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Jung Yong Hwa

Jung Yong Hwa 02

Name: 정용화 / Jung Yong Hwa (Jeong Yong Hwa)
Profession: Singer and actor
Birthdate: 1989-June-22
Height: 180cm
Blood Type: A
Star sign: Cancer
Hobbies: Listening to music, piano
Talent agency: FNC Entertainment
KPOP group: CN Blue

TV Series

Great Real Estate (KBS2, 2021)
The Package (jTBC, 2017)
The Three Musketeers Season 1 (tvN, 2014)
Marry Him If You Dare (KBS2, 2013)
A Gentleman’s Dignity (SBS, 2012) cameo
You’ve Fallen for Me (MBC, 2011)
You’re Beautiful (SBS, 2009)


Cook Up a Storm (2017)


2012 K-Drama Star Awards: Hallyu Star Award
2010 3rd Korea Drama Awards: Popularity Award (You’re Beautiful)
2009 SBS Drama Awards: New Star Award (You’re Beautiful)

Related Photo

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  1. 1 : aurora Says:

    his acting is good . I like to see him more in drama…

  2. 2 : racs Says:

    he’s cute

  3. 3 : kim.i.am Says:

    SUCH A CUTIE. AWWW LOVE HIM IN ”YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL” ! The toliet part of the movie just made me admire him sooo much.. LOVE.

  4. 4 : imuyachan Says:

    agree he acts well 😀 fighting

  5. 5 : Hanna Says:

    so hottt. i love you yong hwa oppa

  6. 6 : o.o Says:

    he out-shines the other guys in the drama~~~~
    every time I look his just sparkling there~ see stars *.*

  7. 7 : sollie ! Says:

    OMG, Yong Hwa oppa is HOT ♥ i absolutely love him in You’re Beautiful 🙂 i thought beginners would be bad at acting in like the first epidoes and get better later on but he was good throughout the whole damn thing ! WOW. And i LOVED it when he was wearing that hat and the glasses and following Minyu around and helping her 🙂 omg ! Shinwoo/Yong Hwa oppa ! i♥u !!

  8. 8 : booo Says:

    Love you yonghwa woo! [:

  9. 9 : Nancy Says:

    Your cool I love your acting in Your beautiful series…you all got tallent you guys can act professional like top notch actor in korea! I was amazed! Keep it up!

  10. 10 : Yanna Says:

    great job yong hwa.
    keep up the good work.
    more projects to come.
    God bless you.

  11. 11 : apfal Says:

    hi i’m thai fanclub
    Yong Hwa Fighting!!!

    you can c Webbord of Thaifan @


  12. 12 : n_n Says:

    my ideal boyfriend, hahahaha.

  13. 13 : koko Says:

    My favorite male character in all of “You’re Beautiful.” He’s sooooo charming and adorable. I love TK and Jeremy too, but Jung Yong Hwa’s character is so boyfriend quality.

  14. 14 : ferlankexin Says:

    omg!!!! HOT HOT HOT!!!

  15. 15 : p0ouchE_05 Says:

    for a new actor he is good hope i can meet you sometimes!!adja!!fighting!!

  16. 16 : mhe2anjell Says:

    for a first timer, he is good in acting.. a very lovable character.
    if mn’s star is tk, you are my star in YB, hehe..
    seriously, aja-aja YB!! specially JYH, i hope he also gets to sing in the drama.

  17. 17 : Metty Says:

    WHAT A REMARKABLE ACTING FOR THE BEGINNERS like you! Your amazing in this series you can delivered the truly expression feeling oh man your face such adorable….hoping you make more series! I can watch you all day long what a HAWT and handsome look you are!

  18. 18 : Vanilla Says:

    EXCELLENT STAR! EXCELLENT ACTING also Hot! Hot! Hot! that’ all there is to say…where have you been? first time I’ve seen you!

  19. 19 : Ana Says:

    Helooo very good top notch acting of you for the beginner! nOw im one of of those crazy fans, but i have to say you are by the sexy man!

  20. 20 : Frances Says:

    Everything from you just so cool and sex, wish one day I could get you reply….great great great great acting. Love you!

  21. 21 : Frances Says:

    Everything from you just so cool and sexy, wish one day I could get you reply….great great great great acting. Love you!

  22. 22 : ulia Says:

    he looks so serious and sad in this drama…I feel sorry all the time(

  23. 23 : Leilani Says:

    For a new comer he is a pretty good actor. He will go far in the business. Hi presence is that of Keanu Reeves (really handsome) and his acting is much much better. You will be one of Korea’s great actor. AJA!!!

  24. 24 : Leilani Says:

    UEE is also good. She does portray the character well for almost all the comments are kind of hateful so she succeeded in being the villain..hahaha

  25. 25 : RAZ Says:


  26. 26 : Kai Says:

    Keep up your good work. Your eyes just say everything–your emotions are conveyed through your beautiful eyes. Your smile did light up the screen. You are great in this drama and I hope the industry realizes that and we will see more of you in the next months to come. Ilove the way you just look at the girl-it could melt even the coldest heart.Good Luck

  27. 27 : YRBrocks Says:

    your really good looking and your so nice too, i’m half in half whether i like Jemma/min nam/min nyu, ends up with you or with tae kyung, well, I’ll just have to wait and see for myself!!! I really love you’re beautiful, this is the first time that i have posted a comment on every character on any series that i watched. Keep up the good work and more success in your career, God Bless…

  28. 28 : aayushma Says:

    Hi I am your new fan.You’re the best and cool actor in You’re beautiful drama.
    I love how you dressup and I am so fallen love with your small eyes.

  29. 29 : nina Says:

    u a so good at ur first drama..great job..unbelievable that this drama is ur first drama SW.

    but y in this drama not show u and GMN more closer and u act not take care GMN too much as ur love for her.

    ok whatever this is really good drama

  30. 30 : changminnie Says:

    shin woo!!!!!
    he is great in you are beautiful…luv him!

  31. 31 : jo Says:

    Yes you are excellent! You are very talented in this you’re beautiful TV series. We see’s success in your future as an actor.GOD BLESS YOU.

  32. 32 : Perlas Says:

    Yong Hwa, you are such a wonderful actor and I know that you will go far in this business. Just KEEP ON KEEPING ON . You’re talent is GOD-Given and you bring such joy to your new found fans. STAY FOCUSED>>>>> AIM FOR THE BEST and WE YOUR FANS HERE IN THE US WISHES YOU THE BEST OF EVERYTHING> MORE POWER TO YOU> GREAT SMILE>SO SWEET & GOOD ACTING FOR A NEWBIE . AJA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. 33 : mira Says:

    so… handsome…..!! oppa… JUng yong hwa… i hope your show will show in philippines,.. so that … your so be be come famous …

  34. 34 : Shalai Says:

    He’s superb. Good actor in You’re Beautiful. Very mature character & I just looove his patience in the drama. You’re talented!!

  35. 35 : julie Says:

    OMG! Jung Yong Hwa is smexy hot!

  36. 36 : Kristine Says:

    LOVE HIM! His acting is pretty good for a beginner. Although he is only 20 yrs old, he has the charisma and sophistication of an experience actor. Not to mention he can sing and play instruments as well. What a talented guy. Hope to see him in more dramas :p

  37. 37 : Gye Says:

    I like you soooo much in your beautiful OMG your like a PRO ACTOR! man your reall bombmer!! Is jus amazing acting wow wow wow!!! hope you can make more drama…Goodluck in everything!

  38. 38 : juju.mickey Says:

    I fist knew about him after watching the first ep of You are beautiful – a korean drama. I wasss really suprise to know that this dramas is his first role because of the way his Shin Woo character appeared on screen was very softly, smoothly. His voice and the way he speak English was great. Keep doing … better and better in time. My sunshine! C.N Blue – Blue sky

  39. 39 : sooyun Says:

    Jung Yong Hwa
    Love at 1st sight!!he’s really so…..Handsome!!!and sweet in you are beautiful!

  40. 40 : lalala~` Says:

    i luv watching YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL!!!
    it the best show ever!!!
    jung yong hwa is soo handsome and acts reali well too!!
    hope 2 c u in more drama 2 come <3

  41. 41 : Xeti Says:


    here’s the link below:


  42. 42 : koreanhot chick Says:

    I REALLY LOVE HIM….i wish…he would do another drama with Park Shin Hye….the two of them really have chemistry….hope to see Jung Yong Hwa more often….^-^

  43. 43 : Doina Says:

    to the people who loved this series You’re Beautiful.
    H U R R Y!!!

    Sign if you’re with us!



  44. 44 : efryll Says:

    hi… luv YAB, hope it has season 2, your really good, hope to see u in some other drama soon… good luck with your career…

  45. 45 : Joyce Says:

    YEAH go go go go!!! we will make it to TOP GOAL! Everybody fight all the way!


  46. 46 : hrangthani hmar Says:


  47. 47 : eugene Says:

    Love you the most and Park Shin Hye in “You’re beautiful” Keep fighting!!!!

  48. 48 : oNb Says:


  49. 49 : StarWatcher Says:

    He definitely stand out as a STAR in You’re Brautiful. I can’t believe he’s only twenty, but delivers superb acting. He’ll go far in acting and become a BIG STAR witout a adoubt in future. I’ll love to see him in big pictures, too. 🙂

  50. 50 : ♥runawaylove. Says:


  51. 51 : Dahpne Says:


    All the way You’re BEautiful! Yes!

  52. 52 : KiKoKu Says:

    Yong Hwa oppa…..

  53. 53 : Bearpower Says:

    You stole the show in You’re beautiful. Great 1st show you put up. Looking forwards to more production with you. U made many fall in love with Shin Woo…. Great Job!!!

  54. 54 : Ruth Says:

    That’s right you rock on!!! YEAH for you! Goodluck in everything!

  55. 55 : jezzel Says:

    hi……..i wast love at first site to you………your voice is beautiful and also you are very handsome…im from philippines………please in our country and have a concert………i want to see you in personal and be your girlfriend……….i am waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. 56 : Onigiri-chan Says:

    I love your acting in “You’re Beautiful”, keep smile and sing, because your voice is amazing!!

    Ganbatte, Yong Hwa 🙂

  57. 57 : macky macalde Says:

    jung yong hwa san….kawai….gambatte….kyutskete…mwahhhhhhh..
    ur the best..u took my breath away..muhahahah

  58. 58 : Didi Says:

    Wow… look amazing but 1 thing: you should not put that much powder on your face…. hehe. Just jocking, you look handsome as you are!!! <3 luv ya

  59. 59 : upa Says:

    saranghae oppa

  60. 60 : shinee Says:

    So handsome,,
    So cute. .

  61. 61 : Shinki ! Says:

    ohh! Yung-Hwa hyung!

  62. 62 : eeh ^^ Says:

    Yeah ,I rly do ,but so what?You’ll never read this..
    Anyways,I loved ‘You’re beautiful’ and I think YOU DESERVE the main role ^^
    woaaah , good luck with everything ^^ I hope to see you again on the big screen.
    Greetings from Bulgaria ~ ^^

  63. 63 : hila Says:

    I love you………


  64. 64 : santa Says:

    oh!! oppa!! u r handsome but u don’t need to wear such much make-up in the above pic^^ hehe

  65. 65 : Stephanie Says:

    I think he is good looking and also good at acting …
    I will be ur audience & i hope to see u again in next series..

    Good Luck…

  66. 66 : YH Princess Says:

    Like u much …..

  67. 67 : YH Princess Says:


  68. 68 : YH Princess Says:

    need ur mail….. i m ur fan

  69. 69 : YH Princess Says:

    Big Fan

  70. 70 : Coral Says:

    WOw … love ur character there ! Don’t know how to write in korean but in eng … feels warm ! 🙂

  71. 71 : adell Says:

    oh no, you’re very handsome !
    oppa, sarangheyo ♥

  72. 72 : adell Says:

    jung yong hwa, i love your acting in “You’re beautiful” and i love your voice too because your voice very beautiful and amazing!
    oppa, sarangheyo ♥

  73. 73 : adell Says:

    jung yong hwa, i love your acting in “You’re Beautiful” and i love your voice too, because is very beautiful and amazing !
    oppa, sarangheyo ♥ .

  74. 74 : Arai Says:

    Happy new year,More success to you

  75. 75 : Leia Says:

    Jung Yong Hwa I get why you don’t have time to read these comments,(because you’re so busy)but remeber that you have very devoted fans and you were a really good actor in You’re Beautiful!!Hope to see you in more tv series’!=)

  76. 76 : Sara Says:

    i love him

  77. 77 : urie jc Says:

    oppa……..fighting..!!^^love u

  78. 78 : Tara Says:

    Shin-wo0 hyung ♥ I Love You as my bro. I have no brother.

  79. 79 : Helena Says:

    Yong Hwa… you’re acting is so good.. Love u.. ^^

  80. 80 : dya Says:

    oppa.. u so cute..

  81. 81 : Hartari Says:

    you got the feeling when you’re acting…

    i like it so much oppa…

  82. 82 : cutegirl Says:

    anyong shin woo hyung…
    i like your acting, its ur first time? but i think u has been acting long time. because the acting is good. i like u as a hyung to jeremy. u r so wise and charm…
    i wish u all the best…

  83. 83 : Ulan Says:

    Oppa…You are cute and handsome boy

  84. 84 : jong hyun Says:

    jong yong hwa
    i really love you…

  85. 85 : jannah Says:


  86. 86 : tiffany Says:

    it’s your first time?
    you’re good!
    you made me love you when you are just an ‘other man’
    in this series.
    looking forward at your first male lead.

  87. 87 : Aya Rie Says:

    Jung Yong Hwa is pretty good in acting…I thought he is a proffesional actor but when I heard some info that he is a BEGINNER in acting…that totally surprised me. Anyway, I’m sure his acting skills will improve in the future. I would love to watch that…*smiles*.

    I really LOVE acting though but when I notice I have no talent at that portion I gave up…the only role I can do is the villain part *sigh*…

    Anyway, God bless and Good Luck on your career and life. May you have good health. Take good care of yourself and don’t overdo it…AJA!!!

  88. 88 : Naneki Says:

    Congrats on debuting as the leader of CN Blue. I love your voice when you sing. I just finished watching you on “You’re Beautiful” and I love you as Shin Woo.

  89. 89 : ely meylany Says:

    Hai!..may I be your fan?

  90. 90 : ely meylany Says:

    hai.. may I be your fan

  91. 91 : penitha Says:

    annyeong haseyo jung young hwa..

    saranghayong to jung young hwa..

  92. 92 : ddd Says:


  93. 93 : yyy Says:

    yong hwa oppaaaa

    love u jubu jubu^^

  94. 94 : hye sun selly Says:

    saranghae jung yong hwa………

  95. 95 : hye sun selly Says:

    saranghae jung yong hwa

  96. 96 : HyeJung Says:

    saranghaeyo jung yong hwa~ nice debut performance as CN BLUE

  97. 97 : tanni Says:

    hi how are you?

  98. 98 : madei Says:

    hello Jung Yong Hwa,
    good day!
    i watch you 1st drama series, and you did a great job. Your not only good in singing but your also good in acting.
    1st t.v drama but you surpise all the viewer.
    keep up the good work and hope for your drama and movie project to came. i wish for your success in career and life.
    take care and God Bless you always.

    hope that i can watch your new movie when i go to korea for holiday…..

    have a nice day. fighting!!!!!!

  99. 99 : xiiin Says:

    ni hao!

    knw wat, i really like you,
    specially when you’r playing guitar…
    take car^^
    hope i will see you ‘n personal…

  100. 100 : Hay Mar Says:

    You are so handsome in A.N.Jell.

  101. 101 : Anemone Says:

    oppa, saranghamnida! I will support you from this day forward!!!! Keep up the good work!

  102. 102 : Chona Says:

    jung yong hwa.. hi im chona.. im from the philippines.. you know what i really admire you,, i like your role in you’re beautiful.. Keep up the good work,, i’m looking forward for your next t.v. series.. i really like you.. Godbless you more…

  103. 103 : bina limbu(nepal) Says:

    hi keep up da good work.A.N.JELL are da best.U all guys r really cool.Did u all sing da song in “YOU’re BEAUTIFUL”.I mean Jang Guen seok. U may not reply me but i really need dis answer.

  104. 104 : Ratih Says:

    hummmm… you’re really romantic in YAB.. so sweet

  105. 105 : sonnie_r0se Says:

    hi himely…..your so hundsome super im looking forward to meet you soon thats my greatest dream i want to visite korea someday just to see you in person……….i really love you so much and hope sooner or later we could meet……i saw you on your movie witch is “YOURE BEAUTIFUL”thats my first time that i notice you……..from now on im always looking forward to watch your other movie hope you have succesfull carrer……..muah…….this is sonnie rose valdez from philippines,,,,,,im inviting you to visete my country many fans of yours waiting you her…keep safe,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  106. 106 : sonnie_r0se Says:

    yepey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hi jung yong hwa””know what?i really love your role in you’re beautiful your so awesome and very admirable one,,,many likes you super……..hope you have many more movie to come,,,for sure im gonna watch for it…. from:sonnie rose valdez ,,,muahhhhhhh keep safe…..

  107. 107 : nona Says:

    i like it when he Brown hair

  108. 108 : Grace Says:

    I have been never submitted comment here.
    That’s the first time I submitted comment in Korea website.
    Also, this is the first , I visit Korea website. So, I am looking forward to replying from you. And I really like all of you in Your Beautiful drama.

  109. 109 : culets_rules Says:

    I SO LALALALAB HiM!! ^_^

  110. 110 : sogol Says:

    hi im sogol from iran.i enjoy watching your drama.i love korea and im sure one day i will visit your country and i hope meet you in person.and in persian DOOSET DARAM it means I LOVE YOU OPA

  111. 111 : xXMzSmilesXx Says:

    Oppa I LOVE YOU!!

  112. 112 : Aruba Says:

    that’s really good acting for the first movie, i saw u did better and better in this movie..keep the hard work! u have that talent pal,j ust trust ur self, jia you ! looking forward for the next movie and new album..

  113. 113 : Nishu Says:

    Hey! i’m frm Nepal.The day I saw u i became ur dieheart fan…..
    luv u forever….

  114. 114 : rona stania Says:

    oppa,kamu cukup bagus menjalani akting mu,i love it,kamu sangat imut bagi saya,i love you forever……..kakak adalah sosok seseorang yang saya sukai.aku ingin memeluk mu,dan takan ku lepaskan,untuk selamanya.apakah oppa sudah mempunyai seorang wanita yang oppa idamkan?aku ingin slalu memimpikan mu.hanya satu permintaan ku,datanglah ke indonesia,ku harap oppa bisa mengabulkan permintaan ku ini.

  115. 115 : coniix Says:

    .. ur so handsome! U act really good on ‘ur beautiful!”..
    for sure your tv series would be a big hit in the philippines!
    keep smilling! ^_^

  116. 116 : joedy lou of philippines Says:

    you’re so handsome and you are a good actor=)

  117. 117 : neha Says:

    i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  118. 118 : arezoo Says:

    hello. i am from iran i love your face a lot you are the besttttttt

  119. 119 : o7 Says:

    your beautiful is good

  120. 120 : olive Says:

    i like you

    your good actor

  121. 121 : krix Says:

    your so handsome and pretty…
    hopE to meet yOu soOn…
    stay humbLe and Godbless..
    yOur a goOd acTor…
    just be a good hyung to us all

  122. 122 : kusum Says:

    u r sooooooooo gr8! oppa nahn sarange. ur role in you’re beautiful is really touching. luv u for that.

  123. 123 : aleena Says:

    Uppa you are very humble .Ur innocence gets reflected in your eyes.Keep on your ways coz you are 1 in the million.SARANGEYO UPPA

  124. 124 : s.m.n Says:

    Your voice is perfect, and your acting too.
    I’m from Iran.
    Korean actor, actress and singer are famous in Iran.
    this is your persian fans blog: http://cnblue-fans.blogfa.com
    I make a MV for “I’m a loner” from “you’re beautiful” movie:

    good luck

  125. 125 : nadia Says:

    ooohhhh… you are vvvvveeeeerrrryyy handsome.(ilove you)

  126. 126 : ..... Says:

    en…cute really

  127. 127 : jeong yong hwa biggest fan! Says:

    jeong yong hwa oppa!!! ur xo cute xo cool xo handsome xo nice n kind!!!!! oMG!!! i love u jung yong oppa!! saranghae!!!!!!!!

  128. 128 : jeong yong hwa biggest fan! Says:

    jung yong hwa oppa!!! for ur first time in a drama series ur acitng is o great!! u did very well and i like u xo much!!! ur so handsome in the movie!!! ur emotions in the drama was great!! i hope u play alot of drama series and i will buy them all!! saranghae jung yong hwa oppa!!!! be a great actress and a singer i like ur songs and i like u xo much when u r acting!!! u will always be my number one fan!!!! i love u jung yong hwa!! saranghaeyo!!!!

  129. 129 : jeong yong hwa biggest fan! Says:


  130. 130 : jeong yong hwa biggest fan! Says:

    u r the best from all!! oppa!! saranghaeyo!!!

  131. 131 : cherie may Says:

    oppa!!!!!! saranghae~~~~!!!!!!

  132. 132 : ..... Says:


  133. 133 : whitney Says:

    omg ur 1 of the guy i vae love.. i sossosososososo crazy of u i swear!! ..

  134. 134 : joan Says:

    jeong yong hwa…….
    my ideal kind of guy….
    your so cool in the movie…
    so nice and gentleman..
    wish to see you,,,

  135. 135 : njone Says:

    oh my god

    the same birthday with me

    just different years

  136. 136 : ..... Says:

    love you in YAB,but love you more on “we got married”

  137. 137 : chel Says:

    love 2 c your next drama or movie

  138. 138 : bluecha Says:

    hey shin woo,
    i really love your role in you’re beautiful….and you’re really a good singer…love you…

  139. 139 : nadia Says:

    i always have the dream
    that i will met you somewhere in the world
    that you feel in the moment you see me
    that i´m your soulmate…:-)
    and than you will never let me goooooooo

  140. 140 : YAB Fan Says:

    Really Love your role in You’re beautiful.. and you are super handsome!

  141. 141 : Lisa- Says:

    Gosh!! u’re perfect

  142. 142 : rani Says:

    hi jung yong hwa
    for your first role in a drama you did a really good job!
    by the way you and my brother have the same birthday 🙂
    i´m looking forward to see you in new roles

  143. 143 : rani Says:

    and now its time for your site!!!!
    lets make it nice here 🙂

  144. 144 : rani Says:

    dear administrator
    please add this photo

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    and this photo

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    this one,too

  148. 148 : rani Says:

    that all for today
    thank you 🙂

  149. 149 : monisa Says:


  150. 150 : nadia Says:

    hi dear Jung Yong Hwa

    i just wanted to say that you are not a loner ,coz iam always here for you…

  151. 151 : jhnnabhabez Says:

    jeong yong hwa.,,

    ,, i love the way you sing !!

    gua ai di!!!

  152. 152 : Neda Says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmoooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh dear admin!

  153. 153 : Neda Says:

    add this too!

  154. 154 : Neda Says:

    i bother you , sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy dear admin
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  157. 157 : Neda Says:

    and the last one dear Mr. AdMiN!

  158. 158 : neda Says:

    Hi !
    Anyone who love jung yong hwa and his k-pop group can join this site (CNBLUE’s official website) :

  159. 159 : Neda Says:

    Oh! I forgot it!
    It has english page(s)

  160. 160 : Priya Says:

    i just LOVE YOU very much………………. and You’re really Beautiful….

  161. 161 : ferehte Says:

    wow! jung yong hwa pic!

  162. 162 : ferehte Says:


  163. 163 : ferehte Says:


  164. 164 : ferehte Says:


  165. 165 : ferehte Says:


  166. 166 : fereshte Says:


  167. 167 : fereshte Says:

    link here

  168. 168 : ..... Says:


  169. 169 : han kin Says:

    even you acted as your 1st experience in this movie , you were so great. i like you in that series . i will hope for your another another series and movies. Fighting!

  170. 170 : damiaz Says:

    what a lovely character

  171. 171 : nastaran Says:

    How are you honey? Good,I hope

  172. 172 : Susanna Says:

    Aww He is so cute xD! Can’t believe first drama he acted was you’re beautiful, he has very good acting :]

  173. 173 : Haley Says:

    eventhough it’s the first tym U act…..
    Y0u’re jst lyk having an eXperience in aCting…..s0 kepp g0ing….
    l0ve Y0u…………………..

  174. 174 : LOLIPOP69 Says:


  175. 175 : LOLIPOP69 Says:


  176. 176 : tsering choezom Says:

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    please help us

  177. 177 : Tricintya Says:

    Yong Hwa oppa, your You’re Beautiful is so amazing, you just like someone that make all be so clear. so nice! hope you’ll be comeback with more drama that touching. And, I’ll always support your band, C.N.BLUE your songs are awesome! I waiting for more update,haha. Thank you!^^

  178. 178 : pigRaBBit Says:

    shin woo,
    i’m urs biggest fan.. the way u treat to gominam i wish ma boyfren will also be so romantic like u… u’re realy a superb… tkecare… u got the kool hair style

  179. 179 : michelle l segovia Says:

    your so cute!! i am your fan from philippines!!!i really like your character in you’re beautiful/you’re handsome as shin woo!! cuz your so cool ilove you

  180. 180 : michelle l segovia Says:

    i like you so much!!!!

  181. 181 : mitch Says:

    i wish!!!i can meet yuo someday

  182. 182 : lobsang kyizom Says:

    dearest yung,
    hi!i like the drama’you are beautiful’very much.it really touched my heart and the your charming face make it more beautiful.you are the my favourite actor throughout the world.i will pray for your sucess in your upcoming project.can u contact me:[email protected]

  183. 183 : nizalala Says:

    luv ya so much..

  184. 184 : Love sick Says:

    you are so handsome

  185. 185 : Love sick Says:

    i watch cn blue comback stage @ music bank last friday with their new song love.. Yong hwa look soo cute

  186. 186 : Love sick Says:

    if i was go mi nam/go mi nyu i will choose you or jeremy hehe

  187. 187 : neda Says:

    hi jung yong hwa sshi
    i want to share one of ur lovely pic with my friends here again
    i wish you open this page and …
    dear … pls add this pic

  188. 188 : neda Says:


  189. 189 : neda Says:

    hi jung yong hwa sshi
    i want to share one of ur lovely pic with my friends here again
    i wish you open this page and …


  190. 190 : neda Says:


  191. 191 : neda Says:


  192. 192 : neda Says:

    c`mon admin
    cnblue .co .kr?admin ???????????????
    why do you moderate it ?
    please don`t do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    je bal

  193. 193 : jane marie mercado Says:

    .. . . oH my Gosh!! u are such a falling angel on earth!! you are so gorgeous.. i ReLi admire you since the first time i’ve ever watch your korean novela entitled “you’re beautifuL”… have a nice day!! i wish you could come to visit our country, Philippines!! more power!!!

  194. 194 : neda Says:


  195. 195 : neda Says:


  196. 196 : myra♥ Says:

    🙂 ♥

  197. 197 : neda Says:

    Good night JYH!
    I hope you have good sleep and see beautiful dreams – such as your none-korean fans(especially west asian ones) ¤_¤ 😀

  198. 198 : ninaz Says:

    sleep well oppa kissssssssss :*****:***:***:***

  199. 199 : urb Says:

    really really really love you:*****

  200. 200 : urb Says:

    plz contact me i want to know u more just az a star;)

  201. 201 : nadia Says:

    hellooooo dear “Jung Yong Hwa” oppa!!!

    you are sooooo handsome and Attractive !
    i love your acting & voice some how you’r resembling me of my love!!! 😉
    LOVE YA>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  202. 202 : nadia Says:

    I LOVE YOU 😛 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  203. 203 : nadia Says:

    Dear “Jung Yong Hwa”
    from now on i want to support you too!!!
    coz you are really really remind me of my love!
    KIM HYUN JOONG*************************oppa

  204. 204 : nadia Says:

    soooo lets add some pics….
    dear admin please!!!!

    link here


  205. 205 : nadia Says:

    now iam soooooooo tire so i should go
    but i promise that i will be back!!!
    ok oppa!!!

  206. 206 : nadia Says:

    hello again dear “Jung Yong Hwa”
    like i said before iam here again!!!
    wow… now ,here is more Attractive with your new pics!
    do you like it?
    me? yessssssss i like it soooooo much!!
    ha ha….. 😛

  207. 207 : nadia Says:

    lovely Jung Yong Hwa oppa!!

    i just wanted to say exacly like i told you before in comment 150 you are not a loner ,coz iam always here for you…

  208. 208 : nadia Says:

    Yong Hwa!
    woooow what a surprise!!!
    you born in the same month with kim hyun joong oppa!!!
    you’e Jun-22 and hyun joong Jun-6……GREAT!!!
    thats why you are similar to each other…. iam so amaze!!!
    now i even love you moooooore 😉
    hyun joongyyy birthday was 2 days a go and i was Extremely
    happy ! i leave so many greetings for him…
    now i will wait for your bday!!! and its only takes 14 days to come!

    so let me say a big happy birthday to you coz its very close to your birthday!


  209. 209 : nadia Says:

    ok!!! dear oppa!

  210. 210 : nadia Says:

    GOOD NIGHT & goodbye!
    DEAR “Jung Yong Hwa”***

  211. 211 : nadia Says:

    “Jung Yong Hwa”

  212. 212 : nadia Says:

    hi oppa!
    just wanted to say iam here again for you!!!
    HA HA HA

  213. 213 : jamie Says:

    wow love u so much Jung Yong Hwa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  214. 214 : jamie Says:

    Jung Yong Hwa, m been watching yr drama more then 10times, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  215. 215 : jamie Says:

    morning Jung Yong Hwa, m watching e drama again!


  216. 216 : nadia Says:

    hello dearrrrrrrrrrr “Jung Yong Hwa”

  217. 217 : nadia Says:

    hi dear jamie
    please come here again to support him more!

  218. 218 : jamie Says:

    Hi Nadia,

    nice to meet u in here, u r not alone, no wori i will support Jung Yong Hwa, how nice in a real life my bf is like him, Wat should I do cant stop watching e drama, n going crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  219. 219 : nadia Says:

    jamie !
    wow.. welcome again..
    ohhh, yes he is very very handsome and i wish to have
    BF like him too…
    coz he is truly beautiful,pretty, fair, good-looking!!!!!!!!

    nice to know you!!!!

  220. 220 : nadia Says:

    LOVE YA>>>


  221. 221 : Zephyr Says:

    Hello Oppa
    U R very so cute and handsome.I want to make my bf
    I love u and miss u I like u r movies So u more trying !
    Fighting !
    Welcome to my country!

  222. 222 : jamie Says:

    Dear Jung Yong Hwa,

    u r so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD NITE, i will be back———————-

  223. 223 : Virginia Says:

    After watching You’re Beautiful, I came to know about Jung Yong Hwa. He is real handsome, cool and attractive! Love Him! Fans from Singapore.

  224. 224 : nadia Says:

    heyyyyyyyyyy oppa!!
    iam here again!!
    i really miss you today so i come to this
    lovely place to say i love you…

  225. 225 : nadia Says:

    Yong Hwa oppa!
    you know…you have a kissable lips!!!
    i really wish to have a kiss from your Yummy lips… 😉

    love is the name,kiss is the game
    forget the name lets play the game 😉

    😛 😛 😛

  226. 226 : mita Says:

    my friend really say the true
    you are so coolll

  227. 227 : nadia Says:

    hi mita…

  228. 228 : nadia Says:

    these days iam tooo busy but i really cant
    stop myself from visiting here!!
    coz i promised you oppa! and i want to be faithful…
    LOVE YA !!!

  229. 229 : nadia Says:

    HI HI HI

  230. 230 : jamie Says:

    what should I do, really crazy abt u, u r extremely cool men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  231. 231 : nadia Says:

    hello lovely oppa!
    i miss you sooooo much please do something new
    so we can see you again!!

  232. 232 : nadia Says:

    DEAR “Jung Yong Hwa”

    All my love for you FREE!
    wishing u a very happy life
    full of my love! 😉

  233. 233 : stella Says:

    you. are. gorgeous.

  234. 234 : Jocelyn (from Singapore) Says:

    Happy Birthday to U !

  235. 235 : Joanna Says:

    Happy Birthday … Yong Hwa!! All the Best to you as a singer and actor. Love all the CN Blue Songs … more to come please! Take care!

  236. 236 : yoyo Says:

    Hi Yong Hwa,

    Happy Birthday!! Wonder how u celebrate this special day of yours.

    Hope u enjoy yrself! Take care!!

    Look forward to see u soon!! 🙂

  237. 237 : mey Says:

    so cuteeee…….

  238. 238 : merly Says:

    your so charming
    I REALY LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hope you will visit the philippines, please!!!!!!!!!

  239. 239 : JKS4ever Says:

    Happy b’day, Bolmae jUNG.!!
    Wanna see you again in next YaB season 2 project!!
    Are you joining this week ANJell FM in Japan?
    More success with your CN Blue..

  240. 240 : ninaz Says:

    happy birthday oppa!
    i wish you the best in your whole life

  241. 241 : Ai Says:

    Is it really his Birthday today?!

    So what can we say in this situation…”Happy Birthday to Youuuuu JYH!”
    and i can give you the french version “Joyeux Anniversaire!”
    Yes now you can say that you have french fans !!!

    You are a very good actor and i wish you will continue i this way…

  242. 242 : mel Says:

    you’re so cute..

  243. 243 : Carol1646 Says:

    Happyyy Birthdayyyy, Yong Hwa Oppaaa… <3
    Love your act as alwaysssssss <3<3

    !!! the best!!!

  244. 244 : leewei Says:

    you’re so cool., especially when you’re rapping.

  245. 245 : ade Says:

    your acting is good.. ^^


  246. 246 : nadia Says:

    hello dear oppa!!!
    soooooooooooooooo sorry for being late to CONGRATULATE
    you on you birthday!! 🙁
    these days i’ve been too busy since i had 4 hard final exams
    thats why i couldn’t dropping by here
    any way!!!


  247. 247 : nadia Says:

    Its a nice feeling when you knowthat someone likes you,
    someone thinks about you,
    someone needs you,
    but it feels much better whenyou know that
    someone never ever forgets your birthday.


  248. 248 : nadia Says:

    Wish you a many many happy returns of the day. May God bless you with health, wealth and prosperity in your life HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.

    😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

  249. 249 : Jamie Says:

    HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luv u so much>>>>>>>>>>>

  250. 250 : Neda Says:

    Annyeong*Ha*Sae*Yo Jung Yong Hwa sshi
    Hi all, how’s everything?
    Do you enjoy WORLD CUP GAMES?
    #I don’t enjoy it-bc there were no Iran and now there is no South Korea anymore-#
    Oh! Sth about loving South Korea’s teams:
    [I Had told it in Jang Keun Suk’s page]
    About 2 months ago, Iran had hosted volleyball games[Asia].
    My younger sister~she’s about 8~asked me that I want which team win the game?|her Q surprised me|

  251. 251 : Neda Says:

    I answered her : SURELY IRAN MY COUNTRY , and YOU?!!!
    [her answer made me angry] She said that she didn’t know that she wanted which team win the match .!
    I was very angry and blamed myself bc I introduced Korea to her!
    Now I don’t know what should I do!
    Saeng il chook ah deu reub ni da ♥_♥♥_♥
    Mianhae hyung~_~ :'(

  252. 252 : Neda Says:

    It’s 3:35 am
    I can’t sleep and tomorrow[better to say this morning] I have to get up soon _sundays aren’t our holidays_
    I can’t sleep bc I can’t write in JKS’s page tonight##reasons##
    Oh God!
    ~_~ ~_~ ¿_¿

  253. 253 : nadia Says:

    hello dear “Jung Yong Hwa”

    When I dream, I dream of you…maybe one day, dreams will come true.

  254. 254 : Kecik Says:

    Handsome guy

  255. 255 : Han Says:

    he really caught my attention everytime i watch You’re Beautiful…

  256. 256 : Neda Says:

    Hi , nadia
    I see your comments everywhere but I don`t know where you are from!
    If you can-want-pls tell me.

  257. 257 : Neda Says:


  258. 258 : Neda Says:

    왜 울고 싶어? 왜?
    난 몰라
    내가 울고 싶어
    단지 동안

  259. 259 : Neda Says:

    내 사랑하는 별…
    난 죽고 싶어요!
    제발 한 번에 단지 도와주세요. 한 번에 단지에 대한 내 사랑!
    내가 얼마나 바보 같은 여자.
    당신이 내 의견에 동의합니까?
    난 나쁜 여자예요.
    난 바보입니다.
    난 바보에요.
    내가 정말 바보에요.
    침묵의 좀 더 크게 함성 꿈을 기억….

  260. 260 : Neda Says:


  261. 261 : Neda Says:


  262. 262 : Saba Says:

    All that i can say is that atm im in love, and its a great feeling.
    All the best. 🙂

  263. 263 : Ishu Says:

    Hi Jong Yong Hwa.How’re udoing. I luv the way ur.I’m frm the country where Gautam Buddha born i.e, Nepal. Iwant uto b healthy&all the best for ur carrer.Luv u sooooooooooooooo much.

  264. 264 : sabita Says:

    hi shin woo oppa i love u n ur so warm n soft to go mi nam luv u for that byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee plz remember me

  265. 265 : Allysa Says:

    Hi,shin woo hyung .I m ur fan from watching you r beautiful..I m frm nepal.Luv u………………………………….

  266. 266 : nadia Says:

    *“Jung Yong Hwa”

  267. 267 : nadia Says:

    😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

  268. 268 : Crystal Says:

    Ahaha!! Love the comments on here, they really are funny! Well… I fell in love with you(Jung Yong Hwa) The second I watched You’re beautiful! >.<
    I'm gonna go re-watch it again now. 😛

  269. 269 : siau fong Says:


  270. 270 : nadia Says:

    HI DEAR “Jung Yong Hwa”
    Iam here again to tell you I LOVE YOU!!!
    😛 Sarang Hae 😛

  271. 271 : kiereef Says:

    I love you young hwa
    sometime to Indonesia
    you cool in the movie you’re beautiful
    so sweet,,, its cool principal

    난 당신이 동화를 용인 사랑
    당신은 완전한!!!

  272. 272 : Clarissa Says:

    it’s cool.
    and you are beautiful tooooop abisssss.
    andai asaja indonesia bisa buat film kyk gitu.
    pasti ndak akan membosankan.

  273. 273 : Clarissa Says:

    uuuuhhhhhhhhhh you are handsome.

  274. 274 : nadia Says:

    Love you Honey!

    The more I know about you, The more I fall for you 😛

  275. 275 : nan aiury Says:

    oooo…..cooollll…. he’s my attention every i watch you’re beautiful but I very sad why… he not happy end

  276. 276 : regina Says:

    i like youu 🙂

    love you jung yong hwa,

  277. 277 : nadia Says:

    BABY LET ME>>>>>
    😛 😛 😛 😉

  278. 278 : mrs.orushia dinaizu hwa Says:

    + SARANG HEO !!!!!

    please visit PHILiPPINES !!!

    GO GO GO !!!

    JUN YONG HWA !!!!

    <3 <3 <3 <3

  279. 279 : eve Says:

    I <3 U JUNG YONG HWA!!! x)

  280. 280 : eve Says:

    I LOVE U JUNG YONG HWA <333 x)

  281. 281 : Shamima Says:

    I Love Jung Yong Hwa!! He’s Drop Dead Gorgus!!
    Sarang Hae!! =] xxx

  282. 282 : rizka Says:

    jung yong hwa! why are you so gorgeous?
    i love you so much!!!
    visit indonesia, please!!!

  283. 283 : janine Says:

    i love u kang shin woo 🙂

  284. 284 : anademz Says:

    Jung Yong Hwa…………i love u!!!!!!!!!!1
    ur so gorgeous………….
    please visit philippines……:-)

  285. 285 : anademz Says:

    Jung Yong Hwa……i love u!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ur so gorgeous….please visit philippines…:-)

  286. 286 : atsiga aruam Says:

    i love u brother….

  287. 287 : mac Says:

    페이스 북에 [email protected] 날 추가

  288. 288 : eloise Says:

    i leke you…..you are so nice and sweet…i wanna see you

  289. 289 : joyjoy Says:

    helo,your cute ang sweet smile.

  290. 290 : 멜로즈 Says:

    당신을 사랑합니다 정용화

  291. 291 : dhen Says:

    ur so cute..i love you.. i like your character in you’re beautiful

  292. 292 : nan aiury Says:

    jung yong hwa when you play dorama korea again I like your acting, cowaeee…..

  293. 293 : CHEN Says:

    JUNG YONG HWA like you soo much you’re cute and such a gentleman…

  294. 294 : deborah Says:

    i think all you’re fans have been said that i want to say to you but one more thing, stay what you are, keep going what have you started and put a little god’s will and you will achieved above what you expected, right:)

  295. 295 : Laila Says:

    Hi jung yong hwa. Im ur fan. I’ve my sister.she really crazy about u coz she like u.=) please visit our country,brunei darussalam..u look handsome in drama ‘u’re beautiful’.

  296. 296 : 네다 Says:


  297. 297 : 007zhel Says:

    saranghaeyo.. i love you’re role in You’re Beautiful.. you’re so nice and handsome… please visit the Philippines

  298. 298 : ennaxor Says:

    i luv it ??:*

  299. 299 : audo Says:

    You’re handsome 😀 love you

  300. 300 : raine14 Says:

    saranghae jung yong hwa!!!

  301. 301 : raine14 Says:

    Jung Yong Hwa… I will promise you du nune neoman damgo saragalkke…

  302. 302 : raine14 Says:

    Yes…Pls Visit the Philippines

  303. 303 : fifa Says:

    nice (^_^)

  304. 304 : jaira Says:

    ♥pls come and visit us!!!(Philippines)♥
    …i really like cn blue..
    …spexaly u!!! ^-^
    …wee!!!!..God Bless u more!!!!!

  305. 305 : nadia Says:





  306. 306 : keith Says:

    shin woo pls come to the philippines wid ur band CN BLUE,,,,ur really warmly welcome here,,,,,,,,,,tnx and god bless u!!!!!!!!!!

  307. 307 : wury Says:

    Love you…………
    Yonghwa yah..

    <3 <3 <3

  308. 308 : mavic Says:

    i love you Jung Yong Hwa!!!!!!!

  309. 309 : mavic Says:

    i love you Jung Yong Hwa!!!!!!!!!!!!

  310. 310 : joyjoy Says:

    hi!your so cute,i like u eyes,4 me your the best at A.n.gel,and ur the one of member of the C.N blue,shinwoo

  311. 311 : joy27 Says:

    we miss u a lot jung y0ng hwa.

  312. 312 : lin Says:

    For the first time i watched korean movie, this movie really touching my feeling, i cry and laughed alone, watched until i was not notice time was almost 5 am.You guys a greats. I thumb up.I wish i can have your email.

  313. 313 : lin Says:

    Me again, i was forgot to mentioned, the movie i watched was you,re beautiful..The movie was greats and the actors were talented.

  314. 314 : shwe zin Says:

    I like Your’e Beautiful korean drama. I love Jung Yong Hwa. You are very cute.

  315. 315 : maryjoy Says:

    i like your eyes……very cute…

  316. 316 : maryjoy Says:

    nice voice…….

  317. 317 : maryjoy Says:

    i lyk the way u act,on A.Ngel…..great…

  318. 318 : marrys26 Says:

    your the best on A.N gel..i like u……the wayt u smile…..

  319. 319 : aime Says:

    great member of C.N blue….u jung yong hwa.

  320. 320 : nene Says:

    hope the member of c.n blue are coming hre in the philipines…

  321. 321 : nene Says:

    i really like your group of c.n blue….

  322. 322 : joyjoy27 Says:

    i really watch u on ABS_CBN on a.ngel dramma ..nice u….

  323. 323 : hunky28 Says:

    hope u are coming here in philipines….jung yong hwa..and also ur member of c.n blue..

  324. 324 : hunky28 Says:

    nice move jung yong hwa,..when i see u on the u tube…2gether w/ ur group c.n blue..to sing together…and nice to hold ur guitar,,ver fantastic..

  325. 325 : mikehe Says:

    sna kay0ng grupo ng c.n blue ay mkpunta here s philipines.

  326. 326 : mikehe Says:

    ang galng u tlga mg guitar and nice m0ve the way u sing,hope m0re succes in ur carrier.

  327. 327 : mikehe Says:

    i watch now on abs-cbn the a.n.gel,,your so very handsome jung yong hwa..

  328. 328 : maryjoy Says:

    jung yong hwa he’s so talented and cute guy if he acts as shinwoo at a.n.gel…….

  329. 329 : maryjoy Says:

    hi,how are u?we miss u hope u coming here in the philipines…

  330. 330 : joyjoy27 Says:

    handsome the he acts on a.n.gel..

  331. 331 : mikehe Says:

    how are u?jung yong hwa ur so cute in ur picture…

  332. 332 : maryjoy Says:

    helo,your so nice voice jung yong hwa…

  333. 333 : maryjoy Says:

    wow shinwoo ur sogreat this day cuz save go minam…i like it…

  334. 334 : nadia Says:

    I ♥ 😛 ♥ LOVE ♥ 😛 ♥ YOU ♥ 😛 ♥

  335. 335 : Misha28 Says:

    I :-* Love You Jung Yong Hwa Hope u can visit our countr Philippines i’m one of your million fans..

  336. 336 : maryjoy Says:

    hi,..i miss your acting on a.n.gel..hope more project come 2 u…

  337. 337 : joyjoy27 Says:

    now jung yonghwa i watch u again cuz still airing on abs-cbn.

  338. 338 : pooria Says:


  339. 339 : aime Says:

    hi,how are u?i like your voice.

  340. 340 : airen Says:

    hi..super like your vpoice and i like your style also..very amazing…

  341. 341 : Lee Qha Says:

    he iz the real ANGEL in this story…seriously!!
    omg..i really fall for him!!

  342. 342 : recheell Says:

    hi jung yong hwa your so very cute and so handsome, i wish all the best for you and to your carer god luck.. you really an angel. I’m one of your million fans.. i hope you can visit us here in the Philippines.. 🙂

  343. 343 : RISTA Says:


  344. 344 : SARI Says:


  345. 345 : khayn Says:

    yobo seyo jeong…
    khaynn imnita!!!your show you”re beautiful is so amazing!!!!know what i cried when i saw u cried there…your voice is one i like too…
    i wish we sing together a song without word,,,
    and post it!!!!!hehehehetake care jeong!!!!

  346. 346 : khayn Says:

    ……….your fans pray always from your safety!!!
    dont forgot god [email protected]!!!!!
    love yAhhh!!!!

  347. 347 : mi ko Says:


  348. 348 : marrys26 Says:

    heloo.miss you..most especially ur character as shinwoo….super i like it…

  349. 349 : aime Says:

    hello…great voice i like that…

  350. 350 : khayn Says:

    …..yobo seyo jeong…
    i’m gonna miss you’re beautiful….
    i hope you’ll have a next project with park shin hye,lee hong ki,and jang geun suk!!!!!!1

  351. 351 : Rye99 Says:

    Hi Junh Yong Hwa….. I Love You so much …… Love u Love u LOVE YOU more than everything!!!!!

  352. 352 : marrys26 Says:

    hello…we miss a lot about the a.n.g.el…

  353. 353 : marrys26 Says:


  354. 354 : You’re Beautiful « K ADDICT Says:

    […] Tae Kyung Park Shin Hye Go Mi Nam (Male) / Go Mi Nyu (Female) Lee Hong Ki as Kang On Yu / Jeremy Jung Yong Hwa as Kang Shin […]

  355. 355 : marrys26 Says:

    hey…your great voice..

  356. 356 : zm Says:

    please help me ineed some help
    i shoud speak with a korean person if somebady want to help me please send me a massage tanks

  357. 357 : zm Says:

    [email protected] its my id

  358. 358 : estephany Says:

    hi… ang gawpo mo naman

  359. 359 : estephany Says:

    hellow syo

  360. 360 : loudy E. Fernandez Says:

    hi jung yong hwa im loudy fernandez from philippines im really your fan i hope we shall meet in the philippines….. thanks. sarangheo…. and take care always

  361. 361 : almira Says:

    saranghaeyo jung yong hwa!

  362. 362 : marrys26 Says:

    hi! how are..we miss u..

  363. 363 : marrys26 Says:

    hi jung hwa your really great voice

  364. 364 : banafsheh Says:

    Hi my love,ilove you so much.i saw you’re beautiful again and again and ifall in your love more and more.
    You have kind face and eyes.i love you and my wish is hug and kiss you!

  365. 365 : KARMEN Says:

    jung yong hwa te AMO ers un xiko super lindo y un buen actor
    y bueno espero m o te moleste tenerte como mi uniko AMOR platoniko besos cuidate

  366. 366 : cookie58 Says:

    You remind me of Kim Hyun Joong in Boys Before Flowers. Role is similar. Kind handsome and gorgeous.

  367. 367 : marrys26 Says:

    hi we miss u…

  368. 368 : PlaceboGrace Says:

    hey!))) so many fans here… Yong Hwa ur really popular!))) i don’t think u’ll read this but ur character in You’re Beautiful is ideal! I really liked Shin Woo! hope ur the same in real life!))) cheers! bye bye

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    …i really like u so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    …ur so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ♥i love u!♥ ^-^
    ..God Bless u more!!!

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    his attitude in his role in you’re beautiful is really ideal..he’s my ideal guy..love him!! joahae..saranghae..opaa!!

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    OMG i loove you in You’re Beautiful!! Great actor, cute, hot, and soo sweet >.< I almost cried in episode six ;_; <3

  373. 373 : PEMA Says:


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    ilove you

  377. 377 : jun kae del Says:


  378. 378 : marrys26 Says:

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  379. 379 : eden Says:

    sarangheyo shin woo!!! hope that you visit Philippines so that we can see you…

  380. 380 : marrys26 Says:

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  381. 381 : Dkny Says:

    Hello From Brunei

  382. 382 : Yonghwa Lover Says:

    saranghae yong oppa:) <3 i really love you..

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    i have see your movie at the tv you look so cute and handsome

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    i saw you in you’re beatiful.so cutee and handsome!!

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    Jung Yong Hwa, you are absolutely gorgeous. I really want to you in more dramas!!! I would watch all of them 🙂

  387. 387 : hO_cHA_GiLL Says:


    When U visiting indonesian…..I’m waiting U….

    LoVe U oPpa…:)

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  389. 389 : marrys26 Says:

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  390. 390 : Piggy Rabbit Says:

    You’ve been so good to Minam in You’re Beautiful. Hope that I have a boyfriend like you!

  391. 391 : stephenie Says:


    2011 is at your doorstep……..
    Life is short,
    Break the rules,
    Forgive and forgot quickly,
    Love truly, laugh uncontrollably,
    and never regret anything that made you SMILE.

    Wishing you all the BEST in your career……
    Happy New Year 2011

  392. 392 : lisa Says:

    여기 내 사람

  393. 393 : kawla Says:

    you are evil

  394. 394 : Candra Says:

    Hai Jung Yong Hwa ! Happy New Year 2011, succes in your career and always happy in your life. SARANGHEYO ! Hamsahamida.

  395. 395 : Miss Nana Says:

    Hai Jung Yong Hwa ! Happy New Year 2011, hope u succes in your career and happy in your life. SARANGHEYO ! Hamsahamida.

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    Hamsahamida… 🙂

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    Again…, i say i like you…, if u really like Go Mi Nam in You’re Beautiful.., then i am his sister coz my real name is MImi Nyu…, I really like thatname now……!!!!!!!! :*

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    Hi.My name is Elham.I am Iranian.I love your play in that drama.
    good luck

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    u both are cute couple…

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    one….in one place… in one moment…all her dreams was your luaghing! So in one place in one moment remind her with one smile.
    When I watch that drama I understand I am so alone and I need watch that again and again…..I really like (Kang Shin Woo)character He is very sweet boy

  405. 405 : Linnea Says:

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    yay~ looking forward it!


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  412. 412 : mae08 Says:


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    ~syisyi cingu~

  414. 414 : Rhea Says:

    “Your Beautiful” is an inspirational story for me because when I watched it I realize how nice to be in loved. Well I believed that love is blind, whenever what she is or who she is…. you love her across from your heart.
    We Filipinos became addicted to Korean dramas haha … such a stupendous!

  415. 415 : yubi Says:

    I really like your voice and acting! Thank you so much for all you’re work! I hope I’ll see more of you in the future!I love your play in that drama.

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    you really like a dream man…
    you so cool,relax and that has make me almost fall for u..:)
    i hope u do the best in your life and also go CN BLUE!
    i hope u hav a good luck in your love life..
    don’t be like shin woo hyung…its really sad to see u like that..
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  438. 438 : andrea Says:

    ♥ . ♥

  439. 439 : YonghwaLover Says:

    Yonghwa looks sooo mysteriously hott in his pictures. And he still is. After watching yongseo we got married. *he becomes seohyun husband* hes sooo different and sooo cute and funny. Its sooo rare to see yonghwa like in we got married —– http://www.wonderfulgeneration.net/2010/10/seohyun-and-yonghwa-we-got-married.html i wish to see a drama of him with comedy and his genuien personality shine more. Gahhh i miss yonghwas personality in we got marroed. ;p

  440. 440 : tummy Says:

    i love you unnie! you are just an amazing korean star. im always looking forward on your next projects.

  441. 441 : san5488 Says:

    Finally he has acted with Park Shin Hye in new drama”You Have Fallen For Me” yes!!!yes!!!yes!!!! so exciting!!!

  442. 442 : behzad Says:

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    i see you in You’re Beautiful 🙂 kiss

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  445. 445 : audrey Says:

    How Can I Stop Thinking of You ……

  446. 446 : priya Says:

    happy bday my sweet frnd.God bless you

  447. 447 : parisa Says:

    It must have been a rainy day

    When you were born

    But it wasn”t really rain

    The sky was crying because

    It lost his most beautiful angel

    Happy birthday dear friend

  448. 448 : junjirhenz Says:

    happy birthday yonghwa baby!
    i wish you all the best in the world!
    i love you sooooooo much!

  449. 449 : jessy Says:

    woah it’s his birthday today omg i totally didn’t noe. Happy B-day Jung Yong Hwa anyways. can’t wait to watch Heartstrings, love yah.

  450. 450 : ynarful Says:

    happy birthday to you hope you had a wonderful day::))) more blessings to come and good health keep smiling to feel good and look young and dont forget god 🙂 <3

    take care 🙂

  451. 451 : NWENE Says:

    CHOCADE Jung Yong Hwa I LUV U N UR BAND im 10

    and im wishing u a great birthday i think u n Park shin hye look cute togethor happy birthday oppa fighting!
    love,your #1 10 year old friend nwene win

  452. 452 : jessy Says:

    Ahh can’t wait to see heartstrings. Can’t wait to see him in that drama.

  453. 453 : Jocelyn Says:

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    yonhwa baby, i’m so excited to see you in your new drama. FIGHTING!

  455. 455 : meggy Says:

    OMO… just look at on his lovely face… so calm. That is why i likes him, especially when i knew he will be coupled with shin hye in his newest drama. Finaly he can expressing his hidden love when they played in you’re beautiful xixixixi…

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    Happy Belated Birthday Jung yong Hwa! I like the new side of you in this drama than in You’re Beautiful! Make sure you and Park Shin Hye dont fall in love! Have fun and Dont Disapoint me and get together with that and lady dance instructor! Bye!

  461. 461 : lelo Says:

    i like your style <333"
    i really love your new drama "heartstrings" it's amazing …

  462. 462 : shwe pu Says:

    oppa sa ra ngel yoww

  463. 463 : junjirhenz Says:

    My yonghwa baby’s acting in episode 6 is just great. I’m crying along with him in his sad scenes. And his song “because i miss you” is DAEBAK! Good job yonghwa.

  464. 464 : lovely day Says:

    yong hwa oppa. I love you too much but I think acting is not for you. singing is!
    Heart strings was one of the dramas that I waited for so much but I was disappointed. didn’t like the acting or the story. even shin hye does not know how to act in this drama. you’re beautiful drama was so much better.
    please keep singing oppa! but don’t act!

  465. 465 : song hye bin Says:

    yung hwa opa…
    i like you very much i have see you in the drama you r beautiful and now i watching you in your new dram heartstrings it so cool drama i like to see it and i am waiting to see the rest of the drama
    thnaks to you and love you

  466. 466 : W-boice Says:

    Oppa, keep fighting for your drama!
    but, don’t forget to make some great songs with CNBLUE’s other members. kkk
    hwaiting! <3

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  468. 468 : cassie Says:

    Hi Jong Hwa… am a fan and I was glad to see you again in your new drama Hearstrings. You are a talented actor, an accomplished singer ard songwriter Keep up the good work and you have our support..from your fans from across the ocean….here in California

  469. 469 : calla Says:

    COngratulations on your new drama Heartstrings.. I love your collaboration with Shin Hye.. You guys look great together. Continue making good music too and the best of luck. God Bless you and your bandmates. CN BLUE forever.

  470. 470 : cassandra Says:

    Best of luck on your new drama with Shin Hye. You are a wonderful singer and actor . Love your smile. You have many more great dramas and films waiting to be made in he near future God Bless

  471. 471 : itsmeagain Says:

    Yong Hwa you have improved in the acting department. Your expression is really impressive. I know you are a good actor so Keep on keeping on. Good Luck May you have platinum records and more dramas and movies this year and the years to come. Take very good care of yourself first and foremost

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  473. 473 : marsha Says:

    Yong Hwa you are getting to be a good actor. I like your smile and your overall facial expressions. Good Luck and Keep up the good work.

  474. 474 : Yang Says:

    You’re so cool in your drama series “You’re Beautiful”. I always cry whenever you do that sad expression. It breaks my heart. </3 Good luck on your creer. You're an excellent actor and a singer. Two thumbs up for you. ^_^ If possible (hopefully), I want to hear from you.

  475. 475 : grace101 Says:

    I love your character in heartstrings. Ive totally fallen in love with shin.
    You’re really cool.
    And your acting skills is quite good now than to Your Beautiful.

  476. 476 : mehr Says:

    you better give up acting .it really doesn’t suit you.you are better as a singer not actor .in your recent drama you role was so boring and emotionless .please don’t play such a roles

  477. 477 : chimi wangmo Says:

    You were really cool and nice in the drama you are beautiful. you are good in acting i guess so keep up the optimist spirit and work hard and for sure you will success. Please listen to your instinct and all. the best

  478. 478 : cassie Says:

    Yomghwa…you are great in YB and you have improved a lot in Heartstrings..so don’t get disappointed if the ratings are just that..You have all your international fans..In California you have our support …my friends from UC DAVIS all admire you. This is one drama to remember for your facial expressions said it all..no need for words.. You nailed your role a million no a gazillion %. Hoever, in this world you can’t please everyone but you have to remember this….”Be like a rubber ball, the more you are hit the harder you bounce” from my wise gramps….a lawyer. Another lawyer my granny she said…”Only the trees that bear fruits are the ones people stone or throw rocks at to get the fruits.” SO FIGHTING MY DEAR YONG HWA for we care…..your fans from here

  479. 479 : Adna Says:

    You are AMAZING . ‘You are beautiful’ was my favorite show/movie you were in <3 <3

  480. 480 : Gill raim Says:

    you’re so handsome.. you haven a cute smile… saranghaeyoooo oppa…

  481. 481 : kim Says:

    Yonghwa fighting!! we will always support u

  482. 482 : marsha Says:

    Yong Hwa, you are a good artist…. You play guitar so well. I believe that you will grow into a great actor too for you have the potential..You have proven yourself in YB and then in Heartstrings..you surely made Shin’s character believable. You did a good job and I admire you even more. KEEP ON KEEPIN ON TILL YOU REACH YOUR STAR. GOD BLESS AND THE BEST OF LUCK IN YOUR CAREER.

  483. 483 : GuitaristBear Says:

    Yong hwa, I wish you all the best in everything : ) great acting in both yb and youve fallen for me; love your voice and your acting…keep it up! God bless you <3 we love you 🙂

  484. 484 : marsh Says:

    Heartstring did speak to our hearts because of how acted the part. Yonghwa your expressions and how you make us feel what your feel and the emotions you have conveyed without even speaking made this drama so unforgettable and will go down in my list as the best drama of summer. Love your acting.. Good Luck and may you have many more projects to come. See you soon in a new drama. Take very good care of yourself especially that vocal chords of yours. Nice to know you also play the piano.

  485. 485 : marsh Says:

    I forgot …. Congrats on signing with a new Japanese label CNBLUE Fighting..come to San Francisco soon for a concert

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  487. 487 : kim Says:

    yonghwa fighting 🙂

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  489. 489 : cassandra Says:

    YongHwa, keep on keeping on.. You are on your way to become a really good actor. No need for exaggerated gestures…like some actors with their pouting or smirking….All you have to do is use your eyes and smile and you convey all the feelings … Expressive eyes that what you have.. Hope to see you soon in another drama.. You and Shin Hye are so good together but I will support you in anyway. Good Luck a fan from California

  490. 490 : karen Says:

    i love you so much saranghae oppa

  491. 491 : kim Says:

    I’m ur fan..good luck with everthing

  492. 492 : marikko Says:

    i really love your voice.. you are also cool and handsome.. anyway, it’s good to see that you have improve a lot in acting.. i hope you will have another project. good luck on your music career.. aja aja JYH, aja aja CN Blue

  493. 493 : marsh Says:

    Yonghwa, I watched Heartstrings over again (for the nth times) and I have fallen in love with it over agai. I believe you have improved a lot from YB. (I watched that again too because I can’t get myself to watch another drama after Heartstrings. This is obsession and I am not liking myself right now. I am just glad that school has started and I will have a diversion but I love seeing your face and your expressions and listening to your voice. Good Luck and may you have another drama soon.

  494. 494 : jessy Says:

    i loved you since i watched you’re beautiful. Hope i’ll see u in other dramas. fighting!

  495. 495 : lee yun Says:

    yongwa fighting…dont forget seohyun plzzzzzz………………goguma couple forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  496. 496 : mitch Says:

    …you’re sooo handsome.. u look like kim hyun joong, lee seung ki and lee dong gun.. i really love your face.. and i have watched heart string for the nth time! i love your voice, the way you play the guitar and your acting.. more kdrama to come! keep it up!

  497. 497 : mitch Says:

    …more kdrama please! love your voice! it’s amazing! (“,)

  498. 498 : mitch Says:

    ..you’re sooo cute in “we got married”.. you’re a born gentleman and sweet! love it!

  499. 499 : mitch Says:

    ….sad, all the website for “we got married” are blocked.. where else can i watch the episodes with JYH?? anybody help??

  500. 500 : Darmaurelita Says:

    I hope u can be a real couple with Park Shin Hye \(♥ˆ⌣ˆ♥)/ ur face with her really similar.. I love u jung yong hwa.. Saranghaee.. I love u as a singer and an actor.. Hwaiting

  501. 501 : oodii Says:

    yongwha oppa saranghae… i beg u don’t forget seohyun pls pls

  502. 502 : htet htet kyaw Says:

    yong hwa oppa…heartstrings drama is so good.your songs in drama is really good and i like all songs in drama.i wish you and shin hye become to be real couple.

  503. 503 : marsh Says:

    Hope to see in another drama. Good Luck

  504. 504 : skalem Says:

    ahm what website could i find full drama of heartstrings? plss ..

  505. 505 : cassie Says:

    skalem, go to Dramafever.com or Hulu.com the have it there. Yong Hwa..love your voice and your guitar playing….one word…awesome no 2 Magnifico…we miss you . Get a new drama or movie or bettet yet have a concert in Norhern California…

  506. 506 : sofia Says:

    This is my first time leaving a comment for any actor..You are such a beautiful person in this drama and I am sure that you are just like that in real life. My cousins are all going bananas watching your new drama.. OMG the squealing, granny was with them too so, rest assured you have tons of fan in California. Best of Luck

  507. 507 : Indha_West Java Says:

    He’s Cool .. Younger ..the Next Actor .. U’r Voice that’s good… Lee Sin .. hahaha… I Will Support U .. Good Luck Jung Yong Hwa … Be The Best Actor & Singer… :))

  508. 508 : cancer Says:

    Lee Shin ur Voice is so Good .
    you are the first person . i didn’t leaving comment anyone .:)
    I like u (V)^100000 much 😛
    Good Luck Bro.
    we are the same star sign … cancer 🙂
    Be Happy & Good luck and be the best actor.
    With Love

  509. 509 : lorie pilotin Says:

    hi lee shin… I just finished watching your series “heartstrings”… It’s very nice . I hope you could have another series with park shin hye,,, she’s so pretty and you look good together… so keep it up 🙂 i hope you could be couple in real life :))

    Godbless on your acting and singing career as well.

    The overall feedback from me of the series was very very amazing… all have settled good… the music fits the every scene and personality of the characters…artist are also good.. they’re all beautiful an handsome.. I am looking forward to watch another series… as this… 🙂

  510. 510 : qodar Says:

    hi..oppa..ur ‘heartstring’ makes me fly… wish to watch ur all talents-ur beautiful voice, ur exciting guitar plays,ur cool acting and ur sweet n handsome face,he…-in another drama….

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    oppa…..I really want to meet you..!_!

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    kumahwo and saranghe <3

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    i really love your korean drama “heartstrings” i’m always watching it…
    and you know you look like kim hyun joong…
    you two are both handsome and looks like down to earth….
    wish you all the very best in your carrer and have a good health…
    >long live jong yung hwa!!! <3
    and wish you find your perfect match <3…
    have lots of fun and happy life…be strong and show the world the real jung yong hwa that can reach his goals in life.,,

    hope you read this cause it comes from my heart…LOve yAh! 🙂

    your fan in Philippines,
    Princess Escaño Vargas

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    i’m always repeating watching your movie “heartstrings”.. i really love your pearsonality in that movie…it is so cool..I want more episodes with your korean drama “HEARTSTRINGS”…I wish that you will be with park shin hye in one korean drama again… I wish that you will find your perfect match… I wish that i can see you and park shin hye in person.
    you know what I save your songs in my phone..i’m always listening to it…


    your fan in Spain,
    Daryl Gay Anciado De Chavez…

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    i wanna another drama that u & park shin hye acting in it
    oppa fighting^_^

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  625. 625 : yara Says:

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    everything, everything about you.
    im happy just looking at you from afar…


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    my b-day wish is to see you in person in just 1 second but that couldn’t be happen cause i’m so far from you,i can only see you using internet and it’s so nice..,cause in everyday i’m looking at your pictures i feel like i’m in heaven.,im just a fan i’m not asking for anything but to see you in person in just a second.,your my inspiration why i’m hard working in school because someday when i finished studying and i’m in a very good life I want to go to kOrea to see you I love everything about you,.i love your culture and i love everything in korea,.i wish my dreams come true.,
    take care 🙂 god bless,more blessings to come and have a very nice and fun life.,long live Jong yung hwa!.go Fighting!
    i know your reading all the message in your million fanclubs…so i will be greatful if you read mine and send me just one word…
    have a nice day.,:)hope you visit my country “Philippines” 🙂

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  638. 638 : rhoda Says:


    i really like your tandem with park shin hye. you look good together on screen.
    i and my husband have plans to visit your country. hope to meet you in one of the streets there and have a little chika-chika. jejejej..

    생일축하합니다 in advance. lol

    hope to hear from you.

  639. 639 : sahereh Says:

    hi…….oppa… u realy look good with park shin hye….i hope to see u again with her…

  640. 640 : rose Says:

    Yong Happy 2nd anniversary to you and the rest of cnblue member, I really love all you music even though i cannot understand it but the rhythm is good and the your voice, i really really want to see you. I wish to see you acting in drama again.Your doing great right now keep it up more power, wishing you more success, good health for you and your family ill be following you online. I want to go to korea someday just to see you, take care and god bless…

  641. 641 : LiZbeth Says:

    I really really like you, since i saw you in “you are beautifull” i started to follow your steps.. i love your voice it is awsome… i wish i can see you one day, please come to N.Y. City you have a lot of fans here!! We LOVE you..
    God bless you!

  642. 642 : meddy Says:

    Hi! !
    It was then yesterday that I’ve got to watch your tv series. By then you moved me and I find your act so effective. Your so lovable and I like cute face. Your personality is so interesting.
    Hope to meet you in person, take care always.

  643. 643 : nazanin Says:

    Give me your night & I will show u my passion,
    Give me your lust & I will drink u dry,
    Give me your dreams & I will show u a lover,
    Give me your heart & I will hold u close,
    And I will love u till the day I die…
    I LOVE U…

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  647. 647 : irish Says:

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    Chonun sharmine rahgo hamnida. One of ur fan here in philippines.. Wish u all the best, more projects to come, and mostly, more girlfriends to come… haha… Cho-um pepkaysumnida,, haha meeting you through my message i mean.. lol.. haha kamsahamnida, saranghae
    fight fight fight…

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  656. 656 : Mina (iran) Says:

    WHAT S UP?

  657. 657 : arash kmi Says:

    frances farmer(arash kmi) will have her revenge on seattle.
    nirvana band.
    kurt cobain.

  658. 658 : arezo0(Iran) Says:

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  659. 659 : grace Says:

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    really fresh when seeing his face in screen hahhah

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  664. 664 : jar meian Says:


    ..,you so cute Yong Hwa you really ment to be with Park Shin Hye..jeje

    We hope here in the Philippines we can see you.


  665. 665 : anam Says:


    i love yong hwa
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    However, now I got to see some Ksatvn.
    Up next

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  712. 712 : Midori Says:

    @lee suh jin, Jung Yong Hwa and SeoHyun are not in a relationship. They were virtual couple in a show “We Got Married.”

    @LorrylineGalamay: Correction, Jung Yong Hwa’s Birthday is June 22 not January 22.. =)

  713. 713 : Irene Says:

    Hi Jeong

    Last night i just finished watched your drama the Heartstring.
    I enjoyed the song and i keep listening it even at the office.
    Im Irene from Philippine, Zamboanga City.


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    i wish you can reunion with park shin hye in new drama in 2012 year. good luck. 🙂
    i’m fan in Viet Nam, i very like listen you sing, i wish i can chat with Park shin hye oni and yong hwa oppa 🙂

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    im carla from philippines ..
    im a big fan of you and park shin hye 😀
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    sarangheyo <3

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    i like you in heartstrings, since then i’m amazed by your guitar play. After watched heartstrings, i’m looking for your another movie, so i watch You’re Beautiful and knowing that the drama was your first time acting! You had better style in You’re Beautiful than Heartstrings because i feel you’re too thin in Heartstrings drama. But i still love you!
    Keep Success for your musical and act carreer oppa!

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    really like you, especially when you on WGM with seohyun SNSD 🙂

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    P.S. I’m from Portugal

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    Loved his performance in You’re Beautiful. His character was beyond beautiful both inside and out! 🙂 A good looker too! 😉

  758. 758 : Ella Says:


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    i hope i can see u soon.. 🙂

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    im going to be crazy with u.
    the way that u acting, talking,smiling and ur kindness make me crazy.
    ur voice is from paradise with no adoubt.
    u dont know how much i LOVE u.
    i wish my bf was like u.
    with best wishes ur pen from iran

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    god luke….
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    naneunsilieol simjang munjayeol e munjalo maeu gippeuge saeng-gag

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    Yong Hwa my 2 cousins and myself were at your LA concert and you ROCKED the stage. I screamed my lungs out and hope to see you again hopefully here in San Francisco. Keep on working hard and I am sure you will on top soon. Good Luck and God Bless.

  781. 781 : Rosalind Says:

    i like your HEART STRING with PARK SHIN HYE both are very nice pair. Hope there is other show that both can act together. Look forward to it.
    Wish both Good Luck and Happy Life.

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    until now i am waiting 4 the new tv series of yong hwa..

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    Jung Yong Hwa oppa,
    you’re really handsome and you can dance and sing really well. You and Park Shin Hye are my favourite couple, sooooooo cute! You should play more often in TVdramas, then I’ll like them more!

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  788. 788 : desiana florensia Says:

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  790. 790 : baran Says:

    congratulate Ihope have a good husband

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  792. 792 : Marieta Says:

    Anyeong haseyo!.
    Saranghae..im ur number
    One fan,i hope i can see u in person,i really really like u,i luv ur all song.when i hear ur song i felt im beside u,

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    why u married???????
    i lovin u but you…..
    your worth is more than that girl……..
    but i wish u lucky oopa

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  795. 795 : Neno Says:

    I’m so damn in love with you, you’re so euuuh woowwww 😀

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    thank you for the inspiration and i wish i could see you in person.:))

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    Many more happy returns on tis day jung yong hwa!!!!! Happy Birthday dear:):)

  803. 803 : larvin Says:

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  804. 804 : naz Says:

    heartstring and he is beautiful you played nice role i loved it,
    and am ” one of your fan ” and also i wish you “gud luck ”
    and also one day i will go to korea just to see you

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    you might be very busy , but dont forget to see the comments

  806. 806 : NICOLE EVANGELISTA Says:

    be good as u can…
    tsk, Liked the way you portrayed Kang Shin Woo’s character…
    may God bLess u more….
    [not sure if u can read this comment, bec. there are Lots before mine]

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    (^0^) Happy Birthday ..plz visit Egypt with…Park Shin Hye…^^5 fighting

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    Big fans…
    I don’t know what to say..
    Love u so much..saranghae

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  815. 815 : abigail Says:

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  816. 816 : Sugus Says:

    Yong Hwa, i miss u, wish to see you soon in my hometown. I will always support u and CNBlue.(^O^☆♪

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  818. 818 : Aily Zhang Says:


  819. 819 : 몾간 (mozhdeh.hj) Says:


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  823. 823 : Dee Says:

    Good Personality,,Nice Looking,,Rich,,Awesome Voice,,Great Act,,Song Creator,,Fabulous Guitarist -» jinjihage isangjeog-in namja.. ^o^

  824. 824 : Dee Says:

    Good Personality,, Nice Looking,, Rich,, Awesome Voice,, Great Act,, Genius Song Creator,, Fabulous Guitarist -» jinjihage isangjeog-in namja.. ^o^

  825. 825 : ROGAY Says:


  826. 826 : rica rosalia Says:

    hiii…lee shin!!I’m your fans from indonesia.loves very much your music and your acting.success for you!!

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    i like him he is so cute

  828. 828 : Shazs Ana Says:

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    Hi Lee Shin lol, Im Cristina from Puerto Rico!!! This is the first time that i saw a dorama of u, and i need to tell u that u are really good!!! I love ur songs and ur acts…but i really love like u play guitar!!!<3 ^_^

  832. 832 : Chonzom Says:

    JYH ur very cute and ur really gud singer

  833. 833 : Riley Nicdao Says:

    Indonesia… I’ll never go to that country!

  834. 834 : yullieanne Says:

    your song… FOOL feat juniel,nice song..
    your voice_bery cool n so good?

    like u so much yong hwa-ssi,,,

  835. 835 : zhelle Says:

    hi .. jung yong hwa !! i watch your tv series heartstring !! it so cute >
    i like ur voice .
    muahhh muahh

  836. 836 : zhelle Says:

    cnblue group !! love it

  837. 837 : Madushi Mahesha Says:

    Hi Jung Yong Hwa,

    I really like your dramas, still i watched only 2 dramas ( Heartstring & Your Beautiful). I am gonna watch others. Plz let me know when is Heartstring season 2 gonna release. I realy like to see both of you guys…

    I wish you all the best as a Sri Lankan Girl… Keep it up …..

  838. 838 : sittie calandada Says:

    plz tilll as when is heartsring part 2 gonna release!!!!! plssssssssssss!!! yong hwa!! 🙂

  839. 839 : miss R Says:

    i think i get something differend with you…
    Sarangheo….. ( for your Act)… hehehhe

  840. 840 : [MBC 2011] Heartstrings | Says:

    […] Jung Yong Hwa as Lee Shin Park Shin Hye as Lee Kyu Won Song Chang Ui as Kim Suk Hyun So Yi Hyun as Jung Yoon Soo Woo Ri as Han Hee Joo Kang Min Hyuk as Yeo Joon Lee Hyun Jin as Hyun Ki Young Im Se Mi as Cha Bo Woon […]

  841. 841 : chin.chin Says:

    .. your so cute !!

  842. 842 : zaori niza Says:

    jung no sabes kuanto amo todo lo k venga de ti……….saranghe

  843. 843 : loriemae algabre Says:

    i love you and ur movies plzz….make another movie with park shen hye..!!1

  844. 844 : priyal Says:

    Hi…!!!!I like the drama ‘You are beautiful’, I am from India… my college frenz loves Korean dramas….

  845. 845 : Jadra Says:

    Hi Jung Yong Hwa I am from Kazakhstan loves Korean dramas

  846. 846 : Melissa (Yashashi) Says:

    Jung Yong Hwa I Love your acting!! and your Singing!!
    I Really LOve You’re Beautiful!! (He’s Beautiful) You were so Awesome in it!!

  847. 847 : Garima Says:

    realy cute boy….

  848. 848 : christine Says:

    i really love listening to your songs..it was cool..
    hope to see you in person.
    i wish i could also play the guitar..haha
    saranghae oppa!!!

  849. 849 : pam Says:


    Pam here. I wish park shin hye and Jung Yong Hwa could have another drama.They really really look good together.

    oops!Will there be Heartstrings season 2? When?I hope soon!^_^ My friends and l super-duper love this drama. The both of them were awesome!

  850. 850 : RUQSAR Says:




  851. 851 : You’ve Fallen for Me @ Heartstrings | Novelas Coreanas - Todo Sobre los Doramas Coreanos en Español Says:

    […] Jung Yong Hwa as Lee Shin Park Shin Hye as Lee Kyu Won Song Chang Ui as Kim Suk Hyun So Yi Hyun as Jung Yoon Soo Woo Ri as Han Hee Joo Kang Min Hyuk as Yeo Joon Lee Hyun Jin as Hyun Ki Young Im Se Mi as Cha Bo Woon […]

  852. 852 : nisha hasina Says:

    Hi Jung yong hwa.. i like u and park shin hwa.. u both r so cool in drama.. u both are very cute in u r beautiful and heartstrings..

  853. 853 : sahala jasmin Says:

    i like u vry much..
    u r so coool…

  854. 854 : meenu Says:

    Hi , I am meena , I Like jung yong hwa , plz give the mail id of jung yong hwa…………………………

  855. 855 : jae jade Says:

    more drama from yong hwa, please………;) yong hwa…saranghae..u r the best!!

  856. 856 : Jinye Says:

    I think Yong Hwa’s acting is one of the best amongst other male KPOP idols, he is so cool!

  857. 857 : prince miyuki Says:

    anybody please give mail id and real facebook account name of jung yong hwa oppa……

  858. 858 : Charot Says:

    i wish you have more drama series…

  859. 859 : marta torres vega Says:

    Mucha felicidades por tu exicto en tus novela y en el grupo cnblue me encanta

  860. 860 : Jenny Says:

    I like Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye…they are a perfect match. Hope they can be a real couple ^o^

  861. 861 : phuntsho.. Says:

    Oppa… I liked the way u act…. Luv u….^.^alwys smile…

  862. 862 : phuntsho.. Says:

    Oppa…i really liked the way you act… Luv U…^.^alwys smile!!!!

  863. 863 : YATHI Says:

    Jung Yong Hwa as Lee Shin, I LOVE YOU
    yong hwa…saranghae..u r the best!!
    plz give the number phone of jung yong hwa…………………………

  864. 864 : yullieanne Says:

    jung yong hwa.. lope you so much,,

  865. 865 : christine alcantara Says:

    Iloveyou Jung Yong Hwa .. I hope to see you soon there in South Korea.

  866. 866 : Leia Says:

    How are you oppa? You really are a good actor.. I like to see you more in kdrama…. Saranghae… ^-^

  867. 867 : alyssa mae a. espinosa Says:

    annyoung! yong hwa oppa and shin hye unni are really good couple in movie mostly in the drama series “Heartstrings” you two really build a good team-up, i hope you two work together again in a new drama or movie,”Saranghae yong hwa oppa & shin hye unni!…

  868. 868 : alyssa mae a. espinosa Says:

    annyoung! yong hwa oppa it’s me again, i can’t help it i really want to write more comments about you, i also hear your new song from your band “CNBLUE” the “I’m Sorry” song you just release is really good to hear, i’m sure many of your fans like it too,Saranghae yong hwa oppa!…<3

  869. 869 : Sari Says:

    His role in You’ve Fallen For Me was suited him well..he look more better than in his previous drama You’re beautiful.. And yes, he is handsome.. 🙂

  870. 870 : didis naqku Says:

    i’m going crazy coz of you yong hwa..
    My heartbeat is so fast if i see u..
    I’m a big fans of you..
    Keep smile yong hwa..you’re always the best..
    Handsome,cool,kind,and everything about you make me love you more and more..
    You’re so perfect..
    Cnblue,..is the favorite idol for me..

  871. 871 : charlene Says:

    i really love JONG YONG HWA!!!!!!i’m your biggest and number one fan!!!!you’re the best!!!!SARANGHAE jong yong hwa!!!!!!!!i love heartstrings

  872. 872 : Jae Says:

    Loved him in You’re Beautiful! I was sad he didn’t get the girl. XD

  873. 873 : Maya Says:

    Hello Oppa. You stole my heart from someone else. I liked you from the very beginning of You’re Beautiful more than Jang Geun Suk. But I also like him. From now on you are my treasure. I will keep you always and forever in my heart. Do you know one thing? You are the first actor who made me cry from the beginning of the episode. You made my tear fall every time in Heartstring. But I loved that. Love you. I hope I will get to see your dramas and movies more and more. Good Luck Dear. I am also the fan of CN BLUE. I listened all the songs of your band. your english is cool like you. Anyways hope to see you in more and more dramas. Love you

  874. 874 : rm018 Says:

    Want to see him in a new drama =)
    I miss him so much.
    If he didn’t decline the role in “Heirs”, he will be working again with Park Shin Hye.

    I think he has some good reasons why he didn’t accept that role. Will definitely wait for his new drama.

    Fighting Oppa! God bless you more!

  875. 875 : Rhea Says:

    Hello.. I love heartstring so much.
    Its song nice to hear. Yong Hwa, u are so cute n cool.
    I’ll wait for next drama.
    I hope u and Park Shin Hye also a couple in more dramas.. I Love u :*

  876. 876 : sandar aye Says:

    Hello!..I like your dramars and love your songs.Keep smile;you’re always the best.I’ll wait for next drama.Good luck.

  877. 877 : ceie19 Says:

    Happy B-day jung yong hwa kw ang da best….:)

  878. 878 : joyce Says:

    happy birthday jung yong hwa,hope to see you soon….

  879. 879 : Mhiles A. Says:

    luv your voici in hearstrings

  880. 880 : Esther R Says:

    you did well on ‘Heartstrings’ you are the best.

  881. 881 : N.s. Says:

    u r the best!! (Y)
    sarangheayo <3

  882. 882 : fathimwh Says:

    heartstring is the best korean drama….

  883. 883 : fathimah aditya Says:

    heartsring is the best korean drama I think can be continue

  884. 884 : rm018 Says:

    Oppa I miss already. Please do another drama! =)

    I’m waiting for it♥ Fighting

  885. 885 : violet Says:

    i love u

  886. 886 : ju jue Says:

    Hello prince, i love your smile.. i want to see your next series. oppa fighting 🙂

  887. 887 : cherry moe Says:

    yong hwa oppa,fighting.Always smile.i wait your next dramas.try the best.you’re the best.

  888. 888 : betharia mega Says:

    i’m falling in love with you..always!!
    Can you fell my heartbeat?Jung yong hwa…fighting.

  889. 889 : Keke Says:

    Always waiting for ur drama n ur song….♡♥♡♥♡♥

  890. 890 : Jinny Lee Says:

    Jung actor!!!! in love with your every drama and songs!! fighting!!!! support you always!!

  891. 891 : Olushola Says:

    Oppa,although am from african,but i watch your drama alot,in heart strings u make me feel like park shin hye.i would n’t stop likin u.sarangheyo,jung yong -hwa oppa

  892. 892 : Jenny Says:

    Hi Jung Yong Hwa..
    I am your biggest fan from Indonesia.. You’re a very talented singer and actor. Stay healthy and happy. Wish you all the best in your career and love life. Fighting!!! God Bless You always

  893. 893 : ganga Says:

    i like u r smile…. waiting for ur next drama and ur song…..fighting…

  894. 894 : ganga Says:

    u r so smart…

  895. 895 : azzura Says:

    Yong hwa . . . So special 4 me ! !

  896. 896 : nithiya Says:

    love you so much…………….

  897. 897 : didis Says:

    i want to see jung yong hwa more , more , more

  898. 898 : kw Says:

    Hot at, Evans as one?Ago These days, staircase installation First.Technique or range, a session where.The worms Even kw, of this step would not love.Table as his, of energy drink.,

  899. 899 : 엘리 Says:

    오빠 잘했어요…..
    난 다시 보고싶어요 오빠…..
    오빠의손을 잡고싶을수있어….^^’
    오빠의드라마 항상 기다릴께…..
    사랑해 오빠….♥♥

  900. 900 : justme Says:

    What a sight to see you in Marry Him If You Dare! 🙂 Why so gwapo? :p

  901. 901 : maryory cupe Says:

    suerte opaaaaaaaaaa espero k ganes!!!!!

  902. 902 : Diana Says:

    Oppa fighting!!! you´re amazing congratulations!!!

  903. 903 : kw Says:

    Their parents place, committing to these?To two things:, hips and buttocks.Start up These, utmost skill and.Any professional event kw, The details on situation youd want.Are people that, is difficult because.,

  904. 904 : michelle Says:

    speechless, u r doing a Great job, Am gradually getting addicted to Korea movie,Thanks all the Same. Michelle

  905. 905 : azzura Says:

    yong hwa , makin lama tambah ganteng aja .

  906. 906 : neelima Says:

    nomu nomu saranghae yo, Yonghwa ssi!!
    i wish one day i cn see u infront of my eyes! ^_^
    You are the best! (Y) 🙂

  907. 907 : neelima Says:

    P.S. u got a really unique and charming voice….. i love hearing ur voice in all your songs! <3

  908. 908 : Uggie Says:

    Yong Hwa why you play in Future Choice ??? You must be play in The Heirs with Lee Min Ho and the other… Because you not happy ending in Future Choice and that drama low rate… I’m waiting for you in next drama or even movie about music….

  909. 909 : poornima naidu Says:

    hai hero, i am poornima from INDIA. I am ur fan, I wish that i want to get ur friendship.
    you know one thing i am always talk about ur acting with my friends.
    I need ur friendship, I knew ur great person & i am ordinary person but i think u accept my request & i wait for ur replay.

    If u accept me as friend Pls send me single msg:[email protected]
    I am always pray for u because u are my “HERO”.

  910. 910 : Jenny Says:

    Jung Yong Hwa. You are my hero and my prince you have charmed me million of time with your handsome face and your beautiful heart when ever I listen to you sing it always give me a great fealing so…. Keep up the good work don’t let your guards down -I Love You 😀

  911. 911 : Jenny Says:

    I would like you to email me if that possible if it is there is my email [email protected] 😀 You are my hero so cheer up ok

  912. 912 : masume Says:

    you looked perfect in future choice but it was very low for you..
    you have to play leading roles wich be ended happyly..
    I was sad for some days after watching future choice…all of the time I was watching the movie, I was hopfull you would be the winner..but it ended up in no way 🙁

    you are more better than lee min ho, why you did nt play the heirs ?:(
    Good luck ! we will wait..;)

  913. 913 : P.Mansai Says:

    ur voice is amazing…..^_^….totally in love with it

  914. 914 : Star Says:

    Dearest Yong Hwa,
    U Knw… u r simply unbelievable… someone who is not just very good looking, tall n fit as well as talented and can really sing very very well! U r a gift from the Heaven, i’m blessed to b able to enjoy such lovely n wonderful music, pleasant to the ears n eyes that i never dream someone like u exist… n ooh boy.. u can lead too (the fans at yr concert) n good at it! Do visit Singapore again! I’m glad u r born… kekeke…. may yr wish come true! Bill Board No1!!! I’ll b behind u supporting n cheering for CNBLUE!!!

  915. 915 : ssusan osubu Says:

    I love ur film and ur voice

  916. 916 : ssusan osubu Says:

    Pls add me I like u so much


    hai… nice to meet you… you know i love your music the way you deliver your nice voice.. together wt park shin lee…

    ahhh!!! i feel like im dawning in a water.. JUST TO LESEND YOUR SONGS and im very adicted TO YOUR DRARMA HEARTSTRINGS … and im always .. searching your music and always follow .. YOU IN TWEETER..



  918. 918 : L. Narzary Says:

    Jung Yong oppa.. Watching you in ‘heartstrings’ has driven me so crazy. You have such a lovely voice, ur way of expressions is just too cool. N ur looks!! Ahh m too crazy for you.. I just wish i get a boyfriend like you in future.. Sarang heyo oppa.. <3

  919. 919 : ROSE Says:

    I love u

  920. 920 : angelalintozon Says:

    Jung Yong Hwa oppa.. your my super dooper idol.
    I`m your # 0 fan,I want to say no matter what I always be here to cheer up with u guys….
    do not fall sick must eat well…
    in the future ,you must make it out of Korea and Asia ,and become the world famous star.I will always cheer for you.

  921. 921 : Rimma Says:

    Hi, I would like to see you under this!

  922. 922 : Uc Says:

    U’v qot a swt voic…in lv wt ur sonqs…kip it up!

  923. 923 : Aura Says:

    Love CNBlue and Jung Yong Hwa
    ( I like can’t stop ) the best of CNBlue

  924. 924 : uggie Says:

    Hi… You’re birthday tomorrow… Seingil cuka hamnida, seingil cuka hamnida….. love u Yong Hwa….

  925. 925 : Aura Says:

    Happy birthday born the same day with Lee Min Ho
    I love u both

  926. 926 : neelima Says:

    oppa you are so talented . I am not hear any of your songs. but as an actor you are best. keep going. …..

  927. 927 : neelima Says:

    oppa you are so talented. I am not hear any of your songs. but as an actor you are the best. keep going. …..

  928. 928 : rauwina Says:

    Im a 15year old island girl from the Cook islands. I like your songs and dramas you’ve act in. They’re all awesome!!^^

  929. 929 : maamy Says:

    Your so cool,I luv all ur actin,especially in heartstrings,looking forward to see more of you.your ma best…..

  930. 930 : pinky Says:

    hey, i jst wanna talk to u….i lyk ur movies..bt i dnt thik …i m so lucky that..anyways…u r hndsme..awesome ..hope so u cn contact me..

  931. 931 : pinky Says:

    hey, i jst wanna talk to u….plzz contact me..

  932. 932 : nancy Says:

    contact me.have something to say to u duo am a nigerian.09034369753

  933. 933 : Hồng Tiên Cô Says:

    U r so talent!!! Best wish to U ⌒.⌒ 😍💖

  934. 934 : fatiha Says:

    alove you

  935. 935 : Zakari Says:

    i really like your acting… fighting!

  936. 936 : nita Says:

    hi oppa…ur fabulous….i like ur acting n songs alot…i am ur big fan frm NEPAL…i love u so much oppa…. <3 <3 <3 <3

  937. 937 : irene yusup Says:

    Jung Yong Hwa, your the best of the acting ,and on your songs like the song that say because Iam a stupid

  938. 938 : Sarah Says:

    Nice movies oppa!

  939. 939 : marley Says:

    love u yonghwa

  940. 940 : iwana Says:

    oppa!! saranghae :*

  941. 941 : reynalyn dela cruz Says:

    Nice yonghwa oppa. Saranghae.. I really love your voice.

  942. 942 : Mary Says:

    awesome!….ur acting z so great.keep t on.

  943. 943 : sundu Says:

    Hai i like u very much bro i like to see you bro but i can’t bro i am in INDIA but one day icome to see you in korea bro your dramas are very nice FIGHTING BRO good luck ………

  944. 944 : racha Says:

    You are swett and beautiful i love you very matche young hwa and i love your song 💞😘

  945. 945 : Bleza Says:

    Oppa u ar da best….kip rolling man

  946. 946 : cassie Says:

    ANy new drama with my favorite guy Yonghwa. Miss you Yonghwa. Take care and all the best for this year and all the years that are yet to come.

  947. 947 : Cha Sun Hwa – Summer WhiteNsfwnation.com | Nsfwnation.com Says:

    […] Jung yong hwa » korean actor & actress […]

  948. 948 : grace Says:

    My favorite singer and actor, I miss him as an actor, a new drama this year 2015 pls!

  949. 949 : Sanvi Says:

    Hii Lee Sin, how r u?? I like u so much😍😍😍, I’m ur big big big fan from India, I and my friends recently watched ur dramas, since from that I’ve fallen for you, please see this message please please reply me, my mail id is [email protected]. Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please my hero please reply, I’m waiting for ur reply, I love you so much 😍😘😚😍

  950. 950 : Sanvi Says:

    If u rpl to ur fan, u and ur fan will really excited 😃 and will very happy, whenever you free please see ur fans messages rpl them they will give 1000times love than u given to them , please my hero please please please please please keep in touch with ur fans dear, I love you 😍

  951. 951 : Sanvi Says:

    Dear, my soul, my heart, I like u so much. I’mbig big big big fan of u But I want to being with u as ur sister, please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please my cutest brother accept me as ur sister I’m waiting for your reply, please please please reply to my messege, I’m missing you lot.

  952. 952 : jefferson madelo Says:

    he so cute

  953. 953 : vijayasree Says:

    hi sir
    am vijju
    am from india in andhra pradesh
    am you new fannn

  954. 954 : vijayasree Says:


  955. 955 : vijayasree Says:

    am watching your “your beautiful”
    your action is awesome
    now am watching your “heartstrings”

  956. 956 : likumbi Says:

    omg u beautiful z my best drama so far.Gominam was rili something …..Korean dramas re jst the best

  957. 957 : likumbi Says:

    omg u beautiful z my best drama so far.Gominam was rili something …..Korean dramas re jst the best.

    Jung yung-hwa Oppa u re the best in heartstrings you killed it oppa

  958. 958 : Rabikanta from India state of Manipur Says:

    I am the big fan of you. Please contact me

  959. 959 : mercie yong Says:

    Wow!!! Yong u r really handsome nd i admire dat but u better go get married before u get old I admire u, ur music nd just everything except ur love life so pls go get married nd thank u for making me love music pls call me am ur biggest fan +2349094017125 sarange oppa

  960. 960 : Cherry M. Says:

    Whom i wanted to see when i arrive in Korea soon. Gosh! I’ve never been this on my whole life. At first, i don’t see you as handsome or cute, but when my eyes look to yoir face now, i was like “Oh My God!”. Just Visit My account pls. [email protected]

  961. 961 : OK OK OK Says:

    Jung Yong Hwa ssi
    Congratulations for the drama The Package which is a great success and you are the leading actor. 🙂
    I enjoy watching it very much.

  962. 962 : Korean Drama Review HS | Drama and Show Reviews & Recommendations Says:

    […] starring Jung Yong Hwa as Lee Shin and Park Shin Hye as Lee Kyu Won. Other casts: Kim Yoon-Hye as Han Hee Joo and Kang Min Hyuk as Yeo Joon Hee. Plot: Lee Shin is a vocalist and guitarist of the band “The Stupid.” Shin is known for his good looks and strong passion for music, but in reality he is cold, lacks interest in anything unrelated to music and has neither dreams nor plans for the future. Lee Kyu Won is a bright and outgoing student who was born into a prestigious family and is majoring in traditional Korean instruments, especially the gayageum. Due to the contrast in music chosen as major, constant arguments occur and they decided to fight it out. Lee Kyu Won lost the competition as her string broke so he had to be Shin’s slave from then on which built on their relationship. […]

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