with honor!

    co tam

  62. 62 : TAM LEE Says:

    Dear Gyu Woon,

    I just watched your new addition on spcnetTV with you being a model and a few selected sections of you in Loving You a Million Times.

    I liked it even though I do not understand Korean. Please keep it for a while. Please do not delete them too soon as I have not yet watchine all of them.

    I have had this idea for a while but was reluctant to express it.

    I would like to see the other people’s story when they relate to you and your relationship, but NOT the stories that have nothing to do with you; such as the story of your wife’s step sister’s mother-in-law’s love life…and many other boring stories that are not related to your relationship and make the story too long which discourages many people to watch a great love love story.

    I will submit this much for now as I may accidentally delete it.

    co tam

  63. 63 : TAM LEE Says:

    Dear Gyu Woon,

    I just watched again your 2 modeling session and 2 interviews.

    Wish they could could be translated into English so half of the world would understand what you say.

    Please keep them on your website for a while longer.

    Thank you.

    co tam

  64. 64 : TAM LEE Says:

    Dear Gyu Woon,

    I still cannot understand why you look so different in the movies.

    I could recognize your wife, your wife’s step-sister and her husband and your half brother.

    The movie-you and the real you are so different as if the two are cousins or step bothers.

    Still cannot get over how great you look.

    Either way, you look great.

    co tam

  65. 65 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Gyu Woon,

    On your model show, you had 2 interviews. The movie-you do not look at all like the real-you!

    Other actors and actresses movie-self and real-self look alike.
    How come your two selves look so completely different?

    I can recognize other actors/actresses, but not you!

    Can make-up changes your appearance so completely and totally? Your two appearances do not look alike one bit. The only thing I can recognize is your hand when you wave good-bye to your audience at the end of the interview after the model show.

    It’s as if you need to change to the movie-look in order to relate to all orientals in the world, not just Korean look. Is it correct?

    I much prefer your movie-self as you look totally natural, at ease, comfortable with yourself…

    Your appearances make you look as if you are two different people, not even cousins or half-bothers or relatives…

    If your movie-look is due to make-up, this look is so natural as if it’s really you. The make-up looks completely natural as if there is no make-up at all. Your make-up artist must be a genius.

    You must be too busy to read your audience’s emails. I just love to write just to get it out of my mind.

    Am I confusing? I am out of my mind. I do no know what I am saying. So much for not. Till later.

    co tam

  66. 66 : tam lee Says:












    Dear Gyu Woon, I hope you will forward this email to your producer or whoever is in charge of making this decision.

    Thank you much.

    co tam

  67. 67 : masi Says:

    Dear tam lee
    take it easy darling! he’s just ordinery as you and me. he’s talented to be sure, but he is just as like as other peaple. and you know: all these actors and actresses are successful because people like you makes them believe it. take my advice and live your life AND DO NOT BE SO OBSSESSED WITH ALL THESE SORT OF PEOPLE!!!!!!!

  68. 68 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Masi,

    Thanks for your comments and advice. I appreciate it.

  69. 69 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Gyu Woon,

    I have watched your 3 interviews. I wish you could have them in English or Vietnamese so I would understand what you say. co tam

  70. 70 : tam lee Says:


    “Mother’s hug revives dead newborn!”

    After reading this article, I immediately thought of your hugs, the very best hugs i have ever seen.

    The article appears on msnbc.com on Sept 3, 2010 as of 8:45 am.

    The article said: after the newborn baby was pronouced dead, he was carried back to the mother to say good-bye. Instead of crying and morning, the mother just lay the baby on her chest, their skin touch each other while she gently rubbed his back and lovely talked to him. About 2 hours later, he became alive. Even the doctor could not believe it.

    That method is called angaroo care.

    Hope you can have your staff pass this on to the news media.

    co tam

  71. 71 : tam lee Says:

    The correct spelling of the method used to revive a newborn baby pronouced dead is:

    Kangaroo Care.

  72. 72 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Gyu Woon,

    I just looked at one of your selections of your happy beginning, ending at you carrying your wife through the door of your honey moon appartment.

    If Loving You a Million Times is based on real life true story, I hope her husband’s love, as you demonstrated to your screen wife, will get her through her illness so that they will live happily till they both shall die.

    With the basic goodness, gentleness and kindness I can sense in you, I am certain you will be a great husband for some lucky young lady!

    Make sure you and your girlfriend are compatable per Dr. Laura’s teaching.

    Best wishes to your health and happiness.

    co tam

  73. 73 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Gyu Woon,

    I just took a 5 minute break to watch again a little bit of your Loving You a Million Times, but I ended up watching some 30 minutes!

    I work at home. Every time I need a break, I just turn on your DVD, watch a few sections, always end up spending more time than intended!

    Normally, I almost always take a nap as I wake up very early.
    But when I got your first volume of Loving You a Million Times, I skipped naps, sometimes skipped meal and stayed up through some 30+ hours to finish the entire volume without tiredness!

    The same thing happened with the second volume!

    Now, as a break from work, I just turn on a small section of my most favorite movie!

    Thank you all: you, the entire cast, your director and the novelist!

    Keep up the great work. Don’t forget to take care of your health and the love of your life.

    co tam

  74. 74 : Dorie Says:

    Ever since I started watching Korean dramas, this young man is so far the best actor that impressed me, together with Kim Nam Gil. He is so good that he made me and my husband cried so much until our whole faces were swollen.

    I wish someone can come up for a collaboration project with the Philippine TV producers or even a movie and pair him with Marian Rivera of the Philippines…that would be awesome.


  75. 75 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Gyu Woon,

    Did you ever consider becoming a dancer as a third career?

    (as if it’s not enough being a successful model and a famous movie star!)

    Consider dancing an enjoyable exercise!

    You danced most beautifully at the dinner the company treated sales and secretary departments after your invention of “spicy rice noodle” was chosen, later saved your company from bankruptcy.

    Besides a white shirt, you were wearing sun glasses, probably so that you could freely look at your future wife without her noticing as you were afraid she get annoyed?

    I can see you, a dancer, as successful and famous as a model and movie star!

    I am glad I got a couple pictures of your beautiful dance downloaded from the internet so I can look at them every so often!

    They gave me a good feeling every time I look at them!

    I regret I did not download enough of them as I think that website is no longer on the internet!

    It may still be there but I do not know how to get back as I am computer illiterate!

    If anyone who reads this email knows how to get back to that website, kindly instruct me, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

  76. 76 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Gyu Woon,

    When will you have Hometown Legend translated into Vietnamese?

    I am looking forward to watch your next movie.

    co tam

  77. 77 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Gyu Woon,

    I am so very very happy you are a non-smoker!

    I am also very happy that all of the actors and actresses in your movies are non-smokers.

    How do I know? You wonder?

    Not because I do not see anyone smokes in your movies, but because none of you have what I call “Smoker’s wrinkles” and “Smoker’s complexion.” The tightness of the lips to suck in smoke causes the wrinkles around the lips; the smoke residue on the face makes the smoker’s complexion kind of cloudy.

    Please, pretty please, do for yourself as well as your audience a big favor by NOT picking up the bad habit, not only it’s bad for your health as you know, but because it will age you fast.

    Not because no one smokes in the movie, but because I can tell with one glance at someone’s face, even a face in the movie, or a picture, or a voice over the phone line!

    At one glance, I could tell that you and all the actors in your movies are non-smokers, simply because of your clear complexion, clear from the residue of smoke. Also, non of you have what I call “smoker’s wrinkles!” around the lips and “smoker’s cloudy complexion!”

    I imagine and hope that your country also has non-smoking law similar to what we have in the United States.

    Please, pretty please, do for yourself and your audience a big favor by NOT picking up the bad habit.

    Many of us volunteers worked many hours to collect signatures to qualify for the first Proposition 5 to be on the ballot 1978. We got defeated due to tobaco industry’s record spending of 8 million dollars!

    Two years later, again we collected enough signatures to qualify for Proposition 10. Again, tobaco indutry spent 6 million dollars to defeat us!

    However, even though tobaco industry’s intention was to defeat us, it did bring the awareness to the public of the harmful effect of second-hand smoke. Thanks to that awareness, city ordinance after city ordinance got passed.

    A few years later, California was the first state to pass the law to protect non-smokers from second-hand smoke.

    Other States followed. Some 10 years later, around 1990, we got similar law in all 50 States.

    Now, the city of Santa Monica in Southern California just passed a law against OUTDOOR smoking within 40 feet of a resident’s door or window! Wow!

  78. 78 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Gyu Woon,

    Earlier, I accidentally hit “Submit” button before I had a chance to edit what I had written. I might have been repeating myself. Sorry.

  79. 79 : kim le Says:

    Hello,Mr jung gyu won
    How are you? I am not any fan of anyone but since I watched Loving you a thousand times. I am your fan . That movie is so emotion, i cried a lot…..
    I can’t stop to think about you.I wish one day i can meet you face to face, I know that never come true. However, i wish you have a happy life and keep smile anyhow. Hope you read and reply . Best wish to you

  80. 80 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Gyu Woon,

    Is it bad for your health if you have to put on lots of weight because the movies call for the role of the son of a wealthy family???

    I have been asking the question “How come I cannot recognize you from a picture of real life vs your look in Loving You a Million Times” while I can recognize all other stars in the movie like your wife, your grandmother, your father, your brother, your wife’s step-sister and step-mom, your father’s assistant, …

    Do you have to put on lots of weight because you have to play the role of a son of a wealthy family then take it off to be back to your usual slim self???

    I figure you will always play the role of the son of a wealthy family and later when you get older you will play the role of a wealthy man yourself. That means you have to put on lots of weight to play the role then take it off to be your usual slim self.

    Is it detrimental to your health? Can you do it the healthy way?

    I do not know what the healthy way is. May I urge you to check it out with some health professionals.

    Stay healthy and happy. Your fan, co tam

  81. 81 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Gyu Woon,

    I am very happy to report to you that you are much loved and watched by the Vietnamese community here in the US.

    I have been bugging my distributor about getting your next movie translated.

    I am delighted to hear him say today that Dr. Champ will be translated and distributed in 2-3 months.

    May I highly recommend the same Vietnamese voice actors and actresses for Loving You a Million Times. They did the most excellent job in the translation.

    My contact is [email protected]

    Stay healthy and happy.

    co tam

  82. 82 : tamilee Says:

    Dear Gyu Woon,

    I am happy to report to you that I recommend Loving You a Thousand Times to everyone I meet every day.

    I recommended your movie to the hairstylists (there are 10 of them in the beauty salon). Last week when I went back for a haircut, I was pleasantly surprised to hear they say that they all watched and loved your movie.

    The distributor told me that Dr. Champ will be translated into Vietnamese in 2-3 months. I am starting to tell people to watch out for this movie of yours.

    Stay as caring and loving as the roles you played in the movies.

  83. 83 : tamilee Says:

    Dear Gyu Woon,

    I just saw again the most charming, attractive and elegant lady that I would like to suggest she plays your mother in one of your movies in the near future.

    She is the wife of a chairman of a company that was going to invest in your brother’s real estate project. She is the one your brother told his wife that he gave the second necklace to (when in fact he gave it to his mistress). At one of the meetings of the wives of successful executives, she was sitting across from your sister-in-law,
    wearing a pokka dot outfit with simple but elegant matching earings and necklace.

    This episode was right after you got upset with your step mother, you went to see your girl friend asking her to marry you.

    A couple days ago, I saw her for a couple second in another movie at my neighbor’s. In this same movie (I do not know the name of the movie as I saw it for just a couple minutes), I also saw your assistant in Loving You a Million Times, the one who played MC in your wedding. But his make-up in this movie is too much and aweful.

    I like this lady a lot more than all the mother and step mothers in Again My Love and Loving You A Million Times.

    I hope she does not play a bad role when she has to be bad, mean or ugly. If you have a role of a great, affectionate and loving mother, I believe, she would portray that role perfectly.

    Come to think of it, in the last 2 movies that were translated into Vietnamese, you never had a good mother. I do hope and believe in real life, you do have a good, loving and affectionate mother.

    Be as good in real life as you are in the movies I’ve seen.

  84. 84 : tamilee Says:

    Dear Gyu Woon,

    After watching the 6-minute episode of “Dr. Champ” in your website,
    I am so appreciative and thankful that someone discovered the gentle, kind, loving and affectionate side of you in “Again, My Love” and “Loving You a Million Times.”

    Please extend my “Thousands of Thanks” to the director who discovered THE LOVING YOU, THE MOST BEAUTIFUL YOU!!!’

    I hope to see your future roles as kind, as gentle, as loving and as affectionate as in Loving You a Million Times.

  85. 85 : tamilee Says:


    May I share with you a little secret: One of the best things that the-love-of-your-life would love to receive from you is the kind of hugs Jung Gyu Woon gives his girlfriend/wife in Loving You A Thousand Times!

    Watch Jung Gyu Woon’s most affectionate hugs to his girl-friend/wife, the very best hugs any woman ever wants!

    Watch him whenever he hugs his girlfriend/wife: he leans forward and downward to have his chin touch her shoulder and hugs her tight and close!

    P.S. Gyu Woon, Be sure to stretch your head and shoulders as far backward as you can to compensate for ALL the times you lean your head forward and downward to hug your on-screen

    As this gesture, together with gravity, may reverse the natural curve of your neck. If I am confusing, check with your chiropractor.

    After the second time that I had watched you in Loving You A Thousand Times, dozens of times afterwards, I started noticing minor details such as the curve of your neck: Show your chiropractor this scene:

    After telling your ex-wife “not to be so touched” with the dozens of bouquets of roses you had ordered to be delivered to her appartment while you two were out walking, just as you were leaving her bathroom to bring out lunch/dinner you had prepared, that’s when I noticed the curve of your neck that was not covered by a winter coat. I noticed that the natural curve of your neck might have been adversely affected by your frequent and most affectionate hugs

    Take good care of your health and the-love-of-your-life.

  86. 86 : Tsering Ukyab Says:

    jung gyu woon,
    you are an awesome actor. fell in love with your character in Dr. champ. hope you are the same kind of person in real life too. I’ll be waiting to see u in other dramas too. good luck! fighting!

  87. 87 : KDrama : Dr. Champ « Asianfansclub Says:

    […] So Yeon as Kim Yeon Woo Uhm Tae Woong as Lee Do Wook Jung Gyu Woon as Park Ji Heon Cha Ye Ryun as Kang Hee Young Ma Dong Suk as Oh Jung Dae Jung Suk Won as Yoo Sang […]

  88. 88 : tamilee Says:

    Dear Gyu Woon,
    Just want to let you know that you became so popular among the Vietnamese Americans here that your Loving You A Thousand Times got played 3 times a day on SET57.4.

  89. 89 : tamilee Says:

    Dear Gyu Woon,

    I pray that peace will come to your country.

    Like the young lady you fell in love with in Loving You A Million Times, I am not religious. This is the first time I am praying for peace for your country, that the North and South Korea will re-unite and live happily as one nation.

    To everyone who loves Gyu Woon, I beg you all to pray for peace for his country.

  90. 90 : judy Says:

    Dear Gyu Woon,

    You’re my favorite actor. I wish your health and safe when the war going on between your North and South Korean.
    Sorry for hear this.
    You’re amazing actor. Keep up the good job. Can’t wait to see your next drama. I love all your drama.
    I also wrote a book contribute to you. Hope one day my book can turn into a movie. I’ll definite cast you.
    Love and support always,
    Your fan

  91. 91 : Jeena Says:

    Vote for our Best Korean Drama of 2010 – http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=5818

  92. 92 : luna Says:


  93. 93 : Sign | Kpop Entertainment Says:

    […] Shin Yang as Yoon Ji Hoon Kim Ah Joong as Go Da Kyung Uhm Ji Won as Jung Woo Jin Jung Gyu Woon as Choi Yi Han Jun Kwang Ryul Moon Chun Shik Jang Hyun Sung Ahn Moon […]

  94. 94 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Jyu Woon,

    Merry Christmas to you!

    I wish lasting peace for your country!

    That you stay healthy and happy!


  95. 95 : via Says:

    I have seen most of your drama ; woman of the sun, loving you a thousand time, hatefull but once again, and the last Dr. Champ. I don’t know how to describe, I think you just amazing, Your acting maybe not be the best, but you can blow my mind, i think you have a great personality, I hope so.. or maybe you just my type.. LOL 😉
    I will definitely watch your other project and it will be THE SIGN right?
    Just keep up the good work and keep low profile, love you Gyu won siii…

  96. 96 : [News - KDrama] Upcoming Dramas for January 2011 « Welcome To Happy's World! Says:

    […] Shin Yang as Yoon Ji Hoon Kim Ah Joong as Go Da Kyung Uhm Ji Won as Jung Woo Jin Jung Gyu Woon as Choi Yi Han Jun Kwang Ryul Moon Chun Shik Jang Hyun Sung Ahn Moon Sook Supernova […]

  97. 97 : tam lee Says:

    To Everyone in The World,

    Just so you know how great Gyu Woon is as a loving husband, I have given a copy of Loving You A Million Times to each and every one of my nieces, nephews, brothers and sisters, as well as dear friends and advised them to let their boyfriends, girlfriends, husband, or wives… watch how affectionate and loving Gyu Woon is…that they all should watch it, then keep it on their night stand, handdy to watch it again every time they feel the need.

    Just so you all know how great that love story, I cannot count how many times I watched it. From the third time, I fast forwarded everything else and watched only the scenes that have Gyu Woon on them. He is so cute, so handsome, so affectionate, so darling… His hair style is most beautiful in Again My Love. I hope he will get back to that hair style in some future movies. I believe “action” movie such as Dr. Champ may be good for his health, but I only want to watch him in a love story.

    Dear Gyu Woon, How many love stories can you be in??? I will buy as many love stories as you are in and play the main charactor.

    Wish you health and happiness with a life with the love-of-your-life. co tam

  98. 98 : OK OK OK Says:

    Gyu Woon ssi

    I have watched you in Dr Champ. At first I wanted Uhm Tae Woong to be with lead actress. But i find you getting cuter & cuter. You are very healthy & positive. You deserve to win her love.

    Now watching SIGN – you acted well for your role. You are very cute – bluffing the ladies how you miss them or how beautiful they are while searching for more info… for your crime case ….. haha …. 🙂 🙂

    Will watch your other drama if got the time. Love you a thousand times 🙂

  99. 99 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Gyu Woon,

    I just watched again the episode where your brother asked you to join him for a drink and talk. Tears rolling down my eyes watching the brotherly love, the understanding. I was happy that your brother finally understood the pain you had gone through and that you would have his love, understanding and support.

    I am concerned about one thing: there is so much drinking in the movie; whenever any of you face a difficult time, suffer a pain, you hit the bottle.

    Sine your fans love you so much and will emulate or copy what you do. I am afraid they will run for the bottle whenever they face difficulty or pain…

    Can the script call for you to go for a walk and talk with a close friend, relieve your pain through some sport…,

    Remember you are a great model for generations to emulate…

    From now on, i just decided I will give away your movie “Loving you a million times” as a gift for all occasions whether it’s birthday, Christmas, Anniversaries, engagement, marriage…or for no occation, simply because I care for that person… with this note:

    If the receiver is a female: “If you would like to receive great love from your man, have him watch and learn from Jung Gyu Woon in this movie.”

    If the receiver is a man: “If you would like to know how to get to the heart of the lady you love, learn from Jung Gyu Woon how he gives affection and love to his lady…”

    Best wishes to you and peace for your country. Co Tam

  100. 100 : tam lee Says:


    Dear Gyu Woon,

    I just saw the last episode of Loving You A Million Times where you and your wife hurried through your dinner in order to go to the beach watching the moon and running on the sand. Seeing you rushing through your meal without chewing your food prompted me to write to you.

    My friend said that statement came from a Japanese health professional.

    Now, it’s confirmed by Dr. Hiromi Shinya, one of the world top ten gastroenterologists. In his book “Enzyme Factor,” Dr. Shinya advised: “do not talk while you eat. Have small bite and chew between 75-100 times till it becomes liquid before swallowing. Do not drink during your meal. If you are thirsty during the meal, drink soup instead. Even with soup or juice or water, chew it also, (that’s why it’s called “eat your drink”) so that you have saliva mixed in with the liquid…”

    That’s why the statement “Drink your food, eat your drink.”

    I am sure you can find the “Enzyme Factor” in your book store. I do hope you will get a copy of it. By the way, I have NO affiliation with Dr. Shinya.

    Take good care of your health.

    P.S. How many good love stories are there for you to play in???
    I will buy as many movies as you can play! I told my friends I would NEVER watch another movie by any other actor! I will just keep on watching over and over your “Loving You A Million Times.”

    Especially, NEVER drink soda of any kind. Soda is most acidic. It takes 32 cups of soda to alkalize 1 cup of soda! The acidity in the soda will cause cancer. Children as young as 3 years old are already given soda! That’s why so many children nowadays get cancer!

  101. 101 : wilma Says:

    indeed another goodlooking guy…..
    its my first time to see you in dr.champ….
    and by then I really liked you….
    I like the body just right not overy buff….sexy!!!!!
    aja aja fighting c:

  102. 102 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Gyu Woon,

    Everyday, I just have to watch a couple of my favorite sceenes with you in them: your gentleness, your kindness, your consideration, your devotion to your ex-wife ridden with stomach cancer, your unwavering love for her… just watching you inspire me.

  103. 103 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Gyu Woon,

    If, in real life, you are as considerate, as affectionate, as loving as the you in Loving You A Million Times, who is loved by you is the luckiest lady on earth.

    I do hope, in real life, your girl friend is as loving as you are.

    Best wishes. co tam

  104. 104 : tam lee Says:

    My dear Gyu Woon,

    I have watched you in Loving You A Million Times dozens of times. Every time I get to where your wife was diagnosed with cancer, I feel compelled to share with you what I recently learned: it’s the worst thing to drink soda, any kind of soda, which is the main cause for cancer. It takes 32 cups of alkaline water to neutralize 1 cup of soda! Your body need to be 7.3 alkaline to be healthy. I noticed that your little nephew were given french fries and soda by your wife, his birth mother.

    Liquor is the next worst thing. I am also a little concerned that, in the movie, you drink a little too much while you are upset and depressed finding out that your mother was just a step mother.

    Your wife is too young to get cancer. I also learned that children as old as 14 and younger got cancer! That’s because all of the sodas they were given since 3 years old!

    The MD who received a Nobel Prize for his discovery in medicine. He said that “acidity is the root cause of cancer.” I will send you his name as soon as I find the material about him so you can look him up.

    Since you are loved and idealized by millions of audience in the world, I am afraid many of them may emulate you. I hope in real life, you do not drink soda nor liquor, as I wish for you to be as healthy, as happy as you are handsome, talented and charismatic.

  105. 105 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Gyu Woon,

    I just now remember the Doctor’s name: It’s Dr. Otto Warburg. you can google him and read what he said about the cause of cancer. co tam

  106. 106 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Gyu Woon,

    You and your wife in Loving You a Million Times portray Koreans most favorably.

    You, in the great role in the two great movies, Again My Love and Loving You A Million Times, made me like Koreans a lot more. Thank you.

  107. 107 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Gyu Woon,

    I had thought about wanting to watch more of love stories with you as the main charactor.

    But it probably takes years to come across a good love storiy. Besides, I am just happy to watch you over and over again in LYTT. A couple times a day, whenever I need a break from too much work or too much thinking, all I need to do is to watch a couple of my favorite apesodes in LYTT, or course, only the episodes with you in them.

    Please stay with the good charactor role. I hope you never take a bad role like the role of your sister-in-law. I must admit, she is a great actor: when she was happy, she was nice and lovable; when she was angy, she was so vengeful, mean and ugly. Her ugliness in the movie was so real that I do not want to associate with her in real life. Your producer is great in picking out the right person with the right features to play the ugly role so well.

  108. 108 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Gyu Woon,

    I just finish watching this: at your second time in court to sign your divorce paper, after saying good-bye to your now-ex, you sadly walk away,
    the most beautiful walk I have ever seen, sad but beautiful. As tears come to my eyes, I keep rewinding it several times to watch it again.

  109. 109 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Gyu Woon,

    The purpose of this email is to ask for your business address (as I do not know how to look it up on the internet) so I may send you a little gift, little but most special, that will surely help you stay healthy for many decades so you can continuously make the most beautiful love stories for all the world to watch and all the men and women to learn from you how to give their loved ones great affection and love.

    Even though your wife in the movie got treatment and has been in remission for 2 years, with this little gift, her cancer will never come back so that you two will live happily till the day you both shall die. Actually, if she got this gift some 3 years ago, cancer or any other diseases could have never invade her body.

    As hard as she tried to chase you away so she would not be a burden to you, she must love you very deeply, so deeply that while in excruciating pain, she made the call you you seconds before she fainted while her parents were sleeping next door… After visiting your brother asking him to help you, to convince your father and grandmother to let you stay beside your wife, you went back to the hospital.. As you opened the door to her hospital room, you must be very happy to hear her confide in her step- mother that she did not want to die as she did not want to leave her dad and you behind, that she loved you… She must love you so much that she got your name in the same breath with her beloved dad, the dad she risked her life, her reputation, her future happiness to be a surorage mother to earn enough money for the operation to save his life… As you lean against the wall, your eyes are redden with tears, you are quiety happy with what you just heard. Your eyes are always beautiful, but they are most beautiful at that moment, the moment you lean against the hospital room.

    Your eyes say so many things and many feelings. I am glad your director got the camera zoom into your eyes.

    If you would be kind enough to have your office email me your office email address, I will be more than happy to give you all the scientific data about this little gift. You know your office has my email address.

    I must get ready for work. Hope to hear from your office soon.

  110. 110 : tam lee Says:

    Happy New Year!

  111. 111 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 104 Tam Lee

    I like your message here about what causes cancer. I better stop drinking Coke too because recently I have been drinking a can a day because of Chinese Lunar New Year.

    I hv not watch LYATTimes bcoz is a sad drama – must cry alot right. I started to like lead actor Jung Gyu Woon after watching him in Dr Champ & Sign.

  112. 112 : via Says:

    @Tam lee.. you should watch Dr. Champ too, he is very sweet towards the Lady Doctor, he’s adorably in love with her, and try everything to make her happy, as he always get turn down at the beginning.. and finally she response him and loves him back.. there are many cute scene in Dr. Champ, such when Gyu won went inside the Doctor house, and make her a noodle and then all the hot noodle suddenly falling and drop to him hahahaha.. thats a very funny scene, he is then get naked (only wearing a towel) in front of lady doctor, because all his clothes is wet and dirty,oohhh boy.. you should see his body, i am drolling watching his body, just wanna him to hug me, must be very comfortable around him. Another great scene is when he is in the hospital and he wants to thank her and buy her dinner but don’t have his clothes because he went to hospital wearing his judo suit, he then borrowed other patient clothes, and turn out there is a condom inside his pants pocket (which is not his pants actual), she definitely get the wrong idea about him, and he is trying to explain that it wasn’t his pants and he’s borrowed it from other patient but she wont believe him. And he finally end up getting angry with the patient about why he keeps condom inside his pocket, hahahaha… Just try watching Dr. Champ, you will even more love him..

  113. 113 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Via,

    Thank you for writing and for telling me about Dr. Champ.

    I love Gyu Woon so much in Loving You a Thousand Times and will be just as happy watching him over and over again in LYTT. I was afraid that if I watch his other movies, I may not like him that much. I saw a few episodes of Dr. Champ on the internet, did not like his short hair at all, was afraid the fights in marshal art may turn me off. I just did not want to watch the “brutal” sign of Guy Woon, even if it’s just acting, even though he said it’s good exercise for him.

    I recently gave a copy of LYTT to my youngest nephew as pne of the wedding gifts so he can learn from Gyu Woon how to give the best and warmest hugs to his wife the way Guy Woon did in LYTT as well as in Again, My Love . But on second thought, I stopped giving it to others for fear of the oriental superstition that one of them may get cancer like Guy Woon’s wife got stomach cancer.

    After a few short scenes of Dr. Champ on the internet, I stopped hoping to watch any more of Guy Woon’s great love stories. I figure it may take years before Guy Woon another great love story comes along.

    Anyway, thanks again for writing. Are you Korean and live in Seoul, near Gyu Woon?

  114. 114 : tam lee Says:

    Dear OK,

    I have not been back to Gyu Woon’s website since Luna New Year, just yesterday to write a short email to Gyu Woon and to respond to Via.

    I am glad my email regarding “soda and cancer” helped at least 1 of Gyu Woon’s fans. Sodas of all kinds are most acidic and is one of the foods that causes cancer.” Babies as young as 3 years old are given sodas. They grow up with sodas. They are fed with sodas for lunch and dinner. That’s why young teens nowadays already get cancer! Hope Gyu Woon will not feed his real life children with soda and that he himself will not drink soda either as I do hope he will have a long, healthy and happy life.

    Hope you look into this and share with all the people you come in contact.
    You may want to google Dr. Otto Warburg, MD, the Nobel Prize winner because of his discovery: “Acidity is the root cause of cancer. To cure cancer, one need to alkalize your body…”

    Hope you share what you find so that fans of Gyu Woon will be more aware of “the root cause of cancer.”

    If you watch LYTT, you will see that Gyu Woon’s screen wife feed his 3 year old nephew with french fries and soda! Both are the worst for your health:
    it takes 1 cup of alkaline water at 9.5 Ph to neutralize 1 cup of soda; french fries are made with potatoes deep-fried in oil that has been boiling hot for hours which is also cancer causing! So children as young as Gyu Woon’s 3 year old nephew are loaded with cancer-causing food such as french fries and sodas! That’s why by the time they grow up to be young teens, they get cancer!

    I am very glad to see that Gyu Woon’s fans read my emails to him. I am very doubtful that Gyu Woon has the time to read them. But I just write what inspires me. Gyu Woon is the first actor who inspired me.

  115. 115 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Gyu Woon,

    I guest you heard enough from everyone who tells you that you do everything beautifully.

    You walk beautifully: like you walk away after signing the devorce papers. Just look at your back as you walk away, beautifully, graciously but sadly.

    You dance beautifully: with your school mate and the girl who had one-sided love toward you. Even with just a couple casual movements of your arms…

    You ski beautifully, teaching your wife how to ski.

    You throw rocks beautifully, with the rocks hopping across the surface of the water instead of sinking down to the bottom. I never saw anyone do such a beautiful thing.

    You also run beautifully: once in Again, My Love, you run after a guy who slealingly took pictures of the girl you were attracted to. In LYTT, you run beautifully to see your mother in the hospital.

    I wonder what else you do beautifully that I have not yet seen in those 2 movies.

    What else can one expects from a handsome model?

  116. 116 : tam lee Says:


    In my letter to OK, I wrote “It takes 1 cup of alkaline water to neutralize 1 cup of soda” BIG MISTAKE! It takes 32 cups of alkaline water to neutralize 1 cup of soda.

  117. 117 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Gyu Woon,

    I just have to express my strong dislike toward your sister-in-law in LYTT.

    I have been watching again LYTT. I just got to the scene when your sister-in-law’s meanness and ugliness stirred such a strong dislike toward her that I had to stop to write to you.

    Your sister-in-law just told your mother that she could not stand to see your wife in the same house for one more second after your mother told your her that she had agreed to let your wife stay pass your birthday.

    All members of your family, including your grand monther, your father, your mother, your brother and his wife should all have a life-long gratitude toward both you and your wife: you saved the company from bankruptcy, your wife carried your brother’s child which not only guarantees his inheritance, but also helps assure your sister-in-law of her good standing in her marriage.

    They should all bury the deep dark secret of your wife-the-surrogate mother and love her even more, the same way they hid the fact that you were an illegitimate child and love you just the same.

    You and your wife save everything that they hold dear, yet they all turned against your wife.

    I must admit I do not understand your custom.

    At least you know that your step-mother loves you both deeply in her sub-consciousness that’s why in her dimencia, while she does not remember anyone else, even her own flesh-and-blood son, she recognized you both and was happy to see you both.

    It seems to be a big injustice: your sister-in-law did nothing worthwhile yet she got everything: a rich life with a husband and a beautiful child (while she could have been divorced for being childless) and your wife who has sacrificed all her life ends up with a life-threatening disease.

    Maybe the story is trying to tell the audience that “There is always something good from a mifortune” or like what you told your future wife when you tried to console her, after she fainted in front of you, that “If life mistreats you, you should not feel angry nor disappointed. When one door is closed to you, there will be other doors open to you…”

    Your birth mother’s dying in loneliness made you want to be by your wife’s bedside till the end of her life which turns out to be a blessing for both of you: you both are free to enjoy your life and your love without the constrain and the conflicts with your sister-in-law. You two are free at last to enjoy your love and your life – alone – together, just like you wished to do right after your wedding.

    I am glad, at least, your brother showed understanding, gratidute and support toward you both.

    I wish the rest of your family, especially your sister-in-law-, would express the same toward your wife:

    1) understanding of her surrogating, a great sacrifice for her father
    2) gratidute toward both of you
    3) loving tender care toward her illness

    Best wishes to you, that you share a great love and that the love-of-your life does not get sticken with a life-threatening disease.

  118. 118 : sorok Says:

    dear gyu woon,

    i agree with tam lee about you. i am greatly pleased with your role in LYTT. you have everything good in your character. i really hope to see more of you in many dramas. keep aiming for the best.there is always room to improve in every character you portray. stay good like in your roles, for you will endear your character to millions of audiences all over the world. and, to us your fans, we will all love you even more than a thousand times. Take care. God bless you.

  119. 119 : marth Says:

    dear gyu woon,

    I am sorry to say this but I really hate you in a “Happy Woman”. It’s airing here in the Philippines Sat &Sun evenings.

    Your high school classmate is one hell of a slut. She has no sense of decency whatsoever. You and your other classmates are all just as immoral. You keep your wife while philandering with that bitch.

    I wonder how you are in real life. I pray you are nowhere near the character you play because I admire you a lot in other dramas where you starred.

    I hope you get caught soon and your wife (Jiyeon) dump you while you are still in love with her, so you would suffer the pain of your own betrayal. The nerve of your mistress to go to your house and barge into your bedroom. How ill-mannered. Isn’t it impolite to do that? And, you are a fool for allowing yourself to be tricked into bed by that ugly slut.

    I saw the teaser for next week, and you were coming out of a motel with the other woman. So, you are no longer under the treachery of that vixen but a willing participant to the infidelity. I really want to see you get caught red handed by the woman you love. You look foolish running at the beck and call of your mistress.

    I hope you don’t get this type of roles ever again. I am carried away by my emotions over cheating husbands.

    Stay sane despite the temptations.

    Peace. God bless you.

  120. 120 : nina nguyen Says:

    Hi Jung gyu Woon!

    You had become one of my instant hit, never i would be this crazy watchin Korean drammas, long series is never had been in my dictionary but ever since i watch the your 1st movie call Loving You10 thos times. I juz so fall inlove w/ur characters, but i really hope in real life ur the same character as well. Believe it or not i had watched all of ur movie up to date even the movie call Signs. I was watching the movie call “Blissful Women” but unfortunatly i can only watch ’til episo 20, so can u tell me where can i continuous watching it with what website? Im so desperately wanted to know the ending even though you play a very bad role in there but i still want to every scenes your are in. Cant really explain how crazy i am about you, the way u look, the way u act no woder what can one expect from a handsome models! Im really hope that you will email me back very soon!

  121. 121 : sorok Says:

    Dear Gyu Woon,

    I had the same feeling with Marth when I was watching A Happy Woman years back. I was particularly angry with you and your high school female classmate who had no sense of morality at all, more so, with your male friends who engineered the rift between you and your wife. They pushed you to commit an immoral act. One, by bringing that woman to your house, along with several other instances there were. Not a word from them was ever said to stop your mistress from her indecent proposals, as she was careless as to whoever heard her.

    She had no qualms of losing her virginity to someone she took fancy with. And so, it is not unimaginable that even when she gets married she will jump at the first opportunity to commit adultery with someone she likes. Would you ever like that for a wife? Her classmates, including you, are a bunch of nitwits who run at her biddings. Are Korean men such?

    I can’t say more, as I might preempt the viewing pleasures of those who had not watched the drama yet.

    I would also like to comment on the fashion sense of the women in this drama. How unlikely, especially your wife and your mistress. But, was that enough for you to cheat on her? I think the the woman who played your mom is the best dressed among the ladies and of course you for the male. Who could ever beat you? I really like to look at people who can dress-up well, and carry themselves comfortably with whatever they are wearing. I think this is one of the reasons why I like you a lot. You stand out in the crowd of well-dressed people.

    Keep it up. Until then.

    God bless you.

  122. 122 : marth Says:

    Dear Gyu Woon,

    I hope to watch LYTT one of these days too. I am still following A Happy Woman.

    You see Sorok agrees with me on having the same feeling that your unfaithful character elicits. Anyhow, you can live the good side of Junho, not the cheating one.

    By the way, you are a great model. You scale the cat walk with ease. Do you really read these messages? I hope you do because we like you. If you don’t just tell us so we won’t waste time following you. We can just keep our admiration to ourselves silently.

    Take care.

  123. 123 : via Says:

    Hi Tam Lee.. I am sorry I just reply you now.. Its because I am so busy and got hooked up with another Korean drama, hehe..
    I am from Indonesia, here we are everyone in my country is in Korean wave as well as any other country I suppose.. and we are far away from Korea, but i would like to go to Korea someday.. but i guess i wouldn’t get the chances to see all my favourite Korean actor or actress in KOrea, they must be so hard to find in public area..
    You know, I have the same feeling when I watched Korean Drama Winter Sonata for the first time, I don’t want to watch any other drama of Bae yong Jun and Choi ji woo because I am affraid that I would ruined their perfect image as a perfect couple and I believed the story of this drama is true and hope they will end up as real couple in life.. but then i’ve try to watch any other drama’s and bit by bit I am now understand that a drama isn’t refering to real life, but it will be great if the couple will end up together.. sighhh… I still really want the couple BYJ and CJW will end up together… but i learn to accept that in real life is different with a story in the drama they play.
    At first I choice not to watch drama that the actor already married because it will ruin the opportunity of the lead actor and actress for getting their chemistry, but I was wrong, because it turn out they as good as they who still single, even better. I will give you exampes: Cha seung won in City Hall, Jang Hyuk in Thank You&Chuno, Park Shin Yang in Lovers in Paris&Sign, Kwo sang woo in Daemul etc, Ji jin hee in The man who can get married&Dong Yi, and many other korean actors.

  124. 124 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Gyu Woon,

    This is one of my most favorite pictures of yours in LYTT:

    It’s the morning after your wedding night in LYTT.

    You two were still in bed. Your wife looked at you, happy tears rolled down her cheeks!

    Still sleeping, you look so content, so peaceful and so very handsome!

  125. 125 : marth Says:

    dear gyu woon,

    i may sound cruel, but i am happy that your wife is giving you a hard time in A Happy Woman. it feels good for a viewer like me to see you suffer as a consequence of your womanizing. good for you. peace. this is just a reaction to your character.

  126. 126 : pie Says:

    Dear jung gyu woon,,,,,

    i watch u at loving you,, you are so goodlocking,, and i really liked you.,,,
    and dr . champ … wooowww… sexy..

    you are my favorite character (gentleness, kindness)

    i wish all the best for you….

  127. 127 : quicktime player download Says:

    Hi buddy, your blog’s design is simple and clean and i like it. Your blog posts are superb. Please thick them following. Greets!

  128. 128 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Guy Woon,
    I just watch Dr. Kamp. You gain so much weight in Dr. Kamp that you lost most of your charisma.

    I do hope you get back to your most ideal weight in LYTT and your charisma back.

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  132. 132 : tam lee Says:

    Dear Gyu Woon,

    In Loving You A Million Times you consoled the coworker whom you fell in love with, the day after she fainted, who later became your wife that “when a door is closed to you, other doors will be open to you.” Sure enough, in Dr. Chanmp, the door to judo is closed to your deer friend who became paralysed, the door to love is open to him when he found love with a beautiful nurse in the hospital!

    I am glad that the crippled medical director was there to use his misfortune to pull you and your friend’s out of yours and your friend’s misfortune so that you two will stay best friends for life.

  133. 133 : tam lee Says:

    To the Directors of Gyu Woon

    Dear Sirs,

    May I say I would love to see Guy Woon’s:

    1) Best hair style in Again My Love, or sedond best is in Loving You A Million Times.
    2) His ideal weight in above 2 movies as his heavier weight in Dr. Champ seems to erase most of his charm and charisma

    I look forward to seeing Gyu Woon again in future movies with his complete and total charm and charisma.

    Respectfully yours,

    tami lee

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  136. 136 : someone adore you Says:

    So cute..you really my man especially when you do Judo part…so manly :p
    when i see that judo uniform open..i see your six pack smokin’ hot beyb…
    so in love with you in dr.champ!!

  137. 137 : josephine wong Says:

    Hi everyone here who loves Jung Gyu Woon

    I’ve just scrolled through the 136 messages and can’t help me amused by all the messages of adorations and love especially from Ms Tam Lee.
    I am happy to inform that I also fell for him like a ton of bricks after seeing LYATT, my 3rd but 1st korean melodrama. He was really perfect in looks, sex appeal, figure and screen character. Since then I have seen most of his tv dramas except for the film Shigan. Yesterday I accidentaly caught him in the program “Happy Together” which I normally switch off after the 9 pm show which was “Romance Town” Gyu Woon’s newest drama. His complexion was fantastic compared to the rest of the men in the show. Pinkish fair and not just whitish or beigy fair.

  138. 138 : MehrBanoo Says:

    A fan from IRAN…be succes

  139. 139 : Kdlover Says:

    You are very good looking and talented.

  140. 140 : undari Says:

    love u gyu woon
    i’ll really like a drama korea “loving u a thousand time”, its a good drama.
    are u singing too
    fans of indonesia

  141. 141 : Wen Says:

    Just wondering has he served his army duty?

  142. 142 : ard Says:

    dear gyu woon,

    you are very lucky, the roles you play make you very adorable to the audience especially your role in LYTT. Maybe your role in this drama as Kang Ho will leave a mark in the hearts of the audiences from different parts of the world. The man who is not only Eunim’s husband and hero, but the man every woman woman would like to take home for a husband to be the father of her children. i think you have proven your worth in acting. Although you still have to work hard to gain perfection, you can play different roles. you are best at playing the rich and kind guy roles, like a repentant infidel and a doting father, a sport personality, a comic detective and more. i hope you will be starred in more dramas even in the coming years when you have reached middle age.

  143. 143 : aimee Says:

    omg your your really cute guy and i cnt believe we have d same age ^_^ can i be your girlfriend oppa

    omg your really so cute and i hope i could see you in real and i cant believe we had same age i hope you dont mind can i be your girlfriend oppa ^_^

    i hope you could visit here in manila phillipines coz i really do wanna see you please please please…

    i wish you could visit here in manila philipines coz id like to see you in person please could you visit here in my country please please please

  144. 144 : anggi Says:

    hai….i like u.u have something to made me like you:D
    you have good body.;)

  145. 145 : kagnarith lim Says:

    i want to see more your show with go eun nim in other movie… i really like Loving you a thousand time…it’s a good movie…

  146. 146 : LapinCarrot Says:

    wait… Birthdate: 1982-Jun-28, Star Sign: Virgo…???????
    you kidding!
    it should be Cancer, right..??

  147. 147 : admin Says:

    @ LapinCarrot,

    Thanks for inform us. we already make correction for it.

  148. 148 : tamilee Says:

    Just want to say hi. It’s been a while since I wrote.

  149. 149 : ard Says:

    when is your new drama due to screen? you are greatly missed. take care.

  150. 150 : marlon Says:

    @ard… i think his new drama will be air next year by january or february at sbs… it is entitled the history of a businessman.

  151. 151 : arie Says:

    verry cool in dr.champ….

  152. 152 : Eugene Says:

    I like you so much in Blissful Woman.

  153. 153 : Kim Suki Hyeona Says:

    i like you jyung gyu woon ,,, because ,,, i dont like but i like youu !!!

  154. 154 : Kim Suki Hyeona Says:

    ooppa i love you

  155. 155 : chu Says:

    I’d watched all of gyu won’s drama. And waiting for his new dramas.
    Hay! I always want to see you as a Leader actor! You always do the best.

  156. 156 : leila from iran Says:

    hi my dear
    you are sooooooooooo beautifull
    i wana kisssssssssssssss you

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  158. 158 : NASIM FROM IRAN Says:

    aniyo oppa nan nomo nomo pogo shiposo.i am so happy because you watched in drama.I always see you as a oppa! saran he yo my kyu woon Take Care.

  159. 159 : Shwe Lu Says:

    You are not handsome but looks so cute. I like you acting very much.
    Hope you will visit to Myanmar one day………………………

  160. 160 : nia Says:

    jung gyu won…im love u!!!!!!!!

  161. 161 : shayan Says:

    love you

  162. 162 : february Says:

    u r so active.i want to watch ur much more dramas.

  163. 163 : lilet Says:

    I like ur love you a thousand times.. its a nice drama and I like ur acting.
    You are so very cute and handsome..belated happy birthday and god bless

  164. 164 : lou8 Says:

    belated happy birthday…..

  165. 165 : Peyutnduy Says:

    I didn’t see him in Take care of us, Captain….

  166. 166 : novievasquez Says:

    Oppa saranghae

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  168. 168 : Lucy Liu Says:

    Big mistake of him to Bevin that stupid drama Romance Town. I bet he hated doing it once he figured out how bad it was!

  169. 169 : lucia21 Says:

    imi place sa te urmaresc in ce joci ..,esti MARE

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  171. 171 : Anne Says:

    I would rather kiss you than Rain. Sarangee oppaya. 🙂

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  176. 176 : SELLY ZIMBABWE Says:




  177. 177 : Sandy Says:

    He is such a handsome man…broad chest and dresses so elegant!! I love when he wars his black turtle neck shirts!!! A very classy Korean actor!!

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    […] Ji Sub as Kim Young Ho Shin Min Ah as Kang Joo Eun Jung Gyu Woon as Im Woo Shik Yoo In Young as Oh Soo […]

  180. 180 : Korean Drama Review 14 days | Drama and Show Reviews & Recommendations Says:

    […] Kim Soo Hyun, Cho Seung Woo as Ki Dong Chan, Kim Tae Woo as Han Ji Hoon (Soo Hyun’s husband), Jung Gyu Woon as Hyun Woo Jin, Kim Yoo Bin as Han Saet Byul (Soo Hyun’s […]

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