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Name: 정소민 / Jung So Min
Real name: 김윤지 / Kim Yoon Ji
Profession: Actress and model
Birthdate: 1989-Mar-16
Height: 165cm
Weight: 47kg
Blood type: A
Education: Korea National University of Arts (Acting Major)
Hobbies: Korean traditional dance, ballet
Talent agency: SM C&C

TV Shows

Because This Is My First Life (tvN, 2017)
Father is Strange (KBS2, 2017)
The Sound of Your Heart (KBS2, 2016)
Red Teacher (KBS2, 2016)
D-Day (jTBC, 2015)
Big Man (KBS2, 2014)
Miss Korea (MBC, 2013)
Came to Me and Became a Star (KBS2, 2013)
Can We Get Married ? (jTBC, 2012)
Standby (MBC, 2012)
Mischievous Kiss (MBC, 2010)
Bad Guy (SBS, 2010)


Daddy You, Daughter Me (2017)
Alice: Boy from Wonderland (2015)
Twenty (2015)
Worst Friends (2009)


2016 15th KBS Entertainment Awards: Best Couple Award: Lee Kwang Soo & Jung So Min (The Sound of Your Heart)
2012 MBC Entertainment Awards: Comedy/Sitcom Female Newcomer Award (Standby)
2010 18th Korean Culture Entertainment Awards: Newcomer Actress Award (Mischievous Kiss)

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317 Responses to “Jung So Min”

  1. 1
    nada Says:

    so cute

  2. 2
    mona Says:

    hope your new drama mischievous kiss will bring you to the top!!! 😉

  3. 3
    mona Says:

    Hope ur new drama mischievous kiss will bring you to the top!! Fighting!

  4. 4
    anna (frm: Philippines) Says:

    hi, good luck, looking forward how u give justice to this drama. taiwan version is good, but korean version should be the best. You look good with kim hyun joong.just do ur best ok. stay beautiful…

  5. 5
    gilda Says:

    ………happy you’re Kim Hyun Joong leading lady you can do it to the top just like him…….hard work is the secret to success.

  6. 6
    ZENY Says:

    ii watch your new drama this is my first time to wATCH YOU

  7. 7
    Venze Dorren Says:

    so cute..

  8. 8
    Sinopsis Playful Kiss aka Mischievous Kiss | Drama Korea Terbaru 2010 « Sevtianshinpratama's Blog Says:

    […] Hyun Joong as Baek Seung Jo Jung So Min as Oh Ha Ni Lee Tae Sung as Bong Joon Gu Jang Ah Young as Hong Jang Mi Choi Won Hong as Baek Eun Jo […]

  9. 9
    mey Says:

    how about so min height?? please complete jung so min profile

  10. 10
    888 Says:

    official fanpage of mischievous kiss..

    paki like plz

  11. 11
    seungjoo Says:

    Hi admiin..

    please completly her profile . Im sure that so many people will search some information from her here..
    i have some pic jung so min.please Add these..thanks

  12. 12
    Lina Says:

    She is so cute but why not many comments here.

  13. 13
    Lina Says:

    I’m going to support her and leave more comments.

  14. 14
    Lina Says:

    Yeah, me again. You are so cute and I am a big fan…

  15. 15
    Lina Says:

    Jong So Min, fighting..

  16. 16
    nerissa Says:

    hello to jung so min fans

    personally i love her for
    hyun joong
    they really have a good chemistry together
    and i find her adorable too
    she portrays oh hani perfectly love it
    she’s totally funny in PK

  17. 17
    jai aihara Says:

    …you are so adorable!!!!!!!!
    …i like u so much!!!!!!!
    ..i love u & God bless!!!

  18. 18
    Lina Says:

    love episode 5 & 6. JSM Fighting. You are so cute and adorable.

  19. 19
    jai aihara Says:


  20. 20
    jai aihara Says:

    …ur so cute!!!

  21. 21
    Elka Says:

    Aniong ha sae yo! Your so…… pretty and i like your new drama,more projects and Good luck! God Bless!I’m your new fan.Elka Fighting!

  22. 22
    andlise Says:

    You’re very pretty and cute. Love your act in Mischievous Kiss, Fighting!

  23. 23
    sima Says:

    hi so min
    you are so good and brave in drama.
    fighting for victory and promotion.
    good luck.

  24. 24
    Stephanie Says:

    She is so incredibly gorgeous! I don’t understand why people are only calling her cute! She has a perfect mouth, perfect skin, perfect hair, and perfect eyes. She is beautiful! I would give anything to look like her.

  25. 25
    doc Says:

    really like her she is very beautiful ………..

  26. 26
    bhey90 Says:

    she’s gorgeoues! i love her!

  27. 27
    Edwin Says:

    i like jung so min / kim she’s very cute..and very lovable…specially if u watch the playfull kiss…i like it to much…take care kim..

  28. 28
    bella Says:

    i m ur new biggest fan …..u r soooooo…beautiful ,charming,cute,pretty,adorable,lovable,,,,,n manymore….hope to cee more project of u god lbess u i will alys pray 4 u ……………….n i really like u

  29. 29
    Elka Says:

    Anniong hae sa yo!I’m a big fan of yours,and i just want you to know that your sooooo… pretty,cute,charming and always full of life.Hope to see you on a new drama(hopefully with KHJ again!),’coz for me your a perfect match both on and off cam! more projects.Good Luck and God will bless you more and more!!!!
    Fighting!!!Saranghae!!!! cute Oh Ha Ni!!!!!

  30. 30
    allenif Says:

    jsm… you’re so pretty. i love you more seeing you as model of hazzy’s accessories…. sophisticated and girly at the same time. how do you manage to do that?!

  31. 31
    yeni Says:

    She is so cute and lovely in MK .. Best chemistry with kim hyun joong ..

  32. 32
    gang21 Says:

    I really,,really like you..I’m lookingv forward for your new project,,,especially with Kim Hyun Joong,,and also hoping for another part of Mischievous Kiss..I absolutely love your love team..To be honest with you,,you are my new idol..FIGHTING!!

  33. 33
    radicha Says:

    i do love your movie [MK]. and hopefully there will be sequel of this movie just like Mandarin version did [ “They Kissed again” sequel of “it started with a kiss”].

  34. 34
    jagRNako Says:

    You’re still new in the dramas’ but you’re not left off with the other known actressess. GOOD JOB for Mischievous Kiss!

  35. 35
    hmey Says:

    you are very cute.
    i like you

  36. 36
    Nyein Says:

    Your face is so cute
    I like u and you are very cute even running

  37. 37
    Ade Says:

    Very look like Yoon Eun Hye when she play in Princess Hour.. look like they related.. but when I read Eun Hye profile she only had younger brother..

  38. 38
    syaa Says:

    I LOVE YOU <3 you are amazing in Playful Kiss dear and hope you can act in another drama so your fans can continued loving and support you 🙂

  39. 39
    lnuyen78 Says:

    love you n khj in PK…

  40. 40
    lyka1988 Says:

    your so cute Oh Hani and Beak Seung Jo, i love you

  41. 41
    nanyseoul Says:

    i like your drama ‘playful kiss’

  42. 42
    Playful Kiss « Viobluechie's Blog Says:

    […] Hyun Joong as Baek Seung Jo Jung So Min as Oh Ha Ni Lee Tae Sung as Bong Joon Gu Lee Si Young as Yoon He Ra Jung Hye Young as Hwang Geum […]

  43. 43
    bella Says:

    even u r newbei also ur actin is excellent,n also u r so talented pretty,cute,smart,sexy,smart and many more……………. hope 2 cee u in more dramas soon pleaseeeeeeeee,,…

  44. 44
    Makubex Says:

    she looks better in red,and a very talented actress, she has a beauty that can’t resist. i mean she’s irresistable

  45. 45
    Jeena Says:

    Vote for our Best Korean Drama of 2010 – http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=5818

  46. 46
    ZAW MOE HTET Says:


  47. 47
    lnuyen78 Says:

    she is a great actress and she’s gorgeous. Cant wait for your next project.

  48. 48
    cjth Says:

    hi everyone, pls vote to support our PK to the best korean drama of 2010 at;

    and help vote to our JSM to the popular korean actress at;-

    thanks in advance!

  49. 49
    p1n6an Says:

    i really love Jung So Min’s acting! even though she’s new to acting world she can handle it and her acting is so natural!
    i hope she will have another great drama in future…
    i’m looking forward to it!

  50. 50
    minlover Says:

    i love somin so much,she really cute and her act so nature.
    i’ll be wait for the somin’s act next. fighting so min ah……..

  51. 51
    chixax Says:

    i like your acting… somin!!! your so cute..!!!

  52. 52
    chin Says:


    she’s so cute

  53. 53
    chin Says:

    sometimes you look like yoon eun hye.. promise..:))

  54. 54
    cjth Says:

    Let’s Vote for PK here;
    http://bombasoju.wordpress.com/2010/12/02/encuesta-elijamos-el-mejor-drama-del-2010/#more-13943 and

  55. 55
    ZAW MOE HTET Says:

    i love you.i pray you to sucess more than more.i live in myanmar.my g mail accout is zaw moe htet1992 and facebooks acc is zaw moe htet.i want to talk with you.visit to myanmar.welcome .

  56. 56
    mae Says:

    oh ha ni!!!!! really cute and lovely..!! ur very young!!!

  57. 57
    minlover Says:

    chukae minmin get NEWBIE award.fighting…. Wait for your next project. iloveyou minmin………

  58. 58
    Lia Says:

    I like playful kiss…oh ha ni very cute and funny…i love seung jo and oh ha ni…i love kim hyun joong and jung so min…they are a good couple…

  59. 59
    latash Says:

    she is the best new comer

  60. 60
    latash Says:

    she is a graet actress and i love her role in pk. am just waiting for her new project.

  61. 61
    ann Says:

    hi Oh Ha Ni!!! you’re such a promising actress… you charmed all PK’s viewers with you innocent but lovely smile… i think you will go a long way… just hope that you will stay cheerful, charming, and humble… GoodLuck and GodBless to all you’re endevours

  62. 62
    SoMinFan Says:

    You’re very cute! MORE PROJECTS FOR YOU!

  63. 63
    ratih Says:

    I look at your face with “yoon eun hye” similar

  64. 64
    marga soriano Says:

    hi o ha ni?hehehe…im your no. fun:)!!i love the way you smile:) everything!!i want to see you so please visit here in philippines..whahahha..iloveyah..

  65. 65
    Tiara Says:

    Unni……I like the way you smile……ur eyes wiil be like a line……hehe

  66. 66
    jhea Says:


    OMO, you’re my favorite new comer..

    you really act so cute in playful kiss..and the chemistry of you and hyun joong was really good..

    i wish that you have more projects to come 🙂

    happy new year 😀

  67. 67
    j-hani Says:

    happy new year hani n wish you have a good luck from now on forever, i will always to follow u all the projects…..Thailand fan

  68. 68
    yullieannE Says:

    your smile, look a lot like ‘yoon eun hye’ ..
    very similar????mmmmm,,, so beatifull…

  69. 69
    Ma. Loty Says:

    hi jung so min, you are a very beautiful and promising actress, believe me, kim hyung joong was able to stand out as baek sung jo because you acted the part of O Hani perfectly….. i really hope you’ll get to star and act in more series and movies …. and perhaps another series with kim hyung joong….

  70. 70
    puia Says:

    May the good lords bless u in your days to come,.

  71. 71
    xing_jyue16 Says:

    you really look like YOON EUN HYE! 😉
    i really like you as an actress especially your role as Oh Hani, you are really good at it! 🙂

    nice chemistry with Kim Hyun Joong, i hope you two will have more projects to come! 🙂

    FIGHTING ! 😉

  72. 72
    doc Says:

    she did really good actin in PK, i dont get it y they did not award her as best new commer actress,i watched PK coz of her she really can act…….so i wish u good health and more project ahwaiting …………go go Hani fighting…..n i also i watched BAD GUY cos of her love it……any way i m ur biggest n NUMBER fan will always support uu …FIGHTING…*****8

  73. 73
    sandi Says:

    Hi Jang So Min,
    I like u so much since I saw u at PK. You are very lovely and cute. Your outfit at MBC awared 2010 was really pretty and elegant. You are really beautiful at MBC night.
    Wishing you all the best in 2011 with full of happiness and every success in future career.

  74. 74
    Ma. Loty Says:

    i am missing jung so min so much …. i really hope to see her in a series soon….. and to hear updates/news about her …..

  75. 75
    j-hani Says:

    Hi all Fans, if you never visit here blog, plz come then you will know the update and more about our Minmin(Joung So Min), hope it can help you abit for missing her, coz this site can help me n its my hobby now. kekeke…


  76. 76
    lurve playful kiss Says:

    i lurve y0ur acting in playful kiss s0 s0 much….you are so suits with kim hyun joong(baek seung jo)….i h0pe that you were fated to him..jung so min(oh ha ni)cute n pretty + kim hyun joong(baek seung joong) c00lo n handsome…

  77. 77
    cho-chang Says:

    hi,jung so min,
    like u a lot in PK.cant believe ur just a new comer,you and KHJ had a very strong chemistry,hope to see u both together in another drama.

  78. 78
    Jeff Says:

    hi…..i like to see you more in dramas or movie. What are movies coming??

  79. 79
    karen Says:


  80. 80
    kimpecas Says:

    Jung So Min!!!! si! la nueva actriz y la futura estrella hallyu de todos los tiempos!!!! realmente te deseo lo mejor de este mundo, soy tu fan latina No 1, quiero verte pronto en un drama, eres muy hermosa y realmente talentosa. Jung So Min FIGHTING!!!!

  81. 81
    mary Says:

    you are such a brilliant actress!!!!!i like you so much….i cant wait to see more of your dramas and movies……keep it up…..
    and one more thing!!!!!you are so yepuda…..beautiful!!!!!

  82. 82
    ghie Says:

    i really really love you yow! the way u act, u smile such speachless

  83. 83
    ghie Says:

    keep up the good work ha ni shi……….. i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so speachless

  84. 84
    moon Says:

    hi.so min
    you are so cute and beautiful and cool.
    i think you are very good in your acting.
    i hope you act so many drama…
    you are very good girl…

  85. 85
    nat Says:

    u r very good actress
    i love u so much

  86. 86
    oh ha ni Says:

    hope to see more of you tele dramas

  87. 87
    oh ha ni Says:

    you are so good in acting………. love it

  88. 88
    REPS Says:

    No matter what people said about your acting or compare you with another actress who can replace you as a female lead in PK, I just vote for you!!You’re the most suitable with the character as Oh Ha Ni..
    Well done Jung So Min..and keep your hallyu…

  89. 89
    ._bad boy_. « ☆ ♪ ♡ vhitrii blebible triples ♡ ♪ ☆ Says:

    […] Sung – Park Joon Mok as Tae Sung (child) Oh Yun Soo as Hong Tae Ra – Moon Ga Young as Tae Ra (teen) Jung So Min (정소민) as Hong Mo Ne Jun Gook Hwan (전국환) as President Hong Kim Hye Ok as Mrs. Shin Kim Jung Tae as […]

  90. 90
    The Voila Video Says:

    […] Hyun Joong as Baek Seung Jo Jung So Min as Oh Ha Ni Lee Tae Sung as Bong Joon Gu Lee Si Young as Yoon He Ra Jung Hye Young as Hwang Geum […]

  91. 91
    jj Says:

    i minmin, hru n what r u doing now?
    missing u n thinking ur new project too.

  92. 92
    mona Says:

    hello, jung so min. i love your acting in mischievous kiss 🙂
    now i’m watching drama “bad guy” and i surprise to see you in this drama…. fighting!!!!

  93. 93
    SepZkie Says:

    Jung So MIn FIGHTING!! ^^ Ur my nO.1 Idol!!

  94. 94
    m43 Says:

    best rookie.^^ Go-d lu

  95. 95
    loveminmin Says:

    i love ur acting

  96. 96
    CUTEGIRL Says:



  97. 97
    iloveplayfulkiss Says:

    ur such a good actress…..

  98. 98
    fanminmin Says:

    i love u so much minmin

  99. 99
    Nora Says:

    your look so sincere, ur eyes smile when u are smile …very talented this cute girl…keep it up with excellant performance in ur acting…

  100. 100
    mark Says:

    hi kim yung ji,
    i am very admire and top fan of your tv show playful kiss …..
    i love your cute and beautiful face …..!!

  101. 101
    mark Says:

    i love you kim yung ji …!!

  102. 102
    isha Says:

    pretty she is! 🙂

  103. 103
    jolian Says:

    i love it your so pretty

  104. 104
    moon Says:

    i love you so much .u are very good in acting

  105. 105
    anne Says:

    i love you so much, you are so pretty, i wish i am pretty like you!!!!

  106. 106
    maegan aivy bernardino Says:

    hai! hani oh.. we are addicted to your melodrama playful kiss.

    you are so pretty and cute..
    we are your fans here in the Philippines

  107. 107
    m43 Says:

    san…. San….. San…… San…. San…. San… Bosan…….>!<

  108. 108
    m43 Says:

    red……. Red…… Red….. Red…. Red… Red.. BoreD……!><!

  109. 109
    Ruby Jane Tormon Says:

    SARANGHEYO Kim Yoon Ji
    from Philippines

  110. 110
    april Says:

    i love you kim yung ji..
    i really love your movie!!
    i’m a big fan of yours..hehe

  111. 111
    april Says:

    i ♥ u kim yung ji..

  112. 112
    m43 Says:

    jung so… Min… The besttttt.
    Message from Indonesia

  113. 113
    margie Says:

    you,re sooooooooo pretty……….i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!mwuahhhhhhhh……

  114. 114
    marivic Says:

    hi oh hanni…!your so pretty…..godbless you always…i love the drama playfull kiss with baek sung jo

  115. 115
    yun sun hi Says:

    i love your tv series mischievous kiss though it’s too short..i hope to have a mischievous kiss 2 sooner..:)fighting

  116. 116
    rhush Says:

    .hi jung so min … i really love youre show playful kiss… you and kim hyun joong are cute together… i hope ur show would have a season 2

  117. 117
    kekeke Says:

    saranghaeyo!!! i hope you n hyun joong couple for real cuz you guys match too well…..marry him!!!! FOR REAL!!!!

  118. 118
    sarah18 Says:

    .omo !!!you so pretty ..i really really like you and kin hyun joong ,i hope your a real couple haha !!

    Sarah from Philippines..

  119. 119
    Hazel Says:

    jung so min i love u so much. U r a perfect couple with kim hyun joong.
    Marry him 4 real ^^

  120. 120
    NiNi Says:

    I hope naughty kiss/mischeivious kiss have season2

  121. 121
    Kaye Says:

    Annyeonghaseyo Jung So Min a.k.a. Honey Oh in Playful Kiss! 🙂
    I’m your #1! from Philippines! ^-^
    Ohmy! I LIKE PLAYFUL KISS A LOT! You and Kim Hyun Joong are perfect for each other! I hope that you two will be a lover in real life. yiiie. :”>
    How I wish that YOU and KIM HYUN JOONG visit us here in Philippines. Your Kdrama Playful Kiss is currently watched here in Philippines! Many Filipinos want to see BOTH OF YOU (Kim Hyun Joong) in personal. Hope you guys forgive us.

    사랑해 JUNG SO MiN! ♥

  122. 122
    Renaldo Says:

    pengen bisa bahasa korea
    biar bisa ketemu sama jung so min dan kim hyun joong


  123. 123
    jHa-jHa Says:

    I LOVE PLAYFUL KISS so much!!!!
    specially jung so min and kim hyun jung!!!
    they look like a real cOuple!!!
    i like to watch season 2!!!

  124. 124
    Gaejie Says:

    you’re so bubbly SoMin in Playful Kiss as Ha Ni. your movie with kim hyun joong is so great!! 🙂 I love the show and you two.. 🙂 Hope to see you here in the Philippines 🙂 Take Care.. 🙂

  125. 125
    mickey Says:

    yes… visit Philippines…

  126. 126
    sara maharjan Says:

    i love ur acting……n u r too gud with kim hyun joong….PlayFull kiss is the best drama ever……looking forward to see ur other dramas sooon……..

  127. 127
    160Mhel Says:

    Jung So Min or MM in short, you have a very extraordinary beauty that for me is too amazing. Love your fashion a lot, watching you in PK paired with KHJ is very overwhelming and i love the chemistry that you two have. I’m one of your international fan that keeps on wishing your success in your choosen field of career. whatever journey that you may go, hopw that you are happy….love you so much Minmin….

  128. 128
    kalz Says:

    I love ur performance in playful kiss…u r great..biggest fan

  129. 129
    alfian syamlan Says:

    I love this film,,,, n I love you jung so min… ^_^ you very sweet & very beautiful

  130. 130
    resty Says:

    oh no, Jung So Min I like U. you’re sweetest girl 😉

  131. 131
    resty Says:

    I like you Jung So MIn you’re sweetest girl 😉

  132. 132
    kynara Says:

    와… ~ 소민씨 !! 누난 너무 너무 예뻐 .. ^^

  133. 133
    Alexandr Ten Says:

    I am glad to meet you in ” kiss” film. You are wonderful! See you! Gud luck!

  134. 134
    p❤❤neh Says:


  135. 135
    carla joy bayron Says:

    hi……………… i love your acting……… and i like to see you kim hyun joong in a playfull kiss is the best drama ever…… i like to see you on the philippines see you i love you ever………………..

  136. 136
    ind4h Says:

    my lovely so min,.please forget khj,.dont waste your time to think about this foolish man,.you deserve to have the best man who will fighting for your love,.so keep smiling ok,.

  137. 137
    ibnu Says:

    Jung So Min, i love you’re acting… you are best girl…. 🙂

  138. 138
    Olinda Tita Valencia Says:

    jung so min….I LOVE YOU… :*

  139. 139
    Olinda Tita Valencia Says:

    JUNG SU MIN…ILOVE YOU….I am a big fan of you :*

  140. 140
    Maria Cristina Says:

    sarang haeyo jung so min….. i hope i can see you in future…i’m your big fan from the philippines…

  141. 141
    ashabrina2428 Says:

    […] Hyun Joong as Baek Seung Jo Jung So Min as Oh Ha Ni Lee Tae Sung as Bong Joon Gu Lee Si Young as Yoon He Ra Jung Hye Young as Hwang […]

  142. 142
    Kaye Says:

    OMO! You’re soooo CUTE! I ♥ your acting in Playful Kiss. ^^
    You and Kim Hyun Joong is perfect for each other. Hope you two will be real couple in real life. >.<
    PLAYFUL KISS is #1 here in Philippines! i LOVE PLAYFUL KISS! ♥
    사랑해 JUNG SO MIN! 🙂

  143. 143
    frita Says:

    U r My Role Model Now

  144. 144
    maelinne Says:

    your so cute,..,.

  145. 145
    noorhing Says:

    Hi So min, I really love you.you are good actress. You make me love Korea drama. I am waiting for your next project ;D Thailand.

  146. 146
    maris Says:

    hi!! so min… i’m looking forward to see you in another korean drama here in the Philippines…

  147. 147
    noorhing Says:

    Hi So min, I really love you. you are good actress. You make me love Korea drama. I am waiting for your next project ;D Thailand.

  148. 148
    catherine milla Says:

    hi Jung So Min.. u know u are such a good actress….
    that’s why i love ur playful kiss… good job…
    ur my korean idol..:)

  149. 149
    aditya rizka utama Says:

    i love you’r acting very much. i love jung so min, i love ohani 🙂

  150. 150
    errinda Says:

    hii jung so min…. 🙂
    i’m a fan of you from INDONESIA!!!!
    please,COME TO INDONESIA!!!!! 😀
    i love your acting with kim hyun joong (playful kiss)…..
    playful kiss,,is the best drama 4ever….
    saranghae so min…… :*

  151. 151
    pippo inzan Says:

    jung so min u is very beautyful…. i like u,,,, please come ti indonesia…my country

  152. 152
    Cherry Rose Says:

    hi jung so min every night my 2 yr old son loves to watch playful kiss and he really like you so much he always saying ” oh hani love you” were ur biggest fan here in the phillipines LOVE YOU!!!!

  153. 153
    nova Says:

    annyeonghaseyo unnie 😉
    i really like ur acting in playful kiss…
    wait ur next drama 😀
    please come to Indonesia ^^

  154. 154
    karin Says:


  155. 155
    luVkPOP Says:

    i really like your acting in playful kiss..really cute..

  156. 156
    amei d. timpug Says:

    annyeong aseo!…i love watching playful kiss because you are there!=)

  157. 157
    mariel Says:

    jung so min bagay talaga kayo ni kim hyun joong

  158. 158
    iluvhoneyoh Says:

    youre really cute and pretty..i really like to watch playful kiss..you and gelo are very sweet….

  159. 159
    Malibog Says:

    Jung so min pakarat!

  160. 160
    roseanne Says:

    jung so min is so cute.. how i wish i see u in person

  161. 161
    uzumakidrian Says:

    I liked joeng so-min and I also love her acting what else could again daydreaming and talking hahaaaaaa

  162. 162
    uzumakidrian Says:

    Plant a tree love
    the leafy fidelity
    flowering sincerity
    rooted in honesty
    siramilah with love & affection
    Cultivate with confidence
    love is not mathematics that can be counted
    sometimes love is not economic gains and losses
    without love we will be empty

  163. 163
    uzumakidrian Says:

    no word in the dictionary, the word no meaning, within the meaning of any love, in love hearts, and hearts are dear … … … …

  164. 164
    uzumakidrian Says:

    and the last hope for success plus so-jung min

  165. 165
    Josefina Luz Tablate Says:

    Hi my Idol JUNG SO MIN!!!
    I Like Your drama PLAYFUL KISS

  166. 166
    ryannugraha Says:

    you are very funny and cute.
    운이 좋다면 성공

  167. 167
    ryannugraha Says:

    my idol was beautiful and cute, and your acting is very good!!
    운이 좋다면 성공
    and “SPIRIT CONTINUES” OKEY !! @_-

  168. 168
    shankar bk Says:

    hi oh hani youre really cute and pretty..i really like to watch playful n ilike ur childness habiat in that drama..playful kiss…..

  169. 169
    lhuiza Says:

    hi unnie so min .. !! ur so very cute in playful kiss ..!! bagay na bagay kau ni kim hyun joong hehe ..

  170. 170
    my korean drama: PLAYFUL KISS « mY naMe is "G i a N" Says:

    […] and 7 special episodes! BOF’s & Dream High’s Kim Hyun Joong as Baek Seung Jo and Jung So Min as Oh Ha Ni, made a cute couple for this remake of Taiwan’s It’s Started with A Kiss […]

  171. 171
    myriel asis Says:

    hi jung so min your so pretty ang cute woman,,, your my no.1 idol in a world please come in philippines…my country, every day i watch your movie in tv with my family and my friends.. i love you Ha Ni Oh, god bless

  172. 172
    pipijojo Says:

    you r very cute….I like your acting in playful kiss…..my brother loves u so muh……

  173. 173
    lorraine Says:

    hello, hope you can visit our country philippines your so beautiful!!!!

  174. 174
    lhuiza addicted to unnie so min Says:

    hii …. ur so cute and qood actress .. i hope you can visit my country in philipphines … kim hyun joong went in the philipphines last aug 25 … i though your here to .. but im wrong .. omo .. kim hyun joong and you unnie is super my idol .. first i see you in playful kiss im so amaze both of you are good actor and actreses and good personality … hehe fighting .. !!

  175. 175
    lhuiza addicted to unnie so min Says:

    saranghe unnie …!!!

  176. 176
    sasa ! Says:

    more power .. and more drama with kim hyun joong fighting ..!!!! im super miss u uniie ..!

  177. 177
    akemy Says:

    eres demasiado denda y me gusto tu nelenovela beso travieso con kim huyn q hacean buena pareja

  178. 178
    akemy Says:

    deverdad te mega kiero soy tu idola y ojala agas otra tenelovela con kim huyn por q se les ve bien juntos a los dos los mega kiero good bye
    y muchos exitos

  179. 179
    sasa Says:

    saranghe .. im super miss you .. hope you will do another drama with kim hyun joong fight.fight ..

  180. 180
    suraj tamrakar Says:

    I love jang so min.

  181. 181
    Nurul Syazwani Says:

    i love jung so min AKA oh ha ni ah…hope u’ll acting wif Kim Hyung Joong AKA Baek Seung Jo again!!!cuz i love ur romace part!!

  182. 182
    14.)*** PlaYfuL kIsS *** « myfavoritekoreannovel Says:

    […] and 7 special episodes! BOF’s & Dream High’s Kim Hyun Joong as Baek Seung Jo and Jung So Min as Oh Ha Ni, made a cute couple for this remake of Taiwan’s It’s Started with A Kiss and […]

  183. 183
    MASSIEL Says:

    es una buena actriz……..espero verla muy pronto en otros dramas junto a le min…….harian una bonita pareja…….claro como actores……y no junto a kim hyun esperarlo…………….hasta lo 40 años para tener una relacion formal uffffffffffff…………yung so min tiene para mejores chicos♥

  184. 184
    angelaricafrente Says:

    hi jung so min im youre fan i miss you in playful kiss and bad guy saranghamnida

  185. 185
    chesterly Says:

    saranghae jung so min . . . actually , i’m from philliphines.. . . i really really like you….

  186. 186
    chesterly Says:

    saranghae jung so min. . .

  187. 187
    Carol Says:

    si espero verla ya pronto me encanta como actua, es muy linda, espero le ponga un pareja tambien linda y como dice Massiel, kim hyung joong no se lo que espera porque hasta los 40 años para tener una relacion forma si es ufffffffffl, si puede estar con alguien ser felices y seguir su vid, bueno claro que espero que con So Min , bueno este chico tiene sus ideas, pero igual me encanta. Viva HyunMin:)

  188. 188
    sasa Says:

    i miss u unnie .. super ,super !! hope you will do another drama with oppa kim hyun joong .. !!! fight .

  189. 189
    Bless Maureen Says:

    hi jung so min im from philliphines. i relly kike your style..
    saranghae unnie..

  190. 190
    Bless Maureen Says:

    hi! i really like your style..

  191. 191
    romelyn cuyno Says:

    hai jung so min……….im from phillipines….i love that u are here in phillipines……

  192. 192
    Pooneh Says:

    Hi, I’m Sorry But You Are The Worst Acctress I’ve Ever Seen…Maybe You Have Talents But Its Not Playing , Go And Find It… (~_~;)

  193. 193
    mark jason lobaton salas Says:

    i love everything in that korean actress star ms.jung so min..!!! thank you for being kind and god bless you always…!!!

  194. 194
    mark jason lobaton salas Says:

    sinong pang-194….!!! bad girl daw po ang next project nyo po…!!!!

  195. 195
    mark jason lobaton salas Says:

    good luck po…!!! sa inyo…!!!

  196. 196
    sri mei indrawati Says:

    Jung so min…miss beautiful
    Cute abisz dech pokok’ny

  197. 197
    anjhie Says:

    .hyun joong and jung so min are match made in heaven..

    .i hope my movie ulit kayo together..super like..

  198. 198
    Asha_24 Says:

    Saranghe..hi h0ney 0h!im 1 of ur avid fan fr0m d philippines..i luv ur character in playful kiss..aja!aja!

  199. 199
    angela Says:

    hi jung so min ur so beautiful girl

  200. 200
    sunira Says:

    you are too nice and cute.I hope you’ll do your best in your next dramas specially with kim hyung joong

  201. 201
    Mischievous Kiss @ Playful Kiss (장난스런 키스) « styrn Says:

    […] Hyun Joong as Baek Seung Jo Jung So Min as Oh Ha Ni Lee Tae Sung as Bong Joon Gu Lee Si Young as Yoon He Ra Jung Hye Young as Hwang Geum […]

  202. 202
    park yoon hee Says:

    saranghe, nol saranghae JUNG SO MIN.. fighting!

    im wondering why do you have no tv shows right now? i think you should have one, once again because your so good in acting, i love to dance, i love dancers so i love you.. i admire your gracefulness when you are dancing 😀 fighting .. more power, hope for more shows to come 🙂 take care

  203. 203
    louis Says:

    hi miss…

    ur so pretty… i m always ur audience…

  204. 204
    marianette s de jesus Says:

    anyong jung soo min

  205. 205
    K.ANU Says:

    hai oh ha ni
    i like you very much and iam from INDIA my friends also like u a lot

  206. 206
    Kim Min Gi Says:

    Yay your pretty really. umm i hope i will meet you someday i will go to korea. 🙂

  207. 207
    nahla Says:

    anyeong haseyo so min! How r u? I miss you,hope to see u on tv,i really like u,ur so pretty….more power!

  208. 208
    mark jason salas Says:

    saranghe ms.jung so min ….!!!

  209. 209
    Baek Seung Jo Says:

    saranghe Kim Yoon Ji!

    OMG… when will be your next drama tv show? hmmm i really miss watching your act and your beautiful face ^_^ i’m dying to see you again hehe more power to you!

  210. 210
    unknown Says:

    jun so min is actuly older then kim hyun joong!!!!

  211. 211
    beak seung jo Says:

    OH HA NI! 당신을 사랑

  212. 212
    Inar Indonesia Pinrang Says:

    ƍäª ª∂a̲̅ dramax lagi…Pdhl kangen

  213. 213
    christine alcantara Says:

    hi hello i will asked favor with you can you write youre name age birthday and address my name is christine alcantara
    age 14
    address i live in antipolo city
    status single
    female i would to thank you i love you very much and youre so cute and beutiful and in dustrius

  214. 214

    Hi SoMin
    I like u.Me & my lover, EVER like you(OH HA NI)…………..

  215. 215
    mahsa Says:

    hi,i love you,who is your best actor?you are cute and lovely.be best .

  216. 216
    Mina (iran) Says:

    hi jung so min how ru?plz acting more

  217. 217
    shashah Says:

    what’s your next project?

  218. 218
    janine cielo Says:

    im waiting for your new tv shows .. im a big fan of yours .. SARANGHAE :p

  219. 219
    Kaye Says:

    I do like you Jung So Min a.k.a. Oh Ha Ni! ♥
    YOU and KIM HYUN JOONG a.k.a. Baek Seung Jo really fits each other. :”>

    I hope there would be a PART 2 of PLAYFUL KISS. 🙂

  220. 220
    Maya Angela Baang Dadole Says:

    Hello!!! Jung So Min or we should say Oh Ha Ni in Playful Kiss!!!:) and hello again!!!:) you know, you are a good partner with Kim Hyun Joong, promise….:) You two are fit for each other…:) and I don’t know why, I just feel it and like it!!! I hope you can visit her in the philippines!!!…:) Love You!!! and Take Care!!!!:)

  221. 221
    ming Says:

    annyeong haseyo!!!.u’r great with kim hyun jung in playful kiss,and i think u can also match to lee min ho and jang geun suk…ur talented and so pretty!!!fighting!!!:)

  222. 222
    nirjara Says:

    al i can say is u r so so cute…. esp. ua chinky eyes and ua radiant glow

  223. 223
    anonymous Says:

    I really wish you would do another drama. I liked Playful Kiss very much. I am anticipating to see your next drama.

  224. 224
    Nkaujhnub Says:

    We are so in love with you (my daugther and I)!! We’re waiting to see you again.. waiting excitedly for your next drama/appearance!!! Love ur acting, ur soo cute and we love ur acting! OH HA NI OH HA NI!! haaa 😛

  225. 225
    wind nguyen Says:

    i’m your fan in Viet Nam, acting of YOU and HYUN JOONG in MISCHIEVOUS KISS is very great, i really like both, i wish You and Hyun Joong will meet again in a good film soon, we(Vietnamese fan} miss JOONGMIN very much.FIGHTING … JOONGMIN

  226. 226
    kim palen Says:

    annyeong haseyo!!!you is sow sow.”BEAUTIFUL” actress……
    i miss your show…….playful kiss………i like it so much!!………….i wish to return your show in the “PHILIPPINE” television!!…..thats all.my idol………

  227. 227
    kim palen Says:

    an also “I LOVE YOU”……………..:)

  228. 228
    kim palen Says:

    우리는 당신이 그리워!!!…..:)

  229. 229
    Perl Buizon Says:

    jung so min is my idol! i love her very much..:) i’m perl 16 yrs old from philippines and to see jung so min in person is my dream come true,,,i can’t wait to see her ! i’m so proud of you ,,and i wish you can notice me by the use of this ! i love you kim yoon ji ! Fighting ! 🙂

  230. 230
    Balaji Says:

    Hai miss Jung so min. I’m your fan from India. I have seen your Playfull kiss videos and i’m watching it frequently. Its my first Korean drama and funny drama ever seen. Your acting was very very good. I’m unlucky that i couldn’t see you in real. If i visit korea defnitely i’ll come and visit you and also if you happens to come to India, kindly please inform me…
    All the best…

  231. 231
    clarisse Says:

    beatiful jung so min sana kayo mag katuluyan totoo buhay galing na pa ibig mo si gello i love you at i miss you sana mapaulit ang playful kiss i miss you i love you jung so min kim hyun joong da best kayo namiss ko na korean drama playful kiss i miss you all mga kasama sa playful kiss

  232. 232
    clarisse Says:

    Hai miss jung so min I,m your fan from india i have seen your playful kiss videos ang i,m watching it freguently its my first korean drama and funny drama ever seen your acting was very very good i,m unlucky that i couldn ;t see you in real if i visit korean defnitely i ll come ang visit you and also if you happens to come to indea kindly please inform me …….. all the best i love you jung so min i miss you

  233. 233
    clarisse Says:

    i love you jung so min i miss you !!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  234. 234
    clarisse Says:

    my forever only playful kiss i miss you forever and i love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 happy for you jung so min 🙂 🙂

  235. 235
    jennifer bautista Says:

    jung so min is the one favorite actress in korea i love you soo much and take care always.,.,.,., muaaaahhhhh

  236. 236
    sharon Says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii jung so min u r so cute i realy love ur action in plaful kisses

  237. 237
    Somayeh(girl) Says:

    Heloooooooooooo……..sory I’m Irani i cant spaek english well but *i love* JUNG SO MIN and U Too……… Bye bye

  238. 238
    puspita istiqomah Says:

    hiii jung so min,
    you and kim hyung joong, really when you so oh hani n kim hyung joong so beak seung jo, if you really married to kim hyung joong be fun

  239. 239
    puspita istiqomah Says:

    I like you jung so min…

  240. 240
    Somayeh(girl) Says:

    Hi gung so min you are my favorite acterss ,pleas coming to Iran that I see u……… Because I can’t go to korea if reacive my note pleas pleas pleas pleras pleas answer me …. Komas midaaaaaaaaaaa (he he he)

  241. 241
    Kaye Says:

    Hi Jung So Min Unnie~
    Is it true that you and Kim Hyun Joong Oppa is datin for 10 months? Woah. :O How I wish it’s true. I hope you and Kim Hyun Joong Oppa will become a real couple. You two are PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER. 🙂

  242. 242
    Sandy Says:

    Please add this picture of her:

    link here

  243. 243
    avi Says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii miss jung so min.i like u sssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.want 2 see u too.cuty cuty baby.luv u so much.bless u.b happy always like oh ha ni.haha ha

  244. 244
    Melani Says:

    luv ya so much oh ha ni. And i miss your playful kiss. im your fan from India. i really enjoyed watching your drama. you have lots of fan from India, particularly from Tamilnadu. We need playful kiss season 2.

  245. 245
    neil Says:

    .. o my god! ur so beautiful.. keep up the good work..
    more power in ur career ..
    God bless u!

  246. 246
    gemenchih Says:

    Iam from Malaysia, like u very much on Naughty Kiss, very cute….

  247. 247
    saufi Says:

    I really like her.. She so cute =)

  248. 248
    shikhasahu Says:

    Hai, miss jung so min I,m your fan from india i have seen your playful kiss videos Its my first Korean drama and funny drama ever seen.

    Your acting was very very good. I’m unlucky that i couldn’t see you in real. If i visit korea defnitely i’ll come and visit you and also if you

    happens to come to India, kindly please inform me…
    All the best…

    i love you jung so min i miss you…………………….

    I hope you and Kim Hyun Joong Oppa will become a real couple. You two are PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER.

  249. 249
    Gemenchih Says:

    Every nite I’m watching Naughty kiss, do know why, cause I crazy about u

  250. 250
    Zed Says:

    Playful kiss was the worst korean drama that i ever seen,it was a BIG terrible!

  251. 251
    Zed Says:

    But i like oh ha ni. .)

  252. 252
    lhuiza Says:

    hi jung so min .. i super love to watch play full kiss or so very good actress and your so very beautiful qudluck to ur another drama spotligh so sad that ur not partner with kim hyun joong but qud luck aqain :DD

  253. 253
    darya Says:

    i love your face

  254. 254
    Donya Says:

    Saranim So Min.NON Chomal Ipodona.

  255. 255
    Fatima Says:

    I love You so much. U R funny.

  256. 256
    chen Says:

    i am surprised of your excellent performance in the playful kiss even you are so young. you are the future superstar.

  257. 257
    Kaye Says:

    I super like your acting in MISCHIEVOUS KISS. You and Kim Hyun Joong are perfect for each other. Hope to see you again together in another Kdrama. 🙂

  258. 258
    Shane Says:

    Please add this picture of her:

    pic link

    Pic Link

    Pic link

  259. 259
    meliana Says:

    But i like oh ha ni . .)
    *i love you

  260. 260
    ammu Says:

    oh ha ni…… I really love u r acting in playfull kiss…… u r toooooo good in that drama…….

  261. 261
    dyan orpiana Says:

    how tru your acting is perfect i request to you if you have drama in korea pls. you take in the philippines

  262. 262
    Kaye Says:

    I MISS YOU, Jung So Min a.k.a. OH HANI! ♥ 🙂

  263. 263
    Angelina Xiong Says:

    I love how u Junk So Min,i hope to see u in real life and see how u looka

  264. 264
    Julie Says:

    Jung so min, Nice to meet u . I really like your cute action and also your cute legs. i wish u will more successful . Oh Ha ni , fighting?

  265. 265
    tuba yılmaz Says:

    seni cok seviyorum I love you

  266. 266
    Thao Nguyen Says:

    I think you are very pretty and a great actress!!!! I wish you would do many more playful kiss episodes!!! I love you, Oh Ha Ni!!!

  267. 267
    Miranti ekasari Says:

    Min Min,,,i like you so much

  268. 268
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  269. 269
    Nethu Says:

    she’s so cute looking. love her so much…

  270. 270
    tifaoktie Says:

    Jung So Min.,you’re so beautiful.,i like you

  271. 271
    [ jTBC 2012 ] Can We Get Married ? RAW E1 | Says:

    […] off the elder daughter to a doctor, then turns her attention to the younger daughter, Hye Yoon (Jung So Min) but only to have the daughter reveal that she wants marry to an ordinary salaryman, Jung Hoon […]

  272. 272
    ramya Says:

    ur so cute

  273. 273
    sittie calandada Says:

    i like the korean drama of jung so min and kim hyun jooong the mischievous kiss! love it! 🙂

  274. 274
    sittie calandada Says:

    jung so min is very cute!!! 🙂

  275. 275
    Download Drama Can We Get Married (2012) | Mc WinThePooPin Says:

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  276. 276
    Kristy Says:

    I actually like her acting in “Can We Get Married” then in ” Playful Kiss” I think she got better…

  277. 277
    najwa Says:

    jung so min is the best,,,,,,

  278. 278
    aina Says:

    Dear:jong so min
    u are my insperation of my life if me change her look. and ur movie play ful kiss i’so very like and i wish kim hyun jong is ur wife.I’im sorry for my wsh.

  279. 279
    pmy:) Says:

    would you have say husband?

  280. 280
    khoiriyah Says:

    you always make me smile with acting you eonni,,, I LOVE YOU

  281. 281
    khoiriyah Says:

    happy birthday to you eonni, may successful always

  282. 282
    ainah hyun min Says:

    jung so min do u have a new drama with kim hyun joong! ????

  283. 283
    jayne Says:

    eonni, naneun jin jja joa-hae ! <3

  284. 284
    icha Says:

    Jung So Min and Bae Suzy looks like twin, but actually different 🙂

  285. 285
    rexie Says:

    my one and only korean actress idol Min2x keep it up. I’m looking forward for your new project !

  286. 286
    Korea Says:

    나 는 중소민 를 사랑해요!!!!

  287. 287
    aminu jolade Says:

    you are so great.jung i love you. dont fret am a girl

  288. 288
    ANGELA Says:


  289. 289
    Grace m Says:

    saranghe jung so min.ur drama mischevious kiss was awesome and I really liked you.u gave us courage to love.Saranghe

  290. 290
    mai Says:

    that la tuyet voi!jung so min very wood.

  291. 291
    walwin Says:

    i love u ssoo much JUNG SO MIN u are the best in Korean atress

  292. 292
    asmi patil,india Says:

    i love ur charector oh ha ni….i always inspire from ur character.and u and kim hyun joong are made for each other.ur chemistry is so nice.i feel that u both r made 4 each other.my deeam boy is khj…i love him very much…u always inspire me to achive asuscced life.in future,i definately visit south korea.this is my second home.i love this country so much.plz,if i come there,meet me ok……love u.keep it up……..

  293. 293
    chad lee Says:

    Loved her in Playful Kiss. Her charm made this movie so enjoyable.

  294. 294
    Jung So Min Thailand Fanclub Says:

    Jung So Min Thailand Fanclub
    please, Share&like page

  295. 295
    saira banu Says:

    your Soooooooooooo Cute dr

  296. 296
    susan Says:

    please be my friend

  297. 297
    lolade Says:

    Jung So Min you inspired me to never give up thank you and Kim Hyun Sunbae thank you. I pray in the nearest future when I come to south korea I will meet u. LOVE YOU BOTH

  298. 298
    shajjad hossain Says:

    playful kis is one of the best drama, I have ever seen….thank u so much 4 ur outstanding acting……and also u and kim hyun joong is on of the best and perfect cupol…… I hop u both produce more drama together

  299. 299
    zeedagold Says:

    i luv u especially in playful kiss u ar a great actress keep it up

  300. 300
    Akshina Liyanage Says:

    Jung So Min,I really like ur acting in Playful Kiss..U are sooo cute..Luv U!!!!

  301. 301
    Sandy Says:

    Love this actress. She stole the show in Big Man. They had the wrong lead female actress, because Jung So Min out acted her hands down.

  302. 302
    Alison Says:

    Hola jung so min es la mejor actriz que e visto en mi vi la MEJOR . Ella tambien actuo en el Dorama Playful Kiss es el primer dorama que e visto y es el mejor .

  303. 303
    Alison Says:

    Fighting !!!!!!!!!! ^___^ it’s so cute

  304. 304
    Chykaprek. Says:

    Love you jang so min. Fighting

  305. 305
    RAGHU LOVE Says:

    ohhhhhhhhh god u r so beuty i need u to marry

  306. 306
    RAGHU LOVE Says:

    recently i saw ur flyfull kiss movie ur so cute and beuty,,,,,,,,,,,

  307. 307
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  308. 308
    Ricardo Chua Cifra Says:

    your SMILE is addictive,ACTING wise unpredictable…i see a lovely SUNSHINE in the horizon

  309. 309
    feyilex Says:

    I love oh ha ni want to be like you

  310. 310
    D-Day Says:

    […] Young Kwang as Lee Hae Sung Jung So Min as Jung Ddol Mi Ha Suk Jin as Han Woo […]

  311. 311
    simolkaw Says:

    im in LOVE

  312. 312
    mei mei Says:

    Hi Soo Min ssi,

    I like your face I like your style of acting… please continue to inspire us with good drama… Keep up the good work…

  313. 313
    Ed Stoddard Says:

    Just loved So Min in what is called “Playful Kiss” on Netflix in the US (don’t know about the rest of the world). Her Hani Oh character was so lovable, adorable that I was pulling for her all the way. I laughed, got silly grins on my face at times, and watery eyes when she was down. So Min really sold me on Hani Oh! (Wish I could have met someone like her when I was young.)

    Being American, I never realized that Asian romantic comedies where so good, so well done. It took Netflix streaming to get me to try them, and boy, I never knew what I was missing out on. I’ve watched “Playful Kiss” now 3 or 4 times – it’s just that good for me to watch. So Min is a fantastic actress, and I would watch her in anything she does. What a wonderful young lady.

  314. 314
    Tina Says:

    She is an awesome k actress i loooooove her in playful kiss so much

  315. 315
    Because This Is My First Life episode 1-12 – korean drama Says:

    […] chosen to not marry. He owns his home, but he owes a lot on his mortgage. Meanwhile, Yoon Ji Ho (Jung So Min) is a single woman in her early 30’s. She does not own a home and envies those that do. She has […]

  316. 316
    “Because This is My first Life” - o poveste interesanta despre viata - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] o absenta de zece ani, mai exact din anul 2007. Cea care ii este  partenera de aceasta data este  Jung So Min, actrita cunoscuta publicului roman din mai multe seriale pe care le voi aminti ceva mai jos. Desi […]

  317. 317
    atika Says:

    saranghae unniiieee….no matter what i’ll be supporting you always…

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