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Jung Kyung Ho (1983)

Jung Kyung Ho 03

Name: 정경호 / Jung Kyung Ho
Also known as: Choung Kyung Ho
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1983-Aug-31
Birthplace: South Korea
Height: 184cm
Weight: 73kg
Star sign: Virgo
Blood type: B
Blood type: Father (PD, Producer) Jung Eul Young
Talent agency: SidusHQ
Education: Joong Ang University

TV Series

Hospital Playlist 2 (tvN, 2021)
Hospital Playlist (tvN, 2020)
Crash Landing on You (tvN, 2019)
When The Devil Calls Your Name (tvN, 2019)
Touch Your Heart (tvN, 2019)
Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter (tvN, 2018)
Life on Mars (OCN, 2018)
Wise Prison Life (tvN, 2017)
Missing Nine (MBC, 2017)
One More Happy Ending (MBC, 2016)
Because It’s the First Time (Onstyle, 2015)
Falling for Innocence (jTBC, 2015)
House Mate (MBC, 2014)
Endless Love (SBS, 2014)
Lee Sang (MBC, 2013)
After School Bokbulbok (NATE/Btv/Tstore/Hoppin, 2013)
Cruel City (jTBC, 2013)
The Great Gye Choon Bin (KBS2, 2010)
Road Number One (MBC, 2010) cameo
Smile, You (SBS, 2009)
Ja Myung Go (SBS, 2009)
Time Between Dog and Wolf (MBC, 2007)
My Sweetheart My Darling (KBS1, 2005)
Sorry I Love You (KBS2, 2004)
Sweet 18 (KBS2, 2004)
You’re Gonna Know (KBS, 2004)


Manhole (2014)
Roller Coaster (2013)
Runaway Turtle (2008)
Someone Dear Is Far Away (2008)
For Eternal Hearts (2007)
Herb (2007)
Gangster High (2006)
When Romance Meets Destiny / Kwangsik’s Brother Kwangtae (2005)
My Lovely Week (2005)


2017 MBC Drama Awards: Comic Character Award – Jung Kyung Ho (Missing 9)
2009 SBS Drama Awards: PD Award (Smile, You)

Related Photo

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  1. 1 : aNnA cArLa Says:

    My Gosh….your sooooo

    HandsOmE….& cute….^_^

    & a goOd ActoR….

  2. 2 : kyung Says:

    yucky *barf*

  3. 3 : sylvia Says:

    hii jung kyung ho….how you doing lately….well i gotta say that i love your acting in sorry i love you as choi yune…hehe…you are suitable to be choi yune…and you are soo cute…hehe..well good luck to you…i hope you’ll have a very successful career in korea or should i say in the whole wide world…good luck, choi yune..

  4. 4 : hLiwOo Says:

    you are so great!!!!!!!!! i am hoping to see your next drama. “The Person i Love” you’re sexy and fine!!!!!!!!!!! *DrOoLS*

  5. 5 : Naru Says:

    hi my name is Naraa. You monderfull Singer.

  6. 6 : Nanda Says:

    Hiii.. can u go to Indonesia like Lee Dong Wook??!! Your lovers in Indonesia is very much..

  7. 7 : nourhan Says:

    iam egyptian studing korean i watched “iam sorry i love you” you were perfect &you will be areally super star , wish you good luck

  8. 8 : nourhan Says:

    iam egyptian studing korean i watched “iam sorry i love you” you were perfect &you will be areally super star , wish you good luck & pls wish me doing well at koren

  9. 9 : dawn Says:

    sarang hae yo ~

    LOVE YA!

  10. 10 : deborah casTueras Says:

    This guy is sO cuTe.. i have crush On him.. Take care aLways.. hOpe yOu wiLL visiT phiLippines.. sarange..=)

  11. 11 : deborah casTueras Says:

    This guy is sO cuTe.. i have crush On him.. Take care aLways.. hOpe yOu wiLL visiT phiLippines.. sarange..=) mwaah

  12. 12 : minimi Says:

    jung kyung ho has trully achieved to be an actor. his superb acting has made him well known across the world.

    well i would like to sAy keep up the good work and all the best to jung kyung ho!!!!!

  13. 13 : Bae Yong-jun Says:

    I think I’m going to watch Time Between Dog and Wolf…’cause my Lee Jun-ki is inside!!

  14. 14 : minimi Says:

    well im a big fan of jung kyung ho and support all his movies. i think i will watch time between dog and wold because of him. dont get me wrong i think lee jun-ki is a spunk but jung kyung ho can act.

  15. 15 : trisha Says:

    hi..you know, i really love to see you on screen.i’ve just watch TIME BETWEEN DOG AND WOLF, and i realy love it. You are so cute.

    please do try have more movies for me to watch.

  16. 16 : WEI Says:

    you are a great actor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, hope u be more successful in the furture!!!!!!!!

  17. 17 : panyangbear Says:

    Yoona oppa! Min Gi oppa! Hahahaha, whatever! i love Jung Kyung Ho!

    Please make more action dramas and movies in the future and I’ll support you forever. =) Saranghe =)

  18. 18 : panyangbear Says:

    i love you! i love you! i love you! i never get bored watching you in Time Between Dog and Wolf! Your acting skills were awesome! I’ve known you as “Yoon Ah” because i first saw you in Im Sorry I Love You.. Yoonaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Yoonaaaaaaaaaaa! sarangheyo! sarangheyo Jung Kyung Ho! crazy LOL 🙂

  19. 19 : panyangbear Says:

    Yoonaaaaaaa, i really like you.. *sighs*
    super 🙂
    More power to you Jung Kyung Ho!
    I’ll be your fan for life, 🙂

  20. 20 : goldie Says:

    i just love you..hahaha…i love the way you punch and and hit bad kids in gangster high…and youre more adorable in time between dog and wolf…

  21. 21 : Ruth Violeta Aguayo Suárez Says:

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    당신은 아름다운 스타일
    적 수 있다고 생각하여 다음 이메일 – 메일 쓰기 무언가?
    [email protected]


  22. 22 : Yoon Says:

    Hello little gangster , I know you as a gangster high school boy . You look so young and good . You acted well as you included in any role of the play . I think you will have golden future . So keep trying on and you will gain world wide popularity .But luck and perseverance is needed to be successful .Needless to say that try hard .You always try your best .I believe that you will gain success some time and you will be popular in the world .

  23. 23 : Emily Says:

    Hello Jung , you are well-qualified actor . You can have beautiful future . Keep trying . Fighting! 😉

  24. 24 : Jade, US Says:

    I like him best in “Gangster High” and “Herb”. But after seeing him in, “When Romance Meets Destiny” and “Time Between Dog and Wolf”, I wonder if he is not type casted … always playing the charming, playboy. 🙁

    These roles are safe. He definitely charmed audience to love his characters.

    But it would be a shame if he is type casted. He might be a “Brad Pitt”, someone with diverse talent skills and not just a handsome face. I hope to see him in more diverse roles & challenging characters.

    Gambatte-o Jung Kyung-ho! 🙂

  25. 25 : faeriona Says:

    hey..hey…hello choi yune I’m fanclub you in Thailand. I’m very like you in I’m sorry I love you. you acting very good and so cute. I will always love you.

  26. 26 : A girl Says:

    wat the fuck u think he can see @@
    _ !!

  27. 27 : smileyac Says:

    Hi Kyung Ho

    You are great in Time between Dog and Wolf… you have a very sweet smile. Keep up the good acting … Hope to see more of you soon.

  28. 28 : kyung ho's fan Says:

    hi kyung ho..
    i’m your fan…i always watch in the time between dog and wolf and sorry i love you….a don’t know hat to says…i hope you will visit malaysian…you are so cute in sorry i love you…good luck!

  29. 29 : ryuk Says:

    hi i am u friend ! i love u because u so cute i so love u !! my phone all is u picture haha i so love u can u give me u h/p my h/p is 0149336368 pls call me o

  30. 30 : mimiko Says:

    annyong haseyo..~
    i’m ur fan from malaysia..
    i just watch ur drama..i’m sorry,i love u..
    ur acting is really good ne~

  31. 31 : MARSHMALLOW GIRL Says:

    Hi….jung kyung ho…i’m your fan..you’re very cute…you’re have a very sweet smile.you’re great in sorry i love you.can i ask you something?can i?can i get your e-mail?are you singer too?i hope you will visit my country,malaysian….bye

  32. 32 : mereb Says:

    i really loveyou iam mereb fromeritrea

  33. 33 : Sora Says:

    Love you guy ^^,,


  34. 34 : ahnyeong Says:

    hi jung kyung ho! 🙂 im so amazed in your acting skills. i just watched your movie titled gangster high. i love your character. it fitted you. i like your innocent face and your voice as well. hope you visit here in the philippines. 🙂

  35. 35 : ahnyeong Says:

    from then, i keep saving your pics and do more researching about your activities. well goodlluck on your next series, which will be air in february this year. wish more and more shows to come. 🙂

  36. 36 : nikolonian Says:

    Haha I don’t know why people think he will see this…
    but in case anyone cares…
    I’m currently watching his show ‘My Sweetheart, My Darling’ (Ke Ai De Ni) on CCTV 8 in China. Unfortunately it is dubbed into Chinese with Chinese subtitles too so I can’t hear the Korean language. But I like this show so much I want to buy the dvd with English subtitles.
    Cuz this guy is F-I-N-E! and hilarious to watch with his wife in their restaurant.
    A good show, I recommend it to anybody that likes him, altho his role in it is maybe not so much as others.

  37. 37 : AnG_Ghi3 Says:

    junhg kyung ho….. i like you

  38. 38 : Miki NOh Says:

    u r so great with sweetie smile. I like ur performance in Time between dog and wolf. Go ahead, young boy, excellent actor!

  39. 39 : anushka Says:


    u R sooooooooooooOoO coOl!

  40. 40 : BoRa Says:

    You are so great in Ja Myung Go. It seems like you have developed your acting skill. Also, you look pretty darn cute and charming in this historical drama ^^

    Keep up your good work, P’ Ho Dong ^^

  41. 41 : teafany Says:

    I love you in Princess Ja Myung

  42. 42 : teafany Says:

    i love you in Princess Ja Myung..Your acting skill is really good and i love your character so much..keep it up prince Ho Dong 🙂

  43. 43 : Rorigirl Says:

    I was not interested in Korean Drama nor movies till recently. I was surfing the channels and unexpectedly saw the previews of Princess Ja Myung. I am not one to criticize anyone in the art in acting… I’m sure your manager already knows that he/she has a gem of an actor-you have shown me (along with the other actors in this series) that Korean actors are to be respected-TOTALLY!

    I am now a Korean Drama addict…. and will be watching your TV series & movies- granted, your are handsome, but your acting is what got me hooked…….

  44. 44 : melanie Says:

    you’re the best!!!I love you ….i hope you have more teleseries and movies to come cuz you are a very good actor! you can act anything….very good actor!

  45. 45 : melanie Says:

    I wish i can always watch you everyday!!!!!!!!!!! I wish you luck and Keep acting good! you’re the Best!!!!! I Love You!!!!!!!!!!!Can you please have me your e-mail address? I’m a filipina and i love Korean teleseries and Korean movies with english subtitles, I can’t wait to buy the dvd of Princess Ja-myung….I Love to watch it! I was impressed to see a good korean actor like you! You can really act! Goodluck in your career!!!!

  46. 46 : melanie Says:

    HI Jung Kyung Ho,
    i’m so sad that the Princess Ja-myung will be the final tonite! I hate to see you die! in that teleseries!I wish to see your next teleseries or movies again. I can’t wait long……..Please have more………..I Love You!!!! Good Luck!

  47. 47 : melanie Says:

    it’s nice to see you back again in Smile You….You make me very happy to watch you again….you’re one of the BEST!!!!

  48. 48 : thara Says:

    I like you so much. You are very handsome, cute and have an amazing sweet voice.
    I have watched I am sorry I love you and Time between dog and wolf.
    And now, I am enjoying Smile you. You look match with Lee Min Jung ( a very sweet couple)
    I wish to be a successful actor!!

  49. 49 : Pariwinkle Says:

    I love yur brother
    SHINWOO!!!! <3

  50. 50 : riyan Says:

    hello jung kyung ho,,
    i like you so much in film princess ja myung go
    you are very handsome and so sad…..
    good luck !!!!!!

  51. 51 : riyan Says:

    why you picture is’nt more…..

  52. 52 : jennivie Says:

    hello….JUNG KYUNG HO …………………………….

    you are sO cute……………

    you haVe a gooD CHEMIStry of JUNG IN…………..

    ……SMILE YOU…………….SMILE alwaYS………………..

  53. 53 : tachin Says:

    Love him since smile,you…. Never thought that he will be such a great match with Lee mIn jUng..hehe….i checked his past drama and movie and now im convince that he really is a great actor….

  54. 54 : thara(myanmar) Says:

    I adore Jung Kyung Ho so much ….
    He is my favorite actor now !!!
    I enjoy watching his series such as Smile, You, Time between dog & wolf and I am sorry I love you ….
    I love you !!!! <3
    Hope you become in love with actress Lee Min Jung

  55. 55 : ladiigodiva Says:

    Keep healthy and HAPPY NEW YEAR my cutie oppa!! 🙂

  56. 56 : yoko Says:

    u r so cute oppa,u really have a good chemistry with jung in,both of you look so cute together…go go smile,you,such a great drama it is… <3

  57. 57 : annmasae Says:

    love you in Smile You with Jung in. you make such a great couple. you did great in Princess Jamung also. keep up the good work!!!

  58. 58 : KoreanDramaFan Says:

    I love Jung Kyung Ho in TBDW..now as i’m watching SMile YOu, He’s even better than ever!!! Great actor with talent….=)

  59. 59 : sara Says:

    youre so handsome and looks like a guy who played in drama youre beautiful, i wish best for you and to see you again in the new drama as well as before, love you

  60. 60 : nanou Says:

    hello….JUNG KYUNG HO …………………………….

    you are sO cute
    you are my favorite actor
    I enjoy watching your series such as Smile, You, Time between dog & wolf and I am sorry I love you ….
    I love you !!!!

  61. 61 : forough Says:

    hi my handsome actor , i just saw your roll in the series ja mung go . you are really perfect i like you honey foe ever . best of luck

  62. 62 : Debonaire Says:

    I love you….I hope you and lee min jung will be real couple………i’ll cross my fingers for that…nice job in your series Smile you

  63. 63 : nha Says:

    oppa ceoneun jeongmal oppa coahae…

    i hope you and lee min jung will be a real couple

  64. 64 : dara cikububu Says:

    oppa your act in smile u is really good…you match with jung in a.k.a lee min jung,,i hope u be a real coupe,,you match together,,,i watched your mv with her and your tv show with min jung,,,you match together,,,

  65. 65 : tata Says:

    i really really like him.. (:

  66. 66 : yhen Says:

    i love you! jung kyung ho. i really adore you. your tandem with lee min jung! keep it up! 😀 godbless you!

  67. 67 : acel Says:

    there’s no other picture???

  68. 68 : jennifer Says:

    oppa saranghae

  69. 69 : YONG HE Says:


  70. 70 : baneza Says:

    your handsome
    ur role in smile you was very good

  71. 71 : phoebe♥ Says:

    YONG HE : u’re just insecure to jung kyung ho !!

    he’s CUTE !!

  72. 72 : leng Says:

    jung kyung ho is one og the best actors i’ve ever seen..his tandem with lee min jung in smile you was really great!!i hope to see both of you again as love team in a new korean drama:))

  73. 73 : ara127 Says:

    jung kyung ho ur so rily cute.. i love ur tv series smile honey. i love of how u act there.. i wish i were jasmine.. lol.. i tnk i have a crush on you.. lol.. haha.. i wish i would see you in personal.. ur so really handsome or in tagalog gwapo.. hahaha..

  74. 74 : ara127 Says:

    hey i like ur black hair… u are cuter if ur hair is black.. muah!! love yah

  75. 75 : dilan Says:

    ….it was really my first time to watch Korean movie such as smile you/honey….Jung kyung ho you’ve been such my inspiration i hope that i could act like you …you’re so talented in acting …God bless and more power

  76. 76 : paula lopez Says:

    hi!!your’e really great in smile honey..i hope there’s part 2..all my classmates were really in love in your korean drama..we really like it..take care and god bless….

  77. 77 : meryll Says:

    mabuhay!!hi!!Jung Kyung Ho..You know..you are a good actor,,you played your role as waht the character of Kang Hyun Soo.Im an avid fan of Smile Honey from Philippines.Keep up the goog work!!XD

  78. 78 : naisha Says:

    i really love and like to see jung kyung ho and lee min jung .. hope they really have a real relationship .. haha .. i really love smile you .. hope they work again ..

  79. 79 : mel Says:

    i like your picture… so handsome..

  80. 80 : ade Says:

    your acting is good.. ^^

  81. 81 : thara(myanmar) Says:

    I ♥ you … You are my fav actor 😀

  82. 82 : mika morales Says:

    hehehehe………………i really love the smile you…………………..
    i really love kang hyun soo and seo jung in…………………..

  83. 83 : mika morales Says:

    i hope you have new project w/ lee min jung…..
    i really like her……………………..

  84. 84 : janicanelle Says:

    …you are good actor especially in smile you together with LMJ…. …we hope you have another show again….

  85. 85 : janicanelle Says:

    …we hope to see u in Philippines…

  86. 86 : janicanelle Says:

    …very nice story and you are both suited in that show …i am your no.1 fan in that show…

  87. 87 : Meii Says:

    Hi Kyung Ho!! what’s your motto in life?? You’re a successful actor.. we love SMILE HONEY.. God Bless!!:D

  88. 88 : Nhu Says:

    I hope you have a lot of drama

  89. 89 : latayileyjen Says:

    i love u, u r very handsome!!!i hope u and lee min jung are now married!!!

  90. 90 : Donna Says:

    You and lee ming young is a perfect match!!!I cann wait to see some of youre films…i want you team up again with lee Ming young…can’t wait for smile honey!!!!you have a good smile!!!love smile honey!!saranghaeyo!!!

  91. 91 : Donna Says:

    Hahaha I mean lee Ming Jung!!!!hahaha you are great togther I hope you have more movies that you two are together …hoping for that!!!

  92. 92 : majo Says:

    I really like Jung Kyung Ho! He’s such an adorable guy and a very good actor!

  93. 93 : 72724sJ Says:

    Saranghae Jung Kyung Ho..
    hope you the best!

    really like to see you more often..Love you!

  94. 94 : biechen Says:

    i love Jung Kyung Ho!…such a very talented and versatile actor…he’s the best!

  95. 95 : mhiemhie Says:

    happy bday..i hope you will make a movie together with Lee Min Jung s0on..wish all d best.

  96. 96 : majo Says:

    belated happy birthday Jung Kyung Ho! hope you had a great time spending it with someone special…like LMJ? hehehe…

  97. 97 : pinky Says:

    belated happy birthday to Jung Kyung Ho!!…i know it’s your birthday yesterday…take care always!

  98. 98 : momo Says:

    hi jung kyung ho i really looooove you i raelly want to see you it weerd but i m from kuwait

  99. 99 : jhaney Says:


  100. 100 : icelingko Says:

    น่ารักสุดๆ ชอบมากJung Kyung Ho

  101. 101 : liz Says:

    I admire your acting, as well as your love story in the drama, Smile, You. It was very entertaining. Great job.

    More power!!!

  102. 102 : dana Says:

    ang galing mo sa smile honey…. fan mo na ako ngayon.hehe
    you act cool. so naturally that we, my friends, love the way you project on cam.

    more power on you. good luck on your up coming projects.

  103. 103 : summerqueen Says:

    jung kyung ho,he’s so cute.

  104. 104 : banafsheh Says:

    thank you my friend.
    good luck

  105. 105 : banafsheh Says:

    hi,my friend
    Today i saw your serial with named “smile you” you are so nice.ilove you when you are kissing.ilove you.
    Ikisssss you(-;

  106. 106 : banafsheh Says:

    An nyo’ng ha se yo!
    Chal ji naesso yo?
    No mupo goshi posso yo!
    Because i couldn’t watch you in smill you.i’m so sad.
    Sa rang hamnida!
    I love you so much.
    An nyeong hi gase yo.
    Kiss you

  107. 107 : calLypSoo Says:

    I love the character of Jung Kyung-ho. It is so natural. He’s a perfect match for Lee Min-jung. I enjoy watching every scene of his in the drama Smile, You. Specially when they pretended quarreling with Lee Min-jung. I really laugh at thier “quarrel” scene.

    Oppa, I am hoping more success in your upcoming dramas. Keep up the good work. Always be natural in acting. That’s what I like in you,oppa. I will be looking forward in your next drama.

    Saranghaeyo, Jung Kyung-ho oppa! Annyeong!

  108. 108 : OK OK OK Says:

    Jung Kyung Ho (Jeong Kyeong Ho) & Soo Ae – acted in SUNNY (a box office hit movie)


    I just finished watching it. Its exciting & entertaining. Wow, I didnt know both can sing very well especially the Jung’s voice. Both deserve the award

  109. 109 : jayvy lou Says:

    hello. kyung ho.. i really really like you.. your very handsome you’re my type.. sarange!

  110. 110 : christine Says:

    i really love you in smile honey! you are so gorgeous!

  111. 111 : amktsy Says:

    i love jung kyung ho in smile,you.
    To the extend of me bother to watch his past dramas.
    waiting or him to come back from the army 🙂
    Hope the first drama/movie he will be in after he came back from army will be with lee min jung.

  112. 112 : AnA Says:

    owh,,,jung kyung ho…so handsome,so cute when you cry..smile, angry,everything….

  113. 113 : fennie Says:

    hello, I like your role in Smile, a loving caring son and grandson, and protective, sweet hubby to Seo jung in. You have a special charm that comes across the screen. Cute and funny. wish you more projects.

  114. 114 : mary christmas Says:

    annyeong haseyo!…jeunun jungmal joayeo..kyung ho..! fighting..,
    your the best actor ive never seen,..hahaha more projects and blessings to come..!aigoo…aigoo….i like your drama.. good luck!…

  115. 115 : sugarita Says:

    i love that series so much! more power Jung Kyung Ho I hope that soon you’ll have series again with lee min jung perfect couple

  116. 116 : syra Says:

    u look like yonghwa*cnBlue*.hehehe…wawww,,ur drama smile you its so amazing,,love ur act,,,!!! saranghae….

  117. 117 : Anne Guanlao Says:

    Good job! Jung Kyung Ho, you are admirable! I can see in you a good mannered son. For Smile You, I learned a lot of virtues and values in this story. Patience, love, humility, perseverance, family values, respect, sincerity, obedience, persistence and a whole lot more. So touching yet scenes portrayed the ordinary life patterns and touched with wits and humours. Good characters played by very good actors and actresses. I admired the way the seniors respected and how the misbehaviors corrected as portrayed. Well thought of story in a peculiar asian lifestyle setting. Kudos to the whole staff, the directors, writers, behind the scenes staff and most especially the actors and actresses. Job well done and appreciated. By the way, I am a Filipina who happened to get interested in such this decent drama story. No much daring and bold scenes, but the essence of the play will tickle viewers interest.

  118. 118 : deeAn Says:

    he’s resemble with jung yong hwa

  119. 119 : zhyar Says:

    hi you aremy best idoll pppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppplse answerme ilove you …bye

  120. 120 : angel Says:

    u’re sweet… u did a great movie wth puku…

  121. 121 : ZARIMa Says:

    do you have any coming up kdrama series? hope there is…. we will be waiting for that.. we miz u…after SMILE you where are you now? more kdrama please

  122. 122 : ance Says:

    i really love your characters in smile you and ja myung go…hope to see another great drama from you!
    i was really surprised when my friend said that you and lee joong ki are bestfriends…you guys are great actors! continue your great work! fighting!

  123. 123 : [MBC 2007] Time Between Dog And Wolf | Says:

    […] / Kay – Park Gun Tae as young Soo Hyun Nam Sang Mi as Soo Ji Woo – Jung Min Ah as young Ji Woo Jung Kyung Ho as Kang Min […]

  124. 124 : Thara Says:

    Oppa, I am waiting for your new drama!!!!!!!!!!!! Please, come back with a good comedy story 😀

  125. 125 : angelwj Says:

    i’ve never realized i would love and adore this guy this much. maybe he is getting older that is why he’s so handsome and at the same time mature

  126. 126 : Hibye Says:

    Hi i lovevu

  127. 127 : cuity17 Says:

    Like ur acting in cruel city, I hope there is cruel city season2 ;). Still want to see ur acting as jung shi yun…so cool n misterious…. Kereeeennn!!!!

  128. 128 : Love Love Says:

    One of the great actor in South Korea. His acting is so awesome. Keep it up and step up.

  129. 129 : Cruel City – Undercover (언더커버 – 무정도시) | styrn Says:

    […] finishing what she started. However, she ends up falling in love with the drug lord, Jung Shi Hyun (Jung Kyung Ho) who might have had a role in her friend’s […]

  130. 130 : rika windiyani Says:

    u r very cool at Cruel City 🙂
    hope season 2 cruel city n u together with nam gyu ri

  131. 131 : eka Says:

    you dating with Sooyoung SNSD ?

  132. 132 : Pearl Sandi Aung Says:

    I Like U .

  133. 133 : Jiho Chester Says:

    i like him

  134. 134 : Falling For Innocence | HeartDrama Says:

    […] Min Ho’s (Jung Kyung Ho) father ran a large company, but sudden death of his father led to his uncle taking over the […]

  135. 135 : Csirii Says:

    I just wanted to say my thanks for his acting in Cruel City..truly perfect !!!! THANK YOU,waiting for Falling for innocence..:) <3

  136. 136 : g14 Says:

    It’s first time i see you in drama….falling for innocence makes me fall in love in you…
    Oppa…your acting is so good as kang min ho..

  137. 137 : beb9525 Says:

    since watch this drama..i keep searching …which drama he act… i keep watch this drama… i like him as Kang min Ho….it’s sad ,just 16ep…huhu

    I hope admin can change his profile picture…tks

  138. 138 : MMJ Says:

    I really enjoy ur character in FIC.. especially your hairstyle when u r bad guy…

  139. 139 : RUBY PLACHETA Says:

    i love watching you jung kyung ho…..your cool, cute, handsome. i think i fall in love with you in falling for innocence.. i like your fighting scenes in cruel city, yoon hyun min and you were brothers in cruel city but in falling for innocence your rival now. hahaha! both of you were handsome. love it. congratulations and i hope to see more tv series of yours. saranghae jung kyung ho..

  140. 140 : Korean Drama Review FFI | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] starring Jung Kyung Ho as Kang Min Ho, Lee Tae Woo as Kang Min Ho (young), Kim So Yun as Kim Soon Jung, Jung Da Bin as Kim Soon Jung (young), Yoon Hyun Min as Joon Hee, Jin Goo as Ma Dong Wook (Soon Jung`s fiance),  Choi Soo Han as Ma Dong Wook (young). […]

  141. 141 : One More Happy Ending​ Episode 1 - DramaSubtitles.com Says:

    […] Song Soo Hyuk (Jung Kyung Ho) is a reporter and a single father. He has a friend, Goo Hae Joon (Kwon Yool), who is a doctor and […]

  142. 142 : Omo Omo Omo.... Says:

    Good actor. I’ve watched your drama, Princess Ja Myung and currently enjoying Smile, You

  143. 143 : lee hye ae Says:

    I first watched him on Smile, you when it was aired in the Philippines. Back then, I already found him as a cute and good actor. I also liked his pairing then with Lee min jung. Now, I just finished watching Falling for innocence, and for the second time, I admired him. He is really a versatile actor, and can do both dramatic and funny scenes so well. He is not that handsome but he is full of charms. I’m also happy for him and Sooyoung. :)))) Sooyoung is so lucky to have him as her boyfriend. Hope that their relationship will last.

    Will be anticipating for his future projects and upcoming dramas. ^^ Jung kyung ho-oppa, fighting!!! ^^

  144. 144 : Impressive First Teaser for Upcoming MBC Drama “Missing Nine” | Couch Kimchi Says:

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    […] investigating a serial murder case, Han Tae Joo (Jung Kyung Ho)gets into an incident. When he wakes up, he finds himself back in year 1988. To get back to his […]

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