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Kang Ji Hwan

Kang Ji Hwan 02

Name: 강지환 / Kang Ji Hwan
Real Name: 조태규 / Jo Tae Kyu (Cho Tae Gyu)
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1977-Mar-20
Height: 184cm
Weight: 73kg
Blood type: B

TV Series

Joseon Survival (CSTV, 2019)
Feel Good To Die (KBS2, 2018)
Children of a Lesser God (OCN, 2018)
Monster (MBC, 2016)
Big Man (KBS2, 2014)
Incarnation of Money (SBS, 2013)
Lie to Me (SBS, 2011)
Coffee House (SBS, 2010)
Style (SBS, 2009, cameo)
Telecinema The Fool That I Love (SBS, 2009)
Hong Gil Dong (KBS2, 2007)
Capital Scandal (KBS2, 2007)
90 Days, Falling in Love Days (MBC, 2006)
Exhibition of Fireworks (MBC, 2006)
Be Strong Geum Soon (MBC, 2005)
Save the Last Dance for Me (SBS, 2004)
If You Only Knew (KBS2, 2004)
More Beautiful Than a Flower (KBS2, 2004)
Nonstop 4 (MBC, 2003)
Summer Scent (KBS2, 2003)


Shoot the Sun / Heartbreak Hotel (2015)
Runway Cop (2012)
The Relation of Face, Mind and Love (2009)
My Girlfriend is an Agent (2009)
Rough Cut (2008)
Host and Guest (2005)


2009 46th Daejong Film Awards: New Actor
2008 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Sung Yu Ri for Hong Gil Dong
2008 KBS Drama Awards: Netizen Award
2008 29th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best New Actor (Rough Cut)
2008 44th Baeksang Awards: Popularity

Related Photo

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  1. 1 : hye Says:

    this actor is good looking n in acting. really like him in fireworks and i will try find out other drama/movies taht him involved

  2. 2 : JEANETTE Says:

    he is a really good actor, and i do agree he i really good looking, u shoul watch 90 Days, Falling in Love Days …really good, the plot is really unique….;D

  3. 3 : Maziah Says:

    he is so handsome and a good actor.When i watched him in Fireworks,first in my life i get interested with korean dramas.his acting really works!

  4. 4 : dd Says:

    I like him in the 90 DAYS, TIME FOR LOVE!!! He is good looking yet good in acting!! Can anyone tell me where can get his photos???? PLEASE!!

  5. 5 : TL Says:

    I have watched many Korean TV series. No matter in acting skills or appearance, I consider him the best.

  6. 6 : loulai Says:

    I love this guy in Capital Scandal..he’s so effective in his acting skills and very cute too 🙂

  7. 7 : capullet28 Says:

    i love kang ji hwan, his acting so good.i hope someday i will see you
    i love you…….

  8. 8 : Lyda Says:

    I become more interested in him in Seoul Scandal. Have you watched it yet?he is so nice in this seri.

  9. 9 : ayong Says:

    i love his drama capital scandal.it was the best.it had comedy,drama,mystery,thriller,romance,murder,etc.i stayed up till 2’o clock in the morning to watch every episode.i fell for him at first sight.I LOVE CAPITAL SCANDAL-IT IS THE BEST DRAMA!!!!!!

  10. 10 : Jo In Yen Says:

    I love Scandal in Seoul because of him. I liked his acting. He carried his character very well…some say Sun Woo Wan and Jo Ma Ja didn’t have chemistry in the drama but i don’t agree. I loved their characters…especially Kang Ji Hwan’s! I watched the series three times without batting an eyelash! i enjoyed the drama very much…Hope he gets lots of projects after Scandal In Old Seoul…

  11. 11 : Jan Says:

    강 지환님께
    안녕하세요, 제가 지환님의 경성 스캔들 이란 영화를 봤습니다.
    너무나 재미있고 멋있습니다. 웃음이 멋있어요! 🙂 많이 웃어요!
    강 지환님 화이팅!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. 12 : zorysia Says:

    KJH’s acting and on-screen character were superb in ‘Be strong, Geum Soon!’ He was not only caring but sooooo loving towards Geum Soon in the drama. Even though there are 108 episodes, the tender, sweet and funny moments between KJH’s role and Geum Soon made it all worthwhile to watch the series.
    KJH is simply too good-looking and irresistable even for the most righteous and virtuous gal 😉

  13. 13 : nandar Says:

    the story of geum soon you looke great.

  14. 14 : lhan Says:

    kamu gagah bgt, bodynya juga oke bgt enak bgt kali ya di peluk seorang kang ji hwan yang badannya itu lho….gentle bgt…ngegemezzin deh…apalagi di film firework gw suka bgt liat dia

  15. 15 : GOSOOers Says:


  16. 16 : WANNIEkangjihwan Says:

    more than anyone.


  17. 17 : Angelicious Says:

    Hong Gildong, the hero…
    It’s his new drama series..
    I totally agree that he is good looking..
    He’s not that super handsome..
    But, he’s getting cuter and cuter everytime I see him..
    Better watch Hong Gildong and you’ll surely love him more..
    Super Hot!!!

  18. 18 : ooika Says:

    love him in hong gil dong!!keep on doing wat u do bes,bro!!i tink his popularity will b skyrocketed after hgd,actually,i wish..

  19. 19 : JiyM Says:

    He’s one of my favourit actors, doing really great in Hong Gildong. Wish u all the best dear Kang Ji Hwan.

  20. 20 : Sue Says:

    Facenya ajibbbbbbbbbbb banget, bodynya ajibbbbbbbbbb banget, actingnya ajibbbbbbbbbb banget gua jadi demen liat tu cowo. Apalagi pas maen di Capital Scandal liat cara dia minum pake cangkir kelilingkingnya lentik banget pokoknya ajibbbbbbbbbbbbb

  21. 21 : Sesy Says:

    KJH is my favorite actor, i see him in Firework and i’am falling in love with him

    Kang Ji hwan, Sarang he……….

  22. 22 : aning Says:

    good job at Hang gil dong…..great acting and I do love your sexy lips……

  23. 23 : hwan to see Says:

    You are the best actor, kang ji hwan fighting……….

  24. 24 : tiny Says:

    love you Kang Ji Hwan.
    i loved to see you acting in Hong Gil Dong:really good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you’re a great actor!!!!
    i really can’t wait to see you in your next movie “MOVIE IS A MOVIE” , acting in with my other favorite actor So Ji Sub!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i’m so glad!!!!!!!!!

  25. 25 : marchlilly Says:

    Kang Ji Hwan…..mmmmmh..SIMPLY THE BEST..!!!
    I wonder how it feels to be kissed by sexy lips…

  26. 26 : Aileen Says:

    I really really like Mr. Kang Ji Hwan!! I admire him so much.. I think Ms. Sung Yu Ri And him are a good match.. I love all of your movies especially Hong Gil Dong.. jiayoo!!!

  27. 27 : eujin27 Says:

    kang ji hwan hope to see you on more korean dramas, hope you can work with lee da hae…

  28. 28 : doris p Says:

    for me kjh is one of the best, if not THE BEST among k actors out there…can see his talent in his new series hong gil dong, have also seen his previous ones, capital scandal and fireworks….love all of them!….love him in any of his dramas, be it a comedy, drama or action….even his volcanic anger can display such emotions….heard he started in theater and you can see some of his singing and dancing prowess in scandal and fireworks, and boy….he surely can do them both…hope he’ll have another new series this year……till then, i’ll have to suffer from hong gil dong withdrawa and more specifically from Kang Ji Hwan….love you lots KJH…….

  29. 29 : erin Says:

    im wonder why the ending of 90 days time to love that was happen.???that was sad ending……………..im was so touching..

  30. 30 : Haidy Says:

    Hi! Kang Ji Hwan, you are really great actor… goodluck to your career and see more of your k drama with Lee Da Hae/Eugene and Lee Boo Young…stay well

  31. 31 : nat Says:

    his acting skills are so good!!!!
    i saw him in hong gil dong and he is os cute and hot!!!
    wish i could meet you some day!!

  32. 32 : sa12a Says:

    I thought he was so cute in Hong Dil Dong. It was one of the best I’ve watch except for the ending, but the story was good. I thought him in his character made him look hot.

  33. 33 : Hana Yoori Says:

    I am in love with this guy’s acting. I finished Hong Gil Dong and decided to watch Capital Scandal because of his acting. They were both great movies. He is a great actor. I have fallen in love with him. The characters he plays makes him look so good and hot XD.

  34. 34 : addict Says:

    You are really really awesome actor. Can’t wait for your other movie.
    Keep acting man!

  35. 35 : Mulan Says:

    I simply admire you after watching Capital Scandal. And for me your one of the best actor in Korean hope to see you personally. And I’ll be glad watching another Korean drama where you’re one of the lead male cast.

  36. 36 : xiuyan Says:

    I’m also one of his Fan, have been seen “Be Strong Geum Soon” but have yet to watch his “Hong ” I suppose I got attracted to him bec of his loving & faithful character in “Be Strong” n I fully agreed that he’s hamsome. Personally “Be Strong” is still my favourite drama – story wise. Wish him all the best & hope to see more of his drama. What’s his latest in 2008?

  37. 37 : mae Says:

    Have been checking up on kjh after watching Be Strong Geum Soon.
    Love his acting and will check out on all his korean serial from now.

  38. 38 : jai Says:

    aloha,keep up the good work, god bless u & take care any way im fr.big island kona hawaii. Aloha and mahalo……………

  39. 39 : SuzyNguyen Says:

    With an attactive smile and He is enough tall that makes him perfect.quite good acting …i like his movie ,i have watched his movie Casting from 2005 till 2007.wondering he has any new movie this year…………

  40. 40 : faye Says:

    AHHH….HONG GIL DONG!!!! I miss you so much… Even I shed a lot of while watching Hong Gil Dong, I can’t help but miss it and watch it over and over again and hoping that the ending will change…hahaha…and now, here in the Philippines, BE STRONG GEUM SOON is showing…I’m hooked again to Kang Ji-hwan!!!! I miss you GIL DONG!!!jiayou!!!


  41. 41 : faye Says:

    I miss you……I read my last comment here, and I’m here in front of my computer, shedding tears over the sad ending of Hong Gil Dong but I really really love you!!! I really love the scene when Yi Nok(Sung Yuri) said “Gil Dong, it alright to cry. You can cry, I will not look at you(putting her hands to cover Gil Dong’s face) and I won’t say it to others. Gil Dong, it’s alright to cry.” Wahhh!!! Stop it!…I really love it!!!When I first watched that scene, yaiks, I didn’t notice that tears are rolling down all over my cheeks, and it is the first time which I shed tears in a drama!!! Argh!!!Hong Gil Dong, I miss you so much!!!MBC or KBS, make a drama starring this VERY EXCELLENT KOREAN ACTOR EVER!!!

    I’ve been a fan of Kwon Sang Woo, Bae Yong Joon, Joo Ji hoon, Rain, Dennis Oh and many more but this guy is the only one who makes me and my mom in tears while watching his dramatic scenes and laugh out loud whenever he does clumsy and childish things!!!!

    We love you Gil Dong, I love you Kang Ji Hwan…Good luck

  42. 42 : Daisy Says:

    He has good comedic timing and dramatic skills. Excellent actor. Charming. Talented. I hope to see more of him and wish him good luck in his future dramas.

  43. 43 : Rachel Says:

    I do agree that he’s good looking and hilarious…I really love him acting in Hong Gil Dong as it’s kind of funny and romantic sometimes…I’ve fallen in love with him as I watch him acting…wish that i could bum into you someday!

  44. 44 : Xaverie Lee Says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Have a great year ahead. Hope to see more of your dramas in 2009.

  45. 45 : Fat boy Says:

    Do you have any up coming dramas in 2009? Like watching your show. You are not only a great actor but a superb dancer and singer too.

  46. 46 : cookie58 Says:

    Hi hope to see more of your shows next year! Love your smile.

  47. 47 : Dexie Says:

    Kang ji Hwan, I really really love him… I wish someday I coukld meet him in person… Kang Ji hwan, Sarang heo……………..

  48. 48 : koreanlover Says:

    love kang ji hwan in hong gil dong

  49. 49 : cookie58 Says:

    Do we get to see more of your shows this year?

  50. 50 : aznblonde Says:

    I love him in Hong gil dong. He’s so funny! He’s also the same in capital scandal. Both great movies.

  51. 51 : jihwanfan Says:

    glad to see so many fans here….he really deserves it! i’ve watched almost all his series and movies so far:
    Hong Gil-Dong
    Capital Scandal
    Exhibition of Fireworks
    90 Days Time for Love
    Rough Cut
    and even Host & Guest…
    i highly recommend all of them for any jihwan fan…
    except Be Strong Geum Soon that i plan to watch asap…and i always was impressed by his great performance and versatility…he may be either sooo hilarious or overwhelming…
    he’s definitely the BEST korean actor imo…not to mention his irresistible charisma, his perfect body and beautiful face, he he…

  52. 52 : Tserilu Says:

    Kang Ji Hwan!!!

    My Choice, my all!

  53. 53 : Tse Says:

    I wish to see you in person…
    I don’t care how, but twud be of great pleasure to be with you.
    Just to take pix together will be the most romantic moment of my life!
    Congratulations for a superb performance!
    Be strong Geum-soon is one of the best!
    I’m mighty proud of all the casts!!!


  54. 54 : vincent kok Says:

    i enjoy watching your shows.me hope one day can meet u in rea1

  55. 55 : moba Says:

    congrats on winning at the 45th baeksang awards. really luv you and yuri in gong gil dong. hope both of you will be paired up again in future.

  56. 56 : radishchan Says:

    you’re a nice one!
    like watching hong gil dong and 90days!
    you’re very good in acting!
    always take care of you’re self.
    hope to see you in more shows. (.^_^.)

    i hope i can have a picture with you when i visit korea!!
    —thats a dreamy wish.

  57. 57 : radishchan Says:

    when is he having a new show?
    i miss his cute and superb acting.
    i really like his comical gestures.

  58. 58 : kamila Says:

    Hang Ji Hwan!!! You are very good actor. I love all your dramas. I wish good luck in your future films. We all love you

  59. 59 : Snow Says:

    Hi JihwanFan,

    Not sure have your watch “Be Strong Geum Soon” it is really a nice drama, I was impressed by Kang Ji Hwan after watching this drama. Comparing to other actors, he is not really handsome, but he has kind of charm whereby you will like to watch him, hope all KJH’s fan will continue to support him, me too!!!!

  60. 60 : cookie58 Says:

    I have watched I think every drama that you have acted in. A really talented actor who can act, dance and sing. Its a sad thing you are not cast in any of the upcoming drama series. Hope you will change your mind and be seen back in drama series again soon .

  61. 61 : Siti NY Says:

    Now I am watching Capital Scandal. You are really a GOOD actor.. And when you smile, it is really contagious.. Can’t help but falling in love with you…

    Keep on acting ok!! Stay sweet and cool

  62. 62 : thinsu Says:

    i like kan ji wan in capital scandal. he is a good actor and attractive one.

  63. 63 : Irene Says:

    im No.1 fans of Kwan Ji Hwan most of his drama i already watched it, currently im watching Be StrongGeum Soong..

  64. 64 : Irene Says:

    to all fans of Kang Ji Hwan
    leats give our support to our no.1 idol..

  65. 65 : Jojie Says:

    Aagh… You are so cool and SOOOOOO sweet. Really love you so much. I have yet to watch Hong Gil Dong but YESSSS , you are great in Capital Scandal. In fact I have watched most of Ji Hwan’s dramas and I find him irresistable and with great charms..

    Love you Ji Hwan

  66. 66 : Jojie Says:

    Sarang Haeyo KANG JI HWAN.. You are superb

  67. 67 : Suiza-anne Says:

    hello Kang Ji Hwan,
    I never thought I will be your great fan specially when I see” Be Strong,Geum Soon” I was really touch by this tele-series special your love scenes so touching and I cry a lot …. i can relate some of them coz i’m also a widow with a son and believed only in the movie can happen the happy ending…I cry a lot with most of the scene…love to repeat it 20 times more….thank you and i learnt a lot from this movie..I was attracted by you…the way you stand…I think perfect as an matine idol….it’s a dream for everywomen to have you….but it’s only a dream….an imaginationary dream…..never come true…. in reality….the story is amazing…I salute the Director ,script writer and the one who write the story…..truly amazing……. and more power to you JI Hwan….it fits to you with decent and clean character……….Suiza-anne

  68. 68 : Jojie Says:

    Love you Ji Hwan..

    Such a great actor with incredible charms..

    You are simply the best!!!!

  69. 69 : Jojie Says:

    I’ve read and heard a lot about Be Strong, Geum Soon. Unfortunately, here in Malaysia, can’t find the DVd with English subtitles.. I even tried watching online but so frustrating as it only has chinese subtitles.. So, Ji Hwan fans out there.. please let me know where and how to find this DVD.. I really love this versatile actor.. He is sooooooo sweet and OMG, his smiles can really melt one’s heart!!!

    Love you Ji Hwan

  70. 70 : Chitose_valiya Says:

    He’s really the best actor I’ve seen in my life, and I’m not someone who watch just 1, 2 movies and dramas. He knows how the character must be feeling in each scene, and he can act It out, just with some simple gestures, some lines,…, he’s an actor that cares about every smallest things about a character to make his acting perfect.
    I was impressed enough with him in Hong Gil Dong that even made a kdrama-hater like me spend nights to find and download his films. He even impressed me more in Capital Scandal and now I’m watching Be Strong Geum Soon.
    I can’t see why he’s not really popular in Korea, and his dramas’s ratings are usually dispointing, but for me, he’s really the best actor I’ve seen, I hope he’ll keep his good job and get some more glories in the futur! Fighting Kang Ji Hwan-shi!

  71. 71 : jac Says:

    im sooooooo inlove with kang ji-hwan right now to the point that i think its about to turn into an obssession..hes a great actor and he portrays the best characters. ive watched geum soon and his acting in that drama was spectacular..i nvr get tired of repeating the episodes..ryt now m watching hong gil dong and m enjoying it very much..

    hope i get to meet you in person and hope you can get the chance to read our messages..

    love you ji-hwan!!!

  72. 72 : gadzette Says:

    i’ve known kang jihwan through the drama Hong Gil Dong…I was very impressed by his acting and the character suits him alot. Then I watched his drama”Capital scandal” where I was more impressed by his acting,character and costumes etc.. He looked absolutely gorgeous in this drama…love to see him in that kind of costumes. His chemistry with the co-stars in the two dramas was so great..I hope he will marry one of them.
    kang jihwan, I HOPE YOU WILL CONTINUE TO SUCCEED IN YOUR PROFESSION, Iam a big fan of yours…jiyaiyo!fighting!

  73. 73 : gadzette Says:

    I agree with you ayon. capital scandal is probably one of his best dramas…and also one of the best korean dramas of all time,though underrated. like u said it has romance,comedy,thriller,mystery etc.. that is what makes the drama exciting…i’ve watched it twice but still iam not fed up of watching it…and love to rewatch it again and again..the more i watched the more it got interesting. THANKS TO ALL JI HWAN’S FANS FORGIVING A GOOD COMMENTS. FIGHTING! LETS SUPPORT THIS ACTOR FOREVER.

  74. 74 : gadzette Says:

    I agree with you ayong. capital scandal is probably one of his best dramas…and also one of the best korean dramas of all time,though underrated. like u said it has romance,comedy,thriller,mystery etc.. that is what makes the drama exciting…i’ve watched it twice but still iam not fed up of watching it…and love to rewatch it again and again..the more i watched the more it got interesting. THANKS TO ALL JI HWAN’S FANS FOR POSTING A GREAT COMMENTS. FIGHTING! LETS SUPPORT THIS ACTOR FOREVER.

  75. 75 : arnie Says:

    many people say that he is a good person. i have collections of his dramas : be strong geum soon, hong gil-dong, capital scandal, exhibition fireworks, 90 days time for love, and recent movie. thumbs up!

  76. 76 : sheryll Says:

    hello. kang jihwan, i know you are a good actor and i hope you still remain as a cool person. good luck in your nw drama triple. i ask one thing im curious you are 32 now you dont have a girlfriend or a wife?

  77. 77 : eugene Says:

    You did a great job in “Be strong Geum Su” Keep up your work

  78. 78 : Lee Says:

    I love u kjh, h0pe samdy we’ll meet, together with sung yuri and lee jin wook. Saranghamnida.

  79. 79 : Lee Says:

    Besides from leejinwook, rain,gae soong,park ki woong,lee wan,se7en,kim jae won,hyun bin, you’re part of my favorites Too, hay,am so in-live with u guys. Saranghaeyo.

  80. 80 : xiuyan Says:

    Hi! just watch Hong Ji Tong – good show & good acting but would prefer a different ending!! Any latest show??
    Ji Hwan, “Jia Yu” , all the best to you.
    Sarang Heo…

  81. 81 : eugene Says:

    My love for Jae Hee and Geum Soon!!!! I love this couple.

  82. 82 : Irene Says:

    Im looking forward for your new drama… i love your acting..

  83. 83 : mary ann Says:

    i really li8ke kang ji hwan he’s so handsome…
    and i love his acting in “be strong geum soon”
    i love his love team with Han Hye Jin..
    hope they will have another korean series

  84. 84 : cookie58 Says:

    A Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year! Cheerio….

  85. 85 : yas Says:

    i love kang ji hwannnnnn….!

  86. 86 : reem Says:

    i love this person !

    i’m so crazy about him !!

  87. 87 : May Says:

    Kang Ji Hwan is so charming, especially as Hong Gil Dong

  88. 88 : May Says:

    As a fan of Kang Ji Hwan I am looking forward to watch his new dramas. Good luck, Kang Ji Hwan!!!!

  89. 89 : trish salvador Says:

    i really like kang jihwan. he is a good actor. goodluck 2 ur career! stay as charming as you are! i’m trish from Philippines…

  90. 90 : trish salvador Says:

    saranghae yo… kang jihwan!!!

  91. 91 : trish salvador Says:

    i hope we’ll meet someday…for me you’re the best. pls. dont change.

  92. 92 : cookie Says:

    Its been a while since your last drama series. Hope to see more of your drama soon. U are one of my very favourite actor.

  93. 93 : faye Says:


  94. 94 : cookie Says:

    Great news about your upcoming drama “coffee house”. I am really looking forward to watching your superb acting again.

  95. 95 : alchocholic Says:

    why are you so hot and masculine ji hwan ssi!!lol
    i hope your new drama with park si yeon bring your popularity in the television world,hope many fans and media recognize your effort to become top actor in korea
    looking forward to your new drama although i don’t really like park shi yeon and ham eun jung!
    but i give it a try to because there is YOU

  96. 96 : nadia Says:

    i loveeeee you!!!!

  97. 97 : nadia Says:

    🙂 😀 😉 really really love you!!!

  98. 98 : jocelyn song Says:

    i didnt notice you when watching jia yu jin san soon…but with hong gil dong, your acting caught my eyes. been watching this series ever since it broadcast. today is the last episode to this series. shall miss seeing your acting. am jocelyn from singapore

  99. 99 : cookie Says:

    I have watched all your shows except telecinema and coffee house. I am waiting to purchase the DVDs. Hope you will have more shows this year. Think you are one of the most fabulous Korean actor. Natural and non exaggerated acting.

  100. 100 : lika Says:

    u a very handsome n more attractive in Coffee house..this drama is great drama.I watched
    my gf is agent,I love to waiting for ur next drama..now here it is Coffee house..just no u n love u so much..great drama n awesome actor…kang ji kwan!
    congratulations!!!!I think u will more famous cuz of Coffee house that can show..ur acting skill n ur cool appearance..!I would like to see all ur drama from now on.
    god bless u

  101. 101 : mel Says:

    i like your smile.. keep smiling… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  102. 102 : ade Says:

    i like ur act.. ^^

  103. 103 : eugene Says:

    I love Coffee House. I love you and Park Si Yeon

  104. 104 : Kdrama : Coffee House « asianfansclub Says:

    […] Kang Ji Hwan as Lee Jin Soo Park Si Yeon as Seo Eun Young Ham Eun Jung as Kang Seung Yeon Jung Woong In as Han Ji Won Park Jae Jung as Kim Dong Wook Jung Soo Young as Oh Hyun Joo Jung Ji Ah as Go Yoon Joo Jin Sung (진성) as Park Young Chul Ahn Kil Kang as Kang Jin Man (Seung Yeon’s dad) Kim Ji Young as Hong Bong Nyeo (Seung Yeon’s grandmother) Kim Min Sang as Kang Seung Chul (Seung Yeon’s brother) Lee Soon Jae Heo Tae Hee Jung Joon Ho (cameo, ep1-2) […]

  105. 105 : Sweetie Says:

    I love your acting…can’t wait to see your next movie/tv series…

  106. 106 : Merz Says:

    you are magnificent! I like you in everything you portrayed! just keep up the good work! Take care

  107. 107 : AMEIR Says:

    hi kang ji!!! you are best acting in the Movie is Movie or Rought cut!
    i love you & ilove so ji sub !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. 108 : Melba Says:

    you’re such a great actor…and i love watching you in Coffee House!!! if I’ve got three thumbs it’s gonna be a three thumbs up for your acting skills…kudos!!! God bless!

  109. 109 : kdd Says:

    I so love you voice, smile and acting… and i love coffee house..

  110. 110 : rozei Says:

    i just finished watching the kdrama, “coffee House”. it is ..(tim hortons ice cap commercial:) AWESOMERRRRRR!!..lol…bya ne..anyways, I LUVED IT!!!!
    ITS GOT TO BE ONE OF THE BEST DRAMAS EVER!!!! I CRIED IN THE ENDING TOO..I COULDNT HELP [email protected]!!! U DID AN AMAZING JOB, KANG JI HWAN!!!! i luved how u always called ur secretary, are u crazy!??..lol..and she picked it up and u wanted a lawsuit against her..lol..luved the drama!!!!
    keep working hard! fighting! ^ – ^ V! <3!!

  111. 111 : lovebee Says:

    I loved your acting in Coffee House! It’s really one of the best korean dramas I’ve ever watched. Despite my busy schedule, I’ve always make a point to watch every episode of Coffee House. I don’t care if it is a very underrated drama, it’s really amazing. I love how the directors, scriptwriters, actors, actresses and other people who made this drama worked. Really great output!

  112. 112 : eugene Says:

    Kang Ji Hwan!!! I love you and Park Si Yeon so much. Coffee House is the very best one out of all 2010 dramas that i have watched since the beginning of the year.I also love all your drama with Han Ji Hye, Han Chae Young, Han Ji Min and Sung Yu Ri. Hope to see you in more dramas. Keep up your good workLove you everyday

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    Saranghae…..Kang Ji Hwan. You’re very-very talented actors i’ve ever seen in Kdrama industry.Good job for portraying the weird Mr. Lee Jin Soo. especially when you disturbing Eun Young wedding (ep.16) with your Kung Fu Jin soo and i thought you’ll take away the bride but it’s not and i find this scene was hilarious and so funny at the same time haha…
    always forever be in love at Lee Jin soo

  114. 114 : SAMIRA Says:

    SO SAD

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    you dissaponted me in Coffee House, you should be with ur secretary and get chemistry with her,not with ur publicer! sorry

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    Disappointed with him in Coffee House? Did he write the script?

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    Hope to see you in personal… I love the way you act..

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    -oh and to “RIE” why are you disappointed at kang ji hwan its not like he wrote the script for coffee house. its one thing to be disapointed in his acting and one thing he has to play as a role of a character alright get it right.

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    i think a good man good actor
    i hope to see you soon

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    I love this guy. I get ‘kilig’ when he has romantic moments with Park Si Yeon in Coffee House. Kudos to his acting! I LOVE his smile…it’s like the heavens are opening when he smiles. haha^^ keep up the good work! You caught my eye Mr. Kang. ^^

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    the story was weird…but this guy made my eyes stop blinking..he created a strong character to Lee Jin Soo..i guess no body could play the Lee Jin Soo role so unique like Kang Ji Hwan…bravo. After watch this serial, i go watch the “My Girl is A Agent”. he played awesome too, so comical. Love his smile and great job!!

  126. 126 : elham Says:

    happy new year & good luck

  127. 127 : Irene Says:

    Hello There
    Ji Hwan is my favorite actor, he acts great in comedy, drama,
    action and horror.. i guest every role.. Can’t wait to watch his new telenovela. I love you KJH..

  128. 128 : Irene Says:

    Please change his picture profile.. he has a lot handsome picture..Thank you!

  129. 129 : Irene Says:

    To all Kang Ji Hwan Fans
    Can we do it together to put our fav actor KJH on top 5 best actor..He is really best in acting..no matter what story or role.

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    thanks in advance..

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    u stole our hearts in it!! 🙂 <3

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    pls choose more romantic comedy dramas..
    your acting skills r more perfectly used here i think..
    realy awesome performer!! 🙂
    gooooood luccck!! 🙂

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    Kang Ji Hwan – pretty amusing in HONG GIL DONG & FIREWORKS. Simply enjoyed the series and whenever I need some cheering up, I would watch them. One of the most talented Korean actors, in my opinion. What say you, Kang Ji Hwan’s fans?

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    Very Good in “LIE TO ME” !!!
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    Great job! What is your next drama? When is it coming?

  171. 171 : Hendrik Says:


  172. 172 : Jasmine Says:

    Hi, Mr.Kang I think U have excellent acting skills especially in sad scenes and expressing the characters’ emotions. I just finished watching lie to me. I also watched ur other dramas in between. You really possess a talent for acting and U have a cute, hot and killer smile. All the best for ur future projects. Keep up ur good work. I’m one of ur international internet fans from INDIA.

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    I’m starting to curious with your other dramas.. Hope you’ll win many awards this year oppa.. HWAITING !!! But at least you’ll win best couple with yoon eun hye ♥ ♥

  175. 175 : teazze Says:


  176. 176 : ding Says:

    lie to me is a great love story and the main characters are top stars
    Kang Ji Hwan: you are the best, funny guy’s character is so match with you
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    First time I had watched Korea drama on live
    I now watch all your movie and drama.
    My girl friend is a agent is the best moive and LTM
    is the best drama
    KJH are you going to Japan in June, or July.
    You are the best actor and I love you !!!

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    I’m disappointed that you did not get an award for LTM drama. You are an outstanding actor. Keep the good work. Fighting!

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    You tube KJH birthday show in 2009 said he was his
    30 birthday and he got 8 rewards (best new actor)
    anybody know??????

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    can’t wait to finish watching just in few days.. and your partner Yoon Eun Hye also give her best.. You have chemistry each other and hoping your new drama.. i know no matter what story you do, it can be the best because you two can act no matter what role.. thumbs up for both of you.. sarranghe.. Irene from philippines

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    all the best in your future career! keep up the good work!

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  209. 209 : Jinjoo Says:

    just finished watching you in my girlfriend is an agent hahaha you were so funny in a goofy role….you & kim ha neul are a grt pair too, luv you both & also in 90 days of love! you’re awesome what can i say!

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    ji hwan ssii..i’am now a big fan of you ever since i watched you in lie to me..you’re soo hot and cool in that drama..and your kissu scenes with yoon eun hye is really awesome..hope you can make another drama with her…

  211. 211 : Princess Says:

    I looooove you kjh!!!!!!!!!!!!MwAAAAH

  212. 212 : ~politegirl~ Says:

    Your so handsome…i love you oppa..very nice performance..

  213. 213 : thumpingheart Says:

    i just read online in one of your interviews in June that you were embarrassed coz of the low ratings of Lie to Me….please jebal don’t bother with that….kyeok jong massae yo…that’s not your fault if the plot was unpredictable as long as your performance along with my other fave actress yoon eun hye was excellent we your fans will support you all the way! life is too short to let your life be ruined with just one drama series! matter of fact i liked you in that drama & as long as you’re in a drama who cares if the ratings are low or high—i’m sure there’s many people or fans on this board alone who as i can see from their postings here that you’re much loved! move on & concentrate on another project…you’re an awesome & versatile actor…not very many actors could do good in both comedy & drama & you’re one who could do excellent in any roles you play or played! look forward to seeing you in another drama soon, perhaps team up again with either han hye jin of the famous be strong geum soon or with yoon eun hye ok?
    good luck in all you do oppa! just cheer up & nothing to be embarrassed about, it’s the fault of the writers of Lie to Me that it got negative reviews but i’m one of those who appreciate the drama, especially you & yoon eun hye! fighting! 🙂

  214. 214 : blue9 Says:

    i hope there’s part 2 of lie to me. KJH and YEH make a great couple. i’m a fan from the Philippines. I hope you’re able to read this.

  215. 215 : ichan astrid Says:

    always like your dramas…jiayou!!!

  216. 216 : blanca Says:

    i’m currently watching you in capital scandal after watching lie to me, my girlfriend is an agent & be strong geum soon i can’t seem to get enough of you…you’re multi-talented ji hwan ssi! you never seem to amaze me with your acting be it drama or comedy! i hope you won’t take a long break after LTM….we love you….from America! you’re so sweet & handsome in all your dramas i’m sure you’re nicer in person! aja aja

  217. 217 : bobo Says:

    Korea.com ——–Seoul International drama–KJH is nomial as
    best actor in SBS Coffee House

    KJH’s fans dont forget to vote closing date 16 August

  218. 218 : Jinjoo Says:

    @bobo….thnx for the info & i’ll try to go to that site & vote for him! he deserves it with his good acting skills! luv you kang ji hwan aja aja & good luck hope you win!

  219. 219 : blanca Says:

    thnx bobo….re seoul awards, i’m so happy that he’s nominated for best actor…i went to that site but sad to say i don’t hv facebook a/c & not able to vote unless i register, i’ll probab do that just bcoz of kang ji otherwise not too keen on hvng f/book account! he’s now on #3 and hope he wins!
    he’s marvelous actor not only bcoz of his good looks but man KJH can act! good luck to you kang ji hwan ssi! you deserve the recognition! we’ll support you forever!

  220. 220 : milady Says:

    your character in Lie to me was awesome..ur a brilliant actor and really,really handsome!!i do hope ul fall in love in reality and just be like dat..coz just watching u in the movie makes me soo sooooooo much in love with u,and i dnt know if il be able to breathe if i should meet u in person!love u…gud luck:-)))))muahhhh

  221. 221 : milady Says:

    kang ji hwan..your character in Lie to me was awesome..ur a brilliant actor and really,really handsome!!i do hope ul fall in love in reality and just be like dat..coz just watching u in the movie makes me soo sooooooo much in love with u,and i dnt know if il be able to breathe if i should meet u in person!love u…gud luck:-)))))muahhhh

  222. 222 : Ddeugonheart Says:

    i’m also a huge fan of yours & all the best to you in the seoul int’l awards 2011….you deserve to be nominated & of course to win…you’re such an awesome awesome actor — v v handsome too! when i go back to korea for another vacation (no i’m not fr there) i’d luv to get a glimpse of you! i’ve seen you in lie to me & plan to watch the others like hong gil dong after i finished with capital scandal however, i won’t want to leave any stones unturned for all the dramas/movies you’ve done so you can bet on it! i hope also that you won’t get discouraged by drama ratings since i read you were embarrassed with the turn out of lie to me ratings, i agree with one of the comments here that you shouldn’t things like that bother you….your fans all over the globe love you & rooting for you! just make another drama & focus on how your role will be perceived by fans like me that’s all that matters!
    you’re adored by fans like me so keep on fighting! sarang hae yo!
    stay healthy!

    all da best in your future projects!

  223. 223 : Blanca Says:

    nice photo here of Kang ji hwan — pls post moderators thank you

    link here

  224. 224 : blanca Says:

    thnx moderators for the photo posted

  225. 225 : pan2 Says:

    Oppa Kang Ji Hwan…….. your acting in LIE TO ME is really AWESOME!!!
    make me wanna see your drama again and again 😀

    two thumbs up 4 u,, success for your carrier….

  226. 226 : Nyein Soe Nwe Says:

    Hello, my dear actor, Kang Ji-Hwan
    I first saw you in Exhibition of Firework and I like your clean cut character in that movie. I like so much flow of this movie and I watch it on DVD for (4) times. Since that time, I had desires to watch Korean drama that you involved and I have been watching your drama on television without interruption. I also like your drama, Be Strong Geum Soon as you’re so sweet & funny as Jae Hee. I like so much your best performances in such drama as Capital Scandal and 90 Days Falling in Love but your character in the film, Lie to Me is excellent and your action and character style make large audience to be excitement and they watch you in Lie To Me on TV series for at lease (4) times. Now you are a most influential Korean actor voted by many audience from Myanmar. I am wishing you be physically and emotionally healthy. Please don’t be depressed if you have difficulties in your life and working situation. Well, I hope to see more of your drama.

  227. 227 : Nyein Soe Nwe Says:

    My beloved actor, Kang Ji Hwan,
    You are a excellent actor of Korean Drama. Persons I found from most of the the web site loving you so much and many people who already known about you throughout the world like you and your drama so much. In my native city, your drama movies is the best seller ones and all the people cannot stop their saying about you in Lie To Me. They like your character in that drama so much. They hope to see your new drama as many as possible. please try your best performance in your next drama like a character in Lie To Me. I’m waiting to see you in your drama next times.

  228. 228 : anya Says:

    After watching lie to me I have this impression that you’re such a good kisser.
    If only I could kiss that sexy lips of yours *smooches.

  229. 229 : Nyein Soe Nwe Says:

    Hi my beloved actor, Kang Ji-Hwan,
    It is now raining in our Mandalay City, in Myanmar. I yearn for an event but it is not real my life experience which is based on Korean Drama since 2007. Instead of being a drama, I feel this experience as my own. I means “90 days, Fall in Love Days”, a sad movie make me cry and cry again while I only was watching it on Television in my bedroom. At that time, as it was a rainy season, it was cloudy in the sky and rain falling on the roof of my house rhythmically like a Chinese poem. The flow of the drama was better and better and capturing my interest. As my attention was totally captured by the excellent character, Kang Ji-Hwan who played in this drama, I could not move from watching television the whole day. Because of this experience, I cannot forget this drama in my life forever.

  230. 230 : LILY Says:

    good drama/comedy actor in LTM. fightin

  231. 231 : Janice Says:

    You are a wonderful actor. I only recently discovered Korean dramas and I’m addicted. The quality of Korean movies is outstanding. I hope their standards remain high.

    from Georgia (USA)

  232. 232 : Nyein Soe Nwe Says:

    Dear Ji-Hwan,
    Can I call your name Ji- Hwan?
    It becomes darker and darker as it is now 7:30 Pm in Myanmar. The rain was falling heavily in this morning and stopped in 1:00Pm and there was a overflow of the rainwater surrounding our house ,however, as today is a weekday I went to my work to perform my academic tasks from 9:00 Am to 6:00 Pm. I have been busy with my students’ research project that is nearly to be completed. As they are urgent to be completed their project, I facilitated their work to be accomplished smoothly with less error. I paid much attention to their work and therefore, I’ve get so tired. Since I came back from my work, I have been watching your drama ‘Lie to Me’ on DVD as I had an idea to take recreation by your excellent drama. It is a 7th time for me to watch this drama but it doesn’t make me boredom because of the clean cut action of you. While I am writing this mail, I am watching episode 21 of Lie to Me in which both of you are very funny especially your action. It makes me not only release my tension but also feel happy and comfort with new physical and emotional strength for working in the next day. Thanks you so much for your excellent character. Fighting; Be strong Kang Ji-Hwan for another new drama.

  233. 233 : mitchie(gong ah jeong )^^ Says:

    hi im aa fan of yours … saranghae !! ^^

  234. 234 : Nyein Soe Nwe Says:

    Hi Dear Ji Hwan,
    How is your feeling today? Today is a sunny day in Mandalay, Myanmar. The atmospheric temperature of our city is neither cold nor hot. I mean that it is a nice weather condition for the people who had to go out to do their works without tiredness. Among them, I could also do my academic tasks with better emotion. Because of being a sunny day, I had an idea to go to the departmental store in downtown of our city where I can buy DVDs after finishing our office duty. During our lunch time, four of my friends were discussing about your character in drama “Coffee House” on a lot of good points. Most of their discussed points were focused on your clean cut character, your charming facial expression, humorous, your lovely smile and your body posture and movements. Because of their good discussions on your drama, I was very interested in this drama to watch urgently it on DVD tonight. Thus, I went to downtown to buy a DVD in which you played a lead role as Lee Jin Soo. However, I’ m not very lucky to buy this DVD as there was nothing left for me to buy the DVD of Coffee House in that departmental store. The owner of this store told me that the drama, Coffee House in DVDs are the best seller ones as same as the drama, Lie to Me in DVDs. Therefore, I feel very very sorry for being an unlucky person to watch it on DVD tonight. Anyway, I decided that I will never give up getting the drama, Coffee House in DVD. I will try and try again to get it because I like your character so much.

  235. 235 : Joyce Fe Says:

    Hi Kang Ji Hwan,

    I am so happy when I got to found that you have a movie after Coffee House. That flick was cool. And I have been reading a lot on the Internet about you. I tried to look for you on Tweeter but I’m not sure youre the one I’m following. Anyway, I know you’ve been busy. I hope that you are healthy and more power to you. Fighting!

    Joyce (Philippines)

  236. 236 : saji Says:

    hi ji hwan shi.
    you realy read this letters or not?
    i want speak with you but i know that is impossible.good luck.

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    […] Eun Hye as Gong Ah Jung Kang Ji Hwan as Hyun Ki […]

  238. 238 : Coffee House (커피하우스) « styrn Says:

    […] Kang Ji Hwan as Lee Jin Soo Park Si Yeon as Seo Eun Young Ham Eun Jung as Kang Seung Yeon Jung Woong In as Han Ji Won Park Jae Jung as Kim Dong Wook Jung Soo Young as Oh Hyun Joo Jung Ji Ah as Go Yoon Joo Jin Sung as Park Young Chul Heo Tae Hee as Dong Min Ahn Kil Kang as Kang Jin Man (Seung Yeon’s dad) Kim Ji Young as Hong Bong Nyeo (Seung Yeon’s grandmother) Kim Min Sang as Kang Seung Chul (Seung Yeon’s brother) Lee Soon Jae as Eun Young’s grandfather Lee Hye Eun as Eun Young’s friend Jung Joon Ho (cameo) Kim Sung Min (cameo) […]

  239. 239 : Nyein Soe Nwe Says:

    Dear Ji Hwan
    Did you have a nice weekend? I had a nice weekend because I could successfully look for and buy DVD of Coffee House in Sunday morning but I could not watch it as soon as I had bought it. The reason is that I was very busy with evaluating my students’ research proposal the whole day. Then I had started to watch the drama, Coffee House since 6:00 Pm till 8:00Am today but I have not finished yet as today is a weekday and I have a chance for an hour to prepare for my breakfast before going to my work-site. I have to continue to watch it after coming back from my work. Today, we, faculty of our university have workshop on our students’ research project that will be started at 10:00Am and I will be busy with participating to discuss on presentation of their research proposals based on my academic view points. I have some questions to ask you about your character in Coffee House that made me confuse to understand. Bye Bye and I will give comment about your character in later.

  240. 240 : Nyein Soe Nwe Says:

    Dear Ji Hwan,
    Yesterday, I was so tired as I used my brain a lot for workshop on research project the whole day but I could watch the rest pages of drama, Coffee House immediately after coming back from my work. Although your character played in this drama is strange habits, it kept me away from tiredness. Your action in some episodes of this drama also made me really laugh and forget all of my problems for a moment. I love the roles played by you and Ham Eun Jung because both of you are very funny, kindness and support each other. I sensed both of you played in this drama love each other unconsciously but I was not clear definitely to discuss about it. On the other hand, the flow of the drama made me confuse to understand about your true love. I would like to know, you as a character role (Lee Jin Soo), do you really love someone (i.e. Kang Seung Yeon or Seo Eun Young)? And why was the drama flow changed suddenly in a later episode? End of this drama make me sorry because of your direction of falling in love with Seo Eun Young suddenly instead of Kang Seung Yeon. Here, I would like to raise a question to you as a character role ‘Lee Jin Soo’, Why didn’t you fall in love with Kang Seung Yeon. It is OK for me if you do not want to give answer to this question. I think that it’s up to the idea of the author of this drama. Nevertheless, your action in Coffee House is as much excellent as in ‘Lie to me’ and could make the audiences to be excited emotionally. You had a clean cut character in early episodes but you looked like a person awakening from unreal world to real world with courage to do everything for the loved one in later.
    As four of my friends’ comments described previously, you could play as a role ‘Lee Jin Soo’ with your clean cut character, charming facial expression, humorous, your lovely smile and your body posture and movements.
    Well, I have just finished watching this drama last night. In my opinion, the author of this drama had an idea to end up the story disappointing towards the many audiences but did a great job as what a clever author.
    Oh, it is 3:00 Am and I have to take a rest for 3 hours. I would like to stop my writing comment on Coffee House. I am going to see your another drama that I have never watched before.

  241. 241 : siu lee Says:

    Oppa……u are so handsome,you are my tipe!!!! (>̯-̮<) ur acting at lie to me so good!! Especially your kissing to go ah jong,so hot! hottest kissing that i ever seen!!! Jia you oppa! Fighting! Gbu

  242. 242 : siu lee Says:

    Oppa……u are so handsome,you are my tipe!!!! (>̯-̮<) ur acting at lie to me so good!! Especially your kissing to go ah jong,so hot! hottest kissing that i ever seen!!! Jia you oppa! Fighting! God bless you!!!

  243. 243 : Mukhabbat Says:

    Hello! Kang Ji Hwan! I’m from Uzbekistan. I saw Coffee House film. It was very,very good. I just loved it and you too! I saw you. You are more handsome than other Korean actors. I must to do my works so, Bye Kang Ji Hwan! nice to meet you! Please talk to me another time by your email address of course! I love you!

  244. 244 : the bitch Says:

    ok it’s not like u would read this for sure, but i’m going to say it anyway.
    u have amazing voice, so calming for a man, but it does not mean u are sounded like a gal, it’s just, i don’t know feels “shooting” maybe.
    don’t get me wrong, i’m not a crazy fan and day dream that u would call me, letting me enjoy “shooting” sensation of ur voice (ok, now i’m giving too much informations, lol). anyway, all i wanna say about him, he has a good skill and excellent voice.

  245. 245 : TH Says:

    annyeong ha sae yo Kang ji wan! i’m almost finished watching you in the drama Hong Gil dong & loving it, it’s so addictive & i regret for not watching it while it was airing! you’re as usual one of da best K actors I’ve seen, aside from being handsome you’re v v good in acting, in capital scandal you made me laugh & cry at same time….i first liked you in save the last dance for me & from then on i wanted to see all your projects! i still haven’t finished coffee house but most of the projects you had past & present i’ve already covered except for rough cut, i have to see if i can watch online!

    you take care & hope to see more of you in dramas or movies! i’ve been to your beautiful country South Korea & loved it! i hope the rain that plagued your country lately is gone & that you all will enjoy the rest of what’s left of summer! 🙂

    all the best in your career! you’re awesome! keep up the good work! i see a lot of fans here love you too! cheer up! i also liked you in lie to me!

  246. 246 : sangjhoon Says:

    Hello Moderators/Admin Hi Sern: sorry but i’m also a huge fan of Kang Ji ssi so when you all have a chance please help us build his photo gallery! Thanks a million! You all are great!


  247. 247 : cathy Says:

    You’re so hot!!!!!!! love u. love u. love u!!!!

  248. 248 : Nyein Soe Nwe Says:

    Dear Ji Hwan,
    Are you very busy? I Think so, you are busy with your next filming. How’s everything with you? I’m very sorry for missing to leave a reply message because I was not only very busy with heavy academic tasks but also away in Napyitaw on business Last week. I got back yesterday morning and I went to my work to make a duty report and to do routine academic tasks. I had no leisure time to take a rest the whole yesterday. After I came back from my work, I went to bed and tried to sleep but I had no sound sleep at once. Therefore, I had watched your drama (The Capital Scandal) once again. Although there was a second time for me to watch this drama, it could never made me boredom. It made me feel fresh and laugh because of your funny character as Soon Woo. Simultaneously, it made me feel sadness because of your character {feeling of unhappiness as being betrayed by your beloved friend (Lee Soo Hyoon) and as being rejected by your girl friend(Na Yoo Kyaung)}. In that film, I perceive that you are very lovely and looked like a adorable and innocent man. Your fashion and nature is are quite different from nature and fashion of Na Yoo Kyaung but the differences between both of you keep the audiences’ interests to a large extent. The drama (The Capital Scandal) is really excellent. Don’t think anymore about low rating on your drama. You have a lot of audiences with loyalty and they always support you. I wish you every happiness.

  249. 249 : Nana Says:

    KJH U you are so cute n very handsome

  250. 250 : zha Says:

    Ji-Hwan sshii..I adored you after watching you in Lie To Me..your chemistry with Yoon Eun Hye in that drama is really awesome.. and you really handsome with your hair coloured in Coffee House.. and I think like other comment, you are a great kisser…*- ^

  251. 251 : bobo Says:

    KJH’s facebook states that KJH acts as undercover cop in the new movie
    Go to KJH facebook and learn more

  252. 252 : MayKL Says:

    I love Kang Ji Hwan. Such a versatile and talented actor. You can feel his emotions thru his eyes…love him in Lie to me and ever since LTM I’ve been watching all his other movies and dramas…he is wonderful in all his other movies and dramas. Can’t wait for more ….

  253. 253 : noeryn Says:

    i really love this guy.. he is hot! LIE TO ME korean drama was his best!

  254. 254 : bobo Says:

    KJH is acting as a under cover cop in a new movie and shooting in Oct
    KJH facebook also states that he is going to his Japanese Fanclob meeting
    in Nov 2011.
    KJH keep on flighting I love you

  255. 255 : saranyag Says:

    awesome performerrrrr.. good luck 🙂 my prayers fr u frm india!!

  256. 256 : Paula Says:

    Loved KJH in Coffee House and Love him much much more in Lie To Me! I’m a fan! Can’t wait for Tomorrow’s News;-)

  257. 257 : meyin Says:

    I really like ur acting, i love all about u mr.KJH sarangheyooo, my dream to meet u someday…GBU…

  258. 258 : lona tran Says:

    tôi yêu những vai diễn ma KJH thể hiện, trong số đó thích nhất là lie to me. thật sự quá nam tính và cá tính còn về vấn đề đẹp trai thì miễn bình luận,,,so good……..

  259. 259 : LL Says:

    Terrific simply the best word to sum you KJH …all in Lie To Me,

    KJH …really like to see you more in suits that’s real kill and gorgeous,

    Live up to this standard in real life too!

    Keep new dramas coming this way alive to all your fans like me!!

  260. 260 : Nyein Soe Nwe Says:

    Dear Ji Hwan,
    How are you? and How’s everything with you? Are you busy with your next film( undercover cop) in October 2011 and Japanese Fun club meeting in November 2011?
    It has been a long time to submit comment on you as I was very busy with constructing questionnaires for termed examinations as well as entrance examinations for Master of Science Programmes. I had traveled to Naypyitaw and Yangon for several days in September for my academic business. Anyway. I was eager to hear about your business while I was staying in Yangon as well as in Naypyitaw and I sent my comments on you through facebook.
    As I’m your audience, I would like to do something for you as much as I can. I’m waiting for the day of finishing your new film.

  261. 261 : clarita Philippines Says:

    ohhh…. my kang ji whan, hi! im your #1 fan here in PILIPINAS i like your acting in lie to me, i like your smile and most of all i like u,”MAHAL KITA-SARRANGEO” i miss your next korean drama serries, good luck.

  262. 262 : Grace Says:

    I love your act in lie to me 🙂 good job!

  263. 263 : marga Says:

    more drama series for KJH..hope you visit philippines..God Bless!!!& Take Care.

  264. 264 : MayKL Says:

    Love from Malaysia..you are the Best Kang Ji Hwan. Love u in all your movies and dramas…also in yr musical Cafe In! Wish I can go to Japan for your Fan meet! keep up the good work and looking forward to yr new movie. Stay healthy, cool, handsome and happy oppa!

  265. 265 : Tracy0523 Says:

    Love KJH’s acting in Lie to Me, first time I see him being funny and loveable. I just love you guys acting, keep it up…..
    San Jose, USA

  266. 266 : tt Says:

    can you tell me?where will i directly connect you?place, replay me
    i like your action in the film of lie to me. Are you married?

  267. 267 : tt Says:

    can you tell me?Where will i directly connect you?Place,replay
    i like your action in the film of lie to me.Are you married?

  268. 268 : mommynajmi Says:

    you’re cute

  269. 269 : ghel Says:


  270. 270 : Nana Says:


  271. 271 : JJ Says:

    i got a photo of yours in my wallet – you’re an inspiring person & luv all your dramas! hope to see more of you! hope you come & visit the USA! good luck in all your endeavors….keep up the good work & take care of your health always! aja aja sarang hae yo!

  272. 272 : iin_ndah Says:

    Love youu Kang Ji Hwan…(♥•*⌣*•♥) your big fans from indonesia…☺

  273. 273 : LL Says:

    KJH…You are one really one the best actor in Korea.

    Love You in LTM….and more.

  274. 274 : jaslyn Says:

    KJH…..your the BEST ACTOR ……I really love watching you….
    I hope more PROJECTS TO COME…

  275. 275 : rayya Says:

    Love u! Kang ji hwan!!! Love ur act in lie to me!! So crazy u time. Man & handsome. Love co-la kiss <3

    Love ur smile & love ur voice & love ur laughing & angry & love ur kiss & love ur act in Lie to Me
    … is u ..is so natural,

  276. 276 : rabiatul adawiyah Says:

    I love yuo kang ji hwan

  277. 277 : Nyein Chan RuthCr. Says:

    You’re the one of my best actors!!!!!!!

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    love u so mch…………

  279. 279 : Sahra Says:

    I love you, Kang Ji Hwan

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    very good looking you are,,so i can’t stop loving u

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    when will you visit indonesia Ji hwan???

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    so cute & handsome..hhmmm..

  283. 283 : amy Says:

    really wanna date you…hehehe…

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    I love Kang Ji Hwan…dreaming can chat with you and see you in person, oh, how wonderfull my dream… 🙂 love u Kang ji Hwan…

  285. 285 : Arumi Says:

    I mean…how woderful if i can see you in person…hope there is a miracle…i very love your acting and your character in Coffee House, you re brilliant!

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    Kang Ji Hwan you’re so cute….

  288. 288 : eunikesr Says:

    Kang ji hwan oppa! Saranghae! Nae oppa saranghae saranghae saranghae! :* like your act in lie to me! You’re so charming! You and yoon eun hye are really really compatible. Dont you, both of you, wanna be a real couple? Ah i’ll do love it haahahaha :p oppa, saranghae 🙂 daebak!

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    Oh. I like him very much.He is lovely

  290. 290 : tannaz Says:

    i love you.i am tannaz.i am from iran.i wish travel to korea and see you.i love you in lie to me/you are graet.

  291. 291 : enachemonica Says:

    Cu speranţa că anul nou va fi mai bun decât bătrânul 2011, îţi trimit o mie de urări de bine însoţite de îmbrăţişări şi îţi urez un An Nou Fericit!

  292. 292 : khittin Says:

    kang ji hwan u are my favorite actor, i had watched LIE TO ME together with YOON EUN HYE,u are both great.Filipino’s loves korean actor’s and actresses.More power.

  293. 293 : bahar Says:

    hi.i am persian.i love u Kang Ji Hwan

  294. 294 : marzieh Says:

    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee u kang ji hwan. you are so lovely. i hope to see you in iran. you acting very well.loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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    Sarange oppa

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    I can’t help falling in love with you. You capture my heart as I watch Lie to Me. Great job.

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    You are the number one actor I have ever seen. I like you very much and also my friends. you are really handsome than other Korean actors.
    please visit sri lanka………………….

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    Now You are in our desktop……….

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    oppa..oppa..OMG,,u still make me scream on your face n smile..love u very much..hope u still healthy n still cute,,keep it on oppa..happy always…Gbu…saranghae..!!!

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    I have watch Lie to Me and I love the drama very much…keep fighting..love you

  303. 303 : demia Says:

    im the avid fan of KANG JI kWAn i have my collections of his telenovelas and movies..ur so CUTEeeeeeeeeee. i love watching, Lie to me..ur great!!kip 8 up!!!


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    u so cute, only see u in “lie to me” everyday can make me happy.
    my dreams “will see u on my eyes”.”in front of me”.
    the last,” u make me GREGET”.

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    i love lie to me ,i watched it many times bec of the 2 main characters…they really have chemistry hoping and waiting for your new project HWANHYE’….

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    saranghi ji hwan…hope to c u soon here in d philippines,,,pls come and visit us here oppa!!!! hope u and yoon eun hye will do another korean drama like like to me i like it much

  307. 307 : Ellzhae Says:

    “Lie to Me” is the first Korean tv/movie/drama series I’ve watched and I’m hook to death. I love your acting Mr. Kang Ji Hwan and I’m looking forward to watch more of yours. I didn’t understand any of your language but with the help of subtitles, I appreciate everything about it. I’m now one of your many fans. Good luck to your career and looking forward to more..more.. and many, many more of tv series/movies with you on them!

  308. 308 : your fan! Says:

    wow honestly i don’t like him i don’t know why haha i thought his not fit to be a lead man but while I’m watching lie to me OMG! i’m totally wrong! he was so good! his even better than Yoon Eun-hye haha or just love his character. but still i will not love his character if his not good. good job! I now have 2 favorite korean actor Jo hyun Jae and Kang ji Hwan

  309. 309 : Coffee House | diary zahidah wahid Says:

    […] aku perasan aku ambik semua drama Kang Ji Hwan. Capital Scandal and Hong Gil Dong pun ada jugak. Tak sengaja terambil semua drama dia. Tapi tak […]

  310. 310 : WILLIAM Says:

    HI.i can only wish that after thirty-five year of living,you can find THE REAL TRUTH of your life.I hope after this,you will have Target and right in your life.HAPPY BIRTHDAY K J H.(20 M).

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  312. 312 : zhen Says:

    you”re good acting and good looking….hmmmm……i love you muachhhhh

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    hi. lie to me is my first korean drama which i saw on my net i loved it to much and love your acting also.wish you best of luck

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    i liked all drama kjw

    coffee house, hong gil dong, lie to me he make me laugh with he akting

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    u r a great actor… Will u marry me oppa?…. :p

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  320. 320 : cem Says:


  321. 321 : cem Says:

    i can’t say anything..
    all about that i want to say is already said by all your fans
    i just can give you big smiling.. a very big smiling
    keep remember “smiling everyday”
    😀 🙂 🙂 🙂

  322. 322 : Emmy Says:

    Hi…kang ji whan,i like your acting in lie to me..when u can visit your fans in indonesia…your drama korean lie to me right now is showing in indosiar television. Ilm waiting your next new korean drama. See u in indonesia

  323. 323 : putri Says:

    First time i saw him, I thought he was Park Si Hoo… coz, they’re look alike.

  324. 324 : putri Says:

    Btw, did he really play at Summer Scent together with Seung Song Heon & Ryu Jin?

  325. 325 : ame Says:

    Hi.. finally i found your nice pictures. since i saw your acting in korean drama’s “lie to me” i was impressed and really interested to know who are you. with love from Bali – ame

  326. 326 : Az_Ar Says:

    who is that guy???????????Popular Now !!!???????????????

  327. 327 : Penelope Says:

    He plays in Lie to Me a show of 2011.. but i dont get it hows he that popular????? Lee Seung Gi isnt on the “POPULAR NOW” but his drama King2heart is place on the top ratings? but my sister watched lie to me. no offence but its boring to me….all i hear is screaming.. and this dude isnt all that hot.. Jung Yong Hwa. Kim Hyun Soo both looks more attractive than this dude.

  328. 328 : gliceria Says:

    I like the chemistry every moment of the Kang Ji & Koo Hye is really touched. They act naturally, great performance!!!

  329. 329 : gliceria Says:

    I’ve been watching the drama almost everyday when I go home from work. I keep on repeating every scenes of the two lead stars. I’m hoping for part II of this drama. plssssss….

  330. 330 : Sari Nur Sukmawati Says:

    oowww Oppa Ji Hwan , they played a good and natural when Kang Ji Hwan & Yoon Eun Hye Colla kiss

  331. 331 : ki Says:

    exactly.very pure cola kiss Kang Ji Hwan& Yoon Eun Hye unni. I watching LIE TO ME almost everyday to,never boring!!!!I want they get together in another drama to. Lie To Me is the best,best,bestttttt!!!!

  332. 332 : Widichan Says:

    Kang Ji Hwan ahjussi saranghaeeeeee :-*****

  333. 333 : KIM HYUNA Says:

    ahjussi???that’s right.Since her age is 35.
    But i still call him oppaaaaaa!!!!
    he gorgeous right…..

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    I think he’s hot!!!!!

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    […] Eun Hye as Gong Ah Jung Kang Ji Hwan as Hyun Ki Joon Sung Joon as Hyun Sang Hee Jo Yoon Hee as Oh Yoon Joo Hong Soo Hyun as Yoo So Ran […]

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    I like this drama very much.This couple is very sensitive.But his smile is everything….Offf

  338. 338 : asiandaddict Says:

    Everybody is entitled to say what they wanted to say because that is human rights. Anyway, to those who do not know him yet, you have to watch him in “Lie to Me” so that eventually you will love him to the point of being hooked in watching his other dramas. Hong Gil Dong is highly recommended!!!! especially when you like Jang Geun Suk.

    He is one of my most favorite Korean actor of today. Hoping to see him in a drama this year which will be at the end of the year… More power Kang Ji Hwan!!!

  339. 339 : nanzkie Says:

    yeah right i agree with you kang ji hwan it so very nice actor. . . .he is a comedy actor . when you see hong gil dong and lie to me it so very funny drama i like her acting ehehehe it so very interristing, , , so that kang ji hwan is the best actor for me . .. ..

  340. 340 : nanzkie Says:

    yeah right i agree with you kang ji hwan it so very nice actor. . . .he is a comedy actor . when you see hong gil dong and lie to me it so very funny drama i like her acting ehehehe it so very interristing, , , so that kang ji hwan is the best actor for me . .. .. i love you yebbo hehehe

  341. 341 : stargirl12 Says:

    me too! it’s the first time i saw him in Lie to me and now, i’m surfing the net for more info about him..he’s really good looking! saranghae!

  342. 342 : dreamgirl Says:

    He is almost 40 but he still looks like teenagers.. gosh I always melted when I watched his act on lie to me.. I’m so terrible love him!!

  343. 343 : heni abe Says:

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    he’s so cuuuuuuuute

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    i love this korean actor on the drama series LIE TO ME and wanna know more about him… choahae namja

  347. 347 : Nicole Says:

    Dream Boyfriend in Lie to me. the best ever.. so sweet 🙂

  348. 348 : shaf Says:

    He is cool guy. First time i see him on drama Lie to Me and him drama with Yoon Eun Hye is playing in my country indonesia now. They have chemistry each other, i love it, their act are so great. 2 thumbs up for act on his drama. Best couple kang ji hwan n yoon eun hye.

  349. 349 : shaf Says:

    He is cool guy. First time i see him on drama Lie to Me and his drama with Yoon Eun Hye is playing in my country indonesia now. They have chemistry each other, i love it, their act are so great. 2 thumbs up for act on his drama. Best couple kang ji hwan n yoon eun hye.

  350. 350 : KIM HYUNA Says:

    I’m agree with you all.Now Im really sure,he can be most popular actor this year.Right???He can atract us with he drama especially in Lie To Me. Love him so much.Now,every time i see him in he drama or when i see he picture,I smile brightly!!!!
    Hope they can be together,like we hope.
    (Gong Ah Jung&Hyun Gi Jun)(Kang Ji Hwan&Yoon Eun Hye)

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    natural acting…nice smile….cute couple with Yoon Eun Hye..best kisses hahhaha

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  353. 353 : asiandaddict Says:

    You are right, he is going to be one of the hot celebrity of this year!!!

    Although, he seemed to have been late in gaining this kind of popularity (for his age) but it is much better. Anything that soars high so fast doesn’t last long and many would agree with this. His flight at the cloud 9 as it may be called may be smooth but surely he will reach to it without worrying to fall down.

  354. 354 : KIM HYUNA Says:

    thank’s for agree about what I say.
    Now he become more and more popular.
    not just become hot celebrity,he can be most popular,most hansome,
    most charming,most gorgeous forever and ever.
    and only one…
    Can attract Eun Hye Unni to love him???
    (Hyun Gi Jun&Gong Ah Jung)(Yoon Eun Hye&Kang Ji Hwan)
    i wish he new drama have good ranting.
    but Ji Hwan oppa dont fall in love to another women accept

  355. 355 : asiandaddict Says:


    Yup, Yoon Eun Hye and him makes a good pair and I will be happy if they ended up together. However, it is him who will decide whom he will choose to be with for the rest of his life.

    As a fan, I want to see him work with Kim Tae Hee. Surely, they will make up a good pair too. 🙂

  356. 356 : Kangjihwansi Says:

    Totally agree with asiandaddict and Kim Hyuna…He will be the best celebrities for this year. Sad to hear Lie To Me didnt not get a place in 2011 drama award. But still Kang Ji Hwan is the best comedian actor ever. Cute, charming and funny at every angle. Looking forward to your new drama. Best wishes to You Kang Ji Hwan

  357. 357 : mia Says:

    can’t wait KJH’s new drama

  358. 358 : Yoann Says:

    I loved this drama and hope to have a next drama that will have both of you , will support u( Kang ji Kwan and Yoon eun hye) n Love u 🙂 Lie to me drama is great movies I love it:)

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    everything about you is perfect….saranghae..

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    I like you kang ji hwan..have agood acting and so handsome…terus berkarya ya

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    thank’s for agree with us kangjihwanshii!!!
    we apprieciete your words.
    But still asianaddict,i hope he being together with Eun Hye unni.
    Seem like they really close with each other.
    even when the come at 49Baeksang Award!!they still together.
    really yeppo!!really suitable.
    I hope so,he can get chance to work with Tae Hee unni!!
    since he second actress who make me smile when her acting.
    Both of them really beautiful.
    but i hope Tae Hee unni still with Song Seung heon oppa!!!
    Do you agree with me??
    Kang Ji Hwan oppa&Yoon Eun Hye unni
    Song Seung Heon oppa&Kim Tae Hee unni
    when Kang Ji Hwan oppa new drama come??
    i want to watch.

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  364. 364 : KIM HYUNA Says:

    to kangjihwanshii…
    when i’m hear that he sad about their ranting drama!!
    I FEEL TO!!
    But I think he happy right now!!
    Even their drama not get a place in 2011 drama award and when
    Lie To Me ranting not as what they hope.
    Now,their drama popular right???
    everyone watching Lie To Me must say it was the best drama they watch.
    they must be happy every time they watch.want to repeat watching everyday,right???not for a few people who say this drama bored,Yeh!!!
    we will happy,sad,want to laugh every time watch Lie To Me.
    i really,really admiere oppa when he wear white suit.really charming.
    Like Prince!!!

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    I LOVE YOU KANG JI HWAN (L) (L)(L) (K)(K)(K)

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    شما جز بهترینها و جذاب ترین بازیگران مرد کرهای هستید پسخوب انتخاب کنید وخوب بازی کنید .عینک خیلی بهتون میاد.

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    my fans

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    I even want to watch again n again..
    So natural n romantic..
    Thanks for the good work Kang Ji Hwan.

    luv u, so much..

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    Kang Ji Hwan, You are the owner of my heart..
    Luv U!

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    he new movie drama,Detactive Cha.
    he still wearing white suit,
    But still love him Lie To Me.

  374. 374 : KIM HYUNA Says:

    oh my godness!!!
    i can’t believe it.
    Now,Lie To Be not be one of popular drama at drama list anymore.
    Really hate is.
    Im sad!!!!
    please liked at Lie To Me Korean Drama.org list now!!!

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    I have watched his two TV series ‘Lie To Me’ and ‘Coffee Shop’ but LTM is always in my heart…

    It becomes the most romantic Korean Drama ever!

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    I would like to say that you are one of the best actors that I have seen, You have a way of transmitting your emotions to the audience without even saying a word, the way that you can be strong, powerful, and serious and then in a another scene be funny and witty. It’s just pure talent, and I thank you for giving us the viewer a change to see that. You are truly one of the best!!!

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  386. 386 : link Says:


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    Greatings from Singapore! KJH, You’re FANTASTIC! I never fancy Korean drama but after watching “Lie to Me”, I felt in love with it…. Trust you’ve captured most audiences heart. Your acting in this drama is great! I love watching you in “Lie to Me” and in particular pairing with Yoon Eun Hye (both are great). Now, I am searching for more dramas acted by you… Haha! Thumbs-up!

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    Everytime I watch you on drama.. it make's me happy!
    though your so far but I really admire you!
    Lie to me is one of the best project you made with yeon eun hye, she is really adorable.. I Hope to see you again to your another project with her.. 🙂

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    Hello, Oppa. i dunno what to say. im still in my hangover because of your koreanovela Drama “Lie to Me”. as i watch you as man in that korea drama you look like a man that full of secrets but i dunno if in real life too. it turns me in my speechless mode. hahaha! i hope, someday u visit the philippines “ITS MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES” kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! hope so 🙂 Aja! keep up the good work and pls save more korean dramas for all of the Filipinos! and to all the cast of Lie to me. good job! 🙂 IHEARTYOU Jo Tae Kyu! stop smiling ur steeling my heart!!! 🙂 GODBLESS!! -Peace

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    I just finished watching Lie to me on DVD. I cann’t help but laughing in some of the hilarious scene. very nice koreanovela! Jeju Island is beautiful, f i have a chance to visit SOKOR, i want to see Jeju Island..Anyway good luck to both of you nice acting, good story, and the telenovela had a chance to promote its tourism, and some beautiful spot in SOKOR…

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    Anyone of you from singapore. Where can I buy my girlfriend is secret agent? I went many shop like TS, HMV, Bluemax don’t have. Help pls!! Many thanks!!!

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    Hi, Kang Ji Hwan.

    I just watched the whole series, Lie to me. You’re very cute there and you’re such a good actor.
    Hope you can visit Philippines 🙂

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    I really love watching ‘Lie To Me’!! You’re great in the show! Keep up the good work and hope you can visit Singapore soon!!

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    And please Mr. Jo Tae Kyu stop grinning im melting >.<
    Good luck to your career!!!

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    Wow…lie to me is the best…I’m hoping that there will be part 2 in your lie to me series 🙂 I love u Kang Ji Kwan.. you’re so handsome specially when your throwing a smile…you and Yoon Eun Hye has chemistry.. i like the both of you.. hope you’ll make another movie together..
    two THUMBS UP!..

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    Hope you will have more movies together that will fascinate us your fans here in the Philippines… Thank You all the casts for the fun movie..

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    thumbs up to both of you.
    A great movie. 🙂 MORE!

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    Always kept myself on watching your movie (Lie to Me) over and over again.

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    I ♥ LIE TO ME! You and Yoon Eun Hye are perfect for each other! :”>

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    Thanks! 😀

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    you’re so adorable..and taleted.
    i”ve watched hong gil dong as well..you’re such a great actor..unbelievale..you can do comedy, romance and action..

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    you’re so cute..and talented..
    you’re really good actor..i hope to see you someday..i hope you can visit Manila Philippines..you have so much fans here..
    Hong Gil Dong is one of my favorite..
    you made me laugh and cry..

  457. 457 : Kaye Says:

    Lie To Me is the BEST! Nice story. I hope it will have a PART2! 🙂

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  461. 461 : JooLi Says:

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  468. 468 : adinanatoo Says:

    Still waiting for your new drama/movie wishing you good health and successful life

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  471. 471 : bryce krisge garcia Says:

    i hope that yeh and kjh are couple in real life
    i so so so so love <3 LIE TO ME…!

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  473. 473 : angie bulaong Says:

    we request for a part 2..if not,atleast another team up of the two…kang ji hwan and eun yoon hye..please…we are hoping for another set of shows of “ji hyen’..please..people from the Philippines wants to see more..another show for eun yoon hye,,..we are eagerly hoping that you will respond to our request..go eun yoon hye and kang ji hwan.. we love your team up..

  474. 474 : angie bulaong Says:

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  476. 476 : Irene Says:

    Kang Ji Hwan

    Please make new drama, all your drama i already seen, now I’m waiting for new drama and movies.

  477. 477 : EILEEN Says:

    hola soy de puerto rico , hello i am from puerto rico a small iland of the caribean, i want to tell yo that i love your work, in the serie lie to me love itttttt . EXSITO I LOVE KOREAN MOVIES YES!!!!! ME ENCANTA CONTINUA CON SUS EXITOS # ONE FAN

  478. 478 : Khin Says:

    Really like Kang Ji Hwan acting skill.:)

  479. 479 : Khin Says:

    Really. Love Kang Ji Hwan acting skill

  480. 480 : kim choi Says:

    …,i love u so much KANG JI HWAN ..,:)
    waiting for a new and lovely movie..,i wish all the best for you..more movies and dramas to come..,have a strong life also for your career..

  481. 481 : kim choi Says:

    ..,i love u so much KANG I HWAN…,i wish to see u someday..more movies and dramas to come.. you are a great actor..,

  482. 482 : Khin Says:

    Lookforward for new movies and drama 🙂 Fighting. Opa

  483. 483 : bing Says:

    hope lie to me will have a part 2…saranghe oppa!

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    Gud luck,,,

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  514. 514 : chon Says:


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    A television network had this translated to Filipino as one of their TV series, it was really cute. I am from the Philippines. I so love Kang Ji-Hwan and Yoon Eun-Hye <3 :)))))

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    In this drama have good story…never boring to watch it again and again..
    Succes for KJH & YEH..Good Luck..

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    Simplemente adoro Kan Ji Hwang con sus diferentes facetas y papeles: serio, guapo, sofisticad como en “Miénteme” e inclusive viéndose desarrapado, chistoso y peculiar como en “Policía de Pasarela”. Estoy tratando de ver “Policía de Pasarela”, pero no la puedo encontrar completa con subtitúlos en Inglés. Tal vez pueda encontrarla con subtitúlos en Español.

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  561. 561 : meri Says:

    Star Kang JiHwan Home page: http://cafe.daum.net/withTG
    FB: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005160605334
    twiter web:@Kangjihwan_

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    I miss you.♥♥♥

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    ❤️강지환 – كانج جي هوان

    I’m from Saudi Arabia and watching your works, drama, news, and I love you so much and there are fans of Saudi Arabia is very much hope to reach my message to you and thank you

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    I love your acting either in films or dramas. You always can bring the character given naturally. All korean actors are tall and handsome, but for me you have the x-factor. I’ll love to see you in any variety shows…. please can you be one of the guest in running man or cool kid on the blocks or anything.

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    After incarnation of money…. can’t wait to see you in a new drama. You made me cry in 90 days falling in love and laugh a lot in lie to me. I just love and Eun yoon Hye in lie to me… you’re a perfect couple. Keep up the good work and all the best for you. Your photo above also changed and it is great. Hoping that you will win any awards this year.

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    I will be thrilled to be able to have a full day outing with you when you are in Singapore…. well i know its just a dream and it will never come through .. cos am 1 decade older than you.

  577. 577 : Susan Says:

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  583. 583 : chon Says:

    May be slow, but this greeting from me. Birthday March 20,Wishing you all the happiness in the story. I wait for ylur portfolio. FIGHTING


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    I can’t wait to see your new show. I LOVE YOU <3

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  596. 596 : chon Says:


    Keep on fighting Jihwan ssi. Don’t worry be happy.

    I am behind you all the way.

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  598. 598 : Dorea Says:

    Hi, I just got done watching Lie to me and it was good movie. Love the suites, NICE!!! This is my first time watching you on screen. So, you did a great job. Hope to see you in other romantic korean drama. Question? Who made the flowers on your suite? I would like to have one.

  599. 599 : Nene Says:

    One of your avid fan,love all your movies,be healthy always,

  600. 600 : chon Says:


    Hello, Kangjihwan ssi. Miss you so much. Big Man so funny. I hope to see you new project coming soon. ♡♡♡^_^


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    Kang Hi Hwan,

    What would be your next drama series here in Philippines… I still love to watch the LIE TO ME… You are my favorite…. and I am looking forward to see you in person. God Bless you!

  602. 602 : zenaida Says:

    I just finished watching “Lie To Me”. You are a very good actor. How i wish i could see you in person. I am now one of your filipina fans. Is it possible to see you when i come to Korea? We have many Korean friends here in the Philippines. I came to Korea as tourist 3 times already. Hope next time when i come back i will see you in person. Is it ok for you? May you have more movies and more tv series to come. God bless you always. . .

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    dear jihwan, you are so sexy and very charming! doyou have a plan in visiti g the Philippines? we love you here , I am sure many wi.l be happy to see youin person, I like you best in Lie to me you and eun hye are so compatible! do you have a girlfriend or wife? Eun hye is a good catch! God Bless and more power!

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  605. 605 : chon Says:


    Miss you always. Kang Jihwan 😊☺

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    Kang Ji Hwan

    I am mesmerized by your smile. 🙂

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    kang ji hwan

    super love the lie to me!!!!!
    super love you

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    Kang Ji Hwan oppa frighting

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  612. 612 : umunie Says:

    hello KJH. I hope you got time to read all the comments here. you are a wonderful actor and very versatile. I am your new fan. I am watching your old dramas and movies and so far my favorites are My GF is an agent, Incarnation of Money and Lie to me. cuurently watching Hong Gil Dong.. any new drama for this year?

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    Kang ji Hwan I realy love you so much that I can’t even explain

    love you so much the way you act in sharp blade you care about people and you always solve their problem that’s y I admire you keep it up and success will continue move ahead of it

    If you can help me 2 inafct I will be very greatful to you please
    I am from Nigeria

  617. 617 : Gannicus Says:


    Kang ji Hwan I realy love you so much that I can’t even explain

    love you so much the way you act in sharp blade, you care about people and you always solve their problem that’s y I admire you keep it up and success will continue to move ahead of it

    If you can help me 2 infact I will be very greatful to you please
    I am from Nigeria and I know you can help me pls and you will not regret in helping me please ooooo

    Love you so much

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    Smart and Charming .

    See you in new drama.

    MONSTER 2016

    Kang Ji Hwan Fighting.😙 Monster Fighting.

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    […] a crush on Cha Don. She later goes for plastic surgery to change her looks. Meanwhile, Lee Cha Don (Kang Ji Hwan) was from a rich family. His father was betrayed and killed by his trusted subordinate and his […]

  626. 626 : Children of a Lesser God – korea news Says:

    […] Jae In (Kang Ji Hwan) is an elite detective with a genius IQ, who guided by only facts, logic, and numbers. Meanwhile, […]

  627. 627 : Noua drama "Children of a Lesser God"- o poveste misterioasa cu detectivi - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] “Children of a Lesser God” va spune poveste lui Chun Jae In, (rolul pe care actorul Kang Ji Hwan il va interpreta) un detectiv de elita care poseda un IQ uimitor. El isi duce viata fiind ghidat […]

  628. 628 : haydee Says:

    You are a good actor …

  629. 629 : Chon Chon Says:

    Hello KJH. How are you? ✌✌💪💪

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