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Kang Ji Hwan 02

Name: 강지환 / Kang Ji Hwan
Real Name: 조태규 / Jo Tae Kyu (Cho Tae Gyu)
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1977-Mar-20
Height: 184cm
Weight: 73kg
Blood type: B

TV Series

Monster (MBC, 2016)
Big Man (KBS2, 2014)
Incarnation of Money (SBS, 2013)
Lie to Me (SBS, 2011)
Coffee House (SBS, 2010)
Style (SBS, 2009, cameo)
Telecinema The Fool That I Love (SBS, 2009)
Hong Gil Dong (KBS2, 2007)
Capital Scandal (KBS2, 2007)
90 Days, Falling in Love Days (MBC, 2006)
Exhibition of Fireworks (MBC, 2006)
Be Strong Geum Soon (MBC, 2005)
Save the Last Dance for Me (SBS, 2004)
If You Only Knew (KBS2, 2004)
More Beautiful Than a Flower (KBS2, 2004)
Nonstop 4 (MBC, 2003)
Summer Scent (KBS2, 2003)


Runway Cop (2012)
The Relation of Face, Mind and Love (2009)
My Girlfriend is an Agent (2009)
Rough Cut (2008)
Host and Guest (2005)


2009 46th Daejong Film Awards: New Actor
2008 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Sung Yu Ri for Hong Gil Dong
2008 KBS Drama Awards: Netizen Award
2008 29th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best New Actor (Rough Cut)
2008 44th Baeksang Awards: Popularity

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625 Responses to “Kang Ji Hwan”

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  1. 351
    ambar Says:

    natural acting…nice smile….cute couple with Yoon Eun Hye..best kisses hahhaha

  2. 352
    renny Says:

    you have a good smile, handsome and charming when u acting @ lie to me..i really like this movie…..it makes me dream, that someday can meet you….

  3. 353
    asiandaddict Says:

    You are right, he is going to be one of the hot celebrity of this year!!!

    Although, he seemed to have been late in gaining this kind of popularity (for his age) but it is much better. Anything that soars high so fast doesn’t last long and many would agree with this. His flight at the cloud 9 as it may be called may be smooth but surely he will reach to it without worrying to fall down.

  4. 354
    KIM HYUNA Says:

    thank’s for agree about what I say.
    Now he become more and more popular.
    not just become hot celebrity,he can be most popular,most hansome,
    most charming,most gorgeous forever and ever.
    and only one…
    Can attract Eun Hye Unni to love him???
    (Hyun Gi Jun&Gong Ah Jung)(Yoon Eun Hye&Kang Ji Hwan)
    i wish he new drama have good ranting.
    but Ji Hwan oppa dont fall in love to another women accept

  5. 355
    asiandaddict Says:


    Yup, Yoon Eun Hye and him makes a good pair and I will be happy if they ended up together. However, it is him who will decide whom he will choose to be with for the rest of his life.

    As a fan, I want to see him work with Kim Tae Hee. Surely, they will make up a good pair too. 🙂

  6. 356
    Kangjihwansi Says:

    Totally agree with asiandaddict and Kim Hyuna…He will be the best celebrities for this year. Sad to hear Lie To Me didnt not get a place in 2011 drama award. But still Kang Ji Hwan is the best comedian actor ever. Cute, charming and funny at every angle. Looking forward to your new drama. Best wishes to You Kang Ji Hwan

  7. 357
    mia Says:

    can’t wait KJH’s new drama

  8. 358
    Yoann Says:

    I loved this drama and hope to have a next drama that will have both of you , will support u( Kang ji Kwan and Yoon eun hye) n Love u 🙂 Lie to me drama is great movies I love it:)

  9. 359
    beatriks Says:

    saranghae oppa!! 😀

  10. 360
    dayu juni Says:

    everything about you is perfect….saranghae..

  11. 361
    elly Says:

    I like you kang ji hwan..have agood acting and so handsome…terus berkarya ya

  12. 362
    KIM HYUNA Says:

    thank’s for agree with us kangjihwanshii!!!
    we apprieciete your words.
    But still asianaddict,i hope he being together with Eun Hye unni.
    Seem like they really close with each other.
    even when the come at 49Baeksang Award!!they still together.
    really yeppo!!really suitable.
    I hope so,he can get chance to work with Tae Hee unni!!
    since he second actress who make me smile when her acting.
    Both of them really beautiful.
    but i hope Tae Hee unni still with Song Seung heon oppa!!!
    Do you agree with me??
    Kang Ji Hwan oppa&Yoon Eun Hye unni
    Song Seung Heon oppa&Kim Tae Hee unni
    when Kang Ji Hwan oppa new drama come??
    i want to watch.

  13. 363
    girlie Says:

    Kang ji hwan..I like his acting. It’s very natural…

  14. 364
    KIM HYUNA Says:

    to kangjihwanshii…
    when i’m hear that he sad about their ranting drama!!
    I FEEL TO!!
    But I think he happy right now!!
    Even their drama not get a place in 2011 drama award and when
    Lie To Me ranting not as what they hope.
    Now,their drama popular right???
    everyone watching Lie To Me must say it was the best drama they watch.
    they must be happy every time they watch.want to repeat watching everyday,right???not for a few people who say this drama bored,Yeh!!!
    we will happy,sad,want to laugh every time watch Lie To Me.
    i really,really admiere oppa when he wear white suit.really charming.
    Like Prince!!!

  15. 365
    adimu Says:

    I LOVE YOU KANG JI HWAN (L) (L)(L) (K)(K)(K)

  16. 366
    fatima Says:

    hi 😉 Iwish for you ……good job and good life.
    شما جز بهترینها و جذاب ترین بازیگران مرد کرهای هستید پسخوب انتخاب کنید وخوب بازی کنید .عینک خیلی بهتون میاد.

  17. 367
    Hany justanty Says:

    I love you
    my fans

  18. 368
    maya Says:

    mostly love of Kang ji Hwan movie: ‘lie to me’

  19. 369
    tyadatara Says:

    Love this drama so much.
    I even want to watch again n again..
    So natural n romantic..
    Thanks for the good work Kang Ji Hwan.

    luv u, so much..

  20. 370
    widiyanti Says:

    Kang ji hwan sblumnya sy mhn maaf..kmu kan ganteng nich, terkenal, friendly, and full smiley..by the way kmu udah sunat belum sih???..klo blum sunat kan bisa penyakitan..hehehe..sblumnya aku mhn maaf ya..thank’s

  21. 371
    tyadatara Says:

    Kang Ji Hwan, You are the owner of my heart..
    Luv U!

  22. 372
    henny Says:

    I like your acting… Nice men and very cool men. We wait for new drama…after lie to me Congratulation….success to you, when you are married ?

  23. 373
    KIM HYUNA Says:

    he new movie drama,Detactive Cha.
    he still wearing white suit,
    But still love him Lie To Me.

  24. 374
    KIM HYUNA Says:

    oh my godness!!!
    i can’t believe it.
    Now,Lie To Be not be one of popular drama at drama list anymore.
    Really hate is.
    Im sad!!!!
    please liked at Lie To Me Korean Drama.org list now!!!

  25. 375
    April Says:

    I have watched his two TV series ‘Lie To Me’ and ‘Coffee Shop’ but LTM is always in my heart…

    It becomes the most romantic Korean Drama ever!

  26. 376
    lia Says:

    i am very amazed by your smile…and i love you….

  27. 377
    henny Says:

    when you are go to in indonesia.my girl friend is agent very funny

  28. 378
    Sanyi Says:

    I would like to say that you are one of the best actors that I have seen, You have a way of transmitting your emotions to the audience without even saying a word, the way that you can be strong, powerful, and serious and then in a another scene be funny and witty. It’s just pure talent, and I thank you for giving us the viewer a change to see that. You are truly one of the best!!!

  29. 379
    cindy Says:

    hi! your sooooooooo handsome i really like the “do you lie to me” .It’s really a great show! very nice!

  30. 380
    Fernanda Says:

    You are so handsome..

  31. 381
    merly Says:

    love u oppa…..

  32. 382
    belinda priska Says:

    you are so cool, handsome, love you……….

  33. 383
    charmaine Says:

    hi kang ji-hwan. I’m charmaine ..you’re so cute and very good actor ..Lie to me is the best movie that i have seen you you’re smile also ..i love you. ..always take care

  34. 384
    yen Says:

    hi.. after watching lie to me” iam really amazed of you..hope to see you soon here in philippines..takecare

  35. 385
    Naning Ayie Says:


  36. 386
    link Says:


  37. 387
    Nitnot Says:

    I love ur acting oppa…. 🙂

  38. 388
    Rien Says:

    hi KJH ! ur smile make me melted ! 😉

  39. 389
    thien_love Says:

    Oppa.. I really like your smile and your acting is very good.. LOL Oppa.. !

  40. 390
    LWPR Says:

    He was adorable in lie to me,
    i really like him after i watched lie to me..no i love him so much <3

  41. 391
    Zed Says:

    Coffee house was so cool and i can’t stop laughing when he was laughig loudly.

  42. 392
    eva Says:

    you’re so handsome and a very amazing actor! i love you in lie to me and hong gil dong! looking forward to seeing more k-drama and movies from you!

  43. 393
    fem Says:

    ilove u kang ji hwan. . . you are so cool!!!! iloveu even more in lie to me so gentleman and loving fiance.

  44. 394
    eva Says:

    i got to see capital scandal. wow! such great acting. you’re one of the best actors i have seen and followed so far! i hope to see u more in many k-dramas ahead! sarangheyo!

  45. 395
    bernadette Says:

    you were so lovable in lie to me. the role just suits u right.best acting, very charming & just funny. lie to me has yet to start in philippine tv but i am so sure it would be a HIT here.very good story, great acting, very romantic and so funny.both u & eun hye just a perfect match.congrats, just did a great job in having audiences fall in love with you.hope to see more of you in tv series here in the philippines.

  46. 396
    Happy Says:

    Oppa! you’re amazing

  47. 397
    JW Says:

    Greatings from Singapore! KJH, You’re FANTASTIC! I never fancy Korean drama but after watching “Lie to Me”, I felt in love with it…. Trust you’ve captured most audiences heart. Your acting in this drama is great! I love watching you in “Lie to Me” and in particular pairing with Yoon Eun Hye (both are great). Now, I am searching for more dramas acted by you… Haha! Thumbs-up!

  48. 398
    regie Says:

    admire your sexy and firm and composed conviction during every confrontation with your co actors and actresses plus add your awesome look

  49. 399
    lala Says:

    you are so handsome!!!! so in love with your team up with eun yoon hye!! hope to see you with another project with her.. ♥♥♥

  50. 400
    vina jane cabria Says:

    hmmm.. I really like you! <3<3<3
    Everytime I watch you on drama.. it make's me happy!
    though your so far but I really admire you!
    Lie to me is one of the best project you made with yeon eun hye, she is really adorable.. I Hope to see you again to your another project with her.. 🙂

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