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Kang Ji Hwan 02

Name: 강지환 / Kang Ji Hwan
Real Name: 조태규 / Jo Tae Kyu (Cho Tae Gyu)
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1977-Mar-20
Height: 184cm
Weight: 73kg
Blood type: B

TV Series

Monster (MBC, 2016)
Big Man (KBS2, 2014)
Incarnation of Money (SBS, 2013)
Lie to Me (SBS, 2011)
Coffee House (SBS, 2010)
Style (SBS, 2009, cameo)
Telecinema The Fool That I Love (SBS, 2009)
Hong Gil Dong (KBS2, 2007)
Capital Scandal (KBS2, 2007)
90 Days, Falling in Love Days (MBC, 2006)
Exhibition of Fireworks (MBC, 2006)
Be Strong Geum Soon (MBC, 2005)
Save the Last Dance for Me (SBS, 2004)
If You Only Knew (KBS2, 2004)
More Beautiful Than a Flower (KBS2, 2004)
Nonstop 4 (MBC, 2003)
Summer Scent (KBS2, 2003)


Runway Cop (2012)
The Relation of Face, Mind and Love (2009)
My Girlfriend is an Agent (2009)
Rough Cut (2008)
Host and Guest (2005)


2009 46th Daejong Film Awards: New Actor
2008 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Sung Yu Ri for Hong Gil Dong
2008 KBS Drama Awards: Netizen Award
2008 29th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best New Actor (Rough Cut)
2008 44th Baeksang Awards: Popularity

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625 Responses to “Kang Ji Hwan”

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  1. 401
    Maria "A" Says:

    Hello, Oppa. i dunno what to say. im still in my hangover because of your koreanovela Drama “Lie to Me”. as i watch you as man in that korea drama you look like a man that full of secrets but i dunno if in real life too. it turns me in my speechless mode. hahaha! i hope, someday u visit the philippines “ITS MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES” kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! hope so 🙂 Aja! keep up the good work and pls save more korean dramas for all of the Filipinos! and to all the cast of Lie to me. good job! 🙂 IHEARTYOU Jo Tae Kyu! stop smiling ur steeling my heart!!! 🙂 GODBLESS!! -Peace

  2. 402
    Charity Says:

    Two thumbs-up very nice the lie to me…..hope you will do again the movie with Yoon Eun Hye your both guys good chemistry 😉

  3. 403
    sheila apolinario Says:

    good acting..oh my gosh im your fan!

  4. 404
    shashah Says:

    I just finished watching Lie to me on DVD. I cann’t help but laughing in some of the hilarious scene. very nice koreanovela! Jeju Island is beautiful, f i have a chance to visit SOKOR, i want to see Jeju Island..Anyway good luck to both of you nice acting, good story, and the telenovela had a chance to promote its tourism, and some beautiful spot in SOKOR…

  5. 405
    Ah Gin Says:

    I can’t help to like Kang Ji Hwan beside his great smile. He is such funny actor in his movie/drama. 90days time to love and my girlfriend is secret agent. These are 2 shows that I like the most.

    Anyone of you from singapore. Where can I buy my girlfriend is secret agent? I went many shop like TS, HMV, Bluemax don’t have. Help pls!! Many thanks!!!

  6. 406
    janice Says:

    just finished watching on DVD lie to me…still can’t move on with the story…very inspiring and romantic…simple but meaningful..you look good together with YEH…hope you guys will work together for a new project or even the part2 of LIE TO ME!come and visit the philippines!!!

  7. 407
    Mina Says:

    Hi, Kang Ji Hwan.

    I just watched the whole series, Lie to me. You’re very cute there and you’re such a good actor.
    Hope you can visit Philippines 🙂

  8. 408
    loraine Says:

    hello kang ji hwang, when i watched your korean novela lie to me i’ve became your fan, i hope you’ll produce more korean drama in the philippines .. I LOVE YOU !

  9. 409
    Thubten Didi Says:

    Hello Kang Ji Hwan!! Greetings from Singapore!!
    I really love watching ‘Lie To Me’!! You’re great in the show! Keep up the good work and hope you can visit Singapore soon!!

  10. 410
    sunday Says:

    i also like you movie:) hope you find time to visit philippine:)

  11. 411
    cristine Says:

    i love you Kang ji hwan! :))

  12. 412
    Helmi Says:

    oppa u r good actor.i love ur acting

  13. 413
    Katrice Says:

    Lie to me is the best. You portrayed your role as Hyun Ki Joon very well. Oppa and Gong Ah Jung have a chemistry. I would personally want a part two. :)))

  14. 414
    angelito Says:

    The idol Nice to Ji Hwan

  15. 415
    Ana Says:

    Hi Jo Tae Kyu AKA Kang Ji Hwan you know the korean drama lie to me was affected my life so much. Until now i can’t move on with the drama, you know you are a great actor and i was admiring you with that. Hope to visit PHILIPPINES it would be great for your pilipino fans here to see you in person! I feel that im the woman in your drama It gives a damage in my life when i start watching till the end of your drama. Kang Ji Hwan when i first saw you on t.v. i felt something strange and you know you are really great person. Hope hope to see you here in the PHILIPPINES!!!! WE LOVE YOU HERE!!!!!! AJA ^_^

    And please Mr. Jo Tae Kyu stop grinning im melting >.<
    Good luck to your career!!!

  16. 416
    elaynne Says:

    hello i love kang ji hwan i want to meet someday .

  17. 417
    april Says:

    i sooooooooo love you 강지환 / Kang Ji Hwan … ♥♥♥ just finished watching Lie to me… u definitely melt my heart away…. you and 윤은혜 / Yoon Eun Hye (Yun Eun Hye) look good together… hope you’ll make a new series or movie to together! ♥♥♥ 행운!

  18. 418
    hanna bandoja Says:

    hi how are you?hope you will reply and to see you more ,,,,

  19. 419
    hanna bandoja Says:


  20. 420
    ana Says:

    I can’t get over with this telenovela..what can i do? its been a week now and am still haunted with the story and casts. haaist!

  21. 421
    aubrey Says:

    Hi oppa i hOpeyou andyoon eun hye would have another korean novela other than lie to me you and her have a chemistry .. <3 saranghamnida ..
    i wiSh lie to Me haS a parT two ..

  22. 422
    SweetAngel Says:

    Ur one of my fav Korean actors!! I hope u convince the writers of Lie To Me to make a season 2. You are very cute! And what happened later in Lie To Me after the wedding?

  23. 423
    johanna Says:

    i had just finished watching lie to me on DVD…………..gosh!!!!! the story is so very romantic , especially the main characters ( -Yun Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan). I can’t help myself but to fall and be amazed with the episodes………….love it…………..Hoping that there will be LIE TO ME part 2…………………Keep up the good work!!!!!!!…..especially u———–Kang Ji Hwan…..

  24. 424
    joy Says:

    i love you Kang Ji Hwan…. i watched lie to me on dvd too. i started watching from 8:00am til midnight. super i love it so much. i forgot to eat my breakfast and lunch. whole day im sitting in front on tv watching lie to me. i cried, laugh,and in love watching it. but im little bit disappointed with the ending. i expected that the ending will be at the church a “wedding ceremony”)but sad to say no wedding. hope that there will be lie to me part 2.. soon. God bless. hope i can see u in person..hehe( maybe just in my dream.hahaha)

  25. 425
    Angel Says:

    Wow…lie to me is the best…I’m hoping that there will be part 2 in your lie to me series 🙂 I love u Kang Ji Kwan.. you’re so handsome specially when your throwing a smile…you and Yoon Eun Hye has chemistry.. i like the both of you.. hope you’ll make another movie together..
    two THUMBS UP!..

  26. 426
    sharlryan Says:

    Fantastic… Bravo…Hilarious… Job well done “Lie to Me” or “Try Lying to Me” is such a good movie that i really look for a DVD on it. YES! I’m done watching and it’s worth for my time and still following the prime time sequence in GMA series can’t stop watching it. Never such a boring movie series. Good Job to all casts of Lie to Me. For Kang Ji Kwan i think i’m falling for you… OMG! I felt the character of Yoon Eun Hye dreaming of you…
    Hope you will have more movies together that will fascinate us your fans here in the Philippines… Thank You all the casts for the fun movie..

  27. 427
    tina Says:

    thumbs up to both of you.
    A great movie. 🙂 MORE!

  28. 428
    한나 추이 Says:

    강 지 환은 좋은 배우이고 그는 당신의 나의 호감 너무 미남이다

  29. 429
    geraldine Says:


  30. 430
    geraldine gumahad Says:

    I’m falling in love with Ji-Hwan Kang.Hope they will make movie again with Yun Eunhea.Hope to see you both in Korea someday…….I really love watching every episode of Lie To Me.Every day when I go home I see to it that I will watch Lie To me before going to Sleep…..Love you Ji-Hwan Kang

  31. 431
    bhia Says:

    wahh.. you’re so sweet.. i used to like Ji HWan Kang..

  32. 432
    bhel Says:

    ..iloveyouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuur moviE………. i kept on viewing it ol over again..

  33. 433
    Adnil Says:


  34. 434
    BMC Says:

    An awesome comedy and romance story of Ji Hwan kang(kenneth) and his partner, I really love watching the episode “Lie to Me” everyday at GMA 7, Congratulation!

  35. 435
    ann shirly cabanero Says:

    annyong haseyo…. your so handsome congrats for your succesful career.

  36. 436
    zai dua Says:

    annyong haseyo… love u Mr kenneth Eun..Lie to Me is such great movei.OMG i cant rid of it…More power and success to you..from now on I’m your number 1 fan here in the Philippines..

  37. 437
    luisa rodrigo Says:

    Great Actor !!! Very charming !!! congrats !!

  38. 438
    rhostle Says:

    i super love this series! made me fall in love again! i also want part 2! i wanna see the wedding part! ♥♥♥

  39. 439
    Zany maidany Says:

    I love you

  40. 440
    antonette diaz Says:

    you’re so attractive. now i always wanted to go to korea just to see you. 🙂

  41. 441
    Lhiza Says:

    Mr Kenneth Eun/Ji Hwan Kang….my gosh! ur handsome!;) I wish I was Ms Angela Bong/Yoon Eun Hye in that drama! Wish u all the best…jega dangsin-eul jeongmal joh-a! <3<3<3

  42. 442
    ivhie Says:

    lie to me part 2 PLEASE!!! :))

  43. 443
    ivhie Says:


  44. 444
    devas Says:

    i love you Ji Hwan Khang!!!!!!! i love your movie “lie to me”

  45. 445
    marlinanasywan Says:

    cool man n handsome man, you have alot of fan in indonesia so come here,please!!

  46. 446
    aurora Says:

    like the series LIE TO ME…. love you JI HWAN KWAN… you’re so cute …

  47. 447
    annie Says:

    i love you Mr. Kenneth Eun/ KANG JI KWAN!……………………

  48. 448
    Hugh Mendoza Says:

    Stress reliever when i see you smile in lie to me.
    Always kept myself on watching your movie (Lie to Me) over and over again.

  49. 449
    Pearlie Says:

    안녕하세요 Mr. 조태교…… 안녕하세요? 희망에 당신의 컨디션은 좋습니다. 나는 당신의 pearlie 팬들의 iloveyou philppines 말입니다!

  50. 450
    Kaye Says:

    I ♥ LIE TO ME! You and Yoon Eun Hye are perfect for each other! :”>

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