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Kim Bum

Name: 김범 / Kim Bum
Real Name: 김상범 / Kim Sang Bum
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1989-Jul-07
Height: 181cm
Weight: 63kg
Star sign: Cancer
Talent agency: King Kong Entertainment
Family: Younger sister and brother, cousin/singer Jini
Education: Jungang University (Movie and Theater Department)

TV Shows

Ghost Doctor (tvN, 2022)
Law School (jTBC, 2021)
Tale of the Nine Tailed (tvN, 2020)
Mrs. Cop 2 (SBS, 2016)
Hidden Identity (tvN ,2015)
Jung Yi, The Goddess of Fire (MBC, 2013)
That Winter, The Wind Blows (SBS, 2013)
Padam Padam… The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats (jTBC, 2011)
High Kick 3 (MBC, 2011) cameo
The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry (MBC, 2010)
High Kick Through The Roof (MBC, 2009) cameo
Dream (SBS, 2009)
Boys Before Flowers (KBS2, 2009)
East of Eden (MBC, 2008)
Unstoppable High Kick (MBC, 2006)
Outrageous Women (MBC, 2006)


The Beloved (2015)
Lovers & Movies (2015)
Psychometry (2013)
Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon (2013)
Miracle (2012)
Emergency (2009)
Death Bell (2008)
I Like It Hot (2008)


Bon.I.F (2009, with Kim So Eun)
Maxim Coffee (2009, with Seo Woo)
Samsung Anycall: Haptic Pop (2009, with Kim Joon & Kim Hyun Joong)
It’s Skin Cosmetics (2009)
Samsung Anycall Bodyguard (2009, with Kim So Eun)
Hanbul Cosmetics (2009)
T.I For Men (2009)
LG Telecom: Teenring (2009, with Lee Min Ho & Koo Hye Sun)
Spris (2009, with Go Ah Ra)
KTF SHOW: Show Al Game (2008, with Shim Eun Kyung)
Ottogi Ramyeon (2007)
Jindo P.S.1 (2007)
Crown Vic: Big Pie (2007, with Kim Hye Sung & Park Min Young)
KTF (2006)


2009 SBS Drama Awards: New Star Award (Dream)
2008 Korean Drama Festival: Netizen Popularity Award

Related Photo

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  1. 1 : Nancy Says:

    Two thumbs 4 your acting in east eden! You’ll become a great actor in the future! Cant wait to see u in boys before flowers. Keep fighting!!

  2. 2 : devin Says:

    dude! your acting in east of eden, very convincing. well done! you’re sure to have a bright future, just stay out of trouble..^_^
    oh and i hope you the best of luck for boys over flowers. if that becomes a success, your on your way to having a career possibly as big as song sueng hyung himself. FIGHTING, and stay grounded. EAST of EDEN kicks ass!!!!!
    oh and i admire you due to your acting capabilities. FIGHTING!

  3. 3 : amktsy Says:

    Very happy to be the 3rd one giving comment.
    I actually sick of watching uncles acting.
    Very happy to see someone younger to act.
    You have eyes that are very attractive.
    I agree you have bright future.Yeah ,just stay out of trouble.
    You can sure be popular if you work hard and you’re lucky.
    And you have a baby face which is an advantage for you now but it will be a disadvantage when you’re older.

    I suspect someone deleting comments as actually i have a comment on on 2nd here.—–Not complaining—–

  4. 4 : Deborah Says:


  5. 5 : venessa1254 Says:

    Oppa I loved you in high kick and now in Boys Before Flowers oh and in Est od Eden as Dong Chul. Keep it up. Luv yah!!!!! Saranghae!!!!!!!!!

  6. 6 : yahe Says:

    hi good looking Kim Bum 🙂
    ur good in acting in Boys Before Flowers …
    i really like watching you, especially when you smile…
    you’ve got that sweetest smile ever ….
    love you 🙂

  7. 7 : dewi Says:

    kim bum, good acting in east of eden..
    nice smile in boys before flowers..
    u r gonna be such a great actor…
    keep fighting…

  8. 8 : pacu Says:

    dude, his at my age. i guess i’ll be following his career

  9. 9 : borabell Says:

    kim bum was so great in east of eden..i’m so suprise that a young new actor can act like him in EOE..congratulation for making the young dong chul character so alive..u will become a great actor one day! keep on working hard!

  10. 10 : atiqahsupplierdotcom Says:

    OMG!!!!!!He is so cute in BOF..I luv every his smiling in this drama.full of happiness and sincerity..U R Really Rock Kim Bum!!!!!!!!!!!1

  11. 11 : amktsy Says:

    You look great with Kim So Eun…heard that both of you now are classmates now so hope both of you can be together in reality…a lot of yours and her fans will be very happy too.

    Both of you are too compatiable.

    Well Done in BOF.

  12. 12 : clover29 Says:

    I only see him in the movie Outrageous Women, he looks like that tune (like me ^ ^) he actually smiled easily trade ^ ^

  13. 13 : jesse Says:

    your face same like kim ki bum face????


  14. 14 : clover29 Says:

    oh my god, you have some misunderstanding. I said he customized his tooth and so do I. OMG :((. If my face looked like him ^^, I would be very very very happy^^, but I’m a girl ^_^
    He’s Kim Bum, not Kim Ki Bum :))

  15. 15 : orchida Says:

    waw i like u i’m seeing boys before flowers only to see u and jan di’s friend and i love when u smile

  16. 16 : ------ Says:

    godd mann. yourreee hawttt

  17. 17 : merizan Says:

    i lop u smile u r so cute:) ..

  18. 18 : johnmart Says:

    hi im the bigest fan of kim bum im johnmart 16 male
    my birthday is july 11 , 1992 and my fav. no. is 7 i like this drama ……..

  19. 19 : Amanda Says:

    u r soooooooooo cute!! cant believe that u r only 19 so close to being 20…..so amazing!!! keep up the good work! rooting for you!!!!!!!!!

  20. 20 : jessica Says:

    hey kim bum!(:
    i love ur smile,charming!(:
    r u,kim joon and kim hyun joong siblings?i’ve been wondering,haha.

  21. 21 : [email protected] Says:

    kim bum…
    i likes u so much in ~ boy overs flowers~..
    u r really so cute when u smile..
    n also your face like babyface..
    hwevr…keep up…

  22. 22 : Aizhan Says:

    Hi Kim Bum!Ilike your film BBF.It is very interesting!Go ahead!!!

  23. 23 : Iseul lee Says:

    Kim Bum!

    Keep up the good work! I’d love to see more of your work!

  24. 24 : aimie syazwana Says:

    i love you…in boy over flowers

  25. 25 : Kim Sung Ah Says:

    Kim Bum Sunbae

    Saaranghaeyo ^^

  26. 26 : vonny Says:

    you’re cute…

  27. 27 : anfel Says:

    love you
    sarang hamnida kim

  28. 28 : R3B3L777 Says:

    know u start frm ‘Outrageous Women’, u realy grow a lot…frm a boy to a man…Boys Before Flowers had make u famous …but remember to keep it up n ..yep …stay grounded…be yourself….

  29. 29 : Jasmine Says:

    kim bum looks great on BBF!

  30. 30 : rehanah Says:


  31. 31 : hipo Says:

    kim bum! your smile kills me
    oh ya
    your acting is very good
    u show a real bitch (So Yi Jung))))
    anyway :X
    good luck
    n all the best wishes

  32. 32 : jOsiane^_^ Says:

    anyo beum… you’re really cool when you act… love the smile^_^
    you have this amazing charisma that make people love you…
    anyhow i can’t believe that you’re that young and very blessed at a young age… just continue to dream and there’s a lot more ahead of you…
    God speed^_^

  33. 33 : macy Says:

    hii Kim Bum,
    (if he does ever read this) ahah.
    first of all you are thee cutest.
    a killer smile that makes all girls fall for.
    good acting, & that will lead you into more success.

  34. 34 : riri Says:

    kim bum !! ilysm !!! muahh*

  35. 35 : sara Says:

    why u so cute???
    very cute..
    love u lol..

  36. 36 : goodgirl Says:

    can give your phone number
    or email
    very cute boy
    like you so much lol

  37. 37 : tiffany Says:

    OMG OMG OMG i am ur #1 fan of all history!!!! I love u so much, and when u come on screen on bbf, i practicly die!! EVEN ASK MY MOM lol 😀 and when Jan Di was in trouble in theat china place, f4 came! and when u beeted someone up, i SREAMED! my mom unfortanently mad eme shup up…. 🙂 She loves HYun Joong…

  38. 38 : tiffany Says:

    BTW can i have your phone #? lol sorry adicted to u…. Ihope you read these notes… I doubt it though… O WELL 🙂

  39. 39 : dawnnah Says:

    Kim Bum!!
    sOooO cUtE!!

  40. 40 : meisme Says:

    i love kim bum so much….
    u re so cute and adorable…
    hope u’ll success in everything u do…
    hmm…goood luck…
    thats all…bye…

    sarang hamnida…sincere from my heart…huhuhu

  41. 41 : shi ming kuan Says:

    ..AHi..kim bum….i hope ill see u in person..and the rest of the cast..luv yah…

    …..hope c u soon…
    ….ill comntinue supporting bbf…

  42. 42 : shikin Says:

    saranghaeyo kim bum eoppa!!

    i can’t stand it when i see you smiling in BOF..

  43. 43 : Tiffany Says:

    Your eyes are so mesmerizing even through screen I kind of felt the tension… Your smile are redonculously sweet and charming.
    Boys before flowers rox !

  44. 44 : teffe Says:

    love your eyes :))

  45. 45 : kim bum lovers Says:

    i luph you kim bum (so yi jung)

  46. 46 : Elsa Says:

    big fan of urs.!
    keep fighting.!

    always support u in Boys before flower:D

  47. 47 : cUte23 .. Says:

    I like your smile ..
    press on ..

  48. 48 : cUte23 .. Says:

    I like the way you act and the you smile ..
    press on KIM BUM .. ; )

  49. 49 : cUte23 .. Says:

    I like the way you act and the way you smile ..
    press on KIM BUM .. ; )

  50. 50 : riri Says:

    kim bum !!
    you are the greatest .
    i love all the way you do .
    keep smile 🙂
    fight !

  51. 51 : bluecha Says:

    hai kim…you really doin great in boys over flowers…you’re smile is a melting piece…im lookin forward for the BBF to finished…

  52. 52 : marsha Says:

    Hey Kim I ♡ you so much!

  53. 53 : Amandee Says:

    Kim Bum, you are TOO cute!
    I love your little smile! It just makes my
    day,When i see your dashing smile!

  54. 54 : joanna Says:

    hai kim bum do u have younger brother?plsssss replyyy…

  55. 55 : joanna Says:

    kim bum can i meet your brother?!do ur younger brother have fs?!

  56. 56 : cuteapril Says:

    i luv u kim
    my gmail account is [email protected]
    pls add me or mail me
    my fri luv u so much and me 2.

  57. 57 : christmasgirl Says:

    You are soooooooo cute ! Do u even have a girlfriend ? How old is ur bro ?

  58. 58 : christmasgirl Says:

    Please don’t have any accidents ! And please date Kim So Eun ! You guys are fated to love each other !!!!1

  59. 59 : Nicole Says:

    You’re just so cute. Specially in Boys Before Flowers. I love your smile. Can I see you in personal? Will you guys visit Philippines to promote Boys Before Flowers? I am really hoping to see you guys specially you soon in personal. I am your number one fan. Nice acting! Cool and hot casanova!!!

  60. 60 : cutekibum Says:

    i am a big fan of urs
    love u kibum

  61. 61 : Divya Says:


    KIM BUM,
    I only have got to say that:-“How you can be so cute?”.
    I jus’ can not understand how you are soooogood.
    LUV U!!!

  62. 62 : gilda Says:

    Congratulation! Kim Bum you’re such a sweet guy. Keep it up!

  63. 63 : sasha Says:

    kim !!!!!!!! i really love your smile. i keep watching BBF to see you.
    well, i really love you kim !!! hope to meet you one day 😀

  64. 64 : stick Says:


    KIM BUM!
    i really love the way you smile:)[killer smile]
    all of you did a good job!
    hope to see you again…in your
    upcoming projects,hahaha!

  65. 65 : wawa Says:

    hello i’m from malaysia..

    i love your smile and everything about you..

    u are such a cute and hansome guy…
    that i’ve ever seen….

  66. 66 : nolee Says:

    Hi,kim bum!you and kim so eun are really suitable..send my regards to kim so eun..good luck both of you!

  67. 67 : stephanie Says:

    u and kim so eun look cute…
    hope u and kim so eun starring in another drama.
    i want to see both of u acting…

  68. 68 : aty Says:

    hii…how are u

  69. 69 : kawaii Says:

    i’m totally in love with u KIM BUM…. u’re extremely CUTE!!!! Hope i’ll watch ur new drama with KIM SO EUN again!!!!!!! Like Both oF u… he…

  70. 70 : Desi Says:

    Hi Kim Bun,
    I’m Desi from Indonesia. This is the first time i watch your film, i’m very like it. You are very cute n have a baby face. I like your smile 🙂
    I always wait your next film n drama.

    Always smile, keep fighting, be your self n don’t forget to God.

  71. 71 : hejin Says:

    hi! i live boys befoe flowers! i love it! and you’re so cute! like a kid hehe

  72. 72 : hejin Says:

    hehe i’m sorry. it’s my mistake. hehe you’re just like a kid. and i love so much boys before flowers! that’s so nice movie hehe

  73. 73 : elaine Says:

    I’m elaine,from indonesia.
    I’m a HUGE fans of urs!:D:D
    U hav the most charming gorgeous SMILE on Earth I hav ever seen….:))))*all thumbs up*lols
    Hopefully one day I could meet u!!than I’ll mark that as my most bestest day in my entire LIFE!!:D:D:D
    Look forward for ur next gonna be amazing films*lols*


  74. 74 : hejin Says:

    Is anyone know kim bum’s email? pls tell me! pls pls pls
    my email is [email protected]

  75. 75 : hejin Says:

    people! what i do? i can’t sleep, eat!!!!!!!!!! i can’t do my homework!!!!!!!!!!!! i need kim sang bum’s email!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pls pls help me????????

  76. 76 : hejin Says:

    hi! is anyone know his email??????????????

  77. 77 : hejin Says:

    good luck everyone!!!!!!!! and love ya

  78. 78 : elaine Says:

    o God!i’m so addicted to u!
    every time i see u smile at ur pics it drives me insane!!!!
    i’m damn in love with u!
    if i’m in a bad mood just by looking at ur pic,my brains stuck n my head go spinning round cant think of anything else…..
    it seems like u hypnotized me,like that…*sigh*wat a great feeling…
    hopefully i can meet u before i die*chuckles*
    well hope hope hope u reply…:D:D:D

    love ya,

  79. 79 : princess0711 Says:

    hi Kim Bum
    nice to meet you I’from Mongolia
    good lucky

  80. 80 : chinky_love Says:


    Yep! My name ????? I’m from United States–Wisconsin.. WHOO!!!

    WOW!! Lots of comments about Kim Bum.. hahaha… the movie Boys Before Flower was great! Great effort that was put
    in. AAYOO!

    Wouldn’t say addicted to Kim Bum, but hmm??? Fan?? sure…
    OTOKE* Hmm.. oh well! 😀

    Okay… Well, umm?? keep up with your ating career.. umm..
    be careful when driving.. scared me a little there.

    *FIGHTING ;p*

    HAHAHA! So adorable… 😛

  81. 81 : hejin Says:

    hi! today is nice day. how about u? i love you so much. hehe
    kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss
    kiss kiss kiss kiss
    kiss kiss kiss kiss
    kiss kiss kiss kiss
    kiss kiss kiss kiss
    kiss kiss kiss kiss
    kiss kiss kiss kiss
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    kiss kiss
    kiss kiss
    kiss kiss
    kiss kiss
    kiss kiss
    kiss kiss
    kiss kiss
    kiss kiss
    kiss kiss

  82. 82 : Hoo fuk-min Says:

    u really doing great in BBF…espcly for u’r melting smile…ahhaha
    >really jeolus

  83. 83 : Hoo fuk-min Says:

    well, actually i hope Kim Ki-Bum will get dis job, but after i saw ur act
    i just can said U’R DE BEST!!!!
    and i really like ur style…so lux and glamour!!!
    hope de best for u n GBU!!

    Hoo Fuk-Min,,Indonesia^^

  84. 84 : Cing^ Says:

    You really amazing at Boys Before Flowers.. I like it so much..

  85. 85 : SAMANTHA Says:

    kim buuuuuuum! I LOVE YOOU 😀
    Wish I could meet you in person SOON 😡

  86. 86 : elaine Says:

    i love u!!!!!!!!!!
    i wanna meet u in person…one day perhaps?*sigh*
    but i will not lose hope!
    still hav my finger cross that i still will and can meet u…
    well hope u reply…that will be GREAT!hehe

    with love,

  87. 87 : elaine Says:

    cant keep my eyes off ur pics!
    i kept thinking bout u….o God

    hope u reply!!!!
    *will not lose hope*

  88. 88 : melinda Says:

    really, your real life character didn’t match his role BUHH he did such a GREAT JOB (: awww, you’re the cutest of them all.
    and i wish they had more and longer scenes of him and ga eul together :/

    seoulmates !

    imma miss this xD

  89. 89 : elaine Says:

    i love u!
    im such a big fans of yours..
    im damn in love- obsess with u!lols

    u r de greatest GUY on earth i’ve ever seen….*for real*!hehe
    well go to go…wil comment ever day….if im not busy with school n stuff..
    hope u reply..:)))))

    hope i can meet u someday…haha
    well hope u find ur true love…*wish it was me*haha*joke*well i wish..

    well just dropping by again to let u know I LOVE U!hihihi


  90. 90 : chickzzzz Says:

    he is so cute
    especially in da boys b4 flowers

  91. 91 : elaine Says:

    well come to Indonesia please…well indonesia,medan.
    please please please please
    come come come come
    to to to to
    Indonesia Indonesia Indonesia Indonesia
    i beg u!lols

    well if u r not busy*hope u r not*haha
    bring ur f4 guys along…:ppp
    my friends love them….
    we r 4 too

  92. 92 : hejin Says:

    I miss you so much……. =(
    i love u. so much

  93. 93 : hejin Says:

    i miss u
    i miss u
    i miss u
    i miss u

  94. 94 : hejin Says:

    why this isn;t be good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    no no no no no no no no no
    no no no

  95. 95 : hejin_04 Says:


  96. 96 : elaine Says:

    I admire u!
    I like u!
    I love u!
    U got the most killer smile.:D:D
    I love ur eyes,mouth,head-to-toe.
    I can’t stop thinking bout u day n niteee
    Well gtg
    Love forever,

  97. 97 : meme Says:

    humm……………..i want to meet kim bum……….
    your smile make me falling in love with u………..
    very like your movie at BBF……
    i cant stop look ur photo…..
    please can i have ur email or something…….??????

  98. 98 : LOVEYOU Says:


    you and Kim so eun will make a really really cute couple!

  99. 99 : hejin_04 Says:

    I LOVE U! 4EVER! hehe I LOVE U!! I LOVE U!! I LOVE U!! I LOVE U!!!

  100. 100 : hejin_04 Says:

    My heart is yours………..

  101. 101 : hejin_04 Says:

    i love you!!!!

  102. 102 : hejin_04 Says:

    i love you so much

  103. 103 : hejin_04 Says:

    i love u!

  104. 104 : hejin_04 Says:

    i love u 4ever

  105. 105 : hejin_04 Says:

    i love you forever

  106. 106 : hejin_04 Says:

    saranhe yo

  107. 107 : hejin_04 Says:

    my love and my heart will be always only yours

  108. 108 : hejin_04 Says:

    good luck for you

  109. 109 : rana Says:

    i love you soooooooooooo much

  110. 110 : elaine Says:

    I love u!u and only u!

  111. 111 : elaine Says:

    Well its still nite here but midnite there so…..
    Goodnite n Goodmorning!!
    I love u!
    I love u!
    I love u!
    U owns my heart!!!hahaha
    Well gtg sleep….:)
    Love forever,

  112. 112 : Ling Says:

    hey, bum..~

    u r cute…~
    gambateh yarh..!!
    looking forward ur next drama..
    nt least, movie too… =)
    love u..~
    aza aza fighting..!!


  113. 113 : hejin_04 Says:

    today is my birthday…. now i’m 16. it’s so cool…

  114. 114 : hejin_04 Says:

    i miss u a lot

  115. 115 : hejin_04 Says:

    and i lov u a lot

  116. 116 : hejin_04 Says:

    kiss u a lot

  117. 117 : elaine Says:

    I miss you a lot…
    I’m sorry for not writing comment these days…I’m sort of busy
    Well exams r coming so um I gotta study hard but I won’t forget ya!
    Miss u!admire u!like u!lst but not least LOVE u FOREVER n ALWAYS

  118. 118 : elaine Says:

    Idk whether it is rite but I LOVE U!
    I’m still finding a course to learn korean languages….well soon after exams
    Then I’ll be able to communicate with u in korean,how cool…:D
    Well love love love u!
    I love u more than anyoneeeee
    With lots n lots n lots of love,

  119. 119 : jesusa Says:

    well i am jesusa 18 years old from philippines
    i saw u in east of eden and i dont know why but ur face cant be erased in my mind


    its the first tym that it happened to me


    i love u

    hugs and kisses

  120. 120 : fiana Says:


    kim bum, when i saw u, i remember my little brother..he..he…

    u r still young…have big talent…so cute…

    hope u always success in your career….


  121. 121 : ayrah Says:

    ……just want to sAy hi…….
    …..TaKe care alwAys….

  122. 122 : han eun nae Says:

    uaaaa..i misss u kim bum..
    i want to meet with u and along time together..
    i want to kiss your smilee

  123. 123 : Random person that looooves Boys over flwoers Says:

    I love u!!!
    저오빠가 너무조와요!!
    soz I suk at korean coz I was born in Australia!!
    Can u and F4 visit Australia???

  124. 124 : elaine Says:

    i love u!i love u!
    please please please come to Indonesia(Medan)
    bring f4 along my friends would love that.lol.
    well if u cant then i really really wish and hope my parents would allow me to go to wherever u r ….*sigh*
    and still finding a place to learn Korean language..but still no place to be found…but sure there is gonna be a place i hope so…
    well love u love u love u love u!muachhhhh

  125. 125 : kelly Says:

    you are my life now…:) ♥ ♥ ♥

  126. 126 : elaine Says:

    good nite…love u!love!love!love!love!
    forever n always..(:

  127. 127 : Theresia Togas Says:


    plis Come to Indonesia (JAKARTA)
    i will waiting 4 you hehehe 🙂

    KIM BUM n KIM SO EUN are dating?? in a real worl???

  128. 128 : elaine Says:

    i love u!
    come to indonesia,medan pleaseeeee….
    ask the other f3 to come along…hahaha..my friends would like that..:D
    love love love!

  129. 129 : babyit's J Says:

    your soo hot too !
    wish to see you in person !

    iloveyoo. 😀

  130. 130 : chocolate Says:

    so cuteeeeeeeeeee……………….

  131. 131 : jane (0_0) Says:

    kim bum ur so cute..!!! hope u can come here in the philippines. wish u all the luck and to the other members of F4 korea.. hope all of u can come here.. though it is my first time to know u guys but swear ur much more talented at ur age..and so gwapo too (that means handsome) hugs and kisses..hope u can come in davao city..

  132. 132 : charmdosz Says:

    `KiM SANG BUM you’re totaly hot :))
    `and your so cute

  133. 133 : elaine austria Says:

    hi kim bum
    u know i’ve watched the movie “DEATH BELL”
    and ur so handsome=)
    take care

  134. 134 : .gem. Says:

    yi jung!..

    ur s0 cute.. and very young l00king.. well, the youngest of the f4 k0rea…

    well d0ne in your tv series BOF.. u greatly used ur seductive eyes.. i think thats the nicest part of you, it can really melt sum1.. hahaha.. als0, ur smile.. hehehe..

    G00dluck in y0ur career…

    keep it up!.. fighting!..

    (uhmm.. if you (the f4) have time, come to visit philippines.. uhmm.. if p0ssible, christmas break in cebu city.. or summer in baguio city.. ^^, hehehe… )

  135. 135 : kim anh Says:

    i very love you, you are my fan i never saw a boy like you i hope you will come to my country , many fan waiting for you and they very love you ,i hope you come to VIET NAM someday!nice to be your fan

  136. 136 : elaine Says:

    i love u!
    forever n always!
    miss u!
    break a leg~~

  137. 137 : HOng Says:

    You`re very handsome n cute!!
    YOur smile make everyone melt…

  138. 138 : Shasha Says:

    Kim Bum u r so cute..
    in bbf , u all-time-adorable-heroic-prince 4 kim so eun..

  139. 139 : aimee Says:

    my 1st time to see actor Kim Bum and he’s really cute…especially those magical smiles….hope to see more of him in future projects….Good luck

  140. 140 : aina(filipina) Says:

    kim bum, i saw the first in tv just now in boys over flowers and i was remembering where i could have seen you before and i figured out that the guy that i’ve been looking for in east of eden is of the same guy. you can easily captivate one’s heart. i may dream of you but it’s okay since i can’t reach you anyway. you are handsome and cute, enough of compliment, i know you already have had enough of it, hahaha. it would be nice to see you in person someday. 🙂

    p.s. nakakainis ka, napapaibig ako sa ngti mo, hay…

  141. 141 : ..xyka Says:

    ..hEy!kim bum!
    ..pLz don’t smiLE coz my hEart meLts..
    ..u cutE!

  142. 142 : carmie Says:

    KIM BUM!!!
    you’re so cute
    everytime that i watch the
    it makes my day complete
    especially the time that you smile
    im so in love from you!!!

  143. 143 : carmie Says:

    i wish to see you soon here
    in the philppines,,,
    i love you and good luck!!!
    take care always!!!
    god bless!!!


    means:”I LOVE YOU SO MUCH KIM BUM!!!”

  144. 144 : Watchenger Says:

    Hi Kim Bum. 🙂 You’re so cute. You remind me of my classmates. They’re Koreans too. 🙂 I like your smile. 😉 I really wish that Boys Over Flowers will come to the Philippines. 🙂

  145. 145 : quin tin Says:

    hai ang gwapo mio talaga

  146. 146 : char Says:

    love boys over flowers((:
    and all of you guys and jandi and kal eun(:

  147. 147 : angelLe Says:

    hi kim bum..
    can i meet u.?
    my heart is yours..
    i love u..
    i really love your smile..
    “killer smile”
    har har.;
    i love u so much….

    reply naman u ha..
    tagalugin na kita ha



    pahabol pa

    sana ma meet kita..

  148. 148 : rizah mae Says:

    kim bum…
    i love you…
    i like your smile…
    i hope that the F4 of korea go here in philippines….
    i know you have a million fans here in philippines…..
    i love you so much…

  149. 149 : Erica Says:

    I wish I could see Kim Bum in personal…

  150. 150 : kiky chang Says:

    oh my god..

  151. 151 : santy Says:

    i like u so muchhhhhhhhhhhhh…
    i love…
    u’re so handsome…

  152. 152 : flor Says:


    u’re MINE.


    gwapo mo! :DD

  153. 153 : frances Says:


  154. 154 : aileen agravante Says:

    you know ur face is so very2 cute,i wish that u have an a concert with ur friends of boys over flowers!thanks you very much,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,we love you from philipines

  155. 155 : bea Says:

    u r s0ooo cute!!!!!!!!!

  156. 156 : ladymilfeulle16 Says:

    oh!my god you are soOoo cute!
    i think i’m falling for you..

    haha!’hope to see you here
    in the philippines!

  157. 157 : Fang Zui Says:

    I love U..n.n
    U’r cute

  158. 158 : macris Says:

    ***oh my god KIM BUM*** u r so hot, so cute and very handsome… i wish we could met someday… know what? the first time i saw you on boys over flowers.. u really touch my heart and you made me fall in lve with you…. as fast as that would you imagine… hai…mwah!!

  159. 159 : kate anne :)) Says:

    kim bum sarang he

  160. 160 : shy Says:

    w0w0weeeeeee… hehe.. ur so YUMMY… 😀

  161. 161 : katrina Says:

    hi!kim bum I like u verry much and your smille is so cute I wish u email me at my [email protected] I like u verry much

  162. 162 : russel Says:

    i wish you were mine too.. i love you kim bum!

  163. 163 : russel Says:

    please do email me… [email protected]

  164. 164 : stephanie=) Says:

    hi kim bum!!=)
    your so good in acting!!:DD
    and also your so handsome and cute!!..=)
    take care always!!labmuuchh..xD

  165. 165 : Jean♥kim bum♥wew♥ Says:

    hi kim bum ur sooo handsome wat is ur yahoo??bye♥love yah^^plis reply^^♥

  166. 166 : ita Says:


    Kim Bum…

    you are so good in acting..

    i love your smile, its so sweet…

    are you like holiday..?

    are you so busy..?

    are you know, you face its so chubby..? baby face…


    all people love your smile…

    keep you smile…



  167. 167 : VANNA Says:

    Dear Kim bun
    I’m vanna I live in Cambodia .I’m Cambodian.
    I like so much.I want to say with you .
    Can I made friend with you ? This is my contact
    http://[email protected]
    I alwaya watch you on Boy over flower story .
    I like ……………….

  168. 168 : GeneceXD Says:

    Awwwwwe . . . . . . ur soooo CUTE. hahaha. U have such an ADORABLE smile. 😀

  169. 169 : Tenecita Teneciente de sarapen Says:

    Do you know how famous you are, here in our place?
    Well, female teens are like, screaming your name every time you have a screen time!
    Let’s just say that they are infatuated with you.♥o♥
    You can say that they are head over heals ‘in love’ or heals over head, and whatnot.
    Hey, I wanted to ask if you are intimate with So Eun Kim.
    If you are, please do inform me, and I alone, understand? XD I’m kidding, but I asked you that…
    Because I am dying to find out!
    Postscript, You have the cutest smile I had ever seen! XD

  170. 170 : BBF FANS Says:

    hai kim bum .

    C CUTE



  171. 171 : KB Says:

    WAT THE? ang cute naman niya :))

  172. 172 : QK lovers Says:

    KIM BUM… u’re so cute… your smile verry verry CUUUUTEEE.. i’m your fan, … good luck for your carier..

    -qisty, Indonesian-

  173. 173 : christine gem Says:

    …hAi kim bum, you`re soooooo….cute!!
    keep on smiling because people always want to see smiling face
    i keep on watching BOYS OVER FLOWERS
    I luv the new F4!!!

  174. 174 : carina. :) Says:

    anyeonghaseyo. 😀 wow, since i started watching boys over flowers, i felt so happy everyday!! ^_^ and i started learning korean language too, 🙂 anyways, i hope you’re always good. 🙂 if i had the chance to see you, it would be in dreams only. :O hehe. i loveeeee youu!! 🙂 we have the same birthday, by the way. :]

  175. 175 : claudennise Says:

    hi kim bum youre so guaps!

  176. 176 : precious (cel) Says:

    anyeong! kim bum u know wat ur so cute

    da mozt i like in u is ur killer smile ahahahah

    hope 2 see u!

    stay cool !!!

    yeah! ur so cute YI JEONG!

    ehehehehe mwuah

  177. 177 : maurine Says:

    you are really handsome…. you have nice smile!! i love the way you act…. take care

  178. 178 : cliche Says:


  179. 179 : azalea Says:

    kim bum!
    u’r so damn cute!
    even b4 Philippines aired Boys Over Flowers,
    i’ve seen you in other shows..
    and ur smile keeps me from smiling! ^^

    keep it up!
    hope to see u in ur other movies!
    lav yah! ^^

  180. 180 : kumti Says:

    Helllllllloooooooooo KIMBUM
    LUV u sooooooooooo much
    kip smiling muaaaahhhhhhhh

  181. 181 : divine grace dohig Says:

    uhm hi KIMBUM when i first looked at ur smile it’s like ur always wid me bye keep smiling…….:)

  182. 182 : kim lee Says:

    your so cute
    i really kike your smile…
    i love you

  183. 183 : kim lee Says:

    your so cute
    i really like your smile…
    i love you

  184. 184 : kim lee Says:

    anyeong! kim bum u know wat ur so cute

    da mozt i like in u is ur killer smile ^.^

    hope 2 see u!

    yeah! ur so cute YI JEONG!
    love you

  185. 185 : christina Says:

    hi kim bum………

    you’re so so so so cute…

    you are the cutest guy i’d ever seen..

    you had a very cute smile…

    every time i see your killer smile it makes me weak..

    gosh! kaloka kah..

    every time i see your cute face your cute smile it seems that i’m drown

    in a cold water..

    i love you..!

    you and kim so eun is a perfect match…

    take care..hope to see you here in the Philippines…

    hope you have a concert in Davao, Philippines..

  186. 186 : anita Says:

    i like you….
    i love you
    your smile can make everyone, happy
    thank’s in the world there are some one like you

  187. 187 : gracey Says:

    ilove you .. you are so cute ……

    kim bum(ji jeong) you have a very cute smile…….
    can i have you cuz you are so cute…..
    can u be my papa?……………..
    ilove you grabehhhhhh you areo cute…
    take care cuz i care ………

    love you muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  188. 188 : Lianne Says:

    I love u Kim Bum!!
    I know what kind of girl u like!!!
    A girl who cooks great ;]
    Right??! haha ;]
    Take care ;]

  189. 189 : mae Says:

    i love his smile too-
    i love his gesture..
    ilovehis dimples!
    in short he’s a lucky cute guy!

  190. 190 : dianne_blueheaven Says:

    KiM BUM! i lurrve yah.

  191. 191 : damiaz Says:

    love ur smile

  192. 192 : sheila ng Says:

    kim bum i really love your smile… work hard.. will continue to see ur movies and shows… work hard.. go for it.

  193. 193 : Iris Says:

    Kim Bum so cute 😀 Sarangheyo

  194. 194 : Elllaine Says:

    Your so FEELING!!!



  195. 195 : dale Says:


    loVe ur sMyL!!!!

    kEeP up thE goOd woRk….

    i KnoW u hAve a loT of FANS!

    evEn my fRienDs……

  196. 196 : charity robin Says:

    hello Kim Bum!!!!!!!!..,
    first of all i want to greet you congratulations!! because of the job well done.., you know what i also born on july 7 but year 1992..,
    i just send this comment because i really2x like to be one of your biggest fan,,hope it is okey 2 you,,,,,mwah………………….!
    hope you visit our country Philippines..,that will be a very nice show..,
    hope you wil reply to my comment.., and i’m thankful for that!..,
    take care always,GOD BLESS YOU ALL OF YOUR PROJECTS,, wish you all da best..,love lots!!!!!! as your fan hope to see you in personal..,
    charity robin from Philippines..,

  197. 197 : tari Says:

    kim bun……………

    so cute…………….

  198. 198 : dina Says:

    kim bum…
    u’re so cute…!!!!
    u have a nice smile..:D

  199. 199 : jhanne Says:

    kimbum you so cute…….

    i want to go in korea so that i see u……

    can i have your cellphone # plssssssss……..

    or your yahoo messenger plssssssss….

  200. 200 : aaliyah Says:

    hi kim bum.ur the cutest in the f4 and lee min ho too.pls.mail [email protected] me on ur messenger list.only if u have yahoo messenger.hope u visit our country.wait 4 me there ok?because my dream is to be an artist too.like u.because when im an artist already,i will have lots of money and i can go to korea.wait 4 me there.ok????love you.mwahhhhhhhhhh…………..

  201. 201 : maidy Says:

    hi!!! u’r so cute… U’r so handsome…………… Mwaaaahhhh……

  202. 202 : joy marie Says:

    you’re so cute! know what every filipina go crazy every time you smile. so, smile always..

    is it true that f4 korea will go to philippines? i’m looking forward for that.

  203. 203 : 1120 Says:

    Kim Bum, ur driving me crazy… Everytime u smile, my hearts melt and i feel like i’m in heaven. Ur so HANDSOME…. If u just kiss me, i could die peacefully….hope to see u here in the PHILIPPINES. I LOVE YOU KIM BUM…

  204. 204 : mariah=] Says:

    hey!..is it true that your coming to visit the Philippines?..your so handsome,looking forward to seeing you here..=],p.s.,take care always!..=]

  205. 205 : i Says:

    i’m ur no. 1 fan i promise. i think of you every night i go to sleep. your the only reason why i can’t sleep. i really adore you. my eyes adores you. u captured my heart. i hope that someday we will meet each other. some says i’m crazy over you but what can i do if the only thing that my mind says is you? i know that someday this feeling wouldn’t last and i am afraid of what will happen.

    continue doing good jobs:) and continue to make us happy and make us fall for you again ang again.

    MORE POWERS! Sarang hamida :))

  206. 206 : i Says:

    taake care of yourself always and god bless^^ hope you’ll visit Philippines soon:) and i hope i could come. :*

  207. 207 : i Says:

    you and Kim So-Eun is a great couple, i wish you both are lovers in real life 😀 your my dream guy Kim Bum 🙂 thank you for making us happy. thank you for making us “kilig”. you melted us everytime you smile. we go crazy because of you. please don’t stop us from falling over KIM BUM 🙂

    are you related to Kim Ki Bum, Kim Sang Bum?

  208. 208 : dyane Says:

    ur like some1 who’s really special 2 me… rather, super special 2 me… kep rockin!!!
    god bless..


  209. 209 : AIRA Says:

    gosh I’M INLOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    he is so cute. the first tym i saw this tv series
    he’s the one catches my attention. hahaha
    hope you guys could come over here in Philippines.
    If that will going to happen i’m going to buy a ticket.
    hais……….he is the man of my dreams*charot!!!!

    p.s. i love the changes done in the story..
    the director added twist, and the ending is so nice.
    i really appreciate it.
    though i love f4 korea, i also love f4 of taiwanees.
    especially, ximen…

    kim bum plays the role of ximen ryt?
    how nice.

  210. 210 : tyas Says:

    I LIKE KIM-BUM……so much, you’re very handsome…. please come to indonesia…. I waiting you

  211. 211 : ericka Says:

    hai kim bum..
    i really reAlly like you..
    ur sooooo very cute..
    hope to see you guys here in the philippines..

  212. 212 : AyU Says:

    Please Come to Indonesia !!!!! =D

  213. 213 : ghie08bhie Says:

    visit us here in the philippines :]
    hope to see u soon :]

  214. 214 : fatima Says:

    hello kim bum plz add me in my friendster [email protected] plz come to the philipines i love you

  215. 215 : michelle Says:

    hi kim bum… your sooo cute……. I swear…….. I’m always watching u in boys over flowers……. why don’t u visit here in the philippines… u hve a lot of fans here… even lee min ho……. see u guys here!!!!!!!

  216. 216 : Ani-Sha Says:

    hello -BUM KIM-
    OMG, im really going crazy when
    i’m searching for your pics.!
    WOW!!! your so CUTE and HANDSOME!!!!
    i love the way you act,
    and i love you more than myself!!!

    hope to see you here in the PHILIPPINES.. visit here!!!

    i will put your pics. in each of my notebooks and i’ll paste it on!

  217. 217 : jessa Says:

    Hi KIM BUM……………..
    your are so cute and handsome………
    I hope to see you here in the PHILIPPINES……………….

  218. 218 : jennieca Says:

    ..”hi kim bum!!!i’m jennieca from philippines..i’m just 16 years old..hope 2 see u soon hir in da philippines!!!…u r driving me crazy whenever you smile..i want to meet you personally…how i wish i can kiss you..not on da forehead neither on my cheek…i want you 2 kiss me on my lips..hahahahahah..i will be da happiest person in da world if ever..haaaay..i cant help falling in love with you..hahahahah..kim bum!!you rock!!keep smiling coz you look so handsome whenever you smile!!! i love you so much!!!

  219. 219 : Theresia Says:

    i from indonesia………..

    kim bum,,you”re very cute,your action makes allllll in indonesian people say klepek_klepek.

  220. 220 : mulan Says:

    hi wen i ferst saw you feel some kind love i hope that see at the personal her in phillipines

    i love you from


  221. 221 : krizza mae Says:

    hello ur so handsome and im ur number 1 fan here in philippines. I always watch ur T.V series in ABS-CBN channel 2 boys over flower starring kim hyun joong, lee mhin ho, kim joon, kim so eun etc. I hope someday youll visit philipines ’cause you have many fans and We love u and more shows to come. Thank you.

  222. 222 : ayah Says:

    hello kim BUM,, >

  223. 223 : kyle ^_^ Says:

    hi kim bum!ur sooooo cute!wish i could meet you in personal!
    i love ur movie boys over flowers!

  224. 224 : eigh so Says:

    hi.. how could you be sOooooooooo… very very cute !!! hahahah.. by the way im from philippines.. i saw you on your tv series boys b4 flowers.. hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really like it!!!!!!! you guys have alot of fans here!!!! i swear!!!!! we hope to see you soon guys!!!!!!! especially you!!!! (YI JEONG) mwua!!!!!!!!!!! more powers to your career!!!!!!! AJA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))

  225. 225 : eigh :) Says:

    MARRY ME PLSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! :)) just kidding.. to see you and to hug you is enough to me!!!!! :)) ur so cute!!!! please come and visit philippines!!!!!!!!!!!! you will love the filipina beauty!!! promise!!!! hahaha!!!! i swear!!!!!! were crazy over you…………………….. :))

  226. 226 : Lyngene Says:

    beomie i love you!

  227. 227 : Lyngene Says:

    hi kim bum! I’m from the Philippines!!! you’re so cute!! hope to see you & Kim So Eun on another movie together..hope you will end up as a real couple..hehe

  228. 228 : stacy Says:

    Hi!!! Kim Bum!!!!!!!……. I’m your biggest fan cause your soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cute!!!… If you come to the phillipines oh!!!… pls pls pls!!!… come to cebu thanks.

    Oh!!! by the way whats your favorite instrument???… Just reply at my friendster {[email protected]} or my yahoo mail still the same
    thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………………………..

  229. 229 : Lyngene Says:

    SoEulmate Fighting!!!! Yi Jung & Ga Eul Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  230. 230 : Lyngene Says:

    hi kim bum! plz do visit our country Philippines soon..

  231. 231 : maxine Says:

    i love yah !!!!!!!!!! sOOOoo cute.. ;p

  232. 232 : maxine Says:

    …I Love you
    ….I Love you
    …..I Love you
    ……I Love you
    …….I Love you
    ……..I Love you
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    …I Love you
    ..I Love you
    ..I Love you
    …I Love you

    .. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT .. :0

    kip safe always ..

  233. 233 : sonie Says:

    ..he’s the man whose always in my mind..gosh..I got mesmerized by his killer smile..so handsome..perfect face..hehe..love yah..

  234. 234 : prue02 Says:

    just wanted to say “YOUR SMILE REALLY MELTS”…Keep those smiles flashing….

  235. 235 : tiwie Says:


  236. 236 : Grace Says:

    I already watch boys b4 flowers for many times. but it is very cool!!! and you are so cute and handsome! your smile…your face…. it’s so perfect!!! I hope you can visit my country, Indonesia, with the other casts. love u always!

  237. 237 : Felicia Says:

    Hi Kim Bum! I’m Felicia from Singapore! I ike your smile is so nice.. it melts a lot of ladies heart.. but i’ve got to admit you’re pretty cute… I’m 13 btw… too young for you haha! LOL! anyways hope u could com and visit Singapore!

    email me at [email protected] i would love to hear from you thanks!

  238. 238 : dyes Says:

    hello,, kim bum:)

    how are u??
    why they are like u?? u smile, u face or other reason?

    ehm,, please come to indonesia we have beautiful country here and you have amazing fans here… they ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ u 🙂

    please repp* thx:)

  239. 239 : valerie Says:

    hi kim bum!!

    _i’m a fan of yours!!!

    ..i really love ur smile.. i’m so desperate over you!!!_hahah…
    _im always thinking of you.. i can’t sleep because of you..

    _..every woman over the phillipines is going crazy over you..

    ♥_hope you come here and visit the philippines!!!

    ..take care always and god bless!!

    _,more power to your career!


    ♥i love yOu♥

  240. 240 : rachelle anne catarman Says:

    hi!!!!!!!kim bum im ur number one fan………
    i like everything in u……ur soooon cute ….i like ur SMILE ur EYES………………..
    i hope that u can visit philippines especially gensan……
    I REALLY LIKE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    KIM BUM i love you!
    i love you!
    i love you!
    i love you!
    i love you!
    i love you!
    i love you!REALLY I REALLY LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOO MUCH I LOVE YOU KIM BUM!!!!!!!!!!!
    i think ive really as in totally INLOVE on you KIM BUM

  241. 241 : Ahyen Says:

    Hello! i hope to see you here in the Philippines..you a have a huge fans here…i love you so much Kim BUm!!! always Take Care!!!

  242. 242 : azaiza=) Says:

    hi kim bum!!hope you go here in the phillipines!!
    cause i want to see you!!im your number one fans!!
    hope get well soon!!im azaiza ocampo from macabebe pampanga,,
    if you want to see me in picture/about me just look my email add.
    [email protected]!!thankyou!!godbless to your shows..
    and you afcourse!!godbless!!=)

  243. 243 : winda Says:

    kim bum….
    i like you very very very much….
    i like your face, your smile…
    you very very handsome…..

    i hope you come in indonesia…..
    i will wait you come in indonesia….


  244. 244 : atika Says:

    kim bum..
    u’re the best actor that i like..
    u’re the light of my life…
    u’re my inspiration !!
    thank you kim bum !!

  245. 245 : yhet_18 Says:

    ….hElLo,,im jUliEt oF philIPpinES….
    KnOw wHat,i ReALly lOve yoUr sHow….
    bOys ovEr flowEr,,aLways mAkeS mY dAy cOmPleTE,,
    hOpe tO sEe yOu iN pErsOn,..

  246. 246 : Kamayuri_Reiko Says:

    I luph yOu soooooooo….. muchhh..
    hope you see u here in Indonesia especialy Bali!!
    I’m sure all of your fans in here will be happy to see you!
    we waiting you kim bum!!

    A WE LOVE YOU!!!!


  247. 247 : Kirey_Hana Says:

    hy kim bum…..!!
    i juz want 2 say u r so ugly!!!!!
    juz kidding!
    there’s a question in my mind
    why all d’girls in d’world say u r sO cute??
    but i think u r not so special!
    okay, u r a little cute! but not so cute!
    sorry if my words so hurt for you!
    i hope yoare success there!
    God blesS you always….

  248. 248 : ranizza and eva Says:

    …….hi kim bum,we are ranizza and eva from philippines…… we are so much in love with your smile and to your kissable lips……we really really want to kiss it…..hope that you will visit our country soon… together with jun pyo, ji hoo and wu bin especially to jan di…in boys over flowers…we are your number one fans here in the philippines….luv you kim bum ….. hope that we are the predestined couple to be together….hehehe ….i hope so….. luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuvvvvvv youuuuuuu!!!

  249. 249 : Kathleen Says:

    Kim Bum! you are so damn cute :”> I love your smile. Hope you come to the Philippines soon. I`d love to meet you.

    Boys Over Flowers is the best! :>
    GoodLuck to you shows.

  250. 250 : pretty pompamz Says:

    i hate you!!! cuz’ everyone already love you,,,, rrrraaaarrrrr….. brrrrrppp
    hmmmp bleeeee!!!

  251. 251 : eigh :) Says:


  252. 252 : laurice Says:

    luv u …

    ur so handsome…hehe

  253. 253 : Laine♥ Says:

    ang cute tlga ni Kim Bm noh?
    (*as in SUPPER!!*)
    pa add rin naman dian sa friendster..
    [email protected]

  254. 254 : faye:) Says:

    hi!i like the way you smile and also your eyes.your so handsome..hope you can visit us here in the phillippines..you and kim so eun are compatible wd each other..take care..

  255. 255 : euphy Says:

    hi ! i love kim bum very much!

  256. 256 : dian Says:

    kim bum you are so cute………….
    i very” like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    when you come to my country(indonesia)?????????????

  257. 257 : jayson of philippines Says:

    when i first saw KIM BUM, i was delighted by his oozing charm. However, I felt sad because It’s kinda impossible for me to see him in person or even a simple glance at him! But I’m religiously praying that somehow in my life i’l be crossing path with him! I know with God, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!!! In fact; I’m saving money to chase him wherever he is in this chaotic world! I just wish that KIM BUM is able to read our heartfelt message to him. To all the Avid Fans of Kim Bum out there, let us continue to support and pray for whatever endeavours he’ll face in life! Just pray and act that we’ll see him soooooooon! Kim Bum, goodluck and Godbless…Saranghe!

  258. 258 : Patricia Says:

    kim bum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ur so cute and charming!!!!!!!!!
    i really like the way you smile!!!!!!!!!!
    i hope you can come and visit me here in Philippines!!!!!!!
    take care! hope to see you here! …. lee min ho and kim jeong-hyun!
    🙂 😀 😛

  259. 259 : c'mAe187 Says:

    hii.KIM BUM

    i reaLLy Liike yOu..
    hOPe i can visit there
    in KOREA in see yOu..or
    vise versa..!

    HAHA…loveu KIM.BUM

  260. 260 : alvin of philippines Says:

    hi kim bum.! i am ur number one fans.!becauz ur so cute.!and i like ur killer smile :D.!hehehe i hope that i can see u in person in korea or i vise versa.!i will see you in the philippines.!i like ur role in the BOYS OVER FLOWERS.!as yi jeong.!if you have a friendster just add me [email protected],!aLam mo ang gwapo mo tlga nakakainis ka bat nd ka pa naging pinoy.!lab na lab po kita.!dream q tlga na mkta kita sa PERSONALm,!sAna mAg guEss kAyO sA ASAP.!Or kahit man lang magvisit kayo sa AMEN d2 sa pilipinas gEh d2 na lang,!LUV NA LUV tlga kita pagnakita kita sa personal kahit may guwaridiya ka pa tatalunin tlga kita at ya2kapin ka at least nayakap nmn kta hehehehe.! at kung may CELLPHONE NUmber ka kahit nd ka tga d2 sa pilipinas pde bang makuha.?heheheh byE inGat kEep uP ur cAreEr I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.!

  261. 261 : dheradrey Says:

    Kim Bumm


    can i know your facebook ??

    or your phone number ???

  262. 262 : Aubrey Jean Bulacan Says:

    kim sang-bum oppa!!!!!! i hope you can visit philippines with the other cast of boys over flowers. i realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly like and love you. because of your angelic face. and your singing voice is also wonderful. if you hava frienster, multiply, and facebook. add me up. my email is [email protected] and my username in multiply is aubreyjean26. i’ll be waiting for your add.

    more power to your career and god bless always. i’m just a little worried about the accident that you met. and i hope you get well soon enough. 🙂

    sarangheyo sang-bum oppa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  263. 263 : Janine Nolasco Says:

    your cute!

  264. 264 : queenie Says:


    visit philippines pls…
    with the other cast of boys over flowers
    lee min ho
    kim joon
    kim hyun joong

    ur so cute..

  265. 265 : jasmine:))ofPhilippines Says:

    kim bum! plese punta kayo d2 sa plilipinas. Kasama nyo yung ibang cast ng boys over flower. Fan po ako. And may gusto po sau yung friend ko. Addict sila!

  266. 266 : LOREN:) Says:

    Kim bum pls. pumunta kayo sa pilipinas kasama iyng ibang cast ng boys over flowers gusto namin kyo makita kim bum rock’z

  267. 267 : Cindy Evanz Says:

    saranghae…. Kim Bum oppa..

  268. 268 : jasmine:))ofPhilippines Says:

    ‘ello po ulit!
    just wanna say that BOF rox!
    nakakakilig na po yung mga scenes.
    wish na pumunta kau d2 sa philippines!
    Kinukulet na nga ako nung friend ko na si loren!
    Puro lim bum sya! Love nya talaga si kim bum!!!
    Hehehe! Addict eh!

  269. 269 : jh Says:

    ur so cute!!!

  270. 270 : Patricia, Indonesia Says:

    Kim Bum you are so cute man!!!
    I can’t believe it that I know u!!!!
    Get well soon ya from the car accident!
    And also add me at yahoo messenger, my email is : [email protected]
    I have facebook and also friendster
    Iam a little worry of you because of the car accident, also have a good day!
    I maybe cannot speak Korean but when I know u r car accident mbo??
    Ang cute tiga ni Kim Bum noh? Pa add rin naman dian sang friendster OK?
    I always be your fan ya!!!!!!

  271. 271 : Patricia, Indonesia Says:

    Kim Sang Bum oppa!
    Maybe I’m not an Korean but I can speak alittle!
    Please add me at friendster coz u have and then what is your yahoo email?
    Add me ya and my email is [email protected].
    Friendster is Patricia Hidayat
    Ok be healthy again and I always be your fan
    When I hear u had a car accident mbo means what?
    Ok I want u to send me back!

  272. 272 : loren of pilipines:) Says:

    hi po ulet ang cute mo talaga……………………….mag tour naman p kyo d2 sa pilipines kssma iyng ibang cast ng boys over flowers

  273. 273 : ulul Says:

    kim bummmm
    add me please
    [email protected]

  274. 274 : purpleboyz Says:

    my friend is like you so much….


    I’m not…

  275. 275 : purpleboyz Says:

    I don’t….

    I mean…

  276. 276 : merry Says:

    nice acting

  277. 277 : mary anne Says:

    hi kim bUm’!!
    i’m u’rE # 1 fAn hErE iN phiLippinEs
    i hOpE sOon u aNd thE othEr cAst oF
    bOyS ovEr fLOwEr wiLL cOmE hErE…..
    I wAit tHat timE……..LovE yAhh…!!!!!

  278. 278 : yunita Says:

    hi kim bUm!!
    i’m u’rE # 1 fAn hErE iN indonesia
    i hOpE sOon u aNd thE othEr cAst oF
    bOyS ovEr fLOwEr wiLL cOmE hErE…..
    I wAit tHat timE……LovE yAhh…!!!!!

  279. 279 : ria jenaka Says:

    would you like to give me your face book?


    i wait your reply

  280. 280 : julia (: Says:

    omggggggg !!! KIMM BUMMMM !!!!!

    F4 !

  281. 281 : tata Says:

    kim bum, i love you. you are so handsome, i like you.

  282. 282 : jibs Says:


  283. 283 : mica_998 Says:

    hello po i love you…… you know we always imagine you near at us………someday we could see you in personal please visit us here at philippines, san felipe zambales 2204 plese if you come plese find me just look out for jan kamille custodio please iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii lllllllllllllllll oooooooooooo vvvvvvvvvvvvvv eeeeeeeee yyyyyyyyyyoooooouuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this is my address #82 villarin street brgy apostol san felipe zambales philippines,2204

  284. 284 : caprina Says:

    oh my got . he is definitely cute. ohh maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnn.
    when will you come to Indonesia? hope you’ll be here soon:)

  285. 285 : Arwi Says:


    You were amazing in Boys Before Flowers. Although your appearance looks like that of a little boy, in this drama you managed to prove yourself! Nice work.

  286. 286 : kal Says:

    love you kim bum !

  287. 287 : thamhie Says:

    kim bum I Love You
    kim bum you are so cute……. !!!!!!!!!
    I very” like you,,,,,,,
    when you come to country(Indonesian)???????

  288. 288 : thamhie Says:

    KIM BUM I Loveeeeeeee Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    kim bum
    we love you so much
    when you come to my country (indonesian)

  289. 289 : Ayra Says:

    In Death Bell and Boys Before Flowers, you’re so cute and charm. I hope I can see all your movies and you’ll be the lead actor 🙂

  290. 290 : Rizky chanez Says:

    I’m a boy

    But you’re very cool with your smile . . .

    I think, i will start to be your fans

    My facebook:
    [email protected]

  291. 291 : arum and say Says:


    i am from INDONESIA….
    I have saw your korean drama…
    it’s a wonderfull korean drama. ..
    i am very like it….
    sorry, i can not speak english well…
    by the way, when you visit to my country….
    i hope you can visited INDONESIA….
    i hope………….

  292. 292 : Ly Says:

    Hello kim Bum sweettttttt
    I hpe u can cme Indonesia
    can i know your facebook or mail ??
    i wait ur reply

  293. 293 : Ly Says:

    hay kim bum …!!

    u sweet & cute !!

    when u go to indnesia

    i very2 hope

    can i know your facebook & mail or …??

  294. 294 : anggraeni Says:

    hi, i like your act in Boys Before Flowers…
    u look so cool..
    u have sweet smile that can make all girls interested in u..
    sweet regard for me…

  295. 295 : grace Says:

    hi so very handsome you are and you have stole my heart and i wish u come to my country in indonesian and i will glad if u and all ur friends come to medan (north sumatera, indonesia) and i like to be ur fans please send ur pictures at my email [email protected] ok

  296. 296 : ara Says:

    Hii kim bum I like you very much and you are very cute please add my friendster [email protected]

  297. 297 : Z* Says:

    a man with mesmerizing smile 🙂

  298. 298 : krissee Says:

    i love you!!!!!!!!!
    your so cute
    i hope i see you soon
    please come here in the philippines………..

  299. 299 : whatever05 Says:


  300. 300 : blabla Says:

    saranghae 😉
    kim bum, your smile is very dangerous for me cause make me fallin love and then faint HAHA, you look so cute and you also have a babyface.
    could you tell me ur facebook,please?

  301. 301 : Ronolfo Says:

    love you!!or

  302. 302 : Lovely Says:

    kumusta?(Filipino) how are you in english
    you ar so cute
    we have the same month of birthay just 4 days before your birthday me is july 3, 1989 hahaha
    i am 4 days older than you..

    i like your tv series boye before flowers F4..keep it up

  303. 303 : fe_kim bum Says:

    annyeong haseyo..!!

    kim buum..~~

    do you now…

    you are so cutee…

    and i like your smile..
    so cutee..~~

    and Boys Before Flowers is the best of drama in asian ever i see..

    chayo Kim Bum..!!
    chayo BBF..!!
    chayo every BBF lovers..!!! ^o^

  304. 304 : twifan_pinkgirl^^ Says:

    hi kim bum! im from the philippines and i just wanna say that i really love boys over flowers..It really has become such a great hit that perhaps all the girls I know are so addicted to it that I too caught their addiction 🙂 You’re my most favorite F4 even if you’re the “cassanova” i think all girls are attracted to your heartmelting smile and you’re beautiful talent to play the saxophone. You’re one amazing guy and that’s one of the reasons why me and most of my girl friends admire you so much. You sure have a way in wooeing us girls even though we’re all over the globe.lol. I wish to visit korea someday and one of my greatest wishes is to see you personally. I would surely treasure that day as one of the best days of my life. I’m really looking forward to more korean dramas with you starring in it and miss Kim so Eun 🙂 You’re such an adorable couple and i’m literally crazy with your tandem. awww.
    GaJung = soeulmates! 😀

  305. 305 : d'LianNa Says:

    Hi Kim Bum. .I’m from Indonesian! Can U read this comment?? I want U read this. .
    I’m so much like everything on yourself. Your smile,style,body,skin! Everything! To me, U are perfect boy in d’world.. You are d’1 and only for me that most perfect! And all of F4 is perfect too including Koo Hye Sun. . I’m one of big fan “Boys Before Flowers”. Can all of U (actor of BBF) coming soon to Indonesian? We are waiting for Your come! See U soon^^

  306. 306 : d'LianNa Says:

    Kim Bum, please come to Indonesian!! Make indonesian more beautiful with your smile. .Here, Boys B4 flowers is so much have good response. Oh, maybe fantastic response.. I luv U Kim Bum from d’1st time i see you, you are so cute,handsome and youngest actor in BBF! Fallin’ in love in d’1st sight! Sarang hae yo!! Please come with other act. of Boys Before Flowers!! We are waiting for U. .^^

  307. 307 : eLLeN ^_^ Says:

    Kim BuM !!!!

    U’re so CUTE !!!!!!

    i can’t say any single word to u…..

    i’m speechless !!

    i just can say ……..

    Love U……..

    Love U…….

    Love U…….


  308. 308 : Lovely Says:


  309. 309 : fyyas Says:

    you’re so cute !!
    luv ya!

    from: INDONESIA .

    please come here, I’d like to see you and friends live performance on Indonesian stage. 🙂

  310. 310 : lyly Says:

    hi im lyly from indonesia,sarangheyo……BBF is the best drama i’ve ever seen

  311. 311 : katherine Says:

    hello kim bum..your a very nice and good looking man…you have a cute eyes…i’m from philippines hope you will come an dvisit our country. THe BOYS OVER FLOWERS are so very popular here..God bless and have a continuous career..stay good to earn more good things!

  312. 312 : Siska Says:

    Hello Kim,,,,nice 2 meet u !! …. ur’ acting’s so good !!
    may i be one of ur friend ??
    I like Korean Drama..! \(n_n)/


  313. 313 : iztah83 Says:

    how are u?
    hope to see here in the philippines.
    we’re very excited to see all of u guyz..

  314. 314 : CC Says:

    Hi Kim Bum, sarangheyo… Love you so much!!! I’m the big fan of BBF …. Hope we can meet someday.. Love you love you.

  315. 315 : CC Says:

    Kim Bum, sarangheyo.. I’m from Indonesia.

  316. 316 : CC Says:

    Kim Bum,chu he.

  317. 317 : CC Says:

    KIm Bum, chuwa he..

  318. 318 : karin Says:

    hi..kim bum, I’m your fans.
    i like you in the film boys before flower,i like you because you very cute..i’m listen for my friend contact coment you is non active,why?
    i want to see you live..i want you writen your latter in my e-mail as [email protected]..
    listen i’m your fans..
    i’m from indonesia,I always open your photo in google.
    do you have friendster?bye-bye tHANKS!

  319. 319 : sang beom love over Says:

    hi kim !

    only says , hallo !

    btw, how bout ur film ! BISANG ?

  320. 320 : noVi Says:


    you very handsome!

    do you have someone?

    I’m sorry before..

  321. 321 : Grace M. Says:

    well .
    cute enough .
    i like your smile .
    simple but it killed many girls dude .
    oh my !
    hahaha ~

  322. 322 : gepong Says:

    i’m gepong .
    from indonesian .
    i’m your fans .
    i’m cann’t forgotten you in my heart .
    i’m very proud with you and i’m very2 laff korean drama especially you actor . certainly i will watch until finish your film as film boys before flowers .
    But I’m sure, I can go there someday, I just hope that I can meet you in person. and you want sing a song to mee .
    i want to see you..i love boys before flower
    you n order is very handsome .
    please write you latter for me in [email protected]

    gud bless kim bumm .
    i’m will waiting you forever .

    and i hope you can read my comment and reply it .

    i laff kim buum .
    kim bum lovely .
    ajaa! ajja! fighting

  323. 323 : gepong Says:

    sarangheyo kim buum .
    i’m gepong .
    from indonesian .
    i’m your fans .
    i’m cann’t forgotten you in my heart .
    i’m very proud with you and i’m very2 laff korean drama especially you actor . certainly i will watch until finish your film as film boys before flowers .
    But I’m sure, I can go there someday, I just hope that I can meet you in person. and you want sing a song to mee .
    i want to see you..i love boys before flower
    you n order is very handsome .
    please write you latter for me in [email protected]

    gud bless kim bumm .
    i’m will waiting you forever .

    and i hope you can read my comment and reply it .

    i laff kim buum .
    kim bum lovely .
    ajaa! ajja! fighting

  324. 324 : Lay Lee Says:

    Hi.. Kim,,
    I very loved u’re performance..
    I’m Indonesian Girl..

    u are so cute..

  325. 325 : krisha Says:

    hi kim bum!

    im a filipina.. 🙂

    i love the way you SMILE ^^

    even the way you act at Boy’s Over Flowers 🙂

    i hope you and the other cast of Boys Over Flowers can visit in the PHILIPPINES

    take care 🙂

  326. 326 : feme Says:

    kim bum! kim bum! kim bum!

    Its the only thing i can do for him… hehe

    Cheer him up!

  327. 327 : reny Says:

    hi Kim Bum…

    how are you?

    i love your smile….

  328. 328 : ida miaw Says:

    hi kim buum
    u are so cute………..
    so sweetttt
    I like ur face and ur act
    BRAVO BRAVO!!!!!
    I LIKE YOU……….

  329. 329 : ida miaw Says:


  330. 330 : fenny Says:

    hi….kim bum!!
    you are so hadsome n cute….
    i am from indonesia
    nice too meet you!!!!
    luv u^0^

  331. 331 : Ze_zhe Says:

    kim bum
    how are you????
    +++ +++
    + + + +
    + +
    + +
    + +
    + +

    my heart for you….
    I love you….
    Wo ai ni…
    Aku cinta padamu…
    By:ze_zhe (indonesia)

  332. 332 : ullea Says:

    hellouww kim bum. . .^_^

    we are ulpa n lea. from indonesian.
    we are very like u,coz u are the first man do our like. u’r smile make of people admire n fall in love 2 u.
    u are perfect and handsome man.
    do yo can visit 2 indonesian??please,, . . . cz here,many fans u.
    we always wait coming u in indonesian . . .
    we hope u can read and reply our comment.

    ,,,kim bum u are the best 4ever,,,

    ——we are kim bum lovers——-

  333. 333 : cathy Says:

    ,(“_”). hi kim bum.. advance pee bday.. you are so cute and handsome.. i hope you will visit there… saranghae

  334. 334 : Arifa Dita Wiranti Says:

    Hai…… Kim Bum. I’m from Indonesia


  335. 335 : Ari Dira Says:

    ^ _ ^ Hai How are you today ? I’m from Indonesia.

    Kim Bum is a cute boy, Ilike you. But you have a ” CRUSH ”
    EHM…. I’m Broken Heart

  336. 336 : jennifer Says:

    hi kim!!!!know what i love your performance the way you act!!!!!!!super,.,,but i hate your role in boys over flowers episode 11 and 12,.,.,you seemed to be a very bad playboy!!,.,,eventhough i still understand coz i know it is just a role!!!!!,.,gud luck to your career!!!,.,,.,stay who you are!!!!isang matapang na pinay!!!!hehehe!!!

  337. 337 : b&a Says:

    Hi kim bum, u’re so cute, i never see a smile as sweetest as ur smile, i really really like u, do u hv a gf?oh i wanna talk to u, do u hv facebook, hahaha

    GL on ur career!

    Fall in love wif u

    Bia and Andeen

  338. 338 : capcipcup Says:

    hohohoho . . .
    sumpah tampang lw ih waw bgd dh. .
    goog luck ya . .

  339. 339 : kaye Says:

    Hi Kim Bum!
    ur so cute in BOF (Boys Over Flowers)..
    i love ur acting there!

  340. 340 : Recila Says:

    Kim bum ur so cute!!!!!!!!!
    Pls be mine!!
    Just kidding

  341. 341 : Tamara Evanggelista Says:

    helloz Kim Bum,,,
    how are you?
    I’m from Indonesia…
    Boys Before Flowers is The Great Film…
    I’m very like you…
    I’m your fans…

  342. 342 : ellen Says:

    Kim Bum
    Definitely gorgeous! The way you smile really. . . can make girls fascinated. I hope you are not a perennial playboy in real life. Hope to see you visiting the Philippines soon. Keep it up!

  343. 343 : lica Says:

    hallo my name devi ,Im from indonesia …???
    thank you ..you flim make me happy ……..?

  344. 344 : kiki Says:

    hallo!!!!!! Kim bum
    you are very very cute. your smile make me fly to the moon.
    I’m from Indonesia,,when you come to Indonesia???????
    I’m waiting you along time to come in Indonesia..
    please replay…..

  345. 345 : april Says:

    annyong haseyo kim bum…your smile is really cute..and your good at acting too..

    hope you can visit philippines..=)

    good luck in your career..

    take care..annyonghi kyeseyo..

  346. 346 : PiG.Gu_pIg.Gu Says:

    Kim BUm… It’s The FuNnY NaMe… LikEs It’S PeOpLE…
    KiM Buuumm… CuTe…
    BuT I wAnT to LoOk U as THe FirSt CharActer in eveRy Ur FiLm..
    I HoPe It Will..

  347. 347 : Lousie Says:


    I would really want to let you know that you are such an inspirational person. I know that you are not just a great actor but a great person too. We, your Filipino fans would really be happy if you had time to visit us here in the Philippines. I wish you would not only visit Luzon but also Visayas. I know that I would never get the chance to see or speak to you face to face, but just knowing you would come and visit us here would make me feel very happy. Lastly, I would like to wish you the very best for your acting career, may you stay strong no matter what happens. I would also like you to know that we will always support you. Thank you so much for your time in reading this letter of mine. I really appreciate it. THANK YOU so MUCH KIM:)


  348. 348 : Louise Says:

    sorry it’s Louise not Lousie:) hahaha:)

  349. 349 : elly oon Says:

    kim bum……

    dasar playboy…………..


    add fb kue ya…

    [email protected]

  350. 350 : veronica Says:

    kim bum you’re so handsome………………
    I love u So much…..but, I love kim hyun Joong too……..

  351. 351 : veronica Says:

    kim bum I lOve U so Much….But I love Kim Hyun Joong too…..
    I hope YOU wanna be a professional actor….

  352. 352 : D'sHe (dEsi) Says:

    Hi. . . . . . .
    I fr0m iNd0nesiA
    I sTill 13 yEarS 0ld buT I vEry likE yoUr dRAma
    U’re vEry cuTe
    U’re vEry niCe
    Your faCe R vEry cAlm
    I loVe U N y0ur friENds in d’bBf
    When U c0me 2 iNdoNesia?
    I h0pe fAst c0me!

  353. 353 : pujia & icka Says:

    my honeybunnysweetyloveydarling….
    luv u so much_
    hope u can be the better actor
    n someday…marry me…..

  354. 354 : carla Says:

    hi,Im Carla you know my day is complete when i see you in television.
    Im from Philippines, i hope you come here soon.

  355. 355 : Nanda Says:

    im from indonesia
    i very like you drama
    you very very handsome
    i very like you,,,,,,,,
    when you come to indonesia?
    im waiting for you……….

  356. 356 : zack & EERA Says:

    Kim Bum……..
    i’am indonesian ..
    i loooooooovee u ,,,
    i want to kiss your lips..it sweet huh??, come here and huge me……… please,
    big sarangae …………….for you

    MARRY ME……….


  357. 357 : putri Says:

    Oh My GOD… kim bum… u are so cute…i love ur smile so much… !!!
    ur smile always crush me…. emm…
    when u come to Indonesia? don’t 4get to meet me……….. ^^,
    see u soon……….

  358. 358 : princess Says:

    kim bum…i like you very much………………
    your baby face and cute smile…………….
    always be mine……………….. ^_^

  359. 359 : edz_lady90 Says:

    i’ve watched ur mvie..
    its damn cool
    [email protected]
    dats my email
    plz reply my comment k

  360. 360 : Lille Says:

    omg you are so cute. u have the most cutest smile. whenever i saw your smile on bbf i would always melt.. i wish i could see you in person. pls be my friend. [email protected]

  361. 361 : lynn Says:

    Why does everyone wants to marry him? It’s not like he’s really going to marry you.

  362. 362 : Atika Says:

    Hi,Kim Bum.my name is Atika.I’m 14 yearpr old.
    I’m from Indonesia.you’re so cute.n’ handsome.I love you very much.I Hope you can come to my country in Indonesia.Good luck!Love U.

  363. 363 : pucri Says:

    yi jung….
    annyong haseyo…

    my name’s pucri from Indonesia…
    i’m really like u
    u are so cute boys…
    i think u have many fans in here…
    BTW when you come to Indonesia??????

    sarang hyeo

  364. 364 : Chris Says:

    I love you Kim Bum!

    The Philippines loves you! Mwah!


  365. 365 : iheartu Says:

    kim bum, i can’t go to sleep because of you:(
    what have you done?

  366. 366 : i love you Says:

    i love you and the cast of bbf……
    im from philippines….
    i love you so much..
    i hope i cann see you..

  367. 367 : shaynee Says:

    hi kim bum..

    youre the cutest guy I’ve ever seen..

    I wish you and Bbf cast will com here in philippines

  368. 368 : ayu larasati Says:

    hi…………….! kim bum
    i’m ayu, i’m from indonesia i like your acting spesificly in boys before flowers.
    your old 20 years,right?i’m 18 years old
    what’s your activity now?and when are your film”flight”distributed in indonesia?i’m so waiting for it.
    please reply my coment ok………..!

  369. 369 : dhita Says:

    hi,,,, my name is dhita,i`m come from indonesia,, and.. this is my e-MAIL…
    [email protected]

  370. 370 : Lenny Says:

    hii . me Lenny fron indonesia ..
    when yor come on indonesia ??
    I very , very , very .. Like BBF ..
    Lee min hoo , Koo Hye Sun , Kim Hyun Jung , Kim Bum , Kin Joon ..
    Love u forever ……………………………………………………………….

  371. 371 : krystal Says:

    hi kim bum i am you big fan someone told me that if i have a crush on you they will punish me but i dont care i lovw you……….

  372. 372 : Aisha Says:

    Ahnyonghaseo. (am i right?)
    i’m aisha from indonesia.
    You’re so gorgeous.
    I hope you’ll come to indonesia.
    I’m totally addicted to you!

  373. 373 : dez Says:

    you’re smile is so cute
    that sometimes i want to puff
    my nerves is killing me
    hope i will see you personally,and date with me..

  374. 374 : dez Says:

    hope you will visit Philippines!

  375. 375 : widya Says:

    Kim Bum ………………………………..
    u’r smile always imagine in my mind >.

  376. 376 : danzen Says:

    hi kim bum! you’re so cute i really like your smile… and your eyes it’s like an angel in disguise.. wew! please visit us here in the Philippines.. Filipinos loves Boys Over Flower so much! THANKS to ABS-CBN “kapamilya” for showing the The BBF here.. ABS-2 and BBF are the best!

  377. 377 : hany Says:

    helloo Mr kim Bummmmm-ing
    I think your smile likes a……. DEVIL…
    yeah,its likes a devil what can make all the girl love you…
    except me…
    but,,,will you make me your friend ???

  378. 378 : kimbummylove Says:

    i love you!

  379. 379 : andincyrus Says:

    I’m Andin from Indonesia.
    I am biggest fans of Boys Before Flowers.
    You’re and F4 Tottaly Awesome.
    Always Hope you, goo hye sun and all of Boys Before Flowers will come to my country, Indonesia,

  380. 380 : jessica(jaica) Says:

    …..hi …i am the #1 fan of boys before flowers…..my name is jessica from philipines….i love f4 in korea….soon i will be in korea….see yah… XOXOXO

  381. 381 : risma muth'' Says:

    oghh … GOD ..

    kim bum ..
    kreennnd bnett ciy lho ..!!

    gw ng’fans bnet sama lo …

    hugh ..

    nce job ..!!

  382. 382 : taLIta Says:

    KIM BUM!!!
    You’re so cute…ougghhh…OMG!!

  383. 383 : taLIta Says:

    KIM BUM…OMG!!!You’re so cute…
    Very cute…You’re smile…ouhhh…

  384. 384 : rifqya Says:

    you’re so cute.
    I can’t forget your smile
    you’re my dreamboy.

  385. 385 : ryanti wookie Says:

    hi kim bum……….
    I’m ryanti from indonrsian

    kim bum,,,,,,,,,
    I very like you’re acting in boys before flowers film

    I hope………..
    I can see you & you want be my friend
    because from me,you’re the best
    THANKYOU kim bum you after give motivation to me & to my life
    god bless you always

    my email: [email protected]
    my friendster: [email protected]

    add me ya…………….

  386. 386 : silvia forlentina Says:

    kim bum
    hi i am silvi from indonesia
    i love you so much
    i hope you come here soon
    your smile very cute
    i like your face…..oh my good you very very very handsome

  387. 387 : olin Says:

    kim bum…
    i’m olin from indonesia

    you’re so cute…very handsome..nd you have a killer smile..
    so sweet..

    ok..i hope you come to indonesia,,

  388. 388 : dyen Says:

    hi.. kimbum..
    i’m dyen from indonesia..
    you’re very cute……


  389. 389 : Anggraini Says:

    OOOOOO….hhh my goooooD!!!!!!!!!! Kim beom you’re so perfect baby!!! i hope you want to visit indonesia. i like your smile and your angry face.it looks so coool. please,come to jakarta

  390. 390 : jelita Says:

    hi…kim bum…! i’m jelita from indonesia
    i very like your smile
    i can’t forget your smile

    and i hope you come to indonesia

  391. 391 : d'pu3 lavita Says:

    kim sang boom..
    d’pu3 lavita love you so muuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccchhhhhhh…………
    we hope, you can come to Indonesia…

  392. 392 : .zahrarara... Says:

    .i’m from indonesia. my name is zahra
    .i very like you.
    .and… hemp, i love you so much.
    .i hope, we can be a friends.
    maybe it imposible..

  393. 393 : lestaria Says:

    halo…my name is “lesta”
    i’m very likes you…
    you’r so sweet but not like sugar…..just joke……!!!!
    you’r so handsome….
    but ……i like your smile…very22 cute…….
    nice to comment ….

  394. 394 : diana_bum (n_n) Says:


    oppa, i really miss u so much
    oppa, when you come to indonesia???
    i hope you can come here soon
    maybe, just not me but many other

    oppa,,, i can`t forget your killer smile
    heehehe ~,^
    your act so great! everyone like that, huh??!!
    Oh..My..God, you`re sooooooooooooooooo handsome, cute, nice, good looking, and sweeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttt offcourse

    wish all d` best for u oppa
    wish your carreer become more success
    keep your smile and spirit ^_^

    wait for your next drama,,
    LOVE all of u in BBf…….

  395. 395 : may Says:

    hi kim bum!..!
    hope u wil vsit here n oslob,cebu,philippines!..!
    luv u!

  396. 396 : sherlis Says:

    Kim Bum I love your smile so sweet.

  397. 397 : afb Says:

    hello…kim bum
    i’m from Indonesia…
    i hope sometime u can come to Indonesia…
    cause in here ur friends is very2 big…


  398. 398 : eLizZz Says:

    Hi kim sang bum……!!!
    My namE is ELIzZ…….
    I’m 13 YearS oLd n0w…
    I fr0m inDonEsia…
    U aRe thE cUtesT gUy I eVeR sEen…
    I can’T forgeT YouR kilLeR smiLe…..
    I hoPe s0meTime YoU caN comE herE….
    Miss U….
    I wisH y0ur career can be m0re succes…
    Reply my commEnT, pliZ….
    [email protected]
    Dat’s mY emaiL…

  399. 399 : evin Says:

    hi. . kim bum..
    aduww..meni kasep..
    keep your smile . .
    i love u . .

  400. 400 : annthiie Says:

    kiim boemm

  401. 401 : star flower Says:

    Hi I want you to keep your sweet and innocent smile.COME TO OUR COUNTRY MYANMAR OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  402. 402 : Tika Says:

    hai bum bum…
    I’m from indonesia
    i like you ’cause you are so cute
    keep your smile,’cause I like that 🙂
    I’m sorry my english not well.

  403. 403 : Tika Says:

    bum bum,could I ask you?
    who is kim ki bum??
    your face like his face.

  404. 404 : rose Says:

    hey kim bum

    do you have facebook ?

    so give me some ?


    kim bum l’m avery like you
    l’m do know why l’m like you

    so god luck for carrier ya

  405. 405 : jinggay Says:

    hello! how’s life? good luck on your career! god bless you! more power!
    your so handsome…your really good actor in boys over flower…

  406. 406 : Cahmiyl Says:

    hi ? mind to into? I Love Kim Bum :] your so handsome and i’m so frustrated when i’m watching you in BOF :]] i dont know why ? All i can say is your so attractive! I love your smile :]

  407. 407 : Fitria Says:

    Halow, , ,
    kim bum. . .
    I like you so much. I’m fitria form indonesia.
    When you visit to indonesia? ? Some people indonesia like your film (BFF).

    Edd my fb, , ,
    [email protected]
    plis! ! !

  408. 408 : dwi putri vivian Says:

    hello kim bum i like you

  409. 409 : dwi putri vivian Says:

    Some time ago

  410. 410 : Icha Says:

    Hi kim bum…..!!!!

    I’m like u….
    Could u be my friend…?

  411. 411 : ivy Says:

    super cute……

  412. 412 : resky amelia Says:

    hi kim bun how are you?
    kim bum you are very interesting,
    kim bum you are very valiant,
    kim bum you are very enamor grils,
    kim bum i love you so muucccc…… muuuuuaaaa

    I’m from in indonesia

  413. 413 : KriStInE dOriMaN Says:

    ..i love you so much kim sang bum..
    …you are soo cute…i’m really hoping to meet you soon..

  414. 414 : ratna Says:

    kim bum
    i love you,,,,

  415. 415 : Nadia Says:

    Haluw kim bum, i’am nadia from indonesia, i like boys before flower so much, and i like you so much, because you smile always, plis visit to indonesia because i like you so much

  416. 416 : muryani Says:

    hi kim bum when you come to indonesia there alot of fans in here. i miss you…………………………………..what new movie ???????????

  417. 417 : lizanne mued Says:

    hi kim i am ur number 1 fun and my clssmate and i are alwayz chatting about you

  418. 418 : lizanne mued Says:

    kim here i am again can i ask u a favor can u add me in ur frindster

  419. 419 : lizanne mued Says:

    and 1 favor this is the last can u visit here in philippines with the f4 cast

  420. 420 : lizanne mued Says:

    lab uuuuuuu

  421. 421 : Mia Annisa Says:

    Hi Kim Bum,
    I’m mia from Indonesia.

    good luck on your career ^_^

    I hope you can visit to Indonesia
    With Koo Hye Sun and F4 personile!

    We’ll(all of your fans in Indonesia) wait you!!

    Keep your smile! ^_^

  422. 422 : eunice Says:

    .hello there! your my idol,your so cute…stay as cute as you are…love yah!!!

  423. 423 : briyani Says:

    hay kim….

    do you veri cute boy ?????

  424. 424 : nashlene saiarra Says:

    hi! kim sang bum
    we like you very much!
    you are so cute and i like your innocent smile!
    is it true that in real life you dont have any girlfriend?
    are you waiting for me?hehehe

  425. 425 : diana Says:

    hi Kim Bum!!!!
    I’m from Indonesia….
    i love you so much…..
    i like you because Your smile is so sweet. Keep your smile Kim Bum!!!!!
    Come to Indonesia please!!!!!!!
    I’m Sorry, I can’t speak English well….
    (^ _ ~)

  426. 426 : Cyra Says:

    hi kim bum,, i’m cyra from philippines your so cute.. i hope that you will read my message to you… i’m a big fan of yours….

  427. 427 : anna ct-z Says:

    hi……kim bum how ar yuo?

    by the way i anna from indonesian n when you come in indonesian?because i’m very happy if you come to indonesian


  428. 428 : kim Says:

    ….hi kim bum i m from muntinlupa,philippines
    i hope you can come in hear
    an i love you keep smilling♥♥

  429. 429 : Dea Says:

    Anyonghaseyo .. !!

    i Luv Kim Bum ..
    i Like Kim Bum ..
    Kim Bum , you are so handsome and cute .. !!
    I aLways dream to you can be my boyfriend ..
    Hehehehe ..
    *my engLish isn’t weLL*

    Sarangheyo,, Kim Bum .. !!
    PLease come to INDONESIA ..

  430. 430 : flowers Says:

    hi kim bum,
    i’m from indonesian,,
    i love you,, so much,, kim bum
    because your smile is sweet,, i like it
    kim,, i’m sorry my english not well,,
    because,, i’m can’t english

  431. 431 : ziemall Says:

    waaaaaaaaaaahh……. kim bum your cooll.. your the best

    i love boys before floweer……


  432. 432 : Quyen Phan Says:

    I am vietnamese.I like your smile!I live in US.Hope see u in US!

  433. 433 : dwi Says:

    KIM BUM you very …………cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH…………………………………………………………

  434. 434 : rhosha rose chi Says:

    ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;>>>>>>>>seee you soon.
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!bye bye;;;;;;;;;;;

  435. 435 : rina Says:

    hi…….!!!!kim bum…i am rina…..i’m from indonesia……every monday and tuesday i always watching your film…..because i’m very like your film….that’s Boys before flowers
    i like you so much…..lpve you

  436. 436 : FHELYAN Says:

    hii KimBum…
    I’m fhelyan from Indonesia,,I just want you to know,,that I’m like you so much..
    I always watch you in your film..
    you’re so cool,,
    i hope you will come to Indonesia to meet me..haha
    will you???

    say “hello” to F4…

  437. 437 : Rara Says:

    Kim bum,
    Why you aren’t really relationship with kim so eun??
    You and her like as soeulmate..

    Love u..

  438. 438 : ronaliza Says:

    hi kimbum..im ronaliza from philipines..,actually im from mindanao..kimbum i want you to know that im always your fan no matter what happen.! your my actor,my smile,my hapiness.! you make me happy especially everytime i remember u.! u take care always.!Godbless u and your family always..

  439. 439 : thamie Says:

    “heii kim bum you very cute …!!”
    im very …. Like you

  440. 440 : indah Says:

    kim bum..???????????
    im from indonesia
    i Luvp U very much
    i always watch your film ..
    mizz U ..

  441. 441 : dhes Says:

    helo…. how are you….my name is dhes…came from Phillipines…. the koreanovela drama series was so very beautiful…..keep up the good work…keep up your killer smile…

  442. 442 : thamie Says:

    _kim ki bum to inno isho shie taee_

    im from indonesia ..
    luph KIM BUM 4ever !!!!!

  443. 443 : laura Says:

    hi,kim bum!!!
    you’re so sweet!!!
    I’m from Indonesia…I hope you can come to Indonesia to meet your fans…
    love you..

  444. 444 : merinda Says:

    hi kim bum!!!!!!
    i’m merinda from indonesia…..
    i;m very2 like your smile.your voice.your laugh.your eyes n all about you..
    you are so cute….baby!i’m very like so much…when you come to my country?i’ll be waiting your coming.in my think you are good actor.if i was succes,i’ll come to korea specially for meet with kim bum my honey lovely baby…………..^ _ ^

  445. 445 : nhica Says:

    hi…kim bum:)ur so cute…keep smiling!hope you can visit us here in philippines…im one of ur big fans.:))

  446. 446 : kimy Says:

    chonun puputiyeyo..
    chonun indonesia saramiyeyo..
    chonun Han-guge kwansimi manayo

  447. 447 : kimy Says:

    Yo Kim Bum !!
    Jonen Kimy imnida..
    annyonghasseyo >,

  448. 448 : weinz aura Says:

    hi!!!!! kim your so cute!!! i lyk you to be one of my friends!!hope you can visite here in philippines in the city of dumaguete!!!cause this city called city of gentle people!!!!!!

  449. 449 : gem_18 Says:

    hi! bUm Ur OnE oF mY cRuShES . . . . HeHehe…

  450. 450 : gEm_18 Says:

    hI! kiM ….Ur So CuTe. . . i LikE ThE wAy U sMilE…hEhehe…

  451. 451 : inna Says:

    kim bum ….
    i’m love you so much …
    i like you always ….
    i’m inna in indonesia ……
    your favorite actor ….
    mmmmuachhh ..
    i want to meet you,,,,……………….

  452. 452 : mz.fashionizta Says:

    ,,hi der…ur so handsome..thats all….

  453. 453 : Ucan Says:

    hiiii.. kim bum
    Love ur acting so much….
    Luv ya…

  454. 454 : dita Says:

    Wow!!! So many girl like you…
    I don’t know if I like u very much..
    But,I’m a girl from Indonesia want to be your friend…
    Are u have facebook ???
    Give me your e-mail…
    Or add me please…
    Thanks ^^

  455. 455 : hikmah Says:

    Me N my friends so very like you.You so sweet.Good Luck…

  456. 456 : katara Says:

    me and my friends very like you.I’m hikmah from Pekalongan,Indonesia.Please come to my country….nice to meet you…

  457. 457 : san Says:

    luv u..

  458. 458 : aci Says:

    anneyonghaseyo… Bum-ah

    do you know that you have a bright smile?
    i bet every girls agree about that..

    Your smile warmth and encouraging me..
    when i had a hard day, just by watching your smile all my strength will just suddenly come up and cheers my day

    That why, everytime you feeling low or tired, just keep smiling and remember all the cheers you’ve spread among the people on your surrounding, and all over the world

    I’ll keep supporting you and your carrier, please pay attention for your own health and happiness..coz that will make all the people who love you happy too..

    cheers for you ^____^

  459. 459 : lester Says:

    _hi Kim Bum!
    ur totally busted!
    i really like you!
    oh, my god!
    love you! love you! love you!

  460. 460 : lester Says:

    Kim Bum!
    plz. visit here in the Phillipines!
    i like you so much!
    i’m your number1 fan! plz. come here!
    muahahah! i love you!

  461. 461 : PuFh_ajj Says:

    hy. . . .
    KiM bUm. . . . .
    I lOvE u. . . . . .
    YoU’rE sO cUtE + hAnDsOmE. . . .
    i wAnT tO bE yOuR fRiEnD. . . .
    I’M In InDoNeSiA. . . .
    i AlWaYs ReMeMbEr yOu. . . .
    I lIkE u In BBF! ! ! ! !
    lOvE U, , , , lOvE U. . . . . .

  462. 462 : dee Says:

    KIM BUM.. KIM BUM… You’re so handsome. My sister like you so much. She hopes that you can visit Indonesian as soon as possible.

  463. 463 : Agvie Says:

    Hi Kim bum..Y0ur very cute man..!!!!!I like y0ur acting..In bBf y0ur very nice and always helpfull with y0ur best friend..!!I like y0ur style..!! I luph u!MmMmMmMUAaAaCcCcCH..!! I want t0 meEt y0u..

  464. 464 : sheii Says:

    hi kim bum your so cute aha ily’!♥

  465. 465 : jha-jha Says:

    how i wish i could find a man with same face as yours here in the philippines… you’re not just cute…. superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr cute…hehe… GoDsPeeD aLwAys…. xOxO

  466. 466 : zarah Says:

    hi kim BUM….

    heLL ur cUte…xD

    ur mah fav. actOr on screen..xD

    im a FILIPINO….but i was bOrn in DUBAI…

    pLease aDD me in FRIENDSTER..([email protected]) PLEASE
    right its really yOu?

    hOpe u stiLL get mOre prOjects on screen!!
    sa rang hae yo…xP

  467. 467 : vyllem Says:

    Kim bum.!
    Love u xo much.!

  468. 468 : vyllem Says:

    .luv u xo muchx.
    ..please..visit here at the phillippines..

  469. 469 : cheara Says:

    Nice to sms to you,You are so cute in BBF drama,but I don’t like your action cause you are a mad boy in that drama.Please, don’t be like that in your real life na! I’m your fan Bye (“,)/

  470. 470 : Vir0_cUteZz ^^, Says:

    AhnyoEng hAiseiYO kiM bUM! My nAme is n0viA niNDyarizki,,my friEnds cALL me 0vi! Im fr0m iND0nesiA. .I v3ry like ur smiLe,bCuz l0ök s0 cUt3z?! Ur aCting 0n BBF s0 gReAT! U R pRety b0y,hAnds0me,cUte,n mAny m0. . Re! I h0pe u cAn c0me 2 iND0nesiA. ! I lv u s0 muCh

  471. 471 : Vir0_cUteZz ^^, Says:

    Ahny0enghaiseiy0. .KiM buM 0pPa! Ovi siMniDa. . . .! SaRaNGhaey0. . .

  472. 472 : Vir0_cUteZz ^^, Says:

    AhnyoEng hAiseiYO KiM buM 0pPa. .?! Ovi siMniDa!. . . .SAraNgHaey0. . . ! KiM bUM 0pPa FiGhtiNg!!!! MmMmUuUuaAaACH . . .

  473. 473 : lolopi Says:

    panget mo

  474. 474 : hana hatake Says:

    hi my brother, heheheehehehe.
    i hope,youcome to my country. please…….. and i love you 4ever

  475. 475 : hana hatake Says:

    oh yeah, my country is INDONESIA……………….

  476. 476 : Puzpa Says:

    Kim i’m so lIke you
    i’m is inDonesia
    kim please add me

  477. 477 : Puzpa Says:

    Kim i’m so lIke you
    i’m is inDonesia
    kim please add me in facebook([email protected]/puspa ayu permatasari)
    please kim
    God blezZsSz u

  478. 478 : miela Says:

    Kim Sang Bum
    I very love you
    Because you very cute and chubby
    Iam from Indonesia
    When you go to My Country?
    I wait you in here
    Salam kenal

  479. 479 : ilda Indonesia 'Bummies' Says:

    Kim bum………………………..
    i Luv U….
    u make me crazy…

  480. 480 : aya matsuyama Says:

    anyong haseiyoh


    ohayo konichiwa konbanwa

    ur so otokomai
    im from japan

    watakushi wa anata or sarangha


  481. 481 : aya matsuyama Says:


    ur so very cute.. moshi2..



  482. 482 : lenny Says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ………….

  483. 483 : katleia Says:

    leave out all the rest & be with me!!:)

  484. 484 : TRI Says:


  485. 485 : nissa caca . Says:

    Hi …
    Kim sang bum .

    I love ur acting .
    But i dont like if u playboy . Hhehe:-P
    Just kidding .

    But ,
    You are so cute .
    I falling in love with u.
    Hahaha .
    Just Kidding again .
    Hhe .

    Do you have facebook ??

    I hope there bbf will new episode .

    Please , reply to my email .
    Ok .
    Dont forget !

    Chayo !


  486. 486 : La-la Says:

    Hi KIM BUM…
    how are you???
    i’m lala from INdoNesIa..


  487. 487 : chilli:)myanmar Says:

    hi kim bum

    i very like u r actingin BOY BEFORE FLOWERS



  488. 488 : Michele Says:

    Hi So Yi Jung or Kim Bum!!!(Hope, I spelled it right.) This is Michele from Philippines… I’m really falling while I’m watching your tv series Boys Before Flowers… You are really cute, handsome and had a great sex appeal.. Ohh..Im falling.. I really want to have a remembrance coming from you… wish I had a chance to have a picture with you.. hope you can visit here in the Philippines… Hope you will reply..

  489. 489 : christan caryll arcayan Says:

    hello Kim bum! i love your acting! i want to be an actress myself but it seems like i feel so far away from it. how did u do it? I’m Caryll from the Philippines. i hope to learn Korean. Maybe one day; I’ll try my luck there.right now i feel like laughing at myself…i also love to sing. thank you for inspiring me so much and I’ll continue supporting you.

  490. 490 : Ai-chan Says:

    Hi, Kim-Bum oppa.
    sorry I can’t speak Korean.
    I really like you in the first sight when I watching Boys Before Flowers.

    That’s really make a scene of me.

    Please reply me to my e-mail.

    nice to know you…

  491. 491 : LiNdA Says:

    helow KIM BUM sunbae….

    of all the f4 group , , ,
    you’re the one that i really like the most . . .hope that you can send me a message to my email . . [email protected]
    take good care of youreself. . .wish you all the best . . .

  492. 492 : cheara Says:

    Hi!there. I have no idea with your handsome face, it’s so cute. How can you take care about your face? Your face is as pretty as the girl’s face. But I like your face very much. Ha! I want to ask you a question: What is your favorite food from your native? Bye\(“>)

  493. 493 : Ai-chan Says:

    Hi, Kim Bum oppa….
    I’m Ai-chan too….
    please send the reply to my email
    I’ll be waiting….

  494. 494 : rose Says:

    i like you
    i hope you can come to indonesian with cast boys before flowers

  495. 495 : Patricia, Indonesia Says:

    Kim Bum saranghae!!!
    U r so handsome
    Happy birthday soon on July
    I will always be ur number 1 fan!
    When will u come to Indonesia
    Make a concert their in jakarta
    My email is [email protected]
    But I’m not a lollypop ok

  496. 496 : jasmine shalika Says:

    hi kim bum.
    i’m really a huge fan of you.. i love you sooo much,you’re so cute and handsome.. please come to indonesia.. i can’t wait to see you. xoxo 🙂

  497. 497 : merinda chun hyang Says:

    hi kim bum…………….
    you are so handsome baby…..
    pliz hug me….
    i’m very-very love you kim bum….
    so sweet and really-really good boy…

  498. 498 : sherilyn Says:

    hi KIM BUM!!!!

    this is Sheriyn from the Philippines,,I am one of your Million Fans here in our country..you show,,BOYS OVER FLOWERS is the number 1 and top rating tv show here…

    WE Hope that someday you and the whole cast of Boys ovr flowers will visit and have a concert here in the PHILIPPINES,,,,

    we will wait for all of you,,,thank you and TAke care alwayss..

    God Bless You..

  499. 499 : hany Says:

    Hi Kim Bum, my name is Hany from Indonesia
    Do you have facebook ? I want to be your friend 🙂

  500. 500 : I'in Says:

    when you come to Indonesia? we wait you, ok!!!…

  501. 501 : etik umayah Says:

    kim bum…….!
    my name is etik and i’m from iNdonesia.
    i like your acting so much.
    are you have a facebook!
    please, i need. coz i want to be your friend.
    you and kim so eun is a perfect couple!
    i hope you and her to be So_Eulmates 4rever………

  502. 502 : Emil hyuga Says:

    Hi . .
    Any0un9 hasEo_
    kim Bum,
    i’m froM ind0nesian,,whEn y0uR cAmE to ind0nEsian???
    I likeee U_

  503. 503 : kartika... Says:

    kim bum…
    my name is tika and from indonesia
    i like U……
    I like your acting so much….
    you are handsome

  504. 504 : Ismi rosyiana Says:

    Hi Kim Bum . .
    I’m from Indonesia ..
    Your serial ,Boys Before Flowers is playing here now . .
    You re so cute ,your acting is good ,,i love you ,

  505. 505 : Catherine Villanueva Says:

    wow! you are so cute! saranghamnida! mwah! mwah! mwah! i hope you and the other cast of Boys Over Flowers will come and visit the Philippines because you are very popular here.

  506. 506 : edith Says:

    hello kim im edith from cebu philippines i like the way you act and i hope you try to visit here and im always watching your movies anfd take care of your self always mwh

  507. 507 : ashwini Says:

    hi kim bum…
    im from india… orean drama and actor and actresses are quiet famous here in north eastern part of india. i saw ur drama, ” boys before flowers…” recently.u look really gud and handsome… anyway do kip on working. good luck.

  508. 508 : talitha Says:

    kim bum
    you verri verri handsome
    i like you so much

  509. 509 : farah Says:

    kim bum !
    u’r so handsome and cute boy ,
    i like you so much*

  510. 510 : putri Says:

    Kim Bum!!
    I love you very much!!
    Please come to Indonesia!!
    I’ll be waiting for you…

  511. 511 : GIGIN Says:

    aduuu… KIM BUM,, imut yyy//// tp sayang bukan dari INA .. kapn22 or sometimo coming at INDONESIA ( ciamis ) THIS BY ONE REGENCY IN MY… COUNTRY INDONE4SIA…. KIM BUM ??? kasep lah muaahhh///

  512. 512 : intan Says:

    Kim Bum,,,
    y0u aRe s0 cUte…
    i Like y0uR SmiLe… it’S s0 cUte
    c0me to INDONESIA pLeaSe,,,!!!

  513. 513 : luna haulier Says:

    that true, u’re cute….
    but u like a girl….
    n u’re smile is so glad…

  514. 514 : bianca Says:

    hi!!im bianca from philippines…

    kim bum,ur so cute
    ur like an angel,hehe


    can u vsit us here in philippines??!!
    coz ur movie “boys over flowers” is vry popular here in phlippines..

    do u hve any acc. in facebook?ym?

    coz i want 2 be ur frnd,plzz


  515. 515 : edith Says:

    hello girls im kim buns girlfreind so dont flirt around with him cuz his mind…all mind ahahahhahaha

  516. 516 : nangsmlp Says:

    hello, my prince kim bum,i’m from Myanmar. And me and my friends like u very much.So come and visit to Myanmar. i like u !!!!

  517. 517 : dian Says:

    kim bum……..
    i like your smile !!
    your so cute…..

  518. 518 : dian Says:

    kim bum…..!
    your so cute and i like your smile………
    can you visit in indonesia

  519. 519 : indah Says:

    u are very nice
    can i talking with u in email?

  520. 520 : kartika cutez Says:

    hiiii kim sang bum,, muach…
    kim bum !!!
    my name is kartika from indonesia,,and i`m your fans..

    please come to indonesia join to f4…

    I like your acting,,and i like your smile is very funny….
    i hope u can visit to indonesia,,ok..

  521. 521 : Hamam Pratama Says:

    hi kim bum………

    are you sure come to indonesia………..??????

  522. 522 : Hamam Pratama Says:

    are you sure come to indonesia,please.???????????????????

  523. 523 : jiandaaa_soeciiiiiii Says:

    hiiiiiii…………… kim song bum
    your are the best & so sweeet & you so cute banget
    & from indonesia oke !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  524. 524 : May Tan Saung Says:

    Hi Kim Bim
    I like your smile
    I live in myanmar
    pls response

  525. 525 : dee Says:

    hii kim bum,,,,

    i’m devi froM indonesia..
    I like U so mucH..

    especially when U act in BBF,,
    U’r so cute,,
    youR smiLe so sweeT,,so simple but it can make everybody fall in love with U..

    when will U come to indonesia??
    by the way, do U have face book???

    last word from me..
    “kim bum oppa saranghaeyo”

    thank U..
    niCe to know U…

  526. 526 : Cherly Says:

    Hy Kim Bum……….
    my name is Cherly from indonesia
    i’m so like with your act. i hope,your film can play again in Indonesia
    i hope you add my face book
    [email protected]
    aku cinta kamu ………….
    dan maaf kalo bahasaku amburadul
    (i sure u don’t understand with my Language)

  527. 527 : cyrene Says:

    i love U Kim bUm!!!

  528. 528 : poetri amira Says:

    hii.. kim sang bum
    i like you
    you are so sweet
    when are you going to INDONESIA

  529. 529 : poetri amira Says:

    hii.. kim sang bum
    i like you
    you are so sweet
    when are you going to INDONESIA?????????????????????

  530. 530 : fahrina nahdhiyah Says:

    halllllooooooooooooo sunbae kim bum

    you are handsome. And I like your acting much

    please,when are you going to INDONESIA ??here,fans you is much

  531. 531 : fahrina nahdhiyah Says:

    halllllooooooooooooo sunbae kim bum

    you are handsome. And I like your acting much

    please,when are you going to INDONESIA ??here,your fans is much

  532. 532 : iin Says:

    hay kim sang bum you very handsome…
    when yo to visit in INDONESIA? because we LOVE YOU…

  533. 533 : deLaa Says:

    Kim Bum……….. i like you acting in boys before flowers……… when you come to in Indonesia?????????

  534. 534 : randy fauzia ikhsandi Says:

    hi….Kim Beom…..how are you to day?I’M very like you coz you very CUTE,GOOD LOOKING and HANDSOME. hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe

  535. 535 : anthie Says:

    kiiimm booeemm you very very very handsome,,,,

    i like you ……

    i hope you come in jakarta

    love you………………

  536. 536 : caca Says:

    you very handsome and cute
    when you come to Indonesia?


  537. 537 : diah Says:

    kim bum……………………………I’m from INDONESIA>>>>>
    I like you forever…………..and I’m happy can know you……
    we wait you come to INDONESIA……….

  538. 538 : Rico Says:

    i’am Rico..
    where do you life.?
    now iam going to korea..

  539. 539 : Rico Says:

    i’am from indonesia..
    call me please my number is..

  540. 540 : Ella Says:

    Kim Bum
    I’m one of your fans from Indonesian.
    Your acting is good….!
    Good luck!

  541. 541 : puji Says:

    kim bum..
    u got me.. hahhhhh…
    so cute u re dude

  542. 542 : Sheilah Marie Turbila Says:

    . . you know what,you’re so cute!!!!!! ever !!!!!!
    . . i’m your fan from the philippines…… hope i can meet you in personal…..

  543. 543 : megha Says:

    Hiii……… kim bum?
    my name is megha & i’m from INDONESIA.
    when your came to indonesia????
    I LOVE U……._

  544. 544 : megha Says:

    hii……….. kim bum???
    my name is megha & i;m from INDONESIA.
    so when u came to indonesia???
    I LOVE U_

  545. 545 : RheNeE Says:

    kim bum your so cute…
    i like u so muchhhhhhhhhh…………

    muahchh ,, muachh ,, muachh ,,, 🙂

  546. 546 : udontknowme Says:

    I LAB U! ^-*

  547. 547 : mrsronaldo Says:

    wazzup bro…ur birtday r coming soon..so happy birthday…
    be a cool guy..
    ur smile…huh..
    not juz me but my little cattle like it too..

  548. 548 : emel Says:

    i love kim bum
    and i miss you



    very muuuuuuuucccch!!!
    KIM sang BUM luv U

  549. 549 : Teeta Says:

    Kim Bum so Handsome….

    I LOVE YOU !!!!

  550. 550 : Ana Says:


    My name is Ana,,i’m from indonesia…

    i just wanna say : you’re so cute…

  551. 551 : phiek wie Says:


    nice to meet you…

    Jesus loves you

  552. 552 : kimzhel Says:

    ur so cute and hansome..
    u make me smile when u r smiling…☻
    i got a crush on u..

  553. 553 : cristy kristine Says:

    hi um………..
    wow your relly cute
    in the movie hana yori dango/boys over flowers
    Take care

  554. 554 : dymple Says:


  555. 555 : praska Says:

    hi . . , ! ! ?

    how are you ? ? ?

  556. 556 : dyaz says Says:

    how r u??
    i think you very-very CUTE!
    okay,,succsess about your job!

  557. 557 : arizza elyn Says:

    .. hi kim bum..

    .. i really idolize you ..

    .. you’re really have a good-looking image,,

    .. aja !! keep up the good work..

    .. take care ..

  558. 558 : lovely Says:


    your so cute

  559. 559 : nelly lynn Says:

    hi! anyong aseyo….
    Take care & good luck for u always!!!

  560. 560 : nelly lynn Says:

    nice to know u!
    take care & good luck 4 u always…

  561. 561 : dhuxthine Says:

    hi ..
    laV u oL .

  562. 562 : eliza ann Says:

    hi kim bum

    i love you

  563. 563 : lidya Says:

    hi…kim bum ?

    how are you ?

    when BBF come to Indonesia ..
    we are waiting you…

  564. 564 : jenilyn Says:

    …,,,,,hello,,,…kim …how are,…and nice to meet you…,.,. and happy b-day ,,..we love you,,..

  565. 565 : lyka Says:

    hi!!!kim bum i’m lyka one of your avid fan…you know you’re so cute….
    hope more blessings to come and also in your lovelife..
    i love you guys and keep up the good work!!

  566. 566 : lyka Says:

    kim bum ur the best…
    i already love you but i know i cannot reach you cozzzz..
    ur an actor……..
    take care with ur work and always step ur feet on the ground……
    love you1!!

  567. 567 : valerie Says:

    you are very very cute’n handsome.

  568. 568 : switha soberz ferguson Says:

    your smile is like the whispers of the wind that whisk you away to a far far dreamy land ruled by no law and no boundary to forge!

  569. 569 : minory Says:

    hy kim bum..

    you are the best…
    get bless you..
    love you kim bum..

  570. 570 : minory Says:

    hy kim bum..

    you are the best…
    get blezz you..

  571. 571 : Qing qing Says:

    Allow… Kim Bum…
    Nice to meet u…
    I’m Indonesian and live in Pontianak City….
    I wish u will visit Indonesia especially Pontianak.

  572. 572 : lauren Says:

    hi kim bum…
    i hope meet u soon…

    u’re very cute!!!

    luv u…^.^

  573. 573 : tami Says:

    hellow mr.kim sang bum i love you iam very fan you,why you handsome?

  574. 574 : kim taee mee Says:

    i love you all

  575. 575 : ida Says:

    you are so Cute. .
    I LOve You KimbuM…

  576. 576 : nathalie Says:

    hi mr.kim bum! im really a fan of you i hope to see you soon.please visit us here in the phillipines, we are a fan of you.god bless.

  577. 577 : nizha Says:

    kim bum…..
    i love you……
    you is the best…..

  578. 578 : hazel Says:


    ..marRy me!!marRy me! I teLl y0u , y0u w0n’t regret..y0u miGht f0rget y0ur name oNce you meet me.haha.kidding asidE im lo0kng f0rward t0 seE perSoNaLly.im a huge fan of y0urS.

  579. 579 : hazel Says:

    I simply like your smile.. It makes me fEeL c0mpLete.

  580. 580 : zals Says:

    I’m big fan of u!
    I’m very happy because your drama can be play in my country,Indonesia!
    Nice to know u!

  581. 581 : ana Says:

    anyo..advance happy birthday..love you,muuahh,i like and love thev way you smile..

  582. 582 : kuntum Says:

    hi . .
    I like your hair in boys beFore flowerS . .

    KiM sang bum . .
    I’m froM indonesia. .
    MiSs for your smile 😀
    hoPe u meEt me soMeday. .
    May be . .
    I shiteru . .

  583. 583 : kuntum Says:

    july 7th . .
    Its your birthday. .

    haPpy biRthday to u. . .3x
    hapPy birthday, oppa 😀

    :: hope u always find
    :: hope u visit InDoNesia
    :: hope u sucCses in entertain and in your stUdy

    GOD bless u, muMuAaCH . .
    Just kidD for “mumuaAch”. .
    Sory, i says that becAuse i cAn’t oNline at July 7th . . BeFor 7th. .
    ThaNx kiM sang bum sunbAe . .

  584. 584 : diyan elisabeth Says:

    u are so gentle…
    what u want girl like Jan Di or like Ga Eul????
    I think u like Joon Pyo Sister’s, she is beauthy.
    God Bless U

  585. 585 : april Says:

    aDvAnCe hApPy BiRtHdAy……I hOpE u CaN ViSiT pHilIppInEss!!!!!..especially here in Baguio..There are so many koreans here…ure so handsome!!!

  586. 586 : een Says:

    HaPpy B”Day To U kim Bum

    I aisheteru


    n please become my friends ??????

    lup u always ^_^

  587. 587 : dian wijayanti Says:

    kim bum…….
    why…? your smile make me can’t thinking

  588. 588 : bloom Says:


  589. 589 : bloom Says:

    hi!!!!1ellow mwning!!!!!

  590. 590 : khevin Says:

    kim bum hapi birthday…..love you…
    i’m your fan i hope you like it…

  591. 591 : dwity amel risma Says:

    happy turning 20th !
    wish all the best !

    we hope you will come to indonesia !

    kamsahamnida !

  592. 592 : retta Says:

    you so handsome
    i like your smile
    ooooooooooo KIM BUM

  593. 593 : retta Says:

    Happy br’day to KIM BUM

  594. 594 : kAtARA Says:

    hI KIM…
    Happy B’day to you…
    I can’t online at july 7th.So I ask now…

    I hopa you always succes

  595. 595 : rika chan Says:

    Kim bum!!!!
    happy bday 4 u..
    hope all ur wishes will come true..

  596. 596 : VURRINDA AYU KARTIKA Says:

    Happy Birthday, Kim Bum!! Many happy returns, obedient to parents, his production improved, his career sucses. May my prayer be granted by the lord.

    When you stopped over to Indonesia? Many Indonesians liked you, because you were handsome and cute. Don’t forget to drop by at the central javan capital, Semarang! OK

  597. 597 : Rosalia Says:

    Hi kimbum!!
    Happy birthday to u,, wish u aLL the best,,
    I and my sister, her name is tasya very like u.. And of course very like BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS..

    Rosa nd tasya
    In ind0nesia..

  598. 598 : Nina Says:

    hapPy birthday,,,!!!
    i wish you always luck,,,

  599. 599 : Zachi Says:

    HAPPY B’DAY for u… Kim bum.. Mmuaah.. HOPE you have shining live and bright live, Never fall to the Dark world… Happy B’day for 2nd time… Dear.. My heart will shining with your Smile.. So still smile.. For every one love you.. On Indonesia and every where… BIG LOVE, BIG SARANGHAE FOR YOU… Kim bum.. Kim bum..

  600. 600 : nAdYa iN iNdOnEsIa Says:

    hAppY B’dAy KiM bUm……………!
    I vErY VeRy HoPe yOu CoMe To JaKaRtA iN iNdOnEsIa….pLiZZZZZZZZZZZ
    mAnY yOuR FaNs HeRe, iNcLuDeD mE…..
    i LoVe u 4eVeR…

  601. 601 : Tia chintia Says:

    HapPy b’day..
    ì’m verRy Like U
    Always HapPy
    MmmUuuaAccch !!
    Pliz 0pen my FS
    I’m fans of u..※

  602. 602 : krizza mae Says:

    happy birthday kim sang bum.more birthdays to come.pls. open my FS ’cause u are my background..i love you.

  603. 603 : lidya Says:

    happy birthday BumBum…

    happy birthday BumBum…

    happy birthday , happy birthday ….

    happyyyy birrrtthhday BuuumBummmm !


    sorry,because BumBum’s name is a good name…

  604. 604 : Sofie Says:

    HaPPy biRthday kim sang bum . . .wish u all d’best,

    I’m very very like u . .
    Because y0u’re so cute . .and Hands0me . .
    I like u in BBF . .

    add my facebook please..
    Thx b4, love u so much..:-D

    Your fans,

  605. 605 : Brittz* Says:

    happy birthhday.
    i loveee you kim bum.

  606. 606 : Dita Nurjanah Says:

    happy birthday kimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm boemmmmmmmmmmm

  607. 607 : noval setiadi Says:

    Hi, Kim Bum…




  608. 608 : fransiska Says:

    happy birthday kim bum !!!
    wish u all the best !!!

    i hope u always succes in your career !
    Jesus Bless U …

  609. 609 : irha 'doank' Says:

    happy birthday to u…
    luv u

  610. 610 : Ezzaty Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!..i like you very much..u r so cute n handsome..mmmuuuuaaahhh…i wish u all the best..

  611. 611 : eclipz Says:

    Happy Birthday!!
    Luv yahh..!!

  612. 612 : dany Says:

    happy birthday to you….
    happy birthday to you….
    happy birthday…happy birthday…
    happy birthday to you….

    i wanna say happy birthday Kim Sang Bum….
    wish you will be more success n long life…
    wish you all the best…^^

  613. 613 : cristy and kristine Says:

    happy birthday i hope you can come to phillipines youll really like it here and please open my fs ill always support you

  614. 614 : Zalfa^^kim Says:

    HaPpY biRthdaY…KIM SANG BUM.
    yoU know…???i like you very much,,and i one of many people which fans….so fans with you.
    i hope you understand me…
    make a wish,, KIM sunbae….^_^
    please,,please,,please reply my comment……!!
    ouh…don’t forget..open and additing my facebook.
    once more……. :
    H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y ,,,K I M S U N B A E

    From : Zalfa Khoirunnisa

  615. 615 : zalfa khoirunnisa Says:

    H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y,,,,,,K I M S U N B A E
    I LIKE YOU SO MUCH,,,,……….

    MAKE A WISH……..^_^

    >> zalfa khoirunnisa
    thanks before..

  616. 616 : Zalfa^^kim Says:

    when you come to INDONESIA…???

  617. 617 : Zalfa^^kim Says:

    when you come to INDONESIA…???



  618. 618 : FrEda dYaH Says:

    HapPy b’daY….

  619. 619 : putri Says:

    hAppY biRtH DaY KiM SaNg bOeM. . . . . I LoOoOoOVVVVVVee yOu!!!!!

  620. 620 : eLLsa_ecA Says:

    happy birthday…
    don’t forget to give thanks to your god…

    i hope you’re always get succes…
    and never give up ok…

    i like you so much..
    Love you ..

  621. 621 : Ressa Thompson Says:






  622. 622 : filla Says:

    happy bIrThDay SAnG boEm…. LoOOoOOooOVvvvvVVeEEeEeEe YyyyyOOOOuuU So MuCh. . . . .!!!!!

  623. 623 : jeane summer Says:

    heyah.. hope you see my post.. happy birthday to you.. more birthdays to come… more shows in future.. wish you all the best.. keep being humble. rock like there is no tommorrow.. you are my rockstar.. kim bum.. bye bye..!! 🙂

  624. 624 : imel Says:

    kim bunnn. 😀

    selamat ultah beyboh.
    sumaph ini orang bikin aku tergila gila. hha.

    fb : melia eka wardhani

  625. 625 : Anonymous Says:

    YuhbAseiy0. . .Any0enghAisey0,,OVI shiMniDa! ! ! Kim bUm 0pPa,,hapPy biRthday! ! I h0pe u cAn always hapPinesS,healty,m0re haNs0me n cUtez! I lv u vE. .EerRy mUch. .

  626. 626 : VîrØ ^^, Says:

    YuhbAseiy0. . . .Any0enGhaisey0,,0vi shiMniDa! KiM bUM oPpa hApPY b’DAY! SaRAnGhaEy0. . . .MmMuUaAcH!

  627. 627 : elin Says:

    happy b’day kim boom,,
    u r so cute,,
    i love your smile,,

  628. 628 : citra Says:

    happy birthday kim bum
    wish you all the best 🙂

  629. 629 : NSha Says:

    Annyo KIM BEOM~
    Saeng il chu ka d ryeo yo KIM BEOM!!! =)
    Hope u success in evrything u do n i wish u with SoEun are meant tgt one dayy… =D Bbasyyahh SoEul Couple!

  630. 630 : nissa caca ,, Says:

    heyy ..

    happy birthday kim bum
    always succes ……………


  631. 631 : Happy b'day to u .. Happy b'day to u .. Im Lisa u're fans in Ind0nesia .. Would u c0me to ind0nesia so that i can meet u .. I just want to say happy sweet 20 years .. I h0pe u can always be rising in entertainment, always get healty and bless from u' Says:

    Happy birthday to kim bum sunbae

  632. 632 : nes Says:

    happy B’day…
    always be the best
    hope u always have good things in ur live…
    always cute,
    always …………………………………….
    be ur self

  633. 633 : Happy b'day to u .. Happy b'day to u .. Im Lisa u're fans in Ind0nesia .. Would u c0me to ind0nesia so that i can meet u .. I just want to say happy sweet 20 years .. I h0pe u can always be rising in entertainment, always get healty and bless from u' Says:

    Happy b’day to u ..
    Happy b’day to u ..
    Hi, im Lisa u’re fans in Indonesia.
    Would u come to indonesia ?
    So that i can meet u ..
    I just want to say happy b’day to u.
    Happy sweet 20 years.
    I hope u can always be rising in entertainment, always get healty, and always get bless from u’re God.
    Hope the best for u.
    I really, really love u ..
    Kim bum sunbae, sarangeyo,,
    May God always bless u ..

    Cai cien ..

  634. 634 : Liez luph kim bum sunbae Says:

    Happy b’day to u ..
    Happy b’day to u ..
    Hi, im Lisa u’re fans in Indonesia.
    Would u come to indonesia ?
    So that i can meet u ..
    I just want to say happy b’day to u.
    Happy sweet 20 years.
    I hope u can always be rising in entertainment, always get healty, and always get bless from u’re God.
    Hope the best for u.
    I really, really love u ..
    Kim bum sunbae, sarangeyo,,
    May God always bless u ..


  635. 635 : R.Cindy Says:

    huiii…….. kim bum i’m cindy ,i’m from bAli-inDonesian .Happy birThay kim bum .I hope you happy, health and God Bless U forEvEr. AMEN

  636. 636 : putri almira Says:

    happy birthday to u

    happy birthday to u

    sunbae kimbum

    always success ?????

    so cute,so sweet!!!!!!!!!,

  637. 637 : bea Says:

    happy b’day:D
    wish you always be a nice man,,
    and more sucessful

  638. 638 : feibi walintukan Says:

    happy b`day…….
    wish u all the best….

    hi,,, i`m feibi u`re fans in indonesia
    i`m very like u because u`re so cute `n handsome

    God Bless u,, always

  639. 639 : BeLLz Says:

    Appy b’day 2 u ..
    Appy b’day 2 u ..
    Im beLa froM ind0nesia ..
    I want to say happy b’day 20 years for u ..
    I h0pe u always healt, bless, and stilL cute and handsome ..

    Kim bum sunbae, i Luph u vry much ..

  640. 640 : Dhita Deviacita Zelch Says:

    Happy birthdays to you Kim Sang Bum in 20th..
    Always health, succes in Career and Study, still Cute, Sweet, handsome..
    I love love love you Kim Bum a lot, Wish u all the best.. And i hope God bless you always..
    Im your fans from Indonesia..
    By : Dhita Deviacita Zelch..
    Please visite my Facebook in :
    [email protected]
    thank you so much Kim Bum..
    I Love You.. Muaaacchhh!!

  641. 641 : Patricia, Indonesia! bandung Says:

    Kim Bum happy birthday! Hv a nice 20! I luv u! I’m ur fan from Indonesia!
    Wish u all the best n also god bless u! Maybe I will not give u present but I will pray for u!
    Also Ur friend Kim So Eun she knows me! I hv been sending her from myspace!
    I also send to ur myspace! My email is [email protected]
    Indonesia is waiting for u to come here!
    Please come to jakarta in indonesia the capital city of indonesia n bandung the capital city of the province!
    We hv a beautiful country here! May god bless u n also I will pray for u!
    Keep healthy n living with ur handsome face! Hehehe
    Also don’t forgot all of ur fan
    Luv u,
    Kamsahamida sunbae kim bum!!!

    From: Patricia
    To: Kim Bum

  642. 642 : agni Says:

    hi kim………………………………………………………………………………
    my name is agni.
    how are you? oh ya kim
    happy birthday 20 years.
    i hope your dreams will welcome true….
    keszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !!!!!

  643. 643 : d'pu3 lavita Says:

    happy birthday kim bum……………..


    we hope you can holiday in my country(INDONESIA)

  644. 644 : agni Says:

    oh ya kim………..


  645. 645 : agni Says:

    i’m very…………………………………………….
    like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    he he he

  646. 646 : agni Says:


  647. 647 : monic Says:

    hi…kim bum…..
    happy b’day….
    i’m very like u……
    i hope you always happpY….
    who is your girl friend….????
    you’re so cute and handsome…..

    do you like me…?????
    heheh just kidding……

    i love u…….


  648. 648 : emy Says:

    hiiii,,,, kim bum my name emy from indonesia happy birthday ………………………………….GOOD LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  649. 649 : chetanz Says:


    i just want to say happy birthday for you….

    i hope you become…
    succes actor and your live always make of a people happy if they in besida you…

    god bless you, kim bum.,…

  650. 650 : faith Says:

    saeng il chu ka deu rim ni da!^_^

    more HAPPINESS and more LOVE:D
    keep safe:)

    hugs and kisses,

  651. 651 : lovely Says:

    hi. kim bum
    happy birthday
    your so handsome you know
    i like you

  652. 652 : putri Says:

    happy birthday kim bum!!

    i hope,,
    u can celebrate u’re birthday in indonesia!! ^^

    keep smiling kim bum!!

  653. 653 : Fraulein14 Says:

    축 생일 연장자. 당신에게 최상을 바라십시오 ^0^
    Happy birthday. . :]

  654. 654 : bianca Says:

    happy birthday kim bum…
    wish you all the best…
    sarang hamida…

  655. 655 : Via Says:

    Have a nice bday to..
    Evryone whose bday is on 7th of july including u..

  656. 656 : aya! Says:

    anyong haseiyoh


    hapy2 bday

    iwish u all dah best

    and succes 2 ur career

    i hope u
    more bdays 2 come
    2 ur life

    and i fnd u

    in korea hahaaha

    4 ur invitation 4 mee
    im kidding

    again apee bday

    i wish 2 ur hapee 2day
    coz ur bday..


    tke cre always

    im so hapy 4 u!

    kim bum

    dnt forgot me hahahah


    hapy 20th bday


    zaranghe or


    or in tgalog

    mhal kta

    mhal n mhl ktah



  657. 657 : aya! Says:

    hapee bday



  658. 658 : Lauphi say Says:

    Happy birtday kim bum

    wiZz u aLL dE beZt

  659. 659 : mifa Says:

    happy birthday kim bum…..
    i hope u always happy in your life…
    i am very love u….
    i like uuu
    when u visit indonesia????
    i hope u read this massage,,,

  660. 660 : juli Says:

    i love uuu
    happy birthday…
    i want to give u a special gift but i cant….
    u so far away…
    when u visit indonesia????
    i like uuu

  661. 661 : Karin AmeLda Says:

    hi kim kun..
    i never love someone like you before..
    you got the most killer smile i saw ever..
    I have a secret I want to tell you..
    Can I?
    But..noy here..
    can i have your Email?
    this is my Email:
    [email protected]
    i hope You reply

  662. 662 : Karin AmeLda Says:

    happy birthday Dear..
    love ya

  663. 663 : Candy Says:

    saengil chukha hamnida kim bum!!! 😀

    wishing you good health, happiness and more success!!


  664. 664 : Kenji Says:

    Happy B’Day Kim Bum!
    Come visit Indonesia…
    May God bless U always!
    I’m a big fan of you!

  665. 665 : Kenji Says:

    Happy B’Day Kim Bum!
    Come visit Indonesia..
    May God bless u always!
    Can I have your e-mail?

  666. 666 : aureoLa Says:

    haPpy bitrHday, kiM bum . . .

    god bLess yOu . . .

    Love you foreVer . . .

  667. 667 : aureoLa Says:

    sarange . . .

    Are you realLy felL something Love with kim so Eun ? ? ?

  668. 668 : tee Says:

    happy birthday, kim bum

  669. 669 : Nurul Says:

    Happy B-Day Kim…

    Wish U ALL THE BEST Forever

  670. 670 : april Says:

    hApPy2x birthDaY!!!!!!!! . . . more b-days ro come…i hope you can visit Philippines…..Love yaAaHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhh!!!////

  671. 671 : jacquilyn Says:

    makawala og gutom

  672. 672 : juvy Says:

    …. 1 year na rin tayong hindi nagkikita ahhhh..
    musta ka na, miss na miss na kita,… san ka ba?, kita ulit tayo, doon sa over pass, alala mo yun..? libre ka naman ha…

  673. 673 : Gladys Says:

    Hy…kim bum,,

    happy b’day….wish u all the best!!!

    i hope u happy always…..

    god bless 4ever…..!!!

    do the best, good, and so Lucky handsome….Oc(“.)

  674. 674 : agni Says:

    please don’t forget ME!!!!

  675. 675 : agni Says:


  676. 676 : anthiie Says:

    kiiimmm boeem HAPPY B’DAY

    You so handsome

    i very love you ……

    i like you ………..

    i hope you coming in Jakarta


  677. 677 : lydiia Says:

    KIM BUM ,,
    happy b’day .

  678. 678 : shlene anvas Says:

    hai kim sang bum…
    belated happy birthday to you!!!!!
    hope you will come in the philippines!!!!
    please grant our wish!!!

  679. 679 : Dea Says:

    Kim bum happy birthday your birthday is same with me hihi i love you,your eyes make me melting haha

  680. 680 : s Says:

    happy birthday
    wish u all the best

  681. 681 : sophie Says:

    kim bum you are the most handsome in the world I’ever seen..

  682. 682 : suncel m. alquizar. Says:

    front color=
    ;’;’;’;’;’;”;’;’ anyongiseyo, kim bum,,, and belated happy happy b-day to u.’.’.’.’ and i wish that u could come here in the philippines…………………. you are so handsome and cute;’;’;’;’;’;”;

  683. 683 : anis Says:

    Happy bIrthday
    wish u all the best !!
    God bless u!

  684. 684 : arinda Says:

    happy bday,, i hope u succses and god bless u 4ever..i love u full . . . . .

  685. 685 : shintia Says:

    yeobaseo !!!
    annyeong haseyo, kim bum oppa ? ?
    happy birthday . . !

  686. 686 : m_c_n Says:

    kim beom’s eyes are very attractive!

  687. 687 : diana_bum (n_n) Says:

    * seng-il chooka hamnida~~~~~~~~~~

    * seng-il chooka hamnida~~~~~~~~~~

    * saranghanun kimbum oppa………

    SENG-IL CHOOKA HAMNIDA. . . . . . . . . ^,~


    wishing u can be a profesional actor, more success, good health, and happiness

    Wish u all d` best oppa
    May God bless u

    Kimbum,, miss u always here ^_^

  688. 688 : shariz a. cantiga Says:

    ang gwapo mo !!!!!!!! you make me crazier …………

  689. 689 : shariz a. cantiga Says:

    uxtah po !!!! fan mo po aq an pogi mo kzi eh !!!!!

  690. 690 : stella Says:

    Kim bum….
    Happy birthday…
    Wish you all the best….
    Love you!!!!!!!!
    Reply my mail please…

  691. 691 : asela Says:

    cute m tlga……………………………………………………………………………………………

  692. 692 : asela Says:

    belated hapi b-day
    wish ol d best

  693. 693 : asela Says:

    ……………………………………………………………………………………………………..reply poh

  694. 694 : Lille Says:

    happy belated bday yay we are the same age

  695. 695 : nana Says:

    happy b’day kim bum

    we love u

  696. 696 : feren nurhidayati Says:

    hi kim bum

  697. 697 : feren nurhidayati Says:

    hi kim bum happy birthday ya you is cute i like you i love you

  698. 698 : ris uli Says:

    hy kim bum…
    how are you? i’m from Indonesia,,, i like your acting in BBF…
    you are cute,,
    oh y,, are you like so eun.?
    i hope you like her and she does…hehe
    when do you come to Indonesia? if you come tell me. oc..?
    god bless you.

  699. 699 : lisna Says:

    great act for you!
    when u have time to holiday
    let u make fun and visit bali indonesia, with BBF crew of course.
    it’s great place to keep your smile..
    so I just wanna say
    draw your story along the sky. To reach it, sometimes leave your comfort zone. Then, you’ll now what is different and what is usuall..
    make your sky always blue kim bum..

  700. 700 : michelle Says:

    hello kim……belated happy birthday…..

  701. 701 : michelle Says:

    dont forget to visit in the philippines……………..

  702. 702 : nur hayati Says:

    i love u very much. visit to indonesian please………

  703. 703 : Nurul Hasanah Says:

    Hai Kim Bum!

    I’m from indonesia!

    I mizz U!

    I very like your acting in boys before flower!

    I love U so much!

  704. 704 : nobody Says:

    I know u’re very busy…,but please to reply your other fans comments!!!
    all your fans have wait 4 u to reply their comments.
    hope u understand others feeling…

  705. 705 : bubu_chacha Says:

    you are so cute…

    keep with your smile..

    love u..^-^

  706. 706 : lidya Says:

    liat kalian semua di TV/internet ja udh seneng bgt apalagi kalo ktmu ma kalian semua…. ! but, it’s impossible…

  707. 707 : Wita Says:

    Happy B’day Kim Bum..

    Wish all the best 4 You..

  708. 708 : dinar Says:

    HI KIM BUM…………….?


  709. 709 : zahra Says:

    happy b,day Kim Bum.

    I love you so much.

    I love your acting,your smile,your style and over all you.

    i know you’re very busy,but please reply my comment.


  710. 710 : ikko Says:

    hummm ,
    kim bum .
    I’m so in love with you !!


  711. 711 : d'she Says:

    kim bum……………..
    happy birthday 2 u…………………
    i hope u always healthy n long age……………

  712. 712 : lima kuma Says:

    hai my love kim bum,
    hehe, how are you? your so cute just like me.
    we are really meant for each other!!!!!!
    Love you kim bum!!!!!!!!!!! walang kokontra! hahaahahha

  713. 713 : suci Says:

    Hi Kim bUm,,,haPpy birThday To yOu,,cOrry i’m Late….”,,I VerY2 loVe anD likE yOu So Much..”,,

  714. 714 : doi Says:

    happy b’day……

  715. 715 : ira Says:

    hi kim bum,
    happy brithday
    sorry I am late say for you…
    i just want say,I love you so much
    i hope you always success
    visit to indonesian please!!!!

  716. 716 : joan Says:

    kim bum is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i really love u so much…………

  717. 717 : camille r. del pilar Says:

    happy birthday kim bum iloveu so much i proud to you boys over flower refly your other fans comments imiss u kim bum camille is a private school camille is a beuatifull gwapo u mwa……………………………………………………………………………………

  718. 718 : winda Says:


    kim bum.. u are so cute..hehe

  719. 719 : novi Says:

    kimbum met ultah yatmbh ckep ja loh

  720. 720 : novi Says:

    met ultah jaya

  721. 721 : novi Says:

    met ultah ja yA

  722. 722 : tiaa Says:

    kim bumm…
    u are so cutee..
    i like u vey much..
    especially your smilee..hoho
    so sweettt….=)
    pliz visit us in indonesiaa..okay sunbeii?hehe

  723. 723 : anik Says:

    kim bum kamu memang cocok main sinetron jadi pacarnya Kim so eun!!!
    i from indonesia!!!
    i miss you. . .
    kapan kamu berkunjung ke indonesia???
    aku tunggu yea. . . . . . .

  724. 724 : agni Says:

    i hope you will become my friend and i hope some day we will meet

  725. 725 : mhel Says:

    ….hai kim bum….i hope dat someday u will be part of my friends……

  726. 726 : frances Says:

    hai you are sosososo cute love you much take care olwayzzz

  727. 727 : JC Says:

    Hello! Kim Bum ! . . . you’re so cute . . you have the sweetest smile in the world!!!!! hope i can see you personally someday. . . .

  728. 728 : lenny Says:

    hy……….KIM BUM! I’M FROM Indonesia I LOVE YOU!^_^

  729. 729 : myko Says:

    Hi kim bum…im your greatest fan..i cnt resist u ..evrytym i watch ur korean novela ur the only one that i want to see…heheheheheeh love you…muuuuuahhhhhh take care olways

  730. 730 : dewi.... Says:

    hye…………….kim sang bum…..
    i’m from indonesia……….

    come to indonesia please……
    and F4 KOREA please come to indonesia…….

    i very like your acting in boys before flowers and you very” cute

    gahamsanida…thank’s you

  731. 731 : chyntia dwi yan Says:



    PLEASE,IN READING!!!!!!!!!!????!??!??!’!?!??!

  732. 732 : venise Says:

    hi kim bum. happy birthday.:]]
    im dying to see you.
    you are so cute. esp when you’re smiling.
    take care:]]

  733. 733 : ran Says:

    happy birthday!

  734. 734 : karina Says:

    I LOVE YOU so much……!!! you’re the best actor and you’re smile very cute

  735. 735 : kimcams Says:

    KIM SANG BUM is so HOTTTT! Flaming! I just wish he could come to the Philippines (partucularly Naga City) ILOVEYOU!

  736. 736 : asyifa rahmaliany Says:

    kim bum you very very sweet,handsome/andcute


  737. 737 : lyka Says:

    hi! kim bum i’m lyka……
    ur future girlfriend……that’s only a joke….
    u know i’m so very inlove with you……
    ur so cute and cool.
    i know that u r so a busy person but i hope that you can read my message..
    i always watch boys over flowers..
    i have so many pics….of yours….

  738. 738 : andreane Says:

    wow….you are very…………………………………………………………………………….cute. your smile make so crazy. i wait your come in INDONESIA with F4!!! 🙂

  739. 739 : AKIKO JESSICA Says:

    KIM BUM……

  740. 740 : cutie Says:

    anG cutttttttttte talaga Nya GRABE!!!!!!

  741. 741 : ayong Says:

    happy birthday……..(sorry too late)

  742. 742 : ihatekimbum Says:

    KIM BUM>>>>>>>
    UR SO………

    ugly ugly uglyugly ugly ugly ugly
    ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly
    ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly
    ugly ugly ugly uglyugly ugly ugly
    ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly
    uglyugly uglyugly uglyugly ugly

    Others just still dnt know ur atuttude….

  743. 743 : [email protected] Says:

    hi? korean

  744. 744 : janine desphy Says:

    hi kim bum i luv so much as

  745. 745 : friska love kim bum Says:

    kim bum oppa…

    sarang hae…

    please come to indonesia..

    oh yeah..

    i hope you and kim so eun is really come to a couple…

    and the very important…

    and happy birthday to you
    (sorry too late)
    wishing u all the best..

    with love: friska love kim bum 😀

  746. 746 : dila n nia Says:

    ya ampyuuun mbummm kamu cute bgt bgt bgt bgt bgt bgt ,,,,
    kaapan dunkzzz ke indonesiaaa.,,,,,
    when yoou come to indonesia kim bum ?????
    we are misss you so much,,,,,

  747. 747 : lila Says:

    happy b’day(sorry, it’s too late)
    I’m happy you and kim so eun is a couple.
    u’re handsome n’ she’s beautiful
    keep u’re relationship

  748. 748 : kiim boem lovers.. Says:

    kiim boom ……..

    you very handsome….
    i like you ………..
    i love you !!!!!

    i hope you comming in jakarta……..

  749. 749 : amber Says:

    u r so cute la

  750. 750 : siti cunuy Says:

    saranghae… kim bum ,,,….

  751. 751 : dezty Says:

    SO CUTE…………………!!!!!!!!

  752. 752 : shaneth Says:

    ……ag CUTE mo tlga….sana asawa kita….hehehehehehehehe……
    i hpe mkta kta in person….
    mkis kta kht sa chicks lang…….
    ILOVE YOU… fun mo kme ni tina……

  753. 753 : alesi marian s. austria Says:

    ..i super duper love KIm Bum as in to the highest level..muaahh!!

  754. 754 : ummah Says:

    you are very sweet KIM SANG BUM…
    I LIKE YOU …
    i’m so very2 love you ….
    I WANT TO visit myouy country in indonesia … please …
    if you not busy …
    I LOVE YOU 🙂

  755. 755 : ummah Says:

    i love you … always and forever ….
    i love you … always and forever ….
    i love you … always and forever ….
    i love you … always and forever ….
    i love you … always and forever ….
    i love you … always and forever ….
    i love you … always and forever ….
    i love you … always and forever ….
    i love you … always and forever ….
    i love you … always and forever ….
    i love you … always and forever ….

  756. 756 : vany and dewi Says:

    hii kim bum …….

    me and my friend’s …very like to you
    we hope you come to contry indonesia
    we very,very fans to you…….
    because ,your style very good ,cute and handsome

    we wait.. you at indonesia

  757. 757 : udci bbfLovers Says:


  758. 758 : jumar balasabas Says:

    hellow to you

  759. 759 : jhoanna Says:

    you are so a great actor especially in the tv series boys over flower.
    i hope you and other cast of boys over flower will visit our country.Philippines……thanks

  760. 760 : Winnie Rae Says:

    Dear Kim Bum , enjoy watching you acting in East Of Eden & Boys of Flower . Keep up your good acting and really hope to see you pair with Kim So Eun in future drama..you are such a nice pair together. Good luck in whatever you do.

  761. 761 : hariza Says:

    kpan maen k abimanyu 5..
    aq dh kngen nEH….

  762. 762 : putri almira Says:


  763. 763 : dana Says:

    your so cute in the picture! I think i’m already fall in love with you

  764. 764 : Eunice Says:

    i love you zooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…………………..

  765. 765 : danice Says:

    I enjoy watching you in our television…….. I hope you are planning to visit us here in the Philippines… Belated happy birthday to you! I hope you have more birthdays to come! I love you!!!

  766. 766 : jit Says:

    Please Vote for the BOF Cast and BOF so that they can win in the Seoul International Drama Awards 2009.

    You can vote here.
    Also vote for them in the Japanese and Korean Websites so that they aren’t behind on those. There are pictures so you can figure it out.

    *Voting period 7/13/09-8/30/09
    *You are only supposed to vote once daily but after voting once, close the site, delete the cookies, then go to the site and you can vote again.

  767. 767 : lor Says:

    _,saranghe kim bum……….
    _.hope you have a boys over flowers part 2……..
    _.i love your eyes………… love it..Xoxo

  768. 768 : roxanne Says:

    uRe so cUte……weN sUmbody tellin’ me dat ure bad im alwaYs tellin’ them dat its not true……..hehehe…:))im ure savior….

  769. 769 : inna Says:

    kim bum
    You’re very handsome….
    When are you come to Indönesia?
    I hope you can come here!!!
    I wait you….

  770. 770 : LEX Says:

    ♥ ANG CUTE MHUE…..♥

  771. 771 : trisha Says:

    hi kim bum..

    i love u very muchhhh..

    you are so handsome..

    i wish u wer here w/ me..

    that i can kiss u…

    i can hug u..

    and the best thing is..

    i can chat w/ u or talking w/each another…





  772. 772 : samantha Says:

    OMG … I want to die when I saw you! Kim Bum … ♥

  773. 773 : tata^^ Says:

    saranghe kim sang bum!!!!!
    hope u can come to indonesia…

  774. 774 : Thet Htar Says:

    hi bro,

    i am myanmar girl. i want to your foto. you give me.plz.

    i want to your date of birth. plz reply me.

  775. 775 : Goen Says:

    Happy B’day…

    Mayb it’s too late,

    nice to know u !!!

    please come to Indonesia !!!

  776. 776 : maRlaz Says:

    hi kim bum…you’re so handsome and super duper cute…
    I hope that one of these days i can meet you in personal..
    Maybe soon, you will visit Philippines…

  777. 777 : desya Says:

    I love you so much..
    when you visit to Indonesia??
    I’ll be waiting for you..

  778. 778 : tisa Says:

    kim bum….

  779. 779 : udin Says:

    hello kim boem
    i,m your fans
    when you visit to indonesia?
    i hope you can visit to indonesia, if ou not busy

  780. 780 : kiim boem lovers Says:

    kiim boem ….

    you so handsome….

    i like you ….]

    i hope you come in Jakarta….

    kiimm boem …..

    0 o o 0 0
    0 o o o 0 0
    0 o o 0 0
    0 o o 0 0
    0 o 00000

  781. 781 : ledyana Says:

    kim bun..
    u are so cute…
    it’s nice to know u..

  782. 782 : Diah Says:

    Kim Bum main ke Indonesia dong

  783. 783 : 777 Says:

    kim bum…………….
    i love u…..
    BlH GaK JaDwAl MAeNnYa d PErCePaT kAn……………….

  784. 784 : yaumi Says:

    kim…..you is so cute
    I missss you kim bum
    I loveee you kim bum
    and brithday to you
    n one more….
    I lOVE YOU so MUCH,…
    LOVE YOU…^^

  785. 785 : gael Says:

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… ang cute ni kim bum sana punta kau d2 philippines ha meeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  786. 786 : WITRI Says:

    I LOVE U KIM BUM . . .
    i hope you country INDONESIA . . .
    u are sweet , , , I LIKE YOU KIM BUM . . .

  787. 787 : lily Says:

    Hi, you r so cut , and i now i will see you in futher in alot off dramas.

  788. 788 : sora Says:

    kim bum, i wish u always luck. . .


  789. 789 : jhuvanaville Says:

    i love you KIM SANG BUM!

  790. 790 : PELER Says:







  791. 791 : merysa Says:

    kim buuum i luv so much

  792. 792 : fara wawa Says:

    students in malaysia admires u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  793. 793 : lopH bbf Says:

    i lopH u kim boem u so cute ,,,

    mwacHhH ,,,

    dtg dund ke indonesia

    add me in your friend in face book ,,,

    mail na [email protected]

    ok ^_*

  794. 794 : anna Says:

    imyut bgt…..
    i hope u and other cast of boys before flowers will visit my country INDONESIA

  795. 795 : diah Says:

    kiM bUm…

    yoU aRe HanDsomE…CuT3..mutzZzZzZz….

    YOU THE BEST……………

    I LoVe U………
    I MiSs U…………
    aku ingin Kmu sLaLu Ad d’sMpingku…………..

    I LOVE U FULL………………. MUAChhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………….

  796. 796 : diah Says:

    KiM bUm….

    yoU aRe HaNdSome,,CutE,,mUtZ,,,,

    NgemeNg2 Kpn nIe maeNd k’InDONESIA…..

    SuKses TrUzZzZ Bwt KIM BUM yuapZzZz……

    owh Ya??? bTw,, dLu YouR MOTHER nGidam aP wkTu bUntiNg??? ko’ Bsa c ngeLahirin anX mUtZz KyK Lw???

    hehehe…….. (kiding broTher)

  797. 797 : nyca Says:

    iLOvEyOu kiM bUm !!!

    uR sO cUtE !!!

    bE miNe !!! ^_^

  798. 798 : nyca Says:

    aDd mE iN uR fRieNd iN fRieNdStEr
    [email protected]

    i’M uR nO. 1 fUn ..

    i hOpE, i wiLL sEe yOu sOoN aNd i hOpE yOu’LL cOmE aNd viSit iRr iN tHe pHiLiPpiNeS .. 🙂

    iLOvEyOu sO mUcH !!! ^_^

    mWuAhHh’… ^_~

  799. 799 : Sony Says:

    Ah Kim Bum!
    Welcome for your new drama “Dream”

  800. 800 : cika Says:

    hai kiM bum..
    i loVe u very muchhhhh…
    yoU aRe so HAndsome.

    i Wish uwer Her me..
    tHat i cAn kiss y0u..
    i gAn hu9 y0u..

    and tHe Best..thin9..is i cAn tHAt w/ u oR TALkin9

    . w/eachan0ther…




    KIM BUM……

  801. 801 : pungki Says:

    i… love…. you forever kim bum…………….

    i like you…. kim bum….


  802. 802 : jane Says:

    i like your acting, your a good actor, i love the film east of eden, me and my friend watch it and that film made us cry every episode, keep up the good work!

    from philippines here….

  803. 803 : jane Says:

    i love the film east of eden, it m,ade me cry every episode of it

  804. 804 : Fithry KIM bUM ;;;; Says:

    Hiiii KIM BUM how are you… my name is fithry ,you is the best actor n you can make me love you
    KIM BUM ,because you tehe bets actor…… GOOD LUCK and GOOD WORk…..


  805. 805 : daphne lyn Says:

    your so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1love u very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I hope i could see u in prsonal!!!!!!!!!!

  806. 806 : daphne lyn Says:

    hi!! add me pls,……..

  807. 807 : zna Says:

    you are so sweet………..

    i will come to you…..

  808. 808 : yetty indonesia Says:

    kim bun..



  809. 809 : judy Says:

    _♥♥♥hi kim bum im so happy becuse I realy like u_♥♥♥

  810. 810 : jenny Says:

    ♥hI KIm bUM..yOUrE reALLy cUte!♥

  811. 811 : ovii Says:

    i lopvveeeeeeeeeeeeeee you

    1 skul kuw ngefennnnnnnnnnnnnns ma u

    kamu perfect bgt deh

  812. 812 : tephaniie Says:

    i love u kim bum
    u so very very handsome……………..
    i like u forever………………
    i hope u visit in indonesia

  813. 813 : aisuzieya Says:

    LOVE! can nvr get enuff of him! Kim Sang Bum!!!!!

  814. 814 : pamela agnes e. marcos Says:

    i love you kim bum. i watch boys over flower because i want to see the f4.please visit me in the philippines

  815. 815 : daphne lyn Says:

    ahmmmf,,ahmm”’hlw kim bum,,,i love u very much;;i hope dat u wil mary me;;i want u 2 bcome my husband…….im cesil calibo,,,,

  816. 816 : shayne Says:

    ….anyo haseo kim bum i love you…..
    …im your big fan too…..
    ….i am the # 1…..
    stay cute…charming….
    …and lovable….
    ….sarang he…

  817. 817 : Lhya Says:

    blast you..kim bum…

    i like you so much..hope you can visit indonesia

    im really like your face..i like boys cute one..just like you..!!

  818. 818 : pink Says:

    hello kim
    your face is so sweet
    i love korea
    but i live in USA
    my home town is myanmar(burma)
    i think you don’t know myanmar(burma)
    have a good luck for your life

  819. 819 : mitha Says:


    boys before flowers…..



    congratulation for you and F4…

  820. 820 : Rozza Says:

    Owh Kim Sang Bum…….
    You’re realy realy handsome…
    I hope you can visit my home…..
    You’re the best…..
    Don’t forget to read my e-mail yaaaaaaaaaa
    Mizzzz U . . . . ..

  821. 821 : nta Says:

    kim bum
    you cute

  822. 822 : Astari khairina ghassani Says:

    hai kim bum you are verry2 handsome and sweet

  823. 823 : jesseline and cathrine Says:

    i love you so much

  824. 824 : jesseline and cathrine Says:

    i love you forever,,,,,,,,i love you so much

  825. 825 : _RiZ_ Says:

    kim bum…..

    you are so sweet…

    i hope you wiil be more sucsees in your career…

    love you full kim bum….


  826. 826 : Cutie Says:

    Hi !
    Hope u can read my mail!
    Boys over flower is really good !
    Congradulation to u and F4!
    I hope u can visit MYANMAR (my country) one day!!!

  827. 827 : irene dj Says:

    kim bum, one of the sexiest man i’ve ever seen..can’t wait for your other movies..

  828. 828 : Deea Aprilea Says:

    come to Indonesia……………..
    We waiting you………………….

  829. 829 : Giorgie Gabriella Says:

    kim bumm! I LOVE U SO MUCH!! as tthe korean’s say it’ Sarang Haeo!!” ur smile is killing meee!… xoxo gabbyyy – indonesiaa

  830. 830 : vicha Says:

    kim bum I luv U. . .

    u are so sweet
    and I like it. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    u are good acting . .

    good luck to U. .

  831. 831 : jonna Says:

    Hello I’m your no1 fan

  832. 832 : jonna Says:

    Please visit in Philippines I’m 10 yrs. old . your so cute
    I want you to hug but your not there I’m also fan Ga Eul I wish that you can come here in Philippines.I can just see you in the pictures.

  833. 833 : jonna Says:

    Your smile is very sweet .

  834. 834 : jonna Says:

    Can you add me in friendster? kim [email protected]
    please . And please say to Ga eul that I’m her no1 fan and add me

  835. 835 : Ivan Gabrial Fangidae Says:

    I Know you from Boys Before Flowers. I like Boys Before Flowers.My friend very very like you. I Think that’s all thank you very much

  836. 836 : elita Says:

    kim bum i love you to…

  837. 837 : ika Says:

    awwwwwwwww KiM bUm
    you are so swet
    I love U emmm”ahh
    SALLLAM MANIS from indonesia

  838. 838 : dewi Says:

    Hi,,the first time I saw the ad. of BOF,, my attention right away yours,,. you are the first reason why I want to watch the movie, and I love it, cause it is better than previous hana yori dango movie,,eventhough I am 3 years older than you,, I want to thank you, and be one of your fan. ?^^

  839. 839 : sylvia tan Says:

    i hate the stuppid kim bum is lazy always play computer you copy my hobby

  840. 840 : DESI AYU Says:

    Hello ! my Name Is Desi.
    I Like U Kimbum . . .
    Boys before flowers Is The Best. . .
    Your a Good Actor.my Friend like u. . .
    Kimbum. . . you Are so Kyut.
    I Live in The Jakarta. . .
    Thanh You Kimbum I Love u forever……
    Salam Buat Kim Joon,Lee Min Hoo,Kho Hye Sun,Kim So eun,and Gim hyeon joong.
    I LOVE U F4 and kho hye sun,kim so eun.FOREVER…………………….

  841. 841 : TIta Says:

    .i can’t say everything about you,,you.re perfect in my eyes.

  842. 842 : helen christin Says:

    Hi.. Kim Bum
    all my frieds especially the women like you so much
    you are look so handsome and cute..
    I wanna say I love you,,
    please replay to my email…

  843. 843 : caca Says:

    lebih semagat dan

  844. 844 : Sweet Smile Says:

    Kim Bum Oppa
    Sarang Hal Yo…^_^ !!
    I Love U ..I Love your baby face!!!
    Fighting Oppa!!U’re my star..U’re my everything!!
    Please visit to Myanmar as if possible #_#
    I’ll always your fan Oppa.

    Good Luck!!

  845. 845 : miyazawa Says:


    ich liebe du,kim bum…

  846. 846 : htetmyatnoeoo Says:

    hi! i am htet myat noe oo.i am not korea .But i love korea. i like u.i am myanmar.bye………………………….

  847. 847 : agni Says:

    hi kim……

  848. 848 : putri Says:

    kim bum!!!!!


  849. 849 : dian alqoma Says:

    hallo kim bum,apa kabar?aku suka melihatacting u di film boys before flowers,q mau nanya,u beneran pacaran ma kim so eun gak?jngn lupa di bls,salam buat f4,semoga sukses n jangan lp berdoa but keberhasilan u

  850. 850 : huang chiu li Says:

    i love love love you so much

  851. 851 : sarah Says:

    hello…..how are you????????hope ur fine!!!!!!!ur very very very cute and handsome…..I LOVE YOU VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY MUCH….can i get ur number???????hehehe…….♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥….bye… c yah in d philippines. hehehe.tke care…..

  852. 852 : gil Says:

    Hello kim bum……
    i’m gilang from indo
    do you have facebook
    this is my facebook : [email protected]
    add me plaese my fb
    thx 🙂

  853. 853 : izze Says:


  854. 854 : izze Says:


  855. 855 : sonia Says:

    i like u vry much kim bum.u r my soulmate

  856. 856 : dinie Says:

    hello…… how are u…???? u very cute.. i like u very much… luv u muach….

  857. 857 : nita aulianisa Says:

    Hayyy How are you?????????I From in INDoNESiA

  858. 858 : elsya Says:

    안녕 내 이름 elsya
    왜 안 찾고 상가

  859. 859 : bemz Says:

    low….. kim bum how are you??

    gosh ur so handsome and very cute..
    hope someday u come in d phillipines 2geder
    w/ ur group f4..

  860. 860 : michael Says:

    is kim bum RETOKADO!?

  861. 861 : LINA Says:

    How are you???? I hope u are fine
    my name is Lina I’m from Indonesia
    can iI get your number phone?????
    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH coz you are very..very… cute

  862. 862 : shella Says:

    how are you ??? baytheway kimbum your food favourit …. barberque korea ya ???? bdw your do not english …. kimbum you are handsom and very cool . . . so sweat

  863. 863 : yin yin moe Says:


  864. 864 : carla Says:

    good job kim bum……
    I have suggestion for you…
    try to learn english languege!!!!
    because., this is very important for your job….
    you have a lot of fans in everywhere…
    so, they need you to talk or accept their request in english…

  865. 865 : Yoan Muts Says:

    hello my name’s yoan

    i think you very very cute

    my friends and me very like you so much

    i hope we can meet you

    bye……….and See U

  866. 866 : ymeh Says:

    I’m ymeh from INDONESIA !!!!!!

  867. 867 : ymeh Says:


  868. 868 : chanchan Says:

    annyeong haseyo..
    nice to see your act..
    really good job..
    keep it up..
    annyeong …

  869. 869 : liza Says:

    I LOVE YOOOOOOOOOUUUU KIM BUM…………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  870. 870 : sri yustia Says:

    i’m sri from indonesia,..
    i very like you,..
    i love u so much,..

  871. 871 : Vynnzie Says:

    Kim Beommmmm you’re soo cute
    i luv uuuuuu……….^_^…..

  872. 872 : leemeey Says:

    i luv u..
    i hope that you might read this message of mine for you im leemeey from philippines..

  873. 873 : ina Says:

    your very cute….
    when go to indonesia????

  874. 874 : R_A_Y Says:

    hiiiii….kim bum…..
    we r ratna,aldilla,yuli…….
    i love your smile and your eyes……
    i love you very999999999999999999999999999x much 4ever……….

  875. 875 : sai Says:

    you are very cute!!!!!!!!!

  876. 876 : Tyas Says:

    Hy kim bum,i tyas from indonesia you’re very cute.i love kim bum

  877. 877 : rizka Says:

    kim bum …….

    love so muchhh,

  878. 878 : chera Says:

    hy kim bum…

    when you go to Indonesia???
    we in here…
    so want you,, for come here…

  879. 879 : 3az Says:

    hi,. kim bum
    what your girlfriend is kim so eun ????????????

    i hope it’s really your girlfriend is kim so eun

  880. 880 : Thelma Says:

    I love u ,n so cute……;-)

  881. 881 : Tidtaa Says:

    .kim bum. I love u so much. .
    You’re so cute nd so sweet. .

  882. 882 : NINI DESMARANI Says:

    hy kim bum



  883. 883 : Dark city Says:

    I like kim bum in k-movie death bell..

  884. 884 : Dark city Says:

    Gosa/the story also known as death bell.

  885. 885 : Ben10 Says:

    Happy 20th belated bday kim bum.. (7th july)

  886. 886 : CIANZ Says:

    U’re So HanDsoMe ‘n CuTe…..

    ‘N U’re so SwEEETTTTTTttt………

    I LikE u’re PerForMans……….
    GoD BleSss U……..

    Cao………. KamSamiDa……

  887. 887 : tiwi Says:

    kim bum I LOVE YOU….

    you’re so cute, handsome.

    I like all about you.

    I come from INDONESIA.

  888. 888 : wiwi Says:


    kim bum???? u cute n handsome….
    come to INDONESIA pLease..

  889. 889 : Esty Says:

    Hy kim Bum . . . !!! I’m esTy from INDONESIA . . !!! When U coMe to INDONESIA . . ? EhmMm . . .btW U n’ kIm sO eUn iS coUpLe SouLmaTe . . . SeRasi bngGet . . .

  890. 890 : Cloud Says:

    Kimbum cute !

  891. 891 : me Says:

    I like ur smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  892. 892 : Rita Says:

    Kim bum, i’m rita from cambodia. Ur smile cam make me smile. When u smile u are so cool. So u must smile every time na promissed me na ok?Cool boy kim bum how handsome u are? If u can be my friend or brother (becouse u are 20 years like my brother and u have younger sister1 and brother1 like my brother have) that so good. Kim bum(future friend or brother) i love ur smile. 🙂 rita ur future friend or ur sister.

  893. 893 : Rita Says:

    Kim bum this my emile: [email protected]

  894. 894 : ajeng apriliana Says:

    halooo kim bum,,,ur very cute & handsome,,,i am ajeng,your bigest fans from indonesia,i love u,,,,,,i hope someday you come to indonesia,,,,,,

  895. 895 : Diki Says:

    Dude… i m totally a big fan… never really watched korean dramas and stuff b4 but man Boys Before Flowers was totally banging… u r so… amazinly hot!!! ya… me n my best fren r totally fighting ova u like 24/7… pick me btw… anywayz… come 2 nyc sometime… hope 2 meet u sometime… u totally seem like my type of man!!! 😉

  896. 896 : kezia Says:

    heyy young boy .
    youu look so great , perfect , cool , handsome , and else .
    i like your acting in BBF (Boys Before flower) , and IT’S WOW .
    when will you come to Indonesia ?? .

  897. 897 : resa Says:

    hi…kim bum
    i’m resa from Indonesia,you’re series BBF very popular in Indonesia.have u a plane come to see you’re big fans in Indonesia?…i can wait to see u
    I LOVE KIM BUM…….^_~

  898. 898 : lia Says:

    kim bun you so lovely good luck on your life
    your frend from indonesia

  899. 899 : safira Says:

    you are very good in boys over flowers i hope you have good life and be rich and kind in really life.

  900. 900 : ..bbf lovers-from indonesia-... Says:

    kim bum…
    sssssssssoooooooo cccccccccccccuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeee……..
    …..-hope can meet you in indonesia-…-_-…is it impossible?

  901. 901 : ..bbf lovers-from indonesia-... Says:

    kim bum…….SO CUTE………
    oh my gosh…….
    ……._hope can meet you in indonesia_………is it impossibe, kim bum?

  902. 902 : Last house on the left Says:


  903. 903 : Flower 4 Says:

    Like him in DEATH BELL

  904. 904 : Hana yori dango Says:

    Death bell.. I have watch it.. I like him with nam gyu ri..

  905. 905 : Farel 89 Says:

    Kim bum born in year 89.. Same as me..

  906. 906 : Farel 89 Says:

    When kim bum m0vie’s call bi-saeng release? Did anyone know?

  907. 907 : Mhymi Says:

    Hai kim bum….
    I your fan from Indonesia can I get U’r number..
    that’s my email addres and please add me in [email protected]

  908. 908 : Mega Says:

    kim bum…
    i just wanna say…

    cute… cute… cute… and cute…

  909. 909 : virdeeee Says:

    kimbum oh my gashhhhhhhhhhhhhh……………………..
    kamu bikin aku jatuh hati

  910. 910 : cyberdoll-sshi Says:


  911. 911 : Genuk Says:

    Kim bum,….

  912. 912 : monica Says:


    CHER UP…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  913. 913 : sista Says:


    you are so sweet……

    aq mw qm jd pcar q

  914. 914 : angel Says:

    kim bum………..

    you are so cute..

    “i lov3 u”

  915. 915 : Mhymi Says:

    KiM saNg bUm..
    Miss you always..
    You’re so cool,cute..
    I live at indoNesia when u coMe to my coUntry?
    Mhymi_ho.co.id is my email adress.
    I just wanna get u’r exlusive photos ‘cuz u make me fall in love..
    Please Kim..
    I Hope u add my email and u cAn visit everytime if u want..
    Go Kim Bum
    Go F4

    In indoNesia almOst all magazine’s For yoUth have F4 eDitioN..
    That’s why maNy peOple cAn KnOw aBoUt U mOre..
    Please KimBum i jusT wAnt u’r photos or u’r email ..p£eaSe
    love F4 4 4ever..
    Miss U ummaChh..

  916. 916 : mayang Says:

    hello kim sang bum…….
    love you always,,,
    when you come to indonesian???

  917. 917 : wita Says:

    how are you???
    i like you,because you very-very cute………

  918. 918 : kharisma Says:

    oppa saranghae,,,
    i’m very-very-very-very-very-very like you……………..

  919. 919 : Medhi Says:

    Kim Bum

    I Love You Full!
    Love,love you!

    My cute boy!

  920. 920 : Rhizana Says:

    ohh Kim Bum …
    you are very very handsome…same with Lee Min Ho..

    Luupphhh you*

  921. 921 : Tetei Says:

    Oppa da to chhua.Im a big fan of you.I really want to see you.I’l visit korea one day and hope to see you there.SARANGHAE.

  922. 922 : Eni Says:

    I love you kim bum

  923. 923 : Amanda Says:

    nice, this is some indonesia fan club site.
    good job kim bum! nice acting there (:

  924. 924 : Jackie. Bella, Ditha Says:

    Kim Bum,

    when do you come to Indonesia?
    we’re waiting for you!! (“,)

    Sarang Hae..

  925. 925 : herlina Says:

    . hallo…kim bum.you is handsome.please you come to INDONESIA…here is many people the lover you..

    i’am like acting you and lee men hoo,

  926. 926 : lone lone Says:

    i love u and kim so eun very much.
    i hope u and kim so eun will be together.

  927. 927 : tree Says:

    wah cakep banget kim buum
    coba di indonesi ada wajah seperti kim buum

  928. 928 : Ayodya Shindu Says:

    why you so cold in the series? do you realy can make teaset? you work so hard for this movie.
    see u in jakarta
    God bless u

  929. 929 : Dewi Says:

    Hai kim bum u know i love u so much….

    Owh ya i hope you should get together whit kim so eun in real life

  930. 930 : dira Says:

    kimbum! i am really, really love you! when you come to indonesia? i wait you in indonesia! kimbum, i hope you can add me in [email protected] . please! and thanks

  931. 931 : selly Says:

    I LOVE U FULL !!

    HHA . HHA . HHA . !!

  932. 932 : Y Says:

    i really like ur smile
    i wish u to success ur goal

  933. 933 : milley Says:

    kim bum i love you……………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    when you can visit to indonesia?????????????????????
    i like your chemistry with kim so eun..
    pokoknya i love you full^_^

  934. 934 : nadia Says:

    hiiii kim bom…
    ur smile very cute,,,
    i like ur smile n i hope u come to INDONESIA..Please come tom indonesia OK!
    I very2 like ur smile,,,cz ur smile very cute..

  935. 935 : ma'sumah Says:

    gileeeeee senyuman lo kaga nahannnnn

  936. 936 : ma'sumah Says:

    hi….kim boom
    i live in indonesia
    when u come to my country??
    here many people like you
    your acting is very good,
    good luck……….

  937. 937 : cindy Says:

    helllllllllllllllllllllllo………………..your smile it’s veryyyyyyyyyyyyy cute ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  938. 938 : AmI Says:

    CUTE AS ALWAYS!!!!!!!!

  939. 939 : aisha fitrayu Says:

    kim bum so cute……………

  940. 940 : tikha Says:

    haii…kim bum

    u very handsome…

    and cute..

    please add my email [email protected]


  941. 941 : nana Says:

    KIM BUM………….

    SO CUTE….

    LUPH U SO MUCH…^^^

  942. 942 : Dewi Says:

    Love u….So much !

    When you come to indonesia ? I hope you can come here with all crue of bbf…..

  943. 943 : Syamtimar fiah Says:

    Ao…Kim Bum…^_^

  944. 944 : Fi_ah Says:

    When will you come to my country,Indonesia…?

  945. 945 : tita Says:


  946. 946 : ir,ma Says:

    i like u sow much,b’cz u’ve same star sigh with meee:)

  947. 947 : amanda Says:

    kim bum…

  948. 948 : megha and friends Says:

    kim bum we love u so much…………
    where your come to indonesia??????
    we hope can meet you in indonesia

  949. 949 : Farel 89 Says:

    I have heard Kim bum song Jigeum mannareo gamnida its such a lovely song

  950. 950 : Phyu & Phyo Says:

    Do you know me?
    You willn’t know me?
    Do you know why?
    Cause we don’t know each other.
    hee heeeeeeeeeeeeee……………….
    Have a nice day and sweet dream with ghost.

  951. 951 : Carla Says:

    kim bum I LAFF YOU SO MUCH

  952. 952 : lingling Says:

    Kim Bum…i’am lingling..nice to see you
    SArang hae yo Kim Bum oppa…..!!!!!

  953. 953 : Madz Says:

    Its been a while since I last got hooked on a TV series, and ooops, I did it again, yes, I was glued to BOF because of Kim So Eun and Kim Bum. For sure this will not be the first comment about the ooozing chemistry of these young bloods. I watched BOF because of them and them only. I am sooo looking forward to seeing a series with these 2, not just as supporting characters, but as holders of the lead roles. They look good together as a couple on BOF, with a minimal appearance, by the way. I wished there was more to there part than just another side story. I wish that the 2 of them will have their own lead roles together in 1 series. A humorous one if I may add. I love them Both. Rock on!;>

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  1081. 1081 : ummu Says:

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  1085. 1085 : aisy Says:

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    kim bum….. you are so ugly. i don’t like to see your face. i’m from bla………bla……….. country. i hope you don’t want to come to my country…. i hate you!!! but i love you. you are like a sissy. ********….. you aren’t handsome anymore. hahahahahahahahahahaha…. i’m crazy…..

  1088. 1088 : Varah di3ba Says:

    when u come to indonesia?

  1089. 1089 : iskandar Says:

    hello kim bum!!!!

  1090. 1090 : ddientt Says:

    hii Kim Bum…..
    when you will come to Indonesia…????
    I hope you can come to Indonesia…
    I like your movies very much.I like your acting very much.
    i want to meet you
    i very want to meet with you…
    really fans of you Kim Bum!

  1091. 1091 : xieshu Says:

    Ni hao ?????????
    wo renshini he haoxing

  1092. 1092 : danny Says:

    haiii kim bum how are you

    you know i very like you in movie boys before flower??????

  1093. 1093 : cha_cha Says:

    hi.,kim bum.,i love u full.,u’re very cute.,i’m ur fan from indonesia,when u come to indonesia?i hope we can meet.,i wait u!

  1094. 1094 : CHAR Says:

    Hi kim bum I’m ur # 1 fan’s here in the philippines i hope u come here in the philippines together with f4 WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  1095. 1095 : ika Says:

    hello kim, i love you
    i am your fans come from indonesia country…..
    please…balas ya….

  1096. 1096 : cherwin Says:

    hello,,,,,,,,,,,………..can you be my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!please add comment in my mail

  1097. 1097 : dhila Says:

    hellow kim bum,,,,

    I your fans in indonesia(makassar)
    you are so sweet,,,,
    I like you,,,,,
    please your comment back………

  1098. 1098 : dhila Says:

    kim bum please your come to indnesia,,,,,,,,,,,,
    love you kim bum your so cute,,,,

  1099. 1099 : jane Says:

    hi! i am a really fan of urs….

    i hope u will come 2 d philppines….

    wish u luck in ur acting career…..


  1100. 1100 : inas Says:

    you are the cutest boy ever !!! haha…!!!

    i think your smile is the sweetest smile i ever see !!!

    and i love your voice too…
    i’m going to tell her…

    your voice is really good !! wonderful !!

    why don’t you make an album??
    hehe… 😀

  1101. 1101 : inas Says:

    sorry !! i mean i’m going to meet her.. haha… so sorry !!

  1102. 1102 : bella Says:


    KIM BUM,,,,
    i like your smile,,,
    i wish to see with you,,,
    see you KIM BUM,,,

    Iam fans your KIM bum,,,

  1103. 1103 : bella Says:

    I LOVE U FULL,,,,

    I MIzz U,,,,,

  1104. 1104 : ika Says:


  1105. 1105 : ika Says:

    kim bum

  1106. 1106 : abel ananda Says:

    lowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww kim bum
    q ngefans bngt ma u
    u tu rngx ok deh pkokx sip abiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis
    u mw kn jd pcr q
    mw yyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  1107. 1107 : rhara Says:

    you so sweet………

  1108. 1108 : rhara Says:

    kren abiezzzzzzzzz

  1109. 1109 : Reta Says:

    i love you……

    kim sang bum……. ^_^

  1110. 1110 : RizQ Says:

    hi…kim bum,, i am U”r biggest fans,, would U come to indonesia??..
    you are so cute,,but,,U”r face sometimes looks cruel,,
    see U,,

  1111. 1111 : nisa Says:

    Saranghamnida kim bum!!!
    you are very cute…
    will u come to Indonesia??????

  1112. 1112 : chelsea olivia Says:

    hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy kim bum gi mn kbrx?baik2 ja kan.oh ya u mw kan jd pcr q ,q cntk lhooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  1113. 1113 : Fernana Says:

    haiiii,,,,,, !!!!! !

    Kim Jang Bum…. , Good name.. Cocok banget ma

  1114. 1114 : hanna muthia Says:



  1115. 1115 : hanna muthia Says:



    me hanna muthia ..
    i’m very” like u kim ,,
    i want to meet u ..
    when your come to indonesia ???

    i always watching movie of u ,, BBF ,
    you very” sweett .
    i have magazine all about of u ..
    hahahahhahaa ..

    see uu

  1116. 1116 : sara Says:

    kim bum you have nice smile !!

  1117. 1117 : Yunalistya♥ Says:

    my friend said you smlie like a piggy ..
    peace ^^v
    call me :08192108197
    honjja dasi tto crying for you…
    honjja dasi tto missing for you…
    paredo dasi paredo… oooooooooooooooo

  1118. 1118 : ♥Nabila Nubeela♥ Says:

    ohh my…
    pretty guy …
    nice smile,
    I mean..nice piggy smile…
    I’m dyin’ 2 see ur smile 😀
    I’m very much like it….
    u’re good lookin’ (cute)

  1119. 1119 : arnip Says:

    hello kimbum!
    i think you are a pefect boy, i like your acting… you are the best….

    your fans,

  1120. 1120 : pinky Says:

    hello kim bum i love you so much i have many your photo “sadaga:”

  1121. 1121 : Win Says:

    Hey Kim Bum I’m from Myanmar(Burma).I like you in “High Kick”.I’m your fan.Bye!

  1122. 1122 : intan kumala Says:

    kimbum……love u so much…….!when u come to indonesia?i like your chic….he….your smile…..i like u…my friends and me ……want meet with u…..

  1123. 1123 : vaji Says:

    it was the best serial that i have seen.

    i think this serial have strong infuence on every body.
    very lovly that realy impress every body.

    i wish you be successful every where in every time.

  1124. 1124 : saRah Says:

    i love you fullllllll… wha…ha…ha…a..a..

  1125. 1125 : rikcy Says:

    hy kim bum…………………………

    i’m ricky…………………..

    your verry handsome…………………………..

    when your to come Indonesia????????????


    i love you forever………………………….

  1126. 1126 : Amy Says:

    hey bro are you long time no see how is korea and you family tell your family i said hi:) 🙂 🙂 take care

    lotz of lve

  1127. 1127 : novi julianti Says:

    hai…Kim bum

    I’m your fans from Indonesia.

    i like your smile…
    n u very” sweety…^^

    i like u…..

  1128. 1128 : Eden Bautista Says:

    hi kim bum… I am Eden Bautista from the Philippines and I really like your Korean series “Hana Yuri Dango” “Boys over Flowers”… I really like this show and it beats my heart so fast… I like the way you act on that movie and at one point of watching, I find yourself embedded with a pleasing personality… I love you Ye Jeung! hoping that you will visit our country especially Davao City… All of us wanted to see you… I am your fan… I miss your movie… hoping you’ll be alright…

    If you want to have some communication with me, here’s my friendster/facebook account:

    [email protected]

    hoping you will grant my request and the request of millions of Filipinos who are very fanatic to you… Hoping I will see you soon…

  1129. 1129 : rizky Says:

    kim sang bum,……may you always in bless of GOD…… keep the fight

  1130. 1130 : rizky Says:

    kim sang bum …. keep the fight ok? I’m Rizky from indonesia

  1131. 1131 : nanda Says:



    YOU ARE VERY-very cute!!

    i like your acting! YOU are THE BEST!

    I always watching movie you.BBF

    when you come to indonesia?
    im biggest fans your KIM BUM!

  1132. 1132 : nurida Says:

    Hi,I’m from Indonesia,KIM BUM you’r so cute,and you’r smile very cute.i’m waiting for you n’ F4 come to Indonesia.I LUV U SO MOUCH………………….

  1133. 1133 : anthiiie Says:


  1134. 1134 : ks Says:

    hey kim bum i want 2 see u with me…..we both as a couple i just luv ur smile,hair,personality,face,eyes everything…..i want 2 be together with u…..i luv u…..saranghae kim bum muahhhhhhh

  1135. 1135 : ree Says:

    hiii…. kim bum

    he handsome and smile you every cut and you actor which best

    all women best likes your perfomance

  1136. 1136 : uMMie Says:

    kapan datang di Indonesia ????

  1137. 1137 : joseph Says:

    OOOooo….KIM BUM……q adl fans cowok u….kapan ke Indonesia???terutama di Sala3????

  1138. 1138 : geralyn panigan Says:

    Hi !!! hello, How are u this time i hope that u always fine and i wish that see u here in the philippines I”m your no.1 fan in here more power to come of u @ good lock take care t y

  1139. 1139 : tara Says:

    hy…………. ka kim bum mkn gnteng ja nich…………..

  1140. 1140 : ayupha Says:

    kim bum,,, i’m happy to see you just only in television… i hOpe, soMEtimes I Can meet U..

  1141. 1141 : Ika Says:

    U’r so handsome… I hope I can meet u….. I always remember ur smile…. So sweet…..

  1142. 1142 : Ika Says:

    Sarang Haeo….

  1143. 1143 : siska Says:


    I LOVE YOU…..

  1144. 1144 : Sachi Says:

    Hi Kim your’re so sweet. I like your smile.

  1145. 1145 : ayu lestari Says:

    Anyeong hasyeo…………………
    hai KIM BUM………. i’m your fans from Indonesian.
    your’e sweet,, very…………. VerY sweet.
    i’m like you smile,,,you vEry cUte.

  1146. 1146 : erny melina Says:

    hi.. Kim..my mom loves u much n mee too.. we like your smile and your style in BBF. When will you visit your fans here. I am from Indonesia. Have you ever heard about Bali Island..well it is in Indonesia. Please visit us here.. Love you..

  1147. 1147 : Viona Says:


  1148. 1148 : jang Says:

    he’s so so in boys before flower

  1149. 1149 : firda Says:

    samsahamida….hi,khim bum i like you…kuring teh firda from indonesia…hahahahahah……………………………………….nu gelis tea ning,,,,hexhex

  1150. 1150 : CARYL : ) Says:

    heloooooo! kim BUm i’m your #1 fan from the Philippines, hope you visit here in our country….. I LOVE YOU!!! saranghe….. lakat bla dri para sadya!!!

  1151. 1151 : CARYL : ) Says:

    i’m ireece from the Philippines hope you come here in our country!!! gwapo mo tlaga!!!

  1152. 1152 : kartini Says:

    naq kapan pulang mak lu kangen

  1153. 1153 : sarah Says:

    kim bum…………

    hajime mashite………..

    i love you fulllll

  1154. 1154 : Viona Says:

    I love you, Kim Bum…
    I love you so much…!!!

  1155. 1155 : shasha Says:

    hi, KIM BUM. my name’s shasha. i’m from indonesian. i very happy meet you. good luck for you. GOD BLESS YOU

  1156. 1156 : shasha Says:

    KIM BUM YOU VERY HANDSOME I MISS YOU. kim bum saya ingin kamu datang ke Indonesia (bahasa INdonesia)

  1157. 1157 : melati Says:

    kapan kim bum dan teman-teman f4 bisa datang di indonesia karna aku nge fans sama kim bum karna kim bum selain ganteng tapi imut kya permen.i love you kim bum

  1158. 1158 : sonam yanki Says:

    dude u r the coolest thought u were weird in bof though you did a good job but now seeing you as a ex-prisoner that’s freakin funny ha ha ha i hope you do will

  1159. 1159 : karisma Says:

    hy ka kim bum slam knl aj dech

  1160. 1160 : syahida Says:

    Hi, there!!! hope u read my comment….I just would like to promote the song titled I go singing by Pete Teo…a great composer and singer from Malaysia…just try find this song and listen to it..u will realize how nice it is….and also don’t forget to watch yasmin ahmad, the latest movie titled talentime…the view of our daily life…way to go kim bum!!!

  1161. 1161 : widya Says:

    kim bum..
    u r so cute.
    luv u full.
    enak to? mantep to?

  1162. 1162 : widya Says:

    when r u going to Indonesia?
    i’m still waiting..

  1163. 1163 : r!r!n [email protected] Says:

    kim bum there was maleforceful and sweet because you are the best cool……… unusually moment morning when see frying pan life felt lovely
    !love you….sweet-heart ……always!!!!!!!! R!R!n …….

  1164. 1164 : farah Says:

    hai. .
    Annyeong. .

  1165. 1165 : firdha Says Says:


  1166. 1166 : firdha Says:

    my boy friend . you are a really good actor . cute and handsome . i love love you . when are you cOmed to INDONESIA ??????????????????????

  1167. 1167 : dee_ney Says:

    I loph u full……………………………………….

    You are like my cat……………………….

    So cute………………………….

  1168. 1168 : arien Says:

    hallo,Kim Bum
    My name is Arien,i’m come from Indonesia
    i want see you. . .and
    when are you comed to Indonesi ?

  1169. 1169 : wurry Says:

    kim bum, you’re so cute!!
    Love you full….

  1170. 1170 : arila Says:

    a’ o……

    kim bum…

    salam kenal ya…

    niey aku penggemarmu dari Indonesia lhoooo……???????

    ntar klo kamu datang ke Indonesia,
    bilang2 yach ma aku..


    lewat e-mail juga bisa..

  1171. 1171 : lily Says:



    for me,you’re is best korean actor!!!!!
    and nice to meet you in you’re blog…..

    GOOD BAY!!!!!!!!!

  1172. 1172 : sisca Says:

    kim bum I very very saranghe with you.. he..he..he..
    I’m sorry I can not speak english
    so I just want said “aku ngefens berat sama kamu….”

  1173. 1173 : anggita Says:

    kim bum ,,,,, you so cute ,, if you smile ,, your eyes also smile ,,, I like that ,,, if in java languange ,, kulo tresno karo kowe ,,,, wakagkagkag 🙂

  1174. 1174 : emma Says:

    hai kim bum . . .
    i’m your fans from indonesia . . . ^_^

    I really like you …
    especially when you play a role in the film boys before flowers …

    then when you film the other?
    why the film was not in promoting this dream?

    I love you KIM BUM

    whether you will come to Indonesia to meet your fans in Indonesia?

    please come to Indonesia. . .

  1175. 1175 : chacha Says:

    hallo kim bum. . .

    salam knal ajj yaa…
    aqq tuch ngefans bget ama qmu…
    slam yaa bwat f4 yag laen…

    i love you kim bum. . .

  1176. 1176 : dhilalupzbbf Says:

    hellow kim bum,,,I YOUR Fans in indonesia,,,

    please come to indonesia,,,,,,,,,,

  1177. 1177 : mitha Says:

    allow kimbum !!! . . . .
    aq mitha . . . .
    aq nge fans bgd ma qm !!!
    kpn kimbum bisa dtng ke indonesia . . . .
    kimbum tuh kren,the best,mutzzz,
    aq pngen bgd ktmu qm . . . .
    dtng ke indonesia yye !!!
    aq tnggu loh . . .

  1178. 1178 : fhanie Says:

    kIm bUm i LLOOOOOOOOveeeeee yOu so mUch.,,,,,,!!!!!

  1179. 1179 : K Says:

    hy kim bum!I just want to say I dont like you somuch!!!beacus you so ugly!!!!!!!!wkwkwkkwkwkwkwkwkkwkwkwk

  1180. 1180 : nadya Says:

    kim bum is the best
    you cool , cute and hand some and
    i just weniise i love you
    nadya from indonesia

  1181. 1181 : Ftangel Says:

    i just love your act on dream, it’s really different with your character on bbf. even, many love and apreciate you more on bbf than on dream. but i willl always support you!! always work hard,, i will always count on you!!

  1182. 1182 : naeny Says:

    hai, say how are you.i’m in indonesia longing for you.
    when you come here to in indonesia??????????
    love u forever>…………………….

  1183. 1183 : ivanlis (kim vanlis) Says:

    kimbum…….you my idol…..the best in the heart……! 🙂

  1184. 1184 : ivanlis (kim vanlis) Says:

    kimbum…….i coming

  1185. 1185 : fibby Says:

    kim bum you are so sweet ………..i’m fallin in love to you please countri in indonesia ….kim bum i love u ,,u my idol………….
    kim bum AS so yi jung ………..
    fibby mencintai kim bum …………….

  1186. 1186 : agni Says:

    hi kim bum………………….


  1187. 1187 : rafa Says:

    haiiii……………..kim bum

    I your fans in IndoNESiA

    PLeASe coMe yO INdONeSiA

  1188. 1188 : BlOsOm Says:

    HeY KiM BuM I LiKe uR MoViE IaM Ur BiGgEsT FaN EvEr ^_^

  1189. 1189 : anita Says:

    hi,,,KIM SANG BUM
    .npHa ya tiap ku lihat kmu Rsnya ingin ngucapin bahwa kamu tuh nomber 1.
    .kamu tuh paling maco.
    .kamu paling manieZz.
    .pokoknya kamu tuh bikin aku melayang.
    .kamu tuh bikin semua orang tergila-gila.
    .apa sih rahasia kamu sampai semua orang nge fans sma kamu.

  1190. 1190 : raHayU Says:

    hELo. . . . . . . . . kiM bUm. . . . . .
    aQ raHayu,,,,qU nG-faNs bnGt mA kmUee. . . .
    . sEnyum kmU mEmbuat zMua oRang teRgiLa-giLa, ya tErMAKsud qU ..
    AND . . . .
    saLam kenL zHa…….
    kim BUM I LOveE u,, nD YOU’re cuTe………

  1191. 1191 : ging Says:

    hi, kim bum u know a lot of my friends like
    BOYS OVER FLOWERS your so coooool there.

  1192. 1192 : ging Says:

    anyeong haseo,ur my favorite actor.

  1193. 1193 : ayu crysti and ayu via Says:

    hay kim bum…………. we are your fans from bali, indonesia…………

    we always love you…..

    god bless you and succes for your film………..,,

    one day, we hope meet you in bali,, so please come to bali, okay…………

  1194. 1194 : Irma Says:

    Hyyyyy …
    Kim bum kpan neh ke indonesia .. ?
    Qu fans loh sama qmu ,,
    i love u . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  1195. 1195 : sarah Says:

    i love u very much u are cute i wish i will meet u in philpines or egypt im haif egyptian and philipines
    love u thank u ur my first fan

  1196. 1196 : erin Says:

    ..HeY KiM BuM.. HoW aRe yOu???.. Q ErIn_CutE.. Q FaNs iiUh dR InDONeSiA.. KpN IiUh dTg kE InDoNeSia???.. FaNs2 iIuH d sNi mEnAnTi kDaTaNgAn iiuH.. ^.^

  1197. 1197 : kim bum Says:

    annyongehaseyo!!!! kim bum saranghae……….
    i would like to see you…
    i am kim nulud
    i miss you
    i miss the b.o.f
    i miss kim so eun
    i miss you all and also you
    pls replay the b.o.f
    wo ai ni
    i amor
    i love you so much
    i will study in korea
    shinhwa and chung ann
    but pls…………
    visit the philipines
    i love you so much……………..
    see you soon……………..

  1198. 1198 : kim bum Says:

    annyongehaseyo kim bum…..i am your fans from philipines……….
    i hope you will visit to phil………..
    i study to soeul south korea in shinhwa and chung an i like their uniform
    i miss you
    i miss the b.o.f
    i miss kim so eun
    i miss your smile
    pls replay the b.o.f
    miss u miss u miss u miss u mmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssss uuu………!!!!!

  1199. 1199 : Irma Says:

    . . . Kim bum . . .
    I’m your fans from Indonesia ,,

    please,please . .
    Come to Indonesia,

    oce . .^_^

  1200. 1200 : shafira Says:


    Kim Bum
    i love you so much

    Kim Bum
    come to Indonesia country, please!! because I live in jakarta, indonesia

    Kim Bum
    you are me idol, I like you because you are very handsome and funny

    Kim Bum
    i love you so much

    Kim Bum
    come to Indonesia country, please!! because I live in jakarta, indonesia

    Kim Bum
    you are me idol, I like you because you are very handsome and funny

    Kim Bum
    you are my idol ever since I know the boys before flower the first of my love is with you as you face it and the funny Kim Bum country to come to Indonesia, please?
    i love you so much

    please reply the massage

  1201. 1201 : widia Says:


  1202. 1202 : Asal Says:

    i know he dont read our comments…a mean.. i’m sure!!!

  1203. 1203 : desi Says:

    hi !
    my name Desi
    i live Jakarta city . . .
    i like watc boys before flowers ..
    i love u somact . .
    you very very cute and handsom.GOD BLESS YOU ALL.REPLY

  1204. 1204 : heni anggrayani Says:

    i love kim bum so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! kim bum,sa rang hae yo!! nanen saranganta!!!!

  1205. 1205 : windy Says:

    hi.. kim bum
    i’m from indonesia

  1206. 1206 : ayu Says:

    akkkkkku ng-fans bbangetzz ma uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  1207. 1207 : harin Says:

    ilove u……………….. KIM BUM
    i’m from indonesia

  1208. 1208 : shafira Says:

    Kim Bum you are very handsome and funny.

    You did very well with kim so eun .
    if you’ve been together with kim so eun ?

    I could not agree if you two dating because you are both very harmonious.

    please reply to this message by e-mail

  1209. 1209 : bella Says:

    kim sang bum,,,you are very handsome and cute..
    I love you very much

  1210. 1210 : dinda Says:

    I love u full,,,,Kim Bum!!!!

  1211. 1211 : miSS August 92 Says:

    hye cutie……..

    u r s00000 hands0me…….

    but lee min ho is more hands0me than u…..

    by the way, u r such a sweet guy in boys over flower….

    luvvvv u….

  1212. 1212 : yazt Says:

    annyeonghaseyo oppa!!!
    saranghae,, jeongmal saranghae kim bum oppa!!!
    UR so cute 4me….

  1213. 1213 : feren nurhidayati Says:

    hy kim bum how are you dont forget me ya ^_^ n this is my facebook [email protected] add yeah

  1214. 1214 : dio Says:

    Kim bum I’m dio from indonesia or in sidoarjo
    Your smile can shine over the nil river
    I love u so muchhhh ! When do u come to indonesia btw ?? I’ll wait !

  1215. 1215 : ellen cute Says:

    hi kim bum ur really the best and the cutest guy i watch in tv………. i like you so much………mwaaaaah.

  1216. 1216 : ellen cute Says:

    you know i wish i could see you personally someday………..well i always wish you luck……….
    sarang hae yo………hehehehe

  1217. 1217 : misTeriusss Says:

    i dont like you!!!

  1218. 1218 : frenia90 Says:

    I Love U Kim Bum…

  1219. 1219 : myleen and rodelyn Says:

    jigeum mannareo gamnida……………


  1220. 1220 : myleen and rodelyn Says:

    annyeong haseyo

    saranghae………kim bum sunbae

    hope 2 see u soon …………

    pls….visit Philippines

  1221. 1221 : myleen and rodelyn Says:

    .,.,.,.,.,.,.,,.,.,.,.,this is my friendster…..,,,[email protected]

    and [email protected]

    hope u will add us!!!!!!!!!!

  1222. 1222 : myka natividad Says:

    kim bum so gwapo.
    when you f4 dating here philippines?

  1223. 1223 : Rien_moetz Says:

    Kim Bum…
    We have same birthday…
    I hope…
    You can come to Indonesia…
    I like you in F4…

  1224. 1224 : dina Says:

    u’re in a good looking if u’re smiling,,, b’cz u’re so cute…

    but,, if u aren’t similing, u’re in a bad looking…
    so… keep ur smile..
    xie xie ^^ (korean drama lovers from Indonesia, my lovely country)

  1225. 1225 : asandra Says:

    annyeong heseyo..kim bun oppa.iam from malaysia, u look so cutes..in boys over flowers but lee min ho is more handsome..hope cant see u all in miri, sarawak,malaysia..

  1226. 1226 : song hyedha Says:

    kim bum………………………. you’r so very very handsome, baby face,,, and then


  1227. 1227 : halimah Says:

    hi….I’m halimah.
    i love bbf so much……………….

  1228. 1228 : ririn Says:

    hi…I’m ririn
    i love you kim bum,because you are very cute and handsom.

  1229. 1229 : alond Says:

    kim sang bum .
    very so sweet.
    great actris

  1230. 1230 : nazila Says:

    hy,,,kim bum i’m nazila alaydrus and amna alkaff from palembang,indonesia
    we love you so much because your have cute smile, smart,and handsome
    we like to your friend like us : lee min ho,kim joon,kim hyun joong and goo hye sun

  1231. 1231 : sushma Says:

    first of all i love u
    u r the most handsome man i have ever seen.
    i can do anything for u
    plz can i get your yahoo id
    if u can’t add me as great fan but u can send me your big photo so that i could print it and print and hang it in my room
    i always see u in my dream that u r with me always
    plzzzzz accept me as your great fan ever
    i can die for u

  1232. 1232 : swastika mahat Says:

    i am your great fan. plz send your yahoo id to your poor fan and i love u so much

  1233. 1233 : ♫♥eRlGh!E♥♫ Says:


  1234. 1234 : ♫♥eRlGh!E♥♫ Says:

    ♥♥♥KIM BUM♥♥♥


  1235. 1235 : hazna Says:

    hi… kim bum i am hazna from indonesia, i want to meet you and f4, when you and f4 come to indonesia, in indonesia many people love u and bbf, and i hope u and kim so eun bee a couples in real life

  1236. 1236 : hazna Says:

    hi kim bum i am hazna from indonesia, please you and f4+kim so eun and go hye sun come here , cause in indonesia many people like you, if you come here they are very happy, and i hope u and kim so eun be a couples in real life

  1237. 1237 : resia Says:

    hello,when you come in indonesia?i so really happy with you,iam fans you

  1238. 1238 : liliana Says:

    hi kim bum i liliana from indonesia i like you so much you always in my dreams i fans you i very to meet you when you come to indonesia who do you girlfriends i want to know?

  1239. 1239 : fanny oktafiani Says:

    hi…….kimbum i fanny oktafiani
    i from Indonesia
    i live jakarta city….
    when do you come in Indonesia???
    you very handsome and funny,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    i love you fulllll………….
    answer me please!!!

  1240. 1240 : Anuilagi McCarthy Says:

    hi……..i lafa u always.im such a great fan of urs.would u consider visiting american samoa?lots of luv and much alofas!muah!

  1241. 1241 : sabai Says:

    I’m your audience. Coming Saturday falls on my birthday. I offer you if you will be able to come. Warmly welcome to our home. This is my last letter for you. I’ll not come to the internet cafe the next time. If I be able to come, I’ll write to you. I’ll miss you forever. Have a happy day. O Par, cheer up. Take care of yourself. Bye Bye.

  1242. 1242 : Rainy Says:

    Hi, Kim Bum. I love you, because His smile is very lovely. We will be very happy if he come in vietnam. I hope he to accept an invitation of me. Wlecome to Viennam !!! ;;^_^;;

  1243. 1243 : juejue Says:

    hi hi
    Kim bum

    How are you? I am Yin Yin. I am from Myanmar.
    You are very handsome. Your acting is very good inF4.
    I want to be your friend. I want to meet to you.
    If you are free, Please come to Myanmar.
    You are welcome.Please reply to this message to e-mail.
    May you always happy…….bye

  1244. 1244 : LoL.. Says:

    How i wish i Was U …

  1245. 1245 : aurel Says:

    kim bum you’re so cute and handsome

  1246. 1246 : sheanne Says:

    hi!kim bum,my name is sheanne i came from the philippines,i hope that you will visit the country of the philippines,im sure you will like to visit because the philippines is so beautiful country,i hope you will.

  1247. 1247 : leeyan Says:

    hi! kim bum my name is leeyan ,i live the country of the philippines , sheanne is my couzin,i will wait for you to visit the philippines.

  1248. 1248 : bella Says:

    I love u kim bum,,,,

  1249. 1249 : myleen and rodelyn Says:

    hi! how are you? we are always watching your movies and tv series…

  1250. 1250 : arema Says:

    yuo stupid goblok

  1251. 1251 : mhiella Says:

    Hy..Q Mhiella,,Fans Bnget Ma Kim Bum,,Kpan Sech K’iNdonesia???????N GmNa Sech Crax BiaR PunYa SmIle Yg ManieZ Kya Kimbum?????????

  1252. 1252 : loveeable Says:

    I wonder if the actor actually reads these comments that are left on this website. If so, I just want you to know that I am a huge and and think that you are an incredible actor. Love that smile. It can really melt a gals heart. Keep up the good work. I’m also wondering if you will ever visit the U.S. Please do reply to me if you ever read this. Thanks and god bless.

  1253. 1253 : savira Says:

    mr.kim sang bum, how are you?
    your so cool and handsom
    your so handsom

  1254. 1254 : yesica Says:

    i’m your fans from indonesia,
    i’m very love you because i think you very cute and handsome.
    are you have a facebook ???
    if you have, add my email and reply it.
    thank you…..


  1255. 1255 : rika Says:

    hai kim bum km mirip adek ku deh

  1256. 1256 : rima a.c Says:

    so sweet…. you so hand some …..when you visit in indonesia ?…

  1257. 1257 : Lintang Ayu Hardini Says:

    Arrrrh Kim Bum…..
    I love you full hahaha

  1258. 1258 : fina amalia Says:

    Kim Bum………………………………………………..
    you very handsome I like you
    I your big fan

  1259. 1259 : emoy Says:

    KIM BUM. . . . . !!!!*
    U ARE SO SWEET BGET. . . . .
    pokoe ngepol bget gantenge. . . .
    salam bwat camer gue yaw. . . . .

  1260. 1260 : Lee MC II Says:

    hey>>>>bro…..I`m Lee mc
    u have a band in Korea
    couz i needed a band
    i`m so proud of U…bro
    u have a frndster f u have plzz add me bro>>>
    [email protected] Needed frnds…

  1261. 1261 : kimylyn Says:

    how are u? hope ur doing well right..
    u know what? u the most handsome and cutest guy..we’ve ever known.

  1262. 1262 : zinzin Says:

    mr kim
    i want to friend with you. My account name is [email protected]. Please you invite me. Thank you

  1263. 1263 : kish Says:


    if in case this message will truly reach you, just want to know if you enjoyed your stay in the philippines? saw you in the news… how was the shoot i heard that you flew here for the commercial with maja?.. and i think you’ve made alot of pinoys smile in our country inspite the tragedy that happened. well, i really don’t know much about you.. since i’m not a fan.. but i’d like to have a korean friend and to exchange cultural influnces and to leran more about korea…. hope to hear from you soon.. salamat po. [email protected]

  1264. 1264 : bangs Says:

    hi kim bum ur so very handsome

  1265. 1265 : K Says:


    if in case this message will truly reach you, just want to know if you enjoyed your stay in the philippines? saw you in the news… how was the shoot i heard that you flew here for the commercial with maja?.. and i think you’ve made a lot of pinoys smile in our country inspite the tragedy that happened. well, i really don’t know much about you.. since i’m not a fan.. but i’d like to have a korean friend and to exchange cultural influences and learn more about korea…. hope to hear from you soon.. salamat po. [email protected]

  1266. 1266 : gedine Says:

    높은 김은 당신이 필리핀을 방문하는 시간을 준다 때문에 행복했던 부당한. .im를 이렇게 노래했다. 희망이 있 당신은 당신이 여기에서 몇몇 영화 또는 연극을 하는 시간을 더 소요할 수 있는 1 일 그리고 당신의 방문을 여기에서 즐겼다. 우리는 당신이 당신은 진짜로 평가한다 are.we 희망 당신의 필리핀 팬 유지하는 무엇을 좋은 work.god가 당신을 강복하는 때 당신을 사랑하고, 항상 배려를 가지고 가고 체재한다.
    필리핀의 Geraldine

  1267. 1267 : Asal Says:

    wow…You best am not but cans I than design you door film boys befor/over flowers many blissful hopes!!! good luck!!!

  1268. 1268 : tina Says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiii kim

    how are you?
    im fans you from indonesia

  1269. 1269 : ruby ann Says:

    Hi Kim Bum 🙂 Thank you for visiting our country Philippines. I hope to see you again in the near future. God bless!

  1270. 1270 : swastika Says:

    hi kim bum i love you so much .you look so cute i love you so much plz accept this fan by giving id plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  1271. 1271 : Jinky Says:

    thanks for visiting our country, Philippines. You are so handsome….be good always..Don’t forget to ask god for help in times of difficulties or wen you are sad….God is always with us don’t forget.!!!!!!!!!

    keep up the good work!
    commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed! bye

  1272. 1272 : bella ittu saiia Says:

    ……….kim bum

    …….i luv you

    …….kug cute bbanget sech,,,,,,,,gg5nha ccarany?????????????


  1273. 1273 : bella ittu saiia Says Says:

    ……hey gku bhella

    ……gku ngpenn bbanget ma kim bum

    ……khapaan kee neghara yang kaya akan budaya??????????

    ……kesiini dunk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ……hiibur panns kkmoe dissinie

    …..ouw ye gg5nha craany puna wajjah yg kyut????????

  1274. 1274 : desie Says:

    anneyong haseyo
    na Desi
    neo utgida
    na love oppa
    and eonny kim so eun

  1275. 1275 : shinta Says:

    halo kim bum and juga nggak lupa bwt f4????????
    gimana kabarnya?????????????
    nomong2 kapan ke indonesia??????????
    aku tunggu f4 in indonesia y?????????????????

  1276. 1276 : shinta Says:

    halo kim bum!!!!!!!!1
    kapan ke indonesia

  1277. 1277 : suci witika Says:

    hello kim bum u`re so cute abizzz

    i luv u always
    i`m wait u in indonesia

  1278. 1278 : rHicz Says:

    Hi kim sang bum..im From pHiLippines..

    im a Fan oF yours.!

    and im so Happy THaT youre Here in pHiLippines.!

    buT im aLso sad coz i canT see u in personaL..

    and THaTs my onLy wish coz..


    THaTs aLL..

  1279. 1279 : jong ru Says:

    u and kim so eun r nice couple

  1280. 1280 : nurhalimah Says:

    hy ka kimbum yang smkin gnteng dn ok ka kpan main film lg nich qu dah kngen buanget sm kkn

  1281. 1281 : fadisar fens Says:

    kimbuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum………. I LUPH YOU PULLLLLLLLLLLLLL…. U VERY VERY HANDSOME….

  1282. 1282 : maya Says:

    kmu koq ganteng buanget sich . . . . . .

  1283. 1283 : nda Says:

    kim bum………………………………..
    you are so cute,when you come to indonesia ?

  1284. 1284 : KIMBUMLOVER Says:

    hey. thank you for visiting the Philippines and for being one with us during our difficult times. we appreciate your concern for the Filipinos. the Filipinos are thankful for your kindness and for making us all smile despite of the tragic happenings in our country. we will support you and we are anticipating your new drama “DREAM”. thank you and may GOD bless and bestow you with great blessings. saranghamnida!

  1285. 1285 : nunie Says:

    Kim Bum,
    U r the sweetest and cutest among F4, even though I’m a married woman, I still Love you!!!!

  1286. 1286 : love you Says:

    when you r going tovisit malaysia.

  1287. 1287 : fhedya kimbum holic Says:

    kim bum your is the best 4 me forever.. kim bum kapan nih ke indonesia donk.. terutama ke gorontalo nihhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….
    di di tunggu ya….

  1288. 1288 : minny Says:

    kim bum i love u full for u. u are so sweet and very handsome i want be your girl

  1289. 1289 : zulilin Says:


    do u know myanmar country?

  1290. 1290 : zulilin Says:

    never never give up

  1291. 1291 : Resitazein Says:

    annyeong haseyo KIM BUM…

  1292. 1292 : dindut Says:

    You are soo cute,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,………..

  1293. 1293 : girls Says:

    kim bum..you are the cute guys. i like u act in the boys before flowera..u are so cool and the cutest guys in that drama..

  1294. 1294 : syafta Says:

    i’m your fans from indonesia,
    i’m very love you because i think you very cute and handsome.
    are you have a facebook ???
    if you have, add my email and reply it.
    thank you…..

  1295. 1295 : Eenee Says:

    why…. he isn’t handsome guy why do you love he? he doesn’t now you

  1296. 1296 : sunny Says:

    oh hai..
    i like u in bbf korean drama..
    you look so cute…

  1297. 1297 : meioka Says:

    diantara anggota BBF, kamu paling imut apalagi kalo lagi smile manis banget,kalah deh ama gula 1 kg! oh iya, trik 5 langkah menahlukkan cewek pernah kamu praktek kan ngak di luar BBF?

  1298. 1298 : fathia Says:

    you’re very handsome,,,
    when the country is Indonesia??
    I was always waiting for you in my country …..

    Successful kimbum,,,,

    당신은 매우,,, 미남이야
    국가 때 인도네시아 무엇입니까??
    난 항상 당신에 대한 내 나라 …..에서 기다리고 있었다

    성공 kimbum,,,,

  1299. 1299 : Andy Says:

    Hi Kim Bum, I’m glad that you did went to the Philippines but I’m sad because you don’t have the chance to roam around our country. Kim Bum I hope that when you come back here, you’ll also visit Mindanao. Maybe you’ll find your dream girl there. thanx and wish you all the luck!

  1300. 1300 : sunita Says:

    hi cutie pie. u r very cute. i just love ur BBF dramma.

  1301. 1301 : syah Says:

    omo omo omo!

  1302. 1302 : julius Says:

    annyong…………add in your friendster, putak haamnida.you are such a winner.

  1303. 1303 : savira Says:

    your so handsome

    KIM BUM I Love You

  1304. 1304 : nacinta Says:

    Your smile make me fall in love with you.. Kim bUm I love you!!

  1305. 1305 : thu thao Says:

    hi kimbum!
    i am your fan. i love your lovely smile very much. in Viet Nam, there are many people love you too. i haven’t had a chance to meet you, because you haven’t come to my country. i hope you will come to my country in the future.
    welcome to Viet Nam
    good luck

  1306. 1306 : jeann Says:

    …I lAb bOys Over flowers!!!!
    …Especially, kIm bUm And kIm sO EUN!!!
    …pERfEct lOvE!!!!

  1307. 1307 : Alaina Obenza Says:

    kim bum im your no one fan you know i even dreamed about you……

  1308. 1308 : Alaina Obenza Says:

    im your number one fan

  1309. 1309 : Alaina Obenza Says:

    you know kim bum i always dreamed in meeting you….for truth i always dreamed of meeting you in person…..starting that night i dreamed that i finally meet you….you smiled to me even you far…..but suddenly you came near and say hellow….Oh my gosh a girl like a no one meet kim bum…..im amaze but suddenly i woke up and starting to realized that it was just only a dream…that why i promise to my self that when i finnish my studies ill go to korea and meet…my only dream….and its not just a lie my dreamed is actually true…..ill meet you soon…..very soon…

  1310. 1310 : miea Says:

    alaina obenza…your dream almost same as mine..but i won’t tell(kim hold hand with me and we run along at )…i can’t when my age turn 18 cause…i can go to KOREA if i got lots of a’s in my biggest exam..i wait 10 years for this…and i have to wait 6 more years..i”m not only want meet kim bum..but…all the korean actor or actress that i’d known..i always day dreaming of f4 ku hye sun and kim so eun…i wish i could be friend with him…i won’t give up..kim bum..you give me an inspiration..to keep moving and going until i success..

    thank you..THANK YOU..

  1311. 1311 : fa Says:

    kim bum hOW ARE YOU

  1312. 1312 : fa Says:

    HI ,,,
    kim bum how are you?
    yugata naosara shite iru?

  1313. 1313 : barudak dasdor.. Says:

    you`re so cute…
    i hope you come to Indonesia…. please!
    i`ll be waiting for you…

  1314. 1314 : egshiglen Says:

    Hi, i really liked your part in east of eden, i like you because of your eyes. i can see ur personality there, really i do. everyone likes you because you are very hot,cute, but i am not, so youknow. i am mongolian girl, and im 13.hahahahahaa young huh? i know that u will never know i exist but its ok,just know that i like a lot. you make my day bit happier.haha

  1315. 1315 : egshiglen Says:

    whoa, you really do have alot of fans, dude.hahahaah
    good luck in your future. just send a message to [email protected]. ok???
    plsplspls. i know you wouldnt but pls saranghe> hahah i am watchin arirang tryin to learn korean.help me ok hmmmm. anion

  1316. 1316 : hilda Says:


    how are you ?????????????????????

  1317. 1317 : melz Says:

    kim bum…
    u are so cute… >_<

    love u…

  1318. 1318 : nemo_girl Says:

    hai kim bun..
    u so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1319. 1319 : cupritz Says:


  1320. 1320 : rara Says:

    i love u KIM BUM.

  1321. 1321 : AULIA Says:

    haiiii……………….. KiM BuMM ilove you so much kIm bUUm………………………………………………………………………………………..

  1322. 1322 : ariska Says:

    Cute boy

  1323. 1323 : astha Says:

    u r soo cute

  1324. 1324 : asianstar.info Says:

    I love you Kim bum

  1325. 1325 : jo Says:

    keep up the great work!
    All the best in life..

  1326. 1326 : krissy Says:

    sexy cute smile <3 love ur acting <3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3

  1327. 1327 : fiitstash Says:


    great your handsome…

  1328. 1328 : putri ima camelia sandy Says:

    HOW ARE U?

  1329. 1329 : Donya Says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiia! you are beautiful in boys before flowers!

  1330. 1330 : efryll Says:

    he came to the philippines for a commercial shoot for one of our local soda, but unfortunately i wasn’t able to see him personally… omg, he has the cutest smile ever… it’s really unfair… how come these people are so blessed with good looks… darn… i just can’t help falling in love with you….

  1331. 1331 : sandra.darmawan Says:

    . . hai kim bum who are you . . . ?! what you can speak indonesia . . . ?! I’m sandra, i live in BANDUNG (indonesia) . . . !! you aktor my faforite . . . !!

  1332. 1332 : none Says:

    Hi Kim bum,..do u hve a girlfriend???
    heee…wish u luck…

  1333. 1333 : lily Says:

    kim bum u’r so cute

    i like u eye
    u nose
    n u’r face

    so sweeettttttttt

  1334. 1334 : Tiffany Says:

    Luph u Kim bum…
    You are so cute…
    so handsome……..
    I hope you are here with me…
    Right now…^^

  1335. 1335 : noura Says:


  1336. 1336 : noura Says:

    you are so sweet……………

  1337. 1337 : Loshinee Says:

    hey, kim bum. Ur Kim bum rite. Wierd though me liking a korean actor but i dont see anything special in u accept for that ur a nice guy. Urwierd actually. i dont even knw ur really gonna read all this comments but just felt like telling. But 1 that I wud like to tell is giving up in a second is not who you are, fight to the end!

    this is my facebook email…[email protected]
    and this is my email add…[email protected]

    nice knowing u. I wonder if I get the chance to be a special freind for u!
    Take gud care of urself!

  1338. 1338 : fitri Says:

    Kim Bum….Kim Bum….Kim Bum!!! You Perfect Boy With Your Cute Smile……..

  1339. 1339 : your #1 fan Says:

    i love you kim bum ( ^_^ )
    you know when i hear that you will go to the philippine
    i’m very excited b’coz i want to see but sadly i did not see you
    but its okei i just think that you will come back visit philippines
    and i will wait for that and i hope the next you visit hear tou accomny lee min ho, and the co host of boys over flowers

    _just’keEP’SAfE_ ( ^_^ )

  1340. 1340 : your #1 fan Says:

    i love you kim bum ( ^_^ )
    you know when i hear that you will go to the philippine
    i’m very excited b’coz i want to see but sadly i did not see you
    but its okei i just think that you will come back to visit philippines
    and i will wait for that and i hope the next you visit hear tou accompany lee min ho, and the co host of boys over flowers

    _just’keEP’SAfE_ ( ^_^ )

  1341. 1341 : Nahal Says:

    …U are soooo sweet!!
    & the BEST!

  1342. 1342 : atho Says:


  1343. 1343 : Rizza Mae Says:


    ..kim bum

    ..im ur no 1 fan here in phil.

    ..im so excted when i hear that u are coming here in phil.

    ..but i did not given a chance to saw u..

    ..but its awkie..

    ..ahmpp more powrs to come 4 u and kim so-eun

    ..and also i realy love ur commercial with maja salvador

    ..take care always

    ..from: Rizza Mae Lomonggo

  1344. 1344 : oliv Says:

    kim bum is the best

  1345. 1345 : joy Says:

    Heard that you new drama “dream” flop:(And your upcoming movie “Flight”is rated R and the premeir was delayed well good luck for your upcoming activities>

  1346. 1346 : wisnu Says:

    oh..this kim buum …….face you has monkey

  1347. 1347 : wisnu Says:

    heeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii eye you agly

  1348. 1348 : aiia Says:


  1349. 1349 : hmm... Says:

    hello ^^

    i just went through yr bbf drama n it was superb.

    i like ur acting. Da cweet thing i found on u is ur smile 😀

  1350. 1350 : hmm... Says:

    wisnu :@

    wht da wheck do u think of urself huh???

    how cn u tell others monkey…u ownself luk lyk a chimp…

    u scam…piss off!!

  1351. 1351 : vivi Says:

    hiya, kim bum..<3
    I'm one of ur crazy fan frm INDIA..!! mus b wondering 'INDIA" right…!! anyway u'l b amazed to know dat U 've got thousands of fans out here..specially NorthEastern part of India.. we all love you n wants u to be the best.. all the best in your career..!! dont know if u gonna read this or not but i hope u'l read it.. 🙂 jus want u to knw that u've got fans even out here in INdia too.
    love you.

  1352. 1352 : vivi Says:

    seems like someone is Jealous…!!

  1353. 1353 : vivi Says:

    hiya kim bum..
    I’m one of ur crazy fan frm India… shock huh..!! u’l b amazed to know that you’ve got thousands of fans out here… wish u’l come n visit India too… (NorthEastern part of India..)
    we all love you..all the best in your career.. dont know if u’l read this comment or not but wish u’l read it. just wants you to know that u av fans out here in India too.
    Love you.
    your fan from India.

  1354. 1354 : smy Says:

    you so great

  1355. 1355 : jeseca t. pereyra Says:

    Hi Kim Bum,…….I’m one of ur fans here in phil. hope u’l read my message. U’re so cute that’s y I really admire u. Always take care………
    luv u!!!!

    your fan from Philippines

  1356. 1356 : Sweett Says:

    You are really cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1357. 1357 : echa Says:

    cute boy kim bum…..love ur smile…..

  1358. 1358 : [email protected]* Says:

    You are so cute kim bum…
    eum…yesterdays i finish watching the movie boys before flowers!!
    you were one who i love the most!!=D
    you were so cute in boys before flowers!!
    i wish you can read this message…

  1359. 1359 : [email protected]* Says:

    you were the one i love the most in boys before flowers

  1360. 1360 : siLviE lOvE kImBUm Says:

    LOve you kiMbuM..youre So Sweet…EmmmmuuAcH…

  1361. 1361 : siLviE lOvE kImBUm Says:

    Love YoU kIMbUm………..YoU’rE So SwEEt…………..MmmmmUaAAcChhh……….

  1362. 1362 : Delva Says:

    KimBuM i Will always love you…mizzz U…..
    Get merried with Me?

  1363. 1363 : pooza Says:

    hi kim
    lop u forever

  1364. 1364 : December Moon Says:

    Hi Kim,
    You’re so innocent.
    I want to know your blood type.
    I hope you will read it.
    Please regard me as a friend.
    And please reply my letter.

  1365. 1365 : aiixah Says:

    why u ask kim bum’s blood ype ??

    r u a vampire ?

  1366. 1366 : devie Says:

    i love you kim bum!!!!
    you is the best

  1367. 1367 : EnNa Says:

    hI……..bRo KiM bUm…I Like your smile & your acting………..if u free pls chat with me…..k…….wt ur mail?????can i know?this my mail:[email protected]………..pls sent me ur photo…….with love……..enna

  1368. 1368 : enelrah Says:

    wow!what a man!you are so cute kim bum.Ang galing galing…..zuper……….to the 11th power of korea.

  1369. 1369 : akane Says:

    hello kim bum
    wish you more shows to come

  1370. 1370 : korean lover Says:

    seriously i start addict to you . omg ! you so cute kim bum . hope i can go to south korea and find a guy look like you , hahaa

  1371. 1371 : Samantha ( Chae Yeon ) Says:

    HI Kim Bum….oppa …… i m one of your biggest fan…please invite me at [email protected]… i will be waiting for u to invite me ….

  1372. 1372 : roychel Says:

    i like to be ur partner in the commercial RC cola like maja salvador…
    take good care olwayz..mwuaah.

  1373. 1373 : indriyani Says:

    luv you Kim Bum

  1374. 1374 : jezzel joy juaton Says:

    ………………i cant live my life without you!!!!!!!!!!!!!………..i want to be your girlfriend…………..even in dreams only………..I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1375. 1375 : tika Says:

    Ratna love u bbbeeeuuuuttttt…………pokoke I LOVE u so much…

  1376. 1376 : kim bum fan Says:

    i love you kim bum ! you the best . ahhhh , love you so much , wanna see you at tv again

  1377. 1377 : neola Says:

    1 more time i goes to seoul to saw you……

  1378. 1378 : Rainy Says:

    I lOVe Ur LiP..PiNk CoLoR!!

  1379. 1379 : kim joon ruby Says:

    annyong kim,
    how are you? how about your job? i cried when i watched your film! boy over flower Oyoko Kamio! hjhj! i wish you every success! i wish you a good heath! best wish to you! hjhj! i wish i can meet you! i’m vietnamese! my yahoo is [email protected]! when you feel bore, you can talk with you! i will chare with you! because i’m angel of ss501. hjhj good luck! and happy christmas. annyong hegaseyo.i hope you will happy like the film! i want to talk with you very much but i don’t have freetime!

  1380. 1380 : Smile lover Says:

    I am your fan from Myanmar.I love you kim bum, you are so cute. Your smile is innocent. I want to visit to Korea and want to meet you.

  1381. 1381 : winwin Says:

    내가 당신을 사랑하는 부랑자 김 ….. 때, 인도네시아, 또는 자카르타에 난 당신을 기다릴께요 …. 놀고 싶어 hahahahahahaha 만약 내가 당신을 요청할 수있습니다 정말 감사 나중에 내 이메일을 … 당신이 거만 hahahahahaha …… 감사 않았 으면
    naega dangsin-eul salanghaneun bulangja gim ….. ttae, indonesia, ttoneun jakaleuta-e nan dangsin-eul gidalilkkeyo …. nolgo sip-eo hahahahahahaha man-yag naega dangsin-eul yocheonghal su-issseubnida jeongmal gamsa najung-e nae imeil-eul … dangsin-i geoman hahahahahaha …… gamsa anh-ass eumyeon

  1382. 1382 : ReL Says:

    my cuties actor…

  1383. 1383 : bee Says:

    vivi is rite.theres thousand of fans hear in india.especally northeast part.we don’t really look very indian.we look more like you kim.i’m sure your amazed.but don’t be.hope one day you’ll get to act on our Bollywood.lol.best of luck for your career ahead.xoxo.

  1384. 1384 : Aurora Says:

    Annyeong Hasseo…. ^_^
    I’m is your big fan!!…I’m so like your movie…
    I hope you can write back my massage… 🙂
    I’m from Idonesia…every afternoon i never forget to watch boys before flowers…i just wanna you write back my massage…
    and,when your new movie play again in television??…..don’t so tired..bcoz,if you sick you can’t play your movie…hhaa..
    and i just wanna say hayyy…. <3 U

  1385. 1385 : gLaudia Says:

    the cute boy is Kim Bum….ur smile bring a love..ur eye so very comfortable…i luv u,,always….

  1386. 1386 : cintje wieling Says:

    kim…bum gw suka banget ma you……i love mmmmuuuahhh….forever

  1387. 1387 : yunita Says:

    hay……????? your acting is very good i like it……………!!!
    when you go to go indonesia ( Bali)?????? I and our friend always waiting you and we hope you replay this comment??????

  1388. 1388 : april Says:

    your so cute…

  1389. 1389 : Angie Aw Says:

    Kim Bum sunbae saranghae !!!! Hwaiting !!!

  1390. 1390 : winda Says:

    i like you to kim bum …………………………. i love you kim bum is the best forever is fans from indonesia

  1391. 1391 : winda Says:

    i like you to kim bum……………………………… i love you kim bum is the bast forever fans from INDONESIA

  1392. 1392 : hiKAri Says:

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    tAke caRe and gOd bLeSS

    iM oNe oF uR biG big faN saRanghaE!!!!!!

  1393. 1393 : hiKAri Says:

    te amo
    gua ai di
    wo ai ni
    ti amo
    i love you
    mahal kita
    Naneun dangsineul mucheok joahamnida kim bUm!!!!

    gud Luck
    take care
    gOd bless yOu

  1394. 1394 : mikka Says:

    saranghae kim bum
    your so cute
    i love u so much
    im your number 1 fan from dau mabalacat pampanga philippines
    always take good care
    i love u very very very very very much………..

  1395. 1395 : Syifa Says:

    Merry christmas and happy new year

  1396. 1396 : dhentie Says:

    ,wE LovE yoU!!!!!
    ,veRy veRy veRy veRy n veRy much,,
    , mWWWWWWaaaHHHH,,

    ,,,,kiMbUm faNs cLuB inDoNesiaa,,,,

  1397. 1397 : sweetsell Says:

    hai mzta ka na

  1398. 1398 : tenzin Says:

    hi kim bum MERRY CHRISTMASS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance..

  1399. 1399 : apriL Says:

    I Love You
    Mahal Kita
    Te Amo
    Gua Ai Di
    Wo Ai Ni
    Ti Amo

    +.KIM BUM.+

  1400. 1400 : apriL Says:

    i want u 2 come back here again in the philippines..
    ..i miz u mr.endorser of R.C..
    ..more powers in ur up coming careers..im always here 2 b ur # 1 fan..

    +.KIM BUM.+

  1401. 1401 : gio Says:

    helow kim sang beom i hope u will come back here in philippines for the other indorsment and for ur fans we lov u i am #1 fans for u and i hop many blessings will be come for u more blessings mwahhh

  1402. 1402 : olive Says:

    hi you is pretty

    you are good actor

    good try

    good luck

  1403. 1403 : awonshang Says:

    cutie , ,merrrriest x-mas 2 u

  1404. 1404 : marj Says:

    annyeonghasseyo:) merry christmas in advance…I’ve seen a lot of your videos and your so cute specially in bof,you really deserve to get a prize…you’re so funny in some of the videos,your making ticklish acts..I really admire cute guys like you:) I’m marj from phil.

  1405. 1405 : pigletmaythu Says:

    you are very handsome and very cute

  1406. 1406 : lala Says:

    my only comment…”will you love So Eun ??? “wkwkwkwkw

  1407. 1407 : stephie Says:

    i can’t say anything!
    i only hope if i could make friendship with u…….
    if u accept that, please mailing me at [email protected]
    n i hope so. thanks_ GOD BLESS U ^_^

  1408. 1408 : princess Says:

    hello kim bum aniong haseyo,,,,
    we love you so much ,come back again with lee min ho and woo bin and jee hoo plssssssssss

    im your #1 fun of bof

    ~_~ i love you so much

    bye bye~_~

    i wish this comming b-day on february 11 2010 you will be here with b0f,,, by the way im in phillippines from olongapo, my name is princess joyce

  1409. 1409 : mrs.kim bum Says:

    you’re great,n hansome 2…i love u so much….^_-
    i hope i can be your GF….but i think it possible,coz u have sae un…

  1410. 1410 : princess cindy Says:

    i wish this Christmas all of us my receive our own personal wishes in our lord……………merry Christmas to all of you and a prosperous year to come….

  1411. 1411 : princess cindy Says:

    hello kim bum can i get your acct. in yahoo mail… or send me a message her’s my acct. # [email protected]……i hope u visit her in the Philippines………….see you ……

  1412. 1412 : RYA Says:

    kimbum ku ngefanz buangetz ama kamu I LOVE YOU POOL

  1413. 1413 : Dian Says:

    oh please……
    i can’t say anything if i meet you….
    i have and like your song OST BOF….
    if you care of your fans… if you have chance,mailing me at [email protected]
    i know you busy…..sorry…

  1414. 1414 : ain Says:

    hi…i like your act in BOF…im from malaysia…just add me in email [email protected]

  1415. 1415 : kiatami Says:

    kim bum is very handsome :))
    im looking forward to DREAM :))
    he visited the Philippines but only in Manila to do a commercial with a local actress.
    KIM BUM!! ;))

  1416. 1416 : SuJuMIN Says:

    aneonghAseyo….Kim Bum…..One of ma friend lyke U sooo….much dat she could not sleep without ya picture…..her name is baby….just wanna introduce her to you….anyway I also lyke ya smile and ya acting….TaKe CaRe….^_^

  1417. 1417 : SuJuMIN Says:

    hello KimBum^_^….SARaNgHae…TakeCare….

  1418. 1418 : eviee Says:

    hello ………kim bum
    my name evi …
    i like acting u in boy before flower……..
    swet ,,,,,swetttt
    i from in indonesia …..
    kim bum when to welcome in indonesia …?

  1419. 1419 : shrutijoshi Says:

    kim bum….the most coolest guy i ever saw……
    u were too awesome in BOYS BEFORE FLOWER
    loved ur hair, dress up, n attitude…awesome!!!
    keep on with ur acting career….

  1420. 1420 : lyunitarizka Says:

    Kim Bum you are very cute and handsome
    Luv u . . .

    i hope u come to visit Indonesia

  1421. 1421 : niobe Says:

    Hi kim Bum, I hope u r fine. I watched ur drama ‘DREAMS’. I dont know why it didnt do good but in my view it was great. A korean drama other than romantic must be a good experience for u. And ur character of lee sang suk suits ur cute appearance. Even among F4 boys i think u r the most handsomest,coolest and cutest one. u r just 20yrs old and u have gained so much popularity. N i hope the mess with the contracts will be over soon. Please Dont lose hope n never give up cuz there r millions of fans just like me praying for u. Aza Aza Fighting, Kim Bum!!! Take care.

  1422. 1422 : pyaepyae Says:

    Hi Kim Bum
    I’m one of your fun.I appreciate your style.Sometimes you look like…….
    Sometimes you are so cute especially when you are smiling………

  1423. 1423 : Beatrice Says:

    I wish to watch a new drama of Kim Bum with Kim So Eun together….esp when both of them are the main actor and actress. They have good chemistry together 😀

  1424. 1424 : rai Says:

    kim bum you’re totally cute.. ilysoomuch.!! (:

  1425. 1425 : BiGiKu Says:

    I love Kim Bum..!!
    He is SOOO Cute!!

  1426. 1426 : chipsy Says:

    haii..kim bum..
    u r so cute..
    smile n piece from malaysia.

  1427. 1427 : cutegirlsz Says:

    Kim Bum,, U’re so cute N Handsome……….

    I’m Ur Fans From Indonesia……..

    I Love U so Much Kim Bum…….

  1428. 1428 : humaira Says:

    you r so cute but u r not a muslim.

  1429. 1429 : humaira Says:

    tomorrow r happy new year so, happy new year & always be cute

  1430. 1430 : alya bilbina kimbummers Says:

    kim bum 🙂 , , you’re s0 cute , i’m awesome with you . sarang hae kiiim bum 😉 . . . very very like

  1431. 1431 : rainy Says:

    Happy New Year…… 🙂

  1432. 1432 : jiha Says:

    love kim bum 4 eva..
    i’m ur fans and crazy about you!
    fans from malaysia…

  1433. 1433 : ichigo Says:

    hi…you’re so cute..i love you so much!!

  1434. 1434 : ichigo guatshu Says:

    hi kim bum..i’m fans from indonesia..

    i’m so so so love you!!you love me too??:-P

  1435. 1435 : fidhia Says:

    happy new ywars yes kim bum 🙂 🙂 🙂

  1436. 1436 : cute15 Says:

    ur so handsome and cute

  1437. 1437 : nia Says:

    i really like your character in boys over flowers………..your partner in that story really suitable with you

  1438. 1438 : annabel Says:

    hey,kim bum ur so cute n famous in my school DGH in kalimpong ur roll in boys over flowers is good ….n i like ur smile, im from hyderabad.

  1439. 1439 : annabel Says:

    i know u r busy but just in case u have time for u fans plz…………… write to us my acct is, [email protected] wish u a happy new year 2010 *~ * byyyyyye.

  1440. 1440 : ladiigodiva Says:

    I’m melting for your smile!! Kyaaaa~~!!! 😉

  1441. 1441 : fharr Says:

    mengapa bisa wajah seimut kim bum ???
    benar-benar PERFECT
    apalagi klo Kim Bum agamanya islam
    gijamin makin banyak yang ngefans !!!!

  1442. 1442 : jam Says:

    kim bum i really like you..
    your so famous here in the philippines..
    thank you for coming here in the philippines..
    hope you enjoyed..

  1443. 1443 : lulhu Says:

    kim bUm i loVe u,,

  1444. 1444 : rafa Says:

    so sweeeettt..

  1445. 1445 : denisse Says:

    iwant to see you
    all in personal
    lee min ho
    plsssss visit here in
    cebu philippines
    im your no. 1 fan
    i love u!

  1446. 1446 : aimee lagahit Says:

    ahoy, kim bum happy new year, ang cute mo talaga grabe ^_^

  1447. 1447 : aimee lagahit Says:

    hi kim bum, ang cute cute mo talaga at gustong gusto ko yun character mo sa boys over flower sana sana punta ka ulit dito sa manila gawa ka ulit ng cf kz your so cute grabe

  1448. 1448 : wiidhyie Says:

    ka2 happy new year and marry christmast,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  1449. 1449 : jeh ruby Says:

    ur so handsomeeeeeeeeeeeeee &&& cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  1450. 1450 : Saung Min Thar Says:

    hi hello
    Are u fine
    I don’t like you in Dream but I like in The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry

  1451. 1451 : Saung Min Thar Says:


  1452. 1452 : amie Says:

    hi… kim bum
    love you forever

  1453. 1453 : syarifah Says:

    love you forever

  1454. 1454 : anggitta says Says:

    hi,,,,,,,,,kim bum

  1455. 1455 : anggitta says Says:

    hi,,,,kim bum
    I LOVE F4,,,,
    BY:FENS you,,,,

  1456. 1456 : darkprincez Says:

    hi there kim..im one of ur fans..hope u have still incoming programs,dramas and movies here in the philippines..keep up the good work and god bless!

  1457. 1457 : arhamni Says:

    HI,,, KIM BUM!
    I LIKE F4!

  1458. 1458 : dija Says:

    hy . . . . kim bum ! kpn mu dtng ke Indonesian ? bagaimana kabar group evont ? n “klw mu ke Indonesian ajak group evont x . .salam group evontt x
    by_dija ( INDONESIAN )

  1459. 1459 : Sholpan Says:

    Hi! You are fantastic actor! I really enjoy your movies. My only dream is to become an actress, and play in a korean drama with you. But it’s imposible, I know. So pity! 🙁

  1460. 1460 : mesya Says:

    Hey,I like your act in BBF with kim so eun,your act is so awesome!!!
    I hope you can come to Indonesia with kim so eun and team of BBF I really like you….

  1461. 1461 : Erlyta Says:

    hi . . .
    i’m fans u from indonesian i like u act in BBF i like you smile . . .you is so handsome please come in indonesian by F4

  1462. 1462 : mae.crystal Says:

    hello..im ur no.1..ur so cute.. i like the way u smile..

  1463. 1463 : Rya Says:

    ka2k k’ cAkep BwgTz Cieh……………………
    I Like U’r smiLe

  1464. 1464 : haik Says:

    cute tlaga ni kim bum……….luv u 4ever

  1465. 1465 : tqah Says:

    gler hensem!!!!!!

  1466. 1466 : Noel Says:

    good luck..

  1467. 1467 : lunie Says:

    hey cutiepie
    i have never seen cute smile in boys like yours
    i went crazy of ur look n smile…

    ur smile was d best in boys b4 flowers

    liked u

  1468. 1468 : haik Says:

    hai kim bum,,,,,ur so cute
    so eyes were so attractive
    luv u 4ever

  1469. 1469 : haik Says:

    kim bum is it tru dat ur planing 2 adopt?????????????
    sna aqn lng i-adopt mu……hahaha

  1470. 1470 : waimon Says:

    hi kim bum

  1471. 1471 : waimon Says:

    hi kim bum
    u are so cute and handsome
    i like your smile

  1472. 1472 : rutch Says:

    hi kim bum!!!when can you visit again here in the philippines???Happy New Year to you and to your family!!!!please send my greetings to Ga Eul hehehe.Take care and God Bless………!!!!!!!!

  1473. 1473 : kim maemei Says:

    i don’t know
    if u r cute or wat ever

    can u visit again here in philippines

    bec.my classmate want 2 see u

    in holy cross college pampanga

    i hope it


  1474. 1474 : girl Says:

    hanyaseyokim bum..
    kim bum kyowo..

  1475. 1475 : nachi Says:

    hi kim bum ^^…i hope u can be a good actor/entertainer..oh yeahh i really love ur song !!!!

    kim bum-ssi atja atja hwaiting !!!!

  1476. 1476 : guetta Says:

    can’t get enough of kim bum
    loved him in bof.
    million dollar smile!!!!!!!!!!
    luv ya!!!!!!!!!!

  1477. 1477 : heni Says:

    i love u..

  1478. 1478 : poe_3 Says:

    hhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhh !!!!!!
    kim bum ii lophe yhou …
    hahahahaha ,, 😀
    ii nfans you !!!!!! hehehe

  1479. 1479 : poe_3 Says:

    huuuuuuuuuuuuhh !!!
    kim bum knpa kammuh gnteng bged siech jdi kngent ,, hahaha

  1480. 1480 : haik Says:

    hi kim bum……………,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    hope 2 c u in prsonal………..
    luv u vry much

  1481. 1481 : januaryanti Says:

    kim bum,,, u’r the cutest boy in f4…
    i love you…
    i like u’r acting in bbf…
    i want to meet you… n i hope u visit to indonesia…
    pliz add my facebook in [email protected]
    gud luk 4 u….

  1482. 1482 : Airy Says:

    hi….kim bum……
    i’m faNS FroM Indonesia…..^_^
    sNyUM Mu MnizZ BNgEt…..
    Kpan MaeN K Indonesia???…..

  1483. 1483 : Tina Says:

    hi kim bum…
    you are so cute…
    luv yaa….

  1484. 1484 : APRIL Says:

    hy kim……

    please ….come to indonesia
    you are so cute…

  1485. 1485 : CHAMPONG Says:

    hi kim bum… i to watch east of eden and boys before flowers… you’re cute… i think you have a power to make girls smile when they see you… hehehehehe.. hope i can met you in person in the future.. i want to job abroad especialy in your country… hope you will have lots of projects to work to and have some time to make your fans happy together with you…

  1486. 1486 : echa Says:

    hiiiiiiiii kiM bum
    I’m cHa fRom iNdonesia
    I hoPe yOu can Visit tO iNdoneSia, becaUse I Want To mEet With yoU,,,

  1487. 1487 : Iisse Says:

    Hello sanbea kim bum

    I’m iis from jakarta,indonesia
    You very cute,sweet and funny
    I want to meet you
    I hope u can visit to indonesia

    Please join in [email protected]
    This is my facebook
    I wait you

    Thank you sanbea kim bum

  1488. 1488 : kylie diane dellosa Says:


  1489. 1489 : joeena Says:

    hi kim bum… i’m your fan from malaysia.. i watch you at boys over flower… you’re really cute.. when you smile…oh…so sweet.. do reply me…hope to se you soon…good luck in your career and love you….

  1490. 1490 : haik Says:

    hi kim bum
    luv u 4ever
    hope 2 c u in prsonal

  1491. 1491 : stacey Says:

    hi kim bum!!! you’re really cute!!! i’ll hope i can see u in personal!! plz. reply

  1492. 1492 : cutekitty Says:

    lots of iranian love you ! it was strange for me!:D they dont talk about their stars but they talk about you and your dramas___i just admire! i didnt know you and didnt see your drama! i saw your drama maby 2 days ago and search for your name in net! and after all of this searches i can say that you are good! ;-D

  1493. 1493 : wigie Says:

    안녕히 주무세요,
    내 이름은 wigie
    저는 인도네시아에서 온
    난 정말 당신의 영화에서 연기 좋았 BBF
    당신은 아직 젊어요
    그래서 나보다 나이 차이가없습니다
    하지만 당신은 정말 재능이있다
    거기에 어떤 계획이 인도네시아를 방문하는 것입니다?
    난 정말로 당신을 환영합니다
    당신에게 달콤한 인사
    리 분을위한 호
    김현정를 준
    김 준 용
    그리고 구대 성은 박근혜 태양
    만약 당신이 바쁜 아니에요
    제발, 내 주소를 반환 : [email protected] (my facebook)


  1494. 1494 : aimi Says:

    hi kim bum!!!! you are so cute!!!! i wish to see you!!!

  1495. 1495 : rowan Says:

    your so handsome and cute
    i wish to see you in the philippines…
    i luv u
    u are my favorite korean actor…:)

  1496. 1496 : kim yoon soong Says:

    ur cute
    i hope 2 c u n personal

  1497. 1497 : Fitry Says:

    Hai . .kiM buM. .
    ImuT bgt sEeH,q nGfAns Bgt mA F4,I L U. .

  1498. 1498 : Sakura Keiko Says:

    Oh My GOD …
    Kim Bum km cute bgt sie…
    Aku ngefans bgt sm km,,Love u…..

  1499. 1499 : deary buifurrendo Says:

    hyy kim bum,,,,,,

    you are very handsome …

    i love you ….. 🙂

    ocey ……. 🙂

  1500. 1500 : utari Says:

    hello kim bum iam utari iam from indonesia
    you very handsome and i love you

  1501. 1501 : yaya Says:

    hye kim bum,its my pleasure to send you a message.
    i really like you and your acting especially in BOF…

  1502. 1502 : QQ Says:

    i luv u kim,,,,,,

  1503. 1503 : Cora Says:

    So Yi Jung keep making movies you are great in Boys Over Flowers

  1504. 1504 : reina Says:

    KIM BUM…………… love you so much,,, bungas banar!!!! spa ce yg g trgila2 ma drimu….

  1505. 1505 : MEY METHA DAE Says:

    hi… oh… Ilove your smile…… your smile give me a motivation in my live…. like lee min ho says “you’re my everything” saranghae!!!!!!!!

  1506. 1506 : Fitry Says:

    Kim Bum . .
    You So Look vEry cuTe, ,
    I LikE yOu,I LovE U, ,

  1507. 1507 : kesavapriya kisan Says:


    hi,im kesavapriya kisan..im just 16….OH MY GOD…what a cute smile….u making me hot…u look very very handsome and cute….i luve your acting in BOYS OVER FLOWERS…my dream world is KOREA..im 100 % sure will come to korea….i really luve korea and you…hahahaha…..miss and luve you sooo much…ALL THE BEST IN YOUR LIFE…..LUVE YOU….

  1508. 1508 : grace era cruz Says:

    hi!your so very handsome,,,plzz…f4 come in the philipines plz,,,luv u…my name is grace era and my addres is in the araneta ave.qc.

  1509. 1509 : dickey Says:

    hi kim bum,
    u r relli cute n i like ur smile alot u r ma fav.star frm korean n i relli like u.big fan of urs n will be foreva, rellli i swear.
    gud luck n byeeeeeeeeee

  1510. 1510 : cinderella Says:

    kim bum you very very very handsome

    come to indonesian please

    datang dong ke indonesia

  1511. 1511 : fizek_dongseng Says:

    omg..!!!you’re so cute..you make me sleepless thinkin’ of u…u know what..??i learned korean language now n guess why…its for u….tq kim bum sunbae…

  1512. 1512 : chiie aiiyu Says:

    anneyong haseyo oppa …
    na desi …
    i like your pervomance …
    neo utgida ,,,
    aigo neo utgida oppa ..

  1513. 1513 : shila Says:

    hye kim bum,,
    i really like u n u’r so damn beautiful..
    i want to be your friend like geum jan di…
    can i??????
    i hope so..

  1514. 1514 : price Says:

    hello kim bum i’m fanz from indonesia
    i love u kim bum
    come and join to indonesia

  1515. 1515 : oncy stebi Says:

    hy, kim bum.
    Iam Oncy Stebi
    u can call me Oncy
    Iam 20 years old (same with u). hehehe….
    Iam Indonesian
    your acting very good, I like u.
    u have FB?
    my FB on [email protected] (add me)

    ok, thx

  1516. 1516 : rodelyn berino Says:

    hi kim bum im rodelyn from philippines i realy like u

  1517. 1517 : nabila turrusydah Says:

    I am nabila turrusydah you can call me nabila
    I am Indonesian
    your acting very good
    I like your acting , I really like watching your film “Boys Before Flowers”
    can you come to indonesian?
    I am waiting coming you to indonesian
    you have FB ?my fb :[email protected] (please add me)

  1518. 1518 : Tiana Says:

    KK KIMBUM……..
    Senyumanmu begitu manis
    Tatapan tajam matamu menembus jantungku
    Wajahmu begitu mempesona
    membuatku tergila gila padamu



  1519. 1519 : lerrynza putri Says:

    loww …
    kim bum i like your smile ..
    i love you ..
    when go to indonesia ?????

  1520. 1520 : amber Says:

    hi Kim Bum.nice to meet u.your picture is so cute and handsome i hope u came to melaka with Lee Min Ho ok.

  1521. 1521 : sumi Says:

    hi kimbum

  1522. 1522 : ုုုsnow Says:

    your smile is very beautiful.

  1523. 1523 : astry cute gtyu Says:

    i love you kim bum you are the best and cute i like you,,,????

  1524. 1524 : Elham Says:

    Baby ,you’re always the first,always the best.
    please dont forget that you’re my every thing..
    Believe me…

  1525. 1525 : ???? Says:

    I hate you, i hate you, i hate you…
    you know why?
    because you will not understand our feelings,
    that’s true, you have a most different smile that i’ve ever seen, but you and the other boys who are like you ,are the most stone hearted boys in the world,i know ,you read these comments and laugh at us, because you think,all of us are fool.
    but it’s you that i fell sorry for…
    because you can just find pure love in your derams..

  1526. 1526 : arin Says:

    so cute!

  1527. 1527 : janx Says:

    …… hi kim bum?im janx from philippines.am i hoped you can make an project for teleseries……..i hoped you can sent right now……plz?muahx………thanks 4 advance………………………………………………………..JOHN RAY BAJENIO…..

  1528. 1528 : feeqa Says:

    jonen feeqa..

    from malaysia..
    i luv ur acting..
    tangsinen kiopta!!haha..(an kujupiong)..

    email;[email protected](facebook)

  1529. 1529 : miss pa pa Says:

    အညာစယို, Hello, မဂၤလာပါ, Ciao Kim Bun
    ေကာင္းေသာညပါ, Good night
    I ‘m Pa Pa
    I’m Myanmar.
    Do u know Golden Country?
    Golden Country is Myanmar. Yes, It is my country.
    I want to know what do you like hobby?
    As for me, I like hiking and mountaineering.

    Ok , bye bye , Ciao
    You should learn Myanmar language , and then you can communicate with me.

    your’s sister,
    Pa Pa

  1530. 1530 : Erlyta Says:

    hi kim bum . . . i fan’z u from indonesian , please visit in indonesian . . . . you are so handsome . . . i like u smile :p thank’z

  1531. 1531 : SITI ALWANI Says:


  1532. 1532 : SITI ALWANI Says:

    kim sang bum is so…cute…

  1533. 1533 : SITI ALWANI Says:

    i luv u….kim sang bum…

  1534. 1534 : karhyn Says:

    hi kim bum!!i really like you…
    i’m from indonesia….
    i like your acting !
    i like your face !
    i like you so much!!
    you so handsome honey!!
    i love you!!

  1535. 1535 : betchie Says:


    hello,,ur so cute!!!

  1536. 1536 : amber Says:

    hi kim bum.u so cute and handsome guy

  1537. 1537 : alfred Says:

    hi kim bum
    you are so popular here
    and you acted well in boys over flowers
    we like your acting so much
    yor are welcome to visit our conutry myanmar
    hope to see you in person one day

  1538. 1538 : lyla Says:

    u’r so cute.., we like u’r acting at dream., diffrent guy…

  1539. 1539 : Vanessa Says:

    Hello Kim Bum, my name is Vanessa, you are so cool, and you played very well as So Yi Jeong in Boys Over Flowers very well. I’m a fans of you, Go! Kim Bum

  1540. 1540 : Vanessa Says:

    Kim Bum please visit Indonesia, I hope to meet you in person.

  1541. 1541 : dechen ludup Says:

    hi kim sung bum .i am your big fan. you acted very well and i like the way u perform as well as you are a cute and talented actor

  1542. 1542 : Enlik Says:

    Hi! Dear Kim Bum! How are you? We or rather I’m from Kazakhstan! Me and my friends cheer for you! And we hope for your happiness! We are waiting for an answer? I expect you to reach new heights! Kindly answer a few questions: You and other members of F4 and in the life of such close friends?

  1543. 1543 : whitney Says:

    hey kim bum i guz ur da 1st guy m goin crazy 4 years n years..lol:) ope v meet in nxt generation.. muaaahhhh…love ya..!!

  1544. 1544 : Diar Says:

    Hai Kim Bum…!!! How Are You? You very handsome. you visit indonesia. Thank You.

  1545. 1545 : geramae Says:


  1546. 1546 : salika Says:

    i am from kyrgyzstan i love you my name is Salika.

  1547. 1547 : ruvilyn Says:

    kim bum ……………………………………
    fieat cruah

  1548. 1548 : NayLa mUt3'z t0e Says:

    .a0ugg ka’ kIim bUum.
    .pRkNl kNt, my nAme’s naila elma nuarisya,.
    .i’m c0me fr0m iNdon3sia..
    .i v3ry like y0u, bEc0use y0U is v3ry hNsom3, cut3, im0et .,
    .. !!!_:-):-)
    I LOVE YOU k’ KiM saNg bUuUm ..
    .d0n’t f0rg3t wIth m3 ..

  1549. 1549 : fyzah Says:


  1550. 1550 : jullianne Says:

    ……….hi my name is jullianne glaire m.celeridad

    i live in philippine in boys over flower you are so in f4
    you are so handsome and cute that 3x

    your no.fan

  1551. 1551 : guruh syah putra Says:

    안녕하세요 리 분, 호
    내가 뭘하면 정말 드라마 같은 게임이라고
    꽃을하기 전에 무엇보다 아이처럼
    다시 거기에 남자 앞에 꽃 2 내가 .. 그것을 기다릴 수있습니다
    꽃과 같은 인사를하기 전에 네, 회원의 모든 선수들이 F4의 소년

  1552. 1552 : allrock Says:

    just marry me. hahaha. you’re handsome and overflowing sex appeal….

  1553. 1553 : priyanka Says:

    i think m da biggest fan of urs….

  1554. 1554 : Dana Says:

    Kim Bum ty super!

  1555. 1555 : briant Says:

    the killer smile

  1556. 1556 : cica Says:

    ku pngn bnggt ktmu dia

  1557. 1557 : cica Says:

    dia cutes

  1558. 1558 : lerrynza putri Says:

    i lovee youu so matcchh kkiimm ssaanngg bbuumm !!..
    when you go to indonesia oppa ???

  1559. 1559 : icha Says:

    I LOVE KIMBUM ….i’m from indonesian …
    i’lake you cute……

  1560. 1560 : fitria meinda noor Says:

    ih gila kimbum keren abiezz

  1561. 1561 : angeltaylor Says:

    i want u too meet me

  1562. 1562 : nur oktaviana Says:

    kimbum ganteng abis…….

  1563. 1563 : DANIE Says:

    i love kim bum

  1564. 1564 : pearly chang Says:

    i love kim beom so much,,,,,he is too cute and i have kept his upper picture in my album….kim i wanna be a greatest fan of urs dude…..sarangheo and i love you so much,,,,,,u are just 20 years old but u are too big for me and i am just 14….but age doesnt matter……hehehhehe……..anway love u a lot and lot……love u love u love u……

  1565. 1565 : neezue Says:

    do ur best in every steps that u r looking for.
    take care

  1566. 1566 : ade Says:

    i love him . . . so cute??!!

  1567. 1567 : Paula Says:

    Hi Bum, I wish that you can have more projects to come. I love you oppa…

  1568. 1568 : nomad)) Says:

    Hey fans!!!!! r u hear me???? r u all think that he will see and read ur comments??????? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Don’t believe it!!!!!!!!!

  1569. 1569 : nomad)) Says:

    Hey fans!!!!! r u hear me???? r u all think that he will see and read ur comments??????? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Don’t believe it!!!!!!!!!1

  1570. 1570 : nomad)) Says:

    Hey fans!!!!! r u hear me???? r u all think that he will see and read ur comments??????? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Don’t believe it!!!!!!!!!2

  1571. 1571 : nomad)) Says:

    Hey fans!!!!! r u hear me???? r u all think that he will see and read ur comments??????? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Don’t believe it!!!!!!!!!3

  1572. 1572 : [email protected] Says:

    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii llllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee

  1573. 1573 : ika Says:

    wahhhh. kim bum ganteng bangetzzzzzzzz. seandainya jadi pacarQ…

  1574. 1574 : bbf lover jackielyn Says:

    hey!you nomad))!are you crazy?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1575. 1575 : May Says:

    He is so cute! I love him so much!

    Go Kim Bum

  1576. 1576 : nisha Says:

    kak kim bum km koq imuet bgt ntu ibu na dlu ngidam pa cie….
    kpn bta ktemuan ma q,,,, cma mimpi coba cie ke indonesia bkal q traktir mkn rujak mpe mulesss psty d korea nd da kn….???

  1577. 1577 : alinzzz... Says:

    i hope i can see you one day coz i always think about you…

  1578. 1578 : M* Says:

    My sweetie))))))))

  1579. 1579 : n Says:

    saranghae , kim bum..

  1580. 1580 : doan hoa Says:

    you – a great person .Hope you allway in lucky

  1581. 1581 : maria ulfa Says:

    ak suka banget sam kim bum kapan ya dy ke Indonesia?

  1582. 1582 : aliah... Says:

    KIM BUM u are the best actor in the world…i hope i can meet u one day in MALAYSIA…

  1583. 1583 : miss 108 Says:

    i love you!i will never forget your killer eyes and smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    from:miss 108

  1584. 1584 : amaraa Says:

    very very best actor and very beautyful

  1585. 1585 : Airy Says:

    Hay…ka kim bum. . .^_^
    kaka imutz Bnget sich….
    Kaka Kpan k indonesia???

  1586. 1586 : mercy Says:

    hey kim bum i m your fan and i m from india and i love you a lot

  1587. 1587 : EMMA BLAYX Says:


  1588. 1588 : EMMA BLAYX Says:

    hope i can met u someday!!

  1589. 1589 : noryz Says:

    my fren really like u……….good luck!!!!!!!!!!!

  1590. 1590 : mma Says:

    dear sir I found out a very special thing after watching boys over flowers and you are beautiful. all those people around are in in love with these characters, not with actors or actresses. there is no doubt that you all are cute handsome beautiful or some thing but the point is we all wish for some one who is perfect in every way and ofcourse these sort of people are exist just in movies, in thses dream works. so , good luck with that. i hope your fan never take an oveerdose of loving you!!!! good luck. by the way i’m translating your dream from english to my mother tongue. take care

  1591. 1591 : miss 108 Says:

    mma,what youve said make me inspire!thank you very much!

  1592. 1592 : miss 108 Says:

    anseo chinggu,

  1593. 1593 : miss 108 Says:

    i like

  1594. 1594 : tina Says:

    Kim Kim Kim u look soo cute and am glad i found this website.am from Ghana Africa. woah ur girlfriend is in big trouble with all this ladies, i just hope she understand us.do u get the chance to read this messages well i hope u do. i pray am ur first Ghanaian fan. xxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooooo

  1595. 1595 : miss 108 Says:

    i hope that the korea’s hottest f4 will have a concert here in our country!

  1596. 1596 : kreepa Says:

    OHHHH!!!!!! KIM BUM
    U R DAMN HANDSOM n reallly smart
    i like uuuuuuu !!!!!!! hope 2 see u in nepal…. plzzz b here o.k.
    n i like u when u smile
    DO GUD,

  1597. 1597 : eva Says:

    Kim Bum Love you so much…

    muachhhhh ^_*

  1598. 1598 : tina from Ghana Africa Says:

    you look so cute that am out of words so keep looking good. lots of love

  1599. 1599 : aniez Says:

    i’m your fans from indonesia
    when you go to jakarta,indonesia??

    i hope you can go here

  1600. 1600 : lonly girl Says:

    am a loner girl no friend,no parent.i have adoptedmother.but after i watch you with other F4 kindly, friendly and smilely together you make me realist that friend not becauce money or other but sinners.so i hope you can come to malaysia in malacca.i’d like to thank to you kim bum.you are my heroes forever end ever.i was hope you can give your webside or not it facebook

  1601. 1601 : kyi thar Says:

    i like ur style .. u r so………. cute & look like a baby.

    i wish u to become the most famous actor on the world. 🙂

    私はいつもあなたの映画を鑑賞する….. ganbatte! aja aja .. fighting. 😛

    내가 당신을 사랑 … 김범….. (그것을 잊지 마세요)

  1602. 1602 : miss 108 Says:

    youre KILLER EYES AND SMILE is like a DRUGS everytime i look at youre picture iam getting ADDICTTED!

  1603. 1603 : melanie Says:

    hi kim!
    killer eyes…
    sweet smiles…
    girls makes u crazy!
    goodluck to your career
    have a healthy body
    stay smart and gentle
    see u in phil.

  1604. 1604 : zairya Says:

    oooooo! u r really cute! m fan of hyung joon but my unnie aleena is preety big fan of urs! ya as others say u hav killy smile and ssssuuuuppppeeeerrrrr sexy eyes!

  1605. 1605 : jo hoo sun Says:

    hi.how r u,u have a ym.

  1606. 1606 : etika joong Says:

    i’m v3ry-v3ry lov3 you………..

  1607. 1607 : oyunbileg Says:

    wish u all the best and success…

  1608. 1608 : amal Says:

    hi kim bum,,wish you all the best,,n good luck!!chayok,chayok…

  1609. 1609 : khine Says:

    hi wish u the best for yr actor life

  1610. 1610 : wita Says:

    kak kim bum makin cakep aja
    pasti banyak pacarnya ya

  1611. 1611 : wita Says:

    please for reply

  1612. 1612 : nor Says:

    Forward always

  1613. 1613 : -jhazel Says:

    i like youre bangs
    and dimples like me!!
    when d we meet??


  1614. 1614 : whitney Says:

    kimbum m goin crazy 4 u since lst last last year… ur so cute cn’t resist ur luks.. love ya.. i mean it!! muah…….ove love love

  1615. 1615 : sigh Says:

    makeeeeeee moreeeeeeeeeeee showwwwwwwws!~

  1616. 1616 : yangzum Says:

    u r really gud n u see gud with ur partner in the BOF.. love u at the t.v

  1617. 1617 : jojo Says:

    i like your song…. and when your come to indonesia ????????????

  1618. 1618 : Angelou Says:

    Anya Kim Bum, i’am your no.#1 fan. I love you because you are so cute, handsome,gentleman and romantic. Everytime i look at your picture i’am getting so ADDICTED!!.i wish you all the best and successful in your career and life. I wish u make many many tv shows and movies. Good luck =) ~::~KIM BUM~::~

  1619. 1619 : farhana Says:

    Hello, Kim Bum…I’m the one of ur fans in Malaysian…I have been watch ur drama “Boys Over Flowers” and i enjoy it…U have good talent like ur brother Kim Hyun Joong(SS501’s Leader)..Hope to see
    u again in another love drama…

  1620. 1620 : Rizel Says:

    Anya Kim Bum,i love you i wish that u will visit again in philippines.i wish you will m0re successful in your career.

  1621. 1621 : Diane Says:

    Hi Kim Bum, good luck for your career and love life.

  1622. 1622 : Jessie Says:

    Aaannnoootthheeeerrrrrrr… Tv shoooooows…….

  1623. 1623 : Louise Says:

    Anya Bum, makeeeeeee

  1624. 1624 : nisha Says:

    heelo…hey …i hv ur new fan ,…jst ….started….i watched ur series…f4 i like it …loving it

  1625. 1625 : farsima Says:

    hi kim bum.i love u very very much.i`m at fareign country that see u at f4. i love u than other boys at over.pleaze reply me.i`m waiting for u.it`s my e_mial adress
    [email protected]
    i`m needinig…
    oh please reply my messege

  1626. 1626 : Euphemia Says:

    Anya, how are you?i am your fan because your so handsome

  1627. 1627 : Nike Says:

    Kim bum 1 love you forever

  1628. 1628 : fargol Says:

    hi kim bum.i love u for ever & i hope that see you & talking with you.please answer my messege.u are very cute and nice.
    [email protected]
    this is my e_mail adress,i waiting for your answer

  1629. 1629 : Neda Says:


  1630. 1630 : Neda Says:


  1631. 1631 : Neda Says:

    please add this my daer admin1

  1632. 1632 : maricel joy Says:

    ur awesom like miley cyrus

  1633. 1633 : maricel joy Says:

    ur awesom like miley cyrus and also your da one of my idol

  1634. 1634 : maika Says:

    KBS World prepared 5 tickets for 5 lucky fans of Kim Bum…

  1635. 1635 : farsima Says:

    hi kim bum.first,i love u very much & my wish is sight seeing u. kisssssss

  1636. 1636 : jessica Says:

    te amo kim bum eres lindo mi chico sonrisa te amooo¡¡*¡*¡*¡

  1637. 1637 : Neha Hada Says:


  1638. 1638 : ferehte Says:

    add this please

  1639. 1639 : ferehte Says:

    oh send wrong pic

  1640. 1640 : ferehte Says:

    this is right

  1641. 1641 : ferehte Says:


  1642. 1642 : gloryangelyne Says:

    hey big bro! i saw you in KBS world advirestment that you are going to do something with your fans……

    그리고 다시 한국에 대해 내가 advirestment에 나는 아직도 아래의 연령은 (i 11 살이예요) 나는 이런 일들에 대해 얘기하고 허용되지 오전부터 정말 이해가 안 온다. 당신이 처음으로 한국 배우 전 그렇게 알고 있습니다 ….

  1643. 1643 : judith Says:

    hi, Kim bum u’ r so……………………. cute. i am a great fan of yours

  1644. 1644 : judith Says:

    hi,Kim bum . you are so……………………………………..cute.i am a great fan of yours.

  1645. 1645 : judith Says:

    love u a lot……………………..

  1646. 1646 : conannisa Says:

    hallooo..love to see you and kim so eun..i wish both of you are meant to be together..but is it true that you and song hye gyo are couple..??

  1647. 1647 : conannisa Says:

    Hope to see kim so eun and you in the next drama..love you both!!!

  1648. 1648 : yudis ra Says:

    kim sang bum so cute like me

  1649. 1649 : vanilla Says:

    really like Kim Bum….
    so handsome…
    pretty smile…

  1650. 1650 : ferlie Says:

    anneyong hassaeyo saranghe kim bum

  1651. 1651 : Ireland Precious R. Manalansan Says:

    hello my name is ireland precous i love you so much and i miss you to you now if you will visit in Philipines i am so happy bc. you will visit in Philipines I LOVE YOU SO MUCH GOD BLESS YOU

  1652. 1652 : Ireland Precious R. Manalansan Says:


  1653. 1653 : mandira mukhia Says:

    hi! kim just keep it up da way u r may u be blessed wid da entire happiness of dis world

  1654. 1654 : yeshi Says:

    hey, handsome keep it up! ur acting skills is very good and i have watched ur tv show boys before flowers u were looking very handsome amoung ur groups so, others were also good but i like u most so, i like to wish u that in ur life and in every step of ur work may get always succes n god bless u. love u ………………kim sang bum

  1655. 1655 : teresa Says:

    wow!!!!! many commentsssss………do you even read dese commentssss??? ny wyzzzz ur actin skills r killin every1…………u’ve gotta prty smile…. kip it on

  1656. 1656 : Princelhyn klein_28 Says:

    .,hi kim bum ur s0 cute,i like ur hands0me face,when ur smile i f0rg0t all the bad things that happened on my lyf….saranghae.

  1657. 1657 : Ireland Precious Says:

    hello my name is ireland precious i love you so much i wisch you a good health i love you GOD BLESS you all

  1658. 1658 : fania Says:


  1659. 1659 : aling Says:


  1660. 1660 : cyenta Says:

    i like your eye……………so handsome

  1661. 1661 : neda Says:


    kim bum world date

    pls add this pic

  1662. 1662 : neda Says:


    add this too!

  1663. 1663 : neda Says:


    this tooooooo

  1664. 1664 : jayne Says:

    cute and handsome….guy!!!!!!:)

  1665. 1665 : neda Says:


  1666. 1666 : shane Says:

    gotcha!!! great actor and nice smile!!! such love look cud melt thousands of heart!!! hope to meet you in person and say that i really admire you!!! keep up the good work and wishing you more success!!!

  1667. 1667 : punam Says:

    why r u so………..cute .I LOVEEEEEE U.I can’t see u with song hye gyo

  1668. 1668 : sweet 12 Says:

    ure so cute why u re so cute i really like you

  1669. 1669 : sweet 12 Says:

    hi,i m a nepali fan of ur. sarange.

  1670. 1670 : sweet 12 Says:

    ure precious to me n i love u

  1671. 1671 : sweet 12 Says:

    plz give me ur email id

  1672. 1672 : Dyla KORluvers Says:

    kimbum krend bget….klo bs critanya hrus brlanjut k season 2 yahhh

  1673. 1673 : nieq Says:

    you are so cute…nice smile…i was see you in korean drama still want to marry…it’s coolllllll men…!!! much love for you

  1674. 1674 : ghazal Says:

    hi honeyyyyy
    i really adore u esp ur smile…
    i am ghazal from iran..,,
    ur were fantastice in boys…
    i really hope to see u & ue smile in person..
    plz darling give me ur ID & ur Email
    hug .. kiss..

  1675. 1675 : MANA Says:

    kim bum
    i m mana frm nepal. we gals r huge fang of ur movie boys b4 flower.
    i just watched it in 2 days n became ill.evenwithout going to office.
    ur performance fits so well for ur character.so real…..
    not to miss ur cute smiling!

    best of luck for ur upcoming movies N endorsement!!!!

  1676. 1676 : jocelyne Says:

    Hello ! It was glad to know u on korean drama n movie. Your acting is very good, last drama i wacth u is, as ha min jae. I wish u can come to indonesia, a lot of yr fans are waiting. .
    But don’t forget to see me, wish can met u. Keep doing good ok. Love you so much

  1677. 1677 : Anjell loverz Says:

    i love kim bum

  1678. 1678 : neda Says:


  1679. 1679 : neda Says:


  1680. 1680 : mayann Says:

    hi im menchie..i would like to meet you in person..hope you will come back here in philippines especially in cebu

  1681. 1681 : reshunie Says:

    god blezz you !!!

  1682. 1682 : sujata rai Says:

    hi iam nepali iam your great fan i saw your drama you are very cute

  1683. 1683 : christine Says:

    you ‘re such a great actor in Ha Min Jae….love you forever…go on…

  1684. 1684 : minoosh Says:

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  1685. 1685 : marni Says:

    my name is marni
    i like kim yum bum because he is a actor multitalend
    i hope someday he will visit in indonesia
    saranghe oopah…

  1686. 1686 : margareth Says:

    annyonghaseyo, choneun Margarethiyeyo.
    mananaso pangawoyo.

  1687. 1687 : carmen chu Says:

    figthings…..oppa….u very handsome….u movie i got buy….

  1688. 1688 : michella Says:

    Love you oppa ! Waiting for yr new drama/ movie.

  1689. 1689 : aini Says:

    kim bum kamu tuh ganteng banget gx ada yg lebih ganteng dr kamu

  1690. 1690 : amber Says:

    ola oppa.

  1691. 1691 : amber Says:

    hi oppa.

  1692. 1692 : amber Says:

    opp u so cuta.

  1693. 1693 : flora Says:

    i hate you because you dont try to answer the replies of you fans you are so pride i hate you

  1694. 1694 : shenny Says:

    handsome u are awesome. Good actor, I like all yr drama

  1695. 1695 : ruth limbu Says:

    i like ur smile…….

  1696. 1696 : syadza athataqiyya wanda Says:


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  1699. 1699 : yully Says:

    kim bum you’re so cute boyz…. i love you so much

  1700. 1700 : bahar Says:

    hi dear kim bum .you are very cute boy and lovely .i love you so much .i am iranian and can i have your e mail address if possible?/ thank you you are very good in boys befor floer and you are look like my friend kiss you best wish for you

  1701. 1701 : olai Says:

    hye kim bum,you are so cute …im from Malaysia , im start like you when you acting in boy over flower.I hope you will have more drama and i wish you succes in you carier…also you can come to my country…ok bye..:):)

  1702. 1702 : Negin Says:

    hi kim bum.im from Iran and I love you.also yo can com to my country.


  1703. 1703 : anju Says:

    looking very cute& handsome

  1704. 1704 : kerwin Says:

    hi kim bum im kerwin from phil…i already watch “the woman who still wnts to marry….” love it ….good job….and you “EAST OF EDEN”coming soon in the philippines…!…

    chonum kerwin imnida..?

  1705. 1705 : meylisajuliska Says:

    kimbum 인사도 내 이름을 Melisa, 나는 인도네시아에 살고있는 한 팬이, 난 당신이 때 인도네시아에 올 수 사랑? 난 정말 매일 밤 난 당신에 대해 생각하고, 정말 내가 한국과 얘기를 당신과 함께 갈 수있는 만다린 언어 수업에 참석 학교를 막을 수 없기 때문에 당신은 인도네시아 갈 수있는, 내가 널 사랑 희망

    kimbum insado nae ileum-eul Melisa, naneun indonesia-e salgoissneun han paen-i, nan dangsin-i ttae indonesia-e ol su salang? nan jeongmal maeil bam nan dangsin-e daehae saeng-gaghago, jeongmal naega hanguggwa yaegileul dangsingwa hamkke gal su-issneun mandalin eon-eo sueob-e chamseog haggyoleul mag-eul su eobsgi ttaemun-e dangsin-eun indonesia gal su-issneun, naega neol salang huimang

  1706. 1706 : mel Says:

    i like you kim bum…

  1707. 1707 : kerwin Says:

    annyong hashiminika??

  1708. 1708 : fia Says:

    hi kim bum i,m fia from indonesia,when i watch your film i’m interest to u because you are so cute and handsome man,i want to share your photo in my facebook but i cant do it..thanks a lot,,,

  1709. 1709 : vyivi Says:



  1710. 1710 : ade Says:

    o cute u are!!^^

  1711. 1711 : indah Says:

    sarange kim bum way way cowok yg imut bener gak sih kim bum cinlok ama pemain sama koo hye sun sat peran sahabat di bbf?????????????benar g sich????????????sucses trus kim bum

  1712. 1712 : kim bum and gloria f4 Says:

    you are so cute handsome boy

  1713. 1713 : kim bum and gloria f4 Says:

    hi kim bum I really really love you

  1714. 1714 : tika Says:

    hey kim bum i love u somacth kapan ke indonesia and titip slm buat ke 3
    tmn mu yach i love f4 and boys before flowers

  1715. 1715 : tika Says:

    hey kim bum apa kabar kapan ke indonesia q kayanya fans berat mu deh oh ya q pnya lgu buat mu tp besok aja yach daaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh

  1716. 1716 : prashamsa Says:

    hi i m ur huge fan frm nepal.i like ur smile so much. u r so cute & sexy. saranghayo.

  1717. 1717 : ZENCY Says:


  1718. 1718 : monic Says:

    Really like you !!!

  1719. 1719 : Dara Says:

    kim bum….
    when go to indonesia?
    I’m wait you…

  1720. 1720 : ZENCY Says:


  1721. 1721 : Kiks Says:

    Hi,kIm BuM uR sooOo……cUte mUah!!!!………

  1722. 1722 : gi gigi geo Says:

    omg., gwapo so very very annyong ha saeyo kamsamneedah for comment

  1723. 1723 : Akanksha Says:

    hello kim i am your great fan of u from a very beautiful country Nepal.plz stay healthy and eat a lot.

  1724. 1724 : Akanksha Says:

    do great jobs a lot .best best and the best wishes for u.eat a lot.

  1725. 1725 : Akanksha Says:

    hi kim bum me and my all friends are great fan of yours.eat a lot and stay healthy ok.

  1726. 1726 : KPOP7.com Says:

    the woman who still wants to marry was great 🙂

  1727. 1727 : rinda Says:

    happy birthday kim bum..

  1728. 1728 : Joyce Choong Says:

    김범 씨,

    안녕하세요. Happy Birthday! 생일 축하해요! 언제나 행복하게 지내세요.

  1729. 1729 : indonesian girl Says:

    happy birthday to u
    wish u all the best and God bless u always..amien!

  1730. 1730 : indonesian girl Says:

    happy birthday kim bum
    wish u all the best and God bless u always.amien!

  1731. 1731 : Amie Says:

    Sorry kim bum, i’m late to say it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM BUM. I hope in your new age, you will be success and better. I luv you.

  1732. 1732 : vitri Says:


  1733. 1733 : nur Says:

    met ultah kim……. sukses selalu…..

  1734. 1734 : sabi to my oppa Says:

    iam so sry kim bum happy birthday sry 4 late many many happy return of di day wish u di hole year make u success in ur carreer n u r so cute in boys over flower n u n ga eul r so cute couple in hole world i hav dream that god give life partner like u so hope that my dream will be come true ok byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  1735. 1735 : Anastasia Says:

    Happy birthday Kim Bum !! Wish u all the best !! God Bless You !! I wish in these year you will have a good life , succes in career !

  1736. 1736 : jessy Says:

    Happy belated birthday, but all my very best wishes will always there. God Bless You. Btw as Woman who still wants to get married is brilliant, it should have high rating than it was. Anyhow don’t dissapoited and keep moving. You are good actor

  1737. 1737 : josephine Says:

    Happy birthday. Love you !! Ha min jae is very cool. I like it

  1738. 1738 : michella Says:

    Happy birthday !! Sarange.

  1739. 1739 : barbie hls Says:

    Wooow,,, from deep of my heart wish u a very happy birthday (even it was late to say oppa), but wish u all the best best and best. And keep handsome ok

  1740. 1740 : liliput Says:

    Happy Birthday, I like year acting as ha min jae. Waiting year next drama. Be happy always

  1741. 1741 : monic Says:

    Hi, Happy Birthday. Love you always…. Muaaaaah muaaaah muah

  1742. 1742 : deby Says:

    wanna see you always

  1743. 1743 : vina Says:

    You are so handsome, really handsome.

  1744. 1744 : ita lestari Says:

    Miss you to see in new drama

  1745. 1745 : vina Says:

    have you all seen him in woman who still wants to marry ?

  1746. 1746 : ita lestari Says:

    Not yet, how is he ? But trust he might be doing good.

  1747. 1747 : vina Says:

    He is doing and looking good as ussual, drama story is very good. A must see drama ever

  1748. 1748 : ita lestari Says:

    Waaaah, will not miss it. Wanna see him badly

  1749. 1749 : vina Says:

    I want to see him directly, when are coming to singapore oppa ?

  1750. 1750 : ita lestari Says:

    Only in my dreaaam, you are my lover

  1751. 1751 : lala Says:

    Wooow keren

  1752. 1752 : wulan Says:

    인도네시아 …에서 내 엉덩이 김 카 분기 난 킴 카시오의 부랑자 …의 팬이야 때 카 kimbum 인도네시아가? 내가 도와 줄일 … 잠깐 만요

  1753. 1753 : she zhi Says:

    can i meet with you and say ‘i love you’

  1754. 1754 : Christine Says:

    you act very well in ‘The Women Who Still Wants To Marry’…can’t wait to see your new drama…good job…

  1755. 1755 : michella Says:

    Glad tht u will come to Indonesia. Most wellcome and defenitely will not miss it. Are u coming with Park Jin hee ?

  1756. 1756 : kerwin Says:

    hi kim bum..kerwin here…ottoshiminika.?

  1757. 1757 : marie kilbane Says:

    Hi I’m from amercia.. I watch your show frist time on the woman who still wants to get marry.. that was very good.. I like humble actor and the friend of yours Park Jin Hee, she was great woman..both of you did good job on acting.. keep up the work! smile!

  1758. 1758 : Ramesh Says:

    hI KIM, I just watched Boys Before Flowers, and I found it a great. You and all the actor and actress are very good.

  1759. 1759 : ellina Says:

    key kimi boy, wow u r really cute n sweet , guess u hear dis 4m evryone n evryday, but still. god i wud really want to c u in person, rite nw i can only dream bout it…….. keep up da gud work, u r a wonderful actor, keep it n stay dt way. i would really like to be ur fren , can i ?

  1760. 1760 : Jojo Says:

    his acting is so great, it makes everyone crazy about him when they watch his dramas!

  1761. 1761 : atousa Says:

    just can say u make wemons crazy,,,,,

  1762. 1762 : eika Says:

    so cuteeeeeeeeeeeee

  1763. 1763 : hneen Says:

    I like kim bum ^_^
    and I love drama boys before flowers

  1764. 1764 : KpopLuver Says:

    I luv you Kim Bum !
    gonna wait until you are starring in another movie =D i\’ll be looking forward to it !
    Kim Bum Hwaitng <3

  1765. 1765 : OH MI JI Says:

    kim bum….
    i just love u play in “DREAM”…
    u r so… cute there….
    luv DREAM….!

  1766. 1766 : urangoo Says:


  1767. 1767 : kay Says:


  1768. 1768 : aprilmyint Says:

    hi u are so cute

  1769. 1769 : yeyen Says:

    wanna see u soon

  1770. 1770 : Amira Says:

    He is sooooooooo cute :))))

  1771. 1771 : Gulzhanat_Inzhu Says:

    you are so beatiful!from KZ Gulya and Inzhu!!!LOVE YOU!

  1772. 1772 : Rya Says:

    Kim Bum…Sarangay..
    u r the citest guy ive eva seen……
    luv ya..

  1773. 1773 : wilhelmina says: Says:

    i like you kim bum

  1774. 1774 : sadaf90 Says:

    u are the most handsome korean actor. wish u the bst

  1775. 1775 : chenny Says:

    I love the way u act in drama n movie

  1776. 1776 : meimei Says:

    You are so good as an actor and so hansome. Muah muah muah

  1777. 1777 : lulu2507 Says:

    Very very hansome

  1778. 1778 : regita Says:

    Wish to have a boy friend as handsome as you.

  1779. 1779 : marsha Says:

    Hi i m from indonesia, glad to hear you come, but very sad can’t see u directly. Anyway, keep on moving with the good job as good actor and more important, keep handsome as always ok 🙂

  1780. 1780 : novelicious Says:


  1781. 1781 : novelicious Says:

    keep moving on to your new project/job….
    good luck………….

  1782. 1782 : LuluAini Says:

    hai…you look soo cute,i like your drama in boy over flower and the woman still want to married.i like your white hair,you even cute black hair

  1783. 1783 : alexis Says:

    kim bum your drama in boys over flowers is so goog kakilig ka doon!!!!!!<<<<<<====

  1784. 1784 : alexis Says:


  1785. 1785 : tshering Says:

    hi ‘m from Bhutan i liked your drama boy over flowers you are so cute
    keep up the good work.. looking forward to see your new drama

  1786. 1786 : Amalia Love Kim Bum Says:

    kim bum very handsome

  1787. 1787 : mahsa and fatemeh Says:

    hi we love you so much we are fan of u we are from iran good luck

  1788. 1788 : Gulzhanat Kim Tae Hee Says:

    You are beautiful

  1789. 1789 : elle Says:


  1790. 1790 : mercy Says:

    ur not only handsome,but ur truly good actor and sweet as well…hope ur friendly too..God bless…see u n ur nxt project..gudluck kim bum!

  1791. 1791 : daisy Says:

    Hi i really like the movie boy before flower, you have something that can’t describe but you are so hoooot and cute, you also have a cute smile. I love when you smile look adorable.

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  1794. 1794 : phuntsok Says:

    hi u look really cool in boy over flower and i really like u and all meamber of this drama.

  1795. 1795 : fhebry Says:

    hii.. kim Bum,,

    you are verry handsome..

  1796. 1796 : ankur koirala Says:

    hi kim bum, for me u’re only the grat f4’s yi jung sunbae whose smile is very cute.well………..after seeing this much comment on u i’m feeling a little uneasy to say i’m u’re greatest fan as well as boys b4 flower’s team but in my world i’m.u’re so famous we nepealese also want to be a star like u.i just want 2 make u my bro coz i’m just 13.hope u’ll add me on yahoo.my adress is [email protected] my sweet bro.just as u helped ga eul to find a grat love plz help me on finding a good bro.bye

  1797. 1797 : mahla Says:

    hi \
    u are very very yong
    mahla fro iran

  1798. 1798 : mary Says:

    i saw ur movie east of eden here in phil.im shock i never thaught ur good in acting and also boys over flowers.. god ur reallyyyyyyyyyy handsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .kim so eun and you are really good.wish u 2 has a relation in real life

  1799. 1799 : mary Says:

    ur good 2 with MAJA SALVADOR the pilipina actress u once work with here in the phil.

  1800. 1800 : marsha Says:

    I lovr you Kim Bum

  1801. 1801 : sumiati Says:

    Wish can met you, not only in my dream

  1802. 1802 : sani Says:

    I LOVE UR LAUGHING so much,whwn u laugh i wanna die darlin,بابا خیلی جیگری,بوووووووووووووووووووووسسسسسسسسسسسسسسسسسسس

  1803. 1803 : Lee_dya Purnama Says:

    U such a good looking guy..more mature,more cute on u’r acting,in the woman who still wants to marry,u had a great chemistry with Park Jin Hee,congrat’s..can’t wait to see u’r next film..by the way,do you know that u had a best smile among the korean actors??

  1804. 1804 : jessa Says:

    like u very much
    sooo ciute when u smile

  1805. 1805 : tuti al bahriyah Says:

    mau dooonk….ketemu Kim Bum…..
    aku ngefans banget loh sama Kim Bum….
    kemaren waktu ke jakarta aku ga ikut konfensi pers,,,,,sedih duehhh
    hiks hiks…

  1806. 1806 : mel Says:

    @ tuti : please use your english when you gonna write down on international site alright !`

  1807. 1807 : mahboobeh Says:

    hi i love u othere said but i say again when your smile is very cute.i wish see you.عاشقتم حقيقتا اخرشي جوجوي مننننننننننننن

  1808. 1808 : Lee_dya Purnama Says:

    Hi cutie…u’r drama “still marry me” will be airing soon in my country(Indonesia),but i’m glad i’ve seen it on dvd..good job…well done..hmm makes me think how blessed i am if i have a man like Ha Min Jae whom loves me unconditionally…would u do me a favor??keep smiling…coz i really” like u’r smile..u’r smile is the best,ever..

  1809. 1809 : khargosh Says:

    aniaseo kim bum ,i dnt love u,but i like u ,do u have mail ,?if u have please give me

  1810. 1810 : khargosh Says:

    aniaseo.konchana?i dont love u but i like u.do u have mail?if u have please give me.

  1811. 1811 : khargosh Says:

    aniaseo,konchana?/i dont love u but i like u,do u have a mail,if u have please give me

  1812. 1812 : mary arbe Says:

    i like kim bum and i have a crush on kim bum

  1813. 1813 : mary arbe Says:


  1814. 1814 : sisan Says:

    u’re just too cute I can’t help my self falling into u’re smile I LOVE U 😀

  1815. 1815 : beth Says:

    he so handsome…i love it…more picture plz…

  1816. 1816 : beth Says:

    i love it…

  1817. 1817 : POORIA Says:


  1818. 1818 : icha Says:

    he so cute

  1819. 1819 : yenny Says:

    Your smile s really killer

  1820. 1820 : janice Says:

    Hello handsome ! Can’t wait for yr new drama

  1821. 1821 : beth Says:

    You are very cute and talented

  1822. 1822 : lyka ♥ Says:

    your so cute .. :***

  1823. 1823 : lyka ♥ Says:

    you’re so cute .. :***

  1824. 1824 : noona Says:

    love u too much…wana met u once….ur smile ur face is really something extra which is a very beaytiful gift from god and your parents…..thousands of gal can fall for you…..wish u alll the best for ur future…..

  1825. 1825 : jopi Says:

    Wish can see you face to face

  1826. 1826 : sunnylover Says:

    Waaah never feel love like this, special for you . Handsome… Very handsome

  1827. 1827 : elsamin Says:

    Yess he is so handsome, and good actor

  1828. 1828 : nikita cañal Says:

    hi kim bum i like you to be korean actor GOOD BLESS!!!! Muah!

  1829. 1829 : nikita cañal Says:

    hi kim bum i like you to being korean actor

  1830. 1830 : nikita cañal Says:

    you so good korean actor!!!!!

  1831. 1831 : frennie Says:

    ailove you nahh!!mwaah

  1832. 1832 : urs Says:

    hey kim bum. u r such a good lookin guy. i love u.

  1833. 1833 : sherlin Says:

    hey smile emperor u r simply superb

  1834. 1834 : 에리카 Says:

    Kim Bum is so cute!

    Love him!

  1835. 1835 : Aiko Kim Says:

    hi Kim Bom! My name is Aigerim! Im From Uralsk
    i like you to be korean actor GOOD BLESS!!!!

  1836. 1836 : anisa Says:


  1837. 1837 : anisa Says:


  1838. 1838 : anisa Says:

    Hello cute n handsome, you are really attractive all girls’s heart in the world, including me 🙂 cia youuu !

  1839. 1839 : apple Says:

    hi! cute! god blees you

  1840. 1840 : elisa Says:

    kimbum km punya facebook tidak ? klw punya add aku ya ini nama’ku Lee Min Ho itu nama facebook add ya plis!

  1841. 1841 : elisa Says:

    add ak ya di facebook ini nama facebook’ku Le Min Ho itu nama facebook’ku

  1842. 1842 : elisa Says:

    Kim Bum i lake you

  1843. 1843 : patricia Says:

    so cute

  1844. 1844 : Chimila Says:

    Hi! Kim bom! I m fan of ur! Want to be friend with me? U r so hand some

  1845. 1845 : Chimila Says:


  1846. 1846 : Chimila Says:

    Hi, u r so handsome! God bless u!

  1847. 1847 : sha Says:

    hi.cute..hope will see you in one fine day

  1848. 1848 : htunhtun Says:

    I’m like ” dream”.R u like as Lee Kum Suk style in real life.
    may be peace and develop.

  1849. 1849 : ojaswi Says:

    u r really handsome..

  1850. 1850 : ojaswi Says:

    i m ur crazy fan of urs

  1851. 1851 : milah Says:

    halo !!!! q suka banget sama kamu pas kamu main flim boys befoor flawer tolong donk jadiin aku pacar kamu ! hehehehehehe ! dan juga bikinin lagu yang bagus untuk q tolong ya kak kim bum !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1852. 1852 : ellen Says:

    kim bum oppa..
    i love your movies!!!!
    i love your smile….
    hope that you’ll have more movies…
    love you!!

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  1854. 1854 : kay Says:

    Hi hansome ! Miss u

  1855. 1855 : gokulpriya Says:

    kim bum u look so handsome…………. n ur smile s 2 beautiful…………………… i like u n i love u very much. ur style s so superb. if i talk about u means it’s goes on. there s no words 2 tell. and i have a words for you.
    a another name of beautiful s known as kimbum n ur sweet smile. ur smile looks like a baby’s smile. i’m really impressed on you……………….. my swee kisses 2 you. and i like to meet you. i think this won’t be possible but surely i will do my higher studies in korea because to see you my sweet heart.

  1856. 1856 : rachelle anne r. Says:

    hai..’..kim bum!!!!!!
    ur so0o..hands0me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1857. 1857 : Miss Moe Thazin Says:

    I like you , brother

  1858. 1858 : Chimila Says:

    Hi, kim bum u r so cute.i luv u so much

  1859. 1859 : @sushila Says:

    u r the most cutest person in d world……….sarang-gao……lv ya!!!!tc

  1860. 1860 : @sushila Says:

    sarang-gao………….love u lot oppa

  1861. 1861 : p. Says:

    oppa.. saranghae!

  1862. 1862 : kentwoten Says:

    wew ?! pota na mu kim bum imba ka . !

  1863. 1863 : anne Says:

    your so handsome!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i hope that i would see you in person!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1864. 1864 : none Says:

    miss kim bum and kim so eun….

  1865. 1865 : jelly Says:

    Hello Kim Bum,
    I am your fan. You are handsome boy. I like you at boys over flowers movie. YOu are smile is innocent.

  1866. 1866 : ereen madiey Says:

    kim bum, u’re so,so,so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i luv u so much….^_^

  1867. 1867 : Muskan Newa Says:

    hi !!!
    i love ur movies……….
    the best thing i like is ur smile………..

  1868. 1868 : barsha Says:

    hi kim bum i am ur most biggest fan in this world .i really like you.u r very………. cute.i luv u very much and i want to meet u in real life and i am really waiting for that moment.luv u a lot……….

  1869. 1869 : aida Says:


  1870. 1870 : amber Says:

    hi i have see your new drama it so nice

  1871. 1871 : pamzkie Says:


  1872. 1872 : felicia Says:


  1873. 1873 : rafilene Says:

    hi!!! kim bum your so cute i like your songs and movies… hope to see you in person here in phillipines, and hope you come back again soon. love you so much more blessings to come..!!!

  1874. 1874 : inaa adil Says:

    i luv u….kim bum…saranghaeo…..:)

  1875. 1875 : rahmi Says:

    i like u forever,,

  1876. 1876 : kim jin soo Says:

    saranghaeyo kimbum oppa……..^^…….
    u will still in my heart:)

  1877. 1877 : selvi Says:

    kim aku ngefans banget lho am kamu.
    kamu ganteng banget………….
    kapan datang ke indonesia tepatnya di surabaya…??????
    aku selalu menunggu ke hadiran mu di surabaya…..
    I LOVE YOU………

  1878. 1878 : malissa Says:

    i love you, you the sexy boy!!!!! XD

  1879. 1879 : anggita Says:

    I am Anggita.Ilike boys before flowers.Boys before flowers is good.

  1880. 1880 : THAUFIQ Says:

    kim bum kalo boys before flowers ada lagi tampilkan yng ke 2 yah

  1881. 1881 : cookiemonsterr Says:

    oppa saranghae ! nuhmoo jalsenggutsuhh ! (:

  1882. 1882 : cha Says:

    so cute….

  1883. 1883 : tachi Says:

    You’re soooo cuutteee

  1884. 1884 : rismayanti Says:

    wah ,kok bisa kebetulan ya tanggal &bulan lahir kita sama july 07

  1885. 1885 : sana Says:

    ur so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee kimbum !saragey kimbum mis u!

  1886. 1886 : sana Says:

    sarangey kimbum oppa onzena khasa waitng n missing 4u kimbum lv u so much…………………..missing u take care!

  1887. 1887 : kay Says:

    I love u Kim bum

  1888. 1888 : vivian Says:

    Very handsome n talented. Love you so much

  1889. 1889 : cezel Says:

    Waiting for your new drama. Really like to see you. Love you Kim bum

  1890. 1890 : tricia07 Says:

    I love u kim bum!!!<3

  1891. 1891 : tricia07 Says:

    Wish u in gud health and gudluck to your career!!!
    love lotzz!!<3

  1892. 1892 : nicoletandoc Says:

    Dearest Kim Bum,

    I really love your sweet and I-feel-I’m-in-the-heaven-right-now smile of yours, it truly captivates my heart. Wishing that you really play the saxophone because it makes my heart flutter whenever I saw you playing it on Boys Before Flowers, it made me speechless and can’t stop smiling. You’re my top three favorite korean actor next to Lee Minho and Kim Hyun Joong, of course, for me Lee Minho tops it all. Giggles. Good luck to your astounding career and more power! Cheers! 🙂

  1893. 1893 : edelyn lanticse Says:

    il love you so much

  1894. 1894 : pooja Says:

    are u singer too.i really like ur voice

  1895. 1895 : yazmeen Says:

    can’t wait for him to appear in more dramas!!!

  1896. 1896 : ocha Says:

    he,he,he……..?kimbum ckep bnget ea”

  1897. 1897 : siska Says:

    oh my gosh,yu’re my prince.I love yuo so much

  1898. 1898 : angoni Says:

    我是中国人 支持金范来了
    I am a chinese girl
    like you and Kim so eun

  1899. 1899 : kiki_NZ Says:

    Oppa, hwaiting!!!

  1900. 1900 : wafa Says:

    il love you so much

  1901. 1901 : angoni Says:

    당신과 쓰에 얀처럼
    소련의 가을 재충전을 한 일치
    오, 난 중국 여자예요
    지원 당신은 영원히
    우리는 완벽한 스와 이순신 아르

  1902. 1902 : ratna Says:

    hi kim…..
    u are so sexy i love your smile, wuold u like 2 visited indonesia again??????pleaseee

  1903. 1903 : tenzin Says:

    oh kim bum i really like ur smile n when u smile tat dimple it kills many young gals oof….. i really want to see u once in ma life i saw u in boys before flowers !!!!!!!!

  1904. 1904 : tenzin Says:

    hey kim bum m a tibetian gal i badly want to say sanranghae oppa i think its means i love u !!!!!!!

  1905. 1905 : tinker:) Says:

    hey kim bum..

    just drop by to say hi and how are u..:)

  1906. 1906 : fieydah ieydah Says:

    very cute and handsome…also so gentle…

  1907. 1907 : garme Says:

    h! kim bum ur so cute….
    and amazing 🙂

  1908. 1908 : monireh Says:

    Hi I love your films and I wish you success

  1909. 1909 : siti muzanie sabri Says:

    hi kim,
    I really ur fan n i love ur smile

  1910. 1910 : h............... Says:

    you have a good play……………

  1911. 1911 : jhen Says:

    .. hi 🙂
    ,, when u to indonesia more ????

    u is so cute n cooooll

  1912. 1912 : Yifan Says:

    I don’t know why you guys like him soo much! He’s ugly! Aaron Yan is way better, if you guys see him, you would immediately forget this Kim ugly.

  1913. 1913 : asestos Says:

    very nice, thanx

  1914. 1914 : asbestos Says:

    very nice, thank you

  1915. 1915 : pooria Says:



  1916. 1916 : Anis Says:

    You’re so handsome….!!!


  1917. 1917 : love_story Says:

    you are handsome

  1918. 1918 : xing_jyue16 Says:

    Kim Bum♥! i really like your love team with Kim So Eun!. i hope you two will have more projects to come!

    FIGHTING ! 😉

  1919. 1919 : sweety Says:

    i love you ssssooo much. You are so handsome, love you <3.
    i really like you and Kim So Eun together. you two are just awesome.
    i really liked you two in 'boys before flower' more than goo joon pyo and geum jan di. love you too much,<3 <3 <3 <3

  1920. 1920 : monireh Says:

    Hi Kim, you’ve come so good. Higher Bazygrytvn time I play the way you always hope you be successful Mypsndm

  1921. 1921 : Asel Says:

    Hey Kim Bum How are you i likje you very much. I wish good luck and be helathy My name is Asel im from Kyrgyzstan

  1922. 1922 : jesselyn Says:

    Hello !i wanna know u more. Really impressed when see you in drama

  1923. 1923 : Bai Xiao Yan Says:

    Hello,this is ‘Bai Xiao Yan’.I like you very much,especially your beaming and cute smile.

  1924. 1924 : Nyi Lay Naing Says:

    hay kim bum i’m Nyi Lay Naing. i’m from Myanmar (Burma)
    i like u and my e-mail is [email protected]
    bye bye

  1925. 1925 : ei naung Says:

    Ilove you so much.

  1926. 1926 : fuchhii Says:

    wow!kim bum just love the way you are……………keep it up yijung sunbae saranghaye……..

  1927. 1927 : blessing Says:

    kim bum you are very handsome

  1928. 1928 : Anik Says:

    Hi Kim Bom oppa! I’m your fan. I wish to you a lot of happiness many money and success

  1929. 1929 : cuteepunk Says:

    kimbum why u re so cute. i just luv u………………

  1930. 1930 : Pratiksha Gurung Says:

    hey kimbum ….u r my favorite actorrr & im frm nepal….
    ok byeeeeev …love uuuuu

  1931. 1931 : pratiksha gurung Says:

    hi kimbum ….best of luck 4 ur next dramsss…..i am ur fannnnn…..love uuuuuuuuu …..

  1932. 1932 : pratiksha gurung Says:

    ………HI My PRIENCE Charm…
    it is a top suspens …i love uu dont say ur girl fnd …if she knw it she will angry with meeeee….just kidding ….
    ok byeeeeeeeeeee loveeeeeeeeeee uuuu byeeeeeeeeeee

  1933. 1933 : MarySimple Says:

    anyoeng hasiyeo! hi kim bum! im mary from the philippines…i just want 2 say that..i really admire u…hope you’ll come & visit again here in the philippines…and i hope that this time, i will going to see u…prehaps…even in the far…bye!…take care and keep smiling…

  1934. 1934 : jesselyn Says:

    Hello handsome! Love to see you, yr face, yr acting and yr voice is really really not bad

  1935. 1935 : Love U Says:

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1936. 1936 : ToT Says:

    أناااااااااااا احبك كثيررررررر وانا من السعوديه
    나는 사우디 아라비아를 사랑하는 모든 많은 … 당신, 그리고 당신 같은 사랑 한국어 많은

  1937. 1937 : sousanna68 Says:

    u r really ugly dear

  1938. 1938 : Maya Says:


  1939. 1939 : tintinnwe Says:

    you are i favourite korea actor

  1940. 1940 : Maya Says:

    Hello KIM BUM !!! I love you !!!

  1941. 1941 : amrita Says:

    I like your act very much.

  1942. 1942 : Rena Says:

    Sang Bum, Ah neong hasayeo.

    “Fighting”, keep going, I had watched a few drama of yours and felt that you are highly potential in acting.

    Though young, but you had fully mastered the male lead role in every drama.

    You will have a bright future ahead… continue to put in your best shot and I will continue to support you in S’pore.

    Ah za Ah za!

  1943. 1943 : shirin Says:

    hi all moves is the best.you are really handesome specially sweet smile.im iranian, good luk

  1944. 1944 : lita Says:

    I MIzZ YOU

    I LOVe yOU

  1945. 1945 : Lilia Says:

    hello kim bum, you my favourite acter. i love u. how are u?

  1946. 1946 : opi Says:

    Hi handsome, when is yr new drama ? Waiting u so muccch

  1947. 1947 : armie Says:

    hi i’m youre no.1 fan in you’re drama boys before f;ower i hope that you can make another drama like this you are veryyy cute………neor saranghe..

  1948. 1948 : ailen Says:

    ;;;;;..hI! KIM BUM…your so cute…
    ……I’m one of your fan here in our country…….Take care always……….:)

  1949. 1949 : ken Says:

    hi kim bum!
    you are so cute!
    i want to marry you!
    i love you.

  1950. 1950 : ken Says:

    KIM BUM!
    im waiting for your next drama series…
    but for the meantime, i am searching ur latest pics…
    love u so much. .stay gorgeous!

  1951. 1951 : jasmine Says:

    i dont think he reads these (jeez)
    anyway, u have a baby-face kim bum and thats adorable.
    i liked ur acting in “Boys Before Flowers” even though i felt like hitting u because ur character was being such a jerk sometimes. keep up the good work and im hoping to see u acting in a drama where ur own love-life gets out of control (mabye a love triangle?) Good Luck
    im vietnamese by the way, living in australia

  1952. 1952 : List of Korean Actor « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

    […] Soo Han Kang Suk Woo Kang Sung Kang Sung Jin Kang Sung Min Kang Sung Pil Kang Ta Ki Tae Young ★Kim Bum Kim Byung Gi Kim Byung Se Kim Chan Woo Kim Chang Wan Kim Da Hyun Kim Dong Bum Kim Dong Hee Kim Dong […]

  1953. 1953 : jo Says:

    hiiii machan… nee romba alaga eruka… unoda siripula mayangiten…. nee avlo alagu machan…. nee alaga erukanu ninaikala nan una luv paniruvenu ninaikala… ana ithu elam nadathudumono bayama eruku…
    saptiya machan…
    epa ena seriala nadikara..
    seekaram slu pa…
    this is tamil language…


    if u want to read t comments learn tamil language dearrrr

  1954. 1954 : laaya Says:

    i cant speak english or korean i want tell you that you are very good in boy before flower. i love this film

  1955. 1955 : mega Says:

    love kim bum….still wait a new moviee,,come on make a new movie,,,^^

  1956. 1956 : Greselle Mae Says:

    Everything in him was so perfect that it makes me so high….. especially when he smiles as if angles are singing in heaven… i just don’t know that he is such a perfect guy… KIM BUM was the best among all the actors ive ever known…. i love him soo much… my friends are even laughing about me idolizing or should i say praising someone like him… who was like an unreachable star…i just admire him so freakin’ bad…

  1957. 1957 : aira Says:

    kim bum is so cute 😉

  1958. 1958 : Musi Says:

    Interesno chitaet li on nashi otveti ??????????? Kogda on budet otvechat na nashi otveti ????????????????? Tak xochetsya s nim obshatsya 🙂 I L O V E Y O U Kim BUM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1959. 1959 : Pan!z Says:

    hi!im iranian&im one of your fan!
    u r soooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty & handsome & i love u very much!
    hope to see you.best wishes

  1960. 1960 : ghazaleh Says:

    ilove you.answer email to me

  1961. 1961 : sarah Says:

    hi kim you are nice when you smile I believe that I meet you

  1962. 1962 : riju Says:

    i love you kimbum.u r so cute.

  1963. 1963 : riju Says:

    i love you kimbum.you are so cute n handsom.i love your smile.

  1964. 1964 : swagata Says:

    heya kimbum!!!!!!!!!! dis iz swagata 4rm india….. u were really v awesome n fabulous in d movie boyz ovr flower…… i really likd it ………. sarange…..

  1965. 1965 : MAHSA 2 IRAN Says:

    pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase dont smile!!!!!!!!!

  1966. 1966 : suzy Says:

    u r so cuteee……JBY

  1967. 1967 : Naghme Says:

    anian please answer to my mail i send to you many funy mails but you…

  1968. 1968 : merfa Says:

    kim bum i love u,,,,,mwahhhh

  1969. 1969 : Michelle Says:

    Kim Bummmm!
    You are soo adorablee. 🙂
    marry me pleasee??

  1970. 1970 : lovly Says:

    heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy baby you are really fantastik wwwwwwwwooooooooooowwwwwwwww

  1971. 1971 : beuty angel'z Says:

    i’m are your fan…
    i;m enjoy your movie
    may god blessing your…..

  1972. 1972 : angela Says:

    Sarangee Kim bum. U are so cool and handsome

  1973. 1973 : samantha Says:

    i’m a great of you from india

  1974. 1974 : samantha Says:

    i have seen yor boys before flowers series eighteen times

  1975. 1975 : ren121 Says:

    humm..ur face is like a gurl, v soft, luv! alrdy wtch u in still marry me, excellnt act as a v gentlmn young guy, n d actress really save u , she’s btful n very enrgtc! work harder babe!

  1976. 1976 : shee haruko Says:

    ur so cute…

  1977. 1977 : Assel Says:

    How do you do? Hope you are fine. I like your appearance, looking so cute.

  1978. 1978 : PutriKimBum Says:

    Kim Bum Oppa very handsome……. 🙂

  1979. 1979 : pratima Says:


  1980. 1980 : sangmiy Says:

    i love how you were in boys over flowers

  1981. 1981 : aarti Says:

    u r sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute like a kitten.i hope u r doing gr8 all da best.i really lik u as yi jung in BBF.luv u.

  1982. 1982 : Nita Yudasari Says:

    Kim Sang Bum, come to Indonesia for met and greet with your fans.. 🙂

  1983. 1983 : maria Says:

    i so love kim bom he is like i guy i love but i’l never meet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1984. 1984 : angela Says:

    How are you. ? Really wait yr new drama/movie. Miss you so much

  1985. 1985 : jny Says:

    Hello handsome ?

  1986. 1986 : Nancy Sitlhou Says:

    Cutest face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1987. 1987 : Nancy Sitlhou Says:

    Tooooooooooo CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1988. 1988 : LOVES KIM BUM!!!! Says:

    😀 😀 :D:D:D:D:D:D

  1989. 1989 : miss dyrahae Says:

    kim bum keep it up your job…i m really hope you act in drama with lee da hae…just both of you

  1990. 1990 : Ruby Jane Tormon Says:

    Hi kim bum………………….
    I just wanna say to you that i really really really really really really
    SARANGHEYO KIM BUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1991. 1991 : shohreh shi Says:

    i am shohreh from iran
    i really love all about korea and chiefly korean drama
    you have babyfaced cute

  1992. 1992 : selena gomez Says:

    you are very so cute .i love you.

  1993. 1993 : melika Says:

    i am melika from iran.
    i com to korea.
    and you see.
    im asprodvstvn.
    hop that you see.
    more like myvmd previousln

  1994. 1994 : jean Says:

    hello to you you have a babyface ….i really like your movie boys over flower love you ….your my idol forever….

  1995. 1995 : lanny Says:

    Wondering wht are u doing now. Really miss to see u in yr new drama. Pls pls pls

  1996. 1996 : u-kiss-girl Says:

    hey kim bum
    u still cute oppa
    luv from your favourite unnies
    F4 limited

  1997. 1997 : hasty Says:

    hi you are one of the best actors I love you

  1998. 1998 : nik Says:

    난 당신이 매력적인 이미지를 가지고, 당신은 미소. 영원히 팬이에요. 난 당신이 모든 성공을 정말하고 바랍니다 im a iranian.I’m a fan forever. You smile, you have an attractive image. I hope you all doing really be successful.

  1999. 1999 : shima Says:

    i love you soooooooooooooooo much
    i love your smile
    always smile please my dear

  2000. 2000 : aishh Says:

    you’re sooo cute . hmmm .

  2001. 2001 : aishh Says:

    im your fan from philippines . hope that you’ll visit here in philippines again . woot ! 🙂 WE LOVE YOU !

  2002. 2002 : Sudha Says:

    I m ur greatest fan from Nepal. You are the cutest actor and I love Boys Over Flower!!

  2003. 2003 : mahsa Says:

    hi. my friend. iam mahsa from iran. i didnt see your any movies just boys over flowers. your friends jihu,gunpyo…
    & u are beautiful & lovely boys. i love korea & korean. lots of love mahsa.

  2004. 2004 : erin Says:

    hye i’m erin.i really liked you as you act,,nice <3

  2005. 2005 : JEAN Says:

    hi to you advanced happy birthday to you your turning 22 so have a nice and happy birthday party your so cute ever and your so handsome your my idol hope you and ji hoo will stay together for your really nice in acting hope i can see both of you in personal hope i can watch another movie have a nice day to you kim bum your so cute ,,,,……………………ever…… my inspiration,……………. bye

  2006. 2006 : kimia Says:

    In the name of god .
    hello .
    i am kimia from iran . I know that the great actors has a big heart .
    i beg god to help you for all times .
    you has a beutiful face and great smile .i think that god love you to much .
    I will promiss that one day i get a great super star in korea.
    have a great wish .
    the sky is yours take it ….

  2007. 2007 : sharon Says:

    Really like you handsome. Hope you always healt, happy and in God’s hand

  2008. 2008 : Haadiss Says:

    OMG i lovee you kim bum

    your so hot!


  2009. 2009 : ping2 Says:

    Hi, Kim Bum,have a sweet smile. I read about you on the magazines that your acting in drama series is so weak. So, I hope you to be a good actor. I like you too much.:)

  2010. 2010 : mary anne casaje Says:

    Hi im your fan in phlippine.you are my idol in boys over the flower..so cute..hope that you ll bisit here in philippines .so very hondsome ..

  2011. 2011 : isay Says:

    I’m your great fan here in the phillipines and I will support you in your every shows oppah ! Saranghae Kim Sang Bum … your so cute in Boys over flowers and East of eden …Your the best young actor 😀

  2012. 2012 : Elena Says:

    Hi.Im one of your fans in iran. i realy like your smile. wish to see u in iran.U have lots of fans here.I wish happiness 4 U. NEVER STOp SMILLING

  2013. 2013 : el Says:

    HI . i agree with her . your smile is so nice :*

  2014. 2014 : lals Says:

    hiiiiiii my sisters r ur big frn frm nepal.Ur so cute.we love all f4 group.

  2015. 2015 : marizze Says:

    hi … ur so cute.. F4 the best ..really . more movie pls. mwahhh.

  2016. 2016 : saghar Says:

    hi.my name is saghar.i live in iran.iwas born in tahran .my very very loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu and korean.i can you frend? pleas pleas answer the qustion.thanksssssssssssssssss a lottttttttttttttt.

  2017. 2017 : saghar Says:

    hi.my name is saghar.i live in iran.iwas born in tahran .my very very loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu and korean.i can you frend? pleas pleas answer the qustion.thanksssssssssssssssss a lot.

  2018. 2018 : myanmar cherry Says:


  2019. 2019 : ForeverKimHyunJoong Says:

    Kim Bum Ssi,

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! Saengil chuka hamnida! Eat lots of Miyeok guk. Enjoy your day!

  2020. 2020 : elli Says:

    happy birthday to you..
    happy birthday to you..
    whit best wishes for you kim bum ssi..

  2021. 2021 : jasmine Says:

    happy birthday kim bum :*
    wish you all the best 😉

  2022. 2022 : maryam Says:

    Dear Kim Bum

    i love you . i wish you come to iran Iam iranian and live in shiraz you act in boys over flower very veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery goooooooooooooooooooood i . like you and korean
    see you to iran

  2023. 2023 : donna mae Says:

    hi kim bum!be lated happy birthday! ur so very cute and a good actor i wish u visit the philippines again!!:)

  2024. 2024 : shasad Says:

    Hi Mr kim Bum.maybe you dont read this massage and I know you dont care what i think and who iam but i care and i want to know more about you,if you want too.now if you had a time for me please send an E-mail for me and answer to my questin. the question is:Are you happy in your life?

  2025. 2025 : AJH Says:

    kim bum I LOVE YOU you are so handsome ICH LIEBE DICH

  2026. 2026 : sara Says:

    i love kore and i want 2 visit it and i love boys over flowers and……u

  2027. 2027 : sara Says:

    hi and im from iran

  2028. 2028 : saghar Says:

    hello.i cannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu frind kimbum?pleas answer question.i love you kimbum.

  2029. 2029 : N Says:

    Hi…. U are so cute!U laugh really beautifully…I love your smile!:D
    I really like U as YI JANG in BBF(F4)!:D

  2030. 2030 : bilguundalai Says:

    uneheer hoorhon ym aa ystoi laitai hoorhon ymaaa

  2031. 2031 : shureen Says:

    Your acting is cool and hope to see your next drama soon 🙂

  2032. 2032 : jane Says:

    hi kim bum,

    waiting 4 ur new projects, i support u…

    from Malaysia

  2033. 2033 : (한국 드라마) My K0rEan DrAma Ser!es « mY naMe is "G i a N" Says:

    […] Garden with their own set of F4 starring Lee Min Ho as Gu Joon Pyo, Kim Hyun Joong as Yoon Ji Hoo, Kim Bum as So Yi Jung and Kim Joon as Song Woo Bin together with the average girl Koo Hye Sun as Geum Jan […]

  2034. 2034 : sasmita mishra Says:

    i love you u r so cute and i love boys over flower so much

  2035. 2035 : sasmita mishra Says:

    i love u so much and i am great fan of your

  2036. 2036 : reyhanhe Says:

    i,m live in iran
    mr bum…………
    pelaes come to iran
    ilove you very mach

  2037. 2037 : reyhanhe or yona Says:

    anhe ash mika kim sang sonbhe
    sonbhe saranhyo
    sonbhe pelaes come to iran………che bal …….botageo…….arasto..arasto

  2038. 2038 : reyhanhe or yona Says:

    كيم سانگ سونبه خيلي دوستت دارم واميد وارم ببينمت لطفا يك سري به ايران بزن ممنونت ميشم ايران كشوري قشنگ
    بينهايت خوشحال ميشم اگه توي ايران ببينمت
    سونبه عاشقتم عاشق

  2039. 2039 : shohreh shi Says:

    i have some pics of yours.
    how can i attach pics?

  2040. 2040 : Soushiyant Says:

    @ shohre : u shouold upload them somewhere on the net then just comment the link here
    and AdMIn will do the rest

  2041. 2041 : Soushiyant Says:

    @ shohre : u shouold upload them somewhere on the net then just comment the link here
    and A*dMIn will do the rest

  2042. 2042 : Azita Says:

    I think I veeeeeeeeeery Love him
    what can I do????????
    he very smart
    I live In Iran & I verrrrrrrrry Love Korea

  2043. 2043 : quyen Says:

    thank u much!try your best!meeting u is great!!

  2044. 2044 : quyen Says:

    Thank u much!try your best!!talking to u is great!!!

  2045. 2045 : labuti lama Says:

    i lov kim bum

  2046. 2046 : mahsa Says:

    hi l love your good acting in bof

  2047. 2047 : fariba Says:

    annyeong,i love you,you are really star.
    sarangheo.i am from iran

  2048. 2048 : lee min ho (tenzin loden) Says:

    you r the best <3 <3

  2049. 2049 : shahrzad Says:

    hi……..یکی ازطرف دارای پرو پا قرصتونم …واقعا دوستتون دارم ILOVE YOU F4

  2050. 2050 : devi Says:

    annieyong haseyo oppa…
    i love ur acting so much…
    awesome oppa !!!

  2051. 2051 : salinaz Says:

    i loooooooooooove u i think you’re smile is the cuuuuuuutest smile in korea and it can kill a lot of girls-lol

  2052. 2052 : SuperAnnesy Says:

    what a man!!
    your so handsome my honey!!

    wish i will met you in person!!

  2053. 2053 : SuperAnnesy Says:

    TAKE A REST!!!

    I WANT TO SEE tou my OPPA ^_^!


  2054. 2054 : Elmira Says:

    i like him so much he is really good actor ty super

  2055. 2055 : shabnam Says:


  2056. 2056 : famila Says:

    u”re so cute when u smile……..

  2057. 2057 : sonam Says:

    sooooooo cute! and young and energetic. ya ur smile is just dashing.when u smile u just brighten up the whole surrounding.!!!!!!!

  2058. 2058 : shaghayegh Says:

    kim bum,please come to IRAN.دوستت دارم.

  2059. 2059 : Kimia Says:

    Hi Kim bum I am kimia in america please come in here i am twelve years old and I like your all series.do you know which one was drama for me if you don’t know I could tell you “the women who still wants to marry “when I saw it for the first time I got in love I mean you and park Jin hee look great couples so ummm and the second series I liked it it is que sera sera want you to see that series Jung yoo mi as Han eun soo and Eric mun as kong tae Jo I love them not anybody in that series I think they are great couples don’t you think so and I love park Jin hee and you not anybody else in the women who still wants to marry bye my email is [email protected] please email me Kim bum please show this writing to park Jin hee I like it when she watch this writing because I talked too much about her, actually good things not bad and tell her to email me please tell her and don’t forget I talked too much about you good things ok and please email me

  2060. 2060 : Kimia Says:

    Kim bum I wish that you will become a great character in the future please email me and don’t forget my email is [email protected] and my name is Kimia and my last name is Parvizi I am twelve years old bye

  2061. 2061 : Kimia Says:

    I love you Kim bum

  2062. 2062 : Kimia Says:

    I hope to see you one day if you didn’t come I will learn Korea and come there to see you I am still young I can’t come because I am 12 years old when I become 20 or 21 or 22 I will come ,maybe a little bit faster to come like when I become 18 but I wish to learn Korea faster so I could come earlier bye. Kim bum wish for me to learn fast and see you

  2063. 2063 : tarlan Says:

    he is cute see this picture


  2064. 2064 : tarlan Says:

    oh see that alot person in iron love him!!they put iranian comment you know im iranian too.
    منم ایرانی هستم وخوشحالم که طرفدار کیم بومم!!
    isay im happy for loving kim bum

  2065. 2065 : narcissus Says:

    Error: You did not enter a CAPTCHA phrase. Press your browser’s back button and try again.

  2066. 2066 : know name Says:

    안녕하세요 제 이름은 수선화, 난 12 살이에요 당신의 행운을 말해

  2067. 2067 : know name Says:

    난 당신의 편지가 당신과 같은 사람들을 모두 당신이 읽을 없다 생각하지만, 당신이 내 편지를 읽으면 나에게 말해 줘요이란 아르를 참조하십시오.
    오 잊고
    난 그들을 다운로드하도록 메일과 노래를 작곡을 말해주세요.
    당신의 최선을 기원합니다

  2068. 2068 : Boys Before Flowers (꽃보다 남자) « styrn Says:

    […] Min Ho as Goo Joon Pyo aka Domyoji Tsukasa Kim Hyun Joong as Yoon Ji Hoo aka Hanazawa Rui Kim Bum as So Yi Jung aka Nishikado Sojiro Kim Joon as Song Woo Bin aka Mimasaka […]

  2069. 2069 : negin Says:

    hi i love u,u are so cute boy kim bum,u are my favorite actor.

  2070. 2070 : sima Says:

    hey you’re so cute and handsome.
    I don’t know why u r all korean boys handsome?! 🙂 i love u from iran

  2071. 2071 : kriti Says:

    i like your movies and tv shows. i am waiting for new one.

  2072. 2072 : muncil Says:

    he look like star with evil smile…

  2073. 2073 : Zuhail Says:


  2074. 2074 : ojaswi joshi Says:

    I Love ur smile….Keep smiling

  2075. 2075 : Honey Zaw Says:

    Hi Kim Bum

    I’m honey from Burma (Myanmar). Korea drama series were still very Hot and crazy for young ladies in Myanmar. But among them you are very most crazy in “Boys Over Flowers” i know that series title is F4. Is that right? Now me and my friends have a plan to trip to Korea in coming November first week. We want to meet with you…………… in seoul. Just take a few photo and write your sign. We buy a korea trip (8 days / 7 nights) at travel agent in myanmr.

    i wish to get a permission to meet with you as soon as possible………

  2076. 2076 : gitta Says:

    I love U Kim Bum !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you smile very cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2077. 2077 : elmira and yeganeh Says:

    we love u so much=(ما دوستت داريم)
    we love your smile =(ما عاشق لبخندتيم)

  2078. 2078 : rezzka zai zai Says:

    saranghaeyo oppa

  2079. 2079 : sanaz and maryam Says:

    we are from iran.we love you very very very much!!!!!!!

  2080. 2080 : sanaz and maryam Says:

    hi we are from iran.we love you very very much

  2081. 2081 : paw dade nyar(burma) Says:

    kim bum how are you ?

  2082. 2082 : XMAA Says:


  2083. 2083 : XMAA Says:


  2084. 2084 : 9.) *** BoYs oVer fLowEr *** « myfavoritekoreannovel Says:

    […] with their own set of F4 starring Lee Min Ho as Gu Joon Pyo,Kim Hyun Joong as Yoon Ji Hoo, Kim Bum as So Yi Jung and Kim Joon as Song Woo Bin together with the average girlKoo Hye Sun as Geum […]

  2085. 2085 : ayushree Says:

    i love ur smile..keep smiling.

  2086. 2086 : tina rai Says:

    i love ur acting, smile and attitude in boys over flower. and i like u and kim soeun both couple . i wish u both are real life couple in offscreen also . and i love u oppa. so please think what i said. u and kimsoeun is made for each other.

  2087. 2087 : toomy Says:

    hi we are from iran.we love you very

  2088. 2088 : cristina Says:

    kim bum & kim jun & lee min hoo & kim hyun joong & gu hay soon are my love.thanck you

  2089. 2089 : jigjok Says:

    You’re so cute.
    I like all movie which you act.

  2090. 2090 : smile Says:

    hi i sea all iranian girl love you.
    i wish you the best happy holloween

  2091. 2091 : insha Says:

    i love u kimu! <3 u r so sweeeeeeeet

  2092. 2092 : insha Says:

    n wat tina rai said, think abt it 1s. its true!

  2093. 2093 : Winnie Mmoko Says:

    ur the bob kim bum wsh u al the bst in ur luv lf u gys are great 2gthr,i totaly envy u gys.oh invt m in ur anivrsary or should i sy wedding
    .God bles u

  2094. 2094 : shery Says:

    hi you are great acter i wish you be best for long time
    im iranian girl and i see your all of movies.

  2095. 2095 : shery Says:

    i wish u be happy forever becouse u always happy me
    im iranian agirl and dont give up go and try to the best [email protected]

  2096. 2096 : abrar Says:

    I am in love with u kim bum,I anvey mean yoo for hugging u so much ,u r amazing

  2097. 2097 : kimia Says:

    u are so pretty. kim booma saranda…! u have beauti smile.

  2098. 2098 : astriyani Says:

    kim bum … i love you so much

  2099. 2099 : phoye wai Says:

    How are you?I think you would be fine!As for me i am fine!I wrote you this letter as your fan not the same like any other fans.I emulate your acting and you can act neath in every character that you represent .So ,i like you so much.Infact,i wanna be a good actor .I watched your plays .And i learn from your plays!i like you…i only want to say these words!
    Be bright like sun..Be cool like moon..along your life
    one of your fan

  2100. 2100 : naee bani Says:

    hi.love only with you

  2101. 2101 : naee bani Says:

    عاشقتم جِِیگرطلا

  2102. 2102 : niki Says:

    i love your smile 🙂
    so always smile

  2103. 2103 : naee bani Says:

    hi.please your handsome & ypur smile to retain.

  2104. 2104 : naee bani Says:

    plaes give me your picture.

  2105. 2105 : Lucille Says:

    i love you :))

  2106. 2106 : kiki Says:

    ♥ kim bum

  2107. 2107 : neda Says:

    lovely kimbum i rally love u however i know it isn’t important for you…..!

  2108. 2108 : neda Says:

    …….and……perhaps u love us i’m from iran.an iranian girl

  2109. 2109 : febri Says:

    u so cute

  2110. 2110 : Amrita Says:

    Hi i saw ur drama boys before flowers and i liked it. Imaginatin of story is very beautiful and all character are jusfyable specilly ur frenship is relly like me

  2111. 2111 : Upekshya Welikala Says:


  2112. 2112 : Sabrina123korea Says:

    I love when Kim Bum with Kim So Eun…
    Really sweet 😀 saranghao oppa Kim Bum!!!

  2113. 2113 : Sour Phally Says:

    I love kim Bun 🙂 😀

  2114. 2114 : sugin Says:

    خیلی خیلی دوسش دارم.بوسسس

  2115. 2115 : kegome Says:

    hi…kim Sam Bum ua vry cute~_*

  2116. 2116 : Maclear Says:

    kim bum, what’s your latest movie now?

  2117. 2117 : dini Says:

    kim bum.,, you cute,,.,.

  2118. 2118 : samira Says:

    hi I’m Iranian too, I love all thing about you. booooooosssssss

  2119. 2119 : amina Says:

    why peaple love he?
    he s very agly

  2120. 2120 : sahar Says:

    no,not ugly,he is cute,nice very nice but i love lee min ho:)

  2121. 2121 : aleinad Says:

    i like,,,,very nice,,,,,

  2122. 2122 : XeeRo0 Says:

    Best of luck for your new drama Padam Padam… The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats (jTBC, 2011).

  2123. 2123 : widi Says:

    Hello sweetie smile, Cool n Deep in Sight Eyes that i like it much! (“,) Success for u new drama, carrier, Life n Friends. Good Luck Boy!

  2124. 2124 : kkkk Says:

    i lo ve iiiu

  2125. 2125 : khadidja Says:

    you are so cute

  2126. 2126 : khadidja Says:

    you are so cute.i’m from algeria .you probably don’t know it

  2127. 2127 : Eiphyothandarnaing Says:

    Dear kim,

    I would like to get your e-mail address. So , pls give me e-mail address.
    Because I very like your actor in F4.

    Awaiting for your response !!

    Best regards

  2128. 2128 : nana Says:

    we love you kim beom ///your fans algerians

  2129. 2129 : mehrsa Says:

    dear kim bom i really like u i would like to get ur e-mail adress
    am 16yrs old and i am an iranian girl
    lots of love mehrsa

  2130. 2130 : juno Says:

    Halo kim bum………..
    u r so adorable dat i cant get enough by lookin u
    when i c u in screen,my heart pomp-out nd i jus went lookin n lookin
    u r lyk heavenly 4 me
    lots of love

  2131. 2131 : angel Says:

    your so honsome in bof ang cute 2 ……………i love yuo im your fan……….sa rang he

  2132. 2132 : Pippee Says:

    Your smile is very sweet.

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  2134. 2134 : kabita Says:

    u r so cute

  2135. 2135 : mahshid Says:

    ajap maham bikarim ha

  2136. 2136 : swathi,indhu Says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii……………………………………..you look soooooooooooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……………………..we love u lot………………….ur acting is also good………..though we are in tamilnadu(INDIA)………….we watched ur serial boys before flowers………..wen ur coming to INDIA……………….can we have ur mail ID……….we are ur great FANS SUNBAE……..we are waiting for ur response……….

  2137. 2137 : Andrea_PR Says:

    KIM BUM, I’m a BIG fan of yours from Puerto Rico .. I love your acting and your songs.. You have also motivated me to take Korean classes .. can I have your mail ? it would be great .. <3

  2138. 2138 : angelica Says:

    kim bum your soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sa rang heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2139. 2139 : rogue Says:

    Merry Christmas to u Kim bum..goodluck figthing…

  2140. 2140 : negar Says:

    hiiiiiii,im from iran and like you so much .i would like to have your email,we have a beautiful country i hope you want to see my country because i m so intrested to see your country.ohhh i fogot….MERRY CHRISTMAS.im waiting for your response……….

  2141. 2141 : Shaky Says:

    people are so funny, do u really believe he would read ur posts!! u can send love and cheeris but asking for email, too many nuts people hihihihih and even if he would like to give u his mail adress, do u guys think he would share it public loll!!

  2142. 2142 : Shaky Says:

    he looks great in Padam Padam, acting very suportiv and lovely!! keep the good work, I admire you, so young and so great woow!! Hope he would be my angel instead kekek

  2143. 2143 : princess nur kim Says:

    sanbae kim bum…you very handsome guy when you smile..i think i fell love with you….i really want to go korea to see you…saranghae kim bum

  2144. 2144 : Kim Min Ji Says:

    All I can say is WOW! Sa rand he!!!! oh and gumawa. 🙂

  2145. 2145 : sony Says:

    hi kim bum….iam from india(andhra pradesh). merry christmas……i really love ur smile, ur so cute. i did’nt like that long hair in ur recent photos.but cute guy like u look handsome in every style.ur cute in boys over flowers. I have watched it many a times because of u. Can u give me ur emai-id. i want to be ur friend. did u find ur soulmate….

  2146. 2146 : Abec Says:

    I really lke da commnt whch ws wrten by shaky on 20th dec.

  2147. 2147 : Mavis Thompson Says:

    Pls i cnt eat,sleep,drink nd even learn. I am 19 nd i am ur fan. Hope to get a reply frm u nd be xpecting me in Korea one day cos i seriously av to see u Geum Jan Di nd Gu Jun Pyo as in boys b4 flowers. Anyway i am frm Ghana.

  2148. 2148 : negar Says:

    hi kim beom ,I’m come from Ahvaz . I love you very much .
    네 갈

  2149. 2149 : negar Says:

    I 14 years old . kim bum sa ran gi

  2150. 2150 : negar Says:

    kim bum I’m sory . I ‘m from Iran .

  2151. 2151 : کسی که میخاد این خرا رو آدم کنه Says:

    خرا این وب سایت کیم بوم نیست که

  2152. 2152 : KIMMEL ( KIM BUM and MELISSA Says:

    ` Saranghae !… my KIM BUM you`r so CUTE …
    I Like you so much … ! I hope that i have a money to go in KOrea so that i can see you 🙂 cause when you here in PHIL. soo far and we didnt have to much money ! you are my only Inspiration ! SARANGHAE MY IDOL ….

  2153. 2153 : windy Says:

    kim bum……………..kamu tu imoetzzzz banget…..aku ngefanzzz sama kamu……you are my idola…….
    pingin banget ketemu lho….hehe

  2154. 2154 : baidehigupta Says:

    u r my dream boy I LOVE YOU soooooooooooooo mch

  2155. 2155 : AkumNu>InDiAn Says:

    KiM sAnG bUm . . . CuTeNeSssss !!! He’s sOo pErFeCt
    <3 hIm iN 'bOyS bEfOrE fLoWeR'
    ExCeLLeNt aCtInG iN 'DrEaM'
    …….. WaOw !!! He'S tOo pErFeCt ……

  2156. 2156 : AkumNu>InDiAn Says:

    KiM sAnG bUm . . . CuTeNeSssss !!! He’s sOo pErFeCt
    sUpErr cUtE iN ‘bOyS bEfOrE fLoWeR’
    ExCeLLeNt aCtInG iN ‘DrEaM’
    n LaStLy <3 hIs cHeMisTry wId kIm sOo eUn 😉
    …….. WaOw !!! He'S tOo pErFeCt ……

  2157. 2157 : Jessica Says:

    I love your smile Kim Bum!!! And you of course:) But please take care of yourself because you look soo thin in Padam Padam.
    I love you forever!

  2158. 2158 : Abeer Says:

    kim bum, ur very cute. I love all ur drama and movies. u are a perfect actor. i wish i could meet u here in america one day. please take care of your self and i wish u the best wishes from my heart. please take good care about ur self. by the way i really love ur wonderful smile.

  2159. 2159 : Ireesha Says:

    ……. ur killing smile touched my heart…….. i wish u were here in NEPAL. true love from my heart n best wishes 4 u….love u lot……. take care

  2160. 2160 : sarah ambor Says:

    your so cute…whenever u smile…….i love u so much….

  2161. 2161 : kokila Says:

    hi frd
    i am from india. i like f4 serial. ur smile is very super ya

  2162. 2162 : judilyn ansong Says:

    hai…how is your day…hope your fine…by the way i’m one of your avid fans here in the philippines…hope you enjoy your days here in the phil.

  2163. 2163 : shahnoza Says:

    i love u more than my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2164. 2164 : Angel Says:

    Hiii kim bum, i am angel form india.. I watched ur boys before flowers n it was superb.. After watchin it i became a fan of urs really.. Ur smile is juzzzzz awesome.. Whenever also u smile, i loved it..i love so much n also ur cutee dimples kim bum. Take care n best wishes..<3

  2165. 2165 : Angel Says:

    Hiiii kim Bum.. How are you.. I m angel from india. Recently i watched boys b4 flowers n it was so gud.. U are luking so handsome.. I juz love ur smiles wid dimples… I bacame ur fan..i love u so much.. Cant stop thinking of u n ur cute smile.. U r chooo chweeet.. Take care n best wishes for ur future..

  2166. 2166 : Yuri Sack Says:

    Who Cant Hate Him ! He Is AMAZINGLY HOT

  2167. 2167 : wisso Says:

    hi im ibtissme i love you somch . i like your movis
    i hope to be good and to fonde the ture love and to have wonderful life

  2168. 2168 : Eden1622012 Says:

    U r the man of all the qualities n u r the heart stealer of all the girls over the globe,,,,,i like the way u r n u act,,,, many many love, wishes n prayers from the small kingdom of Bhutan,,,,,,

  2169. 2169 : Kennya Vasquez Says:

    Anongeseo Kim bum frist off saranghe ofcorse anyway when i done with some type of school i would love to go to Korea and see the view out there i hear its beutiful there. I am not gonna be a freaky stalker over there looking for starz weirddddd. oh yeah wacthing your drama’s are cute you might here that also from your fans but im different haha and i learned how to speak korean well im still learning, so i can talk korean over there coollllll. ok thank you so much and saranghe again i know i love alot of things. ok bye Kim.

  2170. 2170 : Kennya Vasquez Says:

    oopss i forgot 🙂 sorry.

  2171. 2171 : Kennya Vasquez Says:

    i mean the smile hahaha

  2172. 2172 : esther imoutzz Says:

    l love youuu kimbumm,.,.,

  2173. 2173 : cheyllha rhiezkhy Says:

    you’re very handsome to me.,.,.
    and i wont to meet you kimbummm.,.
    loveee youuu.,,..

  2174. 2174 : Isharemygirl Says:

    Who Cant Hate Him ! AMAZIMG ACTOR!

  2175. 2175 : marie estivenne Says:

    hi! Kim bum, i’m one of your fans, i watched boys over flowers and i really love it. I wish one day you can come to new York so that i can meet you in person. You are an amazing actor. ” peace”

  2176. 2176 : nayla Says:

    kim sang bum oppa…sarangheoooooo!!!

  2177. 2177 : wynn Says:

    in year 2012, have any good news of him to us?! (o. 0)
    if have, n you know it, please tell me..!!! (~v ~)
    cst im really looking at him~ (*. ^)
    thanks so much~!!! (^. ^)

  2178. 2178 : Asianpoplover Says:

    Kim B is so hott and cute.

  2179. 2179 : Peta Says:

    u too young n hot,dude….!!

  2180. 2180 : rajeni Says:

    kim bum you are so cute and i like you smile, u r so handsome

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  2182. 2182 : dania Says:

    You are truly wonderful
    I love you very much
    I wish you success and progress

  2183. 2183 : Rea Sanchez Abadiez Says:

    !> your a good actor, i admire you also!!, your cute!, i hope i can see you in personal, but i know i’m just dreaming things that won’t happen!, hmm!, i’m a Filipino citizen but i love Korean . hehehe.. Good luck in your life! even though you never read this, at least this message have been read by all people around the world!!!, so weird!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

  2184. 2184 : nieq Says:

    you are cute man…
    when you will come to indonesia

  2185. 2185 : aiiiu Says:

    u’re cute..

  2186. 2186 : Andie Says:

    Kim bum……chuwa ye.sarang he….oppa…muah!

  2187. 2187 : kim bum oppa- fan Says:

    Hi Kim Bum oppa,
    How can Your face be that perfect? You are really good-looking! I think You should play more often in the dramas, that’ll make them better!

    Your Germany-fan (I’m not from Germany I just
    live there)

  2188. 2188 : suzy khamluwa Says:

    hi..itz really gr8 2 watch ur movies n darma n hop u’ll be doing much more in future Kim Bum…best wishes…

  2189. 2189 : oh min ji Says:

    ooooopa sarang hye yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  2190. 2190 : aastha Says:

    u r sooooooooooooooooooo so cute ..i lop u yaar…….

  2191. 2191 : Aye Chan Thu Says:

    Kim Bum is very smart,,,,,,,,& cute

  2192. 2192 : nina Says:

    someone can help me ?
    i really want to see this dorama ” The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry (MBC, 2010)” with english subtitle , please ?

  2193. 2193 : shanea jin Says:

    annyeong haseyo oppa no mul saranghaeso ♥ mwah mwah

  2194. 2194 : Slamova Arailym Says:

    i love you KIM SANG BUM

  2195. 2195 : ju Says:

    Hi..can anyone tell me the movie title that Kim Bum acting with Lee Da Hae? I already watched this movie but forgetten the title.inside this movie Kim Bum is the photographer and Lee Da Hae is scrpt writer.they met in the train. it is a good movie. so please help me found out the movie title.it is a short movie

  2196. 2196 : kelsu Says:

    Kim Sang Oppa u r soooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeee. u r probably most cutest n handsome man i’ve ever seen. sarangheooooooooooooooooo verrrrrrryyyyy mmmmmmuuuuuuuuuccccccccchhhhhhh…Kissessssssss
    n lot n lots of kisssessssssssssssssss

  2197. 2197 : Shuchi Jain Says:

    I like u so much…. ur smile is really killing….
    I want to meet u once in mah lyf….

  2198. 2198 : Shuchi Says:

    I like u so much…. ur smile is really killing….
    I want to meet u once in mah lyf…

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  2200. 2200 : Apple Says:

    Happy Birthday oppa! Love your Smile !

  2201. 2201 : ForeverKimHyunJoong Says:

    Happy Birthday Kim Bum! 생일 축가해요!

  2202. 2202 : cookie Says:

    he so smexy!!!!

  2203. 2203 : parisa Says:

    hi i saw you at boys over flowers and The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry .you are amazing in both.your birthday ‘s day i came to face book but icouldn’t find your page and becouse of that i say happy birthday now

  2204. 2204 : yamini Says:

    hiiiiiii i sa u in boysover….n in all of them ur most handsome luv u…ummaaa

  2205. 2205 : Maya Kim Says:

    sO cuTe………..

  2206. 2206 : ayunovia Says:

    oppa your so handsomeeeee!!!! i love you oppa

  2207. 2207 : priskaaaa Says:

    This face heeemm my husband my future .. Amin :))

  2208. 2208 : Mel Says:

    KIM BUM….

  2209. 2209 : BM Says:

    Oppa, only word I can write in Korean.
    Love you Oppa, you’re amazing…
    Love to watch you so much in Padam Padam..
    Miss you on screen already…
    Happy be-lated BRITHDAY..
    Enjoy and love you OPPA!!!!!

  2210. 2210 : Leanne Says:

    Wow, wow and wow…Padam Padam is amazing. Love you so much. You’re truly an inspiration to us audiences around the world. WE love you. Great acting talent and amazing down to earth actor. Love you and wish all the best. New drama pls…

  2211. 2211 : SanaZ Says:

    kim bum when isaw your movie (still marry me) icame to kpop world andi love you very much
    sanaz joon

  2212. 2212 : Kristina Hay Says:

    Why is Kim Bum so scary skinny for Padam Padam? He looks so rail thin that I hardly recognized him. Must have lost half his weight!

  2213. 2213 : fay Says:

    I love you, Kim Bum
    And you are the representative of the iconic

  2214. 2214 : purple Says:

    love u soooooooooo much oppa u r d best amazing man i hv ever seen miss u oppa muah

  2215. 2215 : Anh Duong Phan Says:

    love kimbum so so so much

  2216. 2216 : hari priya Says:

    really kimbum has outstanding eyes and smile

  2217. 2217 : hari priya Says:

    thanks 2 god 4 giving such a talented person to us

  2218. 2218 : nima Says:

    so sweeeeeet

  2219. 2219 : Esther fosu (@FosuEsther) Says:

    Kim Bum the love player in Boys before flowers you are great in acting and you are cute. i love you my friend

  2220. 2220 : MoMo Says:

    i can’t wait for the new drama…That Winter, The Wind Blows !!

  2221. 2221 : retno mutiara Says:

    sukses selalu buat kimbum oppa

  2222. 2222 : peepeejab2uty Says:

    really handsome!! Love you so much!

  2223. 2223 : lorena santos Says:

    kim bum is such a nice guy,hope to see you in person:)

  2224. 2224 : sanoj nanayakkara Says:

    wow…you are so smart.. i like u and i love u as a brother…

  2225. 2225 : sanoj nanayakkara Says:

    can u come to our country”SRI LANKA”??????
    we will hope u..brother

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  2228. 2228 : Imaobong Edison Says:

    Nice face.

  2229. 2229 : Pooja rawat Says:

    hi i m puja frm nepal i m ur ig fan i r ou kim bumyemember u in every moment i love

  2230. 2230 : meriel Says:

    annyeong haseyo!!!!, i’m meriel frm philippines,,, i’m ur avid fan here,,, saranghae!!!!!!!!

  2231. 2231 : 김안나 Says:

    안녕하세요 오빠…내가 얼마나 오빠를 좋아 했어요..그래서 정말 오빠를 와 만나 바랍니다..나는 오빠를 를 지원하기 위해 계속 하면 끝에 도달..약속 해..새로운 드라마와 영화 에 행운을 빌어..난 널 사랑해…<3

  2232. 2232 : kate lorence Says:

    wow??????.so cute!!!!!! i miss u on your drama!!!huhuhu,,

  2233. 2233 : may anne Says:

    와 김 부랑자 그래서 유명한 배우였다

  2234. 2234 : claudenn Says:

    hi i’m claudenn 14 years old hey kim bum I m very sorry !

  2235. 2235 : Abiodun afusat Says:

    I luv ur movies kim bum luv u

  2236. 2236 : pudeey Says:

    Hi Oppaaaa… Here’s pudeey, one of your fan… Chiwayoooo!!!!!! Keep smiling please…*-**-**-*

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  2238. 2238 : luZy zie Says:

    Annyeong haseyo I’m luzy from hong kong….I”m u’r fan here..

  2239. 2239 : fathmath lauza Says:

    anyeong soe hello im lau from maldives… jux wanna let u knw that im u biggest fan

  2240. 2240 : metho Says:

    hi kim,

    I am ur fan from Bhutan.i love u sososo much……….

  2241. 2241 : cma Says:

    ur big fan 4rm nepal…… love u …

  2242. 2242 : chingkheihunba Says:

    Very nice

  2243. 2243 : sushma Says:

    you are super actor im your bigest fain in INDIA come 2 India one pleas and u are having a fains clud for u in that im 1st we al wish u all the best iof ur coming drams we wish u cum in movies also

  2244. 2244 : reethu Says:

    iam 4rm india….iam biggest fan of urs…..lov u…

  2245. 2245 : badkitty_0011 Says:

    Happy Birthday Cant wait to see you appear in The Goddess of Fire.

  2246. 2246 : Jewel Says:

    Really cool! I really like him in Jung Yi, Goddess of Fire. He looks like Legolas there! 🙂

  2247. 2247 : Maivine Says:

    I really like ur style Kim Bum in movie Boys over flowers, kip it up, my most treasured fun

  2248. 2248 : JoobJoo Says:

    Ugh why why is the rating going down when you are so cute in that drama. Cute Cute Cute Kawaii Kawaii Kawaii I know =( one more time you so cute! =)

  2249. 2249 : Sam Says:

    You are BEAUTIFUL eye candy! You’re a good singer and your acting skills are improving. I feel bad that Goddess of Fire is not that good, but I hope your next drama will be a big hit and I hope you get the main leading role.

  2250. 2250 : Serena Says:

    You are GORGEOUS from head to toe! Love you in Boys Over Flowers 🙂
    I wish you success for future dramas in your acting career!

  2251. 2251 : hugefan Says:

    Remember…you got fans in Peru and other countries of South America too.
    Te Amo Kim Bum!

  2252. 2252 : KBlover Says:

    Wow! So Cute & hot.Your smile’s killing me 😀 Keep improving ur acting skills. Hope someday u become one of Korea’s best actors. Ur already one of da the most popular!

  2253. 2253 : cece Says:

    Oh, ur so adorable! luv you in BOF, padam padam, TWTWB. Ur a good actor and VERY HANDSOME!

  2254. 2254 : hi Says:

    saranghae yo! Kim beom
    when will you visit Philippines (keep on thinking)

  2255. 2255 : XXXX Says:

    okay. *** I just wanna discribe bummie’s look usin’ just 4 words
    So cute….gorgeous…..beautiful!!!!

  2256. 2256 : maknaee Says:

    oppa.. congrats w/ Moon Geun Young kkk

  2257. 2257 : maryory cupe Says:

    me encanto tu actuacion en bof luego en padam padam eres el mejor te deo lo mejor fighting KIMBUM!!!!!!!!!!

  2258. 2258 : Arshu Says:

    I’m a great fren of ur.

  2259. 2259 : yun chan ku Says:

    how is your girl friend?do you have girl friend?please answer me.

  2260. 2260 : untie Says:

    @yun chan ku
    Let me answer for him. Yes, kim bum has a girlfriend. He is dating his costar from the drama goddess of fire

  2261. 2261 : Angel Blasio Says:


  2262. 2262 : yun chan ku Says:

    untie thanks.where are you from?

  2263. 2263 : xenon Says:

    @Angel Blasio-2261
    Good for Kim Bum 🙂 From which states are his American fans from?

  2264. 2264 : untie Says:

    @yun chan ku
    I’m from North America. Where are you from?

  2265. 2265 : yun chan ku Says:


  2266. 2266 : untie Says:

    @yun chan ku
    I’m not a fan of his girlfriend, but I admit she’s a good actress.
    A lot of people think she’s NOT pretty because she looks like a 12 year old, but Kim Bum is perfectly HANDSOME 🙂

  2267. 2267 : yun chan ku Says:

    @ untie
    Oh untie.You are very kind,but I hate her.I think kim bum is very better than her.
    I am so happy to find you.

  2268. 2268 : untie Says:

    @yun chan ku
    A lot of fan girls hate her too. Some people think Kim Bum is too good looking for her. He is more popular internationally than her too. I heard that in Iran, Kim Bum has a lot of fans.

  2269. 2269 : Noeline Says:

    It’s his choice, not yours, if he chooses Moon Geun Young is because she is beautiful inside and outside and a talented actress (one of the best in Korea), why you want to be instead of MGY? You first look in the mirror and I’m sure mgy is more beautiful than you ! instead of Hates, if you are a fan of Kim Bum respect his choice as I do ! Also have a life instead of you mix their privacy grrrrr

  2270. 2270 : cece Says:

    “I’m sure MGY is more beautiful than you”…LMAO. Who are you talking to??
    Besides Kim Bum’s many fan girls, I’m happy for Kim Bum that he’s dating the nation’s little sister. IMO, she’s not pretty (NO offense, don’t get mad), but she’s nice and she’s a good actress.

  2271. 2271 : cece Says:

    we’re all strangers here. You don’t know how other people look like so how can you say MGY is better looking? LMAO.
    One more thing when you “instead of you mix your privacy grrr”, HAHAHA
    I’m laughing at you so hard!

    Kim Bum, whatever makes you happy, I’m happy for you 🙂

  2272. 2272 : cece Says:

    Oops typo…I meant to type that you said “mix THEIR privacy”. I was laughing so much I made a tiny error.

  2273. 2273 : Lola Says:

    U made good choice Kim Bummie! Ur lucky to be dating an A-list actress & she’s lucky to be dating of the most handsome actors of Korea (thats u)!
    Despite many guys & girls on Facebook saying moon geun young is not pretty or not beautiful, I think she is cute. I hope u both remain a cute couple for a long time. wish u the best!

  2274. 2274 : likelmh Says:

    As much as I luv you kim bum, your acting is not that good thats why you always get second lead role, so you need to improve. Besdies that, you still have everything else….really handsome looks, international fame, make good money from Chinese/ japanese endorsement, your dramas are good, you’re a good singer. I heard you come from good family and you have good mom. Last but not least, you’re dating m. geun young aka “koreas little sister.” That’s pretty much everything!

  2275. 2275 : Noeline Says:

    If they like it, I do not see where is the problem! For Haters keep your mouth to eat and energy to scan your home for what is clean as the heart of KB and MGY and stop crying and go looking for a guy, I think you need quiet and let KB, it is well at the moment and are in love with MGY

  2276. 2276 : xnus Says:

    Hey, you being rude and bossy telling people how to live their life…”keep your mouth to eat and energy to scan your home….stop crying, go find a guy”. How obnoxious! Who the heck do u think you are? even tho u mad at haters, no need to post the last comment. ya made ur point so please leave kim bum’s site. the haters are gone anyways!

  2277. 2277 : Casey Says:

    In comment 2269, ur tryin’ to defend MGY, bravo, but latest comment is unnecessary & uncouth. there’s better ways to word it, but u sounded like a control fr**k. just saying.

    anyway, love u kim beom! hope u have good career and happiness.

  2278. 2278 : Casey Says:

    @noeline, just wanna clarify somethin’ before u flip out. I not tryin’ to bash u but I just saying that I agree with xnus cuz ur comment made ya look bossy & controlling. that’s all.

  2279. 2279 : beom4ever Says:

    Uh, noeline, despite moon geun young bein A-list actress, the **problem is kim bum still more famous internationally than her & some folks think he’s too good for her; whether right or wrong…i mean, its public perception…so yeah, you can’t change it, no matter what.

  2280. 2280 : Noeline Says:

    I’m a fan of Kim Bum, and now I respect his girlfriend MGY like all his fans, I said just for the haters to stop evil talk, you give a bad image of some fans of kim bum who respects his choice.

  2281. 2281 : beom4ever Says:

    Yeah, but uh, noeline, you telling haters to stop is useless. You know why? Kim Bum’s fan base growing even bigger…so yeah, despite “some folks” supporting, more & more fan girls around the world hating on MGY. The truth hurts, shouldn’t be that way,but hey, it’s reality. can’t control people.

  2282. 2282 : Jenna Says:

    Noeline, NOT all Kim Bum’s fans respect MGY, unfortunately, a lot of of KB’s fans disrespect her, **but count me out….there ain’t nothing we can do bout it. Oh well. Whatever! at least all kim bum’s fan girls respect him, of course!

  2283. 2283 : Noeline Says:

    From what I hear and see they are the fans of Kim So Eun who do not like MGY is quite normal they saw their boat sank and I am sorry for them now must pass other things, the true fans of Bummie support him and her choice and bummie will be happy to know.

  2284. 2284 : beom4ever Says:

    Noeline, you’re right. some girls prefer KSE, but BOF days were 5 years back then. i think kim bum and moon g. young got oodles of chemistry.

  2285. 2285 : beom4ever Says:

    Geun young and kim bum make adorable couple, don’t they. 🙂

  2286. 2286 : Jenna Says:

    I watched GOF, but its meh, just forwarding to scenes of Bummie and MGY.
    Their behind the scenes…oh, so playful & cute.

  2287. 2287 : beom4ever Says:

    I know right! they should’ve got nominated cutest couple at MBC awards.

  2288. 2288 : Jenna Says:

    OOHHhh, why is kim bum sooo cute and hot? lucky guy to be dating m. geun young too. And she lucky to be with him. Two love birds.

  2289. 2289 : Jenna Says:

    I will give you Bummie and m. geun young my blessings!

  2290. 2290 : beom4ever Says:

    gorgeous fine looking kim bum sure knows how to make a girl fall in love and return his feelings. he’s proud and happy indeed. love his killer smile!

  2291. 2291 : Kiku Says:

    Kim baby! you got so many fans from Thailand! We love you ^_^

  2292. 2292 : Kiku Says:

    Please come to my country again 😀 like you did last year Jan. ’13 😀
    just 6 more months til your 25th birthday…yay yay

  2293. 2293 : Nara Says:

    sarangheyo k.bum oppa!

  2294. 2294 : Nara Says:

    nice movie thegiftedhands!

  2295. 2295 : Nara Says:

    When u will come to malaysia?

  2296. 2296 : Kiku Says:

    hi again! always here 4 u oppa!

  2297. 2297 : Kiku Says:

    First time saw u in boys over flowers ’09…times flies!

  2298. 2298 : K.B. Says:

    I think you’re the cutest Asian guy I ever seen!

  2299. 2299 : yun chan ku Says:


  2300. 2300 : yun chan ku Says:

    @ untie
    untie I am so sorry for I did not answer you.I could not come here because I had exam.untie do you see THE HEIRS?

  2301. 2301 : Heidi Says:

    @yun chan kun
    Excuse me, Does Kim bum have many fans in your country Iran?
    The heirs, no I did not see, but it good drama.

  2302. 2302 : Sakura Says:

    Japan loves you beom oppa ^_^

  2303. 2303 : shirisha Says:

    im yur bigfan frum nepal.

  2304. 2304 : ramya Says:

    you are so sweet……and i like you so much

  2305. 2305 : ramya Says:

    i am from India,tamilnadu.
    my friends are like you so much

  2306. 2306 : vitani Says:

    Like u a lot…perfect looking guy.

  2307. 2307 : karusa Says:

    i like you, i like you not, no,.. i love you, bummie. happy lunar new year 🙂

  2308. 2308 : BCBG Says:

    No news of him, I miss Bummie, it must take up time with his lover MGY before resuming work, Fightin

  2309. 2309 : yun chan ku Says:

    @ Heidi
    Yes,he has many fans in IRAN.But many girls exept me think he is a good brother for them and they think kim bum is not a good boy friend.
    What do you think a bout oppa?

  2310. 2310 : heidi Says:

    @yun chan ku
    Why do the girls think kim bum is not a good boy friend? I don’t understand. Can you tell me why?

  2311. 2311 : heidi Says:

    @yun chan ku
    I think oppa is maybe a good boy friend. I’m not sure.

  2312. 2312 : yun chan ku Says:

    @ heidi
    I am sure he is best boy friend, but many girls in Iran think he is a good brother and I am so sorry because I dont know.
    I am going to follow this subject.
    May I ask you where you are from?

  2313. 2313 : yun chan ku Says:

    Do you know,what happen on moon geun young site?
    I am so sorry ,because my English is not very well.
    If I had many mistake, please spare me.

  2314. 2314 : Heidi Says:

    @yun chan ku
    I am from Romania. I like kim bum because he is very handsome.
    Don’t worry. Your English is good 🙂
    I think maybe he is a good brother. I agree with the girls from Iran.
    What else do they say about him. Do they think he’s handsome?

  2315. 2315 : Heidi Says:

    @yun chan ku
    Does kim bum have a lot of fans in other countries in the Middle East?
    Do the girls in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, or Afghanistan like him?

  2316. 2316 : Kat Says:

    Good blog you’ve got here.. It’s hard to find excellent writing like yours
    these days. I really appreciate people like you! Take care!!

  2317. 2317 : Jodie Says:

    R u talking about kim beom’s fans whu put compliments on this site?
    In other sites, some people have nasty fights about singers/actors.
    Here we show K. Beom our luv & suport.

  2318. 2318 : Jodie Says:

    Btw, in my opinion kim beom is most handsome korean actor I ever saw….best smile too 😀

  2319. 2319 : Zaynab Says:

    bummi,my love

  2320. 2320 : HIYUNA Says:

    @ HEIDI
    Every korean fans in IRAN and other countries in the Middle East think he is very hand some and kind but,lee min hoo and kim hyun jung s fans are more than kim bum s fans .Jung Geun SUK has many fans in Saudi Arabia.
    What is your favorit actor and actress ?
    I love every koraen people and actor and actress and model and singers and groups and ….
    I LOVE KOREA. I love kim bum and yoon eun hye a little more than other korean actor and actress.

  2321. 2321 : yun chan ku Says:

    @ HEIDI
    Sorry my friend.HYUNA is my friend s favorit name.and she pleased to me I answered you with this name but,my spurious name is YUN CHAN KU.

  2322. 2322 : tie Says:

    i saw boys before flowers…i was stunned by kim bum’s charm and cuteness…he is very handsome and hot :-)…he’s a good singer too.

  2323. 2323 : tie Says:

    oh and i saw padam padam, the wind blows that winter…i like both stories in both drama, they have good meaning. kim bum is beautiful boy.

  2324. 2324 : santhoshi Says:

    Oppa…my love… I m frm india. U r so handsome…my bubbly…very cute sunbae…

  2325. 2325 : santhoshi Says:

    I saw the drama ” boys over flowers” . Kim bum is very cute fellow and charming boy. I saw it many times. I like to pinch your cheeks.So sweet..

  2326. 2326 : erishmae Says:

    All comment is English,my comment is unique. grabe ang dami ng patay na patay sa inyo po.

  2327. 2327 : yun chan ku Says:

    biyane oppa.

  2328. 2328 : zeedagold Says:

    oppa am a fan frm nigeria i luv u u ar d best i wil be glad 2 c u @ zeedagold plz contact mi 08034620597 just 2 hear ur voice

  2329. 2329 : ooopa,m a big fan f urs 4m Nagaland! Saranghaeyo Says:

    Oopa, m a big fan of urs 4m india! Oopa, Saranghaeyo

  2330. 2330 : Jodie Says:

    Ur cute

  2331. 2331 : unknown Says:

    Oopa,u r so cute,i like u

  2332. 2332 : PEACE Says:

    I love ur smiles i

  2333. 2333 : Olamide Says:

    oppa.datz u mr kim bum my lovely korean actor.u ar so handsome and awsome.I am a nigeria fan and i hope 2 c u and ur friendz in boyz b4 flower physically with my own eyes somday.keep fascinating us with ur movies. u guyz ar truly the best.we are also xpctin the best 4rm u guyz. i luv u all.aja aja fighting komawo

  2334. 2334 : preethu Says:

    Hi….oppa i m fan frm india., i like u so much dr

  2335. 2335 : lakshmi Says:

    hi oppa i’m a grt fan of u i want to say one thing saramita

  2336. 2336 : shakeerah Says:

    oppa, AJA! AJA!! FIGHTINH!!! from nigerial my contact +2348063069518

  2337. 2337 : Aathirai Says:

    You are sooooooooo 😉 cute Kb love you 😉

  2338. 2338 : Chinny Says:

    Oppa am mira,a great of yours from nigeria.I will be glad to be your friend.here is my email [email protected]

  2339. 2339 : Haritha Says:

    Oppa….!! love you …!!
    YOur smile is really cute !! am totally flattered !!
    I like you in Boys before flowers.. :*

  2340. 2340 : mabhel Says:

    One of your fans

  2341. 2341 : linda Says:

    am u fan from Rwanda love u

  2342. 2342 : MJAY Says:

    i reallllllly love…….wen i see u ill tak a picture wit you…….am a NIGERIAN…..

  2343. 2343 : abiodun Says:

    i am a nigerian….i am really dieing for ur smiles….hoping to meet you one day….am ur fan…love u

  2344. 2344 : abiodun Says:

    i am a nigerian….i am really dieing for ur smiles….hoping to meet you one day….am ur fan…love u
    i will love to hear ur voice….u can contact me on 08035648477

  2345. 2345 : sundu Says:

    Hai bro ilike u very much i like bys ov flws i am waiting bys ov flws season 2 plsssssssssssssssss delecast very soon with eng sup pls becs i am indian bro pls i pray to god this year is your lucky year bro bye………………..

  2346. 2346 : SHALIKA Says:


  2347. 2347 : Aurora Moe Says:

    Kim Bum please upcoming drama with Im Yoon Ah

  2348. 2348 : Aurora Moe Says:

    Kim Bum cute
    Any new drama ?

  2349. 2349 : Aurora Moe Says:

    New drama with Im Yoon Ah please

  2350. 2350 : Aurora Moe Says:

    I am keep searching and supporting you and your BFF ( Jung II Woo and Lee Min Ho)
    If you guys can act together that will hit the world again like BOF
    Love Kim Bum

  2351. 2351 : LoveKimBum Says:

    A news update about Kim Bum role in new drama as a detective
    Fighting Bum Bum Kim Bum
    Can’t wait to see u
    Love u Kim Bum

  2352. 2352 : Hidden Identity | KPOP Says:

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  2354. 2354 : amutha Says:

    Hai Kim you are really cute ….I love your eyes and smile your acting is too good keep rocking always …. Will surely come and meet you one day am waiting for that day:):):)

  2355. 2355 : ChoCo Says:

    Hi Kim Bum
    we are happy with your new upcoming drama Mrs.Cop after Hidden Identity
    We hope you will do with your fantasy couple Kim So Eun or Lee Da Hae for your next project but anyhow, I will look forwarding for your new role na
    Love u from Thailand

  2356. 2356 : May Yoon Says:

    Kim Bum Kim Bum
    The name which brings smile to every girl’s hearts,
    Hope to see you in our country Myanmar ( Burma ) too na

  2357. 2357 : Mrs. Cop 2 Episode 2 – DramaSubtitles.com Says:

    […] Sung Ryung as Go Yoon Jung Kim Min Jong as Park Jong Ho Kim Bum as Lee Ro […]

  2358. 2358 : Alyssa Holland Says:

    He cute❤😘😀

  2359. 2359 : Alyssa Holland Says:

    Oh and i am from America.

  2360. 2360 : love u😘😘😍😍💞💞 Says:

    i love u so much💞💞

  2361. 2361 : 945 PM Says:

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