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Jung Ryu Won 03

Name: 정려원 / Jung Ryu Won (Jeong Ryeo Won)
Real name: 정여원 / Jung Yu Won (Jeong Yeo Won)
Nicknames: “Hot Dog” and “DaRamJue” (squirrel)
Profession: Actress and singer
Birthdate: 1981-Jan-21
Birthplace: South Korea
Height: 168cm
Weight: 45kg
Blood type: B
Family: Older brother and younger sister
Education: Joong Pyun Elementary, MacGregor State High School, Griffin University, GoRyu University
Skills: Playing the piano and gymnastics
Languages: Korean and English
Hobbies: Music, watching movies, sketching, and drawing character
Religion: Christianity
K-pop group: Chakra (Disbanded in 2006)
Talent agency: KEYEAST

TV Series

Wok of Love (SBS, 2018)
Witch’s Court (KBS2, 2017)
Bubblegum (tvN, 2015)
Medical Top Team (MBC, 2013)
The King of Dramas (SBS, 2012)
Salaryman Chohanji (SBS, 2012)
Princess Ja Myung Go (SBS, 2009)
What Star Did You Come From (MBC, 2006)
Autumn Shower (MBC, 2005)
My Lovely Sam-Soon (MBC, 2005)
Hello Franceska (MBC, 2005)
Papa Sea (MBC, 2004)
Banjun Drama (SBS, 2004)
Argon (MBC, 2003)
Saxophone (KBS2, 2002)


Gate (2017)
Never Ending Story (2012)
Pain (2011)
In Love and the War (2011)
Castaway on the Moon (2009)
Two Faces of My Girlfriend (2007)
My Boyfriend is Type-B (2005)
Emergency 19 (2002)


Minute Maid (with Daniel Henney)
Giordano (with Bi and Jang Dong Gun)
MPLE (with Yoon Eun Hye)


2017 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Awards – Yoon Hyun Min and Jung Ryu Won (Witch’s Court)
2017 KBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actress – Jung Ryu Won (Witch’s Court)
2012 SBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actress Awards (Mini Series), Jung Ryu Won (Salaryman, King of Dramas)
2012 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars Awards, Jung Ryu Won (Salaryman, King of Dramas)
2007 28th Blue Dragon Film Festival: Best New Female Performer Award (Two Faces of My Girlfriend)
2006 MBC Drama Awards: PD Award
2005 MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Award (My Lovely Sam-Soon)
2005 MBC Entertainment Awards: Excellence Award (My Lovely Sam-Soon)


Jung was born in Korea but emigrated to Brisbane, Australia at 12 with her family (her father has a retail business). On a trip to Korea in 1999, Jung was discovered by an agent who cast her into the K-pop group Chakra.

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291 Responses to “Jung Ryu Won”

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  1. 201
    sakuragi Says:

    she has a killer smile!!

  2. 202
    Kokie_Thai Says:

    Hi ! I come from Thailand. I like Her very much.
    When she has Drame ? I hope comming soon.
    Every Body Wait You. OK.

  3. 203
    obed Says:

    looking like my girlfriend but not more beautiful than my girl

  4. 204
    lee dong ki Says:

    she is cute

  5. 205
    minah Says:

    …..ganda2 muh…idol kita…lalo nah nung pinalabas ung which star you from!…..galing mung mg-act…..

  6. 206
    aizalyn Says:

    …i like your
    you will
    kim rae won…
    i like
    of you….

  7. 207
    Shalai Says:

    I watch both drama she played in – “My Lovely Sam soon” and “Which star are u from”… well I really liked her best in “Which star are u from” she’s cute with her innocent & naive looks in that movie as I’m tired watching beautiful faces acting as the typical rich girl from overseas… All the best with your acting…

  8. 208
    iris Says:

    hi miss jung ryu won,
    i like your acting… i’m wondring why you’re too pretty…lol,can you share even a little on me?just kidding… i like you so much…i hope someday you will make a movie with kim rae won again. I will wait for it…………ajah!

  9. 209
    iris Says:

    hi miss jung ryu won,
    i like your acting… i’m wondring why you’re too pretty…lol,can you share even a little on me?just kidding… i like you so much…i hope someday you will make a movie with kim rae won again. I will wait for it…………ajah!…hope to see you again on philippine television

  10. 210
    iris Says:

    hi miss jung ryu won,
    i like your acting… i’m wondring why you’re too pretty…lol,can you share even a little on me?just kidding… i like you so much…i hope someday you will make a movie with kim rae won again. I will wait for it…………ajah!…hope to see you again on philippine television someday…

  11. 211
    melanie paiste Says:

    sobrang ganda moh talaga

  12. 212
    joan Says:

    hi!!!!!!!!!miss jung ryu won!!ur so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!i really admired you!!!!!!!!!!!ur really cute………im joan from philippines….i really like ur movies…..especially which star are u from

  13. 213
    Christian Says:

    Are? you kidding me is that all you can say, for me jeong ryeo won is
    the most beatiful girl for me ever in my entire life i guarantee all of you that, and her acting is the best ever i wonder why isn’t she awarded the best actress everytime she makes a movie or drama, ohhh! what so ever
    goodluck! on your career jeong and take care of that perfect face and body that you have!

  14. 214
    SoMuchGoodFood Says:

    That picture looks nothing like the picture of her I have in my head. Did not like her in Samsoon but adored her in What Star Are You From

  15. 215
    Fe Says:

    Hi Ryu Won, your pretty…
    i wish that you and Rae Won will have a team-up again,
    I like both of you…

  16. 216
    jerry Says:

    hi u are so pretty i like your love story in which star are you from can u come to philipines….plz i want to see you personal plz

  17. 217
    Jude Says:

    hi miss JUNG RYEO WON… i am the one of ur fans here in the phil,.
    i tke course computer science bec. of u i want ot be succesful on my career. And the another reason bec ill take comsi bec i want to in korea in i want to see u

  18. 218
    Gerald Fritz Says:

    Hi Jung ryu won. youre so beautiful, i hope u could visit here in the phil. or maybe i will go to korea just to meet you in person. hope you read this message. i really love your face and personality. wish you luck on your career God bless.. Love you

  19. 219
    elma Says:

    Hi miss pretty woman… I like your acting in “Which star Are You From?’, you’re so natural, fresh, simple, very attractive, very nice face and sometimes funny too. Hope you’ll have more films to come, be happy with your life now. God Bless….

  20. 220
    Christian Says:

    You know, Ms. Ryeo-Won above all the actresses in the world i can say to you that you STAND OUT OF THE BEST OF THEM ALL HANDS DOWN BUT ALL THUMBS UP …… they can’t match your beauty and character as a person…… because IT’S THE BEST IN THE WORLD…., whatsoever hope to see your next movie and TV show….., and i also hope to that if ever she makes a tv show, or a movie they can air it in the PHILIPPINES…..
    SMILE EVERYDAY Ms. Ryeo-Won……!

  21. 221
    Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Dear Jung Ryu Won,

    I am just watching Autumn Shower now – you are truly beautiful and both your and Oh Ji Ho’s (ZIO) acting are superb! I have also posted this on ZIO’s page http://star.koreandrama.org/?p=49.

    You two have so much chemistry in this drama. I love the drama and fine acting by everyone but dislike the ending – wish you would end up with ZIO instead!

    Would be really nice if you and he could work together again!

    With best wishes,
    Jane from HK & Singapore

  22. 222
    Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    WOW, finally finished AUTUMN SHOWER — what can I say but that AUTUMN SHOWER IS AWESOME!!

    That’s the feeling I was left with at the end.

    Fantastic acting, fantastic web of relationships and different facets of love, friendship and loyalty brought out through different circumstances!

    Powerful enough for me!


    Your performance was superb and you should have no regrets doing this drama despite it not being well accepted locally at the time it was aired. Your international fans adore this drama and adore you!

    For those who cannot accept AUTUMN SHOWER, welcome to the realistic world of real life and its intangible web of relationships!

  23. 223
    sharmaine Says:

    hi,.. Jung Ryu Won!!! you are so pretty!!!
    ive been waiting for your next movie!!!
    I guess you and jang geun seok look great together!!!
    hahaha,.. hope you read it,..!

  24. 224
    ariuk Says:

    the most beautiful woman ever!
    and the cutest smile i’ve ever seen
    gr8 talent
    she looks perfect with daniel henney…love them 2gether.and hope 2 c them 2gether again
    anyway…wish all the best in the future
    god bless

  25. 225
    kiki Says:

    JRW shows you have very grandiose in PJMG.
    I wish success to smb to receive this high of Rating the consumer.
    I hope to see you again on the way.

  26. 226
    cyrene garcia Says:

    hi ms.jung ryeo won! i admire you a lot.. just keep it up, you are the very best korean actress for me!! God bless you!

  27. 227
    cyrene garcia Says:

    hi ms.jung ryu won! i admire you a lot, just keep it up! you are the very best korean actress for me.. God bless you!

  28. 228
    mar Says:

    cayok! cayok!…she is so cute in” which star are you from”..and her hero in that story..kim rae won..he so gorgeous n hot guy..heheh…i wish they really love couple outside….best couple….

  29. 229
    dei Says:

    hi ms. Jeong!…i like ur beautiful face!…its full of charming!

  30. 230
    dei Says:

    hi ms. jeong!..im from philippines , im watching ur tv shows franceska..
    next year im going to s. korea to meet u!…
    i admire you so much!
    i like ur face!…hope i’ll meet u someday!,,,soon!
    ingat ka!

  31. 231
    dei Says:

    basta….sakin u pa rin ang pinaka….at mossssst beautiful girl on earth!
    magkikita din tau!


  32. 232
    jed gavina Says:

    july 7, 2009

    hi ms jeong, youre a godd fully and very natural actress .. it is my dream you will have a movie again with KIM RAE WON..you two compliment each other …SUPERB!.. more power and take care! is there a plan or a movie again with you two? pls !

  33. 233
    jed gavina Says:

    you are a good actress! i just pray you will do more good movies with a christian theme… GOD WILL BE PLEASED!

  34. 234
    ahmad Says:

    i need email adrress Jung Ryu Won

    my mail arm4isf@yahoo.com

  35. 235
    lhany Says:

    Hi! im from philippines im so crazy with what star are you form, you look so good together with kim rae won i hope i can see you two in new project… stay beautiful and simple…. God Bless! mwah!!!

  36. 236
    behrooz Says:

    I love you very vell.
    you are very good in play.
    I like biautiful your face.

  37. 237
    behrooz Says:

    I love you .
    I love your play .
    I love biautifull yore face.
    behrooz of iran
    I will your meil.

  38. 238
    behrooz Says:

    I love you.
    I love your nice face.

  39. 239
    ryeokate Says:

    annyong hasseyo jung ryeo won im from phillipines
    i really really like you…and your tv series especially
    which star are you from? with kim rae won…

    and i like your princess ja myung go….
    and your the best actress in korea for me….

    i hope soon will meet each other and i hope you can make a series
    again wiht kim rae won and waching it my country

    sarang hae idolll……


  40. 240
    hot pot Says:

    HyE! Ryeo won.I really like u but i don’t like bok shil. I like u so much as hee jin. Do you like Kim rae won.kim said” i love Ryeo won”.

  41. 241
    Gam Moon Says:

    Hi !

    You are the best korean actress.Your acting ,i’m really like.I’m from Myanmar.Hope i will meet you someday.I love your shinning and nature smile.You are always looks very smart. God blessed you.

    Gam Moon

  42. 242
    karim Says:

    jung ryu won


    i am karim from iran

    you are very beautiful

    i love you i wish see you

    kiss you

  43. 243
    karim Says:

    hi again

    if you like please send your mail

    for me

    i love you


  44. 244
    karim Says:

    i see your playing

    in the smson and in Princess Ja Myung Go

    you are very attractive and beautiful

    i love you

    please send for me mail

    i love you

  45. 245
    Beer Says:

    Hi, you so good and very beautiful girl,

    I think i am crazy in you, i would like to see you and meet you,

    “but i don’t wanna die like HO Dong wiht you Hhahahahh!!

    ANY !! I think i L O VE Y O U and so much, I AM YOU FAN

    l O v E……. y O u, BEER

  46. 246
    some one Says:

    Hello , jung ryeo won

    I think u are a good actress from Princess Ja myung go drama

    hope ..u have a nice series for us ( every one who love to see
    korea drama )

    Happyness wealthy healthy , please go along c u

    from some one in Thailand

  47. 247
    NFL Jerseys Says:

    and your the best actress in korea for me….

    i hope soon will meet each other and i hope

  48. 248
    molly mae emem Says:

    KIM BOK SHIL… nq “which star are you from”
    -idol ko tlga kaung dlawa ni kim rae won..pero sana my isa pa kaung pLabas diba ? bagay ang LOVE TEAM nyo…
    pramiz.. ung pLbas nyong “Which star.. pauLit-uLit kong pinapnood.. sa dvd.. wuLang sawa.. kc gusto ko kayo mya’t-mya mkita.., 🙁 kasu.. mLabo na un ? phillipines ako… korea kau 🙁 …. support nlng ako sa mga show mo.. pero i wish khit isa pa ulit na pLbas kau ni kim rae won… tama na sakin… idol ko tlga kau pamiz :(….. keep up the good work po.. ingat po lage.. lage ko pniag ppray na sna one time ma meet kta :(. khit mLabo akong mkapunta sa korea :(…LAB LOTS PO

  49. 249
    molly mae emem Says:

    -bukaL po tLaqa sa heart ko…
    na idoL ko kayong dLawa ni kim rae won..

  50. 250
    air jordans shoes Says:


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